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Feed the ASB passes new spring budget, Hunger invocation resolution hosts annual Pack-AThon BY LACEY RUSSELL

The University of Mississippi’s Feed the Hunger organization will be hosting its annual Pack-AThon Feb. 28-29 at the Jackson Avenue Center. Feed the Hunger provides nutrient-rich food and necessities to more than 7,500 malnourished children in countries across the world and within the United States. “We’re trying to pack 140,000 meals, which costs $38,000,” said Kate Redding, Feed the Hunger student representative. “Right now we have about $20,000, so that’s why we’re still trying to encourage people to sign up.” This year Feed the Hunger is partnering with local charities Lovepacks and More Than a Meal. A list of items that both organizations need people to bring is posted on Feed the Hunger’s Facebook page. Redding asks that everyone who plans to attend bring an item from the list. “This event saves so many children’s lives and is a direct representation of how a lot of hard work can benefit so many people,” Feed the Hunger chairman Ashley Bigbie said. “Every person who participates is providing food for a child, who is most likely only able to receive this one meal a day, for an entire year. Participation from the community and all students and organizations on campus is vital to the success of this very deserving cause.” Redding said people throughout the community have already signed up to participate in the upcoming event, and the diversity of groups ranges from churches and See HUNGER, PAGE 5

OPINION: A nation’s elite

FILE PHOTO (THOMAS GRANING) | The Daily Mississippian

ASB Vice President Morgan Gregory counts votes at a senate meeting last semester.


The Associated Student Body senate voted unanimously Tuesday to pass the 2014 spring budget. The budget allocated $4,050 dollars to 21 campus organizations. After passing

dents will fill out,” White said. “Then either the treasurer of that organization or the president will come and interview with us. It’s a pretty rigorous interview for us to learn why they want the money and what they are going to use it for.” The budget was brought


Architect hired for athletic projects BY CHEKAREY HAILEY

The University of Mississippi hired AECOM Technology as the new architect for the VaughtHemingway Stadium expansion and the new basketball arena construction. The Vaught-Hemingway Stadium expansion will include additional suites and club seats and bowl the north end zone of the stadium. Executive Director of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation Keith Carter said that after selling out basketball and football games, the changes are much-needed. “I think for us we’ve always been at an arms race,” Carter

Is Rap Black Enough?

Innocent until proven…. associated? See Page 2

this budget, the ASB gave a total of $64,050 to student organizations this school year. ASB Treasurer Madison White said the organizations had to go through an interview process to receive the funds. “We have applications that student organization presi-

before the senate to gain approval before it went into effect. The senators also passed a resolution to hold an invocation before each senate meeting. The resolution was written in response to a judicial hearing in 2011 that ruled invocations before senate meetings to be against The University of Mississippi Constitution. Authors, Senator Emerson George, Senator Sam Hearn, and Senator Jake Loyer, presented the resolution. They explained that this resolution is not something that would go into effect upon a vote. They said the purpose of this resolution was to show senate support when taken before the judicial council. George said that the resolution does not force anyone to pray but guarantees students the right to prayer as is established by the United States Constitution. “I just want to make sure that it’s known that the Associated Student Body does not stand for infringing on its rights,” George said. “We are an open campus, and we ful-

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said. “As the SEC continues to grow, so must we in order to meet our additional needs for premium seating.” The funds for the basketball arena will come from Ole Miss Forward Together donations as well as $80 million the university borrowed. AECOM will begin excavation for the new basketball arena over spring break. Construction will start in late fall of the 2015-16 season. The arena will seat 9,500 fans and will include a number of first class amenities. The arena will include a private student concourse, courtside and baseline seating for students, three premium club areas, more than 1,500 See HIRED, PAGE 5

FILE PHOTO | The Daily Mississippian

The football stadium is seen last year.



