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Turner Ashby High School June 2021


Saturday, June 5, 2021


Berea Christian School.....................................................................3 Friday, May 21, 2021 - 7:00 p.m. - Berea Christian School 7 Graduates Speaker: Philip Wenger

Blue Ridge Christian School.............................................................3 Friday, June 4, 2021 - 6:30 p.m. - Blue Ridge Christian School Upper Campus, 290 Mill St. Dayton 10 Graduates

Broadway High School..............................................................4, 5, 6

Sunday, June 13, 2021 - 1:00 p.m. - Bridgeforth Stadium JMU 208 Graduates Speaker: Jordan Biller Mr. Jordan Biller graduated from Bridgewater College in 2016 and became a teacher at Broadway High School. During his three years at Broadway, he was the Head Golf Coach as well as an Assistant Coach on the JV Baseball team. After the 2018-2019 year, Mr. Biller moved back to his childhood hometown of Elkton and began teaching at East Rockingham High School. For the last two years he has been teaching and coaching baseball at ERHS.

East Rockingham High School......................................................7, 8 Speaker: Salvatore D’Angelo Salvatore D’Angelo is a former STEM teacher from Elkton Middle School. He taught many of our seniors when they were there. He Currently teaches at John P. Fishwick Middle School in Roanoke.

Eastern Mennonite High School.......................................................9 Sunday, June 6, 2021 - 2:30 p.m. - Eastern Mennonite High School 47 Graduates

Harrisonburg High School......................................10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Saturday, June 12, 2021 - 10:00 a.m. - Bridgeforth Stadium JMU 420 Graduates

Hickory Hollow Christian School....................................................15 Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 11:00 a.m. - Hickory Hollow Christian School 14 Graduates Speaker: Raymond Burkholder Chairman of the school board

Luray High School......................................................................16, 17

Saturday, May 22, 2021 - 10:00 a.m. - Luray High School 123 Graduates Speaker: Dr. Wendy González Dr. Wendy González is finishing up her third year as Superintendent of Page County Public Schools. Dr. González has been an educator for 28 years of which 14 years were in the classroom as a Spanish teacher that began in Rockingham County at Broadway High School before moving to Chesterfield County. With 13 years in administration, Dr. González has served in school level administrative roles in Chesterfield County as well as central office administrative roles with Williamsburg James City County Public Schools and Charles City County Public Schools before returning to the Valley to serve in Page County. Dr. González holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from James Madison University where she was selected as JMU’s Outstanding Senior in Secondary Education. Additionally, she holds a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development degree and a Doctor of Education degree from The George Washington University. Her doctoral research work was awarded the Robert Kottkamp Outstanding Dissertation Award by the American Educational

Harrisonburg, Va.

Research Association. She is involved with a variety of organizations of which some include the Virginia Association of School Superintendents. the American Association of School Administrators, and the Women Education Leaders in Virginia as well as the UVA K12 Education Advisory Council, the Virginia School Consortium for Learning, the Page Alliance for Community Action and the Luray-Page Community Action Team.

Page County High School..........................................................18, 19 Saturday, May 22, 2021 - 3:00 p.m. - Page County High School Football Field 139 Graduates Full Name of Valedictorian: Jada Leigh Schutt Parent(s) of Valedictorian: Jonathan and Brandy Hilliard and Aaron and Angie Schutt Full Name of Salutatorian: Shyleigh Ann Good Parent(s) of Salutatorian: Beverly Good Sours and Kevin Meadows

Spotswood High School......................................................20, 21, 22 Friday, June 11, 2021 - 7:00 p.m. - Bridgeforth Stadium - JMU 220 Graduates

Stonewall Jackson High School................................................23, 24 Saturday, May 22, 2021 - 10:00 a.m. - Stonewall Jackson High School Football Field 135 Graduates Speaker: Kylene Franklin Kylene Franklin lives in Quicksburg, Virginia with her dad Jerry Franklin, mom Mary Franklin, and younger sister Breanna. She spends a lot of her time being a triathlete and playing basketball, soccer, and volleyball, as well as participating in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America club (FCCLA), National Honors Society (NHS), and acting as the chairperson of her class’ Senior Governing Council. Next year, Kylene will be heading off to Concord University in Mercer County, West Virginia where she has been recruited to play soccer. Full Name of Valedictorian: Brooke Elizabeth Jones Parent(s) of Valedictorian: Michael & Ann Jones Full Name of Salutatorian: Zachary Edward Wine Parent(s) of Salutatorian: Harry & Lisa Wine

Turner Ashby High School..................................................25, 26, 27

Saturday, June 12, 2021 - 2:30 p.m. - Bridgeforth Stadium - JMU 218 Graduates Speaker: Dale Dodrill Relevant Information/Speaker Bio: Dale Dodrill spent 25 years of his education career in Rockingham County. Four of those years were spent as an Assistant Principal at Turner Ashby High School, and he was the Team Leader of the moving crew to the new building. Dale has been married for almost 60 years with two sons and two granddaughters. Student Selected Speakers: Gillian Nguyen Hedrick Parents: Michael and Nuala Hedrick Spencer Daniel Gallon Parents: Maureen Gallon Perry Gallon


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Berea Christian School Brooklyn Campbell

