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Wednesday November 8, 2006

The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton

Election 2006


Schwarzenegger is in Again

Measure M passing with 70 percent reporting, Propositions 1A-1E, 83 and 84 passing with 68 percent of CA precincts reporting at press time

Measure M NO 31% Authorizes the Orange County R YES 69%

Local Transportation Authority to construct specific transportation improvement and traffic congestion relief projects in Orange County by continuing the existing 0.5 percent retail transaction and use tax for 30 years from the expiration of the current Measure M on April 1, 2011.

Prop. 1A R By KARL THUNMAN/Daily Titan

Re-Elected - In celebration of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s victory in his run for governor, balloons fall at the Beverly Hilton International Ballroom.

A Predictable Election Day Democrats in Los Angeles on cloud nine over winning the U.S. House

Despite a trying term, governor wins re-election by a wide margin

By Harmony Trevino

By Paul Saiedi

Daily Titan Staff Writer

Daily Titan Staff Writer

BEVERLY HILLS - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger won his bid for reelection against Phil Angelides in the 2006 California gubernatorial election. Supporters of the governor swarmed into the lush green belts and glistening skyscrapers of Beverly Hills converging in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The International Ballroom at the Hilton played host to the Republican Party’s victory celebration for California’s incumbent governor. The host of a Fox radio show in San Diego announced that the Associated Press named Arnold Schwarzenegger the winner of the gubernatorial race at 8:30 p.m. to the packed room in Beverly Hills. Schwarzenegger stood on the stage next to his four children, wife and key campaign supporters as thousands of tiny pieces of white, green and orange confetti rained down. “The race was won by the calloused hands of phone bank representatives and the calloused hands of those who wrote checks to support Schwarzenegger,” said Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the California Republican Party, taking the stage following the initial announcement. Democrats are losing their grip on four major races and that should make everyone at the convention

LOS ANGELES - California Democrats raised their voices in celebration, but not for a Phil Angelides’ victory. Though Angelides lost to incumbent Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to the Associated Press, Democrats celebrated winning the House of Representatives in the national election. The race came down to four states that would determine whether or not the Democrats would take over the House. Democrats watched the big screen at the Democratic Party Celebration in the Biltmore Hotel, anticipating a victory. As the results poured in, Democrats could safely say that they were going to take over the final two years of President George W. Bush’s presidential term. Congressional Democrats needed the 15 seats in the House and six in the Senate to gain control of Congress, which many saw as a chance to change Bush’s unfavorable policies through the rest of his term. All 435 House seats were up for the election as well as 33 Senate seats. Pat Wood, who attended the Democratic celebration, said it was important that the Demo-


FAMILY - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with his son and daughter Christopher, 9, and Christina, 15, at the Beverly Hilton International Ballroom with his family and supporters following the announcement of his substantial victory in the California Governor race Tuesday. ens of police. happy, McCarthy said. Since 2003, when Schwarzenegger “What a difference four years makes. We were $1.5 million in debt was elected during a recall election and this was a blue state and getting of Gov. Gray Davis, he has backed bluer all the time,” McCarthy said. causes ranging from before- and “Tonight there is a Democratic tide after-school programs to education and transportation restructuring. that stops at the Sierras.” He came under public opposition The changes in the state occurred because of the governor’s dedication by the Republican Party for champito working on issues that matter to oning multiple tax increases during everyday working people, McCarthy his first term. California Democrats took issue said. The semicircular party space with Schwarzenegger when he failed played host for the night to more to sign a bill legalizing gay marthan 200 print, television and radio riage. news outlets. Schwarzenegger serves as the The governor, his family and staff chairman of the National Inner-City traversed the ballroom amidst hun- Games Foundation and as an advodreds of television cameras and doz- cate for the Special Olympics.


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Fantastic Four


Four profiles of students who excel on campus.

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YES 77% NO 23%

Protects transportation funding for traffic congestion projects, safety improvements and local streets and roads. The approval of the proposition will prohibit the state sales tax on motor vehicle fuels from being used for any purpose other than transportation improvements.

