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Health Sciences bans tobacco use BY DEVON UNGER CITY EDITOR

West Virginia University Health Sciences Campus is now tobacco free, marking the first of WVU’s campuses to join tobacco-free efforts. The decision came after the University’s Board of Governors approved a policy banning smoking on the Health Science Center Campus Friday at its meeting in Charleston. The approval came because of

“widespread” support from employees and students, according to a WVU press release. No tobacco in any form will permitted in any areas, specifically sidewalks, roads, parking areas and green spaces, inside or outside the Health Sciences Campus. Signs will be installed to alert visitors to the change, and the Wellness program at the HSC will provide nicotine replacement therapy and counseling to to WVU employees and spouses who are

West Virginia residents. The policy change was presented to the BOG by Health Sciences Center Chancellor Christopher Colenda in February. “We are obligated, as West Virginia’s leading institution for health, to set an example for others,” Colenda said, in a press release. “Eliminating the use of tobacco and the exposure of our employees, students and visitors to second-hand smoke isn’t just the popular thing to do – it’s the right thing to do.”

University Health Associates and WVU Hospitals adopted anti-smoking policies in November, aligning with existing regulations at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. University President James P. Clements appointed a task force in December to update the previous campus-wide smoking policy, established in 1990. The issue was brought up after the Student Government Association passed a resolution supporting a change of policy in February 2009.

Task force member Abby Sobonya lobbied to implement a state-wide smoking ban at all hospitals and health sciences campuses. She said evidence indicated a campus-wide smoking ban would not be feasible but believed cessation programs would increase any smoking ban’s chance of success. She used the shortcomings of the Pennsylvania state-wide smoking ban as an example. “It didn’t work out,” Sobonya said. “It was due to, if you don’t

have a way to stop, how can you stop cold turkey.” The organization Students for Sensible Drug Policy opposes the passage of such a ban. “The basic question I would ask is ‘What right does the University have to do this,’” said Daniel Shapirio, associate professor of philosophy and the faculty adviser for the SSDP. “It’s an infringement on individual rights to tell adults they have no right to smoke outdoors.”

WVU Unpaid Parking Citations

4,700 freshmen attend orientation

Number of Unpaid Citations 20,000

Total Fine Amount Unpaid $350,000 $306,313




$210,000 10,000


8,848 7,165

















SOURCE: WVU Office of Transportation and Par GRAPHIC: Evan Moore

Number of unpaid University parking tickets increases BY MORGAN MCCORMICK STAFF WRITER


Advisor Andrew Wassmann, right, assists freshman pre-mathematics major Cayley Tanner, left, with choosing her courses for the fall semester during New Student Orientation in the Mountainlair Monday. New students also went on campus tours and attended several presentations to prepare for their first semester at WVU.

New Student Orientation offers first glimpse of WVU BY ERIN FITZWILLIAMS STAFF WRITER

While more than 4,700 students have registered for a required orientation session at West Virginia University, the list grows each day. New students and their families will be flooding the Mountainlair and Downtown Campus every weekday until June 24. More than 80 percent of new undergraduate students attend one of the June sessions, said New Student Orientation Coordinator Courtney Jennings. “It’s the final stop to becoming an official Mountaineer,” she said. “When they leave here today they have their ID card in hand, their fall schedule in hand, they have opportunities to see a room in the residence halls.” Orientation is required for all incoming students, mainly to schedule courses. If they cannot attend, they must wait for general registration or attend an additional orientation in August.

Each freshman has a different experience during his or her visit. Steven Neel, pre-sports management major, learned how to schedule classes and was able to meet some peers. “I feel good, and I can’t wait for the year to start,” Neel said. “I met some people who live in the same tower.” The orientation takes up the majority of the day, beginning with the math placement exam in the morning before the official welcome to WVU. Students and parents get the chance to attend different miniseminars and group meetings. Students can also meet new peers and leaders of several student organizations. Jennings hopes the new students get involved in organizations and other groups at WVU but also have the ability to keep a balanced workload along with extracurricular activities. Students also get a chance CHELSI BAKER/THE DAILY ATHENAEUM to visit residence halls and Freshman exercise physiology major Megan Wetzel picks out a Mountaineer Maniacs T-shirt after signing up to be in the Mountaineer Maniacs during New Student Orientation in the see FRESHMEN on PAGE 2 Mountainlair Monday afternoon.

More than 42,750 unpaid parking tickets have been left at West Virginia University’s Transportation and Parking Office throughout the past four years, equaling $560,417. Last year, the University vamped up enforcement, issuing 17,070 tickets, an increase of 7,403 tickets from the previous


Construction workers repair the outside of E. Moore Hall Monday afternoon. Several other places throughout campus are also under construction. STAFF WRITER


Arthur J. Ross was named dean of the West Virginia University School of Medicine Friday. Ross’ hire at the School of Medicine was announced by Health Sciences Center Chancellor Christopher Colenda. Ross joins Robert Jones, of the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, and Jose Sartarelli, of the College of Business and Economics, as new deans hired in the last two months. Three other colleges will have new deans in the future. The College of Creative Arts, The

Davis College of Agriculture Natural Resources and Design and the School of Dentistry will be seeking new deans. Cameron Hackney, dean of the Davis College, and Bernie Schultz, dean of the CAC, will serve until June 2011. Louise Veselicky has served as interim dean at the School of Dentistry since 2007. The dean searches have not begun for the Davis College or the CAC, but the administration has decided these positions will be replaced, said Assistant Vice President of University Relations Becky Lofstead through an e-mail. David Welsh, a public relations specialist for the Davis Col-

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lege, said Hackney decided it was time to step down after a decade as dean. “It was a mutual decision. He had been dean for about 10 years, and just based on a shared leadership philosophy, they decided 10 years is a pretty good tenure for a dean,” Welsh said. “It’s as long as they wanted one person in the position.” Hackney was proud of the accomplishments during his tenure, Welsh said, including increasing enrollment and research funding for the college. After serving as dean of the CAC, Shultz would like to fill another position at WVU.

“I’m in the process right now of finalizing the details of what might be an assignment here, to keep me on here at WVU,” Schultz said. “Nothing really has been verified as to what a new assignment might be.” Schultz came to WVU as an instructor in 1977 and is considering returning to classroom. “I’m five years away from retirement, and I’d very much like to end my professional career here at WVU,” he said. “Right now, they’re looking at the possibility of working with the art museum or going back to teaching, which I dearly love.”

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Pardon the construction. Buildings on West Virginia University’s Downtown Campus have been undergoing renovations since the summer of 2006. White and E. Moore halls are being upgraded following renovation projects on Colson Hall, Oglebay Hall and Brooks Hall. White Hall is being completely remodeled and upgraded while E. Moore Hall is undergoing masonry restoration, roofing replacement, roofing repair and a repaint of all exterior wood trim. The construction on E. Moore Hall started April 15. Todd Ravesloot, the project manager, said it is being conducted safely and quickly. “As of now, no classes or occupants have been affected by

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White, E. Moore halls to undergo multiple summer renovations


Ross named Medicine dean; 3 dean positions open

year, said Eric Rosie, assistant director of Parking Management at WVU. The number of tickets has increased each year since 2006, when 7,165 tickets were issued. With close to 8,100 spaces and more than 29,000 students, there are not enough spaces for everyone, and almost every space requires some kind of payment. Students choosing to park in

INSIDE THIS EDITION West Virginia head men’s soccer coach Marlon LeBlanc is excited for this year’s World Cup. In fact, he chose who he believes will win the Cup. Is it the U.S.? Find out on page 10

our construction,” he said. Ravesloot hopes it will be finished by Aug. 15, before the start of fall classes. White Hall is currently undergoing a complete renovation, much like the improvements made to Colson, Oglebay and Brooks. “After the renovation of Brooks Hall in 2006, geology and geography moved out (of White Hall), and the building was sparsely occupied,” said John Sommers, project manager for the White Hall renovation. Sommers said the building is being renovated under a 10year master plan approved in 2006. White Hall is being turned into a general purpose building with classrooms and research laboratories. Construction for White Hall


GYORKO GOES TO SAN DIEGO Former West Virginia shortstop Jedd Gyorko was picked up by the Padres in the second round of the MLB Draft Tuesday SPORTS PAGE 10

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Car wash raises money for Pride BY MORGAN MCCORMICK STAFF WRITER

Members of the Omicron chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at West Virginia University held their annual car wash Saturday to raise money for the Prie of West Virginia, the Mountaineer Marching Band. Kappa Kappa Psi is the national marching band fraternity, and currently has 35 active members at WVU. Senior psychology major and President Justin Roth said the fraternity usually raise around $300 with the car wash, and all of the money raised goes to the band. Kappa Kappa Psi holds five main fundraisers a year. It has raffles, food sales at the CAC, its annual car wash and clothing sales. Roth also said the band has an apparel line to help raise money. Band Warehouse apparel can be found at Davis & Lee and All In Stitches in Morgantown, and at

Winner’s Choice in Fairmont. Sam Viggiano, vice president of fundraising, said he is organizing three to four other fundraisers which include a spaghetti dinner, tickets to the director’s booth and various activities at band camp. “We bring in roughly $8,000 plus and are known for being one of the best fraternities in fundraising,” Viggiano said. The events provide funding for four annual scholarships and any other activities the groups needs to fund throughout the year. Assistant Director of Bands Chris Nichter said although the fraternity is not a major fundraising body for the band, the students do an “excellent” job with the activities they do participate in. “Their biggest fundraiser is the warehouse,” Nichter said. “The money they raise goes to them, and subsequently to the band since they are a part of it.” Roth said WVU’s chapter is

highly regarded by its peers. “We have been the top chapter in the nation for the past 18 years,” he said. This consists of being an “extremely” strong brotherhood throughout the fraternity. Members are expected to surpass expectations and pass a rigorous application process. Attending all events, passing two tests, and proving to someone within the fraternity that they are qualified. According to the organization’s website, Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity was founded on the campus of Oklahoma State University in 1919 to serve the band programs. The fraternity has more than 200 chapters with 5,000 active members across the country. WVU’s chapter of KKP was founded in 1926 as a separate entity from the marching band, and was disbanded and reestablished numerous times since then.

WVU sports teams support Preston Co. fundraiser women’s basketball teams, will be there to support the cause. “This is a really good cause, a lot of kids use this field, ages 5 to 13, and they really need this help to fix their field,” said Joann Bussey, football league president. The fundraiser starts at noon and will last until 4 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the gate. Approximately $3,300 worth of door prizes will be raf-

fled off throughout the day, the ticket of entry serves as the raffle ticket. There will also be a moon bounce and a dunk tank for the children, and “Mater” the truck from “Cars” will also make an appearance. All proceeds go to fixing the field. For tickets call 304-3293344 or tickets can be purchased at City Hall in Kingwood, until Friday. — km

Visitors at orientation can also take part in an information fair Continued from PAGE 1 and an optional campus tour at the end of day. meet resident faculty leaders “They (the freshmen) seem and resident assistants during very knowledgeable this year,” said Erin Keller, orientation orientation.

leader and animal and nutritional sciences major. “I feel like I haven’t answered a lot of questions, they seem to have done their homework.”

The Old Central Preston Middle School Football Field in Preston County is hosting “It’s a great day to be a Mountaineer,” a fundraiser to repair the football field this Saturday. In Spring 2009, a wind storm caused damage to the field resulting in the loss of the scoreboard, press box and concession stand. The West Virginia University football team, along with players from the men’s and



WVU Health Sciences. The initial review of applications for the poContinued from PAGE 1 sition has been completed and the next phase of interviews will begin The search for the new dean later this month. of the School of Dentistry is pro“Following the completion of gressing, according to a release by those interviews, finalists will be

selected for on-site interviews,” Colenda said, in the release. Colenda will schedule open forums for faculty, staff and students of the School of Dentistry.

TICKETS Continued from PAGE 1 a permit lot without a decal will receive a $20 fine. Expired parking meters or paid-lot tickets net an initial $5 fine which increases the longer the meter or ticket is expired. With just one ticket costing $20, they can start to add up. Rosie said several consequences can come from unpaid parking tickets. “If a student does not pay their parking citations, a hold is placed on their account,” Rosie said. “This will not allow the student to register for classes, receive a diploma or receive an official transcript af-

ter graduation.” This policy forces students to pay up before they graduate. “I had an outstanding balance of $100, and I had to pay it off in order to graduate,” said Matthew Baranski, criminology and investigations major and May graduate. If a University employee has unpaid citations he or she will not be able to renew his or her parking permit on campus until the citations are paid in full. Any vehicle with more than five citations is eligible to be towed, and to claim your vehicle, all citations and the tow bill must be paid. According to a report in USA Today, the University of Florida

has $223,000 worth of unpaid tickets and the University of Texas at Austin has $560,000. The report said universities across the country are becoming stricter with parking violations to help compensate for budget shortfalls. Some are hiring collection agencies to pursue violators. The University of Texas purchased new technology to catch repeat offenders. A special $25,000 camera scans the license plate of every car entering a lot and notifies parking officers. If someone has four or more tickets, a boot is placed on the car to force payment.

