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Keepz Jewelz

Meet Keepz Jewelz, a hip-hop recording artist coming to you straight out of Brooklyn, NY and ready to take over the rap game.


orn Brian Lopez in the Crown Heights

section of Brooklyn, Keepz Jewelz has a talent that's as unique as his stage name. At the age of nine, Keepz Jewelz relocated with his mom and four siblings to a housing project in South Georgia . It was there that he discovered his love for ghetto poetry and loose narratives, which he focused on to escape the struggles and hard times. In his freshman year of high school, Jewelz began to pursue hip-hop music with a passion. Being influenced by the music and environment of both the southern and east coast cultures has given him a well-rounded sound that's relatable to many. Jay-Z, Nas, Lloyd Banks, Outkast, and Fabolous are just a few of the names that have influenced the rap style of Keepz Jewelz. Rap gods Gang Starr, Rakim, and Scarface have also contributed a bit of old school flavor to his music make up. Keepz Jewelz has been gaining recent attention performing in various venues in New York and New Jersey including Club Drom, Club SRB, Club Angel's and Amarachi Lounge. Rapping over Shyne's Bad Boy instrumental, Jewelz exudes confidence and charisma on stage.


In August of 2015, Keepz Jewelz' long awaited first project, a mixtape titled "The Get Down", was finally released. Now he's back on the grind in the studio, working on an EP scheduled to be released later this year. With his talent, drive and commitment to making good music Keepz Jewelz may just be a jewel the rap game will wanna keep!



Nom ad From the streets of Columbia, Missouri comes a young man with a talent that's undeniable. He has the ability to make music that will grab your attention and capture your emotions. He views himself as "one who walks the Earth alone, always staying in tune with his surroundings", and so he goes by the name of Nomad.

Drake "Nomad" Goodson was born on November 17, 1996 on the rough side of Columbia. Like many rappers, he discovered poetry first, and for him it was his remedy to express his inner thoughts and emotions to those that would listen. His collaboration of rhyming words transformed into creating hip-hop music when he and his mother relocated to the East Coast, and he was exposed to different genres of music. During this influential time, he was inspired by artists such as Eminem, Tupac, Nas, and Tech N9ne. But there was one artist that was more inspiring than the rest, and that was Marcus Hopson, better known by his stage name "Hopsin". It was Hopsin who pushed Nomad to sharpen and refine his craft. The love of the art consumed every part of Nomad's life, and he began to learn as much as he could about the art of music. He made real life events the focal point of his music, using life lessons he learned while expressing the emotions he felt.

Then in August of 2014, Nomad dropped his first single ever, which was a remix of Hopsin's "Ill Mind 7". The blow-up response was exactly what this budding artist needed to stroke the musical fire stirring within. Nomad dropped his first mixtape "Cataclysm" in early 2015. This raw, hip-hop masterpiece showed Nomad exactly how influential his music could be. His recent single "Trauma", a deep, emotional spit-fire record, has led him to his next project "Self learning EP", which will feature the raw emotions from real events that have occurred since the release of "Cataclysm". (Nomad is rumored to have a new mixtape in the works as well.)

Aside from being inspired by artists in the game, Nomad is also motivated by his family and his best friend Grizz, whom he considers his brother. His plans for furthering his career include hiring a manager, booking future performances, growing his fan base and getting noticed by a music industry label. Nomad is on his grind, working day and night to accomplish his dream in the industry. Although this budding artist is on the rise, he remains humble and feels blessed for the chance he's been given.

Nomad / Soundcloud

There's a certain swagger that Brooklyn rappers have that's easily recognizable and cannot be duplicated by any other borough. That swag is evident in the Brooklyn rapper known as...

Ya Highne$$

Known as Edward Jerome Riley at birth,Ya Highne$$ is the latest edition to the ranks of talented hip-hop artists from Brooklyn. As a toddler growing up in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn,Ya Highne$$ began his love affair with hip-hop at an early age. Just the experience of wearing his uncle's headphones was enough to captivate him into a relationship with music that would take him to new heights. Like many rappers, he began to write poetry as a way to escape his surroundings and stay on the right track. He would see pictures and hear stories of rap music's most elite artists during the 90s. At a time when hip-hop was arguably at its best,Ya Highne$$ was being influenced by names such as Big Daddy Kane, Tribe Called Quest, Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z.