Ryan Gingerich

Shara Knicely

Tristan Nolt

Corina Rodes

Thomas Wenger

Laurel Wise

Blue Ridge Christian School Nathanael Anderson

Owen Bailey

Andrew Blackwell

Samuel Carr

Paige Cramer

Emma Goehner

Ethan Golin

Andrew Jellum

Deacon Kozel

Luke Stables




Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Broadway High School

Evan Armentrout

Rachel Bailey

Logan Beach

Lucas Benavides

Mason Boyer

Ashlyn Breneman

Dylan Britsch

Steven Brooks

Rachel Bryan

Isadeliz Buckwalter

Tanner Buzby

Anthony Calewarts

Breanna Campbell

Teresa Cardoso

Jenna Carr

Anna Carter

Liza Churchill

Savannah Clark

Molli Coleman

Brookelyn Collins

Ryan Conley

Samuel Conrad

Chloe Cosner

Makayla Crews

Makenna Crews

Brittaney Crider

Branson Custer

Skyler Cyr

Allison Dean

Grayson Diehl

Hunter Doolan

Angelina Dronov

Benjamin Elliott

MacCala Emswiler

Jessica Estep

Madison Floyd

Grace Fravel

Peyton Fravel

Isaac Funkhouser

Breanna Gaylor

Bethany Gentry

Erika Gonzalez

Adrian Grandle

Clayton Griffin

Courtney Griffin

Sydney Hall

Jeremy Hammer

Damian Hensley

Bane High

Brayden Hinkle

Kobe Hinkle

Jared Hoover

Joshua Hughes

Jayden ljames

Chalondra Jacobs

Hannah Jenkins

Keira Johnson

Magdalena Johnson

Faith Jones

Olivia Kauffman

Sarah Keim

Elijah Kirby

Gage Kubin

Jordan Lambert

Timothy Lambert

Abigayle Lantz

Gabriel Legg

Jessalyn Leska

Dayne Lindamood

Jackson Lohr

Reese Mahanes

Isaiah Marsh

Tara Martin

Hannah Mast

Chase Mathias

Alyssa Mawyer

Jake Drown


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Broadway High School

Amya McCray

Selena McInroy

Maria McKinney

Logan Melchor

Heidi Messerley

Waylon Messerley

Bree Mitchell

Garrett Mohler

Sophia Molina

Cole Morris

Garrett Moyers

Gracie Nelson

Isaac Nicholson

Jennifer Padalino

Kylee Payne

Toby Paz

Austin Pence

Trista Pence

Jacob Petersheim

Logan Petrie

Katie Phillips

Matthew Phillips

Brookelyne Pozzie

Emma Pratt

Ryan Reardon

Collin Reedy

Collin Rhodes

Jocelyn Rivera-Portillo

John Michael Roscher

Egypt Ross

Emma Ryman

Aleysha Santiago

Cody Saunders

Sable Seekford

Chase Semmig

Jacob Sherman

Summer Shoemaker

Josey Short

Jessica Showalter

Kyle Showalter

Blair Simmers

Destiny Simmers

Gabrielle Skates

Trevor Spiggle

Zachary Stover

Cade Strawderman

Bryce Suters

Anna Swartz

Matthew Terry

Cassandra Timbrell

Nathaniel Tinnell

Kaylee Turner

Zane Turner

Sofia Vazquez Farias

Chrishell Vejerano

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Congratulations class of 2021

Service Writer: Dallas Foltz

Congratulations Class of 2021 Bridgewater 540-828-3801

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Congratulations Grads 280 South Main St., Broadway, VA 22815

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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Broadway High School

Sophie Weaver

Trevor White

Erin Williams

Mary Williams

Michael Williford

Chancellor Wine

Madison Wittig

Trevor Wright

Mary-Elizabeth Yowell

William Zerkel

Not Pictured Jason Arellano Ortiz

Nathaniel French

Jonathan Lupanov

Isaiah Renner

Bryce Bauserman

Pedro Garcia

Zachary May

Michael Ritchie

Phoenix Biller

Hayden Gray

Robert McCauley

Tanden Sanders

Israel Britton

Caden Greenawalt

Mike Molina Nava

Brain Shepard

Ethan Burner

Landon Grose

Dakota Mook

Colton Shipp

Mariya Chesnov

Andrew Hedrick

Yarida Moreno-Hernandez

Colton Siever

Isaiah Cook

Samual Hernadez-Guzman

Gavin Morris

Billy Smith

Joshua Crummel

Nathaniel Herron

Jeremy Morris

Dalton Stonesifer

Oscar Cruz Sanchez

Jacob Juarez

Mason Morris

Jacob Thomas

Chase Duret

Dylan Keplinger

Bryce Moubray

Jordan Turner

Lucas Earl

Abdallah Khalaf

Jacob Moyer

Matthew Tyner

Lucas Emswiler

Trento Kilgoren

Jose Nunez Vargas

Yee Ung

Adam Espinal

Trever Landes

Daniel Ott

Aaron Wilkins

Britton Estep

Austin Lantz

Kendal Payne

Derrick Wilkins

Patrick Feddon

Hunter Lantz

Christian Pence Campos

Madison Floyd

Timothy Lapp

Jacob Prussia

Congratulations to all

Congratulations 2021 Graduates

20 Graduates 2021

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Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

