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CSUF clubs participate in Day of the Dead

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Daily Titan

Monday November 5, 2007

The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton


PUB KARAOKE – Free karaoke is offered to students in the TSU Pub from noon to 1 p.m. CARL’S JR. HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY – Customers will be entered to win three $100 Titan shops gift cards, Knott’s tickets or a Nintendo DS with the purchase of any $6 burger combo. The contest will run through Dec. 7. SUSTAINABILITY AT CSUF – Jason Hamilton, associate professor of biology at Ithaca College in New York and plant ecologist, will discuss sustainability and its importance to the future of the university. The discussion will take place in the TSU Theatre from 10 to 11:30 a.m. It will also be repeated Tuesday in KHS-199 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. INTRAMURAL SPORTS – Women’s ultimate frisbee begins today at the intramural fields from noon to 1 p.m.

Georgia says if it’s yellow, let it mellow ATHENS, Ga. (AP) – Fans who have had their fill of beer at the University of Georgia’s homecoming football game on Saturday be warned – no flushing allowed. Earlier this week, crews put up signs in bathrooms asking people not to flush “if it’s yellow” and to leave the handle-pulling to attendants, who will do the job for the estimated 93,000 people at Saturday’s game. It’s part of the university’s “Every Drop Counts” water conservation effort in the drought that’s struck Georgia and much of the Southeast. The university is considering replacing all of the stadium’s old toilets, which use 3.5 gallons of water per flush, with new ones that use less than half that amount – 1.6 gallons – per flush, said Arthur Johnson, associate athletic director for internal operations. But two old-fashioned trough urinals that have constant running water will be open beneath the west end stands during the game against Troy University. “We’ve got a lot of fans in that area that would need to use the restroom and it would be impractical to ask them to go to another part of the stadium,” he said. The drought has worsened with sweltering temperatures and a drier-than-normal hurricane season. Now drought in almost onethird of the Southeast has been deemed “exceptional” – the most severe drought category.




TOMorrow High: 74 Low: 54 PARTLY CLOUDY

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Disney land wars Low-income housing project faces opposition from Disney “Disneyland ed l p p i r c e b t o n will r will o n , l a C n u S y b oush e h t e v l o s l a SunC n Ori [ m e l b o r p g in ” ange CoGualnlowtyay,] – Lorri

Councilwoman Anaheim City



es venue that com of Anaheim’s re land owned ty ci e th of ge of 5% Percenta yland Resort’s from the Disne


inum Pointe proposed Plat ’s al nC Su es mmunity m Number of ho in a current mobile home co ild bu project will


By Urmi Rahman r itan Staff Write

Daily T

esort that Disneyland R e th om fr s ilt ile Number of m SunCal homes would be bu ed os op the pr


rezoning tensive battle of per SunCal ex a in ll ta om lo April, deve ntinues to lo rt district. In ’s influence co naheim City Mickey Mouse ing units in Anaheim’s reso orted by members of the A mmuus ble ho obile-home co llage supp land for afforda inte, a design for a new vi ild 1,500 homes in a 275 m ld bu num Po yland is proposed Plati low-income housing. It wou voices. Disne al ti en e id flu ov in t pr attractive mos Council, to o of Anaheim’s erations and would be an un rners. The isneyland. tw D of s om ill fr s w ile ng m op nity, three its current e the opposi ome wage ea of discussion ar ned it will be burdensome to t is essential to help low-inc of heated dialogue that At the center ec er ri oj pr a se es conc il has said the ferendum and using project, against the ho . The Anahiem City Counc self into two initiatives, a re ect. Orange ists ted it the subj g problem [in . in te us ba ho de ] to eyesore for tour g-project plan has manifes ge t ar gh [l on usin st Thursday ni nor will SunCal solve the an Student Uni controversial ho des to Cal State Fullerton la t], lion in the Tit current tourist haven en vi m Pa op a el ol rt ev [d Po si al o at rly ‘90s to its nd that brought the tw ill not be crippled by SunC loway said in a forum held drum of the ea 5 percent of la benal “Disneyland w ity CouncilwomanLorri G own Anaheim from the hum ’s revenue comes from the ly inns that direct city heim C Downt percent of the d by all Anaheim hotels and y ft County],” Ana ment changed the beat of Fi . es nu st ent ve bed tax charge heim’s Longtime inve stive streets and entertainm e CEO of Ana jecis a 15 percent th ax h fe T it , ls cy w te g an ho on up al ar cc s of five-st ansient O vance policy ob al estate expert Tourism and Tr ber panel of re e need and believes it will ad em m efiv Disney owns. a st . firefighters rtunity to ho because of th efits police and ussion gave CSUF the oppo said she supports housing nding and too sc ay dous lack of fu nger works w di en lo ic al em G tr t. a en s, The publ m od A lo ho d of the city. r our neighbor really works for Disney, it no ommerce, Tod Chamber of C destroy the economic engine has caused over crowding fo y] ne is D d an t rs city e police tives and will no w housing for resort worke e partnership [between the s from TOT. Th ts but xe ta d be in “The lack of ne streets,” she said. “While th is on for visiting tour ceived $80 billi our and the city re curity, to ensure protection much traffic in e nu ve re in ar Se 0 billion last ye e Department of Homeland for residents.” ry to Disney’s cumulated $1 th ac d om fr an t yl ld work contra an ne gr is ou e w D bl g za in si us a ho ed d se so receiv e department. e revenue for the city, increa department al t of the le funds for th id ab ov lu pr va e d id hlers, presiden an A ov nd es rl pa ha ex also pr C to t s lis ntinue sort,” said pane As the resort co d feel of the re rward.” an ok lo ght, but e th r fo portant plans. the city fo some have thou im es as is iv y ] dr ne nd T is la O D f [o “T “The parcel ntion Bureau. es not sit directly across from ors and Conve k [of reAnaheim Visit plot in question however, do is unfair to thin ing t “I . e id cr sa -a 26 ay e w lo liv Th yesterday,” Gal rcent of people iles away. almost three m housing today is better than to crime and filth. Ninety pe or related “Affordable has ining] as less than ing.” cipients of hous n qualify for affordable hous heim City Council, Disney the Ana nts that in the city ca work around naheim reside In an effort to itiative to be put before A a say on any troduced an in power them and give them eR would em s around the zoning change Y, Page 3 E N IS D See

Eid ul-Fitr ends the month of Ramadan CSUF Muslim students hold a campus event to celebrate the holy month By Evan Corcoran

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Ramadan is a month of fasting celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Muslims use this time to reflect on themselves and their devotion to God. “It’s a holy month were Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. A show of humbleness and sacrifice,” said Sumanah Mithani, public relations officer for the club and president of the Women’s Islamic Network. The actual celebration of Eid ulFitr, or Festival of Fast-breaking, was a two and a half weeks ago according to Mithani. “It’s an opportunity to gain awareness of what Ramadan, Eid and the Muslim community is all about,” Mithani said. The Muslim Student Association celebrated Eid ul-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan in the Titan Student Union. Zohaib Qazi, a computer science graduate student at Cal State Fullerton and club member, said Eidul-Fitr was celebrated so the Muslim and non-Muslim student body could celebrate the holiday. “We have a lot of international students, a lot of students from different states and other places who are a little bit away from their families, so this sort of gives the same atmosphere that they would have back home,” Qazi said. Jennifer Shalabi, an American Studies major, was happy to join the celebration. “It’s like Christmas for Muslims,” Shalabi said. Muslims pray five times a day, so the event began, with the fifth prayer of the day, at 6:15 p.m. The president of the club, Kevin SantosFlores, took the stage after the prayer and thanked everyone for joining in the celebration. “We had [this event] here on campus to get the Muslims here on campus to know that there is an MSA See EID UL-FITR, Page 2