Listening to some of the greatest has definitely had a positive impact on this young rapper's music. His level of talent has won him a number of accolades and opportunities so far. He was a winner in the Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer Showcase at Webster Hall, and he also won the Desert Storm Showcase. He claimed first place in the Faces in the Crowd Premier Showcase at SOB'S, and he was even hand-selected to be the opening act at Juelz Santana's birthday celebration. Ya Highne$$ has performed in various other venues as well, including Club Drom, Club Pyramid, Club SRB, Club Bliss, Dolce Lounge, and the Paper Box.




In 2011 Ya Highne$$ recorded his first single titled " Be Alone". The following year he released his mixtape "Y.H.I.C. (Ya Highness In Charge)". He has recently released his much anticipated EP "776", which is now available in all digital stores. With all that this lyricist has accomplished so far, it's evident that he is seriously on his grind with a purpose in mind. This star-in-the-making is clearly on his way to the top, and we can't wait to watch his journey, repping BK all the way.

M.J. B O P y r t e o P l o t s Pi

Changing Shape Brooklyn has bred some of the greatest mc's music has ever seen so it's no surprise that the shape of hip-hop is always changing...

aised in the Brownsville R section of Brooklyn N.Y., M.J. Bop started rapping around the age of 12 and has not looked back. With his brand of thought-provoking, descriptive rhyme flows, Bop is destined to take Hip-Hop by storm. His lyrical prowess has landed him write-ups in magazines, a tour over seas with Corey Gunz, and praise from music connoisseurs everywhere. If you like substance in your music and a high dosage of lyrical wordplay, M.J. is here to save the day.


When this pistol poet is not recording new music, he is staying true to his pen and writing poetry as well as his very own brand of hood story tales. M.J. has a mind full of poetic insight and ideas that are revolutionary. With his classic delivery and timeless punch lines, Bop is well on his way to making a mark in the industry. If you're ready to take a ride on this lyrical roller coaster wait no more. The music biz is always evolving and so is M.J. Bop. New York is always producing new talent and Bop is sure to carry the torch.



"Passion Of The Ice"

"Cubans with the Jesus piece/wit my peeps/ macking asking who want it/ you got ni%*a flaunt it that -Notorious B.I.G. (Hypnotize) Brooklyn bullsh*t we on it" Music and religion have always gone hand and hand throughout time. You will find that some of the toughest rappers have iced-out religious pendants and they're not affraid to flaunt it in front of the masses. The only religious symbol arguably more popular in music is the crucifix... The Jesus piece medallion has been a status symbol for rappers for more than 20 years and It pretty much says to the world that you have arrived - not just on a spiritual level, but on a financial level. Aside from being associated with theology and all things holy, the Jesus piece medallion has been at the forefront of a long lasting trend in jewelry for hiphoppers around the world. A classic gold Jesus piece encrusted with diamonds in the eyes, beard and crown on a long gold Cuban link in most cases is all most artists need to create the perfect visual. If you traveled back through music history to the 1990's you would be hard-pressed to find a rapper who didn't grace a stage or camera without one.

"Blueprints in my white iPod/Black diamonds in MY JESUS PIECE My God/" -Jay Z (Off That)

Fast forward to today... it's kind of ironic that one of the largest religious symbols would be at the helm of a music genre that represents so much struggle. Artists like the Notorious B I G was one of the few who made it very clear that the only thing better than wearing a chain with a Jesus piece was wearing two chains with a Jesus piece. Although rappers don't often preach the gospel you will find quote after quote from artists all referencing God, Jesus and even the Bible. Some of the biggest artists in rap music like BIG, Jay-Z and Nas have all made countless religious references i.e, "Cubans with the Jesus piece" Notorious B.I.G., Hypnotize or " And Jesus can't save you life starts when the church ends" - Jay Z., Empire State Of Mind or even " "I stay fitted from the Polo fleece to the Jesus piece." -Kanye West Jewelry on all levels has been something rappers have been flashing since the beginning of the hip-hip culture. At one point it seemed almost like a competition to see who could wear not just the most chains, but the biggest and most expensive. Not much has changed since that era, except now artists and independent labels are investing in custom jewelry to represent their brand or to simply express expensive creativity.

