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Pearmont Dairy Antiques

DeForest, Wisconsin Volume 3

1. 1890 SUCCESS MANURE SPREADER A true survivor and just an incredible feat of engineering when you consider the era that this machine was produced. Made by the Kemp and Burpee Manufacturing of Syracuse, New York around 1890 or so. This is the model 23-B, designed to be pulled by 2 to 4 draft horses, depending on load & terrain conditions. This unit was a true barn-find in northern Wisconsin where it had been parked for nearly 100 years. It’s a little over 12 ft. long and the bed is 5 ft. wide. Rear wheels are 54” in diameter & wooden, as are the 30” front wheels. The beaters are wooden-there’s a wooden seat for the driver, and a very stout 10’ pole or tongue to pull the spreader. A rachet-type chain system pulls the wooden floor with it’s load to the rear. All parts are present, including a few adjustment tools. Overall condition is simple superb-no breaks or cracks. The stenciling is fairly bright yet after all these years. This great antique spreader is for pickup only. We’ve checked around and found that these very seldom come up for sale. Auction prices for those that did make the market vary from $4000 to $12,500. Our price today is $4800.

2. DELAVAL DEALERS SIGN Circa 1950. 8 feet long X 2 feet high—tin sign with painted lettering & logo. Sign has spots of surface rust, some paint flaking, and numerous scratches & scrapes. Fairly scarce and collectible sign. $135

3. HAND-OPERATED FANNING MILL “The Mill” as this unit was called was produced in Racine, Wisconsin by the L.S. & A.J. Blake Co. Probably produced in the 20’s as it is designed to be hand-cranked (totally non-electric). Condition is remarkable. It still maintains clear stenciling and the paint is fairly bright. Very nice overall condition and tough to improve on. $150

4. DELAVAL SHIPPING CRATE Made of wood & used from 1918-25 to ship milker pails. 18” high X 16” in diameter. Complete with lid & original paper label. Very nice. $60

5. EARLY HAND-CARVED SHOVEL Incredible hand-carved wooden shovel made from a single piece of wood, possibly as old as the 1850’s. 36” in length—the shovel portion is 9 1/2” wide X 14” high. Chisel marks are prevalent throughout--just an amazing piece of construction. Lacquer has been applied to help preserve the wood at sometime in the past. A wonderful item. $195

6. 1890’S ICE TONGS Iron tongs from a farm in Indiana that used them to carry ice up from the creek in the winter to help cool the milk. Over 100 years old with the original leather handle. 15” long. $20

7. HAND-QUILTED FEED BAG Beautifully quilted 100 lb. Bag displaying the Big Gain Products of West Union, Iowa. Mint condition. $75

8. SALESMAN SAMPLE FEED BAG Miniature salesman sample of a 100 lb. Dairy feed bag from Blue Ribbon Feeds; Jersey, Vermont. 5 1/2” X 4 1/2” in nice, original condition. $30

9. COW BLANKET New original stock (NOS) blanket in unused condition. These were prominent in the 1950’s for fitting cattle. Appears to be a yearling size. Made of canvas-has all the straps & snaps present. $15

10. CURTISS THERMOMETER One of the MOST requested items I have had. Circa 196065; 11 1/2” high. Near perfect paint with only very minor surface scratches. Works fine. Very difficult to locate one, let alone a better one than this. $200

11.CREAMAKA FEED BAG 100 lb. Dairy feed bag with great graphics for Happyvale Flour Mills of Griffen & Fort Valley, Georgia. Bag appears unused. Very nice color. $75

12. COW FOLK ART WEATHERVANE Cow is 18” long—entire piece with shaft is approximately 30” tall. Home-made from steel. Rusty finish. Used as a garden accent. $15

13. 1928 SIGNED SIDESHOW BANNER Hand-painted oil on canvas circus or carnival sideshow banner. Depicts Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicking over the lantern, thus starting the Great Chicago Fire in the 1870’s. Size is 55” wide X 68” tall. Signed C. Reese; 28 in the lower right corner. This banner hung at the Chicago Historical Society museum in 2000-2002. Overall condition is sound—needs a professional cleaning. There are two small tears on the bottom of the piece, as well as minor cracks here and there. A simply fantastic piece that would look great in anyone’s farm office or den. $1200

14. CREAM TOP BOTTLE SET This lot contains 3 items: (1) Meadow Gold Cream-Top quart bottle, displaying normal wear; (2) an original cream-top spoon with a patent date of 1924-25; & (3) a wonderful framed ad dated 1948 promoting the cream-top bottle. All three pieces for $50.

15. 1952 PAN AMERICAN SHOW SILVER TEA SERVICE Presented to the Grand Champion Female at the 1952 Pan-American Holstein Show at the State Fair of Texas, and inscribed as such. From the Wilcox International Silver Co.. Five piece set includes coffee & tea services, creamer, sugar, and massive tray. Total weight is about 15.9 lb. In perfect, unused condition. $275

16. 1950 OHIO STATE FAIR GRAND CHAMPION TROPHY Grand Champion trophy presented to the Holstein winner at the Centennial Ohio State Fair (1850-1950). Sponsored by the Ohio Farm Bureau. $50

17. 1953 GRAND CHAMPION TROPHY-ILLINOIS STATE B&W Awarded by the Curtiss Candy Company. Small bend in the base. $50

18. WISCONSIN REFORMATORY MILK CAN Used in the mid 50’s-70’s at the famous Reformatory herd (WIS prefix) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Was one of the foundation herds of the entire breed. 5 gal. Stainless steel in excellent condition. A piece with great historical value. $150

19. GUERNSEY COW & BULL HEAD PHOTO Large format 26” X 20 1/2” four-color promo from the American Guernsey Cattle Club in the 1950’s. 1” thick hard backing in terrific condition. $75

21. ORIGINAL WATER-COLOR OF AFTON’S GOLDEN MARIE One of the premiere pieces of this catalog. This is an original ful-color water color of the great show cow; Afton’s Golden Marie painted by James L. Vlasady in 1947 or 48 for the Curtiss Candy Co. who owned this great animal. She was Grand Champion female and Best Udder at the Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma State Fairs in 1947. One of the greats in the Guernsey breed. 27” X 22 1/2”, framed, and double-matted. $300