Day of the Dead celebrates the lives of those who have died ROTC

cadets aid during San Diego fire

Ceremonies take place over the weekend for many in Santa Ana By EDWARD PETERS

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Though outsiders may view it as ghoulish, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is an ancient Aztec tradition embracing death and celebrating the continuation of life. A plethora of shrines lined the festival grounds, all surrounded by macabre relics. An array of candles eerily flickered around the faces of the dead. One of those faces was Marco Antonio Firebaugh (1966-2006), the man responsible for introducing the AB540 legislation, allowing undocumented immigrant students to attend schooling institutions in California. The Cal State Fullerton organization Alliance of Students for an Equal Education, was celebrating the death of Firebaugh at the festival. They were disseminating information on the AB540 legislation, which became a law in 2002. “Today we put up an altar in an attempt to bring awareness to people on AB540 students and what they can do to help us out, which is basi-

The National Guard and Red Cross are among others who help out By RAe NGUYEN

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Photo by EDWARD PETERS/Daily Titan Staff Writer One of many shrines dedicated to the dead at the Dia de los Muertos celebration in Santa Ana.

cally bring awareness, to know that we are here and [to recognize] the injustice that it is for us to not be able to use our degrees in the future whether we do achieve them,” said

alliance member Carmen Lopez. Firebaugh was a man who helped our dream become reality and we are here tonight celebrating his death, Lopez said.

Two young men, Adam Gonzalez and Danny Gallegos, both killed within days of each other in an ‘07 drive-by shooting, were among the See CELEBRATION, Page 3

When Cal State Fullerton ROTC cadet Josh Paik received a call from his company battalion he was told he would be assisting the Escondido Police Deptartment with the San Diego Witch Fire. “I left that same day after it was determined I would be deployed to help with the local law enforcement,” Paik said. Paik and three other cadets from Fullerton ROTC served seven days of duty to assist the local law enforcement. They were among the 50 soldiers from the National Guard who volunteered with the evacuation efforts See ROTC CADETS, Page 2

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November 5, 2007

King Tut’s face is revealed

Making his descent

Concerns grow in Pakistan following elections delay ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) – Police and soldiers emboldened by state of emergency powers swept up hundreds of activists and opposition members on Sunday, dragged away protesters shouting “Shame on you!” and turned government buildings into barbed-wire compounds. Gen. Pervez Musharraf ’s government said parliamentary elections could be delayed up to a year as it tries to stamp out a growing Islamic militant threat – effectively linking two of the greatest concerns of Pakistan’s biggest international donors: the United States and Britain. Increasingly concerned about the unfolding crisis, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Washington was reviewing billions of dollars in aid to its close terrorism-fighting ally. But, she said, she did not expect the U.S. “to ignore or set aside our concerns about terrorism.” In an address to the nation late Saturday, Musharraf said the growth of a militant Islamic movement and a court system that hindered his powers forced him to declare a state of emergency, despite the urging of Western allies against authoritarian measures. Musharraf issued two ordinances toughening media laws, including a ban on live broadcasts of “incidents of violence and conflict.” Also, TV operators who “ridicule” the president, armed forces, and other powerful state bodies face up to three years in jail.

The Associated Press

King Tut’s buck-toothed face was unveiled Sunday for the first time in public – more than 3,000 years after the youngest and most famous pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt was shrouded in linen and buried in his golden underground tomb. Archeologists carefully lifted the fragile mummy out of a quartz sarcophagus decorated with stone-carved protective goddesses, momentarily pulling aside a beige covering to reveal a leathery black body. The linen was then replaced over Tut’s narrow body so only his face and tiny feet were exposed. The 19-year-old king’s e life and death has captivated people for nearly a century.

NATIONAL NEWS North Carolina heart attack care among best in nation ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – In an ideal world, every heart attack would end like Willard “Ziggy” Hill’s. Within 90 minutes of arriving at a small community hospital in North Carolina, he was having a blocked artery reopened at Duke University Medical Center 25 miles away Two years ago, he might not have been. North Carolina was a bad place to have a heart attack, scoring below national norms of fast care. Now it may be one of the best. The reason is the nation’s most ambitious statewide project to redo how serious heart attacks are handled. Paramedics, doctors and 65 hospitals put aside powerful individual interests like money and control, and focused on giving faster care. Why is this important? Drugs, devices and doctors do no good if they do not reach people quickly, before the heart suffers permanent damage. Heart attacks happen when arteries are blocked, crimping a critical blood supply. The first choice of treatment is angioplasty, in which a tiny balloon is pushed into the vessel and inflated to flatten the clog. However, many small hospitals lack specialized suites called catheterization labs for angioplasties.

STATE NEWS Applications for citizenship triple in Los Angeles area LOS ANGELES (AP) – Despite a fee increase, the number of people who applied for U.S. citizenship in the Los Angeles area tripled in September over the same month in 2006, according to federal figures. There were 24,377 applications, compared to 8,216 for September 2006, according to new figures from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The increase came even though the application fee rose from $400 to $675 on July 30. However, authorities said some of the applications received in September might have been filed before the rate hike. There have been so many applications received that it can take up to 15 weeks to issue a receipt. Recently, an alliance of hundreds of organizations launched a national campaign to urge immigrants to apply for citizenship in time for the 2008 election. Nationwide, citizenship applications could top the 1 million mark for the year.

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EID ul-Fitr: Ends the fasting By STEVE NELSON/For the Daily Titan ROTC cadet Spencer York smiles while repelling down the side of McCarthy hall on Oct. 18 as a part of a recruitment campaign for the CSUF ROTC program.


throughout Southern California. Since it was his first time in active duty, he was actually able to use what he learned in ROTC. But the task required more time than a typical eight-hour job as he was on call to serve almost 12 hours on and off duty. “I was there to help and it didn’t matter what the hours were, really,” Paik said. “Even at 24 hours, I was there to serve and fulfill my duty to keep (the residents) safe.” Directing and regulating traffic control to keep peace in order, Paik was also supervising the evacuation of Escondido residents. He and the other cadets secured the Del Mar Racetrack for the evacuees to temporarily reside until further notice from the Escondido Fire Department. “There were a lot of burned houses, blackened from the fire,” Paik said. “One particular thing [that stood out] was one house would be

burned to the ground, but the surrounding houses were left still intact.” ROTC cadets previously enlisted were qualified to assist Escondido Police Deptartment in the evacuation of residents and business owners. Efforts of the cadets were greatly needed, considering most local law enforcement resources were dispatched to fight fires in other counties. That left many police and fire departments short-handed. However, Lt. Dana Ray of the Escondido Police Department of Traffic and Special Enforcement Divisions was happy for the extra hand when the National Guard and other service volunteers made a valiant effort to keep order in the city. “It’s pretty fantastic to see the whole community including the National Guard and Red Cross pull together to help during this time of disaster,” Ray said.

This would be the first operation for ROTC to participate in helping with community efforts. Cadet First Sgt. Matthew Lopez said he hoped their presence in serving the community would banish any stereotypes of the military as being anything associated with war. “It shows that ROTC itself, along with the cadet service, actually serves its purpose in helping communities of their time in need,” Lopez said. “Especially right now since it’s not common to see protests against the military.” According to the OC Register, the San Diego blaze, dubbed the “Witch fire,” has burned 197,990 acres and an estimated 1,100 homes were destroyed. Damage is estimated at $15.4 million. Strong Santa Ana winds have made containment of the fire impossible as nearly 40 firefighters were injured. Two civilian deaths were also reported.

