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Tuesday February 27, 2007

The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton

Math Needs Girls

New Bill Calls For Disclosure By JENNIFER CHURCH

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Cal State Fullerton students and taxpayers may soon have a say in CSU’s top executives’ pay process if Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) has his way. The state senator has introduced Senate Bill 190 on Feb. 7 requiring all executive compensation discussions open to the public. The proposal covers both UC Board of Regents meetings and CSU Board of Trustees meetings. “Our main objective is to give the taxpayers and students a voice,” said Adam Keigwin, Yee’s communications director. CSU trustees recently gave their top 27 executives a four percent pay raise in January. The increase was made retroactive to July 2006. The proposed legislation comes at a time when CSU students are facing a 10 percent tuition increase proposed by Gov. Schwarzenegger and a possible strike by CSU faculty

throughout its 23 campuses. The California Progress Report cites that SB 190 precedes a series of audits and lawsuit findings that UC and CSU failed to get public approval from the Regents or Trustees for compensation packages. According to the report some top executives were paid more than what was relayed to the public. Yee introduced a similar bill last year, AB 775, which covered only the UC Regents. The bill received overwhelming bipartisan support in the Senate Education Committee until Senate President pro Tem Don Perata opposed it. Yee is confident that SB 190 will pass, Keigwin said, for three reasons: Sen. Tom Torlakson (D-Antioch) is the new chair for the Senate Appropriations Committee and is a strong supporter of the bill. Yee is a member of the committee, as well. Lastly, SB 190 now has double the number of its supporters. It encompasses support from teachers, faculty, staff and students from both UC and CSU.

A lack of women in engineering & computer science plagues CSUF By MICHELLE ASCENCIO

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Emmy Winner Speaks Volumes Pamela Mason-Wagner spoke at Pollak Library about her life journey By SARAH GAMMILL

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker and Fullerton native Pamela Mason-Wagner was on the campus of Cal Sate Fullerton at the Pollak Library recently where she lectured on her films, seminars and her life journey to what made her who she is today. In a three-part lecture series put on by the Patrons of the Library, which spans throughout three months, Mason-Wagner was the second to lecture. “Mason-Wagner was a perfect fit for the Fred Friendly Seminars which concentrate on ethics within the media, a subject of great importance, particularly now,” said Suzanne Serbin of the Patrons of the Library. In a packed room of about 60 people, lecture started with an introduction from the president of the Patrons of the Library, Dorothy Heide. Mason-Wagner then began the lecture in which she said felt like an episode of “This Is Your Life.” “My third grade teacher is here, my pediatrician is here, my former next door neighbor is here, along with the person who bought my childhood house, and last but not least, … the man who interviewed me for my college interview and is responsible for me going to Dartmouth,” Mason-Wagner said. Usually writing, directing and producing most of her films, MasonWagner said it is a good experience to see audience feedback from the films since people usually view them at home.

“My Brother’s Keeper: Personal Ethics,” which is a follow up to the Ethics in America series of seminars put on by the Fred Friendly Seminars and Annenberg Media, was the next topic Mason-Wagner discussed. The seminar videos cover the issue of ethics in America today and the dilemma that many face with them. “My Brother’s Keeper,” depicts hypothetical scenarios in which families are faced with the ethical dilemma of using another person’s address in order to get better schooling for their children. She also said children, not just adults, face ethical dilemmas themselves, such as deciding whether or not to download music without paying. The video series can be a great learning tool for students and teachers alike, and does not try to change or make up anyone minds. It just forces people to think, Mason-Wagner said. “There’s always two sides of the story and you always wonder the consequence of what your decision is going to be,” said Marlita Bellot an attendee of the lecture. Mason-Wagner’s Emmy for outstanding primetime non-fiction series was won for her film “Finding Lucy,” about the life of Lucille Ball in 2001. Her recent docudrama “Joan of Arc,” was also shown briefly with a short discussion. When asked which of her docudramas was her favorite, she said it was too difficult [to choose] like trying to choose between her children, but said filmmaking is her passion. “I was more the directing type. I like telling people what to do rather than being told what to do,” MasonWagner said. Her newest endeavor involves a documentary of the life of a man incarcerated in prison for rape, only to be set free 22 years later with the help of DNA evidence. It is due to air on TV after the spring.

Tomorrow NEWS

a girl’s best friend?

DIAMONDS Catch the first part of the two-part series on the dirty secrets of the diamond industry.

