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WEEK OF JUNE 4, 2012

Following a massive cyber attack, University of Nebraska officials take steps to notify the hundreds of thousands potentially affected Katie Fennelly Daily Nebraskan

At about 10:15 p.m. on Wednesday, a University of NebraskaLincoln information technology employee discovered a breach of the University of Nebraska Student Information System (NeSIS). By Friday evening, the university announced to the public that a breach had occurred. The database, which is used by the four NU campuses— UNL, University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Nebraska at Kearney, University of Nebraska Medical Center as well as the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture—houses personal records for students and staff, as well as parents and people that applied to the

university but did not enroll. Melissa Lee, NU’s communications director, said the breach affected as many as 654,000 people. “We are continuing to analyze the database,” Lee said. “That number (654,000) is likely to go down, as there are some people who are counted twice, myself included. Many university employees are also alumni.” While the university hasn’t released any specifics on the nature of the breach, it continues to call it a “sophisticated and skilled attack.” “It wasn’t just somebody poking around,” Lee said. “This person knew what they were doing.” The university has enlisted the UNL police department to head the investigation and has

contacted the FBI. It also brought in a forensics firm with the goal of reconstructing what happened, as well as identifying weaknesses in the university’s database system, Lee said. On Saturday, the university emailed about 21,000 people who have bank account information stored in the records database. The email advised people to monitor their financial accounts though at this point there have been no reports of suspicious activity. “At this time there is no clear



After security breach, NU’s legal liability comes into question Potential lawsuits loom despite proper notification Katie Fennelly Contributed by Kevin Moser Daily Nebraskan On Wednesday, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police department confirmed it has identified an individual in last week’s security breach of the University of Nebraska’s Nebraska Student Information System. The university seized a computer and related equipment from a UNL undergraduate student. At this time, no name has been released and charges haven’t been filed. It’s unclear whether one or more people are suspected in the attack. While the university attempts to nail down the problem, its legal liability may be coming into question — bringing about the posibility of lawsuits. The university went public

with the security breach Friday, May 26, nearly 48 hours after discovering the hack. Students and those with financial information tied to their accounts were notified the following day. University faculty and staff were notified the following Tuesday. While it was originally thought the breach only compromised the University of Nebraska’s security — which includes the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska Kearney, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture — it’s now believed that personal information from individuals in the Nebraska State College System. The college system’s three campuses – Chadron State College, Peru State College and Wayne State College – also use NeSIS and may have been compromised too. Under Nebraska’s Financial Data Protection and Consumer Notification of Data Security Breach Act of 2006, any entity in the state that houses personal information must notify

affected Nebraska residents in a timely matter if security is compromised. While a timeframe for notifying the public isn’t given under the statute, James O’Connor said he believes the university acted in good faith. O’Connor is the chairperson of the technology and intellectual property practice group at Baird Holm law firm in Omaha, Neb. O’Connor’s group regularly handles information breaches similar to the university’s. “The legal threshold (for notifying individuals) in Nebraska is if the data will be misused,” he said. “So far, I think they have done a great job informing the affected individuals. They have taken the right steps.” But just because the university has followed appropriate legal procedures doesn’t mean everyone affected by the breach is content. Mike Jones, an NU Board of Regents candidate, criticized the delay in notifying the public. “That’s valuable time that people could have used to take the steps needed to protect

themselves,” he said. UNL Police Chief Owen Yardley said the university waited 48 hours to inform the public so as to not impede his department’s investigation. “In order to assist with the criminal investigation, police asked the university not to release information about this security incident during the first 48 hours as work was done to verify the identity of the individual involved and necessary legal steps were taken to seize the property,” Yardley said in a May 30 news release. While it’s highly unlikely the university will face legal action about the notification process, it’s unclear whether the university will face a lawsuit, O’Connor said. “When these large-scale data breaches occur, there’s always a possibility of a class action lawsuit,” he said. “This would likely be where people are saying that the university did not exercise reasonable and appropriate security safeguards.” In the past, organizations including Citigroup and Sony have faced class action lawsuits


PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY From an email sent to University of Nebraska students by Joshua Mauk, the information security officer for University of Nebraska:

WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW 1. We recommend that you contact one of the three primary credit reporting agencies to place a free Initial Security Alert (90-day) to your credit report. This can be done online or via phone and will alert you to any attempt to establish or extend credit in your name. The three companies are TransUnion (“Initial Fraud Alert”) (800) 680-7289, Experian (“Initial Security Alert”) (888) 397-3742 or Equifax (“Initial 90-day Fraud Alert”) (800) 525-6285. You need only register with one agency and the others will be alerted. 2. If you have a bank account associated with your student information account, you should have already received an advisory notice. Monitor your bank accounts carefully and report any suspicious activity to your financial institution immediately. 3. Follow updates on the situation and access additional resources, including a video on using fraud alerts, at our website: In addition, you can submit questions and comments regarding this incident at the website. We will monitor these comments and respond to all questions submitted as quickly as possible. 4. A telephone service center will be instituted in the future to assist employees, students, parents and alumni whose personal information may be at risk. Check the website for information on contacting the service center.


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Monday, June 4, 2012

Obstacles, mud await Warrior Dash runners Joe Wade Daily Nebraskan Remember being a kid running and screaming around the neighborhood terrifying the parents and getting so muddy the only option was to get sprayed down with the garden hose before being allowed back inside? Well, the chance to do it once again is at hand. Only this time, there will be a little more organization and a lot of beer. Warrior Dash is a 15,000 to 25,000 participant event and it coming to Nebraska for the first time on June 9 and 10. The more than three mile obstacle course will have waves of 600 participants starting every two hours. By the end, each participant will be covered in mud after having fought his or her way through the challenges of cargo nets, fire and barbed wire. The event also acts as a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “The inspiration behind Warrior Dash was to create the most badass day possible,” said Kendra Alley, one of the event’s organizers. “It is a day where participants get to challenge themselves, be active and get muddy tackling the course and then celebrate their accomplishments with beer, food and live music.” Although other events similar to Warrior Dash exist, the organizers at Red Frog Events hope to make it a unique experience for athletes and thrill seekers alike. “As a leader in the industry, we strive to make each Warrior Dash more unique and challenging than the last,” Alley said. “Our races continue to draw crowds looking for an adventure and innovation is continuously brewing back at Red Frog Events office where the whole team is dreaming up new obstacles and twists for our events.” Perhaps the biggest obstacle participants will face is

