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October 7, 2010

Protest against


war in Afghanistan

OPINION The Devil’s Advocate: Texting behind the wheel ....................................... 5

The ANSWER Coalition holds rally at Hollywood Military Recruitment Center in L.A.

Black Sheep Show

DETOUR Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on stage ........................................6

The Black Sheep show brings the best of the best to perform at McClain’s Coffeehouse See BLACK, page 7

SPORTS Bee in the Know: Braves and Giants preview ........................................8


showcases new artists The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton

Universities to obtain monetary assistance




State budget will provide millions to higher education MICHELLE WIEBACH News Editor

Protest Against Afghanistan War Learn why Scan to view veterans are protesting the war in Afghanistan at dailytitan. com/answer-la

JONATHAN GIBBY / Graphics Editor Despite the recent heat wave and drastic changes in temperature, those on campus were prepared for the downpour with umbrellas and jackets.

2Mex Takes the Stage at CSUF See who steps Scan to view up to the mic for this weeks Becker Concert at dailytitan. com/2mex

Hollywood halts band’s hiatus Scottish folk-pop musicians play Palladium in L.A. MI TRAN Staff Writer

After a four year hiatus from Los Angeles, Scotland-based folk-pop band Belle and Sebastian made a triumphant return with a performance that wooed the crowd at the Hollywood Palladium Oct. 3. The opening band Jenny and Johnny started the night off by warming the crowd up with songs from their debut album I’m Having Fun Now. The duo is made up of Jenny Lewis, more commonly known as the frontwoman of her other band, Rilo Kiley, and her beau Johnathan Rice, who is a solo musician when he’s not singing with Lewis. The couple, along with a backing band, blazed through a 45-minute set to a stagnant crowd who seemed impatient waiting for Belle and Sebastian. The alternative country hit singles “Scissor Runner” and “Big Wave” managed to get the crowd moving and to clap their hands. During the set, Lewis debuted a new song, “Just One of The Guys,” which she said was “particularly for all the girls out there,” which received positive feedback from the crowd. The band ended the set with a song from Lewis’s solo project called “The Next Messiah,” which sounded like a blues-infused jam session that went a little over eight-and-a-half minutes. See CONCERT, page 6

Uncertain skies above CSUF From record highs to continuous rain, recent weather in Southern California fluctuates dramatically MICHELLE WIEBACH News Editor

Freshman Christine Reyes squints her eyes, moves her head forward and tries to look through her flooded window. The car’s windshield wipers sway from side to side like a beating metronome clearing the hundreds of bead-like rain drops. Her car’s tires swerve from lane to lane as the passenger windows start to fog. She can only see the the red glowing break lights of the car in front of her. She is almost at school. As she finally pulls into the parking lot at Cal State Fullerton, Reyes parks her car, whips out her umbrella and jogs to class, careful not to jump into a puddle of water. “First of all, when I think of California weather now, I think it’s bipolar,” Reyes said. “It’s moody. It should decide what it wants to do.” With the wind blowing in her hair and her umbrella flipping in different directions, getting to class is a battle. With her soaking black boots, Reyes makes it to class on time with minutes to spare. California weather is changing.

And at a rapid pace. Despite last weeks record-high temperatures, this week has been cool, wet and windy. Temperatures will rise as soon as Friday, reaching temperatures in the mid-80s and 90s. Last week’s high of 112 degrees dropped to 65 degrees, an extreme case of a 50 degree decrease in Fullerton. According to the Weather Channel, the low-pressure system was causing the drop in temperatures, with a quarter inch mark of rainfall. Accounting major Eddie Han said he prefers the cool rainy weather compared to last weeks scorching hot weather. English major Veronica Herrera, lives in Oceanside and is used to the cool weather. “I don’t like the hot part of the weather,” Herrera said. “In Southern California it’s crazy weather. You don’t know how to prepare.” While some are not used to California’s ever changing weather, other students are enjoying the short-lived rain. “I love the rain and the sun, so I haven’t minded the weather for the past two weeks,” said Adalie Reuter,

JONATHAN GIBBY / Graphics Editor A student leaps over a puddle on Nutwood Avenue, making her way to her next class.

English major. “I would rather live in Southern California than just about anywhere else, so I will put up

with just about any crazy transitions to do so. At least snow and hail aren’t involved.”

The California State University system will receive millions in state funding under the new state budget. About $365 million will be given to the CSU system, comprised of 23 universities, to help restore California’s higher education. According to the Los Angeles Times, state legislatures are scheduled to vote on the budget plan today. The plan would close California’s $19.1 billion deficit by cutting worker pay, trimming public school funding and relying on Washington aid. “I think that every student, faculty member and staffer at CSUF knows how important this money will be,” said Shelly Arsneault, associate professor in the Division of Politics, Administration & Justice at CSUF. According to the joint Legislative Budget Committee, the CSU will receive about $199 million to mend previous cuts. Funding for enrollment growth is also provided, which may be up to about $60.6 million. This funding is in addition to the $106 million in American Recovery Reinvestment Act monies allocated to the CSU from the government last week. Universities of California will also receive about $199 million to compensate for cuts. “While $365 million does not come close to back-filling the $625 million in cuts the CSU has seen since 2007, it means that faculty and staff will not likely be furloughed this year, that we can admit students for spring 2011 and it should mean that students will have more class offerings and an easier time getting into classes for spring,” Arsneault said. Due to budget cuts CSUF, as well as other universities have furloughed, laid off professors and adjunct faculty, cut course sections and programs, capped enrollment, raised tuition and increased other student fees. “I’d hope, for example, that the library could begin to buy books again, and that student fees won’t rise in spring 2011- but we still have a long way to go,” Arsneault said. See BUDGET, page 2

Titans’ success contagious, coaches around nation agree After getting a taste of their own medicine in Long Beach, the Titans start dusting off their brooms AARON GILLIAM Asst. Sports Editor

AARON GILLIAM / Asst. Sports Editor Members of the Titan volleyball squad gather during practice and preparation for this weekend’s matches.

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After starting 2-1 in Big West Conference play, the Cal State Fullerton women’s volleyball team is excited to get back on their home floor and continue to improve their eight-game winning streak at home while climbing up the rankings. For only the second time in the program’s history the Titans (13-4, 2-1) are receiving attention and recognition by the nation’s coaches, as they received six votes in the most recent AVCA Coaches Poll and were ranked 36 in the nation in the first RPI numbers released Monday, the highest rating in the program’s history. “It reflects our hard work and it reflects our successes. But there is still work that needs to be done. With that said we are not going to be complacent with being ranked 36. We’re going to be working harder to get higher,” said junior outside hitter Torrie Brown of the team’s new ranking. “It’s good because we’ve been building our team up for so many years and we’re finally getting recognition and getting ranked, so it’s a compliment to our team and how well we’re doing to finally get appreciated for it,” said senior middle blocker Erin Saddler. See VOLLEYBALL, page 10



October 7, 2010



Israeli settlement building picks up where it left off ARIEL, WEST BANK – The sound of a drill reverberating on the small street in the West Bank settlement of Ariel seems to bother few Jewish settlers here, despite its significance for international efforts to push forward on the peace process. On Friday, Palestinian leaders will decide whether they’ll continue to participate in the U.S.-led peace talks. That decision, they said, will rest largely on how Israel moves forward with construction in the West Bank settlements. Several hundred building projects have been started since Israel allowed its freeze on settlement construction to expire Sept. 26, according to settlement leaders.