Prop. 1B

R YES 61%

Prop. 1C R

YES 57% NO 43%

The California state government will issue $2.9 billion in funding for development programs aimed at improving public transportation, funding for state parks and grants covering improvements in water, sewer and environmental cleanup efforts, homeownership programs focusing on serving low-income households, providing down payment assistance, issuing grants aimed at reducing barriers for first time buyers and issuing grants to cover renovation costs for low to moderate-income homes.

Prop. 1D

R YES 56%

Prop. 1E

R YES 64%

NO 44%

Authorizes the sale of a $10.4 billion statewide general obligation bond that will provide funding to improve older schools and reduce public school overcrowding. The money will go to K-12 schools, community colleges, California State Universities and the University of California.

NO 36%

Authorizes a $4 billion bond to repair and rebuild California’s flood control structures to protect homes and prevent loss of life from flood-related disasters. This bond will cost $8 billion over 30 years, paid off at $266 million per year.

R YES 70%

NO 30%

Will prohibit sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools and parks. The proposition will also require felony sex offenders to wear a permanent global positioning de-



Prop. 84 R

YES 53% NO 47%

The state will authorize $5.4 billion in general obligation bonds to fund all aspects of water quality, safety and supply. Flood-control efforts, waterway and natural resource protections, water pollution and contamination control, state and local park improvements, public access to natural resources and water conservation efforts will be funded.

Prop. 85

YES 46% R NO 54%

Would have required physicians to

NO 39% notify a parent or legal guardian at

Will issue a bond to make safety improvements to highways, widen freeways, repair local streets and improve local bridges for earthquake safety. The state fiscal impact will be about $38.9 billion with the bond price and interest combined.

Prop. 83

vice at all times to be monitored. The proposition also changes the two-year involuntary civil commitment for violent sexual offenders to an indeterminate commitment subject to an annual review by a director of mental health.

least 48 hours before a minor underwent an abortion.

Prop. 86 R

YES 47% NO 53%

Proposed the largest excise tax ever put forth by a state. It would have increased cigarette taxes by 13 cents a cigarette, or $2.60 per pack.

Prop. 87

YES 45% R NO 55%

This would have established a $4 billion program which would have reduced California’s petroleum consumption. Research and production incentives would have been given for alternative energy, alternative-energy vehicles, energy-efficient technologies and for education and training.

Prop. 88 R

YES 23% NO 77%

Would have provided additional public school funding for K-12 schools through a $50 imposed tax on each real-property parcel. The funds, roughly $450 million annually, would have been used for class-size reduction, textbooks, school safety, Academic Success grants and data systems to evaluate educational program effectiveness. It would have required school-district audits and penalties for fund misuse.

Prop. 89

YES 25% R NO 75%

Prop. 90

YES 48% R NO 52%

Would have increased income taxes by 0.2 percent to fund campaigns. The initiative statute was aimed at changing and reforming political campaigns, public financing and campaign contribution expenditure limits.

Would have stopped state and local governments from condemning or damaging private property to promote private projects.

TOMorrow Partly Cloudy High: 78 Low: 55

Sunny High: 76 Low: 53


November 8, 2006

In Brief


Professor for a day provides a glimpse into the work world when 25 to 30 community and business leasers enter the classroom to talk about their experiences. CSUF art professors will be displaying their most recent work from noon to 4 p.m. in the Visual Arts Main Art Gallery. Admission is free. Photography, glass, drawing, jewelry, ceramics, graphic design, video and animation will be presented. Janet Emery from the CSUF Health Center will discuss how women’s reproductive organs have become even more complicated over the last 3 years. The meeting begins at noon in the Women’s Center, UH 205.


CSUF art professors will be displaying their most recent work from noon to 4 p.m. in the Visual Arts Main Art Gallery. Admission is free. Photography, glass, drawing, jewelry, ceramics, graphic design, video and animation will be presented. CSUF Theater Department presents Tennessee Williams’ production, “Spring Storm”at 8 p.m. in the Hallberg Theatre. Tickets are $9 general admission and $8 with advance purchase for senior citizens and students with a CSUF ID.


