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Daily Titan

Monday April 16, 2007

The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton

williams-Schlaufman win Run-off Election 2,739 students voted in second ASI election naming a winner By kRISTINA JUNIo

Daily Titan Staff Writer

After the Associated Students Inc. run-off election closed with 2,739 student votes, Heather Williams was elected as Cal State Fullerton’s next ASI president. Williams, who is the current ASI president, won the run-off election with Curtis Schlaufman as her executive vice president. Williams and Schlaufman won with 53 percent of the votes, defeating ASI Vice President Javier Gamboa and Linda Vasquez 1,441 to 1,298. Thirty-six people gathered in the Legislative Chambers of the

Titan Student Union on Thursday night to hear the results. Students expected to see the results at 8:15 p.m. by way of power point but due to technical difficulties they had to wait 30 minutes before the results were read by the ASI commissioner Becky Meza. As Meza read the results the Williams-Schlaufman campaign team screamed, clapped and jumped up to hug each other. Williams was not present because she was in Sacramento preparing for the California Higher Education Student Summit, but she was on a cell phone listening in. “I’m relieved and ecstatic about the results, it’s been a lot of hard work but the work paid off,” Williams said in a phone interview. “It is amazing I haven’t been able to stop smiling.” SEE ASI - PAGE 4

By REBECCA HARTNESS/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

WINNER - Newly voted ASI Vice President Curtis Schlaufman talks to new ASI President, Heather Williams on his cell phone following the results of

the elections as Amy Bach (left) and other supporters celebrate their victory. Williams was unable to be present for the announcement of the results.

Arbor Day at CSUF

CSUF Hosts Resource Fair Welcome to Fullerton Day allows prospective students to visit campus By APRIL VALENCIA

Daily Titan Staff Writer


Daily Titan Staff Writer

A cool breeze swept through many trees over the weekend as Cal Sate Fullerton’s Arboretum kicked off its Arbor Day events. “It’s a celebration of the importance of trees and plants to our everyday world in every way, shape and form,” said Mark Costello, manager of the Friends of the Arboretum. Created in 1872 by Julius Morton, a journalist from Nebraska, Arbor Day was formed to increase awareness of nature and more importantly the conservation of trees. Arbor Day is not only limited to the United States though, it has crossed over into other countries like Japan, where it is correspondingly called Greenery Day. The Arboretum has still been preserving trees since its opening in 1979, but has only held Arbor Day events for the past three years. “Arbor Day has already been going on for us, we’ve had a poster contest with the schools throughout Fullerton, and we took those top five posters that we received from those

By ALINE LESSNER/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

tWO WORDs - Malin Denton, 2, looks at shells during the Activities

Days for Children at the Fullerton Arboretum Saturday classes and sent them up to Sacra- inter relation of nature and trees, to mento,” said Greg Dyment, director the environment,” Costello said. of the Arboretum. The contest winners at the loThe poster contest was held be- cal level were awarded first, second, tween fifth-graders of the Fullerton third and honorable mention ribschool districts. bons during the festivities. The student’s poster topic focused At the state level Lana Han, a on what Arbor Day means. “They [the children] are asked to SEE ARBoR - PAGE 4 draw something about trees and the

Erika Marquez chatted with her family as she walked toward the white tents stretched across Titan Walk. Marquez, an 18-year-old high school senior from Perris, Calif., was one of thousands of incoming freshman students at Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day held Saturday to showcase the different colleges, organizations, and services available on campus. The annual resource fair was coordinated by University Outreach and was available to incoming freshmen and transfer students already admitted to the university for fall 2007, said Delia Tijerina, acting assistant director for University Outreach. For the Marquez family, this event helped steer their daughter in the right direction. “I like that fact that our daughter was able to get the answers she needed because with so many career choices it’s hard to get all the information,” said Daisy Marquez, Erika’s mother. “It was great to see knowledgeable speakers that will help make sure she’s in the right path.” The event organized campus tours every half-hour as well as open houses for admissions and records, Titan Communications and the college of engineering

By CHRISToS PABLICo/For the Daily Titan

Beata Bujalska, senior Philosophy major, and Shari Starrett, the chairwoman of the Philosophy Department, talk to freshmen and transfer students on April 14. and computer science, said Tijerina. Individual colleges and student organizations also set up their own tables with representatives to answer students’ questions, hand out information sheets and flyers, and share the highlights of their areas of focus. Tijerina also said workshops were available, which covered topics such as financial aid, student housing strategies, summer orientation, and freshman programs. “All students here today are here to see what we have to offer,” said Tijerina, who estimated that more than 5,000 admitted freshmen and transfer students attended the three-hour resource fair. “It’s kind of a self-serve day. [Students] come in, look around, and then move forward.” Peggy Bockman, assistant dean for

Student Affairs for the College of Communications, said the event was not only a day to socialize with others, but also a day to learn. “Not only is this an open house to chat and look around, but there’s a whole program of workshops here to provide information to incoming students and their families,” Bockman said. “Our goal is to have students and families leave with the sense that we care about them and that we’re user friendly,” she said. Although the event was aimed toward students, Tijerina said attendees were not the only ones enjoying the day. Representatives for each table par SEE CAmPUS - PAGE 4

Arts Week Spreads Campus Art Awareness College of the Arts hosts free events to promote unity in concentrations By REzA ALLAH-BAkHSHI

Daily Titan Staff Writer

By REzA ALLAH-BAkHSHI/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

ARts WEEk - Animator, David Colman, signs his book, “The Art of Animal Character Design,” for eager art students at Arts Week on Thursday.

Last week Cal State Fullerton’s College of the Arts held their third annual Arts Week. Arts Week is

meant to bring together art students from different concentrations in hopes of spreading awareness and raising knowledge about the arts around campus. “[Arts Week] is basically to promote the Art Department, not only to the whole university, but also within our department,” said Stephanie Kanos, Arts Inter-Club Council events director. Most of the events were free and students were welcomed to partici-

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pate. Whether they were watching the jazz ensemble give a free concert or they went to a watercolor workshop for free lessons, students were encouraged to take the time out to learn. On Monday, Port Jazz Group, an L.A. contemporary jazz band, played a free concert in the Becker Amphitheater. Canvases were set up and if any passing students were inspired to paint to the music all they needed to do was pick up a brush.



