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October 20, 2010

Texting ban does not decrease car accidents Studies show that the texting-while-driving laws are not effective for California drivers See TEXTING, page 3

Facebook faces new competition

Upcoming social networking website creators hope to outshine Facebook See DESTRUCTION, page 5

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Alcoholic drinks at Starbucks

President visits White House

To increase evening traffic, coffeehouse will offer beer and wine

CSUF President Milton Gordon in attendance at Washington ceremony



For the Daily Titan

Staff Writer

Cal State Fullerton President Milton Gordon attended a ceremony at the White House to discuss an Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, Tuesday. President Barack Obama signed a revised executive order renewing and enhancing the White House Initiative. The updated executive order was about prioritizing action. The new elements included: working directly with communities, initiating education, establishing a national network of community leaders that will provide input and advice in the education policy, and forming a Federal Interagency Working Group to exchange resources and address issues impacting the lives of Hispanics nationwide. The updated order was determined by feedback gathered by the Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans in more than 100 community conversations across the country. These conversations included experts in education and comments from over 10,000 Americans on a solution to the challenges facing the Hispanic community and education. See GORDON, page 3

Celebrating National Pan-Hellenic Council Week Courtesy of Drew McCarroll “The Steporcist,” part of last year’s NPHC show, was the first step show that CSUF produced. This year’s step show has been pushed back until Nov. 28 to ensure performance quality. See National Pan-Hellenic Council raises awareness, page 3 for full story.

In a conscious attempt to expand their brand, the well-known coffee chain Starbucks will begin serving alcohol in two months. Due to rival companies such as the McDonalds Corp. advertising low cost lattés, Starbucks had explored ways to expand the company for the past few months and it appears that the coffee chain has found its answer: alcohol. Before this drastic change in pace for Starbucks, the company primarily focused on being the premium roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. When Starbucks opened in 1971, it was just a single store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Today, Starbucks is challenged with shifts in economy and opposing competitors, but remains a premium coffee roaster. According to a press release issued by the Starbucks Media Relations Tuesday, Starbucks will be expanding its menu by adding wine and beer to its list of options in hopes of attracting larger crowds during the evening. Starbucks hopes to bring this new eyecatching look and concept to other locations in communities as it sees fit. Even in a shot to maximize evening business, this new concept may be too much of a change for loyal Starbucks coffee drinker and Cal State Fullerton student, Madelynn Woodhall. “I believe that people are going to

Honoring the best in gore at the ‘Howling’ awards Spike TV applauds horror, sci-fi genres at annual award show JAMES GOBEE For the Daily Titan

As the moonlit backdrop of what looked to be Gotham City stood tall; zombies, freaks, ghosts, ghouls and a six-foot-tall chicken roamed the aisles of the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.




Don’t Scan this Code While Driving Learn why the new laws against texting and driving are problematic at text-drive

Scan to view

Spike TV has been honoring the best in science-fiction, comics, fantasy and horror for the past five years with the Spike TV Scream Awards. The event was packed with people dressed up in bloody, creative, scary and strange costumes. Every year people come and dress up as if they’re celebrating Halloween a little early. This year was adorned with the goriest, most disgusting and jawdropping awards. Awards were given out for topics like “Most Memorable Mutilation” and “Holy Sh*t Scene of the Year.” Special world premiers gave Spike TV watchers a taste of what is to come, not to mention legendary honors were given to people and movies that have been a staple in fantasy, sci-fi and horror. As “The Power of Love,” by Huey Lewis and the News, blasted through the sound system at the Greek, the DeLorean from Back to the Future appeared onstage. It rolled out onstage and getting out of the driver seat was none other than David Spade. Anti-climactic, right? Well, he was there to introduce Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, better known as Doc Brown and Marty McFly, who were accepting their award. Scream honored the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future. Scream also honored Sigourney Weaver as an icon with the “Best Heroine” award for her works in movies like the Alien series, Galaxy Quest, Ghostbusters 3 and Avatar. Also celebrated and honored was the finale of the hit, cult TV show, Lost. A group of the cast members and director Jack Bender swarmed the stage to accept the award. See SCREAM, page 6

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SHANE WESTOVER / Staff Photographer

Starbucks will begin rolling out alcoholic beverages such as wines and beers in addition to coffee and tea in select stores this week. If the market test receives good reviews, they will expand nationwide.

miss the relaxed atmosphere of Starbucks,” said Woodhall, a 19-year-old English major. “I would visit Starbucks just to see what it was like, but I wouldn’t buy anything even if I was of age.” Miranda Charlnoes, a criminal justice major and Yorba Linda Starbucks employee, is on the fence with the new menu additions and change of ambiance. “I think this is totally going to change the environment that Starbucks strives for,” said Charlnoes, 21, who has been a staff member for three years. “I don’t think that the third environment that they try to create will be as prominent with alcohol in the picture.” See STARBUCKS, page 3

Displaced in Downtown: stuck on the streets KATHY VARGAS For the Daily Titan

ing me by cutting out articles from the newspaper,” said Volk, who also acknowledged her family and friends from home as her biggest fan base. “They help me because they’re on my side no matter what, they always stay positive and keep me positive as well,” Volk said. “Volk has been doing great things for the team with her height and her speed offensively and defensively, and has also shown a lot of consistency with her fist pumps after she scores,” said senior goalkeeper Shannon Simpson. “I think Casey brings a lot to the table this year,” Simpson said. “She shows leadership on the field in a different way than our captains do or our goalkeepers.”

They sleep on park benches near the Amtrak train and bus stations in Downtown Fullerton. Meanwhile, at a nearby local bar and dance spot, the music blares, people laugh and speak loudly as they drink and dance the night away. They are completely oblivious to the folks who sit several feet away from them on a bench that most people rest on while waiting for a bus to pick them up and take them off to work or home. For these folks, this bench is their home. It is their place where they pull up their tattered sleeping bags at night and lay down to sleep. While Downtown Fullerton has become a town of entertainment with its shops and restaurants, its streets host a bed and breakfast to some who have found their lives without food and shelter. However, some of these down-and-out folks are homeless by choice. As they sit and watch the buses go around the “pick up and drop off” point, two casually dressed gentlemen from a local ministry greet them with food and water. Their generous gifts are much appreciated. “The difference between homeless people and street people is: Homeless people can have a job and two weeks later you’re homeless,” said Bojack, a homeless man in Fullerton. “Street people stay on the street and don’t want to better themselves.” Bojack has been homeless for a year; he lost his job and couldn’t afford to pay for rent.

See VOLK, page 8

See HOMELESS, page 6

ALAYNA DURAN / Staff Photographer Titan junior midfielder Casey Volk collects the ball and strides toward the net in a game against UC Riverside on Oct. 14.

Volk promotes team unity through play Titan soccer star continues to flourish as their season progresses MICHELLEE COOPER Staff Writer

After being named Big West Conference’s Offensive Player of the Week Sept. 6, junior midfielder Casey Volk was also recognized by the website as one of 11 girls to make the “Primetime Performers” list. Week after week, Head Coach Damian Brown acknowledged Volk as a key player in each game. Through her positive attitude and dedication, Volk’s hard work is start-

ing to show through her recognition of such great achievements. Volk scored her first goal of the year and added an assist during the Under Armour Invitational to help the Titans to a 2-0 shutout of thenNo. 18 UNC Greensboro, earning all-tournament honors from the coaches in the process. “I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Volk said about her player of the week title, “It honestly felt good to be recognized.” Volk attributes her accomplishments to the support of her team, as well as her family members and friends from her hometown. “All in all, I felt like I worked hard that weekend and we ended the weekend with a win, so it felt really good.” “My family and friends from back home were really excited, embarrass-



October 20, 2010

Engineers’ barbecue



Britain plans sweeping military cutbacks to close budget

The American Society of Civil Engineering showcased projects

LONDON – Britain will reduce its fighting force by thousands of troops, scrap aging jet fighters, put off an upgrade of its nuclear deterrent and cut civilian defense jobs in a sweeping overhaul designed to make its military leaner and save taxpayer money, the government announced Tuesday. Over the next four years, defense spending is to shrink by 8 percent in real terms, a reduction Prime Minister David Cameron said would be difficult but necessary to help Britain close a yawning public budget gap. Cameron told lawmakers that the army, navy and air force would together shed 17,000 troops and that the defense department would get rid of 25,000 civilian jobs.



