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December 2, 2010

Indiana paces

WHAT’S INSIDE OPINION Treating female political candidates in the media ........................................4

toward domination

As one solid defensive unit the Pacers strive for more than just setting records

Nature’s Son electrifies

DETOUR Secret Sisters bring back bluegrass ........................................6

Rancho Cucamonga band captures crowds hearts by relating their music to their hometowns See NATURE’S SON, page 6

SPORTS Bee in the Know: Dodgers rebuild lineup ........................................8

See PACERS, page 8

audiences with eclectic sound The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton

Dancing lessons offered

Latin American Studies Association hosts dance history event on campus CAROLINA VELAZQUEZ Daily Titan

Culture enthusiasts and dance lovers gathered in Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Student Union Wednesday night in support of the Latin American Studies Association (LASSA) annual fall event, Noches Caribeñas. Noches Caribeñas, Spanish for Caribbean Nights, is an event in which the history of dance from the Caribbean region is discussed, specifically the two dances: Salsa and Bachata. Throughout the night, dance lessons and Cuban desserts were offered to the attendees, most of whom were present to learn more about the Caribbean culture and a new dance. “Noches Caribeñas is basically an event dedicated to Salsa and Bachata from the Caribbean region,” said Andrew De Los Reyes, a 23-yearold Latin American studies major and president of LASSA. The evening commenced with a quick PowerPoint presentation which explained where the dance Salsa came from and how the new dance, Bachata, was originated. After the PowerPoint, officers of LASSA explained to the attendees that the purpose of the presentation was to share the Caribbean culture with those who are less familiar with it. “This event is meant to bring attention to the popular dances of the Caribbean. We are trying to modernize it with Bachata, which is a new style of dance,” said Patricia Gonzalez, 23, a Latin American studies major and officer of LASSA. See DANCING, page 3

Patching up Titans

JONATHAN GIBBY / Daily Titan Mark Steven from the Church of Bible Believers came to Cal State Fullerton yesterday and voiced his opinions on religion while students both argued and supported his views. Steven is just one of the few picketers who comes to campus every year.

Olin and the Moon take stage Idaho band charms crowd during this week’s Becker show at CSUF MI TRAN Daily Titan

Seeing the metamorphosis from a student-athlete who is struggling with a painful injury to having them back into the sport they love is an inspiring and touching moment For athletic trainer Heather Calkins these inspiring moments are all in a days work. Calkins has been a certified athletic trainer for six years, graduating from Cal State Fullerton with her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with a focus on athletic training, later completing her master’s. She landed the job on campus after she completed an internship as an undergraduate. Athletic training encompasses areas ranging from preventing injuries, responding to emergencies when they happen, taking care of athletes and returning the athlete to full competition. Typically, trainers work with the teams, traveling on a day-to-day basis, but Calkins works in a setting where she focuses only on rehabilitation.

Los Angeles band Olin and The Moon brought their alternative country sound to Orange County and to students at Cal State Fullerton Wednesday afternoon. The weekly concert series takes place at the Becker Amphitheater every Wednesday and is curated by the members of Associated Students Inc. Productions. Originally from Idaho, and now based in Echo Park, the five-piece band consists of brothers David and Travis LaBrel, Marshall Vore, Kyle Vicioso and Brian McGinnis. The band started off the set with “Terrible Town,” a song about being alone and not wanting to be stuck in a certain location, off their latest album by the same name. Lead vocalist and guitar player LaBrel was very charming and interacted with the crowd between songs throughout the entire set. Though most in the crowd were unresponsive, LaBrel did his best by telling one joke after another until he finally garnered some laughs. Business major Isaac Ramos usually listens to rock and metal but decided to go to the concert to check out some new sounds. “They seemed to have a little bit of a country sound and I’m not a big fan of country, but I did enjoy it,” Ramos said. “I liked what I heard.” With musical influences by Neil Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bright Eyes, the band’s songs clearly reflected those artists. Most of the songs, especially with the sounds of pedal steel and banjo played by McGinnis, had a alternative-country folk feel to it.

See CALKINS, page 8

See BECKER, page 5

CSUF alumna dedicates her life to nurturing athletes’ injuries CARMEN VARNER For the Daily Titan

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Picketer preaches faith

Church of Bible Believers demonstrates during cultural festivities put on by the Middle Eastern Student’s Society MICHELLE WIEBACH Daily Titan

A picketer attracted a crowd of students yesterday as he preached about Christianity and other religious views at Cal State Fullerton during the Middle East to Orange County Festival. “I think (picketing is) completely unnecessary, especially on a day that they have the Middle Eastern event going. He has to show up and start saying false, rude accusations about the religion and about the people,” said Amir Bertuni, one of the students who attended the festival and witnessed the picketing. Mark Steven, from the Church of Bible Be-

lievers, protested at the same time as the Middle Eastern Student’s society’s ME to OC Festival. The festival celebrated and informed students about the 20 countries that make up the Middle East and the cultural and religious rituals practiced within those countries. Steven held up a sign that read “Every knee shall bow. Every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Several students, including Bertuni, challenged Steven’s beliefs and voiced their views on religion and Steven’s purpose for protesting on campus. “Jesus was a holy and righteous God that holds all of existence together. He’s not cool; he’s not a homie,” Steven said to a student in the crowd.

Steven made sarcastic remarks about religion. “What proof do you need other than the Bible, God does not change,” Steven said. While some students challenged Steven’s religious views, others believed that the protest was unnecessary. “I think this is childish that people are arguing with him,” said Amir Rojo, who also participated in the festival. “I think he is being very ignorant because when he tries to preach the Word of God, he is doing it in a different way. I mean the Bible has said, ‘Never judge a person, love your neighbor as you would do yourself, and he is not doing that. If he was a real Christian like he said he was, he wouldn’t be coming up here and harassing people on this specific day.”

