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Daily Titan

Thursday October 11, 2007

The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton

DTSHORTHAND Fullerton police search for robber

Playing in Tuffy’s virtual world

The Fullerton Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a suspect wanted in connection with a string of armed robberies of convenience stores and gas stations. Two of the robberies – a 7Eleven and an AM/PM – occurred in Fullerton. The suspect is described as Caucasian, 25 to 30 years old, 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 8 inches, with black hair and about 150 to 180 pounds. Anyone with information about the suspect should call Det. Rob Long at (714)738-3396

Driving good in the neighborhood BROOMFIELD, Colo. (AP) – A hungry 6-year-old grabbed his grandmother’s car keys, positioned his child seat behind the steering wheel and tried to drive himself to an Applebee’s restaurant. He didn’t get far. Unable to take the car out of reverse, the boy backed up 75 feet from her house into a transformer Tuesday, knocking out electricity and phone service to dozens of townhouses in this suburb north of Denver. No one was injured and the boy, whose name was not released, got out of his car and told his grandmother what happened. “He went backward about 47 feet, hit the curb, then went backward another 29 feet,” said Sgt. Colleen O’Connell of the Broomfield Police Department. No charges will be filed.

I feel like I’m still part of the game. Even the coaches say that we are part of the team.

– Mark Panozzo, Lead grounds worker

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The new Titan Races video game, which is set to be released Oct. 15, features Tuffy the Titan in a race around the Titan Student Union and other campus areas.

CSUF’s video game club works through kinks in video game starring Titans’ mascot By Jade Lehar

Daily Titan Staff Writer

For Cal State Fullerton’s 50th anniversary, the Cal State Fullerton Video Game Club decided to design a game for current and future


Daily Titan Staff Writer



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students to enjoy. The club was just recently formed this semester, said Grant Paulis, a designer on the project, and its members wanted to contribute something special to the university. “We got the ideas from the engineered robot elephants that they’ve

had on campus,” said Mehmet Akkurt, computer science major and lead programmer of the game. Even though members of the club say they are extremely busy with other classes, they are pushing to get the game out in the next month for students to play.

The first level should be ready soon, which takes place in the TSU, said Paulis. After that, the club hopes to expand and have other levels include other places on campus for Tuffy and opponents to race around. “We compare it to a Mario

Cart-type game,” said Rusty Scrivens, a computer science major and the other lead programmer of the game. Players ride in different cars around the TSU and every car rep See TUFFY, Page 5

Students await governor’s decision Virginia Tech security Two bills aim to make textbooks cheaper for those in California

Michael McDonald, MadTV’s most prized possession, is cracking everybody up – co-workers included. McDonald’s popular man-child character, Stuart, is seen here admantly protesting that he is not hyper. He then proceeds to continually kick his legs in front of his mother, making noises with his hands behind his knees. Mo Collins, who plays Stuart’s woeful mom, cannot hold her composure for long and eventually bursts into laughter. Stuart later shouts downstairs about her Vagisil – in front of another man. Duration: 6:50

Courtesy of the Video game design club

Cal State Fullerton students could see a drop in textbook prices if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs either of the two textbook bills currently on his desk. Schwarzenegger has until Oct. 12 to decide whether to sign one, both or neither of the bills into law. Last week, the California legislature passed two separate textbook pricing bills recognizing the lofty and ever-increasing cost of college textbooks. The bills, both written by Democrats, seek to “get more advance information to college professors about the pricing of books and whether additional material in new editions is substantial enough to merit ordering them,” according to the Los Angeles Times. The College Textbook Affordability Act (SB832), written by State Senator Ellen Corbett (D-San Leandro), would require book publishers to provide faculty with an online list of book prices in each subject area; an estimated length the publisher intends to keep the text on the market; and a list of changes the newest editions contain. Changes would take effect immediately if the bill passes. The College Textbook Transparency Act (AB1548), written by Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana), would require publishers to print a

summary of changes in new editions in the new text and to provide faculty with a list of wholesale prices and edition changes upon request. It would also require campus bookstores to list retail-pricing policies and contains a section to prohibit professors from receiving anything of value for adopting certain course materials. Changes would not take effect until 2010. ASI Chief Governmental Officer Anthony Martinez said that while the high cost of textbooks is a huge issue on campus, neither of the proposed bills will affect book prices. “It’s basically all bark and no bite,” Martinez said. “The publishers will be required to disclose information but that does not lower costs. In theory, SB832 is a good idea but we have to remember too the additional requirements will cost publishers additional money. That money will be made up via the sale of textbooks, which means students will pay for it.” Fullerton Assemblyman Michael Duvall voted against both textbook bills. Nicholas Romero, senior field representative for Duvall’s office and a CSUF political science graduate student said that, “requiring publishers to do back flips will only increase prices and may decrease supply.” “Other measures could provide benefit to students, such as a sales tax exemption for textbooks or a state tax credit on education comparable to the one at the federal level,” Romero said. “And perhaps we shouldn’t only target the publishers.” A 2005 study by the National Association of College Stores reported the average gross margin for college book retailers is 22.5 percent on new

textbooks and 40 percent for used textbooks. Taking into consideration store expenses, the report said a college store can expect to make about 4 cents for every dollar’s worth of new textbooks sold – products that the professor, not the store, select. Mike Dickerson, Titan Shops textbook adoptions manager, said the bookstore supports the Affordability Act because it will address some of the factors in high costs. “SB832 builds upon existing legislation to add useful transparency at the point of actual sale – when the publisher offers the product to the teacher,” Dickerson said. “While it will help bookstores keep costs down, AB1548 merely clutters the process and requires publishers to do things that are already in their own best interest.” According to the California Student Public Interest Research Group, which has largely supported the Affordability Act, students in California spend an average of $900 per year on textbooks – nearly 20 percent of tuition at a four-year public institution. “College textbooks, along with tuition, room and board, are an expensive necessity for student success,” Dickerson said. “Whether they’re too expensive or not is a matter of relativity, choice, and the value to the student – how much is it worth to get an A?” Martinez said ASI has made textbook pricing at CSUF a No. 1 priority this year and is working with faculty and department deans to develop solutions that will lower costs. ASI is advocating the textbook rental See TEXTBOOKS, Page 2

alerts may be faulty A trial run has 711 people reporting they never received a message Associated Press Hundreds of people reported they did not receive a message sent out during a trial run of Virginia Tech’s expanded emergency alert system on Wednesday, though it was not clear whether all were signed up for the service, a university spokesman said. The “VT Alerts” system sent text messages, voice mails, e-mails and online instant messages to the more than 18,000 people — about 60 percent of the university community — who signed up. The Blacksburg school followed up with a campus-wide e-mail survey seeking feedback within hours of the test run and 711 people reported that they never received an alert, university spokesman Mark Owczarski said. “It can be that they never signed up for it, or they signed up and they dropped out, or U.S. Cellular was having hiccups,” he said. “It could mean a whole bunch of things.” The school already had been looking into expanding its alert system when student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and then himself on April 16. Plans began last fall, after an escaped prisoner accused of killing a hospital guard fled to the Tech

area and caused the campus to shut down. During the April shootings, the university relied mainly on e-mails, campus warning sirens and a message on Tech’s Web site to alert students to the danger. The expanded service gives subscribers the option of receiving their alerts by up to three delivery methods, and each subscriber designates a primary delivery method, such as a text message. An analysis by a California provider of mass notification systems, 3n (National Notification Network), showed it took 18 minutes to send the test messages to all subscribers via their primary point of contact, and 31 minutes to send out alerts via all the contact methods, company spokesman Marc Ladin said. There may have been external issues that delayed or prevented people from receiving the alerts, such as phone carrier delays delivering text messages, instant message systems that aren’t configured to accept messages from the university and cell phone reception problems, Owczarski said. Virginia Tech and 3n will review data from the test and the survey, Owczarski said. If there are problems within the system, adjustments will be made, he said. “I would say that we’re still learning,” he said. “But it may just be that there is no such thing as a system that is perfect.”

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INTERNATIONAL NEWS Darfur violence increases, U.N. pulls aid workers out

Looking for the great pumpkin

JUBA, Sudan (AP) – The only international aid group in a Darfur town where rebels reported that dozens of people were killed in a government attack said Wednesday it has pulled out for security reasons. Doctors Without Borders said it could not confirm the deaths but counted at least 39 seriously wounded people – mostly civilians – in the South Darfur town of Muhajeria before it had to evacuate. A U.N. observer in Darfur said Mahalya Arab tribesmen led the attack Monday, but could not say whether they had been sent by the government. The Sudanese army denied involvement, describing the clashes as intertribal battles. Rebels said Sudan’s army and allied Arab militias pulled ethnic African tribal leaders out of a mosque and executed them before burning down half the town. Sudan’s government has long been accused of using Arab militias known as the janjaweed in its fight against Darfur’s ethnic African rebels.

