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Thursday March 22, 2007

The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton

Union Authorizes Faculty To Strike A total of 8,129 (81 percent) of union members cast a ballot in the beginning weeks of March, with a 94 percent majority voting in favor of a strike. Tallies for each campus were not available. “We are still in hopes of reachBy yvonne villarreal Daily Titan Staff Writer ing a settlement,” Travis said. “But the vote demonstrates a faculty that is fed up and a faculty ready to walk off the job.” After weeks of voting across CaliThe labor negotiating period, fornia State University’s 23 campus- required under state law, ends es, California Faculty Association Monday—ten days after the factmembers overwhelmingly voted in finding report favor of a series was issued. The of two-day rollreport contains ing strikes if a recommendaI call upon Chancellor contract settletions by an inment fails to be Reed to return to the dependent mereached. table ... and settle this diator on how to Results were resolve the concontract. announced tract dispute. We d n e s d a y – Gloria Romero “In the name at Cal State Professor of psychology and of higher eduDominguez Hills union member cation … I call after the Los Anupon Chancelgeles chapter of lor Reed to rethe League of turn to the table Women Voters counted and certified … and settle this contract,” said the ballots. Gloria Romero, union member John Travis, president of the and professor of psychology. union, deemed the event a “historic A two-day rolling strike, where day for faculty” since it marked “the campuses will strike at different first time they [faculty] have voted on whether or not to conduct a strike.” SEE STRIKE - PAGE 3

Rolling strikes could begin as soon as April if negotiations fail

By CARLOS DELGADO/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

SILENT SUPPORT - Cal State University students and faculty listen to a press conference at Cal State Dominguez Hills which announced that 94 per cent of Cal State University faculty members voted to hold a two-day rolling strike sometime in April. The strike will be the first in CSU history.

Conference Builds Bridges Between Educators and Community Speakers stress focusing on social worlds rather than ethnicity By colleen barrett

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Cal State Fullerton hosted the first-ever California Latina/o Mental Health Conference to address issues

specific to mental health workers in the Latino community. The theme of the conference was “Building Personalismo (personalism), Simpatia (sympathy), and Competence among Mental Health Providers Serving the Latino Community.” CSUF, the California Latino Psychological Association, the California Psychological Association and Pepperdine University sponsored the conference, which was held March 17 in the Titan Student Union.

“We are trying to capture values within the Latino community that are very important and I think we are really trying to build a bridge between providers and the Latino community,” said Olga Mejia, assistant counseling professor at CSUF and California Latino Psychological Association president. “Quite often there are researchers, there are educators, there are clinicians, and there is the community; and there isn’t a bridge connecting all of us together, so that is what we really wanted to

capture.” The conference began with a keynote address from Steve Lopez, professor of psychology, psychiatry, and Chicana/o Studies at UCLA. Lopez discussed a shift from looking at culture as simply ethnicity to instead looking at people’s social worlds. “I encourage you all to challenge yourselves and to challenge your colleagues about cultural notions and about cultural attributions; and to go beyond ethnic labels and really grasp the individual experience,” Lo-

Biology Students Get Research Experience By daralyn schoenewald Daily Titan Staff Writer

The Southern California Ecosystems Research Program is offering undergraduate biology students at Cal State Fullerton a unique opportunity: an independent research project. Director Bill Hoese said SCERP is funded by the National Science Foundation’s Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology program. “The program is designed to give students research experience and an introduction to the field of ecology and environmental biology. It really helps prepare them for graduate work in those fields,” he said. There are three major components of SCERP, Hoese said. SCERP scholars must complete a summer field course wherein three different types of Southern Califor-

nia environmental habitats are studied, he said. The summer course involves learning about those habitats and ecosystems, then using that knowledge to investigate a short research problem, Hoese said. “One project we did was at Newport Bay. We had to get there really early during low tide. It was hard, but it was also a lot of fun,” said Cory Castro, 24, a biology major and current SCERP scholar. In the fall, SCERP scholars work with one of 13 professors to develop, design and run a research project. They will collect the results of their research, analyze it, present their results at meetings and conferences and write a senior thesis, Hoese said. The third component of the program involves a weekly meeting where issues such as career development and graduate schools are discussed. “We invite researchers to come in

for Latinos. Eduardo Morales, Founder and Executive Director of AGUILAS, an outreach program for gay and bisexual Latinos, hosted the workshop on “Changing the HIV Epidemic.” Morales discussed a new approach to HIV prevention by working “from the ground up” in the community, using tools like the El Ambiente program that specifically targets HIV SEE LATINO - PAGE 3