BUILDINGS Continued from PAGE 1 began in 2008 with the interior portions of the building, including all mechanical systems, Sommers said. “The building has been unoccupied since that time and is currently in the processes of being reconstructed for use by the Physics Department that is now being housed in Hodges Hall,” he said. Although White Hall’s official renovation started in 2008, the reconstruction portion did not start until this year. Sommers believes it should reach a substantial level of completion by May 2011. Once completed, White Hall will include new infrastructure, such as new HVAC, plumbing, electrical service, energy efficient windows, research and teaching labs and a planetarium located on the roof. White Hall was originally constructed on WVU’s downtown campus in 1942, and served as the home of the College of Mineral and Mining Resources. According to the WVU website, E. Moore Hall, was named after Elizabeth Moore, the dean of female educators. It was dedicated in 1928 as a lounge and gymnasium for women. Since then, this historic structure has been opened to all students and features a dance studio, swimming pool, small gym and the main lounge on the first floor. It also has a garden on the roof.


The front of E. Moore Hall is blocked due to construction. Workers are repairing and restoring the building’s walls and roof.


NEWS | 3




West Virginia jobless fund continues spiraling down CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — State officials remain worried that by year’s end, continuing unemployment will deplete the fund that supports jobless residents while they seek new work, lawmakers learned Tuesday. The benefits fund had a $109 million balance as of Monday, but it could go dry by December if 2010 proves a repeat of last year, interim WorkForce West Virginia Director Russell Fry told a House-Senate committee. The compensation fund provided weekly benefits to an average of 27,332 people in 2009, the highest level for federal figures since 1987. So far this year, weekly claims have averaged 27,135. Fry credited lawmakers for keeping the fund afloat. Legislation passed in 2008 at Gov. Joe Manchin’s request raised the premiums that employers pay toward the fund and boosted it with $40 million from an insurance-related program. “Last year was a disaster. The actions you folks took saved us,” Fry said. But the threat of going broke had lawmakers asking Fry to return next month with options to avoid that. Officials had earlier cited the threat of insolvency after the trust fund’s balance slipped below $100 million in February. But West Virginia remains among a dwindling minority of states that have avoided borrowing federal funds to cover jobless benefits as damage from the Great Recession persists. Thirty-one states, including all five of West Virginia’s neighbors, owed a total of $38 billion as of Friday, the U.S. Labor Department reports. Sen. Jeff Kessler, D-Marshall,


Booms surround Queen Bess Island as clean up operations of oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill continue in off the coast of Louisiana Tuesday.


In this May 18 photo, Crystal Midleton, left, Eiglen Esquea, center, and Debora Fyffe, all from Brooklyn, fill out FDNY job applications during the “Putting New Yorkers Back to Work” Job Fair sponsored by The New York Society for Ethical Culture, in New York. questioned whether the state could gain an edge from its regional competitors for employers by choosing the right path toward continued solvency. “That may create an opportunity for us to jump out of the pack, so to speak,” Kessler said. Delegate Craig Blair, R-Berkeley, suggested gradually reducing weekly benefits for jobless West Virginians, to push them to find new work. He said Fry should seek ideas from employers, and focus on making the state fund more accountable. “Certainly, it can’t be perfect,” Blair said. Lawmakers increased what

employers pay toward the fund by taxing the first $12,000 of each workers’ wages, up from the first $8,000. That level will eventually drop to $9,000 but remain linked to changes in wages. Fry said while eight states tax just the first $7,000, Washington state has the highest level at $35,700. West Virginia’s weekly benefits run as high as $424. Fry said maximum benefits range in other states from $942 in Massachusetts to $235 in Mississippi. Chronic, double-digit unemployment previously exhausted West Virginia’s fund in the early 1980.

Massey: MSHA mine ventalitiaion unsafe


Family members of Upper Big Branch coal mine explosion victim Rex Mullins of Lively, W.Va., stand outside Alan Jackson’s tour bus following a meeting with the country singer and prior to a benefit concert May 22 at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, W.Va. CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Massey Energy Co. claimed Tuesday that a federal ventilation plan designed for coal mines with high levels of methane can reduce air flow in mines that produce less of the gas, potentially creating explosive buildups. The Mine Safety and Health Administration required the plan at Massey’s Upper Big Branch mine, where 29 men died in a suspected methane explosion April 5. The blast is the focus of civil and criminal investigations. Massey Chief Executive Don Blankenship said in a letter to governors in several states that MSHA required the plan at Upper Big Branch despite a warning about its safety last year by an Illinois coal company, Mach Mining. But Massey stopped short of claiming the ventilation system caused the Upper Big Branch tragedy. “We’re not ready to say that yet. We’re willing to say that it’s something that certainly should be looked as part of the investigation and should be looked at by somebody other than MSHA,” said Massey lawyer Shane Harvey. MSHA required a Mach mine in Illinois to use the system last year and is believed to be requiring it at mines in several other states, Harvey said. Mach is appealing citations for violations stemming from MSHA’s ventilation plan. “We think it’s a safety issue that affects different states and miners in different states,” Harvey said. In the letter, Blankenship tells the governors of Illinois, West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky that the system required by federal regulators is unsafe. All four are major coal-producing states. MSHA had no immediate comment. West Virginia mine safety chief

Ron Wooten said there’s not enough information available to substantiate Massey’s charges. “Hopefully the conclusions of this investigation will help all parties fully understand what happened,” Wooten said through a spokeswoman. Virginia plans to review issues raised in the letter as individual mine ventilation plans are submitted, said Mike Abbott, a spokesman for the Department of Mines Minerals and Energy. The mines in question use a longwall system a 1,000-foot-long machine somewhat akin to a deli slicer – to extract coal. The system MSHA is pushing was designed to capture methane in longwall mines working in the Pittsburgh seam in southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, Massey said. That seam is prone to releasing relatively high volumes of methane. The company argues that the system is dangerous in seams that release lower amounts of methane because it keeps gas levels

closer to the explosive range. “We can demonstrate, I think, that air flow was reduced after we implemented this plan,” Harvey said. Blankenship charges that MSHA’s system lowered air flow to the longwall face and the mined out area behind the machine at Big Branch. The system also sent air containing dust and methane removed from other parts of the mine on a circuitous route to the surface. Modern coal mines rely on ventilation to dilute methane and flush it out as quickly as possible. “The air flow under their plan met the minimum requirements,” Harvey said. “Ours would produce a lot more air to flush away methane.”

Oil spill facts in Gulf of Mexico seem as murky as the waters NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The cap over a broken BP wellhead at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is collecting more gushing crude day by day, but that’s about the extent of the details known as authorities try to pinpoint how much oil is escaping, where it’s going and what harm it will cause. The recently installed containment cap on the stricken BP wellhead is helping to limit the leak, collecting more than 620,000 gallons of oil Monday, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said Tuesday in Washington. Still, underwater video feeds continue to show a dark geyser. “I have never said this is going well,” Allen said, who’s monitoring the response effort for the government. “We’re throwing everything at it that we’ve got. I’ve said time and time again that nothing good happens when oil is on the water.” Authorities had earlier reported that the cap collected around 460,000 gallons Sunday and that it was capturing anywhere from a third to three-quarters of the oil spewing out after a damaged riser pipe was cut as part of the containment effort, increasing the flow as a side effect. University of Texas engineering professor Paul Bommer, a member of the Coast Guard team that’s trying to determine how much oil is still leaking, told The Associated Press it’s possible that estimates the team will generate could be a bit higher than current government estimates. BP announced plans recently to swap out the current cap with a bigger one next month that can capture more oil, raising questions about why such plans weren’t in place at first as a backup. “I know it takes some time to fabricate these things,” Bommer said. “It’s not something you just go to Wal-Mart and buy.” The current equipment collecting the spilled oil at the surface is believed to be nearing its daily capacity. BP spokesman Max McGahan told the AP the company will process some of the flow by sending it to a burner that turns it into a combustible fog and ignites it. The rig equipped with the burner will be moved away from the main leak site so flames and heat do not endanger other vessels, he said. BP will also boost capacity by bringing in a floating plat-

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ministrator Jane Lubchenco said Tuesday. On the surface, oil is washing up thick in some areas, leaving others relatively unscathed, and playing hide-and-seek in others. The spill’s fickle nature was evident this week near the AlabamaFlorida state line. On the Alabama side on Monday, oil-laden seaweed littered beaches for miles, and huge orange globs stained the sands. But at Perdido Key, on the Florida side, the sand was white and virtually crude-free. On Tuesday morning, though, the Alabama side looked markedly better, with calmer seas, signs that cleanup crews had visited and sticky clumps of oil no longer clinging to washed-up seaweed. BP said Tuesday it would donate money from selling the recovered oil to wildlife protection in the region, where birds and other wildlife are dying in numbers unknown. As the sun rose at Barataria Bay, La., on Tuesday, marsh islands teemed with oily brown pelicans and crude-stained white ibis. The birds inadvertently used their oiled beaks like paint brushes, dabbing at their wings, as the brown goo bled into their feathers. Some struggled to fly, fluttered and fell, while others just sat and tried to clean themselves, sqwawking and flapping their wings. Dolphins bobbed in the oily sheen nearby. Fishing guide Dave Marino looked out over the water in disbelief and disgust. The 41-yearold firefighter has been fishing these waters for 20 years. “I’m an optimistic guy, so hopefully it doesn’t just overwhelm the entire system,” he said. “But if it continues to go on and the oil keeps coming in, eventually the balance is going to tip. Then what happens? Is it all over?”

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form it believes can process most of the flow, spokesman Robert Wine said. He didn’t know when it would arrive. Bommer’s team, the Flow Rate Technical Group, includes federal scientists, independent experts and academic researchers, and its projections could ultimately be used to penalize BP judging by how much oil escapes. BP CEO Tony Hayward is scheduled to testify before a congressional committee June 17 about the company’s role in a rig explosion April 20 that killed 11 workers, and the ensuing spill. Hayward enraged many when he later said, “I’d like my life back,” and is sure to receive pointed questions from lawmakers about the cause of the accident and the response to it. President Barack Obama, who on Monday told NBC’s “Today” show that he had met with fishermen and experts so he knew “whose ass to kick” over the spill, plans to visit the region Monday and Tuesday for a fourth time since the crisis began, the White House said. And Allen planned to meet with BP to assess how well it is handling claims for relief from people hurt by the spill. The aim is “to see if we need to provide any oversight,” Allen said, noting that “working claims is not something that’s part of BP’s organizational competence here.” Alabama Gov. Bob Riley called out the National Guard on Tuesday to help spread the word among coastal residents that they could ask BP for compensation, noting that few have applied. Guardsmen will go through communities for three weeks telling people about the claims process, he said. Tests have confirmed plumes of oil in low concentrations as far as 3,300 feet below the surface and more than 40 miles northeast of the well site, NOAA Ad-

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Unfortunately, we can only wait on BP The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded 49 days ago, killing 11 crew members and rupturing an underwater pipeline, sending anywhere from 12,000 to 25,000 barrels of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico each day. For 49 days, the people of the United States – and around the world – have watched as British Petroleum, titan of the oil industry, has failed to contain the leak as the oil slick reached the size of a small state. It has become, unquestionably, the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history.

