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Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Alpha Delta Pi sorority returns to Ole Miss By Grant Beebe

The Alpha Delta Pi sorority is returning to Ole Miss’ campus this fall and will participate in fall rush. Nestled among a variety of tables in front of the Union this month, Jessica Johnson and Logan Sparks from Alpha Delta Pi Sorority prepare to begin the recolonization efforts of the organization’s Delta Sigma Chapter this fall. “Panhellenic has not been open for expansion in a while at Ole Miss,” leadership consultant Johnson said of the opportunity to re-charter the university’s chapter. “We are very excited to be here.” The Delta Sigma Chapter has been dormant since 1995. Recruitment will take place this fall, and it will focus on introducing interested women to Alpha Delta Pi on a one-on-one basis. “We will be participating in the first two rounds of formal recruitment,” Johnson said. “We will have a tent outside the Union for water parties, and (we) will ask the Gamma Chis to tell PNMs (potential new members) to visit ADPi on their breaks.” “We will also be participating in the first day of philanthropy rounds, October 1,” Johnson said. “We will be doing a presentation style round, rather than 80 women entering a house and being

recruited by another woman. We will host women from other ADPi chapters around helping us out.” Alpha Delta Pi has elected to host the remainder of their recruitment events following the completion of formal recruitment. “We will not participate in skit or preference, but we will be letting potential new members know that if they do not find their home in formal recruitment to keep ADPi in mind and that they will have the opportunity to sign up for our recruitment process throughout that week,” Johnson said. Colony recruitment will begin Oct. 7 at Blue and White Night at the Inn at Ole Miss with an informational session aimed at introducing potential new members to the sorority as an organization. Philanthropy presentations will be held on Oct. 9 at the Inn at Ole Miss. Throughout the week of Oct. 7-11, potential new members will be interviewed, with a bid day celebration to be held at the end of the week on Oct. 13 in the Grove. Sparks says she is ready to begin the process, and is thankful for the support already shown by existing Greek organizations on campus. “We could not have asked for better support,” Sparks said. “Other fraternities and sororities have been very supportive and

KATIE WILLIAMSON | The Daily Mississippian

Leadership consultants Logan Sparks and Jessica Johnson consult their ambassadors about ADPi history, recruiting and chants on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 in Oxford, Miss.

appreciative of our efforts to establish a new chapter on campus, and have offered to do whatever they can to help us. “We feel it’s a very good time to be back at Ole Miss.” Coulter Ward, assistant dean of students, is excited to see the recolonization efforts of Alpha Delta Pi. “I am excited about the addition of ADPi to our Panhellenic community,” Ward said. “It is going to help in so many ways. We

cannot help but be happy to have another solid group and another potential home for a great number of quality women this year and in the future.” Jen Dickinson, growth and development director for Alpha Delta Pi nationally, said that the organization has been “overwhelmed by support.” More than 100 alumnae and supporters attended an organizational luncheon held earlier this year, confirming their interest in

the success of recolonization efforts. “The alumnae of the Delta Sigma Chapter have remained connected and engaged and stay involved in the university and ADPi,” Dickinson said. “Our entire organization echoes their excitement.” Dickinson stated that colonization will take place throughout this fall and that the chapter will be installed in February.

Oxford Police Department to step up speeding enforcement By Pete Porter

FILE PHOTO (THOMAS GRANING) | The Daily Mississippian

Oxford Police Chief Joey East sits in his office on Friday, February 2013 in Oxford, Miss.

