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@badamhill What’s the point in voting when the popular vote matters none?#election2012

@TShook27 Im republican but Im okay with Obama getting 4 more years. He’s done okay, and I dont necessarily agree with some of Romney’s ideas.


@jdmckiev Looks like I’m going to Grad School now. Cause I’m sure as hell not getting a job in the next 4 years. #Election2012

@Walker_Abel Congratulations to Obama, and props to Romney. Both ran a great campaign, but the Electoral College selects Obama in the end.#Election2012

Voters reaffirm their support for President Barack Obama, giving him a second term. Democrats gained Senate seats while Republicans kept control of the House.




‘The best is yet to come’ Oxford reacts to re-election WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama rolled to re-election Tuesday night, vanquishing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney despite a weak economy that plagued his first term and put a crimp in the middle class dreams of millions. In victory, he confidently promised better days ahead. Obama spoke to thousands of cheering supporters in his hometown of Chicago, praising Romney and declaring

his optimism for the next four years. “While our road has been hard, though our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come,” he said. Romney made his own graceful concession speech before a disappointed crowd in Boston. He summoned all See OBAMA, PAGE 3

Supporters of President Barack Obama gathered at the watch party at City Grocery on the Square on Tuesday night to watch the election results and cheered as President Obama was declared the winner after he was projected to win the state of Ohio. Jesse Kelley, a third-year law student, could not contain her enthusiasm. “I’m so excited,” she said. Kelley explained why she

voted for Obama in the election. “I worked with the women’s campaign fund this past summer, and we support non-partisan women candidates who are pro-choice, and so that’s my keynote issue,” she said. “And it’s not just about abortion. That’s the huge factor for all women, I think, in this election, is that ‘Are you going to allow me to have contraceptives? Are you going to allow me to have an

Okay. I work 3 jobs (over 40 hours a week) and am a full time student. Mitt Romney was going to take away my Pell Grants and keep me in debt

abortion?’ But it’s really, ‘Are you going to allow me to have equal rights?’” Republican supporters watched the returns at the Library on the Square. After Republican challenger Gov. Mitt Romney conceded the election to Obama, many Romney supporters were upset to discover that their candidate had lost. Anna Gray Young, a hosSee REACTION, PAGE 4

Students clash after election Following the announcement of the re-election of President Barack Obama, tempers flared on campus. BY GRANT BEEBE AND JENNIFER NASSAR

Hundreds of Ole Miss students exchanged racial epithets and violent, politicized chants in response to the announcement of the re-election of President Barack Obama. What began as an argument around midnight quickly spread across campus. UPD responded to a fire alarm being pulled in Brown

THOMAS GRANING | The Daily Mississippian

Exclusive NewsWatch footage available on

A university police officer forcibly removes a student from the crowd gathered at Kincannon Hall late last night.

November 9 & 10


Hall as crowds gathered near Kincannon and Stockard. Just as all seemed to calm down, those in disagreement moved to the Grove. UPD cleared the Grove on the grounds that it closes at midnight. Displeased, crowds continued to grow and returned to Kincannon. UPD responded and forcibly dispersed the crowd. “Disperse or go to jail,” UPD officers said.

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JOSH CLARK| @JOSHCLARK_TOONS | The Daily Mississippian


Canvassing in Florida


This past weekend I had the opportunity to canvass for President Barack Obama with the Ole Miss College Democrats. Mississippi State Rep. Tommy Reynolds provided the transportation to Florida, and once we got there, he provided the inspiration for the volunteers. I recall him explaining why he drove us 11 hours to campaign in the heavily contested state of Florida. “I’m in this for my son,” Reynolds said. He explained that his son suffers from multiple sclerosis T H E D A I LY

MISSISSIPPIAN The University of Mississippi S. Gale Denley Student Media Center 201 Bishop Hall Main Number: 662.915.5503 Email: dmeditor@gmail. com Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

and the medicine that he needs costs upward of $7,000 per month. Reynolds stated that he would not want anyone’s child to be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. I could not agree more. I understand that insurance companies are in business for profit and that taking on a person with a pre-existing condition is counterproductive. I just want to ask: Where is the compassion that we as people should have for one another? I have heard plenty of people say statements like, “Why should my rates go up to pay for someone’s health?” Quite frankly, I understand why someone would feel that way. However, I would like to ask those who feel this way to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, specifically in the shoes of a mother with a child born

