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Wednesday October 24, 2007

The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton

DTSHORTHAND Red Cross provides relief for evacuees Around 500,000 people have reportedly evacuated their homes in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties. In response, the Red Cross has housed more than 3,000 evacuees in emergency shelters and has dispatched over 75 mobile feeding vehicles to provide food and water to those in need. Evacuees are being encouraged to register themselves with the Safe and Well are at their Web site, For information on emergency shelters in Orange County, contact the local Red Cross chapter at (714) 481-5300.

State of Emergency

Immigrants flee fire, turn themselves in SAN DIEGO (AP) – Fearing for their safety, about 50 suspected illegal immigrants have surrendered to the Border Patrol since Sunday to escape one of Southern California’s largest wildfires. The Border Patrol says no illegal immigrants have been reported injured, but agents are scouting a hilly, heavily wooded area east of San Diego for anyone in trouble. The so-called Harris Fire has burned 22,000 acres near the Mexican border. One civilian has been killed, while 16 people and five firefighters are injured. The California National Guard says it has pulled about 200 of its 600 troops normally assigned to work security on the Mexican border. Those troops are assisting other agencies on the fire.

By Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Associated Press A scarecrow with pumpkins stands in front of house which went up in flames Tuesday, near Running Springs, Calif. Flames have burned across nearly 600 square miles.

Cal State Fullerton student helps girlfriend evacuate from San Diego By Richard Tinoco

Daily Titan Staff Writer

If we’d had the resources earlier to take care of those lines with hand crews, we wouldn’t have been in that situation.

– Chip Prather,

O.C. Fire Authority on the lack of fire prevention resources


Larry Himmel, a reporter for San Diego News 8, stood in front of his still-burning home and reported on the fire. Himmel pointed out several structures, including what used to be his garage, as they were being eaten away by the flames. His shock and sadness are evident in his wavering voice but, amazingly, he is able to hold himself together enough to get through the broadcast. Duration: 2:22


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The firestorm plaguing the coast of Southern California is burning shrubs and homes, but it isn’t stopping Cal State Fullerton student Isamu Sonoyama from coming to the Share your rescue. As the fire stories at flames continued to con- news@dailytisume acres upon acres of land, he thought of his girlfriend of two years, Valerie Durham. She lives in Bonita, an unincorporated city near San Diego. When the decision-making time came, he had to choose between going to class or lending a hand. He chose the latter, driving down the smooth traffic of the 5 Freeway after bumping into closures on the 15 and 805 freeways. Just as he traveled 15 minutes out

Your Words

of Irvine, he noticed the color of the sky change dramatically, from a bright blue to something “dark” like “a scene from the movies.” While making his way south, he saw the sea near a Navy base completely in darkness. Making his way into San Diego County, he noticed worried faces and U-Hauls. Despite the chaos, Sonoyama said people were organized, although he wasn’t sure who was in charge or controlling the situation. “It is hot. I’m breaking a sweat ... It’s an epic scene,” he said. When he reunited with Durham, he noticed her uneasy yet calm expression. Upon arrival, everything was fine. “‘When is it going to end?’ ” he asked himself, as he acknowledged he could “not do much but wait.” Only Durham and her mother live in the house, but after feeling the heat, she was scared of being left alone. Durham and her mother will stay with a close friend on the island of Coronado. “I was more worried about helping my friends,” Durham said.

By Gary Friedman /Los Angeles Times via Associated Press Displaced by wildfires, Ariel Yue peeks out from under her tent in the parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium on Monday night. Wind-whipped flames consumed hundreds of homes across tinder-dry Southern California on Tuesday and authorities ordered people in more than 350,000 homes to flee the fires.

