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Weirs Drive-In Theater Rt. 3 Weirs Beach

Fri. July 27 - Thurs. Aug 2 Open Every Night! SCREEN 1

The Dark Knight Rises Pg13 (Plays 1st) Dark Shadows Pg 13 SCREEN 2

Ice Age, Continental Drift Pg (Plays 1st) Madagascar 3 Pg SCREEN 3

The Watch R (Plays 1st) Ted R SCREEN 4

Brave Pg (Plays 1st) The Amazing Spiderman Pg 13 COMING AUG. 3

Diary of a Wimpy Kid & Total Recall Box office opens at 7 pm. Show starts at dusk or approx. 8:30 pm. Admission: Adults $9.00 Children 11 & under in cars are free. Minimum 2 adult minimum charge per car. Come early & enjoy a great double feature under the stars, in one of the country’s LAST drive-in theaters. & Find us on Facebook

The Laconia School District $1-million capital campaign announced yesterday that the Irwin Automotive Group agreed to donate $50,000. From left, football coach Craig  Kozens, City Councilor Matt Lahey, Chris Irwin and Superintendent Bob Champlin. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Adam Drapcho)

Irwin Auto Group contributes $50,000 to LHS fund drive BY ADAM DRAPCHO THE LACONIA DAILY SUN

LACONIA — Chris Irwin, vice president and general manager of the Irwin Automotive Group, is a third generation car man and a third generation Sachem. He said it was pride in his alma mater

and a desire to contribute to a community-bettering project that motivated a decision to contribute $50,000 to the School District’s capital campaign for improvement at the High School The fund raising drive has a goal of raising $1-million in non-public funds

to be used to construct a stateof-the-art athletic facility and provide state-of-the-art science labs. “For me, it’s really all about the city of Laconia,” Irwin said of his interest in participating in the project. He saw, in plans for the expansion of academic

offerings and improvement of athletic facilities, a benefit for the community at large as well as the students who will attend the school. “The potential, I think, is fantastic. To be able to be part of that is tremendous,” he said. see IRWIN page 10

Gilford bust involves Benevides supported dancing permit; Hays opposed Hays who made offered the motion. B G O ‘designer’ drugs Benavides said yesterday that after listening Y




GILFORD — After several months of investigation, police executed a search warrant at a Doris Drive home Wednesday morning and later charged two people with multiple counts of possession of analog or designer drugs. see DRUGS page 11

GILFORD — It was Selectman Gus Benevides who made the motion Wednesday night to restore the full live entertainment license, including exotic dancing, to Kelsey’s at the Grant owner Will Drew. The motion failed for lack of a second. The Daily Sun erroneously reported on Thursday that it had been Selectmen Kevin

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to Drew and his lawyer David Bownes answer the questions that were posed by Town Administrator Scott Dunn they were answered to his satisfaction and based on that response he felt Drew was entitled to the full license as is written in the Gilford ordinance. When this motion failed for lack of a see GILFORD page

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Page 2 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

$100k worth of wine disappears from state liquor store in Portsmouth

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Today High: 78 Chance of rain: 50% Sunrise: 5:28 a.m. Tonight Low: 59 Chance of rain: 30% Sunrise: 8:14 p.m.

PORTSMOUTH (AP) — The state attorney general is investigating the apparent disappearance of about $100,000 in wine from a state-run liquor outlet. In December, 300 cases of wine were found in the stockroom during an audit at the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet in Portsmouth. The wine had no invoice or paperwork with it, and days later it was gone, with no indication of where it went. The enforcement division of the state Liquor Commission began an investigation a few days later. But the division took months to issue a finding, and when it finally did in mid-April, it was clear the investigation wasn’t comprehensive, commission chair Joe Mollica told WMUR. Mollica said the commission brought the case before the Rockingham County attorney’s office, which found it inconclusive. In June, state Attorney General Michael Delaney briefed the state executive council see WINE page 14


Tomorrow High: 76 Low: 58 Sunrise: 5:29 a.m. Sunset: 8:12 p.m.

DOW JONES 211.88 to 12,887.93

Sunday High: 76 Low: 56

S&P 22.13 to 1,360.02

NASDAQ 39.01 to 2,893.25



“I woke up at eight o’clock in the morning, angry. I just opened my eyes and thought, ‘This sucks. What the hell am I doing awake at eight o’clock in the morning? And why am I in this phone booth?’” —Ben Bailey

noun; 1. Headlong or rash haste. 2. The quality or state of being precipitant. 3. Precipitancies, hasty or rash acts. — courtesy

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– TOP OF THE NEWS––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Suspect in hepatitis C outbreak was fired in Arizona for drug use CONCORD (AP) — A dozen hospitals in seven states are scrambling to identify people who might have been infected with hepatitis C by a traveling medical technician who was charged a week ago with causing an outbreak in New Hampshire. With details of David Kwiatkowski’s resume still emerging, a hospital official in Arizona said he had been fired from her facility in April 2010, after he was found unresponsive in a men’s locker room with

syringes and needles. Kwiatkowski was treated at the hospital, and tests showed he had cocaine and marijuana in his system, said Monica Bowman, chief executive officer of the Arizona Heart Hospital. Kwiatkowski, 33, is accused of stealing anesthetic drugs from Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire and contaminating syringes used on patients. His same strain of hepatitis C, a blood-borne viral infection that can cause liver disease and chronic

health issues, has been diagnosed in 30 of the patients. Testing has been recommended for about 4,700 people in New Hampshire alone, and officials are still determining who should be tested elsewhere. In addition to Arizona, hospitals and state health agencies have confirmed that Kwiatkowski also worked in Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania see HEPATITIS page 12

Man says he was boy in shower with Sandusky, threatens suit

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — For months, the identity of the boy who was sexually assaulted in the locker room showers by Jerry Sandusky was one of the biggest mysteries of the Penn State scandal. Now, for the first time, a man has come forward to claim he was that boy, and is threatening to sue the university. The man’s lawyers said Thursday they have done an extensive investigation and gathered “overwhelming evidence” on details of the abuse by Sandusky, the

former assistant football coach convicted of using his position at Penn State and as head of a youth charity to molest boys over a period of 15 years. Jurors convicted Sandusky last month of offenses related to so-called Victim 2 largely on the testimony of Mike McQueary, who was a team graduate assistant and described seeing the attack. “Our client has to live the rest of his life not only dealing with the effects of Sandusky’s childhood sexual abuse, but also

with the knowledge that many powerful adults, including those at the highest levels of Penn State, put their own interests and the interests of a child predator above their legal obligations to protect him,” the lawyers said in a news release. They did not name their client, and The Associated Press generally does not identify victims of sex crimes without their consent. The university said it was taking the see SHOWER page 8

White House makes it clear there won’t be push for new gun laws

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will not push for stricter gun laws this election year, the White House said Thursday, one day after his impassioned remarks about the need to keep assault weapons off the streets suggested he may plunge into that political

fight and challenge Congress to act. Instead, Obama’s stand on the government’s role ended up right where it was after the mass shooting in Colorado last week: Enforce existing law better. That is same view held by his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, as both reach

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for broader and more politically appealing ways to keep guns away from killers. Obama still wants Congress to reinstitute a federal ban on military-style assault weapons that lapsed years ago, his spokesman Jay Carney said. But the president is see GUNS page 7





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THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 3

Page 4 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

Susan Estrich

Maryland I did something so unusual last week as to trigger the “fraud” section at my credit card company to freeze my account. No, I didn’t walk into a Tiffany’s somewhere and try to buy a bauble for thousands of dollars. I wasn’t trying to use my card in a foreign land. It had absolutely nothing to do with paying my bills (which I do on time) or my credit limits (more than I should ever need or spend). I flew from California to Washington, D.C., to attend the memorial service of a close friend. After landing at Dulles Airport (in Virginia), I took one of the authorized “Washington Flyer” taxis to my hotel in D.C. I took out my credit card and used it to pay the fare, about $60, and added a generous tip because we’d spent so much time in traffic, and I was cold and made him turn off the air, and then it started raining. It was just one of those miserable airport rides, but he remained courteous and good humored and even found some shortcuts. I was almost in a good mood when I got out of the cab, even though I was facing a painful weekend. And then I went into the hotel restaurant, and that was it. “I’m sorry,” the waitress announced a little too loudly. “I tried it twice, but your credit card was declined.” She showed me the two charge slips. They hadn’t said to call for approval so they could get me on the phone to make sure I was me. Just DECLINED. Twenty dollars. I tried it one more time in D.C. Maybe forty dollars. Declined again. Then I tried it again at the parking lot at the Los Angeles airport when I got home. The attendant looked at me a little suspiciously. “Declined,” he screamed from the booth. When I got home, my daughter told me that someone had called just a little while ago, while I was in the air, from the “Early Warning” department at the credit card company. She gave me the number. No answer. So I did what I suppose I could have done two days earlier — except that I was at a memorial service trying to help my friend’s daughter get through an awful weekend and didn’t have a lot of spare time to fight with a credit card company. I turned over the card and called the number on the back. After pushing a number of buttons (no, I wasn’t trying to pay my bill, my bill was paid) and saying the number and then

punching in the number, I finally was connected to a woman who I could swear said she was in Florida. Maybe her name was Florida. She explained the problem to me: I had taken a taxi (from Virginia) to the District of Columbia, but the credit card was charged by a company in Baltimore. “Maryland,” she said, as if it was obvious. “Maryland,” she said, “is not Washington, D.C.” Why was a company in Baltimore charging me for a trip from Dulles to D.C.? “Do you know where Maryland is?” I asked her. A long pause on her side. I repeated the question. That’s when I started to lose it. She was in the Philippines. Nothing against the Philippines. I’m sure her knowledge of geography would be quite adequate for cardholders in the Philippines — and certainly better than that of most Americans. But I’ve never even been to the Philippines. I was using my card right here in the United States. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor in the United States. Another long hold. Call dropped. Returned to the Philippines. No supervisors available. I said I’d settle for being transferred to anyone in the United States. Eventually, I was. I explained my frustration. Doesn’t the credit card company understand that even if they are paying lower-wage costs for a call center in the Philippines, they also are losing skills that are valuable to the company; that people like me, who are troubled by the wholesale outsourcing of jobs, who are trying to save the jobs of people like her, don’t particularly enjoy being humiliated in restaurants because somebody somewhere in the world thinks it’s suspicious that you would pay a Maryland company to get from Virginia to D.C.? Don’t they understand that from now on, if I have a choice, I won’t use their credit card because I want to support American workers, that I am ready to vote with my pocketbook and my checkbook and, yes, my credit card? She thanked me. She got it. She was in Maryland. (Susan Estrich is a professor of Law and Political Science at the University of Southern California Law Center. A best-selling author, lawyer and politician, as well as a teacher, she first gained national prominence as national campaign manager for Dukakis for President in 1988.)

Write to:

LETTERS Apparently, Mr. WIles is quick to play race card when it suits him To the editor, In reading Mr. Wiles letter last week, it was refreshing to learn that liberals are not the only ones to play the race card. In his frustration or lack of moral character, Wiles falsely accuses me of “calling those who disagree with liberals and their policies as ‘racist’.” He goes so far as to reference my “March 22 letter” to the editor. In researching this letter, I found that no such letter existed for that date. In investigating March 22, 2011, I found that a letter of mine had been printed wherein I address comments to a letter written by Mr. Stephenson. In my response I state, “but for the political season soon to be upon us, these conspiracy theories and lies contribute to the ‘abject fear mongering and racism’ that goes along with the farright agenda” — I speak to “conspiracy theories and lies” not presidential policies. Wiles purposely distorts what I said and uses race to undermine my credibility. Apparently he is quick to use the race card when it suits his purposes. Or maybe this is Wiles’ way of demonstrating the libelous conservative way of being “humorous”. He may even label me as a “thin skinned elitist” because I take offense to his lies that impinge upon my integrity. I have no problem with people

questioning the president’s policies, I question many myself, but I will, and have, spoken out when the media and contributors to this forum make “personal” racist comments about the president. In the past I have been critical of Wiles’ arrogant and demeaning attitude toward those who write to the editor and express views he disagrees with and I find this characterization of me to be very unfortunate but not surprising. By his malicious misrepresentation of my statement he does a disservice to himself, this publication, and other subscribers. The media has created an ideological world, one that has a few load voices but has devaluated objective debate to a virtual nothing as has been exemplified by Wiles’ much ado about nothing missives he has submitted lately. Wiles is grasping at straws when he gives examples of Professor Sandy’s “personal” and “demeaning” attacks. Each example given illustrates Sandy’s strong views and opinions on various issues, but in none of them does he make “demeaning” attacks on individuals in an effort to smear their credibility. Apparently because his views differ from Wiles’ they are to be deemed “attacks”. L. J. Siden Gilmanton

Govt. mission is to make education affordable for all Americans To the editor, President Obama should be known as the “Education President”. He has encouraged investment in public school education, worked to raise k-12 standards and made it possible for middle class families to afford postsecondary education. Instead of waiting for Congress to fix a broken “No Child Left Behind” system inherited from the Bush years, he has given states a choice and a chance to improve their educational system by using local solutions. Over 46 states have been empowered to improve their school systems using federal dollars. Science, technology, engineering, and math education have a new lease and look at local schools to help students prepare for good paying jobs. State and local innovation have

can education Government has a mission in education and that mission is to make education affordable to all Americans. Public education is under attack and it is time to realize that education policies that have been formulated by previous Republican administrations will lead to few students able to take advantage of the American education system. One of the things that all third world countries have in common is little or no public education and lots of private education. Better jobs and a higher standard of living are a result of a substantial investment in public education. Think about that before you cast your vote in the November elections. Joe Denning Bristol

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012 — Page 5

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Don’t pass law that you must tolerate or recognize my existence

Romney gave McCain 20 years of tax records; what’s the big deal?

To the editor, To entice you to read this letter, the text will be brief and to the point. Bob Meade, thank you for your words regarding one of the best, Corpsman Jones — friend to so many he has helped, and those of us who just like to be around an example of a “great American”. Betty and I are just so amazed at a house on Messer Street hidden by brush and rundown looking for what we could see. What a transformation into such an inviting property — building and landscape. Nice job! At this time Phyllis Schlafly (phone) and Ovide Lamontagne in studio will be my radio guests Saturday. While I play a part in the political arena, and have served, I do abhor politics — or maybe that is others, who are in the political arena. And in turn liberal/socialist loons reciprocate. Hey, don’t pass a law that you must tolerate or recognize my existence. Those folks have the First Amendment. And then to the elite Republicans, as I refer to those who see themselves as THE PARTY leaders; some of them

To the editor, In 1999 Mitt Romney “left” his company called Bain Capital and went to work for the Olympics. He remained the president, CEO, and owner of Bain Capital. He attended board meetings as well. He also continued to collect a large salary of $100,000/year from Bain Capital for two more years. Bain Capital took American companies apart and sent jobs to other countries. Outsourcing jobs is one of the main reasons American workers are struggling. Do you believe that he had nothing to do with decisions made by his own company? Mitt Romney has several bank accounts outside the USA. This is also true for many of the top donors to his campaign. It is legal to have these accounts. You and I have to pay taxes on our bank interest each year. Taxes on such things as interest are what fund our government and reduce the deficit. Are people who use foreign bank accounts acting in the best interest of the United States? Mitt Romney says he is the great job creator. When he was governor of Massachusetts, his state ranked 47th out of 50 states in job creation. Why should we believe he would do a better job creating

won’t hesitate to support a Democrat candidate. I received a call from a Franklin resident several weeks ago suggesting that I might want to endorse Bill Grimm in the GOP Primary because there was “something” about the other candidate in the primary. I became angry with the caller. Kinda makes one wonder what the reporter from The Monitor had for an interest in this primary. Oh, that’s right, the reporter has covered Franklin city politics before. Question for the voices of tolerance here in the Lakes Region: Will you be tolerating this: (CBS – Chicago) “Equality Illinois is launching a campaign against Chick-Fil-A – petitioning universities and lawmakers to evict the fast food restaurant from their campuses and planning a ‘kissin’ campaign by gay and lesbian couples outside Chick-Fil-A restaurants?” Barack, Rahm, and Menino, they don’t seem to be very tolerant, do they? Niel Young Laconia

“Our 39th Year”


jobs for the whole country? Governor Romney endorsed the Paul Ryan Plan. The plan calls for more tax cuts for the richest Americans. The last 12 years tell us that giving the rich more money does not create jobs. Do you think the laws should be changed to allow them to pay even less than they do now? President Obama released tax records for 12 years. President Bush released tax records for eight years. Governor Romney has only been willing to release his tax records for one year. When Senator McCain was considering him for vice president he gave the Senator over 20 years of tax records. Even Republicans are asking him to release more tax information. Why do you think he is refusing to release more of his tax records? Very wealthy people are contributing huge sums of money to the Mitt Romney campaign. Are their interests the same as yours? What are they expecting in return for these large donations should Mitt Romney get elected? These are just a few questions for all of us to consider before we vote. Paul Bonneville Lochmere (Tilton)

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Page 6 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

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LETTERS Constitution interferes with what liberals would turn country into To the editor, I have spent the past several months busy with life. Graduations, adoptions and giving my daughter’s hand away in marriage can keep you extremely busy. I have noticed the various letters that have been written and the general themes they have followed. I wanted to respond to these letters to set the record straight when their liberal-progressive misinformation was printed but life was too busy. Life is still busy but there is time once again to share the facts along with my thoughts and opinions on the issues of the day. I am prepared to cut through all the spin and distortion of the truth. I don’t know if anyone has heard of the latest proposal from President Obama in light of the recent Supreme Court decision. In order to support the “Green Energy” sector and Government General Motors, both of which have received BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS, the president is looking for Congress to pass a law that requires every American to purchase a solar panel and a Chevy Volt or pay a $1,000 annual penalty tax. The money collected will be utilized to provide subsidies to the “Green Energy” sector. Of course this isn’t true but the scariest part of this story is that it can happen. If Congress and the president decide that the American people should be purchasing, or not purchasing certain types of products all they have to do is tax everybody for either participating or not participating in the activity they want to regulate. It is true that the House of Representatives has the responsibility to author all taxation legislation and there are very few limits in the Constitution as to what form that taxation is in but I wonder if Chief Justice Roberts realizes that the taxes in American Affordable Healthcare Act, better known as Obamacare, originated in the U.S. Senate, making it an unconstitutional tax. Unfortunately no lawsuit can be brought over taxation issues until the tax is being collected. I guess we will have to wait for Supreme Court Part 2. I have noticed the several letters from Mr. James Veverka on various subjects. The extreme level of hatred that he shows towards anyone who doesn’t 100-percent agree with his beliefs is palpable. He has no problem taking a personal attack on someone to a full out attack on every person or group that might agree with whoever receives the brunt of his hatred. James, I don’t know if it is because you were not loved by your mother as a child or if you were beaten by your father growing up but this level of hatred you have for others is not healthy and you should seek some professional medical help. There is a difference between civil political discourse/debate and outright hateful personal attacks. According to new legislation introduced to stop bullying in schools, your teachers would be required to call the police on you. I guess the schools respect the First Amendment as much as you do. There have been letters attacking Mitt Romney on his record as governor of Massachusetts and his time at Bain Capitol, based on the lies President Obama’s campaign have put out in talking points and commercials. The problem is these claims have been debunked by outside organizations such as Fact-

falsehoods in another letter but I don’t think President Obama wants anyone to compare his record to Mitt Romney’s. There were a lot of letters about the Republicans War on Women. This again is another set of blatant lies put out by the DNC to reframe the argument away from what the issues are. It is said that Republicans want to restrict a woman’s access to contraception, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. The focus of the argument is about the president and HHS director making a rule that violates the U.S. Constitution. Nowhere in Article 2 is the Executive Branch allowed to order one person or organization to pay for another person’s products. Since this was directing the churches in this country to pay for something that is in violation of their religious covenants, beliefs and teachings, it also violates the First Amendment, which states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” I know you liberal-progressives have a hard time following the facts but there is no attempt to restrict women from contraception. Various styles and methods of contraception can be obtained at any Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart in this country at a cost ranging from $4 to $30 per month. If someone is in the poverty level they can receive these products for free from Planned Parenthood. I don’t know why these progressives haven’t written anything about the Democrat’s War on Women. Do they even realize that President Obama pays his female staff less than his male staff or that all of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate and about one-half of the Democrats in the U.S. House pay their female staff 12 to 18-percent less than the male staff performing the exact same work in the exact same positions? Do they realize that the according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate for women is nearly double that of men under the president’s policies and actions to return America to work? I know you socialist-loving liberalprogressives don’t like the fact that the Constitution interferes with what you would like to turn this country into but this is the law of the land. I saw the letter from Mr. Veverka stating that the U.S. Constitution is about central planning but I am still trying to figure out how you get that from the sections you quoted. Even my son in middle school can read your citations and see you are so sadly mistaken in your analysis. I can go into greater detail on the issues I have touched on in this letter and there are so many facts I have researched on the unemployment numbers, the taxes on the poor and middle class that Obama said he would repeal and the president’s methods of increasing the number of people on food stamps and welfare. I am back from my absence and ready to set the record straight. It would make civil discourse and debate much easier if the liberals would research the facts and stop resorting to name-calling, lying, distortion and personal attacks when the facts don’t support what they say. Greg Knytych