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on campus and also to get the nonMuslims on campus to know we are here and if they want to come hang out or have any questions about Islam to come up and say hi,” SantosFlores said. Keshia Islam, a CSUF alumna, hosted a few rounds of Islamic trivia, where members of the crowd took the stage to test their knowledge and win prizes. The association handed out bags of candy and had a huge buffet of cultural cuisine. A guest speaker from CSUF faculty spoke about the importance of continuing the traditions of Ramadan throughout the entire year. “They invited me here to remind them of the fact that it is not only in Ramadan where you need to worship God or that it is not only in Ramadan that you need to do good deeds,” Professor Zakyi Ibrahim said. For Muslims and non-Muslims, the celebration offered something for everyone who attended. “I’m sure the student body at Cal State Fullerton would have enjoyed these activities. There is good food to eat and they could make some friends,” Ibrahim said. For those interested in learning more about the Muslim Student Association meetings are held every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in the TSU.

COP BLOTTER: Lot E accident causes injuries, chest pains On Friday, Nov. 2, a traffic accident with reported injuries occurred in Lot E. An off-duty officer called in a request for a medic to assist a woman who was having chest pains. A report was taken. In other campus news: MONDAY, Oct. 29 12:38 p.m. Medical Aid Call at Performing Arts Building: A woman was reported as falling to the floor, possibly fainting. The woman was conscious and breathing, but medics were requested to respond to the scene. 2:17 p.m. Medical Aid Call at McCarthy Hall: A 19-year-old female student passed out but was found conscious and breathing near the

elevators on the basement level. A report was taken. 6:17 p.m. Suspicious Person at the Humanities Building: The caller voiced concern about a student sitting with her and suggested the student speak with a counselor. She was told that officers would be sent out to evaluate the student but the caller declined to have the officers dispatched. Instead, the student chose to speak with officers over the phone. TUESDAY, Oct. 30 7:29 a.m. Traffic Accident at N. St. College Blvd. and Dorothy Lane.: Three vehicles were involved in a high-speed collision and at least two emergency vehicles were requested. Injuries were reported.

12:25 p.m. Grand Theft at University Hall: A wallet was stolen. University Police responded to the incident. WEDNESDAY, Oct. 31 1:51 p.m. Disturbance: A woman was directed to University Police to request a restraining order against a person who was incessantly calling her. THURSDAY, Nov. 1 2:49 a.m. Disturbance at Lot E: A man and woman were reportedly seen shoving each other. Police checked out the situation and reported that everything was OK. 9:00 a.m.: Property vandalism at McCarthy Hall: A large display of graffiti was reported in the north-

west stairwell on the sixth floor. A report was taken. 9:30 a.m. Suspicious Person at Lot E: A man was reportedly running through the parking lot hitting cars with his hands. The caller did not want to confront the unidentified man alone. FRIDAY, Nov. 2 10:40 a.m. Property vandalism at Performing Arts Building: Graffiti, possibly gang-related, was reported in the men’s restroom on the first floor. 12:19 p.m. Property vandalism at the Library: Graffiti was reported in the women’s restroom on the first floor next to the Titan Card area on the south side of the library.



November 5, 2007


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local employees. Ament said that from initiation sort District. A coalition of business owners and the city council gave SunCal permisresidents in opposition to Disney are sion to purchase 100 percent of the collecting signatures to give voters a land. But if both parties had an equal larger say on Disney’s planned third theme park; in effect, giving Disney- share, Disney would have obliged, he said. Galloway said she wanted to land less power over the city. In addition, Disney has already find a compromise for the plan but collected enough signatures for a Disney was not willing to budge. “Ultimately, we need a comproreferendum to be put before voters mise and a balto effectively block ance between the city council’s the two sides,” April housing Galloway said. plan. “I understand “Outside of the two strong the resort, we issues and there don’t have enough is space to recmoney coming in [to the city],” – Charles Ahlers ognize both.” The Real Essaid Ament, chairAnaheim Visitors and tate Association, man of Save Our Conventions Bureau a student orgaAnaheim Resort nization, part(SOAR), in supnered with the port of Disney. “The resort helps [increase] jobs, Real Estate and Land Use Institute tourism and transient occupancy and the League of Women Voters to host the forum in the TSU. tax.” “The university is meant for the Galloway disagreed with the assertion that Disney and the tour- exchange of ideas, especially when ism industry provided a majority of there is emotion involved,” panelist and president of the association Anaheim’s revenue. “The fuel that drives the eco- Kevin Heimlich, 23, said. “This is a nomic engine [is from] the workers,” hot ticket item so there was a need Galloway said of Disney and other [for this event].”

The parcel [of land] is important for the look and feel of the resort.

Solar panel on space station fixed on the go The Associated Press A spacewalking astronaut fixed a ripped solar energy panel on the international space station Saturday in a difficult and dangerous emergency procedure that allowed the crew to extend the wing to its full length. Spacewalker Scott Parazynski installed homemade braces on the torn wing and clipped the snarled wires

that had ripped it in two places as it was being unfurled Tuesday. He then watched as the crew deployed the wing to its full 115-foot length. Astronauts inside slowly extended the wing, watching closely for more problems. The spacewalk, the fourth for Discovery’s space station visit, wrapped up station construction work for the seven shuttle astronauts.

deceased celebrated. Santa Ana’s largely Hispanic community came together Saturday evening, near the Grand Central Art Center, to pay homage to men like Gonzalez and Gallegos, carrying on an age-old legacy. “I want people to see him because he was a lot of fun to me and I miss him a lot,” said 9-year-old Juan Gonzalez about brother Adam. Baseball jerseys, beans and rice were dedicated to Gonzalez’s shrine as a reminder of his life. Many outsiders might view the celebration from a morbid perspective, but celebrants stress Dia de los Muertos honors those who have passed. “In the Day of the Dead we celebrate the lives of our ancestors. We don’t mourn [the deaths], we celebrate,” volunteer Adrian Monarrez said. The skull plays an integral role in the holiday, casting a dark and cryptic aura over the environment; it is the symbol of Dia de los Muertos. Men painted in skeleton faces, dancing and chanting to ancient hallowed rituals, blessed each shrine with the herb frankincense, a tradition called “copal” by the Aztecs. “It’s [copal] to purify the air, to have anything negative purified for more positivism and spirituality as well as cleanliness,” said Dia de los Muertos Aztec dancer, Juan Lopez. Not only were there relics set up for family and friends, but for complete strangers as well. Former CSUF student Megan Keller was one of many who had a shrine dedicated to the deceased. She said is carrying on a legacy her father began decades ago. “I am here because my father, for the past 20 years, has always made a shrine,” Keller said. “He dedicates it mainly to jazz musicians, and I just feel like it’s important to honor people that have passed away, and to not be sad about it, but to be happy and to celebrate their lives.” Dia de los Muertos is not only about celebrating the dead, but about the preservation of an indigenous tradition Hispanics can call their own, according to a pamphlet

Photos By EDWARD PETERS/Daily Titan Staff Writer ABOVE: An Aztec dancer preparing before a dance. LEFT: One of many shrines dedicated to the dead. “In the Day of the Dead we celebrate the lives of our ancestors. We don’t mourn [the deaths], we celebrate,” Adrian Monarrez said.

dispersed at the celebration. After the Spanish conquests, Hispanics were stripped of their tradition, having to accept those of the Spaniards. “When the Spanish came over, they moved the celebration of our ancestors. They basically took our lands,” Lopez said. But these indigenous people held onto their culture. Though propo-

nents, such as Spaniard Catholics, may view the holiday as unsacred or diabolic, it was made clear that faith and awareness of the afterlife is the key focus of the celebrants. What seems diabolic to modern culture is viewed as hallowed and sacred to ancient ones. “The devil knows because he’s old, not because he’s the devil,” said

1970-71 CSUF student, Richard Casperson. “The idea is this is an ancient culture and an ancient belief and there are many things we have passed over in our culture that may be viable today. Just as we’re discovering Chinese medicine is viable, there is a lot of things in the past that people have left behind that may be more useful than we think.”

