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Jesyka Wild Photo by: Zachary Jefferson

w a R l i L

Some of the biggest names in the music industry came to us from the city of Miami, otherwise known as the "Magic City". Rick Ross, Pitbull, Trina, Flo Rida, DJ Khaled, and Trick Daddy represent just some of the magic that Miami has produced. Looking to join the ranks of these heavy hitters is a fire-spitting MC who goes by the name Lil Raw. This superstar in the making is on his grind with a fierce determination that few aspiring rappers have. With his strong work ethic, combined with his own brand of "magic", Lil Raw's rise to the top is inevitable.

Originally from the beautiful country of Trinidad & Tobago, Lil Raw first graced the world with his presence in '85 on the first of February. His family relocated and lived in a number of places - Toronto, New York, & Chicago, before finally settling in Miami. The young prodigy discovered music at an early age and as he grew, so did his interest in the music business. He soon began writing and recording his lyrics and ideas as his skills further developed. Being heavily influenced by both hip-hop and reggae, Lil Raw's unique sound started to take shape, a sound he describes as "rough around the edges".

As he continued to grow and hone his craft, he began to work and write songs with other artists and producers. These collaborations gave birth to "Track Fiend Music", a music production company that is committed to providing quality entertainment and establishing a major presence within the entertainment industry. Their devotion and passion for music-making allows the artists the flexibility to create freely within the company. Lil Raw made his debut in 2011 with his mixtape entitled "The Awakening", a musical array of melodic tracks and dope, beat-riding lyrics. It was a powerful introduction to Lil Raw's talent and capabilities as an artist. The "Money" artist has since released several other mixtapes and even performed as the opening act for Trick Daddy and Bone Thugs & Harmony. His hit single "Paper Girl" featuring Chris Manson has awarded him a great deal of exposure, and his latest release titled "Loyalty", is now available on iTunes and all other digital outlets. As Lil Raw continues to evolve, his momentum is steadily growing. He's perfecting his craft and recording new music with a serious sense of urgency that's gonna send this Miami rapper straight to the top of the charts.

Instagram @lilraw_tfm


Finally, the sound the R&B world has been waiting for has arrived - the return of poetry in music. It's a sound that this songwriter has mastered the art of, deeply poetic lyrics written over soft, sweet melodies. She goes by the name ElLOVie and she's ready to take the industry by storm.

Born and raised in the little "big" city of New Haven, ElLOVie grew up in a Christian home so naturally gospel music was her first love. It wasn't until she reached the fifth grade that she was introduced to other genres of music. As the daughter of Doo Wop legend Douglas McClure of the Flamingoes, and granddaughter of the late R&B singer Sam McClure of the Shadows, ElLOVie

comes from a family background that is rich in music, so it was only a matter of time before she started her own path toward success in music. Her musical journey began by playing various instruments - the piano, clarinet and even the drums. However, her focus on music was cut short due to her pursuit of her academic career. But naturally, the

future songstress was led right back to music through her love of poetry. ElLOVie's poetry writing led to songwriting and she was soon presented with the opportunity to perform in the play "Voices from the High School". She worked alongside music director Wayne Brown, perfecting all of the music inserts for the play, and it was then that ElLOVie fell in love with the stage. This talented vocalist had finally found her own voice, and what a voice it is. With a sound that's sultry and seductive ElLOVie makes music that is as calm, cool and collected as her demeanor. She puts the poetry back into song, creating music that is lyrically stimulating and heartfelt. Her upcoming project titled "8:10" is a collection of songs that is sure to engulf you in subtle harmonies and melodic vibes from beginning to end. ElLOVie reminds us of everything we love about R&B and soul music. It comes from deep within, music that is in her blood, and her potential for future success in music is undeniable.

Links: ElLOVie Facebook ElLOVie Twitter ElLOVie Instagram


Produced by @Budadafuture and @Grandz/ mixed by @donthegwop.