the challenge of conditioning themselves mind and body for such an event. “Running alone isn’t enough for what a runner needs,” said David Hibbard, a mud run enthusiast. “To be a regular runner means your mind has to be stronger than your body, and your body must be very strong as well to take the abuse of the road, but to be a mud obstacle course runner means strength not only in body but also in mind.” Athletes typically have goals set for themselves that help them push their bodies through the physical stress of the event he or she is competing in. One aspect an individual may not expect at Warrior Dash is the camaraderie between participants that exists on and off the course. “In a mud run it is about finishing, but it is also about making sure the other people around you finish as well,” Hibbard said. “It is expected that every runner help other runners over obstacles and generally encourage each other, I have to suppress my desire to beat everyone in the race, and slow down to maybe help a shorter person over a 12 foot wall.” Warrior Dash goes beyond the physical preparedness and mental determination. It’s also about allowing individuals to be themselves while having fun. “Whether it’s a superhero, medieval knight or Smurf, Warrior Dash gives people the opportunity to express their inner Warrior,” Alley said. “It’s the freedom to let loose, dress up in costumes, eat a turkey leg, get muddy and have a beer that makes you fall in love with Warrior Dash.” By design each event is tailored to offer the most to those who wish to subject themselves to the grueling conditions. “Each Warrior Dash venue has new challenges and obstacles,” Alley said. “Race Directors see the site and then


work with contractors to utilize the land in the best way to get participants running, ducking, climbing and crashing through a course that will test every muscle in the participant’s body.” The event is held from coast to coast, as well as internationally in locations including Australia and the United Kingdom. The debut turnout for Nebraska has drawn out an impressive number of Warriors as well.

“The reaction from Nebraska has been outstanding,” Alley said. “We have a total of 20,500 participants coming out to get muddy and have a good time.” No matter what the reason these spirited individuals have for participating the battleground in Nebraska was crafted to provide them a goal to pursue. “The creation of Warrior Dash was intended to give

people an alternative to the classic 5K by providing them with an experience they will never forget,” Alley said. “Each Warrior comes with a different goal in mind whether it is to complete the event in record time, create a memory of a lifetime with their friends and family or to simply cross the finish line.” Check out for full details.

Subway to fill Suggested playoffs threaten Union vacancy regular season’s importance this summer ■■sports

Staff Report Daily Nebraskan After a four-year absence, Subway will once again open up shop in the Nebraska Union — filling a vacancy left by Planet Sub. On Friday, June 1, managers from Barton Development Inc., a company that owns 16 restaurants in Nebraska, signed a lease confirming its spot as the newest vendor in the Union. The restaurant will open for business in late July or early August. A Subway under different management left the Union in the spring of 2008 after managers failed to properly file paperwork. Since the first Subway vacated, managers at Barton Development said they had their eyes on the Union. “We learned back in January the spot was open and it’s been our goal to get (Subway) back

in there,” said Michael Barton, accounting manager at Barton Development. Baton said the previous Subway had a strong presence in the Union and he isn’t concerned about drawing customers. Because the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a Pepsi campus, Barton Development will seek a special permit to replace the Coca-Cola beverages found at most Subways. Managers at Barton Development said they are looking forward to fostering a strong relationship with students. “We are going to make sure that we are out there — involved in campus events,” Barton said. Beyond an increased campus involvement, Barton says the company’s goal is to hire mostly students. “We are really excited,” Barton said. “It’s going to be the busiest store we have.”

column: bcs

Lanny Holstein Daily Nebraskan Big Ten conference presidents and athletic directors kicked around the idea of a four team playoff a couple weeks ago in Chicago. Among other things, the spring Big Ten meetings were meant to unify the conference’s opinion on the frustrating BCS playoff debate, and put forth the league’s stance. Rather than achieve its intended purpose, the event only served to muddy the waters further. No consensus was reached, and quotes from a few key players coming out of those meetings do not bode well for the implementation of a playoff. The four team model, thought to be the leader in the eyes of most going into the meetings, is merely one of the options the league considers

throwing its support behind. An interesting but flawed model that took center stage was the “plus-one.” Plus-one would be an extension to the current bowl system. The regular season and bowls are played out the way they currently are, but additionally, there is a game played between the top two teams in the post-bowl rankings. It’s meant to clear up situations similar to this past season, where more than two teams have legitimate arguments to being in the national title game (Alabama, LSU, and Oklahoma State). NU Chancellor Harvey Perlman, the Big Ten’s appointed representative of its presidents and chancellors at NCAA meetings, supported the model in comments to the Journal Star’s Steven Sipple. “The current SEC-Big 12 agreement would fit perfectly within a plus-one system, and would give an advantage to conference champions, which I favor,” Perlman said. It’s interesting that he, a representative of the Big Ten, brings up the SEC-Big 12 bowl agreement in his analysis, but the most noteworthy

aspect of his comments is his support of the plus-one. After all the talk going into the meetings about the four team model and whatever else, when did the plus-one slip back into the equation? It works great for situations like last season, but what happens if there are two teams clearly better than the rest of the field. After they play each other in the bowl game, the plus-one makes the winner play another game against another team that wasn’t previously in the national title conversation. Some plus-one supporters say, in those situations, the extra game can simply be cancelled. But it’s not that simple. Who makes that call? Where is the line drawn between a situation that calls for the extra game and one that does not? The NCAA needs something hard and fast to stick to, something concrete. The BCS’s fluidity, its lack of straight-andnarrow rules, causes most of the controversy surrounding it. The NCAA cannot go to another manipulative system

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MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2012









DN applauds NU’s handling of hacking breach

It’s been a rough couple weeks for the university. The University of Nebraska Student Information System experienced a massive security breach. After discovering the breach, the university took necessary steps in notifying the affected individuals. This is a massive, embarrassing accident on the university’s end. However, the Daily Nebraskan believes that since the break in, the university has taken appropriate action within a reasonable amount of time. The public was informed nearly 48 hours after the attack was discovered. Some may consider that to be too long due to the type of information compromised. However, given the complexity and sensitivity of the issue, it’s reasonable for the university to take a little time to figure out the situation. University of Nebraska-Lincoln police also deserved a two-day period to fully investigate the case before breaking the news. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Ohio State experienced a similar attack in October 2010. The university waited until midDecember to break the news to students and the press. The Lantern, the student newspaper at OSU, reported that university officials said the notification delay was “necessary to research and prepare for solutions to the problem.” Although two months is clearly an unreasonable amount of time, Ohio State officials had a point. Revealing the university had security weaknesses could have been even more damaging if the university didn’t have time to patch the problem. In light of this, two days is a reasonable amount of time. However, the university still has much to do. In an email to affected individuals, the university recommended signing up for a free Initial Security Alert at one of the three main credit reporting agencies. But this recommendation doesn’t go far enough. After the incident at Ohio State, the university provided free credit protection to everyone who was on their server. The University of Nebraska needs to also provide free credit monitoring to all affected individuals for at least a year. Since the university was responsible for that information, it’s on the officials to pay for the service. The incident may be embarrassing, but it’s time to deal with it. So far, the university has done a commendable job. OPINION@DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM

EDITORIAL POLICY The editorial above contains the opinion of the summer 2012 Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, its student body or the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. A column is solely the opinion of its author; a cartoon is solely the opinion of its artist. The Board of Regents acts as publisher of the Daily Nebraskan; policy is set by the Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board. The UNL Publications Board, established by the regents, supervises the production of the paper. According to policy set by the regents, responsibility for the editorial content of the newspaper lies solely in the hands of Daily Nebraskan employees.

UNLadministration @UNLtweets

May 25

#UNLstudents&alumni #SecurityBreach lol, sors. C U Tuesday!


COMIC CASSEROLE DC’s efforts to integrate queer characters falls short D

Bea Huff Daily Nebraskan

C Comics revealed on Friday that its “iconic hero” Alan Scott will kiss his boyfriend, Sam, in this week’s issue of “Earth 2.” It’s arguable that DC has taken some of the biggest steps in bringing gay characters to the limelight within its universe, and I applaud them for that. But I don’t think the comic book industry is going far enough. For those of you who don’t know — and let’s face it, not a lot of people do — Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern. He debuted during the Golden Age, or the dawn of modern comics, which occurred between 1938 and 1950. During this period the world was introduced to legendary heroes like Batman, Superman and the Flash. As a queer comic fan, I was pretty excited to hear that DC would be adding more gay characters. In March 2011, DC gave Kathy Kane, better known as Batwoman, her own title, making her the first titular queer character in the DC Universe. Marvel, the other half of “the big two” comic companies, is also


making an effort to include more LGBT characters in its comics. Since the Marvel universe is larger than DC’s, it’s had the luxury of featuring queer characters in print for decades. In fact, Marvel’s first openly gay character Northstar will marry his long-time beau, Kyle Jinadu in “Astonishing X-Men” later this month. The fact is, while DC has some major gay heroes, these characters are situated in such a way that they aren’t really integrated into the main universe. Batwoman’s book, though released with “The New 52” reboot in March 2011, has little to do with the rest of “The New 52” universe (also known as DCnU). In fact, the first few issues were written and created months before the announcement of the reboot, placing Batwoman firmly within the mythos of the old DCU and outside of the main events happening in DCnU. Similarly, “Earth 2” takes place

in an alternate universe to DCnU. It features characters in a modern setting at a younger age than their current DCnU ages, making it an alternate reality much like Marvel’s Ultimate universe. The placement of these history-making gay comic characters outside of the mainstream universe confirms that while the big two (Marvel and DC) are trying to introduce more diverse characters, they still aren’t embracing the idea fully. It’s great that DC is taking the OG Green Lantern and revealing him as gay, but why does it have to be a hero that one few people know — even though they should — and why does it have to be in an alternate universe? Personally, I would rather see DC make a new queer legacy character in its main universe, like a new Green Lantern or Flash who just happens to be gay. Hell, why not make her

a lady too? I mean, that’s the whole point of legacy characters — to bring in a new, younger and different character to take over an old role and relate to a new generation of readers. But then, DC is having a lot of trouble letting go of its old characters. The fact that Barry Allen and Hal Jordan (the Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern) are alive and wearing the tights again is testament to the stagnant nature of DC’s character development in recent years. But that’s another column entirely. I hate to diss DC because they have some of my favorite books and characters and they certainly deserve commendation for their attempts to create a more diverse universe. However, as a queer reader I would like to see them transform those baby steps into healthy strides and really bring about a new age in their universe.


ParksTrails 4

daily nebraskan

Monday, June 4, 2012


It’s nearly summer in the Capital City. In this special issue we cover everything bike.

UNL cyclists exercise caution on city streets Kekeli Dawes Daily Nebraskan A piece of advice for anyone out there riding a bike: “Don’t run crosswalks.” Cameron Popp, a senior mechanized systems management major, learned that the hard way. “I was hit by a car,” he said. “Fractured a windshield, popped off the rear view mirror, got thrown off ... the fire department came ... I was in shock, but OK. I walked away.” Lincoln, Neb., prides itself as being a pretty “bike friendly city”. Just this year, The League of American Bicyclists designated it as a “Bronze-Level Bicycle Friendly Community.” But that doesn’t mean all cyclists feel free on the city’s streets. Popp is one of them. He was once a bike rider — until he was hit by a car on 17th and R streets last spring. Since then, Popp has opted to ride around on what he calls an “urban landscape-ready” Razor scooter with eight-inch wheels. And he rides it every day. “I saw someone riding one, researched it, and I loved it so much I bought it. And then spray-painted the wheels and the handlebars. It comes looking like a toy,” said Popp. He hoped that a matte black finish, instead of the scooter’s original candy apple red, would look “more adult like”. Popp sees a few smiles from people who see him riding the much smaller two-wheeled vehicle, even from his friends. “He’s been riding that freaking scooter since fall,” laughed Dillon Jones, a sophomore English major and Popp’s former roommate. But Popp insists that it rides well, especially on the tight corners downtown and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. “I prefer being three inches off the ground, rather than 12,” he said. Still, despite his accident, Popp still finds Lincoln a safe place to bike. Even though he is an Omaha native, he said the capital city is far superior when it comes to bike accessibility and safety. Even as someone who had experienced an unfriendly collision with a motorist, he still swore by Lincoln’s trail system’s accessibility and safety. “I’m obviously biased,” Popp said. “But I find Lincoln very biker-friendly.” Eric Dinwoodie, a UNL alumnus that works at Campus Recreation’s accredited “Silver-Level Bike Friendly” Bike Shop, considered Lincoln very bike friendly as well, although he said he would like to see safer trails