Fire crews work hard despite lack of resources and heavy winds Associated Press Faced with unrelenting winds whipping wildfires into a frenzy across Southern California, firefighters conceded defeat on many fronts Tuesday to an unstoppable force that has chased an estimated 1 million people away. Unless the shrieking Santa Ana winds subside, and that’s not expected for at least another day, fire crews say they can do little more than try to wait it out and react — tamping out spot fires and chasing ribbons of airborne embers to

Gaming convention wraps up in Los Angeles Convention welcomes public to a showcase of new electronic systems By Rae nguyen

Daily Titan Staff Writer

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keep new fires from flaring. “If it’s this big and blowing with as much wind as it’s got, it’ll go all the way to the ocean before it stops,” said San Diego Fire Capt. Kirk Humphries. “We can save some stuff but we can’t stop it.” Tentacles of unpredictable, shifting flame have burned across nearly 600 square miles, killing one person, destroying more than 1,600 homes and prompting the biggest evacuation in California history, from north of Los Angeles, through San Diego to the Mexican border. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said the flames were threatening 68,000 more homes. “We have had an unfortunate situation that we’ve had three things come together: very dry areas, very hot weather and then a lot of wind,”

Nearly 18,000 exhibitors, video gamers and software developers attended E for All at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the first-ever gaming convention open to the public, to the delight of gaming enthusiasts all over the nation. IDG World Expo, the organizers of the event, knew they had to answer to the overwhelming response from video gamers who were not originally allowed to attend the E3 Business and Media Summit expos. Now, IDG is looking to give the opportunity for game developers and vendors to interact with the public in exchange for feedback on their products and services.

Also, it gives die-hard gamers a chance to check out new titles before their release dates. About 65 exhibitors brought something new to the table during the event, which took place from Oct. 18 to Oct. 21. Each booth attracted gamers with a chance to win cash and gift prizes. However, it’s not the perks that

brought Rafael Andrades to the Konami kiosk. Andrades, who flew from New York, had been standing in line for nearly two hours to catch a glimpse of the much-anticipated game of the season, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for PlayStation 3, due out in early spring. “This is the only booth that has

always had a line since the expo began. It has not shown any sign of letting up but I don’t want to give up a chance to play it,” Andrades said. Barbed-wire fences wrapped around the enclosed booth to keep gamers in line. Large TV monitors were boxed in from prying eyes and only those inside could see and play the espionage-action game. Audra McIver, senior account executive of Bender/Helper Impact, a public relations agency representing Konami, explained the craze of the popular franchise. “Every version of MGS has done well in the market, and this is the first time MGS4 consumers can actually play the game in the United States and it is PS3 exclusive,” Mciver said. However, Konami had set up other video game displays of classic hits like Castlevania: The Dracula X Files, the original Metal Gear See CONVENTION, Page 2

Schwarzenegger said. “And so this makes the perfect storm for a fire.” In Rancho Santa Fe, a suburb north of San Diego, houses burned just yards from where fire crews fought to contain flames engulfing other properties. In the mountain community of Lake Arrowhead, cabins and vacation homes went up in flames with no fire crews in sight. “These winds are so strong, we’re not trying to fight this fire,” said firefighter Jim Gelrud, an engineer from Vista, Calif. “We’re just trying to save the buildings.” More than a dozen wildfires blowing across Southern California since Sunday have also injured more than 45 people, including See WILDFIRES Page 2

Football team forced on the road Associated Press The San Diego Chargers boarded a plane for Phoenix on Tuesday night, not knowing where or when they’ll play their next game. They left town because of the wildfires that chased many in the organization out of their homes, fouled the air and left Sunday’s scheduled home game against the Houston Texans in doubt. Their superstar running back knows his home survived the firestorm. Their general manager hasn’t heard if he’ll have a house to come home to. While they spent Monday taking care of their families, it was time to get back to business. The Chargers will practice at the Arizona Cardinals’ headquarters in Tempe today, Thursday and Friday.

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October 24, 2007

INTERNATIONAL NEWS WILDFIRES: OVER 350,000 home evacuated DUE TO the disasters TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) – About 60 Mexican firefighters crossed the border to help fight the California wildfires – then returned home as a separate blaze roared up on the Mexican side. About 30 firefighters each from the Mexican cities of Tijuana and Tecate headed north Sunday when the wildfires started in San Diego County, said Capt. Marco Antonio Garambullo, Tecate’s Fire Department director. One of the California blazes burned more than 200 buildings just north of Tecate. The Mexican firefighters returned home on Monday, however, as flames kicked up south of the border as well, Garambullo said. “If we didn’t have so much work, we would be over there helping them,” Garambullo said, adding that soldiers had joined the firefighters battling the blaze near Tecate, Mexico, which scorched hills and consumed four cabins of the “Rancho La Puerta,” a luxury spa popular with San Diego tourists. School has been suspended since Monday in Tijuana due to the smoke from the California fires, and the same hot Santa Ana winds that have caused firestorms north of the border threaten areas in Mexico as well.