22. GLASS AMPULE COLLECTION 20. EARLY 1900’S BLUM’S COW BELL Circa 1900-1920. This is the #3 cow bell from the Blum Co. of Collinsville, Illinois. Still retains most of the original sticker. Likely unused. Rare piece. $75

An unusual item that would be difficult to duplicate—a collection of 18 empty glass ampules from some of the greats of the Holstein breed like RORAE, Fond Matt, Arlinda Chief, Marquis, Triple Threat, Bootmaker, and yes, even Osborndale Ivanhoe! All stored in a new Rikkers divided display case. $50



This represents a real piece of Holstein history. It is an original oil painted by a Japanese artist in 1977. Beautifully done & wonderfully displayed in a 62” X 28” frame. The 12 animals depicted include Wimpy, Snowboots, Milly, Mistress Roxanne, Kings Artic Rose, Barb, Flicka, Felicia May, Amy, Fond Memory, Carlspride, and Bubaleah. This is a one-of-a kind, original piece & an opportunity that you may never have again. Perfect condition. $1600


3” diameter glass paperweight depicting an Ayrshire cow witha classic set of horns. $45

25. GUERNSEY PROMO CUFF LINKS, TIE CLASP, & TIE TACK Well done, cased set depicting popular Guernsey cow & bull head shot. All four pieces in excellent condition. $20

26. AYRSHIRE PAPERWEIGHT Early glass paperweight-full head shot of Ayrshire bull with a full set of horns. 3” in diameter. $45

27. ABS GOLD CUFFLINKS An ABS promotional item still new in the original wrapper. $10

28. 1933 FRAMED DELAVAL CALENDAR This is a beautifully 16” X 20” framed & matted 1931 Delaval calendar. Calendar is COMLETE with all pages, each with a distinctive farm related scene. Delaval products are pictured on the inside of the back page. Near mint condition. A great piece! $95

29. CURTISS CANDY COMPANY FARMS PAPERWEIGHT 4” X 2 1/2”. Rare Curtiss Candy item in very nice condition. $125


Beautifully framed 16” X 20” of a 1937 Delaval calendar. Calendar is COMPLETE with all pages—Delaval milkers are pictured on the back page. This calendar from Henry Smith & Sons, Inc. of Dairyville, Wisconsin. Mint conditon. $95

31. DELAVAL TIN MATCHHOLDER Circa 1910-15. 6 1/4” high. Designed to be mounted on a wall to hold match sticks. Nice, overall condition. $125

32. ST. CHARLES EVAPORATED MILK CLOCK Circa 1900-1920. Extremely rare piece made of bronze with no breaks or cracks. Minor surface rust near the topline area, and scattered rubs & wear spots. Clock is currently non-working. A very special item! $475

34. ST. CHARLES EVAPORATED CREAM SCALES This is the first one of these we have EVER seen. 6” tall X 3 1/4” wide. Unique piece that is fully functional and in great condition. From the 1920’s and about as rare as it gets. $250.

35. STAINED GLASS HOLSTEIN COW & BULL Each is 17” X 12 1/2”. Hand-crafted stained glass Holstein cow & bull each in individual wood frames. Priced as a pair at $75. 33. HIRES ROOT BEER CERAMIC SYRUP DISPENSER Circa 1920. A rare soda fountain piece that would look great in any collection. Ceramic container complete with pump. Hourglass shape— no chips or cracks. 14 1/2” high. Super item in great condition. $575

36. HOLSTEIN TIE CLASP Promotional item from the Holstein Association. Gold color. Excellent. $10

37. ABS CUFF LINKS, TIE CLASP, & TIE TACK Promotional item. Silver finish. $20

38. SWD VALIANT KEYRING Original Valiant keyring from ABS, circa around 1980. $12

39. ABS MONEY CLIP Promotional item with original ABS logo on silver clip. $10

40. A.C. WILLIAMS COW BANK Circa 1920. Cast iron bank by A.C. Williams Co. Excellent overall. $120

41. CERAMIC COW HAT/TOWEL HANGER Approximately 6” X 6” X 7”. Ceramic cow head designed to be used as a hat or towelt rack. Glass eyes. Unusual. $20

42. WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN PIN Centennial pin celebrating the Wisconsin Holstein Association from 1890-1990. $10

43. CANADIAN HOLSTEIN PIN Mapleleaf design featuring a Holstein cow. Excellent. $10

44. BORDENS MALTED MILK CANISTER 8 1/2” high. Nice soda fountain item from the early 950’s. $75

45. STERLING SILVER/ PLATE MILK CAN 8” high. A very high quality piece. We believe it to be sterling but can find no hall marks. Weighs 20 oz. $150

46. McCOY POTTERY MILK CAN 8 1/2” tall. Marked on bottom, “252-McCoy.USA”. Very nice. $20

47. KENTUCKY MINT JULEP CUP From the 1981 Kentucky National Show & Sale. Silver plate. $45

48. SELECT SIRE KEYRING Promotional item from the late 1970’s. $10

49. 1976 NATIONAL HOLSTEIN CONVENTION ASHTRAY From the convention in Philadelphia, Pa. $10

50. SELECT SIRES LICENSE PLATE Unused—minor ripples on lower left. $5

51. HOLSTEIN PIN Excellent condition. $10

52. 6-GENERATION PEDIGREE OF HALLROSE HAZEL LAD Ultra-rare 6 generation pedigree for Hallrose Hazel Lad EX--foundation sire for the great Hickory Creek herd @ McHenry, Illinois managed by A.C. Thomson. Nicely framed in a 25” X 18 1/2” frame. $30

53. 6-GENERATION PEDIGREE OF HICKORY CREEK GOMAR Another rare 6-generation pedigree—this one for Hickory Creek Gomar, the All-American Jr. Yrlg. Bull of 1951. His dam was the noted Crescent Beauty Princess Marita EX. Nicely framed in a 25” X 18 1/2” frame. $30

54. ELEVATION MONUMENT PHOTO Framed 8 X 10 color photo of the stone monument at Select Sires in Plain City, Ohio for the great herdsire, Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation EX-96 GM. $20

55. 1956 ILLINOIS GRAND CHAMPION RIBBON Purple ribbon given to the Grand Champion female at the 1956 Illinois State Holstein Show held at Mooseheart. Excellent condition. $25

56. EARLY 1950’s SHOW PHOTO Framed 8 X 10 in black and white of a group Holstein class at the International in Chicago in the early 1950’s (we think!) Leadsmen from left to right are Gene Nelson ?, Sonny Bartel, Dave Houck ?, and an unknown that looks very familiar. $20 Let us know if you can help with the ID’s.