Nursing program helps students heal recession woes OLIVIA BOUNVONGXAY Daily Titan

The current downturn in our economy has left students uneasy about whether or not they are able to find a job after graduation. Students enrolled in Cal State Fullerton’s nursing program consider their time in the program not only an investment, but a waiting period to let the recession pass. “We all have to bear many of the challenges that are going on right now in the nursing industry, but nothing is going to stay the same forever,” said Atossa Araghian. Araghian, a transfer student from Goldenwest Community College, is doing her first semester in CSUF’s nursing program. “I am hopeful that we are moving toward a better economy, and as a new grad, I know that eventually there will be more opportunities,” Araghian said. “People who are graduating now might have a harder time finding a job… they are not the lucky ones.” The nursing workforce is suffering a current stabilization. Many factors are contributing to the halt of what was once thought of as a career in high demand. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the TriCouncil for Nursing declared an end

MARK SAMALA / Daily Titan Annie Nguyen conducts a workshop for nursing majors regarding smoking cessation and its effects on the human body at the Nursing Simulation Laboratory in the Kinesiology Building at Cal State Fullerton.

to the nursing shortage in July 2010. However, they believe it to be only temporary. Mary Wickman, coordinator of pre-licensure programs at CSUF and a registered nurse, said that a common problem with the nursing industry is

the economy bringing many retired nurses back to the workforce. “Many nurses who lost their retirement funds did not retire when they were scheduled to, and some even took on extra jobs,” Wickman said. “So right now what we’re seeing is that

there are a lot of hospitals not employing new grads, and they will have many applicants and only a few that are offered jobs because of the available space.” See NURSING, page 2




December 2, 2010

From the Middle East to Orange County JUANITA VASQUEZ Daily Titan

Chavez shelters homeless in presidential palace VENEZUELA – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave shelter Wednesday at the presidential palace to 26 families left homeless by recent heavy rains in the country. The families had previously been staying at the Fuerte Tiuna, Caracas’ main military facility, and were transferred to the Miraflores Palace. Chavez offered to let them stay for up to one year. He toured the rooms in which his guests were to settle, including the kitchen where scores of children had lunch.


FTC backs privacy option for Web users WASHINGTON – The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday backed the creation of a “Do Not Track” option — similar to the popular National “Do Not Call Registry” for people who want to avoid telemarketers — to allow consumers to protect their privacy as they use the Web. The recommendation, which would require congressional action, comes in a lengthy and long-awaited draft report titled “Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change.” The report comes as lawmakers and regulators are focusing increased attention on privacy amid the rapid growth of social networks, mobile Web surfing and other online activity.

STATE Judge orders genetically modified beets pulled from ground SACRAMENTO – In a decision believed to be the first of its kind in a case involving genetically engineered crops, a federal judge has ordered 256 acres of sugar beets pulled from the ground. On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey S. White in San Francisco granted a request from a group of environmental advocates for a preliminary injunction, barring the continued growing of beets in Arizona and Oregon. The plants were to be used to produce genetically altered seeds for the 2012 sugar beet crop. The plaintiffs successfully proved that “there is a significant risk that the plantings pursuant to permits will cause environmental harm” by contaminating or cross-pollinating other crops, White said.

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MARK SAMALA / Daily Titan

The third annual From ME to OC event was hosted by the Middle Eastern Student Society yesterday in the main quad. The event was designed to showcase the culture of the 20 countries in the Middle East. Representatives of every country set up flags and tables with artifacts and information about the country, and garlands of Palestinian flags were placed across the quad. The hookah and belly dancing performances were designed to be crowd-bringers and those who came were able to dance a traditional Arab line dance called dabkeh, said Sara Nasr, president of the CSUF Middle Eastern Student Society chapter. “The event is to show that the Middle East is not all about hookah and dancing, and to show that all the countries are different but at the same time related,” Nasr said.

NURSING: STUDENTS ASSURED A BRIGHT FUTURE ... Continued from page 1 Because of recent financial difficulties, nurses who were once taking part-time positions are now going full time. Hospitals are also suffering. Downsizing, hiring freezes and even a few closes are just some of the impacts of the recession. This causes a domino effect to not only the new graduates who are in the process of looking for jobs, but it results in more registered nurses seeking employment. “In response to that, what most people are concerned about in the state of California, and also nationwide is, what’s going to happen to all these people who graduate who don’t have jobs and lose those skills?” Wickman said. The baby boomers, who are not retiring, raise major issues for students graduating or who have re-

cently graduated. Although students are suffering through the job hunt, some are still hopeful and are still enrolling in the nursing program. Catherine Arreola has her master’s degree in psychology. She is now back at CSUF for her first semester in the nursing program. “I have several friends who are nurses that love their jobs, and I don’t feel that way about what I’m doing now,” said Arreola, who worked as a therapist. It took Arreola about two years to finish the prerequisites for the program, and the application process was about a year long as well. “The professors advise us to not plan for weddings, babies or even buying a new house,” Araghian said. “You’re not going to be able to do a lot of normal things in your life because it is a tough program; it’s not hard, it’s just very time consuming.”

MARK SAMALA / Daily Titan Doni Masosong tutors Nora Kyin in an exercise in preparation for a nursing exam.

Araghian admitted that when she is not sleeping, she’s studying. She said it’s hard for students to find a balance between work and school because it’s a full-time program.

“As cumbersome as I feel at times, I always remind myself that there are hundreds of people that would like to be in my place,” said Arreola, who has two children and a job. “I don’t take it for granted, and I’m really lucky to be here. It just takes a lot of dedication.” Araghian and Arreola are both new to the nursing program. Although it is said to be the toughest two years, their dedication to finish keeps them from falling behind. They are not worried about their future in nursing. Even though it is at a halt, they still feel as though it’s a career with many positive aspects. “It’s hard to get any kind of job right now,” Arreola said. “There was a time as a nurse when you were guaranteed a job after you graduated. But can you name any major where you are guaranteed a job right now? There is none.” While soon-to-be graduates may face difficulty finding a job in the industry, new students are confident that the recession will eventually end once it is their turn in the job hunt. Although it’s currently a challenging time for nursing, students are still anticipating a promising future. “Right now we are just investing, and hopefully everything is going to get better,” Araghian said.

December 2, 2010


German movie nights continue

DTSHORTHAND Tension rises in North and South Hostility continues in the Korean Peninsula as South Korea prepares for more possible attacks from North Korea, Reuters reported. Turmoil between the neighboring countries began after North Koreans bombed the small island of Yeonpyeong, home to a South Korean military base and a small number of inhabitants. Sixteen soldiers and three civilians were injured during the bombing. The North justified its actions as retaliation to South Korea’s firing of artillery into disputed waters. This incident marks the first skirmish between the two nations since the Korean War. Despite attack on civilians, China still remains on North Korea’s side despite condemnation from the United States.


