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Lincoln County’s prayer in school

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SPORTS BRIEFS: Scholtz wins regional title

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Rebels ready for Hogs’ high-powered offense



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Bjork discusses investigation Considerations for parking Ole Miss athletics director Ross Bjork met with members of the media on Monday to discuss the firing of women’s basketball head coach Adrian Wiggins and two assistants as the university cooperates with an NCAA investigation regarding the women’s basketball program.

In the final part of a two-part series, Director of Parking and Transportation Isaac Astill concludes his top priorities for parking and his five-year outline for parking, which includes parking for incoming freshmen and international students. BY JENNIFER NASSAR

Athletics director Ross Bjork


Ole Miss announced on Saturday that women’s basketball head coach Adrian Wiggins was placed on administrative leave and two of his staff members, Kenya and Michael Landers, were terminated, in light of an ongoing joint investigation between Ole Miss and the NCAA over “impermissible recruiting

JON HAYWOOD| The Daily Mississippian

contacts and academic misconduct.” “As I mentioned in my statement on Saturday, this is a very sad ordeal for the entire university, especially our student-athletes and our women’s basketball program,” athletics director Ross Bjork said in a press conference on Monday. Bjork said the investigation began in early September when the Southeastern Conference

notified Ole Miss of potential allegations. Bjork said he met with Wiggins on Saturday morning to let him know of the decision. “We have no findings at this time that coach Wiggins was involved in our violations, however ultimate responsibility lies with each head coach in all of our programs,” Bjork said. “We discovered and determined See BJORK, PAGE 7

Isaac Astill, director of Parking and Transportation Services at The University of Mississippi, is a month away from presenting his five-year outline for parking. Astill said he feels there are a few considerations within his outline that need to be carefully evaluated, but that there are larger concerns. “The priorities are getting a shuttle system that works and to price parking in a matter that will encourage people to use mass transit more often,” Astill said. Astill said there is no way to tell right now if freshmen will be allowed to bring vehicles on campus within the next few years, but he said that concern would go beyond him. “That would be more than just me coming up with an idea,” he said. “ We would definitely have to have the student body buying in on that.”

( FILE PHOTO) PHILLIP WALLER | The Daily Mississippian

Director of Parking and Transportation Isaac Astill

Astill said that the freshmen parking situation is “on the back burner.” “The thing with the freshmen is that a lot of schools do it and they can do it because they’ve a transportation sysSee PARKING, PAGE 3

President Obama and Gov. Romney square off in final debate President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney debated for the third and final time this election season on Monday at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. BY GRANT BEEBE

On the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s announcement to the world that the Soviet Union had installed nuclear arms in Cuba, incumbent President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney debated for the third and final time this election season with CBS Face the Nation anchor Bob Schieffer moderating. Schieffer wrote questions used in the debate. “I have not shared them with the candidates or their aides,” Schieffer said of the prompts.

The debate was structured into two basic segments focusing on terrorism in the Middle East and the US’s role as a world actor. Romney and Obama both emphasized that the focus of American foreign policy going forward should be to keep the American people safe and prosperous. “Well, my first job as commander in chief, Bob, is to keep the American people safe, and that’s what we’ve done over the last four years,” Obama said. Romney called for clarity See DEBATE, PAGE 3


In this photo combo, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney (left) and President Obama (right) face each other during the third presidential debate at Lynn University Monday night.




Lincoln County’s prayer in school

austin Miller managing editor jennifer nassar campus news editor adam ganucheau city news editor granT beebe asst. news editor PHIL MCCAUSLAND opinion editor david collier sports editor madison featherston lifestyles editor QUENTIN WINSTINE photography editor emily cegielski senior editor


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) wrote a letter to West Lincoln Attendance Center in Lincoln County, Mississippi telling them to stop holding prayers and condemned other religious behavior by the school and faculty as it violates the U.S. Constitution. The ACLU also had problems with various religiously-themed posters found on campus and religious messages given by even the principal Jason Case. Naturally, there has been an outpouring of support for the school and administration by

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lar demands if it was a public school that practiced Muslim prayer or Buddhist meditation. We cannot demand rights for our own personal beliefs and not be willing to give them to other groups demanding the same things. The Supreme Court ruling on prayer and religious activity in public schools is a safeguard to all religious and nonreligious people. The whole point is that no one is subject to certain religious practices that are not their own. People of faith are still allowed to worship however they want. It just can’t be state-sanctioned. It is meant to protect our freedom not impinge upon it. Megan Massey is a senior religious studies major from Mount Olive. Follow her on Twitter @ megan_massey.