The Daily Mississippian is published daily Monday through Friday during the academic year. Contents do not represent the official opinions of The University of Mississippi or The Daily Mississippian unless specifically indicated. Letters are welcome, but may be edited for clarity, space or libel. ISSN 1077-8667

with a pre-existing condition. Former Florida State Rep. Ed Jennings said he proudly calls the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” because it reassures him that Obama truly cares about the American people. I am willing to bet many people’s sentiments toward health care reform would be drastically different if the people affected were their family members. Canvassing for the president provided me with an eyeopening experience. It really warmed my heart to see people of all different backgrounds working together toward a common goal. Aside from seeing different people working together, canvassing showed me the importance of grassroots movements in key battleground states, such as Florida. The field directors

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continually stressed the importance of just getting “one more vote.” Getting “one more vote” is especially important if one considers that the election of 2000 was decided by 537 votes. Although I became fatigued walking to door after door after door, I continually recalled the words “one more vote.” Reflecting on those words providing me with the fuel I needed to just knock on one more door or talk to one more person. Although the election has been decided by now, I am just happy to have played a part in our great political process and campaign for the man I think will best lead our country for the next four years. Tim Abram is a junior public policy major from Horn Lake. Follow him on Twitter @Tim_ Abram.



Maine, Maryland approve same-sex marriage, Colorado, Washington legalize recreational use of marijuana Voters a continent apart made history Tuesday on two divisive social issues, with Maine and Maryland becoming the first states to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote while Washington state and Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana. The outcomes in Maine and Maryland broke a 32-state streak, dating back to 1998, in which gay marriage had been rebuffed by every state that held a vote on it. They will become the seventh and eighth states to allow samesex couples to marry. “For the first time, voters in Maine and Maryland voted to allow loving couples to make lifelong commitments through marriage — forever taking away the right-wing talking point that marriage equality couldn’t win on the ballot,” said Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay-rights group. Washington state also was voting on a measure to legalize same-sex marriage, while Minnesota voters were considering a conservativebacked amendment that would place a ban on samesex marriage in the state constitution. The outcomes in the four states could possibly influence the U.S. Supreme Court, which will soon be considering whether to take up cases challenging the law that denies federal recognition to same-sex marriages. The marijuana measures in Colorado and Washington set up a showdown with the federal government, which outlaws the drug.


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Americans to pray for Obama and urged the night’s political winners to put partisan bickering aside and “reach across the aisle” to tackle the nation’s problems. Still, after the costliest — and one of the nastiest — campaigns in history, divided government was alive and well. Democrats retained control of the Senate with surprising ease. Republicans did the same in the House, ensuring that Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, Obama’s partner in unsuccessful deficit talks, would reclaim his seat at the bargaining table. At Obama headquarters in Chicago, a huge crowd gathered waving small American flags and cheering. Supporters hugged each other, danced and pumped their fists in the air. Excited crowds also gathered in New York’s Times Square, at Faneuil Hall in Boston and near the White House in Washington, drivers joyfully honking as they passed by. With returns from 84 percent of the nation’s precincts, Obama had 53.7 million, 49.6


percent of the popular vote. Romney had 53 million, or 48.9 percent. The president’s laserlike focus on the battleground states allowed him to run up a 303-206 margin in the competition for the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House, the count that mattered most. Remarkably, given the sour economy, he lost only two states that he captured in 2008, Indiana and North Carolina. Florida, another Obama state four years ago, remained

National Scholarships for Freshmen

A discussion on the decisions national scholars make as freshmen

too close to call. The election emerged as a choice between two very different visions of government — whether it occupies a major,

KAYLA MCCARTY | The Daily Mississippian

For information or for assistance related to a disability, contact

front-row place in American lives or is in the background as a less-obtrusive facilitator for private enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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“Big Deal”


ALEX EDWARDS | The Daily Mississippian

LEFT: Oxford residents celebrate at the Democratic watch party in City Grocery last night; RIGHT: An Oxford citizen votes at the Stone Recreation Center polling place in Oxford’s third precinct.

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Mississippi voting at a glance


President Barack Obama waves as he walks on stage with first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha at his election night party in Chicago. Obama defeated Republican challenger former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.