The Benefits of Even Higher Education By Orior Tippens

Daily Titan Staff Writer


LOOK CLOSELY - Amy Arispe, a student with the Southern California Ecosystems Research Program, uses an instrument called a pressure bomb. and talk about their work, we invite to know your professors really well graduate students to talk about their because you build a working relaexperiences and we work on person- tionship with them. Before SCERP, al statements that are used for grad I’d never go to a professor’s office school applications,” Hoese said. hours to ask for help. But after, I’d Leslie Buena, 25, was a SCERP go often,” she said. scholar in 2004. She said she was After completing the two-year torn between dental school and program in a year, Buena gradu studying ecology before applying to the program. SEE SCERP - PAGE 3 “When you join SCERP, you get

next week Vacation


Spring Break


The Daily Titan will not publish next week while the campus is closed. We hope you have a great vacation!

pez said. The conference also offered six workshop sessions with speakers from the Latino mental health community. The sessions included Cultural Themes in the Contemporary Latino Family, Indigenous Healing in Chicano/Latino Mental Health, How Gang Culture Masks Bipolar Symptoms in Latino Gang Members, Migration as Trauma, Outreach and Engagement from a Cultural Perspective, and Changing the HIV Epidemic: New Strategies

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For many students at Cal State Fullerton, graduating does not mean the end of a college education. According to CSUF’s Department of Institutional Research and Analytical Studies, 1,131 students were enrolled in the fall 2005 academic semester seeking a master’s degree. In addition, 556 graduate students worked on other post-baccalaureate/ credential programs. The most popular among the graduate programs are the College of Humanities and Social Services’. During the 2005-2006 school year, 384 students were enrolled in the College’s graduate program. “You only go through college to get a real experience on life after you finish, and you might as well get the most out of it,” said Alex Peralta, 21,



an electrical engineering major undergraduate who plans on returning to the CSUF campus after graduation for further education. Out of the 2,356 graduates on campus during the 2005-2006 academic year, only 999 previously attended CSUF, while the other students previously attended another college. “Many of them are individuals who have been out of a university for two or three years, and quite often they want a more professional position or a change in employment. They often discover the importance of a master’s degree, especially if they seek a high management position,” said Ray Young, associate vice president of academic programs. The U.S. Census Bureau shows financial success for students who SEE DEGREE - PAGE 3

TOMorrow Sunny Skies High: 74 Low: 53

Sunny Skies High: 74 Low: 53


March 22, 2007

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House Panel Approves Subpoenas for Top White House Aides WASHINGTON (AP) - A House panel on Wednesday approved subpoenas for President Bush’s political adviser, Karl Rove and other top White House aides, setting up a constitutional showdown over the firings of eight federal prosecutors. By voice vote, the House Judiciary subcommittee on commercial and administrative law decided to compel the president’s top aides to testify publicly and under oath about their roles in the firings. The White House has refused to budge in the controversy, standing by embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and insisting that the firings were appropriate. White House spokesman Tony Snow said that in offering aides to talk to the committees privately, Bush had sought to avoid the “media spectacle” that would result from public hearings with Rove and others at the witness table.

YouTube Picks of the Day Title: Dancing Dora (Josh Witsell aka J-way)

Duration: 5:44 How We Found It: through a friend Summary: See Dora the Explorer doing something you’ll never see her do on her television show. The clip has Josh Witsell, also known as J-way, dressed in a Dora costume while dancing to “Chicken Noodle Soup” by DJ Webstar. Dora starts off pacing back and forth as if preparing for a battle on the dance floor. Dora performs the “Chicken Noodle Soup” dance moves effortlessly hopping back and forth from foot to foot. She proves that she can definitely let it rain than clear it out. Dora also dances to a Sean Paul song while imitating his side-step dancing only to do it better than Sean Paul himself, adding moves that Sean Paul can never do. Watching Dora dance can be quite entertaining, but watching J-way do all those moves with such fluid ease without falling over, while wearing Dora’s big head is even more amusing, and if you stick around until the end you can watch Dora c-walk. -Kristina Junio

LOCAL NEWS California Transportation Department Shields Contracts LOS ANGELES (AP) - The California Transportation Department shielded from public view details of at least 290 contracts worth more than $13 million, though there is no record the agency was given authority to strike the information from state records, an Associated Press investigation has found. The contracts labeled “confidential” and in many cases awarded without competitive bidding went out between 2002 and 2006 and ranged from $10,000 to more than $1 million. They authorized payments of up to $7,000 per day to experts in various fields for their testimony or legal opinions. The Department of General Services, which has authority over a huge tracking system of state contracts, requires agencies to seek permission before masking information in the records as confidential.

California Car Crash Lawsuit Filed Over Defective Tire LOS ANGELES (AP) - A lawsuit claims a defective tire caused a pickup truck crash on a Southern California freeway that killed five family members. The suit, filed Tuesday in federal court, accuses Continental Tire North America Inc. of wrongful death, negligence, product liability and breach of implied warranty. It was filed on behalf of two women whose mother, father and 4-year-old brother died in the March 15 crash. Two others died and two children were hurt when the 2000 Ford F-150 pickup went out of control on Interstate 10 in Ontario, struck a tree and then a wall. The cause of the crash remained under investigation but a left rear tire that lost its tread was taken by the California Highway Patrol for examination.

