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BUZZ 04.26.07


Selling A-list inventory in one Los Angeles boutique, storeowner Maureen Clavin stocks up on the old wardrobes of the rich and famous.


Shakespeare, the Queen and a couple of wenches. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire has come to town.


Vintage clothier Buffalo Exchange offers trendy bargains and shopping with soul in light of its community outreach




Check out for online exclusive reviews of indie rockers Jonny Lives!, R&B artist Noel Gourdin and an extra look at Hot Fuzz from the chicks point of view

COVER SHOT: The many pleasures of the Rennaisance Faire. Photo by Rebecca Hartness, Daily Titan Staff Photographer

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For the record April 12, 2007: Last weeks Buzz unfortunatley omitted the photographers credit for the Local Talent shot of Marlon D. The fabulous Rebecca Hartness was the mastermind of that marvelous photography.




by Michelle Ramos


Daily Titan Staff Writer




BUZZ 04.26.07

Just minutes from downtown Fullerton, is the intersection of Imperial and Harbor. This crossroads tells a tale of two cities. It has the charm of Fullerton and the Los Angeles feel of La Habra. As the last OC city before L.A. county lines, La Habra is bound to show traces of Angelino influence. The Pepper Shaker café, which is on the La Habra side of the intersection, serves breakfast all day long and looks a bit like a scene out of a Quentin Tarantino film. Also on the La Habra side is the controversial Taboo Gentlemen’s Club, the destination for many

lustful eyes. In 2000 the city sued the owner in an effort to restrict lap dances, and won. Across the street on the Fullerton side is the origin of the best nachos in the county. The aroma of fresh Mexican food fills this corner of the intersection. Molcasalsa Mexican Food is the best destination for those late-night hunger pangs after hours of studying. Just a few steps away is a quaint Internet cafe, allowing poor college students Web access for cheap. Fueling those nights of insomnia is a drive-thru Starbucks. Across the street is a lesser known drive-thru coffee shop, and many may opt for the underdog when the drive-thru line at Starbucks reaches In-N-Out proportions.


Best Nachos:

Molcasalsa Open 24 hours, indulge in the temptation of their massive nachos for only $5.55.

Best Place to Not Get a Lap Dance:

Taboo Gentlemen’s Club Sorry guys, if it’s a lap dance you’re after, you won’t find it here. Not scince the 2000 ordinance that banned it.

Best Drive-thru Coffee Shop:

Starbucks Coffee There’s one on every corner, but the drivethru convenience makes this a gem.

Best Apartments:

The Brooklake Apartments It offers a tranquil environment far enough from downtown Fullerton, but close enough to drive down there every once in a while. Who needs downtown when you have the clever mix of L.A. and O.C. that Imperial and Harbor offers?



BUZZ 04.26.07

The famous bargains and A-list inventory of one of Los Angeles’ most secret shopping destinations by Yvonne Villarreal Daily Titan Staff Writer

As a little girl in the 40s, Maureen Clavin would watch her parents get dressed up for a night out on the town to some of Hollywood’s most enchanting nightspots. Once she heard the front door shut, Clavin would secretly rush into their closet and play dress up with her mother’s lavish gowns and opulent jewelry. Nearly seven decades later, Clavin has turned her affection for glamour into a thriving business. Located on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, The AdDress is a small boutique housing hefty designer labels for slender prices. “Women save money and it’s fun playing dress up. They come out of the store looking like a glamour queen,” said Clavin. “It feels fabulous to help them feel beautiful.” From Chanel to Roberto Cavalli,

The AdDress Boutique specializes in providing the “average” woman with a wardrobe fit for a Hollywood movie star. The boutique acquires the pricey clothing that fills the racks from the celebrity elite, wives of Hollywood directors and producers, and other women with a fetish for couture. “Celebrities are in the limelight business where they can only be seen wearing an outfit once,” Clavin said. “So, they give them to us.” At the petite boutique, there are no age barriers. Teens can be seen scouring the racks for prom-worthy designer gowns, thirty-somethings browse for office-chic clothing and mothers come in searching for elegant attire to wear to their children’s weddings. The boutique’s lustrous white decor, mirrored walls and immaculate floral arrangements illuminate the vibrant colors of the designer label frocks as visitors marvel at the selections. “I love clothes and fashion. Working here is fun because I get