“This is our third year … I think it was a really successful year because we had a lot of events going on for Arts Week,” Kanos said. The Art Department brings in guest lecturers from around the art world to come and speak during the week. They also raised funds to bring in bands and high-profile artists to play a show or display their work. SEE ART - PAGE 4

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april 16, 2007

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IN otHeR NewS

CoP BLotteR: Another Denny’s Fight, Petty Theft and Vandalism

NatIoNaL NewS Man Arrested for Murder and Arson QUINCY, Ill. (AP) - a man was arrested of charges of setting his cousin’s house on fire in western Illinois early Sunday and killing her five children, authorities and a relative said. Four other people were injured in the blaze, including one who was airlifted to a Springfield hospital in critical condition, said Quincy police Sgt. Doug Schlueter. a relative said the children’s parents, who tried vainly to save them, were among the injured, and that their father was the most seriously hurt. The bodies of four boys and a girl - ages 5 months to 10 years - were found on the second story, officials said. authorities said they arrested Zachary Q. Meeks, 27, after he was questioned about the fire that began around 3 a.m. in this community along the Mississippi River and about 90 miles west of Springfield.

State NewS Airline Taxes Given to Smaller Airports SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The federal government has taken billions of dollars from the taxes and fees paid by airline passengers every time they fly and awarded it to small airports used mainly by private pilots and globe-trotting corporate executives. Some of these “general aviation” facilities used the federal dollars - more than $7 billion over the past decade - for enhancements such as longer runways and passenger terminals aimed at luring traffic, an associated Press review has found. and the money comes with little oversight, and at the expense of an increasingly beleaguered air transportation system. “They’re making out like bandits,” said Bob Poole, director of transportation studies at Southern California’s Reason Foundation and author of several studies on air transportation costs. “It’s not only that airline passengers are paying more than their fair share, but they’re being overtaxed to give private jets a free ride.”

LoCaL NewS Bid for Simpson Book Put on Hold LOS ANGELES (AP) - an auction for the rights to the canceled o.J. Simpson book “If I Did It” was put on hold after the company that struck the book deal with HarperCollins filed for bankruptcy Friday. The filing by Lorraine Brooke associates in a Florida bankruptcy court means no further action can be taken in regards to the book rights until a federal judge reviews the case. “as far as we know the auction will not be held on tuesday,” said attorney David Cook, who represents slaying victim Ron goldman’s family. The book, in which Simpson explains how he might have committed the killings of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and goldman, has been the subject of a legal battle between the former NFL star and goldman’s family.

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How to Report a Crime To report suspected on-campus crimes, call 714-278-2515. For emergencies call 911.

April 6 2: 17 a.m. Agency Assist Fight inside Denny’s Resturant. ten subjects inside, 20 to 30 out front. 11:16 a.m. Property Vandalism occured in Valencia Dorm. eggs filled with paint and condoms thrown on patio. 9:44 p.m. Suspicious Persons Seven to eight students barbequing near enginerring building. Students were given a warning. April 8 4:20 a.m. Agency Assist

Customer resfused to leave Ms. Donuts. 10:11 p.m. Traffic Accident Driver hit pole outside Langsdorf Hall. a report was taken. 10:44 p.m. Disturbance Three people in the basement of College Park building refused to leave the computer labs after closing. April 9 10:48 p.m. Suspicious Person Four people on top level of the Nutwood parking structure were sitting on inside ledge doing nothing.

April 10 1:13 p.m. Disturbance two females were seen fighting in Lot C. Suspects given a warning. 6:34 p.m. Traffic Accident with Injuries accident involving a school bus and Honda occured near the soccar field. April 11 12:39 a.m. Disturbance Fifteen volleyball players refused to leave gym so custodians could clean area. Subjects given a warning. 2:29 a.m. Suspicious Person

Male in his Late 30s wearing all black was staring into a trash can outside the engineering Center. 9:01 p.m. Disturbance Noises coming from upper level of the State College Parking Structure. Unable to locate subjects. 11:00 p.m. Suspicious Person Report of a male sleeping on table in quad area of new dorms. April 12 9:28 p.m. Suspicious Vehicle Vehicle with no licence plate and door wide open found in State College Parking Structure.

April 16, 2007



Faculty Learn How to Control Stress Workshop teaches positive stress releaving tips and tactics By JENNIFER CHURCH

Daily Titan Staff Writer

By JAZZy GRAZA/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

cOmpEtINg ROugh - Pi Kappa Phi pulls with all their might in the tug of war against Delta Ki. With a strong pull, they grip their way to first place in the tug of war competition.

Greek Week Promotes Charity Five days of activities bring Greek system together in spirit By JENNIFER CHURCH

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Cal State Fullerton’s Greeks were in a Las Vegas state of mind as they closed Greek Week on Sunday at the Titan Student Union. Las Vegas Hotels was the theme this year as fraternities and sororities incorporated it into different events. Costumes ranged from Elvis jumpsuits from the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel to Venetian gondoliers’ trademark striped shirts and wide-brimmed hats from the Venetian Hotel. Greek Week is the culmination of a year’s worth of planning, said coChair Jen Shalabi, 18.

“We started planning on Nov. 6 last year and up to 60 chapters are involved in the event,” Shalabi said. For Shalabi, the lip-syncing competition is one of the most popular contests because people get to perform in costume. The costumes go along with the movie they chose and music is choreographed together to follow the movie’s storyline. Greek Week is five days of activities full of spirit and pride, said biochemistry major Maria Escobar, 25, of the Delta Sigma Chi co-ed fraternity. “It’s kind of like the Olympics,” Escobar said. The sororities and fraternities paraded with their letters and flags as they kicked off the week during last Wednesday’s opening ceremonies. Football, volleyball, softball and tug games also made up the annual event as well as a chalk mural competition. Saturday’s events were held on the soccer field behind the Titan Gym.

