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thursday, february 16, 2012

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michael kors


R e Eva luat e

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CIRCA JE WELS.COM | 8 0 0.876.5 49 0 N E W YO ORK




your unwanted diamonds and jewelry. At CIRCA, our belief is that every diamond we buy from you is one less that has to be mined. Helping the environment has never been easier or more beautiful.

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2/6/12 4:07 PM



February 21.22.23 2012 THE JAviTS . NEW YORK 11th avenue @ 37 th street

February 20.21.22 2012 THE TUNNEL . NEW YORK 11th avenue @ 28 th street



gEoRgE luCaS alERt! because my “I’m here girlf is obsessed!”riend Natalie portman

Liya Kebede

Dakota Fanning

your daily dose

“What’s new? Well, I just met Lana Del Ray in Milan, and I love her! I especially like her long nails.“—ANNA DELLo RuSSo


When was the last time you were in Australia? Laura: Never. This is our attempt to get us there. Ever been to Outback Steakhouse? Kate: At one point. What’s your favorite Australian word? Kate: ‘Mate.’ Laura: That was Kate’s nickname growing up. Favorite Aussie model? Kate: MJ. She was in our show. Thank you, MJ! Have you ever seen a dingo? Laura: Are those real? Kate: We like koala bears. Did you know George Lucas was coming? Laura: We’re the biggest fans! We have all the Star Wars DVDs. Kate: We’ve met him before and this was a dream of ours to have him here. Wanna collab? Laura: We were just lucky to have him come back to our show. Let’s get back to reality!

p&G’s Joanne crewes with cate blanchett

SCENE Quel front row at Rodarte! New



mom Natalie Portman graciously posed for Billy while patiently waiting for the show to get started. (Franca Sozzani was running late.) ☛ Tuesday night at the Park Avenue Armory, “The Ever Changing Face of Beauty” installation by Sølve Sundsbø was unveiled at a party hosted by W and P&G Global Prestige. No wonder the stars abounded—so many of them are fronting fragrances! Afterwards, they trekked uptown for a private dinner at the Mark.

Martha Stewart

Sølve Sundsbø

“My show got pretty good reviews. I couldn’t believe it. This morning I woke up and I was feeling four hundred years old, and I read the New York Times and I said, ‘Wow!’” —DVf

Monique pean and princess Deena of Saudi Arabia

RtE What Would a Roda l likE? fRagRaNCE SmEl

Dakota Fanning: Grass. Anna Dello Russo: Sunflowers. Nicole Phelps: Firey. One of my favorite Rodarte moments was the collection where the shoes lit up like birthday candles. Susie Bubble: White oleanders and gasoline. I’d call it Juge. How do you spell that? I’d market it with a Polaroid campaign. Simon Doonan: A bonfire of flowers, called Apocalypse. Brad Goreski: Sunflowers and outer space. I’d call it Rodarte Spice. Joe Zee: Arts and crafts. Mickey Boardman: Something very California. Maybe something red woodsy with a fresh morning mist.


What’s new? I’m out of my element a little bit! Everyone here is a buyer or an editor. What was it like getting ready for an event like this? Easy. I know what looks good on my body. What are you doing after this? I have a Cole Haan meeting to review my collection for next year. Why did rodarte name their magazine A Magazine Curated by Rodarte? It sounds like they just ran out of ideas!

Maria Sharapova: Very sweet. Something out of the rainforest. Tim Blanks: Prairie wind because it would smell like gauze, tree bark, and buffalo fur. What’s Rodarte backwards? Et Rador! It could be the smell of outer space. It sounds kind of Latin, like “Et tu, Brute?” Kate Mulleavy: We could describe what it should smell like forever, but you’d walk away wondering what we were talking about...

Evan rachel Wood and chris Evans

Stefano Tonchi and Sienna Miller

N! iNBoX iNVEStigatio

ive each day? How many emails do your rece

Dennis basso: Maybe 30. I respond immediately. philip crangi: Hundreds. I don’t know why anyone is e-mailing me anything. They should defer to my sister. She’s the smart one. Kelly Osbourne: I have about 435 in my inbox. I’ll probably respond to my mom. James Mischka: 100. I respond to less than 10. padma Lakshmi: 60. I respond to 20. brandon Holley: In the hundreds. A lot of it is spam. A lot of photo agent spam, a lot of kids companies, a lot of crap. Frank Muytjens: Hundreds, and I answer them all. patrick McMullan: I get about 600. I look at about four or five. Star Jones: I get between 100-150, and I respond to them all. Anna Dello russo: Around 200, and I try to respond to all. I’m so professional!