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Title: Happy Feet vs. Walk It Out


Duration: 2:00 How We Found It: through a friend Summary: DJ Unk should have considered casting the Happy Feet penguins for his “Walk it Out” video. In this cute animated clip, DJ Umer Productions cleverly blends the penguins’ dance steps to DJ Unk’s hit song “Walk it Out.” The blue, purple, yellow and green lights changing in the background give the scene a club effect as the penguins battle it out on the ice floor. The youngsters take on the penguins in power before the whole waddle (group) joins in with them to walk it out. Watch the Happy Feet penguins getting down on their icy dance floor and it’ll change your view of the “Walk It Out” dance forever. -Kristina Junio SEND US YOUR FAVORITE YOUTUBE VIDEOS; SEND TO NEWS@DAILYTITAN.COM


STRANGER THAN CHICAGO (AP) - An off-duty police officer in street clothes was caught on video by a bar surveillance camera beating up a female bartender half his size after she cut off his drinks, authorities said. Anthony Abbate, a 12-year veteran of the Chicago force, was charged with aggravated battery and placed


on leave pending an internal investigation in the attack Feb. 19 as several bystanders watched, department spokeswoman Monique Bond said Wednesday. The video from Jessie’s Short Stop Inn Tavern, shown on television around the nation, shows the 250pound Abbate shouting at the 115-

pound bartender, then walking behind the bar and punching, kicking and throwing her to the ground. The woman suffered bruises to her head, neck, back and lower body. Her attorney, Terry Ekl, did not immediately return a call Wednesday. He told WFLD-TV that the attack began after the bartender refused to

serve Abbate. Abbate, 38, was arrested Tuesday night at his home. Bond said authorities were notified of the incident on Feb. 21 but were unable to locate Abbate until mid-March. He was held on $70,000 bond Wednesday. His lawyer didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

March 22, 2007


times for two days each, could occur as early as April if negotiations are unsuccessful. California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed said in a statement posted on the CSU Web site: “We hope that [Wednesday’s] announcement does not signal a predetermined outcome on behalf of the faculty union. However, if the faculty union conducts any type of concerted activity, the CSU has in place contingency plans on its 23 campuses to ensure minimal disruption to students and its employees, particularly faculty members who opt to continue teaching class.” The previous contract between the administration and faculty was expected to expire on June 30, 2005. Since then, the contract has been extended on a monthly basis until the


finish their graduate programs. In 2005, the median income for those who graduate with a bachelor’s degree earns a yearly salary of $43,143. But for graduates holding a master’s degree, a yearly median income is at $52,390. For graduates who earned a certificate in other post-baccalaureate/credential programs, a yearly median income is $49,303. And for graduate students who succeed in acquiring a doctorate’s degree, the amount is $70,853. Young points out two consider-

latino: mental health lecture From Page 1

By Carlos delgado/Daily Titan Staff Photographer

TWO WORDS - Students make signs outside a press conference

announcing that 94 per cent of CSU faculty members voted to hold a two-day rolling strike sometime in April. The strike will be the first in CSU history. fact-finding report was made public Monday. Negotiations center around salary increases. The CFA Board of Directors has yet to establish a complete strike itinerary. Union officials will take input from all the 23 campus chapters

and determine an adequate schedule, giving students ample notice. Strikes are not likely to impact more than one day of teaching per class for students, according to union officials.



ations for undergraduates thinking about venturing into graduate work. “More skill is needed and there is far more time needed for study,” said Young on the raised expectations of a graduate program. “A student has to weigh the trade-offs: work, life and university. Something will have to be sacrificed,” said Young, who recommends taking fewer classes for the first semester. For a master’s degree, a time limit of five to seven years is required after completion of a bachelor’s degree. For students immediately returning to CSUF after graduation, the Of-

fice of Graduate Studies department offers the GS-700 extended enrollment program as an option. “It’s easy to continue learning, than to stop and go back,” said Arthur Munoz, 23, an animation art major who is considering returning to CSUF after graduation. “Some companies, such as Sony, actually pay you to go back to school to improve your abilities,” added Munoz. For information on enrolling in a graduate program, contact the department corresponding to the course of study.

prevention. El Ambiente hosts special events at clubs, sends out informative newsletters to promote safe-sex practices, and holds workshop sessions and discussions groups. The program’s efforts have been found to reduce high-risk sexual behaviors among gay and bisexual Latino males, Morales said. The conference came to a close with a panel discussion featuring Lopez, Morales, and workshop speakers Elena Flores, Concha Saucedo, and Armando Morales. Each speaker briefly explained their views on Latino mental health and answered questions from the audience. Community activist Steve Delgadillo asked the panel for suggestions on how mental health workers could effectively work together and collaborate.

