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Weighing the Options: On-Campus Housing Ole Miss students have plenty of housing options, but often look for the bottom line when it comes to value. BY RACHEL JOHNSON The Daily Mississippian

Many University of Mississippi students are scrambling to finalize housing arrangements for the upcoming school year, while seeking the best value in on-campus living. Students who opt to live on campus can choose between standard residence halls, residential colleges, on-campus apartments. Residence Halls: Martin, Stockard, Kincannon and Crosby halls cost $3,800 a year for a double room. This breaks down to $380 a month, considering the residence halls are based on the ten-month school year calendar. Deaton, Hefley and Stewart are more expensive; they cost $4,000 a year for a double room. Residential Colleges: The new residential colleges are the most expensive living option on campus, but they include more amenities than standard residence halls and have a mandatory unlimited meal plan. For a double room, the colleges run students $4,800 a year, which is $480 a month. A single room is a little more expensive at $5,700 per year, or $570 a month. The residential college meal plan

costs $3,200 for the year, which breaks down to $1,600 per semester, or $320 a month. This is more expensive than the most expensive Ole Miss Dining option, the All Access unlimited plan, which costs $2,498 for the year. Extra amenities in the Ole Miss Residential College include dining halls, study rooms, classrooms, music practice rooms, a computer center and a teaching kitchen. “There are a lot of advantages to living there; making relationships and meeting people could be a little better there,” sophomore English major Claire Maudlin said, “The doors lock and you don’t share bathrooms there, so you have to make a little more effort.” On-Campus Apartments Student housing has two options for campus apartments, including Northgate and the newly acquired Campus Walk. Northgate offers single, double and triple occupancy apartments for students to choose from. A single costs $5,600 a year, or $560 a month. A double will be $5,300 a year, or $530 a month and triples are $4,800, or $480 a month. “I think I liked the proximity of Northgate but they need to update the buildings because it’s so outdated, and we had a problem with roaches,” senior international studies major Keon Dillon said. “If I could have, I would have signed




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Annual cost for a double room in Martin, Stockard, Kincannon, and Crosby.


Annual cost for a double room in Deaton, Hefley, and Stewart.


Annual cost for a double room in the Residential colleges.


Annual cost for a single room in the Residential colleges. a lease with another apartment because it’s cheaper. But, if you’re forced to live on campus, I think it’s a good option.” Campus Walk apartments generally house four students per apartment, and are the same cost regardless of occupancy, $4,428 or $369 a month, based on a 12-month lease. All student housing is pre-furnished, including Campus Walk and Northgate apartments, so that cuts down on expenses for students. Based solely on rent, Campus Walk is the least expensive of all of the housing options offered by Ole Miss. The 12-month lease is helpful for students who plan to remain in Oxford during summer or winter breaks. Greek Housing: The cost of Greek housing depends on the Greek organizations students are affiliated with. Rachel Willis, a senior public policy major, estimated her living expenses during the two years she lived in her sorority house to be $270 for housing dues and $240 for the sorority meal plan. “It was a very convenient experi-

ence,” Willis said. “It’s on-campus housing, and my meal plan was down the hall, which was convenient, and I got to bond with my sorority sisters. I think (choosing to live in the house) was more out of convenience than it being a more fun or better choice.” Off-Campus Options: There are a plethora of off-campus housing options available for students in and around Oxford. From individually leased houses, apartment and condo complexes, as well as duplexes, there is something for everyone in every price range. There are furnished and unfurnished options available, as well as flexible leasing and move-in dates based on the owner’s preferences. Students can usually find a good deal from $250-$350 per month at complexes such as University Trails, Old Taylor Place, Campus Creek and Cambridge Station. “I like having my own space and no rules,” junior accounting major Tam Nguyen said. “Living with two of my good friends and the feeling of independence has been really great.”

ole miss news OLE MISS NEWSDESK

MANNING, WIFE DONATE $1 MILLION TO NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIP FUND New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his wife, Abby, are ensuring some of Mississippi’s neediest students are able to pursue college degrees at the University of Mississippi. They have announced a $1 million gift to Ole Miss Opportunity, a need-based scholarship program.