Jane Keltner De valle: Hundreds, and about eighty percent of it is junk. My real email goes to my junk folder, and my junk mail goes to my inbox. Olivier zahm: Between 50 and 100, and I respond to one-third of them. robbie Myers: Around 300. We actually counted once. Joe zee: Two to three hundred. I try to respond to all of them—people sometimes ask me to stop hitting ‘Reply All’ so often. Amanda brooks: During fashion Week, the numbers increase exponentially with all the vendors. I respond to everything that’s not an unsolicited, unwanted request. I really don’t believe in ignoring emails. Tory burch: Too many! I’m changing my email address. I try to respond to email— that’s one of my things. But I don’t always respond on time; it can take me a week to get back to people.

O N T H E c O v E r : M I c H A E L KO r S FA L L 2 0 1 2 p H OTO b y F r A z E r H A r r I S O N /G E T T y T H I S pA G E : r O D A r T E : c L I N T S pA U L D I N G / pAT r I c K M c M U L L E N . c O M ( 6 ) ; G E T T y ( 2 ) ; W p A r T y : b I L Ly F A r r E L L / b F A N y c . c O M ( 8 ) ; S H U T T E r S T O c K




Makeup artistry by Charlotte Willer. © 2012 Maybelline LLC.

kristin cavallari and Dennis Basso matt Damon with naeem

chic chAt!

Star Jones

your daily dose DENNIS BASSO

With naeem khan

with We didn’t know you were friends matt Damon! in Yes! We recently vacationed together . uda Barb St. Barths and t off Do you get nervous taking your shir in front of him? mer— Not at all. But I’m not a very good swim in e wer rth swo Hem is Chr and luckily, Matt . the water next to me, so I felt safe We know you like to entertain… I’m having a lovers’ dinner tonight, with g to all my close friends! Then we’re goin to land g goin e we’r then and en, Sev Double an be to g at my place. I think it’s goin all-nighter. really? You asked! is matt coming? Of course.

NAIl TREND AlERT! At long last, a consensus is emerging: it’s back to neutrals, chéris. Case in point: Essie in Case Study at Lela Rose, seen at right.

cOnDiment cOnunDrumS!

With Dennis

how’s married life? Better! What are you doing tonight? We’re going to leave the Tents quietly, and then go to the Carlyle and drink numerous martinis. I like them very dry, straight up. have you been working out lately? Medium. I’m walking. That’s more than I can manage. five miles? Two. Do you like mayo? I love it! It makes everything taste a thousand times better. When in doubt, add mayo! you’re a hellmann’s guy? I am. My housekeeper tries to make me eat the light kind, but.... mayo or mustard? Oh, come on! Don’t even put mustard in the same category. thoughts on ketchup? Only good for burgers. No ketchup on a hot dog!

tory Burch and essie Weingarten at tory’s show

reminiScing! With Joan rivers

Do you remember your first fur? I do! It was mink. I bought it the day after I first went on Carson. I bought one for my mother and sister, too. The bill was $2,000, which was very expensive in those days. We’re talking 1968! Do you still wear it? No, it wore out. Now, it’s on the floor in front of my fire. My dog likes to nap on it! let’s talk about Dennis. What you see is what you get! He’s a good guy. He’s beyond talented and very darling. We get together, and we don’t stop laughing. What are your favorite jokes these days? I can’t tell you because they’re all about Whitney Houston. It’s too soon. Call me in three weeks!

Padma lakshmi and ranjana khan

lOVefeSt! With Susan lucci

Describe Dennis. Warm. You just want to put your arms around him. I’m wearing one of his furs now—it’s a combination of lamb and sable. how’s life sans erica kane? I miss her. I miss the company of actors, the crew, all of that. The fans have been so vocal about saying it was a mistake to take Erica and All My Children off the air. But just this week I did a music video with Gloria Estefan! Did you keep anything from erica’s wardrobe? Yes! I wish I had foresight to keep some of the really fun stuff from early on. I do have some Free Erica t-shirts from my last time in jail.