and roads. He would like to see some more trails and new protected bikeways alongside busy streets. “That would increase our safety as cyclists on the road, and would prevent a lot of driver-cyclist rage that goes on,” said Dinwoodie. “I think one of the biggest problems is education for motorists. They don’t necessarily understand that cyclists are vehicles, and have every right as a motorized vehicle does. They expect us to ride on sidewalks, and that is illegal in Lincoln, except in some certain spots.” Dinwoodie still says that any change would only make Lincoln’s trail system better than it already is. He said Lincoln is “entirely” accessible to bikers. Originally from upstate New York, Dinwoodie said it was here he became an avid cyclist. “I didn’t have a car when I came here, so I brought a bike with me from New York. And I’ve been riding on almost exclusively my bike since I’ve been here. I’ve only recently got a car. I think Lincoln is a really good, bike-friendly city. One of the best ones I’ve been to.” Ben Eigbrett, a junior environmental studies major, also works at UNL’s Bike Shop. He likes how well connected the bike trails are downtown, and appreciates the attention the city pays to the quality of the trails. “Lincoln has a really good trail system, so those are always fun to ride around on,” he said. “I ride on streets a lot, just for transportation. The MoPac trail, to the east, is really good and they just resurfaced it,” he said. Eigbrett feels the city stays on top of problems with the bike trails. “I haven’t noticed any major problems,” he said. “They seem to be in good condition. I haven’t found any that are in really bad shape that haven’t been fixed.” Terry Genrich, the trails coordinator for the City of Lincoln, oversees and directs the repairs and construction of Lincoln cycling trails. Genrich was pleased with his department’s placement of trails. He does mention his bias, having lived in Lincoln for more than 40 years, but he said he particularly enjoyed the trails that pass through greenway corridors, like the MoPac. Another favorite of his is the Billy Wolf trail. “Many of our trails go through greenway corridors making for a very pleasant, friendly environment to ride through. “ Genrich said. “The trails add to the vibrancy of our community”. The Lincoln cycling community is more

than a group of avid cyclists like Dinwoodie, Eigbrett and Genrich. Some are just avid fitness buffs. Salfo Bikienga, a graduate economics student, has been in Lincoln for two years, and had been riding ever since he came here. He rides around campus, to and from classes, but outside of school, he doesn’t ride for recreation. He rides for exercise. “This afternoon I will try to ride 30 miles. Yesterday I had 20, 10 there, 10 back,” he said. Andrew Allen, who has worked at UNL for four years, rides for generally practical reasons, living on the southern side of town. “I usually take the bike paths; grocery shopping and stuff mostly, but I ride up Antelope Park as well.” Allen and Bikienga both also find Lincoln bike friendly, but Allen also mentioned that some motorists “don’t really appreciate sharing the road.” Some cyclists are new, and can’t really say if Lincoln is bike friendly. Oscar Orellana, a resident assistant and a junior accounting major, is far from a seasoned biker. In fact, he’s been riding for just a few months. “I don’t really see the point in riding when you live on campus,” Orellana said. “You just end up wasting just as much time locking up and putting it away and hauling it into your room, than if you just walk.” But this summer, things are a bit different. Orellana is an RA in a residence hall a little farther away this summer, so he has borrowed a bike from a former resident, who lives out of state for the summer. Now, living six blocks away from campus, he finds it more

bikes |



Bea Huff | Daily Nebraskan

Bike riders prepare to cross Nebraska for ‘End of the World Tour’ Heather Haskins Daily Nebraskan According to the Mayan calendar, the world is supposed to end this year. With this in mind, it is easy to see why Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska decided to call its 32nd ride The End of the World Tour. The tour will cover 455 miles across Nebraska. BRAN will use its extra revenues to provide scholarships to college and high school students.

Riders will get their belongings to the start of the tour in Minatare, Neb. For a fee of $90, riders can take a bus to Minatare. Up to 600 riders can participate in the ride, which began in Minatare, Neb., on June 3. Each day for seven days, riders will bike to various towns in Nebraska and either camp there or stay with hosts who have agreed to house bikers for the night. The tour will end on June 9th in Yutan, Neb. Stapleton, Neb., is the fourth

city on the tour. BRAN coordinators met with Stapleton’s Chamber of Commerce to plan the event. Cindy Frey, secretary of Stapleton’s Chamber of Commerce, is the host contact for Stapleton. She is in charge of coordinating food vendors, finding host families to house bikers and finding showers for the bikers, usually in a local high school. This job isn’t easy. “The hardest part (about this job) is that we are a town

of 305 and almost everyone is involved in 3 or 4 different organizations,” said Frey, “so we are spread really thin.” Another one of Frey’s concerns for the event is the unpredictable nature of Nebraska’s weather. “(We are) praying that the weather is decent,” said Frey. Frey is not the only one concerned about the weather. “I hope that the weather cooperates (and is) not too windy or hot,” said Brittany Bunker, a University

of Nebraska-Lincoln senior biological sciences and mathematics major. Bunker is riding in BRAN with three other friends. “I thought it would be a fun thing to do with friends,” said Bunker. Bunker has been preparing for BRAN by doing training rides, though she admitted she didn’t think she had done enough of them. She spoke about what makes riding difficult. “Sometimes if you are going

against the wind it is harder,” Bunker said. Bunker said she is relieved that most of BRAN is downhill. Riders participate in BRAN for different reasons. Some like to see Nebraska’s landmarks, others like the feel of the wind against their face as they bike. For Bunker, it’s all about the food. “I hear that the small towns have a lot of good pie, so I am looking forward to eating some pie,” she said.


“Take it in, because sometimes it can be something really small, like a loose nut. So it never hurts to bring it in. We give you a choice, to see what you want to do.” — Ben Eigbrett, UNL Bike Shop

What can I do when something is wrong with my bike, and I’m short on cash?


TIRES + WHEELS Flat tires are the most common repairs seen in bike shops. Always keep your tires pumped to the correct pressure. Some tires have the recommended pressure labeled on the sides. If not, just make sure that while riding the tires remain firm and don’t give a great deal.

BRAKES Misadjusted brakes are another common repair in bike shops. Brake responsiveness depends on the pads, rim and the bike itself. But you don’t want to take more than five to 10 feet to stop.