Each group took turns rallying for their sorority or fraternity, chanting and waving flags vying for the most spirited group award. Alumni revisited during the event to show their support for their respective groups during competition. The award ceremony on Sunday night ended the five-day event. The award categories are spirit, theme, fundraising, competition and overall, Shalabi said. Escobar said Greek Week is not just about school spirit, Greek letters and winning banners for students’ sorority or fraternity; it is also about charity. Her group sold raffle tickets for Coachella this year. Proceeds from the week’s activities from different organizations will go toward Camp Titan, a program that sends about150 underprivileged Orange County children to the San Bernardino Mountains for a week every June to promote self-awareness and confidence.

Students and faculty alike are susceptible to even more stress, especially as final exams loom in the not-so-distant future. Mackenzie MacSween, certified massage therapist and registered yoga teacher, held a stress relief workshop, “Deal with Stress Better: Learn to Recognize, Refocus and Relax,” for faculty and staff on April 12 with tips that can be used by everyone. “We are in this day and age where multi-tasking is encouraged,” MacSween said. With over three weeks left in the spring semester, the tendency to multi-task is not only encouraged, but also necessary. However, MacSween said people need to change their ideas about stress and learn coping techniques before physical manifestations take hold. The WebMd Web site stated that 43 percent of adults suffer adverse health effects from stress such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, or arthritis, in addition to depression and anxiety. Seventy-five to 90 percent of all doctor visits are for stress-related ailments. “Your body is the biggest stress barometer,” MacSween said. “Stress is the mind struggling with something it can’t change.” People need to be realistic about how much they can take on, how much they think they can do, and know the difference,

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MacSween said, as she introduced the key points of the workshop, the three Rs: Recognize, Refocus and Relax. Recognizing stressors and how they manifest is the first step. People should define what stresses them out and why, MacSween said. Once people recognize the stressor, they can move on to one of three course of actions: abolish, avoid exposure to the stressor, or alter the way they interact with the stressor, she said. “The more you know about how some things aren’t working for you, the more you can work on it,” MacSween said. Refocusing involves requiring people to shift the attention to themselves actively. “Don’t take things personally,” MacSween said. “It’s not always

about you.” Another suggestion she made was making a conscious effort to “be here now.” MacSween suggested focusing on a singular task at hand, instead of living in the past or future. Lastly, MacSween taught breathing techniques designed to calm the mind and relax the body. She said deep breathing exercises assists in calming the mind as fast as three minutes. She also suggested doing something fun but also quiet and relaxing. It takes discipline and practice to de-stress, MacSween said, but consider this: 20 minutes of relaxation is equivalent to one hour of sleep. MacSween is the assistant coordinator at the Center for Successful Aging at CSUF and teaches stress management and yoga classes through the Employee Wellness Program.

By BETH STIRNAMAN/For the Daily Titan

StRESSED - Mackenzie MacSween talks with workshop attendees on how to effectively deal with stress in the College Park Building.


ARBoR: DAy oF EVENTS From Page 1 fifth-grade Fullerton student, won second place. “We don’t go to the nationals because we didn’t win the state, but we are very proud of the second place,” said Mary Haller, head of the volunteer and educational committee of the Friends of the Arboretum. Put on by the group, the festivities started at 10 a.m. “It’s a fun event, it’s for kids and families and there is a variety of activities,” Costello said. It began with a nature walk that was designed to lead attendees along a calm and informative stroll through the different collections of trees the Arboretum offers. The collections included four groups of trees, which are the Woodlands, the Mediterranean, the Desert and the Cultivated collections. Each section had its own feature and there were 30- to 45-minute tour guides to lead people through the 26acre garden botanical, Costello said. Continuing throughout the day, a tree-planting ceremony also took place. This year a Ginkgo Biloba that can grow upwards of 115 feet was planted in the Woodlands collection. “The Arboretum staff, they dig the hole, they prepare the tree and as a part of the ceremony let some of the kids throw some dirt in it,” Costello said. “We kind of stage it ahead of time.”



By ALINE LESSNER/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

RUNNING AROUND - Johnatan Barfell, age 2, runs around trying to fly a kite at the Fullerton Arboretum’s Arbor Day Celebration Saturday A picnic in the meadow was also planned. Families were encouraged to bring large picnic baskets and stay the whole day, but were asked to not feed the ducks, Haller said. The festivities, which were mainly aimed at children, also included Art in the Garden where children could explore their creative side. At colored booths children were able to paint self-portraits, hear stories, create collages and draw pic-

tures of fish while parents sat watching and taking pictures. Artists Chuck Close, Matisse and Kandinsky were on hand to help. The events lasted until 3 p.m., but the Arboretum staff insisted that there was more to the day than just fun events. “Individuals should take away an awareness of the Fullerton Arboretum … an appreciation of the Arboretum as a urban oasis,” Haller said.

April 16, 2007

ASI: wINNERS DECIDED From Page 1 Schlaufman also had mixed emotions after hearing the good news. “I’m relieved, overwhelmed, excited, and optimistic for the future,” Schlaufman said. “I’m looking forward to improving what we’ve worked on this year, building up ASI, promoting ASI and working with other student groups,” Schlaufman said. “Basically we’re trying to be the best administration that this school has ever seen.” Next year will be Williams second term as ASI president which she said will benefit CSUF students. “I’m looking forward to working with Curtis, I ran with him this year because he is really dedicated and has a lot of passion,” Williams said. “We started a lot of projects this year and we have a lot of ideas but we were new in our positions so it took awhile to adjust and know the limits of what we can and can not do.” The first task for Williams and Schlaufman will be to appoint their executive staff. “They will appoint a staff of four,” said Jill Hanna, ASI vice president of finance. “The director of administration, ASI vice president of finance, director of public relations and di-

rector of governmental relations.” Everyone appointed to their executive staff has to be approved by the Board of Directors. Although the executive staff members will be appointed by Williams and Schlaufman, the positions are available for all students on campus. “Any student who is interested in a position should apply, I encourage students to approach me or Curtis to see what each position entails,” Williams said. “Anyone can apply as long as they meet minimum academic requirement and it’s based on who can do best job for that position regardless of what they’ve been involved in.” Williams said she wants the executive staff applications out next week and have them due shortly after. “I want the staff to be appointed by the second to last board meeting because we need the boards approval,” Williams said, “In case they don’t approve one of the students we’ll have another week to replace them.” Williams and Schlaufman will begin their presidential term July 1. “It’s going to be a lot of hard work to put in, but we love doing our job and I think it’s going to be a great year next year,” Schlaufman said.