Former JetBlue attendant pleads guilty, gets counseling NEW YORK — A New York man whose memorable exit from his flight attendant job that made him a working-class hero, pleaded guilty Tuesday to criminal mischief and agreed to undergo counseling. “While the public interest was surprising, at the end of the day, I am a grownup and must take responsibility,” Steven Slater said outside court in Queens. Slater, 38, pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal mischief, one count a felony. A prison sentence of one to three years will be suspended while he completes a mental health program in Queens. On Aug. 9, Slater cursed out a passenger on a JetBlue flight that had landed at Kennedy Airport before sliding down the emergency exit chute he deployed. First reports of the incident stated that Slater grabbed two beers from the plane’s galley before pulling the emergency exit handle.

STATE Supervisors to delay vote on Happy Meal toy ban LOS ANGELES — San Francisco supervisors have decided to put off voting on a proposed ban on handing out promotional toys with fattening children’s meals until after the state and national election campaigns are over. The vote on the so-called Happy Meal ban will take place Nov. 2 - at a lateafternoon meeting on Election Day that will ensure that the measure is not considered until the campaigning ends and many voters have already gone to the polls. The vote originally was scheduled for Tuesday. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who is running for lieutenant governor of California and has already been mocked by an opponent as a member of the “food police,” has said he will veto the measure. As a result, Supervisor Eric Mar has been trying to line up a super-majority of eight votes on the 11member board, which would allow supervisors to override Newsom’s veto.

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SHANE WESTOVER / Staff Photographer T-shirts were sold during the CSUF celebration of Mehregan. One shirt read in Farsi, “If Iran doesn’t exist, I don’t want to exist.”

Iranian culture displayed Student association shares Iranian heritage through fall festival KRYSTLE UY Staff Writer

The Iranian Student Association (IranSA) celebrated the Iranian fall festival of Mehregan with traditional Persian food and music in the Quad, Tuesday. According to Persian folklore, Mehregan is the first day of fall, when daylight came to be. “The farmers collect the crops in the month of Mehr, which is the first month of fall,” said Nasim Attaripour, 19, a sophomore graphic design major. “The celebration of Mehregan is a way to thank God for the food that he gave us.” Symbols of Persian culture were placed on the tables along with fruit and water. Coins were stowed in a cup of rosewater representing improvement and oregano leaves to signify

health. Ripe pomegranates and apples symbolize health and harvest. Attaripour designed shirts representative of Persian culture available for $15. One shirt had a puzzle design with traditional Farsi words that give different meanings to whomever reads it. Another symbolized peace and the green movement. It read in Farsi, “If Iran doesn’t exist, I don’t want to exist.” The quote is by Hafez, the worldfamous poet who wrote in paj mesraee, a style of poetry that is shorter in verse, according to Attaripour. Other artifacts included carvings from actual palaces and cliffs which showed students the rich history of Iran. A bronze plaque of the first human rights accord by Cyrus the Great also helped to educate students interested in Iranian culture. “Cyrus the Great was king in 550 B.C. He was the one who started the Persian empire,” said Cyrus Haghani, 21, a senior business major and president of IranSA. Among the artifacts on the tables were pamphlets and flyers promoting the Intensive Institute in Persian

Language and Culture. This six-week summer program is open to native and non-native CSUF students and provides education on issues related to the Persian Gulf region through Persian language. At a nearby table, Persian food was served, including beef kabobs and Shirazi salad, which consists of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and lime juice. Alberto Oseguer, a junior child development major, was drawn to the festival’s upbeat techno music. The lively music featured traditional Persian percussion and strings. This was accompanied by Iranian artists singing in Farsi about love, politics and freedom. “Seeing different cultures come together, even if you’re not Persian, is welcoming,” Oseguer said. Other students were attracted to the harvest festival because of the similarities between their culture and Iran’s. Even though the sun wasn’t shining, stormy weather did not dampen the mood of students enjoying the cultural display. “It’s good for the harvest, we need the rain anyway,” said Ariana Romero, political science major.

Despite the rain Tuesday, a barbecue was held by the College of Engineering and Computer Science displaying a variety of their departmental clubs. Some of the clubs had their projects on display. American Society of Civil Engineers used their still bridge from last year as a guardrail for the event. Jerome Terrell, ASCE Captain for the Still Bridge team, said the bridge was built for a competition that required it to be 20 feet long, able to hold about 2,800 pounds with little bending and no breaking. Terrell sat on the still bridge to demonstrate its strength. The competition was timed and the team’s fastest time was nine minutes, Terrell said. He said their bridge (made of 32 parts) competed against 22 different schools and got fifth place. ASCE had its concrete canoe on display, painted orange and with “organic” emblazoned in white lettering on its side. Haroon Rahmani, who was a part of the concrete canoe team, said the canoe had been on display in Las Vegas. The canoe competed in the Pacific Southwest Regional Conference. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and its Computer Society had small, battery-powered robots on display. Everardo Acosta, President of IEEE Computer Society, said the largest robot was “autonomous” and “self-motivated.” Acosta said the robot moves on its own when activated, and when it hits a wall it can change direction. The robot resembled an insect. Acosta said there was no specific insect in mind; they just needed something with antennae. Another IEEE robot was smaller and red. It reacted to light by scooting away to hide from it. Acosta said it mimics the movements of a crab, and that it can move quickly or slowly. The Society of Automotive Engineering and American Society for Mechanical Engineers booths had their club cars on display. Wade DeLaney, SAE club member, said the car with orange and black flames was the Formula 1 FSAE (made a year ago), and the black car was the Baja SAE vehicle (made two years ago). Corrin Reed, member of SAE and ASME, said the clubs are making a new car this year, which is scheduled to be completed in May. Reed said the car is one of the senior project options for mechanical engineering students. Terrell said the Engineering and Computer Science Inter-Club Council started the barbecue, which received funding from the Dean’s Office at the department. Student names were entered in a raffle, which was done to encourage people to get to know the Engineering and Computer Science department, said Janet Plascencia, chair of ECSICC and ASCE president. The prizes included “fun engineering things” like ECS shirts and water bottles. Nicole Tocchini, president of Society of Women Engineers, attended this event a couple semesters ago. “It’s for everybody,” Tocchini said. “We’re all different types of engineers.”