NATIONAL NEWS Rice calls for improved oversight of security companies WASHINGTON (AP) – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday ordered new measures to improve government oversight of private guards who protect U.S. diplomats in Iraq, including cultural awareness training for contractors and a board to investigate any future killings. The steps, recommended by an independent review panel she created after last month’s deadly Baghdad shooting involving Blackwater USA, also would tighten the State Department’s rules of engagement and bring them into line with those of the military. The State Department will set up panels that include security officials and others to look into each shooting or other use of deadly force by private guards and organize rapid response teams to investigate shooting incidents. The department will also require contractors to have Arabic speakers on hand. Another step Rice has ordered is the appointment of a senior diplomat to oversee Iraq security operations, State Department officials said. That job, a temporary assignment for now, will be held by Steve Browning, a senior foreign service office who is now U.S. Ambassador to Uganda.

STATE NEWS Bush to visit Southland as evacuations begin to lift SAN DIEGO (AP) – Authorities say evacuation orders have been lifted for three San Diego neighborhoods that were briefly threatened by the Witch Fire. Some residents will be allowed to return to their homes in the suburban city of Poway in northern San Diego County. San Diego Fire Chief Tracy Jarman said people who were evacuated Monday from the coastal Del Mar Heights neighborhood and the Scripps Ranch area further east in the city of San Diego were also allowed to go home Tuesday afternoon. Jarman warned evacuees not to expect any further areas to be opened until tomorrow. She says wind conditions are still unpredictable and the fires may change direction unexpectedly. In related news, President Bush plans to visit Southern California to survey wildfire damage on Thursday. Adam Mendelsohn, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spokesman, says Schwarzenegger called Bush on Monday afternoon and encouraged him to come. Mendelsohn says the governor wanted Bush to get a firsthand look at the devastation. The president agreed and proposed Thursday morning. Mendelsohn had no details on where Bush would visit.

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21 firefighters. The U.S. Forest Service earlier reported a fire death in Los Angeles County’s Santa Clarita area, but officials said Tuesday that information was erroneous. The fires also forced the evacuation of more than 350,000 houses, most of them in San Diego County. With the area’s average household size of 2.6 people. That means the evacuation could encompass nearly 910,000 people. “It’s basically a mass migration here in San Diego County. The numbers we’re seeing are staggering,” Luis Monteagudo, a spokesman for the county’s emergency effort, said. President Bush, who planned to visit the region Thursday, declared a federal emergency for seven counties, a move that will speed up disaster-relief efforts. The sweeping devastation was reminiscent of blazes that tore through Southern California four years ago, killing 22 people and destroying 3,640 homes. The ferocity of the Santa Ana winds in 2003 forced crews to discard their traditional strategy and focus on keeping up with the fire and putting out spot blazes that threatened homes. Fire crews were especially con-

cerned about dense eucalyptus groves Forest Service deputy director of fire in Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe, management. fearing the highly flammable trees “In these situations, the strategy could turn neighborhoods prized for generally, is to fall back,” Schmidt their secluded serenity into potential said. “You pick and choose your tinderboxes. priorities in terms of what you can The usual tactic is to surround a protect. Instead of trying to stop the fire on two sides and try to choke it fire, you try to prevent it from burnoff. ing resources.” But with fires whipped by gusts In the suburbs north of San Diego, that have surpassed 100 mph, that firefighters did just that as fingers of strategy doesn’t flame pulsed across work because a 10-lane freeway embers can be and raced up a hill swept miles on the opposite ahead of the side in seconds. fire’s front line. The fire engulfed In those caswhite-washed es, crews must homes at the top of – Martin Holm the ridge. keep 10 to 30 feet back from Groves of eucaRocklin fire department captain the flames or lyptus trees explodrisk their own ed in the heat in lives, Los Angeone ritzy cul-de-sac les County firein Rancho Santa fighter Daryl Parish said. Fe, sending off a scattered popping Rocklin Fire Department Capt. that sounded like machine gun fire. Martin Holm. “We do what we can. Firefighters parked their rigs in A life’s a lot more important than a the driveways of the most threathouse,” Holm said. ened homes and hosed down fences Any flame longer than 8 feet is and open space around homes as a considered unstoppable, and even blood-red sun set over a sky choked water and fire retardant will evapo- with smoke and falling ash. rate before they reach the ground, Firefighters battling two fast-movsaid Gordon Schmidt, a retired U.S. ing blazes in Lake Arrowhead, in the

We do what we can. A life’s a lot more important than a house.

