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Few department heads meet five percent target BY MELISSA GRIMA THE BERLIN DAILY SUN

GORHAM — Budget season is well underway in Gorham with the selectmen reviewing preliminary department head budgets in three sessions over the last two weeks. With taxes up and revenues down, the selectmen looked to curtail spending by asking for five percent budget cuts from each department head. Just two of the six department heads the board met with hit that threshold. In the public work sessions held on Nov. 17, 21, and 22, each department head presented their budget proposal under scrutiny from the board. Members of the public were present but not able to participate

in the session. Selectmen subjected to department heads to numerous questions about possible cost cutting measures, and at one point during the regular selectmen’s meeting on Nov. 21, board chairman Terry Oliver addressed the budgets that had been presented so far. “We’re not happy,” he told a group of citizens who were in attendance. Oliver added that right now the budgets were being presented and the selectmen were listening. Later in the same meeting, Oliver asked Town Manager Robin Frost for a list of all town employees and what they make. The selectmen then have the power to adjust the budgets further before sending them on to the budget committee for review, public hearing and finalization.

Fire Chief Rick Eichler and Police Chief PJ Cyr were the only two presenters who offered up budgets with the requested five percent decrease. Eichler eliminated $9,899 from his 2011 budgets to propose a combined $163,503 in spending for the Fire Department and Building Inspection segments of the town’s operating budget — a 5.71 percent decrease. Likewise, Cyr cut $32,989 from the combined Police and Dispatch budgets for a 2012 proposal of $604,740 — a drop of 5.17 percent. Eichler explained that he had been able to cut some training expenses due to grant funding for a Fire Fighter Level I course, additionally $4,300 was see TARGET page 3

Local author to hold book signing at SaVoir Flare Dec. 3

BERLIN -- On Saturday, December 3, Lancaster author, Susan J. Ackerman, will have a book signing at Savoir Flare in Berlin from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Speaking of her newest book, “Ella’s Journey Part 2: An Amazing Tale of Love, Loss and Hope”, she said, “It is a true story of miracles, angels, true love, and devastating loss. But the journey doesn’t end there. It moves on to find the hope, joy and peace that awaits each one of us. ‘Ella’s Journey’ speaks of what happens to every soul as it prepares to leaves this world. It is the story of how love triumphs over every difficulty, how struggles between parents and children turned to peace and how our pets become our angels. My story has been a most amazing one, but it is also all of our journeys as we search for the meaning and beauty of life.” “Everyone has a fascinating story to tell,” Ackerman said. “Mine begins 32 years ago when I died, left this Earth, and was given a chance to return. Then, 30 years ago, I found my true soul mate and despite any difficulties life presented us, every day was the magic I had always dreamed life should be. Then, in 2009, it all came crashing down. I lost my husband and my entire family in 12 months. Suddenly I found myself completely alone. All our friends had moved away. There you are, all alone, and you have to go on. Your ques-

tions become ... How do you begin again? Can you still find joy in life when you are all alone? Are our loved ones still alive somewhere else? Can they still communicate with us and help us from the other side? These are some of the themes I dealt with in my book. In the current stage of my journey, I have been blessed to receive communications from my husband and soul mate, who is now on “the other side of the veil”. He encouraged me to tell our story, knowing that it will help so many people. Last autumn, as I was falling asleep, he sent me this song to let me know he is still with me. “I will always be with you, through whatever may come. When life closes its curtain, we will always be one.” I knew that I had never heard that song before and suddenly realized that he, who had been a composer, was sending me that message.” Ackerman is also the author of “Ella’s Journey from Sadness to Hope, Part 1”, “Beginnings and Endings”, “The Gift of Time”, and “Comforting Thoughts, the Spiritual Collection.” She is co-author of “Christmas is in the Air”, “All About New Hampshire”, and “New Hampshuh Tales”. In addition to being a writer, Susan is also a professional Astrologer and a language teacher. She teaches classes in Astrology and French at the Weeks Memorial

Susan J. Ackerman

see BOOK SIGNING page 12

Coos delegation votes 9-2 against right-to-work BY BARBARA TETREAULT THE BERLIN DAILY SUN

COOS COUNTY -- By an overwhelming majority, the Coos County delegation yesterday voted to sustain Gov. John Lynch’s veto of the so-called rightto-work bill. The 11 Coos state representatives voted 9-2 in

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opposition to the bill which fell 12 votes short of the two thirds majority required to pass it in the House. The total vote in the House was 240-139 - the measure needed 252 votes to pass. Representatives Duffy Daugherty, R-Colebrook, and Laurence Rappaport, R-Colebrook were the only Coos representatives to vote in favor of the bill.

Voting against it were Reps. Gary Coulombe, D-Berlin, Marc Tremblay, R-Berlin, Yvonne Thomas, D-Berlin, Robert Theberge, D-Berlin, William Hatch, D-Gorham, Evalyn Merrick, D-Lancaster, William Remick, R-Lancaster, Herb Richardson, R-Lancaster, and John Tholl, R-Whitefield.


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see DELEGATION page 12

Page 2 — THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011

Broadway’s ‘Spider-Man’ finally makes money (NY Times) — One year after naysayers were predicting a quick death, the musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” is doubling down on Broadway, forgoing potentially lucrative overseas tours in the near term to try to refine the New York production and burnish the long-term value of the show. In an interview to mark the Monday anniversary of the production’s first, fumbling preview performance, the producers of “Spider-Man” said they were considering new plans for recouping the show’s record-setting $75 million capitalization. The most unusual idea: adding new scenes and perhaps a new musical number to the New York “Spider-Man” every year, making it akin to a new comic book edition, and then urging the show’s fans to buy tickets again. The producers are also expanding to all 50 states their radio campaign, inspired by rock concert promotions, in which listeners are flown to New York to see the show and then give reviews back home on the air. And last Friday “SpiderMan” executives played host at the show to Brazilian journalists, as they had with media from Australia, Germany and Mexico, in an effort to turn the musical into a magnet for foreign tourists who speak little or no English, much as “Mamma Mia!” is now.


Hell is full of musical amateurs.” —George Bernard Shaw

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Today High: 36 Record: 66 (1927) Sunrise: 7:01 a.m. Tonight Low: 26 Record: -6 (1936) Sunset: 4:06 p.m.

Tomorrow High: 39 Low: 25 Sunrise: 7:02 a.m. Sunset: 4:06 p.m. Saturday High: 37 Low: 29


“The only thing you have to focus on in your 20s is not getting a bad tattoo. You don’t want to be 40 going, ‘No dude, it was different back then. Everyone loved SpongeBob — everyone.’” — Tom Papa

DOW JONES 490.05 to 12,045.68 NASDAQ 104.83 to 2,620.34 S&P 51.77 to 1,246.96



adjective; 1. Boorish or rude. 2. Of a churl; peasantlike. 3. Stingy; mean. 4. Difficult to work or deal with, as soil.

— courtesy

records are from 1886 to present

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Clinton visits Myanmar to assess pace of change

NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar (NY Times) — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived here on Wednesday to measure the depth of the political and economic opening that the country’s autocratic, military-dominated government has unexpectedly begun. After years of abysmal relations, the Obama administration has promised to respond to progress — Mrs. Clinton’s trip being the most significant reward so far — even as it presses for more significant

steps to end the country’s repressive rule and international isolation. Those steps include freeing hundreds more political prisoners, an end to the often violent repression of democracy advocates and ethnic groups, and clarification of the country’s illicit cooperation with North Korea on developing ballistic missiles and, possibly, nuclear technologies. Clinton’s reception at the airport in this remote, newly built capital was relatively muted. A small delegation lead by a deputy

Stocks surge after central banks’ action on debt crisis

(NY Times) — Stocks rallied in the United States on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve and other central banks took action to try to contain the debt crisis in the euro zone, with market indexes gaining more than 4 percent and the Dow Jones industrial average ending up 490 points. The floor of the New York Stock Exchange, where stocks rose nearly 4 percent on Wednesday. As the exuberance set in and funding pressures appeared to ease, bond prices fell, commodity prices rallied and financial shares soared.

foreign minister, U Myo Myint, greeted her without ceremony as she got off her plane. By contrast, an enormous red billboard had been set up to welcome Prime Minister Mikhail V. Myasnikovich of Belarus, another autocratic nation at odds with the United States, who is scheduled to arrive here on Thursday. A spokesman for the Myanmar government, U Yeh Tut, welcomed Clinton’s visit, calling it “a great chance to normalize relations between the two countries.”

Police clear Occupy camps in Los Angeles and Philadelphia

But analysts were skeptical about whether Wednesday’s market enthusiasm would stick. Some warned that the central banks’ move addressed only some symptoms of the euro zone financial crisis. Others noted that Europe has tried many times over the past two years to stave off a deterioration in the financial crisis. Still, traders bought shares – especially bank stocks – on the hope that the central banks had smoothed the way for Europe to take more forceful action in advance of a European summit Dec. 9.

LOS ANGELES (NY Times) — The police broke up large Occupy encampments in Los Angeles and Philadelphia early on Wednesday, arresting hundreds of protesters who had been camped out for the past two months and who had remained in public squares beyond city-mandated deadlines this week. Around 12:30 a.m. in Los Angeles, scores of police officers raided the Occupy camp that had been set up in a park outside City Hall, leading most of the protesters to scramble from their tents and gather in large groups in the surrounding streets. By the time the raid ended several hours later, the police had arrested about 300 people. Most were cited for failure to disperse. After much of the park had been cleared of what had grown into a colorful — if sometimes squalid — camp of several hundred tents, Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa told reporters that he was proud of the way the police had performed, in particular, by employing force only as a last resort.


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The Supervisors of the Bartlett Voter Checklist will be in session at the Bartlett Town Hall in Intervale on Saturday, December 17, 2011 from 11:00am – 11:30am for additions and corrections to the checklist prior to the Special Town Meeting on Monday, December 26, 2011 at 6:30 PM. Signed: Gail F. Paine Sheila Glines Elaine Ryan


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cut from vehicle expenses. Cyr said he also reduced his training budget to meet the selectmen’s mandate. The police budget also saw significant decreases in gasoline, equipment and field supply lines. The dispatch budget also saw a substantial decrease in the equipment and machinery line, after a server replacement that had been anticipated to be purchased was found not to be compatible with existing systems. Cyr added that his force includes seven full-time officers and three fulltime dispatchers. He explained that he had initially thought to eliminate a part-time police position that covers 45 six-hour patrols annually, but was able to make the five percent cut while retaining that position by moving money from the dispatch budget. When questioned about where overtime comes into play, Cyr explained that criminal investigations and vacation coverage account for the majority of overtime charges. Recreation Department Director Jeff Stewart came close to the mark, with a 4.16 percent dip in the combined recreation administration and parks maintenance budgets. Stewart reduced his budgets $7,586 from the 2011 level. Under questioning from selectman David Graham on whether or not cutting the number of trip offerings or summer concerts would help bring the budget down further, Stewart explained to the selectmen that many of his programs — including trips and concerts — were user funded so a portion of his $139,261 budget is offset by revenue. Preliminary revenue projections show an anticipated $25,000 in revenue from program registration fees, trip fees, Libby Pool and the summer concerts. The special events/trips line item is completely offset by a matching revenue line. Budgets that didn’t come close to making the cut were the five sections of the Public Works Department budget under the management of Austin “Buddy” Holmes and nine


segments that make up the Town Administration budget under the purview of Finance Manager Denise Vallee. Vallee came to the board with a 1.71 overall decrease for a savings of $21,299, while Holmes presented a 1.09 percent decrease of $11,943. Holmes cut two part-time positions in the cemetery lines resulting in an $11,000 savings. Those two workers each put in 24 hours per week, he said, but “we’ll do our best to keep ‘em looking respectable,” he said of the cemeteries. While the cemetery line saw the biggest decrease, more than 36 percent, the gas budget went up $6,150 and the street light allotment increased $1,617. Those two increases overrode the benefits of cuts of $6,650 to the solid waste collection budget. Holmes explained to the selectmen that portions of the highway budget had been under a spending freeze for around eight months in order to save the town from having to access a Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) for lack of cash on-hand, so despite it appearing as though the highway department had underspent its 2011 budget, some vendors had agreed to hold off billing until late in the year. Selectman Paul Robitaille expressed concerns over a $17,000 cut to the asphalt line in the highway budget. Holmes said the typical allotment is $60,000 but he was tasked with making cuts. Robitaille said that even with $60,000 the town is falling behind on road repairs, so he is concerned about the effect of even less. Oliver noted that last year’s discussion had included suggestions to increase that spending to $100,000 in an effort to get caught up. Street lights were a hot topic as well, with Graham asking if every other light could be turned off to realize some savings. Holmes noted that in his experience people tend to get very possessive of their street lights and there could be some push back from the community. Chad Miller, Director of Emergency Management presented an increased