DTSHORTHAND Prop. 19 speakers come to campus On Thursday, Oct. 28, an informational panel called “Legally Stoned in California” will be held in the TSU Pavilions at Cal State Fullerton from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The panel will feature leading experts on Proposition 19 discussing regulation, control and taxation of cannabis as stated in the act. Guest speakers include Mark Kleiman from UCLA, Beau Kilmer from RAND Corp. and other local experts. Sponsors include Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society, the Criminal Justice Department, the Geography Department and the Sociology Department. For more information e-mail Brief by Katie Evans

October 20, 2010




National Pan-Hellenic Council raises awareness JESSICA MC COY For the Daily Titan

The National Pan-Hellenic Council, the umbrella organization for the historic black Greek letter that were founded in the early 1900s, is holding a week of events from Oct. 17 to Oct. 24. Black Greek letter organizations started as secret study groups because black students were not allowed to join other fraternities or sororities. There are six of the nine black Greek letter organizations at Cal State Fullerton. “The student body can expect NPHC to illuminate the black Greek culture, and to heighten NPHC’s shadowed presence on Cal State Fullerton’s campus,” said Damon Wilson, treasurer of NPHC. NPHC week started Sunday Oct. 17 with a community service event at the Mercy House in Ontario, Calif. The Greeks put on a dinner and a Halloween celebration to lift the spirits of the Mercy House community. On Monday, NPHC hosted “Meet the Greeks,” an event that gave students the opportunity to ask representatives of the NPHC organization, general questions about black Greek life on CSUF campus. And will also be at Titan Walk tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. NPHC wants to promote their game night at 7 p.m. in Pavilion A. The event will have different games from dominoes to the classic board

games. NPHC Week normally ends with a bang with the second annual step show which has now been postponed until Nov. 28 to ensure the quality of the performances. Last year’s NPHC show, titled “The Steporcist” was the first step show that CSUF produced. More than 500 people attended, this year and NPHC is going to double the spotlight. Students that saw last year’s step show are expecting more excitement for this year’s show. “Last year’s show was great, there was a lot of different talent,” said Erica Lewis, a business finance major. “The step show’s theme was different and unique because it was Halloweenbased and the layout was convenient no matter where you sat, you could see the stage.” This step show’s theme is “Clash of the Titans” where the NPHC fraternities will compete for cash prizes. Other performances will consist of local musical artists. The show will start at 2 p.m. located in all Pavilions. Students are free, non-students can purchase presale tickets for $5 and the day of the event tickets are $10. NPHC will continue next semester with more events and plan on having more step shows. “I am excited for the future of NPHC,” said NPHC’s president Alexis Robinson. “I am confident NPHC week will continue to educate others about the historical and social aspects about black Greekdom.”

“I think this is a really big issue and they should have tackled this before,” said business major Pragya Pandey. “It’s important to promote education for minorities as well, and it’s good that they’re finally doing this now.” As president for 21 years at CSUF, Gordon recently completed a two-year term as the nation’s Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities chairman. Last year he received the association’s highest honor, the HACU President Award of Excellence for his leadership in higher education for the past two decades. According to Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, CSUF has the most bachelor degrees awarded each year to the Hispanics in California and is ranked fifth in the nation for awarding the most bachelor’s degrees to Hispanics. Finance major Cesar Marquina said even though we rank the highest in California, it is not enough. “I know that there’s one in 10 that actually finish college; here at CSUF it’s really good, but nationwide it’s not,” Marquina said. “Being Hispanic, I don’t like seeing those numbers.” Marquina also said the problem

with education starts at home. “From experience, it comes down to our parents and how they raised us,” Marquina said. “You have to go to the Hispanic community and reach out to them.” Andre Avanessian, a CSUF student who is currently getting his master’s degree in business administration, hoped that the meeting involved budget cuts. “I would think of it in more terms of accessibility of education because as tuition rises, less and less minorities are going to be able to go to school,” Avanessian said. “It’s a big concern so I’m hoping funding is something that would come up.” The EEHA is expected to establish a presidential commission that will gather advice on Hispanic education and help coordinate the federal government’s efforts on a wide range of issues that are important to Hispanic communities. These include housing, health, finance, employment and education. This was a historic event for Gordon and his strong support in CSUF’s critical role to Hispanic students. It further reflected Obama’s dedication to the overall prosperity of expanding education activities and improving education outcomes for all communities.

Drivers ignore texting ban Recent study shows that law to prevent use of phones while driving is not working LAUREN SERRANO For the Daily Titan

Courtesy of Andrew McCarroll Top and Above: Performers at last year’s NPHC step show, entitled “The Steporcist” compete for cash prizes. The show is intended to raise awareness for CSUF’s black Greek culture.

The law banning texting while driving was meant to prevent people from using their phone while driving and possibly decrease accidents, but recent studies show that the ban has had the opposite effect. The ban on cell phone use went into effect January 2009. California motorists seem to have been ignoring the law, and accidents have slightly risen since the law passed. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just released new findings related to texting-while-driving laws and their effectiveness. The Highway Loss Data Institute, an affiliate of the IIHS, compiled claim data for four states; California, Louisiana, Minnesota and Washington. The study examines data for the months before and after the law went into effect, showing that texting bans have produced a more alarming result. In three of the four states examined, crashes increased by 3 to 4 percent after the law was enabled. Adrian Lund, president of the IIHS and the HLDI, said that the increase in accidents could be attributed to “drivers now texting in ways so as not to get caught, such as lowering their phones and thus drawing their eyes down away from the road.” Lund said texting while driving is

dangerous and there is a crash risk associated with it, but the bans are clearly not reducing that risk. No one knows the exact reason why accidents have increased, but speculations have been made. “The new drivers on the road, teen drivers, are some of the heavy texters and being new to the road and texting can cause serious accidents,” said kinesology major, Ariel Bryant. Courts and juries are also recognizing the danger in texting while driving. In one case, Martin Kuehl of Costa Mesa was sentenced to four years in prison for killing a pedestrian. The prosecutor used cell phone records and witness accounts to show that Kuehl was texting behind the wheel during the half hour leading up to the fatal crash. Christian Ramino, 22, said that one of his friends was pulled over because of the way he was driving. The police officer gave his friend a sobriety test because the officer thought he was intoxicated. Ramino’s friend had been texting. Regardless of whether the ban is in place, some people think it is not effective. “Although the texting-while-driving ban was a good idea, it’s not going to stop people from texting,” said 18year-old art major, Megan Hom. Bryant said people won’t stop texting while driving until something is invented that will allow people to text while keeping their eyes on the road. “I think until something tragic happens to you with a close friend, or a loved one, then you will finally realize how dangerous texting while driving is,” Bryant said. “But by then it will be too late.”

STARBUCKS: DRINK MAKEOVER TO ENTICE CUSTOMERS ... Continued from page 1 “But personally, as an employee I wouldn’t mind being a bartender. Especially, as an employee that has been there for so long, a change or challenge is always good,” Charlnoes said. Others have a more positive outlook. Chiranjeev Kohli, a marketing research professor, said that Starbucks’ trendy expansion is worth a shot. If the Starbucks company test markets this idea, tries it out in a few locations and receives good reviews, then it’s a good option,” Kohli said. “But if it actually pans out is the million-dollar question.” Opening next week will be a store called, “15th Ave. Coffee and Tea inspired by Starbucks,” and “Roy Street Coffee,” both in Seattle, that the company deemed appropriate for its lively neighborhood. If the concept succeeds, more of these stores featuring alcoholic beverages could be tested in other cities, said Major Cohen, senior project manager at Starbucks from USA Today. Although students at CSUF are not ready for their local Starbucks to get a fresh makeover, the new Seattle Starbucks locations will be ready and stocked with grande wines and beers next week. Contact Us at

SHANE WESTOVER / Staff Photographer At the Starbucks on State College a barista serves drinks. In the future, Starbucks branches such as these may be serving alcohol.