57. ELMWOOD DISPERSAL CATALOG From the November 9 & 10, 1936 sale held at Deerfield, Illinois. Managed by W.L. Baird w/R. Austin Backus in the box. Impressive early catalog. Excellent. $110

60. DUNLOGGIN SALE CATALOG RARE, from the September 15-16, 1943 history-making auction at Ellicott City, Maryland. Foundation herd of the breed. VG condition. This copy belonged to Archie Sandberg, long-time herdsman at the Wisconsin Reformatory. $700

58. WINTERTHUR DISPERSAL CATALOG From the September 12, 1969 sale at Winterthur, Delaware. Herd established in 1885 by the DuPont family. Influenced heavily by Osborndale Ivanhoe. $100

61. HICKORY CREEK DISPERSAL CATALOG Held on April 5,6,& 7, 1954 at McHenry, Illinois. Historic sale of 353 lots owned by the Howard Foundry Co. & managed by A.C. Thomson. Catalog is in Excellent condition and is a great piece of Holstein history. $100

59. ROSAFE DISPERSAL CATALOG RARE & desirable catalog from the May 27, 1958 dispersal in Canada. Purple velour cover. Partial tear as is the norm on one side of the handle. 94 pages. VG + overall. $750

62. HICKORY CREEK PREVIEW CATALOG Rare, early condensed version of the main Hickory Creek Dispersal catalog from 1954. Small sized— only 8 1/2” X 5 1/2”. We have never seen another! $40

63. ROMANDALE SALE CATALOG From the auction held on May 18, 1964 at Unionville, Ontario. One of the breed’s most desirable catalogs, with it’s green velour cover & Romandale Reflection Marquis as Lot. No. 1. 171 total lots. Excellent condition. $200

64. ROMANDALE SALE CATALOG From the May 24, 1971 auction at Unionville, Ontario. 228 lots. The only herd in history at the time to be Premier Breeder at the Royal 9 times! Full of great Rag Apple pedigrees, including Lot # 1 (last son of ABC Reflection Sovereign) Fantastic catalog in near mint condition. $200

65. OSBORNDALE FARMS DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on May 8-9, 1957 at Derby, Conn. Famous breeding establishment owned by Mrs. Kellogg. Sold to Charles Stroh who dispersed the herd. Ex. $150

66. WILLOW SPRINGS DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held July 21, 1947 at Mt. Morrison, Colorado. Famous herd managed by A.C. Thomson featuring Crescent Beauty & Admiral bloodlines. Scarce catalog in mint condition. $80

67. JUDD’S BRIDGE SWISS DISPERSAL CATALOG Held on May 22, 1961 at New Milford, Conneticut. 77 head. Last home of Jane of Vernon. Near mint condition. $75

68. WHIRLWIND HILL FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held May 28, 1959 at Wallingford, Conn. Great type & production herd owned by James Osborn & breeder of Whirlhill Kingpin. Great catalog. $75

69. DON AUGUR DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on December 17, 1966 at Northford, Conn. 2 bulls sold for $108,000 each, and the entire herd of “Martha” descendants averaged over $4,700 in this groundbreaking event. Excellent condition. $100

70. TARA HILLS FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on March 25, 1968 at Millbrook, N.Y. Show winning herd developed by Heffering & Trevena-includes the famous Johns Lucky Barb. Excellent condition. $100

71. PRE-EMINENT FARM GUERNSEY DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on June 26, 1961 at Gallatin, Missouri. 182 head owned by J.C. Penny & one of the greatest Guernsey herds ever. Sale featured the highest classified Guernsey cow in the breed at the time of the sale. $40

72. LANGWATER GUERNSEY DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on May 21, 1960 at North Easton, Mass. At the time was the breed’s most sought after source of seed stock. Established in

1884 and owned by John S. Ames, one of the pioneers of the dairy industry. Rare catalog in mint condition. $100

73. NORVIC SALE CATALOG From the sale held on November 15, 1968 at Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Owned by Norman Magnussen & Sons, and one of the premier Swiss herds of the time. Mint condition. $15

74. FUTURE HOPE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on November 13, 1967 at Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. One of the best farmer-breeder herds ever. Breeders of the famous Blackie EX-93 & Flicka EX-97 cows. Mint. $60

75. MOUNT VICTORIA DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on June 29, 1942 at Hudson Heights, Quebec. A record-setting sale and one of the great breeding herds of all time—rich in the blood of Johanna Rag Apple Pabst. A very, very desirable catalog. Has prices & notes lightly written in pencil on the inside, and the cover is covered with pencil notations. $795

76. ELMWOOD DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on November 28-29, 1938 at Deerfield, Illinois. A foundation herd rich in the bloodlines of Queen Bessie Pietertje Ormsby. 252 cataloged head in a unique, rare catalog. $75

77. FRANLO DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on July 10, 1950 at Hopkins, Minnesota. This was a significant show herd managed by Henry Bartel & owned by F.W. Griswold. Lot #1 was the All-American Chip of Nettie & Aaggie. $75


From the sale held on April 28, 1947 at Comstock Park, Michigan. A very rare catalog for the herd owned by Martin Buth & Sons-most of the herd tracing to Johanna Rag Apple Pabst. One of the all-time great herds. $150.