East Rockingham High School

Stephanie Adkins

Lynnea Adomeit

Thomas Arehart

Chandler Baugher

Mason Baugher

Tanner Baugher

Jacob Benns

Kacie Boone

Lily Bowen

Emma Butler

Peyton Cabral

Alexus Campbell

Stephanie Campbell

Steven Carrier

Abby Clayton

Kyla Clem

Brooke Coleman

Lane Comer

Blake Cook

Alston Councill

Lindsay Crawford

Brooklyn Crummett

Emily Czerwinski

Connor Dean

Samantha Dean

Brooke Deane

Chase Dellinger

Tucker Dove

Matthew Emmons

Derik Eppard

Justice Eppard

Kyle Evick

Cheyenne Finchum

Baylee Fleet

Matthew Fries

Penelope Fries

Madison Garcia

Benjamin Good

Juliet Good

Rebecca Good

Abigail Green

Kobe Greene

Blaze Hammer

Sean Hannah

Nathan Hardwick

Dylan Hartman

Avery Herring

Kendall Howard

Zachary Huggins

Dakota Hypes

Amber Jefferson

Matthew Johnson

Ethan Knupp

Trevor Krepps

Michael Kriel

Jessica Lam

Andrew Landes

Caleb Landes

Kinsey Lawhon

Joseph Lawson

Logan Lawson

Hannah Lively

Cordell Lucas

Alexander Manzano

Bethany Martz

Mariah McDaniel

Jordon McDonaldson

Ava Meadows

Clay Mercer

Kathryn Merica

Alea Jean Mina

William Monger-Hall

Bryce Mullins

Cameron Myers

Carly Myers

Patience Newell

Zane Perrier




Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

East Rockingham High School

Jordan Phelps

Abby Phillips

Camden Phillips

Wayne Platt

Zoey Ramos Beck

Natalie Raynes

Brittany Resendiz

Daniel Riddle

Clark Robertson

Kevin Rodriguez-Diaz

Aaron Root

Fernando Rosales

Dream Sewell

Zayn Shahzad

Michael Shifflett

Zachary Shifflett

Kemper Siever

Makenna Siever

Esther Siron

Cameron Smith

Jackson Stanley

Emalee Stepp

Hayden Stewart

Kyle Stieren

Nathaniel Sullivan

Trey Swisher

Hannah Taylor

Vivian Taylor

Dylan Trobaugh

Melody Vaughan

Alexander Velasquez

Virginia Velker

Ryan Washington

Jericho West

Grier Whitely

Emma Wigley

Taylor Wilfong

Brianna Williams

James Williams

Brayden Wilt

Joanna Wonderley

Nicholas Woodall

Demetria Work

Not Pictured Crystal Barajas

Brooklyn Heiston

Michael Pitts

Alexis Baugher

Deonna Hensley

Joanna Rivenback

Takoda Boller

Isaiah Herring

Zane Rosson

Devin Breeden

Joey Johnson

Dakota Rothgeb

Jalivia Brown

Ginger Judd

Riley Sharum

Isaac Butler

Darren McDonald

Avery Shifflett

Sara Cable

Jordyn Meadows

Dexter Shifflett

Katerina Cude

Natalie Meadows

Ryan Smith

Tyler Dean

Brayden Morris

Joshua Stanton

Trenton Dofflemyer

Matthew Morris

Jacob Taylor

Tanner Gibson

Alison Munoz

Fredrick Gooden

Kacey Nicholson

Destiny Grogg

Abigail Payne

The Kiwanis Club of Harrisonburg is proud to have awarded scholarships to the following Seniors from Harrisonburg High School in 2020. Carly Corso Alice McNett Grace Miller Rita Toto Tessa Lohnes Tucker McGrath Nayelis Pluma-Ferrer

Jenine Hamdan Aween Mohammad Ashley Sanchez-Aquilar Sheila Escalante-Lopez Katherine Menjivar Melve Mwaka Leontina Rexha


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Eastern Mennonite High School

Gabe Albers

Anna Alderfer

Gage Anderson

Simon Beach

Shay Bechler

Ryan Brunk

Sean Cardoza

Natalie Clark

Adrienne Cline

Rebekah Compagnari

Isaac Deavers

Levi Emswiler

Maggie Fairfield

Melody Flanders

Emily Garcia

Madison Garcia

Garrett Gregory

Sam Groff

Arwen Hertzler

Eli Hess

Will Hess

Karla Hostetter

Sophie Howard

Liam Hughes

Oleksii Humaniuk

Riley Hutcheson

Luke Huyard

Nick Jones

Harriet King

Rahel Lema

Halie Mast

Hans McDonald

Emma Myers

Josh Powell

Josiah Ropp

Luka Sakai

Angelina Semeniv

Taras Semeniv

Ryan Shank

Elijah Spicher

Anna Stempel

Adam Stoltzfus

Lleyton Stutzman

Shayna Stutzman

Anna Tieszen

Aidan Weaver

Jenna Weaver

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Congratulations 2021 Graduates

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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Harrisonburg High School

Furtuna Abraha

Ashley Acosta-Isco

Elphas Adam Elnail

Mellser Aguilar-Lopez

Omid Akbari

Lana Ali

Mer Alsendi

Kelly Alvarez-Perez

Veronica Amaya Castro

Yodit Amine

Carlos Antonio-Mate

Franklin Arita Lopez

Ruby Arndt

DeVondre Austin

Keysi Ayala Delgado

Noel Ayala-Gallo

Cristian Barahona Portillo

Danna Bargas Cardoso

Hewa Barraghi

Asende Baukyaka

Mauricio Bazzle

David Beck

Silas Benevento-Zahner

Holland Bill

Jahnya Brandon

Beverly Braxton

Nicholas Breeden

Michaela Brino-Dean

Jaiden Brooks

Nathan Brown

Dylan Burkholder

Anna Calistro-Domingo

Karen Calixto-Corona

Grayson Campbell

Isabel Campillo

Fidel Canas-Galiano

Jennifer Carcamo Bonilla

Andrew Cardona

Genesis Cardona Zelaya

Natasha Carter

Arianna Casterline

Jeyser Castillo Murillo

Jaquelin Castro Campos

Mary Castro Oliva

Dylan Chao

Patrick Chicas

Elvira Chornoblavska

Cameron Clem

We are very proud of all the area high school graduates! :HFHOHEUDWH\RXDQG\RXUDFFRPSOLVKPHQWVDQGFDQ·W wait to see what you do next! From all of us at PCB, we wish you the best! And remember, in every season of life, we are your bank for generations! Harrisonburg West | 41 Monte Vista Drive | (540) 434-4722 Harrisonburg Downtown | 57 South Main Street | (540) 214-2070 Harrisonburg South Main | 2169 S Main Street | (540) 432-0474 Bridgewater | 317 N Main Street | (540) 828-6630 Staunton | 478 Frontier Drive | (540) 885-1108