OPINION Confessions of a ‘tweeter’

October 20, 2010



For the Daily Titan

I have a confession to make. Long before the average Joe jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, I made a vow to myself that I would never be a part of this frenzy. I got multiple e-mail invites from friends and cousins to join Twitter but I sent those directly to the trash folder. I am by no means an anti-social networking hipster; in fact, my social life on Facebook is booming. But the idea of reading mundane tweets about someone having poached eggs for breakfast just wasn’t exciting for me. Well, of course the juicy tweets from celebrities promised a deep insight into their day-to-day lives, and that is why I found myself stumbling over their Twitter pages every once in a while. But I didn’t need an account for that, so joining Twitter seemed pointless. After all, who would want to read about what a crappy day I was having or what music I was listening to? But now I follow around 364 profiles (and counting) on Twitter and give my newbie friends Twitter tutorials. Hypocrite much? More like a conscious twit. I had to give in to my qualms about Twitter when my journalism professor asked all of his students to make a Twitter account. Of course, from that point on, my tweets no longer merely consisting of news updates. Late night study session rants and random thoughts were the order of the day. I had blindly jumped on the Twitter bandwagon too.

Although I still try to avoid using Twitter for announcing to the world that I am about to hop into the shower, I have discovered a new side of Twitter that makes it an indispensable social networking site. It has changed the way people stay up-to-date with current news and voice their opinion to millions of people out there. It has something to offer to everyone because of the wide range of profiles that one can follow. From the New York Times to your local sushi place, every business is just waiting to be followed. It is not just us, the average Joes and Janes, who find Twitter amusing. Celebrities have been quick to regard the micro-blogging service as their literary salvation. 140 characters can’t exactly make or break their careers, but what they tweet makes a lot of difference and creates quite a stir in the industry. Stars have made it a habit to tweet their breakups, upcoming projects or late night musings. They claim to use Twitter to connect with their fans directly, but I think it also lets them clear away or confirm any rumors flying around about them. Some celebrities take their Twitter rants to an extreme level and later face the consequences. On Sept. 17, Lindsay Lohan took to her Twitter page to confirm the rumors that she had indeed failed a recent drug test and was working very hard to improve her condition. She also tweeted a sincere thank you to her fans for supporting her. The recent celebrity to call it quits on Twitter is John Mayer, who claims that no one has created any “lasting art” on Twitter

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and calls the site “disposable.” Mayer has had his fair share of controversies and hopefully deleting his Twitter account will help him stop making any more controversial statements. I realized the true strength of Twitter at the time of the recent deadly floods in Pakistan. Local Pakistanis and the ones living abroad tweeted celebrities and international organizations asking them to raise funds for the flood victims. The role of social networking sites was vital in raising awareness about the catastrophe. The initial coverage by the international news media lacked the depth and urgency needed to get a positive reaction from the rest of the world as opposed to Twitter. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Alyssa Milano started tweeting about flood relief initiatives. And local bloggers in Pakistan joined forces through Twitter to visit flood-affected areas with food, supplies and survival kits. Twitter has the power to take a lone voice to millions of people,

By the time IDF forces withdrew from Zeitoon, where the Samouni family lived, two weeks later, the bodies of the 29 family members already started decomposing, and the wounded survivors were forced to stay with them because it was too dangerous for them to leave. The IDF did leave another thing behind: graffiti with slogans like “Arabs need 2 die,” or “1 down, 999,999 more to go” all over the walls of the building next door. By the end of the 22-day period, Israel had killed 1,400 Palestinians, destroyed 11,307 Palestinian homes, 30 Mosques, five health institutions, 18 schools, six university buildings, and the list continues. Shortly after Operation Cast Lead, Israeli Defense Forces soldiers proudly boasted the slaughter of an unarmed civilian population by parading around in t-shirts depicting pregnant Muslim women with targets over them. Beneath the graphic, “1 shot, 2 kills” was writing in both English and Hebrew. Israel’s Haaretz newspaper was the first to break the story. After multiple fact-finding missions by different respected human rights organizations, the IDF was found guilty of war crimes. Its own soldiers participated in a speak out against the crimes committed, and can be found by typing “Breaking the Silence,” into an internet search engine. The United Nations has passed over 200 resolutions concerning Israel, most of which begin with the words “condemns,” or “deplores.” Tzipi Livni, Israel’s former foreign minister and the person responsible for launching this genocidal operation, had a warrant out for her arrest issued by the UK claiming she is a war criminal. These are only a few examples of the thousands of atrocities committed by the Israeli Defense Forces. They have no ethics and no morals as soldiers, militants, terrorists, whatever. Tania Biko, history major

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Numbers that matter

Letters to the Editor: This letter is in response to “Israeli Soldiers Share War Ordeals” by Natalie Bonilla. It is extremely alarming that some of the Daily Titan’s staff writers will eventually graduate from our university and become professional journalists and reporters. This anxiety came to me after reading this insanely biased article. I would understand that a person who has no knowledge of the Israeli occupation of Palestine would write something like this article after attending the Hillel sponsored event… had there been no opposing view. However, as an attendee who loudly vocally opposed the Israeli Defense Forces soldiers and their backward illogical views of “ethics,” and “moral conduct,” it is sickening to see that the Ms. Bonilla chose to completely omit and therefore silence the other side of the issue, adhering to Zionist propaganda that has jaded the world of honest journalism. Instead of praising the IDF soldiers for “promoting peace” and “trying to negotiate with the Palestinians,” I suggest you research the issue before writing an article. Israel is a colonial, artificial state. The Israeli Defense Forces are those responsible for carrying out the genocide of the native Palestinian population. The lack of morals held by the IDF is evident in their actions over the past 62 years, since they began the colonization of Palestine. In the past three years, their own actions have shown the world who the real terrorists in the conflict are. On Dec. 27, 2008, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead, a 22-day long bombing campaign that killed 200 civilians on the first day. On Jan. 3, 2009, the IDF shelled, and ultimately murdered, 29 members of the Al Samouni family, who had no ties to Hamas or any resistance fighters. Three generations of the family were killed. The youngest child was 3 years old, and the oldest adult was 70 years old. Unfortunately, this is not the only story of its kind for the Palestinians; in fact, it is actually quite common.


since tweets get “retweeted” and hashtags (# symbol placed with keywords) become trending topics. Twitter is also an effective way to voice your opinion on an issue that you feel strongly about and wish to share with the world. It’s an important tool for aspiring journalists to tweet their blogs and increase their readership. Many of my classmates use Twitter to get news updates and find out what’s going on in the world. With so many benefits, how could I have continued ignoring Twitter? Some may regard it as the degeneration of effective communication and a waste of time, but it really depends on the individual – or twit if I may say – and how he or she uses it. A tool used by both Snooki and the Dalai Lama would obviously have different uses for different people. Now excuse me, I need to check out the picture Snooki just tweeted of her new hairdo.