From the sale held on April 21, 1947 at Lake Elmo, Minnesota. A foundation herd of the Holstein breed founded for 40 years on predominantly Dunloggin bloodlines. Very rare catalog in mint condition. $75

80. ROYAL BRENTWOOD CATALOG From the sale held on May 9, 1932 at Detroit, Michigan. Just a fabulous catalog offering some of the greats of the breed at that time. Selections made by Paul Misner of Dunloggin fame. Excellent. $60

81. PABST FARMS FOUNDATION SALE CATALOG From the sale held on October 7, 1963 at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Featuring 100 head of Pabst-bred cattle. Very minor moisture damage to a few pages. $100

82. PABST FARMS COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on October 12, 1964 at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Final auction of the great Pabst herd featuring 158 head. Most of the prices are penciled in. $125

84. BRAUN’S SUNNY LEA FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG From the August 24, 1960 sale at Waukesha, Wisconsin. Owned by A.D. Braun & managed by Nels Rehder. Featured cow was “Wimpy”, soon to be the lst 97 point cow of the breed. Excellent condition except for some penciling on the cover. $75

85. BRAUN’S SUNNY LEA FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG From the October 13, 1964 sale at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. 77 lots owned by the late A.D. Braun. One of the highest classified herds in the nation at the time. Excellent condition. $75

86. HAROLD IMIG DISPERSAL CATALOG 83. LASHBROOK DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on May 5, 1956 at Northfield, Minnesota. Influential herd founded in 1903 & at the time of the sale, one of America’s most famous. Rare catalog that was A.C. Thomson’s copy. $60

From the sale held on April 27, 1959 at Neillsville, Wisconsin. Home of the Plain-View prefix and Wis Leader, who had a great influence on the breed. One of America’s most important herds at the time. Rare catalog. $75

87. THE CRESCENT BEAUTY ADMIRAL SALE CATALOG From the sale held on December 12, 1955 at Waukesha, Wisconsin. Rare bloodlines promotional sale featuring consignments fro top breeders of the day. Seldom seen catalog. $100.

88. 2ND CRESCENT BEAUTY ADMIRAL SALE CATALOG From the sale held on November 22, 1958 at Waukesha, Wisconsin. The 2nd of this promotional series honoring the late John Hetts. 58 head. $50

89. CRESCENT BEAUTY FARMS COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on March 28, 1988 at Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. This auction marked the final chapter of this superb breeding establishment in Holstein history. 105 head. $40

90. CRESCENT BEAUTY ADMIRAL SALE CATALOG From the sale held on May 8, 1974 at Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. One of the breed’s greatest auctions featuring the $80,000 EX-97 All-American Felicia May. Entire sale grossed over $280,000. Catalog is the A.C. Thomson copy, complete with prices and the clerk’s buyers sheets. Excellent condition. $100

91. CHAMBRIC FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on June 22, 1968 at Rockford, Illinois. Famous show herd managed by Elis Knutson featuring a $61,000 top in Harborcrest Happy Crusader. Great cows throughout the catalog. Excellent condition with a complete buyers list. $75

92. MEADOW SPRINGS DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on April 15, 1953 at Alliance, Ohio. Breeding program that mirrored Dunloggins. Mint condition. $50

93. THE PICKLAND SALE CATALOG From the sale held on May 3, 1976 at Georgetown, Ontario. Featuring 80 head owned by Claude Picket. Sale averaged over $10,000 with a $200,000 top in Romandale Reflection Christy. Great sale— neat catalog. $75

94. HI-PATH FARMS SALE CATALOG From the sale held on August 17, 1985 at Plum City, Wisconsin. 139 head of top pedigrees and show winners. Beautiful catalog. $50

95. DESIGNER FASHION SALE CATALOG From the November 22, 1983 sale at Madison Square Garden; New York City, New York. Sale averaged over $100,000, setting numerous records. Excellent. $50

96. PEARMONT FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG From the November 20, 1982 sale at Greenleaf, Wisconsin Featured the $1,025,000 “Ivy” & a $3.46 million gross. One of the industries most beautiful catalogs ever. $150

97. HI-PATH FARMS SALE CATALOG From the sale held on July 11, 1981 at Ellsworth, Wisconsin. 131 head of high scoring cows owned by Henry (Sonny) Bartel including 27 Excellents. Very good + condition. $30

98. DESIGNER FASHION SALE CATALOG From the November 21, 1981 sale at Syracuse, NY. Brookview Tony Charity was purchased by Hanover Hill in this sale. Excellent condition. $30

99. ROSAFE DISPERSAL CATALOG RARE & desirable catalog from the May 27, 1958 dispersal in Canada. Purple velour cover. Handle has very slight tear on one side. Very good + overall. $750

100. SHEFFIELD FARMS DISPERSAL CATALOG Held on May 25, 1960 at Oakville, Ontario. A leading show herd in the 50’s, with 12 All-Canadians & 30 overall nominations. 6 All-Canadians actually sold in this auction. Excellent. $75

101. THE GLENAFTON SALE CATALOG Held on May 8, 1967 at Alliston, Ontariio. Features almost 200 head selling from one of Canada’s premier herds of the day. Produced over 45 All-Canadians. Very nice historic catalog in Excellent condition. $100

102. OAK RIDGES SALE CATALOG Held on May 3, 1966 at Oakville, Ontario. 233 head sold; owned by R.R. Dennis & managed by George Darrach. A premier show & breeding herd of it’s day—Premier Exhibitor at the Royal in 1965. Full of great pedigrees & famous cows. Excellent. $75

103. 5TH ROMANDALE PRODUCTION SALE CATALOG From the sale held on May 29, 1962 at Oakville, Ontario. This is the airmail copy sent to promising and interested buyers overseas & includes the most valuable and powerful animals & pedigrees. Packed full of pictures. Rare. $75

104. QUEEN OF HEARTS/LEADFIELD SPECIAL EDITION CATALOG From the sale held on June 23, 1978 at Mercer, Pa. Consignments from Leadfield and others made this a great event. Top cow families represented. Catalog has had a few photos cut out of it. $20.