OPINION: Everyone’s Favorite Nanny Black is the new

With school back in full swing and Oxford back to its normal population, the Oxford Police Department is stepping up its speeding enforcement across town after an outcry of complaints about vehicles speeding through residential areas. Oxford Police Chief Joey East and Mayor Pat Patterson are working to step up patrols in neighborhoods and along high volume roads to lower the number of citations given out. But East says the speeding pertains not only to students. “In the last few weeks we’ve heard a lot of grumbling about the excess of speeding

Living that Bass Drum of Death dream

happening all over town,” said East. “We are bringing in officers to work overtime to help enforce speed limits as well as set up traffic calmings.” According to East, demand for more on-duty officers has risen due to the on-duty officers being too busy to focus on catching speeders. With a larger population back in town, the department is putting off-duty officers on overtime. Bringing in the extra officers will allow the Department to crack down on speeding while at the same time answering all other necessary calls. But East says not everyone that has been stopped has received a citation. “There were quite an amount of citations written



Freeze pleased after sluggish Monday, Tuesday practices

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this weekend, but there were even more warnings given out,” East said. “We only want to cite those that are really putting others in danger by speeding, so those who weren’t putting anyone in harm’s way were given a warning in hopes they will learn to slow down.” East suggests that both students and residents give themselves extra time for their commute so everyone will slow down and not be in a frantic rush. “Just slow down and please leave earlier,” East said. “It’s so crowded on all of the roads there’s no sense in speeding. Give yourself the necessary extra time. It will make things a lot more orderly on the roadways.”

thedmonline . com

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Everyone’s Favorite Nanny

phil mccausland managing editor grant beebe senior editor caty cambron campus news editor pete porter city news editor hawley martin asst. news editor tim abram opinion editor mallory simerville Emily Crawford lifestyles editors david collier sports editor casey holliday kendyl noon online editors Bracey harris natalie wood multimedia editors thomas graning photography editor tisha coleman Ignacio Murillo natalie moore design editors

By Cory Ferraez

Remember the disastrous situation when Mrs. Doubtfire, aka Robert Williams, first started cleaning and cooking for his recently divorced wife and their three kids? The nanny role wasn’t his strongest suit, but he eventually improved. Well, that’s not the situation with the U.S. Our nanny complex continues to get us into a world of problems. Like most things, our good intentions backfire. And it doesn’t show signs of improving. I applaud President Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval for military action in Syria. Especially considering his 2008 strategy to defeat Clinton was largely based on hammering her for supporting the dismal Iraq war. It’s been an awkward transition for the president, turning from dove to hawk. Using drones to further our interest like picking up candy at a Walmart check out line, only with no guilty feel-

By Hope Owens-Wilson

roy frostenson assistant director


Farrell Lawo Kristen Saltzman creative staff


MELANIE WADKINS advertising manager DEBRA NOVAK creative services manager DARREL JORDAN chief engineer Thomas Chapman media technology manager jade maharrey administrative assistant

I’m not dismissing the emotional arguments for the atrocities of Syria’s oppressive regime. But unless the U.S. is facing systemic regional risk (aka, losing the entire region to a Syrian push to conquer the world), I don’t see why we must take action. This is not Hitler’s tide and we shouldn’t meddle in an unstable region that will only produce more enemies for our country to deal with down the road. Mrs. Doubtfire finally had to give up his grand plan to prepare the fancy dinner that first night and have the food delivered. That should be analogous to potential U.S. action: Take a step back, admit we can’t and shouldn’t run into every conflict with good intentions but only left with failed outcomes. We can and should rely on others to take the lead if they find it important to their interest. We can and should end our nanny-like mentality and treat other countries like the rational decision-making adults they are capable of being, or hopefully, now forced to become. Cory Farraez is a third-year law student from Columbus, Miss.