Hi, my name is Magaly Cahuas, a student at CSUF. I am vice president and a part of the women’s rugby team on campus. I just wanted to let you know that the article that appeared today on the Daily Titan referring to the Irvine Mud Run failed to cover full details. It stated that the “The Cal State Fullerton men’s rugby club held a fundraiser.” It was not just the men’s team who volunteered at the mud run, the women’s team was just as much a part of the mud run as the men’s team. We were both there from 6 a.m. until it was over, we both helped with the dirty dodgeball, we both get money to our teams for jerseys and practice jerseys, our dues are the same amount. I do not think it’s fair that the men’s team gets all the glory for the Mud Run when the women’s team was a big part in the Mud Run as well, in fact, we had our whole team there; all 23 players, when the guys’ team had part of their team at the Mud Run. We also have a preseason game coming up Oct. 23, at 12 p.m. in the intramural fields. Thank you for your time. Your friend, Magaly Cahuas, VP of the Women’s Rugby Team

MELISSA HOON Detour Editor

Let’s face it: Certain things matter in the dating game, despite how hard we try to act like the easy, breezy love child of the relationship. Let’s break down what matters into a numbers game. I’m not the Gandhi of the dating realm, but the following guidelines should be kept in mind in order to give peace a chance in relationships. Does size matter? No. I’m referring to the size of your partner’s wallet, of course. You’re not living in a Manhattan penthouse; you’re in college. You’re a starving student who should look forward to coffee shop dates, not little black boxes with diamonds inside. You’re not dating Santa Claus. You shouldn’t expect to feel like a child on Christmas morning every day. If she likes the Beatles, get her a Collector’s Edition of a Beatles magazine. If he couldn’t make it to the Angels game, bring him home an Angels T-shirt. Or try the splurging option: surprise her

with concert tickets or him with tickets to a Lakers game. Tangible gifts aren’t the bedrock of loving relationships, but as you know, the little things count. Compliments: let it rain, not pour. You probably know why your partner fancies you, so you don’t need to repeatedly hear the laundry list of reasons. But it’s nice to be reminded every once in a while. You probably don’t always think your girlfriend looks like Adriana Lima after she’s been locked in the library studying all day, so don’t lie. Instead, let your partner know when he or she does the things that made you fall in like or in love. Don’t call like a collector. The number of text messages or calls you receive (or don’t receive) from your other half matters if it’s too high or too low. Call and send text messages often enough to let your partner know you’re thinking about him or her, but don’t contact so frequently that he or she develops Beyonce’s mind frame, thinking, “I should have left my phone at home ‘cause this is a disaster.” The most important date of the year? An anniversary date usually matters because most consider it a celebration that acknowledges the establishment of you and your partner’s love (corny, I know). Maybe your anniversary doesn’t matter to you, but it matters to your partner. If you haven’t learned yet, what matters to your partner should matter to you. Instead, do something original by giving something that is special to only you two and not the rest of the world. If you don’t have an anniversary established, pick a date. Otherwise, it’ll probably come back to bite you in the ass later.

California needs to fix HOV lanes MARC DONEZ Staff writer

Not too long ago I was a sitting duck on the 210 Freeway, fuming at my own disillusioned claim that there wouldn’t be traffic going westbound at 4 p.m. I watched as cars zoomed passed me in the HOV (high occupancy vehicles) lane and wished anything resembling a human to be in my passenger seat. Then a Prius passed by, occupied by a single driver. I immediately started singing Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law.” Then another hybrid passed with only one passenger. A few minutes later it was another. All of them had a single individual in each of their cars and I started wonder. Turns out, three models are eligible to drive in the HOV lane with single occupancy: the Toyota Prius, the Honda Insight and the Honda Civic Hybrid. To promote less pollution in our state, buyers were rewarded with HOV lane stickers if they bought one of these models. Personally, I am OK with the state giving “Clean Air Vehicle” stickers out to owners of these cars. We live in Southern California, the most ozone polluted air in the country. It’s even

worse throughout the state as cities such as Bakersfield, Fresno and Sacramento have continually made lists of most polluted cities in the United States. Any way the state can try and stop (or negate) such dangerous pollutants is fine, and I’m sure most of you will agree. However, I’m not sure Los Angeles and Orange counties have the right answer when it comes to letting hybrids drive in HOV lanes. During a recent trip to Northern California, I learned that HOV lanes in Contra Costa County were only used during peak hours, 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., etc. During non-peak hours, all vehicles were welcomed to use the lane. This is an idea that counties in Southern California can consider, but with hybrids. During non-peak hours, hybrids should be allowed to drive in the HOV lanes, rewarding drivers for their decision in trying to improve our air. This will is to ease congestion, while letting hybrid drivers enjoy the rewards of their purchase. The state of California is continually introducing new ways to improve our environment. And even more, we as Californians are always looking for ways to improve our environment. Here’s to us helping out while we’re stuck on the 210!


October 20, 2010

Destruction of a popular site

With the donations, they hired professional programmers and InterNYU students launch net extraordinaires to make sure the new social networking website could accomplish everything site opposing Facebook they hoped for from the start. These NYU boys were inspired after hearing a speech about freedom ASHLEY LOREA and online privacy by Columbia For the Daily Titan Law Professor Eben Moglen, who described current social networks as There are a multitude of things “spying for free.” Not sacrificing privacy for conveto dislike about Facebook. Status nience is one of the key slogans on updates are required to appear to everyone and not just, say, Downtown their blog Senior Noel Walker, a theatre major Fullerton buddies. Facebook can’t hold updates from at Cal State Fullerton, is fully aware of Twitter, blogs and Flickr all in one the issues with online privacy saying, “It’s not like Facebook is hush-hush page. The ads on the side of the page about the fact that they’re not great at know you enjoy going to Disney- privacy. Privacy online sucks but you sign up for it.” land and shopping The Diaspora for boots -- a little Taking down a website is not creepy, and many yet usable, the people feel this corporation 40 million codes and proway. strong is going to be a gramming are A newly crestill in the works, ated social network difficult task. but they hope to called Diaspora have the launch is currently being date this month. created by four NYU students to counteract these Many are skeptical as to whether or problems and introduce a new form not Diaspora will be a revolution or a fad. of online communication. Senior child development major The website promises a “privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it- Quyen Tran thinks there’s a possibility for change, saying, “Facebook all, open-source network.” Its main elements focus on contex- ended up taking over MySpace and tual sharing, or deciding who gets to to me it seems like it’s all the same thing. I think it might be a possibility see what and when. Diaspora representative Yosem because people are always looking for Companys clearly explains, via e- something new.” Taking down a corporation 40 mail, what the website will do for its users by saying, “Diaspora’s vision is million strong is going to be a diffito enable people to connect to each cult task. But if anything is constant other directly by cutting out the mid- in modern America, it’s change. Diaspora representative Yosem dleman… people will be able to connect to their existing social networks Companys has confidence in that via Diaspora but have an easy-to-use change. “Most people would think interface to decide what they want to that the challenge of starting a new project that could change the world share.” These four NYU computer science is an impossible one… the extraordinarysupmajors - Daniel Grippi, Maxwell port Salzberg, Raphael Sofear and Iily Zhitomirsky - knew the magnitude of the project at hand. To take on big shots like Facebook and Twitter, the guys realized they were not going to be able to do it alone, or without major funds. So they pleaded their case on a website called Kickstarter where creative thinkers can post their project plans and ask for donations. Diaspora In only 12 days they received has obtained in over $200,000, including contributions from Facebook creator Mark its short existence shows that one can Zuckerburg calling it a “cool idea” ac- accomplish great things with lots of cording to an article in the New York hard work and a great sense of vision and purpose.” Times.

