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Much like fish in a tank of water our bodies operate in a similar fashion. We must maintain a proper PH level so that our bodies can operate on a natural and healthier level. Now as for the fish and the tank of water; if we stop cleaning the water in the tank, the water will become acidic or lower the PH level of the water. Now the fish starts to become sick and cannot breathe properly. If we do not take drastic measures to ensure the water increases its PH level (by cleaning the water), then the fish will die.

Remember when you were a kid and won a fish at the fair, you forgot to clean the water and the next day the fish died. Well this is similar to how the inside of our bodies work (minus dying). Our bodies are made up of 70% of water and we must ensure we our detoxing on a regular basis. The body already has many different ways to detox itself of toxins such as sweating, urinating, and getting rid of waste. We may help our bodies detox and stay cleaner on the inside by consuming PH friendly foods and beverages.

Consuming a certain kind of water known as Alkaline water, holds a PH value of 7 or higher. Alkaline water helps the body detox and reduces the chances of toxins wreaking havoc on the inside of our bodies. Alkaline water is water that is ionized or has a positive charge, just like a battery. When a person consumes alkaline water he or she usually notices signs of detoxification and increased energy levels. Since alkaline water is ionized it gives the consumer natural energy whilst cleansing your body as a whole.

Cancer in most cases is caused when the body reaches a very low PH level. The body begins to have a build up of toxins and on a cellular level begins breaking down. The body will usually begin having a hard time reproducing cells and actually makes mistakes in the process, thus causing cancer. Cancer is a mutation of cells and it replicates itself thus growing and spreading. Cancer in most cases can only live in a low PH level. When the body rids itself of toxins and raises the PH level the body begins function properly. We can properly raise our PH level by consuming Alkaline water, eating healthy foods, and maintaining a proper diet.

By cutting out acidic products in our diet like soda, candy, and some processed foods we help our bodies stay healthy and maintain a normal PH level. Alkaline Water can be purchased at health stores, bought online, or you can even buy a machine for use at home. A healthy body maintains a PH level around 7. Alkaline water can change your life especially if your suffering from illnesses. Alkaline water naturally detox's the body and gives you energy without the need for caffeine.

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Why this kind of Water Will Change your Life  
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