357 "Money In My View" Exclusive Single



357 Soundcloud Tap To Listen

Cloak the Scribe


rue gospel hip-hop enthusiasts know that this genre of music fuses the best of both worlds - a message of goodness, love and faith in God combined with the catchy beats and lyrical flow that characterizes rap music. This featured artist who goes by the name Cloak the Scribe is easily one of the best up-and-coming hip-hop artists to incorporate his spirituality in his music. Let's take a look at his Q & A as we get to know this hip-hop prodigy in the making.

Q&A Q. A.

So exactly how did you get the name Cloak the Scribe? For those who know, and those who don't, I am "Cloak the Scribe". I originally went by "DaCloak". Reason why is because back in high school, friends and family told me I wore hoodies like a protective cloak, so it just stuck with me. The change came about as I grew as an Emcee. It wasn't just an ability to rhyme - I began to paint pictures of my past, my faith in Jesus being my Lord and savior, and my growth as a man.


So, Cloak the Scribe, where exactly are you from?


I am from Chicago born and raised.

Q. A. Q. A.

What type of music do you create? How would you describe your sound? Hip Hop music to the core. Boom Bap, progressive, and experimental.

And how long have you been creating and recording hip-hop music? Since 2004, but I didn't release my first official single from a mix-tape I had done until 2008.


How did you begin making music, Cloak?


A friend of mine, Matt Mateo, was working in a recording studio at the time. So he was the first engineer I had worked with.

Q. What made you start creating music and when did you realize you were good at it?


I started writing rhymes at age 10 after being inspired by 2 Pac's "Me Against the World" album. My first cypher and battle rap competition was at a lunchroom table in the 7th grade. From then I just kept writing, being a part of cyphers, and battle rapping until after high school. A college homie asked me why I wasn't doing it professionally and I honestly didn't have an answer for him. That's when I realized this was where I belonged.


How does where you grew up or where you're from affect your music?


It effects my music in every way, honestly. Every song is an experience, conversation I've heard or had personally, every book I've ever read, and everything that's happened until now.

Q. Who are some of the artists that inspire you musically? A. 2 Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Twista, Common, Lupe Fiasco,

Big Pun, Eminem.


So Cloak, what are some of the things you have accomplished in your career so far?


I was awarded Hardest Working Student by Music Industry Workshop (MIW) West Side Music Boot Camp 2008. My performance was deemed a "Fan Favorite Performance" by the judges of the "Who Wants To Make It" BET competition in 2015.


What is one of your main goals for the future? To own my own Indie label.


Are there any upcoming events or releases that you would like to mention?

A. I

will be releasing a trailer for my upcoming album "Dreams Of A Giant". I'm currently competing in the "8 Bars" Challenge pres. by TeamBackPack & The 8 App.. My current single "Anthem 4 Life" (Prod. by Epik the Dawn) will be on quite a few radio stations, so during those request hours let your local radio station know you want to hear it! Salute and make sure y'all show Da Insider Mag some serious love for being so dope. Blessings.

Cloak the Scribe, thanks for the love and thanks for giving us "Da Inside" on your blossoming music career. We wish you all the best. Facebook Twitter Instagram SoundCloud

Cole J. Let's talk about an artist that navigates through every track with a verbal GPS system that always gets him and his listeners to their desired destination. Let's chop it up about a musician who taught himself to play piano and has not just emptied his pistol poetry on the ears of his fans, but is often times the producer behind the hard hitting drum patterns. .



He was born Jermaine Lamarr Cole on January 28th, 1985, but the world knows him best as J. Cole. He was raised in North Carolina in the Fayetteville area and was first recognized in 2007 after he released his debut mixtape "The Come Up". This put Cole firmly on his path to chasing his career as a professional rap artist. In 2009 after some copious grinding he was signed by the big homie Jay Z's imprint Roc Nation, and soon after released two more mixtapes.