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Democrat Republican Unavailable at press time GRAPHIC BY EMILY ROLAND | The Daily Mississippian

pitality management sophomore, admitted that she was disappointed, believing that Romney would be better at job creation.

“I was hoping that he would be able to create jobs and we could actually have a future after we graduate college,” she said. Young’s other concern was that she believes that Barack Obama isn’t qualified to be president and has been mis-

managing the country. “Barack Obama didn’t really have a job before he was elected president, and he is trying to bring our country in a direction that I feel like is not necessarily the correct direction that we should be going towards,” she said.

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Republican incumbents re-elected, Coleman wins Supreme Court race Republican Rep. Alan Nunnelee, Republican Sen. Roger Wicker and Josiah Coleman won their respective elections on Tuesday. BY ADAM GANUCHEAU

Alan Nunnelee

Wicker said in a press release following the election. “I appreciate the confidence Mississippians have placed in me. I will work to justify that trust. We face a time of massive problems in the federal government. Unfortunately there are no simple answers, but now is the time to come together and address these challenges.” Wicker, a resident of Tupelo and a graduate of the University of Mississippi, has been one of Mississippi’s senators since December 2007. During his time in the Senate, he has championed progrowth policies to create jobs and has worked to reduce

Roger Wicker

Josiah Coleman

spending, limit federal overreach and maintain a strong national defense, according to his website. Gore, who is a retired Methodist minister and former chaplain of the U.S. Army Special Forces, was defeated in just his first campaign for public office. Wicker is one of the two United States senators from Mississippi. Mississippi’s other senator,Thad Cochran, will be up for re-election in November of 2014. Sen. Cochran is also a graduate of the University of Mississippi. Mississippi Supreme Court race

Oxford attorney Josiah Coleman is Mississippi’s newest Supreme Court Justice, defeating Batesville attorney Richard “Flip” Phillips on Tuesday. Coleman, 40, will be the youngest ever member of the state Supreme Court. He is replacing retir-


4 r1 be 1 ay em to lid ov am Ho N ! us 11 thy se in rom eal Hou o J f rH n ou Ope r fo

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US House of Representatives race Republican Alan Nunnelee has been re-elected to Mississippi’s first congressional district House of Representatives seat. Nunnelee’s strongest opponent was 37-yearold Democrat Brad Morris, a businessman and attorney from Oxford. Nunnelee will begin a two-year term in January. “It’s an exciting night for all our supporters, and it appears I’ll be going back to Washington,” Nunnelee said last night after the election. Nunnelee’s other opponents were the Libertarian Party’s Danny Bedwell, the Constitution Party’s Jimmie Ray Bourland and the Reform Party’s Chris Potts. “It has been an honor to be the Democratic nominee for Congress in North Mississippi,” Morris stated in an email statement late Tuesday night. “(My wife) Sharon and I focused this campaign on issues that we sincerely believe make a difference for the future of families in this region and state… Tomorrow, (we) will turn our attention to other ways we can serve.” Nunnelee, a 54-year-old native of Tupelo, first took the seat from former Rep. Travis Childers on January 3, 2011 after winning a close race in November of 2010. Morris was the chief of staff for Travis Childers in 2010 when Nunnelee unseated Childers two years ago. Nunnelee was previously a state senator in the sixth district. Nunnelee and Morris held the only congressional debate of this election year on October 25 at the University of Mississippi’s Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics. Mississippi’s first congressional district covers 21 counties and includes the cities of Oxford, Tupelo, Southaven, Columbus and Louisville. US Senate race Republican incumbent Sen. Roger Wicker has been reelected to the United States Senate. His strongest challenger was Democrat Albert N. Gore, an 82-year-old retired minister from Starkville. Wicker also beat the Constitutions Party’s Thomas Cramer and the Reform Party’s Shawn O’Hara. “It is an honor to serve in the U.S. Senate, and I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to represent the people of Mississippi,” Sen.

ing Justice George Carlson Jr. on the nine-member state Supreme Court. The 65-year-old Phillips, a senior partner in his law firm, has practiced law longer than Coleman has been alive. However, Coleman’s strong campaign strategies, including harsh regional television advertisements, overcame that slight disadvantage. Coleman is currently a private practice attorney, emphasizing defense litigation of physicians, hospitals, businesses and individuals throughout Mississippi, according to his campaign website. He works for the Oxford law firm Hickman, Goza, & Spragins.