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012 — Page 7

LETTERS We offer our sincere appreciation for all that was done to control fire To the editor, On Tuesday, July 17, a ranger on the Belknap Mountain Tower spotted a fire on our property in Gilford. Within minutes, members of the Gilford Fire Department notified us and were on the scene investigating. The fire was in a remote, rugged area of the property, approximately one-half mile from any road or trail, in very dry conditions. For what turned into be four days and an overnight, this small but persistent fire was fought by members of the departments from Gilford, Laconia, Belmont, Gilmanton, Tilton-Northfield, Alton, and

Barnstead. We were so impressed with the professionalism and the fast response by these departments. They all worked to keep the damage done to the property to a minimum. We wanted to publicly recognize this effort. We send our sincere appreciation to all involved, especially Chief Stephen Carrier of Gilford. You don’t realize the value of these public service organizations until you need them to protect you and your family. Al Bagley Chris Burke Gilford

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People who wanted Franklin shelter kept open must prove they care To the editor, Well now is the time for the people who wanted our shelter for the animals to stay open to prove how much they really care. The shelter needs food for the dogs and cats, trash bags, animal treats, and all others things animals need. Call Wendy at the shelter and she can tell your more. We are very happy to have Wendy, and

she is is very happy to still be there. She truly loves the animals and takes such good care of them. If you can help then please do! Thank you also to the Franklin Police for doing their part as well by picking up the animals and taking them to the shelter. Good job guys! Diana Field Franklin

Ray Burton has been strong advocate for everybody in North Country To the editor, I guess you could say everyone who lives in Governor’s Council District 1 would say the same thing. Ray Burton has been a strong advocate for everybody in the North Country. Whenever anyone has a problem or concern, Ray is always there. You can always call your friend. It has been my pleasure to be

Ray’s friend, constituent, fellow Grafton County Commissioner and N.H. citizen for whom Ray Burton serves with courage, commitment and honor. Please support Ray Burton for Governor’s Council District 1 in both the primary and general election. Steve S. Panagoulis Plymouth

GUNS from page 2 not and has not been pushing for that ban, a nod to the politics of gun control. There is no interest among many lawmakers of both parties to take on the divisive matter. Especially not with an election in just over 100 days. Sealing the matter, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday the Senate’s schedule is too packed to even have a debate on gun control. Asked if the Senate might debate the issue next year, Reid said, “Nice try.” Public opinion has shifted away from tighter gun control. Twenty years ago, polls showed that a substantial majority supported stricter limits on guns. Now Americans appear evenly divided. Nearly every statement on the matter from Romney and Obama includes reminders that they stand by

the Second Amendment. From the White House, Carney said: “There are things that we can do short of legislation and short of gun laws.” The lack of legislation reflects that reality, too: Police say laws and background checks are often futile in keeping someone with horrifying intent from executing a massacre. Authorities say the suspect in the Aurora, Colo., shootings broke no laws when he purchased the guns he is accused of using, and he passed the required background checks. Obama and his team “gain nothing politically, and they just don’t have the horsepower to pass anything,” said William Vizzard, professor emeritus of criminal justice at California State University, Sacramento, and an author on gun control politics.

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GILMANTON SCHOOL DISTRICT WARRANT STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE To the inhabitants of the School District of the Town of Gilmanton in the Connty of Belknap, State of New Hampshire qualified to vote on District affairs. First Session of Special Annual Meeting (Deliberative): You are hereby notified to meet at the Gilmanton Elementary School, Route 140, Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. This session shall consist of explanation, discussion, and debate of warrant article number I. Warrant articles may be amended subject to the following limitations (a) warrant articles whose wording is prescribed by law shall not be amended and (b) warrant articles that are amended shall be placed on the official ballot for a final vote on the main motion, as amended. Second Session of Special Annual Meeting (Voting): Voting on warrant article I will be conducted by official ballot to be held in conjunction with primary voting to be held on Tuesday, the 11th day of September, 2012, at the Town election polls, Gilmanton Academy (Town Offices), 503 Province Road, Gilmanton, New Hampshire. Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ARTICLE I. Multiple Year Collective Bargaining Agreement To see if the School District will vote to approve the cost item included in the collective bargaining agreement reached between the Gilmanton School Board and the Gilmanton Education Association which calls for the following increases in salaries and benefits at the current staffing level: Fiscal Year Estimated Increase Fiscal Year Estimated Increase 2012-13 $0 2013-14 $40,349 and further to raise and appropriate the sum of Zero Dollars ($0) for the current fiscal year, such sum representing the additional costs attributable to the increase in salaries and benefits required by the new agreement over those that would be paid at current staffing levels. Recommended: School Board Recommended: Budget Committee Given under our hands and seals this 20th day of July, 2012. GILMANTON SCHOOL BOARD Renee Kordas Ella Jo Regan Michael Hatch Cindy Houghton Frank Weeks A true copy of Warrant: Attest: Renee Kordas Ella Jo Regan Michael Hatch Cindy Houghton Frank Weeks

Page 8 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

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Greek specialties will again be available on Saturday Angie Argiropolis, Bessie Kafanelis and Christine and Samantha Kemos prepare “Dolmathes” (stuffed grape leaves) in preparation of the 26th annual Greek Summer Festival at Taxiarchai Greek Orthodox Church in Laconia on Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Service on the traditional buffet dinner of authentic Greek cuisine will begin at 11:30 a.m. The church is located at the corner of North Main Street and Oak Street. (Karen Bobotas/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

Temporary injunction granted against Union Cemetery neighbor LACONIA — A Superior Court judge granted the Union Cemetery a temporary injunction against a neighbor who allegedly encroached on the property and removed a large amount of timber, dirt, rocks and stone. Belknap County Judge Kenneth McHugh ordered Calvin F. Dunn Jr. of 217 Garfield St. to stay off the cemetery property, not to send any agent or relative of his on to the property, and to stop all logging activities. He also ordered Dunn to have no contact with any Union Cemetery Directors or maintenance crew members until the lawsuit filed by the Cemetery against Dunn is settled or until a permanent injunction is granted. In a suit filed against Dunn, the Union Cemetery

said he knew where the property line was and over the course of the winter entered on to cemetery land and removed the stone and timber. The alleged theft was reported by a person walking their dog. City police responded and turned the matter over to the N.H. Forestry Service. According to the pleadings, when the forest ranger spoke with Dunn, he allegedly said that if the cemetery directors hadn’t called the police he would have finished what he was doing, cleaned up the property and the directors never would have known. Cemetery directors said they was no possibility they wouldn’t have noticed the “vast amount of timber that was clear cut and the expansive alteration of the terrain.” — Gail Ober

SHOWER from page 2 case seriously but would not comment on pending litigation. University President Rodney Erickson and the board of trustees “have publicly emphasized that their goal is to find solutions that rest on the principle of justice for the victims,” a school spokesman said. The statement from the man’s attorneys said Victim 2 suffered “extensive sexual abuse over

many years both before and after the 2001 incident Michael McQueary witnessed.” McQueary testified in December at a hearing that he had seen Sandusky and a boy, both naked, in a team shower after hearing skin-on-skin slapping sounds. “I would have described that it was extremely sexual and I thought that some kind of intercourse was going on,” McQueary said.

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THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 9

Key GOP House leader says he’ll urge Executive Council to block $2M sale of State School BY MICHAEL KITCH THE LACONIA DAILY SUN

LACONIA — With the Belknap County Commission apparently set to decline the state’s offer of the former Laconia State School site, the city’s prospects of acquiring the property likely hinge on marshaling sufficient political support in the Statehouse for its offering price of $2.16-million. The governor and Executive Council must authorize the transaction and there are a number of lawmakers with misgivings, chief among them House Majority Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett), who said yesterday that Senator Jim Rausch (R-Derry) and David Boutin (R-Hooksett) shared his concerns. Chandler believes the offering price is too low and even questions selling the property. “I don’t want the state to sell that much land for that little money,” Chandler said flatly yesterday. Seeking to strengthen the city’s hand, Councilor Matt Lahey (Ward 2), who has been in the forefront of the effort to acquire the property, and City Manager Scott Myers met last week with Governor John Lynch, who intends to tour the site next month. The property consists of 228 acres divided between four tax parcels. The largest, some 200-acres, is bounded by North Main Street to the east, Meredith Center Road and Eastman Shore Road to the north and Ahern State Park to the west and south and divided roughly in half by Right Way Path. There are some 26 buildings on the parcel, all in varying degrees of disrepair, all but a handful on its western half. All three smaller parcels are leased to the city for 99 years, until 2099, for $1 a year. They include the Robbie Mills Sports Complex, 10.2 acres on Eastman Shore Road, an undeveloped 10.4-acre lot at the junction of Old North Main Street and North Main Street and an unimproved wooded lot of 7.5-acres at the corner of Lane Road and Meredith Center Road. In 2011, the Legislature directed the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to offer the property to the city for $10-million and, if the city passed, to offer it to Belknap County for its fair market value and if the county passed, to place it on the open market for not less than its fair market value. After the state appraised the property, the city met its $10-million offer with a counter-offer to purchase the site for its appraised value of $2.16-million. Without responding to the counter-offer, the state discounted the value of the three leased parcels and offered the property to the county for $1,760,000. The county has until August 15 to act on the offer. If the county accepts the offer, Chandler said “I will argue vociferously against it.” He said that he had not spoken with the Executive Council about the offer, but volunteered “that is where I will argue vociferously.” Chandler, who chairs the Capital Budget Overview Committee and serves on the Long Range Capital Planning and Utilization Committee, both of which oversee state property, said “we need to be vigilant in acting in the best interest of the state. The money that has been talked about is not the best interest of the state.” In particular, Chandler said that if the property were sold, the so-called “Designated Receiving Facility” (DRF) two buildings at the northern end of the GILFORD from page one second, Hayes made the motion to grant Drew a live entertainment motion without exotic dancing. He also wanted it known that some members of the community had personally told him eliminating exotic dancing from Gilford would be a good thing. The motion passed by a vote of two-to-one with Selectman John O’Brien joining Hayes in the majority and Benavides voting against. Benavides said yesterday that he voted against the partial restoration because he felt Drew deserved the full license.

property housing six individuals with developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders who have committed sexual offenses, would have to be moved. The cost of relocating the facility is estimated between $1-million and $1.6-million, or half to three-quarters the appraised value of the entire site. The DAS is preparing to list the property on the open market in the county, as expected, passes. In accordance with the legislation, Mike Connor, director of the plant and property division of the DAS, plans to engage a redevelopment and marketing consultant to prepare a request for proposals (RFP) and marketing plan. The department has budgeted $75,000 for the marketing effort which Commissioner Linda Hodgdon told lawmakers earlier this year would be conducted on “a national and/or global scale.” Connor anticipates the RFP would be issued by November 15. At some unspecified time afterward, the proposals would be evaluated, a buyer selected and a recommendation presented to the Governor and Executive Council. The Legislature stipulated that the sale must close no later than May 1, 2013. Anticipating the county will pass, city officials are poised to submit their $2.16-million bid, which Lahey insists is in the best interest of the state to accept. He said that it matches the appraised value,

including the value of the parcels on which the city holds leases, and exceeds the offer to the county by $400,000. He noted that there are environmental issues that must be resolved before the site can be redeveloped, which diminishes the value of the property to a private buyer who would not be eligible for federal funding to address them. Furthermore, Lahey, who chaired a commission convened by the Legislature to consider the future of the property, said that when asked, no state department or agency expressed any interest in using all or part of the property. However, since the Legislature directed the DAS to market the site, there is no assurance the agency would present the city’s offer to the governor and Executive Council, let alone that it would be accepted, until an effort was made to solicit higher bids. Chandler said that he expected the RFP to be issued and indicated he would be willing to consider a sale at “a reasonably fair price.” Alternatively, he suggested the state could keep the property on the market until real estate values increased. In the meantime, while the state is marketing the property, voters will return a new governor, Executive Council and Legislature, which could take a very different approach to the future of the property.

Page 10 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012



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Workers began demolishing the former home of Maurice Sawyer Tuesday morning. The former post and beam home had also been used as a home by farm managers when the former owner’s owned a sheep farm on the side. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Gail Beane)

Maurice Sawyer house at the Meadows coming down; board to review scaled-back site plan on Mon. By Gail OBer

GILFORD — Wrecking crews remained in the Sawyer Meadows yesterday, tearing down the old farm house that was once home to family patriarch Maurice Sawyer. According to Gilford School District Scott Isabelle, the School District will plant grass where the farm house and green houses stood as part of their plans to improve the overall appearance of the property. He said the three barns will stay as they are and are all being used by the school district. Noting that the inside of the farm house had been damaged some time ago by a fire and that there was some asbestos concerns, he said the district determined it was unfeasible to use it for any school purposes. He said the district consulted with Andy Howe of the neighboring Beans & Greens Farm as well as a greenhouse consultant and learned the greenhouses were “beyond their useful life.” The Planning Board will review the scaled back version of original site development plan on Monday night for the 64 acre parcel given to the School District by Raymond and Barbara Carye in 2001. According to the online version of the Belknap County Register the Carye’s bought the house in 1962 from Maurice and Rachel Sawyer. It’s not known if the Carye’s ever lived there but Conser-

vation Commission member John Goodhue remembers the Carye’s owning a sheep farm and the farm managers living in the farm house. Isabelle said the plan now is to irrigate and put sod on the football and practice fields and expand the practice field so that in the future it could be used for a sporting field like lacrosse or soccer. He also said that the plans for a large formal parking lot have been scaled back. He said the district will not be going into the wetlands so the need for the wetlands permit from the Department of Environmental Services is no longer necessary. He also said the School Board scrapped the plans to alter the terrain. There will be no drainage as previously planned, said Isabelle, because the Department of Transportation determined the School District couldn’t direct the runoff into an existing DOT culvert and it would be too expensive to build an additional one. He said after the Planning Board review the next step is to provide a runoff plan to the DES for the time period during the field construction. Isabelle said the district has until 2016 until its current DES permitting expires. With the blessing of the Planning Board, he said the district can begin fundraising for the field improvements. The Planning Board meets Monday night at 7 p.m. in the Gilford Town offices.

IRWIN from page one The new “pro turf” field and surrounding amenities are part of a $16.8-million project that includes an expansion and renovation of the Huot Regional Technical Educaiton Center. Irwin’s gift secures the naming rights to the planned athletic facility’s press box. Bank of New Hampshire, the district previously announced, has purchased the naming rights to the athletic stadium itself. Irwin, a member of the high school’s class of 2002, was a stand-out golf player while a student. He readily agreed to a request from Superintendent Bob Champlin and City Councilor Matt Lahey that the Irwin Automotive Group play a significant role in the capital campaign. “I think it’s a great opportunity to help out the community, the high school. The area has been tremendous to me, my family,” he said. More than a gesture of gratitude, Irwin sees his gift, and the project as a whole, as an investment in the city’s future. Improvement at the High School would complete a system-wide overhaul, he noted. The Laconia Middle School is new construction and here have been recent improvements to the city’s three elementary elementary schools. Those investments, he felt, would attract young families looking

for a community where education is valued. “A good, solid school system is pretty fundamental... This is a great step in the right direction.” When Irwin graduated a decade ago, high school enrollments were in the 800s. The school has shrunk by about 20-percent since, though numbers in the younger grades appear to indicate that the school population has stabilized, said Champlin. The capital campaign gift is only the most recent example of the Irwin Automotive Group partnering with the school system. Irwin sits on the Auto Youth Education Foundation Board, which encourages students to pursue automotive education. When the Irwin service department upgrades its sophisticated equipment, the old are donated to the Huot’s automotive program. Students will visit the service shop to see what the work is like, and some will even be offered jobs after graduating. “Some of the programs are terrific, they do a great job and produce great technicians,” Irwin said. The district hopes to announce a successful completion of the campaign by homecoming weekend in September. For those who would like to give, but at a more modest level, the campaign is offering the sale see next page


With radio tower issue still up in the air, commissioners set September deadline By RogeR Amsden FORTHE LACONIA DAILY SUN

LACONIA — Belknap County Commissioners feel that time is running out on whether or not they will be able to use a new communications tower erected on Belknap Mountain and are looking at a September deadline for installation of needed upgrades to the Belknap County Sheriff’s Department communications system. The new tower, which would provide upgraded capabilities, has been completed but is the subject of litigation brought by the vendor who built the tower against the state. County Administrator Debra Shackett said that the most recent word received by Sheriff Craig Wiggin, who briefed the commissioners two weeks ago on the situation, is a cryptic e-mail he received from a state official working on the issue that he should ‘’be prepared for a sudden move.’’ Wiggin was not at Wednesday’s meeting but commissioners said they were tired of playing a frustrating waiting game and want to either get access to the new tower or proceed with upgrades to the 30-year-old equipment on the current tower. Many other agencies, including the State Police and the Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association, are also looking to use the new tower. ‘’We need a timeline. This is bad,’’ said Belknap County Commission Chairman Ed Philpot of Laconia,, Commissioners intend to have the tower issue on the agenda for their first meeting in September and make DRUGS from page one Police said Mary Onley, 46, of 32 Doris Drive and Shawn Jogan, 35, of the same address, had 750 units of bath salts and 500 units of synthetic cannabinoids in their home. Police said they also found packaging for several thousand more units. According to complaints obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, each faces two separate counts of possession of Alpha-PVP and two separate counts of possesfrom preceding page of engraved bricks starting at $125, and granite pavers for $1,000, which will be used to line the walkway into the stadium. Engraved granite steps that will lead from the parking area up to the stadium may be purchased for $5,000. Checks should be made out to the Laconia School District and mailed to 39 Harvard Street, Laconia, NH, 03246.