By yvonne villareal/Daily Titan Staff

Famous frocks - Maureen Clavin, owner of The AdDress in Sherman Oaks gets donations from stars and their

stylists. The racks of clothes are filled with Dolce and Gabbana and Armani Prive and the tags often name their previous owners

to look at pretty things and get paid for it,” said Chloe Wyma, 17, a parttime employee at the boutique. Clavin is hands-on during the selection process, making sure the pieces she gets are in top form. If they meet her standards, she buys the pieces — with the stars portion of the proceeds going to their favorite charities. Over the years, the store has purchased clothing from Jennifer Tilly, Cheryl Tiegs, Natalie Wood and even Lionel Ritchie. But it’s a slinky red number once worn

by Sharon Stone that serves as the store’s current focal point. “It’s always exciting to get a new box of clothes because it’s something new to add to our collection,” Clavin said. “I like receiving pieces that are unusual and unique in their beauty.” For those with a handbag fixation, the boutique has a selection of designer handbags from a classic black leather Chanel mini-backpack to an intricate floral pattern of a Roberto Cavalli satchel. Stylish heels aren’t far away — in fact they overflow from the shelves. Still, it’s

the racks of clothing that get most of the attention. “I heard they have good deals here. Plus, this is probably the only way I can afford Dolce & Gabbana,” said Dawn Wilson, 34, who works at a communications agency in Beverly Hills. “When you work in Beverly Hills, you’re expected to dress a certain way, so this store is perfect for me since I am on a budget.” So, why the anomalous name? Clavin said she figured, “If you cant remember the name, remember the address.”


BUZZ 04.26.07


This and the many guilty pleasures of the Renaissance Faire by Orion Tippens Daily Titan Staff Writer

North of the Orange Country, noblemen, fools, wenches, pirates, inventors, handsome knights and beautiful maidens gathered at Southern California’s Renaissance Pleasure Faire and Artisans Market. The Renaissance Faire opened its 45th year under typical English weather as dreary clouds hovered above the lakeside meadow of Irwindale’s Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area. Over 1,200 performers in full 16th-century garb brought England’s Elizabethan Era to life with a gala showcasing numerous shows and performances. The Faire itself is a maze of merchants, games, stages, rides and other interesting distractions. Along the way, a traveler may find a walk within the shire interrupted by a sudden parade or a troupe acting out a scene from an unread book.

During each Saturday and Sunday, from the seventh of April untill May 20, the Faire will continue. Each day has a schedule from the pre-opening show to the closing parade with a full day of roleplay and spectator events in between. Such events include MooNie the Magnif ’Cent, the Washing Well Wenches, Testacles and ye Sack of Rome, and the occasional yet popular joust. To celebrate the festivities, the Faire was graced with a visit from her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, who personally attended to oversee the gala and greet her subjects. “It is a delightful opportunity to step away from the cares of everyday work,” the Queen said, suggesting the Faire as a means of release for college students who struggle too hard in their studies. Meanwhile, as fellow soldiers engulfed gigantic turkey legs, and rowdy Puritans covered the shame of the unchaste, the nature of the

By rebecca hartness/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

Her Majesty - Queen Elizabeth I lightheartedly faces a difficult decision as four men attempted to woo her Faire was not entirely English. A global flavor was added as many foreigners including Scots, Gypsies, Italians, Middle Easterners and even the Aztecs arrived to present their own music, culture and entertainment popular to the time of the Elizabethan Renaissance. However, something seemed wrong, according to the words of Captain James Bellows, a pirate who has attended the Faire for over 25 years. He

said a number of newcomers seem to be missing the point of Faire’s tradition of costume and role-play as they visit, wearing strange unfamiliar cloth. “They should be open to plan, cut loose, to where everything should be a skit,” Bellows said. Mistress Rose, a “fun-loving fancy free peasant” and seller of Chocolate-Covered Monkey Tales gives her own advice to visitors who wish to make the most of their trip.

“There are three simple things to know: go in garb, learn the lingo and learn to barter,” Rose said as she described her third rule in detail about how she used her own wares and talents as means to obtain merchandise. Throughout the shire, merchants line the pathways with trinkets, cloth and metal for sale. Many shopkeepers woo passersby with speak and spatter to sell their goods. SEE Faire - PAGE 8


BUZZ 04.26.07



ense &

by erika santos For the Daily Titan

Secondhand isn’t always second best. At the Buffalo Exchange in Downtown Fullerton, vintage and designer shirts, jeans, handbags and accessories are getting a second chance. Last season’s clutter can mean cash in your pocket when you sell or trade your old styles in at the Buffalo Exchange. But fabulous outfits for exceptional prices aren’t the only reasons to take notice of this trendy trade post. According to the Buffalo Exchange Web site, what began as a small business venture for Kerstin and Spencer Block in Tucson, Ariz., 33 years ago has spawned into a nationwide chain -- bringing new and recycled fashions to chic cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago,