White House energy adviser Carol Browner went so far as to tell “Face the Nation” the leak – if it can still be called that – may not be stopped until August. Fragile fisheries and marshes along the Gulf Coast have already been impacted, as globs of oil have washed ashore. So far, 25 percent of the Gulf is now closed off to fishing, with more likely as the magnitude of the the leak expands. As the oil slick spreads, the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida will surely be harmed, if not ruined. Those states rely heavily upon


There’s nothing like unwinding while soaking up the summer sun after spending a year getting too familiar with textbooks. Unfortunately, there’s nothing quite like the often horrendously long car journeys that are associated with vacations. After a few cold snaps and a few tornado warnings, the summer weather is finally warming up for us all to complain about it again and wish we were elsewhere. The beach is the most obvious choice for the West Virginia University community, after spending a year in landlocked mountains. Another glamorous destination includes family reunions in areas with little-to-no cell phone reception or access to the Internet. Whether or not the end point is enjoyable is irrelevant, however, if you have a terrible journey on the way. I, myself, am currently writing this on a trip to the nation’s capital to see Conan O’Brien. Thankfully, I am accompanied by friends, and the trip isn’t anywhere close to a 17-hour journey to see family in Iowa. The following are suggestions to help keep you sane while riding in the car. Satellite Radio Insist on this. Tell your family you’re not setting foot in the car with only a limited selection of

fishing and tourism to sustain their economies. Like the rest of us, the people of those states can do little but watch, wait and react. Worse still, the spill may not be limited to the Gulf Coast. A hurricane could send the oil miles inland. Scientific models released by the National Center for Atmospheric Research predict that the slick could enter the Gulfstream Current and shoot up the Atlantic Coast as well, pounding shores from the Florida Keys to North Carolina. All this before the fall. And we can do nothing. The worst part of this spill,

decades-old CDs to listen to. As great as “Hotel California” is, you don’t want to hear it constantly, in the same car, for hours on end. Insist on satellite radio. When the CDs have finally worn down their welcome, the only real alternative is to find the nearest, clearest station you can find. Typically, it’s the same country music station that haunts you wherever you travel to. Satellite radio offers more than a hundred music, news and comedy choices for you. For me, it’s all about listening to BBC Radio 1, from England. The hosts aren’t gimmicky, the music is varied in genre and best of all, no country. Load up with movies and reading material. Get out those portable DVD players you once got for Christmas and haven’t used since unwrapping them. It’s time to load up on dismissable entertainment you can relax, sit back and forget the world around you with. Consider buying some cheap, somewhat older favorites commonly lining the bottom of the $5 bins at Walmart. “Jumanji” is always entertaining, no matter what, even though it’s 15 years old. Seeing Robin Williams fight off computer-generated monkeys and lions is funny, period. Get a laptop/cell phone adapter Sending all those texts of despair to your friends uses up the power on your phone. Checking Facebook for any possible distraction can seriously drain your

other than the ruined economies and fragile coastlines of several states, is that we, the people, can do virtually nothing but watch. Even the president, whose office we sometimes perceive as all-powerful, can do nothing but stand on the shores peering off into the deep. The oil industry has long held its regulators and consumers captive. Just as the recent financial crisis was due in part because the private sector was miles ahead of its regulators, the federal government (notably the Environmental Protection

battery, too. Even watching some DVDs can ruin your journey if you don’t have an in-car DVD player. Consider getting an adapter for the car that allows you to plug in your laptop or cell phone for extended use. Or consider getting an extra battery alternative. You love your family, you love your friends, but sometimes you need a break from them. Nothing is worse than not having another option with which to zone out from familial squabbles. Sleep. Consider this – how long is your journey? If you’re going for a long, cross-country jaunt to see distant relatives, chances are you’re going to be in the car for a long time. Whenever traveling, I like to stay up the day before so I am completely unconscious the next day. This way, I can bypass the mundanity as much as possible. As thrilling as staring at passing foliage is, it gets tiring very quickly. When I’m passed out, I can completely enjoy a world that’s my own, free of “are we there yet?” On some level, this may seem like a cruel list designed to isolate you from your family. I assure you, it’s not. Traveling can be a tedious experience, with tensions running high in the cramped space. By having things to entertain yourself, you can ensure friendly, enjoyable relations with your family throughout your vacation or journey. That, and survive the boredom of endless miles of highway.

Agency and Department of Energy) bore almost no oversight into drilling miles beneath the surface of the ocean. All they did was stand by and watch. This country, this world, needs clean energy alternatives. That much is a given. But for now, we must work with the hand we’ve been dealt. The hand, as it were, that we the consumers, asked for. We wanted cheap petroleum; we got cheap petroleum. Now we must bear the unfortunate consequences.

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How to survive those long

summer drives

Some advice on how to stand out at and keep your first real job BRANNAN LAHODA OPINION EDITOR

A new book, “Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your First Real Job” by Charleston, W.Va., marketing executives Emily Bennington and Skip Lineberg, got the gears in my head a-turning. The book was written by two people who have (presumably) maintained employment throughout this Great Recession, so it has instant credibility. The publication has been featured by The Huffington Post,, ABC and even The Charleston Gazette. After reading up on the book, I began thinking of all the ways in which I and my many successful friends and family members have really been noticed at work (or not been fired). As a business student, a small business owner and a subscriber to BusinessWeek magazine, I feel more than qualified to opine on ways to not only

keep, but excel at, your first real nails, lack of self-respect job. Tip: Glue the frames to the Thus, with a little help from wall. That way, you’ll seem like my inner circle and my favor- a permanent office fixture. ite TV shows, I’ve derived a list of my own.  Tailor your wardrobe to your job. One of the best ways to stand  Plaster your educational out at the workplace is to match background to the walls. In a discussion about real life your clothes with your job and Michael Scott (from “The Of- your personality. This concept is self-reinforcfice”) bosses, my brother-in-law ing, thus the results can be extook first place. One headman at a medi- ponential (go ahead, check my um-sized brokerage displayed math). framed the entirety of his If, for example, you happen education on the walls of his to be an up-and-coming emeroffice. gency room surgeon with a The boss, who never attended steady eye for the classy but a college, made up for his lack of shaky hand, consider wearing educational prestige by framing black scrubs. his high school diploma, as well Dying patients with poor vias “Certificates of Graduation” sion will confuse you with the for completing Video Professor Grim Reaper, ultimately freeing lessons in Microsoft Word, Excel up hospital beds more quickly and PowerPoint. and earning you a unique and The certificates, I was told, uncanny mystique. were designed by the boss usIf, as another example, you ing Word and were poorly done, land a job in the financial sector, at best. wear green, which is the same Regardless, this proves the color as money and will surely old adage that, “you can never remind everyone that it’s what have too much education” while you care about most. Supplies: Credit card, mirror providing immediate respect for and a sense of style your mental acumen. Supplies: Frames, hammer, Tip: One word

– monochrome.  Bring your lunch to work. Working in downtown Morgantown makes it easy to just walk down High Street or over to the Mountainlair to grab a quick bite to eat. But those purchases add up, and on an entry-level income, your budget is going to be stretched as is. Do the math: If you eat lunch every day at work for a paltry $10, that equates to somewhere in the ballpark of $200 each month. That’s a car payment (for that 2006 Honda Civic). Thus, taking your lunch can have big savings for the year. Bennington warns, however, to not eat “el-desko.” Just because your bagging it doesn’t mean you can’t join the fun and socialize with your colleagues. But remember, your goal is to stand out. So bring your lunch every day. The same lunch, that is, every day. My suggestion is tuna. Not only is this a healthy option for any diet, guys you’ll get a great nickname like “Big Tuna.”

Supplies: Chicken of the Sea, can opener, onions, mustard, mayo, knife, pickle relish (to taste) Tip: Get frequent blood tests to check for Mercury poisoning, and carry breath mints.  Get involved in office social life. Just like in the movies “Old School” and “Office Space” getting involved in activities (legal or not) with co-workers outside of the work can gain you immediate respect at work. Not only will it increase your self-esteem, but it will help you get to know your co-workers and maybe even your bosses. Start a club like “Accountants Anoymous” and meet at the local watering hole every Friday to discuss expense reports and the merits of cranberries plus vodka. If applicable, make sure initiation is as painful as possible (both financially and physically). It’s how Voldemort rose through the ranks. Supplies: A meeting space, healthy liver and an ability to handle office romance. Tip: Avoid co-workers from human resources like the

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Apologizing for, or excusing racism is going too far The “politically correct” reasoning used by Jordan Bonner in his guiltridden, apologetic editorial about “Gringo Masks,” is a great example of how people, who should be united in the fight for justice and freedom,


have become divided. These divisions are used by the real power brokers, who have no racial, political or religious allegiances, to “divide and conquer” populations. Oh, the term “gringo” isn’t really racist, according to Bonner, but the “Nword” is, “which is always derogatory.” That’s funny, because many young blacks seem to use the N-word as a term of endearment, and it has been popularized in recorded music for

years. It seems clear to me that it is not the slur, but the intent of the use of the slur, and the hatred with which it is used that makes it derogatory. Bonner’s position is that, “those that have traditional positions of power and privilege,” (“whites” in Bonner’s worldview) when subjected to racial slurs, “that don’t carry the same historical weight,” shouldn’t be concerned. Those concerns “amount

to so much whining.” I disagree. I was brought up to consider any racial slur, emanating from the loathing and contempt of anyone towards anyone else, is not rational, desirable, or “politically correct.” If Bonner is really that concerned about “supremacy,” “subjugation,” and “oppression,” he should probably not apologize or excuse anyone’s hate based racist expressions. It is a gross oversimplification to classify one expression as an “always

derogatory” racial slur, and another one as “simply a slang term.” Why doesn’t he recognize racist dialogue, and the terms conservative and liberal for that matter, for what they are; a divide and conquer tactic for the true elitists. Call me a “gringo,” but do it with love. Matt Marcus Junior Exercise Physiology

plague. They say they are “people persons,” but they are also great liars.  Buy business books. “The best ones,” Bennington told ABC’s Money Matters, “you are gonna wanna purchase, and you’re gonna wanna display in your workplace.” I presume Bennington is referring to books like the one she just co-authored, but I may be way off base. However, if I’m not off-base, I wholeheartedly agree. However, you shouldn’t stop there. To really earn the respect of your co-workers and stand out as the best of the best, you should also display helpful business columns like this one. To facilitate this, provides PDF versions of the day’s publication. My smiling mug will look wonderful framed next to your “I saw Tony Robbins Live” certificate. Click and print. Supplies: Color InkJet printer, paper, lack of self-worth Tip: Due to a sweet copyrighting deal, re-use of my image is only available in 11 x 14 or greater. No cubicles, please.


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Morgantown teen pursues rap career BY MACKENZIE MAYS A&E EDITOR

Sandra Black will perform at 123 BY CHELSEA HENSHEY A&E WRITER

Indie rock band Sandra Black takes the stage at 123 Pleasant Street Friday for its first local concert in over a year. The band’s guitarist, vocalist and key board player Billy Zwiener describes his band’s unique sound as “rock and roll pretty much from the indie rock genre that blew up here (Morgantown) 10 years ago.” While Sandra Black is influenced by groups like the Violent Femmes, Velvet Underground, Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth, its sound remains unique with songs based on “life situations, like frustrations with social settings,” and lyrics focused on rhythmic combinations. “(When writing songs, it is) me just sitting down with a pencil and pen and struggling over just kind of the rhythm of words,” Zwiener said. “If I don’t have an idea

specifically I’ll just try to make a stream of words that kind of sound good coming out, like phonetic noises and stuff like that. It’s like I’m painting with just color – I don’t need a lot of form at first.” Sandra Black will perform along with Spouse at 8 p.m. Both bands have songs available on iTunes and will be selling albums during the concert. Zwiener said the band’s live performances are solely based on the music and expects genuine music lovers to appreciate Friday’s show. “It’s not too high energy; it’s more about the songs,” Zwiener said. “The energy is probably brought by the crowd. The crowd has really taken the albums we’ve released and just made them exciting.” Returning to the stage in Morgantown gives Sandra Black an opportunity to play for its original

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Book series offers hard, funny weight-loss advice BRITTNI MCGUIRE A&E WRITER

“Skinny Bitch” is a cynical, foul-mouthed read with only good intentions that could get you into your best bikini shape for this pool season. Rory Freedman, a former modeling agent, and Kim Barnouin, a former model, have succeeded in producing a book that is equal parts entertainment and harsh facts about losing weight and advice on how to stop making excuses. With a title like “Skinny Bitch,” it is expected the book be full of attitude. The language is just as sassy as the cover which holds a curvy, but skinny-figured woman in a little back dress and a lot of make-up. The diet book is a strictly vegan diet that seems to be subliminally pushing animal rights while giving diet tips. The tone of the book is harsh, but as the kind of honesty you’d expect from a best friend. You know it’s the truth, so you don’t get offended

by the blunt advice that may otherwise have hurt your feelings. The book is filled with those four-letter words that are sure to make readers either relate to the book in a down-toearth kind of way or stray away from it because of its explicit content. The first chapter, “Give It Up,” gets straight to the point telling readers they need to give up smoking, drinking, soda and junk food as well as many other unhealthy items. “Let’s Eat” provides detailed meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will guide readers on the right track allowing them to see examples of the foods they should eat to get the results they want. To conclude the book, Freedman and Barnouin state the title “Skinny Bitch” was used to catch the eyes of young readers and they are in fact not harsh in real life. The book’s conversational tone makes for an interesting and entertaining read – not simply just dos and don’ts of dieting

see WEIGHT on PAGE 9

class,” Michael said. “I don’t really treat it like a career yet, it’s more of a hobby that has taken me very far.” Huey Mack’s free mix tape and music video can be found on his Facebook and MySpace pages. Although most of Michael’s local success is due to the popularity of “Morgantown State of Mind,” the song is not Michael’s original work, but it was actually written by WVU play-by-play voice Tony Caridi, according to Michael’s father McGuire. McGuire said the song was

the brain child of Caridi and was published by his label “Great Day” records – deriving from Caridi’s signature slogan, “It’s a great day to be a mountaineer, wherever you may be.” Although the song has been circulated to WVU fans all around the country, Michael said he did it as more of a favor for his father’s radio station and doesn’t want listeners to judge him solely on that one song. “My music is a style of new age rap, but it has a different twist to it,” Michael said. “I sing in a lot of my songs, and I like to

switch things up.” Michael’s main goal is to hear one of his own songs on the top 40 on a major radio station one day, and, although he’s only 18, he feels he’s already learned a little about the music industry. “The only advice I have to give to anyone aspiring to make music is to keep at it,” Michael said. “It’s terrible getting your name out there, everybody has their own opinion about you, but things will work out in the long run.”