What did you think of Didier’s piece in The Daily? I loved it! I thought it was just great. Did it capture Didier fully? Oh, definitely! [laughs] I didn’t know he was doing the story, so I was surprised to see it. I took a copy home for him to read. How did he react to seeing it in print? I said, ‘You’re the star today.’ He responded, ‘Oh, yeah, that.’ He tried to be very cool about it. What were your Valentine’s Day plans? What do you think? Sleep! I got flowers from Didier, delivered in the name of my cats. They were beautiful roses—and I got chocolates, too, the night before. But he ate most of them!

BASSO: neil rASmuS/BfAnyc.cOm; khAn: Ben gABBe/BfAnyc.cOm. cOurteSy eSSie; cOurteSy mAyBelline; mAy A Belline; ShutterStOck. Ay

Beauty Trend Alert: Carlos Miele “Carlos loves the look of natural beauty and that classic Brazilian bronze, so we really empowered that through the makeup,” said Maybelline New York Makeup Artist Gato Zamora. maybelline new york fit me! Bronzer and eye Studio color tattoo 24hr cream gel Shadow in Bad to the Bronze are key to achieving the look, while Dream Bouncy Blush in Coffee Cake and Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara in Very Black add a dose of understated drama.


It’s not polite to stare. But it’s perfectly understandable.


A week of style, beauty and glamour brought to you by the leader in style, beauty and glamour. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

2013 SL shown in Shadow Grey paint with optional equipment. No system, regardless of how advanced, can overcome the laws of physics or correct careless driving. Please always wear your seat belt. Lara Stone in Calvin Klein Collection. ©2012 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC For more information, call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES, or visit

claude morais and brian wolk

emilio estefan, narciso rodriguez, and gloria at the designer’s afterparty at the gramercy Park hotel

musical moment!

your daily dose

eFan with gloria est what song would you serenade narciso with? “Mi Tierra,” because we’re both Cuban-Americans and that album was an homage to our native land. It’s a very heartfelt song, and Narciso is romantic with a beautiful soul. He still has a lot of his homeland in him. do you and narciso ever dine on cuban grub? Are you kidding—he has family in Miami, and we’ve eaten with them there many times. But when we go to dinner in New York, we steer clear of the Cuban food. It’s not good if you’re watching your weight! does narciso ever let loose? No, he’s a real workhorse—but he’s always relaxed.

A ECKHAUS LATT Aww Alert! The Daily’s very first (and youngest!) intern, mike eckhaus, and his partner Zoe latta launched their first collection at Jack chiles gallery. steven Kolb: this is one to watch!

Cindy’s seCret: take A Few Minutes For yourself


memories! with claire danes at narciso

you survived this Fashion Week! now is the time to reward yourself with some luxe pampering. Cindy Crawford’s here with some helpful hints on a total rejuvenation regime.

Once a week I try to treat myself to a pampering experience at home with Meaningful Beauty. When we can, I believe it’s important to kick off your heels, draw a warm bath, and relax. Depending on what my skin needs, I’ll apply a special treatment while I soak in the tub. If your skin is stressed out and dull, try the Deep Cleansing Masque. This clay masque is a “facial in a bottle” and in 15 minutes removes impurities, refines pores, and reveals radiant new skin. For dry winter skin that needs an extra boost of intensive moisture, try the Rich Moisture Masque. Apply a generous layer to face, neck, and chest. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse!

Find out more at

u with… catching uP I

H YOANA BARASC what’s new? Everything! My oldest daughter is going to college, and my line is growing. There’s something in the pipeline with a major department store that I’ll be able to speak about in March. Top secret. But, in the meantime, we’re also expanding our cashmere scarf line. We’re having tremendous success at Henri Bendel. what’s your hiring strategy? I’ve had experts draw up the astrological charts of potential employees in the past, but I failed miserably. I still believe in astrology, but I just think of it now in terms of potential rather than realization. why did you decide not to show at Fashion week this season? I’m still self-financed at the moment,

we’re so happy to see you! I’ve grown up with Narciso. I met him when I was 16. He’s a huge influence on my life and a dear friend. I love him deeply. He’s a smart cookie…and I always feel like I can kick some ass in a Narciso dress. What could be better? what’s the most poignant narciso memory from all those years? Well, he made my wedding dress, so I don’t think you can really top that. Narciso embroidered his name secretly into the dress, which was such a nice detail. what were you like as a teenager? I was a total nerd then. I’m a nerd now, but I’m just better-dressed.