‘Calaveras’ art for Day of the Dead KAREN DICKINSON Staf Writer

Indigenous drums beat in the background as guests observed art inspired by Day of the Dead at Fullerton College’s Art Gallery. El Carnaval de las Calaveras is the opening reception for the upcoming Campus Wide Dia de los Muertos Celebration. Exhibiting artists at El Carnaval de las Calaveras included: painter Luis Genaro Garcia, sculptor Tamara Kohl, sketch artist Jose Lozano, printmaker Artemio Rodriguez, installation artist

Daniel Martinez and photographer John Rees, among others. “The social sciences department has a one-day event that celebrates Day of the Dead so we thought, ‘Why not have a month-long exhibition that relates to their celebration?’” said Art Gallery Director Beth Solomon Marino. She explained her and co-curator, Jaime Perez, chose the artists based on their mediums (for diversity). The exhibit certainly displayed the variety Marino and Perez hoped for. Lozano’s “Three Fabric Scarves” depicted a bar scene with secretarial skeletons. Rees photographed women

with skeleton-like face paint and live animals in “Dia de los Muertos.” Rodriguez’s “Triumph of Death” woodblock print portrayed death taking over a village. Kohl displayed clay figurines of cadavers chasing the devil on Vespas in “Chasing the Devil.” There was also darker and more personal art on exhibit. Garcia depicted a dead boy with blacked-out eyes and a sombrero named “Sebastian” and “La Catrina” a skeleton Frida Kahlo wearing a hat filled with flowers. “I reference Day of the Dead but I incorporate more of a social realism and surrealism concept into my art. I

focus on reflecting more on the socioeconomic issues in society and connect them with the Day of the Dead,” Garcia said. Martinez’s altar “Day of the Dead Ofrenda for my Mother Cathalina Martinez” was in the middle of the exhibition. He put it together in honor of his mother who recently died and filled it with pots, pans, pictures and her favorite accessories and artifacts. Martinez was asked to display a Day of the Dead altar last year by Marino but he felt it was too soon after his mother’s death. Over 30 people attended the event as the public also appreciated the wide range of Day of the Dead art. “The art was pretty cool, I mean, just the theme alone is cool,” said Cal State Fullerton creative photography junior, Daniel P. Lopez. El Carnaval de las Calaveras exhibit ends Nov. 3 and the Campus Wide Dia de los Muertos Celebration is Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. on the quad. Fullerton College welcomes the public to join them for an evening of festivities comprised of cultural performances, food, art and more where artist Martinez will be leading a free altar making project for families to take home their own altar artworks. “Death and life are one in the same, without one we can’t celebrate the other,” Garcia said.

ALAYNA DURAN / Staff Photographer Bonne Nuit, one of the many artists who showcased their talents in honor of Day of the Dead, described her fiber art quilt in front of the attendees on opening night.


Daytripper San Juan Capistrano revisited: on a mission to see historic landmark ALLY BORDAS Staff Writer

California has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The dozens of small and large cities settled along the ocean’s edge are just a train ride away. I bought my roundtrip ticket to San Juan Capistrano for only $25. I left out of the Anaheim Amtrak station at around 11 a.m. The train, called the Surfliner, arrived right on time and I jumped on. Travelling by train is an amazingly different experience that many people do not wish to try. It is such a nice break from driving. The train has air conditioning and has a food cart. What more could you ask for? A quick tip: for the most comfortable ride, sit in the back car. It is the most comfortable, quiet and usually the least crowded. The ride is only 40 minutes long, and to pass the time away you can look out of the windows at the surf rolling slowly onto the shore. There were many reasons I chose to visit San Juan Capistrano. I really

wanted to visit the mission, which is rumored to be one of the most amazing missions in California. Also, my friends who have visited the city told me it is very welcoming to visitors and definitely worth the day trip. The second I stepped off the train I was embraced by the sun, the local street music and quaint little cafes all over the place. I got a special surprise when I started walking around the city: a local arts and crafts festival. There were artists lining the street with their artwork on display for everyone to enjoy and possibly buy. After walking through the art fair, I made my way along Ortega Highway to the mission. The entrace fee is $9 for adults and they also offer guided tours for only $2 more. I then walked along the street and stop to ask a local couple about a place to eat. They immediately suggested Pedro’s Tacos. Located across the street from the mission, on the corner of Ortega Highway and El Camino Capistrano, the taco shop was jam-packed with people! I had to wait at least twenty minutes in line before I could even order. I was recommended to order the combo plate, which was only $6. My meal came with two tacos, rice, beans and a drink. Pedro’s Tacos was some of the best quick Mexican

food I have ever had. After stuffing myself, I started window-shopping. The San Juan Capistrano Trading Post caught my eye. The Trading Post has been in San Juan for over 56 years. After browsing the many souvenirs, I talked to the cashier, Iliana Guzman. “This is one of the oldest buildings in San Juan Capistrano, and a great place to buy gifts for a very reasonable price.” Guzman also said that they get a lot of tourists visiting the store. “The swallow, which is the city bird, is a popular item. We also sell a lot of shot glasses, magnets and handmade Indian jewelry.” I bought a small swallow ornament as a memory of my visit for only $2. On the way back to the train station, just as the sun was setting, I bought some frozen yogurt at Frio Yogurt Stop. The train ride back was just as beautiful…the sun was setting right over the ocean. A very nice way to spend an afternoon.

October 20, 2010



Hidden perks at restaurants



expected on your special day, the restaurants mostly offer free dessert, but your birthday only comes around once a year so feel free to pig out. Attention starving college students: Start your day off healthy by eating I have a meal plan that is within your a Grandslam breakfast at Denny’s and budget. If you are one of those people then stop by Starbucks to get a coffee (like me) who hate spending anything (available after you register an old gift more than a few bucks and buy the card). cheapest items available, you will be reHopefully you like sweets because lieved to know that you can save your for lunch you can get a shake from Del Washington’s for something other than Taco, for a snack you can go to Jack-ingrub. the-Box for churIn fact, by simply ros and for dinner Your birthday only surfing the internet go to BJ’s for a big you can find a varicomes around once a Pizookie. Hopeety of places that give fully you will be year, so feel free to pig you food for free. able to sleep once out. All you have to you come down do is go onto the from your sugar food chain’s website high. and sign up to be a part of their “club” The label of a “starving college stu(yes it is free to sign up!). dent” may not apply to you if you take After you fill out the membership advantage of the free food that is availform which simply asks for your name, able. e-mail address, mailing address and There is likely more food being ofsometimes a phone number, all you fered that I have not talked about, so have to do is wait patiently for a confir- why not take a few minutes to log on mation e-mail to reap the benefits. to your favorite restaurant’s website Aside from the benefits of signing and see what deals they have? You will up for a restaurant’s club, you can also likely find something that will help receive deals on your birthday. As is keep your piggy bank full. Staff Writer

SCREAM: TRUE BLOOD STEALS THE NIGHT AWAY ... Continued from page 1 Cast members from True Blood made their appearance onstage to accept their awards as well. Alexander Skarsgard won for “Best Horror Actor,” Ana Paquin won for “Best Horror Actress” and Steven Moyer accepted the award for “Most Memorable Mutilation.” The cast that was present all came together with writer and producer Alan Ball to accept the award for “Best TV Show” which was presented by the “Antichrist Superstar,” Marilyn Manson.

There was even an award given to the “Best Worst Movie.” The movie that was the best at being the worst was Piranha 3D, which was presented by actors from the dreadful movie Troll 2. Out of the shadows came Ryan Reynolds hiding behind a giant green lantern to accept the award for “The Most Anticipated Movie” for The Green Lantern, which was based upon the DC Comic Book. The Scream awards get better and better each year so next year’s ceremony should be clearly something to look forward to, especially given the upcoming movies.

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KATHY VARGAS / For the Daily Titan A homeless man sits on the side of the street with all his belongings surrounding him. Many homeless people choose to live on the streets while others have no choice.

... Continued from page 1 However he has enough money to rent a storage space. He looks for jobs daily and bathes at the facilities that provide free showers and laundering. He dresses in clothing that are interview ready. Looking at him, one would not guess that he is homeless. Bojack said that many of the homeless folks prefer to be called, “displaced.” They aren’t homeless because they are lazy or beggars; perhaps they’re without work and lost their homes. Drew, on the other hand, is a proud “street” person. “I’ve been homeless for 22 years,” Drew said. “Beggin’s easier. I’ve seen $100 a day, seven days a week.” Being partially disabled and not able to find suitable work due to his condition, he lives in Downtown Fullerton because he likes the people. “They’ve been good to me, a lot of

people out there care,” he said. “As long as you don’t drink and you take care of yourself and don’t waste your money.” He lives in a motel that costs $48 a day. When he doesn’t have money for the hotel, he grabs a sleeping bag and sleeps in the park. He’s a little shabby looking with messy hair, but he showers, and launders his clothes. Ralph Pierce, a former Vietnam veteran, has been out of work for over a year. “I’ve gone through a lot of hardship but I refuse to give up,” he said. But through it all he has a great smile, sense of humor and a genuine heart. Many people know him and he seems to be the town’s favorite. Pierce encounters the daily challenge of finding somewhere to sleep at night. When he does find a place, perhaps on a bench or in an abandoned shack, he risks being awakened by the police with a flashlight in his face receiving a ticket for sleeping in a pubic place.