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Xander Collazo

Mia Constantin

Jesus Cortes Saldivar Kevin Cortez Nolasco

Malexa Crawford


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Harrisonburg High School

Norma Cruz Garcia

Anabella Da Rosa

Alexander Davis

Dania Dawood

Williams Del Cid Argueta

Krystal Delgado Santos

Pamela Deloatch

Cesar Diaz

Blanca Diaz Claros

Nancy Diaz Lezama

Eliana Diaz-Aceituno

Carlos Diaz-Espinoza

Emily Diaz-Maldonado

Jeremias Domingo

Ruth Falla Licona

Nisha Farmer

Seth Fernandez

Kai Fields

Savannah Figueroa

Ava Fisher

Parker Fiske

Daisy Franco Gurrusquieta

Olga Gamboa Pena

Isabel Garcia

Yoselyn Garcia

Karleigh Gentry

Aurora Giron Alfaro

Bryan Gomez-Ayala

Irvyn Gonzalez

Madelyn Gordon

Caleb Goss

Nissi Gotay Dolmo

Isis Gotay-Mancias

Theodore Grant

Javion Green

Gerson Guifarro Hernandez

Grettelle Gutierrez Orpineda

Sollen Haji

Isaiah Hamilton

Elsie Hammond

Elizabeth Healy

Nathan Henderson

Henry Hermes

Alfonso Hernandez

Crystal Hernandez

Giselle Hernandez

Kelin Hernandez Avilez

Marlen Hernandez Perez

Rebeca Hernandez Santamaria

Ariana Hernandez Zelaya

Andrea Holguin-Chavez

June Holm

Ronald Inouye

Congratulations Class of


1740 Erickson Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA (540) 434-0868 | largents@donlargentroofing.com



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Harrisonburg High School

Yves Irankunda

Janique Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Lare Jalal

Yajaira Jandres

Tatiana Jimenez-Ramirez

Dominic Jimenez-rodriguez

Malakai Johnson

Christian Johnston

Mariel Joven

Maria Jurado

Kristina Katykhin

Viktoria Katykhin

Hokar Kababchi

Hayden Kirwan

Ryan KopczynskiBrueckner

Anna Koubek

Destiny Lambert

Jakob Lambert

Emma Lankford

Jessica Lawson

Mia Lemon

Nahtallee Liambounheuang

Iyana Little

Odyss Lockhart

Elizabeth Lopez-Simon

Amira Lucas

Alexander Macauley

Heba Mahmoud

Angelina Malashiy

Ethan Malcolm

Esther Manson

Jessica Martinez

Evgeny Maslennikov

Gretchen Maune

Nicole Mayorga Quintanilla

Jordyn McHone

Gian Mecozzi

Chekanao Medard

Carlo Mehegan

Anyuanet Mencias

Luisana Mendez-Romero

Abril Mendoza

Nataly Mendoza Pacheco

Francisco Menjivar Fuentes

Hannah Merica

Jonas Miller

Amelia Mitchell

Breanna Moats

Rawan Mohammed

Lilian Molina Erazo

Leslie Mondragon

Lesley Morales

Faith Morris

Ryan Muncy

Jan Muniz-Velazquez

Nicole Nazario Fumero

Brooklyn Nguyen

Emily Nguyen

Jordan Nguyen

Chloe Nichols

Ian Norquest

Best wishes for your future.