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budget, but also provided the board of selectmen with a Power Point explaining why his budget had increased. Miller’s Ambulance budget increased $61,216. His Emergency Management budget was reduced $2,285 but the two combined for an overall increase of 23.8 percent. Miller estimated that of his $299,836 Ambulance Service budget, the town would likely recoup $277,687 in fees and contracts, leaving the town to cover approximately $22,000 in operating costs. In his presentation, Miller explained that since he just recently took over the department he is presenting a transition budget. One that also includes a newly acquired billing service and no real historical information to build on because of the recent changes. He explained that in crafting his budget he focused on providing “efficient, high quality patient care” while focusing on revenues and providing competitive pay and a good working environment. One of the major changes that resulted in a budget increase was a streamlining of the pay schedule for the on-call ambulance staff. Miller explained that previously the on-call EMTs and Paramedics were paid variable hourly rates depending on what task they were performing rather than just a single set hourly rate. Now, he said EMTs and First Responders will receive a flat $12 per hour and Paramedics will be paid $15 per hour. In addition to this change, he said call volume is up, although that has offset-

ting revenue as does the special event staffing and training classes held by Gorham for other towns. The Ambulance Department’s full time employees, of which there are three, also saw changes. Miller said that two of the three full time workers — the third being himself — did not fit the legal definition of salary exempt workers, and therefore were transitioned to hourly workers. Rather than being scheduled for 48 hours per week, plus evening meetings and trainings with supervisor shifts in-between their daytime shifts, the two employees now work 36/48/36 hour weekly shifts while still filling supervisor shifts and attending evening meetings and trainings. This was done, Miller said, to help prevent burnout. In 2011, the Ambulance Department Budget was $238,620, with $175,000 anticipated in offsetting revenues. As of the budget sessions, that budget had been spent at an actual figure of $217,545 with $165,673 in revenue received to date. Oliver explained this week that the selectmen will be looking at the budgets and the topic of cuts will likely come up at their next meeting on Monday, Dec. 5. He said the board’s displeasure came mostly from some ambiguity in how much had been spent so far and some of the department heads’ responses to questions. He stressed that the selectmen are see TARGET page 6

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Page 4 — THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011

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NFHP, Theatre North to present a Christmas Treasury Reader’s theatre and dinner To the editor: Savor a holiday ham dinner with all the holiday fare while enjoying Theatre North and Dick Conway as they present guests with Christmas passages, old and new on Dec. 10. The remembrances, some comical and some serious, are sure to delight all! Dinner will be served in the Logging Camp Cookhouse and the theatre performance will be held in the Logging Camp Bunkhouse. There will be two seatings at 5 and 6:30 p.m. The cost to attend is $15 per person. Door prizes will be awarded to four lucky winners. Tickets are available at the Heritage Park office in the Brown Company House, 961 Main Street. Please call 752-7202 for more information. Please bring a non-perishable food item that will be given to a local food pantry. The park will also be open to the public with free

admission. The Logging Camp village will be cheerfully decorated in joyful and jolly fashion inviting all to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus will be in the Boss’ Shack and photos of your children or grandchildren with Santa and Mrs. Claus will be available. The Filer’s Shack will be decorated in traditional Norwegian holiday fashion and the Hovel and Blacksmith Shop will be transformed into amazing and cheery holiday villages. Hot chocolate and Partridge in a Pear Tree Cookies will be served for a $1 donation. Free hayrides will be available as well. This is the first Annual Heritage Holidays celebration at the park… please stop by and help us grow Heritage Holidays into a community wide holiday season event! Dick Huot, Director NF Heritage Park

Thanksgiving day at Valley Creek a success To the editor: It takes a great deal of work by many people to put together a successful event, and that was never truer than this past Thanksgiving Day at the Valley Creek Eatery. More than 200 people were able to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal, thanks to the efforts of so many giving and generous people. Whether they cooked, did dishes, served, or delivered meals to the home-

bound, these volunteers gave of their time so those less fortunate would be well fed on this day of thanks. A very special thank you to Steve and Penny Binette, owners of the Valley Creek Eatery, and Steve and Sue Tardiff owners of the Berlin IGA, who once again made this day possible. Other sponsors of this event that I would like to thank are The Family see SUCCESS page 5

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Rose Dodge, Managing Editor Rita Dube, Office Manager Theresa Johnson, Advertising Sales Representative Barbara Tetreault, Reporter Melissa Grima Reporter Jean LeBlanc, Sports John Walsh, Contributor “Seeking the truth and printing it” Mark Guerringue, Publisher Adam Hirshan, Editor THE BERLIN DAILY SUN is published Tuesday through Friday by Country News Club, Inc. Dave Danforth, Mark Guerringue, Adam Hirshan, Founders Offices and mailing address: 164 Main Street, Berlin, NH 03570 E-Mail: Tel.: (603) 752-5858 FAX: (1-866) 475-4429 CIRCULATION: 8,925 distributed FREE throughout the Berlin-Gorham area. For delivery call 752-1005

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Once upon a Berlin Time Aftermath of the fire

East Side Fire II

Hello fellow Berlinites. I would like to continue with some of the heroics and the articles of the aftermath of the East Side Fire that were mentioned in the newspapers back in 1972. I received some great emails about last week’s story from picture takers and also people who were saved at this fire when they were children. Most of them are probably in their forties today and talked about this like it was yesterday, with vivid memories that the newspapers didn’t mention. Thanks to all. Norman Chaloux had just set his alarm and went to bed at about 11 p.m., when he heard a crackling noise that aroused him that sounded like it was rainfall. As he looked outside; he could see the fire under the porch at 563 Champlain Street. With this, he ran downstairs and across the street to warn the residents. As Chaloux got within several yards of the fire, the propane tanks exploded and within a few minutes, the whole front of the building was engulfed in flames. He then realized that the tenants were trapped, so he retrieved a ladder and returned. After climbing to the second floor, he started banging on windows and even kicked one out. With the window kicked out, the Roy family was able to escape the oncoming flames and heat that was being generated. Above the Roys, was the Fortin family who had to escape by jumping off the third floor onto a porch roof. Some of these people received broken limbs after landing. Bob Valliere was one of the many valiant young men who worked through the night. He broke the fall of a woman who had jumped from her burning house and also assisted Mr. Chaloux. Mayor Sylvio Croteau and Councilman Albert Therriault also helped, after they had returned home from their Monday night council meeting. So many people gave a helping hand that it is impossible in my short story to name all of them. Every one of them was a hero in their own way. By the next morning, this section of Berlin’s East Side lay in waste, looking like it had been bombed with incendiary devices. Many,

East Side catastrophe

many people were now homeless and a huge relief effort was being undertaken. These endeavors to help the fire victims came from many sources. Among them were the following: The federal government surplus food was made available to fire victims during certain hours at the Coos County courthouse on Main Street. St. Anne’s church had a regular seminarian fund collection for the disaster, as did the parishes of Guardian Angel, St. Kieran’s and St Joseph. The Salvation Army and American Red Cross were also included, along with private donations. Mayor Croteau worked furiously at coordinating efforts for fire victims, sometimes only having an hour’s sleep in the first two days. There were 26 families that had to be relocated and Croteau was getting this done as quickly as possible. The mayor also offered his thanks to all the people who helped fight this fire and save see FIRE page 5

Service to be held for Eleanor C. Morin BERLIN -- A memorial service will be held at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church on Saturday, December 3, at 6:30 p.m. to celebrate the life of a wonderful woman, Eleanor (Lynn) C. Morin, SUCCESS from page 4

Resource Center (Marie Demers), North Country Transit (Beverly Raymond), Gorham Recreation Department (Deb Ouellette), and Country Kitchen Bakery. More thank yous go to the following agencies which were the folks handling the ticket distribution: AV Home Care Services, Berlin Senior Center, Berlin Welfare Department, Family Resource Center, Good Shepherd Parish, Gorham Town Hall, Salvation Army, and Tri-County CAP Food Pantry. And to Rita Parent for signing up folks at St Regis. And finally, the day would not have been as successful without the help of the following volunteers who moved their celebrations so others would’nt go without: Mike, Holly, Brett and Zoe Anderson, The FIRE from page

lives, including the fire departments of Cascade, Gorham, Lancaster and Groveton. Another problem that arose because of this great fire was the loss of power to almost 1,400 households. Public Service Company employees worked in the background during and after the fire to restore power to all these people by the following day. So, as one can see, the whole city came together to help its citizens devastated by this fire get back on their feet after losing everything that they had. I am sure it took longer for some than others to get re-established with their lives. Not only were the victims from the East Side fire, but some were from the fire at Choo Choo’s Donut Shop and the Smith apartment building in Gorham. Assistance was given to all, as soon as possible. The following week’s story was about the origin of this huge blaze that took place and it was still unknown. I remember a Sunday News headline saying that the “Big Berlin Fire was Set”, but that fizzled out in later weeks. State Fire Marshall Herbert L. Whitney denied the story about Berlin’s fire being deliberately set and that there were suspects in the case. Mr. Whitney told local papers that the fire was possibly of suspicious origin, but that no laboratory test results were available for further determination. The Sunday paper said they had quoted Whitney about the fire being set, but he denied saying any such thing. “I don’t know who said that, but it wasn’t me” Whitney reiterated. Fire Chief Lucien Lamontagne said that local officials knew nothing more about this city’s horrible fire. “As far as we are concerned, we are conducting an investigation,” he

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 5

the wife of Robert R. Morin, mother of Ronaele, Richard, Carol and David Morin, grandmother of Kris, Kurt, Nathan and Douglas, great-grandmother of Devon, Isabel, Grace, Violet and Maple. Binette family, Steve Hallee, Lucy Letarte, Tess Letarte and friend, Michelle and Savannah Lutz, Sue Ann and Chuck Sidell, Joy and Gary Lepage, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Pinette, Lucia and Pete Castonguay, Pauline McGee, Dick and Joan Merrill, Carl Gagnon, Candy O’Neill, and Faith Kimball. There was also a mom with her four children who delivered a large number of meals, whose name I can not find anywhere in all my notes. I thank you and your awesome kids for spending a good part of your holiday to help those who needed you. If I have omitted anyone, I apologize, as your help was so very appreciated. Thank You again to all of you! You are indeed special people! Alice Gagnon Valley Creek Eatery said. The chief also added that there was no solid evidence one way or the other. There was nothing definite and there were no suspects. Samples were taken from unburned portions of the four apartment houses on Champlain Street and they reportedly had some kind of oil on them. It was felt that this might have come from a mattress that was on a porch and the melting foam produced the oil. The unanswered question about the fire two weeks later was the explosion of the propane tanks. Lamontagne said that several of them were lying on the ground and could not figure out how they came loose from their hookups. An eyewitness to the fire gave an account that he saw the flames during the early stage under the porch of one of the homes and the tank explosions came after this sighting. Police detectives investigated the fire and the rumors, but could find nothing substantial after days of investigating. I went forward many weeks and could find no more results of what may have caused this great catastrophe on Berlin’s East Side. Some people might know more, but it seems like the news about this fire just stopped being reported. If this fire would have started in the early morning hours, what kind of a disaster would it have been? Five or ten extra minutes without people noticing the flames and reporting it, could have meant the loss of many more lives and hundreds of injuries. The blaze on Champlain Street certainly ranks among this city’s worst conflagrations to ever occur. Questions or comments email Also, join the many fans of “Once upon a Berlin Time” on Facebook and guess at the weekly mystery picture.

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Contract #2011-21 Local Delivery Propane INVITATION TO BID

The City of Berlin is inviting sealed bids at the City Manager’s Office , City Hall, 168 Main Street, Berlin, New Hampshire for Contract #2011-21, Local Delivery Propane (estimated 12,000 gallons) until 2pm, prevailing time, Thursday December 15, 2011. Shortly after the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud in any available office or conference room at the City Hall, Berlin, NH. Interested vendors may obtain the bid package through the Office of the City Manager (603-752-7532) or email to request it. The City expressly reserves the right to reject any or all bids as the City Manager may determine and to waive defects in form of minor irregularities where the best interest of the City would be served.

Camellia L. Hill BERLIN -- A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated for Camellia L. Hill on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at St. Anne Church of Good Shepherd Parish with Reverend Kyle Stanton, as celebrant. Denise Sanschagrin served as cantor accompanied by Sandra Patrick as organist. The alter server was Annie Pelletier. Serving as readers was her daughters, Theresa Bernard and Dianne Lamoureux. The offertory gifts were presented by her grandson Chavannes Baptiste and great-grandson Jordan Baptiste. Serving as pallbearers were: her son, Paul Lamoureux, cousins Robert and Emile Gosselin and family friend Paul Gallant. Burial wil be in the spring on May 30, 2012 at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Berlin, NH. There were numerous friends and family members that attended the services from in and out of town. To post a tribute, please visit or to view an online slideshow go to mem. com. TARGET from page 3

looking for a bottom line they feel comfortable defending to the budget committee, but added that every department may not be held to the five percent request if their budget can be justified. Oliver pointed out that the Ambulance budget was one that meets the exception since once the revenue offset is taken into consideration it is mainly self-funded. He also pointed out that the Town Clerk’s portion of the budget could not be expected to go down due to the elections coming up, but he did say other areas would get a hard look from the board. “One of the things we’re looking at is salaries,” he said, while also noting the board will try to effect their cuts without cutting personnel if possible. Smaller items won’t be exempt from scrutiny either, Oliver said. “Little things, I think, could make a big difference.”