He will then have to go to “homeless court” to fight the ticket or pay a fine that he doesn’t have money for. Curtis Gamble is a former 14-year OCTA bus driver who is homeless. “I got fired for union activity,” Gamble said “I was trying to get better working conditions for myself and my coworkers.” Gamble visits the Fullerton Public Library to use its computers to make up and print fliers that list resources that show where to get free clothing, groceries, meals, do laundry, take showers, get a sleeping bag and in the winter rainy months, find an indoor place to sleep. Gamble attributes the survival for homeless people to connecting with others and making them aware of available resources. “The key,” Gamble said, “is to find someone else who is homeless and network with them, so they can be di-

rected to find places to eat, sleep, get groceries, etc. or you won’t last long out here.” Four local churches rotate to host “feeds” Wednesday evenings. Providing a warm, free meal for all. Typically the congregations have a separate offering that goes towards them. “Even people, who have homes, come here to eat,” said Ed, one of the feed coordinators for the First Presbyterian Church. “For some, it’s a matter of paying the electricity bill and not using the money for food.” Downtown Fullerton may be a place for food, fun and recreation for some but for others, streets provide a place of survival and refuge: a place they call “home.” The connections, ministries and resources that bring these folks together give hope and encouragement to face another day, something they might not have been able to face alone.


October 20, 2010



Spem/Egg Donors


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We are seeking attractive women of all ethnicities under the age of 29 who are physically fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. $10,000 plus all expenses. If you have a desire to help an infertile family please contact us. E-mail: 1-800-264-8828 Perfectly matching donors with families since 1998.


Career Opportunities

Political Campaign jobVietnamese-Speaking Phoners Needed!

Earn $360 per week while making a difference in California politics and getting the Vietnamese community out to vote! Phone bankers needed for cutting-edge political campaign work based in the Los Angeles area. Callers needed now through Nov. 2, 2010. Afternoon, evening, and weekend work - 30 hours/week, $12/hour. Previous experience in political, organizing or telemarketing preferred, but not required. Callers must speak Vietnamese. E-mail us: or call 310-774-7777


Tutoring Offered

Hey! Guess what movie this quote is from!

EDITOR, WRITING HELP. Editing, organization, proofing, formatting, support, helping non-English speakers. Experienced thesis/dissertation coaching. Humanities/sciences, undergrad/grad. Mike 310-2872309,

“I want my lamp back. I’m gonna need it to get out of this slimy mudhole.” Write your answer on the Daily Titan’s Facebook: titan or send a tweet to:


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7 5

4 7 3 8 5 9


4 8 5 9 3 2 7 6 1 9 6 7 5 1 4 8 3 2 Daily Sudoku: Sun 10-Oct-2010

5 1

4 1

8 5 9

7 4

5 3 4 1 8


9 2 8 4

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Don’t take no for an answer. Maybe it’s workable, so go with that and revise details along the way. You’ll get a yes soon enough.

9 4 5 2 8 1

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You lead in an independent direction today. When others pose questions, your answers reveal this. Wait until tomorrow for a peaceful resolution.

5 6 1 9 4 3

How To Play: Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9: and each set of boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9.

6 3 8 7 9 5

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) A dream provides a new philosophical perspective. You see beyond the obvious to identify idealistic potential. Don’t force the issue.

Daily Sudoku: Sun 10-Oct-2010

7 2 9 5 6 8

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) The stagecoach races with you at the reins. Make haste without tiring the horses or overturning the carriage. Slow down to get there faster.

5 3 4 1

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) If you were by yourself, you’d enjoy getting your work done without stress. Others want you to play now. Get them to help with the work first.




9 2 8

8 1 4 6 7 2

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Personal effort overlaps with group activities. Schedule time for your own projects, separate from the pack. That way you meet your own needs, too.



1 9 2 4 3 6

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Get both genders on the same page for maximum creativity. Combined efforts produce the change you desire. An associate points out an obstacle.





very hard

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Spread your arms wide enough to enfold both logic and passion. Others need your sensitive touch. Create a natural balance between comfort and energetic movement.

8 5 9


5 9 8 3 4 1 2 7 6

Cancer (June 22-July 22) You discover something about the way people work together when you sit back and watch. People naturally pair off to get the job done today.


3 5 7 1 2 4

Gemini (May 21-June 21) Your favorite person has a dream or intuition that challenges you to explain exotic symbols. An Internet search produces great information.


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9 3

2 8 6 3 1 7


Daily Sudoku: Sun 10-Oct-2010

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Although you’d like to maintain privacy within the family circle, good fortune arises from sharing feelings with others around you. Let go of fears.


Aries (March 21-April 19) Secrets have a way of becoming public information. Tell no one. Instead, remain open and friendly on every other topic of conversation.



October 20, 2010


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“She doesn’t have to be loud and scream at people, you just know she’s there or she’ll push that extra mile for you when you need it,” Simpson said. Volk has had a positive attitude in practice that has been reflected in the games. “She works hard at practice and you see that on the field when it comes down to it,” Simpson said. DeAndra’e Woods, a fellow Titan athlete on the track and field team, said he feels Volk’s performance and achievements represent Cal State Fullerton well. “I feel honored to have someone like her representing us as a school,” Woods said, “She loves the sport of soccer and she works hard.” Hard work pays off for athletes, especially as a contribution to the team. What Volk can contribute to the team aside from her height and speed are her positive attitude and work ethic. “Our team goal is to win confer-

ence and make it to the NCAA tournament. My individual goal is that I hope to accomplish to be the best that I can be in everything I do,” Volk said. To see Volk accomplish so much in the start of the season, Woods said she inspires other athletes and “it shows other athletes that the dedication and hard work you have can pay off.” “It definitely inspires me to keep working,” Woods said, who has set his own goals on the road to success within his athletic career. Volk not only wants to achieve personal success, but her hard work and self-motivation is all part of her contribution to the overall success of her team. In order to be successful as a team, Volk said the girls have worked together and set realistic goals that they will work hard to achieve. “So far I feel our team has its own challenges. Would I like to win every game? Of course, but in reality we haven’t and that’s OK. We are going to learn from it and have a better outcome than last year,” Volk said.

Brief by Michellee Cooper

Noel strengthens up

Scan to view

See Casey Volk’s recent late game heroics for a game-winning goal against UC Riverside Oct. 14 at

Bee in the Know...

ALAYNA DURAN / Staff Photographer As of Oct. 16, Casey Volk has scored three goals, three assists and has started in all 15 games for the Titans this season.

STEPHANI BEE Sports Columnist

The time finally came. The perennial favorite to win the American League West crashed from Halo Heaven to Earth in 2010 as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim failed to make the playoffs. Instead, they finished in third place. What went wrong, and more importantly, how does the team repair its broken wings? It’s time to pop on the ol’ general manager hat and try to forecast what actual Angels GM Tony Reagins will be working on this winter. Simply said, the constant overachievers didn’t live up to lofty expectations this season, especially with a new powerhouse, the Rangers, continuing their surge this year.