What should someone not be doing while riding around Lincoln? “Just be really aware, especially on sidewalks, because drivers don’t really see you if you’re coming fast. Not going crazy will keep you out of most trouble.” — Ben Eigbrett, UNL Bike Shop

“In the summer, about a day or two. The spring and the fall is when it gets really busy, and at some points, it can get up to a week or so.” — Ben Eigbrett, UNL Bike Shop

GEARS Misaligned derailers that don’t shift are a common problem with bikes. Old bikes that have been left outside usually need a good greasing and oiling. Try not to ride in the highest gears- to “crosschain.” It damages the gears. Keep the gear in a straight line.

SEAT Height depends on preference, but a small bend in the knee when the pedal is at its lowest point is recommended. Not adjusting the seat properly may damage your knees. Keep the seat fairly flat as well.

How long does a typical tune-up take in the summer?


What precautions should one take when riding on the streets? “Riding in the road is much safer - you are less likely to hit a pedestrian, where most accidents occur. As long as you are a predictable cyclist and use hand signals and wear reflective gear, and abide by traffic laws just like a motorized vehicle would, then you have a higher chance of having a safe ride.” — Eric Dinwoodie, UNL Bike Shop

ACCESSORIES Lights are required by law on the streets at night, but they also help on the sidewalks. Reflectors come with bikes, but lights are suggested.


ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND DETOURS Rock Island Trail bridges near 27th Street and Highway 2 are being painted and are closed for the next five weeks. Sidewalks along 27th Street will act as detours. Superior Street near 14th Street is under construction, will be completed late fall of this year. The Lincoln Electric System will be constructing a new line from 17th and Holdrege Streets to 56th and Summer Streets.

TRAILS UNDER CONSTRUCTION + UPCOMING CONSTRUCTION More protected bikeways downtown with sharrows, bike parking and other amenities New trail under construction adjacent to the First Street, north of Cornhusker to Superior New trail under construction adjacent to 14th Street from Superior to Humphrey Pioneers Park trails restoration New bridge under construction on Bison Trail Cavett Connector Trail, which links the Tierra/Williamsburg trail with the Yankee Hill Road trail Jamaica North Trail connection between A Street and Calvert Street will connect with new Arena Road New trail in development will stretch from Beatrice to ArenaNew trail in development from Humphrey to Alvo Road

Terry Genrich, Lincoln’s trails coordinator, gave the DN a rundown of upcoming trails, as well as current construction and obstructions. This list is work approved by the city, but many utility companies continue to do work on trails without notifying Genrich and his team.





MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2012

Artist builds unusual connections through humor, whimsy Heather Haskins Daily Nebraskan The video is confusing. It depicts a man putting out a fire with a super soaker, a fire whose gas trail is easy to see as it is consumed by flame. The fire travels down the street, up a staircase and into a building as the man follows it, squirting it with water. The fire clearly isn’t an accident, so why was it set? Who is the man putting it out and why was he using a childhood plaything to do it? Artist Wes Heiss is the man in the video. He is the first of five artists visiting Richards Hall this summer as part of the Bemis Summer Hixson-Lied Visiting Artists program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Heiss’ lecture will begin at 5 p.m. on June 5. He began his art career as an architect, even earning a master’s degree in architecture. It wasn’t until he began work at an architecture firm that he discovered that art was his true calling. “As soon as I started making work in (an art) mode it felt right,” Heiss said. The video, titled “uh-oh,” is just one of his many art pieces which are usually structures representing various forms of technology and their impact on people. The video is meant to show unpredictability. “You can’t really predict how people will interact with work,” Heiss said. “Sometimes they do completely random stuff and they break things. (The fire) was dangerous and out of control.” Heiss’s work is made of materials that most people probably don’t think about when they think about art. In Heiss’s piece “Suburban,” a huge, deflated, oddly plain, inflatable puppy sits in a room next to a square with the words “Step here” written on it. When a person steps on the square, the puppy begins to inflate. The art is truly incomplete without interaction. In another work, vent ducts hang from the ceiling in


evidence that any information was downloaded,” Mauk wrote in the email. “We are sending you this notice out of an abundance of caution.” About 900 to 1,000 of those emails were sent to invalid or out-of-date email addresses, Lee said. She said those people will receive letters with the same information in the mail. The University alerted faculty and staff Tuesday evening. The database stores social security numbers and birthdates for all employees but does not store bank account information for most employees. Those who do have bank account information linked to the system are often in the database in

another capacity, including as parents or alumni. While the university continues its investigation, officials are urging students and employees to take financial precautions by monitoring their bank accounts. Lee also recommends that people can place a free, 90-day Initial Security Alert, which alerts users if there is any attempt to establish credit in a user’s name. NU has links to three companies on its website. The university plans to develop a telephone service center for inquiries and reports of suspicious activity. A contact form is already set up online, which goes directly to the university’s technical computing

network services staff. As of Tuesday evening there have been 80 inquiries. “We take this security breach, everything that has happened, very seriously,” said NU Regent Tim Clare. “I’m proud of what our staff has done—not only to stop the breach, but also to notify people of the issue. We care about the people involved, our students and staff. We don’t want information to be compromised to the detriment of students, alumni, our faculty and administration—anyone who is at risk.” Updates can be found on the University of Nebraska’s website,


‘Men in Black III’ offers series nostalgia, laughs

odd shapes, making the viewer question their meaning. “I try to have humor (in my work),” said Heiss. “I hope laughing at humanity or laughing at yourself or the situation (can give you) a new understanding of the world.” Heiss is able to use such interesting materials in his work because of contracts with sponsors and he also uses materials from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Penn., where he’s an assistant professor. Heiss is married to Angela Fraleigh, a fellow artist. They met while Heiss was studying architecture at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Fraleigh paints large oil paintings of various figurative elements that relate to identity and role play. “He approaches the world with an inquisitive mind,” Fraleigh said. “He understands and

likes to figure out how things work. He almost approaches objects as if they are living beings.” Heiss said he feels his training as an architect gave him an advantage over other artists. “I was trained to work with clients and address concerns and market myself and sell myself,” Heiss said. “From what I know of art school you are not really taught that.” Heiss added that the best way for students who want to be artists to succeed is to be unique. “Figure out what you like, figure out how to be different,” said Heiss. “The art world loves someone who has a unique vision. Everyone has a unique set of talents and a unique set of interests and you just need to be able to tap into that.” DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM

Bea Huff Daily Nebraskan Never ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to. When I first saw the cardboard promo for “Men In Black III,” I had a lot of those questions. On one hand, I was excited because the original “MIB” was one of my favorite movies as a child. I still remember the

boom of the Noisy Cricket and all of Agent J’s best lines. On the other, I also remember seeing “MIB II” in the theater and never feeling the need to see it again. Would “MIB III” capture the quirky, but always funny spirit of the first film, or fail to impress like the sequel? I entered the third installment of the “MIB” series with cautious optimism and left it with nostalgic satisfaction. “MIB III” stays true to the gross-out sci-fi camp of the series and still manages to deliver an interesting story with a not overly cliche twist. Basically, Agent J, played by Will Smith, has to go back in time to save the life of his partner of 14 years, Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones. The film is littered with all the sweet futuristic tech, buckets of goo, impressive special effects and awesomely strange alien life forms that audiences have come to expect from the series. There were some gratuitous 3D scenes that were somewhat distracting, especially when viewed in 2D (because who can afford to pay for a 3D ticket?). But they weren’t distracting enough to ruin my enjoyment of the rest of the film. “MIB III” also delivers plenty of laughs and quotable one-liners, including nostalgiainducing references to famous lines from the first movie and Agent J’s always giggleworthy neuralizer stories. Jemaine Clement, half of the New Zealand comedy folk duo Flight of the Conchords, portrays the bearded, motorcycle riding, onearmed, antagonist alien named

MEN IN BLACK III Director: Barry Sonnenfeld Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Jemaine Clement



Boris the Animal. Clement transforms himself from the goofy folk musician fans know and love into a truly terrifying villain. His creepy, guttural growls and spikeSELF-RELIANCE shooting, spider-like minion land Fair him Childthe spot as my new favorite “MIB” villain. Another highlight is Michael Stuhlbarg’s Griffin, a fifth dimensional being who GRADE can see all possible timelines and is constantly predicting when bad things could or will happen. His power allows him to direct the audience by dropping tear-inducing lines like, “I can never bare to watch this part,” or, “Unless this is the one where we all die in 15 seconds.” Despite his seemingly pessimistic behavior, he’s a surprisingly delightful character. The film also features several hilarious cameos, including Will Arnett and Bill Hader. And though Frank the Pug doesn’t make a physical appearance, be sure to watch for the pug images scattered throughout the backgrounds of the film. Overall, I would say this is a solid movie and a great addition to the series. It definitely surpasses a lot of other trilogies. If you were a fan of the original, then you will definitely enjoy this film.




MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2012


Fresh reality shows heat up TV schedule Nicole Rauner Daily Nebraskan What’s your ideal summer? It could be taking a lot of summer classes so you can graduate early or it could be doing nothing at all. It could be traveling the world or taking a “stay-cation” here in Nebraska. My ideal summer would be splitting my days in half — half of the days of summer I would be working on my tan and the other half would be spent watching the reality television shows of summer. One show has been carrying on for many seasons, one other is brand new and last but not least one taunts you before

episode one ever begins.


I never watched “The Bachelor” series until last season and I’m grateful I did. Season 16 of “The Bachelor” was one of the most watched, controversial seasons in its history. Who could forget Courtney, the girl everyone loved to hate? That season kept me coming back for more when this summer’s Bachelorette Emily Maynard, stepped into the playing field. The show promised to be full of entertainment and 25 different guys from all walks of life. One entered on his skateboard,

another holding an egg and one who looks like he is taking over Courtney’s legacy arrived in a helicopter. “The Bachelorette” is the name and true love is the game.


Ouch. With what was expected to be the opening of a new can of worms turned out to be a bust. The show is based on Clint Eastwood’s wife and their two daughters. My high hopes dropped when I realized that the episode I watched was based around the fact that

A) The daughter owned an expensive purse and B) Mrs. Eastwood is a hoarder. This isn’t quality reality television, it’s a sad, attempted remake of a crazy family like “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” The show wasn’t original or captivating enough to make me want to tune into episode two on E! Sunday nights.

TNT, a station not know for this particular kind of drama, which makes it all the more interesting to reality gurus. With producers from shows like “24” and “The Amazing Race” coming together, it looks like we’ve got a new genre on our hands. The show is going to be based on partners of two working together in their own actionadventure movie. The two partners will be thrown into a cinema-like situation — for example, a sinking ship. Both partners will have to use brain and brawn to get them out of

the situation safely with a cash prize as their motive. Mark June 24th on your calendar, this isn’t a show you’re going to want to miss. Whether you’re looking for true love, being a fly on the wall in a family or getting out of sticky situations, reality shows have got you covered this summer. No one has time to watch every reality television show on air, even in the summer. So in between classes, work and travel, make sure to tune into your favorites.




This show is making its name known before it ever airs. It’s a new reality television show airing on

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Jemaine Clement

Summer lovin’ have a blast Lincoln band’s debut Whether single or paired, season offers plenty to do Madalyn Gotschall Daily Nebraskan No one wants to have too many commitments during the summer months, which are meant to be filled with late nights and sunbathing. This commitment avoidance seems apply to some relationships. For many people this will sound familiar, as summer comes around suddenly almost every couple you know is either breaking up, getting engaged or getting married. Facebook newsfeeds are constantly showing the heartbreak and diamond rings as soon as the beginning of May hits, and just when one believes the madness of summer relationships is over, wedding season sweeps in with a vengeance. Everyone wants to find what will make their summer memorable, and sometimes that requires discovering who you are without a significant other. Summer breakups aren’t a trend because people want to hook up without feeling guilty - though that can be the case - summer is a time of exploration and sometimes you have to do that on your own. Summer isn’t only for singles though. Couples can find more time for each other in the summer, filling it with trips, date nights and time to spend with family and friends together. Summer provides

and expect it to solve any of the current problems. Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne spoke about the Big Ten meetings and his thoughts on a playoff on Sirius XM satellite radio’s show College Sports Today. The former coach was less concerned with what happens after the bowls have been played than he was with what happens before them. “You diminish the importance of the regular season (with a playoff or plus-one),

the perfect time for couples to strengthen their relationships and learn more about each other through sharing experiences. Social media provides the ultimate method of bragging about life so friends can like it and haters can well, hate. Cue nonstop pictures of wedding rings and every detail of perfect relationships. Along with wedding photos come the wedding receptions, and that is the reason for the season during the summer, weddings and the parties that follow after. It also shows the other side of the coin, where exes have hit a new low - constantly uploading pictures of themselves in swimsuits leaving little to the imagination, getting drunk with friends, or sharing the saddest and loneliest statuses and tweets a person could think of. May through August is booked almost every weekend with weddings, giving singles a chance to meet new people and touch base with old friends at receptions and placing the idea of forever in the heads of happy couples. Summer offers the widest range of opportunities without weather conditions forcing people indoors. Outdoor concerts, trips, more money from working more and studying less, co-ed sports and lakes are all examples of how some of the best summer memories are made.