Veterans Day ­– Campus closed! CSUF choreographers and dancers present the Fall Dance Theatre at 8 p.m. Tickets are $9 general admission and $8 with advance purchase for senior citizens and students with a CSUF ID. SUBMISSIONS: To have your event in the Daily Titan’s Calendar, please submit event information to one week prior to the date of the event.

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Election: Democrats Take House (From Page One) crats took over the House because a change was needed. “I think they are going to force the issue [of Iraq],” Wood said. “If we have Democratic authority in the House, this will be a strong message to Bush that he’s on the wrong track.” History was also made when Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, the House Democratic Leader, become the first woman speaker in U.S. history. Susana Reynoso, who attended the Democratic Party celebration, was happy that Pelosi had taken the position. “Women are starting to take over a lot of leadership roles, and maybe this is the first step to a woman president,” she said. Democrats in this midterm election wanted to capitalize on President Bush’s unpopularity due to the war in Iraq and former Rep. Mark Foley’s sex scandal with teenage congressional pages, among other issues. Voters took that into consideration and voted for Democratic mayors in New York, Ohio and Massachusetts for the first time in a decade. Jess Penilla, a Democratic Party member, said it was evident that the unpopularity of President Bush was a factor for those who voted in this election. He said Democrats taking over the House would restore checks and balances to the federal government and restore balance.

By Harmony Trevino/Daily Titan

Showing Support - Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stops by the California Democratic party celebration to show his support for Phil Angelides and Propositions 1A through 1E. Democrats had 227 seats and the pushing for the Democratic Party – Republicans had 191 at press time. not just locally but nationally as well. Antonio Villaraigosa stopped by the Luis Alvarez, an active Democratic California Democratic Party cele- Party member, said that Demobration before it started. He was also crats taking over the House would

mean better relations with other countries and better immigration policies. “Right now we have really bad issues with other countries,” Alvarez said. “Democrats can do something about that. As well as help immigrants and workers.” California Democratic Party Secretary Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer said that taking over the House has sent a message to the president. “We have told President Bush tonight that it’s time for a change.” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa visited the California Democratic Party’s preparty to show support for Angelides and Propositions 1A through 1E. He said the propositions were important for young voters. “I don’t like to say that an election is more important to one group than another, but one can make the argument that the most important demographic group that this election would affect are young people,” Villaraigosa said. “We’re talking about investing in education. We’re talking about reducing college fees. We’re talking about health care for children. Young people need to be involved. We’re talking about reducing an overreliance on fossil fuels. These are things that impact everybody, but they will particularly impact young people.”


Going ‘All In’ to Entertain Students By Jaime Cárdenas Daily Titan Staff Writer

It’s been beaten into Ken Maxey’s head by his bosses, “provide quality experience for students.” That’s his credo, so to speak. Maxey, 27, is the Titan Bowl and Billiards manager. He is the man in charge of the day-to-day operations of the TSU Underground. The mortgage broker-turned-games director is also the man responsible for starting the no limit Texas hold ‘em tournament last semester. Maxey’s current job gives him and his family a lot more peace of mind

than his old one did, Maxey said. “We know where the money is coming from. I don’t have to worry about landing that big account now,” he said. “It’s a lot less stress.” He was on the school’s bowling team when he was a student from 1997 to 1999. Back then the school had a bowling team that traveled to tournaments, Maxey said. It was on that team that he met his wife, whom he married in 2000 and has two children with. As part of providing a quality experience for student, the Underground offers free billiards on Tuesdays and Bowling on Thursdays from 3 to 7 p.m. There is a bowling league, a bil-

liards tournament and a table-tennis tournament, but the thing Maxey has been most proud of is the poker tournament. Maxey came up with the idea of a poker tournament on campus after going to the Association of College Unions International conference last year. Maxey said his counterparts at Cal State Northridge and Cal State Los Angeles held a workshop on how successful the events had been on their campuses. After checking the legality of the event and the dos and donts, Maxey began ordering chips and tables. Maxey was unsure of how popular the tournament was going to be at the beginning so he went small.