J. Cole dropped his much anticipated debut album "Cole World: The Sideline Story" in 2011 and it debuted at the number one spot on Billboard 200. That album went on to become certified platinum by the Recording Industry of America. The "Mr. Nice Watch" rapper followed that up with two more lyrically inclined albums, one in 2013 entitled "Born Sinner" and one in 2014 entitled "2014 Forest Hills Drive". Both albums received an unequivocal response from fans and critics alike, and it was thumbs-up across the board. Both albums went on to be certified platinum, and his album "2014 Forest Hills Drive" resulted in a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

Something most people don't know is that J. Cole's "2014 Forest Hills Drive" album was the first album in over 25 years to be certified platinum with no features or guest appearances. The selftaught pianist doesn't just terrorize the studio with his explosive wordplay, he also produces a large portion of his own material. The "Apparently" MC has been no stranger to producing his own music and now has ventured off and produced records for some of the biggest artists in the music industry including Kendrick Lamar and Janet Jackson.

Along with producing and recording critically acclaimed albums, Cole has created Dreamville Records and a non-profit organization called Dreamville Foundation. J. Cole in January of 2015 started housing single mothers at no cost in the home he grew up in in Fayetteville, NC. J. Cole has always understood that it took a certain amount of intelligence to be a really clever lyricist. He grew up listening to a range of artists from Canibus and Eminem to Big Pun, Big L and Nas,

Cole's fascination with producing music started at a young age, and when he got his first beat machine, the Roland ASR X-Pro, after his mom had it on layaway, was the start of a new beginning for him. He spent everyday on that beat machine and made his first song at the age of only 15, and it all took place at his childhood home, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. #FunFact J. Cole invited his fans to the home he grew up in to debut the album which shared the same name. "4 Your Eyez Only" is Cole's new highly anticipated fourth album. Released on December 9, 2016 by Dreamville Records, Roc Nation and Interscope Records, this is Cole's first Interscope Records release. The majority of the album happened at the Sheltuh in North Carolina and Electric Lady Studios in NY, but the beats were supplied by spit-fire Cole, along with others such as Elite, Vinylz, Boi-1da and Cardiak, just to name a few. This new album comes exactly two years after the release of his previous album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

It comes as no surprise that J. Cole is receiving an overall positive response on the latest album from his critics, some even considering it his best work so far. "4 Your Eyez Only" has debuted at numero uno on the Billboard 200, already selling 363,000 copies in the very first week, making this his fourth number-one album in the entire country.

Passionate poetry and organic music continues to course through his body of musical artwork, and if you fancy artists who can lyrically take you on a soulful sight-seeing excursion, you have reached the right place. Journey through his past, present and future and find an artist who truly understands not just where he's been but where he is going.

Lite Up



Photo by: Zachary Jefferson




Photo by: Derek Walker

@JesykaWild Photo by: Derek Walker

@JesykaWild Photo by: Derek Walker

@JesykaWild Photo by: Derek Walker

d l i W a k y s @Je Photo by: Waldo

@JesykaWild Photo by: Zachary Jefferson

@JesykaWild Photo by: Waldo

@JesykaWild Photo by: Waldo

Charlee Bravo All rise for an up-and-coming artist whose talent is matched only by his determination to succeed. Rapper Charlee Bravo is chasing his dreams with the intention of making them a reality. With a strong musical gift and fearless persistence, Charlee B. is taking his career to new heights and has proven to be unstoppable.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Charlee Bravo was born under the name Christopher La'Ron Brown. He was introduced to the world of music at the age of six, taking a music test in the first grade and passing with the highest score in the school. He began playing the trumpet in elementary school and by the time he reached middle school he was multi-talented in a variety of areas including playing the baritone, tuba and snare drum, acting, singing and dancing.

However, Chris didn't write his first rhyme until he was inspired by rapper Eminem and the movie "8 Mile". Only then did he realize that he had a special gift. It was his multitude of talents that got him through the rough patches around this time in his life. Chris joined a number of bands, including a marching band, jazz band and concert band, but it wasn't enough for the budding artist inside of him.

So moving to Florida at the age of 16 and creating the stage name Cystyle, Chris began his music grind, writing lyrics everyday. Two years later he changed his stage name to C-Rip and finally got the breakthrough he was looking for. He was lifted to new heights when his hit song titled "Simone Says" was played at parties, at friends houses and throughout the school. His first R&B and hip-hop infused song "Name in the Crowd" gave him a new style with new goals to achieve. Unfortunately, misfortune followed him again, causing him to lose his studio, all of his recorded lyrics and friends as well. Every part of him wanted to give up, but his inner artist would not allow it. By age 20, Chris had changed his stage name yet again, to his current moniker Charlee B. The release of his single "Gnarly" ft. CtheKon started the momentum that his career needed. He blew up on all social media sites, including twitter with a following of 31.4k.

