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Tuesday september 11, 2012


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Gia Coppola, Tatiana von Furstenberg, Jacqui Getty Midperformance at Webster Hall Sarah Jessica Parker

Oscar de la Renta and Giancarlo Giammetti

Rico the Zombie

your daily dose Lil’ Kim


Carol Lim, Chloë Sevigny, and Humberto Leon

Opening Ceremony’s 10th anniversary


Mon dieu. Leave it to Opening Ceremony to throw the week’s first full-fledged raver at Webster Hall. DJs, performance artists, M.I.A, and Lil’ Kim were just a few of the attractions that kept crowds raging all night. Rose petals, Warhol-esque silver balloons abounded, copious amounts of confetti, a Momofuku cookie bar, and caffeinespiked coconut water provided both fuel and eye candy. ☛ Much, much earlier in the day, DvF took her runway bow alongside Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The two, along with a coterie of DvF models, sported prototypes of the new ‘Google goggles,’ which record and play videos, take photos, reveal text messages, and much more. They’ll cost around $1,500, and will be on sale...eventually!

Sergey Brin

ARRIVAL REPORT! With German Vogue’s Christiane Arp

I always expect a mix of eighties glamour and 21st century smarts with a wink. —Ingrid

Paul Sevigny


Kelly Osbourne

The Daily Wonders... o? Thoughts on Honey Boo Bo Nate Berkus: I’m sure it will probably implode at some point, but I Ariel Foxman can’t look away. George Wayne: I haven’t seen it, but I like the notion of trailer trash. Ariel Foxman: I love it! If it’s true they are only getting paid $40,000, I hope they quadruple George their salaries. Kotsiopoulos


George Kotsiopoulos: I’m not really a fan of those kinds of shows. I didn’t get that gay Real Housewives gene. Cory Bond: The trailer kind of made me feel sad. Carlos Campos: No, but I’ve been hearing about her stomach. Ingrid Sischy: Not yet. I wanted to watched this week, but Obama’s speech was on. I have to say, her name is irresistible!

How are things in Germany? Really good! We just had Fashion’s Night Out, and it was really successful. They consider it a shopping event and really buy! What was the highlight of your summer? We stayed in Europe most of the time, and then went to Indonesia. I saw some beautifully dressed women while traveling, and some of them were from Germany, which I liked. DvF’s show is always a highlight. Even Oscar de la Renta is here! That is the great thing about being in New York! It’s a real celebration of fashion. I like that friends such as Oscar de la Renta support friends. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of competition between designers, which is a great way to think. Are you jet lagged? I arrived yesterday and I went running this morning, so I’m OK. How many miles did you run? I just count in kilometers, but I think in miles I ran four in the gym. No Central Park? I have a bad back, so it’s better on the treadmill.

Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan: I’m concerned for her future, but I’m optimistic. She’s today’s Shirley Temple. I’m a big proponent of child George pageants. I would have Wayne loved to be in one when I was a kid. Mary Alice Stephenson: It’s pathetic that someone would even film that. It’s child abuse! When you’re 16 or 18, you can Honey Boo Boo it all you want.


With Fran Leibowitz

You’re always so punctual! I am without question the single most reliable person in New York. Do you get bored? No, because I’m observing my fellow man. I’ve never been bored for one second of my life. Do you ever watch TV? Only to fall asleep. What do you watch? Whatever is on at 3:00

or 4:00 in the morning. C-Span, usually. Have you ever ordered anything from QVC? No. I’ve hardly bought anything in my life. What are you working on? I am ever hopeful that I’m going to finish a book. I have two unfinished ones— both were started in the last century.

T H I S PA G E : B FA N YC . C O M ( 1 1 ) ; G E T T Y I M A G E S ( 9 ) ; PAT R I C K M C M U L L A N . C O M

P O U R L AV I C T O I R E . C O M 1 . 8 5 5 . P O U R L AV

Gettin’ it Daily!

Leave it to Tara Subkoff to call her presentation “This is Not a Fashion Show.” Held at the Bortolami Gallery in Chelsea, women of all ages played dress-up in her Spring confections. The beauty look? Effortless—with a little help from BaByliss PRO lead stylist David Cruz, the line’s Nano Titanium straightener, Portofino dryer, and Nano Titanium curling iron.


front row Brandusa Niro Editor in Chief, CEO Executive Editor Ashley Baker

your daily dose MARLON GOBEL BaByliss PRO: The tricks of the trade!

STAR TALK With Paris Hilton


DOING SHOTS! With Pamela SkaistLevy

With Gela Nash-Taylor

Are those tequila shots on the editors’ tables? You bet! We’re from California. It’s like the Wild West. Anything goes. And we love tequila. Who took shots? Everyone. Look at all the empty glasses.