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 7


by Lynn Johnston by Scott Adams


By Holiday Mathis thing you would not ordinarily do. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). If you take a different action, you’ll get a different result. Don’t change what is already working well. Just know it’s better to be grateful for what comes than to push for more. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Your self-control may wane. Or perhaps the personal influence you wield may not seem to be working as effectively as it did last week. You haven’t lost your touch; you just have to work a bit harder to maintain it now. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). A hotheaded person you know may act rashly today. Consider that it might be your steady attitude of stability that allows this person to fly off the handle. You’re the safety net. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You’ll try to cover a wide base of interests, desires and activities -- maybe too wide for one day’s work. There’s much to be accomplished before the weekend. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Whatever you hope to gain by your efforts is not likely to be what results. What comes will be better -- more surprising, complex and engaging. It’s truly a good day. TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Dec. 1). In many ways, you blossom. You become more focused and organized this month. January brings partnership proposals. In February, you will gain a greater understanding of your power, and you will use it to create and control your environment. There’s a tradeoff in the spring that leaves you feeling wealthier. Aquarius and Taurus people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 3, 1, 44, 39 and 18.

by Darby Conley

ARIES (March 21-April 19). You can’t expect yourself to endure endless hours of thankless work without retaliating in some way at the end of the day. If your pleasure-to-pain ratio is off, everything will be off. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You’ll find a way to make a deal sweeter, to make an offer more graceful or to create a stir in an otherwise boring situation. It’s a talent of yours, and you’ll feel complete when you use it. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). One of your favorite people will reach out and communicate with you. You weren’t sitting around waiting for the message, but you’ll respond quickly, and that quick response will convey your true affection. CANCER (June 22-July 22). There’s a question in your mind about what you deserve and why. You feel that in many ways you are privileged beyond reason. Yet there’s something more you want, and you wonder whether you have a right to it. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Instead of smirking at the establishment, you lean forward to listen. You’ll like getting out of your own head in this way. And in listening, you learn a great deal about where your talents might best be utilized. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You don’t mind a sprinkle of uncertainty and unpredictability in your day. It makes life exciting -- as long as circumstances don’t make you feel too tense or aggravated. When it gets to that point, you can always walk away. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You don’t have to try to be interesting. You’re fascinating to someone as you react to the normal ups and downs of life. Heightened emotions cause you to do some-

Get Fuzzy


by Chad Carpenter

Solution and tips at


Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 thru 9.

For Better or Worse

Page 8 — THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011

1 5 10 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 24 25 26 29 30 34 35 36 37 38 40

ACROSS Plunge into water headfirst Huge success Incisions Large kitchen appliance Biblical book Deathly pale Lion’s refuge “What I Did on My Summer Vacation,” e.g. Actress Harlow Intertwines Tuneful Martini ingredient Like a twang Spirited horse Prohibit Stop Haughtiness Hovel Neither large nor small Tavern Nasal passages Water barrier

41 Constructs 43 Home __; fourbagger 44 Tax 45 “M*A*S*H” role 46 Taxi 47 Roller coasters and carousels 48 Opponent 50 Curved bone 51 Sagged 54 __ Bureau of Investigation; FBI 58 Landlord’s collection 59 Albert or Fisher 61 Italy’s capital 62 One opposed 63 Hilarious folks 64 Wedding vows 65 __-for-nothing; useless 66 Perceive 67 Invites 1 2

DOWN __ out; allot __ the Terrible

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 21 23 25 26 27 28 29 31 32 33 35 36

Mantilla Infuriates Glossy surface Playwright Hart Pack animal Sailor Rutherford or Helen Coaxed Secondhand Bangkok native Out of __; not in harmony El __; Spanish hero Adds liquor to, as punch Inborn Dueling sword Coronet Goofed Olive Oyl’s hairstyle Lent a hand to Debonair TV awards __ and hers Fellows

38 Disrobe 39 Teacher’s fill-in, for short 42 Neck artery 44 African nation 46 Golfer’s aide 47 __ of; free from 49 Swerves 50 Actress Della

51 Haul 52 City in Nevada 53 Aware of the duplicity of 54 Conniptions 55 Curtain holders 56 Run __; go wild 57 Not as much 60 Put on, as garb

Yesterday’s Answer

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 9

––––––––––––––––– DAILY CALENDAR ––––––––––––––––– Thursday, December 1 Berlin Board of Education: Meeting 5:30 p.m., school library. Berlin Water Works Commission: Meeting 12 noon, 55 Willow St., Berlin. Free Blood Pressure Screening: Walmart, 1-3 p.m., all welcome. Sponsored by the nursing services from City of Berlin Health Department of Health. Saturday, December 3 Healthcare Provider CPR Course: 8 a.m. to 2 or 4 p.m. FMI 466-5611, ask for Terry. Christmas Tree Fair: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Gorham Congregational Church, Main Street, Cookie Walk, crafts, decorations, needlework, baked goods, Decorate a Gingerbread Man, Children’s Christmas Shoppe. Luncheon of Chowder or Soup with sandwich and dessert $5. Don’t miss it! Holiday Sale: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., St. Paul Lutheran Church, corner of Norway and 7th Street (use 7th street entrance). Crafts gift baskets, etc., and Norwegian baked goods. “The Nutcracker Ballet”: St. Kieran Arts Center , 155 Emery St., Berlin, 3 p.m., Berlin Junior High Auditorium. Advance tickets $12/$6. Call 752-1028 www. Log Cabin Christmas: Hosted by Tops NH 0057 Gorham. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Gorham Library, Railroad St., Gorham. Penny ale; food sale; luncheon. Tickest for three prizes. Sunday, December 4 Annual Christmas Scholarship Auction: Shelburne Town Hall, 1 to 3 p.m. Spaghetti Dinner: Philbrook Farm Inn, 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sponsored by Shelburne Union Church. Contact Kimberly Landry, Phone: 603-466-5353; e-mail: morningglory@wildblue. net.



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Ils dansent (SC)


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CBS 13 WGME Big Bang


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College Football West Virginia at South Florida. (N) (Live)



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College Basketball Georgetown at Alabama. (N)


World Poker Tour: Sea Sports

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Pro Rodeo 101

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Movie: ››› “Troy”

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Cellblock 6

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Movie: ›››‡ “The Fugitive” (1993, Suspense) Harrison Ford. Å

105 Movie: ››‡ “Jewel Robbery”

Say Yes


The X-Files “Anasazi”

201 Movie: ›› “Predators” (2010) Å


221 “Tapestries of Hope”


231 Movie: “The Janky Promoters”


248 Movie: ››› “That Thing You Do!” (1996) Å

(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: HOWDY VALET COUPLE DILUTE Answer: Desi Arnaz said “I do” on 11-30-1940 because — HE LOVED LUCY

Face Off

Keep a Child Alive

Good Luck


Ned Bruha Ned Bruha The Layover Å MANswers MANswers


Good Vibe Good Vibe Behind the Music T.I.

E! News

Movie: “The Fugitive”

Movie: “The Kennel Murder Case”


Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.


iMPACT Wrestling (N) (In Stereo) Å


Fam. Guy

The 700 Club (N) Å

Good Luck Good Luck Wizards


YOUTO 110 Say Yes


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Movie: “Santa Buddies” (2009)





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Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.


8:30 Rules

FOX 4 WPFO The X Factor (N) (Live)

DECEMBER 1, 2011

“Ex-Mrs Bradfrd”

Adrenalina Digivangel LOL Pets! Bored

Hung Å

“Sex in an Epidemic”

Movie: “Flesh Wounds” (2011)


K. Morgan

Gigolos (N) Old Porn Movie: ›‡ “Foolish”

Movie: ››‡ “Dumb and Dumber”

TWC - 23, CNN2 - 30, C-SPAN - 99, PAY-PER-VIEW - 59, 60, 61, 62


––––––––––––––– ONGOING CALENDAR –––––––––––––– Thursday Community Bible Church Free Meal: Doors open 4 p.m. for coffee and conversation, Dinner at 5 p.m., close up around 630. There is live music and complimentary Dunkin Donuts coffee for all. Anyone wishing to make a donation to this service can contact Developmental Play-Group: FCESS, 9:30 to 11 a.m. every Thursday, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. Contact person is Sheri Goyette at 603662-2331 or email TOPS NH 0057 Gorham: Meet every Thursday, 5:30 p.m., meeting room of the Gorham Public Library on Railroad Street, Gorham. FMI Call Carolyn at 348-1416. Boy Scout Pack 207: meets every Thursday at 6:30 in the St. Michael’s School cafeteria. Berlin-Gorham White Mountain Rotary Club: Meets every Thursday 730 to 830 a.m., Town & Country Inn Shelburne. FMI email info@ Senior Meals: Guardian Angel School, noon. Suggested donations for 60 and over $3; under 60 $6. All are welcome. (FMI 752-2545) Mt. Jefferson LDG. #103 I.O.O.F.: meets second and fourth Thursdays of month, 7 p.m., 701 Presidential Highway, Jefferson. FMI 1-802892-6684 or 723-0766. Gorham Public Library: Open M-F: 10am6pm, Saturdays: 10am-Noon. Children’s Story Time: Fridays, 1:30pm. View On-line Catalog at FMI call 4662525 or email AA Meeting: noon to 1 p.m., St. Barnabas Church, 2 High St., Berlin. Berlin Knights of Columbus: Third and Fourth Degree meets on second Thursday of each month, 7 p.m., St. Anne’s lower hall, Berlin. Dinner served at 5:30 p.m. for members and guests from September to May. Shelburne Library Schedule: Thursday 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Saturdays - 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. FUSION: Youth Group invites all youth grades 6-12, 6:30 to 8 p.m. Games, music, and a good message to get you pumped for the rest of the week! Harvest Christian Fellowship, Willow St. in Berlin. FMIVicky at 348-2354. fusion603 Milan Public Library: Monday, 1:30 to 7:30 p.m.; Tuesday and Wednesday’s 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous: 12 to 1 p.m., Discussion Meeting, St. Barnabas Church, corner of High and Main St., Berlin. Step Book Meeting, 7 to 8 p.m., Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Berlin. Exercise Classes: Berlin Senior Center, 610 Sullivan St., Berlin, 4 to 5 p.m. (FMI 752-2545) Pre-School Reading, Arts, Crafts Program: Errol Public Library, 10:30 a.m. To register, call Ann Bragg at 483-7720 or go to the library from 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday through Saturday. F. O. E. Eagles 1464: Meets first and third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. The Salvation Army Thursday Afterschool Programs: 3 – 3:30, snack and homework help; 3:30 – 4 Timbrels; 4 – 4:30 Sacred Dance; 4:30 – 5 Singing Company; Dinner; and Boys Adventure Corps and Sunbeams. For more information please call 752-1644. Dummer Library Hours: 3 to 7 p.m. (FMI 449-0995, E-mail: Berlin and Coos County Historic Society Moffett House Museum: Open five days, Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 4 p.m. Can also be opened by appointment. Call 752-4590. Available are historical documents, school yearbooks, Berlin/Gorham directories, annual city reports, city and county reports, Brown Bulletins, old books, artifacts and more. Serenity Steps Peer Support Center: 567 Main St. Berlin, Providing peer support services to local area residents challenged by emotional or mental difficulties. Open Monday through Wednesday 11-4; Thursday and Friday 11-7 p.m. FMI 752-8111.