While many students have become familiar with the remix of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” titled “Morgantown State of Mind,” most are unfamiliar with the artist behind the track: 18-year-old Joey Michael, a recent graduate of Morgantown High School. Michael goes by stage name Huey Mack and has been writing music since he was 12. He recently released a mixtape titled “Wish Me Luck” and worked with Rex Arrow Films to create his first music video for the song

“Just Me.” Citing a wide range of influences from Kanye West to Mat Kearney, Michael has been around music his entire life thanks to his father Eric McGuire, WVAQ morning show DJ. However, Michael doesn’t view rapping as a career just yet but more as a part of his everyday life. “It would be weird to say I balance my teen life and my music career, because most of the things I do musically involve my everyday life whether I’m performing at a party or making music with my friends or for a




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FEATURE OF THE DAY THE SIERRA CLUB will meet at 6:30 p.m. for its annual ice cream social at Cooper’s Rock State Forest in Shelter One. Participants should bring food to share and a beverage. Plates, cups and utensils will be provided. For more information, call Candice at 304-594-3322.

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June 14 ANIME  THE MORGANTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY will host a free screening of El Cazador de la Bruja at 5:30 p.m.

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one is welcome to attend the events. For more information, e-mail Rebecca at or visit and follow the links to the LSM Web site. WOMEN, INFANTS AND CHILDREN needs volunteers. WIC provides education, supplemental foods and immunizations for pregnant women and children under 5 years of age. This is an opportunity to earn volunteer hours for class requirements. For more information, contact Michelle Prudnick at 304598-5180 or 304-598-5185. FREE RAPID HIV TESTING is available on the first Monday of every month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Caritas House office located at 391 Scott Ave. Test results are available in 20 minutes and are confidential. To make an appointment, call 304-293-4117. For more information, visit BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS, a United Way agency, is looking for volunteers to become Big Brothers and Big Sisters in its one-on-one community-based and school-based mentoring programs. Community-based mentors pick up a child at his or her home and do activities the two of them choose together on a weekly basis. School-based mentors meet with a child at an area elementary school during the after-school program for one hour, one day per week for homework help and hanging out. To volunteer, contact Sylvia at 304-9832383, ext. 104 or e-mail ROSENBAUM FAMILY HOUSE, which provides a place for adult patients and their families to stay while receiving medical care at WVU, is looking for service organizations to provide dinner for 20 to 40 Family House guests. Although the hospital cafeteria is only steps away, guests enjoy a home-cooked or restaurant-donated meal. People may, individually or as a group, provide the food, serve and clean up on a regular basis or as a one-time event. For more information, call 304-983-2823 or e-mail rfh@ LITERACY VOLUNTEERS is seeking volunteers for one-on-one tutoring in basic reading and English as a second language. Volunteer tutors will complete tutor training, meet weekly with their adult learners, report volunteer hours quarterly, attend at least two in-service trainings per year, and help with one fundraising event. For more information, call 304-296-3400 or e-mail CATHOLIC MASS is held at St. John University Parish at 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. MOUNTAINEER SPAY/NEUTER AS SISTANCE PROGRAM is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted cats and dogs by encouraging and supporting spay/neuter. They are looking for new members and friends to help by donating their time, talents and fundraising skills. For more information, contact M-SNAP at 304-985-0123. INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOW SHIP is an interdenominational studentled organization that meets weekly on campus. Everyone is welcome to attend events. For more information, email Daniel at or visit the IVCF Web site at www.wvuiv. org.ed. KALEIDOSCOPE, an afterschool program, is dedicated to providing a safe and educational environment for children afterschool. The programs provides homework help and enrichment classes. The program runs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Interested volunteers should e-mail matt.wood07@ or call 304-291-9288.

HOROSCOPES BY JACQUELINE BIGAR BORN TODAY Finally, you connect with far more depth and caring than you have in the past. Others seem to be able to receive your message. Communication flows with precision. Sometimes a vagueness with a concept or confusion over words could cause a problem. Reflect rather than react. If you are single, you could meet someone who is emotionally unavailable. Don’t kid yourself about changing this person! You could decide to continue dating. If you are attached, both of you benefit from time spent away from the daily grind. Plan romantic getaways together. TAURUS reads you cold. ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) ★★★ Even if you are 90 percent sure, don’t take any risks financially. There is an element of deception and confusion running through funds. You will notice this influence in hindsight. Stay on the appointed path for now. Have a discussion later in the day. Tonight: Your treat. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) ★★★★ You might be sure of what you are doing, but others might not be. In this situation, there could be an enormous flub-up. Answer

questions willingly. Be aware that a boss, older relative or friend doesn’t communicate well at times. Tonight: Strutting your stuff. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) ★★★★★ Suddenly you feel different. Mercury enters your sign, making you clear and more expressive than you have been in a long while. News from a distance isn’t as clear as you might like. Tonight: Get a good night’s sleep. CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) ★★★ Through pulling away, you will gain a unique perspective that normally isn’t available. Understanding increases as a result. You can verbalize a problem that you might not have been aware of previously. Tonight: Where the crowds are. LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) ★★★★ Assuming responsibility could be the first step in putting yourself on overload. You might not want all the extras! Think carefully when determining your limits. Don’t blindly dive in. If you’re hesitant, wait. Tonight: Burning the candle at both ends. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) ★★★★ Keep reaching out for

more information. You seek clarity, yet you are surrounded by vagueness. Whether dealing with work, health or even a hobby, clarity might be hard to find! Maintain a sense of humor. Tonight: Put on a favorite piece of music. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) ★★★★ Work with individuals rather than groups. If you are to completely grasp where someone is coming from, it is necessary to put yourself in his or her shoes. Don’t project your images or attitudes on a situation. Tonight: Listen well to what someone shares. SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) ★★★★ You have difficulty finding a comfortable niche, so much so that you consider going home early. By the afternoon, a conversation opens up a situation. Know that you have the necessary qualities to work on this issue with this person. Tonight: Say “yes” to an invitation. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) ★★★★ Solutions bubble up if you can relax. Note a tendency to go into your head during meetings, conversations and nearly any other time. Your imagination is one of your many gifts. Tonight: Take a walk, go to a baseball

game or find another relaxing pastime. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) ★★★★★ Your ability to read between the lines draws quick results. Given some time and space, understanding grows to a new dimension. Verify a money agreement in any way possible. Tonight: Let your imagination rock and roll. AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) ★★★★ Your ability to anchor in and maintain your priorities is more important than you realize. You have many ideas, but it is how you express them that makes a difference. You inspire a lot of people. Tonight: Don’t push too hard. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) ★★★★ Conversations finally make sense, and others are responsive. You have tried very hard to connect with someone, yet you have hit roadblock after roadblock. Let go of your expectations and worry less about the situation. It is likely to clear in the next few days. Tonight: Hang out with a friend. BORN TODAY Actor Johnny Depp (1963), guitarist Les Paul (1915), composer Cole Porter (1891)

Pearls Before Swine

by Stephan Pastis

F Minus

by Tony Carrillo

Get Fuzzy

by Darby Conley

Cow and Boy

by Mark Leiknes


Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit


Across 1 Thick piece 5 Kelly’s cohort 10 __ bath 14 Corduroy feature 15 “West Side Story” role 16 Flowering succulent 17 Seconds 20 Appreciative 21 Privacy metaphor 22 Troubled insurance giant 23 Dry, like some Spanish wine 24 Seconds 30 They have caps 31 Enjoy New York, say? 32 Hit hard 34 Isle where Saint Columba died 35 Received, as a salary 37 “See ya” 38 Ring decision 39 Part owner of Chrysler since 2009 40 Nasal spray brand 41 Seconds 45 Env. directive 46 Sound from Sandy 47 “Jeopardy!” clue, e.g. 50 They may be felt on the range 55 Seconds 57 Tribe related to the Iowa 58 “One for My Baby” composer 59 Samoan seaport 60 Seats with kneelers 61 Some designer

The Daily Crossword

dresses 62 Discreet attentiongetter Down 1 Ill-gotten gains 2 Place to hibernate 3 “Crimes and Misdemeanors” actor 4 Sugar source 5 Weaver’s fiber 6 Once, perhaps 7 Madonna’s “Material __” 8 “__ be my pleasure!” 9 Its home is on the range 10 Oater setting 11 Places in la mer 12 Went like the dickens 13 Citrus peel 18 Chicago tower builder 19 1961 Heston role 23 Did in 24 Japanese mushroom 25 It’s a gas 26 Some like it hot 27 Troubadour’s Muse 28 Piano type 29 Stuffs 30 Frontiersman Carson 33 “Mad __”: 1979 Gibson film 35 Rural route 36 Showers, e.g. 37 Uncle, in Uruguay 39 Regales 40 Cinematic opening, but not ending? 42 United Kingdom’s Guy

__ Night 43 To a certain extent 44 Salad makings 47 Straddling 48 Evening, informally 49 Harbor vessel 50 WWII battle site 51 Reaction to freshness? 52 “My bad!” 53 Mark Harmon TV series 54 Game using only cards higher than six 56 Part of T.G.I.F.: Abbr.


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Restricted Internet access as AT&T caps data plans Company cites ‘affordability’ though customers see restrictions on media use BY DAVID RYAN COPY EDITOR

AT&T users may have to think twice about watching so many YouTube clips on their smart phones. Last week, sandwiched between the launch of Apple’s iPad tablet computing device and Monday’s unveiling of the fourth generation iPhone, was the news the carrier would be eliminating its long-established unlimited data plan in favor of two, “capped” alternatives. Now, users can pay $15 for 200 megabytes of data a month (DataPlus), or $25 for two gigabytes (DataPro). Chris Bauer, network spokesperson for AT&T in northern West Virginia, said 2 percent of its total customers exceed two gigabytes of data per month. Customers use data when they visit websites, receive e-mails and download music, movies and television shows. “People are mobilizing their lives,” Bauer said, referencing the growth of smart phones and mobile use of the Internet. “People want to view websites, stream media and music everywhere they live and work. It’s the future of the industry,” he said. AT&T estimates two gigabytes roughly equals 10,000 e-mails without attachments; 1,500 emails with attachments; 4,000 Web pages, posting 500 photos to social media sites and 200 minutes of streaming video. Bauer said the company’s move to tiered data packages benefits the customers, adding “people can choose the data plan that best meets their needs and their budget.” With devices like the iPhone and iPad allowing greater use of mobile video and online access, Jared Crawford, senior computer engineering major and developer of West Virginia University’s official app iWVU, said the new plans were “disappointing.” “The revolution of watching videos on the iPad or mobile devices is going to be slowed,” Crawford said. “This is not a good thing not just for the iPhone, but the mobile platform as a whole.” During Monday’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, DVD rental service Netflix announced a version of its Instant Watch software would be available to users in the summer. Though no specific details are available on the amount of data typical file sizes from Netflix will use, technology blog estimated a single episode of a 22minute show averaged 55 megabytes, more than 25 percent of the lowest offering from AT&T.


Crawford also cited the new tethering option, available to DataPro customers for an additional $20 fee. Tethering allows the netbook to connect to the Internet through the phone. “When you use your laptop, most of the time you don’t think about how much data you’re using,” he said, citing programs that often run in the background and update, such as operating systems and even Twitter clients. “You start to think about it adding up.” According to a company press release, three text messages will be sent notifying the user at different stages of data consumption – 65 percent, 90 percent and 100 percent. Those who go over on the DataPro plan’s limit of 2GB can purchase an additonal gigabyte for $10. Bauer said AT&T offers other ways to monitor usage too, including the AT&T wireless website, apps for various smart phones and by texting *DATA# from their phone. Crawford, who owns an iPad, said he’s had to be careful with what he does on the device despite its capabilities. “Even if I know I’m not fully using my 250 megabytes on my iPad, I won’t watch a video online because I don’t want it to be an issue,” he said. “I always err on the side of caution. It prevents me from fully utilizing the device. It’s really disappointing people won’t be able to use them without worrying about bandwidth.” Criticism about the plan is too early, Bauer said, urging customers to “wait and see” how much data they actually use over the average month before making a judgment. Bauer also noted the prevalence and proximity of Wi-Fi networks that smart phones can also use for data. “Are we going to see customers go over their limit? Time will tell,” he said, adding it is too early to consider changing the levels of data being offered. Some AT&T users have noted dropped or failed calls in the area. Bauer said this can be attributed to different factors such as geography, proximity to tower and what kind of device a customer is using. Bauer also said the 3G network experience in Morgantown should be improving, after the deployment of a new cell site in Star City. The high speed network went live in August 2009. The company also plans to add around 30 new cell sites across the state, with upgrades to 20 additional sites to 3G capability and improvements to 300 sites around the state.