For the first event he had only three tables and 24 seats for players. Maxey said more than 20 students were turned away. “I didn’t think it was going to be this popular,” he said. “The next day I ordered more chips and more tables.” The tournament has had a limit of 40 participants ever since. The next tournament Wednesday, Oct. 18. “Students take it seriously,” he said of the level of competition. “You would think there is live money on the table.” Of course, there isn’t any live money, just a quality experience– which is what Maxey’s bosses want him to provide.

November 8, 2006

the student body

Artificial Inflation Women are heading to the operating table for breast augmentations by Lindsay Aimar

For the Daily Titan news@dailytitan

The pressure to look a certain way constantly affects young men and women. Cheryl Cooky, assistant professor with the department of kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton, said in an e-mail interview that many women undergo breast augmentation in order to “deal with the increasingly unattainable body image perpetuated by the media.” Katrina DeGuzman, a 20-year-old CSUF senior communications and entertainment studies major, said she chose to receive breast implants in order to increase her already secure confidence and feel better about herself. “The surgery was not for modeling purposes or a job, a boyfriend or anything like that, it was just for me and the way I felt about myself and I feel great,” DeGuzman said. “I feel better about myself, however, who I am did not change. I still have the same heart as the person I was before the surgery.” DeGuzman is one of the quarter of a million women in the U.S. who receive breast augmentation each year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “Many women, for whatever reason, whether it is child birth, or naturally, are not happy with their breast size,” said Brent Moelleken, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. According to, many girls are getting breast implants as a high school graduation gift, in the hopes that the surgery will improve their self-esteem. “In general, women should not get implants [if they are] younger than 21 years of age or so as there is a possibility for breast size to continue to change prior to that age,” said Kathy Koser, chair of the Kinesiology Department, in an e-mail interview. “When young girls and women

undergo breast augmentation, they frequently lose sensation in their breasts,” Cooky said. “Their breasts then become the object of someone else’s pleasure, rather then a source of her own pleasure.” Cooky said images in the media have caused increased pressure on females to be thin and have large breasts. In May of 2006, the New York Daily News reported that Americans spent a total of $9.4 billion on cosmetic surgery in 2005 the majority of the patients were middle-class workers earning between $3,000 and 6,000 a year. Financial lenders are eagerly offering loans to patients who otherwise may not be able to afford the procedure. According to the Daily News article, Malcolm Roth, a spokesman for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons said, “Financing allows people who don’t have access to cash to go ahead with the procedure.” The reported women who are just entering college and undergoing breast augmentation are taking out loans and making monthly payments in order to pay for the costs of the surgery. “I got the implants in college because the timing was perfect. I had the time and I had saved some money to do it,” DeGuzman said. “I financed my surgery through I only financed $3500 and paid the rest cash. The total cost of the surgery was $5800. I believe the surgery was worth it. It was something I researched and thought about for years.” “Patients who receive breast aug-

had breast augmentation surgery in order to succeed in her career choice. Young said she dreamed of becoming a model. She worked hard on her body in order to compete against thousands of women for a chance to appear in multiple magazines. “The greatest advantage is probably modeling. I don’t think I could be a lingerie/swimsuit model without the implants,” said Young, who underwent the surgery in 2004. Moelleken said the majority of women who have received breast implants feel as though the benefits of surgery greatly outweigh the amount of pain they experienced. “I would do it all over again 10 times. It was nothing. I feel those shows on MTV are way overdramatic because they are trying to scare young girls into not doing it. I had hardly any pain,” Young said. Although the risks associated with breast implants have been decreasing, there are still several

possible side effects that can occur with all operations. “Breast implants require a lot of maintenance and may require additional surgeries down the road – that is something a lot of doctors don’t tell their patients,” Moelleken said. “Even though breast implant surgery is a relatively common, simple procedure there are always health risks of any surgical procedures.” According to, breast augmentation does not have to be permanent. If a woman decides she no longer wants the implants or has encountered complications, the implants can be removed with an incision made either under the fold of the breast or around the areola. Chan said she suggests that women thinking about having breast augmentation should discuss all possible side effects with their doctors prior to surgery, because it is important for women to know exactly what to expect. Women who want to have surgery often have the need to be perfect, Moelleken said, many doctors will advise the patient otherwise. “Sometimes I just tell them that their size is enough, or if they have unrealistic expectations,” Moelleken said. “They want to be made perfect and that is just not a realistic expectation.”