By BETH STERNAMAN/For the Daily Titan

cultural lesson - Concha Saucedo offers advice to the

California Latino Mental Health Conference attendees in the TSU. “The only way we can really work together is by knowing how to play together. That is the start of a relationship,” Eduardo Morales said. “That is how we get to know each

other and then the relationship just opens up and blossoms. Then we get to the serious talk.” Following the closing ceremony, the attendees were given a chance


ated from CSUF but returned as a graduate student, basing her decision on the relationships she had built with her professors during her time as a SCERP scholar. “A lot of other universities didn’t have as good of a professor/student relationship as Cal State Fullerton,” she said. Castro and Buena are in agreement that SCERP provides excellent training for graduate school. “There are so many masters

students who go into the graduate program and have never had any research experience,” Buena said. “It is a network, where you can find resources.” Buena added that even during stressful times, students can always find someone to help them out when they need it. SCERP scholars will receive a monthly stipend of $1000. “That’s money for them, recognition for their work in the program. But we are also asking them to spend 15-20 hours a week during the aca-

demic year working on their projects,” Hoese said. In addition to the stipend, scholars will receive funding to purchase equipment for their projects and money to travel to conferences where they will present the results of their research, he added. Applications for the program are due April 6. Interested biology students can find more information and the application by visiting the SCERP Web site at http://biology.fullerton. edu/scerp.


March 22, 2007

opinion Titan Editorial

Providing insight, analysis and perspective since 1960

We Support The Strike Titan Editorial

ProvidingState insight,Unianalysis and sincehave 1960 decided The California the perspective strikes, they versity faculty union an- to execute them through a senounced yesterday the results ries of two-day rolling strikes of a statewide vote to strike if so as not to disrupt student’s negotiations with the admin- academic lives. istration were not quickly reWith so much loyalty and solved. An overwhelming 94 commitment to their stupercent of voters decided to dents, why should the most strike. Good for them. important figures on campus While we’d like to say we be treated so poorly? Most of look forward to ditching our professors work diligentclass ourselves, we really do ly to provide us with a qualsupport the faculty and their ity education, often times noble efforts. The CSU ad- sacrificing their own financial ministration has practically security. If the administration forced them to strike by de- can find it in their budget to laying contract negotiations increase their own salaries and by creating an environ- and to raise our college tument in which serious altera- itions 10 percent next year, tions are necessary in the first surely they can find a few explace. Our professors are the tra bills for the faculty. backbone of our education. Let’s hope this is only Even if they do continue with strike one.

Keeping What We’ve Got

Brangelina’s Adoption Unfair By Florance Chung Daily Titan Staff Writer

Angelina Jolie has added yet another child to her rainbow of a family, leaving many wondering, “So quickly?” Jolie is now the mother of a threeyear-old Vietnamese boy whom she has renamed Pax. After meeting him last year, she felt an instant connection with him and went to working on the adoption process. In what seems like a blink of an eye, Pax is ready to head home to his brothers and sisters, complete with all his bureaucratic paperwork. Only months after Jolie’s adoption of baby Zahara from Ethiopia, how is she able to adopt so quickly? Compared to the average citizen, Jolie seems to have gotten special treatment from these countries, may it be prompted by money or fame. For starters, many families are unable to choose which child they want to adopt. They usually just submit in a dossier with traits that they are looking for, such as age and gender, but the adoption agency will handle the actual assignment. Depending on the country and the agency, this process can take up to a year or longer. It is unfair that simply because Jolie has the celebrity status and the money, her lucky child gets to go home before others. Indeed, it is ludicrous that she is even able to choose her child when all other adoptive parents do not have the chance to. In Jolie’s case, since she has been able to visit the adoptable children and choose her son, according to CNN, her process was shortened by at least a month. It is like a two-for-one deal, with a choice of child leading to a shorter processing time. This is an unnecessary perk for Jolie. The likelihood of the average family being able to fly to Vietnam to pick out their dream child is low. Few people have the time or extra income to afford this luxury. Thus,

since she is rich, she can afford to do anything she wants. For better or worse, most families love the ones that they are assigned. In addition, families all over the world are kept apart because they are unable to bypass the bureaucracy simply because they are not famous. The process had also been sped up because of her celebrity status , said Vietnamese officials, according to BBC news. Clearly, this is not a possibility for the average family as well. Even with Zahara, Jolie was able to adopt her in two days, according to CTV, a Canadian television network. Most other families adopting from Ethiopia are unable to adopt that quickly. A lawyer in the CTV article was familiar with adoption law, and yet her own Ethiopian adoption took two years. Is it possible that because Jolie is a celebrity, her background check must be impeccable? Jolie’s celebrity status even helped her bypass the law. Both the U.S. and Vietnamese officials are overlooking the fact that Pitt resides with Jolie. “Most co-habitating couples who try to adopt as a single parent are either turned away from agencies or face difficulties,” said Tatiana Beams, an international adoption advocate, in the N.Y. Post. “This is a clear contradiction of Vietnamese law, and such situations would not be allowed for other couples.” Considering celebrities are constantly bypassing the laws in the U.S., it should not extend to other countries as well. It is clear that while it may be admirable for Jolie to adopt unwanted orphans in all parts of the world regardless of their nationality, it is problematic that she receives special treatment from her celebrity status. There is no reason why she should not undergo the same scrutiny that all other parents must go through. All adoptive parents deserve a quick and painless experience when adopting internationally, and Jolie should not be the only one.