105. TRUE-TYPE HOLSTEIN MODEL BULL 1960’s Displaymaster model with walnut base. Overall in exceptional condition. No cracks or breaks. $325

106. TRUE-TYPE HOLSTEIN MODEL COW Early Displaymaster model with green base from the late 1940’s-50’s. Marked “True-Type Holstein-Friesian Cow” on side. Excellent overall. $295

107. TRUE-TYPE GUERNSEY MODEL COW Original Displaymaster Guernsey cow in mint condition. One of the best we’ve seen. $195

108. TRUE-TYPE BROWN SWISS MODEL COW 1960’s Displaymaster model in overall exceptional condition. Walnut base. Has a tiny stress crack @ each hock. $295

109. TRUE-TYPE HOLSTEIN MODEL COW Presentation cow from the Autumn Franchise Sale held 11-18-84 near Hudson, New York. Only about 60 of these were produced. With ID plate on the side of the base. Mint. $295

110. TRUE-TYPE BROWN SWISS MODEL COW Late 40’s-early 50’s Displaymaster cow. Excellent overall. $375

111. EARLY 1930’S HOLSTEIN MODEL COW Perhaps the rarest of any model cow we have ever seen. Possibly a on-of-a-kind model from the 1930’s. Made of a composite-type material, this model is 20” long X 11” high. It came from the desk of a cattle dealer near Elgin, Illinois. Excellent overall with a couple of areas of rubbing and some stress cracks on the legs. RARE. $550

112. TRUE-TYPE HOLSTEIN MODEL COW 1970’s-80’s version in perfect condition. Walnut base. $120

113. TRUE-TYPE GUERNSEY MODEL COW Early Displaymaster from the 1950’s in beautiful condition. Has Golden Guernsey milk sticker on the base. $295


Made in England around 1970. 11” long in Excellent condition. $75

115. DUNLOGGIN HALF-PINT BOTTLE With “Log” design on sides & bottom. Excellent condition showing little or no use. $120

116. DUNLOGGIN PINT BOTTLE With “Log” design on sides & bottom. Showing normal use. $145

117. ROYAL DUNLOGGIN BABY FACE QUART BOTTLE Cream-top bottle with baby face features showing little or no use. Sharp lettering. Very nice. $195

118. DUNLOGGIN QUART “WAR BOND” BOTTLE Front emblem surrounded by red ribbon. Reverse has war bond motif. Bottle shows use—fading on both sides. $275

119. DUNLOGGIN QUART BOTTLE Blue ribbon front panel with farm scene on reverse. Showing normal use. Some fading on both sides. $160


Blue ribbon front panel with full farm scene on reverse. Showing normal use—light fading on both front & back. $250


Blue ribbon front panel with full farm scene on reverse. Shows little or no wear. Difficult to improve on. $400

122. GREEN VALE FARMS PINT BOTTLE From John Buth; Eastmanville, Michigan. Awesome bottle in perfect condition from one of the great older farms in the country. $60

123. PIPER BROS. DAIRY ½ GALLON BOTTLE From Watertown, Wisconsin—shows minimal use. $30

124. NEHLS FARM DAIRY GALLON BOTTLE Excellent, showing little use. $20

125. GUERNSEY BREEDERS JOURNAL-1923 January 1, 1923 issue – VERY scarce. $20

129. THE LANGWATER GUERNSEY STORY Written by Louis McL. Merryman for the Guernsey Breeders Journal in the 50’s. Mint condition. $50

126. GUERNSEY BREEDERS JOURNAL-1935 December 1, 1935 issue. Perfect condition. $20

130. ISLE OF GUERNSEY CATTLE BREEDERS 1991 issue from the Isle of Guernsey. In colorscarce item in this part of the world. $15

127. GUERNSEY BREEDERS JOURNAL-1939 April 1, 1939 issue – minor wear on cover edges. $20

131. ISLE OF GUERNSEY HANDBOOK 1971 issue listing upcoming shows for 1971, promotional tips, and herd ads. $20

128. GUERNSEY BREEDERS JOURNAL-1939 April 15, 1939 issue – minor wear on cover edges. $20

132. 1983-84 GUERNSEY HANDBOOK Featuring membership info, show winners, sale toppers, & news. $15

133. SOUTHERN SIRES 1955 SIRE DIRECTORY For the Wisconsin Breeders Cooperative of Madison, Wisconsin. Very scarce. $15

134. 1962 ABS SIRE DIRECTORY With pictures, pedigrees, and proofs. Over 100 pages. $20

135. 1958 NIBCO SIRE DIRECTORY With pedigrees & breeding recommendations for Northern Illinois Breeding Co-Op customers. $10

136. 1952 GUERNSEY PROMOTIONAL BROCHURE Shows how to build your own profitable business with Guernseys. $20

137. 1951 ABS HOLSTEIN PROVEN SIRES DIRECTORY EXTREMELY early sire directory with sire photos & pedigrees. $25

138. 1973 UNITED BREEDERS SIRE DIRECTORY Excellent condition. $15

139. AUGUST, 1962 ABS SIRE DIRECTORY Shows proven sires with pictures & proofs. $15

140. 1950 WASHBON’S DAIRY SIRE DIRECTORY Very early proof material & listings. Shows some wear. $10

141. 1960 CURTISS HOLSTEIN SIRE DIRECTORY 20 pages—light stain @ top 1 inch of cover. Rare. $20

142. 1960 CURTISS GUERNSEY SIRE DIRECTORY 12 pages—nice shape. $20

143. 1978 CURTISS HOLSTEIN BULL BOOK With breeding guide—includes Astronaut & Chief. $20

144. 1976-77 CURTISS HOLSTEIN BULL BOOK With breeding guide featuring Astronaut & Chief. $20

145. 1960 HOLSTEINFRIESIAN HISTORY BOOK The Diamond Jubilee Edition featuring 557 pages. Mint condition. $60

146. THE ISLAND COW – 1929 From the Channel Island of Jersey. Rare & old magazine with ads, articles, photos, etc. Very neat item. $20

147. SELLING PUREBREDS for PROFIT How-to book copyrighted in 1958—written by Bartlett, Prescott, & Crissey. Breaks down every aspect of the business. Mint condition in a hard-covered book. $25

148. DAIRY CATTLE JUDGING TECHNIQUES A modern approach to successful judging techniques that describes how to properly evaluate dairy cattle.Written by Dr. George Trimberger of Cornell University in 1958. Mint condition. $25

149. HOLSTEIN DAIRY SLIDE RULE Developed Clint Meadows of Michigan State University to assist in the ranking and culling of the dairy herd. Adjusts for both milk and fat. Excellent condition. Circa 1962. $15