Pets needing homes go through the same adoption process as humans By ELENI REED

Daily Titan Staff Writer

The homeless problem is not just limited to people, but pets as well. It is not uncommon for shelters to turn away stray pets when capacity is reached. “The problem is humongous. I don’t know statistics, but [I read] that Orange County kills 600,000 pets every year. This is a huge number,” said Barbara Hus, a nine-year member and director of Cats In Need. Nonetheless, many groups and organizations focus efforts on placing pets in loving homes. Cats In Need is a no-kill, non-profit rescue group in Southern California. They have 14 different chapters, including Fullerton. PetSmart and designated PETCOs allow the association to use their facilities to adopt cats out. “PetSmart is kind enough to let us do adoptions,” Hus said. “We are there Saturday and Sunday and [potential adopters] can make an appointment to meet during the

week.” People looking to adopt a cat from this organization are required to fill out a questionnaire. Their answers determine whether or not Cats In Need will allow them to become cat owners. “We deny about 25 percent of applicants,” Hus said. However, once a cat is adopted out, Hus said his organization rarely needs to take a pet back. She said the most common reasons for an owner to return their pet is allergic reactions or the owner moving. She said she wishes owners would find a good home for their cat instead of giving up so easily. “We do whatever it takes [to adopt a cat.] There is always the right person,” Hus said. All cats taken in from Cats In Need have received medical attention, been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, cleaned for fleas and dewormed. Orange County Animal Care Center was unable to be reached, because the facility was preoccupied with taking in animals due to the fires.

According to their Web site, from 2005-06, the shelter has found homes for about 10,000 various animals, including exotics. The animals do receive veterinary care, including spay and neuter services, prior to adoptions. Hus said her group is not affected from the fires in Southern California. Kasey Littlefield, a registered veterinary technician, used to perform home checks for a dog rescue organization. “They were very strict. I would go to homes and ensure that nothing was in the house or yard that could

hurt the dogs,” Littlefield said. She said the organization she worked for passed up on many good loving homes in order to find the perfect home. She is unsure if a dog was ever taken back from an owner, but said she “wouldn’t doubt it.” “It was in its contract to do so,” Littlefield said. Currently, Littlefield works at AVL Animal Hospital in Hemet. Recently, she told a client who believed that all dogs had a right to have one litter and be a mother, that “every dog first needs a good home and there are not enough.” She recommends that all owners

spay and neuter their pets to help the overpopulation problem. Her employer is sheltering animals for those who had to evacuate their homes. Shelly D’andre did volunteer work for the cat adoption at PetSmart for 1 and a 1/2 years. Her duties included cleaning cages, dispensing oral medications and

feeding. “I gave the cats lots of attention,” D’andre said. She also did foster care for a pregnant cat. She used her bathroom as a cat hospital and adopted two of the kittens for herself. D’andre was drawn into volunteer work because “animals have no control over their destiny.”



November 5, 2007

The members of Ballet Folklorico, a new club on campus for enthusiasts of the traditional form of Mexican dance, used the Dia de los Muertos altar competition to pay tribute to the dance form’s creator, Amalia Hernandez, by decorating the shrine with pictures and dolls of dancers. Photos By Eleni reed/Daily Titan Staff Writer

Traditional altars pay homage to departed family, heroes

Friendly skulls, photos of relatives, food, incense and cheerful members of Cal State Fullerton’s organizations decorated the quad Saturday. Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition that rejoices the lives of relatives who are no longer among the living, but not forgotten by them. The celebration combines Aztec, Mayan, Spanish and Catholic beliefs and other Meso-American traditions. According to Mexico Connect’s Web site, this is the time when those living invite the dead into their homes for a time of an emotional embrace of laughter, grief and joy. Those participating in the holiday build a layered altar to memorialize those whom have recently passed, as well as other members of the family whom have already passed. They decorate with photos, per-

sonal items of the was a new tradideceased, soap, tion. candles, vibrantlyTy p i c a l l y, colored flowers, Movimiento Esbread and decotudiantil Chicarated “calaveras,” no/a de Aztlan or skulls. (M.E.Ch.A.) Each element of will assemble an the altar serves a altar. However, purpose. – Jose Leyva the Chicano The skulls are Resource Cenwelcoming and Lambda Theta Phi member ter asked if othused humorously er groups could to remember deceased loved ones, participate and compete for a prize. according to Mexico Connect. “They were nice enough to coThe layers are representative. Ac- sponsor the event [with us] to bring cording to the Day of the Dead’s together Latino and other groups,” Web site, altars include four ele- said Daniel Vidrio, 24, a student coments: earth, wind, water and fire. ordinator for the center. These elements are represented in Vidrio said anyone could enroll to different ways. participate in the event and the winThe site states crops represent ner earned cultural prizes donated earth, tissue paper commonly rep- by Calacas Cultural Store. resents wind, water is placed in a The altars, which were still being container and fire is portrayed by a put together that morning, showed wax candle. some delicate completion. MeticuThis year’s celebration at CSUF lously assembled, vibrant yellow flowers were added to most of the altars for a beautiful touch. White, red and pink flowers were also present, turning each altar into a colorful statement. Various colors of tissue paper, skeletons and rugs also highlighted the altars. Jose Leyva, 21, of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. said his group’s altar was dedicated to founding fraternity fathers who had passed away. Established in 1975, Lambda Theta Phi was the first Latino fraternity in the United States. “We learn about our ancestors and how they came about. It’s great exposure,” Leyva said. Leyva also said the Day of the Dead is supposed to be funny yet serious. Some of the figures represented on his group’s altars were made of clothespins. They were supposed to be the members of the fraternity. Three of the clothespins laid in coffins, representing the founding fathers. “Basically, it represents respecting the dead and having a little humor to it,” Leyva said. He said the altars are supposed to have distinctive figures, but there are no stores in the area that make the correct material. Instead, the group improvised and completed their tribute for only $20. Lambda Sigma Chi Co-ed Latino Fraternity assembled an altar dedicated to one member’s big sister’s grandfather who recently passed away. “I believe he died of cancer. He was very special to my big sister. They had a great relationship and it was a big thing for her when he passed away,” said 20-year-old Lambda Sigma Chi member Erica Nunez. She said the sister suffered with him through school and did many things for him. “Just the fact that we can set up

We learn about our ancestors and how they came about. It’s great exposure.

By Eleni Reed

Daily Titan Staff Writer

this altar for him brings her joy,” Nunez said. “We are here to support her and tell her we got her back, no matter what.” However, the day is one of celebration and not sorrow. “This is to celebrate that they are still here spiritually and they will always be remembered,” Nunez said. Adriana Trujillo, 19, of Ballet Folklorico de CSUF, said her group’s altar was dedicated to Amalia Hernadez, the founder of modern Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. “She basically took Folklorico from the common people and brought it to the stage and made it popular,” Trujillo said. And popular it became. Because of Hernadez, “in Southern California you can see hundreds of different groups,” Trujillo said. Ballet Folklorico is a relatively new organization on campus, and Hernadez is an important figure in many aspects of practicing the art form for the group. “The costumes we used were all inspired from her costumes, which were inspired from people of Mexico. Everything we used today came from her. She’s very important to us and that’s why we wanted to dedicate this to her,” Trujillo said. Santiago Garcia, 28, of M.E.Ch. A, created a Meso-American burial of a royal female. The status of the subject for the altar was noticeable because she was buried with all of her offerings and pots. Another way to tell she was royalty was because she was wearing a jade necklace, Garcia said. Also near the altar is a jade mask. “Sometimes they are buried with their mask. There’s a skull behind that mask,” Garcia said. He paid special attention to details. The altar included a spiral “tejido”, a special loom used to weave cotton, and a frog “which was the symbol of the underworld, because frogs hibernate under the ground,” Garcia said. Not all items had deep meaning for the departed. Some just had a special place in the heart of the altar’s designer. Garcia said he placed an Angels baseball cap in the altar just because he’s a fan. Nevertheless, Garcia said the altar still upheld the concept of the holiday. “In summary, I have all the elements – what was life, the ocean, earth – with the jade necklace – flowers and wood products. All of these things go with the spirit into the after world,” Garcia said. Daniel Vidrio said M.E.Ch.A. placed an altar in honor of Dr. Donald S. Castro, special assistant to CSUF President Milton Gordon. “[He] helped out many Latino scholarships and fellowships on campus,” Vidrio said. Castro passed away June 2006. He first joined CSUF in 1993 as dean of Humanities and Social Sciences.