a decision at that time on which tower they will put money into for upgrades. Commissioners, reacting to a letter from the Gilford selectmen calling on them to institute a fee-based system for dispatch services, reiterated their opposition to an a la carte system for county services, noting that not all communities in the county make equal use of all of the services provided by the county. Selectmen had maintained in that letter that communities which choose not to fund dispatching services in their own budgets should pay the county for the dispatch service they utilize at the county level. The letter also asked that the county allocate the necessary funds for a study to develop a county-wide police emergency dispatch system similar to the Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association. Commissioners agreed that they would and and said that they have also talked with the mutual fire aid group about a consolidated dispatch center. ‘’They’re open to the idea but not enthusiastic,’’ said Shackett, who said that there was also not a much enthusiasm on the part of Laconia Police for a county-wide police dispatch system. She said that the mutual aid association is hopeful that it will get to keep the building it presently occupies on a 17-acre parcel of land at the former Laconia State School property and will also fall heir to the adjacent building being vacated by the Lakes Region Community Services Council and be able to use it for its 911 services.

sion of AM 2201. Each also faces two counts each of possession with intent to distribute Alpha-PVP and two counts each of possession with intent to distribute AM-2201. According to a variety of on-line Websites, Alpha-PVP is described as a stimulant and is marketed on overseas Internet sites as a novel designer drug. AM-2201 is reportedly a synthetic drug that acts as a potent cannabinoid receptor. Online blogs describe the effects of smoking it as short-lived but often resulting in headaches, hallucinations, panic attacks and vomiting. Police said the seizure and arrests “were part of several that occurred in a nationwide crackdown on the most recent trend in drug abuse.” Judge Jim Carroll ordered both held on $250,000 cash bond each. At the request of the prosecutor, he also ordered the affidavits supporting the search and arrests sealed from the public. — Gail Ober




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Page 12 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

3 lawsuits filed related to people allegedly harmed at 2009 Bike Week vendor tents By Gail OBer

LACONIA — Two separate incidents involving personal injury on the Lobster Pound restaurant property during the 2009 Motorcycle Week have led to separate lawsuits against the company that owns the restaurant, as well as a request to the court by the owners of the business that it order its insurer to pay claims associated with the incidents. The Lobster Pound property is leased out to dozens of traveling merchandise vendors during Bike Week and is typically one of the heavier trafficked areas during the annual rally. In the first claim filed by Debra and Gerard May of Massachusetts against J.H.L. Restaurant Group, Inc., Debra May states she paid an entry fee to go into the “Wild Turkey Tent” — an event she said was sponsored by the Lobster Pound — and listen to the music. She said after she and her friends were inside, she was picked up by someone who was an agent, employee, or servant of the Lobster Pound and placed on a stage for the amateur Wild Turkey dance competition. She said other women in the audience were also picked up by these same people and placed on the same stage. While dancing, May said she was “suddenly and without warning” pulled off the stage by a woman who was dancing next to her who slipped and fell off an unguarded stage edge. May said she hurt her head, back and hand in the subsequent fall. She claims the restaurant had a duty to exact reasonable care when building and designing the tent and the stage and a duty to train and supervise the people it hired. May also said the restaurant has a legal duty not to serve alcohol to intoxicated patrons and that some of the women who were put onto the stage with her were drunk, including the woman who pulled her off causing her to fall. In the second suit, Alfred R. Nash of Northfield said he went into the area managed by the Lobster Pound where he said he was assaulted by a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Nash said he and a friend were in the vicinity of a vendor booth being operated by Hells Angels and some

of the club members were being loud, obnoxious and unruly. He said he was outside the booth when one of the bikers thought he was trying to steal a T-shirt. He said he was struck repeatedly in the face and about the head with an unknown instrument. After the assault, Nash claims the Laconia Police found him injured on the property with blood streaming from his mouth and the back of his head. He said no one from the Lobster Pound had done anything to protect him, to render medical assistance or to contact the authorities after the assault. Nash was taken by ambulance to Lakes Region General Hospital and treated for concussion, a laceration to the back of his head and a “complex laceration to his upper lip” that will require extensive reconstructive surgery. He claims JHL had a duty to ensure the Lobster Pound premises were secure and safe and to avoid taking action or failing to take action that insured its patrons were not subjected to unreasonable harm. Nash claims the company permitted the Hells Angels,”which was known to have caused incidents of violence during prior Motorcycle Weeks,” to operate a tent on the property. He claims the company also failed to supervise the members, to maintain a secure establishment, and to intervene in what his lawyer claims was a “foreseeable attack.” Both of these suits have prompted JHL through its attorney Paul Fitzgerald to petition the court to order Roberts & Associates Insurance Company of Hanover, Mass. to pay the claims. Fitzgerald said a representative of JHL met with an agent of the insurance company in 2007 and specifically told the agent about Motorcycle Week and its need for enhanced liability coverage for that period. He said the two had a lengthy conversation that resulted in JHL getting what the agent described as a “top of the line Cadillac contract.” He said JHL informed the insurance company in a timely fashion when it learned of the above complaints. He said Roberts & Associates have refused, to date, to pay the claims and he is asking a judge to order they to do so as well as to pay for legal fees.

HEPATITIS from page 2 before being hired in New Hampshire in April 2011. While other health care workers have been prosecuted for diverting drugs and infecting patients, the Kwiatkowski case stands apart, said U.S. Attorney John Kacavas. “Because of his employment as a traveler, working for agencies and being sent around the country to various states, it really has tentacles all over the country,” he said. “Its scope is unprecedented and scary.” A court-appointed lawyer declined to comment at a court hearing this week. Messages left for Kwiatkowski’s lawyers after business hours Thursday were not immediately returned. Kwiatkowski, who is being held on

federal drug charges, told authorities he did not steal or use drugs. He said he learned he had hepatitis C in May, but authorities say there is evidence that it was diagnosed as early as June 2010. Kacavas said nailing down that date is his top priority, but in the meantime, the uncertainty is further complicating efforts by hospitals to make recommendations about testing. In Michigan, officials at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital in Wayne noted that there was no indication that Kwiatkowski had hepatitis C when he was employed there from January to September 2007, and that he passed at least two drug tests during that time. State health officials said they are still looking into other locations see next page


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TOWN OF MEREDITH, NEW HAMPSHIRE Notice of Public Hearing Pursuant to the provisions of RSA 33:3-d, the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Meredith, NH, will hold a public hearing on Monday, August 6, 2012 at 5:30 pm at the Board of Selectmen’s Meeting, Meredith Community Center, Meeting Room B, 1 Circle Drive, Meredith, NH, regarding the possible issuance of refunding bonds. The proceeds of these bonds would be used to refinance the Town of Meredith’s General Obligation Bonds dated November 1, 2007 that are outstanding in the approximate principal amount of $1,104,268.00, in order to achieve interest cost savings, reduction of term, and to pay related costs and expenses. Board of Selectmen Meredith, New Hampshire Miller C. Lovett, Chairman Nathan J. Torr, Vice Chairman Peter F. Brothers, Selectman Herbert R. Vadney, Selectman Carla J. Horne, Selectwoman

M’borough in final stages of updating property values MOULTONBOROUGH — Updated property values in this township are entering the last stages of being finalized for 2012. Vision Government Solutions, the appraisal firm retained by the town, will shortly mail an informational letter to property owners of the town’s approximately 7,380 parcels of land which states the proposed assessed value of land and building(s) as of April 1, 2012. Property owners may call Vision Government Solutions at 1-888-844-4300 on any business day from August 1, through August 14, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to arrange an informal hearing to discuss these proposed values. The hearings will be held on August 10, 15, 16 and 17, so property owners are encouraged to call Vision as soon as they can. Topics of discussion can include an explanation of the valuation, information on the property record card as well as the market data used to determine the proposed value. The notices being mailed out are not tax bills, and Vision will not be able to discuss or predict the actual amount of the tax bill that will result. Informal hearings will be by appointment only and held at the Town Hall located on 6 Holland

Street. As an alternative, taxpayers may schedule their meeting as a telephone conference call if they cannot attend one of the four hearing days to be held. As in the past they can also submit written evidence they would like have considered in their review of property values to Vision Government Solutions, c/o Assessor’s Office, PO Box 139, Moultonborough, NH 03254. The deadline to submit this evidence for review is August 14. Joel R. Mudgett, chairman of the Selectboard said, “With many of the properties inspected by Vision this year as part of our renewed measure and list program there may have been changes in more property data records than usual. We encourage everyone to review their assessing information on the town’s website.” In addition to the letter being mailed, the proposed value and property data can be accessed as of July 30 on-line at ) Click on Departments and Boards and then Assessor). A print-out of all proposed values will also be available at the Town Hall Administration office and the Public Library during normal business hours after July 30.

from preceding page where Kwiatkowski worked and what steps, if any, they need to take. Other states have moved ahead with notifying patients and offering free testing. Twenty-five former patients at St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where Kwiatkowski worked for three months in late 2007 and early 2008, have been asked to get tested. In Kansas, state health officials are sending letters to about 460 patients who were treated at the cardiac catheterization lab at Hays Medical Center from May 24, 2010, to Sept. 22, 2010. The state also is setting up an informational website, and the hospital has set up a telephone hotline. In Maryland, hundreds of patients are being contacted by the four hospitals where Kwiatkowski worked between May 2008 and March 2010. None of the four, which include The Johns Hopkins Hospital and a Veterans Affairs hospital in Baltimore, reported that Kwiatkowski was fired or that his behavior raised red flags. That wasn’t the case in Arizona. Kwiatkowski completed one stint at Maryvale Hospital from March to June 2009 without apparent incident but was fired 11 days into his second stint, at the Arizona Heart Hospital. Barbara Yeninas, a spokeswoman for SpringBoard Healthcare Staffing and Search, said her agency reported Kwiatkowski’s firing to a state regulatory board, as well as a national certification organization. Aubrey Godwin, director of the Arizona Radiology Regulatory Agency, said as the agency began

investigating, Kwiatkowski surrendered his certification that allowed him to work in the state. “His statement was that he didn’t have enough resources to fight it,” Godwin said. Officials have identified 270 patients at Maryvale and fewer than 200 at the heart hospital who could have been exposed to Kwiatkowski. At Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins, Ga., CEO Cary Martin the identification process hasn’t been completed yet. Kwiatkowski worked in the cardiac cath lab there from October 2010 to March 2011 but did not have access to the hospital’s medication system, he said. Kwiatkowski didn’t have direct access to Exeter Hospital’s medication system, either, but investigators believe he was able to steal medication that other employees were in the process of preparing for patients and switch it with syringes he had filled with another liquid, possibly saline. Former co-workers reported that he sometimes came in on his days off and attended procedures he wasn’t assigned to. Testing originally was recommended only for patients who had been treated at Exeter’s cardiac lab, but state officials have expanded the recommendation to include anyone who underwent surgery or was admitted to the intensive care unit because Kwiatkowski sometimes took patients to those areas. Clinics planned for this weekend and early next week were postponed Thursday due to logistical problems. If convicted of the charges he currently faces — tampering with a consumer product and fraudulently obtaining a controlled drug — Kwiatkowski could get as many as 24 years in prison for.

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Page 14 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

Officials alert N.H. seniors about phone scam involving ‘Area Code 876’ MANCHESTER (AP) — Kim Nichols says she thought her retired airline pilot father living in New Hampshire was too smart and fiscally conservative to fall victim to a telephone scam. But $85,000 in losses and three family interventions later, she remains stunned and saddened. Nichols pleaded with senior citizens gathered at the William B. Cashin Senior Activity Center in downtown Manchester on Thursday to be alert to the scam dubbed “Area Code 876” — a Jamaican area code. FairPoint Communications, AARP volunteers and law enforcement officials who coordinated

the educational seminar say the scam targets older people, particularly in northern New England. Nichols, who was invited to speak at the seminar, said her father is 76, lives in West Ossipee and is “very educated, very smart and very, very careful about his money.” “The fact that my Dad is a victim of this scam has blown all our minds in my family,” Nichols said. Officials say the scam operates much like other phone scams that advise would-be victims they’ve won cars or cash, but must send money to cover transfer fees, transportation or taxes. But the 876

scammers are particularly sophisticated — doing demographic research to pinpoint wealthier people through property and other public records — and come on with a soft sell initially, officials say. Patrick McHugh, president of FairPoint Communications in New Hampshire, called the 876 scheme “dangerous and pervasive.” “They prey upon your trust, then exploit it and steal your money,” McHugh told about 30 people attending the seminar. “These callers are relentless.” Nichols said her father’s ordeal began in February, but he remained secretive and evasive about his relationship with “Diane” and other scammers who persisted in phoning him for months. “I’m sure he was very, very ashamed,” said Nichols. “There really is an element of brainwashing with this.” Nichols, who lives in Herman, Maine, did not want to identify her father by name for fear he would be targeted again. She said she twice thought she’d convinced him it was a scam, only to find him again talking to “Diane” and sending her money because she was supposedly losing her job. That prompted Nichols to go through her father’s home while he Mention you was at church to gather saw this ad in the his credit card stateLaconia Daily Sun ments and other finanand get a FREE cup cial records. She said of Dunkin Donuts she was staggered to Coffee! find a stack of plastic gift cards with thousee next page

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WINE from page 2 and Gov. John Lynch on the case. Lynch’s spokesman, Colin Manning, said Thursday that Delaney’s office then began a full investigation at Lynch’s urging. State Executive Councilor David Wheeler said it all “smells of a cover-up.” “We probably should investigate the investigators,” he said. “There a lot of unanswered questions here. Why did the liquor commission investigate itself from the beginning?” Mollica didn’t return an email Thursday requesting comment on the investigation. WMUR reported that lawmakers, including House Speaker Bill O’Brien, have questioned why law enforcement officials weren’t notified about the missing wine earlier. But Mollica told the station that because the commission has a law enforcement unit, it’s not required to go to police.

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 15



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Katharina Beliveau drizzles chocolate syrup over a frappe at Connie’s Ice Cream Counter, operated by Charlie St. Clair in the Laconia  Antique Center. The counter is furnished exclusively with antique fixtures, such as Hamilton-Beach milkshake mixers. Sitting at the counter are (front to back) John O’Maley and Linda and Bob Crowell. The counter is open daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Adam Drapcho)

Former S’ton firefighter indicted for credit card fraud

SANBORNTON — A grand jury has indicted a former part-time firefighter for allegedly using a town of Sanbornton credit card to allegedly purchase items for his own benefit at an Irving Station in Tilton. The indictment from May 31, 2012 says Brian Blanchette, 38, knew the card was either stolen or that its use was unauthorized by either the issuer of the card of the person to whom the card was issued. The value of the property or services exceeded $1,500, making this crime a Class A felony. A lieutenant for the Sanbornton Fire Department said Blanchette was no longer employed there and

(603) 455-1054

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as part of his remaining free on $25,000 personal recognizance bail he was ordered to have no contact with Fire Chief Paul Dexter, Town Administrator Bob Veloski or Town Finance Director Curt McGee. Blanchette was a firefighter in Gilford and most recently Franklin. Franklin Fire Chief Kevin LaChapelle said Blanchette most recently worked for his department but tended his resignation about a few months ago. “He came from Gilford and worked a few months for us but gave his resignation,” he said. — Gail Ober


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Alton House candidate Cormier hosting ‘meet & greet’ on Sat.

from preceding page sands of dollars in credit on them. She brought her father to talk with law enforcement officials in Portland, Maine, to hear the tale of a another person targeted by the scam. Nichols’ brother flew in from Manhattan. She said her father recognized the similarities between the Maine resident’s story and his own. Nichols said that one of the scammers called FairPoint pretending to be her father to try to get his phone number changed. FairPoint — alerted to her father’s plight and trying to assist — recorded the phone call. When the scammer couldn’t relay the password Nichols had placed on the account, he provided her father’s Social Security number and date

Both Cormier and Martinez are music teachers and performers. “Mr. M” is a teacher in the Shaker Regional District, and Cormier teaches music at Green Valley School and Brewster Academy. Both say they are conservative in their politics and Cormier is an active member of “Smart Girl Politics”, a national conservative women’s group which empowers and engages women in the realm of politics. In addition, Cormier is founder and artistic director of “Just Love to Sing”, a 501.c (3) performing arts organization active in the Lakes Region area. For more information, www.jane4newhampshire. com or call (603)781-5695. of birth. When her father had his service stopped, the scammers sent him cell phones. “These are ruthless people,” she said. “We’re just waiting with our breath held, hoping it doesn’t happen again.” McHugh urged participants to not answer 876 calls if they show up on caller ID and to warn friends and relatives about the scam. Senior Assistant State Attorney James Boffetti warned them not to wire money to anyone they don’t know. “Once money is sent, it’s nearly impossible to get it back,” Boffetti said. He said it’s also difficult to identify the perpetrators for criminal prosecution and he was not optimistic his office would be able to find them.

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ALTON — Jane Cormier, Republican candidate for the District 8 N.H. House of Representative seat will hold “Meet and Greet” on Saturday, July 28, 10 a.m. to noon, at the Gilman Library. “My family and I are very excited to become active participants in the politic process in our community,” said Cormier. “While I am running for the District 8 seat my husband and campaign manager, Carlos Martinez, will have his name on the ballot as a N.H. delegate. We both feel very strongly this is a crucial time to re-align the path this country is currently following. 2012 will be all about jobs, jobs, jobs and helping small business in N.H. grow and thrive by lightening their tax burden.”

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Page 16 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

Country Village Quilt Guild meeting August 1

June Hall, a member of the Country Village Quilt Guild, is holding a sample of the August seasonal block, featuring a beehive, which will be completed on August 1 during the meeting of the Quilt Guild. The Guild meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 1:30-3 p.m. at the Moultonborough Life Safety Building on Rt. 25 in Moultonborough. Each month, at one of the meetings, a seasonal block will be taught and patterns supplied. The pattern cost is $5.25 to cover the year. An alternate pattern is also presented as a bonus for those who attend the meeting. The alternate pattern for August is a watermelon slice, which has been designed by guild member, Gaye Brennan. All levels of sewers can complete these blocks and are welcome at the meetings. Call program chair, Karen Sticht at 279-5682 or e-mail at karen@dsticht. com for more information and a supply list. (Courtesy photo)

7th annual swim to benefit loons set for August 3 MOULTONBOROUGH — On August 3 beginning at 6 a.m. a team of eight swimmers will swim the seven-mile length of Squam Lake, from the Squam Channel in Holderness to the Sandwich Town Beach, to raise funds for loon preservation. The 2012 swim team includes Wendy Van de Poll, Rose de Mars, Mark Longley, Celeste St. Pierre, Kit Kilbourn, Chip Broadhurst, Louise Utzinger and Rick Van de Poll. The swimmers will be accompanied by spotters Gloria Hoag, Peg Longley and Susan Deme. The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has generously offered to donate a boat and captain, Dale Lary, to the cause. The 7th Annual Squam Swim is a fundraiser to benefit the Loon Preservation Committee’s Squam Lake Loon Initative, an ongoing effort to increase monitoring, research, management and outreach to change the fortunes of Squam’s loons. Since 2005, Squam Lake has seen a dramatic decline in its number of loon pairs and an average of fewer than three loon chicks raised per year, not nearly enough to maintain its loon population. This year loons are having another difficult year on Squam Lake. Four adults banded in previous years did not return to the lake this summer, fewer of the remaining birds nested, and fewer eggs hatched loon chicks—all problems that Squam’s loons have

been dealing with in recent years of disturbingly low survival and nesting. Since 2005, The Squam Swim has become a much anticipated yearly event in the Lakes Region and has raised over $75,000 for Squam Lake loons. With the funds raised through The Squam Swim, LPC has worked to investigate the causes of declines on Squam, and reverse these declines to recover a healthy population of loons on the lake. This year, funds raised through the swim will allow LPC to extend its field season on the lake; test eggs from failed nests for contaminants; continue banding and monitoring the health of Squam’s loons; expand our research into the causes of declines, including testing sediments and crayfish (loon food) for contaminants; educate lake users to encourage a culture of respect and appreciation for loons; and continue intensive management to help loons cope with their challenges. For more information on the Squam Lake Loon Initiative or to make a donation visit or call the Loon Preservation Committee at 603-476-5666. The Squam Swimmers have been training throughout the summer for this event, and people are invited to the Sandwich Town Beach at 11:30 a.m. to congratulate them as they complete their journey.