so I want to continue on this path of refining my product instead of focusing on a runway show. It’s really working for me right now. We’re top sellers in all our stores. But we did have a gorgeous penthouse luncheon in October for top editors while we shot the lookbook. People felt less pressure to be there and really enjoyed it. what inspired your Fall collection? It’s all about color and how different shades respond to each other. The emotion that color provokes runs deep. It’s also based on the spirit of collage and texture. what’s your color du jour? Since I work with so much color, I tend to wear neutrals. Especially as a female designer, if you’re going to try your clothes

on during the day, you need a grounding base to provide a subdued background. how are you staying so cheery this winter? I’m taking Vitamin D supplements and using a happy lamp—you know, the ones with the UV rays that mimic the sun. I have an amazing heater under my desk that brings the room temperature to 80 degrees. I try to overheat myself since I can’t stand the cold. what’s your favorite winter soup? Cream of leek. I make it at home from my own recipe without the potatoes. I don’t like too many carbs! does your beauty routine change in the colder months? Yes! I apply Helena Rubinstein moisturizing cream three times a day for a glowy shine, and I wash my hair every 10 days so it doesn’t get overdried. ruFFian: Firstview (3); danes: getty images (3); baraschi: giorgio niro; getty images (3)

Meaningful Beauty® is the best skin care system I’ve ever used and it’s what I rely on every day–morning and night to take care of my skin.

Experience Cindy Crawford’s Breakthrough Secret for Younger-Looking Skin New Advanced Anti-Aging System The Meaningful Beauty story began over 17 years ago when supermodel Cindy Crawford first learned of Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, one of Europe’s most exclusive anti-aging specialists and premier skin doctors. After experiencing Dr. Sebagh’s dramatic, rejuvenating results firsthand, Cindy asked him to bring the same amazing benefits to women everywhere in the form of Meaningful Beauty.


R E V COYou with

! s e s s i K

Shamin Abas, Gabriella Agostinelli, Haylee Ahumada, Florina Alexander, Lindsay Anthony, Joanne Arbuckle, Jorge Aristizabal, Yoana Baraschi, Eric Barmore II, Angelica Barredo, Jena Belin, Carol Bell, Roann Bennet, Deanna Bershard, Marianna Biela, Miriam Blankenship, Jamilla Brown, Juliana Bunce, Aleksandra Bykadorova, Christopher Candland, Malin Carlgren, Daniella Cedillo, Tom Cehlin Magnusson, Don Challis, Jasmine Chastine, Laurel Chiten, Michael Clinton, Sandy Cohen, Nixon Coles, Susana Cotto, Sheyla Cuevas, Yuying Cui, Alison Cunningham, Scott Currie, Grace Darienzo, Chris Del Gatto, Amalia Del Pino, Michael DeLellis, Claire deLespinois, Diamond Deloatch, Tamara Deluscat, Susan DeSantis, Aly Dey, Colleen DiFonzo, Colette Dill-Lerner, Michelle Doria, Annika Downs, Ashley Dunn, Saba Ebrahimi, Amanda Farstad, Paola Fernandez, Gina Fernandez, Gabriella Ferriera, Joelle Fontana, Jessica Foster, Greta Fox, Diana Franklin, Chris Gabrels, Mindy Gale, Gerelyn Garcia, Tara Gartner, Herbert Gimmel, Elizabeth Godfrey, Ashley Goldson, Daniela Gomez, Jennifer Gonzalez, Chelsea Gramlich, Sionnese Greggs, Carson Hall, Kristen Harnish, Erin Harris, Natalie Harris, Elizabeth Heldenbrand, Sandi-Kaye Henry, Laura Hitzel, Echo Ho, Allison Hodge, Mirela Hodzic, Ashley Howell, Fantasia Hunt, Laraib Irshad, Peter Jablonski, Fred T. Jackson, Megan James, Sherri Ann Jennings, Michelle Jimenez, Tarsha Josephs, Jordan Kingston, Maggie Kinnealey, Daniel Koch, Derek Koch, Vera Kolovic, Elizabeth Koppelman, Lexi Kruvant, Emily Kukella, Tiffany Lacel Newkirk, Erica Larsen, Tawana Lashay, Sarah Lasky, Lolali Ledlum, Jessica Leger, Nicolette Leo, Gideon Lewin, Renee Lewin, Bethany Lewis, Greg Link, Victoria