By Cindy cafferty Daily Titan Staff Photgrapher

JIFFY POP - Fullerton firefighters were called to Langsdorf Hall early Monday afternoon after a professor on the third floor overheated microwave popcorn. The burnt popcorn caused the fire alarm to go off and the building needed to be evacuated as a precaution. Nobody was injured due to smoke inhalation. The mishap revealed the effectiveness of the newly designed alarm system. Students, faculty and staff were allowed re-entry into the building at 1:10 p.m..

CSUF to Offer a New Degree By COLLEEN BARRETT

Daily Titan Staff Writer

In fall 2007, the College of Health and Human Development will begin offering Cal State Fullerton’s first-ever master’s degree program in social work for those students who want to practice directly with underserved children, families and the mentally ill. The program is currently in precandidacy for accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education. It will take a few years to gain full accreditation, but department heads tell prospective students not to worry. “I started the Master of Social Work program at Cal State Bakersfield in 2002, so I know the whole process, and we’ll make it,” said Program Director David Cherin. According to Christine Ford, director of field education for the program, students who are concerned about graduating from a master’s program not yet accredited should not be worried either. “It will take about three years from their graduation before a student will collect enough service hours to qualify to sit for licensure,” said Ford. “And we will have long

been accredited.” Cherin exudes the same confidence in the new program. “Competing with a USC or a Long Beach State is not going to be a problem for us. Having taught at USC, which is the [eighth-ranked] school in the country for social work, I will match our curriculum,” Cherin said. The master of social work is a two-year, full-time program with fall admission only. The first year is the foundation year, when students learn general social work practices. The second year will be the concentration year, when students focus on one of two concentrations: child welfare or community mental health. “We will focus on these two areas initially and then expand as we grow,” Ford said. She said students should consider pursuing a degree in social work because it offers versatility in a rapidly growing field. “Social work education uniquely prepares individuals to fit in to any kind of position. There are currently over 170 social workers in national, state and local elected office,“ Ford said. “The need for social workers is expected to grow twice as fast as other professions, so there is also some

For the record FEB. 26: The Daily Titan erroneously reported Tom Gehrls as a Sargeant. He is actually the Operations Lieutenant. In the same issue, the photo caption of Jennifer Hudson was erroneously credited to the Associated Press; the photo was actually courtesy of DreamWorks, LLC and was not taken at the Oscars.

job security.” Examples of typical social work job settings include: social services, health care, mental health and adoption agencies, child protective services and rehabilitation facilities. “You are a ‘professional change agent,’ and that’s what the degree is about. There is really only one question we as social workers ask ourselves at the end of the day,” Cherin said. “Is what we’re doing making a difference for the people we serve?” Students with a bachelor’s degree in any major may apply, but they must have a 3.0 GPA for their last 60 units, meet four pre-requisite courses, submit a personal statement along with three letters of recommendation, have an interview with the admissions committee, and have a minimum one year of paid or volunteer experience in the human services field. “We are now the largest CSU in the system and we are growing in all the right places. We have long overdue a social work program,” Cherin said. The deadline for fall 2007 admission applications is March 1. The program will accept 30 students for the first year and the cost will be the same as any other two-year program at CSUF.



Cal State Fullerton’s Women and Philanthropy network hosted their monthly luncheon and lecture Wednesday in which the featured topic was “The Obstacle Course Leading to a Career in Engineering and Technology: Gender Inequity in Engineering and Computer Science.” The lecture featured Dorota Huizinga, professor of Computer Science and associate dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and Eileen Walsh, assistant professor of sociology. Huizinga introduced the topic of the lack of female representation in math-related fields such as engineering and computer science. “By the fourth grade, girls are stereotyped into traditional female roles and begin to lose interest [in math],” Huizinga said. But according to Huizinga, this is only part of the problem. She said some additional reasons for the under representation of women in engineering and computer science include negative images of professional women in math-related careers and connotations that careers in this field aren’t geared for women. “The last time I checked, girls aren’t sent to summer camps for computer science,” Huizinga said. Walsh said should girls make it past the barriers of K-12 education, young women seeking a degree in engineering or computer science find that college and university faculty can prove to be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome. “Engineering faculty can discourage women because the predominantly male faculty is not used to dealing with female students and sometimes doesn’t know how to communicate with them,” Walsh said. “We need to teach educators how to create an environment that promotes learning for women.” Walsh said she hopes to address the issues discussed by Huizinga with PACE, Promoting Access to Careers in Engineering. Through PACE, female students throughout the Fullerton School District can enroll in a three hour per day summer school program that introduces them to careers in engineering. Once the summer session is complete, they will continue to participate during the regular school year in after-school activities and field trips to engage them in real world problems and how to solve them with engineering. This program will also offer undergraduate, graduate and professional mentoring of the students. “We need to bring awareness of this problem to the community,” Huizinga said. Sandra Sutphen, Ph.D. professor of political science emeritus said although women have come far in SEE WOMEN - PAGE 2