Charlee B. was finally achieving his goal of being an entertainer. He released a ten-track mixtape titled "Over the Top", and had a number of performances in Florida and a tour beginning in Denver. His hit song "No Swag" is currently his most played track with 107k plays on SoundCloud. Charlee B. has released his second mixtape, "Wolf of Music", which consists of 13 exciting tracks and is a movie classic from start to finish. His newly released single "Las Olas" is sure to be a crowd-pleaser as well. Charlee B.'s road hasn't been an easy one. He's experienced many bumps and obstacles, but his fierce determination would not allow him to accept failure. In the words of Charlee B. himself, "My imagination never stops, I’m always creating, no matter who I'm with or where I am, if I get an idea, everyone and everything blurs and there’s just me creating what I see. I make my dreams my reality" Charlee B- Charlee Bravo

Charlee Beast Facebook Charlee B. Soundcloud Charlee B. Twitter

Charlee B. Over the Top Mixtape YouTube Charlee B. Charlee B. Instagram

Running through the streets of Harlem has played a huge part in shaping this aspiring artist. Evident from the title of his mixtape, "Sincerely, A Child of the Ghetto", this ground-breaking MC tells his life story through his music and he does it with such finesse that his lyrical gift is undeniable. This rap phenom is none other than L-rox the Imperial.

L-Rox the Imperial As a Harlem native, L-rox grew up in the heart of NYC. Born under the name Leon Woods, he started writing in junior high school. Initially used as an outlet to clear his mind, the writings began as poetry which people heard and loved. When one of his homies told him he was actually flowing, L-rox didn't pay him any mind. His parents had always exposed him to music through their stereo, but it wasn't until one game-changing night that poetrywriter, Leon Woods transformed into rapper/singer/songwriter, L-rox.

One weekend he was in the house with the fam doing a little karaoke and his pops told him to flow. So he recited one of his poems, plus a little freestyle, and the fam went crazy! As a result, L-rox started adding hooks to his poems, and in 2010 he began recording.

Not wanting to box himself into any specific genre, he classifies his sound as simply "authentic". Listening to a variety of music has definitely resulted in Lrox's versatility. From Donny Hathaway and Queen to hip-hop heavy hitters Nas and Biggie, and even more contemporary artists such as J. Cole and Curren$y, his scope of music interests is huge and his range of influence comes from many different genres.

Today this twenty-six year old prodigy is on his way to higher heights. L-rox is bringing a classic old school feel to today's new era of hip-hop. Now, as a part of the Powerful Entertainment camp, he's working on new music and performing in new shows. His EP "Born in the 90s" and his mixtape "Sincerely, A Child of the Ghetto" are both available for download on We look forward to hearing all of the great works of art that L-rox will undoubtedly create in the near future!

Listen to Sincerely, A Child From the Ghetto on DatPiff


-Instagram -Twitter Facebook


the Scribe

Anthem 4 Life

ik p E By . d n Pro w a D the

Click here to listen

Young Tameeka

Young Tameeka

Rap music as we know it has definitely

Young Tameeka aims to change. As a

changed over time. Throughout the

socially-conscious rapper on the come-

years, the evolution of rap has included

up, she uses her music to address

a noticeable lack of substance. What

today's issues in the African-American

started out as an outlet to talk about

community. Young Tameeka isn't afraid

different cultural issues has now

to speak the truth and hopefully more

become a fusion of "empty" lyrics and

hip-hop artists will follow in her

catchy beats. That's the very thing that




orn in the Big Apple (New York) and raised in South Ozone Park, Young Tameeka began writing at the tender age of eight, using a journal to release whatever feelings she had at the time. Writing became her outlet, especially after experiencing the death of a relative, with which she found herself otherwise unable to cope. Over time, Young Tameeka turned what started out as "creative therapy" into a much more serious musical career. She found herself inspired by the female powerhouses of hip-hop such as Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah and Foxy Brown. Today Young Tameeka is building an empire of music production as the CEO of her company Kimsha Records LLC. She has also tapped into the world of fashion and design as well with her clothing company, Kimsha Wear.