Page 10 — THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011

by Abigail Van Buren


DEAR ABBY: I want you to know how much I agree with your answer to “Paying for My Popcorn in Oregon” (Sept. 15), who complained about her niece sneaking food into the theater. I used to teach a parenting class to parents who had kids in trouble with the law. I started out by asking, “How many of you teach your children to lie, cheat or steal?” Of course nobody admitted they did. I then had about 20 items I’d list, the movie food issue being one, driving over the speed limit, and so on. At least one of the 20 applied to everybody. Then I’d say: “You taught your kids that it was OK to lie, cheat and steal -- it’s only getting caught that’s bad. That’s why you are in my class today.” This is what that niece is teaching her children. -- PAUL IN DENVER DEAR PAUL: Thank you for agreeing. However, I’m sorry to say that many readers thought the issue was more about the cost and selection of snacks than that of cheating the theater owners. My newspaper readers comment: DEAR ABBY: For a family of four to see a movie and get a drink and popcorn or candy costs about $80. This is highway robbery. The cost of a drink is about 5 or 10 cents to the theater, and they charge a whopping $5. The same goes for popcorn. Let’s be serious. How much does popcorn cost? A tub of popcorn at a theater is $7.50. My children want the whole theater experience, which includes a snack. How can a family afford to go to the movies at these prices? Theater owners should be able to make a reasonable profit on the snacks, but this is ridiculous. Sorry, I will continue to bring my snacks in. -- KIM IN CALIFORNIA DEAR ABBY: While I agree that it is the theater operators’ prerogative to set policy and make money, I have done what the niece is doing, but for different reasons. My children and

I are allergic to corn products as well as artificial colors and flavorings -- ingredients in every product commonly sold at movie concession stands. Recently my family has made a different choice. We either eat before we go, or we wait for the DVD and stay home. I would like companies to know that when they exclude outside food, they also exclude my family. -- ALLERGIC IN NEW YORK DEAR ABBY: By teaching children that it’s OK to cheat on this particular issue, they will generalize that it’s OK to cheat ANYTIME, if they don’t agree with whoever sets the rules. Thus it may become OK to cheat in school because “he makes the tests too hard,” or to engage in underage drinking because “the law is stupid, and besides, everyone does it.” Just wait until they decide it’s OK to sneak out of the house when Mom says “no” because “her reasons are lame!” That mother had better be careful when she justifies, because what parents teach their kids will affect them sooner or later. -- SUSIE IN OLYMPIA, WASH. DEAR ABBY: “Paying” could search for activities to help them see another way of looking at the world. Instead of going to a movie, I suggest that the aunt arrange to take the children (with or without her niece) to an outing such as craft time at a library, a visit to a museum, or gather in the kitchen to share a family recipe and donate the food to a local shelter. They could spend an afternoon helping at the local food pantry, which would provide an opportunity for her to discuss values and priorities. In this way she could interact with her niece and the children and build lasting memories. They could even go to the grocery store and make a game out of seeing how much food they could buy for the amount they would have spent at the movie. -- AN AWESOME AUNT IN HEBRON, OHIO

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at: Dear Abby, c/o The Conway Daily Sun, PO Box 1940, North Conway, NH 03860


by Gary Trudeau

For Rent

For Rent

BERLIN- Spacious 2 bedroom 1st floor of duplex w/ heat, hw, w/d hookups; yard & garage; stove & frig incl., no pets; $700 + sec dep. 560-3481.

HOUSE: Nay Pond, 2/3 bedroom home, 2 full bathrooms, open kitchen concept, all appliances, hot tub, jacuzzi, fireplace, huge sun room, boat dock and more, $2000/mo. call 723-2828 or 752-6826.

BERLIN: 1, 2, 4 bedroom apts., heat, h/w, wd hook-ups, first & security, HUD accepted, 752-2607, 723-4161. BERLIN: 2 bdrm, 1st floor. Heat & hot water incl. $625/mo. Secu dep. & ref. required. (603)449-2230. BERLIN: 2 bedroom, enclosed porch, heat, h/w, all applianced, security, first month, no pets, smokers, 342-9995. BERLIN: 3 bedroom, heat, h/w, stove, refrigerator, w/d $725/mo. 723-2807. BERLIN: One bedroom, 2nd. floor, heat, h/w, parking, $130/wk. 752-6459, 752-7693. BERLIN: one bedroom, first floor, $600/mo.; studio, first floor, $500/mo. includes electriciy, heat, h/w, 603-723-4724. BERLIN: One bedroom, York Street, $525/mo. heat, h/w included, first month, security deposit required, no pets/ smoking, 617-771-5778. BERLIN: Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2nd floor, recently renovated, w/d hook-up. 50% heat included, pets considered, no smoking, references required, $695. plus security, 603-986-5264. BERLIN: Two bedroom, first floor, heat, h/w, off street parking, clean, nice location, $650 no pets, 723-3856. COMPLETELY renovated 3 bedroom & 1 bedroom apartments. Call H&R Block, great landlord (603)752-2372. COTTAGE: 3 bedroom, one bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, FMI $750/mo. call 723-2828, 752-6826. FIRST floor, 315 High Street, 4 rooms, w/d connection, enclosed porch, Mt. Washington view, shed, heat, h/w, $700/mo. senior discount 50+, 752-5633.

GORHAM HOUSE 3 bedroom, $795 completely remodeled, no utilities included, 84 Lancaster Road, 466-5933, 915-6216. GORHAM- 1 bedroom apt, new carpet, large closet, big yard, off street parking, utilities not included. $535/mo (603)986-5800.

$1-A-DAY CLASSIFIEDS • CALL 752-5858 DOLLAR-A-DAY: Ad must run a minimum of 5 consecutive days. Ads over 15 words add 10¢ per word per day. REGULAR RATE: $2 a day; 10¢ per word per day over 15 words. PREMIUMS: First word caps no charge. Additional caps 10¢ per word per day. Centered bold heading: 9 pt. caps 40¢ per line, per day (2 lines maximum) TYPOS: Check your ad the first day of publication. Sorry, we will not issue credit after an ad has run once. DEADLINES: noon two days prior the day of publication except for Monday’s paper when the deadline is Thursday, 11 a.m. PAYMENT: All private party ads must be pre-paid. We accept checks, Visa and Mastercard credit cards and of course cash. There is a $10 minimum order for credit cards. CORRESPONDENCE: To place your ad call our offices 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, 752-5858; send a check or money order with ad copy to The Berlin Daily Sun, 164 Main Street, Berlin, NH 03570 or stop in at our offices on Main Street in Berlin. OTHER RATES: For information about the professional directory or classified display ads call 752-5858.

Animals COCKATIELS, price negotiable FMI call 752-2166.

Low Cost Spay/ Neuter Cats & dogs Rozzie May Animal Alliance 603-447-1373

Antiques ANTIQUES, glass, furniture, & collectibles of all kinds wanted by Bob Gauthier, 449-2542. Specializing in Estate and Business liquidation. Bonded.

Autos 1994 GMC Jimmy 4x4, 4d. New tires, exhaust and more. $1750. (603)466-2427.


Autos Paying Cash for your unwanted or junk vehicle. Best local prices! ROY'S TOWING 603-348-3403 BUYING junk cars and trucks ME & NH. Call for price. Martin Towing. (603)305-4504.

For Rent 3 apartment rooms: $100 weekly, utilities included. Separate rooms: $50. Pit-lab puppies ready (603)348-5317.

and trucks. Paying in cash. Honest pricing. No gimmicks. Kelley’s Towing (603)723-9216.

3 room apartment, $400. Utili ties included. Room owner’s residence- $50; Shihtsu puppy, all shots! 603-348-5317.

PAYING: Cash for your unwanted or junk vehicle. Best local prices! Roy's towing 603-348-3403.

BERLIN 6 room house, not heated. No pets/ no smoking. Security deposit, references (603)752-3004.

For Rent Are you visiting/ working in the area or working on the Burgess PioPower Biomass Plant and need a room by the night, week or month? Stay at DuBee Our Guest B&B in Milan, eight miles north of project. Fully furnished, including paper goods, full use of kitchen, wireless internet, Direct TV, barbecue grill and cleaning service. $35/night, or $140/week. Owners have separate living quarters.

FMI call 603-449-2140 or 603-723-8722.

BEAUTIFUL, one bedroom, big back, nice neighborhood, yard, frig, stove, heat, h/w, w/d, hook-up paking, no pets, sec. deposit, references, $525, 723-3856.

For Rent BERLIN 1-4 bedroom apts. $495-$745, great locations, HUD approved (603)723-3042. BERLIN 1st floor, 2 bedroom apt. heated. Call 978-609-4010. BERLIN 2 bdrm home 1 acre $650/mo. 3 bdrm home $650/mo 2 bdrm apt 1st floor, $600/mo heat included. No pets. 1 year lease. Call (603)714-5928. BERLIN Apartments: 1 bedroom $450 and $500/mo- 2 bedrooms. $575 and $625/mo W/D hook ups, parking. No smokers. 723-7015. BERLIN Houses 131 Jolbert: 3 bedroom, 1.5 baths. Garage, deck, yard. $775/mo No utilities. 252 Wight St: 2 Bedroom, 1 bath. Large yard, garage. $675/mo No Utilities. 723-7015. SPECIAL- Berlin- 2 bedroom, apt., Glen Ave., parking, $595/mo. Heat, h/w included. 1st month and security. 603-345-1416.

GORHAM- 2nd Floor 3 bedroom in Cascade Flats. $750/mo includes heat /HW, stove and fridge W/D connection. Also 2 Bedroom Bell St. 1st floor $650/ 2nd floor $625/mo includes heat, stove, fridge. W/D connection, storage. No smokers please 723-7015. GORHAM: 1 bedroom, w/ loft, efficiency apt. cathedral ceiling, no utilities included, $575/mo 915-6216, 466-5933. GORHAM: 13 Exchange St, (white bldg w/ black trim) 2 br, first floor, fridge & stove, h/ hw, w/d hookup, w/ shed, parking spaces, no pets. Sec. dep. Call: 466-3378 (8am-4pm, M-F or leave a message). GORHAM: 2 bedroom, heat, h/w, newly renovated, off street parking, snow removal, 723-6310. Large 2 bedroom, $500 at 331 Pleasant St., no dogs allowed, call Rich 326-3499.

MILAN: Mobile home trailer, 2 bedroom, own lot, FMI, 752-1871. MILAN: small 2 bedroom, 2nd. floor, heat, h/w, parking, no pets, 723-0449.

For Rent-Commercial BERLIN downtown over 1000 sq.ft. 1st floor, low rent $495. Great location (603)723-3042.

For Sale 20/GAL. aquariums, $15; #10 aquarium gravel, $5; fish supplies, 1/2 price, spinet piano, 636-2055. AMAZING! Beautiful pillowtop matress sets, twin $169, full or queen $249, king $399. See AD under “Furniture”. CUSTOM Glazed Kitchen Cabinets. Solid maple, never installed. May add/subtract to fit kitchen. Cost $6,000 sacrifice $1,750. 833-8278 DOWNHILL skies, $225, package deal, Atomic ARC soft SL 185 pink/ yellow; Raichle RE ski boots 10.5: Scott classic poles, Flea Market, 161 Main Street, Gorham, 603-466-1140. FOUR 215-60R-16 Mastercraft glacier grip, studded snow tires, off Toyota Camry, $40, call 752-1121. ROCKWELL 4” jointer/ planer w/ stand $70. 10” table saw with stand $60. 752-2982, 482-3374. SEARS Pro-form, 770EKG, treadmill w/ interactive CD workout, $100, 466-3656. TWO PR 15 Peavey speakers, 400 watt, $350; 5 piece Gretch drum set heavy duty hardware and Zilgan simbles, $500; 6 string Ovation electric acoustic hard shell case, $500; HP computer, complete package, $175, 348-5847. YARDMAN tracked self turning, 9HP snowblower, starts first crank, 466 Hillside Ave. $125, 752-3566.

Furniture AMAZING! Beautiful Queen or Full-size mattress set. Luxury Firm European Pillow-top style. Fabulous back & hip support. Factory sealed - new 10-Yr. warranty. Cost $1095, sell $249. Can deliver 603-305-9763.

Mobile Homes TWO homes to choose from in central North Conway park. New 2012 model Skyline, 14x72, two bedroom, 2 bath, workshop/ shed, gas heat, big lot $49,900. 1994 Astro, 14x56, two bedroom, 1 bath, washer dryer, new appliances, new furnace, new roof, new hot water heater $24,900. Both homes ready to be lived in! No dogs. Financing available, affordable living right in North Conway. Walk to shops, outlets, trails, river. Call 603-986-3991.

TWO OFFICES AVAILABLE OFFICE SPACE IN BERLIN Spacious second-floor corner office in downtown Berlin. Known as the Sheridan Building, this classic revival structure built in 1905 and renovated in the 1980s and 1990s is located next to City Hall. Ceilings are high and windows are plentiful in this corner which includes one large room, one medium sized, and a private bathroom. $450 a month, and includes heat. Second floor, corner office, two rooms with shared bathroom. $350.

For a video tour go to: For more information call Mark 603-356-3456.

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 11




PAINTING: Top quality, interior, exterior, reasonable rates, free estimates, references, Don Guerin, contractor, 915-6119.


SEMI-PROFESSIONAL, window cleaning small, med. large, office or residential, references, available, please call 752-6526.

(603)447-1198. Olson’s Moto Works, RT16 Albany, NH.

$75 Furnace Cleaning Special: Reliable, dependable for all your furnace needs. Repairs, cleaning and service. Call today for an appointment, 723-0729. HYPNOSIS for habit change, stress, regression. Michael Hathaway, DCH, certified hypnotherapist. Madison (603)367-8851.