Toluwani Ola

Makai Organ

Michael Pacheco Carrillo

Keila Pacheco Gonzalez

Slaw Paw

Karolain Paz-Rodriguez

Jan Carlos Pena

Shenandoah Valley Chapter #76 Order of the Eastern Star Harrisonburg, VA


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Harrisonburg High School

Eilyn Pena Robles

Kayla Perez Cardoso

Aidan Perkins

Jonathan Phaga

Keoki Phillips

Eduardo Pineda Sorto

Elijah Pinedo

Judith Pizzini

Victoria Polishchuk

Claudia Portillo

Ruth Portillo

Jose Portillo Lainez

Edith Portillo Zelaya

Betsy Quimby

Edgar Ramirez

Angie Ramirez Garcia

Stephanie Ramirez Ruiz

Amexies Ramirez Vazquez

Sabrina Randle

Serena Randle

Oscar Renteria-Aguilar

Daniella Reyes

Emma Rivas

Ariel Rivera

Helen Rivera Rivas

Jorge Rivera-Rios

K’lysse Robinson

Sara Robles

Genesis Robles-Serrano

Yasmin Rodriguez

John Rodriguez Rodriguez

Daleishka Rodriguez Ruiz

Dilsy Rodriguez Sanchez

Cristhian Rodriguez-Hernandez

Glorimarys Roman Traverso

Makayla Runion

Elvia Salazar-Cruz

Sophia Sallah

Isabel Samatar

Na’Lya Sampson

Siyanda Sampson

Lisbet Sanchez Garcia

Derick Sanchez-Garcia

Yolanda SanJuan Pacheco

Victor Sansing

Liliia Savuliak

Margarita Savulyak

Ryan Secrist

Emily Serna

Alexandra Shanholtz

Anisa Sharhabeel

Sydney Shaver

Dara Showalter

Thomas Shulgan

Marquez Sly

Nafis Smack

Jesse Smialek

Abigail Smith

Aaron Smucker

Jalyn Sneary

Korry Sochacki

Nalleli Soldevila Barreto

Emanuel Sosa-Cid

Monika Soto Perez

Austin Spitzer

Katelyn Stoner

Calayiah Stuart

Alyssa Sutton

Khrystian Sutton

Macy Swift

Danait T-Medhin

Sidharth Tandel

Kieran Tang

Yoresalim Tekle

Cecelia Thomas

Lucas Thompson

Christian Turcios Rodriguez



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Harrisonburg High School

Oziel Valdez

Melvin Vasquez Sierra

Dorothy Yates

Azlynn Zook

Emilzon Vasquez-Acosta

Jeylor Velasquez

Casey Walker

Jazen Walker

Liam Walker

Hayleigh Walton

Anttwone Washington

Janiya Janiya

Trevon Whetzel

Not Pictured Zheer Abdul Qadir

Yadniel Bonilla Vega

Dear Haji

Sincere McCauley

Angel Ramirez-Sanchez

Rondell Stroman

Bala Abubakr

Margaret Botticelli

Evan Haught

Madeleine McCay

Anderson Ramos Rodriguez

Joy Taylor

Nicole Acosta Agudelo

Liam Bradberry

Hunter Hawkins

Charles McClay

Jose Requeno

Robel Tewolde

Steven Aguilar Sanchez

Venice Brizuela

Katherin Hernandez-Ayala

Mikal Medhin

Jal Ressler Horst

Bryce Tolliver

Katheryne Aguiriano Aguilar

Leslie Bueno-Aguilar

Gyno Hiraldo Alicea

Dulce Medina Valdez

Heather Reyes

Naicha Torres Rivera

Danaz Ahmed

Anisleydi Campo Oliva

Jairo Hiraldo Alicea

Bayron Melendes Suazo

Edwin Rios-Sanchez

Alexander Trejo-Quintanilla

Mohammad Aktash

Juan Castaneda-Sanchez

Shiona Hodgins

Blake Metcalfe

Carlos Rivas Bonilla

Anthony Tristan- Padilla

Haroon Al-Najdi

Jasmine Celestino-Velasco

Kyler Holmes

Joseph Miller

Jose Rivas Funes

Carlos Valderramos Valdez

Brian Alcombright

Joel Correa

Genesis Jimenez Rivera

Hassan Morgan

Daniel Rivera

Hector Vaquedano Reyes

Stella Alexiou

Gabriela De Jesus Martinez

Christian Johnson

Jan Carlos Moyet

Brallan Rivera Ayala

Cindy Vargas

Zainab Ali

Carlos Desantiago-Resendiz

Pramesh Karki

Adriana Munoz-Garcia

Michael Robinson

Yonker Vasquez Lopez

Jeremy Alvarado Melendez

Heidy Diaz

Aiden Kennedy

Igor Mwati

Hugo Rodriguez

Aaliyah Velazquez Quirindongo

Marlon Amaya

George Diaz-Flores

Oliver Koogler

Anya Newman

Giovany Rodriguez

Evangelina Velker

William Angerstein

Hailey Eavey

Aaliyah Kruger Velez

Paiwand Noroly

Emmanuel Rodriguez Franco

Francisco Villegas

Carlos Arevalo Licona

Alexander Escarraman

Damiel Lara

Yanessa Pacheco Buruca

Tiffany Rogers

Conor Wells

Ivan Argueta

Carlos Estrada-Simon

Jenifer Ledezma Romero

Aracelis Padilla Rodriguez

Alberto Rosado

Julia White

Riziki Asende

Michael Friend

Jesse Lichti

Katherine Paiz-Vasquez

Hilal Salih

Aliyah Williams

Kevin Ayala

Adrinth Galeano Soto

Erik Lopez Chilel

Wuilyber Pereira-Posada

Michael Samboy

Shawn Williams-Chacon

Jonathan Baake

Edwin Galindo-Hernandez

Ami Lopez- Sosa

Griffin Phillips

Juliet Sandoval

Destiny Workman

Gerald Bahati

Ammy Garcia

Cristian Lopez-Zuniga

Omar Pishdar

Shirley Shultz

Ahmed Zangana

Amyna Barzanji

Frankie Garcia

Alexander Maclin

Ethan Power

Jamir Smith Moreno

Hanan Zangana

Ariel Batista-Rodriguez

Yahir Garcia Alvarado

Alexis Martinez-Anton

Franchesca Quinones

Allen Solano-Rodriguez

Karolina Zuniga Castro

Edgar Bautista Serrano

Samuel Gooden

Acaija McAfee

Graciella Quinones

Alex Sorto-De-Los-Santos


Harrisonburg, Va.

Hickory Hollow Christian School Not Pictured Laura Burkholder

Bradley Martin

Beth Showalter

Arlin Eberly

Brandon Martin

Valerie Simmons

James Knicely

Rachel McMurray

Kimberly Wenger

Kayla Knicely

Kelly Rohrer

Lawanda Wenger

Lisa Knicely

Myra Shank

Saturday, June 5, 2021

We are growing! CCS will be addingg a 9th grade for the 2021-2022 school year ear.


Congrat ulat to all 20 ions 2 Graduat 1 es!

Preschool – 9th Grade Biblically integrated curriculum Spanish beginning in Kindergarten Fine Arts Program & Compeve Athlecs

Cornerstone Chrisan School exists to help students: Live Biblically, Learn Effecvely and Minister with Passion. 197 Cornerstone Lane * Rockingham, VA 22802 www.ccsconnection.org * 540-432-9816

Class of 2021



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Luray High School

Emily Alger

Evan Arstino

Wyatt Atkins

Simea Bailey

Emilee Beamish

Austin Beers

Shane Blosser

Mariah Boston

Jason Bowers

Brooke Bradley

Halie Bradley

Takoda Bradley

Corey Breeden

Aidan Brown

Sidnola Brown

Abigail Brubaker

Baylee Burrill

Brynlee Burrill

Hannah Campbell

Isaac Campbell

Jesse Catron

Sydney Cave

Isaiah Cecil

Nicholas Conklin

Katlyn Cook

Sabrina Cool

Jaden Couper

Lauren Cubbage

Sydney Deeds

Kaitlyn Doughty

Kelsey Dovel

Jeffrey Drake, II

Katelyn Drumheller

Katia Faulk

Brendan Fitzwater

Madelyn Fletcher

Hayden Fruck

Ka-mya Frye

Malina Goebel

Cameron Good

Zachary Good

William Gray

Rece Graybeal

Marina Grech

Kayla Greeley

Dalton Griffith

Pippa Hamilton

Gabriel Heeter

Gaven Heglar

Brian Hernandez

Hailey Higgs

Jeffrey Hollabaugh

Austin Holloway

Hannah Huffman

Kaya Huffman

Isabelle Janney

Brooke Jenkins

Nicholas Jennings

Andrew Johnson

Raegan Johnson

Taylor Johnson

Lily Jones

Ryan Jones

Cordell Judy

Kayla Kibler

Emily King

Hailey Lawson

Olivia Liscomb

Samuel Liscomb

Joleen Luckey

Emily Martin

Madison Martin

Aidan Mayes

Matthew Jennings Michael Jennings, Jr.