Supreme Court hears case against pickets at funerals WASHINGTON – Despite free-speech concerns, the Supreme Court justices sounded sympathetic Wednesday to a lawsuit filed by the father of a Marine killed in Iraq whose funeral was picketed by protesters with signs like “Thank God for IEDs.” The justices seemed inclined to set a limit to freedom of speech when ordinary citizens are targeted with especially personal and hurtful attacks. The First Amendment says the government may not restrict free speech, but it is less clear when it also shields speakers from private lawsuits. The Phelps family from Topeka, Kan., has picketed at military funerals across the nation and said that God is punishing America and its soldiers because of its tolerance for homosexuality.


Dramatic changes to California driver’s licenses SACRAMENTO – State officials on Wednesday unveiled a dramatic new design for California driver’s license cards, using technological advances they say put the state years ahead of counterfeiters. The cards – issued beginning this week to new and renewing drivers -- will be among the most secure in the world, said Matt Paulin, a chief deputy director with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Notably, driver’s licenses and identification cards will be printed vertically for anyone under age 21, making it easier for police, restaurants, bars and nightclubs to see at a glance. Among other new security features: The cardholder’s signature and date of birth are on raised lettering that can be felt by touch.

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ALAYNA DURAN/ Staff Photographer ASK, Autism Solutions for Kids, was represented at the career fair at Cal State Fullerton where they were looking for graduates to fill intern positions. Despite the state of the economy, students discovered many organizations present at the fair. Multiple job options were available when speaking to the representatives.

Career fair promotes optimism Numerous employers present at fair looking to recruit students ERIN BRADLEY Staff Writer

Cal State Fullerton’s Internship and Job Fair brought over 80 companies to campus Wednesday to recruit students for entry-level positions. In 2007, the number of recruiters at the Internship and Job Fair was in the hundreds, coming from all over the nation to scope out graduating students for corporate and government jobs. Most of the companies were banks, mortgage companies or realtors, like the Capital Group Companies and 21 Century Realty. However as the economy slumped, employers were firing, not hiring. “It’s not just job loss in a certain sector,” said Laura Neal, an industry specialist for the Career Center, which hosted the event. “It’s (job loss) all the way down to entry level.” However, Neal is not without hope; the number of recruiters participating in the Internship and Job Fair has steadily increased since 2008. Many companies at the event, including Ferguson, a plumbing distribution company, have faced downsizing due to the recession. But the economy is coming back up, and so are the jobs. “I came to this job fair thinking that there were not many com-

panies hiring,” said Melissa Montoya, a senior general management major who worked the room looking for employment opportunities in management. “There are a lot of companies looking for entry level applicants right now, despite the condition of the economy. Montoya is confident that the economic upswing will carry over into employment. “As the economy gets better, more jobs become available and it will be easier to get hired with a great ALAYNA DURAN / Staff Photographer company,” Montoya A student approaches a career fair recruiter to ask for an internship or job opportunity with the company. said. Most students, like Montoya, companies were most affected by programs and positions.” recognize their chances of getting the economic downturn and are The eagerness from employers jobs had diminished when the now underrepresented at the In- symbolizes a shift in the economy, economy faltered. ternship and Job Fair. giving future graduates like MonMany chose to attend graduate In order to accommodate the toya a chance at finding a career. and professional schools in order number of companies at the event “The industry is doing very to postpone their entrance into in years past, the Internship and well, and (Fraser Financial Group) the job market. Job Fair was held outside in the are hiring more,” said Dove, who The Career Center’s Gradu- Quad. This year, all 82 partici- has recruited many employees ate School Expo, held Sept. 23, pants fit in the pavilions in the from CSUF. hosted over 100 different schools, Titan Student Union. It is this economic optimism that nearly twice the size of the InternDove said the small turnout fueled many spirits at the Internship and Job Fair. from companies since 2007 is a ship and Job Fair, and the thought Julie Dove, the recruiting di- result of less companies hiring due that the worst of the recession was rector of Fraser Financial Group, to the economy. But things seem over motivated students in their has been attending the Internship to be turning around. hunt for employment. and Job Fair for many years and “I got to talk to many compa“Considering how bad the remembers when the event was nies that I have never heard of be- economy is, it’s surprising that much larger. fore,” Montoya said. “All of the we have over 80 employers here,” “A couple years ago, there were recruiters sounded eager to hire Neal said. “There is hope—though more mortgage companies,” Dove someone from CSUF, and they all I wouldn’t call it an economic turn said. Banks, realty and mortgage gave great information on their around just yet.”

BUDGET: DISCUSSED IN SENATE TODAY ... Continued from page 1 Some on campus believe that the millions of dollars in funding will not benefit the CSU system. “I don’t think it’s really going to help spread across all 23 CSUs,” said Jessie Frietze, political science. “It’s the longest time without a budget and (Legislatures) are failing.” While Sept. 16 marked the lon-

gest time that California’s legislature has failed to pass a state budget to the governor’s desk, this possible CSU funding could help restore some of the cut funding in higher education. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed to increase higher education funding in his January budget proposal. According to a press release from

the California Faculty Association, Schwarzenegger said he would not sign a budget that did not include monetary support for the CSU and UC systems. “It should certainly help to fill some of the cutbacks, but we’re still hundreds of millions of dollars below the 2007/08 budget,” Arsneault said. Since 2007-08 the CSU system

has seen a reduction of about $625 million in state support. Mahamood M. Hassan, professor in the department of Accounting at CSUF said that the 2002-03 was a peak year in funding and every year since then CSUF has been losing about $200 to $500 thousand. “Every bit helps,” Hassan said. “Will it solve all our problems? No, but it will help.”

October 7, 2010


German culture shared Second installment in German film series attracts students HEATHER REST Staff Writer

The Oscar-winning German film “The Lives of Others” was featured in McCarthy Hall, Wednesday night, as part of a film series that will take place over the course of the semester. The free six session series, which started at the end of September and runs untill Dec. 1, is showing a wide variety of German films in an effort to expand knowledge of the German culture to the Cal State Fullerton campus. “We decided to put together this movie event in order to provide an opportunity for our students, if they choose to take advantage of it, to learn beyond the classroom setting and meet with other German students at CSUF,” said German Pro-

fessor Mira Deliyska. “The Lives of Others” or “Das Leben Der Anderen” was specifically chosen to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, with the intention to further knowledge of German history. Although the story is fictitious the underlining theme was to depict the hardship of what life was like in Eastern Germany in the 1980s under the German Democratic Republic. Originally a different movie was scheduled but the professors involved agreed that this movie would be appropriate for the October anniversary. “We chose ‘The Lives of Others’ because it fits as it is the beginning of October and 20 years after German reunification,” Deliyska said. Although the majority of people in attendance were there to receive credit from their German language classes the word is spreading and others came to take a break from their day and enjoy the movie. Some were non-German-speaking students as well as professors that have an attachment to the German culture.

“I don’t speak German. I heard about it through the portal and it sounded really interesting,” freshman music major Adam Couste, 18, said. Before and after the movie there is an open discussion to better understand what happened in the film, and what the story represents for German culture. The professors talk more about history and why they picked the film. “I thought it was great. It was very effective. It taught me a lot about the history,” said second year theater major Kate Graham, 19. “I think it is important to see films that are from other countries.” Everyone in attendance expressed an appreciation for the movie and look forward to the next film. “I really wanted to see what kind of movies they had, and I really like it,” said junior, 21-year-old theatre major, Patsy Arenas. The films are shown in MH-463 at 4:30 p.m. Upcoming shows include “Vitus” on Oct. 20. “Nirgendwo in Afrika,” Nov. 3. “Lola Rennt,” November 17, and “Aschenputtel” Dec. 1.