New York and now Fullerton. “I like the styles and brand names they have for the prices,” said Amber Van Arsdale, a 25-year-old frequent shopper from Anaheim. “You can always find something to fit your personal taste.” Trends, fabrics, cuts and styles are all factored into items bought and resold at the Buffalo Exchange. If hauling back your trade-ins isn’t an option, the Buffalo Exchange also donates all un-bought merchandise to local nonprofit organizations. By participating in store wide events they give every thrifty shopper a chance to snatch a deal and support a cause. From Nov. 1, through Saturday, Earth Day, all locations accepted real fur donations to give to the Humane Society of the United States. The fur gloves, trims or jackets you can do without will be reused by the Humane Society to nestle orphaned

and injured wildlife into warm fur bedding. In addition, as a special Earth Day promotion, the exchange offered all sale items for a dollar. This year’s proceeds from all 29 locations will benefit the Center for Environmental Health. The company also accepts prom dresses at any of their Orange County locations; a selected prom dress will then be donated to a young girl in LA County foster care. Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children of Los Angeles will distribute the remaining dresses to hundreds of high school girls at their Glamour Gown event. “As long as companies are giving back, it’s always great,” said Yathida Nipha, a 25-year-old shopper. Alexa Engleman, coordinator for the Public Interest Litigation department at the center, said she’s enthusiastic about Buffalo Exchange’s commitment to making their consumer products safer. “It’s certainly a homegrown company with a responsive environmental ethic,” Engleman said. Research by the center prompted the Buffalo Exchange to cease selling costume jewelry that contained toxic lead. What began as a small town shop in 1974, eager to be known as the first to promote business on consignment, has become a nationwide trading, selling and buying bonanza where shoppers can get cash for clutter, a bargain for a buck and even a purpose for a purchase.


Make-up Sex The only thing better than sex is make-up sex. In fact, I’ve found myself starting fights with former flames just to get to the “screw and make-up” part. Almost all of us can relate to this: In the beginning of a relationship, both parties are so lovey-dovey it’s nauseating. In the next stage, there are a few spats, and that’s where make-up sex steps in. Now here’s where things get really interesting to me; in the next phase, the fights become more frequent and a little more intense, and so does the sex afterwards. Apparently there’s something oh-so-potent about sheer pissed off-ness that has the potential to turn into some unleashed, roughand-tumble roll in the hay. I’m not sure if I’d go quite this far, but according to a friend, I once was nearing the status of poster girl for makeup sex. Let’s face it though, in my own defense, sometimes relationships get so vanilla that you just have to spice things up in order to stay interested. And

really, there’s nothing like a good fight to allow some guys to really let loose in bed. Admittedly, having sex to end an argument probably isn’t the healthiest thing, and it’s probably a little wrong in some ways. But I don’t care who you are; in any serious relationship, the situation is bound to pop up. Some words to the wise about make-up sex: It has to be consensual. There’s a difference between “No” and “No, oooh, yes.” Ask any cop, and they’ll tell you I’m right. It also has to benefit both people. If you’re making up, then both parties should leave the table, or bed, or whatever, happy. Finally, don’t rely on make-up nookie to fix every dispute you might have. Sometimes, it’s just smarter to walk away from an unhealthy relationship…even if the sex is mind-blowing.

Student Specials

Day Spa

(must mention your are a CSUF student when booking)

Complete Day Spa and Nail Salon featuring: • Full waxing studio including female Bikini and Brazilian (all bare down there) • Manicure / Pedicure $25 • Gel Nails - Encourages natural nail growth, strong beautiful nails without the odor $24, with tips $28 • Massage Therapy Full hour only $49 • Signature Facial only $49 • Eyelash Extensions $90 OFF full set • Eyelash perming and tinting 20% OFF • Coming Soon Tanning Services

Boogaloos Day Spa

217 N. Harbor Downtown Fullerton, CA 92832 714-992-4544 Open on weekends and late Thursday nights

$10 OFF Brazilian Waxing - or 20% OFF All other waxing


music Relient K

Capitol File under: Pop punk going strong If Blink 182 and The Beach Boys had a baby and had him baptized, his name would be Relient K. The young pop-punk band is going strong with their fifth album in seven years. It wasn’t long ago that the boys from Ohio were discovering the carefree, yet fleeting, days of high school in songs like “Sadie Hawkins Dance,” and “May The Horse Be With You.” The evolution of music and lyrics is evident with each album. The intro song “Plead The Fifth,” sounding much like a track on any Beach Boys album, makes a promise and keeps it with songs like “I’m Taking You With Me,” and “Forgiven.” The piano sets a serious tone reminiscent


WHAT’S of Van Halen’s “Right Now” intro but the upbeat tempo lightens the mood. The use of piano is a recurring theme that is done well and gives them a more grown-up sound. It was something they needed – their deep lyrics are sometimes overpowered by their punk-ness. The last track, “Deathbed,” tells the story of a man looking back on his life as he lies in bed awaiting the inevitable. He looks back regretting years of nicotine addiction and Jim Beam just before a deathbed repentance, which reaffirms the message of God’s grace in “Forgiven.” Switchfoot frontman, Jon Foreman, lends his vocals to this track, but unfortunately he only had time to show up for the last 60 seconds of an 11-minute song. - Michelle E. Ramos Daily Titan Staff Writer