Mexican firefighters cross border to assist San Diego

San Bernardino Mountains about 130 miles east of Los Angeles, were also taxed by steep terrain, winding roads and a forest packed with dead or dying trees. More than 200 homes burned in Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs, fire officials said. At least three times in the past two days, fire crews have been forced to “pull off and wait for things to calm down” because of danger, San Bernardino National Forest Ranger Kurt Wincheste said. “In a lot of places, you just have to back off and let the fire go,” he said. “There’s nothing we can do.” The one person confirmed dead was identified as Thomas Varshock of Tecate, a town on the U.S. side of the border southeast of San Diego. He died over the weekend after he ignored warnings to evacuate and authorities left to take care of other evacuations, the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office said. In Rancho Santa Fe, neighbors tried to protect a friend’s home with a garden hose Monday night as flames raced up a ridge directly behind the house. “We told the firemen about (this house) and we put out a few hot spots,” Gary Rich said as the encroaching flames burned.


Solid and the unforgettable Contra – alien-destroying combat soldiers out to save the world. “Konami really capitalized Contra 4 because it has the old retro graphics. It utilizes the gaming functions of Nintendo DS better than any portable console available,” McIver said. “It’s very reminiscent of the old Contra game we played and loved.” Nintendo’s kiosk, the most impressive display front and center of the vendor room had sectioned bleachers seated before two 62’ Panasonic TV monitors for a competitive game of the all-time favorite Super Smash Brother Brawl. Prizes were given to the longest standing player who outsmarted the other three with special powers and combined fighting moves to push the opponent off the ledge. Five rows of 42’ monitors were set up for avid video gamers to enjoy the new line of Mario’s Galaxy, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Link’s Crossbow Training. Scattered booths with Nintendo DS consoles linked to the newest games gave players a chance to play undisturbed.

“The big release for Nintendo is Super Mario Galaxy – it’s going to be a huge smash hit for the holidays,” Associate Localization Producer Erik Peterson said. “It’s a fresh take on how Mario is in space where there is no gravity. It should be interesting.” Not all need to use a game console like X-Box, Wii or PlayStation 3 to get the same gaming experience. Jonathan Edwards of San Fernando Valley prefered computers over game consoles any day. “Computers, a very good one, will run a lot smoother than a console because it offers a lot more freedom, I think, but most importantly is game-play. Plus, computers can be upgraded whereas a console has a shelf life of two to three years,” Edwards said. Anyone on a tight budget shouldn’t be discouraged by expensive computers or game consoles. Games can be readily downloaded on mobile phones for less than $10. Namco Networks had set up phone booth props (where anyone can download their iPod games from iTunes), 1980s cocktail-style arcade game tables and mono-colored posters lined on brick walls.

It was a moment of nostalgia for gamers, who experienced the golden age of arcade games when it made a lasting impact to gamers with favorites like Pac Man, Galaga and Pole Position II. Namco Network’s debut game was Popeye, where the main character, you guessed it, Popeye, saves his girlfriend Olive Oyl. Scott Rubin, vice president of Sales and Marketing of Namco Networks responsible for mobile phone games, knew this would appeal to consumers. “Basically we are taking iconic video games and bringing it to the newest platform available, which are wireless phones and devices,” Rubin said. Games are available for $6.99 or subscribed for a monthly basis for $3.49 depending on the mobile phone carrier.