SNOWPLOWING: starting at $15/up, seasonal rate available, snow is coming, don't get stuck, 603-348-5440. ZIMMER Snowplowing, driveways, also shoveling, walkways, decks, free estimates, call 723-1252.


Highest quality craftsmanship. Fully Insured. Lowest prices guaranteed. FMI (603)730-2521. CARPENTRY, handyman, property maintenance, no job too small. Call Dennis Bisson, 723-3393, free estimates.

Wanted To Buy ANTIQUES, individual pieces and complete estates. Call Ted and Wanda Lacasse, 752-3515. BUYING silver, gold, JesStone Beads, 129 Main Street, Gorham, see us first for best price.

IPOD FIX IT Fixing Apple Products since 1990, Also Digital Cameras, Cellphone Screens, Game Systems. Call 603-752-9838.

Northern Dreamscapes Snow plowing, sanding, and roof shoveling loader service, fully insured 723-6990.

BUYING JUNK CARS AND TRUCKS Paying in cash Honest pricing No gimmicks Kelley’s Towing (603)723-9216.

North Country Shelter, a coed shelter care facility for youth ages 11-17, located in Jefferson, NH has a full time opening for a Special Education Teacher in the school program. Must be Special Education Certified in NH. NFI helps support professional development and certification renewals. Excellent benefits package, tuition reimbursement available. Send resume to: North Country Shelter, Program Director, PO Box 160, Route 2, Jefferson, NH 03583 or email Visit us at or email us at EOE/AA

We offer competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package! Please check our website for specific details on each position.

• Operating Room RN - Full-time • LNA @ Merriman House - Full-time • LNA/Unit Secretary Med Surg - Full-time • ICU RN - Part-time • Director of OR & Surgical Services - Full-time • Staff Nurse - Part-time • Controller - Full-time A completed Application is required to apply for all positions Website: Contact: Human Resources, Memorial Hospital, an EOE PO Box 5001, No. Conway, NH 03860. Phone: (603)356-5461 • Fax: (603)356-9121

VACANCIES BERLIN PUBLIC SCHOOLS ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL GRADES 3-5 351 STUDENTS ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL GRADES 6-8 237 STUDENTS IT DIRECTOR COMPUTER TECHNICIAN Applicants must be certified in these positions. Please refer to our website for more information. Individuals interested in any of the above positions should send a letter of interest, resume, and 3 current letters of reference to Corinne Cascadden, Superintendent, Berlin Public Schools, 183 Hillside Ave. Berlin, NH 03570 or email on or before December 15, 2011. EOE

Page 12 — THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011

DELEGATION from page one

The bill was heavily supported by the House Republican leadership which sought to make New Hampshire the first right-to-work state in the Northeast. The state’s unions strongly opposed the bill which would have barred unions from collecting fees from non-members who receive the benefits of collective bargaining. In a statement released after the vote, Gov. Lynch said the bill would have directly interfered with the rights of businesses and their employees to freely negotiate contracts. He also charged debate over the bill was largely driven by national outside interest groups and not because of problems facing New Hampshire businesses.

“For these reasons, and others, I vetoed the right-to-work bill in May. I am pleased that a bipartisan coalition of House members put the interest of New Hampshire and voted to sustain my veto,” Lynch said. House Speaker William O’Brien said many companies had expressed an interest in moving new jobs to the state if the legislation had passed. In a statement, he promised to continue to push to make New Hampshire a right-to-work state. “We have not seen the end of this matter. Right-to-Work will be priority legislation before the House next year. As such it will become a top issue in both the governor’s race as well as in primaries elections across New Hampshire,” O’Brien said.

BOOK SIGNING from page one

Library. After reading “Ella’s Journey Part 2,” Mame Montgomery of Maine said, “I laughed, I cried, I learned so much.” Sarah Haber of New York said, “As soon as you read a page, you can’t wait to turn to the next page. It’s so moving.” Robert Wexler of Florida said, “It is beautifully written. The descriptions linger in my mind’s eye.” Edith R. Bair of Kansas said, “This book will help many people.” Camilla Cadieux of New Hampshire said, “I could not put the book down! Ms. Ackerman shares with us the most beautiful story of her love, and gives us all comfort and hope

Boutique at 101

181 Cole Street Berlin, NH 03570


Alpaca & Organic Cotton Socks Hand Lotions from

for the here and after. I really loved this book. I want everyone I know to read it.” Locally, the book will be available at SaVoir Flare in Berlin. It is also at Marshall Insurance Agency, and Parker’s Jewelry, on Main Street in Lancaster. Additional information about “Ella’s Journey”, is available at Ackerman adds that Parts 1 and 2 can be read quite separately since Part 1 is an allegory, where the only character is Ella. Part 2 is the full story of all the people involved. She wrote her story in the hope that it will help many people with their understanding of life, death and love.

RANDY STILES 603-723-4700





Friday, Dec. 2nd 6:30pm

“Santa will arrive to light the Gorham Common” Immediate1y following, at the Gorham Town Hall

Refreshments will be served Ornament Making Session Picture taking with Santa for $1.00 Please use entrance on Railroad St.

Sponsored by: Gorham Fire Dept. Ladies Aux. and the Area Business Community Door opens at 6:00PM

with Matching Snuggle Socks


New from Woodwick... Escape Candles & Gifts Sets

And Much More! FREE Gift Wrapping ~ Gift Certificates

603-466-5811 101 Main St., Gorham, NH Open everyday till Christmas 10am-5pm

s r



Additions • Decks • Windows Ceilings • Siding • Painting Roofing • Garages • Sheet Rock Porches • Masonry & More


Fully Insured • Free Estimates

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 13

HOLIDAY BUYERS GUIDE White Mountain Cafe and Bookstore Coos County’s only independent bookstore is now filled to the brim with holiday books and gifts for all ages. Our personal favorites? Books of local interest, including the recentlyreleased award winning collection of North Country stories, Beyond the Notches, the popular local favorite Berlin Dictionary, and the remarkable history of the Randolph Mountain Club, Peaks and Paths. There’s plenty more, too, from outdoors guides to stunning White Mountain photography from the critically-acclaimed Jerry Monkman, and stocking stuffers like soy candles and glacier rocks (you’ll have to come in to see what they are!). Plus, we can order any book you can

find, and most will be in stock within 72 hours. On the kids front, we’re fully stocked with ever-popular arts and crafts from Melissa and Doug, including wood puzzles, train sets, felt food, puppets, and card game sets. Next door in the cafe, we’ve got a new supply of our beautiful White Mountain Cafe and bookstore shirts and hoodies, classic stainless steel travel mugs, aprons, holiday gift baskets and more. Interested in spending a bit less time in the kitchen this holiday season? Drop by and order one of our many delicious pies, from like Pumpkin Custard with maple Mousse, Dutch Apple, or Mixed Berry.


Happy feet = OSMOLOGY, OSMOSIS’ Signature Service. Find out how a 20-minute detox footbath, a soothing Exfoliating Scrub, followed by a one-hour foot reflexology session feels. Not only is this relaxing, but is the utmost in therapeutic care. People’s

comments afterwards? “My feet feel so invigorated that my whole body feels aligned and alive.” K.B. Contact Lise at 603-723-1628 or go online at www. for instant online gift certificates and to check out our specials.

Dave’s Auto Tech Be wise. Get an early start on your vehicle inspection, in case there are repairs needed to pass state inspection. We have diagnostic equipment which can save you time and money, and avoid costly and unnecessary repairs. Don’t delay! Call 752-1266 today. Also, just a reminder to Berlin residents! Please ask for your tire disposal permit when you register your

vehicle. By remote starting you vehicle and letting it warm up before driving it will save your engine and get you better gas mileage. A warm, well oiled engine, runs with less friction causing less damage. A warm vehicle will also start your workday off with a smile! Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Be Local. Buy Local

Located north of the White Mountains on Rt. 16 Berlin, NH • 603-752-6210

Gift Certificates (one size fits all) Call to book your Holiday Parties Now (large or small) Place your pie orders in early!

Merry Christmas To All!

Once upon a Berlin Time Paul “Poof ” Tardiff has been writing history articles for the Berlin Daily Sun since August of 1999. His stories entitled “Once upon a Berlin Time” have become a weekly favorite for many Berlin citizens past and present. From the days in the mid 1820’s when the first pioneers came, up to the days of modern logging, the city of Berlin has developed a rich history. The Androscoggin River, which was used for the delivery of the products to our local mills, played a major role in Berlin’s growth and it helped generate stories that should

never be forgotten. Three books have been written and compiled by Mr. Tardiff, so that the memory of this city and its citizens, along with their early way of life can live on. Each one of these books would make a great holiday gift and keepsake for the lovers of the “City that Trees Built”. Enjoy Berlin’s legends, sports, events and historical characters of the past by purchasing one of these books or all three volumes. They may be purchased locally at Greetings Jewelers, Moffet House, Brown Company House, Savoir Flair and the Wonderland Bookstore.

Give a Gift They’re Sure To Enjoy, A Town & Country Gift Certificate TLC Gift Certific (Tender La ates bn on Care)

For every $100 worth of Gift Certificates purchased from us, receive a $20 gift card. For more information call 1-800-325-4386 • 466-3315


Rt. 2, Shelburne, NH • 466-3315 •

Page 14 — THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011


Every year, the promise of a peacefilled, joyous holiday season eludes the best of us as we race to decorate, shop, bake, cook, clean, wrap and get ready for our holiday guests. Stress! A. V. Home Care Services has the perfect solution, the perfect gift too, with helping hands for you or your loved one. Our Homemakers are ready to

make light work of every holiday preparation you have on your list. We can also help during your holiday festivities and/or afterward as you take down decorations and clean. Call 752-7505 to arrange for your holiday gift certificates or purchase them online at www. We just love making life easier for you! Let peace reign.

Berlin Bowling Center The Berlin Bowling Center, located at 283 Main Street, Berlin, offers special game cards. Just in time for Christmas, twenty game cards are $45 or individual stocking stuffer cards are only $2.50. In stock and spe-

cialty equipment needs are available as well. The Center also reserves lanes for special Christmas parties and other social gatherings throughout the year. Call 752-5250.

Splashing through the snow to Wight Street Car Wash we go!

Good Shepherd Religious Store

This store was opened ten years ago as a Parish Gift Shop managed then and still now by Sr. Anne and Sr. Pauline as a service to the North Country people. It differs from other stores in its specializing in Religious Books and gifts for all occasions: Anniversaries, Religious and weddings; all sacraments; all occasions such as retire-

K&S Fitness

K & S Fitness has some fun options to relieve holiday stress and keep extra pounds off! Every Tuesday night at 6:30 is our new “Strong & Sexy” class. Leave empowered with a high

level of self esteem. Drop ins welcome. We are also offering “Private Zumba Parties” (10 Person Minimum). Call Kim 723-0838 or Sue 723-3965for more information.


283 Main Street Berlin • 752- 5250

Bowling Certificates Make Great Christmas Presents!

These make great stocking stuffers! ht Street •Window Cleaner g i W •Air Fresheners Car Wash •Armor All Products

Also Available Equipment Gift Certificates and Food and Beverage Certificates

Come experience the best self-service car wash in the area!

Route 110, Berlin

ment, weddings, new homes, cards for all occasions. Also choices of rosaries, crucifixes, bible cases, religious pendants, medals, statues, CD’s. Lastly we willingly order whatever you may request. Come see us. St. Anne’s lower hall, 752-1534 store phone, Thurs. and Friday, 9-3:30.

Keep Christ in Christmas Good Shepherd Religious Book & Gift Store Celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary All items 10% OFF throughout December

961 Main St., Berlin • 752-606

To the consumer:

Location: Lower St. Ann’s Hall Thursdays & Fridays Store phone: 752-2534 Convent phone: 752-1176

K&S Fitness Studio Gift Certificates Available

Kim Poulin & Sue Martin Owners & Instructors

Chamber Gift Certificates

The next 6 week session begins Dec. 5th, and we are now accepting registrations for ALL classes including the brand new “STRONG & SEXY” which uniquely mixes Cardio Kickboxing with “Sexy” and “Hip Hop” style dance routines, along with a touch of Body Sculpting.

For more information call Kim 723-0838 or Sue 723-3965 55 Maynesboro Street, Berlin •

• Great one size fits all gift • Redeemable at over 50 Businesses • Perfect gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement • Great bonus for your employees • Easy to use


Willow Tree Beanpod Soy Candles Camille Beckman Lotions Home Decor • Gift Baskets Kama Sutra So Much More… On The 2nd Floor

To the member:

• No administration fees • All money spent goes directly to chamber members! • Promotes your business • Buy local, Be local!