German Movie Night is a campus event that has been available for students and staff to enjoy every Wednesday throughout the fall semester in McCarthy Hall. This week’s film was the Brothers Grimm’s fairytale of Cinderella (Aschenputtel). The German Movie Nights came about for the first time in fall 2010 to motivate students to take German courses. Each week, German professors, Minh Phipps, Mira Deliyska, and Agnes Cser hand select important German films to show to students who are interested in learning German culture outside of regular classroom sessions. “We started at the beginning of the semester and are doing it every two weeks on Wednesday nights,” Phipps said. “We have students come in and teachers that are here from different departments. We always have a handout for students who have come so that they can take it home and use it for extra credit or just see how much they got out of the movie.” With seven movies already viewed, German Movie Night has had a good turnout thanks to advertising on the Modern Languages and Literature’s website, fliers around campus. Many students and faculty members participate in the film showings. “I’m German and I want to see German movies. I read an article about the movie nights at the beginning of the semester in the Daily Titan about the first showing. It had all the dates,” said Lisa Hawich, 27, a business administration major. Discussions follow after each film to determine artistic themes in German filmmaking. “I’m here to see the movie Aschenputtel because it’s going to be in German with English subtitles and I’m interested in improving my German. I’ve traveled to Germany and I go to Europe about once a year, and it’s very useful,” said Michael Birnbaum, professor of psychology.


Brief by Oscar Romero SHANE WESTOVER / Daily Titan Students took to the dance floor in the Titan Student Union Wednesday night. The Latin American Studies Association put on the event to teach attendees the Latin dances of Salsa and Bachata. Bachata is a new type of modern dance. Cuban desserts were provided as well for the attendees who simply wished to look on as others

DANCING: LEARNING THE ART OF SALSA AND BACHATA ... Continued from page 1 A dance floor was made specifically for this event and several members of LASSA volunteered and performed two dances in front of the 75 students in attendance. With a DJ present, both dance demonstrations were followed with a step-by-step lesson. The lessons were led by a professional dancer and member of LASSA, and the guests were encouraged to participate. Soon after the LASSA demonstrations, several attendees headed to the dance floor in order to learn Salsa and Bachata. Throughout the dance lessons, the students rotated partners several times, giving attendees the opportunity to meet other people. Elizabeth Garcia, 20, a math major at CSUF, was invited to Noches Caribeñas by one of the

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members of LASSA. Garcia spends her free time dancing Salsa and looked forward to Noches Caribeñas the entire day because she wanted to meet other people who enjoy the dance. Bachata, a new and completely modern dance which requires rapid hip motions, was taught after Salsa. As a result of the first lesson, the attendees appeared more at ease, as twice the amount of students were willing to dance. However, not all the of attendees were eager to dance; thus, LASSA provided Cuban desserts for the evening, which allowed the guests to enjoy the festivities. Many mingled with each other, as they learned about the culture. “(LASSA) is a great club; we are trying to get people to come to our events,” Gonzalez said. “Hopefully through this event more students can notice us.”

SHANE WESTOVER / Daily Titan LASSA members teach attendees the movements involved in the dances of Salsa and Bachata. tied to WikiLeaks Seattle-based has forced off its servers after a U.S. criminal investigation for the release of sensitive State Department documents. International police agencies released a warrant for the arrest of 39-year-old WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, also wanted in Sweden on suspicion of sex crimes. According to White House officials, a special committee will be arranged to assess damages created by the leaks pertaining to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. In an Internet-based attack Sunday, WikiLeaks opted to make a switch from Swedish host Banhof AB, to Amazon web services in order to continue its traffic of sensitive diplomatic documents. British police, who may know the whereabouts of Assange, according to British newspapers, have refrained from executing an international warrant for his arrest. Brief by Mark Samala



December 2, 2010

Digging up dirt in politics If elected, Ball would have been the first woman under 30 to serve Hypocrisy shown in in Congress history. today’s politics is flat This would be a huge accomplishment for women in her genout ridiculous eration and for our nation. Naturally shy by nature, Ball RACHEL SALAS was humiliated by the photos that Daily Titan surfaced on a blog site closely related to her opponent, Republican Scandal! Reindeer nose! Dildo! Rob Wittman. All of these are the key words The tactic for making female associated with 28-year-old Dem- politicians look like whores is ocratic congressional candidate in nothing new and certainly unVirginia, Krystal Ball. original. Yes, the election is over and It’s just a way for men to feel done, but I can’t shake the bad more powerful by keeping women feeling associated with malicious down. and extreme actions displayed by Ball wrote on her website: opposing candidates who run for “I am a joke named Krystal office. Ball, a party girl or a whore. How Never mind that this highly did this happen? educated young woman was inHow did I end up with private terested in making a change, let’s photos of me at 22 with my exall focus on her pretending to suck husband across the entire Internet on a reindeer-nosed dildo strapped and in papers from London to around her ex-husband’s head in a New York to Boston? photo taken at a Christmas party It’s not because people care SIX YEARS AGO! about the Congressional race in Yes, that would make her 22 the First District of Virginia or when the photo was taken. because of my positions on enIf the world knew the things ergy independence, school choice, I did when marriage I was 22 equality or years old, I pro-growth ...making female wouldn’t be environpoliticians look like whores able to run for mentalism. office or even Here’s what is...a way for men to feel be allowed in happened... more powerful public. Politics is Who cares a nasty game. what the girl I knew that did when she was young! coming in. I thought I could take Let’s be realistic: Many of us it. have taken “compromising” phoBut the day that I bought my tos at some point. And let’s be first radio ads, my opponent called clear that the term compromising the station and inquired as to the is used loosely. size of the advertising buy. For the U.S. government, if you Two hours later, these phohave taken a picture in anything tos were released by a right-wing but a pant suit with a straight ex- smear blog with close ties to my pression on your face, you can for- opponent. get about running for Congress. I don’t believe these pictures The moments of our past were posted with a desire to just should not define us for eternity. embarrass me; they wanted me to Just because someone can have a feel like a whore. good time doesn’t make them inThey wanted me to collapse adequate for a serious job. So what in a ball of embarrassment and if she’s got a sense of humor? to hang my head in shame. After