There were no boundaries for devoted gamers to dress up as their favorite character, even at E for All. Cosplay (short for costume play) – a tradition normally held at Star Wars Conventions, Comic-Con and Japanese Anime Expo to role-play – seems to be a ritual for conventions like this. So it wasn’t a surprise when many attendees were dressed for the part. But it didn’t matter to Mary Dolaher, CEO of IDG World Expo. She was just thrilled at the people who shared the passion of video gaming entertainment. “We are pleased that we delivered the event we aimed for, which was a celebration that truly was for the entire game community,” Dolaher said. “The response to the event was overwhelmingly positive, and we want to thank everyone for their tremendous support of E for All.”

October 24, 2007


Titan Editorial

Opinions change due to our experiences

Providing insight, analysis and perspective since 1960

Aleksandra Wojtalewicz

Californians need to be fire prepared

I have received a large amount of comments regarding my column on guns. I appreciate all the comments that have criticized my opinion, and not attacked me personally, for those are the comments I have learned from. I undertook a very controversial topic, knowing many people wouldn’t agree with my stance. I gave my opinion, yet I never attacked anyone and did not resort to name-calling. I was prepared for people to tell me I was wrong and why, and I thank those commenters who were capable of presenting me with a civil and intelligent response as to why they thought I was wrong. I learned a lot, and took your points into consideration and I have questioned my stance on guns once again. I am not a law maker. Nor do I think laws that strictly follow my opinion should be made, for I am not an expert. I’m simply a human being giving my opinion based on what I feel, opening a forum for discussion. The personal attacks, which stated that I am a “simpering idiot” or just asked “Are you on medications? It seems anyone that emotionally unstable needs help,” because I had a differing view point, did not aid in showing me why my opinion was wrong nor did they get me very far in seeing their point. From a number of comments criticizing me personally, it seemed readers thought that I am against gun ownership in general. To make it clear, in my column I stated that I have nothing against the freedom of owning a gun, and would not want that freedom taken away.

Watching the news for the past couple of days, it seems like Southern California has morphed into Dante’s hell. Fire coverage dominates every local channel, and for good reason. Many homes have been destroyed and families have been displaced. But one may wonder, is there any way to prepare for this type of devastation? We Californians are prepared for the worst. April is Earthquake Preparedness Month and we are told to always have a quick exit plan and a meeting place. Butjudging from the coverage

on TV, many people are unsure of what to do when it comes to a fire emergency. Should they evacuate, or wait until someone from the fire department notifies them to evacuate? Where are the designated shelters in our areas? How far out should we evacuate? These are questions that we, as, Californians need to be answered for future emergencies to prevent chaos and the loss of lives. While an earthquake is undoubtedly a disaster we need to prepare for, the threats of fires should be taken just as seriously.

Letters to the Editor: art for the daily titan by Paul Johnson


My main issue about guns was that I did not understand why anyone would want to have a gun. In high school, three of my friends were shot; all were innocent bystanders. Hence, as a young adult, I came to view guns as objects that spill unnecessary blood. Whether that is considered an immature and superficial thought, or not, that is what I associate guns with due to my experiences. It was due to my carelessness that I haven’t mentioned that underlying reason for my negative feelings toward guns and just jumped into an article with my opinion. I wrote it because the only experiences I had with guns were negative and wanted to understand why people would want to own guns– not through statistics, but through other people’s views. Many of you mentioned that my opinion stems from me being a superficial and immature idiot, who hasn’t had her life threatened. Granted, I count my blessings that I haven’t had my life threatened under knife-point, but that is not the only horrible thing that can happen to someone. So the personal attacks seemed to be made more on assumptions that I am a sheltered girl whose life has been smooth and carefree, rather than the opinion I have presented. And those readers that made assumptions just concluded that something bad never happened to me, for which they are mistaken. In order to have some progress in this situation we need to have respect for both sides and present our views without name-calling.