Footwear For The Family dansko, Merrell, Kamik, Skechers, Propet, Fleece Lined Slippers, Smartwool Socks, And Much More...

171 Main Street • Downtown Berlin

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 15


2011 marks the 90th anniversary of Bisson’s Sugar House. Over those years, several generations have been treated to locally produced pure maple products. In celebration, we have for sale a custom labeled anniversary bottle that would make a great Christmas gift. A lot has change in Berlin during the last 90 years but the “sugar house” has been a constant. The stories abound. Customers in their 80’s and 90’s visit

and tell us about how they use to “walk up the hill” with their grandparents when they were little. Today’s modem equipment make syrup production more efficient but the end product remains the same. Maple syrup makes a great gift the whole family can enjoy. It’s pure, natural and locally produced. Call 752-1298 or, for your convenience, syrup is also available at the Berlin Mills Variety and the Northern Forest Heritage Park

Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce

Are you looking for a perfect gift for someone? Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificates are perfect for everyone on your list. Redeemable at over 50 businesses!! See the participating business list at: pdf. Stop by the chamber office at 961 Main Street, their hours are Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Attention: All Skiers, save money, with your Androscoggin Valley Chamber

Valley Creek Eatery Valley Creek Eatery is owned and operated by Steve and Penny Binette. Over the past six years the Binettes and their staff have worked hard to offer a large menu at an afford-

able price. Valley Creek specializes in homemade, cooked to order food including our Canadian meat pies and our salmon pies. Stop by and see our new look. Call 752-0002, FMI.

Rudy’s Market

Rudy’s Market at 81 Wight Street, Berlin, 752-BEEF (2333) is a traditional Mom and Pop store specializing in fresh cut meat, fish and poultry. Holiday and special occasion meats, 410 Main Street Gorham, NH 03581 (603) 466-3868 (800) 637-6657 (800-63-POOLS)

156 Main St., Berlin • 752-4743

Featuring Ladies Clothing in sizes small to 3x PLUS... DMC Floss & Art Dept. Largest Yankee Candle Display north of the notch Plus lots more for everyone! Check our front door for a list of all our hours

Member ski pass. All chamber members, employees and spouses. Stop by the chamber and pick up your pass. The cost is $50 and gives you discounts at local ski areas. The application is on their website If you buy a downhill ski pass you can purchase the Nansen Ski Club membership for a discount price of $25, that’s a savings of $10. Not a member? Call the chamber and find out about joining the chamber as a business or an individual.

POOLS & SPAS Proudly Serving the Valley Since 1969

L uxury Perform an ce Spas

Several m od elsin stock . Stop in to ch eck th em out!

Great Deals Year Round

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-4:00pm, Sat. 10:00am-1:00pm

cold cut platters. Hot soups made daily, fresh deli sandwiches made to order. Home of “grill kandy”. Owned and operated by Rudy and Midge for 15 years.

G orh a m H ou se F lorist

10 E xch a n ge St.,G orh a m 46 6 -5588

Christmas Candy Cane Open House

December 2nd 9am-8pm December 3rd 9am-3pm Door Prizes and In-house Specials Floral Decorations, Jewelry, Soaps and Wood Crafts Galore For a sneak preview, like Gorham House Florist on Facebook

This Xmas Season Shop Beautiful Downtown West Milan




CORNER STORE & NORTH BROOK OUTFITTERS Route 110, West Milan • 449-2236

Home of the Miche Bag and 10-minute top-of-the-line tanning. The Holidays and the Semi ‘s are coming and this is the place you need to be to get your golden glow!

featuring Jiffy Power Augers and all your Ice Fishing Equipment Camo Clothing and Wool Pants, Hats, Gloves, Socks & Sweaters Lowest Prices on Rocky Boots

Located inside The Winterland Marketplace across the hall from Tea Birds Cafe


Check our our Large Selection of Replica Tin Signs


All Xmas Trees $22.00


Gift Certificates Stop in and Check us out or Call 449-2236

AND MORE Scene Street is OPEN Wed-Thurs-Fri 10am-7:30pm Saturday10am-7:30pm *Limited time offer $200 Cool Fall Cash available for the first 10 new Yamaha sleds sold during the participating dealer’s Cool Fall Days Open House period. Customer must complete rebate online at Rebate completion must occur within 2 weeks of the participating dealer’s Cool Fall Days open house In order to receive $200 Cool Fall Cash rebate, AIlow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Please see yuur participating dealer for complete details.

Sundays 11am-6pm

Gift Certificates and special orders are available. Stop in the store or contact Julia @

Page 16 — THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011

HOLIDAY BUYERS GUIDE Tea Birds Cafe & Restaurant

Chamber Gift Certificate Program Participant

Foot Reflexology Ionic Detox “For last minute gift giving we have instant online gift certificates. Check out our December specials! Lise Grondin-Danault

723-1628 •

Tea Birds Cafe & Restaurant is family owned and operated Restaurant located inside the Winterland Market Place on Main Street in Berlin NH. We pride our selves on excellent service and finest quality fresh homemade food. We are proud to be one of the very few “Scratch Kitchens” around today. This means everything from our Breads, Soups to our Chianti Braised Short Ribs are made here, by us! Our food has no preservatives. It’s fresh! We offer gluten free choices including Boars Head Cold cuts & Cheeses. We can accommodate special dietary needs. We are proud to offer you a casual elegant atmosphere for you to enjoy your friends, family, business associates or to just escape to. We offer a full breakfast and lunch menu loaded with unique choices. In a hurry or want to relax, please just let your server know. For Dinner. Lanterns come out, chandeliers go on and it’s time to relax and let us pamper you. We


by Roland & Claire Bergeron A large assortment at all prices! 479 Norway St., Berlin • 752-2895•723-1006 Open Fri., Sat., Sun., 2 to 8 p.m. Craft and yard sale items also.

offer a fine wine and excellent beer selection including Dog Fish. Our Homemade desserts are delectable. There is always something special going on, Wednesday Night is “all you can eat Pasta” Choose from over twelve different entree’s. Thursday Night is Dinner for two includes appetizer, 2 entree choices and a specialty dessert. Friday and Saturday is Slow Roasted Prime Rib, Build your own Surf & Turf and full of “in house” specials. Sunday Night from 4-6 pm is all about “Early Birds”. All dinners include Cracker & Dip Station, Choice of Soup or Salad and Homemade Rolls & Butter. We offer specialized catering. Catering designed just for you and your event. Meat and Cheese Trays using the best available, Boars Head Cold Cuts & Cheeses. Our homemade pies are 9-inch deep dish and made with the freshest ingredients

Lydia’s Golden Touch Hair & Tanning Salon

429 Main St., Gorham, NH 466-3811 Gift Certificates make the perfect gift… one size fits all! Visit our website at or visit us on facebook at lydiasgoldentouchhair&tanningsalon

Mention this ad for our Special Holiday Offering!

Holiday Gifts & Stocking Stuffers



212 Main St. Gorham, NH 466–2511

299 Main St., Gorham, NH • 466-5211

Across from Burger King

Pure Maple Syrup still available. Call 752-1298 or 61 Cates Hill Road.

Also available at Berlin Mills Variety & Northern Forest Heritage Park

I’m so happy I could poop on some shiny car “Really” A littlebird told me Middle Earth is now fully loaded and outrageous... and the goodies keep coming in. Scarves, Stained Glass, Frames, Fragrances, Signs, Silver Jewelry, Gargoyles & Garden Decor, Windchimes & Wild Delights, etc., etc.

and the Tweet on the Street is this: This Black Friday, You Can Take 25% OFF any one item (your choice)

MIDDLE EARTH The good poop is here!

Special orders delivered within 24hours.

• Melissa & Doug Toys: educational and fun! • Best-Selling and Local Interest Books • Stainless Steel Travel Mugs • Cafe Tee Shirts and Hoodies • 2012 Calendars • Select Candles, CD’s & DVD’s • Gift Cards!

Saladino’s La Bottega

1253 Main St., Berlin • 752-4113

Open Tues. - Friday 9-5 Sat. 9-1 • Evening by Appt. For that hard to buy for person, offer them a Gift Certificate at Mane Reflections Hair Design for all your hair care & nail care needs. Call Camilla, Tammy & Candy.

Happy Holidays to all!


Italian Market and Restaurant Our great soups, salads, paninis & pastas Served daily Tuesday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm Dinner Friday & Saturday 5-9pm Featuring Lobster, Salmon & Veal Dishes Plan ahead for the Holiday... Gift Baskets Michael’s own Peppermint Bark & Almond Toffee Sauces, Pastas, Caponata, Natural & Organic Foods Marinated Veggies, Cheeses, Sopressata Trays of Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Eggplant Check us out on Facebook for all the holiday happenings and then join us at 152 Main St. for great food and drink! Buon Appetito!

152 Main St. Gorham, NH • 466-2520

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 17

HOLIDAY BUYERS GUIDE Suzanne’s Partnership For Health

I want to take this time to say Thankyou everyone for a wonderful year. Merry Christmas and have a safe and fun holiday. This year I also had the opportunity to take in a couple of trainings, which has made a big difference in some clients already. One in particular is Wrapped Up in Fascia - The TMJ Connection, the techniques has made a big difference in releasing tension in the cranium, neck and jaw muscles. It has helped release neck/jaw pain from TMJ, has helped release the tight head/jaw tension, which has made a big difference in reducing

snoring. and insomnia. Some felt a deeper almost instant relaxation after the technique. A massage helps release built up tension that becomes stored in the muscles, which later starts aching. A Gift of Health with a gift certificate will give, that special someone or hard to buy for person, the opportunity to experience the ability in releasing their tension and aches. Gift Certificates are as much individualized to the giver as to the receiver, as a person giving a gift certificate, the options

are to either specify a dollar amount or specify the massage time. My practice is an in home professional site: I also go out in the community providing chair/table Spa massage parties, a fun way of getting together. Find out, make your appointment with Suzanne’s Partnership for Health (603) 752-4409. I’d also like to remind everyone, Touch for Health class Series, will resume in January. The trainings is Certified to give CE hours for LMT’s and Nurses, and Acupuncture’s, Randy Tilden is the Certified Instructor.

You r H olid a y H ea d q u a rters 39 Union St., Berlin, NH 03570 • 752-1500 • 1-800-439-1508

Tools make great gifts! Channel Lock Tool Cabinet and Chest Combo” $389.99

Christmas bah humbug! I have one aching back, two blood shot eyes, three maxed out credit cards. The heck with the partridge in the pear tree, I want Skinplicity!

S kin p licity

A Four -Season Mini-spa

G iftC ertificates,G ifts,ProfessionalSkin C are & M ake U p Lines s r



94 M ain St.Berlin • 752-4 6 4 0 Like Us On Facebook

G ift C ertifica tes P a rty P la tters • Fru it B a skets M ea t P ies a n d va rieties of Fresh B a ked P ies Fresh B a ked B rea d s & R olls



Now Thru 12/24/11


590 Main Street, Route 16 Gorham, N.H. • 752-1063

Membership Passes $30 At These Fine Establishments:

Gorham Hardware & Sports

The Moffett House Museum SaVoir Flare

Northern Oasis Massage & Yoga

Woodland Credit Union

The Berlin IGA 19 Pleasant St. Berlin, N.H. 752-1050

Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce

Give Her the Gift of “Good Health”! Curves Gift Certificates are available! Purchase One Month for just $30.00 with no further obligation!

Our hours are: M-F 5:00am to 6:00pm Sat. 8:00am to 11:00am

Now is the time to come and see what “strength training” can do for that special lady in your life! We accept all major credit cards.

Curves located at 112 Pleasant St., Berlin • 752-9200

White Mountain Cafe

Trails Located at Milan Hill State Park, 427 Milan Hill Rd, Milan, NH

It’s a charcoal grill that really does it all! Gift Certificates Available. Happy Holidays To All

It grills, smokes and W orld’s B estS m oker & G rill! bakes available at...

Gosselin’s Hot T ubs/Spas/Pool s 122 Wight St. · Berlin, NH 03570 • 752-4209 Monday-Friday 9:30-8, Saturday & Sunday 9-3

64 Main Street, Gorham, NH 03581 (603) 466-9964 Tues-Fri 9am-5pm • Sat 9am-2pm


*most cars & light trucks, excludes diesel

Nansen Ski Club

The Oldest Ski Club in America ~ 1872

P lea se visit u s a t w w w .b erlin iga on lin

Purchase a $50 Gift Certificate & Receive a Lube, Oil & Filter Change*A $28.95 Value

A tip, I recognized another way to visualize the importance of the water connection to the body. “Each fiber of the living matrix (fascia), both outside and inside cells and nuclei, is surrounded by an organized layer of water that can serve as a separate channel of communication and energy flow. While electrons flow through the fibers (electricity), protons flow through the water layer.” (information taken from my training book) So again, to have the body work properly is important to be hydrated, call Suzanne Tilden LMT (603)752-4409.