Organization protests recruitment of troops AnswerLA rallied against war in front of a recruitment center ALLY BORDAS Staff Writer

CELIA LIRA / Staff Photographer German language professors put on a film screening for German students as a form of extra credit. This film screening is open to everyone, not just students taking German classes. The screenings are always shown at 4:30 p.m. on the scheduled date.

The Answer Coalition held a rally at the Hollywood Military Recruitment Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday to recognize the nine-year anniversary of American occupation in Afghanistan. The Los Angeles chapter of the Answer Coalition “represents major national organizations that have campaigned against U.S. intervention in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia. We represent organizations that have campaigned for civil rights, for social and economic justice, for the working-class and poor people inside the United States,” according to their website. Answer Coalition was founded in 2001 in response to the terrorists attacks on Sept. 11. More recently, the Answer Coalition has been working to shut down army reserve recruitment centers, speak out against the wars in the Middle East and bring veterans, students and concerned citizens together. Those they bring together have one common goal: to stop the occupation of Afghanistan and the global wars. The theme of the rally was “Shut down the war machine!” About 30 individuals from different backgrounds and political parties came out to support the troops while trying to close down the L.A.-based recruitment center. Michael Kern is a war veteran who was recently discharged from the Middle East after serving four years overseas. He attended the rally and was wearing a military jacket with “SHIT BAG” written where his last name should have been. “That was my name when I served in the military. All because I did not agree with the war and I spoke out against it,” Kern said. Kern attended the rally to “let people know there are other options than to serve for the U.S. in a bullshit war.” The Answer Coalition organized the rally because they oppose the war. “The war in Afghanistan, like the war in Iraq, is a racist, colonial war to secure massive profits for a handful of bankers and corporate owners,” according to their website. In addition to the 30 people rallying, there were six Los Angeles policemen standing behind the picketers allowing them to actively express their First Amendment rights.

KEITH COUSINS / Asst. News Editor Top: Members of AnswerLA protest in front of the Armed Forces Career Center in Hollywood on the 9th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. Bottom: Michael Kern holds a sign at the anti-war demonstration, Kern is a veteran.

Victor Quintero, founder of the Pasadena College Answer Coalition chapter, was there with his fellow students. When asked why they attended Quintero said, “(To) express our outrage about all of the budget cuts that are directly linked to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” The crowd was chanting things such as, “Washington you will see, the Afghan people will be free!” and “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!” on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. Jasmine Sancedo another student has been a part of the Answer Coalition for five months. “It is about time these wars stopnine years, really? It is very frustrating,” Sancedo said. Furthermore, Sancedo feels very strongly about army recruiting that occurs where intercity kids attend school. “They take advantage of the fact that these kids are less fortunate. They make it seem as though the army is their only chance to make it in the world,” Sancedo said. Other students from the Pasadena College Answer Coalition chapter rallied and spoke out against the wars. Travis Hanable rallied because he

has yet to see any changes in the nine years since the U.S. declared war. “Muslims are now getting profiled every day. We are not hippies, we are out here because we care and we realize what is going on in the world right now,” Hanable said. Hanable asks people to take a closer look at other countries to see where their priorities are as far as money goes. “Countries like Canada have more money going towards education as opposed to the military,” Hanable said. Chris Fite usually does not protest because protesting “does not exactly bring about change.” However, Fite decided to join the Answer Coalition and rally. “I am anti-war. I protested in 1966 against the war in Vietnam because I did not want to get drafted,” Fite said. “And now I am protesting because the wars in the Middle East are occurring because of our out-of-control foreign policy.” The Answer Coalition is rallying today in L.A. at 2:30 p.m. to defend public education and they will also be holding a public forum discussing the war in Afghanistan Friday Oct. 8 in LA at 7:30 p.m. For more information go to:


Playing the industry game

Because of his career, Burke spoke mostly from a programming perspective. “Almost every class that I took here related to games in some way,” Burke said. However, he said that he made a ALYSSA WEJEBE conscious effort to find classes that reStaff Writer lated to his career goals. “Math is interesting,” Burke said. Cal State Fullerton alumnus Jona- “You’ll use discrete math all the time than Burke held a workshop about the as a programmer in any industry. Logic process of breaking into and working statements are pretty important, and in the video game industry. that’s what discrete math covers.” The workshop, put on by the Video Burke also mentioned matrix maGame Design Club allowed for discus- nipulation, vector math, linear algebra sion and a Q&A session with the Ob- in use, and a little calculus. sidian Entertainment programmer. Lopez said that when dealing with a “Game mods look great on any- lot of graphics, the x-y-z plane is added body’s resume,” Burke said. “If you can to 3-D programming, and programput on a resume you’re familiar with an mers need to know the math behind engine, it looks very good.” that. Math is used within the coding Burke first served in an internship to make images render on the screen at Obsidian Entertainment, a position correctly. Without it, there could be a he secured with only an informal inter- memory leak and the computer could view. crash because of that image. The application process in the video Burke said companies don’t expect game industry you to know the doesn’t seem very finer details, but strict, but Burke to know where to Generally in the game advised against find them. Burke sending unfinished industry, they just want still does a lot of code, a code that technical reading you to be awesome... doesn’t work. and takes notes Macario Lopez, - Jonathan Burke, he can use for refvice president of CSUF alumnus erence. VGDC, said that “I would be lycode is the coming to you if I said puter language used in the video game they expect you to remember everyindustry. Code is what controls every thing,” Burke said. “ is part of what a video game does. my friend. I’m there more than I care Lopez said the industry uses C++ to admit.” code most of the time, although there CplusPlus is a site where programare other types, like Java. The com- mers can discuss various topics in an puter turns written bode into binary open forum. General information relanguage — the ‘0’s and ‘1’s. garding the programming language is If the company sends an applicant a provided. programming test and tells them they Lopez said the website is a way to have a week, Burke said a whole week look up the knowledge base of the shouldn’t be taken up. The test should main language used in the video game be finished as soon as possible. industry. Tests that are e-mailed can be Burke said if a person loves video cheated with. Burke said that was not games but does not have an art or prosomething companies look kindly on. gramming background, they could go Though Burke said when he specified into producing. on the test that he didn’t know the an“If I was not a programmer, I would swer but did research to figure it out, probably go toward the producer side,” the company was all right with it be- Burke said. cause it showed he had initiative. However, if a person wanted to go

Alumnus talks about breaking into the video game industry

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vember, peaking in January or and lasts until April. After last year’s H1N1 February, The CDC recommends getting epidemic, students can a flu shot in October or Noin order to decrease the now get shots at center vember risk of contracting the virus. The vaccine will last throughERIN BRADLEY out the season. Staff Writer The flu shot is recommended for pregnant women, people Cal State Fullerton’s Student with chronic medical condiHealth and Counseling Center tions and people that work is now offering Flu vaccinations with the public. “It is important for students by appointment for $10. “About 300 vaccines are to be vaccinated to protect available for CSUF students,” themselves and others that they said Darany Hoang, health are in contact with, includeducator at the Student Health ing family members, friends, roommates and coworkers,” and Counseling Center. According to the Center for Hoang said. Michelle Delgado, a psyDisease Control, the 2010chology ma2011 flu jor, gets a flu shot will shot every year protect About 300 vaccines and carries against hand sanitizer t h r e e are available for CSUF to prevent illstrains of students... ness. the influTo prevent enza virus, - Darany Hoang, getting the flu, including Health educator stay away from H1N1, sick people, which infected 61 million Americans in cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and wash your 2009. Despite the H1N1 epidemic, hands frequently to minimize the Student Health and Coun- the spread of germs. Symptoms of the flu include seling Center has not seen an increase in vaccinations among fever, cough, muscle ache and headache. If you have flu-like students. “(The H1N1 epidemic) has symptoms, stay home from kind of blown over,” said Long work or school. “I understand that school is Ngo, a biology major that contracted the H1N1 virus last important,” Delgado said. “But coming to class sick puts other year. Ngo, along with Hoang, students at risk.” The Student Health and thinks that memories of the H1N1 epidemic of 2009 will Counseling center is open not scare students into getting Monday through Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Thursflu shots. “Unfortunately, many stu- day, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and dents feel that they are not Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. vulnerable to the flu and are For more information about unlikely to get vaccinated,” the flu shot or to make an appointment, visit Hoang said. The flu season starts in No- shcc or call 657-278-2800.