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Conan O’Brien

Courtesy of Flickr user Niq77174

all, when you are a woman named Krystal Ball, 28 years old, running for Congress, well, you get the picture. Stripper. Porn star. I’ve heard them all. So, I sat in my husband’s arms and cried. I thought about my little girl. I couldn’t stand the idea that I had somehow damaged the cause of young women running for office. I couldn’t stand the idea that I might shame my family, my friends or my supporters in some way.” Ball argued that the leaking of the photos was sexist and would not be viewed the same way if it were a man in her shoes. I couldn’t agree more. Ball shouldn’t have been looked at in shame or worse, been punished for displaying sexual behavior when male politicians have done worse things... while in office, at that. We can start with the most famous presidential scandal, called Bill Clinton. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” he declared to the world. According to Peter Tiersma, Clinton came back saying, “I

thought the definition included any activity by me, where I was the actor and came in contact with those parts of the bodies,” which had been explicitly listed (and “with an intent to gratify or arouse the sexual desire of any person”). Clinton denied that he had ever contacted Lewinsky’s “genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh or buttocks” and claimed that the agreed-upon definition of “sexual relations” included giving oral sex but excluded receiving oral sex. Not to mention the infidelity scandals of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter and Eliot Spitzer. The hypocrisy shown in today’s politics is outrageous. In a day and age where women have earned their equality, you would think that incidents like this one would cease to end. Well, get used to it fellas! We already had a woman run for president, so your centuries of reign will come to an end. But in the meantime you can make yourself feel better by exposing a young woman’s Christmas photos. Way to go, heroes of our nation!

Courtesy of MCT


DOWN Driving without insurance

Courtesy of Flickr user Daveynin



The debut of Conan at 11 p.m. on TBS brought the world of late night talk shows to its knees. Conan ratings trumped not only the man he briefly replaced, Leno, but David Letterman and direct Comedy Central competition Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The Tonight Show brought in 3.5 million viewers and Comedy Central had 1.3 million with John Stewart. O’Brien fans, known as Team Coco, are hailing the returning king. Some speculate his success is thanks to the half-hour head. However, only time will tell if his sky-high ratings are here to stay. For now, O’Brien’s fair skin is safe from the heat since revenge is a dish best served cold.

You know what really grinds my gears? According to the Insurance Research Council, 26 percent of California drivers are uninsured. You may be thinking, “So what, big deal, wanna’ fight about it?” And to you I say, “BRING IT ON!” I’ll tell you why it’s a big deal. Because one day, one of you uninsured drivers could possibly hit some poor innocent girl (like, hmm... let’s say ME) and total their cute Mazda 3 (RIP, you were a good car, Pedro). All the damages you may have to pay could result in your bankruptcy, not to mention the difficulty you’d face recovering compensation for injuries. The fees for college students are wellworth paying to avoid future disasters.

Daily Titan

Daily Titan

FOR THE RECORD Articles written for the Daily Titan by columnists, other Cal State Fullerton students, or guests do not necessarily reflect the view of the Daily Titan or Daily Titan Editorial Board. Only editorials are representative of the views of the Daily Titan Editorial Board.

December 2, 2010

DETOUR Band shines light on unique sound




SHANE WESTOVER / Daily Titan Olin and the Moon’s, “Not In Love,” was featured on the TV show, One Tree Hill earlier this year. After the episode aired, the band’s MySpace flooded with hits from fans eager to learn about their music. They will begin touring next year, promoting their album.

Flashing, flashing, lights, lights! Orange County- and Los Angelesbased band Lights Over Paris is bringing their electrifying sound to airwaves and concert venues across the country with their hit single, “Turn Off The Lights.” This pop-rock band defies the rules of traditional Top 40. Their eclectic sound incorporates rhythmic hip-hop beats with sounds of a variant guitar from traditional rock and roll. The five-member band includes Robb University (vocals), Will Pepper (keyboard), Mike Torres (bass), Dave Gentry (drums) and Devin Bronson (guitar). “We hung out with everyone (in the band) a few times just to make sure a friendship-type connection was there,” University said. “After the two-month tour, we really became close and knew that we had all made an awesome decision.” Serendipity occurred in 2002 when Pepper went on a search to find a lead singer for the band. “Prior to big time MySpace usage, AOL and AIM was big,” University said. “I had an AOL profile that listed ‘singing in the shower’ as a hobby. This is how Will in my band first contacted me. He and his guitar player needed a singer for the local battle of the bands and he found me by doing a local search for singers. I accidentally popped up and decided to give it a shot. We then decided to make an EP which was posted on Myspace and led us to meet our producer, and eventually the full band.” After working closely with producer Kevin Rudolf (who has worked with Lil Wayne, Cobra Starship and Lifehouse) on their album, Lights Over Paris debuted its EP, Turn Off The Lights, in April on Digital Records and headlined their own tour this fall. “The Roxy Theatre was by far my favorite venue,” University said. “The stage was awesome – it was the setting of a ton of my favorite bands

growing up played at, and of course all of our home town friends. Since it was our last show, we were as tight as possible as a group and really rocked it.” The band performs amazing live performances. “LOP put on an amazing show and got the crowd going more than any other band there,” said fan Justin Ricke. “The music was great and Robb’s stage presence was unbelievable.” “Turn Off The Lights” is in rotation on various stations across the United States and has been downloaded over 30,000 times. “I like how LOP’s sound puts a different twist on pop,” said Brian King, Lights Over Paris’ publicist. “It’s still lyrics and stories that Top 40 listeners can relate to, but we get to add in a dash of heavy rock with Devin’s guitar work and Dave’s drumming, or a taste of Deadmau5style dance and electronic with Shiny and Will. Personally, I’m not a fan of pop music, but I always en-

joy hearing LOP over and over again because I’m a huge fan of rock and electronic. It doesn’t feel like regular Top 40 to me, and I think a lot of people can relate to that.” The music video for “Turn Off The Lights” was produced by RockHard Films (who has worked with Lady Gaga) and premiered on the Yahoo Music page in June with nearly 1 million views. “I was nervous with the make-out scene since there was 50 camera guys watching me, but it was a great experience,” said University. “I had to balls-up really quick because every second counted and we only had so much time. I imagined this was the one hundredth video I had done and made sure that the people watching felt the same way.” Lights Over Paris proves to be unique in their sound. “Lights Over Paris is a band you will never get tired of,” said fan Jennifer Vargas. “This band is going places and you’re going to want to get into them now.”