as Oopma-Loompas pass out “golden tickets” to students and families. “It seems like people are really going to town with this,” Tijerina said. “It makes me excited to see a campus buzz.” The Extended Education, Centers for Careers in Teaching, and archery team tables all took first place for the college, student services, and student

PRESIDENT: Heather williams EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT: Curtis Schlaufman



From Page 1 ticipated in a competition for the Titan Pride Award, which was given to the team that decorated a table that most effectively displayed the day’s theme of “Your Golden Opportunity.” Tables were decorated with yellow balloons and streamers, faculty and staff handed out golden goodies and one group even had students dressed

ASI Elected Board of Directors 2007


organization categories. For Marquez, who hopes to one day teach mathematics, Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day gave her a taste of what the university has to offer. “There was a lot of information, but you could just walk up to the tables and talk to someone,” she said. “It was open. You could really get a feel of what the campus is like.”


By REzA ALLAH-BAkHSHI/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

TWO WORDS - Vice-President Curtis Schlaufman congratulates Javier Gamboa after the ASI run-off elections. Heather Williams and Schlaufman beat out Gamboa and Linda Vasquez for presidential and vice-presidential positions


ARTS: STANDING Room oNLy From Page 1 They had events scheduled every day except for Friday, with a main gallery opening of “The Way of the Artist” featuring the work of glassartist Richard Marquis on Saturday. Marquis gave a lecture at 4 p.m. about his craft. “There will be standing room only, people will be coming from all over Southern California,” said Dean Harris, assistant dean for Student Affairs for the College of the Arts. People packed the room to get a glimpse of the glass-masters work. The marine environment largely inspires his work and he takes a funky spin on old ideas. With loose shapes and exaggerated color, his influence is vast. On Thursday, David Colman, an animator who has worked for the likes of Sony and Cartoon Network, spoke to a classroom of more than 50 students, most of them animators. He gave them pointers on how to draw and what industry leaders are looking for, and he reviewed portfolios students brought in for tips and hints. “Mr. Colman was very helpful, he has been in the industry,” said Roderick Pio Roda, 20. “His advice helps me as a character designer because he points out strategy and creativity in what we do.” Arts Week ended on Sunday with the Collegiate Jazz All Stars Concert

april 16, 2007



Today’s Computers, Yesterday’s By Johnathan KroncKe

Daily Titan Staff Writer

What kind of world are we living in where “UnO” is the no. 1 downloaded game? That’s right, minigames are taking over america. Gamers all over have given their hearts and minds to the virtual world of puzzles and cards, creating a new demand for an old style of gaming. it seems like minigames can be found everywhere online these days, from mSn to Yahoo. One of the keys to the resurgence of minigames in recent years is their accessibility. These easy-to-find games are enjoyed by gamers, but also by those simply looking for a little mental stimulation. Card games are nothing more than electronic versions of the favorites that many players are already familiar with, freeing them from having to learn any complicated new rules or objectives. Puzzle games, on the other hand, are often based around the same idea with only minor variations. They rely on visual spatial skills and are very easy to learn, giving players that dose of competitive silliness everyone needs in order to survive. “Bejeweled,” for example, is a popular hypnotic puzzler offered

free to play on Web sites like mSn and Yahoo. The idea is to switch the positions of adjacent jewels in order to line up matching colors and score points. Xbox, perhaps the current frontrunner of the minigame genre, has garnered significant attention from the gaming community due to its online arena where minigames can be downloaded. Since its inception, Xbox Live arcade has become a huge hit with gamers flocking to spend their money on old-school games such as “Contra” and “Galaga” as well as classic minigames. “Hexic HD,” similar to “Bejeweled,” comes preinstalled on the hard drive of every premium Xbox 360 and offers a great way to pass the time, combining simple rules and HD graphics. Of course, the inclusion of this engaging puzzler is no coincidence. Game publishers have quickly


The granddaddy of all puzzle games, the Russian sensation “Tetris,” has spawned a new version for a new generation titled “Tetris Evolution,” released last month for the Xbox 360. Essentially, the game itself has not changed much in 20 years, but the main attraction of the new breed is its online capabilities, including scoreboards and the potential to snag up to four players to duke it out for polygon glory. Other “Tetris” clones have also made their way into the new generation of gaming. “Zuma Deluxe,” the latest addition to the popular puzzle series, requires Photo IllustratIon By Petre sPassov/Daily titan players to match like-colored balls in picked up on the desires of their public and have been more than a long string while a stone frog conhappy to oblige with new releases of tinually spits out new balls. not to be outdone by the comold favorites.

petition, Capcom announced this week that it would be releasing four of its classic games for Live arcade, including “Super Puzzle Fighter ii Turbo HD.” The game will also be available for the PC and the PlayStation network. The addictive puzzle fighter is an HD-upgraded version of the original game based on the classic Capcom series “Street Fighter.” The game pits two opponents against one another as they battle for supremacy by forcing colored gems to fall onto each other’s side of the screen while miniature Street Fighter characters pummel each other. For those in need of a break from the puzzlers, Live arcade also features classic card games. “Hardwood Solitaire,” released at the launch of the Live arcade, features over 125 different versions of the solo card game to keep the mind occupied and the skin pale. minigames are made to provide a quick, fun experience for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of other games. They are easily accessible and perfect for the biggest of gamers or for the average person.

apparently, monkeys can Play Video Games too By DorIe turner Associated Press

aTLanTa (aP) - Four-year-old Bernas isn’t the computer wizard his mom is, but he’s learning. Just the other day he used his lips and feet to play a game on a touch-screen monitor as his mom, madu, swung from vines and climbed trees. The two Sumatran orangutans at

Zoo atlanta are playing computer games while researchers study the cognitive skills of the orange and brown primates. Zoo officials hope the exhibit will both raise awareness of the rapidly diminishing wild orangutan population and help reesearchers learn more about the primates. “The more we understand about orangutans’ cognitive processes, the

more we’ll understand about what they need to survive in the wild,” said Tara Stoinski, manager of conservation partnerships for the zoo. The orangutans use a touch screen built into a tree-like structure that blends in with their zoo habitat. Visitors watch from a video monitor in front of the exhibit. in one game, orangutans choose identical photographs or match

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orangutan sounds with photos of the animals – correct answers are rewarded with food pellets. another lets them draw pictures by moving their hands and other body parts around the screen. The pictures are on display in the zoo. The computer games, which volunteers from iBm spent nearly 500 hours developing, test the animals’ memory, reasoning and learning,

then spit out sheets of data for researchers at the zoo and atlanta’s Center for Behavioral neuroscience, a partner in the project. The data will help researchers learn about socializing patterns, such as whether the primates mimic others or learn behavior from scratch through trial and error, said Elliott albers with the Center for Behavioral neuroscience.