Rebels rally past Louisiana-Monroe

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A nation’s elite BY CORY FERRAEZ

What happens when groups of the nation’s wealthiest Wall Streeters get together in a secret society to chime, rip and rhyme about the perceived persecutions of their tirelessly wealthy lifestyle? You can find out in a recent story published in New York Magazine by a reporter who crashed a Kappa Beta Phi initiation of Wall Street’s notable elites. A nation’s elite tells much about the direction of a country. Sometimes, it depicts progress and commitment, hard work and determination. But here, in this drag-induced, skit-filled arena, we have 200 of the nation’s top executives from all of the too-bigto-fail institutions, private equity firms and hedge funds preparing

to induct 21 “neophytes” to an ingratiated-esque culture. The New York Magazine article presents a terrific insight into this supposed secret event: “Dixie” and “I Believe” songs turned relevant with new phrases that mocked the financial crisis, while others giggled at the thought of having to be bailed out by the government’s ever-watchful eye. Combined with a few tasteless jokes, we have a party fit for the individuals the author claimed included enough wealth and power that if you had dropped a bomb on the roof, global finance as we know it might have ceased to exist. I’m always interested in financial goings-on, being an aspiring financial services lawyer may do that to me. Yet I’m even more interested in the mindset of our 1 percent. Since the financial services industry seems to comprise a healthy percentage of that 1 percent, their conduct is indicative of our nation’s character, not to mention our future. I don’t

side with Occupy Wall Street. I don’t side with those who ridicule the wealthy and create class divides. What a pathetic excuse to drum up votes. A majority of the wealthy are hardworking and don’t display this type of mockery. I also don’t side with a handful of people controlling the affairs of our country, yet we allow it to happen. I do, however, side with class, morals and the only thing that we have left — our character. No amount of money can truly change that. A nation where politicians and elites gleefully side with the “House of Cards”-like activity in our nation’s capital and elsewhere is suspect and troubling. And these same business leaders at this ceremony happily recite and mock the necessity of government handouts and corporate welfare. Peggy Noonan struck a pitch-perfect chord with her recent “Our Decadence Elites” blog piece. It’s telling that this secret society conduct is a slap in the face

to hardworking Americans who, by necessity, take life one day at a time — living paycheck to paycheck, bearing responsibility with little rest and little thanks. Americans faced tough days with slashed 401(k)s and delayed retirement back when the onset of our government’s poor policy decisions were being revealed. It’s telling of a nation’s future where elites blame government for their problems, and the government blames them for the problems of everyone. That sort of game is fit for cronyism if I’ve ever seen it. Finally, it’s telling of a nation with elites gawking at its citizenry with supposed unpretentious, jolly good ole times. I agree with Ms. Noonan, it seems like they were not laughing in the moment, but laughing at us. How interesting our nation’s economic future looks in the hands of these few from a thousand miles away. Cory Ferraez is a third-year law student from Columbus.


Innocent until proven ... associated?


Recently it has come to be known that the three young men who put a noose and Georgia state flag on the James Meredith statue were part of Greek life at Ole Miss. Statistically this information isn’t staggering, as well over a quarter of students at the university are involved in Greek organizations. The concern arising from the students’ past affiliation with a fraternity is the idea that there might be others or more like them within this large social construct. Certainly each “house” in the Greek system attempts to generate members of a similar nature. Certainly these “houses” and the system by which they recruit members is exclusionary and T H E D A I LY

MISSISSIPPIAN The University of Mississippi S. Gale Denley Student Media Center 201 Bishop Hall Main Number: 662.915.5503 Email: dmeditor@gmail. com Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

fosters adherence to similar standards of conduct, which at times may induce a touch of mindless herd mentality. However, to assume that the actions of a few reflect the intent of many is not only wrong, but also harmful. Overreaction is just as destructive as apathy, and as the university reels from this incident, I encourage the community to take rational and fair steps toward handling this situation. As with any incident of extremism that damages the collective good, the affected populous looks for someone to blame, to prosecute; they search for a system that could possibly have generated motivation for the baffling action that has taken place. The Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the fraternity to which the three boys belonged, has been “indefinitely suspended” by its national headquarters as they “conduct a comprehensive review of the membership.” For those calling for the fraternity’s suspension to become per-