Strive for excellence, not percentages BY TIM ABRAM

A few weeks ago, Florida’s Board of Education passed a six-year strategic plan that included race-based benchmarks for various subgroups of people. Almost immediately a fiery debate over this plan ensued. Critics claimed that measures such as these suggest that racial subgroups placed at lower benchmarks than others are not as capable to succeed. For example, by school year 2017-18, the plan calls for Asian students to be at 90 percent reading proficiency on statewide assessments, up from the current 76 percent. The proficiency benchmark margin for black students is substantially higher. Asian students are expected to increase T H E D A I LY

PATRICIA THOMPSON director and faculty adviser

is because not every student is a part of the same religion. Likewise, not all taxpayers are constituents of the same belief system, but all taxpayers contribute to their local public schools. They don’t have a choice in the matter. A Christian citizen shouldn’t have to give money to a school that promotes Buddhism; likewise, a Buddhist shouldn’t have to give money to a school that promotes Christianity. Many Christians in Lincoln County and the surrounding area have become very defensive of West Lincoln’s behavior and the behavior of its faculty. This might be an occasion where it might be wise to put oneself in the shoes of the opposing party. Odds are that the same group of people who are up in arms about the ACLU’s letter would be making simi-


tisha coleman design editor ignacio murillo lifestyles design editor

locals and students and their families. Some have even gone so far as to attribute educational successes at West Lincoln to the fact that the teachers, principal, community, etc. prays. Last Thursday, a group of students rallied together to pray in the parking lot before school in protest of the ACLU’s letter. This is hardly the first time prayer in schools has been debated. In the 1960’s, public schoolsanctioned prayer was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court; however, a great deal of freedom still exists. Students, like the ones at West Lincoln, are allowed to gather for prayer at school, but it cannot be an official school event. Obviously, the reason “official” prayer in schools had been deemed unconstitutional

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proficiency by 14 percent over a six-year span. Black students are expected to increase by 36 percent, from 38 percent to 74 percent. This has been a difficult issue for me to grapple with as I see both sides of the argument. Proponents of the plan include Florida Board of Education Commissioner Pam Stewart, who said “(the plan does) not set lower standards for any subgroup.” She later added, “It sets higher expectations for those subgroups who are behind.” Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said, “By what calculation do you speed up learning by lowering expectations?” Bush later noted the “devastating message” the plan would be sending to blacks, Hispanics and low-income children. While I commend the state of Florida for taking somewhat proactive steps to address the racial achievement gap that exists in Florida, as it does around the country, I am troubled by the reason they had to take such drastic measures.

The Daily Mississippian is published daily Monday through Friday during the academic year. Contents do not represent the official opinions of The University of Mississippi or The Daily Mississippian unless specifically indicated. Letters are welcome, but may be edited for clarity, space or libel. ISSN 1077-8667

Why is Florida just now addressing the fact that only 38 percent of its black students are at or above grade level in reading? Or the fact that only 55 percent of its Hispanic students are at or above grade level in math? A problem similar to the achievement gap does not simply appear overnight. For example, Mississippi’s racial achievement gap is present due to the vestiges of Jim Crow and the inequality in school funding compounded with multi-generational poverty. I am not as informed about the history of Florida’s public schools, but I do not think that it is a stretch to assume that racism and poverty each play an immense role in creating the racial disparities that are evident in Florida. I honestly do not believe that those responsible for this strategic plan created it with the intent to say that a certain race cannot achieve at the same level as others. However, they indeed failed to close any window that would lead to that as-

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sumption. Florida Gov. Rick Scott is “calling upon the board to rework the education plan so it clearly states that all students can perform well regardless of their race or background.” Good job, Gov. Scott. Honestly, I applaud Florida’s efforts of not repudiating the racial achievement gap. Personally, I would have added some sort of statement saying the board does not believe in the inferiority of any student. The lightning rod effect this story has had further demonstrates that race relations are still difficult to address. A quality education is something that will last a lifetime and no one can ever take away what you have learned. That is why I believe it is very important to set benchmarks of excellence, not percentages, for all of our kids, regardless of race. Tim Abram is a junior public policy major from Horn Lake. Follow him on Twitter @Tim_Abram.


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and intention in action. “We’re going to have to put in place a very comprehensive and robust strategy to help the — the world of Islam and other parts of the world, reject this radical violent extremism, which is — it’s certainly not on the run,” he said. There were few differences in policies offered for debate by both Romney and Obama. Although the debate was intended to focus on foreign policy, both participants took every opportunity available to evaluate domestic issues such as unemployment, the economy and education policy. Romney took the opportunity to refute Obama’s economic policies rather than disagreeing on the matters of Afghanistan, Israeli security and a nuclear Iran. Obama similarly argued against Romney’s multifaceted economic plans and repeatedly referred to Romney

Read the DM.

and his policies as “wrong and reckless.” Closing statements clarified the advocacy of both candidates. “If I have the privilege of being your president for another four years, I promise you I will always listen to your voices, I will fight for your families and I will work every single day to make sure that America continues to be the greatest nation on earth,” Obama said. Romney offered similar sentiments to voters. “We need strong leadership,” he said. “I’d like to be that leader, with your support. I’ll work with you. I’ll lead you in an open and honest way. “And I ask for your vote. I’d like to be the next president of the United States to support and help this great nation, and to make sure that we all together maintain America as the hope of the earth.” Schieffer closed the debate recalling the words of his mother. “Go vote,” Schieffer said, “It makes you feel big and strong.