herself on being at the front lines of social injustice through her music. "I have a lot of respect for 'Black Lives Matter' and other organizations that's trying to make a difference... also speaking out against police brutality and racism that's still in existence in America." Young Tameeka's future plans and career goals extend far beyond the realm of music and fashion. She is eager to help communities that are desperately in need of assistance. "I want to give back more to the community, to organizations, to AIDS victims, to homeless families - no matter what your race or sexual preference. I want to build a community for them." With Tameeka's immense desire to give back and her great talent at making music, there's no doubt that her legacy is only just beginning to blossom. The rap game is destined to become a more influential vessel as long as Young Tameeka is a part of it.


Being a writer of more thought-provoking content, Young Tameeka weighs in on the subject of today's hip-hop music. "Rap isn't lyrical like it used to be", she says. "There's no storyline anymore. It's just a nice beat and no one is saying anything." Young Tameeka, on the other hand, doesn't hide from the issues tormenting our community. Instead she addresses them head-on with projects like "A World With No Direction" (produced in collaboration with Kelvin Knight Productions and The Sounds of One Arm Bandit and Track Productions), which highlights the fight against racism, discrimination, and prejudice in our country. Tameeka Young's song "Battles", is a plea to civil rights leaders to help with these on-going issues. She prides

Link to A World With No Direction

How to Write the Right Bio Trying to make it in the music business is tough, and most of the time you only get one shot to make a good first impression. So when that first impression includes your biography, it's important to make it count. How do you create a bio that people will actually want to read, one that will represent who you are and help you stand out from the rest? Here are a few tips to make your bio the best it can be.

Tips for Writing a Successful Biography A well-written bio is a necessary part of your press-kit. It's purpose is to tell the reader who you are as an artist. So why not start with that? Who are you? It's the first thing on people's minds when learning about a new artist, so give them a compelling yet concise answer to the question. Tell them who you are in the most interesting and creative way you can come up with. The first few sentences of your bio will help determine whether the reader will continue reading or toss it into the pile of other boring bios. After giving a brief synopsis of who you

Wha t'

s Yo

ur Sto ry?

are as an artist, talk about some of the things you have achieved in your music career so far. Any competitions or awards won should be mentioned as well as any reputable shows you've performed in, people you have worked or performed with, mixtapes, albums or singles released, or anything else you've achieved that you feel is worth mentioning. Again concise is best. If you have a long list of achievements in your career so far, congratulations to you, but don't list every single one in your bio, only the most impressive of the bunch.

How w

ould y your s ou describ e ound?

What things do you have going on musically right now? This is one of the most important parts of your bio because it's one of the main things that people want to know about an artist. What projects are you working on right now? What career moves are you making? What's upcoming and what do we have to look forward to? People want to see an artist that is constantly making progress in their music career and your bio is the perfect place to showcase that.

Knowing what to avoid when writing a bio is just as important as knowing what to write. First, avoid comparing your sound to that of popular artists in the industry. It's one thing to describe your music in your own terms,


projec worki ts are you ng on ?

ve ur fans ha o y o d t a Wh rward to? to look fo

but saying you sound like a major artist sets the listener up with a preconceived idea that you may not live up to. Also avoid the overcomplimentary descriptions such as "most unique" or "best yet" Let your sound speak for itself and let the listeners be the ones to shower your music with compliments. Have someone proofread your bio. Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are imperative! And if necessary, hire someone else to write your bio for you. Not everyone is a great writer, even if they write their own music. Don't forget to include contact info as well as music and social media links! Hope this helps!

ou re y a s ve t mo king? a h W ma

357357 357

More than just your average punch-line delivering rap artist, 357 embarked on his musical journey with the intention of regenerating thought-provoking content in hip-hop. His passion for this art is inspired by the need to reach the masses, and music is his vessel. The lyrical wordsmith 357 has a lot to say, and reaching the world stage to have his voice heard is his primary focus.