Black is the New Invisible

PATRICIA THOMPSON director and faculty adviser

jamie Kendrick Nikki McDonald Natalie Miller Matt zelenik account executives

There can be no doubt; chemical warfare in Syria, if properly confirmed without war drum propaganda, is an awful thing. It should not be tolerated by the Syrian people nor should it be tolerated by their close neighbors who have a compelling interest of remote stability in the region. The U.S., however, does not. I’m open to arguments about the perceived backlash of remaining inactive. What will that type of U.S. reaction do to embolden our enemies who now think we condone the use of chemical warfare? But that’s the mistake, just because we don’t use force, doesn’t mean we 1. Condone it, or 2. Can’t take other measures of supporting democratic allies in the region (Um, hello, Israel). I think they can take care of themselves with the billions of dollars we fund their military with annually. Further, we can’t even afford it. Do people so easily forget we currently have $17 trillion in debt, and now a projected $87 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Or in other words, our real past promises and our projected future promises. We can’t even get our own fiscal house in order or pass a budget for that matter.


Being a black woman is hard here at the university. In my four years here, I have had experiences that run the gamut between good and bad. During most of them, especially the bad ones, I cannot shake the knowledge that certain things would be easier if I came in a lighter-skinned, thinner, straight-haired package. I am non-white, plus-sized and outspoken in an interesting time in America; supposedly all of the racial problems are fixed and yet there is constantly evidence of the contrary. In the past someone like me would have been put on display, analyzed and used for

sarah Parrish copy chief

ing after eating it moments later. Also consider, we haven’t had a formal declaration of war for military action with congressional approval since WWII. That means Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq (again) and Libya came and went all without Congress, all without Constitutional authority. Who needs that stubborn Section 8 anyway right? Interestingly, as Joseph Sobran most aptly writes, war has all the characteristics of socialism most conservatives hate: Centralized power, state planning, false rationalism, restricted liberties and foolish optimism about intended results. Yet, members in both parties continue supporting militarism in its most flagrant fashions. Sure, maintaining a strong army for self-defense is key, but restraining oneself to that purpose and instead using it to “promote national interests,” or should I say failed interest, is proving difficult for our country. I say, no more. We’ve had enough. Millennials are tired of unnecessary confrontations and unspecified, lofty conquests with no clear goal in sight.


The University of Mississippi S. Gale Denley Student Media Center 201 Bishop Hall Main Number: 662.915.5503 Email: dmeditor@gmail. com Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

profit. While the same is partially true for today’s society, (the recent use of black women as background to the spectacle that is Miley Cyrus at the moment) an insidious form of the objectification of black women is en vogue: making them invisible. This action may seem to be nearly impossible given the nature of human interaction, particularly on a college campus — or in a college town — but it happens. It has happened to me in the following ways: 1. Classrooms immediately going silent when I walk into the room. This is awesome. I know I’m stunning but please, continue your discussions. 2. Ignoring me. I have my hand raised in front

The Daily Mississippian is published daily Monday through Friday during the academic year. Contents do not represent the official opinions of The University of Mississippi or The Daily Mississippian unless specifically indicated. Letters are welcome, but may be edited for clarity, space or libel. ISSN 1077-8667

of you and no one else does. I guess my question and/or answer will have to wait. Better still, I am sitting to the right of someone and instead of talking to me they choose another person they do not know to talk to … on my right. 3. Staring. I’m friendly, I promise, just say hi or something. These instances are by no means the only ways that I have been made to feel uncomfortable this semester, and I know that these experiences are not limited solely to a black woman. There is, however, an immeasurable weight added to these experiences when they happen within a certain historically racialized context and so frequently that they begin to affect how a per-

The Daily Mississippian welcomes all comments. Please send a letter to the editor addressed to The Daily Mississippian, 201 Bishop Hall, University, MS, 38677 or send an e-mail to Letters should be typed, double-spaced and no longer than 300 words. Third party letters and those bearing pseudonyms, pen names or “name withheld” will not be published. Publication is limited to one letter per individual per calendar month. Student submissions must include grade classification and major. All submissions must be turned in at least three days in advance of date of desired publication.

son interacts. I have definitely stopped raising my hand in a class when it became apparent I was never going to get called on. I have left some relevant information out of these examples such as the race of the other people involved, not because I do not think it is important, I do. I just wanted to share a bit of my experiences in the hopes that it helps people think about their interactions with other people on this campus who may not look like them. Besides, I have the whole semester to talk about race. Believe me, I will. Hope Owens-Wilson is a senior southern studies major from Jackson.