The State Department may phase out or limit the use of private security guards in Iraq, which could mean canceling Blackwater USA’s contract or awarding it to another company in line with an Iraqi government demand, The Associated Press has learned. Such steps would be difficult given U.S. reliance on Blackwater and other contractors, but they are among options being studied during a comprehensive review of security in Iraq, two senior officials said. The review was ordered after a Sept. 16 incident in which Blackwater guards protecting a U.S. Embassy convoy in Baghdad are accused of killing 17 Iraqi civilians. The shooting has enraged the Iraqi government.

14-year-old injures five, kills himself in shooting spree CLEVELAND (AP) – A gunman opened fire in a downtown high school Wednesday before killing himself, and five people were taken to a hospital, authorities said. After the shooting, shaken teens called their parents on cell phones, most to reassure but in at least one case with terrifying news: “Mom, I got shot.” Mayor Frank Jackson said three teens and two adults were hurt. He said the children were in “stable, good condition,” and the adults were in “a little elevated condition.” Police said SuccessTech Academy had been secured and that the lone suspect had fatally shot himself. Students said he was enrolled at the alternative school but did not attend class Wednesday. The mayor said two boys, ages 14 and 17, were hurt, as were two men, ages 42 and 57, and a 14-year-old girl he said fell and hurt her knee while running out of the school. The 57-year-old is a teacher and was in good condition, said Eileen Korey, a spokeswoman for Metro Health Medical Center. She said the older teenage student was in stable condition, and that conditions on the other patients were not being released. The shooting occurred across the street from the FBI office in downtown Cleveland, and students were being sent to the FBI site.


STATE NEWS Judge blocks gcrackdown on employers of illegals

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Security forces in Iraq in hot water Associated Press


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A federal judge on Wednesday granted a request by labor and civil liberties organizations to temporarily block the U.S. government from proceeding with a plan to crack down on businesses who may be employing illegal immigrants. U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer said the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security could not go ahead with a plan to send joint letters warning businesses they’ll face penalties if they keep workers whose Social Security numbers don’t match their names. Breyer said the new work-site rule would likely impose hardships on businesses and their workers. The so-called “No Match” letters were supposed to start going out in September, but labor groups and immigrant activists filed a lawsuit claiming the plan would put a heavy burden on employers, and could cause many authorized immigrants and U.S. citizens to lose their jobs over innocent paperwork snafus. The government, however, argued that the rule doesn’t impose an expense, and some businesses want to avoid liability for hiring undocumented workers.

October 11, 2007

By Kimberly Carroll/For the Daily Titan Four year old Hamza Ghoshe picks up a pumpkin at the Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California. “It’s kind of a sterile thing to walk into a supermarket and buy your pumpkin from the produce department,” said John Sanders, contracted by Los Rios Rancho for marketing and publicity. “[It’s a] lot more fun to get it right out of the field.” For more, check pages 6 and 7.

Teacher wants to take gun to school Associated Press MEDFORD, Ore. – High school English teacher Shirley Katz insists she needs to take her pistol with her to work because she fears her ex-husband could show up and try to harm her. She’s also worried about a Columbine-style attack. But Katz’s district has barred teachers from bringing guns to school, so she is challenging the ban as unlawful, since Oregon is among states that allow people with a permit to carry concealed weapons into public buildings. “This is primarily about my Second Amendment right and Oregon law and the simple fact that I know it is my right to carry that gun,” said Katz, 44, sitting at the kitchen table of her home outside this city of 74,000. “I have that (concealed weapons) permit. I refuse to let my ex-husband bully me. And I am not going to let the school board bully me, either.” In Oregon, a sheriff can grant a concealed-weapons permit to anyone whose criminal record is clean and who completes a gun-safety course. Thirty-eight states, along with the District of Columbia, prohibit people from taking guns to school, according to the National Council of State Legislatures. But it’s unclear how many offer an exemption for people holding concealed-weapons permits, since the council does not track such exceptions. Superintendent Phil Long insists employees and students are safer without guns on campus at South Medford High School, where Katz teaches. The district plans to make that argument when the case comes before a judge on Thursday. Katz’s request appears to be rare. School security consultant Ken Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services in Cleveland, said he has never heard of a similar case while working in 45 states.

(From Page 1) program and “encouraging and asking faculty members to get on board and commit to use one textbook for two years.” To help remedy soaring textbook prices, Titan Shops offers students alternatives to purchasing new books. Dickerson said used textbooks normally sell for 25 percent less than the price of a new book and titles that will be used again the next term can be sold back for 50 percent of the purchase price. Selected books are available in digital format for roughly 60 percent of the cost of a new book and some titles are available for rent at about 40 percent of the cost of a new book, Dickerson said.



October 11, 2007

Group celebrates Hispanic heritage Immigration bill awaiting approval The rhythm and intricate movements of dancers attract CSUF students

The DREAM Act is designed to help out undocumented students

By America Arias

For the Daily Titan

Exotic Latin jewelry of every shape and color, tote bags with images of Frida Kahlo, and Hispanic artwork for sale on the central quad could not grab the attention of passing CSUF students. It was the loud beat of Aztec drums, the sounding of a horn, the feathered headdresses and flashy costumes of six Aztec dancers that finally got students to stop and admire cultural performance. Since the first beat of the drums, students could not help but be attracted by the rhythm and intricate movement of the Aztec dancers. The ethnic beat and cultural dance performance drew spectators to CSUF’s central quad where they stood motionless, not wanting to miss a single step. Once the dancers got students to stop at the central quad, they noticed the unique Latin items for sale. “People don’t know enough about the Latino culture although we make up around 28 percent of the CSUF population,” Vazquez said. “Latino students need to realize that they have the power to have a much bigger voice on campus.” Mesa Cooperativa, a council designed to unite the 14 Chicano and Latino organizations at Cal State Fullerton continued its Hispanic Heritage Month with a performance by Aztec dancers and a Latin arts and crafts sale Tuesday in the central quad. A six-member Aztec dancing group called Aguila Blanca performed in the central quad of the CSUF campus to the beat of drums, shell horns and Aztec instruments. Dressed in full Aztec regalia, Aguila Blanca’s performance drew in a big crowd of students topping to see the cultural dancing that lasted for more than 30 minutes. “Aztec dancing is unique and we hope Hispanic students can get an insight into who they are and that non-Hispanics get interested in our heritage,” said Juan Ayala, a member of Aguila Blanca. Mesa Cooperativa’s goal is for His-

By Eleni Reed

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Photos By John Sakata/Daily Titan Assistant News Editor Cecilia Ochoa-Ayala performs a dance Wednesday afternoon in the quad. Juan Ayala and Cesar Bolanous blow on sea shells [below].

panic students, who comprise more than a quarter of the student population, to “realize how powerful they

are and that they need to get involved in Hispanic organizations in order to develop academically and person-

ally,” said Rosalina Camacho, one of the advisers of Mesa Cooperativa. This is the first year Mesa Coopera-

tiva organized a Latin arts and crafts sale along with Aztec dancers as part of their Hispanic Heritage Month ac-

House panel approves genocide resolution Associated Press A House panel defied President Bush on Wednesday and approved a measure that he said would damage U.S. goals in the Middle East. The measure that would recognize the World War I-era killings of Armenians as a genocide had been strongly opposed by Turkey, a key NATO ally that has supported U.S. efforts in Iraq. The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s 27-21 vote now sends the measure to the House floor — unless the Democratic leadership reverses course and heeds Bush’s warnings. At issue is the killing of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks around the time of World War I. Turkey denies that the deaths constituted genocide, said the toll has been inflated and insists that those killed were victims of civil war and unrest. Bush and other senior officials made a last-minute push to persuade lawmakers on the Foreign Affairs Committee to reject the measure. “Its passage would do great harm to our relations with a key ally in NATO and in the global war on terror,” Bush said hours before the vote. The committee’s chairman, Democratic Rep. Tom Lantos, expressed concerns about security implications

of the resolution but ultimately voted in favor. Turkey raised the possibility of impeding logistical and other U.S. military traffic now using Turkish airspace. “Unfortunately, some politicians in the United States have once again sacrificed important matters to petty domestic politics despite all calls to commonsense,” President Abdullah Gul was quoted as saying by the state-run news agency Anatolia. “Naturally, this is a sad decision,” said Nabi Sensoy, Turkey’s ambassador to the U.S., minutes after the vote. “No one can allow others to put an undeserved stain on them.” On Wednesday, hundreds of Turks marched to the U.S. Embassy in Ankara and the consulate in Istanbul to protest the bill. Armenian-American groups, who have worked for decades to pass a resolution, rejoiced at the committee’s approval of the message. “The Foreign Affairs Committee’s adoption today of the Armenian Genocide Resolution represents a meaningful step toward reclaiming our right — as Americans — to speak openly and honestly about the first genocide of the 20th Century,” said Aram Hamparian, executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America. Earlier, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary

Robert Gates conveyed their concerns. Passing the measure “at this time would be very problematic for everything we are trying to do in the Middle East,” Rice told reporters at the White House. The vote comes at a tense time in the region. Turkey’s government is seeking parliamentary approval for a military operation to chase separatist Kurdish rebels who operate from bases in northern Iraq. The move, opposed by the U.S., could open a new front in the most stable part of Iraq. The White House and Turkey are now expected to pressure Democratic leaders to keep the measure from going to a vote. But Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has signaled that they will have a hard sell. The administration made clear the stakes are high. Gates said 70 percent of U.S. air cargo headed for Iraq goes through Turkey, as does about one-third of the fuel used by the U.S. military in Iraq. “Access to airfields and to the roads and so on in Turkey would very much be put at risk if this resolution passes and Turkey reacts as strongly as we believe they will,” Gates said. He also said that 95 percent of new vehicles designed to better protect against mine attacks are being flown through Turkey to get to Iraq.

tivities at CSUF. “I am a fourth-generation Aztec dancer,” said Ayala, whose wife is also a member of the group. “We are a family of Aztec dancers.” Vendors along the central quad sold ethnic items like jewelry, arts and crafts, T-shirts and tote bags from all over Latin America. A portion of all sales was donated to the different organizations. “It’s a chance for students to buy unique ethnic items and at the same time be exposed to the Hispanic culture,” said Olivia Regalado, president of the CSUF Latin American Studies Students Association. Camacho said the event provided an opportunity to bring the vibrant Hispanic culture to the many students who have never taken a Latin American studies class. “We hope the event makes Latinos proud of their heritage and make students want to join Latino clubs and organizations regardless of whether they are Hispanic or not,” Camacho said.

By Friday, the stress for tens of thousands of undocumented students could be alleviated depending on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision over whether or not to sign the The California Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act. The bill on Schwarzenegger’s desk would allow undocumented students to apply for non-competitive loans. Illegal immigrants are presently barred from accessing financial aid and applying for on-campus employment. The DREAM act is also being debated on the federal level. Carlos Amador, president for the Alliance of Students for an Equal Education at Cal State Fullerton, said the bill was introduced in the state legislature two weeks ago, however, there was no vote. The DREAM Act is now being introduced in the Higher Education Bill and a deadline is set for Nov. 16,

Amador said. “It is very important that representatives know that people are out there that support the DREAM Act by contacting them with letters [and phone calls],” said Amador. The federal Illegal Immigration Reform and Illegal Responsibility Act of 1996 discourages states from providing in-state tuition costs to undocumented students. The DREAM Act would nullify provisions and pave a path for undocumented students to gain citizenship. Undocumented residents who have lived in the country for five years with a high school diploma may be able to obtain citizenship. Undocumented students are put on a six-year probation where they must enroll in a two-year community college, a four-year university or enroll in the military and keep a clean criminal record. If these obligations are upheld, they become permanent residents. The bill has been rejected by critics as amnesty. The alliance is trying to bring a play to CSUF called “Nine Digits Away From My Dreams.” It will highlight the lives of undocumented students and their struggles of being denied the same social opportunities as citizens, said Leticia Serrato,vice president of the alliance.

Phantom vibrations in BlackBerry experienced Associated Press If your hipbone is connected to your BlackBerry or your thighbone is connected to your cell phone, those vibrations you’re feeling in the car, in your pajamas, in the shower, may be coming from your headbone. Many mobile phone addicts and BlackBerry junkies report feeling vibrations when there are none, or feeling as if they’re wearing a cell phone when they’re not. The first time it happened to Jonathan Zaback, a manager at the

public relations company BursonMarsteller, he was out with friends and showing off his new BlackBerry Curve. Zaback, who said he keeps his BlackBerry by his bed while he sleeps, checks it if he gets up in the middle of the night and wakes to an alarm on the BlackBerry each day, said this didn’t worry him. Some users compare the feeling to a phantom limb, which MerriamWebster’s medical dictionary defines as “an often painful sensation of the presence of a limb that has been amputated.”



October 11, 2007

Titan Grill to offer up more healthy fare Overhaul begins during winter break and hopes to serve fresher food By Belinda Hurtado For the Daily Titan

The Titan Student Union will say goodbye to the Titan Grill and welcome a healthier choice to the food court. The Food Services Advisory Committee met last Wednesday to discuss a fresher concept of food for students. “The main reason was because there was a concern about serving healthy food on campus,” Adrian Diaz, 18, chair for the food committee, said. “It will be easier to get Titan Grill to change the menu since it’s more under our control [under TSU jurisdiction].” Plans to begin working on the project will take place during winter break and they hope to open for business by next spring. The space now held by the Titan Grill will have to be re-worked and some equipment will have to be removed, Lynch said. “We would like to have something in conjunction with the Rec Center to tie the healthy food with the Rec Center,” Lynch said. Marketing Coordinator Crystal Wooldridge worked alongside Executive Chef Mary Jane Espiritu to formulate a new name and menu for the project. They introduced their ideas for the new project in hope of positive feedback from ASI. Some suggested names for the new project were pitched to the committee, however, they are leaning towards The Fresh Kitchen. “It really stands for what we are going for,” Wooldridge said. “We are saying it’s going to be healthy and it’s going to taste good. We want to get away completely from the Titan Grill. We don’t want people to associate it with the old concept. We don’t want to be branded.” Members of the committee were also presented with a menu, which included a variety of organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, soups, salads and grilled panini’s. A side order of lightly salted soybeans was sampled by the members of

McCain aims to give more options Associated Press

By Belinda Hurtado/Daily Titan Staff Writer A more organic menu is planned for the Titan Grill. “The organic food has been a success,” said Anthony Lynch, division director for campus dining services.

the committee as a preview of what would be offered. All foods will be cooked with zero trans fat cooking oils to support the zero trans fat campaign. Espiritu said she took several things into consideration for the menu items including food that it covers the criteria of healthy, vegetarian, vegan, organic and natural foods. Wooldridge added that the items were diverse in what they were offering.

One challenge was “how seasonal items can change without the prices going up,” Wooldridge said. Division Director for Campus Dining Services Anthony Lynch said once the items on the new menu were broken down, a price list could then be established. “The organic food has been a success,” Lynch said. Nutwood Cafés Unit Manager Allan Anaya also announced that new organic products would be added to

their selection. “I think anything healthy for the general public and students is great. Healthy choices and organic food is the healthy way to go. You can’t go wrong,” Anaya said. A $45,000 budget request has been approved by the CSUF Auxiliary Board to cover all costs for the project. The funds, Lynch said, are attained through two sources: CSUF on Auxiliary Services Corporation, which are responsible for all food services on campus, and the TSU, which gets its money from the TSU food court and

the O.C. Choice Catering. At the end of each academic fiscal year, the net income is divided in half. Lynch said last fiscal year the combined amount was $83,732, with $41,866 given to TSU and $41, 866 for future ASC projects. The amount of money put back into the TSU “far exceeds the money we are taking away from business,” Lynch said. The difference to make up the $45,000, said Lynch, will be provided by the CSUF ASC.