Would you have any desire to go to space? They asked me a couple of years ago to go with Richard Branson. I’m supposed to go, but I’m kind of nervous. I don’t want to get stuck up in space or come back a million years from now and be like, ‘Dope, all my friends are gone.’ It would be incredible, but I’d be scared. I fly around the world, but that’s a different story. Do you watch stars? Like stars in the sky? Not really. In L.A. there’s too much smog, you can’t really see the stars. If I go camping on my ranch, I’ll enjoy them.

Olivia Palermo

CHIC EATS FROM walgreens!

Fern Mallis


Shameless canoodling!

Beautiful people eating during the shows? Mais oui! Thanks to Walgreens, showgoers are stocking up on a gratis newsstand full of treats downtown at Milk, with bevvies of irresistible glossies like your dear Lynn Yaeger Daily. To find out more about who’s indulging—or Bill Cunningham to share your own musings—tweet at #MADEtoEat. g e tt y ( 5 ) ; pat r i c k m c m u llan . c o m ( 5 ) ; b f an y c . c o m ( 4 ) ; i m itation : c o u r t e s y ; walg r e e ns : c o u r t e s y

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On the cover: Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2013 runway shot by Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW



Makeup artistry by Charlotte Willer. © 2012 Maybelline LLC.

Eugenia Gonzalez and Tim Morehouse


Mrs. O in Tracey Reese at the DNC


Tracy Reese

GUM BREAK! With Nate Berkus

Can we chat? Sure! Do you have any gum? No. Do I have bad breath? No! I do. Let’s get gum together. [Nate asks actor Cheyenne Jackson for a piece, which we split.] What’s your fave gum? I’m actually more of an Altoids guy. Curiously strong! I take them out of the box and they float around in my pocket. The Bee Gees are playing. How’s your disco dancing? It’s not bad. I shook it up at my Bar Mitzvah in 1984, and I’ve still got the music in me.


With Out mag EIC Aaron Hicklin

Avec Bastian

What’s the difference between a men and women’s show? The men will say hello to each other in the audience. At a women’s show, there’s a little bit more competitiveness. I don’t want to be bitchy!

your daily dose



Bon Appétit presented its Feast or Fashion dinner for Rachel Roy on the roof of the NoMad. HEARD “I’m not so impressed; he shouldn’t be at all the shows. He probably thinks it’s a great place to meet chicks.”—Robert Verdi on Ryan Lochte. ☛ “It’s like checks or bullets.”—Tim Blanks, attempting to spell his last name to a PMc photographer.


I feast on chocolate, any day of the week. I will easily give up alcohol for chocolate, if I have to choose.


With Adam Rapoport

—Natasha Bedingfield


I make a really good rotisserie chicken. I can’t even believe I just said that, though, when we’re at The NoMad, which has the best chicken I’ve ever had!

With Rachel Roy

Have you been following Honey Boo Boo? With Oh, no! Why’d you Gabrielle have to ask me Union about that? My daughter, who’s 12, introduced me to her last night. We talked a little bit about it today, too. I now know who she is.

Loved Michelle Obama’s dress at the DNC! Thank you, Mrs. Obama! She wanted us to be a part of her making history. I couldn’t be more grateful. She’s been a blessing to us. What was the feeling when you saw her? It was amazing. We were at the office and our controller called us and broke the news! It was a great moment to share. She was glowing, and her words struck such a chord. It took us all home and reminded us why we’re on this planet. Have you met her? Yes, a couple of times. She’s even better in person—she’s looking at you like there is nobody else is in the room. Do you invite her to your shows? We don’t. We know she’s got many more important things to do than sit in the front row, but she’s always welcome.

AnnaSophia Robb

Adam with Pamela Drucker Mann and Padma Lakshmi

—Hannah Bronfman

Margherita Missoni and Eugenio Amos

Morgan Robbat

Since we’re at The NoMad, are you a nomadic guy? No! My wife is much more so—she always wants to go on vacation somewhere new. I go out to the same four restaurants, order one of the same four dishes, with my same four friends. I know my job is supposed to be about trying everything new, but left to my own devices, I’m a creature of habit! Do you like cheeseburgers? If it’s not a weekday, I love a good, greasy one, fried on a griddle—not charbroiled, not charcoaled—with sautéed onions and special sauce, which is key. Never ketchup. There’s nothing worse than a fancy cheeseburger! That’s not what a burger is supposed to be; it should be crispy, greasy, and with melted American cheese. A good burger should be slutty!