Sainz back to work Ines Sainz, a Mexican television sports reporter, who more recently was the victim of sexist behavior from the New York Jets, wants out of NFL locker rooms. Sainz, who works for TV Azteca, will be returning to work after taking a break after the fallout from the Jets incident. She’s suggesting, however, that her interviews be conducted either outside the locker rooms or on the sidelines. While interviewing the Jets, Sainz was subjected to cat calls and crude behavior, leading the NFL to develop a workplace conduct program, underwritten by Jets owner Woody Johnson. Courtesy of MCT Los Angeles Angels right fielder Bobby Abreu (53) tries to steal second as Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler goes for the tag Oct. 3.

van Mil, clearing some payroll to give him more money to shop with over the winter. It won’t take much to fix the team, either. What the Angels need most is a bat. Adam Dunn will be a free agent, and though he has an iron glove, he can bash with the best. It’s unlikely the Halos will resign Hideki Matsui, so Dunn could slot in as a full-time designated hitter. They could also entertain Adrian Beltre, who will be coming off a stellar year with the Boston Red Sox. The Sox are likely to try to woo him back, as

he is a superb defender who can bat in the middle of the order. Also available if the Angels desire some help in the outfield are Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth. Crawford seems more the team’s forte as a speed demon with a little pop. If they don’t desire a player whose knees may have been ravaged by playing on Tampa’s turf, Reagins could look into Werth. However, he is represented by super agent Scott Boras, who may price his client out of range. It’s clear that Mike Scioscia, a

former catcher, has an affinity for defense-first catchers. The problem, though, is his adoration of Jeff Mathis, who can’t hit a lick and is already making over $1 million per year. Mike Napoli, a streaky hitter who hits lefties best, should platoon at catcher next year with Hank Conger. There aren’t many big moves the Halos need to make to contend next year. If Reagins can secure a bat or two over the winter, it’s likely the Rally Monkey will still be waving around come next October.

Saying goodbye to greats STEPHANI BEE Sports Columnist

Behind every sport are icons that have impacted the game and fans in a way that the game and those who follow it won’t be the same. This year, five icons have died, but their career highlights shine. The lights went down in Motown in May as Detroit Tigers fans bid adieu to longtime radio voice Ernie Harwell, 92. He voiced multiple teams, but his break came with the Tigers in 1960. Harwell stuck around for over 40 years, with a one-year break in 1992 when his contract wasn’t renewed, sparking outrage in the Motor City. Exactly one month later, John Wooden, 99, whose magic for crafting champion basketball teams earned him the moniker “The Wizard of Westwood,” died. He was a member of the Basketball Hall of Contact Us at

Senior Titan wrestler Todd Noel, moved up a weight class for this coming season. Noel has wrestled in the 174-pound weight class for three years at Cal State Fullerton. The senior has been in the starting rotation since his freshman season 2007-08. Noel, the three-year Titan starter, has decided to end his career at Fullerton moving up to the 184-pound weight class. Noel said that he wanted to put on more weight and gain more strength for the 2010-11 season. He also said that he has felt stronger thus far in practice matches. Noel has compiled 57 wins throughout his career as a Titan. Last year, Noel was second in wins, to senior heavyweight Kurt Kilmek, short by only two wins. The Titans’ first home meet is Nov. 19 against Stanford in Titan Gym at 2:30 p.m. Brief by Samantha Dabbs

Patching up Halos

The Halos’ demise seemed likely in late May, when they lost first baseman Kendry Morales for the year to a broken leg as he was celebrating a walk-off grand slam against the Mariners. It was a devastating blow; Morales was supposed to be the big bopper in the lineup. The Angels are not built to smash the ball, as they were 19th in baseball with only 681 runs scored this season. Losing their first baseman played a huge role in the low scoring, but other injuries and not being an offense-oriented club contributed more. The pitching staff has also been pedestrian, as they are 14th in baseball with a 4.04 staff ERA and have allowed 702 runs (an additional 21 run differential). Reagins did make a couple astute moves to help the team out in years to come, though. He practically got a five-fingered discount on Arizona’s Dan Haren; Reagins gave up four pitchers, including Joe Saunders and Tyler Skaggs. By doing so, Reagins acquired a lowpriced ace pitcher under team control for two more years with a club option for a third, setting the team’s rotation for next year. Though it was clear Brian Fuentes’ $9-million option wouldn’t vest, the GM dealt the closer to the Twins for the tallest player in baseball, Loek

Women’s soccer: student life first As if being on the road at away games were not enough, the Cal State Fullerton women’s soccer team hits the books to prepare for upcoming midterms. For student-athletes, there is a balance between athletics and academics and, for these women, staying on top of their schoolwork is key. Senior midfielder Christina Murillo said time management is works best for her and allows her to keep academics and sports separate. The Titans said it was hard being on the road but now they focus on studying and preparing for these exams. “Student” comes first in student-athlete, and once the women have finished their tests, they will focus their energy on the home games occurring later in the week.


Titan Spotlight: midfielder Casey Volk


Fame as both a player and coach, but his coaching style and philosophy catapulted him to fame. Wooden’s tenure with the UCLA Bruins began in 1948, and by the ‘60s, he had a perennial winner. He won 10 NCAA championships in a 12-year span. July marked the end of an era in the Boogie Down, as two names synonymous with the Yankees, Bob Sheppard and George Steinbrenner, died within days of each other. Sheppard, dubbed the “Voice of God” by Reggie Jackson, had also served as the public address announcer of the New York Giants football team for 50 years. He delighted in saying difficult names, and his pristine pronunciations radiated throughout Yankee Stadium. Though he didn’t like to disclose his age, Sheppard was 99 when he died. Two days later, Yankee owner Steinbrenner, died at the age of 80. “The Boss” took over the Yan-

Brief by Marc Donez

New Titan wrestlers Titan Wrestling brings 12 incoming freshman to their squad for the 2010-11 season, along with seven freshman that took a redshirt year last season. Local freshman in the 149-pound weight class, Charles Chavez of El Dorado High School, joins the Titans. Chavez, won three CIF championship titles throughout high school, and was named Athlete of the Year by the Century League and El Dorado High School his senior year. Also a three-time CIF champion, Bryan Grubbs is added to the Titan roster. Grubbs comes with a compelling resume of two state championships in the 119-pound weight class. Henry Yorba, 133-pounder, returning to the team as a redshirt freshman, got three pins last year, with a record of 6-3. Yorba was also a state champion his senior year at Poway High School. Brief by Samantha Dabbs

Courtesy of MCT New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died at a hospital in Tampa at the age of 80.

kees in 1973 and became known for bloated paychecks and helping make baseball a free market. Steinbrenner was a controversial figure who was twice suspended from baseball. However, he was also known for charity work and giving second chances. Steinbrenner died of a heart attack—ironic, as he once said, “I will never have a heart attack. I give them.” Aug. 16 brought the death of

Bobby Thomson, famous for the Shot Heard ‘Round the World, punctuated by Giants play-by-play man Russ Hodges hollering, “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!” Harwell was actually on the other side of the microphone that day. When icons die, their legend lives and grows. Each of these men brought unforgettable moments in sports history, sure to be passed on for generations.

FOR THE RECORD Oct. 15, 2010: The article titled, “Mud Run fundraiser for rugby club,” the men’s rugby club were not the only participants to volunteer and raise money. The women’s rugby club also took part in the fundraiser. The entire women’s team was there since 6 a.m. alongside the men volunteering in the dirty dodgeball tournament and Mud Run. Both clubs needed to raise money for their jerseys and league fees.

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