I" thought my Jesus piece was so harmless/ till I seen a picture of a shorty armless/" -Kanye West (Diamonds)

Jay-Z once graced the cover of hip-hop magazine "XXL" in December of 1999, rocking a long gold cuban link and matching gold Jesus piece. Some say its the same pendant once owned by the late great Notorious B.I.G. Many would argue that the Notorious B.I.G is who should be credited with starting this bling fixation with the legendary Jesus piece. Weather it's Rose Gold with red gems and diamonds or white Gold with black ice, the status symbol has stood the test of time and has now become a staple. With its ongoing popularity comes a more subtle, toned-down version called the mini or the micro Jesus piece. This is a much smaller version of the traditional piece that has made its own mark as one of hip-hip's newest and trendiest accessories along with the angel children medallions.

Some of the most impressive artists in hip-hop are rocking the Jesus piece, and it almost serves as somewhat of a torch as each new generation picks it up and upholds the legacy. You may be surprised to learn just how many of your favorite rappers have some kind of sentimental connection to the church stemming from their childhood. Whether it came from grandparents or parents or even something in the community, there seems to be a connection artists have with God that they are very proud to proclaim.

Now you can almost find the Jesus piece on all types of merchandise such as clothing, hats, rings and even belt buckles. Aside from being a huge fashion statement it's also a big passion statement that says, "Hey I'm passionate about my relationship with God and I want the world to bare witness."

"I pray for every soul that this music reaches/ bury me a G ten Jesus Pieces/" Ricky Rozay. -(Ten Jesus Pieces)

Who would have known that B.I.G, one of the first NY rappers to sport the classic Jesus Piece would be helping to start a trend that would spread to the west coast and abroad? A new favorite chain to compliment the the Jesus piece medallion that seems to be growing in popularity would be the rosary necklace because of its own association with religion. A-listers are being spotted everywhere from the red carpet to court side at NBA games with the famous blinged-out pendant. Expanding beyond hip-hip, the Jesus piece can now be spotted on big names even outside of hip-hip such as Lebron James, Justin Bieber, Amber Rose and Paul Gasol. It's a proclamation of religious pride, but also cultural origin. Rappers like believing their success comes through him, which would explain keeping him close to the heart through the ups and downs that come with life.

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Rec Riddles




Hailing straight out of St. Louis, Missouri comes a producer/MC unlike any other. With a persona that is derived from the classic DC Comics villain, The Riddler, Rec Riddles definitely lives up to his moniker.

This 25-year old creative genius, who's originally from New Jersey, is a unique variation of any producer we've ever heard. True to the name Rec Riddles, he leaves hidden messages in his music that listeners must decipher to fully grasp. He uses puzzles of viewpoints and constantly changing brain teasers of sonic intellect. His vintage yet future-bound beats are laid with harsh drum hits and growing bass lines. He uses melancholy chords meshed with dirty sample loops and little nuances of live instruments. But that's not all this young prodigy has to offer. Rec accompanies these compositions with tonguetwisting wordplay delivered with smooth tenor cadences. Tales of life, both fantasy and reality, make Rec Riddles' music relatable yet full of creativity.

Rec Riddles has performed at the St. Louis Underground Music Festival 2015, as well as the St. Louis Freshman Class XIII. He has been featured on four iStandard Producers Showcases, including the 2014 Beast of the Beats 8. Rec Riddles is now set to release his debut project entitled "The Medicine Man", from which his two singles, "The 4th Kind" and "Wrath of a Menace" have been receiving online radio airplay, as well as being placed on some popular hip-hop blogs.

According to Rec Riddles, he is not a "beat-making rapper, he's a producing MC". His thought-provoking music is a welcome relief from some of the mundane records taking over the air waves. He is the answer to what the hip-hop industry is missing. Riddle solved.

Listen to Rec Riddles Now!