The Higher Ground Readers brought up many good reasons why a person would be interested in owning a gun–from the self-protection argument, to gun collecting being a hobby, to hunting – my question as to “why?” has been answered. Many criticized me that no guy should be with such an ignorant girl like me because I don’t respect his opinion. Yet name calling does not show respect for my opinion either. The article was about my views on guns, not my personal relationship. I wanted to get responses about my opinion on guns, not what I

I am not a law maker ... I’m simply a human being giving my opinion based on what I feel, opening a forum for discussion.

should do in my relationship. I do respect his opinion and he respects mine, and I never flat out rejected his decision. All I asked him was, “why?” We told each other our opinion and respect it. Therefore, taking advice from a comment left by “Hecate,” “Allura,” “Joe Carpenter” and others, I am “crawling out from my rock” and have agreed to properly learn to handle a gun and go to a shooting range with my boyfriend. Our opinions change due to our experiences. I, like everyone else, am entitled to a changing opinion, just like some of

the readers who told me that life changed their views. I want to thank the readers who civilly told me about why owning a gun is good. It has opened my mind to the other side, and made me look beyond seeing guns as only objects that have killed my friends. It made me question my own thoughts about guns, even though my current feelings lean toward timidity. Many readers who personally attacked me reacted out of emotions. My article, although it does not attack anyone personally, stemmed from experiences and emotions as well. Therefore, as I think it is unfair that I was criticized personally since the commenters don’t know me as a person, I don’t think it is fair that I voice an opinion about guns again without better understanding them. Perhaps my experiences at the shooting range will be, in your opinion, worthy of this publication’s space and not a waste of your five minutes. I at least have educated myself and made an attempt to seeing the other side. After all, attempting to see my side is all I ask of my readers, whether they agree or disagree with me. If my opinion does change, then I hope to engage with the same readers who reached out to me in an attempt to have me see the other side. So stay tuned.

Any feedback, positive or negative, is encouraged, as we strive to keep an open dialogue with our readership. The Daily Titan reserves the right to edit letters for length, grammar and spelling. Direct all comments, questions or concerns along with your full name and major to Executive Editor Ian Hamilton at


Of the casts that are the most anal, we are among them.


– Mark Tomaino, Producer

October 24, 2007

A favorite ‘Horror’ at Queen Mary By Sylvia Masuda

Daily Titan Staff Writer

It’s not unlikely to see happy trails leading to bulges tucked behind frilly panties. The midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Queen Mary is an event of debauchery and hedonism. Midnight Insanity, an acting group, puts on the Rocky Horror show every Saturday night. The show is brimming with crotch- and testicle-massaging, vigorous breastrubbing and simulated doggy-style, making the production feel as if it were live-action softcore pornography. It’s all done in front of an audience. Sometimes even audience members participate. The show opens with a busty actress clad in lingerie, stripping and mouthing the words to the opening song, “Science Fiction Double Feature” – a sign that this performance is something different. The classic 1975 movie musical is played on a screen while in front of it, actors and actresses dressed as the characters replicate the movie, down to the props, costumes, dancing and lip-synching. Rocky Horror casts are known for striving to duplicate the film perfectly. “Of all of the casts that are the most anal, we are among them,” producer Mark Tomaino said. “There are casts out there who wear jeans and socks, and that’s fine, but our crowd looks for accuracy. You have to do your show for your audience.” Different acting groups made of die-hard fans put on these performances all over the nation. Since its debut, fans have made Rocky Horror more of an experience than a movie. The audience is welcome to yell obscenities and comebacks at the screen and actors. Whenever main characters Janet and Brad are introduced, it’s tradition to call out “Slut” and “Asshole,” respectively. Movie-goers bring uncooked rice to throw during the wedding scenes

By Sofi Ozden /For the Daily Titan John Reynolds straps on his corset and pearls to perform as the sweet transvestite from Transylvania, Dr. Frank -N-Furter at the Rocky Horror Live Show in Long Beach.

at the beginning of the movie. They bust out the newspapers to cover their heads while Janet does the same to shield herself from the rain. They dance the time warp with the Transylvanians. The dress code here is nonexistent, but dressing up as a character from the movie is encouraged. Usually, however, show-goers come just wearing corsets, fishnet stockings, 6-inch heels. Men don lingerie, too. It’s not unusual to see a flash of forbidden skin, warranted or not. The air is thick with trashy sensuality, but there’s more vulgarities than that. Everyone, audience and actors,

spew gratuitous amounts of all four-letter words in every combination you can imagine. The cast has no tolerance for the easily repulsed and the Midnight Insanity Web site plainly suggests those intolerant of obscenities not buy a ticket. “For those who are offended,” the cast announces before the show starts, then “get the fuck out, bitch!” Visitors are coined as “virgins.” They go through a special, startling initiation process. The virgins are ordered onstage with several Rocky Horror veterans. Then it starts. “Place your hands around your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye,”