FIIT4 357 himself, in his own words, is the essence of music. His sound is transformative and provokes positivity through his unique art of expression. However, the journey to this point for the Haitian-born artist began many years ago. According to 357, he's been creating music since he was born. Like many artists, his songwriting originated as poetry writing. He would write a poem thinking that it was simply a poem, but it would transform into a song. He commenced to learning the effects of sound itself and how it resonates with listeners, and about three years ago, 357 began recording music. Growing up watching the repetitive cycles of others is what drove 357 to strive toward something different. His goal is to provide truths through quality music to educate and uplift the listener. By addressing real-life circumstances, 357 aims to spread his message that the situations we face are not exclusive to us as individuals, that we are all in this together and should practice the art of uplifting rather than tearing each other down. That message is the essence of 357's brand FIIT4, which he plans on expanding in the coming year. FIIT4, which is the acronym for Forever In It Together 4... represents growth, freedom, music and whatever else you desire out of life.

Inspired by artists the likes of Jay-Z and Nas, this Brooklyn-residing lyricist sees such artists as business figures that happen to promote themselves through music. However his plan is to promote his message through music. In building a foundation to do so, gaining musical exposure is his main focus through performances, social media and of course, creating new music. The "Money In My View" rapper has performed in a few "Power Is Industry" shows of Power 105.1, met super producer Amadeus, attended DJ Emez's celebrity boat ride which featured Young MA, Betty Idol, Audra the Rapper, Puma, Cisco, Lady Luck, BBOD and DJ Norie, and has also linked up with DJ Absolut of Hot 97. This versatile artist, who by the way is able to write music who calls himself 357 explains the thought process behind the name. "We've heard that there's strength in numbers and that numbers don't lie. I believe that's mathematical and it's factual so that's why I don't have a name but I am 357, a number consisting of odd numbers, defining me as the artist." As he continues to inspire through his culturally influenced lyrics, his dreams for the future keep him focused and on the grind. 357 says it best himself: "I'm confident that once I get certain opportunities I will be heard by those who can see opportunity in collaborating with me. I'm going to be BIG so, I look forward to being able to help inspire a lot of change." Well, 357, we look forward to witnessing that change.

357 Soundcloud

Shawn Giftz

Deshawn Levell Glover, better known by his rap name of "Shawn Giftz", is a hip-hop artist from Queens, New York. What makes Shawn Giftz so special is he has known since the tender age of ten that he not only had a gift for writing his own songs, but that he had also found his true calling. R&B music and Hip-Hop had the strongest influence on his artistry and his love for the music has given him a very passionate advantage. His biggest inspiration in music comes from a few great names you might recognize like Trey Songz, Drizzy Drake, Lil Wayne, Usher, and J.Cole. Shawn Giftz has found that music can be therapeutic and only hopes his music has the same affect on his fans and listeners alike. Shawn Giftz has rocked the mic at the hottest venues in the city, such as "SOB's" and works very hard to keep building his fan base. The objective for Shawn Giftz is to ink a deal with a major label so he can really be able to take his career to a higher echelon. Shawn Giftz dropped his first project entitled "Lone Wolf" on June 10th, 2016 and will soon make everyone a believer.

Shawn Giftz Soundcloud



"Las Olas" Click here to listen

Krate Kollective EXCLUSIVE

Krate Kollective

Krate Kollective

Krate Kollective

Krate Kollective

Krate Kollective

Wildman Lv. 8




Judah Priest

Wu-Tang Clan fans stand up for the Brooklyn Zu affiliated artist himself, Judah Priest. As a rapper that has walked the inner circles of the industry, Judah is no stranger to the rap game. From Ghostface Killah and Method Man to Chubb Rock and Smooth Da Hustler, Judah Priest has performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Now the selfproclaimed blunt-spoken east coast MC is working to bring back the true meaning of hip-hop.

Introduced to the world of hip-hop at the age of five, Judah first witnessed the art of rhyming through his cousin Mike. As a native of Philadelphia, he spent most of his life in between Philly and New York. Surrounded by the influence of sex, money, drugs, popularity and the constant rush for fame, Judah Priest began a journey down the wrong road - a road characterized by violence and immorality. However, still having hiphop in his blood, he couldn't shake his dreams of success in the music industry.