Health Center offers vaccines

CELIA LIRA / Staff Photographer Jonathan Burke discussed the type of work video game employees do on an everyday basis.

to the hardcore business side of video games, Burke said that person should go to the video game publisher, not the developer. The publisher pays for the video game, does progress checks, handles marketing — does everything except develop the actual game. That duty goes to the game developer. Video Game Design Club member, Steven Rangel, met Burke during his first semester at CSUF. “Now with him going off working for a game company, I’d like to hear his input,” Rangel said. “How everything works in the industry.” Lopez also knew Burke personally and wanted to know about his time at new-found job with Obsidian Enter-

tainment. “I feel the experience in the game industry is valuable,” Lopez said. The event was together by VGDC President Daniel Selnick. “The university’s very accommodating for letting clubs do what they want to do,” Selnick said Selnick hoped Burke’s presentation to VGDC members would give more insight into the transition from student to career. “They’ll know what to work towards.” Selnick said. Burke cautioned that the video game industry is not for everybody. “The hours can be brutal,” Burke said. “Generally in the game industry, they just want you to be awesome.”


October 7, 2010


October 7, 2010


Is the ban on texting and driving fair?


“OMG did you see her today?” Before you can add the LOL to the text, you are dead. Is it worth it? The sheer stupidity of people ignoring the ban on texting while driving does little more than make our roads unsafe – all in the name of a silly text message. On Sept. 24, 2008, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 28 in to law. The law prohibits texting while driving, with a fine of $20 for the first offense and $50 for every offense after that. “Distracted-driving-related crashes killed nearly 5,500 people in 2009 and injured almost half a million more. Lives are at stake, and all the reputable research we have says that tough laws, good enforcement and increased public awareness will help put a stop to the deadly epidemic of distracted driving on our roads,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a Washington Post article. This law is necessary - it prevents death and injury on our roads. In order for it to be more

effective, people need to stop joking about it and take it seriously. Police simply cannot enforce the law 100 percent of the time. It’s the same thing as speeding. It happens on the freeways everyday and there are simply not enough officers to properly cite every single motorist who does it. But everyone can agree that driving 100 plus miles an hour on the freeways is not a safe thing to do, so for the most part people are reasonable – even while speeding. We need to be reasonable and serious about texting while driving as well. If it is really that important that you communicate with someone during your commute, invest in a Bluetooth device and actually talk to them. “It took a couple of decades before people recognized the problem of drunk driving,” Lon Anderson, Mid-Atlantic spokesman for AAA said in a Wall Street Journal blog. “We need to have a sea of change on the part of drivers on this issue.” Laws like these are not created to hinder your ability to communicate. They are created to increase your ability to survive. Hiding your phones from view while texting may prevent a ticket, but it most certainly will not prevent an accident. Yes, the texting-while-driving ban is not completely effective. It will never be. However, the law exists and people need to be responsible and follow the law. Whatever message you absolutely must send can wait.


Hold on. It is illegal to text when driving? WTF? Apparently California is among a group of states that banned texting and driving. Moreover, the New York Times reported that last year the United States Senate considered a bill that would make the practice illegal in the entire country. While this may be accepted by a majority of people, I am going to argue why the ban should be reconsidered. First of all, take a second to think about all the things you may do while behind the wheel. Someone driving may also be eating, skipping through the radio or iPod, blaring music, reading a newspaper or book (maybe for a last-minute cram before a test) or even rocking out to their favorite song. All of these activities involve the driver taking their focus away from the road and are arguably just as dangerous as texting. In fact, a report by BBC News said that drivers listening to fasterpaced music were twice more likely to be in an accident than drivers lis-

Letter to the editor:

tening to slow-paced music. Moreover, a report by the NY Daily News said that according to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eating while driving is responsible for 80 percent of all accidents. All of these activities are distracting but none of them are banned by the government. Why is that? This may be because it is easy for the government to create laws against texting and not against other actions that can be just as detrimental to one’s safety when driving. It would be hard to enforce a law that regulates volume of music, but this does not make the consequences ignorable. Also, forbidding someone to eat while driving would never be accepted by a majority of the public despite its daunting statistics. Most people, old and young, have eaten as they have driven across town, making them less likely to vote for a bill that makes it illegal. Texting, on the other hand, is mostly utilized by younger generations according to the Pew Research Center, so adults (who happen to make up the majority of the electorate) would need little persuasion to ban it. Yet, I believe these actions are just as distracting as texting and it is hypocritical to outlaw one action over another because it is easier to make illegal. If the government wanted to make a sincere effort to ensure safety on the road, it would evaluate the effects of everything that distracts a driver and set its agenda accordingly. Picking and choosing makes America look idiotic.


Antoine Dodson

Courtesy of Flickr



DOWN Natural Disasters

Courtesy of MCT



On July 28, Antoine Dodson’s sister, woke up in the middle of the night to find a strange man in her bed. Antoine came to the rescue after hearing her screams. His local news station showed up at the Dodson residence the next morning to report on the attempted rape. The newscasters had no idea they were about to discover the next all-American sensation. Antoine was hilarious in his one-on-one interview when discussing the attack. It is obvious to the viewer that Antoine was upset that the alleged rapist escaped, since he was half yelling into the camera throughout the interview. But it is hard not to laugh at this news segment, since Antoine has such a flamboyant and outrageous personality. His interview has over 13 million hits on YouTube. He appeared on “Good Morning America” and now has fan websites, a clothing line and a song titled, “Bed Intruder,” that is ranked in the top 40 on i-Tunes. Antoine has used his five minutes of fame to start moving his family out of the projects while continuing to pursue his degree.

Earth is trying to kill us. With all these natural disasters, Mother Nature may be trying to tell us something: she doesn’t want us here anymore. Starting in August 2010, there have been raging fires in Bolivia, erupting volcanoes in Indonesia, floods in Korea, a Cholera outbreak in Chad (yuck!) and a typhoon in Thailand. Here in the United States, Hurricane Earl threatened most of the East Coast, hitting North Carolina extremely hard. How about the most annihilating natural disasters of all time? The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that created the tsunamis, which hit Indonesia, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka, was powerful enough to vibrate the entire planet half an inch. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina killed just under 2,000 Americans in addition to damaging million of homes. The world is literally falling apart. Things seem to be getting progressively worse. Tell you what, it’s about time Californians start building some bomb shelters, seeing as they might be the only thing sturdy enough to make it through Mother Nature’s wrath.