FORD CENTER ANNOUNCES NEW SHOW SEASON The Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts brings classic Broadway, fun family shows and big-name performers to the University of Mississippi for the 201011 season. Single tickets for the 2010-11 Ford Center season will be on sale July 30. Ticket prices to Ford Center events vary depending on each show and seating choices. For information, contact the UM Box Office at 662-915-7411 or go to and http://events.olemiss. edu/events/.

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I think any time Ole Miss is listed in a national publication and the word ‘progress’ is mentioned, racial reconciliation is going to come up. It’s part of our history and part of what people are impressed with.”

Chancellor Dan Jones is focused on educational progress and further promoting his goal of transforming the university through service while celebrating the school’s most recent distinction as the “most appealing college” in the U.S. Chronicle of Higher Education authors Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus listed the university in a soon-to-be-released book as one of eleven colleges in the nation “doing their job well.” “In a state that has so many needs, we need to be conscious of how we take the excellence of our university and use it in service to make the world around us a better place,” Jones said. Hacker and Dreifus emphasize the importance of old Southern culture they found at Ole Miss in an article recently published in The Chronicle of Higher Education. “I think all of us like to be validated – we like someone to tell us that we’re smart ... But in higher education, this

kind of external validation is critically important to the University,” Jones said. “I’m just really proud of all the people who are a part of the Ole Miss community. (They have) worked hard for so many years to make our school stronger and better. I’m really proud of all of that work and of the University.” In the article, Hacker and Dreifus emphasize the transformation that has taken place at Ole Miss. They credit much of the school’s superiority to former chancellor Robert Khayat, who retired in 2009. The articles credits Khayat as being responsible for the university’s grasp of elements from its past to redefine the importance of Mississippi’s history. “I think part of the change that took place during (Khayat’s) time was a strong focus on academics,” Jones said. “I think it’s the main thing that got the attention of these authors. This university focuses on having strong education programs for students. (Khayat) put a strong emphasis on that, and it’s paid off.” As for upholding these traditions,

Jones is placing his faith in the hands of the students and faculty. “There are ways we can make this university better every day,” he said. “We all need to continue to work hard, whether we are a faculty member, staff member or student, we all need to continue working hard to improve the university.” Jones’ first year as chancellor included race-related controversy, including asking the Ole Miss Band to stop from “From Dixie with Love” at football games to prevent students from saying “the South will rise again,” as well as a student-led initiative to instate a new mascot at the university, which put the school’s former mascot Colonel Reb to rest. Part of the Chronicle’s distinction included the university’s successful progress with issues involving racial reconciliation. “I think any time Ole Miss is listed in a national publication and the word ‘progress’ is mentioned, racial reconciliation is going to come up,” Jones said. “It’s part of our history and part of what people are impressed with.”




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Laughing in the face of criticism BY



I’m not new to criticism and hate mail. When I was growing up, whenever my father (who happens to be a journalist) got a new letter from some horribly offended reader, it was cause for excitement. My family would sit around and have a good laugh at the closed-minded, humorless sentiments. See, my dad has had many jobs throughout the years, but first and foremost, he is a humor columnist. Maybe I’m just saying this because he’s my dad or because we share the same “funny gene,” but he’s a pretty darn good humor columnist. One of my favorite letters he’s ever gotten was when I was in the sixth grade, and he had just written about our new dog, Sammy. Sammy was missing half her spine, ran on three legs and just looked ridiculously funny. People didn’t understand that we hadn’t mutated the poor pup. She had been born that way, she wasn’t in any pain and she was living an extremely privileged life in the Cegielski household. Letters poured in about what a cruel man my father must be, and one exceptionally perturbed reader called for my father to have his dogs and children taken away from him. My sister and I thought it was hysterical.