Constance White

p a tr i c k mcm u ll a n . com ( 8 ) ; b f a n y c . com ( 6 ) ; g ett y ( 4 ) ; be a u t y : co u rtes y m a y bell i ne new y or k

Eyes With Attitude For the Mara Hoffman show, Maybelline New York makeup artist Charlotte Willer created a look inspired by tropical Hawaii. Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil was used to create some drama, while Eye Studio Color Tattoo shadow in Edgy Emerald and Too Cool provided an island vibe. A luminous touch of white in the inner and outer corners of the eyes brightened up the mood.


Ramona Singer + Disaronno

Front Row



Icona Pop

#StyleSessions Your Daily Style Sessions are back at The Empire Hotel Rooftop! VIP after VIP stormed our deckedout suite seeking luxe pampering courtesy of Modelinia’s Catwalk Concierge and services from The Daily’s favorite brands and partners!

Jamie Chung + Clos du Bois by Pixi

Louise Roe


Paris + Nicky Hilton Vita Coco

LUNA Bar Shenae Grimes

Fern Mallis

Tic Tac Countless chicsters and chicettes lined up for the Tic Tac photobooth by Nicky Digital and devoured the brand’s newest Strawberry Fields flavor with pink packaging in honor of CancerCare.

Hanes Hosiery

Nicky Digital + Tic Tac Sami Gayle

Hanes Hosiery showed off its newest line of Blackout Convertible Tights. Celebs, editors and beauties galore were gifted with the season’s most practical chic must.

Robert Verdi + Wynter Gordon


Angela Simmons + Carissa Rosario



Belvedere is a quality choice. Drinking responsibly is too. Belvedere Vodka 40% ALC./VOL. (80 PROOF) 100% neutral spirits distilled from rye grain. Š2012 Imported by MoÍt Hennessy USA, Inc., New York, NY.

Designer to watch

In February, a little known designer named Katharine Polk launched Houghton, her Katharine Hepburn-inspired readyto-wear line brimming with creamy gowns and slouchy pantsuits. This September, the 29-year-old stylist, editor, and designer will prove she’s anything but a one-trick pony. BY MARIA DENARDO PORTRAIT BY GIORGIO NIRO FA S H I O N W E E K D A I L Y. C O M

courtesy carol rosegg (1)

It’s Getting

Houghton In Here! What’s your background? I’m a beach girl! I grew up in Malibu riding horses competitively. I tried to major in business when I went to college, but I’m super ADD. I’m all over the place! I mean, it took me three years to pass Algebra 2 in high school. My dad encouraged me to go to fashion school, so the next week I walked out and enrolled in FIDM for fashion design in L.A. What do your parents do? My parents have had their own production company for 30 years. My dad is still in music and television, and my mom is now the CEO of Houghton. We tried working with different people, but it didn’t work out. It can be difficult at times to work with your parents, but they live in L.A. Our relationship is based on honesty, not money. What was your first fashion gig? I was hired at Badgley Mischka right out of college as an assistant designer. It’s a really small company, so I wore a lot of hats. I ended up as their in-house stylist, as well, and oversaw a lot of the licenses from a creative standpoint. I loved working there. They’re very sweet guys and I have such respect for them. I'd see them at the same shows a lot since Mark Badgley rides horses, too. Why did you start Houghton? After Badgley, the recession hit and then everyone was designing their own collection. I was offered styling jobs, but designing my own collection has always been the goal. I thought I’d start small with accessories and then expand, but I saw a swatch of fabric and thought it would make a beautiful gown. One gown became five, then 10. It just snowballed! I never thought I’d show at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall for my first

collection! Who do you hang out with in the fashion circuit? I’m not one of those people who has a huge network of friends in the industry, but Dana Foley from Foley + Corinna is one of my close friends. She’s been through it all, so it’s nice to learn from her. I’m also close to my muse and fit model, Tatiana Krasikova. You’re also the fashion editor of Fiasco mag. How do you balance it all? It’s hard for me to say no. But I don’t schedule any shoots one month before Fashion Week. Right now, my priority is Houghton. Since people knew me first as a fashion editor and stylist, I wanted to be taken seriously, which is part of the reason I didn’t form my collection under my name. I didn’t want people to say, ‘Oh, that stylist is launching a collection.’ I wanted my collection to speak for itself. What’s the aesthetic? Houghton is all about clean, simple silhouettes with quality fabrics. It’s inspired by Katharine Hepburn; Houghton was actually her middle name. I like working with feminine fabrics that I can balance with a masculine silhouette. The open back is my signature, so I continued that in the second collection. I’m using cotton laces and novelty fabrics. I spent a lot of time in London, so this season there will be tons of color and more separates than last season. There’s also a wider price range. I see the collection as a tomboy in a gown. Where do you source your fabrics? I work with mills in Milan, Paris, and Switzerland. My hand beading is done in India, and my embroidery is done in the U.K.