Losing My Religion BY Dave


To The Critics Last week, message board critics charged me with taking the Bible out of context and not understanding the background behind the verses I referenced. Be assured that I did not simply pull those quotes from the Bible and casuistically toss them into the article without knowing anything about them. I was once a Christian and now I’m a skeptic, but to 99 percent of you, I guarantee that I have studied the Bible as much or more than you have. The problem is I have limited space – I cannot write comprehensive dissertations in 500 words. And I do recognize that I’m being somewhat unfair, since any religious scripture can be made to look bad if one focuses on certain parts of the text that are not indicative of the overall theme of the book. Even so, the critics missed my point. I have problems with the claim that the Bible is God’s infallible word. Some believers (e.g. Liberal Christians, Reform Jews) approach the Bible as having divinely inspired parts, but having been written by men and translated over and over it does contain some errors, contradictions, reflections of human frailty and other problems. I sympathize with these people and I might not disagree with them too much about the Bible, except for the God existing part. It was these contradictions, errors and some morally bankrupt elements (by modern standards) of the book that first led me to doubt. On the other side of the coin are the conservative Christians and Jewish Orthodoxy

who say their Bible is perfect, inspired, 100 percent historical and infallible. These are the people whose claim I take to task. People praying, smiling and singing in church envision a God who loves all of his creation. Sunday school leaves out things like the Bible stories depicting God leading Moses’ people on a bloodthirsty genocidal spree. You know, Moses the meek? So what was the justification to conquer, destroy and eradicate all of those Canaanites? It was no reason other than because God gave the land to them! People can do horrible things if they think God is on their side. When the children of Israel were led by God on their war campaign, there were numerous stories of God ordering them to strike a city and kill everyone – the men, women, elderly, children, even the animals sometimes! One mere example is Moses’ army defeating the Midianites under God’s direction. All adult males are killed, and then Moses orders his army to kill every woman and male child. But save the virgin girls for yourselves, as war booty! (Num 31:1-54) God even orders up 32 virgins for himself! And for those who are against abortion, in Hosea (13:16) God says because Samaria worshipped another deity, their infants will be dashed to pieces and their pregnant women will be ripped open with swords. If you are offended, remember this is the Bible talking. I wonder where the “God Hates Fags” freaks and other ultra-religious nuts get their kooky ideas?

March 22, 2007



Campus Cafeteria and Green Burrito Not So Green Campus cafeteria wastes too much packaging for food that isn’t to-go By John Sakata

Daily Titan Staff Writer

For every burrito served and eaten inside the cafeteria, the world will suffer. Every bean-and-cheese, breakfast, machaca and chorizo burrito served by the Green Burrito comes in a Styrofoam container. The Styrofoam container serves a purpose — only for customers that order to-go. For students that plan to eat inside the cafeteria, it serves little to no pur-

pose. Students take a seat, remove the burrito from the container, eat the burrito and somewhere between the counter and the table, the purpose of the container is done. It is then thrown away. Food court manager Uthani Thiranop said he tried using trays at one point. He said he even offered a promotion where customers could receive a free drink if they returned the tray. Instead, Thiranop said he would lose three to four cases of trays daily. “It seems like I run into a brick wall when I try to get it back from the customers,” Thiranop said. For a university that boasts its environmentally-geared initiatives, the Styrofoam containers represent a glaring oversight by the administra-

tion. Fullerton receives 16 percent of its energy from environmentallyfriendly sources according to Jay Bond, associate vice president of facilities management. It won an honorable mention at the UC/CSU Sustainability Conference Best Practice Awards, and in 2005 the Arboretum received a Best Practices Award for Overall Sustainable Design. The senseless distribution of Styrofoam containers pointlessly increases garbage and contributes to an Earth already besieged with enough environmental concerns. The decomposition of waste also contributes to global warming. Methane and carbon dioxide are both released in the decomposition process that has led to rising temper-

atures across the globe. A February 7 article from the L.A. Times cited a U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change saying that temperatures are expected to rise worldwide between 3.2 up to 7.8 by 2100. From 1901 to 2005, temperatures increased 1.2 degrees. It will not be any grandiose policy sent down from the upper echelons of government bureaucracy that will stave off the impending dangers of global warming, but rather a steadfast commitment from each individual to work toward a policy of environmental protection. The act by companies like the Green Burrito is representative of a larger concern plaguing the United States. It is the superfluous use of extra packaging that serves no purpose. Putting an end to putting burritos in plastic containers is a logical first step. Not only is it logical, it’s economical and, it is environmentally beneficial… but how many more containers have and will continue to be thrown away? All universities work under a principle of educating students and grooming them into responsible citi-