Body Talk

Unspoken Feelings I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. No, seriously, I can’t get up, move an arm, raise my voice – nothing. And as much as I would like to take action, there is no way I will compel myself to tell her exactly how I feel. I’m paralyzed. It might sound irrational to have such strong feelings for someone and not want to express them, but I definitely have my reasons. See, in the first place, it’s not like I don’t already talk to her. In fact, that’s part of the problem. Then you have to consider future consequences. Almost everyone is familiar with the whole “I have a great friend and I don’t want to mess it up” scenario. Or the “I don’t want to date because we might not be good friends after.” Been down that road, and I’ve heard that line. And then there’s the possibility that you are mistaking someone being a good friend for romantic feelings. Can you even begin to imagine the fallout of admitting your feelings to someone when they don’t share an ounce of that same feeling for you? Not a road I’m ready to travel any time soon. I give myself credit for being aware of potential situations

BY ALVIN ANOL Daily Titan Staff Writer

like that. I think I’m being pretty unselfish to keep a secret of such magnitude. But oh, does it burn like hell to have to keep your strongest feelings at bay and to make yourself come to the realization that no action is likely the best course of action. I think I might have found a solution though. While I can’t do anything about failures of the past, I can certainly prepare for the future. I’ve already crafted a questionnaire that I will ask ladies I meet to fill out. Some of the basics will be asked: name, school, age and hobbies. But I am definitely going to leave a box where women can check off what they potentially see me as. The options? “Just A Friend,” “At Least A Date,” “Boyfriend Material” and “My Future Husband.” If that doesn’t reduce the amount of confusion that dating comes with, I don’t know what will. And to the girl who currently has my eye? Well, hopefully you read this, you realize it’s you that I’m talking about, and you do something about it. Because I know I won’t. I’ve fallen for you, and I can’t pick myself up. Maybe you could give me a hand.

Body Talk is a weekly column featuring a variety of writers discussing dating and sexual issues.

mentation report having better selfesteem, higher confidence and appearing more attractive in clothes,” said Liberte Chan, a health reporter for KCOY-TV in Santa Maria, Calif. Laurie Young, a 21-year-old junior at Orange Coast College, said she

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November 8, 2006

OPINION Titan Editorial Providing insight, analysis and perspective since 1960

A New Order

Democrats have regained con- crats is the accountability. trol of Congress. We anticipate a The Republicans would like new order frankly because the to keep the status quo, keeping American public needs a breath things covered up from the pubof fresh air from the conserva- lic, such as the case of Mark Foltive, right-wing movement. ey or the blatant hypocrisy that Now that Democrats are in exists with the Haggard scandal. control we expect some change. They like to keep dissenting voicNot because they are inherently es muffled to the point where better or that there is not a cur- the American public is confused rent Democrat who has been and the Republicans have polarouted for making inappropri- ized the nation into red or blue ate online advances to teenage states, while they are merely just pages. doing their dog and H o w e v e r , The biggest differ- pony show to keep Democrats need ence between the Americans in the to be in conRepublicans and the dark.We don’t need trol because the Democrats is the the division that Republicans really are openly has continued with accountability. concerned with the Republicans themselves as opin control, where posed to anyone else. They don’t merely right-wing agendas were hold the president accountable satisfied. Unfortunately, Repubsince he is supposedly one of licans have made the common them. They are also content if we man think that their livelihood stay the course on Iraq, even if will be compromised when there isn’t one solution to get our having them in control binds troops home. Americans to a rigid, hypocritiThe Republicans paint them- cal Matrix. selves as a pious, conservative With Democrats in control, party, but it still doesn’t mean Congress will hopefully lead to that they are the honest choice. a change of ideals and hopefully The biggest difference between more compromise. Perhaps our the Republicans and the Demo- troops will come home, after all. EDITOR’S NOTE: The Titan Editorial is solely the opinion of the Daily Titan edito-

rial board and was written after the open debate between board members. The editorial board consists of the executive editor, the managing editor, the opinion editor, the news editors, the copy chief and other editors upon appointment of the executive editor.