How are you funded? We’re pretty small still, so it’s all self-funded. We want to keep it in-house as long as possible to grow it organically and have full creative control. Who’s your Spencer Tracy? I’m single right now. I’m definitely not meeting anyone at work since the girls like boys and the boys like boys. I had an ugly breakup before Fashion Week in February, but I’m so boring now. I did the nightlife thing for years, but now I leave the office at 9:30 p.m. to watch the Olympics. After my last couple of relationships, I need to make a change. What’s your biggest challenge as an emerging designer? Being taken seriously! If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing? I don’t know. I don’t want to jump out of a plane or anything...I’d be a fourth grade teacher!



2. I love needlepointing.

3. I have 16 tattoos.

4. My favorite singer is Kid Rock!

6. I have ridden horses and competed in show jumping since I was 11.


My nicknames are Malibu, K Pizzle, Naughty KP, Rosey, and my dad called me Joe growing up because I was a tomboy.


At home in Malibu, we have a full-fledged farm with a chicken coop. Fresh eggs for breakfast! Plus, miniature horses and parrots.

9. I am the U.S. spokesperson for DAA, Designers Against Aids.

10. Guilty pleasure: Cereal for dinner.

R U N WAY: C O U R T E S Y; G E T T Y ( 2 ) ; S H U T T E R S TO C K

Going strong




Lives of

Betsey Johnson Out of business? Not so much. The rumors of Betsey Johnson’s demise have been informing the blogs (and the trades) for years, but despite a few corporate setbacks, including the shuttering of her retail stores, this 70-year-old designer is still in charge as creative director of her company. She’s even filming a reality show! BY EDDIE ROCHE, PHOTOGRAPHY BY GIORGIO NIRO


ou’ve had a tough year. There was a f*ck up with my business. Everyone will say that when you sell your business, things change…and they changed! My world of retail lived a happy, 37-year-old life. The experience, the clothing…there will never be anything else like it. It’s as if Disney or Barbie died. But I don’t think it was meant to go on longer than it did. The story is very similar to what happened in [Valentino documentary] The Last Emperor. The business is now more about volume, and competition is fierce. Life seems pretty nice, sitting here on my patio, but it’s a bitch out there. Are you stressed? As I get older, I want more happiness, more fun, and more airline tickets to exotic places. Luxury is not dealing with the sh*t that’s really hard. There was a point where my daughter, Lulu, and granddaughters were the only things that made me feel good. I’m so f*cking healthy that pressure and stress will kill me before anything else! Was it difficult to let go of your staff? It felt like a guillotine at the moment the knife comes down. We knew the night before, and I insisted on making the

announcement with champagne and a big thank-you. I took video—I learned how to work a video camera—and I hugged everyone goodbye. On my birthday, I threw a big party for my company at our favorite bar, and we celebrated. Did you cry when you had to bid your team farewell? No. I only remember crying twice in my life—when my mother hit herself on a cabinet and when my doggy died. What is your new role at the company? Now, I’m Queen Bee. I’m the big boss apple sauce. I’m the creative director of a $200 million business, in charge of product, platform, and presentation. Nothing goes without my approval. Steve Madden is the best. My life is in his hands. I don’t know if I could ever tell him that. Are you enjoying the new gig? I’m overworked and very happy. The biggest problem is that I can’t stop working! I’ve had extremely great luck in my life [runs off to find the nearest piece of wood to knock]. I came to the city because I won a contest! Then I happened to be around the most incredible Warholesque performers and artists, even the weird ones, like Joplin. Why are you doing a reality show? It was Lulu’s idea! There was talk of doing an Ozzy Osbourne kind of thing, but that felt too 24/7. On this show, I’m basically Grandma,

mommy, business Betsey, the mother/daughter relationship, la, la, la, la. I hope we do good! You’ll be just fine. It’s the most wonderful birthday present to celebrate my life with my daughter, family, and fans. Now this, I could kind of cry about. It’s huge! What advice would you give younger designers? Have a dream, put on blinders like the horsies in Central Park, and go full speed ahead. What are you most proud of in your career? Everybody’s liked me! It’s a very wonderful feeling to know you were a good, nice, and honest person. It makes other people believe that you don’t have to be a bitch to get anywhere. You don’t have to have lunch and be tall and skinny. Now, I’m very proud that I don’t look like a fashion designer. Back then, it was a nightmare that I didn’t. Have you always been this joyful? I really have no memory, but I do remember a happy childhood. No fighting, yelling, or screaming. I sold lemonade on the street, and I was surrounded by really good people. My business partner Chantal [Bacon] and I chose a really good family to work in our company, too. But I’m over the past. I’m full speed ahead, rock and roll. Now I finally see it, and it all makes good, happy sense to me.