TOMorrow Cloudy High: 59 Low: 44

Sunny High: 61 Low: 40


February 27, 2007

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INTERNATIONAL NEWS Anti-Semitic Chapter in Comic Book To Be Changed SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - The author of a best-selling comic book series intended to teach children about other countries said Monday he would change a chapter on Jews that has been called anti-Semitic and similar to Nazi propaganda. Rhie Won-bok maintained, however, that his depiction of Jewish control of American media and politics was based on fact and “commonly believed.” “The Jews are the invisible force that controls the U.S.,” Rhie, a professor of visual arts at Duksung Women’s University in Seoul, told The Associated Press. “I wrote the chapter to let people know that you can’t understand the U.S. without knowing the Jewish community.”

YouTube Picks of the Day Title: The F Word Explained

DISCLAIMER: This video contains strong adult language! Duration: 2:27 How we found it: Word of mouth Summary: For those who have ever wondered about the origin of the “F” word this YouTube will explain everything. Derived from the German word “Frichen”, the video shows how the “F” word can fall into numerous grammatical categories. This video resembles a 1950s educational film with a deep male narrated voice. The voice explains all the different emotions the “F” word can represent and how it can be modified. Stick figure animation is used to illustrate the different scenarios, with classical music playing in the background. -Jackie Kimmel

STATE NEWS Court Decision on Stem Cell Research is Upheld SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A state appeals court upheld California’s $3 billion stem cell agency Monday against attacks by abortion foes and anti-tax advocates who claimed the agency’s managers had conflicts of interest. The 1st District Court of Appeal upheld a decision by a lower court judge who last year ruled in favor of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which was created when Proposition 71 was passed by 59 percent of the electorate in 2004. The court heard oral arguments on Feb. 14 and had 90 days to rule. “Once again, the judiciary has upheld the constitutionality of California’s innovative stem cell research project in its entirety, without equivocation, and with absolutely no room for further argument,” said Robert Klein, who chairs the committee that oversees the institute.

LOCAL NEWS High School Student Vandalizes Mayor’s Bus LOS ANGELES (AP) - A high school student scribbled graffiti on a bus the mayor and other dignitaries were riding in a Monday photo-op, officials said. Witnesses said the boy tagged the rear exit of the bus with a marker as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and others rode around a South Los Angeles school to showcase efforts to improve student safety in the gang-plagued neighborhood. “The mayor was aware of it and he spoke with school police to make sure the student is taken care of as appropriate and suggested that he does many, many hours of community service,” said the mayor’s spokeswoman, Janelle Erickson. “We thought this was a great opportunity to get the job done and address the safe passages at Santee,” the mayor said at a news conference.

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Title: & Gary &Video Glen & 2Ross TitleGlen of Todays DISCLAIMER: This video contacts strong adult language! Duration: 1:48 How we found it: Watching Ten Things I Hate About Commandments Summary: This video is a reproduction of a movie trailer poking fun of all the cursing used in the actual movie. Starring Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Jack Lemmon, Alac Baldwin and recent academy award winner Alan Arkin this nearly two minute clip tries to convince audiences that the characters in the movie suffer from Tourette’s and need help trying to be nicer to each other in the work place. -Jackie Kimmel SEND US YOUR FAVORITE YOUTUBE VIDEOS; SEND TO NEWS@DAILYTITAN.COM


Women: Network Lecture FREEWAY CLOSURES From page 1

the world of engineering, they still have quite a ways to go. “It’s amazing how little women are represented in these fields,” Sutphen said. “This program is necessary for female students to understand that there is a need for them in the field.” And Pat Balderas, business manager for the Humanities and Social Sciences department, said she hopes

to do just that with her daughter. “My husband keeps telling her to be a doctor, but that field isn’t as lucrative as it once was,” Balderas said. “Engineering and computers are the technology of tomorrow and there is no reason she should not be involved.” Sutphen said it’s time for women to get recognized for all they can do. “Men have had their time in the sun,” she said. “It’s time to share the spotlight.”



Human Kidney Stolen

SEATTLE (AP)- A human kidney stolen from an exhibit of preserved bodies and organs was recovered after two months, thanks to an anonymous tip, police said. Police interviewed and released a 26-year-old Tacoma man about the case and were waiting for prosecutors to decide whether to bring charges, Officer Jeffery R. Kappel said. Police declined to say why the kidney was taken.. The kidney was part of an interactive area where visitors can touch some body parts. It was unclear whether anyone would claim a $10,000 reward offered in January by Premier Exhibitions Inc. of Atlanta for the kidney’s return. Police were holding the kidney as evidence. The theft was the first from a “Bodies” display.