John McCain wants to give people more control over their health care — and more options — while injecting more competition into the system in hopes of lowering costs and improving services. The Republican presidential candidate will propose a series of changes to the health care system in a speech Thursday, offering a broad overhaul plan that contrasts sharply with those his Democratic rivals have offered. Democrats, to varying degrees, would require individuals and workers to be covered, but McCain includes no such government mandate in his proposal. Rather, he focuses on expanding access for individuals and families. “We are approaching a ‘perfect storm’ of problems that if not addressed by the next president, will cause our health care system to implode,” the Arizona senator says in remarks prepared for delivery Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa, and made available to The Associated Press. “Democratic presidential candidates are not telling you these truths. They offer their usual default position: if the government would only pay for insurance everything would be fine. They promise universal coverage, whatever its cost, and the massive tax increases, mandates and government regulation that it imposes,” McCain said. “I offer a genuinely conservative vision for health care reform, which preserves the most essential value of American lives — freedom.” Aides acknowledged the plan would take time to implement because of its scope, while billing it as a vision for changes he would work toward if elected. They provided no estimated price tag. To help pay for it, they said McCain would end a provision in the tax code that let employers deduct the cost of health care from their taxable earnings. Additionally, they said, passing tort reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits and excessive damage awards would help reduce costs. Broadly, McCain calls for an updated system that he says will be more responsive to consumers’ needs than it is to the wants of government, insurance companies, lawyers, doctors and hospitals. “While we reform the system and maintain quality, we can and must provide access to health care for all our citizens,” he says. “Controlling health care costs will take fundamental change; nothing short of a complete reform of the culture of our health system and the way we pay for it will suffice.” Among the major proposals: —Allowing people to buy health insurance nationwide instead of limiting them to in-state companies. McCain says this will provide more options and force insurers to compete for business, thus decreasing costs and increasing the quality of care. —Permitting people to buy insurance through any organization or association they choose as well as through their employers or buying direct from an insurance company. He says such plans would follow people as they change jobs, and would automatically cover the time between retirement and Medicare eligibility. —Providing tax credits of $2,500 to individuals and $5,000 to families as an incentive to buy health coverage. People with multiyear policies that cost less than the amount of the tax credit to deposit the difference into an expanded health savings account. He also wants to eliminate what he says is a bias in the tax code toward employer-sponsored health insurance. —Allowing veterans to use whatever provider they want, wherever they want by giving them an electronic health care card or through another method. He says they should not have to wait for access at a faraway Veterans Affairs facility. —Supporting different methods of delivering care, including walkin clinics in retail outlets across the country. —Developing routes for cheaper generic versions of drugs to enter the U.S. market, including allowing for safe reimportation of drugs.

October 11, 2007


Phlogging By Cameron Pemstein

“Wow! Where did you get to ride a bird that big?” And I follow up with, “Well, this year at the Orange County Fair, they imported this rare African Goose with a 747. No, no, no, the African Goose drafted behind the plane to get to America. The bird was displayed where people

Tuffy: Game Coming Soon (from page 1)

resents a different college, said Akkurt. Paulis said that throughout the game, the players attempt to collect oranges and different departments try to hold you up or help you out. “For example the art department throws paint on you and at the health department Tuffy can get more health,” Paulis said. A few art students helped out with the video game by making a model of the TSU for the club to work with. “They were working on it over the summer. They are very talented,” Paulis said. The club started working on this game in May, Scrivens said. “It should be ready by Oct. 15 because we submitted it to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and that’s when the conference takes place.” Students and non-students are encouraged to continue to check on the club’s Web site,, for the game to be available or at their MySpace page, search under Cal State Fullerton video game design club. A new game is planned for next year. The next step the club is working on is to create an installer package for players to be able to download the game. “It’s not a Web game, it’s much more intense,” Akkurt said. Even though the game is fun and creative, it is also a real video game and is meant to be taken seriously. “The game is pretty hard actually, it takes a little while to get used to it,” Akkurt said.

could ride it, but to my dismay, they clipped the wings, so that patrons couldn’t fly the beast […] I have told this story a few times to people who think this actually took place. I mean, really […]? This picture is a combination of two images: one of a goose that I shot at a cemetery and a photo-

graph of me jumping on a bed. Brian Walski, a photographer for The Los Angeles Times, was fired for altering images. I did the same thing. But it’s totally OK when it’s funny and in a photoblog, right? :D Don’t forget: remember me forever.





October 11, 2007

their way through

Breanna Moore

Daily Titan Staff Writer

By Kimberly Carroll/For Daily Titan Four-year-old Hamza Ghosheh helps his mother, Farah, carry a pumpkin at the Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California. Tanaka Farms features a “U-Pick” pumpkin patch where you can choose your pumpkin right off the vine.

There are few activities that capture the autumn season as well as apple and pumpkin picking. On warm Sundays during a California autumn in Oak Glen, large groups of families and couples can be seen wandering the ranches. Children run amongst the trees with their eyes peeled for the brightly-colored fruit peeking from between the branches. Parents wander along behind while encouraging their children and lifting them up so they can be the ones to pick the ripened fruit from the low-hanging apple tree branches. Couples both young and old lay out on picnic blankets spread across a grassy knoll. Meanwhile, on a sunny Monday at Tanaka Farms in Irvine, small groups of young ones scurry between rows and rows of orange, white and green pumpkins, pointing and shouting their approval and excitement. “You-pick” orchards specializing in pumpkin and apple picking are few and far between in Southern California these days, but areas like


Oak Glen – just over an hour from Cal State Fullerton – and Tanaka Farms – a little more than 20 minutes from the university – keep the spirit of fall alive. Oak Glen, in particular, is famous for its apples and its association with autumn. “Thats when ... the cider’s being made all the time, apple pies are coming out of the ovens and the fruit is ripe for the pickin’ on the trees,” said Devon Riley, owner of the business operations for Los Rios Rancho, an apple and pumpkin ranch in Oak Glen. While pumpkin picking takes a back seat in Oak Glen, the area offers a variety of apple-related activities, shops and farms. Boxes and bags of organic apples can be purchased, as well as freshlypressed cider, caramel apples and freshly-baked apple pies. Gift shops are also abundant. Some farms or areas even have small petting zoos. Many stores and farms offer free apple tasting and sampling of the different varieties of apples grown in Oak Glen, including younger varieties such as Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith, and older “heirloom” apples

It’s more of the experience and not really just picking apples to eat.

This season local farms offers the chance to gather apples, pumpkins and memories

– Mark Desimone,

Oak Glen Patron

such as Rome Beauties and Winesap apples, which can be grown from trees over 100 years old. The appeal of going apple picking is multi-faceted. The cost of picking apples varies from farm to farm, but usually averages around $8 to pick enough apples to fill a 3-pound bag. This can make it an inexpensive and thus nice outing, Riley said. For others, there is the appeal of being able to teach their children about growing the foods they eat. “When families come up ... they’re able to take their kids out and actually show them that the apple doesn’t come from the grocery store,” Riley said. John Sanders, contracted by Los Rios Rancho for marketing and publicity, said there is no comparison between a supermarket apple and an apple grown in Oak Glen. “If we set a supermarket apple and an Oak Glen apple in front of a blindfold[ed person], they’d be able to tell which one’s which,” Sanders said. However, not all visitors come to Oak Glen because of the way the apples taste. Mark Desimone of Orange said he visited Oak Glen as a child and returned to share the experience with his loved ones. “It’s more of the experience and not really just picking apples to eat,” Desimone said. “I could care less about the quality of the apples. It’s just fun; it’s relaxing.” Sharing the experience with loved ones seems to be a theme that car-

October 11, 2007


By Kimberly Carroll/For the Daily Titan

ries through with many who visit “You-Pick” farms. Mothers Deborah Young and Jen Ira brought their 6-year-old daughters to Tanaka Farms in Irvine to pick pumpkins and give them an outdoor experience filled with life lessons and exercise. “I try to support those ideas that not everything is just dropped off at the store and picked up and consumed, that it takes a while for things to grow,” Ira said. Picking pumpkins from a field can truly become a family tradition, Sanders said. “It’s kind of a sterile thing to walk into a supermarket and buy your pumpkin from the produce department,” Sanders said. “[It’s a] lot more fun to get it right out of the field. Young said the experience of picking pumpkins from Tanaka Farms in Irvine also made her think of a traditional Halloween by reminding her of the movie, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” “When I think of picking a pumpkin, I think of [that movie],” Young said. But “You-Pick” pumpkins and apples aren’t just activities for families and children. “The same experience that families want to do with their kids ... groups of college kids love to do as well,” Riley said. “They’ll come out and take all their pictures and ... get on stacks of pumpkins and take photos and a hay ride, or any number of activities.” Once home, Sanders said, the activities don’t have to end. Freshly-picked apples are most often used for pies and for making cider. Sanders said he prefers a blend of apples for cider. He also recommended a firm apple like a tart Granny Smith or a sweeter Winesap variety for baking, or a mixture of the two types to create a pleasantly unique taste. “It makes a nice blend, the tarts and the sweets together,” Sanders said. But even with all the activities that can be done with each of the apples and the pumpkins, the main appeal of these trips for people like Desimone, Ira, Riley, Sanders and Young as well as other costumers is the open air and the great outdoors. “[It’s] the perfect place to enjoy a weekend,” Riley said.


By Anthony Purnel/For the Daily Titan

Clockwise from top: A little girl that picks the best apple to take home while visiting Oak Glen with her parents at the apple grove. Natalie Gazdak shows off the pumpkins she picked at the Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California. Tracy, a cashier at Los Pios Rancho in Oak Glen sells a customer some pumpkins. She is happy with the days turnout, saying “It was a really good day to come out to Oak Glen.”

By Anthony Purnel/For the Daily Titan The little boy helps his family by picking up a pumpkin at Oak Glen hoping to find just the right one to take home . Like many other children, he samples the weight of every pumpkin he finds.