Staff Writer

For the Daily Titan

While I commend The Daily Titan for granting students easy access to news articles about both sides of the approaching election, I cannot help but wonder why some of them aren’t really offering any news at all. It came across rather important that the facts facing Meg Whitman’s illegal housekeeper should be suppressed and upstaged by slanted reporting. What I thought would be a news article possibly offering new information about the case turned out to be an insignificant “blow” to the Whitman campaign – I can only hope that it was poor research that resulted in such a sad amalgam of information. Let it be clear that I do not think it is unfair that such a story should be reported on (scandals facing politicians are news that we should be reading about in times like these), but when such a large amount of useful information is ignored why even publish it as news? The article wastes most of its breath analyzing Whitman’s political strategy, and even ventures into her vain attempts at reaching out to Latino voters via TV spots. Nothing is mentioned about the specifics of the document that Gloria Allred presented as proof of Whitman’s lie (which is posted online) or the fact that the housekeeper waited a year and a half to present what she may have thought a “case” against Whitman. Titans may also be interested to hear that the document, if anything, instructed Whitman and her husband to avoid taking any unnecessary action against Nicky Santillan. This article is too partial, and baron of any absorbing facts to be considered news. We Titans would have been better introduced to it with the headline: “Whitman may have knowingly hired an illegal alien, but really, what’s up with those dumb ads in Spanish?” Keith Fierro English Major

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October 7, 2010

CONCERT: AT THE PALLADIUM ... Continued from page 1 The Palladium was packed to the brim on the floor and up on the balcony as concert-goers, old and young, were vying for a spot to catch the Belle and Sebastian. After a half-hour intermission, the lights dimmed and the crowd squealed with delight, as lead singer Stuart Murdoch walked onstage with his bandmates. The seven-piece band, accompanied with a mini string ensemble, broke into song immediately with “I Didn’t See It Coming,” the first song off their latest album Belle and Sebastian Write About Love. The song was the perfect start to the set, as it introduced fans to their new material and highlighted singer Sarah Martin’s sweet and child-like voice. In between songs, the charming Murdoch would interact with the crowd by telling stories about the band’s stay in Las Vegas the previous night and how he missed and pre-

ferred Los Angeles weather. The audience danced and sang along to “Piazza, New York Catcher” (which was on the soundtrack for popular indie film Juno), “Sukie In the Graveyard” and “The Boy With the Arab Strap.” Before playing “Lazy Line Painter Jane,” the band invited Lewis to perform guest vocals. Lewis did the song justice and got the crowd to sing in unison until the it ended. After the two-hour set, the band came back for an encore and performed “Me and the Major.” The encore was so short and abrupt that it left many standing in the dark wondering if the band was going to come back for another song. The set was heavy on old material, which spanned from the last seven albums, with few being from their latest. Perhaps it’s because the new album hasn’t been released yet, but it was a smart move from the band to play songs that many of their fans love and are familiar with because this left them wanting more.

Courtesy of Flickr user kubacheck The soon-to-be 60-year-old Tom Petty has been playing with The Heartbreakers for 34 years which formed in 1976. The band has had an array of hits off their 12 studio albums, including the well-known “Free Fallin,’” and “American Girl”. During their Oct. 2 performance at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine, Petty performed with openers ZZ Top.

Petty ‘won’t back down’ ALEXANDRA ANDERSEN Asst. Multimedia Editor

Suits, stoners, soccer moms, hippie chicks, bikers, bros, hipsters and party girls – the eclectic range of fans at Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Oct. 2 Irvine concert proved that the group’s music has yet to “back down.” Concert-goers young and old filled almost every seat and patch of grass at the Verizon Amphitheater to be a part of the classic band’s “Mojo Tour,” aptly named after their first album release in eight years. A digital copy of Mojo was included with every online ticket purchase, which allowed fans to brush up on the new tunes before the concert began. Judging by the influx of attendees well after 8 p.m. and the massive tailgating party in the parking lot, hardly anyone took the 7:30 p.m. start time seriously. As a result, opener

ZZ Top played their last show of the tour to a much smaller crowd than the concert’s headliners. Texas blues-rock legend, ZZ Top, played hit songs, like “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Legs” and “La Grange,” ending their 65-minute set with 1975’s “Tush,” as the fashionably late found their seats. After intermission, excited fans grew restless. Suddenly, the stage lit up and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers started playing “Listen to Her Heart.” The entire crowd seemed to jump to their feet at once, belting out the lyrics along with frontman Petty, while the air appeared to immediately fill with the smoke of, um, some funny smelling cigarettes. The group formed in 1976 after Petty was in several other bands that didn’t last. Currently, the Heartbreakers are comprised of guitarist Mike Campell, keyboardist Benmont Tench, bassist Ron Blair, guitarist/keyboardist/harmonica player

Scott Thurston and drummer Steve Ferrone. The soulful band who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002 has had a multitude of hit singles off their 12 studio albums. They continue to show that their popularity isn’t faltering, which was proven by the packed amphitheater and sold out shows across their 2010 tour. What makes a Tom Petty concert a Tom Petty concert, is the communal feeling audience members experience. The night started with groups of meandering fans making their way to their seats, but by the end of the show, the crowd swayed and sang in unison, sharing, er, cigarettes. Saturday’s attendees were treated to a rendition of the band’s most well-known songs. The lineup included “I Won’t Back Down,” “Free Fallin’,” “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” “Breakdown,” “Learning to Fly”

and “Refugee.” The encore included “Running Down a Dream” and “American Girl.” While the crowd sang their hearts out during these songs, the moment the Heartbreakers began playing songs off their latest album, listeners flocked to the restrooms and concession stands – typical for any band whose hits are decades old. Petty, who turns 60 years old this month, showed the crowd he’s still got it after 34 years with the Heartbreakers. His distinct nasally yet melodic voice hasn’t changed a bit, and the aging rockers proved that you’re only as old as you feel. The lyrics from “I Won’t Back Down” appear to have become the group’s anthem as they show fans they’re here to stay: “No I’ll stand my ground / Won’t be turned around / And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down / Gonna stand my ground.”

can town in 1978 and befriends her is the story of Lindqvist’s childhood, recluse neighbor Owen (Kodi Smit- minus the vampire. McPhee from The Road). Reeves said he initially didn’t think Contrary to its slasher-like film the film should be remade “because portrayal in advertisements, Let Me it was fantastic,” but later decided to In is a coming-of-age drama about rewrite the film in an American cona young boy text because who is bulhe related so lied at school, much to OwI was trying to come caught in the en’s character. middle of his He also felt he up with a method that you parent’s crumLindqvist would meet a character who and bling marriage shared the was doing reprehensible and yearning same story in for companionsame era, things... the ship. The plot but in differ- Matt Reeves revolves around ent parts of the Director the growing world. relationship “The orginal between the film has a kind two adolescent outcasts and Owen’s of Skandinavian remove,” Reeves discovery of his unusual new friend’s said. “I wanted the world to look true identity. the way it would to Kodi’s character. Let the Right One In is based on That’s why you don’t see the mothJohn Ajvide Lindqvist’s best-selling er’s face – because it’s all sort of the Swedish novel of the same name and emotional state that he’s in and the

distance that he feels.” Reeves, who is a big Alfred Hitchcock fan, said that the genius of Hitchcock (known as the “Master of Suspense”) was that he was able to make his audience identify with the killer. “I was trying to come up with a method that you would meet a character who was doing reprehensible things and you would meet them in the scariest of possible ways,” Reeves said. “...The film was a process of tearing those layers down and starting to sort of feel for him.” Let Me In is the vampire film that girls who can’t get enough of the fad can finally take their boyfriends to. Despite some moments of unconvincing computer-generated imagery effects, this low-budget thriller is skillfully filmed and has enough blood, love and insight into the human experience that it successfully appeals to even the most avid boycotter of vampire movies.