“Altar-nate” Meanings The characteristic shrines of Dia de los Muertos combine traditional and contemporary aspects through the use of repeated and honored symbols. Source and quotes: Lupe Lopez , 24, of MESa Cooperativa

A standard symbol of the holiday is the colorfully-painted skull heads and dressed up skeletons. “It’s not something scary; It’s just more to remember them,” Lopez said.

“Marigolds are the flower of the dead. If you were to go to a cemetery today, you would mostly see those flowers, because they are bright,” Lopez said.

Most of the altars displayed bread and fruit. “We share with them, so they can share with us,” Lopez said.

OPINION The great gay wizard


November 5, 2007

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NBC is green in the face By Sylvia Masuda

Since it revealed the wonderful world of color television in 1954, the NBC peacock has gone through a lot of makeovers. Now, as a desperate ploy to gain rating during sweeps month, the peacock is supporting a new hue – green. This week, and most likely this week only, NBC – and the other networks belonging to its family like Bravo, USA and the Sci-Fi Channel makes makes a feeble attempt to jump on the environmental bandwagon by featuring save-the-planet themes during its programming. Al Gore is guest starring on “30 Rock,” Howie Mandel and his suitcase-opening models are riding bikes on “Deal or No Deal” and the Bionic woman is attending an environmental conference all in the spirit of “Green is Universal.” As one famous amphibian [who is also slated for a guest appearance on ‘Deal or No Deal”] once crooned. It’s not easy being green and NBC is learning that first hand. The studio has already become the butt of many jokes, and deservedly so, as their actions are just a laughable attempt to raise from being ranked fourth in the ratings. No one really wants to be bothered by off-hand environmental comments from the cast of “Heroes” or the “Today’s Show’s” version of “Where in the World are Our Co-Hosts,” even if it’s a little refreshing to see Matt Lauer freezing in a parka on a drifting glacier in Greenland. These are stunts – nothing more – and have already been recognized as such, making NBC’s efforts all for naught. The week-long event got off to a sloppy start as the half-time

Daily Titan Staff Writer


omosexuality grabbed another spot in pop culture last week when J.K. Rowling revealed that the warm, affectionate wizard Albus Dumbledore, of the “Harry Potter” series, is gay. She was met with wild applause from the children and adults in the audience. Others, however, were far from happy. The argument goes that this new piece of information corrupts the already controversial novels -- that homosexuality does not belong in a book whose audience includes children. Dumbledore’s outing promotes human diversity. Throughout history, we have dealt with conflict between the races, sexes and religions; Homosexuality is one of humanity’s last barriers from achieving some sense of harmony, and it needs to be addressed. In addition, the small detail is exactly that: It’s small and unnoticeable between the pages. A little concern for younger audiences is acceptable. It’s a personal decision whether you’re going to condemn homosexuality, and neither choice is the “right” one. The “Harry Potter” series has been banned by schools nationwide because of its witchcraft-related subject matter and episodes of violence. Understandable. Voldemort, the book series’ supreme, dark villain, is convincingly spirit-trembling. Rowling is that good of a writer. She writes the character vividly and persuasively. The uneasy, mystical setting entrances both children and adults. Add a fatherly, old man who has an inclination for the boys, however, and all right, overall it sounds like a plotline that shouldn’t be in the children’s section of the bookstore. The argument is reasonable. But this new revelation is not as harmful as some people think.

Letters to the Editor:

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Rowling said, when writing the novels, she always thought of Dumbledore as gay. This is no different from any reader imagining a literary character to have a deep voice, or to have blue eyes, a dashing smile and a goose down-soft complexion. The detail is just a little spicier. She shouldn’t have to lie to her public about her imagination’s personal fancies. She is, after all, the writer – the mastermind behind the boy, his friends and their escapades at Hogwarts. Rowling has every right to write the way she wants. The media may be drawing massive attention to this news, but Rowling, as creator, does not make Dumbledore’s orientation obvious in the novels. At the most, she dropped wisps of hints evident only to those who are making a point to search for signs. It’s unlikely that any child who hasn’t already been exposed to homosexuality is going to read the books and realize all of a sudden there is something “strange” about Dumbledore. No wonder the world was surprised when they heard the news. In her interview, she did make reference to Dumbledore’s male-to-male relationship with Gellert Grindelwald, a fellow wizard. But again, it is such a speck of a detail that will not stand out unless someone looks for it. It is not the focus of the novel. It’s not the focus of even one chapter of the collective thousands of pages. For those children who already have an inkling of alternative sexual orientation, the revelation can lead to expanded acceptance and un-

derstanding for human differences. Rowling is using her creation’s blowout popularity to promote a cause. The books present a plea for an end to hatred [and] to bigotry,” she said. Her character’s orientation is a great way of putting the issue right in people’s faces. Pick the issues you’re for or against. That’s fine. But see the situation for what it is. Dumbledore’s homosexuality is not a major agent of corruption for young audiences; it is actually an agent of art and acceptance.

report for Sunday Night Football was reported lit only by candlelight. Well, candlelight and the glow from the illuminated desk and the screen and the ticker operating full force behind the anchors. NBC is already demonstrating its intentions are skewered and viewers can have terribly high hopes for the rest of the week. It seems the only people really in the dark are the NBC executives who think this is actually going to convince viewers the network really does care about the world around us. None of the shows seem to demonstrate anything that will actually inform NBC’s audience about the environmental crisis or the public’s role in changing things. Instead, the week’s programming seems to be about the level of a first grade class science project: limited awareness is demonstrated underneath layers of cutesy decoration and silly writing. The truth is one week of programming and a few minutes of alternative lighting is not going to make up for the energy and environmental drain NBC has already generated by its very nature of being a television studio. If NBC really wants its audience to believe it cares about the environment it should let its regular programming be normal dramas and sitcoms and generate intriguing educational events that will inspire and encourage lifestyle change. By the end of the week, NBC will return the colors to its peacock and everyone else will just be shaking their heads and still giggling. NBC may still be green next week, but it will be due a nauseous feeling after realizing what it just did to its repu-



November 5, 2007

The Social-Light By Amy Robertson

Hollywood is losing creative edge

Skipper By Siamak Djahanshahi Daily Titan Staff Writer The landscape of Los Angeles baseball hasn’t been the same since the day Tommy Lasorda retired in 1996. In fact, it changed so much that many Southern Californians (bandwagoners) changed their alliance to the Angels. Those days, however, have finally come to an end. Joe Torre agreed to a three year $13 million dollar deal to manage the Dodgers this week and will be introduced Monday at a press conference. As a baseball fan, and more importantly a Los Angeles sports fan, this is a day that I, and many fans, have been waiting years to see. The old Dodger championship mystique is finally back, and the Dodger blue is going to be bright again. Joe Torre is the man who can finally lead us to where we need to be, and it’s not because he has four world series rings and has led his team to the playoffs 12 consecutive years. Great reasons, I know, but that’s not all he is going to bring. Torre will bring stability, respectability and a confidence that we haven’t