Luchka, Heather Luing, Jason Lundy, Kendra MacDevitt, Brittany Manuel, Deborah Marquardt, Yasmin Martinez, Domenique Martinez, Aasiya Matthews, Nick Mathis, Ebony Mayers, Stacey Mayes, Tracie MayWagner, Tara McCollum, Amy McFarland, Kimberly Mendoza, Jennifer Meyer, Racquel Mills, Michelle Misas, Amanda Mobely, Joanne Mohr, Jenna Monteleone, Armead Moody, Zaily Mosquea, Hillary Mullen, Julia Murphree, Corrie Murphy, Lorraine Myers, Tom Nastos, The New York Giants, Jennifer Nufrio, Meghan O’Brien, Ann Ogunsulire, Jessica Olmsted, Mark Pajewski, Barry Parasram, Nancianne Pearce, Susan Pelletier, Monica Perez, Kera Perkins, Kaetlin Perna, Teddi Pickard, Mary Pietromonaco, Heidianne Pillsbury, Lavinia Preuss-Kuhne, Sonny Puryear, DeMarcus Reed, Kristi Reen, Daphne Rodriguez, Heather Roff, Adam Roth, Leslie Russo, Camilla Rustambekova, Aleksandra Sadej, Jill Safinski, Kelsey Sanborn, Cynthia Schimmenti, Sandra Schwartz, Vickie Segar, Malin Sello, Monica Sese, Sam Shaffer, Victoria Shobik, Kiva Silberfeld, Leslie Sim, Dhakira Simmons, Adam Singer, Jon Singer, Alicia Singer, Angelica Skarenstedt, Olga Slinkina, Chanel Smith, Karina Sokolovsky, Latia Spradley, Ed Starr, Bruce Starr, Robin Stein, Lisa Steiner, Leah Sushelsky, Tony Theodore, Erik Thompson, Ayumi Toguri, Sandra Vainquer, Shatiqua Teca Valentine, Rosey Vaughan, Michael Wainstein, Steven Waldberg, Grace Walters, Yolanda Washington, Ashley West, Amanda White, Constance White, Elettra Wiedemann, Karen Williams, Lance Williams, Robert Woods, Brooke Wright, Tenten Wu, Hillary Wylie, Andy Wzorek, Theodora Yallelis, Sara Younger, Laura Zachry, Paul Zahn, Brad Zeifman, and Huidan Jill Zheng.

Carolina Herrera

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Jane Bruton

BiLLy reiD: BFANyC.CoM (5); SHutterStoCK (1). toMMy HiLFiGer: PAtriCKMCMuLLAN.CoM (5); SHutterStoCK (2). GLAMour: PAtriCKMCMuLLAN.CoM (7). PAMeLA LoVe: CourteSy MAyBeLLiNe/PAMeLA LoVe





With a newish line called Pop Luxe and a Nick Gruberesque beau, the thirtysomething Richie Rich seems to be embracing adulthood at last. The Daily and stylist Derek Warburton intervened to give this fashionette the dapper look he deserves! BY EDDIE ROCHE PHOTOGRAPHY BY GIORGIO NIRO






What do you think of your new look? Richie: I love it. It’s like being an actor—I’m downplaying my kooky side. I grew up really preppy. At our last show, Ellen DeGeneres asked my mom if she knew I’d grow up to be a fashion designer. Mom told her that I always wore Ralph Lauren covered in spray paint and glitter. When was the last time you wore a suit? Richie: I went to a wedding about a month ago, but I didn’t wear one. Don’t you love that [Richie’s boyfriend] Ross is doing this interview in his underwear? It’s certainly a first! You seem very comfortable. Ross Higgins: I love to be naked. So you’re back at the Tents this season? Ross: Yes. You know, people always think I’m (Heatherette co-designer) Traver (Rains) and that I should have a cowboy hat on. Does that annoy you? Ross: A little. Richie: People confuse me for Macaulay Culkin, so we’re equal. Traver is now in LA doing photography and making incredible t-shirts. I don’t like to design alone. I like to build a team with that Warhol factory feeling. What else is new? Richie: We’ve signed a deal with Dick Clark productions that nobody knows about for a reality TV show called Celebutante with Richie and Ross. It’s hopefully going to be on VH1. We also have a record deal with Warner Bros. Records. I want to do everything! What should we expect from the show? Ross: Let’s say Navajo Indian meets Mick Jagger eighties pop underground, boom, boom, boom. Richie: Look. Heatherette is like a friend that I’ve had for a long time, but now Pop Luxe is the next level. It’s more wearable and kooky, that magic. I’ve always been able to forecast trends. Ross: This line is very boho chic. It’s going to wow a lot of people. People are always asking us if it will be wearable. Richie: Yeah...we sold thousands at Macy’s! People always thought Heatherette wasn’t tailored or even produced, but we worked really hard making it. It wasn’t the elves! Where will you sell it? Richie: The high end at Bergdorf’s, and some Bloomingdale’s. We’re also going to go on Home Shopping Network. And a lot of Asia! What’s your background, Ross? Ross: I get a lot of creativity because