Film: Let Me In Asst. Multimedia Editor

Let Me In, the Americanized remake of 2008’s critically acclaimed Swedish vampire film, Let the Right One In, opened in theaters nationwide Oct. 1. Before you start rolling your eyes at the thought of yet another romantic vampire film, know that this is not like your little sister’s dreamy Twilight saga. Let Me In is more like a cult classics the goth crowd would watch. This dark indie thriller is filled with gore, violence and scenes that will make you tense up and hold your breath. But it also has a tenderness to it that makes it very human. Written and directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), this intense film is the story of 12-year-old vampiress Abby (Chloe Moretz from Kick Ass), who moves into a small New Mexi-

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Courtesy of Flickr user acb The seven piece, Scotland-based, folk-pop band Belle and Sebastian performed a twohour set at the Palladium in Hollywood after their four-year hiatus from Los Angeles.

Album: Penny Sparkle by Blonde Redhead


Kazu Makino’s hauntingly delicate voice combined with Amedeo and Simone Pace’s intricate instrumentation and back-up vocals is a combination of pure, effortless beauty in Penny Sparkle, Blonde Redhead’s latest album. “My Plants Are Dead” is one of the many songs on Penny Sparkle that shows how the New York-based psychedelic rock band has mastered their minimalist alternative shoegaze rock style over the years. The lyrics are simple and flow effortlessly, weaving in and out between a soft drumbeat and a gossamer guitar reverb. “Will There Be Start” features the vocal talents of twins Amedeo and Simon. Their high-pitched voices pair well with the slow-moving background drums and sporadic guitar clangor.

“I fell in love with the music like falling for someone you’ve known for a long time,” Makino said in a press release. “It was dreamy and sometimes was very stormy. At times I felt like a shepherd who was trying to herd five stallions into a yard (unsuccessfully).” Makino’s cryptic statement about the album may be due to the fact that the band worked with Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kind, producers of popular Swedish electronic artist Fever Ray. Also, the producer of the band’s 2007 album 23, Alan Moulder, was on board serving as the mixer of the album. Long time fans of Blonde Redhead will be quick to appreciate that the band hasn’t strayed far from its signature style. Rather than doing anything drastic, they have managed to stay true to their sound. Penny Sparkle shines, highlighting the band’s commitment to the style they developed in their 1995 selftitled album.

October 7, 2010



Detour Quick Pick: The Biggest Loser Black Sheep Show entices audiences

What television series are you most anticipating this season?

NBC reality show helps people lose weight and change their lives MATT PETROPULOS Staff Writer

The Biggest Loser on NBC is the series I am most anticipating this season. The show debuted its 10th season Sept. 21 where 21 contestants compete for the $250,000 prize. The Biggest Loser is a show where overweight and obese people need to lose weight to save their lives. Most of the contestants suffer daily from the normal obstacles of a person’s life, such as mowing the lawn, walking up stairs or playing with their children. When the contestants are selected, they move onto a ranch for the entire show. The competition consists of losing the most body-fat percentage weekly so that a contestant cannot be voted off. Contestants train and eat right for the entire week, hoping to lose as many pounds as possible. Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper train the contestants. Michaels has 17 years experience in martial arts and has

released numerous DVDs and books about fitness all over the United States. Harper is a famous Los Angeles trainer that was selected to be one of the trainers for the show and has not looked back since. Harper and Michaels train the contestants with different exercises. Harper is the more inspirational trainer and tries to motivate the contestants to get the best out of them and force them not to give up. Michaels is the drill sergeant of the trainers. She is not afraid to get in the contestants’ faces to get what she wants (which is ultimately the best for them). I enjoy the show because it is a positive, life changing show. America is out of control with weight issues and this show is helping America get healthy. I was hooked on the show when I saw the transformation of the contestants at the end of each season. This reality show is not like other pointless ones that have idiots running around making fools of themselves, like on Jersey Shore. This reality show improves people’s lives and gets them back on track for a healthy life, which they need desperately. The Biggest Loser inspires millions of people to take control of their lives and get healthy.

KACIE YOSHIDA For the Daily Titan

Courtesy of Flickr user The hit NBC show, The Biggest Loser, has contestants compete to lose weight in order to become healthier. The show’s 21 contestants fight to lose the weight and win $250,000.

With a flannel shirt and dark features, Mike Vitale stands before the growing audience each week at The Black Sheep Show, performing every other week at McClain’s Coffeehouse in Downtown Fullerton (and at Java Jean Bar in Anaheim Hills on the in between weeks). Each week, Vitale extends exclusive and sought-after invitations to a slim number of musicians to perform at The Black Sheep Show. From local musicians who live just down the street to those who commute from Los Angeles, all agree that this event is different. “The Black Sheep Show sets up people to listen to music and not necessarily drink beer,” said musician Kurt Hunter. “It’s a great avenue to bring people together, both to listen to and play music. While it’s still in the early stages… I see the same faces from the audience coming back time and time again. I think it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and share fans.” While far from an open mic, this weekly event showcases the most talented local musicians and has gained a significant following in the infancy

of its existence. While many Cal State Fullerton students have made the effort to come out on a regular basis, so too have older audience members. “After every show, (Vitale) makes a point to communicate to the audience,” said CSUF student and regular attendee Lucas Holts. “Meeting new musicians after each show is a focal point (for me).” That’s exactly the point of the event — to create a community and promote his- fellow musicians’ craft, Vitale said. It’s a networking tool aimed at showcasing talent and meeting new fans. While the Black Sheep Show is exclusive to talented musicians, it is not a snobbish attempt to sterilize the local music scene. It does not discriminate against any genre of music. Artists who have been influenced by reggae, folk, jazz, blues, Africana and contemporary commercial music have performed. Vitale prides this event as something that encourages all areas of music and not just the popular types. “The greatest thing about (The Black Sheep Show) for me is that… it’s not narrowed by genre,” Vitale said. “Talent is the only qualifying factor. If they are a badass polka player, then I’ll have them out. I love all music and want to showcase that.”

Student Answers “...The Big Bang Theory because it is a hilarious show with great actors.”

“Chuck because it’s funny and witty, and also has a lot of action in it.”

-Eric Van Raalte, child development

-Joel Gary, public administration

“The Office because...the humor and corky antics of the actors grew on me.”

“Grey’s Anatomy because it is not super sexual and has... a good storyline.”

Courtesy of Mike Vitale

-Jose Curiel, business administration

-Hilary Hovland, human services

Mike Vitale (above) hosts the weekly Black Sheep Show, showcasing the most talented performers in Southern California. Performances are by invitation only.



October 7, 2010

The Campus Huddle ...Prime-time Oregon LT reignited in NY

Asst. Sports Editor

Oregon Ducks and Head Coach Chip Kelly’s spread option offense is taking over college football one victim at a time. Rightfully so, the Ducks have moved into the AP College Poll’s third spot over Boise State. The AP writers have an argument for the Ducks; so does the Coaches’ Poll with the Ducks at No. 3. Oregon has continued to show as the number one scoring offense in the country. A Saturday win over then-ranked No. 9 Stanford Cardinal 52-31, shows why the Ducks deserve the spot right behind first place Alabama and second place Ohio State. Oregon started off the season with the best offense in the country with a 72-point performance over New Mexico. Even after beating the stout Stanford defense that held UCLA scoreless on Sept. 11, Oregon stands at the top of Division I-A with 56.6 points per game. Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas who has 1,060 yards and 13 touchdowns throwing and also has a great offensive counterpart in running back LaMichael James. James with 719 all-purpose yards on

rankings come out Oct. 17. Boise State does not need to panic but style points help by blowing out teams. In the end, the records count, the top five teams will be anxious for others to fall and themselves to keep on winning.