Student Alumni Council: bridging the gap By Caty Cambron

The Student Alumni Council is an on-campus organization sponsored by the Ole Miss Alumni Association. The SAC and its 80 members meet the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:15 p.m. New members are hand selected through an application and interview process held in April of each year. “Our mission is to foster the relationship and bridge the gap between students and alumni,” SAC President Rob Pyron said. Main goals of the SAC also include motivating students to want to give back to both the community of Oxford and The University of Mississippi

and making members aware of their importance once they are alumni. Monthly meetings allow members to hear from both university representatives and distinguished alumni about what’s going on within the university to relay to students.

and activities, the SAC serves as a direct link between Ole Miss students and alumni. Bridging the Gap is the SAC’s main event this year and will be held Nov. 8. Distinguished alumni serve on a panel to answer students’ questions, give advice and

are doing, what they have done and the success that they have had and how Ole Miss has shaped them for that success,” Pyron said. In the spring, SAC sponsors a Mentor Program in which members are matched with designated alumni within the

at football games and hosts community service events. “I want for students to have a sense of pride about our university and about the alumni that makes up this university,” Pyron said. “When you combine the two, I think you have a better overall university atmosphere.”

I want for students to have a sense of pride about our university and about the alumni that makes up this university. When you combine the two, I think you have a better overall university atmosphere.

“It’s been a great way to network,” business senior Virginia Tracy said. “I’ve had the chance to meet so many alumni that are invested in the success of the students involved.” Through various programs

share life experiences. This event is open to all students as a way to give more people a chance to learn about the OMAA, SAC and the alumni themselves. “It’s just a time for students to see what Ole Miss alumni

same career field. Through the Mentor Program, SAC members are given the chance to reach out to alumni for potential job opportunities and professional or personal advice. The SAC also sells t-shirts

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lifestyles PAGE 4 | THE DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN | 5 September 2013 | lifestyles

Living that Bass Drum of Death dream By Phil McCausland

You’re on stage. The last band just finished, and you’re up. As you prepare to play, the crowd below you begins to grow and swell – flood. People are oozing in from every cardinal direction. You’re surrounded, suffocated by people. It’s a horizon of heads: giggling, screaming, yelping heads. All of them there for you. Some might toss their instrument and rush to the nearest garbage pail, but John Barrett was seeping with cool when he, as Bass Drum of Death, was presented with the situation. “It’s kind of like riding in an airplane for me. You feel a little nervous but then I buckle in and take off.� Earlier this August, Oxford resi-

dent and Ole Miss grad John Barrett played La Route du Rock, a festival in France, that provided thousands of thrilled, locked-in fans. “It’s crazy, going super far away from home and people knowing words to (your) song and asking about really random, obscure things. It’s fun,� Barrett said. They were there for him and his blazing sound, his adrenalinepumping stage performances. The only time I’ve seen someone successfully crowd surf in Oxford was at a Bass Drum of Death show. Now imagine an Oxford show of that magnitude and blow it up thirty or forty times. I imagine it was pretty killer. Luckily for us poor bastards who couldn’t make it to France, Bass Drum of Death just released its second album through Oxford-based


Fat Possum Records. The self-titled “Bass Drum of Death� was recorded entirely by Barrett – a drum kit, guitars, a computer and an ability to write hooks that force you to be invested. It’s the kind of music that makes you drum with your feet as you sit at your desk, chipping away at your problems. There’s a good amount of head bobbing involved, too, and, for me, some daydreaming about me tearing it up in a swordfight. Thankfully, Barrett has no choice but to provide me my daydreams and your tapping feet. He can’t live without it. “It’s stress release for me, anxiety release,� he said. “Something to work on. It’s like how some people feel after they exercise. You know how you feel better after you exercise? That’s how I feel like after I record songs. It’s one of those things I have to do for my own well-being.�




John Barrett sitting on his couch at his home, the Dude Ranch, in Oxford.