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tem in place,” he said. “We will consider it, but it’s not our top priority.” Many other transportation issues have been brought to Astill’s attention. He was recently approached by the university’s Division of Outreach and Continuing Education about transportation for international students. Astill said most international students are forced to take night classes because they don’t have top priority in class scheduling. Outreach currently has a van that transports the students since the Oxford University Transit (O.U.T) system is closed by the time the students get out of class. “(Outreach) said ‘Look, we need something to provide to these guys,’” he said. “I sent an email to them saying, ‘I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do right now.’” Astill also said it’s not within the budget, which is set for the year, to provide another bus. He also said the O.U.T. bus costs about $45 per hour

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operate. A federal grant covers 80 percent of the cost, and the university and city each cover 10 percent. Astill said the addition of another O.U.T bus would be charged to the university and would not be taken out of the grant. Shuttle system expansion remains on Astill’s mind as he prepares to present his outline for next year’s parking to the administration next month. “Hopefully by January, I’ll have a full five-year plan in place,” he said.

A decision of whether or not to increase parking decals will take place at this presentation. “Those are all things that the administration will weigh in on; I’ll just give my recommendations.” Astill’s suggestions will first be presented to Clay Jones, associate vice chancellor and director of human resources, then to Larry Sparks, vice chancellor of administration and finance and then to Chancellor Dan Jones.

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AUSTIN McAFEE | The Daily Mississippian

Head coach Hugh Freeze


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has seen the defense improve and thinks that the unit will be ready for Saturday’s tough test. “We have gotten better,” Freeze said. “We’ve improved I think a little bit every week. I think we’re still short on depth

in a lot of places, and I think that shows up from time to time. Our coaches and kids have done a nice job of making game day adjustments within the game to try and slow down or stop what the opponent is doing. “We’ve got to be very good at not allowing big plays, making them earn things as they try to move the football, and then

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we’ve got to be stingy in the red zone.” Mathews moving to safety, Collins back after ‘poor decision’ The play of true freshman Mike Hilton at the huskie position has allowed the Rebels to move junior defensive back Brishen Mathews to safety. It also gives the Rebels another body at safety after shifting junior Charles Sawyer over to corner earlier this season. “We’re going to move Brishen back there this weekend to give him some more snaps with the emergence of Mike Hilton playing extremely well at the huskie,” Freeze said. “It gives us some more depth at the safety position and the huskie position.” Going forward, Mathews could help out at either spot. Speaking of the huskie position, junior Dehendret Collins did not play against Auburn due to a “poor decision” off the field. “We’re big on accountability right now, and you own up to something when you make a poor decision,” Freeze said. “It’s over with, and we’ll move forward from there.” Ole Miss-Georgia kickoff to be announced Sunday Kickoff for the Ole Miss Rebels’ Nov. 3 game at Georgia will be determined on Sunday, as CBS has elected to use a six-day selection for three Southeastern Conference matchups that weekend. The Ole Miss-Georgia game has been held by CBS, along with the Texas A&M-Mississippi State and Missouri-Florida matchups. The TV slots are 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS, noon ET on ESPN and noon ET on ESPN2.

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Ole Miss Sports Information contributed to this report.


For continuing coverage of Ole Miss football, follow @thedm_sports and @bennetthipp on Twitter.

sports briefs D M S TA F F R E P O RT S

Scholtz wins USTA/ITA Southern Regional Title In what was dubbed as an “Egg Bowl” battle, Ole Miss men’s tennis sophomore Nik Scholtz took out Mississippi State freshman Romain Bogaerts 7-5, 6-4 Monday morning at the Yarbrough Tennis Center to capture the USTA/ITA Southern Regional Singles Championship and earn a trip to New York for the National Indoor in November. Scholtz joins teammate, senior Jonas Lutjen, in the 32-player field for the USTA/ITA National Indoor, which will take place Nov. 8-11 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, N.Y. Lutjen secured his spot by winning the consolation draw at the ITA All-American Championships earlier this month.

Rohde-Moe loses thriller in Regional Final TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -Ole Miss junior Caroline Rohde-Moe went back and forth with Alabama’s Alex Guarachi in the USTA/ITA Southern Regional final, before falling in a 6-1, 5-7, 7-5 thriller at the Alabama Tennis Stadium, Monday. Rohde-Moe, ranked No. 55 in singles and the No. 2 seed in the tournament, fought back from a 6-1, 5-2 deficit to force a decisive set. She went up 5-3 in the third and held two match points at 5-4,

but Guarachi, the No. 1 seed, answered, winning the final three games to take the title.