73 M a in Street • 752-2424

Happy Holidays! Partials & Com plete Dentures, Sam e day denture repair, General Dentistry: Restorations - Cosm etic Bonding, W hitening. Accepting New Patients And M ost Insurances

Rola nd M ontm iny,DDS,PC

What’s new at Salon 64….

Feather Flair Clip On Hair Extensions & Feather Flair Earrings Add a little flair to your hair and sense of style! We have a large assortment of Colors, Lengths & Styles; starting at just $6.00.

LashTransform – Eye Lash Amplifying Serum

Keratin Complex LashTransform is a safe and effective lash lengthening serum that grows longer, stronger and fuller lashes. Eyes look brighter, youthful and more defined, even without mascara. Great for Eyebrows too! Salon 64 offers the latest in professional products for hair, nail, makeup and skin care. Holiday gift sets and Salon Gift Certificates available.

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The Berlin IGA has introduced a new web sight that has many new exciting content items. You can view our weekly flyer ,create a shopping list, print money saving coupons, find hundreds of recipe ideas. Along with our new web sight we have an in-store video kiosk

Gorham House Florist and Gifts

that does all of the web sight functions plus you can look up wine pairings, produce items with recipes, health an nutrition information, and more so please visit us online at and visit us in-store and check out our video kiosk.


Sears of Gorham is an independently owned and operated store with a wide variety of home appliances, home electronics, mechanic’s tools and lawn and garden equipment. We strive to give the customer what they expect out of a big box store with a small hometown feel! If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll be more than happy to check Sears.

com for you and order it from there, have it shipped right to your door, and in most cases have it shipped for free! So, whether you’re looking for anew appliance or a certain gift for that special someone, we can help! Come on in or give us a call! With convenient hours, we’re hard to miss! Sears of Gorham, 161 Main Street, Gorham 466-5992.

752-4419 • 151 Main St., Berlin, NH

Shop Downtown Berlin and Spend $100 from now till Christmas and Get a Free Loaf of Homemade Bread *Just show us your receipts. Thank You for supporting local businesses.

The friendly faces at Pat’s Auto Sales are ready and willing to serve all your automotive needs. We have factory trained technicians with over 70 years of combined expertise to get you back on the road

safely. WE perform e verything from oil changes to complete rebuilds and everything in between. Call 752-1063 for more information or to make an appointment.

Pat’s Auto Sales

Merry Christmas to all our past, present & future customers.

Available at: Moffett House, Savoir Flare Greetings Jewelers Brown Company House Wonderland Book Store

603-752-1266 • 603-752-1343

Nous parlons Francais Hunter Wheel Alignment Service

Ron Mulaire, Berlin, NH

LOCKSMITH 603-915-1162

Happy Holidays to All!

H a ppy H o lida ysTo A ll! 1 month - Adult $30 3 months $75 Student & Family rates available.

Gift Certifica tes!

Canadian Meat Pies and Salmon Pies Available. Also our homemade signature BBQ sauce now available for gift baskets.

JesStone Beads Design & Make Your Own Jewelry for Beautiful Gifts Necklaces • Bracelets • Earrings You don’t need any experience - we will help you! Extended Hours For Groups, Call For Info 603-369-4549 • 129 Main St., Gorham, NH Open 7 days thru Christmas, 10-5, Sun. 12-4

Vicky & Sandy’s Beauty Shop

Buy a gift certificate and

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

regular inspection fees.

466-5512•Open Tuesday-Friday, Saturday by appt.

(leave message)

Gift Certificates make great gifts!

Open Mon-Thurs 11am-8pm Friday 11am-9pm • Saturday 11am-8pm Sunday 7:30am-8pm • Closed Tuesdays

We have Gift Certificates 360 Main St., Gorham

2227 Riverside Drive Berlin, NH • 752-5488

Call ahead to reserve your Holiday Platters. 4 Hillside Ave. Berlin 752-2711

Applies to gift card purchases in house only. Cannot be applied to online gift card purchases. Available Nov. 25th thru Dec 24th. $5.00 free gift card can only be redeemed after December 25th please.

The Perfect Christmas Gift!


David Viger, 17 Jericho Rd., Berlin, NH 03570

Main St., Gorham

Once Upon a Berlin Time Volume I, II, III


We Deliver!

Machine Shop & Tire Center


$5.00 FREE GIFT CARD for every $25.00 gift card purchase. Perfect stocking stuffers and a little something for you for all of your gift giving this holiday season!

and the ever popular Christmas cactus. Visit us on our Gorham House Florist Facebook Page. Also on the web A Full Service Flowers Shop...But we also have Things and Stuff. Special orders welcome. Just like Santa... we deliver everything we make. Happy Holidays From Gorham House Florist.

Dave’s Auto Tech

WE DELIVER! 466-5573

afoo Fresh Se

We can deck the halls, walls, doors, trees, rooms... Great gift ideas in Fresh, Dried and Silk. Wreaths * Swags * Wall and Table Arrangements * Ornaments * Window Treatments... Styled for Christmas and Everyday Decor. Thomas Kinkade 2011 Christmas Village Piece Jewelry * Soaps * Wood Crafts * made by local artisans. The so very cute Frosty Ferns, Poinsettias in many colors and sizes

Suzanne’s Partnership for Health 19 Ray St., Gorham, NH • (603)752-4409 Suzanne Tilden Licensed Massage Therapist

G iftCertificates A vailable • C hair M assages starting at$10 • • Table M assages starting at$35 • A G iftof H ealth

e ppy & Saf Enjoy Ha Everyone Holidays

E ffective Techniqu es for those a fflicted TM J& S noring Callfor your appointm ent(603) 752-4 4 09



in Beaudo


Pass or fail

Route 16, Milan, NH

449-2025 1-866-449-2025

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 19


Gills Flower Shop

Five Top Reasons for Your Pet to Visit Steph’s PawPals .. *Professional trained Pet Stylist with 13 years’ experience. I am able to remove undercoat and clean skin thoroughly to decrease shedding and dander. *Full Grooming includes: shampoo, plucking ears, check ears for infection and mites. *Clipping long nails if left too long can cause problems.

* Steph also can identify parasites such as fleas, ticks, and other problems that may transmit to human. *Working for a Vet prior to becoming a professional pet groomer gave me experience in identifying illnesses such as fatty tumors, cancerous tumors, growth warts etc. early detection is critical. *There is nothing like relaxing with your sweet smelling pet companion.

The time is here to say “Thank you” to all our customers. We appreciate your continued support. We wish you a

Happy Holiday Season and a healthy New Year. Remember gift certificates. Makes a great gift!

Hair Improvements

H av e a person on you r list w ho has ev erythin g?

S end a beautifulC hristm as arrangem ent, poinsettias,or handm ade chocolates already w rapped and delivered for you.

Gill ’ s Flowers 164 Main St., Berlin • 752-1800

Your Tire Connection

Art, Books, Coffee, Gifts

Certified Best of NH Grand

From Nov. to May we carry a wide variety of handmade chocolates imported from Wilburs in Freeport, Maine. We also carry a nice selection of silk flowers and silk arrangements for the home or for the cemetery. We are very happy to custom make anything you may need. Another specialty of ours are made to order fruit baskets. Fruit and snack baskets or gourmet baskets. We have a lovely shop conveniently located at 164 Main Street. WE are open 9-5 Monday thru Friday and 9-12 on Saturday. Please drop by for a visit.

Ru d y’sM a rket

Fresh C u t M eats at Low Prices

M erry Christm a s& H a ppy N ew Yea r 1701 Riverside Dr., Berlin • 752-5410 • 1-800-849-8615 Roland Glover - Owner/Proprieter

SaVoir Flare 52 Main St. Berlin, NH 603-752-3930

Gills Flowers of 164 Main Street has journeyed far in 111 years of service to the North Country. It’s gone from Tom Sr. to Tom Jr. To Barbara. From horse and buggy delivery to a modern Toyota van. Over the years of greenhouses, Gills grew their own products and even dabbled in hothouse tomatoes... But, as all things, many changes have taken place. We buy and sell only the freshest products. We are well known for the longevity of our arrangements. We also feature first and main Stuffies. A great selection of dish gardens, green plants and seasonal flowering plants.

79 Hawkins Rd., Dummer, NH


Open Monday thru Friday

Where your best friend is treated like family!

Serving All Your Dogs Grooming Needs. Call o r drop by to schedule an Appt.

Gift Certificates Available Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sheila Dinardo - Groomer/Owner

Prim eRib •Tenderloin •Steaks•Pork •C hicken Fresh Fish •FreezerSpecials•Party Platters•DeliM eat C heeses•Sandwiches•SpecialOccasion & Holiday M eats “H om e Of Th e GrillK andy” •Ru dy & M idge D eblois

81 W ightSt.,Berlin ,N H •752-BEEF (2333)

Eternal Machines, Inc. 879 Main Street, Berlin 603-752-2068 • 603-752-7417 Monday - Friday 7am to 6pm

Vehicle Repair & M ain ten an ce Gift Certificates Available

Steph’s PawPals “Four Paws Above The Rest” 752-1370

Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year Locally Owned And Operated, Supporting The Local Community

My mission is to make grooming a Pawsitive experience for both my clients and their owners. Giving them ALL the TLC they deserve. I groom cats everything but a bath! Shampoo & Fragrance sale.

FMI Call Steph 723-6192.


Beauty Room at 101

1st Annual Open House on FRIDAY from 5-8 door prizes, snacks and drinks.

H appy H olid ays 1 0 1 M ain Street,G orham •6 0 3 -4 6 6 -5 0 5 0

BobbiJo W els h,Proprietor •bobbi.w els h0 1 @ gm

Happy Holidays from the Beauty Room at 101 Stocking Stuffers under $20! Gift Certificates • $5.00 Parafin Dip with purchase of manicure or pedicure 101 Main St., Gorham • 466-2317 OPEN - Monday – Saturday 9-7 WALK-INS WELCOME • MC / VISA / DISCOVER

JAY’S QUICK LUBE Gift Certificates Available

153 Main St., Gorham, NH 603-466-5224

Cooper Winter Tires Mounting & Balancing $12.50 per tire Schedule your appt. soon!

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HOLIDAY BUYERS GUIDE Gosselin’s Hot Tubs/Spas

Toni’s Pizza and Sub Shop

Hot Tubs - Spas - Pool Supplies - Chemicals - Saunas - Whirlpool Baths - Pools. The Gosselin’s have 26 years of experience in the pool and spa industry. Roland and Ann have managed their BioGuard Authorized Dealer Pool & Spa Care Center for 26 years. Gosselin’s Hot Tubs/Spas/Pools’ staff can perform free, on the spot computerized water analysis for customers, and the store provides a complete line of pool and spa maintenance and specialty products. Gosselin’s also carries a line of Bean Pod and Bridgewater soy candles, gourmet salsas and BBQ sauce and also Big Green egg BBQ grill and smoker. Gosselin’s Hot Tubs, 122 Wight Street, Berlin, 603-752-4209.

Mane Reflection

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we all scramble to find that perfect gift for everyone else. Why not take time to treat yourself with a little pampering, such as a cut , perm, a new color, waxing or

acrylic nails. We are here to provide that for you. Just give us a call at 752-4113. The girls at Mane Reflections wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. Gift certificates always available.

Lydia’s Golden Touch Hair & Tanning Salon Lydia’s Golden Touch is a full service salon offering quality products and services sure to please all ages and personality. A tastefully decorated salon with a beachy room with a tanning bed that fellow tanners will envy. Attending

training classes and shows Lydia and Alicia keep clients looking their best. Follow us on Facebook and see what we have to offer. Our website is, 603466-3811. Gift certificates available.


Our little shop brings big flavor at an affordable price. When you say, “homemade”, we’ve got it all. From our mouth watering wraps to our hand tossed pizza. New updated menus are in, so be sure to come by and grab one. Soup and chili is back, as well as our new HOUSE pizza that is sure to warm you up. Going to camp? Pick up our shells, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni to make your own pizza or choose from our basic variety of meats and cheeses from the deli. New this year for the holidays is our meat pies from scratch, beating all our competitors price at $10.00 per pie. If you need any

Middle Earth Main Street’s love child/bad boy is now forty years old or more (it was the 60s, who remembers?) Way back then, we carried bell-bottoms, beads, tie-dyed shirts, incense, posters, waterbeds and unmentionables, the public was unsure if we were a cultural threat or simply amusing. We’ve aged, yet remain unmoderated, unpredictable and unrepentant in our bold selection of gifts. The list is long.