He’s thankful for how things have worked out for him. Becoming an international rock star is a dream many children have, then those kids grow up to become statutory cost auditors, but not Barrett. He stuck

Honey Bee Bakery



is the place to bee

For Dinner • 6-10 pm • Fri-Sat BYOB • Call for Reservations 2 3 0 5 W. J a c k s o n Av e n u e S u i t e 2 0 2 • 6 6 2 . 2 3 6 . 2 4 9 0

with the dream. “I’d be doing music whether I got paid for it or not. The fact that I can support myself on it is pretty rad.� Don’t let his success make you think he’s going to lend his guitar to the dust bunnies, though. The man doesn’t have time for feather dusters – he’s got big plans. “The end goal is to be the biggest band in the world,� he told me, chuckling. So pop by End of All Music, ask a clerk to blast you with Bass Drum of Death’s “Bass Drum of Death,� and support the dreams, daydreams and tapping feet.






Nkemdiche, Morris leave void for Rebels

FILE PHOTO (THOMAS GRANING) | The Daily Mississippian

Denzel Nkemdiche rushes Vanderbilt’s quarterback Thursday night.

have to do to make this defense a better defense,” Bryant said during fall camp. Bryant credits his offseason improvements to a new conditioning routine he tested out prior to this season. He ran with skill position players and dieted. While that helps, having learned the defense should also show returns for him.  “I tell you last year, I didn’t know the defense at all. I feel like that’s one of the reasons that I didn’t play,” Bryant said. “I just sat down, broke it down, watched film and went in there and did what I had to do and I learned the defense and now it’s making me better and play a lot faster.” With the loss of Morris, the Rebels need more of a team effiort. 

Against Vanderbilt, they slid sophomore Justin Bell over to left guard and subbed in true freshman Austin Golson at right guard. For Bell, it wasn’t about returning to the position that he played in high school and getting more meaningful snaps than he has in career, it was about who he had replaced at left guard.  Morris and Bell have been teammates since high school at Callaway High School in Jackson and have remained close at Ole Miss. “It was devastating,” Bell said. “Coach kind of pulled me off to the side and it was tough holding back tears. He’s like my brother and you never want to see that happen to anybody. I shot him a text and told him we came in together, we have to go out togeth-

er. We have to go out on top.” The offensive line also appeared to be a position that could absorb an injury and get away with it and that appears to be the case, although Morris, a starter, is not the piece on the offensive line the Rebels wanted to lose. As a unit, the offensive line looked to have made an improvement when Bell slid over and Golson assumed responsibilities at right guard. As for other contributors to help fill the void left by Morris, there will also seniors Jared Duke and Patrick Junen.  “We do have depth,” Bell said. “That’s one thing we have this year and that is depth.” And the Rebels are going to need it going forward.

By John Luke McCord

One of the Best Banks in America, now open in one of America’s Best Small Towns. You probably know that Oxford has been named One of the 100 Best Small Towns in America.* What you may not know is that Forbes has named Trustmark one of the Best Banks in America. If that sounds like a perfect match to you, you’ll be pleased to know that Trustmark now has two Oxford locations: Courthouse Square and Jackson Avenue. We welcome all SOUTHBank-Oxford customers to the Trustmark family, and we look forward to giving you the personalized service that Trustmark customers have enjoyed for more than a century. So come see us. We promise to give you nothing but our very best, every day.