150. COW FEEDING GUIDE Put out by the Moorman Mfg. Co. of Quincy, Illinois in the early 1960’s. Works like a slide rule. Excellent. $15

151. CURTISS CANDY GUERNSEY BULL DIRECTORY From the early to mid 1950’s. 20 pages of photos & proof info. Rare—shows wear. $15

152. ILLINOIS HOLSTEIN HERALD 5 issues from 195456. Lots of great ads. $10

153. GUERNSEY LICENSE PLATE From the American Guernsey Cattle Club celebrating their Centennial from 1877-1977. $10

154. GUERNSEY PROMO BOOKLET From 1956. 26 pages in mint condition. $20

155. GUERNSEY HANDBOOK 1985-86. Mint. $15

156. GUERNSEY 75th ANNIVERSARY PROMO BOOKLET 1877-1952. 28 pages. $10

157. 1969 WORLD DAIRY EXPO HOLSTEIN SHOW PROGRAM Extremely scarce copy of the 1969 show (Ivanhoe daughters placed 1-2-3 in the Aged Cow class). With copy of placings. VERY RARE. $75

158. 1970 WORLD DAIRY EXPO HOLSTEIN SHOW PROGRAM Very scarce in Excellent condition. $40

159. 1971 WORLD DAIRY EXPO HOLSTEIN SHOW PROGRAM Very scarce in Excellent conditin. $30

160. WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN NEWS 196 individual issues; mostly 1970’s & 80’s. $50 for all.

161. CARNATION RESEARCH FARM BOOK Hard cover book copyrighted in 1983. Covers history of Carnation from 1899 to present. Color photos & a very beautiful book. Mint. $100

162. CANADIAN HOLSTEIN JOURNALS 47 individual issues from the 70’s & early 80’s. $50

163. NUNESDALE FARM BROCHURE 20 page pictorial issue from 1979-80. Owned by Tom Numes of Santa Rosa, Calif. $10

164. 1ST BADGER INVITATIONAL SALE CATALOG From the March 29, 1983 sale at Arlington, Wisconsin. Tough to find catalog in Excellent condition. $10

165. HOLSTEIN WORLD FOND MATT ISSUE April 10, 1983 issue. Excellent. $20

166. HOLSTEIN WORLD PACLAMAR ISSUE February 25, 1973 issue featuring sale of the Paclamar herd to Italy. Excellent. $10

167. HOLSTEIN WORLD ARLINDA CHIEF ISSUE July 10, 1973 issue. Excellent. $20

168. HOLSTEIN WORLD BELL ISSUE April 10, 1988 issue. Excellent. $10

169. HOLSTEIN WORLD BOOTMAKER ISSUE September 25, 1976 issue. Excellent. $10

170. HOLSTEIN WORLD CHIEF MARK ISSUE October, 1989 issue. Excellent. $20

171. HOLSTEIN WORLD CHARITY ISSUE From July 10, 1984. Charity had recently scored Ex-97. Mint condition. $10

172. HOLSTEIN WORLD ROXY ISSUE December 25, 1986 issue. Excellent. $10

173. GOLDEN WEST NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE – 1949 From San Francisco, California. RARE-RARE-RARE. $40

174. PENNSYLVANIA NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE – 1955 From the June 2, 1955 sale in Harrisburg. Excellent. $25

175. WISCONSIN NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG -1968 From the June 27, 1968 sale in Milwaukee. Excellent. $25

176. CALIFORNIA NATIONAL FIESTA SALE CATALOG – 1969 From the June 13, 1969 sale in Anaheim, California. Ex. $20

177. NEW ENGLAND NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1970 From the July 2, 1970 sale at Topsfield, Mass. Excellent. $20

178. ILLINOIS NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1975 From the June 26, 1975 sale in Chicago, Ill. Excellent. $20


From the July 2, 1976 sale in Lancaster, Pa. Excellent. $20

180. OHIO NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1977 From the June 30, 1977 sale in Columbus, Ohio. Excellent. $20

181. COLORADO NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1979 From the June 28, 1979 sale in Denver, Colorado. VG+. $20

182. KANSAS NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1982 From the June 17, 1982 sale in Wichita. Excellent. $20

183. VIRGINIA NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1983 From the June 30, 1983 sale in Norfolk, Virginia. Excellent. $20

184. NEW ENGLAND NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1985 From the June 24, 1985 sale in West Springfield, Mass. EX. $20

185. CALIFORNIA NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1988 From the June 30, 1988 sale in San Diego, California. VG+. $20

186. SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1990 From the June 25, 1990 sale in Charleston, SC. Excellent. $15

187. PENNSYLVANIA NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG -1995 From the June 27, 1995 sale in Pittsburgh, Pa. Excellent. $15

188. TEXAS NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE CATALOG – 1996 From the June 24, 1996 sale in Fort Worth, Texas. Near mint. $20

189. ANSMIL FARMS DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on June 26, 1967 at Hilliard, Ohio. Advertised as the highest classified Guernsey herd ever to be dispersed. In excellent condition. $40

190. LAMKINLAND COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on March 15-16, 1976 at Watson, Illinois. Sale of 1150 head in two days. Herd was managed by Jack Bingham. Excellent condition. $40

191. THE AMERICANA HOLSTEIN SALE CATALOG From the sale held on October 8, 1977 at Arlington, Wisconsin. The 1st ABS-sponsored sale to be held will all ABS-sired cattle. A very successful event. $30

192. MAPLE VIEW DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on July 8, 1963 at Corinna, Maine. Herd of Fred & Robert Nutter. Steeped in Dunloggin breeding, the sale was the lst in this country to offer at least 8 home-bred Excellents. Seldom seen catalog. $40

193. SOUTHFORK SALE CATALOG From the sale held December 8, 1984 at Dallas, Texas. Unique format, catalog, & overall experience. Sponsored by Prices Dairies, the sale was held on site of the popular TV show, “Dallas” and set many sales records. Sale was by invitation only. Excellent condition. $40

194. DALLAS ENCORE SALE CATALOG From the sale held on November 30, 1985 at Dallas, Texas. Again sponsored by Prices Dairies, the sale offered more top pedigreed animals in this unique format. Excellent. $30