Should we expect a post-show cartwheel? I’m aiming to do three this year for health, wealth, and happiness. You’re certainly in shape... I’m exercising with a cute trainer. I met him at the pool in Turks & Caicos. He has his own training studio in the Southamptons of New Jersey. I don’t exercise at all. I hate it. I don’t eat much except for champagne, cheese, and a hot piece of fish at dinner. How do you get to his studio? I take New Jersey Transit out there, which I love. I run into a lot of my fans on the train. I say hello and take some pictures, and then I hide. How does it feel to be 70? Not great. I’m going to die soon. I’d love to live! I’ve loved every minute of it. There were a couple of husbands.... What about your most recent boyfriend, Bobby? Grandma’s moving on. We’re not friendly at the moment, but sh*t happens. On the reality show, they have free Grandma and free Lulu to set up. Two hot chicks! Maybe you’ll find love on reality TV. I don’t know. I hope Lulu meets Mr. Go to the Bank, though!

Serious Skincare. Simplified. Swiss Botanical Technology. Paraben free | Fragrance free | Gluten free | Nut free | Oat free

DAily Front Row 2012.indd 1

8/28/12 5:36 PM

Chic duo


collaborates This week, Michael Kors is unveiling the first in a series of “Kors Collaborations.” He has enlisted photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank to photograph a crop of fascinating femmes sporting his Fall 2012 collection, and the shoppable e-book will debut this week on And this is just the beginning of his partnerships with fellow creatives plucked from all nooks of culture! BY ASHLEY BAKER

Clockwise from top: ballerina Misty Copeland, model-vitner Michelle Ouellet, and interior designer Asia Baker

A moment with michael

What inspired you to collab? Well, we’ve been working now with Mario Testino for nine years, and I’ve been working with our hair and makeup team for over a decade. All of those things are, in fact, collaborative—but I never really sat down and said, ‘OK, I want to ask someone I really respect to interpret my collection.’ When I first saw Claiborne’s book, American Beauty, I immediately thought it was the modern answer to all the Slim Aarons’ photographs I loved when I was growing up. I was struck by how she manages to capture something that is elegant, but not old-fashioned. So I got in touch, and said we needed to do something together. What could be a better way to kick off our collaborations than to work with everything I want in a woman? She’s talented, smart, chic… Have you always been drawn to that type of woman? There isn’t just one type that I’m drawn to, but the one thing they all have in common is confidence. I like women with a point of view. Give me an opinionated woman any day—I don’t like wishy-washy. Do you still get a thrill when you see women wearing your clothes on the street! Always! I will actually talk to them. ‘Hey, love your bag! Your shoes look great! That dress looks amazing!’ My customers and I are in it together. In America, we have such variety—different points of view, tastes, shapes, heights, ethnicities—and that’s one of the reasons I love being an American designer. What sorts of actors and filmmakers are you into right now? Right now, there’s a lot of talent brewing in the world, and a lot are coming up in nontraditional ways. Nina Arianda playing Janis Joplin? We’ve seen how amazing she is on the stage. I can’t wait to see her on the screen. Jessica Chastain can really do anything—she’s always going to surprise us—and I feel the same way about Emma Stone. Zoe Cassavetes is doing amazing things as well. Of all the social media platforms, which is your favorite? is fun, because it’s a window into my world, but Facebook is like my trunk show with 1.5 million people. I love it! Who are your favorite people to follow on social media? Rachel Zoe and Heidi Klum. Sexy with a sense of humor? These are good things. We know you’re a theater guy—would you ever do some sort of Kors/Broadway collab? Never say never, but the one thing you won’t see is an actual appearance by me on Broadway. I am proof that not all gay men have rhythm. FA S H I O N W E E K D A I L Y. C O M


How long have you been a Kors fan? Probably my whole life! How did you feel when he asked you to collaborate? I was so honored and excited. Through my work, I’m always trying to explore and celebrate American culture, beauty, and style, and this was such an amazing opportunity to work with one of the greatest American designers. We really collaborated on a vision of beauty that felt very authentic to both of us. How did you pick the women you featured? I had actually shot them first for my book. I chose each for different reasons, but they all embodied the modern spirit of Michael Kors. They’re all classically American women, from their looks to their hobbies. Michael and I really aim to celebrate women who are following their dreams, living big lives, juggling careers, and making interesting things. Where did you shoot them? On both the East and West Coasts. I use natural light, and I don’t use an assistant. It’s a very organic, intimate experience. What’s next? I just shot the campaign for Aerin Claiborne Swanson Frank Lauder’s new lifestyle brand, I’m pitching my next book, and I’m a contributing photographer for Vogue. B FA N YC . C O M ( 2 ) ; I N S E T S : C O U R T E S Y C L A I B O R N E