Then at the age of seventeen, he was taken under the wing of his older brother, Wu Tang Clan/Brooklyn Zu's own Buddha Monk, and shown the ropes of the rap game. After being thoroughly trained in the studio and on stage, Judah Priest became a member of Chamber Musik Records working with Joey “G Clef” Cavaseno at age nineteen. He also spent time with Sony Red, as well as a brief stint with G Unit branch off group “G Unit Rydahs”.

In 2004, Judah Priest released his debut album "Valley of Kingz", which proved to be a huge success. He's also performed with a plethora of hip-hop's elite, including Method Man, Redman, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Das Efx, Raekwon Da Chef, and Maino, just to name a few. "The Dark Ages 8/24 A.D." is the title of Judah's 2015 album release featuring Buddha Monk of Brooklyn Zu and Hell Razah of Sunz Of Man.

Being a very spiritual person, Judah Priest's goal is to use his platform to get his message across to the youth. Having been involved in the industry for such a long period of time, he's witnessed the evolution of the rap game. According to Judah, there's a difference between rappers and hip-hop artists. Today's rappers tend to be lyrical but create songs with little to no meaning behind it. True hiphop focuses on empowerment and started out as a way to

Judah Priest Website Soundcloud

address social and cultural issues of the black community. And that's what Judah Priest represents and wants to bring back to the forefront. Educating the youth and dropping jewels of knowledge is the ultimate goal for Judah and his squad. Now scheduled to release his junior album “Dark World�, Judah Priest is working with Wu-Tang Affiliated Labels Hell Razah Musik Inc. and his own label, LQJP Music to take their

Reverbnation Facebook Twitter

grind to the next level. Memberships with Brooklyn Zu's branch off group, Zu Bulliez, Sunz of Man's branch off group, G.G.O, 144,000 Chosen Few & East Coast Killah Bees are also truly game changing collaborations. Judah Priest is hip-hop to the core - an MC with a socially conscious message for anyone who's ready to listen. So hiphop fans get ready, 'cause Judah Priest is about to cause a shake-up in the rap game!

YouTube Instagram: @IamJudahPriest

Jamael Glide

Meet Jamael Glide, a multi-faceted artist who's talent refuses to be restricted to just one art form. As a rapper and a photographer, this unique individual has worked to hone his craft, while managing to maintain his spirituality.

Born in the Ft. Worth region of Texas, Jamael Glide was raised in the church by his parents. Because of his early spiritual beginnings, gospel rap was the first genre of music he began to write. He wrote music, not in pursuit of fame and fortune, but for the pure love of music and the joy it gave him to create it. Recording and performing under the pseudonym Orev Shalom Lv. 1, he shared his gospel music for years by performing in various locations throughout the country. However, after failing to achieve the success he desired, he began to re-examine some of his decisions and the mistakes he made starting out.

Taking a much needed break from music, Jamael began to do some soul-searching as well as building his faith and relationship with God. During his re-examination of himself he realized that what had been hindering his success in music was his lack of focus. Instead of going out and promoting his music or grinding in-between shows, Jamael would be playing his PS4 or watching his favorite Netflix series. Instead of networking and maintaining business relationships, he would be entertaining relationships with women or recreational activities with friends. It was this epiphany that led Jamael to approach his music career again, this time with a renewed energy and a more focused frame of mind. Now brave enough to leap into his dreams head first, he created his first company, Audio Files, to manifest his new music.

Realizing that his artistry wasn't limited to just writing rhymes, Jamael Glide began to explore his love for photography. After spending some time in Atlanta and learning the ropes, he came back to Texas with his own photograph and media group, Time Manipulation. Through his photography company, he has had the privilege of shooting some of the greats, including P. Diddy during his Badboy Reunion Tour and 50 Cent for Een Vodka. Today, Jamael has achieved the balance that his artistic nature needed. From perfecting the craft of rhyming, to capturing moments in time on film, Jamael is showing all sides of himself and has become a perfect harmony of his past experiences, current achievements and future goals.

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