Woman Shoots at Tailgater HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - A woman who told authorities she was fed up with tailgaters pulled out a gun and shot at the tires of a pickup that got too close, police said. Officials believe no one was hurt. Bernadette Headd, 39, was in rush-hour traffic Wednesday in suburban Detroit when the pickup pulled behind her, police said.

Headd changed lanes and fired one round from a 9 mm handgun, police said. The driver followed her and flagged down a deputy, who stopped her and found the weapon. “She said she was tired of people tailgating her,” Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said. She was ordered held on $50,000 bond.

Elephant Squats CHIANG MAI, Thailand (AP) - New Yorker Ashrita Furman looked around for a record he could break, and settled on doing the most squat thrusts in one minute. Then he decided on a place — the back of an elephant in northern Thailand. He achieved both goals Thursday as he climbed onto a platform on the back of an obliging pachyderm in blazing heat and powered through 40 of the vigorous kicks in a minute. The previous squat thrust record — achieved on level ground in Britain without an elephant in sight — was 30. The movements of Kamee, a 40-year-old female elephant, initially created difficulties while Furman practiced his routine. But for the actual record-setting bid, Kamee was solid as a rock.

ALL WEEK Northbound I-5 from SR-91/I5 connector to Artesia Boulevard. Use: Use westbound SR-91 to northbound 605, north to I-5. Southbound I-5 closed from Artesia Boulevard. to Beach Boulevard. Use: Use Artesia Blvd. exit, south Knott Ave. to east SR-91, east to southbound I-5. Westbound SR-91 to northbound I-5 Connector Use: Westbound SR-91 to northbound 605, north to I-5. Northbound I-5 Orangethorpe Avenue on-ramp

Use Orangethorpe Avenue west to Valley View St., to north I-5. Northbound I-5 Beach Boulevard. on-ramp Use: Auto Center Drive to Western Ave. North to Artesia Ave., west to northbound Valley View I-5 onramp. Southbound I-5 Artesia Boulevard. on-ramp Use: Travel east on Artesia Blvd. to Beach Blvd. Take Beach Blvd. south to the southbound I-5 on-ramp. Southbound I-5 Beach Boulevard. on-ramp Use: Use southbound Beach Blvd. to eastbound SR-91 on-ramp, merge to southbound I-5.

CAMPUS CALENDAR TODAY Having a Healthy Heart is Not Just for Women 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.: Learn more about heart health for men and women. Informational session on the risks of heart disease, ways to prevent it and what to do if heart disease becomes a problem. Session will be held in the Kinesiology building. Women’s Tennis vs. Fresno Pacific 2 to 4 p.m. at the Tennis Sports Complex. Admission is free. Free Billiards Tuesday 3 to 7 p.m. at the Titan Student Union Underground. Baseball vs. San Diego State 6 to 9 p.m. at Goodwin Field. CSUF students with current identification receive free admission, general adult admission is $7. WEDNESDAY I Know That’s What I Said, But That’s Not What I Meant 12 to 1 p.m.: Some interpersonal problems encountered can be attributed to a mismatch between “saying” and “hearing.” This workshop will help reduce the number of miscommunications commonly experienced in relationships. Presented by Susan Leavy of the Women’s Center in UH-205.

Softball vs. Maryland 6 to 8 p.m. at the Anderson Family Field. CSUF students with current identification receive free admission, general adult admission is $7. Dollar Wednesday Bowling Nights 6 to 10 p.m. at the Titan Student Union Underground. THURSDAY Free Glow Bowling Thursdays 3 to 7 p.m. at the Titan Student Union Underground. Women’s Basketball vs. UC Davis 7 to 9 p.m. at the Titan Gymnasium. CSUF students with current identification receive free admission, general adult admission is $7. FRIDAY Women’s Tennis vs. UC Davis 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Tennis Sports Complex. Admission is free. Baseball v. Rice 7 to 10 p.m. at Goodwin Field. CSUF students with current identification receive free admission, general adult admission is $7. SATURDAY Student Leadership Conference from 8 to 5 p.m. in the Titan Student Union. For more info call 714278-3211