my mom is an artist, and my grandfather did Barbra Streisand’s hair for 27 years. They had a falling out, but I can’t talk about that. I modeled all over the world. After we started doing this fashion designer thing, it was hard to model in New York because I had to be in five different places at the same time. I was with Q, but I had to leave them to be on more point with this. I still do a lot of jobs for Lacoste and stuff. I’m only 21! Richie, how old are you now? Richie: I’m 85. I’m like Coca-Cola. I’m a unicorn. Do you still keep in touch with Marc Jacobs? Richie: I see him here and there and everywhere, but we don’t talk every day. He’s a friend. Tommy Hilfiger, his brother Andy, and Nicole Miller have really been my mentors. And of course, Pat Field and David LaChapelle. I feel gifted that people were nice enough to be cool. At one point in time, Heatherette was one of the toughest tickets to get during Fashion Week. Is life calmer these days? Richie: I love these questions. I hate being asked, What’s your inspiration? I always say it’s a puddle of water that has oil in it that looks like a rainbow. I saw one the other day, actually. That makes me think of a dress. Anyway, Heatherette wasn’t crazy to me. I had no rules, and I still feel like I have no rules. I never expected Naomi Campbell to walk down my runway, but... What was that like? Richie: The audience went nuts. I was at her house a month before, dressing her for the MTV Awards and I whispered that if she walked in my show I’d die. When I was a 16-year-old kid, I’d copy her makeup from Italian Vogue! Then she showed up! I didn’t even know she was coming. The next season she and Kelly Osbourne walked. When I moved here in 1993, I never knew I’d be in the Tents one day. I appreciate everything. It’s a big party. That’s what I get off on. I really don’t care about selling a t-shirt. I care about people loving themselves. Are you a good businessman? Richie: That’s the best question you’ve asked me. I never went to fashion or business school. I went to both of them backwards. I think now I’m better at business. When you’re an artist, as long as you have your finger on pop culture...You finally let business people in to help. It’s getting better. What do you think of nightlife today? Richie: The bottle service nonsense is stupid, but people want to dress up and have fun.

IN! THE STYLIST WEIGHS Derek, does Richie’s style work for you? It does. He’s a real eccentric. We were having dinner the other night, and he took out a Sharpie and drew eyeliner all over his face and it just kinda worked. I find him very self-expressionistic, and that’s rare now. What was your approach for our chic-over? I wanted to give him a pop of color because you can’t just make him chic, chic, chic. The socks are fun. I wanted to make him more sleek, but I didn’t want to lose his personality. What designers did you pull for him? Ben Sherman, Carlos Campos, Michael Bastian, John Varvatos. All my favorites. Would you call his style club-kid style? I wouldn’t. Because Richie hasn’t been a club kid in 20 years. He’s a man who is eccentric. He’s more of an avant-garde Peter Pan. How do you guys know each other? I’ve known him since Club USA when I was 19. I was at FIT. I would see him on talk shows, and I had never been to the city before. Now we’re buddies. He’s 100% not jaded!

PLUS! Richie’s boyfriend gets our treatment, too!



P H o T o S T u D I o : c A M A R T S T u D I o . S T Y l I S T A S S I S TA n T: c o l l e e n b R oW n . FA S H I o n c R e D I T S , o n R I c H I e R I c H : S u I T ( PA n T & J Ac k e T ), S H I R T, T I e , A n D S H o e S : b e n S H e R M A n ; e Y e g l A S S e S : g u c c I ; R I n g : M A R g o M A n H AT TA n . o n R o S S : J Ac k e T, PA n T, A n D S H o e S : c A R l o S c A M P o S ; S H I R T A n D b e lT: b e n S H e R M A n ; S o c k S : H A P P Y S o c k S .