Dad did too. He always told us that if he wasn’t evoking a reaction from people (good or bad) then he shouldn’t be writing. He’d rather make people angry than bore them. For as many hate letters as Dad receives, he gets just as many (if not more) praising him. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same nonchalant approach as my dad when it comes to negative feedback from ignorant people. First let me say, I can take criticism quite well; I’m just not especially apt at receiving hateful, ignorant messages. My immediate reaction is to fight back and show someone exactly how ignorant they are being. In all honesty, that is the only reason I ever got in trouble in high school. I never did bad things, but I did argue intently when my parents were being unreasonable. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. I think sometimes in life we need to learn when to keep our mouths shut, while other times it is prudent that we speak up. I tend to get vocal about things that don’t really matter. So, do as I say, not as I do. There is a time and a place for everything. Some battles you have to let go. My first personal piece of “hate mail” came through Facebook, and I was just livid. The lady had



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taken things I had written out of context, jumped to conclusions that weren’t in my column and berated me for stuff that she had just assumed. My brilliant editors calmed me down and told me what to say, but if it had been up to me, that lady would’ve eaten her words. My dad simply told me I should be excited that someone read my column and cared enough to seek me out. I realized this was one of those battles that I just needed to let be. This lady was entitled to her opinion (however wrong it may have been), and there was nothing I could do to change her mind. I wasn’t getting angry about world hunger or poverty. I was getting angry over silly remarks. Seriously, I can do better than that. My dad is probably the most infamous columnist in Laurel, Mississippi, but he taught me some valuable lessons. “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.” Actually, I think some old country musician said that, but I’m not sure who. I don’t listen to county. Now, I’ll just sit her in anticipation for hate mail because I “dissed” country music. Oh, the joys of being a writer.

The Daily Mississippian welcomes all comments. Please send a letter to the editor addressed to The Daily Mississippian, 201 Bishop Hall, University, MS, 38677 or send an e-mail to Letters should be typed, double-spaced and no longer than 300 words. Third party letters and those bearing pseudonyms, pen names or “name withheld” will not be published. Publication is limited to one letter per individual per calendar month. Student submissions must include grade classification and major. All submissions must be turned in at least three days in advance of date of desired publication.


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BP’S HAYWARD TO LEAVE AS CEO; RUSSIA JOB IN WORKS LONDON (AP) — BP is jettisoning CEO Tony Hayward, whose verbal blunders made the oil giant's image even worse as it struggled to contain the Gulf oil spill, and will assign him to a key job in Russia, a person familiar with the matter said Monday. Hayward is set to step down in October and take a post at TNK-BP, the company's joint venture in Russia, according to the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because an official announcement had not been made by the British company's board. The move was being made more than three months after an oil rig explosion set off the spill and less than two weeks after a temporary cap finally stopped the oil from leaking. The government's oil spill chief, retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, said in Washington on Monday that efforts to solidly seal BP's busted deep-sea well are set to begin in a week. Moving Hayward gives BP a chance to make a fresh start. BP executive Robert Dudley, an American who has been overseeing oil spill recovery efforts, is likely to be his successor. "The sooner Bob Dudley is empowered to act as CEO, especially with regard to the U.S., the better it will prove to be for BP," said Stephen Pope, the chief global equity strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald in London. The board met Monday but it was unclear whether it had made the demotion official. A statement was expected early Tuesday, at the same time the company files its second quarter results. Hayward left BP's headquarters after the board meeting without speaking to

reporters. The Briton's silver Lexus was mobbed by photographers, who chased the car down the tony street in central London. It's not yet clear what Hayward's role will be with TNK-BP, but the job suggests BP still holds more faith in Hayward than much of the U.S. public and political establishment do. Analysts consider the Russian venture one of BP's crown jewels; it accounts for a quarter of the company's production. TNK-BP's challenges are well known to Hayward's likely successor as CEO, who used to run it. Dudley was forced to flee Russia in 2008 and ran BP's interests there in absentia until that became untenable after a dispute with Russian shareholders. Repeated calls to TNK-BP's offices in Moscow went unanswered Monday. BP owns half of the oil firm, which is Russia's third-largest. Moving Hayward gives insiders who believed he was scapegoated for his off-the-cuff remarks — rather than his performance — a chance to keep a highly trained professional in the company. "They still think highly of Tony Hayward but they have to get him away from this situation," said Phil Weiss, an oil analyst with Argus Research in New York. "TNK-BP is an important part of BP." Hayward was called back to London a month ago after a bruising encounter with a congressional committee and has since kept a low profile. There is persistent speculation that BP Chairman Karl-Henric Svanberg, who moved into the post on Jan. 1, is also likely to lose his job later this year.

