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34th Annual

October 19, 2012 Payne County Fairgrounds Stillwater, Oklahoma

Semen Selling 4


Terms and Conditions

Bridge View Elegant Jade

20 Units

Forest Lawn Rhythm


Forest Lawn Simon Jetway


30 Units

Terms: The terns are cash or check on sale day made payable to All Swiss Enterprises, LLC in US funds unless other arrangements are made with the consignor prior to the sale. All payments be made to the clerk of the sale and no release of animals will be given until satisfactory settlement has been made. The guarantees listed below shall be offered by the seller only after payment terms have been met by the purchaser.

Mort Starbuck Madison Consignor Sandy Creek Farm


Units Forest Lawn Simon Jetway 1B106


Units Blessing Mort Laura Legacy 54B339


Units R Hart BC Collection 14B244



Camelot 14B233 Consignor Tierra Verde Dairy

1 Unit Blessing Mort Laura Legacy 54B339 3 Unit Sunny Isle Therory 54BS444 10

Unit Webster Ridge TD BS317


Units Golden Sun Improver Snowman 106B43 Reg# 182543


Units SCF Jet Victor 138B3032


Brothers Three Parker 7BS779 Consignor Kyle Hendrix

Bids: The highest bidder shall be the buyer. In case of dispute , the animal shall again be put up for advance bids and if there be no advance bid the animal shall be sold to the person from whom the auctioneer accepted the last bid. Every animal must be transferred to the new owner and may not be transferred back to the seller except at the discretion of the recording society concerned. Export Transactions: Prospective buyers or agents must make satisfactory agreement regarding health tests and requirements with the consignor and /or sale management prior to the sale. Failure to do so shall make the buyer responsible for all health test. Any special terms of payment must be cleared with the sales management prior to the sale. Risk: All animals are at the purchasers risk as soon as struck off. But will be cared for free of charge for a reasonable length of time. Purchasers must make arrangements for care of their purchases if not removed within 24 hours following the sale. Shipping assistance will be given; however, no risk on loss is assumed by the sales management. Separate agreement must be approved on export cattle. All animals are at the consignors risk prior to selling (including during handling or transportation) in the event of fire or other mishap. All semen sold shall immediately become the buyers property and risk as soon as struck off. Certificates: Each animal is recorded or will be recorded in the herd book of the Association. The certificate of registry with recorded transfer will be furnished by the sell to the purchaser. Any animal listed with (W), (M), (A) or (D) as a suffix to the name has been designated by the Brown Swiss Breeders Association of the USA as a Weaver, SMA, Spiderleg or SDM trait carrier respectively. Shipping: Assistance will be given in loading and shipping animals but no risk is assumed by the sales management or seller. Warranties:

Donated to HOA Expo by Lorenda Swiss Farm, MO


The seller warrants clear title to the animal and right to sell the same.


Hilltop Acres Mr Douglas


Unless otherwise noted in the catalog or announced from the auction stand each animal is sold as sound. All udder guarantees will cease when the cattle are loaded for removal from the barn.


Cutting Edge Secret (3)


Peters Zoldo Zeus


Hendress Camelot Mission

Bulls: Are sold as being able to serve and settle after reaching 14 months of age. The buyer is expected to provide reasonable care and feeding. Should the after the bull reaches 14 months of age. The seller shall then have six months to prove to be a breeder. In no case shall the seller be responsible for more than the selling price.


Old Mill Soprano



R HART BC Collection

Females: Any female pregnant when sold or that has freshened within 90 days prior to the date of the sale is by the fact considered a breeder. Should any other female not pregnant when sold fail to become pregnant within six months of sale date or if less than 15 months old when sold by the time she reaches the age of 21 months, after having been bred to a bull known to be a breeder and after having been treated by a licensed veterinarian, the matter shall be reported in writing to the seller within two weeks of the aforementioned times. The seller will then have the privilege of six months time in which to prove the animal a breeder before a refunding the purchase price. Females bred when sold are presumed to be pregnant but pregnancy is not guaranteed. The seller makes no warranty that females announced safe in calf will deliver live calves or that they will carry calves full term, nor does he guarantee that the calf carried will not be mummified. In no case shall the seller be responsible for more than that of the purchase price of the animal.


The buyer is hereby notified that all cattle are being sold as not warranted as being free of Johnes Disease excepted where noted.


Above warranties cease when the animal is disposed of by the original purchaser.


Transportation charges on all animals subject to adjustment shall be paid by shipper.


The breeding Warranty is eliminated if a female is flushed or super-ovulated before or following the sale. This will include harvesting of ovacites for invetro.


Sellers responsibility to identify their cattle that have been flushed or invetro.

Consigned by Kruse Swiss Farm 30

SCF Emory James Consigned by RNR Swiss


“Make More Green With Brown� __________________ On the matter of Health

Health Certificates: Official health certificates will be provided to the purchaser of each animal. Results of any future health test are not guaranteed. The results of any future health tests are not guaranteed. All animals are sold as originating from a maximum risk paratuberculosis herd. The seller and sale management cannot be held liable. Trucking Trucking will be available to many areas of the country . Arrangements can be made to house cattle until trucking can be found to your convenience.