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After experiencing a season without many major injuries last season, Hugh Freeze is now facing a season-ending injury to junior offensive lineman in Aaron Morris, as he tore his ACL Thursday night against Vanderbilt, and a torn meniscus to sophomore linebacker Denzel Nkemdiche, who will be out four to six weeks. In the absence of Nkemdiche, the Rebels will rely more heavily on junior Serderius Bryant and will slide junior Keith Lewis over and see what he can do at outside linebacker. With Lewis sliding over some, that will likely mean more reps at middle linebacker for senior D.T. Shackelford.  “I feel we are capable enough,” Lewis said of himself and Bryant carrying the load while Nkemdiche is injured. “With me playing stinger in the spring and Bird(Bryant) having one of the best camps he’s had since he’s been here, I feel good.” While linebacker was one of the few positions on the team that could absorb an injury, the production of Nkemdiche will not be easy to replace. However, it is the leadership that Nkemdiche provides that could really be where the Rebel defense feels the bigger loss.  “Loss of leadership, loss of a very bright individual,” Lewis says of what the defense will be losing in Nkemdiche.  While Lewis has received his fair share of praise this offseason and his role was well known from the beginning, it was Bryant who would be making a name for himself this season.  Bryant has always been a solid player, but playing behind Nkemdiche can take some of the headlines away. Now, following a solid fall camp, Bryant could be sliding into a starting role in the absence of Nkemdiche.  “I feel great. I feel like the coaches have prepared me the right way to go out and do what I

*As noted in The 100 Best Small Towns in America by Norman Crampton From, December 18, 2012 ©2012 All rights reserved. Used by permission and protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States. The printing, copying, redistribution, or retransmission of this Content without express written permission is prohibited.


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Freeze pleased after sluggish Monday, Tuesday practices emphasis on (special teams),” Freeze noted. “Today we spent 20 minutes on (special teams), Wednesday’s practice is so that’s a pretty good piece of something that Hugh Freeze practice for you to spend on it. hopes can give his team some“I hope it pays off. We were thing to model after. After pretty solid the other night Monday and Tuesday left him (against Vanderbilt), except for unimpressed, Wednesday certhat last kickoff coverage.” tainly did not. While Freeze noted that it is “It was a good day,” Freeze too early to begin to evaluate said following Wednesday’s the running back position, he work. “I really like the way we did note they were up against a went about our work today in good Vanderbilt defensive line meetings and out here on the last Thursday night and that field. We’ve got to hopefully get he felt much better about their an understanding that that’s performance in the second half.  what you do on a work day.” As far as the defense goes, Freeze said that Monday and Ole Miss will be going up Tuesday’s practices were lackagainst Southeastern Missouri ing attention to detail. He said this weekend, and Freeze says he hopes a practice like today they do “a lot of stuff.” can show them that they must “They do a lot of movement, come to work in the precious a lot of twists,” he said. “That’s time they have.  their answer. They try to play “Hopefully we didn’t waste coverage and do a lot of games too much time, but today was a up front. good day,” He said.  “They’ll make you look bad Twenty minutes of the pracon some plays because (of their tice, according to Freeze, was scheme), but hopefully we can spent working on special teams.  catch them on some of them Freeze credited today’s speand have good play calling at cial teams work in practice the right time that gives us an to his days at Arkansas State advantage.” where he served as offensive Freeze also noted that the coordinator under then head Redhawks’ defense is similar coach Steve Roberts. to some he saw while at Arkan“I like the way he put an By John Luke McCord

FILE PHOTO (KATIE WILLIAMSON) | The Daily Mississippian

Head coach Hugh Freeze talks to his team during practice last week.

sas State, and they mainly stay back in coverage and try to prevent the big play. On the injury front, it appears that receiver Vincent Sanders is ahead of schedule. “I don’t know that even if (Sanders) was ready that I would play him in the Texas

game,” Freeze said. “I want to make sure he gets well. But he’s ahead of schedule a little bit.” Freeze noted that he will be rotating four guards on Saturday and that he also might rotate senior tackle Emmanuel McCray into that mix. Then Freeze again spoke of

segmenting the season into different parts. He said that before the conclusion of the first part of the season, the first four games, he would like to have his rotation finalized.

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