504 Main Street, Gorham, NH 03581 • 1-800-764-9969 • 752-4030 Open: M-F 8-6 • Sat. 8-4 • Sun. 10-4

Great Holiday Gift


Crescent® 128-Pc. SAE & Metric Mechanic’s Tool Set #CTK128MP


32-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set #BK 91718



5-Pc. GearWrench Great Ratcheting Holiday Wrench Set Gift Maine Outlets

New Hampshire Outlets

Farmington, ME • 207-778-2526 Mexico, ME • 207-364-7079 Madison, ME • 207-474-8815

North Conway, NH 603-356-5393 Open: Mon-Sat 9-6:00, Sun 10-5:00

Hours: M-F 8-5, Sat. 8-4, Sun. 10-4

758 Meadow Road in Littleton

Good thins are: Silver, jewelry, home decor, candles and oils, fairies, gargoyles and dragons, ethnic, stained glass, tapestries, art prints, men stuff and lingerie, women’s home companions and unmentionables! Unusual varied gifts to please a nun to a pole dancer, a stoner to a banker! In short, we’re a fun shop with a flavor of a country store on acid. And the public seems to like it! 752-7400 Happy Holidays to all!


Don’t know what to buy this Christmas? Gift Cards Available

big orders call in advance please. For those of you watching your calories or just want a light lunch, come make a salad and choose from 25 different items. The salad bar is open M-F. Did I mention we have a40” TV, and wireless internet too! Be sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat or have it delivered in the Berlin, Gorham, and Milan area. We’re located right across from Greetings Jewelers on RT. 26 North, and next to Skinplicity. Hours of operation are: Monday-Saturday 11a.m - 9 p.m. Phone: 603-752-4014. We will be closed Nov. 24-27 and reopen Nov. 28.

3999 Great Holiday Gift

Great Holiday Gift

116-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Kit #BK 91713


Great Holiday Gift

NAPA Evercraft 3/8” Air Ratchet #776-6106

#SAE #85590 (METRIC #85591)

Kelley’s Auto Parts 123 Glen Ave., Berlin • 752-4405

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 21


The Holidays are here…That special time of year. Salon 64 would like to wish you a warm and Happy Holiday Season. There is not better time than the Holidays to say thank you for your business. Now in my 8th year of business and going strong, I have you to thank. For those of you who have not yet visited SALON 64,

I extend my personal invitation. You will experience Quality Service and Personal Attention with very Reasonable Prices. Salon 64 is located at 64 Main Street., Intersection of Rt. 16&2 Downtown Gorham, NH 603.466.9964 Open 9am-5pm Tue-Fri, 9am-2pm Sat. Extended hours are available upon request.

The Beauty Room at 101 Everyone loves to look great throughout the holiday season when your looking good your feeling good. We have botanically based products that are healthy for your hair and skin! If it’s colour you’re looking for,

we’ve got high shine, long lasting allergen free coulour. You will Love! We also offer aromatherapy pedicures, manicures, acrylics and shellac. Happy Holidays from the girls at the The Beauty Room at 101!

The Town & Country Inn and Resort

Give a gift your loved one is sure to enjoy, a Town & Country Inn Gift Certificate. They can be used in our dining room, which offers excellent food at reasonable prices. Breakfast, which is offered every morning starting at 6am, or in our Fitness Center

and our indoor pool, which is open daily. We are currently offering a $20. Gift card with the purchase of $100 in certificates. Call 466-3315 or stop in and let us help make your holiday shopping fast and easy.

Dentist at 73 Main

Your child is important to you. According to CDC “Tooth decay affect children in the U.S. more than any other chronic infectious disease. “Untreated tooth decay causes pain and infections that may lead to problems with eating, speaking, playing and learning.” There are some steps a parent can take to ensure good oral health. Your child’s initial dental exam should take place

by their first birthday or by the eruption of the child’s first tooth. At the first check-up you can expect an oral exam and some information on how to care for your teeth. Dr. Roland Montminy and his staff would be happy to see your child and answer any questions about dental health. Call us for an appointment in Berlin at 752-2424. Gift certificates availabe for all ages.

Give the gift of “Helping Hands” this holiday season

Our homemakers are ready to make light work of every holiday preparation! •Decorating •Cooking •House Cleaning •Laundry •Windows •Gift Wrapping A.V. Home care can help during or after the holidays Call 752-7505 to arrange your holiday gift certificate of purchase online at

A.V. Home Care Services 795 Main St., Berlin • 752-7505 •


756 Third Ave., Berlin • 752-6466

Have A “Hard To Buy For” On Your Holiday List? We Install Remote Starters! Does Your College Student Need Their Vehicle Checked? A Gift Certificate Is A Great Idea!

10% OFF ON GIFT CERTIFICATES Valid Nov. 29th - Dec. 24th

Happy Holidays And Our Very Best Wishes For The New Year! Richard, Mike, Linda, & Dave


10am-5pm Great Deals on Black Friday!

Jericho Motorsports, LLC Berlin, NH 03570 603-752-7424

Get 15% Off In Stock Clothing and Accessories when you join The WMRR Snowmobile Club or The Milan All Weather Riders Club

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Route 12v has many gift ideas for everyone in the family. Wives love to get into a nice warm vehicle so get them a remote starter and maybe even seat warmers. Seat warmers can be installed into any seat whether it’s leather or cloth. Husbands love to accessorize they’re vehicles so maybe a nice, chrome tube step for the truck lovers or chrome accents for the car owners. And for the kids, (if they are old enough to drive) we have cd players with usb input to accommodate iPods. Just plug in your iPod into the


usb input and it will charge the iPod and you control all music through the radio’s controls. We also have radios with built-in Parrot bluetooth so you can talk on the phone while keeping your eyes on the road. And if you want a family gift, maybe a flipdown DVD player to keep the kids nice and quiet on long trips. No more “are we there yet??” Now you’ll get “awe, are we already there???” Come down to Route 12v and see the many gift ideas we have for you. We have gift cards!

Curves has the perfect plan for the busy woman. We are centrally located with easy access at our new Pleasant St. address. Our new location is spacious and allows for a better workout experience. The Curves workout is quick and easy to perform. In just 35 minutes we offer the opportunity to exercise every muscle in a woman’s body. Because the machines are hydraulic, the workout can be customized to every need. Come on in and try us out for one month, with no further obliga-

tion. If you enjoy what we have to offer, you will receive a coupon which is good for $100 off the regular joining fee. In January we will once again be offering the “Challenge” eating program designed to increase the metabolic rate while enjoying a healthy plan of real food. We will also be offering a weekly “Zumba” class uniquely designed to take advantage of strength training machines. So, what have you got to lose? Come on in and see what “strength training” can do for you!

Be Local. Buy Local. To n i ’ s Pi z z a 102 Main St., Berlin • 752-4014 MONTH OF DECEMBER Get a FREE Small Plain Pizza with any 2 large pizzas ordered (excludes combos)

Happy Holidays!


Free Oil Change CERTIFICATES with purchase of AVAILABLE Remote Car Starter*

Meat Pies $10



215 Glen Ave., Berlin, NH • 752-3152 * With This Coupon

Come to our Black Friday Weekend Sales Event.



Happy Holidays from our

Happy Holidays family to yours. from Hair Improvements See us for all your holiday needs. Gift Sets & Gift Certificates available. Come in to see Lisa, Lori, Kim, Melissa or Jess

Lori, Courtney, & Nick

es ca t tifi e C e r a il a bl t f Gi a v

338 Goebel St. Berlin • 752-2293

Happy Holidays

Tues-Fri 11am-5pm Sat 10am-3pm Closed Sun. & Mon.

s r

161 Main Street, Gorham, NH • 466-5992

Wed, Thurs, Fri 10am-4pm –– SHARPENING SERVICES ––

83 Main St., Berlin 603-752-1118

340 M a in S t.,Be rlin 752-3000

Like us on Facebook at Sears Hometown Store - Gorham

of Gorham

Lorette’s C raftS hop

Extra special 10% off all gift certficates purchased this weekend! 40% off early, 30% off Mid Day, & 20% off Later.

H a ir Im prove m e nts

This Friday and Saturday with your Sears Card, Take an extra 5% off almost everything in the store! And, Take an Extra 10% off all appliances over $499

M aureen’s B outique & Tanning Salon C hristm a s G ift Idea s

• H ats,G lo ves,Scarves • Sw eaters • L eather G lo ves & Purses • Jew elry • Bo gs •Bearpaw s • Silver Jeans • Fo x Chec k o ut the Spec ia ls thro ugho ut the sto re! F ree G iftW ra pping • G ift Certific a tes Plus so m uc h m o re!

M erry Christm asfrom everyoneatM aureen’s

146 Main St., Berlin, NH 752-7569

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-6 • Sat 9:30-5 • Sun 12-4

W in ter is c o m in g. Brin g it o n ! Pow er M ax Tw o Stage Snow blow ers P o w er M a x© 10 2 8 O XE On Sale Now! • 305cc 4-cycle DH V Briggs and Statton engine

• 28” cleaning w idth • Up to 45’throw ing distance • Ideally used to clear 8 or m ore inches of snow at a tim e

Repairing M ost M akes & M odels!

E&S Rental

SNOWBLOWER SALES & SERVICE 29 Bridge Street, Berlin, NH • 752-3625

Renting Almost Anything Under The Sun

THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011— Page 23

Anthony R. Micucci

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– OBITUARY–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

SHELBURNE -- Anthony R. (Tony) Micucci, 85, of Powerhouse Acres died Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at Kent Hospital in Warwick, RI, after being stricken while visiting in Rhode Island. Born on November 27, 1926 in Cascade Flats, he was the son of Tito and Philomena (Toppi) Micucci. Tony attended St. Benedict’s School in Cascade and Gorham High School before enlisting in the US Army. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army and was a member of the Berlin VFW. Retiring in the mid 1980s, he was employed as a truck driver for Silver Brothers of Berlin and Gorham, NH. He was a communicant of Holy Family Church in Gorham. Tony enjoyed spending time with

his family and enjoyed doing handyman work. He will be remembered as one who was always willing to help someone build something and was an avid Red Sox Fan. Besides his parents, he is predeceased by brothers: Louis, Leo, Robert, and John Micucci and a sister Mary Fappiano. He leaves his wife of 62 years, LorraineY. (Cote) Micucci of Shelburne, NH; their children, William Micucci (Betsy) Millis, Mass., Carl Micucci (Donna) of Chichester, NH; Nancy Tinkoff (Lenny) of East Greenwich, RI, Anthony Micucci (Pat Exely) of Manchester, NH; Mark Micucci (Cindy) Valley Cottage, NY, and Wayne Micucci (Janine) of Gorham; grandchildren, Michael Micucci, Joseph

Saturday, December 3rd • 10am–5pm Sunday, December 4th • Noon–5pm

Appearing Saturday 11am–2pm

Open House Thursday Dec. 8; 4-8pm

Micucci (Stephanie), Daniel Tinkoff, Lauren Tinkoff, David Micucci (Emily), Steven Micucci, Christine Micucci, Catherine Micucci, Stephanie Micucci, Denis Micucci, and Kevin Micucci; brothers, Angelo Micucci of Foxboro, Mass., Lawrence Micucci of West Buxton, Maine, and Joseph Micucci of Gorham, NH; sisters, Helen Wheeler of Gorham and Lillian Fortier of Berlin.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 1 p.m. Saturday, December 3, at Holy Family Church in Gorham, NH. Rev. Kyle Stanton will officiate. Burial will follow at Holy Family Cemetery in Gorham. There are no calling hours. Online guestbook at Arrangements are by FleuryPatry Funeral Homes of Berlin and Gorham, NH.

Lorette’s Craft Shop

Would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and to thank all of you for 39 years of business. I started in 1972 with phentex yarn and have been growing ever since. I still have this yarn plus other yarns, also beads, lace, ribbons, miniatures, metal

rings, wreath rings, chenille stems, wire, eyes, patterns, pins, styrofoam, pompoms, flowers, crochet hooks, knitting needles, miniatures, plastic canvas and much more. Hours Wed., Thurs., Frid., 10-4 or call 7522293.

Page 24 — THE BERLIN DAILY SUN, Thursday, December 1, 2011


American Legion Post 82 Last Karaoke til Saturday, December 3 January 2012 8-12 midnight with Steve Emerson & Mountain Music Misbehavior will not be tolerated.

“Save Your Vehicle. Think Used” P&L Auto Parts, Inc. Can Help! New Hampshire Certified Green Yard Route 110, Berlin, NH • 752-1040 •Late model used auto and truck parts •Free parts locating service, “If we don’t have it, we’ll get it!” •New OEM and aftermarket parts available upon request •Cash for tired, unwanted vehicles – FREE PICKUP

Errol Oil & Propane

350 Glen Ave., Berlin, NH•752-7526 •#2 Hea tin g O il• •K ero sen e • •Pro pa n e • •O ffRo a d Diesel• •24-Ho u rEm ergen cy Service •

The Berlin Daily Sun, Thursday, December 1, 2011  

The Berlin Daily Sun, Thursday, December 1, 2011

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