Clifton Knowles

Hayley Kunu


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Luray High School

Chet Morris

Julia Nuckols

Brian O’Bannon

Bryan Owen

Christian Painter

Will Parlett

Tyler Pence

Douglas Perry

Margaret Price

Hannah Printz

Imani Puller

Preston Purdie

Makenzie Richards

Madison Rooks

Philip Roy

Jacob Seal

Brianna Seekford

Brick Sharum

Catherine Shifflett

Morgan Shifflett

Jacob Shoop

Jacob Smith

Junul Smith

Kaylee Smith

Gavin Stallard

Alexander Stanton

Trevor Strassner

Kaleb Straughn

Alan Stull

Brianna Taylor

Savannah Taylor

Trenton Turner

Cheyanne Tyrrell

Kayli Ward

Kayla Wymer

Marner Yates

Jacob Zitzer

Not Pictured Niklas Bell

Devon Lam

Bryan Register

Christian Breeden

Michael Mayes

River Richards

Mason Heiston

Christian Neff

David Sowell



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Page County High School

Emily Alexander

Catrin Antonovici

Emma Atkins

Harmony Beales

Leonard Belcher

Zachary Benson

Spring Billie

Colton Blankenship

Roy Bolin Jr.

Autumn Bowen

Logan Bowling

Mathea Breeden

Caden Brown

Jeremiah Bryant

Haley Buracker

Savannah Burns

Thomas Butler

Morgan Cabiness

David Caldwell

Destiny Campbell

Mackenzie Campbell

Alandis Cave

Ryan Clinedinst

Isaiah Cloude

Breanna Comer

Ryan Comer

Daniel Cubbage

Kaileigh Cubbage

Lacey Cubbage

Lee Ann Cubbage

Tori Davis

Melissa Dean

Jeanette Diaz

Christopher Drumheller

Natalie Dunlap

Rebecca Emert

Abbie Fitzwater

Barry Foltz Jr.

Alison Foltz

Austin Foltz

Morgan Foster

Alexis Good

Haleigh Good

Madison Good

Shyleigh Good

Ralph Good IV

Madison Gordon

Nathaniel Gordon

Albany Hammer

Taylor Hankins

Shayla Hansbrough

Christian Harold

Morgan Heavner

Emily Hedrick

Logan Hendershot

Hannah Hensley

Mark Hensley

Allison Hilliard

Summer Hilliards

Evelyn Hutchinson

Taylor Jenkins

Michael Kee

Kadie Kennedy

Andrew Kerns

Chelsey Kibler

Blake Knight

Grace Knighton

Abigail Kober

Kaleb Krebs

Cole Lane

Sierra Leggett

Jordan Lettner

Andrew Lilly

Lee Louderback

Christian Lucas

Morgan Lucas

Maxamus Mason


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Page County High School

Kevin Matteson

Samuel Matteson

Michael McAllister

Matthew McClellan

Hannah McCoy

Autumn McPherson

Jared Melini

Tana Merica

Charles Miller

Jessica Miner

Isaiah Miranda

Madison Moore

Kirsten Moyer

Laura Murray

Abby Myers

Lillian Nicholson

Camaron Painter

Celicity Perry

Canaan Pierce

Ella Price

Emma Randall

Mekenize Richards

Madison Rosser

Skylar Rosser

Franklin Rothgeb

Evan Rudolph

Jada Schutt

Lilly Sellers

Christian Short

Carleigh Smith

Seth Smith

Briana Sours

Elizabeth Southers

Hannah Southers

Justice St. Clair

Chandler Stanley

Ethan Starcher

Patrick Sullivan

Sierra Sweezy

Cristian Torres

Chase Turner

Dade Turner

Shane Watson

Gracie Weakley

Trey Weaver

Alexis Wimer

Cassidy Woodward

Nathaniel Wright

Katharine Yoder

Jordan Stoneberger Kristen Stoneberger Taylor Stoneberger

Timothy Williams Jr.