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Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each



© 2012

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 with no repeats.


5 8 3 5 2 1 4 2 5 6 7 8 7 9 9 1 4 8 7 7 6 4


The Schwine-Kitzenger Institute study of 47 men over the age of 100 showed that all had these things in common: 1. They all had moderate appetites. They all came from middle class homes 3. All but two of them were dead.

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Williams quietly leads Ole Miss basketball

Holloway looks to end career in the NCAA Tournament There is no doubt senior forward Murphy Holloway is the leader for the Ole Miss basketball team, and Holloway is taking it upon himself to try and lead the Rebels to the NCAA Tournament. BY TYLER BISCHOFF

It’s been a wild and crazy ride for Ole Miss senior forward Murphy Holloway the past few years. He has ventured between South Carolina and Mississippi multiple times, but now, his focus is all on one thing: getting the Rebels to the NCAA Tournament. Holloway was named the South Carolina Gatorade Player of the Year his senior year of high school and decided to come to Ole Miss for the 200809 season. He led the team in rebounding that year as a freshman and the following year as a sophomore. Due to a family issue, Holloway needed to be closer to home, so he transferred to the University of South Carolina. He redshirted that season and returned to Ole Miss this past season. Despite going a year without playing in a game, Holloway didn’t miss a beat, as he led the team in rebounding (9.0 rpg) and was third in scoring (11.2 ppg). But now, the senior forward realizes this is his last chance to leave his mark on Ole Miss basketball. “When you reflect on it, it feels weird,” Holloway said. “But I feel blessed because I got a second chance, and I want to take advantage of that opportunity.” Ole Miss lost last year’s leading scorer Terrance Henry to graduation, so Holloway who will be called on to step up. “I’m just trying to be a better teammate, (a) leader,” Holloway said. “You try to lead by example, by going hard and you hope everybody follows.” Head coach Andy Kennedy is going to rely on Holloway

and his frontcourt partner, senior Reginald Buckner, to carry the team this season. “It’s an experienced, productive frontline,” Kennedy said. “We’re going to be dependent upon those guys to produce for us early while everybody else figures it out.” Holloway has shown the ability to improve from year to year as he has increased his points per game and rebounds per game each season at Ole Miss. Holloway will need to stay healthy this season to give Ole Miss the best chance to make the NCAA Tournament. He hurt his ankle last season against Middle Tennessee State and has also had surgery on his hand. According to Holloway, he also hurt his ankle in the South Carolina summer Pro-Am basketball event this summer, but the injuries have been so numerous that even Holloway can’t recall which ankle he hurt. “I’ve hurt both of them so many times, I don’t even remember,” Holloway said. In the four games Holloway missed time last season, Ole Miss was 2-2, including a 26-point loss to LSU. For Holloway, Buckner and senior guard Nick Williams, this is the last chance they have to leave their mark on Ole Miss basketball by reaching the NCAA Tournament. “Those three guys understand that each and every day is the last opportunity for them to do what they came here to do,” Kennedy said. “There is a true sense of urgency.” For continuing coverage of Ole Miss men’s basketball, follow @ thedm_sports and @Tyler_RSR on Twitter.

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Senior guard Nick Williams isn’t the flashiest player on the court, but he’s looking to do whatever he can to lead the Rebels to the NCAA Tournament before his collegiate career comes to an end. AUSTIN MCAFEE | The Daily Mississippian


out a season due to NCAA transfer rules, he played in every game during his sophomore campaign and started 26 of those games, averaging 6.2 points and 4.0 rebounds per game. Last season, Williams’ saw an increased role, starting in 32 of the 34 games while averaging 10.1 points and 3.4 rebounds per game. He shot 41.1 percent from the field and 32.2 percent from behind the arc. Williams attributed the uptick in production to conditioning, which is what he worked on the most this offseason. “I feel like last year I was probably in the best shape of my career, and I know this year I’m probably in better shape,” he said. “I’m just getting in great shape and trying to play as many minutes as I can.” Williams also hopes those plays at the end of the game can help the Rebels reach their ultimate goal of getting to the NCAA Tournament this season. During Williams’ time in Oxford, he’s been on teams that have been perennial bubble teams, having finished each season a win or two away from a berth in the NCAA Tournament field. “We’ve been scratching for the past three years, and it’s finally on us,” Williams said. “It’s now or never. We think about that every day. We come in with the same mindset every day. If we don’t go hard, we won’t make it. We have to go hard.”