So why do the summer months hold such a large number of breakups and hookups? Good question. Maybe the reasons for the breakups becomes the reasons for the lifelong commitments People see the summer as a time to do what you want, crazy, spur of the moment things. This could be a reason to be uncommitted during the summer and be single, spending the summer with friends. But this could also be a chance to show the person you love that you want to spend the rest of the summers of your life with them because they are what make you happy most. Either way, the summertime sends people to extremes in order to achieve their idea of what summer should be. It’s the perfect time for singles to meet new people, and also for couples to spend more time together making memories doing things they may not have done alone. There isn’t a wrong or right way to approach summer relationships, but the trend of taking it to the extreme is almost set in stone. Relationship status doesn’t put a limit on the opportunities that summer provides, so a tip for all you singles out there, keep it classy. And for you love stricken couples, don’t rush to the chapel just because you see all of your friends doing it, there are plenty of other things to do this summer. DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM


FROM PAGE 2 and right now the regular season is very popular,” he said. Osborne hit the nail on the head with this one. Yes, the BCS is flawed, but there is no perfect system out there. The NCAA would do better to leave the BCS in place and let the college football regular season flourish. No other sport has a regular season with so much on the line — with so much drama. In other sports leagues — especially the NBA and MLB — the bulk of the drama



album pure, enchanting Joe Wade Daily Nebraskan Folk duo-turned-trio and Lincoln-based band Fair Child released its debut album, “Self– Reliance” on May 29. The album is available for download at the band’s Bandcamp page at fairchildmusic. Every song on the 13-track album is composed with subtle ambient sounds, acoustic melodies and haunting viola harmonies which makes “Self–Reliance” well worth repeated listening in order to capture all of the carefully placed nuances. Fair Child members, Aaron Lightner, Becca Vieker and recent addition Ben Witfoth, let their spirited emotional side shine through the music providing the listening with a characteristic experience that is reminiscent of the honesty of

Lou Reed, the soulful intensity of Jeff Buckley and John Frusciante’s solo album, “Smile from the Streets You Hold.” “Self–Reliance” begins with the interesting instrumental piece “Night and Day, Perpetual Change” which opens with the faint sound of strings that draws the ear in while wondrously enchanting the listener to ponder the meaning of spoken–word lyrics and the conversational slamming of a car door as the song closes out. Then, the start of the second song, “Shades of Gray,” begins which rushes in on the rhythmic wings of an acoustic guitar and soars with Dylan–esque harmonica interludes. Filling out the rest of the album are familiar sounding songs for folk and indie music lovers to bask in. One of my favorites is the melancholy closing song, “A Hopeful Song for Your Loneliness,” which is a masterful duet




carried on fingerpicked strings. This is a very well put together album and is the perfect companion for a rainy day. Being a debut independent album, low-fi goodness and purity is obviously expected but it’s perhaps a little too pure. Low-fi ruggedness aside, “Self–Reliance” perhaps would benefit from a little bit of studio polishing and mastering in order to make it brilliantly shine. Don’t let that be a deterrent though. If you are even remotely interested in local music or good folk, here’s a word of advice: Don’t miss this one.



FROM PAGE 4 practical to start riding a bike. To Orellana, Lincoln’s “bike friendliness” extends only half a dozen blocks from his front door, but he has heard good things. He plans to buy a bike of his own next semester, and he’s started looking at offcampus trails with friends.

Allen said The Moose’s Tooth and the Bike Kitchen are great hangout for avid cyclists. Despite the occasional rage from motorists, the few inconvenient detours, or, as in Popp’s case, the occasional roadside collision, many Lincolnites are still pleased with

the city’s bike trail system. “Its fun,” Orellana said. “If you are feeling a little stressed or a little down, and you need to get outdoors and have the wind hit your face a little bit, it feels good. And it’s a good workout, too.”



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comes in the playoffs. Regular season games get blurred together and their importance is diminished. That isn’t so in college football. The Big Ten’s mind is not made up yet, but the conference is less than enthused with the idea of a full-blown playoff. The good news though, for those bracket-crazed fans out there, is that the Big Ten doesn’t have any power in making the decision — university presidents do. DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM/SPORTS @dailynebraskan @dailynebraskan and don’t forget to check out our website



MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2012

WIN FREE TEXTBOOKS! The Daily Nebraskan and the University Bookstore want to pay for your textbooks.

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* Sweepstakes is open from June 4, 2012 to August 5, 2012. A winner will be selected after the sweepstakes ends on August 5, 2012. All applicants must be registered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the fall 2012 semester or be the parent/legal guardian of a student registered at UNL for Fall 2012. Contest winners cannot be notified through Facebook, so all applicants must include a contact number and email. The winner must be prepared to present proof of fall 2012 enrollment at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Get more info at


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Housing 1 4


Looking for 1-2 roommates to sublease 2 bed/2 bath apartment for mid-June through end of July. Located at Claremont Park Apartments, 4 blocks North of Memorial Stadium. One bed/bath is master with walk-in closet. Living room, dining room, kitchen. Total rent $875 (includes basic TV/Internet) plus utilities. Contact:

Mathematics and Statistics Tutoring available Experienced, Patient. Rates are Negotiable and Affordable 402-310-7943





Looking for a roommate for nice spacious house on 1550 N 31st St. 68503. Walking distance to East Campus and Close to City Campus. Room available in June. More Info 402-416-8386

3 7

9 5 7 8 9 2 3 7 4 For Release Saturday, February 04, 2012 9 8 1 6 Edited by Will Shortz 6 1 3 9 7 2 7 6 8 7 4 5 8

Two female UNL students seeking a roommate for 3 bedroom loft at Lakeview Park Apart$250/month, No Lease! Roommate wanted for ments. Rent $315 a month plus utilities new $200K house near I-80. Immaculately furThe New York Clean Times&Syndication Sales Corporation (electric and internet); washer and dryer innished! Free internet, laundry & cable. in unit. interested call or text responsible only. 499-7765, 500 Seventh Avenue,cluded New York, N.Y.If10018 308.520.4376 or 308.641.8572 For Information Call: 1-800-972-3550