Courtesy of Lights Over Paris Lights Over Paris debuted their EP, Turn Off The Lights, earlier this year in April.

Album: Loud by Rihanna JENNA WEST Daily Titan

... Continued from page 1 Their stand out song and what seemed to be their most popular was “Not In Love.” The sad love ballad was featured on an episode of One Tree Hill earlier this year and received a lot attention from fans of The CW show. “It was weird and cool. The attention we received was way bigger than we expected,” Vore said. “I was so surprised that we were received so well from the people who watch the show.” Even though the song was played briefly at the beginning of the show, fans rushed online and asked for lyr-

ics, guitar tabs and where to buy the song. “Our MySpace website blew up for a month after the show aired and it’s still a really popular song.” Vore said. With finals approaching and the semester coming to an end, the crowd was sparse but remained steady as people stopped momentarily to listen to the country rock songs. A lot of audience members stayed for the whole set. English major, Tyler Secor saw the posters at school and wanted to see what the band was about. “It was a great performance. I liked that they brought out other in-

struments besides the guitar,” Secor said. “They have an Americana sort of feel and I listen to bands with the same sound.” The band is taking a break for the remainder of the year, but will be busy in the new year by touring and promoting their new album, Footsteps, slated for an early January release. The album promotion will start off with a residency at Los Angeles venue, The Echo, in January where the band will be playing a free show every Tuesday night for the whole month. The guys are most looking forward to performing at SXSW, an annual media conference and music festival that attracts thousands of people from all over the world in Austin, Texas. For more information on the band, go to:

Rihanna’s fifth album, Loud, released Nov. 16 and echos her new independent, single life. Loud has many differences from her last album, Rated R, which Rihanna could not help letting her dark time of dealing with domestic violence with former boyfriend, Chris Brown, shine through. Despite her collaborations with Drake, Nicki Minaj and Eminem, Loud is mediocre. The celebration of her fun single life comes through in her song, “Cheer (Drink to That),” with the lyrics,“To the freakin’ weekend I drink to that.” The song includes familiar snippets from Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You,” which could make or break the song, depending on the listener’s preference. Eminem made a comeback on Rihanna’s album to do a part two to “Love the Way You Lie,” but changed it up a little bit with a slower tempo and piano, while Rihanna’s and Eminem’s vocals are softer. She also included the piano version of the song, which sounds exactly the

same as the original version. Loud illuminates Rihanna’s popdiva style that we are used to, such as in the single “Only Girl (In the World),” but she brings new sounds into the mix – some that work for her and others that she should let other artists stick to. The pulsing beats of “Only Girl (In the World)” could possibly be the number one track that shows the trademark club hits of Rihanna. In “Raining Men” featuring Nicki Minaji, Rihanna tries to meet the standard of “Only Girl (In the World)” and past hits like “Don’t Stop the Music,” but fails. The song sounds more like a M.I.A. track with its jumpy and high-strung beats. Didn’t Justin Bieber already do a song that included the lyrics “Eenie meenie miney mo”? The single “What’s My Name?” featuring Drake and “Man Down” reveal Rihanna’s Barbadian roots and flaunt a reggae feel. The lyrics in “Man Down” include a more violent nature: “Oh mama, mama, mama I just shot a man down in Central Station in front of a big ol’ crowd.” Rihanna dominates this section of her sound and is successful in mak-

ing these sound natural. Rihanna does not fail to include her typical lyrics full of sex in “Skin and S&M,” but the lyrics are on the border of being straight dirty. The lyrics, “Sex in the air / I don’t care / I love the smell of it / Sticks and stones may break my bones / But chains and whips excite me” rule the chorus. Certainly something you don’t want to listen to in front of your young siblings or grandparents, but the song is undeniably catchy, despite what she is talking about. The song “California King Bed” is the complete opposite. The song is about heartache and loneliness. Similar to Beyonce’s “If I Was a Boy”, it is not the usual Rihanna ballad. Filled with electric guitar and piano, it sounds more like a song done by Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. Rihanna is applauded for experimenting with her music. Her strong and positive lyrics of womanhood and sex show us the typical Rihanna, but she is still trying to find her own sound. Though some of the songs do not compare to her other albums, they are not disappointments either.

December 2, 2010



Secret Sisters kick it classic KAREN DICKINSON Daily Titan

Courtesy of Nature’s Son The members of Nature’s Son have utilized the Internet to reach fans, using sites like Facebook, Myspace and YouTube.

Nature’s Son set out to rock Inland Empire NATALIE BONILLA For the Daily Titan

Rancho Cucamonga natives, Nature’s Son were inspired by Lou Reed’s lyric, “Yes I’m Mother Nature’s son and I’m the only one,” which expresses rebirth and confidence. When Nature’s Son was born, they were ready to electrify the local music scene and influence musicians all over. Fans of Nature’s Son, which consists of Esteban Montezuma (guitar and vocals), his brother Daniel Montezuma (bass), David Von Heagdus (organ) and Esteban Daniel (drums), will find that their music is versatile and fulfilled. Nature’s Son has used the Internet to reach out to their audience via Myspace, Facebook and YouTube which has given fans access to their songs, music videos, show invitations and announcements. Nature’s Son relates to their audience by capturing landmarks and landscapes of the Inland Empire. Daniel wrote the concept of the “Unknown Dream” video. He said his inspiration came directly from the song lyrics, “I took a train going anywhere / Didn’t know what I would find there.” “It has an existentialist type of view of life,” Daniel said. “It’s also very much of a traveler-type song. It’s clearly about traveling and the solidarity of it. So why not show Nature’s Son in this solidarity and on a

train to anywhere? It’s about having no direction or return point in life – having an unknown dream.” The video turned out to be a great success. “The ‘Unknown Dream’ music video is like a wave of melancholy,” said fan Elish Iturra. “(Daniel’s) varying, yet temperate voice, and the modest up-down strumming and drumming by Daniel and Esteban, too, rushes in like an idle wave, easing into an anti-climax and fading out. Personally, (it’s my) Nature’s Son favorite.” Nature’s Son is heavily influenced by lyrics and captures distinctive sounds of garage, experimental and punk. “We are all into songwriting and inspired by all genres of music, no matter how random and distant they are from each other,” Enrique said. Bands like The Walkmen are one of Nature Son’s sound and lyrical influences. Daniel describes The Walkmen as a unique, sophisticated sound, with modern songwriting and that they’re musically mature. “Their sound is like wine – it is for a distinctive taste. Once you learn, it’s enjoyable,” Daniel said. “In our songwriting we like to relate to our audience, like in the single, ‘Girls at School,’ which refers to a male’s sexual frustration.” In “Girls at School,” Nature’s Son relates mainly towards their male fan base. The song opens with the lyric: “Always want what I can never get / Please give me something that I will