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February 27, 2007

opinion Providing insight, analysis and perspective since 1960

“We Apologize” The New Yorker, a hifaThe fact of the matter is, lutin magazine renowned that because this was aimed for its uppity East Coast so- at an ethnic group that has phistication, is under fire af- been the butt of bad jokes ter publishing a cartoon last since Moses wore short pants, week that made a mockery of the New Yorker thought it a traditionally Polish name. would be okay. In the drawing, depicting We know the thinking – two children at a bus stop, trying to mock blacks, Hisone is saying to the other: panics, Asians, Jews – well “My parents you’d know named me better than Zbigniew ... because this was that. But for b e c a u s e aimed at an ethnic the much they were maligned group that has been Poles, it’s drunk.” A f t e r the butt of bad jokes open mic nearly three since Moses wore short night at the dozen comimprov. plaints, New pants, the New Yorker H e r e’s Yorker editor thought it would be our point David Rem- okay. – admit nick played your misdumb, saytake, Reming, “This nick. Admit was [not] that it was anything other than a joke a joke in bad taste and move about the difficulty of pro- on. Anything less is an insult nouncing a name; It’s two to your readership and even American kids talking to more of a double-negative each other. There was never towards your credibility. The any intention or thought of clean-hands denial you are this being a particular ethnic trying to pull, well, we’re not joke, much less an ethnic buying it. With the nature of insult...we just don’t publish media, there’s always gonna that kind of thing.” be someone to call foul when Hey Remnick, in your you mess up and publish laundry list of transparent something you shouldn’t. excuses you forgot “The dog The best you can do is admit ate our homework.” your mistake and move on.

Living at home means less stress in life and on your wallet By Caitlin Clift

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Living at home, for many adults, is seen as a last resort. But to others, living at home is the most logical and sensible option while attending school. Because Cal State Fullerton is largely a commuter school, many students may have the option to live at home and save money. Contrary to what some people may think, living at home doesn’t have to mean misery and unhappiness throughout a person’s


Peace of mind away from parents is worth the extra money by Jackie Kimmel

Daily Titan Staff Writer

When making the move from high school to college, there are numerous options for living accommodations. The common options are: staying at home with parents (assuming they permit) moving out with a roommate(s) or moving out on your own. Of those three options, living on your own is truly the best choice. Most people live with their families for a solid 18 years before leaving the nest and in some cases 18 years can seem like a prison sentence. So for those of you who still live with your parents, I salute you for staying, literally, close to your family. However, I have yet to meet a single student who is excited about living at home with their parents, siblings,

college career. While some may think living at home during school is an embarrassment, it isn’t really that bad. Instead of feeling guilty about relying on parents’ support, view living at home as a positive and practical decision. The most obvious benefit of living at home is financial. I’m not advocating that students abuse their parents’ generosity, but take advantage of the lessened responsibilities. If parents are willing to help out, then by all means live without the stress of paying for rent and bills while living on one’s own. Less financial responsibility may also offer the opportunity to work less while in school. Instead of trying to juggle a full-time job or two or three part-time jobs, in addition to classes, view living at home as a chance to get the most out of school.

I am definitely not envious of students who live on their own but are forced to work full time to support themselves. They are in a very difficult situation. Think about their lack of spending money, time to spend with friends and the stress that comes with taking a full load of classes and working full time too. Not only is this a stressful situation, but succeeding academically may be a struggle as well. If working overtime isn’t covering school, rent and bills, students may also end up living on credit cards to pay for basic items like groceries. Living in debt is a difficult cycle to get out of, especially for students. Living with parents may mean less independence and more rules to follow, but think of the roommate horror stories. Instead of living with a loud and perhaps obnoxious roommate, the privacy that comes

from living at home far outweighs the occasional quarrels with family. Dealing with school can be stressful enough, but trying to get through school without family support can be a lonely experience. Knowing that family is around to help when going through a difficult time can make a huge difference in a student’s life. Having the independence that comes with living away from home may be exciting at first, but coming home to an empty apartment every night can be pretty depressing. After graduation, students will have plenty of time to live on their own and experience independence. But for four years, why not enjoy college without struggling financially? Take advantage of the free food, rent and utilities. Living at home while in college is not something to be looked at negatively, it is a luxury.

grandparents and pets. Living with parents is 1- times worse than having a landlord. At home, if something broke it was my fault, I got yelled at, had to pay for it and was told never to touch whatever it was again. Now, if I break something I call up my landlady and someone with a smile stops by, fixes whatever is wrong and leaves without charging any extra rent. Moving out on your own allows for new house rules to be made. While on your own you can leave all the lights on, play on your computer, watch television and microwave some popcorn at the same time without someone following you through the place turning all your stuff off, or complaining that you are the sole cause of a massive electric bill. Now, living with a roommate or roommates may be a step in the right direction, but still not nearly as cool as being on your own. With roommates you still have to deal with all the crap families do, the only difference is that you don’t have to love your roommates. Roommates, just like families, will eat all your food, use your com-