the cast says. Veterans stand behind the virgins and hump them. The virgins must endure this for several minutes. “I was holding my ankles and he was humping me and I was like, ‘What am I doing?’” 19-year-old Lui Reyes said. Reyes is a newcomer to the Long Beach location, but he is technically not a virgin. In the past, he would go to the equivalent show in his hometown of Pasadena, until it closed down. “It was a new experience,” 19year-old virgin Jamie Valdez said of her initiation. “It was cool. All the trannies were my favorite by far.” Devirginized participants wear crooked smiles once released from the spectacle. For some, however, the initiation is worse. Sometimes Midnight Insanity will single out a few virgins and ask them to fake an orgasm onstage. At the Long Beach location, Reyes said, there are more costumes and props used than at the Pasadena location. “The people who come here are more into it,” Reyes said. “There’s chill people here. It’s like an open environment.” Reyes plans to apply for a role in Midnight Insanity. Though he is only 19 years old, age is not a concern for the group. For a while, Whittier resident Ryan Barden played Dr. Scott, Janet and Brad’s mentor. Barden is only 19 years old. The job is hard work, he said. “When you join the cast, you sell your soul,” Barden said. “You pretty much have no life.” Before becoming the producer of the show, Cal State Fullerton alumni Tomaino spent 10 years playing Eddie, a rockabilly character originally played by Meat Loaf. “It’s like a frat without the college,” Tomaino said. “The cast are like my best friends. They’re my family. There’s so much commitment.” “The movie is cool, but the experience of putting on an incredible show, this whole blossoming event - it’s just weird,” Tomaino said.


October 24, 2007

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6500 Help Wanted PART TIME Work at private lake w/boating in Yorba Linda. Boathouse positions available. Will train. Must be customer service oriented, motivated, w/CA Drivers license. $8.00/hour. Minutes from CSUF. Shifts available: Sundays 7am – 3:30pm and 12pm-7:30pm. East Lake Village, 5325 Village Center Drive. 779-0657. Applications required. Ask for Jeff or Susan. Are you depressed for more than two weeks? The University of California, Irvine and the University of California, San Diego Psychiatry Departments are recruiting patients for a study of sleep deprivation as a potential treatment for depression. We will also study how other changes of the sleeping time might affect depressed mood. Subjects will be compensated for their time and inconvenience. If you are interested, please call us at (949) 824-3362.

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Attn: Fine Art Grad Students CSUF Grand Central Art Center located in downtown Santa Anna’s Artist Village has one studio apartments for rent ($700.00 per month) that will be available the second week of october. Included in the rent are all the utilities (excluding phone), monthly parking pass, internet access, and a studio space. Please contact Tracey Gayer at (714) 567-7238.

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400 N. Acacia Ave, #D37. Open House Sat & Sun 1-4. Call for access. 1Bd, 1ba near CSUF, Fullerton JC. Resort amenities, secure bldg. Reduced $265k$268k. Great Investment! Agent, Cherry 714-326-5743.


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October 24, 2007

Bram Makonda

Bram’s Breakdown

Bush was touted as the best, but his former teammate is adjusting

By Karl Thunman/Daily Titan Photo Editor Matador Kimberly Culver (25) blocks out Titan Tiffany Craig (5) from the ball in Sunday’s match at Titan Stadium.

Women’s soccer in first place, Thompson player of the week Big West Women’s Soccer BIG WEST GAMES ALL GAMES W L T Pts. W L T Pct. Long Beach State 4 Cal State Fullerton 4 UC Irvine 3 Cal Poly 3 UC Riverside 2 UC Santa Barbara 2 Pacific 1 UC Davis 1 Cal State Northridge 1

1 2 1 1 3 2 3 4 4

0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0

12 12 9 9 7 6 4 3 3

11 5 0 9 6 1 9 5 1 5 8 1 8 7 1 5 8 3 6 6 3 6 9 0 3 10 1

.688 .594 .633 .393 .531 .406 .500 .400 .250

With three straight wins, including a victory against first-place Long Beach State, Cal State Fullerton women’s soccer finds itself in first place in the Big West. In last Sunday’s game against CSU Northridge, Stacey Thompson was involved in all three goals in the 3-0 win. With two assists and a goal of her own, Thompson was named the Big West Player of the Week. Thompson became the third Titan player awarded this season, joining junior defender Jenae Gibbens and freshman midfielder Christina Murillo. The Titans will hit the road Sunday to face UC Riverside.