The affecting plot of “Children of Men” is driven by jaw-dropping visuals used almost flawlessly by director Alfonso Cuaron. Set 21 years in the future when women are no longer able to have children, the world is being torn apart as the first-world countries close their borders from the chaos outside. There is hope, however, as Theo (Clive Owen) is entrusted with the protection of what may be the last pregnant woman on Earth. Most recent action films lose viewer


Victory Records File Under: Stealing Back Sunday The first four songs off 1997’s Victory Records debut …A Better View Of The Rising Moon are unexpectedly catchy, but maybe it’s because you could probably guess the albums the band was listening to when they were in the studio. By the fifth track, you’re already looking for Taking Back Sunday’s “Tell All Your Friends” to replace 1997 in the stereo. Because if you’re going to do this sound, why not do it right? Though the female vocals might stir you to grow nostalgic of Straylight Run’s debut, it’s not as emotionally honest as John Nolan’s songwriting. One thing the young Chicago quintet’s full-length does offer up is the addition of the mandolin, banjo,

BUZZ 04.26.07

? harmonica and cello. Though sometimes stretching itself thin for a rather simplistic genre, they do it pretty well on some songs. But without folksinger lyrics to match, the whole bonus sound might come off gimmicky. The best offering on the album is “Garden of Evil,” as it doesn’t try to be some folk ballad or pop-punk anthem. It’s somewhere in between and it works so well. But it might be the only song that keeps the balance and doesn’t try to be a strong suit in just one category. If 1997 kept the 12-song album to a four-song EP, it’d be one of the strongest from the genre in whoknows-how-long. But everyone wants to be the next big thing.

- Jake Kilroy Daily Titan Staff Writer



Rogue Pictures File Under: The new genre of bud-acti-comedy! Welcome to beautiful Sandford, voted best village in all of England. Just watch out for the knife-wielding killer in the black hood and the priest who is packing heat. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, who directed and co-wrote Shaun of the Dead with Pegg, team up once again. Where once they tackled horror flicks, the duo have now turned their unique comedic sights on buddy-cop, action films. SEE What’s the Buzz - PAGE 8


BUZZ 04.26.07




(From page 7)

Pegg stars as Nicholas Angel, the best cop ever to come out of London ‌ maybe a little too good. His co-workers become jealous of Angel’s accomplishments and decide to ship him off to a sleepy little berg out in the country. But Sandford isn’t as sleepy as it looks. When villagers begin turning up dead under suspicious circumstances, Angel must join with his incompetent partner to fight off his doubting fellow cops and find the killer. While it is no Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz is full of the clever, genre-bending comedy that Pegg

By rebecca Hartness/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

joust show - Sir Giam Duke Debracy entices the crowd during an intense joust at the Rennaissance Faire

faire: olde time gala in full garb

(From page 5)

“You should always keep a mug of the realm with you, in which to drink mead ale,� said Irene Kochis of Xavier’s Pottery, a shopkeeper notorious for pointing the direction of the road through her shop. Meanwhile, the amount of entertainment cannot possibly be enjoyed in one day, as many will be distracted with the meeting, courting

and cheering of countless strangers. Many locals are quick to suggest events, while others will send visitors back to the food court to try the Spinach Crepes. Sir William Shakespeare did have something to say of the whole event. “The Renaissance faire is not something that can be summed up by words, it must be experienced. You can talk for hours to what they have never been, and they will have

trouble relating, but if they have, they’ll say, I know what you mean!� said the famous playwright.

Note: Queen Elizabeth was portrayed by Gay Lynn Kirkpatrick, the Faire’s Public Relations manager. William Shakespeare was portrayed by actor/playwright Dan McCann. Mistress Rose was portrayed by Rosalinda Duvan-McKellip, a red-cross volunteer. Pirate Captain James Bellows refused to give his name but acknowledged he is a member of the Brethren of the Coast, a popular band of buccaneers.

and Wright are becoming known for. The movie covers every clichĂŠ that the buddy cop genre packs, including leaping through the air whilst firing two guns and emptying a clip into the air while shouting. The laughs are constant and the storyline is compelling enough to hold the audience for the full two hours. It may not be quite as hilarious as the horror-comedy from Pegg and Wright, but it is far from disappointing. - Johnathan Kroncke Daily Titan Staff Writer

For online exclusive reviews of Hot Fuzz from the girls point of view, the new album by R&B artist Noel Gourdin and indie rockers Jonny Lives! check out The Buzz online at





Buzz - April 26, 2007  
Buzz - April 26, 2007