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t e e M Actress


@Mari__Dee Miss San Bernardino Latina 2015


Work by: @Kay_Kay494

Work by: @Kay_Kay494

Photo by: @Photosbyned

Photo by: @Joshpotato

Photo by: @Joshpotato


Mental Note


As you may already know, there are many ways to hear new music these days, such as Pandora and Spotify, but the list keeps going. This is an example of just how much music is available and how ready people are for new music. With so much great music at your fingertips, it's easy to find and listen to your favorite tracks again and again. The fact is people love their favorite songs, but they also love finding new favorite songs. This means there are millions of music lovers always checking for a hot new song to add to their playlist. One classic mistake artists often make is forgetting about the fans they've already made. When artists put on a good show, a lot of times people will approach them saying how much they liked the show, maybe even buy a CD, but that's where it ends. These people might become fans, and they might have come to another of your shows. But because artists don't always create a list of new fans as they come in, there is no way for artists to find these people to promote new events and music projects. One cannot stress enough the importance of artists building their fan base one fan at a time. Artists must build a list of any and all potential fans with even the slightest bit of interest in their music. In order to begin growing your fan base, it's a great idea to have a website that offers up to 3 free tracks in exchange for email addresses. This is an awesome way to give new fans incentive to want to check for you in the future and, your contact list keeps growing. The biggest misconception is that all independent artists are struggling. It's something that's assumed but not completely accurate. In fact, more artists today are leaning towards the independent route than ever. Modern technology is making it easier everyday to connect with people around the world, allowing artists to have a direct relationship with consumers like never before. Now two things are going take place. 1) you now have the contact info for someone that's interested in the music you make and 2) They now have your music to jam to and if they like it enough, they then become official fans wanting more. As a result you the artist are now able to offer new material, merchandise and event info directly to your consumer (fan).

Doll Domination By: Aya Takano

Twitter: @malxmalcity

Instagram: @malxmalcity

. g n i k a e r B d n Grou



These days it would seem that everyone is a rapper, but the grind is what separates those that just do it from those that are actually on the road to making it happen in the music industry.


ello world, allow us to introduce you to the young aspiring recording artist/

engineer known as MaL'X. Not to be confused with Malcolm X the Muslim minister/ civil rights activist, MaL'X is his own man, ready to leave his own mark. Born in 1993 and bred in the Notorious section of Brooklyn known as Fort Green, it would be hard for MaL'X not to gravitate toward music knowing some of the biggest and most notable rappers in music today are from BK. It offers a sense of pride and serves as a reminder that if those artists can become successful, anyone prepared to work hard can too. With an unwavering love for music, it's hard to tell that it took MaL'X some time before embracing his ultimate goal of creating a successful professional career as a recording artist. MaL'X's senior year of high school was a defining, eye-opening period in his young life. There was a school talent show that he happened to perform at, and because the feedback from the crowd was so overwhelming, he realized that music is something he was going to take seriously going forward. With his popularity growing amongst his peers, it was evident to him that being consistent and dedicated to his craft would take him places most people just dream about.

Since then MaL'X has been putting in work and now has a new club rocker out entitled "Anti-Social", ready to heat up house parties everywhere. It's a catchy turpup track with just the right bounce and infectious drums. Sharp kicks, snappy highs and a certain swag makes "Anti-Social" a track that can turn any situation into a lituation. Be on the look out for the clever, skillful kid called MaL'X by any means necessary because he is absolutely on the come up.


Brooklyn has produced a number of hip-hop's finest talents, including names like Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Notorious BIG, and many more. Well BK, get ready because we may soon be adding another to the list. Originally from "Ride or Die" Bed-Stuy but raised in East New York's Linden Projects, a young prodigy by the name of Neno Breezy has arisen. Born of Puerto Rican descent and repping BK to the fullest, Neno has been writing and producing music since the age of twelve. His skills are sharper than ever, and so is his ability to make well-crafted music that spans across many genres. This sonically diverse artist has created pop, R&B, rap, reggaeton, salsa, bachata and even house music. Neno's passion for creating music stems from an early love of poetry. He even wrote a kindergarten graduation song for his mom who's a teacher, and had the pleasure of watching his work of art performed by others. And that's exactly what Neno Breezy creates...works of art. His music reflects his life experiences, hardships that he has endured, and obstacles he has overcome - and growing up in East New York has provided him with plenty of inspirational material. In addition to being Neno Breezy "the solo artist", he is also part of a group called "Raw Talent" which he formed with his younger brother, Malo Murda and his cousin Mills Profit, also products of the Stuy and ENY. However his solo grind is not to be underestimated. With hits like Seen It All "BREEZEMIX", which has a super dope track and lyrics to match, his ability to hold it down as a solo artist is evident. He's influenced and inspired by many hip-hop artists, namely The Fugees, Rakim, DMX, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and Jay-Z. On his playlist you can find anything from Run DMC to Green Day, even though the majority of the music he listens to is his own. He has music on SoundCloud and Reverbnation, and is soon set to release his debut mixtape titled "Summa Breeze". As a talented artist, songwriter and producer, Neno Breezy seems to be the total package. Although certain life experiences had put his music on hold for a period, he's now in a good place and ready to move forward full throttle. Neno Breezy has something for every listener, something for everyone to relate to, and he's looking forward to spreading his voice to the world..... and we're looking forward to hearing it.