Brandon Williams

Cory Williams



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Spotswood High School

Emerson Adkins

Maha Afridi

Jonathan Aguirre Mundo

Cy Alderman

Jeanette Alls

Conner Amberg

Tyler Anthony

Hunter Armentrout

Jade Armentrout

Caleb Ashby

Evan Atkins

Thomas Bailey

Casey Beard

David Berger

Hannah Blosser

Camden Boyers

David Bragg

Abby Branner

Hannah Bryant

Emmanuel Calixto Susana

Kayci Carrier

Jennifer Castaneda Carmona

Amy Castro

Rebecca Castro

William Chapman

Cristina Clemente Alvarado

Lizeth Clemente Gumesindo

Eliza Copeland

Emmaline Copeland

Harleigh Cupp

Chazlyn Curry

Randall Curry

Austin Dansey

Luke Davis

Sheily DeFreeze

Connor Dight

Leigha Dillard

AJ Dooms

Loretta Dredger

Julia Dulo

Grace Edwards

Lauren Falter

Erin Feldman

Kaitlyn Fletcher

Ezekiel Flint

Andrew Foltz

Ainslee Fortner

Silas Fowler

Kalli Fridley

Addison Fulton

Ryan Garwood

Ytsel Gomez Martinez

Reggicor Grace Carrillo

Caden Grayson

William Grayson

Cole Grindle

Brock Hansbrough

Seth Harding

Andrew Harman

Hunter Hayes

Olivia Heffernan

Ashley Herandez

Jonah Herring

Evan Hise

Leah Hoffman

Andrew Hollar

Sadie Hollihan

Kathryn Holloway

Diego Hurtado Diaz

Nicholas Johnson

Seth Johnson

Edwin Joya

Mariah Justice

Juliana Kilimnik

Justice Kincer

Zachary Kiser

Helen Kramer


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Spotswood High School

Rani Kyger

Riley Kyger

Gracin Lam

Gwyna Lambert

Gracyn Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence

Ellen Leaton

Gillian Lees

Eric Li

Christian Lopez Hernandez

Jose Lopez Hernandez

Malachi Lucas

Julia Lucatorto

Caden Ludholtz

Elena Luhn

Hayden Lutz

Nathaniel Magalis

Abigail Marple

Veronica Martinez Lopez

Rebeca Martinez

Elizabeth McClure

Matthew Medlin

Cecilia Mendoza Jose

Julissa Mendoza Romero

Jamie Milby

Madalyn Miller

Jasmine Monger

Manuel Montero Castro

Andrew Moomaw

Jeremiah Morris

Joshua Morris

Kayla Morris

Adam Nelson

David Nelson

Bethany Nicholson

Patrick O’Brian

Daisy Obst

Noah Parker

Emma Parks

Diana Pena Feregrino

Ethan Pence

Allyson Pennington

Anneliese Perkins

Madison Petefish

Sam Polglase

Jada Pyles

Vicente Ramirez

Aliyah Randolph

Thomas Robinson

Cara Rodes

Alma Rojas Robles

Manuel Romero Guerrero

Benjamin Roth

Hannah Rue

Matias Ryder

Alexis Salgado Romero

Estefani Sanchez Rojas

Aracely Santiago Rojas

Samra Shafqat

Jona Shehu

Ava Shenk

Hunter Shifflett

Jaden Shifflett

Ryan Shonk

Allison Silveira

Dameyon Simmons

Savannah Simmons

Zane Simmons

Morgan Simons

Kathryn Singerling

Jaylynn Sites

Madison Skievaski

Brenna Smith

Darien Smith

Shawnette Stepanova

Tyler Stobbs

Joshua Stoltz



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Spotswood High School

Tyler Stout

Madison Sweet

Amelia Taylor

Adam Teter

Catelynn Teter

Avery White

Connor Williams

Kweli Wilson

Evin Yo

Esau Zelaya Leiva

Antonia Underwood

If you see winged, ant-like insects flying around your property, you need to know whether they are ants or subterranean termites. Your house could be in danger! Carefully compare the insects flying around your house to the illustration below. If you’re uncertain, call us for positive identification. If the insects are termites, CALL US IMMEDIATELY. We will eliminate their colony and protect your house.

Arely Vasquez Lopez Alan Velasco Labra

Tsion Ward

Tristin Wells

Madeline Wesley


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Stonewall Jackson High School

Jacob Abbott

Isa Allen

Paola Arrocena-Jacuinde

Owen Ayala

Michael Baber

Jacob Baker

Logan Baker

Wyatt Baker

Julia Biller

Mazie Biller

Lillian Bowman

Dylan Brannon

Benjamin Brewer

Daryl Bucker

Rachael Burch

Tyler Burns

Shaun Butler

Daylon Campbell

Victoria Castillo

Samuel Clark

Jeremy Clem Jr.

Benjamin Cook

Hunter Cowart

Brahim Dehache

Eliana Dellinger

Isabell Dellinger

Rion Dennison

Lucca Despirito

Yeleni Diaz Hurtado

Rebecca Diehl

Justin Dove

Ashley Eaton

Matthew Eaton

Sarah Eaton

Taeya Embrey

Orly Espinal

Kailee Farmer

Nicholas Foltz

Jonah Franco

Alexis Franklin

Kylene Franklin

Taylor Franks

John Garber

Katherine Garber

William Garber

Morgan Gibson

Aidan Gill

Grayson Golladay

Darrell Hamm

Emma Harmon

Cierra Haslacker

Christian Hess

Skylor Hollifield

Rosalina Holloway-Vicente

Caelan Hottle

Brayden Hovatter

Brady Hughes

Corey Jackson

Lauryn Jansen

Brooke Jones

Katie Jordan

Simon Kennedy

Lauren Kenney

Luis Lagunilla

Collin Latimer

Alondra Leon

Hunter Litten

Jarrett Lonas

Alexi Lopez Rosales

Dayle Loucks

Daishmary Lugo-Rosario

Andrew Lute

Kyle Lutz

Cameron Martinez

Fernando Martinez

Chayton McMillan

Dario Mendez



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Stonewall Jackson High School

Ethan Miller

Rhonnie Miller

Tashia Nauman

Lacey Norris

Lacey Norton

Jacob Ohler

Emily Poole

Michael Poster

Lillian Proctor

Neshlyan Quinones

Chloe Reynolds

Samuel Richman

Austin Ritchie

Courtney Ritchie

Justin Rogers

Jesus Romero

Yesenia Salinas Ortiz

Jeanette Shifflett

Nicole Silvious

Caleb Simon

Tyler Simpson

William Smith Jr.

Cole Stover

Sarah Streett

Colby Thomas

Cole Thomas

Ashden Tusing

Patricia Van Horn

Angel Velasquez

Efrain Vieyra Sanchez

Colin Vresics

Connor Wakeman

Peyton Wamsley

Alexus Waters

Alexia Weaver

Brandon Whitaker

Dalton White

Benjamin Williams

Zachary Wine

Jordan Wood

Sidney Wymer

Lily Yesalusky

Andrew Zirkle

James Zirkle

Not Pictured Dawson Bermudez

Cory Haislop

Derek Rodriguez Cordero

Tiffany Burrell

Francisco Javier Martinez

Nicholas Ryman

Thamyus Claude

Lily Nesbitt

Andrew Ward

Darien Cross

Adriel Ortiz Soto

Owen Williams

Jeremiah Davis

Curtis Patrick

Congratulations to Stonewall Jackson High School Class of 2021! Thank you Parents & Staff! Stonewall Jackson High School Marty Helsley District #2 School Board Member

Class of 2021 STRONG!