GILFORD — Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne will bring his summer 2012 Acoustic Tour to the Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion on Monday, July 30. Playing guitar and piano, Browne will perform songs from his entire body of work. Singer-songwriter and fiddle player Sara Watkins will open the Acoustic Tour as a special guest. Watkins first gained recognition as a founding member of the GRAMMY-winning trio Nickel Creek. Sun Midnight Sun, the second solo album from the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and fiddle player was released in May on Nonesuch Records. The album features special guest appearances by Fiona Apple, Jackson Browne, Taylor Goldsmith, Benmont Tench, and Sean Watkins.

“I’m really excited to have Sara joining me on this tour,” says Browne. “We’ve played together a number of times in the last few years, sometimes on her show and sometimes mine, and it’s always been a thrill for me. I’m floored by her amazing instrumental virtuosity and by her beautiful voice, and most of all, I love her songs.” Browne will be donating $1 from each ticket sold on the U.S. Acoustic Tour to charity. In addition, premium benefit seats are available for purchase through The Guacamole Fund: Pre-sale information and VIP packages are available at Tickets are on sale now and range from $40.75$60.75. To order, call (603) 293-4700 or log on to

LACONIA — The Taxiarchai Greek Orthodox Church is holding its annual summertime Greek Summer Festival on Saturday, July 28 beginning at 10 a.m. at the corner of North Main Street and Oak Street, rain or shine. Serving for the traditional buffet dinner, featuring authentic Greek cuisine, will begin at 11:30 a.m. The festival will offer a wide verity traditional

Greek items and events that will be fun for the whole family. A various assortment of homemade Greek pastries will be available, along with live Greek music, a dance troop to perform traditional Greek dances, and a specialty and dry goods raffle. Admission to the festival is free and open to the public. All homemade goods will be available for see next page

Jackson Browne Acoustic Tour comes to Meadowbrook

Greek Orthodox Church holding Summer Festival

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Nor’Easter brings 64 softball teams to region Rock show to meet LACONIA — The Nor’Easter Softball Organization is set to host their 15th annual Nor’Easter Classic Tournament on the weekend of July 27-29. Games will be held at fields around the region in Belmont, Gilford, Laconia and Meredith. As with previous years, the Lakes Region-based tournament was in high demand. It is one of the largest ASA sanctioned Junior Olympic softball tournaments in the state with sixty-four teams registered this year in all four divisions (12U, 14U, 16U, 18U). There are Nor’ Easter teams represented in each of the divisions. Keeping up with tradition, the tournament will kick off showcasing the four Nor’Easter teams on Friday night. The 12U team will start at 5 p.m. at Memorial Park in Laconia, followed by the 14U and 18U teams. The 16U team will have their start at 6 p.m. on Bryant Field in Belmont. Pool play will consist of three games, starting Friday and continuing into Saturday. On Sunday, teams will be ranked based on their pool play results and placed into brackets to compete in single-elimination play.

Club Treasurer Jessica Fleck is tackling her first year as tournament director, with help from President Kimberly Sargent, Vice President Fred Marchione, Secretary Stacie Boyajian, along with the various tournament sponsors. Veteran director Dick Dumais has coached Fleck through her first year organizing the event. “His 10 years of knowledge running the tournament has been a great asset to me,” said Fleck, “I don’t know how I’m going to do this without him next year. I can tell you, he’s put a lot of time and effort in to planning the tournaments. He’s very passionate about it.” For every tournament t-shirt sold at the various locations, $1 will be donated to the American Cancer Society, with the tournament logo proudly displaying the cancer ribbon. There will be individual, champion and runner-up trophies awarded. Teams from all over the North East will be coming back to defend their 2011 Nor’Easter Classic Champion Title: USA Lady Mavericks (12U), A.G.S. East Coast Pride (14U), Boston Bat Busters (16U), and the Vermont Rockets (18U).

Lions Club motorcycle poker run set for August 11 NEW DURHAM — Lions Clubs from around the state are sponsoring a Lions Club Motorcycle Poker Run “Ride for Camp Pride” to benefit for Lions Camp Pride on August 11. The route will include mostly rural, scenic, less travelled roads connecting the towns of Wakefield, New Durham, Wolfeboro, Moultonboro and Ossipee. Registration is between 9 and 11 a.m. at the Miss Wakefield Diner, Rte 16, Wakefield. First hand is $25 and includes BBQ at the end of the ride. Each additional hand is $5. Those who preregister receive a free hand.Your local Lions Clubs are sponsoring a benefit for Lions Camp Pride. For more information about the motorcycle poker from preceding page individual purchase, and will be marked at a reasonable price. For a wider verity of pastries to choose from it is recommended to come early in the day, as the goods often go fast. For more regarding the event call the Taxiarchai Greek Orthodox Church office at 524-9415.

run, call Stan Brothers at (603)848-5980 or e-mail questions to Camp Pride, which is ocated on Merrymeeting Lake in New Durham, is a fully handicapped-accessible facility which has been providing a fun summer camp experience for people with special needs since 1989. Campers have a chance to do arts and crafts, go swimming and boating, and sing at nightly campfires. They learn to cope with and overcome their disabilities and focus on the remarkable things they can do, while making new friends and creating unforgettable lifelong memories and friendships. The camp is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. It is wholly owned by the Lions Clubs of District 44H which includes 35 New Hampshire clubs. Lions Camp Pride is licensed by the State of New Hampshire and is accredited by the American Camp Association, meeting very rigorous professional operating standards. Lions Camp Pride is a member of the Conference of Lions Camps of the United States, and the New Hampshire Camp Directors Association. All members and officers are volunteers.

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Laconia candidates held Friday at Leavitt Park LACONIA — Democrat State Representative candidate Robert Fisher is presenting a free rock-show Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Leavitt Park Clubhouse as an opportunity to get out and meet local Democratic candidates. Bands playing include A Simple Complex, East is East, Adam and Robert Fisher (Courtesy photo) the Shortsleeves, and Crisco Reddic. The event is free for ages 18 amd up. Pizza and fried dough will be sold at the event by Duke’s Pizza. Fisher’s website is He encourages the people of Laconia to contact him with any questions or concerns at either his email or his campaign phone line: 603-556-8301.

Workshop August 4 & 5 at lakes gallery at chi-lin MEREDITH — Sue Yang’s Mountain Pines & Willow Islands workshop will take place on the weekend of August 4-5 at the lakes gallery at chi-lin. Yang is currently on display with six other artists in a painting and sculpture exhibit, “5 Easy Pieces.” She is a teacher—CE Faculty, School of Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A very contemporary as well as traditional artist, Yang offers a chance for an exciting interaction at this very special workshop which will provide a hands-on experience as well as discussions and critiques of Chinese Painting and watercolor composition. The two-day workshop costs $225 and takes place at the chi-lin studio on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m.—4:30 pm.To register call 603-279-8663 or email: suzanne@chi-linasianarts. A material list provided with registration.

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Page 18 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

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Turkey Farm Restaurant & Gift Shop

‘Ed Selleck Classic’ Golf Tournament August 6 MOULTONBOROUGH — The Lions Club invites all golfers to participate in the “Ed Selleck Classic” Golf Tournament to be held at Ridgewood Country Club. This four-person team scramble event will begin with a shotgun start at 8 a.m. on Monday, August 6. This annual tournament is named in memory of former Lions Club member Ed Selleck who dedicated countless hours of service to improve the lives of individuals in Moultonborough and surrounding communities. Ed loved the game of golf and greatly enjoyed the rolling hills and beautiful scenic views of area golf courses. This years putting contest has been named the “Les Smith Memorial Putting Contest” in memory of Moultonborough resident Les Smith, who passed away this past year. Les played annually in the “Ed Selleck Classic” and regularly sponsored a tee for the tournament. The Bud Eisenberg Family is sponsoring the putting contest. Entry fees for the “Ed Selleck Classic” are $100 per person or $80 for Ridgewood club members.The entry fee includes 18 holes of golf, riding cart, prizes, a $20 Funspot gift card, a golf towel, six golf balls, coffee and muffins in the morning, and a pasta lunch. Contests will include closest to the pins, longest and straightest drives, longest putt, putting, and driving range. Features will include casino holes, mulligans, Zinger Box and Ridgewood Pro Mike Uhlman hits tee shot on hole #1. In addition, the Irwin Automotive Group is sponsoring a Hole-in-One Contest with the first hole-in-

one winning a new Ford vehicle for a 2-year lease. All proceeds will go to support the community projects and activities organized and/or supported by the Moultonborough Lions Club. Meredith Village Savings Bank, The Joseph M. Pasena Maroun Family Foundation, Charter Trust and The Ed Selleck Family have generously agreed to be major tournament sponsors. Other area businesses and community members are being asked to sponsor a tea or green for a tax-deductible donation of $100. As of July 8, the following tee and green sponsors have pledged $100 or more: Ambrose Bros., Inc., Amerigas Propane, Aubuchon Hardware, Café Services, Century 21 Lakes Region Realty, Conneston Construction, Inc., CMK Architects, Dubuque Family, Elan Publishing, Electrical Installations, Inc., E.M. Heath, Inc., Winters Hames, Jim Huston Mason, Lacewood Group, Inc., Lakes Region Computer, Kate & Mike Lancor, Lamprey Septic Service, Meadow Pond Animal Hospital, Melcher & Prescott, Miracle Farms Landscaping, Moultonboro Paint, Wallpaper & Flooring, O’Donald Editorial Services, The Old Country Store, Ossipee Mountain Electronics, Bob & Betty Purdy, Preferred Vacation Rentals, Rist-Frost-Shumway Engineering, Sally Sibulkin, Skelley’s Market, Stephens Landscaping, Thomas & Son Artesian Well Co., Trexler’s Marina, Waste Management, and Eileen & Bob Zewski. Individual or team entry forms can be picked up at Ridgewood Country Club. Entry forms and tee or green sponsor forms can also be obtained by calling Kate or Mike Lancor at 476-8409 or 204-8409.

LACONIA — READY! for Kindergarten is preparing for its second year in Laconia and will hold a Community Information Session for parents, educators, and other community members on August 9 from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Elm Street School’s Media Center. There will also be a training session for instructors for the program from 9 a.m. to 3:30 PM at Elm Street School’s Media Center. People who wish to take part in either session or want more information are asked to RSVP by August 3 with Shannon Robinson-Beland at 5811571 or READY! for Kindergarten is an official program of the Children’s Reading Foundation and locally is a joint initiative of the Laconia School District and the Family Resource Center of Central New Hampshire, operated by Lakes Region Community Services, in partnership with the Lakes Region United Way. For more information visit READY! for Kindergarten classes encourage families and caregivers to talk, sing, read and play with their child in simple ways that foster essential preliteracy, pre-math and social-emotional skills.

Age-appropriate activities are designed to start at birth and continue through age five. The curriculum is based on current research and replicates what parents and preschool educators of successful students have done for years. Parents and caregivers choose activities from READY! classes to enjoy at home, based on their child’s personality, abilities and interests, and their family’s values and culture. Sessions are held three times per year (Fall, Winter and Spring) and participants choose from one of five classes depending on their child’s age. Each class is a 90-minute interactive lesson led by a trained instructor. The targets, materials, activities and tools used in class are for parents and caregivers to take home and enjoy with their child.

READY! for Kindergarten prepares for 2nd year

SENIOR EARLY BIRDS 20% Off Lunch & Gift Shop Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 11:15am - 12pm Groups of 4 or Less Only

COMEDY NIGHT Wednesdays @ 8:00pm $15 ~ With purchase of dinner or $20 at the door.

Delivery (6 mile radius)





including tax!




(Of Equal Value)



Must present ad, 1 coupon per customer, not valid with other offers. All Major Credit Cards Accepted


TRIVIA Thursdays @ 7pm MEREDITH (9 MILES EAST OF I-93, EXIT 23) • 279-6212 Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner ~ All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Women’s workshop next Wednesday at Bayswater

MEREDITH — A Women’s Writers Workshop for women over 18 will be held Wednesday, August 1 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the Bayswater Book Store. Instructors Krista Crabtree Leblanc, free-lance writer and poet, and Donna Kuethe published essayist have over 12 years experience running this workshop for all ages. Pre-registration required by see next page




So Blue, So Big, So Delicious! Meredith, NH 279-0504


Specializing in Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitation


THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 19


Rolla W. Blake, Jr., 78 PLYMOUTH — Rolla Walter Blake, Jr., 78, of Pine Gate Rd., Plymouth, passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his loving family on Wednesday, July 25, 2012, after a lengthy illness. Born in Campton, NH, on August 25, 1933, he was the son of Rolla W. and Hattie (Loverin) Blake, Sr. Rolla was raised in Beebe River, Campton. He enlisted with the Army and fought with honor in the Korean War. After returning home he enlisted with the National Guard and served for 17 years. He worked for the Draper Co., in Beebe River until it closed and then he moved on to the factory in Lincoln, where he worked until its closing. He then went on to work as a Police Officer for the Plymouth State University’s Police Department and retired after 23 years. In his retirement, Rolla worked as a part-time School Bus Driver for Robinson Transit, and at the Whale’s Tail Water Park in Lincoln. Rolla enjoyed sports and was a huge Boston Celtics fan, he also was an avid follower of NASCAR; he loved motorcycling and was a member of the Retreads Motorcycle Club of Canada, he was also

an outdoorsman who loved hunting. Rolla was a member of the American Legion Post 83, Lincoln. Rolla is predeceased by his brother, Lawrence E. Blake, in May, 2003. He is survived by his beloved wife of 55 years, Irene (Fillion) Blake, of Plymouth; a daughter, Bobbette Gosselin and husband Gerard “Goose”, of Campton; a brother, Joe Blake and wife Babe, of Florida; two sisters, Marilyn Fortier, of Franklin, NH, and Eleanor Allen, of Plymouth; several nieces, nephews, and friends in the area, and Rolla is also survived by his four cherished cats. In Lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his memory to the Pemi-Baker Community Health & Hospice, or to the Plymouth Oncology. A funeral service will be held at Mayhew Funeral Home, 12 Langdon St., Plymouth, on Monday, July 30, 2012 at 1:00 pm. Rev. Dcn. Michael Guy, of the Holy Trinity Catholic Parish, will officiate. Interment will follow the service at Blair Cemetery, Campton. Mayhew Funeral Homes and Crematorium of Meredith and Plymouth are handling the arrangements.

Entries sought for Sanbornton Old Home Day SANBORNTON — One of the exciting features of Sanbornton’s Old Home Day is the annual art show held in the library. This show features: paintings in oil, acrylic and water color, creative handcrafts of all kinds and black and white photography. Cash prizes are given in each category for adults and children under 12. All entries must be delivered to the Sanbornton Library on Thursday August 16 between the hours of 1-3 p.m. or 7-8 p.m. An entry form must be completed for each entry. The photos and paintings

must be framed and have wire attached for hanging. There is a limit of one entry per category. The show will be open for viewing on Friday, August 17, during library hours (9 a.m.- 5 p.m.) and Saturday, August 18, during Old Home Day. The judging will be done by “People’s Choice” and the awards will be presented at 1:30 p.m. in the field adjacent to the library. For further information call Marlene Witham 2869590.

TILTON — The Tilton-Northfield Rotary Foundation will hold its 19th annual Scholarshop Benefit Golf Tournament on Thursday, August 16 at the Lochmere Country Club.

Registration deadline is August 6 for the tournament with a registration fee of $125 for an individual and $500 for a team and sponsorship opportunities available. Play gets underway with an 8 a.m. shotgun start in the 18-hole best ball, four person team sramble format. There will be a barbecue buffet with prizes and gift packages following completion of play. For more information contact Dr. Barry Arvidson at 286-2225 or of Pat Clark at 286-8600 or

T-N Rotary holding scholarship benefit golf tournament

from preceding page calling 476-8868. Cost is $25. The event is sponsored by the Moultonborough Recreation Department.

DAILY SPECIALS Mexican Lunch Menu


Monday - Thursday Til 4pm Open 7 Days A Week At 11:00am

Kitchen Hours: Sun-Thur til 10pm Fri & Sat til 11pm Best Local Watering Hole & Grub Stop In The Lakes Region! 306 Lakeside Ave, Weirs Beach


Gift Certificates Available

Free Parking Free Admission


July 28-29 Sa Sat 10-5 Sun 10-4 Su Directions: Over 70 I-93 Exit 20 Fabulous Left at Lights Exhibitors!!! Rt 3 Rain or Shine 120 Laconia Rd. Under Canopy Tilton Info (603)528-4014


“You Call It” Special

Whatever time you call is the price of your pizza* OR NEW! Chicken & Yellow Rice or Fries & Soda! Call in at 6:05 PM and pay $6.05! *Add $1.50 Extra Topping

Duke’s Pizza

235 Union Ave. Laconia

527-1771 Free Delivery!

Buy 2 Slices of Pizza, Get a Fried Dough FREE! 2 Large Cheese Pizzas for $11.99 Anytime besides during “You Call It”

Hours: Sunday, 3-9pm Mon-Thur, 11am-8pm Fri & Sat, 11am-10pm

EVERYDAY LUNCH SPECIALS ... $5.99 11:30am-3pm Turkey & Cheese Sub ~ Steak & Cheese Sub Meatball Sub ~ Italian Sub Grilled Chicken Sub ~ Grilled Chicken Salad All subs are 8” and served with regular or seasoned fries.


by Dickenson & Clark

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 thru 9.

by Mastroianni & Hart

Page 20 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012


by Paul Gilligan

by Darby Conley

Get Fuzzy

By Holiday Mathis coping strategies. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Being completely engaged in an endeavor produces a state of “flow” that dissolves emotion, staves off hunger and delays the need for sleep. The more “flow” experiences you can create for yourself, the happier you’ll be. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You may hesitate to dive into your joy. Maybe someone near isn’t able to do the same, or there’s another kind of hold-up delaying your satisfaction. When you finally can do what you want, you’ll savor the experience. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). It’s like you are writing your destiny with an indelible marker. Make a strong commitment, and then back your decision with immediate and irreversible action. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). This is an age when many people spend what they don’t have to buy what they can’t afford to impress who they don’t know. Your realistic and modest approach will be a breath of fresh air. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You’ve wanted to rid yourself of that personality quirk for some time. Have you considered the upside of keeping it, though? This unique part of you has benefits. TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (JULY 27). You know what you believe in, and you let yourself be guided by those principles. Fortune favors you as you stand up for your beliefs without flaunting them. You’ll be well paid for your work in August. An attraction builds through the fall. You’ll make new commitments in November and reach a goal in December. Aquarius and Virgo adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 20, 1, 43, 3 and 19.