In New York, BP shares rose almost 5 percent Monday as the stock market anticipated a formal announcement about Hayward. Shares of BP PLC rose $1.79, or 4.9 percent, to close at $38.65 Monday in New York. BP shares closed up 4.6 percent at 416.95 pence ($6.45) in London. The one-day board meeting comes a day before BP announces earnings for the second quarter. That report is expected to include preliminary provisions for the cost of the Gulf disaster, which analysts say could be as high as $30 billion. Hayward, 53, who has a doctorate in geology, had been a well-regarded chief executive. But his promise when he took the job in 2007 to focus on safety "like a laser" came back to haunt him after the April 20 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig, which killed 11 workers and unleashed a gusher of oil a mile below the surface. His early attempts to shift blame to the rig owner, Transocean, failed to take the heat off BP. Later remarks that the amount of oil pouring into the Gulf was "tiny" compared to its volume of water and his complaint that he would "like my life back" made him an object of scorn. Dudley assumed oversight of the oil spill recovery last month, soon after Hayward was pilloried for spending a day at a yacht race at the height of the disaster. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said BP's attitude about making things right was more important than who is running the company. "BP, from I think everybody's perspec-

Senior biology major Ethan Tillotson searches his sweep net for marked long- and short-horned grasshoppers at the University of Mississippi Field Station. This mark and recapture experiment is one way biologists estimate population size. The experiment is a part of a general ecology class, which is being held at the field station for the first time this summer.

tive, made a very bad mistake," he said. "I think what the world expects from BP is an acknowledgment that something was done wrong. I think BP has a long way to go to gain the trust of the people." Allen, the Obama administration's point man on the spill, indicated that Hayward's departure would not significantly affect the government's relationship with BP as it presses the company to plug the leak, clean up the mess and compensate people harmed by the spill. "I talk to Bob Dudley when I need to. ... I woke him up on a number of occasions from time to time," Allen said. "The communication is frequent. It also was frequent when Tony Hayward occupied that position. There's no material difference in my level of communication with either one." Allen said the so-called "static kill" — in which mud and cement are pumped into the top of the well — should start Aug. 2. Because the well is now capped, that effort will be more controlled than a previous failed effort, a "top kill" in which mud was shot into the still-spewing well. A relief well is nearly complete for the final stage, a "bottom kill" in which mud and cement are pumped in from deep underground. Allen said that work could begin Aug. 7 and could take days or weeks, depending on how well the static kill works. Delays are possible, though. Tropical storm forecasts last week forced crews to suspend their work about 50 miles off the Louisiana coast for several days. Allen says he'll order an evacuation again if a similar storm forms.

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Colour Revolt

Citizen Cope

PROUD LARRY’S August 26 Price: $10 With their new album, “The Cradle,” coming out Aug. 10, the Colour Revolt show is sure to include some of the new tracks. On their last stop in town the band had a huge street buzz among the locals and brought in a lot of out-of-towners.

THE LYRIC THEATRE Sept. 21 Price: $22 One thing great about a Citizen Cope show is that it’s laid back, so it’s a good one to catch after a busy day. But Citizen Cope is only worth seeing once, maybe twice if you’re taking a date, but becomes stale after that.

The Hold Steady

Jamey Johnson

THE LYRIC THEATRE Sept. 22 Price: $18 Touring to promote their newest album, “Heaven Is Whenver,” the Hold Steady is a band worth catching when they come to town. With high energy shows and a genre that doesn’t frequent the Lyric, the Hold Steady should be an interesting concert.

THE LYRIC THEATRE Sept. 23 Price: $28 Originally set to perform in the spring, Jamey Johnson has rescheduled to make his performance at the Lyric this fall. Johnson is putting the grit back in country music that has been taken away.

Matt & Kim THE LYRIC THEATRE Oct. 11 Price: $15 I’ve never heard of this band before the announcement at the Lyric, but have heard from some great excitement about their performance. Scheduled for performances at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, Matt & Kin are a band on the rise and worth catching.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros THE LYRIC THEATRE Oct. 12 Price: $18 This will mark the group’s first performance in Oxford and shows great promise of being a memorable one. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes’ blend of electro-pop and indie should be a unique set that the Lyric hasn’t seen before.

Moon Taxi


PROUD LARRY’S Oct. 21 Price: $10 Having recently started touring the country under a new booking agency, Moon Taxi is taking off. Catch them at the small venues before they are headlining bigger ones.