Apple introduced its much publicized, highly expected fourth generation iPhone Monday at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Much of what has already been reported about the phone is true. Online technology blog Gizmodo famously obtained a prototype of the new phone, posting in-depth analysis of the phone online. Among the features included are a redesigned body, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs lavishly called “one of the most beautiful designs you’ve ever seen.” The phone now features two glass panels, one on the front the other on the back, a stainless steel border which serves as the various antennas and a second noise-canceling microphone to remove background noise during calls. The phone is also available in black and white. The phone also has an upgrade to its photo and video capturing capabilities, with a 5 megapixel camera that offers full, 720p high-definition video. Users can also edit and upload videos from the phone itself with the company’s iMovie application, a scaled-down version of its video editing software for the Mac. The camera on the back has an LED flash bulb for night photography. The phone also features a front-facing camera allowing for “FaceTime” conversation between iPhone 4s over wireless networks. Expanded capability of that feature will come in time with cell phone providers, Jobs said. The new phone also has a 326 pixels per inch display, offering print quality better than most magazines and newspapers. Conveniently, the new iPhone also offers iBooks, the iTunes store’s book offering with Winnie The Pooh reported free with the software. Users can read PDFs in iBooks, as well as highlight text, make notes and more that later appear in the table of contents for use later. Organizing cluttered app screens is also easier, with functionality much like a desktop computer. Users can categorize apps into folder and are named either by genre or by custom title. DVD rental service Netflix also appeared at the event, reporting an iPhone version of its Watch Instantly service will be available in the summer – though its not sure how well this will work with the new, capped data plans. The 16-gigabyte version will sell for $199 on upgrade or new AT&T customers, whereas the 32GB version will sell for $299. Preorders begin June 15 and the phone will be available in stores June 24. — Compiled byy David Ryan

Kaki King’s latest album ‘The Betrayer’ a musical step forward AARON DAWSON A&E WRITER

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When I think of guitar virtuosos, I am tempted to imagine Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin or any performer possessing a shocking degree of technical fluidity and broad harmonic and stylistic palette from which they play. Another factor could be found in a virtuoso’s originality. Michael Hedges, for example,

probably couldn’t shred his way around any corn-ball shredder of the ’80s but brought something new to the music world via his hands and guitar. Kaki King, often lionized as a guitar virtuoso, falls into this latter category. Haphazardly deciding to leave the tapping, open string trills and using-my-guitar-as-a-percussion-instrument and other guitar techniques in the dust a few albums ago, King focuses more on her songs on her most recent effort “Junior.”

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Sounding at times like Tuck Andress or all-girl indie trio Sleater-Kinney, King seems to draw influences from post-hardcore acts on her new album, particularly apparent on the album’s opener, “The Betrayer.” A self-aware track about the guilt a break-up can produce, the track evokes the effect and sound of a quality emo band’s lo-fi freshness and focused angst (song-alogue and all) but polished in the studio to sound like the newest King record. King takes the aggressiveness of “The Betrayer” even further on “Death Head,” a song immediately beginning with a distorted riff reminiscent of ’90s indie acts Sebadoh and Swervedriver. Although there is no tapping or visually impressive guitar work here, King manages to play supremely intricate passages (“Spit it Back in My Mouth”) while maintaining her signature vocal lines; a feat easily managed by other musicians, but when the guitar parts are as complex as King’s, this be-

comes virtuosic, even for those with first-rate motor skills. Unlike past albums, the guitar parts on “Junior” are mostly all played on King’s electric guitar, and on some tracks (“Hallucinations from My Poisonous German Streets”) are set-off by King’s pedal steel guitar. Similar to past releases, there are a handful of brief instrumental tracks on here and the piano is used sparingly, and effectively, during a twain of the tracks on “Junior.” King’s vocal range is limited to that of a lower alto. But she isn’t in the business to establish herself as a groundbreaking vocalist. Her songs portray her as a sensitive and charmingly pessimistic songwriter, resourceful in all of her musical abilities, principally guitar. Who else could describe an air conditioner or garbage bag with great ease and floridity? Grade:




People should get to the theater for ‘Get Him to the Greek’ JAMES CARBONE CAMPUS CALENDAR EDITOR

There were plenty of memorable moments in 2008’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” but the most memorable was British comedian Russell Brand. When I first heard that “Sarah Marshall” director Nicholas Stoller was going to team up with Brand to do a spin-off, I was pretty excited. I’m happy to say that, when it comes down to it, this film fulfilled my expectations. The movie tells the story of Snow, who, after a critically disdained album, has fallen off the wagon he was on in the first movie and is looking to get back into the spotlight and get back his ex-wife. His redemption comes in the form of Aaron Green (Jonah Hill), who is sent by his boss Sergio Roma (Sean “Diddy” Combs) to get him to Los Angeles in three days so he can perform an anniversary show at the Greek Theatre. The two go on wacky adventures in bars, “The Today Show” and Las Vegas in a alcohol and

drug-fueled bender, all with Green trying to make it back in time. Brand, whose character can understandably get old before the movie is over, is able to stretch his acting chops enough to keep the character interesting and funny. Hill is playing more or less the same character he plays in every film, a chubby guy who gets pushed around a lot but eventually finds the cojones to stand up for what he believes in, but that was exactly what the movie called for. Hill was also in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” as a different character who stalked Snow, but this film sadly has no reference to it. The best performance in the movie comes from Combs as the eccentric Roma, who spouts some ridiculous and hilarious lines that will give the audience most of its laughs. It was as if Stoller cast Combs only so he could have Diddy say all of these absurd things, and part of me hopes that. Another great performance comes from Colm Meany, known for his work on various “Star Trek” TV shows, as Aldous’ dad Jonathan, an old man who

switches between wanting to be a part of his son’s life to controlling it completely. The movie also features some great cameos, be it Tom Felton as he hangs out in a night club or Pharrell on the set of the fictitious music video, “I’m Gangster.” It also has a quick appearance from Kristen Bell as her character Sarah Marshall. The only cameo missing is Jason Segel as Peter Bretter, but its an understandable one, as he already had his film. Still, him showing up for only one scene would’ve added to the link between the two films. There were a few lackluster points though. At some points, you just want Snow to grow up and accept he made some mistakes, and, while there are moments that it seems like that is about to happen, he later shows himself to still be an egomaniacal jerk. In fact, the entire sub-plot about his ex-wife could have been trimmed down quite a bit, and the Lars Ulrich cameo it features could’ve been removed as well. Plus, it doesn’t add anything really new to the Judd Apatow formula, featuring sex jokes and


Jonah Hill and Russell Brand are shown in the movie ‘Get Him to the Greek.’ crass humor all over the place, like so many other films he has produced. Except for the musical numbers, those were both neat and

catchy, and something the currently in the theatre. whole audience can enjoy. So, while there isn’t anything Grade: remarkable about this movie, it is still one of the funnier ones


MTV Movie Awards full of censorship, laughs Lohan’s ankle monitor went off this week BRITTNI MCGUIRE A&E WRITER

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards was full of performances, awards and a whole lot of dubbing Sunday night. Aziz Ansari hosted the show, keeping the audience laughing and the censors busy while performing in skits and interacting with the crowd to keep the night alive. Ansari currently stars in the NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation.” Vulgarity and spontaneity are expected year after year at the ceremony. But “The Twilight Saga” is well on its way to also becoming a staple of the awards show – taking home a total of five awards for “New Moon.” It was reminiscent of last year’s award show, with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson taking home yet another award for Best Kiss as well as “New Moon” receiving the award for Best Movie. “I guess ‘Twilight’ is really awesome, and I agree,” Stewart said at the ceremony, “woo.” Though “New Moon” dominated much of the event, “The Hangover” followed closely. Unlike most of this year’s awards shows, “Avatar” went home without winning a single popcorn trophy. The award presentations were accompanied by performances by artists like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera, as well as comedic acts by Ken Jeong and Ed Helms and Tom Cruise as Les Grossman. Jennifer Lopez and Ludacris

BLACK Continued from PAGE 5 fanbase and to meet new fans. “Morgantown was our hub, it’s where we pretty much started,” Zwiener said. “We have a lot of fans here and they are all really good people. You get to meet the


Tom Cruise, left, and Jennifer Lopez perform at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday. teamed up with Tom Cruise as Les Gorssman in a well-choreographed performance in which Cruise impressed the audience with his dance moves. Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg performed Perry’s latest single “California Girls” in the most colorful performance of the night. Perry wore a bright blue wig as the back-up dancers wore shorts and bikini tops living up to the songs lyrics in California Barbie-like style. Christina Aguilera performed a mash up of three songs off her newest album “Bionic Woman.” The sassy performer lived up to her well-known killer vocals as well as her adventurous stage presence. Aguilera proved she would not go outdone, performing pantsless and donning only light-up heart panties. Acceptance speeches had the most laughs and cries of the night the most moving speeches coming from Ken Jeong, as he accepted his

people – that’s really just how we were brought up, it’s (Morgantown) really our natural setting.” While the band does not tour often, it’s looking forward to playing with its friends and fellow musicians, Spouse. “We did a small tour with them. We get out every six months, and we basically try to help out Spouse


want. As a realistic, conversaContinued from PAGE 5 tional read, this book is sure to please those who enjoy selfand exercise like most weight- help books that tell them exactly what they do not loss plan guides. The authors have expanded want to hear in order to legititheir series with books geared mately help them succeed. toward pregnant women, cooking women and even Grade:   men so everyone can find a book to fit just what they

Lunch Buffet Tue.-Sat., 11:30 2:00 Thursday Dinner Buffet 4:30-9:00 Sunday Buffet 12:00-8:00

“Best WTF Moment” award, speaking of his wife’s battle with breast cancer. “She taught me that life is short, and you shouldn’t be afraid to take chances,” he said. Sandra Bullock was awarded this year’s Generation Award, presented by Betty White, Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson. Bullock poked fun at her controversy in the spotlight since her split with cheating husband, Jesse James. She also took time to shock viewers with her lip-lock with Johansson. “Now that we have done that,” Bullock said after the kiss, “can we please go back to normal?” Though the award show can be a bit repetitive at times, MTV lived up to it’s reputation for awarding the most humorous awards of any award show and throwing in a few surprised and shocks for the audience.

because the guy in Spouse, Jose Ayerve, he’s just an incredible person – he’s the primary reason we are going to play this show,” Zwiener said. “We haven’t played in close to a year, so we know that hopefully we can get a decent crowd.”

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol monitoring bracelet went off after the actress appeared at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, a source familiar with her probation said Tuesday. The alert could result in another appearance by Lohan before a judge whose patience has worn thin with the actress for repeated missteps during her probation. It remained unclear why the bracelet went off. The source, who was not authorized to speak publicly, told The Associated Press that Los Angeles Superior Court Marsha Revel would receive a report on the alert soon. Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said she is looking into whether a violation may have occurred. The bracelet is designed to test the skin for alcohol every

half hour by sampling a person’s perspiration. Lohan has been required to wear an alcohol monitor since May 24, when she appeared before Revel days after missing a court hearing. The “Mean Girls” star is due back in court on July 6 when the judge will decide whether Lohan, 23, violated her probation because of her missed appearance. A violation could result in Lohan being sent to jail. Revel refused to ease Lohan’s drug and alcohol testing restrictions at the May hearing and ordered the starlet to wear the alcohol monitor. Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, who is handling Lohan’s case, said she was aware of “an issue” that would come to the court’s attention, but did not have

further details. Lohan appeared at the MTV awards show on Sunday. She also attended at least one of the show’s after-parties. She covered up the ankle monitor on the show’s red carpet by wearing long pants. The actress has been on probation since August 2007 after pleading guilty to misdemeanor drug charges and no contest to three driving charges. Despite spending 84 minutes in jail and performing mandatory service at the county morgue, Lohan has repeatedly struggled with the terms of her sentence. In October, a judge extended her probation for another year but Meyers warned the actress she was facing jail time if she violated her probation.