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The Daily Titan welcomes letters to the editor. Any feedback, positive or negative, is encouraged, as we strive to keep an open dialogue with our readership. The Daily Titan reserves the right to edit letters for length, grammar and spelling. Direct all comments, questions or concerns, along with your full name and major, to executive editor Adam Levy at

zens that will eventually lead our nation. The university should be held responsible for all institutions on campus. The negligible activity the university is taking on the Styrofoam containers at The Green Burrito, this lack of initiative by administrators sets a bad example for students and the potential consequences will be for everyone on this planet to ban. It is not a system overhaul that needs to be enacted, just stop needlessly giving students who eat inside the cafeteria Styrofoam containers. “If they gave us the option to put

it in paper, like the Taco Salad, we could do that,” Uthani said. “But if they don’t provide us then we have to go according to their company policy.” Coming up with excuses won’t be enough to stop global warming.



March 22, 2007

LookGood, Feel Better

Program aims to bring inner beauty to the surface


Daily Titan Staff Writer

A day after enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with her family last year, Sandie Edwards went to the emergency room after she began feeling “extremely” lethargic. “I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t eat,” Edwards said. “I just wasn’t feeling myself.” After undergoing a CAT scan, the doctor revealed Edwards, 67, had a growth on her lung that would soon spread to her liver. The growth turned out to be cancer. “I wasn’t really surprised,” she said. “I felt I brought it on myself after all those years of smoking.” It wasn’t long before bouts with chemotherapy and radiation left the Garden Grove resident hairless. Edwards said her newly smooth head isn’t stopping her from enjoying life. In fact, she can dress up her head any way she likes thanks to the help of the “Look Good … Feel Better,” program offered to all women with cancer. The two-hour workshop provides participants a hands-on 12-step skin care and makeup application lesson, tips for dealing with their newly bare heads and a forum to engage with other women experiencing the same ordeal. “There is nothing like talking to other people who are going through

“Look Good ... Feel Better” volunteer Lindsay Morrissette looks on as Delores Armstrong applies makeup to her eyebrows. All of the cosmetologists go through a five hour training period prior to the workshop so they are prepared.

Photos Courtesy of the American Cancer Society

Alejandra Cervantes applies mascara during the “Look Good ... Feel Better” workshop. what you’re going through,” said Participants learned how concealJoanne O’Heanny, volunteer coor- er can be used to cover dark circles, dinator of the program. “This is a the importance of using a moisturprogram to help you cope with the izer, forming a realistic eyebrow with changes you will experience.” eyeshadow, creating a thicker lash At a recent workshop, Edwards sat line with eyeliner, using their ring before an assortment of cosmetic ap- fingers to blend in foundation and paratuses: face wipes, cleansers, cot- other beauty tips often only found ton swabs, eyeshadow applicators, within the confines of Cosmopolieyebrow pencils, and other makeup tan or Elle. essentials. “I wish I could take the girls home “You’re going to leave looking re- with me so my eyebrows could alally good and you’ll feel pretty too,” ways look this good,” Edwards said. said Christine Carillo, a cosmetoloThe Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragist who has been a “Look Good … grance Association Foundation Feel Better” volunteer for more than four years. SEE BEAUTY - PAGE 5

Christine Carrillo works on Sandra Edwards wig. Carrillo has volunteered with the program for more than four years.

March 22, 2007



Beauty: 50,000 participate in event each year (From Page Four)

founded the program in 1989 in conjunction with the American Cancer Society and the National Cosmetology Association. NCA recruits its cosmetologist to volunteer and the CTFA provides the makeup, tools and financial support for the program. “Our volunteers go through a five hour training program,” said Quynh

Nguyen, Health Programs Manager for the American Cancer Society. “We don’t just throw them out unprepared.” More than 50,000 female patients participate in the program each year, according to a spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society. Each participant receives a free makeup kit to practice the skills they learn. “I think it’s fantastic that they’re

doing something like this for people who need it,” Edwards said. “It’s terrific.” After Edwards had her auburn wig styled by Carillo, she smiled in the mirror, primping and running her fingers through her hair. As she packed her belongings, Edwards said, “I had a good life before I was diagnosed and I will continue to lead a good life despite the setback.”

Above - Sandra Edwards has makeup applied to her eyebrows by “Look Good ... Feel Better” volunteer Rachel Williford. Left - Kathrine Grogan paints her lips with a pink lip liner. The “Look Good ... Feel Better” program can be found in every state as well as many countries around the world.

Photos Courtesy of the American Cancer Society

Far Left - Christine Carrillo ties a scarf on the head of Laurie Schoendorfer. Participants have the opportunity to try on several wigs and scarfs before selecting the perfect one.