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Attention, ladies— consummate gentleman Chadwick Bell has come calling! This darling designer hails from the sandy shores of Southern California, but he leans towards the kind of tailored, grown-up clothing that suggests a more ladylike sensibility. No wonder the girls are going gaga. BY MARIA DENARDO PORTRAIT BY GIORGIO NIRO





an we call you Chad? Yes, I prefer it over Chadwick. But people call me everything: Chadly, Chadster, Chadigans, Chaddy Chad…. You’re very polite! Maybe it’s because I’m from California, but the first thing I tell my interns is this: When you go out there into the world, you’re representing Chadwick Bell, so say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and open the door for others. You speak to everyone as if they’re your mother, not a Joe Schmoe on the street, because one day when you start your own brand, you’re going to need them. If they remember you as a snot-nosed little kid, they’re not going to do anything for you. What are your parents like? My father has been one of my biggest influences, and he taught me all about manners. He’s always said, ‘I don’t care what you do, as long as you’re a good person.’ That’s always stuck with me. I was weirded out when I first came to New York and saw guys who didn’t think to hold doors open for women—not that I’m attracted to women in that way, but still! In what ways are you not old school? I like the F word—a lot. You know those people who use the F word and it sounds dirty? Then there are others who use it, and it sounds okay. I hope I’m the latter case! How many times a day do you drop the F bomb? It’s really embarrassing…maybe 50? It’s a really

great word in the English vocabulary! It can sum up an entire experience. People can get freaked out by it sometimes until I tell them, ‘I’m not mad. It’s just my word.’ What’s your typical Saturday night look like? I’m pretty tame, but I’ve got to have a gin gimlet at some point. I’m very specific about them! What’s your secret love? The Marvel Comics movies and Transformers are genius. I used to wake up every morning and watch X-Men. If I were a super hero, I’d want to control the weather. And I love old-school, hardcore rap before it became commercialized, like Camp Lo and Timbaland & Magoo. I can rap every word to their songs. What’s your not-so-secret love? Coffee. I drink about eight cups a day. I don’t like to feel normal. I like to be a little shaky.

When did you meet your business partner, Vanessa Webster? Our class took a field trip in the eighth grade, and we were in the same group. I knew we’d be friends when we were dancing on a boat ride, and we danced so well together. Now, it would be weird to go an entire day without speaking to her. She takes care of me and the business, while also making sure I eat right. She’s my rock. Who wins when you have a company squabble? Are you kidding? She always wins, and I always end up feeling super guilty afterwards. What were you like in the eighth grade? I wasn’t cool. I was the kid who painted all night and wasn’t very mentally present during the day. I was popular for all the wrong reasons. I was socially awkward, too. I often wonder if the fashion industry is filled with the awkward kids who never really fit in. Veronica Webster: [Wandering over] We changed as we grew older. When we were 18, we threw a joint luau-themed birthday party. It was in Chad’s backyard, and his mom was the virgin alcohol bartender, but everyone still got drunk. Chad drew the invitations, which were inspired by J. Lo’s green Versace dress. CB: It was major. By invite only. Did you really stage a 42-look fashion show in high school? Yeah, my fake girlfriend’s mom helped me put it on. Looking back, my first thought is, ‘Oh god!’ But I’m proud of it. People saw me differently afterwards and talked about it for a long time. How did you and Vanessa end up in New York?

After we graduated, I was living in one of those safe, planned communities in California working on the sales floor of Nordstrom. I hated every second of it, but it’s super important for a designer to work retail at some point. Vanessa, who was living in New York, called me one day and said, ‘Listen, if you don’t move here, I’m moving back home. We’re either going to do this or we’re not.’ I hung up the phone, quit my job, and moved to New York three days later. Were you roomies? Yes! She’s an amazing cook, and I’m great with the Swiffer. It’s all about the onesweep motion. VW: We used to live in this showroom, it actually felt like a dorm room. We slept in twin beds for two years. CB: In our second apartment, we worked on defining the Chadwick Bell woman down to the way she brushed her hair. She has a Mason Pearson brush, and she doesn’t actually use it, because a very handsome man will do it for her.

e l i z a b e t h b a n k s : g e t t y ; r u nw a y : c o u r t e sy



ZANG TOI finds his Muse! What happens when Zang and vbeauté maven Julie Macklowe get together? Pure magic! Moments before his Sunday night show, Toi and his first-ever muse sat down with The Daily on what makes their friendship so beautiful—and why she’ll never be appearing on a certain Bravo show.