A future conference Armageddon? It’s finally here: Armageddon. No, not Dec. 21, 2012, the day many predict as the end of the world, as it’s the date the Mayan calendar ends. The beginning of the end for some of the second-tier conferences in NCAA Division I-A sports has started, and the creation of super conferences has begun. When the Big 12 Conference imposed its Friday deadline on Nebraska and Missouri to declare their intentions as to whether they will leave for another conference, it set in motion a series of events that could forever change the landscape of college sports. The Pac-10 Conference is also doing its part to upset the conference teeter-totter. Reports Sunday stated all Pac-10 university presidents and chancellors gave conference commissioner Larry Scott the go-ahead to expand. Schools like Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado could be making the jump from the Big 12 to the Pac-10. It’s a lot to follow, I know. But, this is only the beginning. Should this scenario play out, all hell will break loose. The Big 12 will be left riddled with holes and would have to completely regroup or disban entirely, leaving the SEC, ACC, Big Ten and the aforementioned Pac-10. Oh yea, and the Big East Conference, too. The Pac-10 would quickly become the new super-conference, and other BCS conferences would have no choice but to follow suit or be left behind. The Big East would most likely dissolve in this scenario because


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Gyorko selected by Padres Former WVU star snubbed in first round, picked in second round BY MATTHEW PEASLEE SPORTS WRITER

Disappointment morphed into excitement as former West Virginia shortstop Jedd Gyorko had to wait a day to discover his professional baseball fate. Projected as a first or supplementary first-round draft pick, Gyorko did not hear his name called Monday night. Instead, he had to wait until the second

round Tuesday afternoon, where the San Diego Padres nabbed the Morgantown native with the 59th pick in the 2010 MLB Draft. “It’s a really exciting moment,” Gyorko said. “I really am living out the dream every little kid has of being a professional ballplayer.” Some national publications tabbed Gyorko as a shoo-in for the first round. believed the New York Yankees were high on him with the 32nd pick. Jonathon Mayo of MLB. com originally had him going No. 24 to the San Francisco Giants on Monday, but modified that projection the day of the draft and left Gyorko out of the first round. “I was a little disappointed, but I understand it,” Gyorko said. “It is a business they are

running, and teams just have to get what works best for them. You just never really know what’s going to happen.” Gyorko said nearly all 30 major league teams made contact with him sometime during his collegiate career. He was not totally surprised that the Padres were the ones to reel him in. West Virginia has been

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Former WVU shortstop Jedd Gyorko

5 athletes prepare for LeBlanc excited for 2010 World Cup NCAA Championships BY BRIAN KUPPELWEISER SPORTS WRITER



Katelyn Williams has stepped up in her junior season to make it to NCAA ChampiThe West Virginia track and onships on page 11. field team has had a long season. In fact, it’s been so long that WVU head coach Sean Cleary. it could be split up into three “We have a very experienced seasons. and mature group going to EuFor the distance runners, it gene. This should pay off.” Bland is the only WVU threewill be the third NCAA Championship meet of the year. First, sport all-American during a sinthey had a complete cross coun- gle school year, a feat she captry season followed by a grueling tured in 2007-08. The senior indoor track season. The season will have the opportunity to end cultimates with the NCAA Out- her storied Mountaineer career door Track and Field Champi- with another three all-American onships this week in Eugene, honors in one year. Asselin and Ore. Grandt will try to accomplish the Senior Clara Grandt will rep- same feat for their first time. resent the Mountaineers in the Cleary, who is the head coach 10,000-meter event. Junior Kate- of the cross country team in the lyn Williams will be the first West fall for WVU, sees the opportuVirginia high jumper to advance nity to finish off one of the most to NCAA Championships since special seasons in West Virginia 1990. Seniors Keri Bland, Karly history. Hamric and Marie-Louise As“In the fall, this group selin will compete in the 1,500- finished sixth in the Nationals, meter event, as well. the winter saw them get 10th at “As a team, we are in a very good place heading West,” said see NCAA on PAGE 12

During the 2006 World Cup, more than 715 million people watched the final between eventual champion Italy and loser France. Also, more than 3.3 million people saw the matches live in Germany. West Virginia men’s head soccer coach Marlon LeBlanc was among those who saw the 2006 World Cup in person. He took in the events just months before being named the Mountaineers’ head coach in August. “It’s the biggest event on the planet without a doubt,” LeBlanc said. “There is nothing like a World Cup, especially one in Europe.” LeBlanc saw the opening ceremony and the first game. He also watched the first two U.S. games in person, as well. “It was great, great experience,” LeBlanc said. The Mountaineers’ fifthyear head coach said the World Cup does not compare to other sporting events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. “Though the Super Bowl has


LeBlanc will be hosting a watch party at Damon’s at Suncrest Center at 2:30 on June 12 for the U.S. opening match against England.

massive appeal and is watched by a lot of people, it really only hits the hearts of two cities, whereas the World Cup is truly watched around the globe,” LeBlanc said. “Most of the Olympics are amateur sports, but the World Cup is soccer stars from around the world representing their country.” As for this year’s World Cup held in South Africa, LeBlanc thinks Spain will win it all. “They play the best football inside right now,” LeBlanc said. “The big question mark for them is whether or not they are healthy.” He believes Brazil and Argentina will also be in the thick of things. Along with picking his favorites, LeBlanc also forecasted what he expects to see from the U.S., starting with its muchhyped opening matchup against England Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

on ESPN. “England is loaded top to bottom with some of the biggest soccer stars in the world,” LeBlanc said. “Our team is definitely capable of winning that game, because we have players playing around the world in the highest levels of the game. “The question is whether the U.S. can sustain it for 90 minutes in order to grind out a result.” After their match with England, LeBlanc expects a tough road to the elimination rounds. But he said there is a chance the U.S. could find themselves in a crucial match late in the World Cup. “They have a difficult task at hand,” LeBlanc said. “A lot of people, whenever the group was announced, said ‘if the U.S. doesn’t make it out of this group, then it’s a failure.’ It is more difficult than it seems. If we do get out of this group there is a perfect storm of injuries going on, and then we could find ourselves in a big-time elimination matchup.”


Tigers hope to end streak of disappointing finishes with strong 2010 season under Miles BY BRIAN GAWTHROP SPORTS WRITER

Following three-straight seasons of at least 11 wins including winning the 2007 National Championship, LSU and head coach Les Miles appeared to be a lock for a top 10 ranking and double-digit win seasons for years to come. Two years later, however, the Tigers are coming off two underachieving seasons in which they won just eight games in 2008 and nine last season. The SEC powerhouse is approaching the 2010 season as an opportunity to get back to national dominance. It’s not going to be easy, though, as LSU kicks off its season against North Carolina and then enters its league schedule with contests against Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. West Virginia will meet the Tigers Sept. 25 in both teams’ fourth game of the year.

While the Mountaineer offense is filled with plenty of potential playmakers, LSU is currently in search of a standout offensive weapon after losing running back Charles Scott who led the team with 542 yards rushing and four touchdowns last season. One of the Tigers’ lone returning playmakers from the 2009 season is quarterback Jordan Jefferson, who completed 61.5 percent of his pass attempts as a sophomore. Jefferson won’t have his favorite target, however, after receiver Brandon LaFell was selected in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Houston Texans. The loss of the secondteam All-SEC selection is especially troublesome for Miles, as LaFell was one of the team’s only offensive threats on one of the nation’s worst offenses. The Tigers ended the 2009 season 112th nationally in total offense, but thanks to one of the nation’s best defensive units, LSU still managed a 9-4 season and a second-place finish in the SEC West. The Tigers finished 17th in the final polls despite a 19-17 loss to Penn State in the Capital One Bowl.

The favorite to replace Scott at tailback is sophomore Richard Murphy, who missed most of the 2009 season after suffering a knee injury, and junior Stevan Ridley, who rushed for 109 yards and a score in the team’s spring game. “I like what’s going on on that side of the ball,” Miles said of the offense. “We’re better than we’ve been.” Wide receiver Terrence Toliver, at 6-foot-5, will likely be the Tigers’ go-to target this season after hauling in 53 catches for 735 yards and three scores last season. Former quarterback Russell Shepard will once again serve in a do-it-all role for Miles after seeing time under center, at running back and receiver as a freshman in 2009. His role is even expected to be increased after the hiring of new receivers coach and passing game coordinator Billy Gonzales, who worked with former Florida standout Percy Harvin. The Tigers return three of five offensive linemen including guards Josh Dqoraczyk and Joe Barksdale and center T-Bob Hebert. Hebert, however, is

see LSU on PAGE 12



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Devine adds preseason accolades Lindy’s Sports, Phil Steele predict WVU will be a top 25 team in 2010 BY TONY DOBIES



Williams prepared to finish off career with championship BY BRAD JOYAL SPORTS WRITER

Katelyn Williams has literally jumped to the next level this season. The West Virginia junior track and field high jumper decided to make the leap from an average to an elite athlete in 2010. To make the step to the next level, Williams trained and competed in the multi-event this season. The strenuous training for the seven-event competition helped her become a better high jumper. “Katelyn is a very talented athlete who has always had a very good work ethic,” said WVU head coach Sean Cleary. “The difference with her consistency this year was that she was tired of being an average athlete. She knew she was better and made the decision to make the jump to the next level.” Williams’ hard work paid dividends, eventually landing her a spot at this week’s NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Ore. She is the first high jumper from WVU to qualify for Nationals since Alethea Moody in 1990. Williams’ qualification came on a miserable 100-degree day at the NCAA East Regional in Greensboro, N.C., the same place she made her best jump of the year only two weeks prior, clearing 5-foot-10.

Cleary said Williams will have to become acclimated to the colder weather conditions in Eugene. “Should she walk into the stadium and not let the cooler temperatures impact her negatively and be able to jump one more height, she has the opportunity to return to Morgantown an allAmerican,” Cleary said. “This is our ultimate girl for her, to go in without the pressure of the favorites and return home very happy.” Expect Williams to be prepared for the challenge, too. Cleary said Williams’ relationship with her personal coach Shelly Gallimore has only elevated Williams’ performances. “Their relationship has blossomed into a relationship where Katelyn can now let go of certain instincts within competition that have prevented her from excelling to her potential in the past,” Cleary said. “Now relaxing with Shelly’s instruction and executing what needs to be done. They make a great pair.” Williams’ biggest strength is also one of her biggest weaknesses, though, according to Cleary. He said Williams often thinks more like a coach rather than an athlete. “Her mind wants to break problems down and fix them,” Cleary said.

Two more preseason magazines believe West Virginia is a preseason top 25 team. That makes the Mountaineers a top 25 choice in three of the top four preseason annuals. Lindy’s Sports believes the Mountaineers are the 19thbest team, easily the highest of all magazines. Phil Steele also ranks WVU at No. 22 – the highest of all Big East Conference teams. Here’s a closer look at what both magazines expect for West Virginia this season: Lindy’s Sports The magazine expects the Mountaineers to finish second in the Big East behind Pitt, who it ranks at the 14th-best team in the country. West Virginia running back Noel Devine is on the Heisman Trophy watch list, though the magazine believes Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor will win the award. Lindy’s also predicts Devine to be the 30thbest draft-eligible player and the third-best from the Big East. He was also rated as the fourthbest running back in the country behind Mark Ingram from Alabama, Dion Lewis from Pittsburgh and Jaquizz Rodgers from Oregon State. In addition, Devine was named a second-team all-American. He was the lone West Virginia player on the two all-American teams. He was also on the first-team all-Big East team. Also on the first-team allBig East team were wide receiver Jock Sanders as an allpurpose player and kicker Tyler Bitancurt. Outside linebacker J.T. Thomas is considered the 12thbest outside linebacker in the nation. Safety Robert Sands is the eighth-best safety, as well. Both Sands were on the firstteam all-Big East team. Behind Sands, Lindy’s expects the Mountaineers’ secondary to be one of the best in the nation. The magazine ranks it as the No. 5 group in the country behind Texas, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. Nose tackle Chris Neild and cornerback Brandon Hogan also made first-team all-Big East. Hogan was named the best cover corner in the Big East.


WVU running back Noel Devine runs past Florida State defenders during the Gator Bowl last season. On the second all-Big East team were wide receiver Tavon Austin as all-purpose player, defensive tackle Scooter Berry and defensive end Julian Miller. West Virginia plays five games to watch this season, including contests against LSU, Connecticut, Cincinnati and Rutgers. The Mountaineers’ recruiting class was highly touted by Lindy’s. The magazine expects offensive lineman Quinton Spain to be the best pro prospect in the Big East from this class, receiver Ivan McCartney is the conference’s newcomer of the year. WVU’s coaching staff was named the best recruiters in the Big East, as well. Phil Steele The magazine selects West Virginia and Pitt to tie for first in the Big East, but the Panthers grabbing the BCS bowl slot with a head-to-head win over the Mountaineers. WVU would then play in the Meineke Car Care Bowl against Clemson, according to Steele. The Mountaineers are also a team that will surprise, according to the magazine. Devine was named a fourthteam all-American and the seventh-best in the country. Sanders was named the 20thbest punt returner and 21st-best receiver. Joe Madsen was named the 44th-best center, Josh Jen-

kins and Eric Jobe were named the 38rd-best and 42nd-best guard. Sands was named a secondteam all-American. He is the fourth-best free safety. Miller was named the 44thbest defensive end. Neild and Berry were the 33rd-best and 38th-best defensive tackles. Thomas was the 25th-best outside linebacker and fellow linebacker Pat Lazear was named the 40th-best at the outside spot. Hogan was the 22nd-best cornerback and fellow starter Keith Tandy was the 67th-best at the position, as well. Top individual rankings for WVU include running backs at No. 14, defensive line at No. 14, linebackers at No. 30 and defensive backs at No. 25. First-team Big East members include Devine, Neild, Thomas, Hogan, Sands, Bitancurt and Sanders (at returner). Second-team members are Sanders (at receiver), Jenkins, fellow offensive lineman Don Barclay, Miller and Lazear. Third-team members are receiver Bradley Starks, Jobe, Berry, Tandy and receiver and kick returner Tavon Austin. Fourth-team members are offensive lineman Joe Madsen, safety Sidney Glover and punter Corey Smith.