Sign of engine trouble 6 What a 61-Across will be called for only a little while longer 10 One on a Liszt list 14 Like some suits 15 “This shindig rocks!” ASY 17 Computer screenful 18 Part of Melanesia 19 Subject for a folder 21 Always or sometimes, say 22 Approvals 23 “The thoughtful soul to solitude retires” poet 26 Gets set 27 “___ dunno …” 29 Sandy tract by the sea, to a Brit 31 They’re often placed on parcels 39 Lawyer’s setup? 40 Righted wrongs 41 Picks a fight 42 Rustle 43 Wiretapping grp. 1


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Offshoot Start that conveys very little? Like prickly pears Novelist whose character Adah speaks in palindromes Four-footed orphan of literature Half note, in Britain

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# 41


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Two Room Mates wanted to share nice house in Country Club very near bus route and bike path. Garage or garden space available for small additional cost. Male or female student must be serious about their education and have reasonably clean housekeeping standards. Owner of house is former non-trad student and Daily Nebraskan columnist. (I’m also a native German with German Teaching License if you’d like to live in bilingual immersion environment or get help with German Studies). $395 each. All utilities paid. Call Angelika at 402-450-4024 and I can email pictures.



3 6

2 9 3



Houses For Rent

4 blocks from Memorial Stadium Now leasing for the 12-13 school year! 402-474-7275






55 58



9 7 5 2 On-Line 4 5 3 1 By E-Mail Apts. 3 For Rent With APP’s 7 In News 1 6 8 2stands 1 9 8 3 4 8 2 SPARK 3 9 2 ME 6 SO INTEREST




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Hong Kong’s Hang ___ index Large bore Umbrella Oodles Heretofore Back with bread Improve Curly-furred cats Parlors with TV screens: Abbr. Experiment runners? “Oh, cruel world …” Bushwa Sched. letters

For answers, call 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-8145554. Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. AT&T users: Text NYTX to 386 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 2,000 past puzzles, crosswords ($39.95 a year). Share tips: Crosswords for young solvers:





3 Gould

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1-2 & 3 Bedrooms Apartments, Townhomes and Duplexes


Jobs Help Wanted

Deliver Papers Fall Semester

Do you like to exercise daily and get paid for it? Deliver Daily Nebraskans. You can deliver a route in about an hour. Must have own vehicle, ability to lift and carry 30 lbs, be a UNL student and not have classes before 9:00 a.m. For more information or to apply, contact Dan at 402-472-1769, 20 Nebraska Union.

Misc. Services

# 44


3 4

Historic Hayward Place Condo, near UNL, 3 bedrooms, free cable and parking, secure building. Low utilities, rent $990 /month. Call 402-462-9388

# 42



300 S. 16, studio apartment, $350. Three blocks to campus. One bedroom: $400 503-313-3579.

Holroyd Investment Properties, Inc.

Advertise your goods and services in the Classifieds and reach hundreds of potential buyers daily. Call today to place your ad and make a sale quickly.





Affordable, great location, cozy 3 bedroom/ 2 bath. Covered patio, C/A, washer/dryer, garage, $720/month. 310 S. 42nd. 730-8743.



Apts. For Rent 3 bedroom, 2 bath. NICE. N/P, N/S. East Campus/City Campus location. On FaceBook at Starr Street Apartments (402) 430-4253.




# 42 4 9Solution, 3 7 2 6 tips 8 and com1puter 8 4 program 9 5 7 at www. 7 5 2 6 3 4 1 5 3 6 2 8 9 4 9 8very 7 1 easy 6 2 5 2 4 5 9 7 1 3 3 6 9 8 1 7 2 8 2 1 5 4 3 9 1 7 4 3 5 8 6


Apts. For Rent




Roommate ads are FREE in print and online. E-mail yours to and include your name, address and phone number.

# 43

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$9.00/15 words $5/15 words (students) $1.00/line headline $0.15 each additional word Deadline: Noon, Fridays

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Please help us help those coping with rare, chronic, genetic diseases 7 4 Donors 6 8 2 can 5 1receive 9 New $40 today and $90 6 9week! 5 7 1 3 8 4 this 5 8 4 3 9 6 7 2 Ask about our Speciality Programs! 4 7 3 9 8 2 5 1 Must be 19 years or older, have valid I.D. along 9 1 2 6 5 4 3 7 with proof of SS# and local residency 2 3 1 4 7 8 9 6 Walk-ins Welcome! 3 2 8 1 4 7 6 5 New a $10 bonus on their 8 5 Donors 9 2 6 will 1 4receive 3 second 1 6 7 donation 5 3 9 2with 8 this ad

24 Jul 05

Help Wanted Contributing Writers & Editorial Assistants wanted for summer & fall! Share the history, traditions, and culture of UNL and Lincoln with Big Ten fans!

Fedex Ground

Part-time positions available loading and unloading trucks. Two shifts are available. Hours for the morning shift are Tuesday-Saturday from 5:00am-7:30am and wages start at $9.00/hour. Hours for the evening shift are Monday-Friday 6:00pm-8:30pm and wages start at $8.50/hour. Both shifts have incremental raises after 30 days and $1,500 tuition assistance after 60 days. Paid holidays and vacations after 6 months. Apply in person at 6330 McCormick Dr. Growing company servicing is looking for customer service representatives with experience. He or she must have people skills along with customer service skills, and have experience in dealing with high volume of calls. Call: 402-483-6568

Inspector Assistant

Seeking an Inspector Assistant for Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties’ Weatherization Program. Assist inspector in conducting home audits and structural inspections. HS or GED required. General construction, ability to lift 50 lbs, valid Nebraska drivers license, ability to use equipment such as drills, caulks, and computers required. Submit application at Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties, 210 “O” St.; Lincoln, 68508. EEO/AA or apply at For accommodations call 471-4515 Join the CenterPointe Team! Part-time positions available in residential program working with substance abuse/mental health clients in a unique environment. Must be at least 21 years of age and be willing to work a varied schedule including overnights and weekends. Pay differential for overnight hours. For more information visit:

Sam’s Club Career Opportunities

We’re looking for motivated, career driven individuals to join the Sam’s Club team in its new South location. Stop and apply in person at 8600 Addermatt Dr, in front of the Wal-Mart on 84th and Hwy 2, or online at Questions call 402-488-2329.

Misc. Services


VOLUME 111, ISSUE 150 WEEK OF JUNE 4, 2012WWW.DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM Get the lowdown on everything cycling in our parks and trails special issue...

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