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Thursday, September 26, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Cal State Long Beach, Speaker’s Platform in front of the bookstore


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4 Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Construction delays have burdened many students Delayed construction projects Beach in recent years. With delays in renovations for the Parkside College dining hall, the art lockers, many students have been inconvenienced. buildings 2,3 and 4 were due to be completby ur iew ed August. Earlier this month, however, university



again to December 2014. Planning and Facilities Management David Salazar said the deadline was pushed so active learning classrooms installing state-of-the-art classstudents, it comes with a price. Many professors have been displaced from their normal now hold their classes elsewhere. In these other classrooms, they may not have access to the same teaching tools, such as projectors. Delays at the Parkside dining hall have also inconvenienced many students, particularly residents. Also, because the temporary dining hall sits on valuable parking spots, some students living off-campus have even been affected by the changes. Carol Roberts-Corb, Parkside dining hall may open in early November when it was originally scheduled to open by the beginning of this semester. Additionally, after the old art lockers’ closure in fall 2012, the new art lockers are due to be completed by the end of the semester,

The new art lockers were originally set to open by this semester as well. For art students, the delay leaves them even longer without storage facilities for their art boards, canvases and paints. While we understand that renovations and repairs do not always run smoothly, we are upset with the recent delays. With so many delays, we can’t help but doubt that the Parkside dinWhat’s more upsetting is the apparent lack of urgency in completing these projects. Each project has seen at least one delay; the

The only project under construction now, also, is the Parkside dining hall. Construction for the other two hasn’t started yet. The longer the construction takes, the more students are affected. We wonder how many more delays will happen before any of these projects see completion. should set a realistic deadline for each of these projects and honor it. After all, we’re waiting for projects that should already be done.

Caroline Kennedy ambassador nomination should prompt debate came to having political authority was when she was rumored to be taking the seat of forPresident Barack Obama to become the next U.S. am-

opposite of what occurred for former Ambas-

In a meeting with the Senate Foreign Relations to be nominated. “I would be humbled to carry forward his represent the powerful bonds that unite our two democratic societies,” she said, according plished lawyer and author, her nomination leaves one curious about why she was chosen to be

City Fund for Public Schools. She has also contributed to many philanthropy groups. She has no prior experience in any form of international relations. Given her lack of experience, wouldn’t it make ick more sense to nominate a


Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati


represented clients like Google and Pixar.

ambassador position? has less to do with her résumé and more with the

most private in terms of public identity and has not actively pursued a political career.

outstanding background. Roos worked his way to the top and graduated from Stanford with honors.

It could be likely that the Senate needed an

the tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear crisis of Award for Exemplary Diplomatic Service.

connected as they are politically and economi-

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nominating friends that often occurs within our political system. It seems like a practice where power and privilege are given based upon connection and money, instead of merit and skill. We have heard many stories of interest groups, and elbowing their way into legislation because they had the right connection. Our country was founded in part to escape the aristocracy of Europe, and this is not something that we as a country based upon the ideals of equality and meritocracy should want to encourage in any form. of what her family represents, someone who is more deserving of such a position is being cheated out of a great opportunity. Nick Chavez is a sophomore political science major and a contributing writer at the Daily 49er.

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5 Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Campus Voice What’s your reaction to the construction and renovation delays for the LA buildings, Parkside dining hall and art lockers on campus?

“I didn’t even know about [the renovations.] I haven’t had any classes on upper campus.”

- Ben Cruz, senior economics major

“I really want a locker. My bag is ripping. It’s so much to carry. I have to put ice on my shoulders. [Art lockers] would be a good investment.”

“I think [the renovations] would be annoying. The working noises could disrupt classes.”

“Being able to go to the [Parkside] dining hall when you wake up is cool because it’s so convenient. If it was delayed, it would be horrible.”

- Sarah Black, freshman illustration major

- Brittany Rivas, junior sociology major

- Talia Brahms, junior technical theatre major

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sir Paul McCartney rocks Los Angeles The former Beatle played tunes that have survived generations for more than a thousand Angelenos. By John Mroch Assistant Diversions Editor

When Sir Paul McCartney comes to Los Angeles to play a free concert, there is no other choice but to go see him play. At least, that was the mindset of hundreds of people Monday night when they heard that the former Beatle would be coming to perform for the city. McCartney treated Los Angeles to a 45-minute set Monday evening after an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” McCartney taped the interview with Kimmel around 6 p.m. and took the stage at 7:30 p.m., ready to rock LA. The stage was set up in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, just outside of the El Capitan Theatre. The street was blocked off from Highland Avenue to Orange blocks, which would otherwise be bustling during rush hour, were also cleared for an area for fans to pile into but only if they had a ticket in hand courtesy of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” way of seeing the show, and they had no problem doing so.

Despite the surrounding fence blocking the fan area, die-hard McCartney fans found ways to catch the show by walking nies of nearby shopping areas. A few of the more brazen fans tried their luck with hopping the fence. Those who weren’t lucky

Week of Sept. 25 diPiazza’s

onstage were able to see him up on the big screens located throughout the street. Whether they were lucky ticket holders or stuck watching outside on the street, every audience member and the entire area roared when McCartney took the stage. He played a mix of new songs from his upcoming October release, “New,” as well as an array of Wings hits and crowd-pleasing Beatles favorites. The audience grooved to “Lady Madonna,” belted the words to “Birthday” and shed tears listening to “Let It Be.” McCartney also sung tracks like “Back In The U.S.S.R.,” “Band on the Run,” “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da” and “Day Tripper,” giving the crowd a full dose of McCartney-inspired tunes. The highlight of the night, however,

Thursday 7 p.m.

Hollywood stopped bustling for about six minutes, and everyone in attendance sang along to The Beatles’ most popular single. The night ended in “na-na-nas” that echoed throughout the Hollywood Hills,


If you’re looking for a night of live music, head to diPiazza’s and check out bands Sono Vero.

Knyght Ryder Friday 7 p.m.

band is playing at the Gaslamp holds a residency and plays every Friday night.

Saturday 1 – 6 p.m. Anaheim Street and Walnut Avenue

crowd who took turns singing it a capella. into the warm night, they left a sense of comfort and joy lingering in the air, reminding everyone, young and old, how timeless some musicians and their music can be.

live music for its A LOT event in the city. The event is free and open to the public. RobeRt GauthieR | Los anGeLes times

Former Beatle Paul McCartney and his band graced Los Angeles with music both from the Beatles and his most recent album.

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Are you looking to gain valuable marketing and sales experience? The Daily 49er is looking for self-motivated outgoing students to join our strong team of advertising account representatives for the 2013-2014 school year. We are looking for CSULB students who are self-motivated, outgoing, and who possess great communication skills. Sales and customer service experience is a plus. You must have access to reliable transportation and have a CA driver’s license. We will provide you with proper training in sales and advertising, flexible hours, and a fun and competitive work environment.

YOU WILL GAIN WORK EXPERIENCE IN: Sales & Marketing Managing Client Accounts Ad Copy & Layout Online & Print Media Networking with local and national companies

Building your professional portfolio while helping our clients to expand their brands through your marketing skills.

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27 LegAL services Legal Concerns? On-Campus Consultation with private attorney (562) 481-5884 Michael Lindley Esq.

Cl assifieds

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54 Apts. for rent

18558 - 12.12.13

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$1,275 2Bd/2Ba/2car Prkng in LB. See for pics & info or call 310-316-4273 18559 - 9.30.13


Wednesday, September 25, 2013



“I felt almost like a tourist. It was just very new, and there was media everywhere ... I was in awe of everything.�

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