195. F. GLENN PEFFER DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on March 31, 1964 at Carlisle, Pa. Great homebred herd featuring 28 Osborndale Ivanhoe daughters. Excellent. $25

196. RU/ANN FIESTA CATALOG From the sale held on October 15, 1976 at Fresno, California. I believe this to be the 1st Ru/Ann Fiesta sale held in what was to become a popular series of such events. Sponsored by the Doug Maddox family. VG+ condition. $25

197. WENRON INVITATIONAL SALE CATALOG Held on July 10, 1971 at Turner, Maine. Featured 37 high-powered consignments. Rare catalog in VG condition. $50

198. HERITAGE FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG Held on May 5, 1970 at Guelph, Ontario. 68 lots owned by Orton Eby. This was the complete dispersal of the “Seiling” bloodlines. Catalog with beautiful green velour cover in mint condition. $30

199. HILLTOP-HANOVER FARM SALE CATALOG From the November 17, 1984 sale at Yorktown Heights, New York. Great pedigrees & famous cows. Excellent condition. $35

200. HUTCH-FARMS DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on September 28, 1964 at Williamston, Michigan. High scoring herd assembled by Stu Hutchins. Excellent. $30

201. TALLCORN HOLSTEIN DISPERSAL CATALOG Held on October 13, 1951 at Gladbrook, Iowa. Herd owner of these 60 lots was a young Nelson Rehder. Catalog is full of show winning cattle from Iowa fairs & district shows, and state fairs. Very neat & super RARE. Excellent condition. $20

202. WARRENDALE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the November 16, 1979 sale at Claypool, Indiana. VG overall condition with edgewear on cover. $20


From the November 22, 1986 sale at Greenleaf, Wisconsin. 193 head of deep pedigrees. Excellent condition. $20

204. HILLTOP-HANOVER FARM SALE CATALOG From the October 17, 1987 sale at Yorktown Heights, New York. Excellent condition. $25

205. DIAMOND J DISPERSAL CATALOG From the November 5,6, & 7, 1970 sale at Modesto, California. 657 lots headlined by Hedegard Burkstead Ivanhoe. Great cows & cow families. Excellent. $50

206. KYLAND COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the May 22, 1967 sale at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. 106 lots managed by Frank Case. Lot #1 was Harborcrest Happy Crusader. Mint condition. $20

207. ROTHROCK COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the March 23, 1996 sale at Kempton, Pa. 173 lots featuring the family of Walkup Valiant Lou Ella. Excellent condition. $30

208. ELMWOOD FARMS COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on October 22-23, 1986 at Antioch, Illinois. This was the final chapter of the great Elmwood (Skokie prefix) herd. Sale featured 278 head. Cover shows wear. $30

209. ROTHROCK GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY SALE CATALOG From the November 10, 1984 sale at Kempton, Pa. Sale featured Wodbine-K Valiant Eddie. Excellent. $30

210. RAVENGLEN DISPERSAL From the sale held on March 13, 1961 at Antioch, Illinois. Managed by Thomson, Williams, & Nichols. The herd was owned by Judge Robert Hunter. 110 lots. Catalog shows moisture damage. $15

211. TOP-OF-THE-CROP CLASSIC CATALOG From the May 2, 1949 sale at Elkhorn, Wisconsin. 89 lots of top consignments. Excellent condition. $15

212. CORMDALE’S CALBRETT DISPERSAL CATALOG Held on November 18-19, 1992 at Georgetown, Ontario. 249 lots with exceptional pedigrees. Near mint condition. $50

213. CHEROWN SHOWCASE SALE CATALOG From the sale held on March 23, 1991 at Guelph, Ontario. Featured 50 head of top show & pedigreed cattle offered in a spectacular catalog—one the breed’s best ever. Mint condition. $30.

217. DUN-DID COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on May 7, 2001 at Deerfield, Wisconsin. Very nice catalog featuring the breeding mastery of Harry Weier. Mint condition. $20

214. GLENDELL HOLSTEIN SALE From the sale held on November 19, 1973 at Waterloo, Illinois. Early catalog from the home of Glendell Arlinda Chief. Scarce catalog. $20

218. FRIENDSHIP FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on December 9, 1978 at Millbrook, New York. Beautiful herd owned by Richard Whalen featuring 100 lots. Outstanding pedigrees throughout. VG+ condition. $20


219. CHER-OWN COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on March 31, 1988 at Paris, Ontario. Color photo filled catalog containing 67 lots of show winners. Nice catalog with some loose pages. $20

From the sale held on September 13, 1969 at Pocahontas, Illinois. Herd owned by the Debatin Bros.and featured a number of show winners. 207 lots. Scarce. $20


From the sale held on September 11, 1993 at Alhambra, Illinois. 118 lots of deep-pedigreed, home-bred cattle owned by Ron & Becky Debatin. $20

220. VERPANA FARM COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on June 27, 1970 at Sharon, Wisconsin. The herd owned by Vern Meske & family. 103 lots. VG+ $20

221. WORLD PREMIERE COLORED BREEDS SALE CATALOG From the sale held on October 4, 1984 in Madison, Wisconsin. Sale offered animals from the Jersey, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, & Ayrshire breeds at World Dairy Expo. $10

225. 1999 NATIONAL BROWN SWISS SALE CATALOG From the sale held on July 17, 1999 at West Friendship, Maryland. 63 top lots in a nicely-designed catalog. Mint. $10

222. NATIONAL GUERNSEY CONVENTION SALE CATALOG From the sale held on June 17, 1985 at Longmont, Colorado. This was the National Convention sale and featured Guernsey consignments (58 lots) from across the country. Mint. $10

226. AMERICANA JERSEY SALE CATALOG From the sale held on October 5, 1989 at Madison, Wisconsin. 31 lots of Jerseys in the ABS-sponsored sale at World Dairy Expo. Mint. $10

223. 1988 NATIONAL GUERNSEY CONVENTION SALE CATALOG From the sale held on May 28, 1988 in Blaine, Washington. 44 lots of consignments. Excellent. $10

227. SEVEN WONDERS OF WISCONSIN CONVENTION BOOK Features ads and an allbreed directory for the entire state. From the March 3-4, 2000 convention in Oconomowoc, Wis. $15

224. AMERICANA GUERNSEY SALE CATALOG From the sale held on October 5, 1989 at Madison, Wisconsin. Offering 17 lots in conjunction with the ABS-sponsored series of sales. Mint. $15

228. WINDSWEPT FARM DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on July 30, 1979 at Ferrum, Virginia. Included the family of the famous Standout Kandy. Herd was owned by Walter McClure. Excellent condition. $15

229. WORLD PREMIERE SALE CATALOGS This is a great series of sales held every year at the World Dairy Expo. These are all in great condition and include the years of: 69, 70, 71,72,77,80,81,82,83,86,87, 90,& 91. Price is $10 each.