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The Daily Titan welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must include the sender’s first and last name. Students must include their majors, and other writers must include their affiliation to the university, if applicable. The Daily Titan reserves the right to edit letters for length, grammar and spelling. Send letters to Julie Anne Ines, the executive editor, at

The Flab That Hangs From Bellies

If you haven’t seen “Fast Food Nation� or “Super-Size Me,� you’ve probably heard of them. “Super-Size Me� is the movie where filmmaker Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but McDonalds food for 30 days, much to the distress of his doctors. “Fast Food Nation� is a book and soon-tobe film talking about the economic and health implications – all negative, of course – that fast food chains have had on the U.S. It seems that fast food has become the latest high-profile target of political arguments. The recent wave of obesity washing over Americans and their children is a real health problem, and fast food probably does figure into a good chunk of that extra weight. The crux of the argument is that fast food is ubiquitous and incredibly unhealthy. Well, I’m not going to argue that fast food has any healthy qualities. It doesn’t. As comedian Lewis Black once said, fast food is fat, deep fried in fat and topped with fat. So while fast food may be terrible for health – delicious and accessible, but terrible nonetheless – it’s not being forced down anyone’s mouth. And that’s the problem with all this talk of fast food. We all know that drinking two gallons of soda a day, as a diabetic in Spurlock’s film

claimed to do, is a patently bad idea. By Benjamin Weiner We all know that eating several thouDaily Titan Copy Editor sand calories a sitting is ridiculous. To blame the fast food industry Our society is growing and it’s not for providing a service that isn’t danjust our population–it’s our waists. gerous in moderation isn’t fair. Legal restrictions specific to fast The American society is under atfood wouldn’t make sense. There is tack by a strong force. This force is no second-hand fat from a burger. unhealthy food spurred on by bigNo one’s ever been arrested for driv- money corporations and powerful marketing. Our soing under the influDEVIL’S ADVOCATE ciety is at a pivotal ence of a shake. And point of change and it’s not like food from this deadly force has your local high-class, high-price restaurant swept in upon us and is really much better is draining our walin terms of health. lets and clogging our What we should be arteries. Many more stressing is personal families have both responsibility. People parents working and shouldn’t be eating as a result, trans-fat4,000 calories a day. laced fried chicken People shouldn’t be from KFC has reavoiding exercise like placed the healthy it’s poisonous. I know home-cooked turkey Every week Joe Simmons and that some people have dinner portrayed on Benjamin Weiner choose an the cover of the Sata harder time losing issue and flip a coin to see urday Evening Post. weight, but that’s life. who is pro and who is con. Convenience is Some people will have We call it the “Devil’s Advocate� the key to this atan easier time staying tack. It is much more at a healthy weight difficult to stop off at than others. And the personal incentives to the supermarket every other day than avoid too much fat? Better health. glide into a drive through. You don’t Self-confidence. Not being a burden even have to get out of your car. Also, on an already broken healthcare sys- most healthy foods need to be eaten tem. All around, those are great rea- relatively quickly before spoilage, sons to eat a little better and exercise not to mention the time it takes to cook. With our hectic schedules it is a little more.

no longer possible to make yourself a nice healthy breakfast, make and pack your lunch for work and then come home and cook dinner. Try to do this day in and day out and see how long you can last. Why would we even consider eating a celery stick when it’s much easier and cheaper to eat a Snickers bar? But it is not just the convenience that leads many to eat unhealthy meals. We are bombarded daily by advertisements that market the next tasty snack that we have to try. These messages are so common that we no longer realize why we are eating a burger and fries instead of salmon and rice. When was the last time you saw a broccoli commercial? Come to think of it have you ever seen a broccoli commercial? But we can’t only blame corporations for the easily available horrendous food choices we see before us. We should also give our government a strict slap on the hand for allowing these industries to get away with this marketplace of trash. Though I am not one to generally endorse more government regulation, in this case it might help. A little more favoritism and incentives for healthy staples and a little more taxation of filth may go a long way. So unless fast food and TV catch E. coli, we will all endure a short delicious life afflicted by Dunlap disease. This disease occurs when your “belly dun lap over your belt.�

Weiner’s Counterpoint: The idea that fast food in moderation isn’t bad for you is incorrect. This was evident in the movie “Fast Food Nation.� Spurlock dined on portions specifically given at the restaurant. McDonalds apparently believes that a burger, fry and soda constitute a meal, so this is what Spurlock ate with dire consequences. Personal responsibility is important, but without the tools available it is nearly impossible. If our

workplace cafeteria offered healthier choices then it would be about personal responsibility. Not when we get a 30-minute lunch break and Carl’s Jr. is the only place to go. If we were offered a gym to work out in before or after work, then it would be personal responsibility. But, sadly it is infrequently offered and as a result we are stuck with our gut and sentenced to a shorter stay on planet Big Mac.

Simmons Counterpoint: Sure, it’s convenient to eat fast food. However, a little planning significantly narrows the difference for time spent on fast food and home-food preparation. Moreover, the economics of fast food quickly render that extra time meaningless. Pound for pound, not only is fast food terribly, terribly unhealthy, but it’s also significantly more expensive than food bought at the grocer’s and prepared at home.

What’s at issue here is immediacy and self-gratification. Until people learn a little self-control, this issue will continue to get worse. And of course, any legislation on this issue would be clunky and difficult to enforce. How would we maintain a sweeping law like the trans fat prohibition in New York? An expensive bureaucracy that does nothing other than raid Emeril’s kitchen to make sure he’s not using real animal fat?

By Joe Simmons Daily Titan Copy Chief


The U.S. food industry markets highfat, high sugar and supersized foods. 300,000 Americans die yearly from obesity related diseases.

61 %

American adults were overweight or obese in 1999.

13 %

U.S. children were overweight in 1999.

14 %

Adolescents were overweight in 1999 - nearly triple the rate 20 years earlier. SOURCE: CQ Researcher, Jan. 31, 2003


Women’s Soccer Grabs Honors

November 8, 2006


Trudeau Gets Big West Honor

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Titan Media Relations

Cal State Fullerton seniors Karen Bardsley and Erica Janke each earned individual accolades while Head Coach Ali Khosroshahin was named the Big West Conference’s Coach of the Year for the third time as the league office announced the 2006 All-Big West teams on Tuesday afternoon. Defense ruled the day for the Titans as three of the Titans’ five allconference selections came on the defensive side of the ball. Bardsley, who also earned the third All-Big West First-Team honor of her career, was named the Big West Goalkeeper of the Year for the third consecutive season after posting a 0.97 goals against average, a leaguehigh 111 saves and seven shutouts during the regular season. Janke, who was named to the First Team for the second-straight season, became the second Titan in as many years to be named Defensive Player of the Year, joining former Fullerton All-American Marlene Sandoval, who earned the honor in 2005. Khosroshahin was named the league’s top coach for the second straight season after sharing the honor last year with UC Riverside’s Veronica O’Brien. He also earned the honor in his head coaching debut in 2001. Three Titans were named to the All-Big West Second Team as senior Lauryn Welch earned her third career all-conference honor despite missing the second half of the season due to injury. Welch finished the season with five goals and two assists. She was joined on the second team by a pair of first timers in senior Desiree Flint, who had a pair of goals and two assists, and redshirt sophomore Jenae Gibbens, who was an integral part of the Titans’ defense in 2006 while also adding an assist.