Neno Breezy Soundcloud

HYPEKILLS If it were easy everyone would do it... but one thing's for sure HYPEKILLS is doing it! Feast your eyes on the lifestyle brand intentionally inspired by freedom of expression. It has been designed in part to awaken your thought process so that you can now incorporate this into life as you know it...







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Its the New Old School dudes for your Listening Pleasure....


Coming straight out of Pittsburgh is a unique, upand-coming hiphop group that will literally "blow your mind". This talented group of individuals have joined together to create something of epic proportion. Allow us to introduce you to the group whose name is selfexplanatory: Blow Ya Mynd.



Formed in 2010 from an afterschool in Homestead, this trio has managed to break down all possible barriers throughout the five years since then. They've done everything from performing in local neighborhood venues to traveling overseas for performances in The Czech Republic. Their hit single "All In", which is a song dedicated to the afterschool in which they met, has set them apart from other local artists on the come up. With their four album releases and numerous performances in and out of the country, they have won the hearts of fans across the globe, and have even received praise from the corporate world as well. Their pure love of hip-hop has brought them a long way, and their game-changing style continues to contribute to their success. This young group is a prime example of the meaning of hard work, professionalism and perseverance. They will continue to grind and continue to blow minds, one song at a time.


https://www.twitter.com/blowyamynd Follow us on IG: @Blow Ya Mynd

From the "Windy City" of Chicago, Illinois comes an explosive hiphop artist who's not only a lyrical wordsmith, but one who uses his gift to spread the word of God.

Cloak The Scribe

Cloak The Scribe, formally known as “DaCloak” is a brilliant Christian Hip-Hop musician. With his catchy hooks, trendy vibes, and contemporary tracks, it's no wonder that he is one of Chicago's greatest Christian MC's.

Stepping into the music industry in 2004, Cloak The Scribe stunned the Windy City's legendary Hip-Hop community with his truthful and charismatic flow. Cloak committed himself to developing and refining his lyricism, spending countless hours songwriting, freestyling, and participating in battle raps and impromptu cyphers. When Cloak first began creating hip-hop music, he had no idea he would want to speak from a biblical point of view. But after being inspired by a spiritual brother in the faith he began to realize that God was calling him to be a poet and lyricist. Cloak The Scribe performed his single "Hip-Hop Lives" at every church, conference and musical event he came across in Chicago. Then in 2008 he released his first mixtape entitled “Life Music Vol. 1” from the “Life Music” series. After receiving an immense response from his first release, he was inspired to learn as much as possible about the music industry. This inspiration led Cloak to the Music Industry Workshop Westside Music Book Camp, where he made such an impact that he was regarded as the “hardest working student.” Cloak says, “I want to inspire hope, transparency, and vision to the listeners. I want to encourage them to seek the Kingdom of God and pursue the dream which God has placed in them.”

Certainly he is doing just that with his EP “Dreams of a Giant”, released in early 2014, where he displays through music the greater vision and mission God has sent him to fulfill. Cloak The Scribe is a visionary for the Christian Hip Hop community and is commissioned to impact the world with his amazing dedication to God and music. He is the perfect addition to today's Christian Hip-Hop revolution. In a world filled with believers and non-believers, one thing cannot be denied..... and that is the pure, raw and unquestionable talent of Cloak The Scribe.

Facebook: Cloak the Scribe Instagram: @cloakthescribe Soundcloud: Cloak the Scribe



New Mixtape The Get Down/Soundcloud

Ya Highness ITunes 776 EP

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