THE LYRIC THEATRE Oct. 30 Price: Sold Out MGMT’s performance in Oxford sold out quickly and tickets will be hard to come by for those wanting to go. I give them three to five years before they’re history; I don’t see what all the hype is about.

Of Montreal THE LYRIC THEATRE Nov. 5 Price: $22 Seeing this band is an experience that is impossible to forget, and worth catching at least once. There are some rumors circling around that the band wants to turn the entire venue into a part of their freak show and only way to find out is to go.

*This is not the full list of concerts in the area, and more dates are to be expected.

Rebel Radio Oxford’s Best Music. Only On 92.1


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It’s not hard to imagine that someone in his late 50s would be ready to retire, especially after more than thirty years of experience in a business as stressful as coaching. But it was a surprise when former Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson announced his retirement from the game at a press conference July 14, 2010. Johnson called it a “per-

sonal decision,” and said, “Football is not life, but it’s a way of life and it consumes your life. You only have so many years to live, and you want to see a different way.” According to, Johnson’s decision was not prompted by any kind of health concern. Also, the decision to retire is one most college coaches make at the end of the season – not less than two months prior to the next one.

Rooster’s Blues House

Tuesday :

• 1/2 Price Steaks • Music Upstairs [Open Mic Jam w/ House Band]


But then again, Johnson doesn’t fit the mold of “most college coaches.” Being a Clemson alumnus, it was no surprise that his name was being mentioned during their latest coaching search. But Johnson seemed comfortable at Vanderbilt, a place that offers a very unique set of challenges. Despite being the nation’s strongest conference, the support Vanderbilt athletics receive from its fan base and administration is not up to par with the rest of the SEC. Add the school’s tough academic requirements into the equation and winning football games at Vanderbilt becomes a tough problem to solve. But the greater the challenges, the more gratifying successful results are. If you think two Cotton Bowl victories are satisfying after Orgeron’s tenure, imagine how Johnson must have felt after taking Vanderbilt to its first bowl victory since 1955 two years ago. There were Vanderbilt fans out there that were over 50 years old that had never seen a Vanderbilt bowl victory, and it happened under Johnson’s watch. That’s worth noting. Johnson’s teams were consistently competitive, and he grew to love

the place. So what caused the sudden change of heart? Maybe he was just tired of playing a high stakes game with the deck stacked against him. Maybe he’s ready to go out on a boat and fish with the same bait as everyone else instead of trying to lure recruits to Vanderbilt – and trust me, not a lot of kids grow up as Vanderbilt fans. Maybe he was unhappy with the direction college football is headed. Conferences are shifting and the college football landscape may show a totally different picture in just a few years. Super-conference talks are heating up and the opportunity of fiscal gains for universities and broadcasters are fanning the flames. The way we watch the game is becoming as important as the game itself. Super-conferences could lead to a playoff – which many fans advocate – but they could also lead to schools with smaller athletic budgets being left out in the cold. And just how powerful do we want ESPN to be? They’re already powerful enough to market Tony Romo as an “MVP candidate” the same way the music industry is powerful enough to market four tools that sing and dance but don’t play instruments as a “band.” In America, anything

that most consider attractive can be sold as something it is not. Maybe he was tired of a small group of vocal Vanderbilt fans that were unhappy with the way Johnson ran his offense. I doubt a coach would ever come out and say, “Oh, I didn’t know there was a better way to accomplish the impossible,” but it might have run through Johnson’s mind at some point. Maybe he was simply growing tired of writers and reporters being able to make a living off what we think about what he may or may not think. But it is possible that he wasn’t nearly as upset about the aforementioned points of interest as I would have been had I been in his shoes. Perhaps he was just ready to experience life outside of football – which, admittedly, is quite a lot. Now that he’s done with the 60+ hour weeks SEC coaches put in during the season, he’s free to do whatever he wants. Maybe he’ll go backpacking in Europe with Ricky Williams during the offseason (but maybe not). Bobby Johnson was the perfect coach for Vanderbilt and was able to accomplish a lot with very little. If he’s happy to go, I’m happy to see him go. After all, we won’t stop playing Vanderbilt any time soon.

The Daily Mississippian - July 27, 2010  

The Daily Mississippian - July 27, 2010

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