230. SALES OF STARS CATALOGS From the series of sales held every year at the Royal Winter Fair. Condition is excellent and include the years of 79, 95, 99, 2000, 2001, & 2009. Price is $15 each.

231. 15TH SHORE CANADIAN CLASSIC SALE CATALOG From the sale held on May 7, 1979 at Glanworth, Ontario. 179 head consigned from the best herds in Canada. VG+ $25

232. 18TH SHORE CANADIAN CLASSIC SALE CATALOG From the sale held on May 4, 1982 at Glanworth, Ontario. 177 head consigned from the best herds in Canada. EX. $25

233. 1985 WORLD PREMIERE COLORED BREEDS SALE CATALOG From the sale held on October 3, 1985 at Madison, Wisconsin. Featured consignments for Jerseys, Guernseys, Brown Swiss, Ayrshires, & Milking Shorthorn. Excellent condition. $10

234. WIN CREST FARM COMPLETE DISPERSAL CATALOG From the sale held on March 22-23, 1991 at Mabton, Washington. Foundation herd of 381 home-bred registered Guernseys owned by Ken & Carol Winters. Mint. $15

235. WIN CREST II GUERNSEY SALE CATALOG From the sale held on August 9, 1985 at Mabton, Washington. This was a promotional sale with consignments from around the country. Includes a promotional piece sent out to potential buyers. Both items are in mint condition. $20

236. WIN CREST III GUERNSEY SALE CATALOG From the sale held on July 31, 1987 at Mabton, Washington. This was another promotional sale with consignments, mostly from the West Coast. Mint. $10

MORE SALE CATALOGS 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 244. 245. 246. 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261, 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267. 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281.

Curtiss Classic – 1978 $20 Harvest at PinTail Point – 1991 $10 Dunwood Farm Dispersal – 1979 $15 Royal Classic – 1979 $10 Bo-Cann Farms Dispersal – 1948 $15 Tikvah Priority Sale – 1983 $15 Cormdale Farm Dispersal – 1985 $10 Eric-Dew Complete Dispersal – 1989 $30 The Arlene Affair – 1988 $20 Hoffland’s Best Sale – 1993 $25 Ozland Dispersal – 1987 $10 Ja-Bob Red Genetics Sale – 1992 $15 Ricecrest Select Sale – 1998 $10 Applenotch Dispersal – 1997 $20 Top 10 Breeder’s Invitational – 1990 $15 2nd Badger Invitational – 1985 $5 Ionia Reformatory Sale – 1969 $10 Ricecrest Select Sale II – 2000 $10 Best of Art-Acres – 2001 $10 2000 Ohio National Convention Sale – 2000 $25 Leap Year Special – 1980 $10 Sterlingdale Dispersal – 1989 $20 Clinton Camp Dispersal – 2004 $15 Best of Cook Farm Sale – 1998 $20 Best of Buttke Dairy – 2001 $20 Satellite 2 Sale (Orlando, Fl) – 1989 $15 Emphasis On Excellence Sale – 1983 $10 California Galaxie Sale – 1977 $15 Wintercrest Invitational – 1980 $15 The Centennial Sale – 1985 $15 Golden Harvest Sale – 1974 $10 Lone Star Classic – 1991 $10 Texas Sell-Abration Sale – 1986 $10 Texas State Sale – 1983 $10 Maine State Sale – 1982 $10 Alamo Holstein Classic – 1986 $10 Texas State Sale – 1986 $10 California Opportunity Sale – 1980 $10 Ru/Ann Fiesta 84 – 1984 $10 Fullpail Acres Dispersal – 1982 $15 Warren Campbell Dispersal – 1991 $10 Americana Sale – 1983 $10 Americana Sale – 1980 $10 Ru/Ann Fiesta 82 – 1982 $15 Glendell Farms Dispersal – 1993 $10

MORE from PEARMONT ANTIQUES The following items are currently available from our usual selection of fine American antiques—if you’re looking for something special, give us a call. We probably have it or know where to get it!

COCA COLA CLOCK Circa 1950. This is a great clock in fine, working condition. $175


Circa 1940’s—in working order. Shows surface rust throughout. $225

SALESMAN SAMPLE CHINA CABINET An awesome replica of the real thing. Stands just 18” high with curved glass door and adjustable shelves. Nice. $125

SESSIONS PEPSI COLA CALENDAR CLOCK Circa 1920. A terrific looking clock that works great. Overall in excellent condition, with key. $375

CAMP DOUGLAS, ILLINOIS PRISON KEY A great relic from the infamous Camp Douglas Confederate prison in Chicago during the Civil War. It’s reputation rivaled that of Andersonville, as conditions there were awful. This is an actual key, framed in a nice display, that was excavated from the site in the 1970’s. $195

ARCADE BRASS SPITTOON Circa 1920’s. An exceptional brass spittoon produced by the Arcade Co. of Freeport, Illinois. Very heavy and top quality. $295

1947 YANKEES PROGRAM Original 1947 Yankees program. Inside scorecard has been filled out in pencil(includes DiMaggio, Berra,Rizzuto). Front is autographed by 2nd baseman Stirnweiss. $40

AUTOGRAPHED GOLF GLOVE Top-Flite glove autographed by famous pro, Al Geiberger, the 1st to shot 59 in a tournament event. Clear signature. Glove is in nice condition. $25

Pearmont Dairy Volume 3  
Pearmont Dairy Volume 3  

Pearmont Dairy Volume 3