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4 Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Proposed UC tuition freeze could hurt system in future Despite warnings from Gov. Jerry Brown, the University of California Board of Regents passed a preliminary 2014-15 spending plan that includes a freeze on undergraduate tuition. At Thursday’s meeting, the Board unanimously passed a spending plan that will freeze tuition, increase undergraduate enrollment and raise employee salaries by three percent, according to the Los Angeles Times. Although he approved the spending plan, Brown warned the UC about its recent spending habits. “The big, bad state is not going to bail you out at a rate that is different from what we are doing,” Brown said, acur iew cording to the LA Times. “We are going to have to get into concrete trade-offs of how do you live within your means.” After two consecutive years of tuition freezes and the passing of Proposition 30, the UC will receive a 5 percent increase in state funding, which isn’t enough for the UC, according to the LA Times. The 5 percent increase is part of Brown’s four-year plan to steadily increase funding for the UC, much like his plan for the Cal State University. According to the Daily Bruin, the UC has requested an additional $120.9 million from the state. Although tuition freezes and employee salary increases may be



hurt the 10-campus university system in the future. climate is an irresponsible move by the Board. If Brown is unable to give the UC all that he promised, a budget shortfall can probably be expected. What would the UC do to combat the budget shortfall then?

If Brown’s funding is less than what is expected, we hope the UC has a backup plan to fund itself. While UC students may enjoy seeing their tuition rates stay the same, we think it’s in the best interest of the UC to allow the rates

motive behind the measure. If Brown’s funding for the UC is below expectations and the Board is forced to raise tuition as a result, the person to most likely be blamed is Brown. This could ultimately allow the UC to absolve itself of all blame.

By doing this, the UC can make up for any budget holes the state rates low is a good thing, if done properly. Although its budget plan may seem out of sync with the unpredictable nature of state funding, we think there may be a political

caution and try to save as much money as it possibly can.

Former President John F. Kennedy revolutionized TV debates Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. years, the impact Kennedy had on the American political system was immeasurable. tions to politics arose from the 1960 presidential debates. By using the medium of television to enhance his candidacy, Kennedy inspired future presidential candidates to take seriously the importance of looking sharp and calm during televised debates. Kennedy and his Republican opponent, thenVice President Richard Nixon, squared off in several debates on television in late 1960. In the first nationally televised presidential debate on Sept. 26, 1960, Americans had the opportunity see both candidates as they

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appeared. As one might expect, Kennedy appeared dashing in his well-tailored suit and a tan to go with it. Nixon, on the other hand, appeared thin and sweaty following his recent trip to the hospital. According to CNN, Nixon refused to wear makeup offered to him by CBS. Instead, makeup artists put LazyShave on hane Nixon’s face, which was designed to get rid of his

Kennedy, Nixon appeared decrepit and oldfashioned. A highlight of the debate occurred when Kennedy sharply criticized Nixon and his party. “It is a fact that through most of these last 25 years, the Republican leadership has opposed federal aid for education and medical care for the aging,” Kennedy said. ewell Even when he had the opportunity to speak after Kennedy, Nixon appeared to recite his In addition to his gaunt and pale look, Nixon words without passion or exuberance. Although it remains debatable who actually the debate. won the debate, it’s clear Kennedy had the upper When Nixon stood at the podium, viewers hand by appearing more youthful and lively than could see him constantly shift his weight between Nixon. his legs. The debates of 1960 forever changed the way Instead of standing straight and upright like Americans learned about political candidates and



their campaigns. On radio, it was impossible to discern the body or facial movements of political candidates. On television, one could see a politician sweat, smirk or appear nervous. Without his success in the nationally televised debates, it’s uncertain whether Kennedy would have won the presidency. As the anniversary of his assassination approaches, it’s important to remember how Kennedy revolutionized politics. The election of 1960 and its reverberations will likely resonate for many years to come. For better or worse, Kennedy’s masterful use of the television debates to his advantage proved that the medium is more important than the message. Shane Newell is a junior journalism major and the opinions editor at the Daily 49er.

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5 Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MPAA should reconsider how it rates current Hollywood films The Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA) standard rating system is meant to be a

standards for simulated violence and gun Author Daniel Romer told CNN, “We would ies with lots of violence, and gun violence in

based on its content. So why has the violence depicted in PG-13-

end with “Red Dawn.” The MPAA should consider creating a new movies.

When “Total Recall” was given an R rating

been doing for explicit sex all along.” aldez This is not to say that a lence or guns to receive a PG-13 rating, but the

Michelle V

“Pediatrics” focuses on the increase in violence, which depicted the same amount of violence, was given a PG-13 rating. This is a primary example of why the MPAA should reconsider how it evaluates violence in

for concern. The rating system was initially created to sim-

but it’s the responsibility of the MPAA to regulate moviegoers. Even though there is no conclusive evidence that on-screen violence encourages teen violence, shouldn’t the “less is more” principle be applied

With the technology available nowadays and As the United States focuses on gun laws, shouldn’t the MPAA focus on stricter

experience, the MPAA standards should adapt to


its reliability. The range of movies that fall into this category can begin with “Pitch Perfect” and

Michelle Valdez is a senior journalism major and contributing writer at the Daily 49er.

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