Titan Editorial Providing insight, analysis and perspective since 1960

Iraq unraveling with new contractor shooting The newest incident this week involving private security contractors in Iraq, where two Iraqi women were gunned down in their car, added to the robust antiwar sentiment festering in U.S public opinion. On the heels of information about Halliburton subsidiary Blackwater’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan coming under the public eye, many Americans are developing a new understanding of how the foreign wars are being fought. Some say Blackwater and other similar contractors are mercenaries, though Blackwater CEO Eric Prince testified to Congress that the dictionary definition of mercenary does not apply to his company. Others are critical of Blackwater because although the company says it abides by international law, the employees of Blackwater do not face the same punishment for breaking the law as the U.S. military. Though Iraq said it would investigate Blackwater’s involvement in the deaths of 17 Iraqi civilians, those employees involved have been placed on leave

by Blackwater and face no reprimand. Iraqi police officials recently told the L.A. Times that Blackwater has demonstrated a lack of concern for the lives of Iraqi citizens. Although Blackwater is a private company, they are hired by the U.S. government and the company itself is made up almost entirely of Americans. This is important because whether or not Blackwater’s employees are trained adequately to do dangerous work which has resulted in civilian casualties, they represent the people of the United States in Iraq. When the American image abroad is not a favorable one, it is not likely that Iraqis will stop to consider whether or not the people responsible for killing 17 by-standers are part of the U.S. military, or merely people earning a living with fire power. Contractors currently outnumber U.S. military personnel in Iraq, and the British have decided to draw down their troop involvement by half, another sign that support for the war effort in Iraq is unraveling.

Editor’s Note:

The response on the Daily Titan Web site to an opinion article from Wednesday’s edition about sorority culture titled “The high cost of Greek life” has been significant. It had more than 20 comments over the course of 12 hours and four times as many views as any of Wednesday’s articles, which is highly unusual for a campus-related article. Many members of Greek organizations have taken offense to the opinion, and I encourage them, or anyone, to use the Daily Titan’s opinion pages as an open forum. We are limited by space, of course, but these opinion pages will never represent only one viewpoint when there are others who want to speak. Please submit any comments with your full name, major and phone number to Ian Hamilton at

October 11, 2007

Re-think Female students should be Wikipedia aware of sexual predators By Sylvia Masuda

By Elisabeth Donovan

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Daily Titan Staff Writer

These days, any mention of Wikipedia will incite rolling eyes, groans and scoffs. A constant target of Web comics, sitcoms and casual TV news programs, the free Internet-based encyclopedia is often championed for its misinformation and user-incited vandalism. There’s no doubt that Wikipedia can sometimes be a cesspool of nonsense and bias. Because anyone can edit articles, stupidity is bound to arise. According to logs recording article changes, at one point, the entry for “Mexico” was changed into “Mexico In Hiding: I am hiding this page so that i can be the only one to change it BWHAHAHAHA! oh hi mom.” The entry for “Dick Cheney” became the entry for “THE DEVIL” because, according to the user, “it’s what he is.” Though it calls itself an encyclopedia, it’s less of an effective encyclopedia than it is an organized, concentrated portal to bits of trivia. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The beauty of Wikipedia is in its hyper-linking system, a facet overlooked by its critics. It’s difficult to find another place where you can start out reading about the Hubble Space Telescope and, an hour later, end up learning about methods of execution in 17th-century England – all without getting up from your chair. This is the ultimate marketplace of ideas. Try doing that with a stack of bound encyclopedias. Try that with a library. Feasible, yes. In reality, you wouldn’t pick up a book on crabs just because you came across the etymology of the word “cancer” in your biology project research. And if you did look crabs up on the library inventory search, you probably wouldn’t find out that in addition to being a crustacean, the crab is also the name of a breakdancing move. The hyper-linking alone makes Wikipedia a good starting point for essays. Derailing off-topic can be beneficial to research; there, you may find ideas you may have ignored. It’s thinking outside of the Web page, so to speak. Professors and even the founder himself has stated time and time again that citing Wikipedia for academic papers See WIKIPEDIA, Page 9

Being female isn’t always easy. Our life complications are much more than mismatched outfits and cheating boyfriends. We’re constantly warned of the dangers our gender entails. We must watchfully eye our beverages when out on the town. We must secure our purses to our sides to avoid being robbed. We shouldn’t walk places alone. The list of rules seems endless. While following them can be annoying, it’s in our best interest to do so. According to the Rape, Incest and Abuse Network, one in six women are victims of sexual assault. Every two and a half minutes, someone in America is sexually assaulted. About 80 percent of rape victims are under age 30, which makes college students a vulnerable demographic. Several weeks ago, a USC student was the victim of a potential kidnapping. As she walked home from school, a man grabbed her and attempted to pull her into his van. She fought back and broke free. Luckily, he drove away.

Although stories like these give me a dose of reality, it was my own close call that opened my eyes. A creepy man followed me from school at 2 in the afternoon. My class had just ended, and I was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. While I walked to my car, which was parked on the street, a truck approached me. As the vehicle came closer, I picked up the pace to avoid it. An older man peered out the passenger window and asked if I was single. I lied, stating that I was taken, and he followed closer. “Want to get in my truck?” the man asked. “How much are you?” Nothing I sported hinted that I was a prostitute. My heart pounded as I ran to my car. I immediately drove to the Fullerton police station to report the incident. When I told the officer at the front desk, he replied, “Oh, it was probably some pervert. Contact us if he tries something else.” The police officer seemed disinterested in the case. Although I was frustrated and a little scared, I let go of the incident. Instead of dwelling on it, I learned about what I can do to stay out of the dirty hands of sexual predators.

I logged on to Megan’s Law, a database of registered sex offenders. The Web site includes names, addresses and photos of over 63,000 registered sex offenders in California. According to Megan’s Law, 82 registered sex offenders live in Fullerton. Many live in proximity to Cal State Fullerton. Because these numbers are so high, women should take steps to ensure their safety. If you have a strange gut feeling about a man near you, I recommend you leave the area and retreat to a social setting. All female students should have campus safety’s number in their cell phone. If a man begins following you home, you should call them immediately. If a man attempts to assault you, you should scream and fight back if he doesn’t have a weapon. To avoid a burglary or robbery, keep your doors locked when you’re home by yourself. Most importantly ladies, keep a male escort by your side when you’re out alone at night. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a safe world. Because Megan’s Law exposes sex offenders to the public, we as citizens should take advantage of it. No one deserves to be sexually assaulted under any circumstances.

Angels fans should not be surprised by post-season loss By David Carrillo

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Clearly the Angels have lost their post-season magic, and I don’t just mean the replacement of Disney ownership with billionaire Arturo “Arte” Moreno. The 2007 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are no match for the 2002 Anaheim version, which won the World Series despite a payroll that was $30 million smaller. The 2002 roster was built around pitching and manufacturing runs, while the 2007 roster didn’t seem to be built around any strategy at all. So why is everyone surprised that the Angels were man-handled by a superior Boston Red Sox team? Take off your blinders for a few minutes – you know, the ones that blind your common sense and make you follow your team without question – and ask yourself how this series could have ended in any other way. Entering the series, the Angels hadn’t won a playoff game against the Red Sox since 1986. The streak is now nine games long and there are plenty of reasons why the last three ended the way they did. Let’s face it – the Red Sox are just a better team than the Angels are in

almost every possible. The Angels forte for the past several years has been small ball backed up by strong pitching. They’re supposed to have a strong starting rotation and a stellar bullpen, but do they really? John Lackey, Jared Weaver and Francisco Rodriguez look good on paper until you compare them to the Red Sox’s Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling and Jonathan Papelbon. Then there’s the Angels’ offense, or lack thereof to be more precise. You can always count on swing-atanything Vladimir Guerrero to come through in the clutch, but not when he’s nursing sore triceps that limited him to designated hitter duty for the last part of the season. Add to that the injuries and unexplained absences from the once steady Garret Anderson, alleged steroid user Gary Matthews Jr., and starting first baseman Casey Kotchman and you can see how the Angels never stood a chance. Did I mention that the Angels haven’t beat the Red Sox in a playoff game since a young Roger Clemens was pitching for Boston and Madonna was still musically relevant? The fact is that the Angels pitching – while good – can’t carry a depleted offense that wasn’t very good to begin with. Moreno has attempted to build a talented roster

by pouring money into the club like he was crazy billionaire Mark Cuban, but Angels’ fans shouldn’t let him stop there. They should be begging him to call George Steinbrenner and tell him A-Rod isn’t worth a huge contract, then turn around and rename Angel Stadium Alex Rodriguez Field. While we’re on the subject, why not sign recent all-time home run king Barry Bonds? Think how freaky the Angels’ line-up would be if their three, four and five hitters were Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Vladimir Guerrero. Sure you’d destroy team chemistry and balloon your payroll, but at least the Angels would have a chance at contending again. The 2002 title was an admiration. A fluke put together by good timing, unusual circumstances and Disney magic in the air. People say you can’t buy championships, but the Yankees have four rings in the last 12 years that say otherwise. If the Angels want to beat Boston next year and win another World Series title, all they have to do is invest a few hundred million dollars into Vlad, Barry and A-Rod over the next several years and sell their souls to the devil. For a team searching for answers about their latest playoff exit, maybe that isn’t such a big price to pay.