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manent, I ask, why now? Let the investigation proceed and ensure it is thorough, but until evidence of the Alpha chapter having fostered racial or discriminatory behavior emerges, don’t punish innocent students by barring them from an institution of Ole Miss student life. Individuals from all sects of society perpetrate acts of stupidity and extremism; however, this fact alone does not condone punishing people by innocent association. It is now our collective responsibility to heal and grow together, working to discourage hate and educate about acceptance, which ultimately sends a far stronger message than dismantling a group of 135 that unwittingly contained three radicals. Ole Miss community, I urge you not to take the easy way out of this deeply wounding incident. Boarding up the Sig Ep chapter at Ole Miss and patting ourselves on the back for having struck a blow for racial equal-

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ity would be a travesty. This is a time for broad social introspection, not for playing the blame game. Ole Miss and Oxford culture need to take a look inward and search for ways each of us as individuals can overcome this abominable action and prevent others like it. As said by Ole Miss Sig Ep President Jeremy Smith, “That three students who previously identified with our fraternity (and university) could do something like this has been a humbling experience … I hope to use this humbling moment and the national stage it has created to lead our chapter and this campus in an effort to ensure that nothing like this ever occurs again at The University of Mississippi.” Let us do just that — work together as a united community instead of attempt to dismantle each other in retribution. Whitney Greer is a sophomore English major from Medford, Ore.


Highway 7 plan to bring new shopping options BY KYLIE MCFADDEN

On Feb. 10, the Oxford Planning Commission voted in favor of rezoning an approximately 25-acre tract of land off Highway 7 South from residential development to general business, allowing for a planned new shopping center to be pitched to the Board of Aldermen in the coming weeks. The 60-acre lot’s original purpose was to be developed solely for residential use, but the planning commission’s vote will allow for both residential and commercial development to occur. The commission’s approval came with conditions, however. These conditions include the exclusion of certain types of retail establishments that may be seen as disruptive to the surrounding neighborhoods, such as warehouses or businesses that rely heavily on use of outdoor storage. City planner Tim Akers com-

mented on how the rezoning would correspond with the future of the Oxford community. “Retail and service opportunities grow as Oxford’s population grows,” Akers said. “Commercial expansion will continue if there is sufficient population growth to support the expansion.” The plan as it exists in its early stages features the 25-acre lot with one entrance facing Highway 7 South and another entrance off County Road 322. A retention lake is situated between the shopping center and Windsor Falls subdivision. The remaining 35 acres will be left for future neighborhood development. The approval process will take about two months, according to Oxford real estate agent Wil Matthews. After the meeting with the planning commission, there will be three more meetings with the Board of Aldermen, the third being an official vote on the construction plan. Neighborhoods in the area


have expressed concern about the nature of the shopping center. The homeowners association of Windsor Falls, which immediately backs up to the property, has expressed its interest in the matter. Matthews said he and his clients plan to meet with the concerned neighborhoods. “We hope that any zoning

changes undertaken will not harm but enhance our neighborhood’s appeal,” Matthews said. Pending the approval of the Board of Aldermen, Matthews said the planned shopping center would likely contain communityfriendly retail options such as grocery stores, restaurants and banks as well as other neighborhood-supporting everyday con-

veniences. A previous attempt to get permission to develop student condominiums and apartments on the property failed. “The Board of Aldermen denied the rezoning request for more apartments on the site because they felt there was no need for additional RCzoned property in the area,” Akers said.


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Is rap black enough? BY JARED BOYD

“I heard that brother got knowledge of self ” said by Brand Nubian, a popular 1990s rap group, in“Wake Up.” Like many great rap artists in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Brand Nubian laced its beats with large doses of black knowledge through lessons in history, religion, self-determination and nationalism. The last few days of Black History Month are upon us, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide whether or not knowledge of self was the forefront of this year’s celebration. There were the endless memes on Instagram and Twitter feeds that honored, in jest, made-up historical figures like “Thelma Jenkins — The First Black Woman to Go Through Her Man’s Phone.” There was the shocking defacement of the statue of the most prominent black figure in our school’s history. It was hard not to wish that something as easy as turning on the radio could give me a healthy serving of black awareness to put me in the festive mood. Rap music is the foremost medium in our society that is actively maintained by black youth in