L Potential top five teams losing games

1. Alabama at LSU - Nov. 6

2. Ohio State at Wisconsin - Oct. 16

3. Oregon at Oregon State - Dec. 4 4. Boise State at Nevada - Nov. 26 5. TCU at Utah - Nov. 6

Courtesy of MCT Wisconsin running back James White stiff arms Michigan State linebacker Marcus Hyde (11) during the fourth quarter Oct. 2.


Washed up, has-been, role player and best days behind him. These are some of the associations that were applied to Ladanian Tomlinson before the season. His critics did not have high expectations for him on his new team, the New York Jets. He has rushed for almost 13,000 yards, scored 141 rushing touchdowns going into the season, gained over 4,000 yards in the passing game and added 15 receiving touchdowns in his luxurious 10-year career. Still, critics and fans said he was washed up. However, four weeks into the season and Tomlinson, a.k.a. LT, has heads turning, looking like the back that once was the most feared runner in the game; not bad for a 31 year old. Tomlinson started the season as a role player behind the young, talented back in Shonne Greene. However, with Tomlinson’s play, the Jets backfield has become a two back system consisting of the bruiser, Greene and the once again light-footed, Tomlinson. L.T. started the season against the tough and strong defense of the Baltimore Ravens. He had 11 carries for 62 yards equating to 5.6 yards per carry. He also had two receptions for 16 yards. This was somewhat impressive against one of the toughest defenses of the National Football League. His second game was against the New England Patriots and this time he rushed for 76 yards and averaged 6.9 yards per carry and contributed 26 yards in the passing game.

He improved on his first game and that trend continued onto his third game. In week three against the Miami Dolphins, Tomlinson ran for 70 yards and scored his first touchdown of the season and 142nd rushing touchdown of his career. Tomlinson began to find his knack for the end zone and didn’t look back in week four. Week four against the Buffalo Bills had Tomlinson lighting up the scoreboard against their weak defense. He ran for 133 yards with two TD’s and seven yards per carry. Tomlinson looked so nimble on the field, flash backs of when he was on the San Diego Chargers started to be apparent. The Chargers let him go thinking he was done and washed up. The Jets took a chance on him not expecting much but I am sure they are thoroughly impressed. Tomlinson, a future 1st ballot, Hall of Famer, is starting to show that he still has a little left in his tank. He has looked quick, fast, and explosive and has made defenses look silly in their attempt to slow him down. It’s difficult to tell if the 31-yearold running back can keep this up for a 16 game season and the playoffs if necessary. The running back plateau usually hits quality running backs at age 30. Tomlinson has proved that there is life after 30 for him and showing what he has left. L.T. continues to prove critics wrong and shows that one of the best running backs of all time can still make a defense or two miss, at any snap of the ball.

McNabb against Philly

Turn up ‘The Heat’



The NBA got its first glimpse of the Miami Thrice in action Tuesday. It lasted only three minutes. Those hoping to see Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh dominate on the court were disappointed when Wade injured his hamstring and was pulled out just minutes into the game. Fans may have to wait until the Heat’s first regular season game Oct. 26 against the Boston Celtics to see the trio of All-Stars play extended minutes. Miami can choose to rest Wade the rest of the preseason and allow him to nurse his hamstring. He is familiar with the Heat’s offense, playing last season with the team under coach Erik Spoelstra. In the limited time the trio did play together, though, they looked out of sync on offense. Before Wade exited the game, he and James pushed the fast break, previewing the one-two punch that the All-Stars will focus on in the regular season. Wade and James complemented each other’s style of play, hooking

into some bad luck, already playing the one time-No. 1 and No. 3 defense in the country with TCU and Boise State, Oregon State plays the current number three defense on the road at Arizona this weekend. A Riley coached team gets better as the season goes on, just like wine. The Beavers will be hoping the Ducks get drunk on their success on that fateful matchup Dec. 4. Boise State, who beat Oregon in the Broncos home opener last year, is leaning on respect from voters in the future. The Broncos did their best to impress with a 59-0 win over New Mexico State last Saturday. Truthfully, the win over Stanford from Oregon shows better. The Broncos do have a trump card in the BCS Poll hoping to jump the Ducks when the week one BCS

Courtesy of MCT Lebron James drives in for a layup.

up on cuts to the basket and finding each other when being doubleteamed. With Wade out of the game, James and Bosh had no trouble taking the reins of their new team. James played similarly as he did in Cleveland, running the offense, draining shots from the top of the key and driving down the lane for layups. Bosh caught fire in the third quarter, showing his touch from midrange. James and Bosh to rest for the rest of the game. Miami came away with the win 105-89. Bosh finished with 20 points and six rebounds and James finished with 18 points and four assists. The Heat’s next preseason game is against Oklahoma City Thunder Friday, 8:30 p.m. ET on NBA TV.

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Financial Field and winning was tough. Staff Writer “As a fan, I’m upset he left,” Weeks said. “He came back to Philly and Donovan McNabb made his embarrassed us pretty good.” return to Philadelphia, Sunday, Historically, Eagles fans (and Philto cheers from the faithful Eagles adelphia fans in general) are known crowd. But once the game started for being some of the most vulgar, it was a different story. He was of- obnoxious fans. ficially part of the hated Washington Incidents from booing Santa Redskins. Claus as they fired snowballs his McNabb completed eight of his way to a jail cell being permanently 19 passes and threw for a modest built in the bowels of old Veterans 125 yards, throwing one touchdown Stadium. and one interception; the touchSara Sutton, a junior kinesiology down booed and the interception major, thought the trend would concheered. tinue despite The bigMcNabb’s sucAs a fan I’m upset. He came cess. gest question leading up to “I thought back to Philly and embarrassed the game was he would get us pretty good... whether Mcbooed pretty Nabb would bad,” Sutton - Jordan Weeks be cheered or said. “I was Senior business major booed. Suppretty surprised porters argued they cheered he should be for him because cheered for his years of loyal service, he’s a Redskin now.” which saw an appearance in Super But in this case, Eagles fans Bowl XXXIX. stepped up and showed appreciation. Detractors said he never got the McNabb pointed and saluted to the Eagles an actual ring. Philadelphia faithful, contributing Jordan Weeks, a senior business to a rare instance in Philadelphia; an major at Cal State Fullerton and opponent getting cheers. McNabb Philadelphia Eagles fan, said see- proved that he could still lead a team ing McNabb come back to Lincoln to victory Sunday, something Eagles


the season is the leader of the No. 2 rushing attack in the country with 331 yards a game. The Cardinal was winning 21-3 late in the second, but Oregon responded with 14 unanswered points with a successful onside kick between possessions. This response showed the Ducks had grit in the moment of adversity. Even with Stanford putting up 31 points in the game, the Ducks still held as a top-notch defense with allowing only 15 points a game. We the press have respect for the Ducks but will the team win their second Pac-10 title in two years? This time with an unblemished record? The answer lies in December in the Civil War rivalry at Oregon State. Mike Riley’s Beavers have gotten off to a slow start and have run

Courtesy of MCT Donovan McNabb scrambles by Philadelphia Eagles Brodrick Bunkley Oct. 3.

fans started to take for granted in the quarterback’s final years in Philly. Despite team records in touchdowns and games started, Eagles fans never seemed comfortable with McNabb as their field leader. It started in 1999 when the Eagles took him second overall in the NFL Draft. The draft announcement was famously booed by Eagles fans, who favored the much more hyped Ricky Williams. That negative turned into a positive, however, as McNabb’s 11year stint in Philadelphia saw him go to six Pro Bowls, including the NFC

Offensive Player of the Year award in 2004. Fortunately for McNabb, the return proved memorable. He got a win for his Redskins team. And he got the appreciation of Philadelphia fans. “It proved to be a karma situation,” said Brandon Duarte fourthyear business major. “It seemed like the media and (McNabb) were putting it on Philly for getting rid of him. He came out and played pretty good.” Don’t bet on Philly fans cheering for him anymore.