WVU FOOTBALL NOTES The West Virginia football team began seven-on-seven drills Tuesday. “I’m excited. It’s been a month or two months that we’ve done anything on the field,” said sophomore cornerback Pat Miller. “Today we get to see the younger players and see how they are going to be and see how we are going to be as a team and who has put in the work.” Starting and senior wide receiver Jock Sanders said this year’s summer workouts have had a different tone to them from last year. The team is taking the practice time a little more seriously. “We have to play real hard instead of messing around with each other. I think that was one of our weaknesses last year,” Sanders said. “We went out there and played each and every day and we didn’t go out there with a mindset that we are trying to get better. That is our goal this summer – each of us on the same mode.” Earlier this week, the remaining freshmen showed up on campus for summer workouts. Those players include quarterback Jeremy Johnson and wide receiver Ivan McCartney. “Most of the younger guys, believe it or not, are working really hard,” Sanders said. “You wouldn’t even think they were freshmen, you would think they had a year or two in the program.” With Johnson on campus, the Mountaineers two true freshmen quarterbacks – the other being Barry Brunetti – will begin the charge for the starting position and unseat projected starter Geno Smith. “Geno is working hard in the weight room, too,” said wide receiver Tavon Austin. “Geno is doing good.” Sanders said when the team was running the Law School hill earlier this summer, Smith was working through pain in the foot he broke prior to spring practice. Still, Austin said Smith is working through the pain. West Virginia offensive line coach Dave Johnson said Jeff Braun is the leader to fill the right tackle position vacated by Selvish Capers. “He’s never been there before,” Johnson said. “So that was his emphasis in the spring. “He did well, but I’m anxious to see how he develops this summer.” West Virginia fullback Ryan Clarke said strength and conditioning coach Mike Joseph has put together the toughest offseason plan since he has been in the program. “The strength and conditioning staff just turned everything up from the runs to the length of the runs, how much we lift,” he said. — Compiled by Tony Dobies

Cavaliers confirm contact with Mich. St.’s Tom Izzo INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (AP) — LeBron James can pick his next team. If it’s the Cleveland Cavaliers, he won’t be selecting their coach. That was the powerful message from Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, who refused to comment Tuesday on reports he has offered a massive contract to Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and adamantly denied that James, the two-time MVP now on free agency’s doorstep, has been running Cleveland’s franchise. Gilbert added that James will not be consulted during the team’s coaching search. Speaking at a news conference at Cleveland Clinic Courts to introduce new general manager Chris Grant, Gilbert refuted reports that James has had input on past hires and trades, the firing of coach Mike Brown and GM Danny Ferry’s recent departure. “The concept that LeBron James has been involved in any way, shape or form with firing our head coach, involved in the transition to general manager Chris Grant and will be involved in future coaching decisions and hires is totally, 100 percent and patently false,” Gilbert said. “It’s unfair to him. It’s unfair to the franchise. “He is a basketball player and a great one and his interests are aligned with our interests, but this concept that this franchise has been handed to a player who is running it and making the decisions is just completely and totally false. He’ll tell you that and Chris will tell you that and I’ll tell you that. The truth is the truth.” Grant confirmed the club has had contact with Izzo and “a number” of other coaching candidates but would not provide any details. The team is believed to have contacted former New Orleans coach Byron Scott and Milwaukee assistant Kelvin Sampson. Grant said there is no timetable to hire a new coach. “I want to find the right guy, and I want to find the right fit,” said Grant, promoted after Ferry resigned last Friday, ending a wildly successful five-year run. “That could be in a week and

that could be in a month and a half. We’re going to make the decisions based on who that right person is and the best fit for our team.” As for Izzo, Gilbert and Grant did all they could to sidestep repeated questions about their interest in the Spartans coach, who has been approached by NBA teams in the past – but perhaps not this tenaciously. “At the appropriate time, we’ll have an announcement,” Grant said, “and we’ll have the next guy that’s going to lead us out there on the court.” A person familiar with Cleveland’s pursuit of Izzo told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Gilbert, a Michigan State graduate, and the coach have discussed terms of a possible contract that would pay Izzo up to $6 million a year for four or five seasons. Use of one of Gilbert’s jets has not been discussed. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the discussions were supposed to be confidential. The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer first reported Monday that Gilbert and Izzo talked about the framework of a long-term deal, worth about $6 million a season for up to five years. Izzo makes more than $3 million a season and is under contract through 2016. The Cavaliers fired Brown less than two weeks following their second-round loss to the Boston Celtics. Brown, named the NBA’s coach of the year in 2009, led the Cavs to 127 regular-season wins the past two seasons but couldn’t get James and the team back to the NBA finals. Brown’s firing was quickly followed by Ferry’s decision not to return. The upheaval has given the impression the Cavs are in chaos just as James enters free agency. Gilbert, though, said all the decisions were based on his desire to bring a championship to Cleveland, and that while the moves may be risky, they were not done without deep consideration and analysis. “If you took the other approach that you do nothing and nothing happened, I think the

criticism would be just as loud,” Gilbert said. “It was our view that the benefit outweighed the risk of making some significant changes here to get us over the hump and get us to where we need to be. “This is not about franchise value. This is not about the payroll we spent or didn’t spend. This is driven solely on the motivational factor of delivering a championship to this city. Period. We believe this is LeBron’s goal, it’s Chris Grant’s goal, it’ll be our head coach’s goal. We’re just going to keep going until we get there.” Grant said the team intends to stay in close contact with James, but would not reveal specifics about plans to land the superstar or any free agents. While not revealing potential coaching names, Grant said the uncertainty of James’ future with Cleveland has not been viewed negatively by candidates. He said the lure of coaching one of the league’s top franchises – with or without James – is enticing. “People look at this organization and have seen what it’s done over the last five years and they’re really impressed,” he said. “They see games on TV, they see what the business side has done, they see the sellouts. People look at this and say, ‘Wow, it’s a desirable place and I’d like to be there.’” Izzo has had little to say about

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the Cavs’ courtship. During a radio interview on Monday night, he described some of the reports as “far-fetched.” “I’m the Michigan State coach, and that’s what I’m going to do right now,” he said. “Who knows what the future brings? But it sure isn’t at all like it’s maybe being speculated.” According to the latest version of Izzo’s deal, he has to pay the school $500,000 within 30 days of terminating his employment if he takes another job. A message was left Tuesday by the AP for Izzo, who led the Spartans to the Final Four this year for the sixth time in 12 seasons.


Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo talks to the media at the Final Four earlier this year.




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Continued from PAGE 10 currently suspended from the team following his arrest April 30. Hebert started 11 games at center for the Tigers in 2010, but after suffering a broken bone in his lower leg during spring football, will be challenged by sophomore Patrick Lonergan for the starting spot. The defensive side will once again carry the Tigers, however, despite only returning four starters from last year’s top 10 squad. Linebacker Kelvin Sheppard returns to lead the unit one season off of his 103-tackle season. Sheppard recorded at least seven tackles in all but two games last season and had 13 tackles in three-consecutive games. Safety Brandon Taylor and cornerback Patrick Peterson return to lead the secondary, which finished 29th nationally in pass defense last season. The defensive line lost three starters, but the unit may be the strongest aspect of the team. The Tigers return senior Lazarius Levingston at defensive end while the team’s top-10 recruiting class is highlighted by J.R. Ferguson and Jordan Allen. West Virginia will have to play at one of the most feared places in the nation – 92,400-seat Tiger Stadium. This year, however, the sixth-

GYORKO Continued from PAGE 10 somewhat of a gateway for the San Diego organization. Last year, former second baseman Vince Belnome was selected by the Padres in the 28th round while former first baseman Joe Agreste was signed by the team as a free agent “We’ve been sending text messages back and forth,” Gyorko said. “They’re good guys who want to see me succeed with them, and maybe we’ll meet up sometime out there.” Gyorko is ecstatic to begin his career as a professional ballplayer, although he is most likely headed to a Rookie or Low-A league. “I’m hoping to get the whole process started within the week,” he said. “I’ve been sitting down

KUPPELWEISER Continued from PAGE 10 the Big Ten, ACC and SEC would devour teams like Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and West Virginia in a heartbeat. West Virginia, in this scenario, could accept a bid to the ACC because of the similar academic standards it maintains to other ACC schools as well as its proximity. Yes, WVU to the SEC has a nice ring to it, but WVU just is not an SEC-caliber school. Another team that is a lynch pin in this entire process is Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish, which has its own television deal with NBC, could essentially control the en-

NCAA Continued from PAGE 10 the indoors national meet and now outdoors we are looking to keep the group at the national level,” Cleary said. Hamric has been one of the biggest surprises this season. Coming off a Big East Conference championship, Cleary said her confidence is riding at an all-time high. Bland



LSU head coach Les Miles, left, talks with Tigers’ starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson during a game last season. Jefferson is trying to have a more consistent season after two seasons of inconsistent play at the quarterback position for LSU. largest stadium in the country will be even more unique as it will become only the third school in the country to sport an odd-colored field turf. “Tiger Turf ” – purple field turf similar to Boise State’s popular blue turf – is currently being installed in Death Valley and will be unveiled in the team’s home opener against Mississippi State Sept. 18. “The installation of the purple field turf will add to the excitement of a Saturday night in Tiger Stadium,” Miles said.

KEY PLAYER Kelvin Sheppard, LB Sheppard is one of only four returners from the Tigers’ 2010 defense that ended inside the nation’s top 30 in total defense. Thanks to the 6-foot-3, 239-pound senior, the unit should pick up right where it left off. Sheppard ended fourth in the SEC with 110 tackles a season ago, and after deciding to return to Baton Rouge for his senior season, expectations are even higher for the linebacker. Sheppard enters the 2010 season as one of the best linebackers in the SEC and is the undisputable leader of the Tigers, on and off the field. OTHER PLAYERS TO WATCH Jordan Jefferson, QB; Terrance Toliver, WR; Russell Shepard, WR; Patrick Peterson, CB; Brandon Tayler, SS; Lazarius Levingston, DE; Jarrett Lee, QB; Michael Ford, RB STRENGTHS Offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, secondary

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with my adviser and we are seeing what is best.” Gyorko will leave WVU a year early as one of the most decorated players to don the Old Gold and Blue. Once the Big East Rookie of the year, Gyorko is the only Mountaineer ballplayer to be named an all-American in more than one year. He is a two-time nominee for the Brooks Wallace award and has a chance to pick up the honor again this year. He is the only Mountaineer to finish his career with a batting average above .400 (.404). He is also the career leader in doubles (73), extra base-hits (113) and is tied for the top spot in home runs (35). WVU head coach Greg Van Zant has seen Gyorko blossom over his career and looks forward to great things in the near future.

“He may be the most talented player I have ever coached,” Van Zant said. “It has been a pleasure to coach him these last three years.” Gyorko said Van Zant has been “real supportive and ready to see me succeed at the next level. He really helped me get to this point.” As Gyokro enters a life filled with newfound pressure and riches, he will always look back on his time as at West Virginia with fondness. In fact, it’s actually one of his biggest concerns. “It will be (weird) when I look up in the stands and don’t see any family or friends,” he said. “It will be tough for them to make it to games wherever I am. “And it will be tough on me, too.”

tire scenario because of its location in the middle of the country, its superb academics and its brand value. Just think what adding Notre Dame to any conference could do for its overall value. Unfortunately, with expansion teams like Boise State, BYU, TCU and Utah still would not get a fair shake at a BCS title, which they so equally deserve. With the creation of superconferences, these teams would be pushed even further onto the back burner. With all this being said, it’s quite clear the NCAA and its conference plan for expansion is all about the money. Let’s be honest, have you heard any other sport outside of football

being mentioned when discussing expansion? Imagine what the creation of super-conferences will do for college basketball and March Madness. Are we missing a correlation between the expansion of the conferences and the expansion of the NCAA Tournament? What about baseball, women’s basketball or even the Olympic sports that most universities have? Maybe we will get answers to these questions sooner rather than later. Or, maybe the Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012 for a reason – maybe it predicts the end of all this conference clutter.

and Hamric now sit second and third, respectively, on the WVU all-time 1,500-meter list behind NCAA champion and Olympic finalist Megan Metcalfe. “It’s a tribute to both Karly and Keri that they are now potential national team members after running 5:20 miles in high school,” Cleary said. “They have worked so hard and deserve all their successes.” Grandt finished fourth last season at outdoor championships.

This year, she has hopes of placing even higher. After placing second in the indoor championships, Asselin is looking to make a big splash in her last meet at WVU. “After winning both the Big East and NCAA semifinal, Marie is poised to run the best race of her life on Friday,” Cleary said. “She is fit, confident and ready to go.”