America. Although not exclusive to blacks, it would be hard to argue against its birth, growth and dominance within minority culture. In the genesis of its development as an art form, it would have likely proved impossible to listen to its most well-known acts without hearing a wealth of black historical content. Organizations that had their fingerprints all over the expansion of rap in its early years include the Universal Zulu Nation, a collective formed by Afrika Bambaataa, and the Five Percenters, an offshoot of the Nation of Islam. Through the influence of artists like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Eric B. & Rakim, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Poor Righteous Teachers, Public Enemy and Gang Starr, black ideologies that once belonged to abolitionists, political activists and the elite thinkers of black history found a new home over beats and rhymes. KRS-One used the entire second verse on “Ah-Yeah” in 1995 to mention many of the black change-makers he felt the chapters of history books overlooked. “I came as Harriet Tubman, I put the truth to Sojourner, other times I had to come as Nat Turner,” he wrote, imagining his spirit being

reincarnated throughout history. “They tried to burn me, lynch me and starve me, so I had to come back as Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley.” There are even examples within the work of one of rap’s biggest selling artists, 2Pac. On his first album, 2Pacalypse Now, he asked the questions, “No Malcolm X in my text, why is that? ‘Cause he tried to educate and liberate all blacks” and “Why is Martin Luther King in my book each week? He told blacks, if they get smacked, turn the other cheek.” This February, the hottest song I’ve heard on rap radio was “Danny Glover” by Young Thug, a song with a title that to some may sound like a tribute to the black thespian best known for his contribution to the lengthy “Lethal Weapon” series. Where Young Thug sets the stage for what could have been a pretty decent lesson on how black men could fight oppression to excel in action films opposite Mel Gibson, he falls drastically short. The song ends up being a party jam that most people probably will not be able to understand, considering Thugger’s squeaky, spastic delivery. If any one is able to decipher the lyrics, they will be treated to learning about topics


Cover art of Boogie Down Productions’s ‘By All Means Necessary’

like a Bentley that came preassembled with a girl already inside or the time that he left $10,000 inside a taxi. In the landscape of hip hop today, artists who integrate much of the same thought as KRSOne, Brand Nubian and early

examples from 2Pac within their rap repertoire are pushed out of the mainstream in favor of artists that are more commercially viable like Wale, Juicy J and Drake. Artists who carry the torch for black See RAP, PAGE 5

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premium seats and an intimate seating bowl. The construction on VaughtHemingway is set to begin after the 2014 football season and will last until December 2015. The university plans on raising $35 million to complete the project. “We are fiscally responsible and intend to remain good stewards,” Carter said. “The project will fund itself. We have had major gift giving.” Forward Together set a goal to raise $150 million for the stadium expansion. The campaign has raised $105 million thus far. The university plans to avoid borrowing money for the stadium project. The expansion will be paid through donations and the profit from selling priority seats. 30 new premium seats have already been purchased but the project is still in the beginning stages. Students have expressed positive feedback to the upcoming changes. Managerial finance and real estate sophomore Will Rankin said the improvement to Ole Miss will soon be evident. “Although we are giving up some parking and conveniences now, new and improved athletic facilities will be an asset for the university in the future,” Rankin said.

ly reflect the United States Constitution and the ruling of our higher bodies, so we need to act in a manner accordingly.” Hearn said he thought having an invocation would be a way to make senate meetings more inclusive. “In writing the resolution, I really wanted to help foster community and unity within our campus senate,” Hearn said. The resolution passed with 26 votes in affirmation, no votes in negation, and 11 votes in abstention in a roll call vote.

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ASB President Gregory Alston said he was happy the senators passed the resolution. “I’m in complete support of the Invocation Act 2014,” Alston said. “I was actually an ASB senator when the invocation was taken away from the senate, so I believe there should be a prayer to open the senate meeting. What they are passing is not something that forces somebody to give a certain type of prayer. Anybody can give whatever prayer they would like to according to their religion, but I’m in support of the senate meeting being opened up in an invocation.”




10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in the ballroom at the Inn at Ole Miss

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awareness through rhyme like Immortal Technique, Dead Prez and Brother Ali are left to peddle their music to niche blogs and festivals. There is an opportunity to teach the masses about the issues of the black community, through the lens of those who deal with them every day. Is the responsibility on us to support those artists who are presenting interesting conversations, using black history as a context, or does it fall on the artists we know and love to produce music with more thought-provoking content related to the past and present of their culture? Maybe by next February there will be a clear-cut answer.