Step one is in place, hire the best manager in baseball to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Step two, sign a big time free agent (Cough. Cough, A-ROD).

had in many years. He is a man who knows how to handle players, young and old. He groomed Derek Jeter as a young player who came out of the Yankees’ farm system and mixed him in with the group of veterans around him. That’s something we haven’t been able to accomplish in a long time. We just had a playoff run off at the end of the season because the clubhouse was a mess. Veterans and young players couldn’t get along, and a manager who sided with the veterans. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for a championship to me. That sounds like a waste of time and money for these great young prospects we hold in Los Angeles. The most important trait in managers is the way they manage people. It’s not about the X’s and O’s of the game, it’s about mo-


tivating people and getting everyone to see one singular goal. Torre brings that to the table every day. All of his players always had something good to say about him and they always played hard for him. Even when Torre’s Yankees were down 14 games and out of the playoff race this past year, Torre was able to manage his team into the playoffs. With the Angels now the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” and a first-place team every year, how can the Dodgers take back the bulk of the Southern California fan base? Well, step one is in place, hire the best manager in baseball to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Step two, sign a big time free agent (Cough. Cough, A-ROD). That’s where the appeal of Torre comes into play. Athletes want to be around success, and nobody is more successful at his job than Torre. Hopefully, that free agent signing will be Alex Rodriguez, and as a former player of Torre’s, it’s a legitimate possibility. And if the Dodgers are smart, they will do everything in their power not to allow the Angels to bag the most coveted free agent ever. Trust me, it will be the best $350 million dollars anybody has ever spent.

I have always loved going out to the movies. My favorite part is not the movie, but rather the previews. However, going to the movies is becoming an increasingly disappointing experience for me, thanks, in part, to the previews. They are consistently solidifying the thought that the world, or at least Hollywood, is running out of original ideas. I wonder if this trend with Hollywood will eventually trickle out into the rest of the population and the world will, at some point in time, be void of any and all originality. With movies, a similarity has emerged in the films being released. It seems most movies inhabiting the theaters are one of the following: part of a series, adaptation of a book or play, remake of an original, recreation of a true story or reconstruction of an already done idea (think “13 Going On 30” and “Big”). Due to this lack of creativity in scripts, plots are becoming quite predictable. What happened to the days of movies that shocked and pleasantly surprised viewers? Nowadays, the only shock we get is from the unimaginable amount of blood and guts shown in movies such as “Saw IV.” Yet, even then, such gore will soon be outdated and boring. Violence aside, movies are somewhat based off reality, despite many exaggerations placed upon the scripts. People go to movies as an escape from their everyday lives. The ideas that go into movies have to come from somewhere – the writers’ own thoughts,


there be less self-expression and individuality? I can’t speak for what people will turn into, but, already, I can see the movie cloning that is taking place in Hollywood.

which are derived from their own experiences. Plus, if based off some sort of truth, films are easier to connect to and relate to for viewers. Looking at films, in general, this notion of fading originality has led me to think of society as a whole. If writers are running out of concepts for movies, will creators of other things soon begin to struggle for innovative ideas as well? This depletion of creativity has already begun to invade music with all the formulaic lyrics that dominate the Billboard charts. Also, when was the last monumental invention made or history-making mathematical formula found? Everything today is just a mere expansion or recreation of an already-existing entity. Take, for example, the phone. The telephone was first invented in 1876. The cell phone today’s population is familiar with did not emerge until the 1990s. Since then, the core idea of the cell

phone has just been enhanced – adding cameras, media players and Internet access. Thinking more philosophically, I wonder if everything that makes up our world comes from one pool of thought. People pull from a bank of ideas to give birth to all the inventions and other facets of life, such as movies and music. If this were so, wouldn’t there have to be an end point to this supply of original thought in which all the ideas were used and the pool was dried up? When we reach this point we will have no other option but to just keep expanding on core ideas until, eventually, we can’t expand any further. If this scenario were true, I believe today’s world would be near empty. We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for creative innovations. This is illustrated already in the many reproductions of pre-existing ideas in the film industry. The question now is just how much original thought is left in the world and when we do hit zero, what will things look like? Will there be less self-expression and individuality? I can’t speak for what people will turn into, but, already, I can see the movie cloning that is taking place in Hollywood. I think the only way to prolong what I believe to be the inevitable is to keep experimenting and challenging yourself. Take the already-existing things you see around you and don’t just build new ideas off them, build for them – to compete with them.

art for the daily titan by Rocky Vidal

Patriots late scores defeat Colts in hyped matchup The Associated Press No running up the score this week. Against the Colts, Tom Brady was content to close out another victory for the New England Patriots by kneeling down three times. In what was hyped as the biggest NFL regular season game ever, the Patriots stayed on course for an unbeaten season as Brady threw two of his three touchdown passes in a four-minute span of the fourth quarter Sunday to overcome a 10-point deficit and beat Super Bowl champion Indianapolis, 24-20. The win keeps the Patriots (9-0) on course for the NFL’s first unbeaten season since Miami did it 1972 and gives them the first tiebreaker over Indianapolis (7-1) in the AFC playoffs. “This is the first time we were in a ballgame late,” said Brady, whose team had never before trailed in the fourth quarter and had beaten its previous eight opponents by an average of 25 points a game. “There wasn’t any loss of confidence or determination.” Added New England linebacker Junior Seau: “We were going against a hostile crowd, an undefeated team, we took our hats off to them. But we still played well enough to win.” New England, which had been scoring more than 41 points a game, had piled points on late in several games in which they were far ahead, including last week’s 52-7 win over Washington, when they kept playing hard well into the fourth quarter. In this contest, anticipated since the schedule came out last April, they had to work their hardest just to win against perhaps the only team in the NFL close to them. “We had an opportunity to do a lot of things,” said running back Joseph Addai, the Colts’ best offensive player on this day with 112 yards rushing and a 73-yard score on a short pass from Peyton Manning. “We left some points squandered and got field goals when we should have gotten touchdowns, but that’s the nature of the game. Those guys are good. We’ll see them again.” New England trailed 20-10 after Manning, who threw for 225 yards and a touchdown, scored on a 1yard sneak with 9 minutes and 42 seconds left in the game, and the crowd roaring. But on a second-and-10 from the Patriots 42, Brady hit Randy Moss over the top for 55 yards to the Colts 3 on a play in which Indy lost Bob Sanders, its best defensive back to injury. That set up a 3-yard TD pass to Wes Welker. Rosevelt Colvin knocked the ball loose from Manning to force a punt on the next series. Then Brady hit Donte’ Stallworth for 33 yards to the Colts 13 and on the next play found Kevin Faulk over the middle for 13 yards and the winning score with 3:15 left. The defense finished it out. Jarvis Green knocked the ball lose from Manning and Colvin recovered to clinch the game on the Colts’ next series. “Some victories do mean more than others,” said linebacker Tedy Bruschi, one of a handful of Patriots who played on all three of their Super Bowl winners. “This is one we’re going to remember.” Coach Bill Belichick was less enthusiastic. “This was just a football game against the Colts,” the Patriots coach said. “That’s all it was.” For three quarters “just a football game” looked like it belonged to Indy. It seemed to have turned with 13 seconds left in the first half, when Addai took a short pass from Manning and raced 73 yards for a touchdown, at least twice faking out New England defenders who seemed as if they expected him to run out of bounds to stop the clock. That gave the Colts a 13-7 halftime lead and seemed to be a huge momentum shift. It certainly energized a Colts defense that was flying all over the field at the start of the second half. Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis kept Brady under pressure most of the afternoon and when middle linebacker Gary Brackett picked off a Brady pass in the first minute of the fourth quarter that led to Manning’s sneak, Indy seemed in control. But Brady, who had 30 touchdown passes in the first half of the season, putting him on course to shatter Manning’s three-year-old record of 49, finally awoke. The long pass to Moss was New England’s See NFL, Page 8



High expectations for nationally ranked CSUF wrestling in upcoming season Despite scholarship complaints,Wade Sauer, T.J. Dillashaw, Morgan Atkinson and Ian Murphy headline a Titans wrestling squad with national and regional goals this season By David Carrillo

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Ranked No. 1 in the pre-season Pac-10 poll and No. 22 in the nation, the Cal State Fullerton wrestling team looks to rebound from last year’s disappointing season and take down their first ever Pac-10 title. The Titans, led by sixth-year Head Coach Dan Hicks, are positioning themselves for national contention. This has been a difficult task for Hicks, who’s had to try and attract top talent with only two and a half scholarships to give out each year. The NCAA allows 10 scholarships for wrestling – the amount that all other top schools give out – but Hicks has had to face the hard fact that wrestling is not considered a priority by CSUF.