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never forget.” Nature’s Son has a unique overall effect on their audience, since all members play all of the instruments. They switch off during live performances. “It was interesting to see the band switch off. Normally you never see that,” Iturra said. Each band member is unique with their personal musical style. “We all have our own taste and abilities, techniques and style,” Daniel said. “Drums, for example, is an instrument mainly performed by Enrique Daniel, since he has a looser, free-fall drum-roll style. I am more about the basic drum style, like a British beat, since I idolized Ringo Starr on drums.” According to Nature’s Son, the purpose of switching instruments is to achieve a changing, versatile sound that constantly evolves. “We are creating a sound, which is not limited to just one drummer or guitarist,” Daniel said. “This way, there are more styles to work with.” “People who like a certain sound of an idea of Nature Son may not like another side of us,” said Esteban. “Although it’s natural, Nature’s Sons’ web fan-base could look forward to their next show and new recordings. We’ll try to reach out to our fans and try to touch something in everyone. With our fourth member, we have achieved a higher sound, like a fourth element.”

The 1950s were a time when talent was not produced by Auto-Tune. During this era, folk was stripped to its most basic form and lyrics of true love and broken hearts reigned king. Lyrics were genuine and accompanied immense musical talent. Alabama natives, Laura and Lydia Rogers, brought folk back and could fool listeners into thinking they have stepped into a time travel machine and they personify what folk music once was. They act, dress and sing the part and are on the verge of becoming as big as the folksingers of the ‘50s. They sound as enamored as June Carter was with Johnny Cash and deliver the same caliber of talent. In an interview with Spinner. com, “We were spoon-fed bluegrass out of a bowl,” Laura recalled. The Secret Sisters told the website that everyone sings like them where they are from and that they had no idea it would become marketable at all. It has struck a chord with audiences. Already, the sisters have shared the stage with Jakob Dylan,

Elvis Costello and Elton John. Their album, Silver Threads and Golden Needles, debuted about a month ago and was recorded on analog equipment in Nashville at Blackbird Studios. The album title in itself is celebratory of their music genre as it is a song written by Jack Rhodes and Dick Reynolds, first recorded by Wanda Jackson in 1956. The Secret Sisters sing of love and heartache throughout the album. It starts out with “My Heart Skips a Beat,” which proves to be a catchy country love song about a girl who is head-over-heels in love: “My heart skips a beat when we walk down the street, I feel a tremblin’ in my knees.” “All About You,” is another happy track about telling the world about a new-found love. Then there are the painful love songs to follow. On “Why Baby Why,” the sisters sing of staying with an unfaithful lover that causes tears, while “Waste the Day” talks about wasting years with a love that did not deserve the time of day. Other songs they cover are just as poignant, like “Something Stupid,” a song about mistakenly telling a person you love them and “Why Don’t You Love Me?” about an aging

passionless relationship where someone is not who they used to be. “Do You Love an Apple,” and “Tennessee Me” are the slowest melodies on the album and are delightfully lovey-dovey for a night of smitten affection. “Do You Love an Apple?” is a cover that was done exceptionally well as the Secret Sister add their delicate voices to beautiful songs. The sisters showcase the beauty of their delicate voices and speak of substance on the last track “Silver and Gold,” where they sing of how “People steal, they cheat and life for wealth and what it will buy, don’t they know on the judgement day that their gold and silver will melt away?” The Secret Sisters describe every phase of love throughout their debut album and can easily touch anyone’s heart with their music and covers of timeless classics. They have gone back to bluegrass basics to sing 10 catchy tracks, some original, some covers, that prove talent is still flourishing in 2010.

Courtesy of Flickr user Steve Rhodes Lydia Rogers (left) performs with Karen Elson Hardley (right). Lydia and her sister Laura make up the bluegrass group Secret Sisters.


December 2, 2010


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Daily Sudoku: Thu 4-Nov-2010

9 8 5 2 7 4

5 3 7 4 9 1

4 9 6 1 8 5

7 3 9 5 6 4 1 8 2 4 1 5 9 2 8 3 6 7

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) The morning starts with serious questions about your feelings. Share doubts with a female, who cuts to the chase and clears up any questions easily.

Daily Sudoku: Thu 4-Nov-2010

8 4

6 7


6 7 5 4



9 1 5 9

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7 9

How To Play: Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9: and each set of boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9.

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3 1 2 9 5 6

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) A sudden cash outlay leaves you wondering if you’d planned carefully enough. Review the budget. You see that it’s fine, and a new opportunity is revealed.





7 4 8 5 3 9

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) A new person enters the scene, grabbing your attention and affections. Polish those rose-colored glasses and enjoy it. Choose your words thoughtfully.


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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) List household tasks. A nagging problem rises to the top of the list. You may need a professional. Look at your budget and see where you can compromise.


1 6 3 7 4 2

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) An older person consults you privately to discuss a wildly creative idea. Ask questions to clarify how this plan can be put into practical action.

7 9


6 7 1 3 2 8

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) If you want to bury your head under the blankets and stay home, do it. If you feel like a practical challenge, go to work. You have what it takes.




2 5 4 8 6 7

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You need creative outlets today. This could involve exercise, sports or artistic projects. Your own imagination provides numerous choices. Go play.



8 2 9 6 1 3

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) You want to stick to the obvious, practical procedures already in place. Other team members suggest wild alternatives. Try to incorporate some of these into the plan.