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families to sororities and fraternities. “Feed the Hunger is three things: feeding the physical, helping a child receive an education and feeding the spiritual – the word of God,” event coordinator Melinda Staples said. “It is also feeding the hunger within you, the event participant, to make a difference in a life. So many people search their entire life trying to fill that void within them and wanting to do something greater. Here is a way that they can fulfill that desire.” According to Redding, the hands-on experience that Feed the Hunger provides its volunteers is what sets it apart from other charities. “The reason that I love this and I’m behind it so much is because you actually get to deliver the food

we pack,” Redding said. “It’s not like you’re just writing a check. It’s hands-on. You’re physically packing the food, and then your peers are actually delivering it.” In the winter of 2012, Redding and her fellow student representative Casey Hice took a trip with Feed the Hunger to deliver packaged food in Haiti. “You can’t even describe it unless you actually see the way that some of these people live. It’s just really incredible,” Redding said. “I mean, given their circumstances they’re so happy. You walk in and the kids are dancing and running around and screaming and laughing. They just want to be held and played with. They’re not just excited about the food. They’re excited for you to be there.” The cost to participate in this year’s Pack-A-Thon is $65. To sign up or learn more about upcoming volunteer events, contact

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The fusco BroThers




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Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 with no repeats.

Sudoku #1 1 3 4 6 8 7 6 9 9 2 5 1 7 8 2 5 3 5 1 8 4 6 9 2 6 4 8 7 5 9 7 3 2 1 3 4

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© 2013





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5 9 1 7 6

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Insane Sudoku by KrazyDad, Volume 1, Book 8

Puzzles by KrazyDad

By Wiley

By Garry Trudeau

"We are an impossibility in an impossible universe." -- Ray Bradbury

Insane Sudoku by KrazyDad, Volume 1, Book 8

atch area

6 6 9



Sudoku #1




Sudoku #7 7 6 8 4 2 1 9 7 5 3 4 2 1 9 7 6 6 8 5 1 3 4 2 5 9 2 1 8 4 5 3 9 8 7 6 3





By scoTT adams

NoN sequiTur

9 7 8 5



By J.c. duffy






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Rebels searching for win against visiting Tide BY TYLER BISCHOFF

Ole Miss men’s basketball is looking to stop a fourgame losing streak tonight, as it plays host to Southeastern Conference foe Alabama. The Rebels were once 7-3 in conference play and had a two-game lead for third place in the SEC standings. Now, at 7-7, Ole Miss is in a sevenway tie for fourth. “I have never seen it,” head coach Andy Kennedy said. “Everything else is still up for grabs as it relates to how teams play down the stretch.” And Ole Miss (16-11, 7-7 SEC) begins the final stretch with Alabama (11-16, 5-9). Alabama sits 11th in the SEC standings, two games back of that seven-way tie. The Crimson Tide would love to jump up at least one spot in the standings, as seeds 11-14 of the SEC tournament play in the first round, while seeds five through 10 get a bye. The top four seeds get a double bye, which is what Ole Miss is playing for. Currently, the Rebels would win the seven-way tiebreaker, but with two weeks’ worth of games left, there is a lot to be determined. But Ole Miss needs to find

its footing. Losers of four straight, Kennedy’s team has fallen off of the NCAA tournament bubble, and now, Kennedy would just like to see a win. “It’s been two weeks since we have won a game,” Kennedy said. “It’s not a good feeling. I want our guys to share that sentiment and look forward to having the next opportunity.” But Alabama is the team that started this losing streak, as the Rebels fell 67-64. Trevor Releford was key to that Alabama win. Not only did he make the game-winning three with under a second on the clock, Releford also scored 14 of Alabama’s final 16 points. He assisted on the only basket he didn’t score. “He’s a first-team all-league player,” Kennedy said. “They have their ups and downs, as we have all had. If a few games had gone the other way in Alabama’s favor, he would be in the conversation for most valuable player in the league simply because of what he means to their team.” Releford is scoring 19 points per game; he scored 26 against Ole Miss. No one else is averaging double figures for Alabama, although Shannon Hale is scoring 10.4 points