“All the big teams have 10 [scholarships], so we’re at a disadvantage in that sense,” Hicks said. “Not having the scholarships affects us getting the top kids who are being offered full rides from other places.” While Hicks may have been stifled by the lack of scholarships, he has managed to build a strong team who looks to develop a culture of winning this year. TJ Dillashaw, Morgan Atkinson, Ian Murphy and Wade Sauer are all ranked first in their weight class in the pre-season Pac-10 rankings, and all of them are ranked in the top 25 in the nation. Atkinson, who has been an integral part of building Titan wrestling, is coming off another successful year and believes the team is ready to move on to the next level.

“We should win the Pac-10 this Pac 10 and be in the top 10 in the year and nationally we could be a nation.” top 20 team,” Atkinson said. “I’m One reason for the Titans’ growth hoping to win the Pac-10 and na- is the help of Risto Marttinen, a fortionals.” mer Titan wrestler who has helped Luckily for Hicks the team in some and the team, the capacity for the last Titans are stacked six years. This year this year and Athe carries the title kinson is only one of assistant coach standout player and shares Hicks’ among a team of vision for Titan blue-chip workers. wrestling. Dillashaw, a junior exciting – T.J. Dillashaw, “It’s ranked first in the to have a team CSUF wrestling that doesn’t have Pac-10 at the 133 pound weight class, any holes in it,” is another player Marttinen said. poised for national “If someone goes attention. down, I feel confident that anyone “We’re a little older and a lot bet- who steps up in our starting line-up ter compared to last year,” Dillashaw will be successful.” said. “Obviously we want to win the While they may have to deal

Obviously we want to win the Pac10 and be in the top 10 in the nation.

November 5, 2007

with sub-par funding, program cuts throughout Southern California, and students who are not familiar with their sport, the Titans remain strong and look forward to a season that could be unprecedented. Several players are nationally ranked – Sauer the highest at No. 3 in the nation – and they could win their first Pac-10 title and make a splash at nationals. For now, however, they must focus on one day at a time. “Rankings are rankings, and they don’t really mean anything until you prove at the end of the season what you’ve done,” Marttinen said. “I just hope that the guys keep their heads on straight and don’t get caught up in [predictions].” The Titans’ first match is at home Nov. 16 against Portland State at 2:30 p.m.

Another No. 2 falls on Saturday in the wild BCS Boston College loses to Florida State; Oregon routs the Sun Devils; Kansas’ 76 points over the Cornhuskers sets a record; but undefeated Ohio State remains the favorite in this week’s polls The Associated Press

egon (8-1) and fourth-place Kansas (9-0) are close enough to at least LSU is in position to play for a have a shot at passing the Tigers, national championship. Oregon isn’t even if LSU doesn’t drop a game. far behind the Tigers and unbeaten The BCS could be heading for Kansas is looming. a repeat of last season, when Ohio Taking advantage of Boston Col- State locked up the top spot the lege’s first loss of the season, the Ti- week before Thanksgiving and sevgers moved into second place in the eral teams jostled for the other spot Bowl Championship Series stand- over the next two weeks. ings released Sunday. It came down to Florida and Undefeated Ohio State (10-0) is Michigan and the Gators got the still in first, and could lock up a sec- votes they needed to pass the Wolond straight appearance in the BCS verines in the final BCS standings. national championship game on Jan. The outcome didn’t sit well with 7 with victories against Illinois and Michigan and showed the glaring Michigan in its last two games. flaws in the Bowl Championship LSU (8-1) has at least three games Series. left and probThe system hasn’t ably four with the changed and the Southeastern Conproblem of trying ference title game Taking advantage of to chose between on Dec. 1. Win- Boston College’s first several worthy conning out could get to play in loss of the season, the tenders the Tigers a spot in the title game could the title game at the [LSU] Tigers moved come up again in Superdome in New into second place in the coming weeks. Orleans. LSU has a BCS the [BCS.] That’s no lock. average of .941. Third-place OrThe Tigers are sec-

ond in both the Harris and coaches’ poll, which makes up two-third of a BCS average, and are No. 2 in the computer ratings. Oregon’s BCS average is .918 and Kansas is at .843. The surprising Jayhawks still have a big game against sixth-place Missouri left on the schedule and a possible Big 12 championship game. Winning both would give Kansas’ numbers a substantial boost. Oklahoma’s average is .839. Missouri, West Virginia, Boston Col-

lege, Arizona State and Georgia round out the top 10. In the AP Top 25, the first five teams are Ohio State, LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma and Kansas. LSU, which has been living on the edge for the past month, won another close game Saturday. The Tigers came from behind to beat Alabama 41-34. Oregon didn’t have nearly as tough a time against Arizona State. The Ducks beat the previously undefeated Sun Devils 35-23 behind

Dennis Dixon’s four touchdown passes. Kansas routed Nebraska 7639 and Oklahoma pounded Texas A&M 42-14. If all these teams keep winning, how impressively they go about their business could determine which gets a shot at the title. Hawaii is in 16th place this week, still four places short of where the Warriors need to finish to earn an automatic bid to a big-money bowl game.


November 5, 2007

Volleyball upended by Santa Barbara Titans consistant but lose in four games; Geissert sets all-time assist record

Elizabeth Alexander

NFL translates to success with London game

By Siamak Djahanshahi Daily Titan Staff Writer

By aline lessner/For the Daily Titan Titan freshman Sarah Day (12) attempts to block a shot in a game against Loyola Marymount University on Sept. 25 in the Titan Gym. Day is one of the many freshmen playing vital roles in the Titans’ 2007 season.

but also continue to have an oppor- improved,” Zimmerman said. “A tunity to win in two and four.” compliment to not only the upperZimmerman believes her team classmen that we have competing on has improved the floor, but we throughout the do have quite Every time we take year. She said her a few freshman goal for them this the court we not only competing in critthis year was to ical positions.” remember this was have an opportunity to Senior Julie a new team, and improve, but we have Geissert set the while last year’s improved. CSUF all-time team achieved a assist mark Friday – Carolyn Zimmerman, lot of success, it night with 34 asCSUF volleyball head coach was important sists. She now has to move forward 3,653 career asand establish new sists and passed goals. Kim Levey’s “I think every time we take 3,621 career assists that she recorded the court we not only have an op- from 1999-2002. portunity to improve, but we have The Titans also played Saturday