ARIES (March 21-April 19). It’s just as easy to create useful outcomes as it is to waste energy in disorder. You’ll make sure that each action you execute produces a reaction that’s as productive as it is equal and opposite. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Comfort, power or fame is not necessary because so much of what you do is its own reward. You’re not immune to the attraction of comfort, power and fame, and maybe you’d even like it. The point is that you don’t (SET ITAL) need (END ITAL) it. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). The conversations you have, the ways you burn your energy and spend your time, and the love you give throughout the day will, by sundown, have you absolutely tired out. CANCER (June 22-July 22). One might think that happiness was something that once learned you could always recreate. Not so. Happiness takes different forms, so it can never be created in the exact same way twice. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). It’s lucky for the trees that they don’t have eyeballs, so they can’t discourage themselves with comparisons to the bigger, taller trees in the forest or loom superior to smaller growth. Be like the trees. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). The act of kindness you perform will release a rush of serotonin in your brain. This is one among many reasons that you don’t care if the kindness is ever repaid. Giving is getting. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). James Bond wasn’t born cool. He’s a highly trained agent who has mastered strategies to cope in a variety of situations. Think of Bond as you welcome every opportunity to develop your own set of

by Chad Carpenter


Pooch Café LOLA

Solution and tips at

1 4 9 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 24 26 29 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41

ACROSS Ignited Receded Singer Joan __ Opera solo Treasure __; valuable cache Merry-go-round or Ferris wheel Three feet Employs Correct a text Poverty Bewildered Wood furniture blemish Juvenile newt Resounds Brow Intertwine hair All-out attack Pedro’s uncle Beach surface Works hard Yank Conclusion Artificial

42 Song of an Alpine goatherd 43 Very young bird 45 Linear metric measures 46 Presidential candidate Paul 47 Derriere 48 Albacore or bluefin 51 Smooth-skinned peach 56 Actor Guinness 57 __ Allen; furniture store 58 Gives a silent assent 60 Patella’s place 61 Catch in a trap 62 No longer here 63 Dumbo’s dilemma 64 Not as goofy 65 Scottish denial 1 2 3

DOWN Produce eggs Tehran’s nation Grow weary

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 21 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 35

Moral principles Verge; edge __ with; tolerated Arden & Plumb Baked Alaska and apple pie Out of __; panting Helps Actress and singer Adams Fraternity letter Tissue mass often removed with tonsils Perished Flat-crowned tasseled hat Actor Buddy __ Huge lifting machine __ over; delivers Toss Greasy Piano piece Sick person Gifts for girls Benefit

38 Dieter’s goal 39 __ soil; planter contents 41 Arafat’s org. 42 Twelve months 44 Follows the trail of 45 More cruel 47 Fixed gaze 48 Accept

49 Arm bone 50 At no time, to a poet 52 Sicilian volcano 53 Film detective Charlie __ 54 Midday 55 Writer Ferber 59 Observe

Yesterday’s Answer

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 21

––––––– ALMANAC ––––––– Today is Friday, July 27, the 209th day of 2012. There are 157 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On July 27, 1942, during World War II, the First Battle of El Alamein in Egypt ended in a draw as Allied forces stalled the progress of Axis invaders. On this date: In 1789, President George Washington signed a measure establishing the Department of Foreign Affairs, forerunner of the Department of State. In 1866, Cyrus W. Field finished laying out the first successful underwater telegraph cable between North America and Europe (a previous cable in 1858 burned out after only a few weeks’ use). In 1909, during the first official test of the U.S. Army’s first airplane, Orville Wright flew himself and a passenger, Lt. Frank Lahm, above Fort Myer, Va., for one hour and 12 minutes. In 1921, Canadian researcher Frederick Banting and his assistant, Charles Best, succeeded in isolating the hormone insulin at the University of Toronto. In 1942, Benny Goodman and his Orchestra and vocalist Peggy Lee recorded “Why Don’t You Do Right” in New York for Columbia Records. In 1953, the Korean War armistice was signed at Panmunjom, ending three years of fighting. In 1960, Vice President Richard M. Nixon was nominated for president on the first ballot at the Republican national convention in Chicago. In 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed the Kerner Commission to assess the causes of urban rioting, the same day black militant H. Rap Brown said in Washington that violence was “as American as cherry pie.” In 1981, 6-year-old Adam Walsh was abducted from a department store in Hollywood, Fla., and was later murdered. (His father, John Walsh, became a well-known crime victims’ advocate.) Movie director William Wyler (“Ben-Hur”) died in Los Angeles at age 79. In 1996, terror struck the Atlanta Olympics as a pipe bomb exploded at Centennial Olympic Park, directly killing one person and injuring 111. (Antigovernment extremist Eric Rudolph later pleaded guilty to the bombing.) One year ago: A Russian space official (Vitaly Davydov) said that once the mammoth International Space Station was no longer needed, it would be sent into the Pacific Ocean, probably in 2015. Today’s Birthdays: TV producer Norman Lear is 90. Actor Jerry Van Dyke is 81. Actor John Pleshette is 70. Singer Bobbie Gentry is 68. Actress-director Betty Thomas is 64. Olympic gold medal figure skater Peggy Fleming is 64. Singer Maureen McGovern is 63. Actress Janet Eilber is 61. Rock musician Tris Imboden (Chicago) is 61. Actress Roxanne Hart is 58. Country musician Duncan Cameron is 56. Comedian-actress-writer Carol Leifer is 56. Comedian Bill Engvall is 55. Jazz singer Karrin Allyson is 50. Country singer Stacy Dean Campbell is 45. Rock singer Juliana Hatfield is 45. Actor Julian McMahon is 44. Comedian Maya Rudolph is 40. Rock musician Abe Cunningham is 39. Singer-songwriter Pete Yorn is 38. MLB player Alex Rodriguez is 37. Actor Seamus Dever is 36. Actor Jonathan Rhys (rees) Meyers is 35. Actor Blair Redford is 29.


Dial 2 4



WGBH Wash.


WHDH XXX Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony. (N Same-day Tape) (In Stereo) Å


WMTW Shark Tank (In Stereo)


WMUR Shark Tank (In Stereo)





Nikita “Guardians” Alex moves in on Semak. (In Stereo) Å History Detectives Electric Fender Stratocaster. (In Stereo) Å Monk Monk wakes up with amnesia. (In Stereo) Å Undercover Boss Å


20/20 (N) (In Stereo) Å

WTBS Payne


WFXT The team treats a cheer- a truck company em-



Movie: ›‡ “Fool’s Gold” (2008, Action) Å







House “Holding On”


7 News at 10PM on Friends (In Everybody CW56 (N) (In Stereo) Å Stereo) Å Loves Raymond Eternal Cuba With En- Homeland: Immigration rique Chia The island’s in America Inconsistent heritage. Å immigration policies. (N) WBZ News Entertain- Seinfeld The Office (N) Å ment To- “The Baby “Health night (N) Shower” Care” Blue Bloods Å News Letterman



Bones The death of

leader. Å ployee. Å CSPAN Politics & Public Policy Today Law Order: CI WBIN The Office 30 Rock

Fox 25 News at 10 (N) Å Fox 25 TMZ (In News at Stereo) Å 11 (N) Politics & Public Policy Today News 10

Cash Cab Excused

’70s Show


ESPN SportsCenter Special

First Take Film Room Baseball Tonight (N)


ESPN2 30 for 30

26 Yrs.: Dewey Bozella Boxing Raymundo Beltran vs. Hank Lundy. (N)


CSNE Champ Boxing



NESN MLB Baseball: Red Sox at Yankees


LIFE Movie: ›››‡ “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994) Tim Robbins. Å



15 Awesomest

Opening Act

SportsCenter (N) Å


SportsNet Sports



Red Sox


Fashion Police


Amer. Most Wanted Chelsea

E! News


MTV Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Movie: ›‡ “Half Baked” (1998) (In Stereo)




The O’Reilly Factor (N) Hannity (N)

MSNBC The Ed Show (N)

Greta Van Susteren

The O’Reilly Factor

Rachel Maddow Show Lockup


Piers Morgan Tonight

Erin Burnett OutFront


CNN Anderson Cooper 360




USA Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU

Common Law (N)

Burn Notice Å


COM Tosh.0


Katt Williams: Pimp

John Oliver




SPIKE Movie: ›››‡ “The Shining” (1980) Jack Nicholson. Å


BRAVO Million Dollar LA


Anderson Cooper 360

Movie: ››› “Independence Day” (1996) Will Smith. Å (DVS)

Million Dollar LA

AMC Movie: › “Death Wish II” (1982) Å

“Minority Report” Å

Stephen King’s It (In Stereo) Movie: ›››‡ “No Country for Old Men” Movie: › “Death Wish 3” (1985) Å

SYFY WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) Å

Lost Girl (N) Å

Warehouse 13 Å


A&E Barter





HGTV Cool Pools Å


Hunt Intl


DISC Deadliest Catch (N) (In Stereo) Å





Say Yes

Say Yes


NICK My Wife

My Wife


TOON Cartoon Planet



You Live in What? (N) Say Yes

Say Yes

Hunt Intl

Barter Hunt Intl

Swamp Wars (N) Å

Deadliest Catch Å

Four Houses Å

Say Yes

Say Yes



Hollywood Heights (N) George


King of Hill King of Hill Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Fam. Guy

Fam. Guy


FAM Movie: ››› “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” (2009, Fantasy)

The 700 Club Å


DSN Movie: ››› “Finding Nemo” Å




SHOW Movie: ››› “The Italian Job” (2003) Å


HBO The Newsroom Å


MAX Movie: ›››› “Aliens” (1986) (In Stereo) Å


Lab Rats

“Division III: Football’s Finest”

Movie: ››‡ “In Time” (2011) (In Stereo) Å Strike Back Å

Jessie Franchise

Movie: “Contagion” Femme

Strike Bk.

CALENDAR TODAY’S EVENTS The 10th annual Granite State Autorama kicks off with the annual Open House and Shop Tour of Jim Lowrey’s Hot Rods. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Jim Lowrey’s Hot Rods on School Street in Tilton. The Rumble at the Weirs Cruise Night event as part of the 10th annual Granite State Autorama. Registrations and check ins for cars will be held at the Belmont fairgrounds from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cars will then be displayed at the Weirs Beach Lobster pound beginning at 6 p.m. For more information and eligible car models for the event visit Winnipesakuee Playhouse Teen Summer Camp presents a “Girl Power” showcase. 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. in the Barn Theatre in the old Annalee museum building. The showcase features strong female characters from various musicals and plays. The perfomances are free and open to the public. Inter-Lakes Summer Theatre Junior Interns presents their 5th Anniversary Children’s Series with the musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Inter-Lakes HS Auditorium. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the Inter-Lakes Summer Theatre box office. For more information call the box office at 1-888245-6374 or visit Smith College Geology Professor Robert Newton presents a slide show about the geological features of the Ossipee Ring Dike and leads a guided hiking tour. The presentation is from 9-10 a.m. in the upstairs meeting room of the Castle in the Clouds’ Carriage House. The hike is from 10:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The hike is 7 miles, with a total elevation gain of 983 ft. Limited to 30 participants. Free of charge. Preregister by calling 253-3301 or by emailing Winnipesaukee Playhouse presents the production of the English mystery ‘The Mousetrap’ sponsored by AutoServ Dealerships and Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. 7:30 p.m. in their Weirs Beach theater. Ticket cost is $24/adults and $22/seniors and students. Content may not be suitable for children under the age of 9. To book tickets call 366-7377. For more information visit www. Inter-Lakes Summer Theatre presents the musical ‘Annie’ featuring professional actors. 7:30 p.m. in the InterLakes Auditorium. For more information and ticket prices call 1-888-245-6374 or go to Performance of On Golden Pond at the Pitman’s Freight Room. 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. For more information or ticket prices call 707-7806 or go to Sit and Knit at the Hall Memorial Library. 2-5 p.m. Al-Anon Meeting at the Congregational Church Parish House (18 Veterans Square) in Laconia. 9:30 to 11 a.m. each Friday. Al-Anon offers hope and help to families of alcoholics. No dues or fees. All are welcome. Call 645-9518. Giggles & Grins playgroup at Family Resource Center in downtown Laconia (719 No. Main Street, Laconia). Free group for parents children from birth through age 5. For more information call 524-1741.

SATURDAY, JULY 28 10th annual Granite State Autorama fairground display. Gates open at 8 a.m. for car participants and at 9 a.m. for spectators. Vendors will feature hot rod memorabilia, music, and entertainment. Awards and trophies will be presented on Sunday. Admission is $10/adults and $5/children 6-12. For more information visit The Gilmanton Land Trust and the Gilmanton Historical Society hold a demonstration of the process of flax retting (creating linen) as it was done in Gilmanton 200 years ago. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the site of an ancient flax retting pond on Meeting House Road in Gilmanton. For more information call 267-6098 or email

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Edward J. Engler, Editor & Publisher Adam Hirshan, Advertising Sales Manager Michael Kitch, Adam Drapcho, Gail Ober Reporters Elaine Hirshan, Office Manager Crystal Furnee, Jeanette Stewart Ad Sales Patty Johnson, Production Manager & Graphics Karin Nelson, Classifieds Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.

Print answer here: A Yesterday’s

20/20 (N) (In Stereo) Å



C. Rose

Nikita “Pale Fire” Nikita crosses paths with Alex. (In Stereo) Å Havana, Havana! -- PBS Arts Cuban musician Raúl Paz. (N) Å Monk Monk enters the world of high fashion. (In Stereo) Å CSI: NY “Air Apparent”


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10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 Homeland: Immigration Need

Blue Bloods “Innocence” WBZ News Late Show Erin reopens a case (N) Å With David DiZio. Å pected of murder. Å Frank worked on. Letterman Shark Tank Ingrid Mi- 20/20 (N) (In Stereo) Å NewsCen- Nightline ter 5 Late (N) Å WCVB chaelson helps an entrepreneur. (In Stereo) (N) Å XXX Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony. London, the first city to host the Olympics three times, welWCSH comes the world and Queen Elizabeth II officially opens the Games. (N Same-day Tape) (In Stereo) Å

by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

©2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Undercover Boss Philly CSI: NY “Air Apparent”




McL’ghlin Havana, Havana!

WBZ Pretzel Factory CEO Dan A recent parolee is sus-

Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.



JULY 27, 2012

(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: HUNCH MULCH LEVITY LOTION Answer: She didn’t like working on the new song with her bandmate, so she decided to — TUNE HIM OUT

“Seeking the truth and printing it” THE LACONIA DAILY SUN is published Tuesday through Saturday by Lakes Region News Club, Inc. Edward Engler, Mark Guerringue, Adam Hirshan, Founders Offices: 1127 Union Ave. #1, Laconia, NH 03246 Business Office 737-2020, Newsroom 737-2026, Fax: 527-0056 News E-mail: CIRCULATION: 18,000 distributed FREE Tues. through Sat. in Laconia, Weirs Beach, Gilford, Meredith, Center Harbor, Belmont, Moultonborough, Winnisquam, Sanbornton, Tilton, Gilmanton, Alton, New Hampton, Plymouth, Bristol, Ashland, Holderness.

Page 22 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

Meredith Village Savings Bank announces grant to Lakes Region Habitat for Humanity

MEREDITH — The Meredith Village Savings Bank Fund (MVSB Fund) has awarded a $3,545 grant to Lakes Region Habitat for Humanity (LRHH). The grant funds will be used to upgrade current scaffolding to meet OSHA safety standards. According to OSHA, scaffolding is the number one most frequently cited violation following worksite inspections to determine that facilities are providing a safe and healthful workplace for its volunteers. From left: Jason Hicks, vice president and controller at MVSB and vice president for LRHH; Marilyn “We are so grateDeschenes, president of LRHH; Charleen Hughes, assistant vice president, branch and business ful for this award development manager at MVSB’s Route 104 office; and Carrie Jordan, assistant vice president, from the MVSB branch and business development manager at the bank’s office in Meredith. (Courtesy photo) Fund”, noted Marilyn Deschenes, president of LRHH. “Upgrading Humanity is one of 32 grants totaling $78,762 our scaffolding will benefit not only the safety of awarded by the MVSB Fund in the most recent our volunteers, but will increase the number of grant cycle. The Fund makes grants every year families LRHH is able to assist in home ownerto local non-profits that make a significant ship. Because of this grant we can spend money impact upon the lives of people in the communion other projects, instead using it to purchase or ties MVSB serves. Two hundred sixteen grants rent new scaffolding.” totaling more than $796,000 have been awarded LRHH works in partnership with community to a wide range of environmental, social, edumembers to build and renovate houses with the cational, and historic projects throughout the goal that every person in the Lakes Region has Lakes Region and Plymouth area, since its the opportunity to live and grow in a decent inception in 1997. Applications for the next set home. LRHH was founded in 1982 and has renoof grants are due by October 15. vated or built 31 homes in the Lakes Region. More information can be found at www.mvsb. The award to Lakes Region Habitat for com. from preceding page

SATURDAY, JULY 28 Weirs Beach Summer Psychic Fair. Noon to 8 p.m. at the Weirs Beach Community Center. Various physic techniques will be exhibited. Crystal Studies will begin at 1:30 p.m. and a channeling gallery will occur at 3:30 p.m. Food concessions will be available. For further details contact Angie D’Anjou at 321-4818 or visit Trail maintenance work day with Hal Graham and the BRATTS on the Red Trail on Belknap Mountain. Meet at 8:30 a.m. at the lower gate on Carriage Road in Gilford. New volunteers are always welcome. Bring gloves and a lunch. Tools are provided. For more information, contact Hal or Peg Graham at 286-3506 or email Mr.Pott’s Tea Party comes to Lakeport. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Vineyard on 175 Mechanic Street. Children are welcome to dress as princesses or in play clothes. Goody bags, tiaras, and a picture with a frame will be given out. Features crafts, a play, and brunch. To reserve a spot call 866-246-5186. Gabe’s Fund 5K. Begins at 1 p.m. at the Franklin Savings Bank in downtown Franklin. $25 fee to participate. t-shirts, prize drawings, water, and more. Inter-Lakes Summer Theatre Junior Interns presents their 5th Anniversary Children’s Series with the musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Inter-Lakes HS Auditorium. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the Inter-Lakes Summer Theatre box office. For more information call the box office at 1-888245-6374 or visit 60th annual Hebron Fair. Festivities begin at 9 a.m. on the Hebron Common. The fair will feature food, children’s games, horse rides, gift basket raffles, vendors and more. The silent auction runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the live auction begins at 1 p.m. The famously delicious chicken BBQ begins at 5:30 p.m. Admission is free, rain or shine, with proceeds benefiting the Union Congregational Church. For additional information call 744-5883 or visit hebron- The American Legion Post 33 in Meredith hosts a Karaoke event. 7:30 p.m. at the Post at 6 Plymouth Street in Meredith. Open to the public. $5 donation requested. The Pemi-Baker Valley Republican Committee (PBBRC) holds an All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner. 5-7 p.m. in the American Legion Hall, 37 Main Street in Ashland. Ovide Lamontagen, candidate for governor, is this months speaker. The event is open to the public. The meal is $10/ adults, $5/children 5-12. Family price of $25. Non-perishables appreciated for donation. The Squam Lake Natural Science Center hosts a Barn Tour of four surviving barns from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Three of the barns are located in Holderness and one is located in Center Harbor. Tickets can be obtained by calling 968-7194. Further information will be given out upon registration. The tour benefits the Kirkwood Gardens at the Science Center. The Margret and H.A. Rey Center Art Gallery in Waterville Valley holds its second annual Art, Wine, and Cheese event. 3-6 p.m. Wine tasting is being held from 3-5:30 p.m. The live art action begins at 5:30 p.m. Tickets for the tasting are $15. All proceeds benefit the art and educational programs at the Center and Curious George Cottage. Winnipesaukee Playhouse presents the production of the English mystery ‘The Mousetrap’ sponsored by AutoServ Dealerships and Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. 7:30 p.m. in their Weirs Beach theater. Ticket cost is $24/adults and $22/seniors and students. Content may not be suitable for children under the age of 9. To book tickets call 366-7377. For more information visit www. Inter-Lakes Summer Theatre presents the musical ‘Annie’ featuring professional actors. 7:30 p.m. in the Inter-Lakes Auditorium. For more information and ticket prices call 1-888-245-6374 or go to www.interlakestheatre. com. Performance of On Golden Pond at the Pitman’s Freight Room. 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. For more information or ticket prices call 707-7806 or go to