Fall 2012

OSCAR DE LA RENTA La vie en bleu! Oscar has found his fountain of youth in this cocktail and evening-heavy offering. And what sweet arm candy it is!



f i r s t v i e w. c o m ( 1 0) ; i n s e t: f i r s t v i e w


Fall 2012

roDartE From the prairie to the outback! The Mulleavys are pursuing a more commercial direction. (And that’s not a bad word, chÊris!) Happily, the conceptual arts and craftsiness remain the main statement.

narciso roDriGUEZ Even this master of minimalist palettes has a brighter side, and he smartly indulged it for Fall. As for the foray into fur and the intriguing new skirt proportion...we love!


r o da r t e : n e i l s o n b e r n a r d/g e t t y; r o d r i g u e z : f i r s t v i e w


Fall 2012


Kors Furious and fierce.

Michael Kors’ brilliant Fall shines with that particular MK polish. Who else could make plaid so luxurious?



The preeminent resource for a woman in search of a statement, Khan’s dark and raucous Fall offerings had all the drama and sophistication you’d expect. In case you were wondering, luxury is alive and well!


b a s s o : f i r s t v i e w; k h a n : f r a z e r h a r r i s o n /g e t t y

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Back by popular demand!

Chic˜ Overs

You’re perfect, we love you, why change? Because every fashionette could use a seasonal update.


tavi Gevinson

You’re an editrix now, and one to contend with. But why don’t you ditch the kooky garb and at least try the whole teenager thing, while you still can?

marlon Gobel W is so haute, it’s almost scary. Prove your imperviousness to the world with Gobel’s kinda-functional body armor.

n.hoolywood You’ve been reading Sally’s T closely enough to know the upstate New York look is totally in. Yes, that means denim!

alexandre plokhov All that time at the gym has paid off, chéri. Even the most “editorial” looks are yours for the taking!

stefano tonchi

Always dapper and clad in the finest Italian labels— W advertisers, natch!—you’re at the top of your game. Why not celebrate?

betsey Johnson Not everything needs to be highconcept: leather and some brights will go a long way with the boys.

alice + olivia This line is selling like wildfire among your demo for a reason! Fun and flirty, with the fash edge you adore.

lamb l.a.m.b. Thoughts on Gwen? Wait, we don’t want to know. The fact remains that her style-icon status is secure. Run something on Rookie, and watch your numbers jump!

anna dello russo Fabulousity at every age? Ask Glenda! Your daring chic still rocks The Daily. But...

carolina herrera Never outré and always demure, Mrs. H would love to work her magic—so go ahead and let her!


derek lam Come to think of it, have we ever seen you in pants? These will show off your gams as well as any micro-mini. Dare we say...better?

oscar de la renta Pre-order this one immédiatement... before that other Oscar-loving Anna snatches it up.

bryan boy

Platforms, dresses, and prints have inspired scores of BB imitators. Now that you’ve transcended mere blogger status, let your suiting show it!

tommy hilfiGer You needn’t give up your beloved skirts—until Marc does, that is. Just keep them demure and knee-grazing!

simon spurr You’re a businessman now. Channel Stefano and look smart and sassy in those meetings with P&G.

Joseph abboud We know what you’re thinking— fair isle? But you never know when you’ll need to go incognito...

G e t t y i m aG e s ( 5 ) ; b fa n yc . c o m ( 5 ) ; f i r s t v i e w ( 5 ) ; c o u r t e s y a l i c e + o l i v e ( 1 )

Why are Berkeley College interns and graduates in demand? • Students learn current practices and the latest technologies from accomplished faculty, many of whom are working professionals with market experience • Advisory Boards help ensure relevant program and course content, based on marketplace needs • On-the-job internships or job-related assignments are required in all programs, providing students with valuable, real-world experience Marilyn Martillo - Sales Events, Chanel USA, Inc. Fashion Marketing and Management, Class of ’07

“The education and preparation I received from Berkeley College helped me be successful in my career at Chanel. I learned the core elements that are necessary to thrive in the business of fashion from the curriculum, the professors, and the internship. I am very proud to say that I graduated from Berkeley College. The entire experience had a very positive impact on my life.”

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