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New ~ Modern 1 Bedroom Condos In Evansdale. Steps From Law & Med Schools. No Pets ~ No Smoking TWO Parking Spaces Per Unit

UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS 1&2/BR APTS. LOCATED IN HEART of Evansdale. Off-street parking. All appliances. 292-7233 1-5 BR APTS AND HOUSES. SOME include utilities and allow pets! Call Pearand Corporation 304-292-7171. Shawn D. Kelly Broker 1-2/BR. LOWER SOUTH PARK. Includes gas/water/trash. Laundry access. 10-min walk to campus. $450/mo&up. Available Immediately. 304-288-9978 or 304-288-2052 2/BR APARTMENT FOR RENT. 500 East Prospect. Available June. $575/mo plus utilities. NO PETS. 692-7587. 2/BR DUPLEX. CLOSE TO CAMPUS. $750/month + utilities. Parking. W/D. A/C. NO PETS. Available May 2010. 304-594-3365 or 304-288-6374. 2/BR. 2/BA. AC. WD. NO 304-594-3365 or 304-288-6374.


2/BR. 2/BA. NEXT TO STADIUM., Don Nehlen Dr. (above the Varsity Club). DW, WD, microwave, oak cabinets, ceramic/ww carpet. 24/hr maintenance, C/AC. Off-street parking. $790/mo+utilities. Some pets conditional. For appt. call 304-599-0200. 2/BR. STEWART STREET. FROM $450-$1200/month. All utilities included. Parking. WD. NO PETS. Available May/2010. 304-594-3365 or 304-288-6374. 2BR, 1BATH DOWNTOWN ON STEWART STREET. Ground floor w/deck. Off-street parking, DW, laundry facilities. $650/month +electric. Pets considered. 304-296-8943 225-227 JONES AVE. APT. #4: 1/ BR. Kitchen, livingroom. Covered porch, private entrance. $385/mo. APT #6: 3-4/BR. 1/BA. Deck. $375/mo for/3. $325/mo for/four. Off-street parking w/security lighting. NO PETS. 304-685-3457. 2-3-4-5/BR APARTMENTS. SPRUCE and Prospect Streets. NO PETS. Starting in May/2010. Lease/deposit. For more info call 292-1792. Noon to 7pm. 2-3BR APTS. AVAILABLE IN MAY. Gilmore St. Apartments. Open floor plans, large kitchens, large decks, A/C, W/D. Off-street parking. Pet Friendly. Text or call: 304-767-0765. 2/BEDROOM. 2/MINUTE WALK TO MOUNTAINLAIR. $990/mo utilities included. 334 Forest St. (off Spruce). 304-2968236. 2/BR 2/BA FALLING RUN ROAD. Utilities included. $300 deposit reserves your room. - 304-296-2787 2/BR 2/BA ON STEWARTSTOWN ROAD A/C, W/D, No pets. 304-594-3365 or 304-288-6374. 3/BR APARTMENTS. FOREST AVE AND Lower High Street. NO Pets. Lease/deposit. 304-296-5931. 3/BR, 2/BA TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT. Walking distance to downtown campus. $1290/mo, includes utilities. Call 282-8769. NO PETS. Visit:!

Prices Starting at $475 Large Closets Balconies Garages/Storage Unit Sparkling Heated Pool 2 Min. From Hospital and Downtown Bus Service

Bon Vista 599-1880

Next To Football Stadium

Next To Football Stadium

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AFFORDABLE LUXURY Now Leasing 2010 1 & 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Apartments Prices Starting at $635 Garages, W/D, Walk In Closets Sparkling Pool 2 Min From Hospital & Downtown Bus Service

The Villas 599-11884

Barrington North Prices Starting at $605 2 Bedroom 1 Bath 24 Hour Maintenance Laundry Facilities 2 Min. From Hospital and Evansdale


Renting For May UNIQUE APARTMENTS 1-2 & 3* BR Apts Close Main Campus W/D D/W A/C Private Parking Pets/Fee 12 Month Lease *Three unrelated only (Also Available Now)

3/BR, UTILITIES PAID. SNIDER ST & NORTH WILLEY. Off-street parking. $375/mo. 304-292-9600.


4/BR. REDUCED LEASE- SOUTH PARK. Rent includes utilities. Free W/D, Nice courtyard, Off-street parking. Much more. 304-292-5714.

LARGE 2/BR. KITCHEN APPLIANCES furnished. Downtown. Call 304-685-6565. Deposit & Lease.

JUST RELISTED- 4/BR, 2/BA WILLEY STREET, W/D, large rooms. Utilities included in lease. 3 minutes to campus. 304-292-5714.

Next To Football Stadium

LARGE, UNFURNISHED 3/BR DUPLEX apartment. Available Now. Close to campus/hospitals. Deck, appliances, WD hook-up, off-street parking. No pets. $750/mo+utilities. 304-594-2225 MON. RIVER CONDOS. NEW 4/BR, 4/BA. WD/Pool. University-Commons. $350/mo includes utilities One condo available May-2010. One available Aug-2010. 724-825-6375. 814-404-2333

Call About Our Week-End Hours

304-5 598-9 9001

NOW LEASING. 2/BR REMODELED apartment. Walk downtown. No Smoking. NO PETS. Tenant pays utilities. Grad students preferred. 304-288-0817. NOW RENTING TOP OF FALLING RUN ROAD Morgan Point 1+2/BR $590-$790+ utilities. Semester lease. WD. DW. Parking. NO PETS. Call: 304-290-4834.


Mountain Line Bus Service Every 10 Minutes and Minutes From PRT

599-4407 ABSOLUTELY NO PETS WWW.PRETERENTAL.COM SPACIOUS 1/BR. 712 BEECHURST AVE. Parking. NO PETS. $475/mo plus utilities. 304-282-3575 TERRACE HEIGHTS APARTMENTS 1-2-3 bedrooms available. Please call 304-292-8888. NO PETS permitted. THE “NEW” MOUNTAINEER COURT 2&3/BRs. Newly remodeled. May-Maylease. 2/Blocks to Mountainlair/PRT. The best location in town. Garage parking available. 304-598-2285. THREE BEDROOMS. TWO BLOCKS from downtown campus. 304-692-0990. TWO BEDROOM. TWO BLOCKS from downtown campus. 304-692-0990. PLEASE CHECK YOUR AD - The 1st day. Mistakes can occur when information is taken by phone, so it is important to us that you check your ad for accurancy on the 1st day. Please notify us of any changes or corrections as soon as possible. The Daily Athenaeum Classifieds 304-293-4141

CASH PAID!! WE BUY CARS and trucks. Any make! Any model! Any condition! 282-2560

4/BR, 4/BA, AVAILABLE IN AUGUST. Located in Star City. $380/mo + utilities. Some pets allowed w/deposit. Call 724-493-8392 for details. FEMALE ROOMMATE NEEDED. Available 7/1/09. 3/BR. 2½-BA. Townhouse like new. $300/mo+ 1/3utilities. Close to stadium/hospital. WD. DW. AC. Parking. 304-599-2822.

HELP WANTED !!BARTENDERS WANTED. $300 A DAY potential. No experience necessary. Training provided. Age: 18 plus. 800-965-6520 Ext. 285 HELP WANTED: FULL/PART TIME POSITION AVAILABLE. Experience with cattle/equipment necessary. Beef cattle farm. Bruceton Mills, Preston Co., WV. Call 304-290-9023 MARIO’S FISHBOWL NOW HIRING cooks and servers for year-round and summer only. Apply within at 704 Richwood Ave.

The Daily Athenaeum is now accepting applications in the:


FEMALE ROOMMATE TO SHARE 2BR/ 1BA Mason St. Apt. Within walking distance to downtown campus. $325/mo. +utilities. Contact Rori: (484)707-2021.

2/BR, 1 BATH HOUSE. AVAILABLE NOW! Harding Ave. Walk to Ruby and Stadium. Clean, Parking, Yard, Sun Porch. $825+utilities. 304-680-2272

FEMALE ROOMMATE, NONSMOKER 929 Garrison Ave. Two blocks from campus. Contact Stephanie (724)552-6446.

Production Department


JUST LISTED! MALE OR FEMALE roommate for brand-new apt. Close to downtown. Next to Arnold Hall. WD, DW, AC, parking. NO PETS. $420/mo. includes utilities. Lease/dep. 304-296-8491. 304-288-1572.

2 PERSON HOUSE. WHARF AREA. Very large. W/D, carpeted, extra room, big porch. 5 minute walk. $350/person incl. gas. 304-923-2941.

MALE ROOMMATE TO SHARE 3/BR house near Towers. Grad-student preferred $350/mo plus 1/3-utilities 304-329-1280.

Experience Preferred Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Flash Apply at 284 Prospect Street Bring Class Schedule

3 PERSON 4/BR. WHARF AREA. Office, boot room, porch, off-street parking. 5/min walk to town. Carpeted, new kitchen, W/D. $350/person incl. gas. 304-216-1184.

MALE ROOMMATE WANTED. Preferably grad student. Japanese welcome. Private bedroom. Off-street parking. Close to Evansdale campus. $200/mo+ ½utilities. Call: 304-292-3807.

617 NORTH ST. EXCELLENT CONDITION. Big 4/BR 2/Full BA, W/D/Deck, covered porch. Off-street parking for/5. Single car-garage. $1300/mo., $325/each plus utilities, Can be semi-furnished. NO PETS. 304-685-3457. 4/BR, 3 PERSON HOUSE. COUNTRY kitchen, great closets. W/D, carpeted, off-street parking. 5/min walk to class. $350/person incl. gas. 304-521-8778. 4BR LOUISE AVE. W/D. PARKING. Available 6/1/10. Quiet, residential area. Close to town. 10-11-12/mo-Lease &Deposit. NO PETS. $300/per person. 304-291-8423

MULTIPLE 1&2 BEDROOM APTS. PETS considered. $375-$575. Lease deposit. Leave message if no answer. Walk to campus. 304-685-5477.

VERY NICE 2/BR: $500/mo. 3/BR: $600/mo. Quiet residential area. Near Law-School & North St. Semi-furnished. Off-street parking. NO PETS/PARTIES. 304-292-7590

1/BR OF 4/BR APT. COPPER BEECH. May-May. $389/mo+ 1/4-utilities. Needed ASAP. Call or text: 304-539-4502.

Best Locations



49 FALLING RUN ROAD. ROOMMATE needed in 2/BR apartment. Close walk to campus. Roommate can be Male/Female. 304-296-2787.

$320 per person

Next To Football Stadium



Unfurnished Apartments Starting @


Now Leasing 2010 Great Price Great Place Great Location Spacious 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments


No Application Fees

Top of Falling Run Road

3/BR UNFURNISHED SOUTH WALNUT for 3/people. Available July/2010. Includes W/D/gas-heat, garbage. Walk to PRT/town NO PETS. $900/mo. 304-288-2740 . 304-291-6533.

BRAND NEW! ASHWORTH LANDING. Greenbag Road. 1&2/BR starting at $575 and $775 plus utilities. W/D, DW, private deck. Full bathroom per bedroom. Gated. 304-598-2424


AVAILABLE MAY, 3/BR HOUSES, downtown on Stewart Street. WD, DW, off-street parking. Pets considered. 304-296-8943. HUGE HOUSE. WALKING DISTANCE TO dowtown campus. 1½-baths. WD. Call Kris 304-282-4455. LARGE, 3/BR, 2/BA HOUSE. CENTRAL location. WD/hook-up. Off-street parking. All appliances. NO PETS. Lease/deposit. $450/person/mo each, utilities included. 304-292-7233. NEW TOWNHOMES- LEASE STARTING Available in August. Garage/Laundry/All Appliances included. $400/mo. per person. including utilities. 304-639-6193 or 3 0 4 - 4 9 4 - 2 4 0 0

NEED 2/3 ROOMMATES TO SHARE 4 BEDROOM APARTMENT. $350/$400 month + electric. May too May lease. No Pets. 304-5998329 PREFER SOPHOMORE MALE ROOMMATE TO SHARE 3/BR-HOUSE. W/D, Off-street parking. All utilities included. 5 minute walk to Mountainlair. $370/mo. 304-685-8170. ROOMMATES NEEDED FOR DIFFERENT situations. Call BCK Rentals. 304-594-1200 ROOMMATES, M/F, WILEY STREET & South Park. Available May/June. Rent includes utilities. WD. 304-292-5714.

HOUSES FOR SALE IN MORGANTOWN. 2/UNIT HOME. LOCATED between Evansdale/downtown. New furnace, off-street parking, large back Price $175,000. Call 304-253-0377 or 304-575-8635.


Computer Graphic Artist & Production Foreman The Daily Athenaeum is now accepting applications in the Production “Department for Computer Graphic Artist & Production Foremen. Experience Preferred Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Flash Apply at 284 Prospect Street Bring Class Schedule EOE SMOKIN’ JACK’S BAR & GRILL, ROUTE 7 now hiring bartender and waitress. Apply within. 304-864-5868. PLEASE CHECK YOUR AD - The 1st day. Mistakes can occur when information is taken by phone, so it is


important to us that you check your

P90X EXTREME HOME FITNESS. Brand new, never used. Complete box set. 13DVDs, 2Books and calendar. Only $75. Call 304-282-7123.

Please notify us of any changes or

ad for accurancy on the 1st day. corrections as soon as possible. The Daily Athenaeum 304-293-4141

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The DA 6-9-2010  

The June 9, 2010 edition of The Daily Athenaeum, West Virginia University's official student newspaper.

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