This Week’s Games Wii – Bust-a-move Bash! The classic ’80s game brings its jewel-bashing insanity to the Wii this week. if the game wasn’t hectic enough, “Bash” allows up to eight players in a single session. Good luck!

PS2 – Raiden iii UFO interactive releases the latest installment of their popular arial shooter series. “Raiden” combines 3D graphics with old-school, topscrolling action. – Legend of the Dragon The 3D fighter is the latest from The Game Factory in a long line of cartoon-to-game translations. The story pits twin brothers against one another as they do battle using magic bracelets to transform themselves into half-man, half-beast creatures. – Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRiFT 2 With over 180 cars to choose from, players drift their way through the twisting mountains of Japan. Each car is completely customizable to ensure absolute comfort as racers take to the hills.

PS3 – Super Rub-a-Dub Sony has somehow pulled a game out of the rubber ducks and realistic water they originally used to demonstrate their new system’s power. Players will lead a family of rubber ducklings through increasingly difficult mazes that are, of course, filled with obstacles such as bubbles and, later on, sharks.


April 16, 2007

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Call a Locksmith! $1.5 billion. But are pamphlets and tesThat’s what our govern- timonials from the Surgeon ment has spent over the past General really going to coundecade on programs aimed teract the 24/7 inundation at teenagers preaching absti- they are receiving via MTV, nence. My Space, YouTube and all The results of a $7 mil- the other gatekeepers that are lion study that conducted a preaching a far more salacious detailed analysis on wheth- – and effective – message to er or not the contrary? those who We at the have been Daily Titan We might as well think not, exposed to the pro- put the $87.5 million me hearties. abstinence towards chastity belts. The probmessages lem here: a b s o r b e d They might be cheaper, the continthem were and the result would be ued impler e l e a s e d the same. mentation Fr i d a y. of a futile The result – and costly – teenagers – strategy to are having counteract a sex at the same rate they were problem that is caused in part before. Go figure. by upbringing, part by nature Thankfully the powers that and part by social forces that be, in this case our Congress, have a much more everlasting will decide in a few months effect than a program devised whether or not they want to by bureaucrats. There’s nothkeep throwing good money ing wrong with abstinence, after bad at this endeavor – in but the forces that influence this case to the tune of $87.5 one’s decision to have sex or million a year. not are in place by the time Don’t get us wrong. We the first “Keep your legs understand the need to con- crossed” pamphlet is passed stantly remind impression- out in homeroom. We might able teens to keep it in their as well put the $87.5 million pants … pregnancy, STDs, towards chastity belts. They lack of emotional prepared- might be cheaper, and the reness, etc. sult would be the same.

Celebrity Couple Shows Often End in Courtroom Celebrities who put their love lives on TV are guaranteed to find heartache By Jackie kiMMel

Daily Titan Staff Writer

As i was surfing the Associated press Web site looking for interesting briefs to post in the news section, i came upon a “breaking news” story saying that Gretchen Bonaduce had officially filed for divorce from her hell-boy husband and former partridge Family bassist Danny Bonaduce. After thinking to myself, “it’s about damn time,” i suddenly realized how ironic it is that all celebrity couples who host a show about their love lives end up, at one point or another, divorcing or breaking up. America and i watched as numerous bachelors and bachelorettes picked their “dream mate.” We watched as Flavor Flav of public Enemy filtered through a dozen girls on his show “Flavor of Love” to break up with his chosen girl Hoops and begin the whole selection process over again in “Flavor of Love 2.” We watched as Travis and Shanna Barker rocked their way through busy schedules and babies to have them break up and, now, get back together. And who could forget the biggest heartbreak in celebrity couple show’s history: the legendary nick and Jessica divorce only a few years after becoming newlyweds? When will celebrities get the picture? if you try to start a relationship on national television you are doomed to live a life minus half your stuff, with no cameras around to see

it all fall. people love to watch hopeful couples fight the odds and be the ideal perfect couple, but there is no such thing! Celebrities are no better at picking mates than everyone else, they just have a different class of folks to choose from. Many of these couples take on shows to get a little extra money, or maybe for a boost in their falling careers, but either way they should be prepared when the reality (from their reality show) kicks in and things aren’t as great as they seem on film. However, couples that seem to be making huge strides in the couple reality show group are couples who have been married for at least a decade, with children. For example, America fell in love with the osbournes because people could relate to an openly crazy, and somewhat demented, family. not to mention the entertainment in trying to translate ozzy’s ramblings. Another family raking in the reality dough are the Hogans. Each week America watches as one of its beloved entertainment wrestlers Hulk Hogan (a.k.a. Terry Bollea) deals with his animal-loving wife, aspiring “entertainer” daughter Brooke and car-racing son nick. i guess spending time with your family in this day and age means watching and enjoying famous families do what they do. So, for those celebrities who are still single or looking for love, go for it but leave the cameras at work! Reality television may be the norm right now but more often than not, a reality show about love will only end in a courtroom with no cameras to comfort. Watch out Bam and Missy Margera, you’re next!