Cal State Fullerton volleyball senior outside hitter Breanna Trudeau was named Big West Conference Player of the Week Monday afternoon, becoming just the seventh Titan to ever earn the honor. The Valencia native posted the Titans’ season-best back-to-backmatch kill performance, smashing a career-high 23 kills versus nationally ranked Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on Friday night, then 18 kills a night later in the Titans’ first-ever win over UC Santa Barbara Gauchos (1-52 all-time). The Titan’s captain also reached the 20-dig plateau for the first time in her career when she scooped 22 Gaucho attacks, earning her third double-double of the season. In the Saturday night victory, she also tied her career-high with three services aces. On the week Trudeau averaged 4.56 kills per game, hit .198 and also collected 3 block assists. Trudeau, the first senior to earn the weekly conference honor this season, became the second Titan this season to win the award, joining Brittany Moore on the league’s honor roll. This marks the first time in the program’s history that Fullerton has garnered two Players of the Week in one season. The Titans will finish out the 2006 schedule on the road with the first two of four matches coming this weekend at UC Irvine (Nov. 10, 7 p.m.) and Long Beach State (Nov. 11, 7 p.m.). Cal State Fullerton is 29-34 since 1982 versus UC Irvine and is currently riding a small 2-game winning streak against the foes down the freeway. Fullerton has beaten Long Beach just four times in 53 meetings since 1980 and now has the longest winning streak versus the Titans.

By karl Thunman/Daily Titan TRIUMPHANT CELEBRATION – Cal State Fullerton women’s soccer goalkeeper Karen Bardsley raises the Big West Tournament championship trophy. Bardley, who was named the Big West Conference’s Goalkeeper of the Year for the third straight season, is looking to lead the Titans in the NCAA Tournament.

Titans Expect Anything Can Happen BY ALVIN ANOL

Daily Titan Staff Writer

At the Off Campus Pub on Monday, the Cal State Fullerton women’s soccer team learned of their firstround opponent in the NCAA Tournament. The Titans (11-7-2 overall) will not have to travel far for their firstround match in the NCAA tournament, as they will face the Loyola Marymount Lions (10-2-6 overall) in Los Angeles at UCLA’s Drake Field. The match is Friday at 8 p.m. “We are familiar with them,” Titan junior captain Stacey Thompson said. “And we are ready to take them on.” CSUF Head Coach Ali Khosroshahin didn’t mind the first-round matchup either. “I like our chances in the first

game,” Khosroshahin said. “It’s the when the Titans were a nationally tournament – anything can happen ranked team. in the tournament.” A long season has left the Titans If the Titans can beat the Lions, out of the national rankings, while the Titans would likely have to play Loyola Marymount has received UCLA on their votes in the home field. national The Bruins are rankings. the No. 2 seed in In the The preparation has been their respective past two good. Now it’s up to the bracket. meetings kids. But the Titans between cannot afford to the Titans look ahead. One and the Li– Ali Khosroshahin of Loyola Maryons, CSUF Women’s Soccer Head Coach mount’s six ties has come came against No. out on top 4-ranked Santa with wins Clara, a team in 2001 that beat the Tiand 2005. tans 2-0 back on Sept. 24. Winners of their last three matchAnother came against Portland, es, the Titans had a difficult prethe defending national champions season schedule that has prepared from a year ago and the No. 5- them for big matches. ranked team in the nation. Their difficulty of schedule was Luckily, CSUF has seen Loyola validated by the fact that two teams Marymount before this season, they have played received national when the two teams played a scrim- No. 1 seeds (Texas and Santa Clara) mage just before the season. The Ti- while another received a national tans won that contest 1-0. No. 2 seed (Texas A&M). But that was months ago, back “We couldn’t have had better

Women’s soccer hopes that they can do well at the NCAA Tournament

preparation,” Thompson said. “We played the best of the best. It gives us better preparation for the teams we’re going to be facing in the future.” Khosroshahin said he felt his team is prepared. “We’ve played some great programs,” Khosroshahin said. “The preparation has been good. Now it’s up to the kids.” It is the third time in the program’s history that CSUF has been to the NCAA tournament, having appeared in 2001 and 2005. During last season, the Titans found themselves in the Sweet 16 before losing to Virginia. The gathering for the bracket revealing was open to the public, and one fan felt that much of the Titan women soccer program’s success is owed to the head coach who was named as the Big West Conference Coach of the Year in 2006. “What [Khosroshahin] has done over the past six years is amazing,” said Placentia resident and CSUF fan Ron Flores. “To get to the NCAA tournament two years in a row – that’s just great.”

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