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Nick Williams (left) and Murphy Holloway; Holloway; Williams; Holloway; Williams

Back in October at Ole Miss basketball Media Day, head coach Andy Kennedy said this year’s squad may be the most experienced team he’s coached in Oxford. The Rebels are led by three seniors in forward Murphy Holloway, forward Reginald Buckner and guard Nick Williams. While Holloway has gotten attention for his offensive and rebounding abilities and Buckner for his shot-blocking prowess, Williams has quietly put together an impressive career of his own at Ole Miss. “I think everything starts with Reggie and Murphy,” Williams said. “We try to make their lives as easy as possible. Whatever they need me to do, I’ll do it.” Heading into his senior season, Williams said he is just ready to get the regular season started. “I’m super excited,” he said. “This is our (the seniors’) last go-around. (We’re) ready to get out there and play somebody else. These guys have been putting in a lot of work, so I think we’re ready.” Williams hails from Mobile, Ala., and coming out of high school, he was rated the No. 30 overall prospect and No. 7 shooting guard by ESPN. com/Scouts Inc., and he was named the Alabama High School Player of the Year after his senior season at LeFlore Preparatory Academy. He began his college career at Indiana, where he started 29 of 31 games, averaging 8.9 points per game, before transferring to Ole Miss after his freshman season. After sitting

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AUSTIN MCAFEE | The Daily Mississippian

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PHILLIP WALLER | The Daily Mississippian

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Rebels prepare for Vandy defense, hope to heal before Saturday The Ole Miss Rebels are preparing for a Vanderbilt defense that ranks seventh in the conference in total defense. Several players missed practice on Tuesday, and the Rebels hope to heal up before Saturday’s game. BY MATT SIGLER

Ole Miss will have another tough task this Saturday when they face a much-improved Vanderbilt defense. The Commodores (5-4, 3-3 Southeastern Conference) enter the game ranked fifth in the conference in scoring defense (20.7 ppg.), seventh in total defense (351.5 ypg), 12th in rushing defense (197.8 ypg), and first in pass defense (153.7 ypg.) “They do a real good job,” offensive coordinator Dan Werner said. “They don’t do a lot of things, but what they do do, they do very well. They are based out of everything looking the same. They will show the same pre-snap read

and have about four or five different defenses that run out of it, and it makes it tough for the quarterback to see.” The Vanderbilt defense is led by two junior defensive backs in Kenny Ladler and Javon Marshall who have 57 and 54 total tackles on the year, respectively. With the defenses showing the same looks, Werner expects sophomore quarterback Bo Wallace to be forced to make quick decisions with the ball this weekend. “As soon as the ball is snapped, he has to know where to go with the football,” Werner said. “He’s got to see those safeties. The safeties will start rotating to where they need to be, and we throw the

opposite way. He’s done a good job of that this year.” Ailing Rebels hope to return before Saturday The injury bug has hit Ole Miss (5-4, 2-3) hard the past few weeks, forcing many players to miss practices and put their availability for Saturday’s game into question. Wesley Pendleton, Aaron Garbutt, Senquez Golson, CJ Johnson, Trae Elston, Aaron Morris, and Keith Lewis were all mentioned by head coach Hugh Freeze after practice Tuesday as dealing with some sort of injury. “Aaron (Garbutt) will not be able to go, Wesley Pendleton don’t know, Senquez will be practicing tomorrow it looks like so that will be a good thing,” Freeze said. “C.J. and Aaron Morris and Trae Elston are hopeful, but they weren’t able to do a lot today.” This is the first Freeze has mentioned the injury status

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Sophomore left guard Aaron Morris

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of Johnson, Morris and Elston this week. “Trae has a turf toe, CJ has a foot, and Aaron has a shoulder,” Freeze said. “Keith Lewis is a shoulder, same boat as those others, hopeful. He is

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probably a little behind the others.” Freeze said preparation is now more difficult with pieces missing on the team. “It’s difficult because some of those guys are high-rep guys,” he said. “It’s hard and we are just going next man up. We are going to have to play with who is ready to go, and hopefully, they can get some reps before the week is up.” For continuing coverage of Ole Miss football, follow @thedm_ sports and @SigNewton_2 on Twitter.

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