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per game in conference play. In the last game Alabama played, an 80-73 home win over Missouri, Levi Randolph showed out with 33 points. It was only the third SEC game in which Alabama’s leading scorer was not Releford. Alabama has been hapless outside of Tuscaloosa this season. The Crimson Tide are 0-12 in road or neutral-site games. That should bode well for Ole Miss, but even a win won’t erase what the last two weeks have done to Ole Miss’ NCAA tournament hopes. “It’s easy to look back and live in the world of would have, could have, should have,” Kennedy said. “You can see the finish line. You have two weeks left in the regular season leading to Atlanta. We know we have five more games. How we play in those five games will determine what happens next.” The game will start at 7 p.m. in the Tad Smith Coliseum. There will be no television broadcast, but the game can be seen online via Watch ESPN. For continuing coverage of Ole Miss men’s basketball, follow @ Tyler_RSR and @thedm_sports on Twitter.

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FILE PHOTO (ALEX EDWARDS) | The Daily Mississippian

Ole Miss head coach Andy Kennedy calls a play during the second half of the game against Florida


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Rebels rally past Louisiana-Monroe BY MATT SIGLER

It took a ninth-inning rally, but the Ole Miss baseball team was able to come back and beat Louisiana-Monroe 5-4 in game one of a two-game midweek series. With the win the Rebels improved to 7-1 on the year, while the loss dropped the Warhawks to 4-4. Ole Miss jumped on the board early with a two-run home run from junior center fielder Auston Bousfield in the bottom of the first, but Louisiana-Monroe would tack on four runs in the top of the second on an RBI single and a three-run double to gain the lead to 4-2. Ole Miss would pull within one in the fourth on a dropped third strike errant throw to first base that allowed the runner on third to score. For the next four innings, the Rebels would be shut down at the plate until late game heroics came into play. First, freshman second baseman Dalton Dulin tied the game at four with an RBI groundout. Then, junior left fielder Braxton Lee ended the game on a ground ball to the shortstop that was thrown in

the dirt to the first baseman and snuck by him allowing the winning run to score for the Rebels. “I really thought it was all the at-bats,” Bianco said of the ninth inning rally. “Starting with (Colby) Bortles — freshman has a great at-bat and has a walk. Then Holt (Perdzock) gets up, another great at-bat and chinks one in. Then Errol (Robinson) comes up, another great at-bat and takes a breaking ball in the back. But then the speed took over. “Dalton hits what looks like a routine double play ball, but he runs a great 90 to first and beats it out to tie the game up. Then of course Braxton (Lee) at the end. When he chopped that ball, I didn’t think he was going to have a play. He’s just too good down the baseline.” Ole Miss starting pitcher sophomore right-hander Jacob Waguespack turned in four innings of work, giving up four runs on four hits with two strikeouts. Despite leaving the game with the Rebels trailing, the bullpen took over and kept the Rebels in the game, throwing five innings of one-hit, shutout baseball. Sophomore left-hander Matt

ADITYA KHARE | The Daily Mississippian

Teammates congratulate Braxton Lee (11) after Lee’s game winning RBI single against Louisiana-Monroe Tuesday.

Denny went three innings in relief and gave up just one hit with two strikeouts, and sophomore right-hander Preston Tarkington and freshman lefthander Wyatt Short closed out the game for Ole Miss. “Terrific,” Bianco said of the bullpen. “To have these kinds of wins and have these kinds of comebacks, you always talk

about the offense which is the obvious thing, but certainly, one of the most important ingredients is on the mound. You’ve got to put up some zeroes, and after the second, we put up a bunch of zeroes. “It started with Denny, and I thought he looked terrific. I thought Preston was really sharp, and Wyatt Short, for

his third outing of the year, looked really dominant.” The Rebels will finish the series with Louisiana-Monroe today with first pitch scheduled for 4 p.m. For continuing coverage of Ole Miss baseball, follow @SigNewton_2 and @thedm_sports on Twitter.


The Daily Mississippian – February 26, 2014  

The DM – 02.26.14

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