Letter Policy for the Daily Titan

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October 11, 2007

Kid Nation: reality TV gone too far By Gail Navarro

Daily Titan Staff Writer

It’s 8 o’clock. Do you know where your kids are? If the answer is in a New Mexican ghost town, then little Jimmy and even younger Katie must be a part of the CBS reality series, “Kid Nation.” The premise is 40 kids living without parental supervision and building a world on their own terms for 40 days. Ranging from ages 8 to 15 years old, these kids faced challenges of the emotional and physical kind, such as overcoming homesickness and cooking food for the whole village. However, the real drama took place well before the series premiered on Sept. 19, with a parent filing a complaint to the Santa Fe County Sheriff and an allegation claiming a violation of child labor laws during production. No matter how you look at it, the kids did not escape the watchful eyes of television critics, parents and the show’s creator, Tom Forman. Ever since the network pitched the idea to the media, entertainment shows have criticized the reality show for taking innocent children and subjecting them to dangerous conditions, all in the name of television ratings. It really is in poor taste but you are talking about reality television – the home of sensationalism.

Each episode is cleverly edited in a way to dramatize every situation with the colorful cast of characters. One can find the same elements in soap opera dramas and the audience cannot help but invest themselves into the show. Amidst the bachelors, dancing stars and singing nobodies, “Kid Nation” is nothing but “Survivor” with a twist. However, the twist happens to involve minors, making things controversial and a prime candidate for investigation. It all began during production in the spring. Forman’s production company, Good Time T.V. did not apply for work permits, but Jonathan Anschell, executive vice-president and general counsel, said in a Los Angeles Times article that they [CBS] did not have to because the children were not employees. Forman said that the children were willing “participants” in the show and they each received $5,000 once production finished. As participants, the children were exempt from the New Mexico child labor laws because by legal definition, they were not paid actors, according to Anschell. After filming wrapped, the parents attended a meeting upon which one mother expressed concern over her 12-year-old daughter’s burn marks that she sustained while cooking on the show. This issue reached the office of Santa Fe County Sheriff,Greg

Solano, who said in a department blog in July that the producers did nothing wrong and no crime was committed. However, the show did bring up a crime against the ethical treatment of children. Is it right to put minors as young as 8 years old on a television show in a potentially risky environment with complete strangers? I choose this time to blame the parents for putting their kids in front of cameras in the first place. They ultimately agreed to leave their children in the hands of careless reality show producers. Good move – it might as well have been Britney Spears. On the other hand, “Kid Nation” rode the controversial wave to a winning time slot on its premiere episode and 9.4 million viewers tuned it to see what the fuss was all about. Despite all the heavy criticism, the show avoided cancellation and subjected the audience to sheer silliness. I’m still trying to forget the image of kids chugging root beer in the town saloon in the last episode. As far as awarding a gold star to a deserving kid each week, it sounds like a good idea until they include a cash reward of $20,000 that supposedly will be used towards college. Haven’t you done enough, CBS? Next time, keep the kids out of this and let mommy and daddy exploit themselves on television.

Art for the Daily Titan by Rocky vidal

Reader Response: Alzheimer’s disease It was refreshing to pickup the Daily Titan Monday morning and see the article about Alzheimer’s. There are many diseases with horrible consequences but a distinct feature of Alzheimer’s is that it tears the person who has it away from everything they know: families, friends, work, memories as well as their knowledge. Because of this, Alzheimer’s proves to be even more destructive to the families involved than other ailments which is why it deserves more attention than it is given. Thinking, “It can’t happen to me” won’t prevent it. As a 20-year-old college student whose father suffers from Alzheimer’s dementia (my grandmother did as well), I know I need to keep my eyes forward to new developments in research. While FDA-approved drugs such as Exelon, mentioned in the article, may be able to help those suffering from it, there are other things that can be added to people’s diet to assist them

Wikipedia: USEFUL

is a big mistake because all article content runs the chance of being false. That doesn’t mean Wikipedia should be discounted as a research tool, If you’re going to use it, there are ways to use it responsibly. Go to multiple sources to verify what you find. The chief editors even make it easy to do that by providing sets of links to other Web sites at the end of article. There are discussion pages provided for audiences to talk about their viewpoints and what should and shouldn’t be included in whatever article. These “talk” pages are excellent for figuring out popular consensus on issues; with some valid research and some personal thought, opinions expressed on these pages can even add to academic essays. Wikipedia may be a clunky research tool, but if it serves any purpose well, it’s to spread awareness of every little thing that exists in our world, useful or not. Irrelevant data to one person may be life-changing to someone else. You, the biology major, don’t care about breakdancing, but hell if the next person, the hip-hop dance enthusiast, might be totally psyched about learning how to do the crab.

in Alzheimer‘s prevention. Since it is thought to be a genetic disease young adults who know it runs in their family should take steps now. According to Current Alzheimer’s Research (April 2005) there is substantial data indicating that curcumin (derived from the curry spice turmeric) has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-amyloid activity. Studies in animals indicate a direct affect of curcumin in decreasing the amoloid pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease and is a promising agent in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s. Similar findings were reported in the testing of curcumin on mice with Alzheimer’s-like pathology by the Journal of Neuroscience (Nov. 1, 2001). A daily dose of curcumin can be added to a diet through the use of seasoned salt which contains turmeric. In the July 2005 issue of Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association, studies said consuming enough folic acid significantly reduces the risk of



Alzheimer’s disease. Adults consuming recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of folic acid per day reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s by more than 50 percent. The National Institute on Aging (March 2002) conducted mouse experiments that suggest folic acid could play an essential role in protecting the brain against the ravages of Alzheimer’s, not to mention other neurodegenerative disorders. A daily dose of folic acid can be taken in the form of a pill, which can be found in any grocery or pharmacy store. It can also be found in foods we eat everyday (such as raw vegetables and breads). If someone would like to volunteer their time to contribute in finding a cure they need only look to the Alzheimer’s Association (www.alz. org) for information. The Association’s Orange County Memory Walk will be Nov. 3 at Camp James to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s support and research. -Emily Soloman

Jake’s Take

Jake Kilroy

Hi, I’m a vegetarian, and no, I’m not actually the end of the world As Topps Meat is going out of business this week after recalling 21.7 million pounds of ground beef because of possible contamination, some suspicious meateaters are starting to think that vegetarians are either laughing or somehow responsible. I feel that since I’m a vegetarian with my own column, maybe I’d muse on the interaction between vegetarians and carnivores (sorry, that’s the best name I could go with) and clear up a few things. To begin, I’ll explain how I got into the business of soy and tofu. When I was 10, my father brought home Taco Bell (back when the company’s colors were red, yellow and green), and I was stoked for my Double Decker Tacos. Right before I took a bite, it dawned on me that my meal had once been running around, and the thought made me nauseous. I became a vegetarian instantly and have been one since. And in my 12 years of “broccoliving,” I’ve been attacked by militant carnivores and vegan extremists, but I’ve never tried to sway a single person my way. Also, the rest of my family eats meat and I don’t agree with many PETA quotes or methods, so I assure you that this isn’t vego-propaganda. However, carnivores, how did you react to me being a vegetarian? I ask because I’ve noticed that there are four, maybe five, stages of vegetarian introduction for many carnivores. Not every carnivore reacts like this, but at one point or another, just about every vegetarian goes through it: STAGE ONE (surprise): Carnivore acts sympathetic or taken back. They treat vegetarians like hospital patients (“I’m so sorry you’re a vegetarian” with a pat on the back) or cult activists/freaks (“Oh ... so ... you ... don’t eat meat ...?”). STAGE TWO (ultra-reasoning): Carnivore seems somewhat offended and tries to convince the vegetarian that they’re doing wrong, whether for religious, sci-