ou seem very calm before your show, Zang! Zang: I’m super organized. The collection was done almost three days ago. I don’t like lastminute work. It’s just not my style. Yesterday, I had my pedicure and manicure, and today, I had my facial. I’m all set! When did you meet? Z: Two years and three months ago! Julie: At the CFDA Awards. Zang had the entire New York skyline embroidered on a cape. I said, “I don’t know who you are, but that is the most amazing cape I’ve ever seen. He told me he did it by hand, and I told him we had to get married! Z: Julie asked for my card, and nine months later, she called and offered to be my date for the CFDA Awards; that was the beginning of a great friendship. What did you end up wearing? Z: She wore a green silk taffeta opera coat. J: It swallowed me up! [laughs] People were wondering if I was trying to channel André Leon Talley. In retrospect, it was probably a little big for me given that I’m 5'3", but I really liked it. Z: So many New York girls get so jaded, but Julie is the easiest girl to dress and be with. She’s my lifesized Barbie doll. Is Julie your first muse? Z: Yes, in 23 years of designing! I’ve never had one before. I always have a certain theme or inspiration, but after meeting Julie, I was really inspired by her adventurous spirit and style. What are your duties as muse? J: To hang out with Zang! Z: To inspire me...I’ve been a big fan of black and white, and for the first time in a long time, I’ve brought some pastels into the collection, thanks to Julie. I named a nail polish after her, too! How are you collaborating? J: I feel like we’re collaborating on life! Zang and I love going to trunk shows together. I go with him to consult on clothing, and he loves my skin care line, so we go store to store together. We travel well. I hope we collaborate on vbeauté. FA S IHOIN OW NW EK ED KA DIALIY. L Y. CM OM FA SH EE CO

Z: I’d been using another product for 15 years, and I finally switched over in April. J: Single-handedly, Zang and my husband are teaching men that they should use skin care! My line is fragrance free, so men like it, too. I think they’re stealing it from their wives. Are the models wearing vbeauté on the runway? J: We’re doing facials before the girls get their makeup on. Wearing makeup is always better when you have great skincare preparation— it gives that beautiful glow! Does your daughter use your skin care products? J: Anti-aging isn’t really synonymous with five-year-olds, but someday. Zang, what inspired your spring collection?

Zang Toi spring 2013


Z: The South of France. Julie was supposed to go with me, but had to cancel at the last minute. I went to Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc to sketch. Do they finally take credit cards at du Cap? Z: They do! They have a new manager now. It’s so beautiful. Will Julie grace your runway? Z: I don’t like to come out at the end by myself—I always have a model with me—but this time I’m going to finish the walk with Julie. J: I put rubber soles on my shoes, so no falling! There are a lot of Real Housewives in the audience. Would you ever do the show? J: They actually called me two days ago to try to cast me. Z: No way! J: I think I died right then and there. I think I’m a little more luxury and upscale! You would be great on TV. J: It sounds really good in concept, but the intrusion is just too much for my husband. My daughter would love it, though!

f i r s tvi e w


spring 2013

thakoon Flowers with staying power. On-point prints have always been one of Panichgul’s cardinal virtues, and when paired with shirting, his other foolproof favorite, the look really blooms.



When art meets craft. Macramé, leather, madras—Lam’s clever riff on American-style dressing is uniquely his own, and the pieced-together, architectural shapes he endorses for spring are a little mod, a lot modern. And look at that palette!



It’s not polite to stare. But it’s perfectly understandable.


Style, beauty and glamour brought to you by the leader in style, beauty and glamour. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

2013 SL shown in Mars Red paint with optional equipment. No system, regardless of how advanced, can overcome the laws of physics or correct careless driving. Please always wear your seat belt. ©2012 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

For more information, call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES, or visit


spring 2013




Always polished and more youthful than ever, Herrera’s tailored take on Spring retains the house’s signature femininity while appealing to a new crop of la garçonne types. Optimistic and kicky daywear was just the beginning—Herrera’s understated yet glamorous take on evening was the splendid highlight.

v i ta l a g i b a l o w


spring 2013

chado ralph rucci Elegant and opulent, Ralph Rucci’s best looks grace every New York gala that matters. His painterly palette included some springy citrus shades, which were tasty indeed—but a long-sleeved black dress with multicolored layers peeking out of the skirt was the real standout.