Bayswater hosting 2nd Annual Children’s Author Fair Saturday

CENTER HARBOR — Bayswater Book Company of Center Harbor will host its 2nd Annual Children’s Author Fair on Saturday, July 28 from 11 a.m.-1pm. Ten New England based children’s authors and illustrators will be signing their books as part of a month long celebration of children’s books at Bayswater. Authors and illustrators participating include Karel Hayes, Marty Kelley, Andy Opel, Lynn Plourde, Jane Kohuth, Lisa Greenleaf, Jean Heilprin Diehl, AC Gaughen, Nicole Tadgell and Shennen Bersani. Karel Hayes, a local favorite and Center Harbor resident, has authored and/or illustrated fourteen books, including her most recent, The Summer Visitors. Collaborating with Hayes in his latest book is author Andy Opel, a resident of the Lakes Region in the summer. His book, The Witches tells the mysterious story of a children’s adventure on Lake Winnipesaukee. Author Marty Kelley will be signing copies of his favorites Summer Stinks and The Rules, along with his newest book, Crustacean Vacation. Author of over 30 children’s books, Maine resident Lynn Plourde will be signing some of her favorites including Pajama Day and her popular middle reader selection, The Lost Trail. Lisa Greenleaf Whittier’s book, The Barefoot Boy is a full color adaptation of John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem of the summer of his youth. Jane Kohuth’s newest book, Duck Sock Hop takes the reader along for the fun-filled adventures of a group of ducks and their multi-colored socks. Kohuth will also be bringing along colorful socks to decorate! Massachusetts resident Shennen Bersani will be signing copies of her recently released illustrated children’s book, Home in the Cave, her 13th book. Jean Heilprin Diehl’s Three Little Beavers tells the heartwarming story of how a group of beavers helps a child to discover one of her special talents and find her place in her family. Diehl’s past books include Loon Chase and The Tree That Bear Climbed. Illustrator of 10 books, Nicole Tadgell’s First Peas to the Table leads the reader through the humorous trials see next page Summer Fun Craft Show. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Tanger Outlets in Tilton, rain or shine. Admission is free. Featuring the music of Tim Janis and various exhibitors. To preview the fair go to For more information call Joyce Endee at 528-4014. The Greater Plymouth Public Heath Network sponsors a two day CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class on behalf of the Central New Hampshire Health Partnership. Both days go from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ashland Fire Station. Free of charge and open for all. To register call 536-4000 X 1390 or go online to Public Breakfast and Bake Sale hosted by the Masons of Doric-Centre Lodge #20 in Tilton. 7 to 9:30 a.m. at the Masonic Building on 410 West Main Street Full breakfast, including eggs cooked to order. $6. The Masonic Lodge will also be open for public tours and information. For more information about the breakfasts or about the Masons, contact Woody Fogg at 524-8268. Al-Anon Meeting at the Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia. 8 to 9:15 p.m. each Saturday in the firstfloor conference room. Al-Anon offers hope and help to families of alcoholics. No dues or fees. All are welcome. Call 645-9518. All compulsive eaters are welcome to attend the Overeaters Anonymous meeting held each Saturday morning from 11 to 12 at the Franklin Hospital. The Laconia Farmers’ Market. 8 a.m. to noon in the Laconia City Hall parking lot. A variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, natural meats, seafood, home made baked goods, jelly and breads will be available. Accepts Snap/EBT and credit card payments. Narcotics Anonymous meeting. 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Society (172 Pleasant Street) in Laconia. Open Door Dinners offer free weekly meal in Tilton. 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. An outreach housed at Trinity Episcopal Church on Main Street, downtown. provides a free hot meal open to all members of the community. All are welcome to eat and all are welcome to help out. For more information, especially about volunteering, please call Pastor Mark at 286-3120 or e-mail him at

Jill Dennis is soloist at Meredith Neck Union Church on Sunday MEREDITH — Soloist Jill Dennis is new to the Meredith Neck Union Church family this year, but is no stranger to church singing, as she is a regular in the choir at the First Congregational Church of Meredith. A Meredith resident, Jill is also a busy mom of three, and will be performing “We Will Glorify” and “Lamb of God”, both by Twila Paris, on Jill Dennis (Courtesy photo) July 29, at the 10 a.m. service of the little church on 258 Meredith Neck Road. Rev. John Hughes, a United Church of Christ pastor from Manchester-By-The-Sea in MA, will return as guest speaker and has been a church favorite for more than 15 years. His message, which references David and Bathsheba is titled, “The Girl Next Door.” Also, familiar to the church, but switching roles this year, is Leslie Holmes, who in the past has been a soloist, but for the next two weeks will be the guest pianist.

Day to fight Cancer at PSU on September 22

PLYMOUTH — The 13th annual Day to Fight Cancer will be held at Plymouth State University’s PE Center next to Arold Field in Holderness on Saturday, Sept. 22. Registration begins at 11 a.m. with a walk which begins at 11:30 a.m. and ends at 9 p.m. The event is being organized by the Keeping You and Me and Memories Alive, which has a website, and a Facebook page where people can register. Those who raise a minimum of $50 will receive a free event T-shirt. Participants can walk alone or as a team and walkers can walk as little or as much as they desire. Funds realized from the event will go to assist individuals who are battling cancer and live in the greater Plymouth area. The day will feature live entertainment and guests, including Miss New Hampshire, face painting, a Moon Walk Bouncy House as well as children’s games and activities. Supporters of the event can purchase a luminary for $5 to light the pathway for the walkers or purchase a sky lantern and receive a luminary for free. Sky lanterns will be launched at 9 p.m. For more information send an e-mail to info@ from preceding page and tribulations of a race involving pea plants. For young adults, AC Gaughen’s novel Scarlet tells a new version of the story of Robin Hood that is full of action, secrets and romance. In addition to the signings, Bayswater is celebrating the end of July’s Find Waldo Where We Live and Play contest. There will be games, refreshments and prizes.

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 23

Giguere Auto Wholesalers

LDS Real Prices, Real People, No Gimmicks, No Fine Print!

968 Laconia Road, Tilton (Next to Pirate’s Cove)

524-4200 ~ 2007 Honda Foreman 500 4x4 2010 Polaris Sportsman 500 4x4 2005 Honda Rincon 650 4x4 Only es! il 152 M

Only es! il 454 M

$3,995 2005 Ranger XP 700 EFI 4x4

c mati Auto



Diablo Mini Chopper

Only rs! ou 290 H New Tires, Dump Body

$3,995 1997 Max Amphibious ATV ats It Flo





6-Wheel Drive


2007 Dodge Grand Caravan 7-Passenger, Stow ‘n Go Seating ................$6,995 2002 GMC 2500 HD Ex-Cab 4x4 4-Door, 8 ft. Bed ..................................$7,995 2006 VW Jetta 2.5L, Auto, A/C, Loaded .....................................................$8,995 2002 Mercedes E-320 Wagon 4-Matic, 3rd Row Seating .......................$7,995 2006 Chrysler Town & Country 7-Passenger, Stow ‘n Go Seating ...........$5,995 2002 GMC Sonoma ZR-2 Ex-Cab 4x4 Auto, Loaded .............................$5,995 2005 Ford Escape 4x4 V-6, Auto .............................................................$5,995 2002 Ford Explorer 4x4 V-6, 3rd Row Seating ........................................$4,995 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible.....................................................$5,995 2001 GMC Jimmy 4x4 Leather, Moonroof ...............................................$4,995 2005 GMC Yukon XL 4x4 7-Passneger, 3rd Row Seating, Fully Loaded .....$8,995 2001 Ford F-150 6-Cylinder, A/C, 8 ft. Bed ................................................$4,995 2004 Volvo XC 70 Wagon AWD Leather, Moonroof ................................$7,995 2001 Ford F-150 Super Crew 4x4 4-Door, Loaded .................................$6,995 2004 PT Cruiser 4-Cylinder, Only 60k Miles...............................................$5,995 2001 GMC 3500 HD 10 ft. Flatbed, Auto, A/C ...........................................$4,995 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 6-Cylinder, Moonroof .............$5,995 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport Automatic, Hard Top, A/C .............................$7,995 2004 GMC Envoy 4x4 V-6, Loaded ..........................................................$6,995 2000 Ford Ranger Ex-Cab 4x4 V-6, Auto, Loaded ...................................$5,995 2004 Ford Explorer 4x4 V-6, 3rd Row Seating, Leather ...........................$7,995 1999 Ford Ranger XLT, Ex-Cab 4x4 Stepside, 5-Speed ...........................$5,995 2003 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4 4-Door, Auto, Loaded ................................$3,995 1998 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 4.0L, 4-Door, Auto ...........................................$4,995

Vehicles Come NH State Inspected With A 20 Day Plate AND FREE NH State Inspection For As Long As You Own The Vehicle!! 1998 Mercedes SLK 230

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2006 Chevy 1500 LT Ex. Cab 4x4

1964 Chevy C-10 Missouri Truck

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2001 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew 4x4

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2001 Ford Ranger Ex-Cab 4x4



2004 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4x4

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2004 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 4x4

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2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4x4




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Diesel, Moonroof, Leather, King Ranch



2004 Chevy Avalanche 4x4 6-Passenger!




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2006 Ford F-350 Crew Cab Dually 4x4



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2001 GMC 3500HD Dually



2006 VW Beetle

Go Topless!

Only 96k Miles!

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Page 24 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012


Dear Annie: My younger brother, “George,” is on the autism spectrum. He has a friend, “Cindy,” with similar needs. For the past few years, my parents have welcomed Cindy into our home, and now she feels comfortable inviting herself over and doing whatever she wants. This means bossing George around and yelling at him while he avoids her by watching TV in a different room. She also carries our cats as if they are dolls. She won’t let go even when they protest by scratching and biting. Cindy is in her late teens and should know better, but she is loud, pushy and obnoxious. She doesn’t listen when someone tells her “no.” Despite my best efforts to be polite and civil, I cannot tolerate her. When she’s here, I leave the house or lock myself in my room. The problem is, my parents are often too preoccupied with business, phone calls and visits from our neighbors to deal with Cindy, so I have to be the emergency adult. I have tried talking to my parents about Cindy, pointing out her behavior and the way she treats George, but my pleas fall on deaf ears. Cindy’s parents aren’t any better. In fact, I think they are taking advantage of us by letting Cindy spend so much time here. But I seem to be the only one bothered. Is there anything I can do to put an end to these visits without causing offense? I can’t take much more of her. -Ignored and Outraged Dear Ignored: Cindy’s behavior may not be as tempered at this age as you seem to believe it should be, so we urge you to be less judgmental. In fact, you are in an excellent position to explain to Cindy how to treat the cats more gently and behave in a more acceptable manner. But if you don’t wish to work with her, she should not be your problem. George can tell your parents if he no longer wants Cindy to

visit, and they should handle it. And when Cindy is around, your parents should supervise more closely. We suspect they are avoiding her, too. Dear Annie: My daughter and I recently hosted a bridal shower in my home. We planned a fun event and took special pains with the food and drink offered. I was terribly offended when several guests came with their own large sodas. We had lemonade, iced tea and water all served in crystal pitchers with lemon slices. Meanwhile, their big plastic cups with straws were not a pretty sight, especially when they plopped them down on my end tables. Please tell people that when they are invited to someone’s home where refreshments will be served, it is rude to bring their own. -- Not a Fan of the Big Gulp Dear Fan: Consider them told. But don’t expect them to listen. Too many folks do not understand what appropriate behavior means -- and resent any attempt to be educated about it. Dear Annie: “Retiree in Florida” took issue with a reader who said his widowed father sold the family house and used the proceeds to buy a new one with his new wife. She said whatever assets she built up with her husband are for her children, not his next wife. When my wife died, the first thing I did was replace the old carpeting and repaint the inside of the house to get rid of the smoke smell from her cigarette habit. When I remarried, I moved. If any of my children say I should have given them money from the sale of the house, I will tell them that if they want money, they should go to work. If I had died first, my wife could have done the same thing. If “Retiree” wants the kids to get the house, she should put it in the will. -- Happier Now Than Ever

Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please e-mail your questions to:, or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

$1-A-DAY CLASSIFIEDS • CALL 527-9299 DOLLAR-A-DAY: Private Party ads only (For Sale, Lost, Autos, etc.), must run ten consecutive days, 15 words max. Additional words 10¢ each per day. does not apply to yard sales. REGULAR RATE: $2 a day; 10¢ per word per day over 15 words. PREMIUMS: First word caps no charge. Additional bold, caps and 9pt type 10¢ per word per day. Centered words 10¢ (2 word minimum) TYPOS: Check your ad the first day of publication. Sorry, we will not issue credit after an ad has run once, and we do not offer refunds. DEADLINES: noon the business day prior to the day of publication. PAYMENT: All private party ads must be pre-paid. We accept checks, Visa Mastercard and Discover credit cards and of course, cash. $10 minimum order for credit cards. CORRESPONDENCE: To place your ad call our offices at 527-9299 between 9 am & 5 pm, Monday through Friday; Stop by our office or send a check or money order with ad copy to The Laconia Daily Sun,1127 Union Ave, Laconia, NH 03246. You can email ads to, we will contact you for payment. OTHER RATES: For information about display ads or other advertising options, call 527-9299.




For Rent

ADORABLE Chihuahua Puppies: 2 males, health certificates and first shots, $800 each. 393-5171.

100 tons of scrap cars & trucks. Best offer, 524-1622.

BOAT SLIPS for Rent Winnipesaukee Pier, Weirs Beach, NH Reasonable Rates Call for Info. 366-4311

BELMONT-NEW 2 bedroom mobile home with front porch, new appliances, washer/dryer hookup. Located in a 55+ park-no pets/no smoking. First + security, references. $900./month + utilties. 528-1463 or 524-6162

AKC BULL MASTIFF Puppies: Parents, 1 female, 3 males, all brindle in color. $1,200/each. 340-5364. AKC Yellow Labs, AKC papers and health certificate, females only, 12 weeks, ready now. (603)733-9234. Pomeranian Puppies- Ready August 4th. 1 male, 1 female, color black & 1 female sable. Health certificates and first shots. $500, deposit or payments accepted, to be paid on or before August 4th. 524-6750 Home 630-4104 cell Pomeranians For Sale- $400 each. 1 male, 1 female. Call: 603-744-3572

Announcement Attention Organizations! Hold your own gold buying fundraiser. Call Absolute Precious Metal, Meredith, NH. 603-279-0607. Non Profits Welcome- Businesses Welcome.

1990 Jag XJS v-12 Red Convertible, 43,000 original miles, excellent condition, must see car. Asking $15,000. Winter garaged. Bill 603-776-8701 1993 Buick- 2 door, new parts. $700 or best offer. Cash only. Call 934-5516 2000 GMC 2500 4X4. 138K miles, good shape. $3,500. 528-1676 2001 BMW 325 XI- All wheel drive, 5-speed, 4-door, leather interior, 160K miles. $4,500/OBO. 603-848-0530 2002 Toyota Sienna LE- 7 passenger, A/c, Automatic, 2 keyless entry, brand new all season tires, new exhaust. 132K miles, clean. $5,800. 524-6653 2002 VW Beetle GL, standard 5 spd, only 42,600 miles, $6,150 OBO. 524-1728, leave message. 2005 Chrystler Town & Country Touring. 53 K, one owner, very clean inside and out, just inspected. $9,500 or B.O. 366-4905 2006 Ford Escape, 4wd, 5 spd manual, 4 cyl, new tires, 152k mi, one owner, great shape. Asking $3,900. 369-0494 2006 Hummer H-3, 64,000 miles, manual 5 speed, Blk/Chrome, Blk Leather. Loaded. Excellent. $17,900. 875-7307 BUYING junk cars, trucks & big trucks ME & NH. Call for price. Martin Towing. (603)305-4504. CASH paid for unwanted or junk cars and trucks. Same day service possible. 603-231-2859. TOP dollar paid for junk cars & trucks. Available 7-days a week. P3s Towing. 630-3606



No hotels, no waiting. 603-279-0607, Thrifty Yankee, Rte. 25, Meredith, NH. Wed-Sun,

1984 Easy Roller Boat Trailer. Twin axel, brakes, will adjust up to

BOATSLIPS for rent- Paugus Bay up to 22 ft. 401-284-2215. KAYAK– Red Old Town Loon 138, one seat. Very good condition. $375. 528-9112.

LETS GO FISHING! Simple fishing with Paddle King Boats and Tohatsu Outboard motors, Call 738-2296 or visit Slip for Laker or narrow antique boat. 7.5X30. Also larger dock space. Smiths Cove, $1,500 603-661-2883

Child Care LISA'S Family Child Care. Tilton/Northfield area. Planned activities. 6:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Clean, safe, home setting. Infants through school age children. A caring place where children have fun. Call 630-0547.

Counseling SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELING DWI Assessments, evaluations, one to one. Free visit. MS-MLADC 603-998-7337

For Rent APARTMENTS, mobile homes. If you need a rental at a fair price, call DRM Corp. Over 40 years in rentals. We treat you better! 524-0348 or visit M-W-F, 12-5, at 373 Court Street, Laconia. BELMONT- Mobile Home lot for rent in Cates Mobile Home Park. Located in a 55+ park, no pets. This is a vacant lot for you to place YOUR OWN manufactured home on. Lot rent is $350. per month. 528-1463 or 524-6162

BELMONT: 2 Bedroom. Heat included, $700 per month plus security deposit. No dogs. 630-2614. BELMONT: 1 bedroom, 2nd floor, coin-op laundry & storage space in basement. $195/week including heat, electric & hot water. 524-1234, GILFORD 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Condo. Fireplace, gas heat, W/D hookup, no dogs/smoking. 1 year lease, $975/month + security. 455-6269. GILFORD Condo: 2-bedroom partially furnished, 1.5 bath, granite counters, fireplace, pool/tennis/washer/dryer. $1,195/month plus utilities. No pets. 617-501-8545

For Rent

For Rent

LACONIA 2-Bedroom House. 64 Fenton Ave. Good neighborhood, easy walk to downtown. New bath, kitchen, windows, insulation. Oil heat & hot water. No smokers. No pets. 1-yr lease. $1275/mo. + utilities 630-1438.