entific, personal or entertainment reasons. Here’s religious: “God put animals on Earth for us to eat. That’s why they’re here.” “I know, but I just don’t want to eat them. I’d rather they run around and play farm games.” “What? No, we need to eat them. That’s what God wants.” “I don’t know if we need to. I’d just prefer not to though.” Carnivore continually stares at vegetarian like he or she is the Boca Anti-Christ. STAGE THREE (fake warnings): Carnivore mockingly warns vegetarian that everything has meat in it (“Don’t eat that apple, it has meat in it” or “What are you doing? That ice cream has chicken in it!” or “Dude, that unopened bottle of water has lamb chop juice in it!”). STAGE FOUR (fake kindness): Carnivore sarcastically offers the vegetarian real meat (“Hey, do you want some slaughtered innocent cow? Oh wait, you can’t eat hamburgers!”). Evil cackling follows (sounding much like a villain from the 1990s cartoon Batman series). STAGE FIVE (total delusion): Carnivore creates wild theories and new nicknames. My brother came up with “soybeaner.” And, actually, come to think of it, my brother is a diligent employee of this heckling business. He once grew obsessed with a theory called “The War of 2011,” when he believes that carnivore and vegetarian sects will grow organized and ultra-militant against each other, and battle incessantly until the Earth is destroyed. The jokes drudge on until the carnivore has worn him or herself out entirely and falls asleep dreaming of caramel pork, while licking a spoonful of melted bacon. Carnivores, I assure you that the vegetarian heard every joke imaginable within the first month of choosing the new lifestyle. But if vegetarians make the same jokes, then they’re regarded as pushy. And then these same carnivores that whine end-

lessly about preachy vegetarians are the same ones who tell me that my diet is stupid. Later, they act as if my lifestyle is hurting theirs. They make it seem like all of their fathers are butchers and all of their mothers are ranchers, and the family business is going to collapse if I continue to eat Tofurkey. I’d also like to do a little mythbusting, carnivores: - Not every vegetarian is trying to recruit you for their leafy militia. - We don’t just sit around drinking wine, eating bread with olive spread and mocking meat-eaters. - Not every vegetarian does it just to be hip and/or pretentious. - We are not made of tofu. - We are not all hippies. When Daily Titan Sports Editor Shawn Trondsen was asked if he knew any vegetarians, he replied, “No, but I do know a guy who likes hemp a lot.” - We don’t hate America. Vegetarians aren’t in the clear either. I’ve seen vegetarian friends, acquaintances and strangers pounce on those eating meat, and then spend the next 20 minutes trying to flip them around. It’s ridiculous, and it has to stop. Loudmouths are on both sides. Nobody wants to be around, let alone listen to, a vegetarian who is constantly saying “I can’t believe you’re eating that” or “You’re supporting murder.” And nobody wants to be around a carnivore making fun of a vegetarian, as it’s a lot like someone still doing Dave Chapelle’s Lil Jon impression. The entire debate is like a less exciting religious debate, and have you ever seen an atheist convert a Christian, or vice versa? Vegetarianism is a personal choice, not a group effort. Vegetarians, stop trying to convert carnivores. And carnivores, stop trying to convert vegetarians. But if bitter efforts against each other don’t stop, I’ll see you all on the battlefield for the War of 2011.



October 11, 2007

Volleyball beats UCSB after losing streak Francisco and Moore combine for 52 kills in the Titans road victory

Bram Makonda

Tight-ends tie up loose ends

by Siamak Djahanshahi Daily Titan Staff Writer

Monster kill performances from Jennifer Francisco and Brittany Moore helped the Cal State Fullerton women’s volleyball team snap its three-game losing streak, defeating the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos 3-2 Saturday night at the Thunderdome. The Titans won games one and three 30-21 and 30-26, while the Gauchos captured games two and four of the match 30-27 and 30-25. The match was forced into a deciding fifth game where the Titans won 15-12. They dominated the overtime with 11 kills to only six from the Gauchos. “It was a great win. It was great win on the road, and it was great to win for the first time in Santa Barbara,” Head Coach Carolyn Zimmerman said. Moore had 28 kills and hit .275 while Francisco had 24 kills while hitting .382. Moore’s kills tied Francisco’s team best set just two games prior against Cal State Northridge. This also was the second game in three nights that Francisco had a 20kill performance. Francisco led the team with 61 kills over the threegame road trip, and stepped her game up against CSUN when team leader Moore was unexpectedly out. “It felt good, it felt amazing,” Francisco said. “It’s great to see all your hard work you put in everyday in practice – the weights, all the conditioning we did before – just to see it come out in a game.” Zimmerman said despite people having film on Francisco and preparing for her every game, she still performs excellently. “I’m excited every time I see it,” Zimmerman said. “I really enjoyed watching it from the sidelines, and [I enjoyed] seeing her have that kind of success back to back. It’s very hard to be that good all the time.” The Titans came into Santa Barba-

Bram’s Breakdown

By aline lessner / for the daily titan Alex Wolnisty (left) and Jennifer Francisco (right) attempt a block against Loyola Marymount on Sept. 25 at the Titan Gym.

ra having lost their last three matches and were in the third and final game of their three-game road trip. “We deserved the win. Those losses that we did have helped,” Francisco said. “We took that as a learning experience. We know that we fight back point by point.” Zimmerman said her team was capable of coming home up two games and down only one. They almost pulled off a victory against the CSUN Matadors in an overtime thriller in the first game of their road trip.

The Titans won games one and three 30-26 and 36-34, respectively, while the Matadors took games two and four 30-24 and 30-25. The Matadors, who forced the overtime, won a very close battle 20-18. The match had 46 ties and 18 lead changes. “We had an outstanding performance at Northridge. The team really stepped up, unexpectedly not having Brittany in the lineup,” Zimmerman said. “We were right where we wanted to be, given a chance to win.” In the second game of their road trip, the Titans came out with no

energy and were unable to gain any ground against the number 24 ranked Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Mustangs at Mott Gym. They lost in three games by the scores of 23-30, 27-30, and 17-30. “We came out flat and we maintained the flatness throughout the match,” Zimmerman said. “It was tough to really feel like we were competitive at all.” The Titans are now 8-8 overall and 3-2 in conference play. They will host UC Irvine Thursday night and UC Riverside Friday night at the Titan Gym.

OK, so are you back on the San Diego Chargers bandwagon yet? I’m not. Philip Rivers did well this week against a good Denver Broncos defense, but he’s not an elite quarterback yet. In order for the Chargers to win a game in the playoffs, Rivers needs to take the pressure off LaDainian Tomlinson. Two more words band-wagoners: Norv Turner. He’s a great assistant, but have you seen a more scared and less-intimidating coach? We’re talking about football here, not foosball. He’s finally learning to utilize all of his weapons. Did he forget about Antonio Gates until now? Speaking of tight-ends, they can help solidify your line-up for the week. The tight-end position in fantasy football is something that is easy to overlook, but can win you a tight game down the stretch. The key is possessing a player that will be thrown too early and often in games. Currently the top three tight ends are as follows: 1. Dallas Clark (Colts) 2. Benjamin Watson (Patriots) 3. Jason Witten (Cowboys) It’s no coincidence that these players play for the elite teams of the NFL. They are potent weapons that make all three team’s offense multi-dimensional. Having these players in your line-up add to the group of core fantasy players you need to hold on to and rely on week in and week out. Tight ends can fill the voids of bye weeks left behind by your quarterbacks and running backs. While these three players might be unavailable and out of reach for some owners, there are a lot of good second-tier tight ends that will boost your point totals. They include: former fantasy juggernaut Antonio Gates, Kellen

Winslow, Tony Gonzalez, Chris Cooley and my personal tight end sleeper Greg Olson. I picked him up in one of my leagues last week after his breakout performance against the Green Bay Packers. It seems that Chicago Bears quarterback Brian Griese has found a favorite target in Olson, a firstround pick by the Bears. Olson’s quickness and soft hands reminds me of Heath Miller’s rookie campaign in 2005. Miller was a favorite target of Ben Roethlisberger and won me a couple of games toward the end of the season. Olson’s outlook looks the same with less touchdown passes. The Bears won’t score as much because they will still rely on the run, but look for Olson to post solid numbers towards the end of the season. As for my overachiever of the week, look for Jason Wright of the Cleveland Browns to run all over the Miami Dolphins’ defense. The injury to Jamal Lewis will not slow the Browns’ running attack. It seems anyone can run on the Dolphins and in relief of Lewis in Week 5, Wright had 15 carries for 59 yards and caught four passes for 43 yards against the Patriots. The Browns are going to surprise some people this season, and I don’t see the Dolphins winning a game this year. Trent Green is injured and Ronnie Brown’s numbers are in danger, folks. Which leads me to my underachiever of the week. Brown owners need to be wary of their stats-producing running back. He did well despite his team’s inability to win a game, but look for that to change in the near future. Defenses will stack up the line eliminating the Dolphins’ only threat. Think about trading him soon while his value is still high.