Who would’ve thought that I would be winning in my fantasy team with no real running back tandems, as I did in the past? Things got so bad for me that I relied on a rookie along with a second-year running back from USC not named Reggie. Out of desperation comes hope, and my hopes rode on the back of Mr. (formerly known as) Thunder to Reggie Bush’s Lightning. Remember that big back that set up all those highlight reel runs for Bush? Well apparently he showed up overweight and adjusted slowly to the NFL speed last year for the Tennessee Titans. This year he seems to be up to speed and is a viable option for fantasy owners desperate for production. Many thought Bush would be the instant superstar in the league, but even the heralded “Best player to have come out of college” is slowly adjusting to the grinds of the NFL schedule. Few people realize LenDale White scored more touchdowns that year for USC than Heismanwinner Bush. After the debacle of his first year, many have written off White as a washed-out pro who can’t keep up with the NFL pace. Wrong. Bush is the one who has to slowly adjust his game to fit the NFL mold. So far, he has become more of a wide receiver, where as White is becoming a more traditional NFL back. Although Bush is showing resiliency and toughness as of late, especially in the game against the Atlanta Falcons, in which he led the New Orleans Saints to a win, Bush is still not an every-down back who NFL teams covet. White, on the other hand is a downhill, in-between-the-tackles runner who has Bush’s vision, without the ath-

leticism. In his last game, White rushed for 104 yards – not great by any means but he is slowly developing into a weapon for his team. His carries helped Rod Bironas kick a record-breaking 8 field goals against the Houston Texans, which translates to a pretty decent 18-point performance in many fantasy leagues. He saved my week, it’s as simple as that. My other starter, Adrian Peterson, was flat out amazing the week before, but only rushed for 63 yards against the Dallas Cowboys. Looking ahead to Week 8, I have decided to start White again against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders possess a solid, hard-hitting defense, but look like a team not capable of winning tough games. The Kansas City Chiefs successfully ran both Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes, a man who has been out of football for two years, against them. With each hit White punishes defenses, wearing them out in crucial moments at the end of the game. That is where Vince Young will directly benefit from White’s running style. Young will be able to scramble easier and the pressures will be taken off his feet. Depending on the outcome of the games, I really don’t see a problem with starting unproven runners this late in the season. Not when I have both Randy Moss and Wes Welker, two wide receivers from the

Things got so bad for me that I relied on a rookie along with a second-year running back from USC not named Reggie.

same team, who are overwhelming opponents. In Week 8 look for the Denver Broncos to run effectively against the Green Bay Packers. The cheese heads are coming off a bye week and should be well on their way to an amazing year led by the ageless wonder Brett Favre. I don’t see this team losing their stride and their defense is as good as any in the league. The Packers D are led by linebackers Nick Barnett and A.J. Hawk who are tough against the run. They can stack safeties in the box too because of their good corners (Al Harris and Charles Woodson) on the outsides. Say goodbye to your running game Broncos. Cutler still has not proved himself in my mind. He is a system quarterback a couple of years away from being confident in that Mike Shanahan system. Lastly, stay tuned to the Miami Dolphins vs. New York Giants game that will be played in London next week. As one-sided as it may seem (the Giants winning five in a row and the Dolphins still winless on the year), the game will have a Super Bowl atmosphere in a country who lost Beckham to the United States. This could be like a Los Angeles Galaxy game for us, boring yet entertaining, because it has a worldclass athlete. It’s a gyp though because we barely saw him play, and they get to watch a competitive game with top defensive ends in their primes in Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora; little brother Eli doesn’t hurt either. That’s like our equivalent of Liverpool playing against Arsenal. Maybe then – maybe – I’ll start watching American soccer. Play for New York already Thierry Henry! P.S. Start the Giants defense against the Dolphins, just in case you didn’t get the hint.

2007 10 24  
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