LACONIA: 4 bedroom on 2nd & 3rd floors of duplex building. Access to full basement with coin-op laundry. $280/week, including heat, electric & hot water, 524-1234

LACONIA prime 1st floor Pleasant St. Apartment. Walk to town & beaches. 2 bedrooms + 3-season glassed in sun porch. Completely repainted, glowing beautiful hardwood floors, marble fireplace, custom cabinets in kitchen with appliances, tile bath & shower. $1,000/Month includes heat & hot water. 630-4771 or 524-3892

LACONIA: Gilbert Apartments. Call for available apartments. 524-4428

LACONIA PRIVATE, spacious, one bedroom apartment. Walk to grocieries, laundry, downtown, hospital or tech school. 3rd Floor, exterior walk-up. Rent includes heat, hot water and parking for one car at $750.00/mo. AC Avail, you pay elec. No smoking, No pets. Application, References & Security Deposit required. 603-528-7700. LACONIA1 bedroom $150/Week, includes heat & hot water. References & deposit. 524-9665 LACONIA- 1-bedroom on quiet dead-end street. $675 /Month. All utilities included, Call 527-8363. No pets. LACONIA- 3 Room, 1 bedroom, 2nd floor with sun porch. $165/Week, includes heat/electric. $600 security. 937-7272 or 524-7793

LACONIA: NICE 3 bedroom apartment. Clean, quiet, newly renovated, near park, short walk to town and schools. $1,000/month. Heat & hot water, snow removal included. Onsite coin operated laundry. Pets welcome. Call 524-0703. MEREDITH - 3 Bedroom, upscale apartment. 1&1/2 baths, washer/dryer, A/C, d/w, non-smoking, 2nd floor. Sunny, walk to town & docks, $1,200/Month. No utilities. 603-279-7887, 781-862-0123 cell. Meredith- Large 1 bedroom apartment. Country setting, screen room, garage, easy access to Rt. 93, heat/hot water/mowing/plowing/garbage removal included. $950/Month. 279-5573 Meredith- Private, Newly renovated 2nd floor 1 bedroom apartment within walking distance to Meredith Center, local shops & restaurants. Includes heat, hot water & electricity. Off-street parking available. $950/Month. First/security/references required. Call 603-387-7005 for additional information

LACONIA- Large Rooms for rent. Private bath, heat/hot water, electric, cable, parking included. $145/week 603-781-6294 LACONIA: 2 bedroom, 1st floor, separate entrance, coin-op laundry in basement. $220/week including heat, electric & hot water. 524-1234, Meredith 2-bedroom mobile home and 1 bedroom apartment. $675-725/month + utilities. Close to downtown. No dogs. 279-5846

Tilton- Downtown 1 bedroom apartment. $675/Month, heat included. 857-264-1740

New Franklin Apartments, LLC Elderly and Disabled Housing Now Accepting Applications for Project-Based Section 8 Subsidized Apartments HUD Income Limits Apply One & Two Bedroom Units Available Located in Tilton, Franklin & West Franklin

Apartments Available Now For more information, please contact 603-286-4111 Or TTY 1-800-735-2964


GILFORD - 1 or 2-bedroom units available. Heat & electricity negotiable. From $190/week. Pets considered. 556-7098.

1 Bedroom Mechanic St. School $585 Utilities Not Included No Pets Please A Beautiful Rustic Brick Building! Non Smoking Building.

GILFORD: 4-bedroom, 3-bath house, garage, decks, walk-out basement, private beach, W/D. No smoking. Pet negotiable. $1,650/month +utilities. References, security deposit, one year lease. 603-455-6269.

Section 8 Welcome Income Restrictions Apply Well Maintained Units Off Street Parking

LACONIA 1 bedroom apartments in clean, quiet downtown building. Recently completely renovated. From $165/Week. 524-3892 or 630-4771

Credit, Criminal & Landlord References Required


LACONIA 1 Bedroom with garage, $500/ month plus utilities. Security, deposit, references. Please call 520-8212.

1-800-742-4686 The Hodges Companies 201 Loudon Road Concord, NH 03301

Laconia 1 room for rent. 118 Court St. 1st floor, $125/Week includes everything. Own bath-

Proudly owned by Laconia Area Community Land Trust

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 25

For Rent

For Rent

For Sale

TILTON: Large room for rent downtown. $150/week includes all utilities. 603-286-4391.

AMAZING! Beautiful pillowtop matress sets, twin $169, full or queen $249, king $399. See AD under “Furniture”.

TILTON- Mobile Home Lot for rent in Daltons Mobile Home Park. Located in a 55+ park - no pets, This is a vacant lot for you to place YOUR OWN manufactured home on. Lot rent is $350. per month. 528-1463 or 524-6162


NORTHFIELD: 2 bedroom, 1st floor, direct access to basement with coin-op laundry. $230/week including heat, electric & hot water. 524-1234,

BABY Grand Piano: Yamaha, walnut, 58 x 5, excellent condition, needs tuning, $3,000. Call 603-738-2675

CEDAR LODGE Weirs Beach, Open Year Round ... Studios, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom condos starting at $575 per month. Please call Wendy at 366-4316.

FIREWOOD: Green, Cut, split and delivered (Gilmanton and surrounding area). $190/cord. Seasoned available. (603)455-8419

For Sale

GREEN floral sofa. Excellent con dition, barely used. $400/BO. Rustic Lake mirror $50/OBO 293-8116

10 ' X24' Canopy & Frame for Shore Station or dock. New $2000, asking $500. 366-5586 12 Guage Remington Wingmaster pump shotgun. $375.00. Call 998-3202.

TILTON- 1 Downstairs 1-bedroom, newly redone $620/Month. No dogs 603-393-9693 or 916-214-7733.

Antique half-round bar. 4’x3 ’x4”. Fold-up game/card table with felt top. 3’x9” round. 524-0561

GUITAR- Taylor Accoustic., Electric, Model 210C, $650 or B. O. Call 603-364-2141 HOT Tub- 2012 model 6 person 40 jets, waterfall. Full warranty & cover. Cost $8,000 sell $3,800. Can deliver 603-235-5218

2002 Toyota Sienna LE- 7 passenger, A/c, Automatic, 2 keyless entry, brand new all season tires, new exhaust. 132K miles, clean. $5,800. 524-6653

KITCHEN Cabinets- brand new, maple, cherrywood, shaker & antique white. Solid wood, never installed, cost $6,500 sell $1,650. 603-833-8278

2004 Tiger River Hot Tub- 5 person, always used indoors. Excellent condition. $2,500/OBO. 603-524-6827

Mosquito Magnet, full propane tank, attractant, original accessories and instructions. $340 value for $150. 293-4972 MOVING: Antique love seat, gold china, end tables, maple bureau, computer desk and more. 603-476-5017. NEW In Box work light AM-Pro 180 LED, AC 110v & 12V DC. $25, New in box motion detector & security light, quartz, 300w $35, 7 1/4 in. Black & Decker skill saw $20, 14in Electric Homelite chain saw $25. 603-630-7942 Ruger 44 Mag. Zaquero Revolver w/ammo. $600/Best offer. Wells Fargo Winchester 94 Centennial $750/Best offer. 603-875-0363

For Sale



FREE Pickup for your unwanted, useful items. Garages, vehicls, estates cleaned out and yardsale items. (603)930-5222.

contents of storage units, household, basement & barn, etc. Free removal. (603)730-2260. SUPPORT your local logger and heat with carbon neutral wood or wood pellets. Purchase a Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace on sale EPA qualified to 97% efficient. (603)447-2282.

Furniture AMAZING! Beautiful Queen or Full-size mattress set. Luxury Firm European Pillow-top style. Fabulous back & hip support. Factory sealed - new 10-Yr. warranty. Cost $1095, sell $249. Can deliver 603-305-9763.

GRAND OPENING! NEW LOCATION! COZY CABIN RUSTICS AND MATTRESS OUTLET! 10-20% OFF In-Stock Rustic, Lodge, Log Cabin, and Shaker Furniture, Locally Made, Unique, Bedrooms,Living Rooms, Dining, Futons,Bunkbeds,Artwork, Recliners, Occasional Tables, Much More! Now in Senters Market Place Next to Heaths Supermarket, Ctr. Harbor and 757 Tenney Mtn Hwy Plymouth, Across from Sears. Call Jason 662-9066 or Arthur 996-1555 email WWW.VISCODIRECT.COM

NEW trailer load mattresses....a great deal! King set complete $395, queen set $249. 603-524-1430.

Free 18’ 1980 Glastron Boat Free! You haul away. Includes free motor. Call 387-7019

Help Wanted

MARTIN’S Metal Removal- Appliances, air conditioners, lawnmowers, all metals. Free if outside. (603)305-4504 (603)204-9304.

Heavy Equipment 1976 CASE 580C Loader/backhoe, good condition. $10,000 603-524-4445 1980 Ford 555 Loader/BackhoeDiesel, strong, no leaks, full cab. Needs nothing. $9,000. Belmont. 603-387-0933

Help Wanted ANTHONY!S Old Style Pizzeria. Full and Part-time Pizza makers, Delivery people and Cooks. Apply in person only, Anthony Old Style Pizzeria, 35 Center St. Wolfeboro Falls. Central NH Hospitality Group Searching for

Hands on Executive Chef Experience with ala cart as well as banquets a must. Competitive Salary, benefits and 401K. Please e-mail resume to:

CARDBOARD BAILER National Cleaning company looking for person to drive vehicle with trailer picking up trash and cardboard from stores at local outlet mall. Must be able to lift 50 lbs and have a clean driving record.

If, interested please contact Scott at

603-455-7670 COOK/ FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR Applicant must relate well to children and love cooking. Purchase, plan, prepare and serve USDA family-style meals for young children. Mon-Fri PT, e-mail or call 279-8903.

Dynamic Coach Wanted Moderate size swim team located in the Lakes Region looking for an experienced swim coach to join our team and to share their passion for swimming with a great group of swimmers! This year round team, services swimmers ages 5-19, and abilities - novice to New England level champs. Qualified candidates should have current coaching certification (or ability to readily attain). If interested, please forward your resume to: Coach Position, P.O. Box 7145, Gilford, NH 03247

Deer Run Apartments Meredith, N.H. Accepting applications for our waiting list Rent includes hot water, low utility costs, deductions for child care, pay only 30% of your AGI Section 8 Vouchers accepted on Market Units

Call today to see if you qualify 603-224-9221 TDD #1-800-545-1833 Ext. 118 or download an application at An Equal Opportunity Housing Agent

REFERRAL CENTER RN F/T position in central NH providing a centralized telephone contact point for home health care services. Works with referral partners, clients/families to help navigate the complex system of services & programs and initiates assessment/admission process for services. RN will develop relationships with medical provider/client community, providing an understanding of the home health or hospice benefit. The right candidate will be a self-starter, have a solid healthcare background and will be comfortable interacting with healthcare leaders. RN will coordinate care between physician offices, facilities and agency staff. Min.Qual: NH RN License, 1 yr. home health care exp., strong computer, diagnosis coding, communication skills. Very strong customer service approach. Interested candidates should submit a resume to:

C. Long, Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice, 780 N Main Street, Laconia, NH 03246 FAX 603-524-8217 or e-mail, Visit our web site at EOE

Page 26 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

Help Wanted

Help Wanted



POSITION AVAILABLE for a part-time journeyman or master electrician. Inquiries please email info to or leave a voicemail at 520-7167. ELECTRICIANS, licensed, min 6 yrs experience in commercial/ residential trouble shooting and service work. Top wages with package. Email resume to: or fax: 603-356-7985.

MARINE TECHNICIAN Channel Marine is looking for an experienced (5+ years) marine technician. Certifications a plus. Call Jeff @366-4801 ext. 215

SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL Family seeking an individual with strong interactive skills and a positive, creative and energetic attitude to support a 17 year old boy with special needs from the Greater Laconia area, part-time afternoons and some weekends. Excellent communication skills, with a cheerful, caring and patient disposition are necessary attributes for successful employment. Some health, like skills, personal hygiene and support care is required. Those with LNA certification and experience working with children with special needs, specifically Autism, are encouraged to apply. The position requires close interaction, trust and confidentiality with the family. Must have a reliable vehicle with insurance, good driving record, and pass a criminal background check. The pay rate for the right person is $14-$17 per hour. Interested parties should call 387-9630, or send resumes to ISC, PO Box 7082, Gilford, NH 03247. IMMEDIATE OPENING, experienced cook needed, must have driver!s license and reliable transportation. Please call paradise beach club 366-2665.

Gilford School District Experienced Custodial Supervisor The Gilford School District is currently accepting applications for an experienced Custodial Supervisor. Experience in hard floor care, general cleaning & housekeeping equipment operation, is required. This is a full time working supervisory position. Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years of custodial supervisory experience. During the school year this is a second shift position. The Gilford School District offers a clean, safe, healthy atmosphere, and a competitive wage and benefit package.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

FRONT DESK HOUSEKEEPING NIGHT AUDIT Fireside Inn & Suites is looking for the right employees to work in the housekeeping, front desk and night audit departments. Willing to work full-time in the peak season and part-time in off-peak season, weekends a must. Hours vary per position, all positions are year round. All applicants must be energetic, reliable, flexible and good with people. Computer, calculator, money handling experience and the ability to multi-task is a must for the front desk and audit positions. Experience in the hospitality industry a plus. Come in and fill out an application today.

17 Harris Shore Rd. Gilford, NH 03249


Booth Rental Spacious Room for Massage or Esthetics in new spa. Bring your own equipment or rent ours.



Weekends a must, with management possibilities. Apply in person:

Minimum 10 years designing steel and wood frame mid rise structures in the Northeast. Proficient in AutoCAD and capable of drafting all structural designs. Residency within 30 miles of Laconia, NH required. Generous salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

Main Street Station 105 Main Street, Plymouth, N.H.

FULL TIME SUPERVISOR National Cleaning Company looking for full time supervisor for outlet mall located in Tilton NH. Cleaning experience and supervision experience preferred. Must be flexible and able to work days nights and weekends.

Two rooms available.

If interested, please contact Scott at

Calise ~ 524-7772




PART TIME POLICE OFFICER The Sanbornton Police Department is seeking intelligent, motivated applicants, for the position of Part Time Police Officer. A full or part time New Hampshire police certification is preferred, but not required. Applications will be accepted until August 17th, 2012 and may be obtained at:

Sanbornton Police Department 565 Sanborn Road Sanbornton, NH 03269 (603)286-7116

MECHANICAL ENGINEER Minimum 10 years designing HVAC and plumbing systems for new commercial building structures. Proficient in AutoCAD and capable of drafting all mechanical designs. Residency within 30 miles of Laconia, NH required. Generous salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

E-mail résumé and salary requirements to

Get the Best Help Under the Sun! Starting at $2 per day Call 737.2020 or email

The Town of Gilmanton is seeking a Highway Department Equipment Operator. Qualified person must hold a CDL Class B driver’s license. This is a year-round, full-time position with benefits; 40-hours per week position, but hours may vary from week to week and overtime may be required. Applications shall be submitted to:

Selectmen’s Office, Attn: Tim Warren P.O. Box 550 Gilmanton, NH 03237

and will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. Friday, August 10, 2012.

If you have custodial Supervisory experience, please contact:

Tim Bartlett, Building & Grounds Supervisor at 603-527-1532 ext. 821 at the School District office at 2 Belknap Mountain Road, Gilford, N.H. 03249 for an application and additional information. Position will remain open until filled. Equal opportunity employer.

LACONIA SCHOOL DISTRICT 2012-2013 PROFESSIONAL OPENING LACONIA HIGH SCHOOL SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Join our high school teaching staff and be a part of improving student learning opportunities through innovative practices that have an impact on student achievement, closing achievement gaps, decreasing dropout rates and increasing graduation rates-in a block schedule setting. We promote personalized learning, comprehensive systems for student support, world-class knowledge and skills. Successful candidate must be NH Certified Social Studies Teacher or be able to participate in the Alt IV Program though the NH DOE. Please send Letter of Intent, Resume, Transcripts, Certification, and three Letters of Reference to: Jim McCollum, Principal Laconia High School 345 Union Ave Laconia, NH 03246 Please visit our web site for information about the Laconia Schools at:

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 27

Laconia man Dennis Sanville to umpire 2012 Junior League World Series LACONIA — Little League Baseball Incorporated has announced that local volunteer umpire Dennis Sanville has been selected as one of 14 individuals who will work at the 2012 Junior League World Series in Taylor, Michigan. He was chosen for umpire duties after a vigorous application and evaluation process. The Junior World Series is known as the ‘Big Brother’ to the Little League World Series, as it features the the best teams of 13 and 14-year-old players in the world. All players that take part in The Series have advanced as champions within their own home countries and regions throughout various local tournaments. The Series will

Help Wanted

Mobile Homes

be played from August 12 through August 18th, at the Taylor Heritage Park outside for Detroit for the 32nd consecutive year. On the final day a champion crowned in the final game, which will be carried live on ESPN at 3 p.m. Sanville is the second umpire from New Hampshire District 2 to receive a World Series bid in the last four years, and just the forth Little League umpire from NH to be selected for any World Series in the last 15 years. Arthur Johnson, also of Laconia, umpired at the 2006 Little League World Series in Williamsport, as well as at the 2001 Senior World Series in Kissimmee, Florida.



VACATION HOME GILFORD Well maintained mobile home with many updates located next to Glendale Docks. (900 sq. ft. 3-bedbrooms, kitchen, living room, four season porch bathroom, 2 decks and small shed. Enjoy all the lakes region has to offer. $23,500. Frank 617-899-5731

CASH paid for old motorcycles. Any condition.. Call 603-520-0156

Yard Sale 3-FAMILY Yard Sale / Estate Sale Saturday, 7/28 ~ 8am-? 372 Province Rd, Gilmanton

Halfway between Rte.104 & Parade Rd.


2000 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, good condition, $7600/ OBO. 603-717-5655

2008 Suzuki LS650K8- Low miles, silver, great condition. $3,000. 603-998-4875


126 Pease Rd. Meredith


2008 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft Tail. Anniversary model, 3500 miles, Extras, excellent condition. $13,995. 603-930-5222.

Sanville has been umpiring for 17 years and has been a volunteer with the Laconia Little League for the past 15 years.

Call Nancy for free estimate

Wed-Sun 10-5 603-279-4234 Kero & Electric Lamps Shades • Supplies Glassware • Tools & Collectibles

Lamp Repair is our Specialty

738-3504 AFTER HOURS CLEANING & Property Maintenance

603-937-7088 FREE ESTIMATES

Buy • Sell • Trade

(603)447-1198. Olson’s Moto Works, RT16 Albany, NH.

2001 Jayco Popup Camping Trailer. Slideout, 3-Way Fridge, Heater, more extras. Excellent condition, sleeps 6, Asking $4,500. 603-986-9949

Small Jobs Are My Speciality

Tree Work- Insured, great rates! 934-6560 LACONIA, 119 Pickerel Pond Road. Fri., Sat., and Sund., July 27, 28, 29. 9 am - 6 pm. Rain or shine. Antique Dealers welcome. LAKEPORT- 673 Union Ave., Across from Belknap Tire. Saturday, 7am-2pm.

Real Estate Home Improvements TOTAL FLOOR CARE, TOTAL HOME CARE Professional Floor sanding, refinishing. Repair: remodeling, painting, cleaning. 603-986-8235

Land 2.2 private, wooded acres off Route 3 in Center Harbor, just over the Meredith line. Fix up the 3 bedroom mobile home or build $59,000 call 603-630-4573 BELMONT: Owner financing available on 3 acres with 180' paved town road frontage, gravel soils, dry land, soil tested for septic, surveyed, driveway permit. $59,900. Owner/broker, 524-1234

Mobile Homes $24,995 14 wides Open Daily & Sun.

Find a buyer for our home on nearly 16 acres of land in Laconia, the beautiful City on the Lakes and you!ll receive a bank check to fund that summer vacation! OR, if you!re the lucky buyer, you!ll receive $2,000 toward the closing costs!

Call Sharon Now 603-630-6160 REDUCED PRICE 2-Bedroom 1.25 bath New England style House. Vinyl siding & windows, asphalt shingles, oil heat, stainless steel chimney lining. Across from playground. 180 Mechanic Street, Laconia. $50,000. 524-8142.


Storage Space

Fast, Reliable Master Electricians. No Job Too small, Lowest Rates, Top Quality. SAVE THIS AD and get 10% OFF JOB. Call 520-7167.

Store your Car, Boat, Motorcycle, RV in a clean/dry place. Monthly rates. 524-1430 or 455-6518

PIPER ROOFING Quality Work Reasonable Rates Free Estimates Metal Roofs • Shingle Roofs


Our Customers Dont get Soaked!