Clair named SEC Freshman of the Week Ole Miss freshman middle blocker Nakeyta Clair had career highs in kills and blocks in a pair of Rebel victories Friday and Saturday, and the Southeastern Conference took notice. After averaging 13.5 kills and 7.5 total blocks, Clair was named SEC Freshman of the Week by the league office Monday. After playing her best volleyball of the season en route to leading Ole Miss to wins over Missouri and South Carolina, Clair became the first Rebel of the season to be honored by the conference office.

Men’s hoops picked seventh in preseason poll The Ole Miss basketball team was picked to finish seventh in the Southeastern Conference in the preseason media poll, which was announced Monday. Kentucky was picked first with 17 firstplace votes, followed by Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama. The Rebels open the season on Nov. 5 with an exhibition game against Montevallo at 7 p.m. at Tad Smith Coliseum. Ole Miss Sports Information contributed to this report.

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more could have been done.” Bjork said the athletics department will not know what sanctions the NCAA will give Ole Miss, but they are cooperating with the NCAA and looking into self-imposed sanctions as well. “This a joint investigation between the university and the NCAA, and it’s moving for-

ward, and we will continue to cooperate at the highest level,” Bjork said. “The actions of those few individuals are severe in nature, and we want the answers as soon as possible so that we can move forward, understand the magnitude and also start to move forward in the healing process for our program.” Bjork said Wiggins will not coach at Ole Miss in the future. Wiggins’ contract was terminated with cause, and Bjork said Wiggins will not receive a

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he met with all three finalists for the positions and it was ultimately his decision. “In the high-profile world that we sit in the Southeastern Conference in the highest level of the NCAA, the important lesson is that we know everything about everything,” Bjork said. “We do as much homework as possible. That was the standard that we applied in this case.” For continuing coverage of Ole Miss sports, follow @thedm_sports and @DavidLCollier on Twitter.

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maining three staff members as well as outside candidates will be considered for the interim position. “We’re looking at everything right now in terms of our options,” Bjork said. “The great thing about this program is that we have a great history. We can rely on great hall of famers, so we’re talking to as many people as we can, including our current staff.” Although Bjork was hired just days before Wiggins, Bjork said

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buyout and will be paid his state salary of $250,000 in monthly installments through March. Bjork said there is no timetable for when an interim coach will be named, but he plans for an announcement to come “as soon as we can.” Assistant coaches Brett Frank, Rebecca Kates-Taylor and Taja Edwards remain on staff and will lead the team as they prepare for the upcoming season, which begins on Nov. 9 against Southeastern Louisiana. Bjork said the re-



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Rebels ready for Hogs’ high-powered offense Ole Miss football head coach Hugh Freeze took to the podium on Monday afternoon to discuss his team’s upcoming contest with the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday. and the job Coach (John L.) Smith and his staff have done of rallying them amid some difficult times at the start of their season, I think it speaks volumes for their character and the way they want to finish the year.” For good reason, much of the attention paid to the Razorbacks is on the offensive side of the football, and that’s certainly the case for Ole Miss. Arkansas had some issues taking care of the football during the first half of the season, but appears to have righted the ship in recent weeks in that department. “Their offense has moved the ball every single game that they’ve been in, but they did struggle with taking care of it,


Fresh off an open week, Ole Miss is now focused on preparing for Saturday’s game against Arkansas in Little Rock. The Razorbacks faced some early season struggles, but the Rebels will face a different, more confident team on Saturday, according to Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze. “They’re playing with great confidence right now; coming off two wins to which both sides of the ball and special teams have played very well,” Freeze said in his weekly press conference on Monday. “I think with the last couple of weeks and the confidence that they’ve gained,

just like we did in our losses,” Freeze said. “It’s hard to win any game, much less in this conference, if you don’t take care of the football. I think, if you look at the past two weeks, that’s what they’ve done.” It’s an offense that has no shortage of playmakers, both through the air and on the ground that Rebels will be tasked to contain. “There’s certainly no argument that Tyler Wilson will be one of the top two or three quarterbacks taken (in the NFL draft); Cobi Hamilton’s probably a first-rounder, as is Knile Davis,” Freeze said. “The backup running backs, (Dennis) Johnson and (Ronnie) Wingo, are pretty talented as well, and

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Freshman defensive back Mike Hilton (28)

they get an arguably all-conference tight end (Chris Gragg) back. “They’ve got great talent, and now they’re taking care of the ball.” What could help the Rebels, according to Freeze, is the fact

that Ole Miss has now had experience facing high-powered offenses this season in games against Texas and Texas A&M. Since a rough defensive outing against the Longhorns, Freeze See FREEZE, PAGE 4

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