puter, forget to TiVo your favorite show and leave random hair strands in the shower. Just face it, living alone may cost more a month, but it will save you from stressing about other people’s nonsense. Also, with roommates there is always a 50/50 chance that on any given day you will have a pact of three to five “friends” you’ve never met chilling at your pad eating all the food from “your shelf ” of the refrigerator, playing your video games and having an attitude about you wanting all your stuff back. Being that I have lived by myself for a little more than three years now, I feel truly blessed that I have not had the headaches some of my fellow students endure. Living on your own is a serious responsibility but I would not trade my apartment independence for the few extra dollars a month I would save living with someone or back home. I study when I want to, I watch television when I want to, I always have a parking space, my house is

always the way I want it and above all I sleep better knowing that everything in my world is controlled by me.


Harmony in Conflict BY Harmony Trevino

Activists Have it all Wrong Animal rights and global advocate for better conditions warming activists need to get for people, but their voices aren’t their priorities straight. Pron- as loud. Advocates for animal to. You guys have it all wrong. rights on the other hand are While animal lovers are running loud and clear. PETA and its around advocating for Lassie’s members are notorious for their rights, people are continually creative, excessive protests. having theirs violated. Animal For example, in 2005, memadvocates are concerned with bers of PETA threw a tofu pie the way animals are raised and at the editor of Vogue, Anna slaughtered for food, while peo- Wintour, at a fashion event in ple in this country wonder when Paris. They were objecting to and where they are going to get the magazine’s decision to not their next meal. Advocates don’t run anti-fur ads. I’m not saying want animals to throw pies at skinned for politicians, but their fur, while there needs to people freeze Our major concern be more proon the side of should focus on hu- tests and louder dirt roads in voices. other parts of mans and their sufferEnvironthe world and ing, not animals that mentalists are in our own. have no souls and envi- implementing I also call for laws to change a priority shift ronmental speculation. the way we live, from environto reduce CO2 mental activemissions that ists. People are are reportedly trying to stop global warming, causing global warming, while which, like all theories in sci- homelessness is slowly becoming ence, is mere speculation. Activ- institutionalized. ists argue that they want to make Perhaps these animal lovers this planet a better place for our and environmentalists are much future generations. louder because not enough of us What about the people living are concerned about human sufhere, now? The issues of poverty fering and poverty. and starvation are imperative to Our reality is that our felus at this time. low human beings, both in the Our major concern should United States and around the focus on humans and their suf- world, are starving, freezing and fering, not animals that have no struggling just to live another souls and environmental specu- day. Our concerns should not lation. An extreme example of be about the mistreatment of this absurd concern for animals animals and a future that may has been Ingrid Newkirk, the never come. We should be conpresident of People for the Ethi- cerned about families living on cal Treatment of Animals. She the streets, children forced into has had the audacity to compare prostitution and those trapped in a soulless animal to human be- modern-day slavery. The middle ings. She has said, “Six mil- class is disappearing, the poor lion Jews died in concentration are getting poorer and the rich camps, but six billion broiler are getting richer. Those who are chickens will die this year in fighting for animals and a theory slaughterhouses.” Yeah, I know. need to wake up. Our priority as People are starving and with- a whole should be for our fellow out shelter. We have groups that man who is suffering now.

Titan Editorial

Better To Live At Home or On Your Own?

Like Stephanie Tanner Said: HOW RUDE! By Caitlin Clift

Daily Titan Staff Writer

As much as we may not want to admit it, we are living in a rude society. Common courtesy and kindness seem to have been replaced by bad manners and the tendency to ignore people around us. While this may not be readily apparent, think about all the times that you have held the door open for people and have not received a thank you or even a smile. Years ago, manners were taught in schools and parents made sure their children were trained to be polite. So what has happened in the last 30 or 40 years? Why is it that people no longer say hello to strangers on the street or even take the time to get to know their neighbors? At Cal State Fullerton some students seem too preoccupied with their cell phones and iPods to get to know the people around them. Perhaps the most troubling aspect is that people have become so used to ignoring other people or yelling when things don’t go their way that they may not even realize that their behavior can have a serious impact on other peoples’ lives. I don’t think that people are intentionally rude. They probably don’t plan on yelling at a waiter or talking on their cell phones while ordering coffee. But that is exactly the problem. People need to be aware of how their actions affect other people. After working in the retail industry for the last six years, I have experienced first-hand the effect of peoples’ rude behavior. On a daily basis I am ignored, yelled at and treated like a maid. My personal favorite is when people expect me to help them while they are glued to their cell phones. While being treated in this way is annoying and sometimes upsetting, what bothers me the most is that people seem to think that this behavior is acceptable. It’s difficult to pinpoint where this bad behavior comes from exactly, but I think it has become too much of an effort for some people to be kind and polite. People are so stressed out, that it is just too difficult to be friendly to people outside their families and their circle of friends. Rude behavior is also perpetuated by the American attitude of getting ahead no matter what the cost and the idea that “nice guys finish last.” So much emphasis is placed upon having things: money, clothes and a nice house in the right neighborhood. Courtesy has taken second place compared to all these things. Some people believe that having money or prestige means you can ignore basic manners and kindness. Growing up I was expected to be polite and treat everyone considerately. I would never dream of flipping someone off in the parking lot because I didn’t get a parking space or being unkind to a stranger. I may be old-fashioned but I expect people to treat others with kindness. I realize that manners may not have the same importance in peoples’ lives that they did in the past, but people can at least take the time to smile and say hello.