Errors: The material in this catalog has been carefully edited. If any errors or omissions are discovered they will be announced, such announcements to take precedence over the printed material. Accidents: The Sale Manager, auctioneers and owners are not in any way responsible for the condition of the grounds nor the behavior of the animals and disclaim any liability in the event of personal accident or property or property loss. Records: Records marked with an asterisk are not on file with BSCBA and have been supplied by the owner. Records not on file do not appear on official [pedigrees unless evidence of the records are submitted at the time of the pedigree request. Pg 2

Welcome to the 34th Annual

Heart of America Brown Swiss Sale 11:00 AM Friday October 19, 2012 Payne County Fairgrounds, Stillwater Oklahoma Quality Inn (405) 372-8366 Relax Inn (405)372-2425

For additional hotels or questions call (940) 393-1176

Sales Force Mike Moyers, TX

(940) 393 1176

Gene Miller, Iowa (319) 658-2861

Nate Goldenberg, TX (940) 717-7910

Brandon Moyers (940) 389-9730

Larry Kruse, IA

Allyn Paulson, Wis. (605) 868-9028

(563) 451-2736

*Absentee Bids are welcome and will be executed for the buyers benefit. If you are interested in buying and cannot attend, contact any of the sale force prior to the sale.

*Insurance coverage available, contact sale management. *All Cattle Calfhood Vaccinated unless otherwise noted sale day. Thursday October 18, 2012

6:00 PM Cattle Preview– HOA Meeting

Pizza & Refreshments. Followed by HOA Fun Auction

Sale Sponsored by the Heart of American Sale Association Trisha Cobb, Perkins OK President PH: (918) 557-9916 Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Associations of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas

Sale Managed:

All Swiss Enterprises, LLC Mike Moyers, E-Mail

Phone (940) 393-1176

1674 Cuba Road Bridgeport, TX 76426 Pg 3

Pot Luck SB Butterfly 3E 94 All American Aged Cow 07

_____________________________________________________________________________ $_______Lot #1 Sells Fresh

3rd Dam La Rainbow Country Girl 2E90 4-9 365d 20910 3.1 658 3.0 630

4th Dam La Rainbow Butterfly 3E 93 5-9 365 28380 3.7 1036 3.5 994

5th Dam La Rainbow Starfly 3E 90 8-4 365 27450 4.2 1166 3.2 888

Pg 4

Pg 4

SCF Rhthm Vivian

SCF James Vix

$______________Lot #2 Sells Fresh Backed by three generations of National Show Champions. Her Dam 5X Grand or Res Champion SW National.

3rd Dam SCF Emory Victoria 3E 92 Nom AA Aged Cow 2001 Dam of Victor 4th Dam 87 5th Dam 2E 92 6th Dam 3E 90

$_____Lot #2E Embryos 4 #1 Nemo X Vix Consignor Sandy Creek Farm

Pg 5

$_______Lot #3 Fresh in May confirmed Bred 9-2-12 to Diablo 2nd Sr Two Missouri State Fair 2012 One of the best Uddered young cows You’ll Find

____________________________________________________________________ $______Lot #4 Sells Fresh

Pg 6

$_______Lot #5 Fresh in June 2-1 87d 4613 3.7 172 3.1 Last Test 58lbs 56,000 scc Bred 9-16 to Kruses Primtime Vintage

Timberline Jetway Toni 4th dam


$______Lot #6 Fresh 6-30-12 Bred 10-1-12 Plantahofs Polo Polykarp

Pg 7

$________LOT #7 Due 12-1-12 Sire to be announced

$_________LOT #8 Fresh 7-25-12 Bred 10-8-12 Plantahof’s Polo Polykarp

Pg 8

$______Lot #9 Bred 9-21-12 to Blessings Banker Agend


$______Lot #10 Bred 8-13-13 151B224

Pg 9

$______Lot #11 Bred 7-27-12 140B37


$______Lot #12 Sells Ready to Breed

Pg 10

$______Lot #13

____________________________________________________________ $______Lot #14 2-1 207 16553 3.9 642 2.8 459

$_____Lot #15E Embryos Consigned by Kyle Hendrix, CO 1 #1 DT Sired by Wonderment From Garbo Jetway Jenny 2E92 Pg 11