Ugly Mondays By Jeff


The First Time ... Recently at my frat house, we had the good fortune to discover a couple of virgins in our ranks. in my youth, i saw virginity as a bug that needed to be squashed, eradicated and completely wiped out. i used to think about starting an advocacy group that would basically go around having sex with virgins, until all “cherries” were demolished. But i am a lazy, lazy man. plus, i couldn’t find anyone else to join what was basically my sex cult. But nowadays, having been almost a decade since i shed my virginity like a snake sheds its skin, i am taking a different path. Losing your virginity is a mighty sweet feeling, even if you find out it doesn’t live up to the hype attributed it. But it can also be the worst thing ever. now i’m not talking about STDs, or having to jettison fetuses because the Saran wrap broke, but rather “the urge.” The urge is that feeling that it was so nice that you want to do it again… and again and again and again. You become a fiend for it, crave it, lust for it. if you have a sweet little girlfriend who is willing to throw it out there for you, cool beans man. But if your losing your virginity was a singular event, then you are in for a world of pain. You will have balls as blue as Mexican jewelry, and they won’t fully subside until you get some lovin’ again.

i was fortunate when i lost my virginity that it was to a girlfriend who had so much fun, she was down to go again. My cousin wasn’t so lucky. Hand to god, he lost his virginity in a nicaraguan whorehouse because most of the girls here in the states are frigid bitches who don’t care for large guys with an excess of “body odor.” The same thing goes for these guys we are trying to devirginize at the Sigma nu house – not the body odor thing, but rather the whorehouse thing. in my less than humble opinion, losing your virginity just for the sake of having it gone isn’t the best thing you can do, because until you have sex again, your lame life will be even more miserable. of course there are those who say that it is imperative to lose your virginity right off, that it is one less stigma you have to worry about. But i feel that couldn’t be more wrong. i remember, as a sweet boy of sixteen, how bright, articulate, motivated and happy i was. i wanted to be a rock star turned baseball star turned policeman turned president of the United States. i had ideals and the time to get these things done. That is, if i had stayed a virgin. now i suck down gin like it came out of a tit, and wander the streets baying for something warm and dirty. i don’t want to be president anymore, i don’t think i even remember what a baseball looks like. Virgins beware.

E-mail Jeff at

April 16, 2007



Foreign language Mandatory? By carol roJas

Daily Titan Staff Writer

people say talk is cheap. But that’s not true when it comes to talk of foreign languages in the CSUs. Recently, CSU administrative discussions have revolved around the prospect of making foreign language a general education requirement. if plans for this requirement were solidified, students would be required to take an additional three units of general education in order to graduate. not an easy feat when you consider that taking anywhere from zero to six units will cost an undergraduate student a hefty $732. For some, the cost alone is not the problem. According to the Cal State Fullerton institutional Research and Analytical Studies Web site, the majority of CSUF students are graduating in the five- to six-year time bracket when their degrees can easily be completed in four. That rate is far from alarming when considering that CSUF has the largest student population of all the CSUs. With 35,000 students competing in the registration battle, being able to add a general education class can be a challenge in itself. Many students have experienced the overwhelming sense of defeat when forced to take an extra semester because the Titan online gods decided that the one class they needed to move on with their academic careers would be the one class they couldn’t get. Adding a foreign language requirement would only increase the time it would take for students to graduate. They’d be competing to add one semester of a language they may never learn fluently enough to successfully use in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong. My four years of high school French, lifelong bilingual abilities in Spanish and English, and exploration into portuguese have made me an admirer of language. Learning to communicate with people that speak a different language is not only exhilarating, it’s also a necessary tool in foreign affairs and public diplomacy. When we consider the current political climate brimming with international war zones, genocide and human rights violations, being able to understand each other becomes vital to the future of humankind. The truth, however, is that forcing someone to take a language class so late in life will have very little impact on their long term language abilities. Studies have shown that the younger you are, the easier it will be to immerse yourself in another language. According to the Center for Applied Linguistics Web Site, children who study foreign language in elementary school, and continue studying the language for a number of years, have a better chance of developing a high level of foreign language proficiency than students who attempt to learn a foreign language after their time in elementary school. instead of forcing students to fork out their much needed cash in a last stitch effort to push a little culture on to the CSU population, why not appeal to the public school systems to start teaching foreign language at an earlier age? After all, unless the average 18year-old college freshman is going to make a lifelong commitment to learning a new language, being forced to take only three units worth seems pretty pointless to me.

LETTERS To THE EDiToR Any feedback, positive or negative, is encouraged, as we strive to keep an open dialogue with our readership. The Daily Titan reserves the right to edit letters for length, grammar and spelling. Direct all comments, questions or concerns, along with your full name and major, to executive editor Adam Levy at

reBecca Hartness/Daily Titan Illustrator

Howard’s Private Parts Not That Big After All By adaM levy

Daily Titan Executive Editor

Don imus is the most hated man in America right now, and for good reason. He insulted a group of innocent student athletes, corrupting their moment of joy – a moment they worked toward their whole lives. Trying to do damage control, he dug himself an even deeper hole, using the phrase “you people” when talking about blacks to the Rev. Al Sharpton, essentially cementing the public’s opinion of his bigotry. Hearing that he was fired was a relief, promoting ideals that public displays of racism have no place in 2007. Here Here! All that said, there is a voice that should have piped up in his defense – and that voice belongs to Howard Stern. The two have been inexorably linked for the past 25 years. The new York-based shock jocks feuded throughout their tenure at WnBC in the ’80s and later on when the two became head-to-head competitors. They don’t like each other, never have and never will. Stern was the guy who battled the FCC for years, the bad boy who was so bad he had to take his potty

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mouth to a different format where he’d be free of government fines and public scrutiny. That meant leaving his huge national syndicated audience and hitching his wagon into a much smaller frontier where his ratings are a shell of what they once were, becoming somewhat of a martyr to the cause (if you don’t count the millions he made during the transition). Suspend your thoughts on the imus issue itself – what he said was wrong and now he’s paying the appropriate price for the indiscretion. What’s perplexing is that Stern – whose radio show features plenty of politically incorrect banter comparable to what imus is on the hot seat for – was one of the first to jump on the “Down with imus” bandwagon after years of being the poster boy for free speech on the radio. He didn’t need to defend imus’ actions per se, rather the idea that “they’re only words, if you don’t like it change the station.” instead he laughed at imus’ fumbling of the situation and rooted for the termination to take place. What he did was take a golden opportunity to defend a principle he has expounded for the past quarter century and passed it up for the chance to fire off a coup de gras at a wounded rival.

in a moment that demanded gumption, Howard instead let his ego get in the way of the battle he has forever waged. He proved that his battles were not that of a brave

entertainer but rather a self-promoting megalomaniac keeping his name in the headlines, fighting a cause he really wasn’t so passionate about after all.