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Turner Ashby High School

Samrund Aga

Ryan Alderfer

Madeline Alvis-Meadows

Gavin Anderson

Theodore Ansley

Julie Armstrong

Layne Auville

Nate Avalos

Bethy Bafunye

Alex Basilio Mateo

Mario Basilio-Tellez

Erin Batten

Kyrie Beiler

Laney Biddle

Nicholas Blye

Isabelle Bolyard

Meredith Bowers

Nickolas Boychenko

Jenna Brown

Carmen Brown

Gage Brumfield

Collin Brunk

Madeline Bullock

Wyatt Campbell

Zephaniah Campbell

Kaycee Carr

Owen Chester

William Childs

Benjamin Clatterbuck

Kelsey Clifton

Emma Corder

Marely Cortes

Ethan Curry

Paige Daily

Emily Davidson

Peyton Davis

Scott Davis

Caleb Dellinger

Katelyn Dillashaw

Kendra Dodrill

Derek Driver

Cyrus Eaton

Paige Eavers

Emma Eckard

Meredith Evans

Erin Falwell

Savannah Fife

Taylor Fitzgerald

Garrett Friel

Bailey Fulk

Spencer Gallon

Michael Garbato

Peyton Garber

Skyelynn Gill

Sydney Gray

Logan Grimm

Lura Gurth

Jenna Gutt

Mason Guyer

Jake Hamann

Lochlain Hanlon

Alyson Harmes

Grayson Harold

Lauren Harper

Gabbi Haskins

Krystalyn Hassett

Carole Haywood

Gillian Hedrick

Kristen Hodges

Seama Jaff

Neha Jamarkattel

Richard Jarrells

Karenell Johnson

Harley Jordan

Alyssa Kelley

Andrew Kreps

Faith Kronk



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Turner Ashby High School

Chezney Kuster

Evan Lambert

Reina Landa

Aliera Lewis

Stephen Lilly

Blake Lipinski

Jason Longcor

Giovanny Lopez-Rojas

Hannah Lovinger

Harleigh Marshall

Sierra Massey

Kevin Matthew

Jackson McCall

Isaac McMichael

Natselene Mendoza

Brooklyn Michael

Hunter Miller

Logan Miller

Amy Mills

Abdullah Mohammad Ali

Grace Mowery

Abby Moyers

Gracie Moyers

Katelyn Moyers

Kayla Moyers

Zachary Moyers

Madison Nelson

Colton Newman

Madison Newman

Corey Orebaugh

Isabelle Ours

Megan Parmeter

Brendan Parsley

Jared Peake

Anna Phillips

Bokan Qaradaghi

Nalen Ramos

Lukas Reeves

Benjamin Riley

Adeline Riner

Madelyn Ritchie

Madelynne Ritchie

Madison Rogers

Evvy Rohrbaugh

Andrea Salazar Santos

Masar Salim

Emanuel Sanchez

Laura Sanchez Marin

Loren Satterwhite

Madison Scott

Jack Sellers

Channing Shank

Haley Sheffer

Congratulations Class of 202!

Academics can be stressful, but paying for your education shouldn’t be. At Everence®, we offer scholarships and student loans so you can focus on achieving your dreams. Everence Federal Credit Union 841 Mount Clinton Pike Harrisonburg, VA 22802 everence.com/harrisonburg

Everence offers credit union services that are federally insured by NCUA.


Harrisonburg, Va.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Turner Ashby High School

Leah Shell

Becca Shiflet

Tyler Showalter

Melony Shumaker

Alybina Shumeyko

Hannah Simmers

Hayley Simmons

Jordyn Sizemore

Diana Slagell

Nicholas Smallwood

Evan Smith

Jared Smith

Tyson Snow

Marini Spirollari

Nathan Stevens

Andrew Stine

Patrick Sullivan

Alyssa Swartley

Gracie Mae Teter

Grant Thomas

Ekaterina Usachev

Briza Vazquez

Samira Velazquez

Elsa Waidelich

Connor Wood

Chandler Wright

Kelly Zhang

Not Pictured Gabriel Acen

Maria Cruz Ramirez

Kevin Guevara

Benjamin Lloyd

Kishan Patel

Joslyn Sargent

Chayanna Vieyra

Jacob Barnette

Erika Decera-Montero

Edriz Guzman Roman

Jack Logan

Juan Ponce

Devin Sheffer

Luis Villa Lucio

Leah Bauserman

Andrew Eckard

Treror Harper

Ethan Long

Ross Pritt

Micah Sherrill

Stephanie Wheelbarger

Trinity Blackburn

Ryan Evans

William Harrison

Matthew McCoy

Omar Ragab

Jaiden Shirley

Kaitlyn Wilson

Lana Brasile

Emily Fetterman

Easton Jarboe

Jesse McDonald

Jayce Rebullosa

Mateo Simmons

Ryan Burner

Alexis Fleming

Daniel Kilimnik

Nadezhda Melchukov

Bristol Reese

Ilya Stasyuk

Dayanara Cerdas-Jimenez

Pontonio Florentino Sosa

Burke Krohn

Jade Moyer

Alex Riddel

Preston Striebig

Meridith Charlton

Zachary Gibson

Colby Lambert

Ashton Moyers

Luis Robles

Colby Turner

Deyaneira Collado Cancel

Thalina Gordon-Paniagua

George Leal

Destiny Newland

Tiana Ryan




Saturday, June 5, 2021

Expires 7/31/2021

Harrisonburg, Va.

Profile for Daily News-Record

Graduation - June 2021  


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