The Cal State Fullerton women’s volleyball team fell short to UC Santa Barbara in a hard-fought match Friday night at the Titan Gym. The Gauchos won game one 30-24 and game two 34-32. Being down 0-2 in the match, the Titans had their backs against the wall, but showed resiliency by taking game three 30-26, forcing the match’s extension. The Titans were not able to extend the match into a deciding final game however, losing 30-28 in a tight fourth game. “It was a great match. Obviously we fought it point for point, and unlucky we ended up on the short side,” Titans Head Coach Carolyn Zimmerman said. “Probably the most consistently we played all year in four straight games, so that was real good to see. [I am] proud of the way we played [but] disappointed with the finish.” Brittany Moore led the way for the Titans with 24 kills. Alex Wolnisty and Deven Bukoski both had 16 kills. With the attacking Moore did against the Gaucho front line, Moore said she tried to fatigue her opponents. “I just try to make them work, make them move around,” Moore said. “I felt like they were sometimes on their heels and not ready for what I was bringing.” Zimmerman said her team was not an underdog in the match, even though the Titans’ all-time record against the Gauchos is not good. She also said she believes her team chemistry is still good, and has been all year. “On the year we have excellent chemistry. We obviously showed our versatility in our being able to play multiple setters in a match [to] make that kind of adjustment [to] turn around and win,” Zimmerman said. “And not only win in game three,

Sweat till you Smile

night at Titan Gym against Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. They fell short once again, this time being swept three straight games. Cal Poly SLO won game one 32-30, game two 30-20 and game three 30-27. Moore led the Titans with 15 kills and Wolnisty chipped in with nine. They are 11-13 overall and have a conference record of 5-7, seeding them in sixth place. The Titans go into UC Irvine Wednesday night riding a threegame losing streak. With only six games left in the 2007 season, the Titans must win on the road to better their standing in the Big West. They return home Nov. 15 to host Cal State Northridge.

On a misty Saturday afternoon, the Giants and Dolphins played at Wembley Stadium in London. The field was a soggy soccer pitch and both teams suffered from jet lag, having arrived in the United Kingdom only one day before. Despite the conditions, an exciting game of American football was a success on foreign soil. Fans packed the stadium to watch the Giants’ 13-10 victory. But will the hype of American football abroad retain its potency in the future, or has our welcome already expired? Giants’ kicker Lawrence Tynes was amazed at the fan turnout, even with the sight-impairing, rainy conditions. “I was one of the skeptical people earlier, but I didn’t realize how many football fans there were [in the UK],” Tynes told the BBC. Organizers of the game said they hoped to get kids more interested in the sport by bringing it to England. “We have a great following there, including fan clubs throughout the country,” Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga told BBC. So it’s no wonder that the game has been so popular. It seems that with all the support from America, the British welcoming football is only the beginning of an international life for the NFL. “We were one of the first NFL teams to play in the UK with our American Bowl appearance in London in 1988,” Huizenga said. “Dolphins games always have been among the most popular NFL telecasts in England. The Dolphins are proud to be a part of such a historic occasion.” The occasion was momentous,

but that doesn’t go without mentioning some Miami residents were severely hoodwinked this season. One of the big-deal home games this was the Dolphins vs. Giants, to be played in Miami. Since it was moved to London, many fans didn’t get to see it in person. Victoria Paredez, a sociology major at Cal State Fullerton, said she feels that spreading football to countries outside of America and England is a great idea, as long as the teams don’t cancel home games to go abroad. “There’s a huge fan base for football right here in the U.S. It’s up to the people in charge to keep the original home town fans happy by not choosing international marketability of the NFL over pleasing the spectators,” Paredez said. “We are the ones they are playing to please!” NFL players may not be playing just to please the crowd, but their loyalty should definitely lie with their homeland. I think the NFL will be successful in their next venture abroad, and will not lose any fans in the midst of their success. It is suspected that the next international game will be held in Germany. If the players keep their spirits up and play hard, regardless of location-related draw backs, fans will watch the games with just as much passion as they always have. The sports world is a big place and there is plenty of it to share. We’ll keep being spectators and hopefully all NFL professionals will be repeating NFL senior Vice President Mark Waller’s hardcore attitude, when he told Sports Illustrated “I would do it again tomorrow.”

NFL: patriots strong late (from Page 7) first gain longer than 19 yards. It came on a scramble by Brady, who extended his record with at least 3 TD passes a game to start the season to nine games. Moss proved to be a key throughout, finishing with 9 catches for 145 yards and a touchdown. That came in the first quarter, when he easily leaped high over 58 Tim Jennings to pull in a 4-yard TD. Coach Tony Dungy said the Colts had prepared for Moss, knowing the Patriots would go to him when they needed a big play. Yet, they were unable to contain him when it counted most. “We didn’t have the answer for Randy Moss today,” Dungy said. “We had a lot of attention paid to him trying to stop him from catching the deep balls but he caught the

deep one at the big time of the game. to win the Super Bowl by beating That was really the play of the game, Chicago. got them a quick score.” In that championship game, New The Colts played without Mar- England squandered an early 21-3 vin Harrison, their top receiver, lead. who missed his On Sunday, third straight game though, the defense with a knee injury. chipped in. Starting left tackled “Look at our Tony Ugoh also was situation last year,” out and the Colts said Colvin, who lost Tony Gonzalez, grew up in IndiaHarrison’s replacenapolis and used ment, with a finger – Tony Dungy, to make popcorn at injury in the first Indianapolis Colts head coach Colts games when half. they first moved In the end, that here from Baltiwasn’t as much a more. factor as Brady. He threw for 153 of “We were not playing 60 minutes his 255 yards in the fourth quarter and we turned an opportunity into as the Patriots broke a three-game a failure.” losing streak against the Colts, who This time, the Patriots failed early. beat them here 38-34 in the AFC But they survived late, when it was title game last season and went on most important.

We didn’t have the answer for Randy Moss today.



November 5, 2007

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6500 Help Wanted PART TIME Work at private lake w/boating in Yorba Linda. Boathouse positions available. Will train. Must be customer service oriented, motivated, w/CA Drivers license. $8.00/hour. Minutes from CSUF. Shifts available: Sundays 7am – 3:30pm and 12pm-7:30pm. East Lake Village, 5325 Village Center Drive. 779-0657. Applications required. Ask for Jeff or Susan. Are you depressed for more than two weeks? The University of California, Irvine and the University of California, San Diego Psychiatry Departments are recruiting patients for a study of sleep deprivation as a potential treatment for depression. We will also study how other changes of the sleeping time might affect depressed mood. Subjects will be compensated for their time and inconvenience. If you are interested, please call us at (949) 824-3362.

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In the grocery store, you will see quite a few people with infants in their shopping carts. Try though you might, however, you will not be able to find the bin with the children. Perhaps they’re sold out? Important Safety Tip: do not stop one of the women with an infant and ask her to show you where her baby came from.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) You are being followed by a man with an eye patch and a prosthetic limb. He, in turn, is being followed by a large reptile, which is mak ing a ticking sound.


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You are being stalked by an invisible mutant from Planet 7. Or at least, you’ll find that this makes an excellent excuse for not doing those outside chores today.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Sometimes you need to take one step back to make two steps forward. In this case, you’ll need to go considerably further back.

Libra (September 22 - October 22) Today is the day you will discover your larger cosmic destiny! A television infomercial and an 800 number are somehow involved.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Remember today: two wrongs don’t make a right. But three do.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Previous Puzzle

In this world you have a choice between being clever, and being pleasant. I recommend pleas ant.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

You are being followed by a quiet, rugged man wearing cowboy boots, jeans, a large silver belt-buckle, a faded plaid flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a Carmen Miranda hat. Perhaps you should hurry.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18) A member of your family will be involved in a tragic accident with an electric nose-hair trim mer. This will affect your attitude towards prod uct liability lawsuits.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Someone will ask you for your advice. Don’t give it! Or if they insist, simply shake your head solemnly, and mutter “Much bad juju”, and refuse to clarify. They only want a scape goat.

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November 5, 2007

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