TiTAnS TALK BACK “A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.”

EDiToR: Regarding John Sakata’s “ASi Election process a Disappointment 4/12.” i’m sorry you feel so disappointed. Maybe it would help if you paid attention to the entire election instead of just observing that one candidate (which i’m sure you were biased against anyway) serving pizza to students of our school. But i must ask, if ASi can provide lunch for student voters, then why can’t the candidates? Give your peers some credit. We’re not all so mindless that we’d be so easily persuaded by pizza. if you’re going to talk about a “mockery of the democratic process” in need of some change, look at the very paper you are writing for, a paper which finds it acceptable to put a big penis on the front page. it is this same paper that decided to put the Gamboa/Williams article one day,

then put in the “other guys” on another day, isolating them from their oponents. “one vote, your vote, doesn’t matter?” it mattered last week between races for the Board of Directors, where some people won by just a small margin. oh wait, the results of Board of Directors were never mentioned either. “it fuels an ideology for future presidential candidates, that substance doesn’t matter in runing in future ASi elections.” This article itself just fuels the idea that just about anyone can write about their opinions with no substantial research. if you’re so concerned with someone representing our university in Sacramento, then go run yourself next spring and see how easily it is to campaign with these guidelines you think should be set forth. Christine Hernandez




Gollhardt and Baker. The Titans extended their lead the following inning with a RBI single by Gollhardt. Baker still was effectively wild, not giving up a hit until the sixth inning. The 49ers got their first run of the game off of three walks and a hit bat-

ter. Their second came in the sixth off an RBI single by Beaver. Weekley came into the game in the seventh to pick up the save. Expectations have been high for the Titans this year, ever since they were picked to win the Big West during the pre-season. “Winning the Big West is one of our goals,” Gromacki said. The Titans come back to play against Pacific next Saturday.

BY CArLOS DELGADO/Daily Titan Staff Photographer SQUARING AROUND – Cal State Fullerton softball player Jessica Doucette goes to attempt and lay down a bunt in a game earlier this season. “Winning the Big West is one of our goals,” Titan Head Coach Michelle Gromacki said.

April 16, 2007

Titans Baseball Sweeps UC Davis BY SHAWN TrONDSEN

Daily Titan Staff Writer

The Cal State Fullerton baseball team completed a sweep of UC Davis on Sunday afternoon, winning both games of a double header at Dobbins Baseball Complex. The Titans and Aggies played both games on Sunday due to a rainout Saturday night. In the first game scheduled at 10 a.m., Evan McArthur was 3-for-4 with two runs batted in to lead the Titans to a 6-3 victory over UC Davis. Jeff Kaplan used the extra rest to his advantage, allowing only three runs in six and two-thirds innings pitched to earn the victory, his sixth win of the year. Adam Jorgenson earned his fifth save of the season in relief of Kaplan. Fullerton was on the board early, scoring its first three runs in the top of the second. The inning was capped off when Joe Scott pulled off a bases-loaded squeeze bunt with a full count. Fullerton won the second game 9-8 Sunday afternoon in a shortened eight innings. No new innings were to be started after 5 p.m. due to the Titans’ travel plans. Matt Wallach went 3-for-4 and drove in two runs. Wallach was just a home run short of hitting for the cycle. Joe Scott also had a stellar offensive game, going 3-for-3 with a run batted in.

Clark Hardman went 2-for-5 with an RBI as well. UC Davis made the game interesting in the bottom of the sixth. The Aggies scored five runs to shorten CSUF’s lead, but the Titans were able to hold on to secure the victory. Jorgenson pitched the eighth inning and earned his second save of the day and sixth of the season. On Friday, CSUF won the opener of the series 9-2 with the help of their ace hurler, Wes Roemer. Roemer pitched eight innings, allowing only two runs on seven hits, with two walks, while striking out five to earn his fifth win of the season. The Titans’ ace retired 16 of the first 18 batters he faced before allowing two runs in the sixth inning on four hits. Aggies starter Trevor Fox allowed seven of the nine Titan runs in his five innings of work. Nick Mahin was responsible for two of those runs, one off a double to right, and the second off a sacrifice fly. Mahin finished Friday night going 2-for-2. CSUF - coming into the series ranked No. 18 in the nation, is now 23-12 overall after the sweep of the Aggies (12-21). The Titans return to Goodwin Field this weekend to face conference foe Pacific on Friday and Saturday night, then a third game Sunday afternoon. They will then head to Los Angeles on Tuesday night for a one-game stand against USC.


... And One BY Jonathan Saavedra

The NBA’s Most Surprising Teams As the regular NBA season inches towards its finish line, there are some surprises that stand out in the playoff standings. Some teams have sprung their way up into a playoff spot while others plummeted their way into the lottery. One of the league’s most surprising teams of 2006-07 is the Toronto Raptors. The team finished 27-55 last season only to bounce back with a 46-33 record, its first ever Atlantic division title and first playoff appearance in five years. The Raptors got busy shaking things up after their rather forgettable season. Team president and general manager Bryan Colangelo immediately made his presence felt in his first off-season with Toronto. He drafted Italy’s Andrea Bargnani with the No. 1 pick, traded for T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and Kris Humphries, extended Chris Bosh’s contract, and signed international players Anthony Parker and Jorge Garbajosa. Colangelo is the same guy who helped turn the Phoenix Suns into one of the league’s elite teams, so it shouldn’t be a shock that Toronto is better this year. But to improve by about 20 games in just a season is pretty noteworthy.

Can Toronto take the East? Considering how anemic the Eastern conference is, they have as much of a shot as any other team. But as long as Detroit and Miami are around, I wouldn’t hang my hat on Chris Bosh & Co. making the finals. The Raptors aren’t the only team that catapulted itself into the playoffs. The Utah Jazz have quietly improved from last season’s 41-41 record and have won the Northwest division title. Utah hasn’t won a division title in seven years and hasn’t seen playoff action since the 2002-03 season. In a powerhouse conference featuring San Antonio, Dallas and Phoenix, it’s easy to forget about the Jazz. It makes it even harder to remember that Utah is sporting a 49-31 record considering the team doesn’t have a superstar with the fire power of Steve Nash, Tim Duncan or Dirk Nowitzki. While Utah has improved and legitimized itself as a contender, it’s difficult to foresee the team succeeding against the aforementioned juggernauts that dominate both their conference and the NBA.