March 22, 2007

Titan Gymnastics Looks for A Little More I M O

CSUF team has enjoyed a solid season but have some unfinished business BY SHAWN TRONDSEN

Daily Titan Staff Writer

With little exposure or recognition, the Cal State Fullerton Gymnastics team has had a successful season by many standards this year. Considering the program was near extinction a couple years ago and has had three different head coaches in four years, one might think the Titans didn’t have a chance to compete this season. Even CSUF Head Coach Jill Hicks, who is in her first year coaching the team, wasn’t sure how this season would turn out. “I feel like it was hard for me to

judge how we would end up being this year,” Hicks said. “With 11 freshmen [coming into the program,] it was hard to figure out how many would be apart of our lineup.” Even with the high number of freshmen competing, the Titans have out-competed many of the teams within the Western Athletic Conference, and just last week even beat a ranked Arizona State team at home on senior day. “It was definitely an unexpected win,” said senior Nicole Lim after the Titans’ win against Arizona State. “They’re competitive regionally … but luckily we came out on top.” It is the seniors, according to Hicks, that are what has helped the team have a successful season. Besides Nicole Lim, who was named the WAC specialist of the week after her performance on the beam against San Jose State, senior Erica Ficarrotta performed strong against Arizona State, finishing sec-

ond in the all-around. The other veterans have also been strong in their performances. “We have a really strong senior class this year,” Hicks said. “I knew what they could do coming into the season and they haven’t disappointed.” The Titans will head to Corvallis, Ore. on Friday to face an No. 10 ranked Oregon State team. Hicks said the team isn’t doing anything differently to prepare for the ranked Beavers. “We’ve stayed healthy and are trying to be consistent [in our lineup,]” Hicks said. “If we can do what we did last week [versus Arizona State,] then we have a good chance this week too.” It will be their final meet of the season before the Western Athletic Conference Championships March 31 in Cedar City, Ut. Hicks has reasonable expectations for the upcoming championship

meet. “My goal for the team is to place in the top three,” Hicks said. “Utah State has scored higher than us all season, and I think they are the team to beat.” Though chances of making the NCAA West Regionals are slim for the Titans, due to their lower scores early in the season, Hicks still thinks the team is improving in all facets of play. “All-in-all it has been a really successful year for us,” Hicks said. “The girls did a fabulous job with three different head coaches in four years. I made a lot of changes this year in trying to implement my ideas, and the girls have handled it beautifully.” With a large freshman class gaining experience from veteran gymnasts this year, and a now-stable head coaching position, the next few years should be successful for the CSUF gymnastics program.

Softball Fends Off Utah to Win 5-2 BY STEVEN WALTERS

Daily Titan Staff Writer

The Cal State Fullerton Titans softball team was able to avoid a late rally to defeat the Utah Utes 5-2 on Wednesday night. Titan pitcher Candice Baker pitched 61/3 innings to pick up the win to improve her record to 9-8. She also added 11 strikeouts on the night, giving her 151 on the

year, tops in the Big West. Catcher Kiki Munoz hit her third home run of the season in the first inning, a three-run blast, that ended up being the only offense the Titans (16-13) needed. Ashley Van Boxmeer was able to run Utes (17-9-1) starting pitcher Karina Cannon out of the game in the third inning after she hit her fifth home run of the season, a tworun homer that extended the Titans lead. Van Boxmeer now leads the team

in home runs and RBIs with 14. “Home runs are great,” Van Boxmeer said. “But I’m looking for more consistency.” The Utes were able to get to Baker late in the game. scoring a run in the sixth inning. After a hit-by-pitch and single gave the Utes runners on first and second, Hailey Davenport hit an RBI single to give the Utes their first run. After striking out the first two batters in the seventh, Baker gave up a single and an RBI double to Diana

Phillips. Another single prompted Titans Head Coach Michelle Gromacki to pull Baker in favor of Brooke Weekley. “It’s frustrating when you are in a groove and something happens,” Baker said. Weekley walked the first batter she faced to load the bases and bring up the potential game winning run. However, she was able to strike out Staci Hemingway to end the threat and the game.

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at New York LA LAKERS at Chicago

NBA Point Spreads 5 3 1/2 4


Portland at Memphis Denver

BY Jaime


The Story Behind March Madness I write today’s column knowing full well nobody is going to read it. Not even me. As you read this, I’m already in Tijuana, Mexico (my hometown). I’m already drinking tequila and Dos Equis and eating tacos – but I’m not bragging or anything. Anyways, you didn’t come to this column (if you came at all) to read about my spring break plans. You came to read about sports. And in the month of March, there is nothing bigger than the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. A.K.A. “March Madness.” It’s on T-Shirts, busses, blogs and all over the Internet. It’s also the topic of most water cooler conversations, and of this column. So of course, my girlfriend saw it or heard about it. And of course, she got curious. So she calls me. “What is The March Madness?” my sports-challenged girlfriend, during the Duke-Virginia Commonwealth game, no less, asked me last week. I thought about telling her that it was the NCAA tournament, but I figured I would need to explain what NCAA was so I didn’t get into that. So, instead, I told my girlfriend, “it’s the collegiate basketball tournament that decides the national champion.” “Well, I know that,” she said. “But why do they call it The March Madness?” Between you and me, I wanted to point out to her that nobody calls it “The March Madness.” But when talking sports to the girlfriend you rarely want to give out more than one or two sentence answers. And VCU is about to pull off the upset, so I need to get off the phone. So I tell her, “because the tournament is held in March.” Simple, to the point and somewhat true. Off the hook, right? The real reason the tournament is called March Madness