{Sheer Nails} Michina Koide FOR ESSIE



Sporty chic and street smart has become Wang’s calling card, and the myriad ways he’s willing to interpret his look suggest that this reinterpretation of American sportswear may—just may!—have staying power. Who else can make so much leather feel natural for spring?


r u n way: c o u r t e s y f i r s t v i e w b e au t y: c o u rt e sy e s s i e

Ready, Willing, and

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spring 2013



City chic at its finest! Lots to love about Donna’s cleanly minimal approach, from her knee-length skirts to myriad interpretations of the classic jacket. Graphic, sporty accessories add to the allure.




hilfiger An inspired new direction for this master of Americana. Nautical motifs, sweater dressing, and stripey takes on suiting were just a few of the buy-now, wear-forever pieces that chicettes will flock to in droves. Brilliant!


firstview (5); getty images (5)


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games Fashionistas can’t survive this week on hors d’oeuvres and champagne alone! Hunger is one of the most basic of all human cravings—and the easiest to identify. Those un-chic stomach growls are a signal that your body’s resources are running low. Pay attention to— don’t tune out—those hunger cues! But before you sprint to the nearest café, ask yourself if you’re truly hungry, simply bored, or stressed. Sometimes what you’re really craving is a change of scenery or a 10-minute mental break from Fashion Week’s hectic schedule.

WHAT: Magaschoni Cashmere Slippers WHERE:

WHY: After a long day of fashion shows, when sky-high heels and statement shoes are mandatory, all we want to do is swaddle our feet in cashmere. Magaschoni’s signature cashmere slippers are deliciously luxurious with a cable-ribbed pattern for silky, soft warmth. Like many favorite Magaschoni staples, they come in an array of chic colors; at just $200 a pair it’s tempting to splurge on more than just one hue. Or snap up a coordinating cashmere robe for full-on relaxation. Price: $200

WHAT: Banana Republic Leather-Trimmed Capelet WHERE: WHY:

Fall in love with this luxe, leather-trimmed trench capelet—a modern twist on a new classic and a chic topper for any fashionable girl on the go.

Price: $150

WHAT: Belvedere Vodka

LUNA Protein Bar


WHY: Belvedere Vodka is the world’s first super premium vodka and is 100%

natural and additive-free. Made entirely from Dankowskie Gold Rye and blended with water from its own pristine source, Belvedere Vodka’s taste profile is distinctively soft with a subtle sweetness and naturally smooth, clean finish. Price: $29.99

4 ounces plain yogurt and one cup of granola

WHAT: BaByliss®PRO Volare dryer WHERE: WHY: Power. Performance. Speed. Victory. Buzzwords synonymous with Ferrari— and now BaByliss PRO has introduced the first professional luxury hair dryer driven by an engine developed in collaboration with the Ferrari Challenge team. The BaByliss®PRO Volare dryers, destined to impress stylists around the world. Thanks to this luxe design, it cuts down on drying time so you can get ready quicker! Price: $229

WHAT: Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB WHERE:

One medium piece of fresh fruit


WHY: It’s the 8-in-1 skin perfector from Maybelline New York! This 1-step wonder

is Maybelline’s take on the beauty product phenomenon, BB cream or Beauty Balm. Oil-free and 70% water, the lightweight, multitasking formula offers skincare benefits plus immediate perfecting coverage in one simple step, for a fresh-faced glow that looks so flawless, it’s a living dream. Price: $8.99



MuscleSummer ManScrapbook Marc’s

I’m only $125. Deal, yo!

London Since Marc Jacobs himself was not able to meet our deadline, we went with the next best chicster—the limited-edition Muscle Man Marc toy—to share his favorite summer memories. Is there anywhere this doll didn’t go?

“Hi, Daily! Here I am—queen for a day. When Lizzie texted and invited me to the Jubilee, I told Duffy that we’d have to catch that screening of Ted at a later date. When my girls need me, they need me!”

“So what if I only got a bronze? I barely trained! Just imagine how I would have performed if David Barton actually had a pool.”


New York City “Staycation time with my bestie, Lorenzo! Sometimes we sit outside of Prada and talk until the sun comes up, but he does that with the Karl doll, too.”

“Everything old is new again! Case in point: Times Square. After I hung with these icons, I dropped in to lunch with Anna, but she has a firm no-pix policy.”

“Yes, I have been known to photo bomb. Anyone know the scoop on this shirtless dude? He’s stealing my schtick!”

Fire Island

Andy Cohen owns like six of me.


Has anyone seen my Muscle Milk?

“You’ll never see the real Marc here—he’s more of a Provincetown guy—but, that’s why I come!”

“I got so sick of St. Bart’s, so I need a new spot. The whole rocket ride was fun and all, but once I got there? Bor-ing!”

FA S H I O N W E E K D A I L Y. C O M G E T T Y ( 2 ) ; C O U R T E S Y O F M A R C J A C O B S ( marc + d o l l )


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PREVAGE Anti - aging Daily S erum ÂŽ


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