Cancer (June 22-July 22) A close associate sends secret messages concerning what should be a practical matter. Why the signals? Follow up with sensitive questions to reveal the whole story.

4 1 2


5 9 4 8 1 7 6 2 3

Gemini (May 21-June 21) Someone outside your usual group injects ideas that cause a flurry of emotional activity. Use diagrams or art to get this down to practical terms.

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Daily Sudoku: Thu 4-Nov-2010

Taurus (April 20-May 20) You’ve been imagining a trip to a sunny beach somewhere gorgeous. Enlist help with reservations and scheduling. You may not be able to fit in everything.


Aries (March 21-April 19) Romance is all around you. If it’s not affecting you personally, you’re aware of how love is touching others. Last night’s dreams come true today.




CALKINS: REBUILDING ATHLETES TO FULL STRENGTH ... Continued from page 1 “Heather is one of my most trusted colleagues. She has a great passion for her work and it shows every day. She is a dedicated worker, kind, empathetic and has a great sense of humor. She truly cares about her patients and takes an interest in them as individuals. She is an integral part of our team and we just wouldn’t be the same without her,” said Cathy Carreiro, a physical therapist and athletic trainer on campus. On a busy day Calkins sees over 20 students with sessions ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. Students come to her with various degrees of injury and leave in almost pristine condition. With much time and effort results shine through. “It’s not that I heal people. I just try and help create the optimal environment for healing to take place,” Calkins said. Since she develops relationships with the students she works with, Calkins tries not to carry any workrelated burdens home with her. Passion keeps her motivated on a daily basis. “I love my job. I think there’s been maybe one day in six years that I didn’t want to come to work. There’s always a drive to be at work,” Calkins said. “The rewarding feeling is amazing especially when you see somebody conquer an amazing feat, an amazing comeback. Then there’s always the sad stories too. Those carry with you too.” “She was fun to talk to while we were working out and I always laughed when I was in there because everyone in the office, including her, was fun,” said Katie Knight, a 20-year-old cell and developmental biology major. When she is not helping students with their injuries, she is teaching her second semester of Therapeutic Exercise in Rehabilitation. For Calkins, teaching is a completely contrasting experience, but a rewarding one. In the end, it is the clinical aspect of her job which is the most gratifying because she is able to bond with the students she sees. She hears stories of students who leave their families to come to this school and have a new life. “The way people put themselves out there sometimes is just amazing.


MARK SAMALA / Daily Titan Athletic trainer Heather Calkins provides Titans with therapy to get back onto the field.

To get to know different people and different cultures, is the most rewarding thing. It gives you a different appreciation for people and takes away all those stigmas that people can have.” In her spare time she enjoys mountain bike riding, exercising and being with friends. Wedding bells will ring in May when she finally marries her fiance whom she has been dating for three years. For those curious about athletic training, Calkins said to make sure it is

something you could see yourself doing years in the future, and to be passionate about it. Gain experience to gain knowledge. Get your feet wet by shadowing someone, seeing what they do on a day-to-day basis. Students interested in scheduling an appointment with Calkins or another athletic trainer can contact the Student Health and Counseling Center. There is a one-time $35 fee to train with an athletic trainer or rehab specialist for an entire semester.

Titan hockey to play 49er rivals

Brief by Michellee Cooper

U.S. soccer team advances to Cup After defeating Italy twice in a two-game playoff for a spot in the FIFA World Cup, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team ensured itself the final spot in the 2011 contest that will be held in Germany. The U.S. WNT won the deciding contest Nov. 27 on the strength of a goal by forward Amy Rodriguez in the 40th minute. The team was playing without a couple of its stars, most notably goalkeeper Hope Solo, who is recovering from shoulder surgery. The squad should be at full strength by the time the summer contest rolls around. Brief by Stephani Bee

Auburn’s Newton quickly reinstated The NCAA declared Cam Newton eligible after an investigation failed to provide evidence of the Auburn quarterback’s involvement in a pay-for-play scheme with the university. Cecil Newton, Cam’s father, and agent Kenny Rogers were found to have been involved in the ploy. Following NCAA protocol, Auburn declared Newton ineligible earlier in the week. Auburn’s next game is Dec. 3 against South Carolina for the SEC Championship. Brief by Oscar Romero

Bee in the Know... Dodgertown thinks big

DTSHORTHAND On Friday Dec. 3, the Cal State Fullerton men’s hockey club will take on long-time rivals Long Beach State. After back-toback wins against powerhouse schools UCLA and USC, the Titans struggled to fend off Arizona State. In hopes of redeeming themselves and beat the 49ers, the Titans have been anxiously preparing themselves for this game since their last matchup in October. The first face-off drops at the KHS Ice Arena at 8:30 p.m.

December 2, 2010

While it was expected to be a year of growing pains in Dodgertown, nobody expected the Los Angeles Dodgers to play as poorly as they did this past season. The divorce of owners Frank and Jamie McCourt took a major financial toll on the team, so it will be difficult for General Manager Ned Colletti to seek out big-fish free agents. However, let’s play GM for a bit and see the moves Colletti could make. It’s hard to know where to begin on reconstructing the Dodgers’ roster because of the divorce, money being bandied about in court. When all is said and done, the Dodgers will likely have new owners (or part owners), but right now, the team is without a budget. Colletti will have to get crafty with some deals, probably looking into deferred payments for free agents and perhaps selling off some of his team to try to whip the Dodgers back into contention. The most gaping need going into the offseason was pitching. With Ted Lilly locked up for three years before he could even hit the market and Hiroki Kuroda signed up for another year not long after, Colletti invested in a fifth starter. Reaching south, he snagged Jon Garland, who spent his 2010 campaign camped in the pitcher-friendly PETCO Park. Pitching often in ballparks like Dodger Stadium, PETCO and AT&T Park will do Garland well, as he showed himself more willing

to pitch to contact and let the ball fly in 2010, relying on big boundaries and speedy outfielders to snag long drives. The Dodgers now have a starting five of Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Lilly, Kuroda and Garland set for 2011. Many of Dodgertown’s offensive stars had down years — a spot of bad luck — and probably not likely to linger for more than a year. That means better years from the likes of Matt Kemp and James Loney — unless either player is dealt. However, even after signing Juan Uribe, the team still needs a bat. The Dodgers definitely won’t be having any more dalliances with Manny Ramirez, but they could sign someone like Pat Burrell. Another route Colletti could go is through trades. One player who could be on the block is catcher Russell Martin, whose season was pre-empted with a hip injury. His stock is already low, especially since his stats have been declining for the past couple years, but it’s an option worth exploring. If Colletti chooses to deal his backstop, he could be in the market for someone like Bengie Molina (granted he doesn’t retire), A.J. Pierzynski, or a pricier option,