October 7, 2010


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5 8 1 3 2 9 6 4 7 4 3 6 5 8 7 1 9 2

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) You get a bright idea that upsets the plans of others. At first, they fuss. But soon they relax into a new perspective. Aren’t you lucky?

Daily Sudoku: Tue 28-Sep-2010

7 9 1

5 4

7 3

4 7 5


6 2 4 6


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6 8

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Even though others seem tense or worried, you can relax. Share your cheerfulness and optimism. It’s contagious, and they really need it now.

How To Play: Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9: and each set of boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9.

6 7 8 4 2 9

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Career efforts move in your direction now. Wait until tomorrow to begin your next push. Group members come on board by then.

Daily Sudoku: Tue 28-Sep-2010 (c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2010. All rights reserved.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Get together with one other person in secret to develop your plan. Make a group announcement to share your views only after both of you agree.

7 3 4 6 5 4 7 9 3 1 4 6 8 7 5 2 7 9 3 5 4 2

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Your best ideas will emerge from the consideration of a recent dream or quiet contemplation. Share your visions with a favorite person and take notes.

6 2

2 4 7 1 9 5

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) There seems to be an increase in the internal chatter volume, like an oncoming train. Count to ten, then decide whether to board. You could just play the radio.


2 8 5

9 8 2 6 7 1

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) A close associate surprises you with ideas you never expected to hear from that direction. Take time to consider. What seems unworkable only needs a tweak.



Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) You get important news from an unusual source. This person rarely sticks to the facts, so take what they say with a grain of salt. Sift for the gold.

6 4

Cancer (June 22-July 22) Your attention divides between household matters and a lucky travel opportunity. You can only take one person with you, unless you pay personally.

3 2

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Gemini (May 21-June 21) Almost everyone is on the same wavelength concerning a major social event. There’s plenty of love to go around and extra hands to make it happen.

3 6 8 1 7 5 9 2 4

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Anxiety increases if you focus too closely on what others are doing. Instead, try working with one partner for maximum productivity.


Daily Sudoku: Tue 28-Sep-2010

Aries (March 21-April 19) Align minds and hearts to work closely with a partner. Take advantage of a shared dream. Money causes problems if you go in separate directions.



October 7, 2010

Bee in the Know... Braves and Giants’ hunt for a pennant What carried the Giants through the regular season was their outstanding starting rotation, and that will have to sustain them in October. Two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum will get the ball in game one. He’s not going to win the Cy Young again this season, but he posted another stellar campaign and should dominate a weakened Braves lineup. On the bump for Atlanta will be Derek Lowe, a veteran who rebounded from a very poor first year with the Braves to be a reliable rotation stalwart. He’s not great, though; if he gives up a couple of runs, consider this Lincecum’s game. The real gem will be game two, a heavyweight match of youngsters, Matt Cain and Tommy Hanson. Cain had a phenomenal year in San Francisco, cutting his walk rate by 0.50 percent and benefiting from playing in a pitcher’s park. Hanson, avoided the sophomore jinx and proved to be an important cog in Atlanta’s front five. In game three, Jonathan Sanchez will be pitted against Tim Hudson. Hudson has been a marvel this season and should win. The Giants will be playing with a four-man rotation, sending veteran Barry Zito to the hill. If the Braves choose to go with a four-man ro-

tation, they could go with rookie Brandon Beachy. Given the rotations each team has, offense will be scarce in this series. The Giants became master dumpster divers by swiping Pat Burrell off waivers, and General Manager Brian Sabean looks brilliant for signing Aubrey Huff to a bargain contract over the winter. Buster Posey will be the star at the dish, though, and he’ll be relied upon to produce in the middle of the order. Jason Heyward, Posey’s fellow Rookie of the Year candidate, will try to help stabilize the Braves’ offense with All-Star catcher Brian McCann. This series will go down to the wire. Both teams want to win, of course, but the Braves also have the incentive of this being Bobby Cox’s swan song. They’ll want to send him out on top, but they just might not have the offense to trump the excellent pitching that the Giants will hurl at them. San Francisco holds home-field advantage and they have two good pitchers in Bumgarner and Barry Zito who can be thrown into the fray at a moment’s notice. It’s a toss-up, but the Giants have a clear edge. Prediction: Giants in five.

good reason. The Titans are ranked Saddler was recently named Big fifth in the nation in assists per set, West Conference Player of the Week (13.69) thanks to the back row effor the week ending Oct. 3. This forts of senior setter Genie Franwas Saddler’s second time winning cisco, sophomore setter Gabrielle the award this Dewberry and season maksenior libero Now we’re playing teams ing her the Cami Croteau first athlete to who leads the that have lots of video on us win the award conference in so we have to do some things assists with more than once this seadifferently to continue to get 305. son. The Titans better... “It’s a comare also fifth - Torrie Brown pliment to in the nation Junior outside hitter how hard we in kills per set work and how (14.62) and well we play as they lead the a team. I wouldn’t have gotten it if conference in hitting percentage we didn’t play well and win,” Saddler (.265), assists and kills. As a result said about receiving the award. of their stalwart efforts from outside According to Saddler the entire hitters: Brown, junior Leah Maurer, squad deserves the award, and for sophomore Kayla Neto, and junior

setter Andrea Ragan. Erin Saddler leads the conference in total kills (257) as well as kills per set (4.43). This past week Saddler hit .367 over the course of two games against Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and UC Santa Barbara where she had 24 and 16 kills, respectively. She got help from Brown, who hit .484 and got 18 kills against Cal Poly SLO and another 14 against UCSB. As the Titans get set to take on Pacific on Friday and UC Davis on Saturday, they know that other teams will be aiming to knock them out of the “top spot” in the Big West. “Now we’re playing teams that have lots of video on us so we have to do some things differently in order to continue to get better,” Brown said. The Titans know that there are some things that they need to work

STEPHANI BEE Sports Columnist

When the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres squared off on the final day of the season over in Atlanta, the Braves were rooting hard for the Giants to win. If they didn’t, a headache of playoff scenarios would unfold: The Giants would have to play the Friars in a one-game playoff for the division, with the loser of that game playing the Braves for the wild card. However, the Giants triumphed, setting them up for a series against Cox’s Crew. Neither team is an offensive juggernaut, however, this will be a series showcasing pitching and the likely 1-2 finishers in the NL Rookie of the Year race.

Courtesy of MCT Atlanta Braves Brooks Conrad, right, celebrates his three-run home run in the third inning at Turner Field, Sept. 29.


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on in order to continue their rise to the top. “We have to continue to play our game, be aggressive, and put balls away at the net,” Saddler said. The Titans begin their three-game home stand as they take on Pacific Tigers, Friday at 7p.m. and the Aggies of UC Davis Saturday at 7p.m.

Multimedia Live coverage of women’s volleyball Get up to the minute coverage of the CSUF women’s volleyball game versus Pacific Oct. 8 and UC Davis Oct. 9.

AARON GILLIAM / Asst. Sports Editor Junior outside hitter Torrie Brown gets a kill against Long Beach State Sept. 9

Daily Titan October 7, 2010  

The Daily Titan Newspaper for October 7, 2010. Volume 88 - Issue 21

Daily Titan October 7, 2010  

The Daily Titan Newspaper for October 7, 2010. Volume 88 - Issue 21