February 27, 2007


The Hub

Free Downloading From Public Domain By Orion Tippens

Daily Titan Staff Writer

“Night of the Living Dead” is probably one of the most-famous public-domain movies produced in recent memory. Though created in 1968, this movie is royalty free because creator and director George Romero failed to renew his copyright.

“Nosferatu,” filmed in 1922, was based on Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula,” but that name was unusable at the time because of legal reasons. “Nosferatu” served as a model for later Hollywood versions of Dracula, including Bela Lugosi’s.

courtesy of arttoday

U.S. Government are free without While the show’s comedic comquestion, including World War II mentary is property of the show’s propaganda pieces such as Frank copyright owners, Best Brains Inc., Capra’s “Why We Fight” series and most of the films the group watched John Ford’s “Battle of Midway.” were in the public domain. “Anything the Anyone who government owns wishes to own an the rights to, you original copy of own the rights to,” The industrial quality those films is free said Fink. of these films are fun to obtain the raw D i s t r i b u t i o n with the bad quality, content. of public domain Even with dismovies for market- cheesy acting and tribution and maring purposes has its goofy effects. keting complicaown copyright. – Tim Maloney tions, personal use Companies own Radio-TV-Film Professor of public domain the edited versions movies is OK. they create and disAfter downloadtribute. Those moding them, people ified versions, including packaging, can can share these movies among still hold the same legal protection friends, give them as gifts or use as regular copyrighted films. them for editing on other projects. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a “They are fun to strip and use famous example. The show featured out of context for its aged texture. a janitor and a crew of robots who The industrial quality of these films were forced to watch bad movies as are fun with the bad quality, cheesy part of a science experiment. acting, and goofy effects,” said Tim

Right now, 50,000 movies are available for free and legal download on the Internet. These movies are in public domain, which means that no single person or organization has the sole copyright to them. Anyone is free to obtain these movies, without permission, for personal use. Many public-domain movies have expired copyrights that were uncontested by the studio that produced them. Many of these movies are black-and-white classics, including many silent films, war propaganda, stock footage, commercials, foreign films, animated classics and others. Many Web sites take the liberty of checking the public domain status of different films, then provide direct downloadable video files or direct streaming for these free-to-the-public films. Some easy-to-use Web sites with a large selection of downloadable content include www.archive. org, and Popular movies include George Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead”; comedy hits including Charlie Chaplin shorts; cult favorites like “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” and “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die”; exploitation pieces like “Reefer Madness” and “Sex Madness”; and film noir classics including “D.O.A.,” “Beat the Devil” and Fritz Lang’s “M.” However, complete public domain status is debatable among many films. “Actually, movies from 1965 and back should be in the public domain, but that is clearly not the case. Complications develop between studios, movie directors, actors preventing many of these movies from becoming public domain,” said Edward Fink, the chair of the RadioTV-Film Department. Films and footage owned by the

Maloney, a CSUF radio-TV-film instructor who said he frequently recommends public domain movies to his students. Not all public domain movies are aged classics. Many of these films are recent films that had the rights volunteered by the creator and studio to the public. Many of these kind of films are available on the same Web sites that contain selections of expired copyrights of movies. However, it is a common condition for the original creators to take steps to ensure they retain the credit for the work done. “Unless the creator specifically gives away the rights to the public, the rights of the work are retained by the creator,” said Genelle Belmas, a CSUF associate professor of communications and media law expert. Many public domain film Web sites also offer files of public-domain music, text and video games available for entertainment, education and editing.

“Reefer Madness,” a 1936 antimarijuana propaganda film, was originally released as “Tell Your Children.” The over-the-top depiction of uncontrollable pot fiends has made the movie something of an underground classic.

“Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” from 1964 is the tale of Santa Claus bringing Christmas joy to little Martian children. After the Martian elders kidnapped him, of course. It shares stock footage with “Dr. Strangelove,” so the movie’s not all bad.

“The Kid” is Charlie Chaplin’s first feature-length movie, and it made him a star in America. The producers of this 1921 movie tried to pay Chaplin one third the standard pay for a film of this length, but he took the film out of state until he was paid. SOURCE:,

february 27, 2007

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February 27, 2007

SPORTS Fantasy Fix

BY James Thompson

Some Roundball Musings

By Karl THUNMAN/Daily Titan Photo Editor GOOD TIMES – Titan Clark Hardman [#4] celebrates with teammates during the Cal State Fullerton game against Arizona on Feb. 18. The Titans won 9-2.

Titans Look to Continue to Roll Against San Diego State BY LAURENS ONG

Daily Titan Sports Editor

The No. 10 Cal State Fullerton baseball team goes up against the San Diego State Aztecs in a non-conference game tonight at Goodwin Field beginning at 6 p.m. It may only be a tune up before a key non-conference matchup against No. 6 Rice this weekend, but San Diego State defeated the Titans last Tuesday, 8-7. The Aztecs are currently 8-6, but the team is only 1-3 away from their home ballpark. They lost two out of

three at home against UC Riverside this past weekend but got a one hit 5-0 shutout win on Sunday. This past weekend, the Titans were able to take two out of the three against the UCLA Bruins. A pair of veterans to the program led the way as CSUF picked up wins at Jackie Robinson Stadium after losing Friday night at Goodwin Field. Senior catcher John Curtis has come on strong with a 16-game hitting streak. He was 1-for-4 with an RBI and run scored in the Titans’ 7-2 win against UCLA on Sunday. In 48 atbats this season, he has collected 19

hits for a .396 average. On Sunday against UCLA, junior outfielder Clark Hardman was 2-for4 with four RBIs and a run scored. Much like Curtis, he has started the 2007 season hot with 23 hits in 54 at-bats for a .426 average. He has three doubles, two triples, two home runs and 16 RBIs. On the mound, the Titans have really been helped by Jeff Kaplan and Sean Urena, pitchers following ace Wes Roemer, who recently lost his past two starts. Kaplan secured a 7-4 win for CSUF on Saturday with a quality start. He pitched 6 2/3 innings, al-

lowing seven hits and three runs – all earned. He threw 139 pitches and despite walking seven batters, he struck out five. On Sunday, CSUF took the rubber game against UCLA with a 7-2 win. Urena got his second straight win in his second start for the Titans. The righthander went 7 2/3 innings, allowing six hits and two runs [one earned]. He struck out five batters and walked four, while throwing 116 pitches. This season, the Titans are currently 9-4 on the year with a 5-2 record at home.

Let us take a moment to remember Dennis Johnson. The five-time all-star was one of the grittiest defenders in league history. He went too soon and will be missed. Injuries are always a factor in who will see increased minutes on your fantasy squad. It also gives you a clue about who to look for on the waiver wire. First off a big boo to Lakers’ power-forward Vladimir Radmonovic who injured his shoulder snowboarding during the all-star break. First he claimed that he slipped on a patch of ice. I guess he felt guilty for lying because he soon came clean and told the L.A. staff that he actually hurt himself snowboarding. He’s a bum anyway. If you must have a Laker (No way Kobe’s on the waiver wire) go pick up Maurice Evans. He’s shooting 58 percent and getting you a steal a game, which is much better production than ‘ol Vlady. If you haven’t heard by now, Dwyane Wade dislocated his shoulder and by the looks of the replay, it was pretty painful. I hate to see a grown man cry. Did you

see him on the sideline crying his eyes out? You’re supposed to ball, not bawl! I can’t lie, I shed a few too cause I drafted him first in my fantasy basketball league. That thing I said about Eddie Jones not being a factor, never mind that. To all the previous Wade owners (myself included): check the waiver wire for Jones, Gary Payton and Jason Williams, since they all should see a considerable increase in minutes. Baron Davis is always injured so it should come as no surprise that he’s having knee surgery. All you Monta Ellis owners are sitting pretty. In his last seven games he’s started he’s averaging 19 points. Charlotte Bobcats Gerald Wallace strained his groin against Toronto (He’s on my squad too) and there’s no telling how long he’ll be out. He’s the Bobcats’ leading scorer and I don’t know who his back up is. It doesn’t matter. If you own Wallace, keep him on the bench.

James Thompson’s columns appear every Tuesday.

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at Seattle at Houston at Chicago

NBA Point Spreads -6 -10 -7


Portland Boston Orlando


203 192.5 188

2007 02 27  
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