Victor Martinez. If he was feeling particularly daring, Colletti could attempt to pry Chris Ianetta away from the division-rival, Colorado Rockies, who have kept him rotting on the bench. If Colletti deals Loney, he could look into free-agent first basemen like Paul Konerko, coming off a huge year with the White Sox, or Adam Dunn, who has an iron glove and is a true outcome player, but socks it with the best of them. If Colletti is looking for the world, he could package Loney and prospects in a deal for another established first baseman, like Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder. It’s hard to envy Colletti’s position this winter. His deadline dealings this season were tragic, particularly his deal for Octavio Dotel, and that will hurt the Dodgers in the long term. The Dodgers will have a hard time building this winter and an even harder time making their way into the current three-dog fight for the division, but all it takes is a crafty move, a couple of bounceback campaigns and a couple of free-agent signings to get the Dodgers back in the thick of the race.

Courtesy of MCT The signing of Jon Garland Nov. 26, solidifies the 2011 Los Angeles Dodgers rotation.

Spurs return with power MICHELLEE COOPER Daily Titan

Courtesy of MCT Indiana Pacers Danny Granger stares at LeBron James. Pacers beat the Heat, 93-77.

Pacers run wild CHRIS POTRYKUS Daily Titan

Every NBA season has at least one team that surprises the league and the experts. The Oklahoma City Thunder did it last year, the Portland Trailblazers the year before. This year’s front-runner for surprise team? They came to Los Angeles, having never won a game in Staples Center according to ESPN, and hit the Lakers right in the mouth by beating them 95-92. They’ve also beat the likes of the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. After living in relative obscurity and mediocrity since the departure of Reggie Miller, the Indiana Pacers seem to be getting back on track. And they’re doing it with defense. The Pacers held the Lakers to a 38.6 percent shooting night and although Kobe Bryant scored 41 points, he did so on 14-33 shooting. I’m sure some of you are still as baffled as I am. They really don’t have a superstar player. No designated marksmen from three-point land, no guard with fast hands and faster feet, no overpowering big man that dominates the paint night in and night out. There isn’t even a designated scorer. In their three marquee wins, a different player has led the team in points each time.

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Maybe defense really does win games. In their commanding win against the Heat, Dwyane Wade went 1-13 from the field. Over the Heat, they held Carmelo Anthony to a measly 13 points and no buckets from the perimeter. Think that’s odd? It gets worse. According to, the Pacers only allow 96.4 points per game to their opponents, good enough for eighth in the league. But there is not a single Pacer in the top-five for individual stats in rebounds, blocks or steals. So to sum that up, no superstar, no designated scorer, no defensive stopper, but still beating the best squads in the league with defense, as opposed to just trying to outscore them. Wait a minute. Could it be? An NBA team that’s actually a team? We may have just stumbled onto a unicorn. Believe or not, the Pacers are doing it. While the win over the Heat may not be that much of a shocker given their recent history, these Pacers are still competing with the best in league. Is their defense good enough to keep them busy in June? That remains to be seen. But one thing is clear. The Indiana Pacers are not to be taken lightly. And if you try and just outscore them, well you’re in for a long fall.

Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker use their powerhouse offense as a rendition of the “old school” effect that the team has stuck by in the past. It is that same old-school dominance that put the San Antonio Spurs at the top of the charts concluding week five of NBA play. On Monday Nov. 29, the NBA Power Rankings were posted on, with the Spurs (14-2) leading the way. They are currently ranked third for most points per game, averaging 107.8. Last season they had 101.4. The Spurs are the only team in the league who are undefeated on the road and also have a 12-game win streak under their belts this season. By stepping up their averages and capitalizing on their game, the team has been able to move up in ranking to fourth in three-pointer attempts with a shooting average of 41.6, an achievement the Spurs have not been able to surpass higher than the sixth spot in the past decade. According to USA Today, “Point guard Tony Parker and shooting guard Manu Ginobili finally are in good health, too. They’re having markedly better seasons than last year.” So far their stats are proving just that with Parker’s 17.5 points and 7.3 assists per game and Ginobili’s career-highs of 21.9 points and 4.9 assists. USA Today also noted that, “The Spurs have complementary scorers such as Gary Neal (5.8 points) and George Hill (9.9). Starting small forward Richard Jefferson is in his second season with the Spurs and hitting his stride with 15.2 points per game on a career-high 50.6-percent shooting after a challenging 200910.” Having these players on top of their game has been a key aspect in the rising success of the Spurs. Parker, who has 7.7 assists per game on the season, is at a career high. He is also averaging 19.1 points per game on 54 percent shooting. The top five teams on the Power Rankings are the Dallas Mavericks,

Courtesy of MCT San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili is averaging 21.9 points and 33.1 minutes per game.

the Boston Celtics, the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Mavericks (12-4), won four games in five nights, marking the third time their team has done this. The Celtics (12-4), may have had to deal with player injuries, but ESPN’s Marc Stein writes “Rondo’s return puts our focus back on dimeage, with RR (14.2 apg) attempting to join John Stockton as the only other player in history to average 14 dimes for an entire season.” The Magic’s (12-4) Dwight Howard has been an outstanding player, and it shows he worked on his post

moves this summer scoring at least 20 points in the last six games. The Lakers (13-4), come in fifth on Stein’s list after having two losses in a row. The Spurs hope to continue their road game victory, needing just one more to mark the best road start in team history, which was set at eight games in the 2006-07 season, and lead to their last NBA Championship. The Spurs will take on the Golden State Warriors (8-9), hoping to continue their winning streak and stay on top of the rankings.

Daily Titan Newspaper December 2, 2010  

The Daily Titan Newspaper for December 2, 2010. Volume 88 - Issue 48