is because of all the upsets, close games and gambling frenzy the three-week long tournament creates. But lets not kid ourselves, no girlfriend would have understood that answer. “So it’s called March Madness because it’s held in March. Hmm. Are you busy right now?” she asked. “Baby, I’m always busy. But right now, when you decided to call me, No.11 seed VCU is on the verge of upsetting No. 6 Duke, so I’m busier than usual,” I tell her. There is no best way to explain to a sports challenged girlfriend anything sports related. The easiest way is to show her or to have her see it and experience it. But I’d much rather clean my room than sit down and watch sports with my girlfriend. After the game, a last-second shot 79-77 VCU upset, I began to wonder, “how did march madness get to be March Madness?” So to Wikipedia I went for the answer. And according to the free encyclopedia, H.V. Porter, the assistant manager of the Illinois High School Association, wrote an essay titled “March Madness” in 1939. The essay was about Illinois’ high school basketball tournament and the phrase was almost exclusively restrictive to the Midwest until in the early part of the 80s, when a graduate of Northwestern University’s school of journalism, CBS sportscaster Brent Musburger, first used the phrase in reference to the NCAA tournament. Finding out how March Madness came about was easy, but now the hard part ... Explaining it to my girlfriend.

Jaime Cardenas’ columns appear every Thursday

March 22, 2007

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March 22, 2007


No. 13 Baseball Team Goes Head to Head Against the Beach Titans will battle it out on the diamond with the No. 18 ranked Dirtbags BY STEVEN WALTERS

Daily Titan Staff Writer

One of the greatest rivalries in college baseball will be renewed this weekend as the Cal State Fullerton Titans face off against the Long Beach State Dirtbags. The Titans (13-9) will look to break out of an early season slump against the Dirtbags (12-7), who have also been hit by poor play as of late. The Titans have lost four of their last five games, with the lone win coming against No. 11 ranked Pepperdine. The 49ers have lost their last two games, both to No. 12 ranked Wich-

ita State. Twenty of their first 23 games have been against ranked opponents, giving them the No. 1 RPI rating according to Boyd’s World. Last year the Titans took all six games between the two, the first time it has happened since the Titans swept the 49ers in 1998. While the Titans hold on overall record of 104-53 against the 49ers, the series has been much closer as of late. Since 1989 the Titans lead the series 50-42, including the past seven meetings. Wes Roemer will start the first game against Vance Worley. Roemer has pitched well against the 49ers, going 1-0 with a 0.53 ERA in two starts. He comes into the game losing his last three starts. Worley has started five games this season, but only has one decision which was a win against Cal. Worley has had some tough luck

this season, with his offense not able to provide him with much support. He comes into the game with an ERA of 3.38. Jeff Kaplan and Sean Urena will take the mound for the Titans on Saturday and Sunday, while the 49ers will send Omar Arif on Saturday. They have yet to determine a starting pitcher for Sunday. Clark Hardman and Chris Jones have been leading the Titans offensively as of late. Hardman is leading the team in almost every offensive category, including average (.370), hits (34), stolen bases (7) and RBIs (21). Jones has been the hottest Titan over the past 10 games, racking up 14 hits, including four doubles and one home run. His 10 RBI over that span has tied him with Hardman for the team lead. The 49ers will look to Robert Perry, who leads the team with a .342 average, 15 runs and 11 RBI.

Go to For Exclusive Coverage of this Weekend’s Rivalry

I want this school to know we are a great team and can get to nationals year after year.

– Tracy Brownell Cal State Fullerton Equestrians

The Titans have struggled on offense and defense this year, prompting Head Coach George Horton to make adjustments. While he has discussed the possibility of even more changes to right the ship, nothing has been put in stone yet. While he understands he has a young team, Horton does not use that as an excuse for some of the mistakes that have been made this season. The 49ers, who also had the toughest schedule last year according to Boyd’s World, have seen their ranking go from No. 30 to as high as No. 17. They are currently ranked No. 18 while the Titans are ranked No. 13. This will be the last tune up game for each team as they both begin Big West play next weekend. Friday and Saturday’s games will begin at 6:30 p.m. while Sunday’s game will start at 1 p.m. All games will be played at Blair Field.

By KARL THUNMAN/Daily Titan Photo Editor HEATING UP – Titan outfielder Chris Jones is tied for the team lead in RBIs with 21 after picking up 10 in his last 10 games played.

2007 03 22  
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