528-3531 Major credit cards accepted

ROOFERS R. US DIVISION OF STEBBINS CONSTRUCTION, LLC. 603-321-9444 Complete strip & replacement. Roof overs and repairs. Chimney & skylight sealing. Fully insured, free estimates. Lic. NH Contractor. Available nights & weekends.

Roommate Wanted QUIET secluded 12 acres close to Tilton and I-93 two rooms; 1 furnished $500, 1 unfurnished $460. Utilities inclusive, bath, laundry and kitchen. Pet and smoking OK. Ample parking and some storage. 603-286-9628.



Camelot Homes

Tile & Marble

Rt. 3 Tilton NH

LAKES REGION Mobile Home Village, Gilford NH. 2 bedroom mobile, must see. $26,000. 978-681-5148

FREE pickup of your unwanted yard sale items. Also offering estate clean out. 603-930-5222

Rick Drouin 520-5642 or 744-6277

2010 33-ft. Keystone Bullet 295BHS Travel Trailer Bunkhouse: Excellent condition, $23,000. 603-393-8541.

EARN $1,250!

ALTON Multi-Family Yard Sale. Saturday & Sunday, 8am-2pm. 132 Hamwoods Rd. Alton. Something for everyone.

GILFORD- Huge Barn/Yard Sale! Saturday, 8am-4pm. 120 Young Rd. Off of Cotton Hill Rd. Fishing, Large/small tools, canoe, electronics, household, clothes, freezer, truck cap, glass garden flowers. Something for everyone!


HARDWOOD Flooring- Dust Free Sanding. 25 years experience. Excellent references. Weiler Building Services 986-4045 Email:

Recreation Vehicles

Lots of furniture, antiques, dolls, jewelry, household items, tools & more!

Installation & Repair Carpentry & Decks Bathroom Remodeling

DREW!S Affordable steel roofing. call for free estimate 603-455-2014

25 Years of Experience References, Insured


Looking for additions to personal collection. One or many! Contact John 203-257-3060 or

Yard Sale FRIDAY & Saturday: Rain or shine, 3-family. Books, kitchen, stereo, sports equipment, bike, dormsize fridge, clothing, toolboxes, extension cords, furniture. Our garage is full. 59 Opechee Street, Laconia (off Messer Street), 8am.

LAKEPORT- Saturday, July 28, 8am-2pm. 319 Mechanic St. Refrigerator, furniture, camping equipment, household items, tools & too many items to list!


Multi-Family Yard Sale 191 Pinnacle Park Road

Saturday, July 28th 8:30am - 12:30pm Kids stuff, sporting goods, electronics, home goods, books, movies & more! MEREDITH, 44 Tracy Way. Saturday, July 28th, 8:30 am - 2 pm. Rain or shine. Household items, garden supplies and much more..... NEW HAMPTON Saturday 7/28 8am-1pm. 73 Blake Hill Road. Household, some antiques, Yamaha DT 100 dirt bike, guitars, banjo, art work, etc.

Page 28 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

Pine Gardens Manufactured Homes Sales & Park

524-6565 Fax: 524-6810

E-mail: 61 Liscomb Circle, Gilford, NH 03249




Under New Ownership Lowest Prices Around!

Office Lots (603) 267-8182 Available See our homes at:

Park Rent - $390/Month 6 Scenic Drive, Belmont, NH


COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES LACONIA: Incredible value! GILFORD: Prime location! Close Only $3/SF. Call Kevin Sullivan today! to Laconia Airport. Call Ray Simoneau today! PICTURESQUE SETTING AT THE END OF A PRIVATE DRIVEWAY!! You’ll Love This Classic Custom Cape With All Of The Finishing Touches. Widepine Floors, Wainscoating, Raised Panels, Christain Doors, Brick Fireplace, And Sunroom. 24x17 Master Bedroom Suite, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Den, And A Gorgeous Lr W/fp And Dining Area. Breezeway And Oversized 2 Car Garage. Beautifully Landscaped…$299,000

$399,900… Wildwood Assoc Custom Built Beauty..3600+sf Colonial With Attention To Detail. H/w Floors Throughout, Granite Kitchen, Sweeping Staircase To 3 Large Bedrooms, Master Suite W/private Deck And Hottub, Computer Rm, And 2 Car Garage.. Deeded Beach Rights & Tennis Too!




NOW $109,000… BEAUTIFUL LAKEPORT NEIGHBORHOOD Addresses This Wonderful New England Home. Large Yard, Garden Shed And This Nice 10 Room Home. 3+ Bedrooms, 2 Baths, And Hw Floors..Walk To Bond Beach, Leavitt Park And School!!

WALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BEACH!! Beautiful Lakewood Beach On Winnisquam. Great Price For This 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Ranch. Formal Dining W/hw Floors, Finished Lower Level And 2 Car Garage Under. Relax On Your Big 3 Season Porch…Many Improvements!!

WOULD YOU BELIEVE.. LAKE WINNIPESAUKEE FOR $308,000??…88’ Of Frontage, 24’ Dock And This Spacious 5 Bedroom, 2 Bath Yearround Lakehouse ..In The Heart Of Weirs Beach Amenities. Don’t Wait!!


ANOTHER $20,000!! Now 2900+sf Country Ranch W/finished Lower Level. Situated On A 2.7 Acre Country Lot In Gilmanton. Attached 2 Car Garage, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Newly Remodeled Baths, 16x10 Private Deck And A Terrific Price!!



Center Harbor Office 32 Whittier Hwy Center Harbor, NH 03226 (603) 253-4345

Sandwich - $478,500

Antique cape situated on 45ac surrounded by pastures. 40’x56’ barn with 6 stalls, tack room, hay loft & riding ring. #4174244

Canterbury $384,900

Beautiful Timber Frame home set well off a quiet road w/ large deck, screened gazebo & very large garage/workshop. #4172743

Reed Heath 581-2822

Gilford $250,000

Waterfront cottage in sought after Lake Shore Park w/ 3,000 of waterfront, 6 beaches, marina, candy store & more. #4156352

Rose Cook 581-2854

MEREDITH: Former national BELMONT: Super Location! bank, first class space. Call Kevin 2.91 acres. Call Ray Simoneau today! BELMONT: End Unit in Industrial Sullivan today! Building off of Rt. 106. Approx.500 + sq. ft. of finished office space, new carpet and paint. 1100 sq. ft. of shop space with 18 ft. ceiling height and 16' overhead drive in door. 500+ sq. ft. of mezzanine storage above office space. Paved yard area for equipment parking with electrical plug ins. Rent includes taxes and maintenance. Only $1200/mo./Modified Gross. Call Steve Weeks, Jr. 350 Court Street, Laconia, NH ~ 603.528.3388

Laconia Office 348 Court St Laconia, NH 03246 (603) 524-2255

Bob Williams / Danielle McIntosh: 603-253-4345


Laconia $449,000

Golfer or not, everyone will enjoy the wonderful views of beautiful Laconia Country Club from this home. #4173129

Shawn Bailey 581-2835 or Lorraine Bourgault 581-2828

Gilford $289,000

Incredible custom built 3 BR home w/ views of Lake Winnipesaukee. New Anderson windows! Wonderful gardens. #4141315

Tracie Corbett 581-2886

Gilford $185,000

Spacious raised ranch w/ 4 car garage. Full finished lower level would make a great home office. #4087715

Shelly Brewer 581-2879

Moultonboro - $425,000

Beautifully maintained end unit on the horseshoe with a dock & garage. Oversized, private deck and great views. #4173785

Ellen Mulligan: 603-253-4345

New Hampton - $269,900

Incredible panoramic mountain & lake views! This home offers the convenience of one level living. 2 bay, 4 car garage. #4173815

Mary Goyette: 603-253-4345

Laconia $175,000

Like new 2 BR condo w/ fantastic views of Lake Winnipesaukee. Short walk to Weirs Beach attractions. #4173748

Jaynee Middlemiss 581-2846

©2010 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Owned and operated by NRT, LLC

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012— Page 29

Nature’s view opeN houses Sat. 7/28 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Sun. 7/29 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

53 Port Way, Laconia. Come check out Natures View: Laconia’s fastest growing area of new homes. Several models to look at—ready for you to pick out the finishing touches. Stop at 53 Port Way for info and a brochure. Prices starting at $219,900. Directions: Rte. 3 (Union Ave, Laconia) or Rte. 106 (Parade Rd.) to Elm St., Laconia to Massachusetts Ave. Left on to North St. and then right onto Nature’s View Drive to 53 Port Way. (603) 528-0088 (603) 279-7046

open houses Friday, July 27 th

11:00am-5:00pm: 177 Windermere Rd., Moultonborough $849,500 Mls# 2817897

Sunday, July 29th • 11am – 2pm

Pine Gardens Manufactured Homes

37 Spindle Point Road, Meredith, NH Lake Winnipesaukee

New Double Wide

Saturday, July 28 th 11:00am-1:00pm: 63 Prescott Avenue, Laconia Mls# 4156645 $239,900 Mls# 4170415 11:00am-5:00pm: 177 Windermere Rd., Moultonborough $849,500 Mls# 2817897 12:00pm-2:00pm: 89 Anthony Drive, Laconia $339,900 Mls# 4156645 12:00pm-3:00pm: 45 Timber Lane, Laconia Mls# 4117293 $228,500 Mls# 4117293 1:00pm-3:00pm: 19 Sterling Drive, Laconia $299,900 MLS# 2802820 1:00pm-3:00pm: 37 Sterling Dr. Lot #6, Laconia $229,900 MLS# 2802831 1:00pm-3:00pm: 84 Butternut Lane, Laconia Mls# 2817897 $253,900 MLS# 4128535

Sales & Park

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, computer room, gas fireplace and covered entryway. Set up in park. F-12


$4,300,000 Hosted By Ellen Mulligan, Broker (603)253-4345 ext. 124 office (603)387-0369 cell A Winnipesaukee Masterpiece! Remarkable Adirondack residence with 230 feet of private waterfront on a total of 1.94 acres. Main house has over 6800 SF of pure Adirondack style, 2 master suites, 3 guest suites, a gourmet kitchen, Great Room w/soaring stone fireplace, impressive lower level home theater, game room, family room & much more! There is a detached Carriage House w/a 2 bedroom guest apartment above & 3+ car garage under. 2 separate lots. MLS#4037976

for sale

laconia: 3 BR, 2 BA custom built ranch with 1,473 sqft. of living space, hardwood floors, a gas fireplace, and a 2-car attached garage. $259,000 Mls# 4163750 Mls# 4163750

See our homes at (603) 528-0088 (603) 279-7046

(603) 267-8182

OPEN HOUSE Sunday 12 to 2


Live in the Lakes Region? “Over 55” Land Lease Village Exit 23 off Rt 93

Homes $99,000 to $199,000 Let’s build your new home on your choice of lots

such as gorgeous, ranch, 2 car garage, full basement.

88 Sleeper Hill Road, Gilford NH, All Are Welcome Please come take a look at this renovated classic 1880 antique farm house loaded with charm. Large barn makes it perfect for home occupation or general contractor . Stop by take a look you will fall in love. Agents feel free to send your clients!

or Cape

or Ranch

Hosted by Randy Annis of JG Realty / 603.524.4646

call Kevin 603-387-7463

Mansfield Woods • 88 North Rt 132, New Hampton, NH

We don’t just list your property…we sell it!! 208 DW Highway, Meredith, NH 603-279-0079 423 Main Street, Laconia, NH 603-527-8200


183 Wentworth Cove Road, Laconia New custom 7,300+- sq.ft. Winnipesaukee waterfront home using the best of materials and today’s lifestyle in mind. Directions: Rt.11B to Governor’s Island entrance. Left on Wentworth Cove Rd to the end. $2,395,000 Call Rob Wichland 387-7069

ANTIQUE AND COZY on a landscaped corner lot with frontage on a year-round brook. Wide Pine floors, open concept kitchen/living area and a walkout basement w/work shop area & wood stove. Cozy home is ideal for skiers and golfers - 4 minutes from Ragged Mountain Resort. Priced below assessed value! $122,100 Sandi Grace 520-0936

MAIN STREET POSSIBILITIES. 14.4 acre mixed Residential/Commercial property has 5 buildings including a large heated metal building w/bays & overhead doors, a storage building, a 6-bay garage, a 4-unit fully rented apartment house, & more! Many options. $895,000 Roger Turgeon 717-4851

SO AFFORDABLE! Great in-town home is filled with gorgeous natural woodwork, large windows, & lots of sunlight. 4+ BRs, full bath on each level, hardwood floors, den/study, porch, and a 2-story attached garage with storage built-ins. Just a short walk to the park and downtown shopping. $139,900 Bob Gunter 387-8664

TURNKEY CONDO. 3 BR, 3 bath home in desirable Country Village Way. Spacious and comfortable with a fireplace, family room, deck, hardwood floors, a master suite and fresh paint throughout. Walkout basement and attached 2-car garage make this a must see! $214,000 Chris Kelly 677-2182

PRIVATE SETTING. Spacious country double wide sits quietly on a level 2.8 acre lot just minutes from Ragged Mountain. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a large deck, out building, and room for the whole family. Come and enjoy all the Lakes Region has to offer. $65,900 Roger Turgeon 717-4851

Page 30 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, July 27, 2012

Lakes Region Entertainmet

Spotlight Homemade Dough & Homemade Sauces Tuesday • Kids Karoke • 5-9 pm

Visit us tonight at

Bring The Family - Cookies & Prizes

Wed & Fri • Karoke • 9-close, 21+ Drink Specials Rt 3, Weirs Beach

Saturday • Live Band Casual Encounter

Open At Noon Serving Lunch & Dinner 7 Days A Week Late Night Menu Wed - Sat Until Midnight

Sunday • Open Stage • 6:30 - Close Musician Appreciation Night Hosted By Accoustic Duo Joshandi 1/2 Price Pizza And Drink Specials For All Musicians


A Lakes Region Landmark for Great Food, Fun & Entertainment

Jim Devlin

playing at 8pm Check out tonight’s specials at Facebook/ 293-0841 Rts 11&11B Gilford


Best Beer Prices Around!



The Legendary

Families Welcome

SSIC CAR SHOW A L C Sunday, July 29th 2-5pm

Live Music from 4-8pm Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Places!

Prime Rib Every Friday & Saturday!

Check Out Our All You Can Eat Fish Fry on Fridays!


6 Flat Screen TVs • Pool Tables • Foosball • Darts 1065 Watson Road • Weirs Beach/Laconia • 366-4888

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Friday, July 27 Broken Spoke Saloon 1072 Watson Road, Laconia 603-527-8029 Peach Tree Mame’s Restaurant Plymouth Street, Meredith 603-279-4631 Easy Listening Music on Fridays & Saturdays

Friday ters Peach Ea Saturday and te hi Red W d Blues Ban Sunday s ow The Sn

Patrick’s Pub & Eatery Routes 11 & 11B, Gilford 603-293-0841 Jim Devlin 8:00 pm Tower Hill Tavern 264 Lakeside Ave. Weirs Beach 603-366-9100 Mr. Nick and the Dirty Tricks, 9:00pm Saturday, July 28 Broken Spoke Saloon 1072 Watson Road, Laconia 603-527-8029 Red White and Blues Band Patrick’s Pub & Eatery Routes 11 & 11B, Gilford 603-293-0841 Lil’ Penny 8:00 pm Tower Hill Tavern 264 Lakeside Ave. Weirs Beach 603-366-9100 Mission of Blues, 9:00pm Monday - Saturday The Winnipesaukee Playhouse Weirs Beach 603-366-7377 Mousetrap, 7:30 pm Sunday, July 29 Broken Spoke Saloon 1072 Watson Road, Laconia 603-527-8029 The Snows Tower Hill Tavern 264 Lakeside Ave. Weirs Beach 603-366-9100 Soundcheck, 5:00pm

Fridays & Saturdays

Easy Listening Music Regular Entertainers Include: Kyle Nickerson - Julia Vellie - Dr. Phil & Jan - Greg Walsh

Plymouth Street, Meredith • 279-4631 Behind Bootlegger’s At The Lights

See us on Facebook!

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35 MPG!

A/C, P/W, P/L, Keyless Entry #12269S

MSRP Cantin Discount Total Confidence Bonus Cash or Trade Equity Down

Drive Away Today for Just


36 MPG!

P/W, P/L, A/C, C/D, XM, On-Star #12160S

Drive Away Today for Just

or Just $193/month*

$17,595 -452 -500 -3,000



29 MPG!

Auto, A/C, P/W, P/L, Alloys #12283

MSRP Cantin Discount Total Confidence Bonus Cash or Trade Equity Down

$26,105 -958 -500 -3,000

$ 21,647 or Just $239/month*

Drive Away Today for Just

2012 SILVERADO REG. CAB W/T MSRP Cantin Discount Mfr. Rebate Trade-In Bonus Cash Total Confidence Bonus Cash or Trade Equity Down

Auto, A/C, V6 #12195T

$23,975 -806 -1,500 -1,000 -500 -3,000

$ 17,169 or Just $217/month*

Drive Away Today for Just

Auto, A/C, P/W, P/L, XM, On-Star #12136 MSRP

Cantin Discount Mfr. Rebate Total Confidence Bonus Cash or Trade Equity Down

Drive Away Today for Just

$23,450 -819 -2,250 -500 -3,000







or Just $177/month*

or Just $136/month*


33 MPG!


2012 CRUZE LS MSRP Cantin Discount Total Confidence Bonus Cash or Trade Equity Down

$15,970 -489 -250 -3,000



The price you see is the price you pay


MSRP Cantin Discount Mfr. Rebate Trade-In Bonus Cash Total Confidence Bonus Cash or Trade Equity Down

4.8, Auto, A/C, P/W, P/L #12318

$34,170 -1,858 -2,500 -1,000 -500 -3,000

$ 25,312 or Just $299/month*

Drive Away Today for Just

JOIN US SATURDAY, JULY 28 th from 11 am - 3pm Complimentary Food & Beverage FREE Family 4-Packs of Whale’s Tale Tickets!

(While supplies last. Quantities are limited.)

Open House Service Specials New Hampshire State Inspection $19.95 Can not be combined with any other offer. Offer Expires 7/31/12

Free Alignment Check Our factory trained technicians will measure your vehicles Alignment on our state of the art Hunter Alignment Equipment And provide you with a computer print out of your vehicles Alignment Offer Expires 7/31/12

The Heat is on ! $10.00 off A/C Service Our factory trained technicians will Inspect you’re A/C system and partially charge with Freon and Compressor oil, install USDA accepted product to kill mold and Fungi. Offer Expires 7/31/12 can not be combined with any Other offers.

When other dealers can’t ... Cantin can!

623 Union Avenue, Laconia, NH • 603-524-0770 or 1-800-226-8467 Showroom Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed. & Fri. 8:00-7:00pm Thurs. 8:00-8:00pm • Sat. 8:00-5:00pm


Disclaimer: Photos for illustration purposes only. Not responsible for typographical errors. All payments subject to credit approval. All payments based on $3,000 cash or trade equity downpayment. Offers subject to change without notice. NEW: *Sonic, Impala and Colorado are 72 months @ 3.9% APR. Silverado price includes trade-in bonus cash, must trade 1999 or newer vehicle. Cruze and Malibu are Ally Lease, 24 months/12,000 miles per year. Equinox, Traverse and Silverado are Ally Lease, 39 months/12,000 miles per year. All leases are with $3,000 cash or trade equity due at lease signing. Some

The Laconia Daily Sun, July 27, 2012  

The Laconia Daily Sun, July 27, 2012

The Laconia Daily Sun, July 27, 2012  

The Laconia Daily Sun, July 27, 2012