$______Lot #16

Grimm Wonderment Juicy

____________________________________________________________ $______Lot #17 4th dam Top Acres Pre Bouquet 3E 94

5th dam Top Acres Even Bounty E90

Pg 12

$______Lot #18 Granddam GS Ensign Tootie 2E 94

____________________________________________________________ $_____Lot #19

Maternal Sister to Dam Fulp Gumdrop Grand Champion Mo State Fair 2012

Pg 13

$_____Lot #20 3rd Dam JoJays Pepper Rita 3E91

____________________________________________________________ $______Lot #21

Pg 14

$_____Lot #22

____________________________________________________________ $____Lot #23

Pg 15

$_____Lot #24

2nd Spring Calf MO State Fair

____________________________________________________________ $_____Lot #25

Pg 16

$______Lot #26

____________________________________________________________ $______Lot #27

Pg 17

$______Lot #28 Hawk Pepper Sage

reg pending

Show Calf for the Future 9-1-12 Sired by Volkers Chili Pepper From Sadie

$______Lot #29 Due 9-23-12

$______Lot #30E 1 #1 DT Embryo Sire: SCF Jet Victor X Beauty

$______Lot #31E 5 #1 Wonderment X Beauty

$______Lot #32E 5 #1 Wonderment X Beauty

Pg 18

$______Lot #33E Embryo Consigned by Kyle Hendrix, CO 3 #1 DT embryos sired by Forest Lawn Simon Jetway

_____________________________________________________________ $______Lot #34E Embryo Consigned by Kyle Hendrix, CO 4 three step embryos Sired by Blessing Elegant Magnum

Pg 19

$______Lot #35E Embryos Consigned by Kyle Hendrix, CO 2 #2 DT Embryos Sire: Blessing Mort Laura Legacy

Mort Matt Tammy 3E90

Foundation Dam for lot 35 36 37 38

$_____Lot #36

Pg 20

$_____Lot #37 Potential 6th Gen. EX Fresh in August 1st test 69lbs 3.4 3.1 43 scc Sun-Made Jetway Tapps Dam of 13 Ex offspring

Tammy 4th dam

$_____Lot #38

Pg 21

$_____Lot # 39E 5 #1 Embryos Wonderment X Cookie

$_____Lot #40E 4 #1 Embryos Wonderment X Cookie Potential 7th Generation EX

4th dam Shen Val Jade Crissy4E92

Check out the Progressive Sires Booth while in Stillwater for the breeds Best in Young Sires “SEMEN THAT SETTLES”

Pg 22

$_____Lot #41

Heart of America Index_________________________________ Consignor Butterfly Syndicate, IA

Animal Name Butterflies Victor Brooke ET

Adam & Nathan Goldenberg, TX Goldfawn Total Vixin



Animal Name



Stephanie Boss, MO

Timberline Dominator Kokmo



Lloyd Gunter, MO

GF Dominator Aruba Aloha


Hawk Pepper Sage


HX Diamond D Supreme Briar


Sandy Creek Farm, TX

Nemo X Vix Embryos


Donovan Hawk, OK

Corey Diehl, MO

Diehls Adam Skinny


Kyle Hendrix, CO

Justin Nishly, KS

Long Acres Victor Barbie


Kyle Hendrix, Co

Victor X Beauty Embryos


Wonderment X Beauty

31E 32E

Ourway Holsteins, WI

JCS Agenda Taylor


Kyle Hendrix, CO

Morgan Cobb, CO

CIE Agendas Dusty Dara


Kyle Hendrix, CO

Wonderment X Beauty

Morgan Cobb, CO

Diamond Little Wurl Sister


Kyle Hendrix, CO

Jetway X Bethany


Magnum X Bamboo


Morgan Cobb, Co

Wurls Annabell Winter Rose


Kyle Hendrix, CO

Julie Griffin, AR

Stuebers BG Kay


Kyle, Hendrix, CO

Legacy X Theresse


Kyler Churchwell, CO

Churchwell Zeus Jam Edna


Kyle Hendrix, CO

Pull Tab Legacy Twilight


Kyler Churchwell, CO

Timberline Protype Carmen


Rick Thompson, WI

Random Luck G Tryna


Ben & Tena Cobb, CO

Remember Agenda Escape


Tierra Verde Dairy, TX

Tierra Verde TK Terri


Kendyl Lair, OK

Melbre Aaron Tinkerbelle


John Grantham, TX

Wonderment X Cookie Embryo


Gene Miller, IA

Four-M J-Joey


John Grantham, TX

Wonderment X Cookie Embryo


Kyle Hendrix, CO

Wonderment X Jenny Embryos


James & Karla Grimm, MO

Grimm Vigor Jojo


Gary Fulp & Family , MO

Fulp Parker Bows


James & Karla Grimm, MM

Grimm Dean Teapot


Gary Fulp & Family, MO

Fulp Brookings Goody


David Gunter

GF Galaxy Molly Melody


Drake Hamm, KS

IE Long Acres Victor Jammer


Overstreet Dairy, TX

Overstreet Holt 4529


Overstreet Dairy, TX

Overstreet Bau Sady


Chuckie Voelker, MO

Voelkers Tanbark April


Double W Dairy, CO

Double W Thunder Moment


Pg 23

Mike Moyers All Swiss Sales Service 1674 Cuba Road Bridgeport, TX 76426 940-393-1176


Heart of America Brown Swiss Sale 2012  

Heart of America Brown Swiss Sale 2012

Heart of America Brown Swiss Sale 2012  

Heart of America Brown Swiss Sale 2012