October 11, 2007

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The least appreciated part of the game

October 11, 2007

Judge mulling “baseball rule”

The CSUF grounds crew works hard to keep the fields up to playing shape

The Associated Press

A foul ball during a minor league baseball game five years ago has landed in the lap of the state Supreme Court, which will decide whether Nevada ballpark owners should be held responsible for fans’ injuries. A lawyer for Mandalay Sports Entertainment, owner of the Pacific Coast League’s Las Vegas 51s, asked the state high court on Wednesday to invoke a so-called “baseball rule” like one in other states that limits the liability of ballpark owners. “Ambiance and the chance to catch a foul ball are part of the game,” Thomas Dillard told the three-judge panel. The judges made no immediate ruling. Outside court, lawyers said the decision will set a precedent for Nevada, where civic officials are trying to lure a pro sports franchise to Las Vegas and a minor league baseball team to the Reno area. Dillard noted that the Las Vegas ballpark, Cashman Stadium, had signs at turnstiles, a screen to protect fans behind home plate, plexiglass in front of club boxes, a liability notice on ticket stubs, and aired public address warnings to watch for balls. But Kathleen Turner, a bookkeeper at a Las Vegas auto shop, never saw what hit her as she sat at a table in a mezzanine beer garden above the third base line, said her appellate attorney, Beau Sterling. “She could not see the batter, could not see the pitcher, she never saw the foul ball coming towards her,” Sterling told the court. “She did not see it at all until it hit her between the eyes.” Turner’s nose was broken, she was knocked unconscious and required reconstructive surgery, said her trial lawyer, Christopher Young. He said the May 2002 mishap left the former season ticket holder, now 59, too anxious to sit through a live baseball game. Sterling acknowledged that fans in the stands have a responsibility to pay attention. But he said the judge who threw out Turner’s lawsuit in 2005 should have let a jury decide if the stadium owner was negligent for creating what Sterling called a “false sense of safety.”

by Mike Withers

For the Daily Titan

Cool, quiet and humble, the Cal State Fullerton grounds crew shows up at the Physical Plant on campus at 6 a.m. every morning. By about 2:15 p.m., they are nearly done for the day and have the campus looking pristine. “We just hang out in the background and do our jobs,” said Steve Dugas, manager of Landscape Services at CSUF for the last 10 years. The guys in the background get little credit for what they do for the fields on the campus. Setting the entire campus on an automated sprinkler system, managing a handful of fields and taking care of stadiums pre- and post-game are just some of the many things that Dugas’ crew is doing in the background. For some of the groundskeepers, it is a way of staying connected to the games they love. Mark Panozzo, the lead groundskeeper, was both a football and baseball star in his playing days. “I feel like I’m still part of the game. Even the coaches say that we are part of the team,” Panozzo said. One group that respects the work the groundskeepers do is the CSUF coaches. Panozzo said they could not have had more respect for the way they were treated by former baseball Head Coach George Horton, and they already feel comfortable with Head Coach Dave Serrano since he was a member of Horton’s staff. There is no better example of the respect received from coaches than Walter Ventura. Ventura was the main field worker at Goodwin Field when the Titans won the 2004 College World Series. He was given his own championship ring by the team. “I got it in a safe place, I’ll wear it on special occasions,” Ventura said jokingly. Ventura is now managing Titan Stadium as well as the track. He has since passed Goodwin Field on to

By Cameron pemstein/daily titan photo editor Walter Ventura paints the lines of the soccer field in Titan Stadium on the afternoon of CSUF’s men’s soccer match against UC Riverside.

one of the younger members of the crew, Ramon Alamillo, Jr. Alamillo, a second-generation groundskeeper, had spent his entire day laying sod at Goodwin Field. Although he never actually puts in an entirely new field, he does have to replace certain areas of the turf up to three times a year.

Areas such as left, center and right field, as well as in front of the pitchers mound and down the lines are high traffic areas and tend to wear out much faster then other areas of the field. With the addition of the Fullerton Flyers, a minor league baseball team, the field is even more difficult

to maintain. “We had five down days this summer, three of which were taken up by commercials and camps,” Dugas said. The humbleness of the groundskeepers was most evident when they made a point of giving credit to colleagues Mike Freeman and Gordon

Jason Kornfeld

Huse for the work that they do on Anderson Family Field and the intramural fields. So next year when the Titans take Goodwin Field, they will be reaping the rewards of four groundskeepers with major league dedication. “It’s just as good a field as Angels Stadium,” a proud Panozzo said.

The Korner

Lakers outlook: Things are not as bad as they seem My experience of waiting for Halo 3’s midnight release was trumped on Tuesday night when the Los Angeles Lakers officially began their preseason from Hawaii. This time I only had to wait until 10 p.m., but I still had my buddies giving me a hard time for how excited I was. As a matter of fact, Snyder Says could hardly contain himself with how stoked I was when the game began on live TV. But this game against the Golden State Warriors provided me with an opportunity to do what I always do during the NBA preseason: scout my team and get a better understanding of where they might end up when the season is over. I’ll start by breaking down how each known player performed at each position, and how they should do during the regular season. Role players are important, but I’m not going to cover everyone, especially the camp invitees. Starting at the point guard position was Derek Fisher. It was so refreshing to see D-Fish back, and I will not miss the pouting of the recently departed Smush Parker. Fish had a solid nine points and three assists in 17 minutes. I expect him to play 25 to 30 minutes a game during the regular season, and his tenacity and leadership are invaluable. Backing up Fisher were secondyear guard Jordan Farmar and rookie Javaris Crittenton. The battle for minutes between these two guards is going to be healthy competition. Farmar is more of a defensive anchor and assist man, while Crittenton is more of an explosive scorer and has lightning-quick speed to penetrate. Expect Farmar to see the bulk of back up minutes as Coach Phil Jackson is known to limit the minutes of rookies. P.J. may be forced to give Crittenton some tick

though, as he could be a viable offensive threat. For the shooting guard slot, Kobe Bean Bryant did his thing with 17 points in 21 minutes. Kobe really only played in the first and third quarters, with different responsibilities in each one. In the first quarter, Kobe looked for his teammates and then switched to scoring mode for the third. He added five dimes on the night. Don’t expect No. 24 to sit too many minutes during the season. He’ll get his playing time, and if the Lakers unite well enough, he may just stick around another year. If they flop and lose in the first round convincingly, look for the Kobester to again demand a trade. Sasha Vujacic impressed off the bench, scoring 15 points in 23 minutes. If he makes the team, he will be competing with Maurice Evans, Farmar, Crittenton, Fish, Kobe and Coby Karl, for minutes this year. Vladimir Radmanovic is back ladies and gentlemen! After a dismal, injury-plagued season last year, VladRad dropped 20 points with six boards on 5-for-7 shooting from downtown. He should get valuable minutes off the bench, in which he should produce a nice scoring punch, silencing the critics. Ronny Turiaf also provided nice energy at the power forward position. Phil said he might start Turiaf this year, although I like his intensity off the bench. Up front, Chris Mihm finally made it back to the court after a year and a half! His rustiness showed, but he should find his legs soon enough and might end up starting for the Lakers. Nineteen-year-old Andrew Bynum outplayed Mihm off the bench though, scoring nine points and pulling down 12 boards in just

20 minutes. Bynum is the main xfactor this year and the Lakers will go as he goes. Brian Cook went 1-for-6, scoring only two points in 15 unimpressive minutes. He will have to fight Radmanovic, Mihm, Turiaf, Lamar Odom, Kwame Brown and Bynum for minutes this year. Odom, Brown and Luke Walton did not play due to injuries, but all three should have significant roles once the season begins. Look for this to be Odom’s breakout year, finally. Odom was well on his way to having an allstar caliber season last year, before injuring his knee and tearing his labrum again. Brown, Evans, Vujacic, Turiaf, and Mihm are all in their contract years as well, so look for these five to put in extra effort to fight for new contracts. The Lakers could package a group of players such as Brown, Farmar and Cook to try to add a veteran role player or someone that would upgrade their roster. My starting lineup is: D-Fish, Kobe, Walton, Odom and Bynum. With the chemistry and depth this team has, especially at the point guard and forward/center positions, there is no reason to think why they can’t win 50 games. However, many of these players have injury problems, so look for them to win between 45-48 games, probably finishing sixth or seventh in the Western Conference, and possibly moving out of the first round of the playoffs. In a seven game series with Phil Jackson coaching and Kobe Bryant controlling the game, you never know what can happen All of this could be irrelevant though, as the best team in the West, and in the league, is still the San Antonio Spurs.

2007 10 11  
2007 10 11