Jonathan Saavedra’s columns appear every Monday.

april 16, 2007

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April 16, 2007


Robinson Celebrated By Major Leagues


Long Beach State takes two out of three from CSUF in weekend series BY STEVEN WALTERS

Baseball pioneer paved the way for integration in professional baseball

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The Long Beach State 49ers softball team (20-21, 4-5 Big West) defeated the Cal State Fullerton Titans 5-1 in a Big West Conference match up Sunday to take the weekend series two games to one at the 49er softball complex. The loss was especially tough to handle for CSUF since Cal Poly San Luis Obispo won both of their games on Saturday, pushing their record to 8-0 in the Big West – but lost to Cal State Northridge 7-6 Sunday. The Titans could have tied Cal Poly SLO (32-10, 8-1 Big West) for first place in the Big West if they had won Sunday. On Saturday, the Titans (25-17, 7-2 Big West) were unable to keep their undefeated conference play streak alive as they lost to the 49ers in the second game of their doubleheader 3-0 at the 49ers’ softball complex. Long Beach State starting pitcher Kelly Cross picked up the win in the second game, pitching a complete

Associated Press The Dodgers solemnly lined up along the third-base line, each and every one wearing No. 42. Jackie Robinson broke major league baseball’s color barrier on April 15, 1947, with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the sport celebrated the 60th anniversary of his debut throughout the country Sunday, when more than 200 players, managers and coaches wore his number. “I’ve often said that baseball’s most powerful moment in its really terrific history was Jackie Robinson’s coming into baseball,” commissioner Bud Selig said during an on-field ceremony before the Dodgers played the San Diego Padres. “It’s an incredible story not just for baseball, but for society. Jackie was an American hero and the ultimate barrierbreaker. Threats to his life were commonplace. Yet Jackie took everything hate-mongers had to offer him. Not only is he a baseball Hall of Famer, he’s a Hall of Famer for all-time.” Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson threw out ceremonial first pitches, and fellow Hall of Famers Joe Morgan and Dave Winfield were on hand, joined by actors Courtney B. Vance and Marlon Wayans. Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Adding a personal touch were Robinson’s widow, Rachel, and two Dodgers who knew him. Broadcaster Vin Scully paid tribute to Rachel Robinson, and Don Newcombe, Robinson’s former teammate and a longtime Dodgers executive, looked on. At the 50th anniversary ceremony, at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1997, then-President Clinton spoke and Selig announced Robinson’s No. 42 was being retired by all major league teams. The only player wearing No. 42 then who remains active is New York Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera. After Cincinnati’s Ken Griffey Jr. asked for permission to wear the number Sunday, Selig invited others to use No. 42 for the day. This year’s national celebration was centered at Dodger Stadium, not far from where Robinson grew up in Pasadena. He would become the first athlete to earn letters in four sports at UCLA, and he served in the U.S. Army during World War II before making his debut with the Dodgers at age 27. The Brookinaires Gospel Choir from The First African Methodist Episcopal Church sang “Oh Happy Day,” a Robinson favorite. Twin logos acknowledging Robinson were painted on both sides of the plate with another behind second base, and “Jackie Robinson Day” was printed on the bases. There was a video tribute with Morgan and Aaron among those participating. And several current players expressed their thanks to Robinson. Selig presented Mrs. Robinson with the Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award for her work with the Jackie Robinson Foundation, formed in 1973 to raise scholarship money for qualified minorities. Robinson died in October 1972 at age 53. “She’s made an enormous impact on our sport,” Selig said. “We are an institution with enormous social responsibilities. She keeps us focused on that.” Then, speaking to Mrs. Robinson, Selig said: “You not only made baseball better, more important you made society better.” “Whites inside only” and “Coloreds entrance” were signs of the time when Robinson played his first game at Ebbets Field. He was subjected to racist remarks from players and fans alike. But Dodgers executive Branch Rickey made Robinson his choice to break the color barrier because he believed he was mature enough and tough enough to survive and thrive.

Titans Softball Not Quite Up To Par

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NO DOUBT - Cal State Fullerton’s Bobby Brown [#3] goes hard to the hole in a Big West Tournament game against Pacific this past season. The Titans won 100-92 in two overtime periods and advanced to the semifinals as Brown led all scorers with 30 points. He was 11-for-23 from the field and 7-for-8 from the free throw line. In the Titans’ basketball postseason banquet, Brown, a senior, was named the Titans’ Most Valuable Player for the 200607 season after averaging 20.2 points per game and leading his team to a 20-10 overall record. Brown broke the record for most points scored in CSUF history, setting his final mark at 1,961 points. Recognized as a professional basketball prospect, Brown was an All-Big West Conference selection for the second time in his career. Other Titans recognized at their banquet included forward Scott Cutley, who picked up the Andrew Awad Award for his inspired play during this past year, and guard Marcus Crenshaw, who picked up the most improved award.

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3rd Annual Golf Classic

Benefiting Victims of Domestic Violence Location: Coyote Hills Golf Course When: May 6, 2007 To purchase tickets call Whitney @ (925) 348-1445

game while only giving up three hits. The 49ers got to Titans’ starting pitcher Jessica Doucette early, getting a run in the first inning on a RBI double by Jessica Beaver. Doucette got herself into trouble in the fourth inning by walking the first batter she faced, then hitting Brooke LeSage two batters later to move Jessica Beaver into scoring position. Brianna Goad then hit a single to score Beaver from second base, plating the second run of the game. The 49ers added another run in the sixth off of reliever Brooke Weekley. “Long Beach came out and got timely hits, and we didn’t,” Titans Head Coach Michelle Gromacki said. The Titans won the first game of the doubleheader 3-2 behind a gutsy pitching performance by Candice Baker. Baker struggled to find the plate, walking five and hitting two others. However, she was able to compose herself when she needed to and get out of jams, only allowing two runs. After falling behind 1-0 the Titans got two runs in the fourth inning off of RBI doubles from Katie


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