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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lena Gonzalez

CSULB alum focuses on safety in First District Lena Gonzalez is running for Long Beach First District City Council. Todd Johnson | Daily 49er

Long Beach City College students Netta Gill, left, Steve Garibay, center, and Jessica Bracho, right, protest a potential increase in unit-price for winter and summer intersession courses at the community college’s Liberal Arts Campus Tuesday afternoon.

LBCC students protest possible pilot program By Todd Johnson Photo Editor

More than a dozen Long Beach City College students protested outside the Liberal Arts Campus Tuesday afternoon amid shouts of “stop privatization.” The group was protesting Assembly Bill 955, a new bill introduced in February by Assemblyman Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara).

Faculty host forum on CSULB president search The handful of faculty members also started a petition calling for a “public search.”

By Scott Bosco Contributing Writer

In an expression of their dissent, a group of Cal State Long Beach faculty organized a town hall-style forum Thursday night in an attempt to draw attention to the Cal State University’s search for CSULB’s next president. Held in Room 203 of the University

community colleges the authority to establish and maintain an extension program during summer and winter intersessions, which would offer additional high-demand classes at nonresident tuition prices, according to the bill’s text. The current cost of in-state, or resident, tuition is $46 per unit, while non-resident tuition is $276. LBCC Spokesman Mark Taylor said that the college is sponsoring AB 955 to restore access to classes that students have lost since the recession. “Right now, if students can’t get ac-

Telecommunications building as part of a course on media and culture, the forum was representative of the transparent process that the faculty members are calling for in the presidential search, according to Brian Lane, an organizer of the forum. The forum was not a formal part of the search process. “Today is the first shot across the battle,” said Lane, who is also a 12-year professor in the film and electronic arts department. According to Lane, the forum was designed to encourage the public, including the campus and surrounding community, to get involved in the presidential selection process as well as a petition. The petition calls upon CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White, the CSU Board of Trustees, Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt.

City Editor

cess to the courses they need in time to graduate in spring [or] to transfer, they have to wait a whole year,” Taylor said. “Most of our students transfer to the [Cal State University], and most CSUs are only [accepting] transfers at one time of the year. So if you’re even one course short, you miss an entire year of that transfer process.” Students chanted, “Say no to AB 955” and yelled through megaphones at the passing cars and nearby students, encouraging them to take part

Cal State Long Beach alumna Lena Gonzalez has set her eyes on a seat in city council as she looks to improve public safety by starting with the small details. Gonzalez said that if she is elected to Long Beach’s First District City Council, she would ensure that important upkeep tasks, such as keeping streetlights lit and sidewalks paved, are carried out. “I know that [CSULB] students live in the first district, so it’s making sure that when they get off the bus, there are lights,” she said. “They are very small fixes, but they make a really big difference.” Gonzalez, 32, who graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in political science, has been working as Long Beach’s First District field deputy

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AB 955 would initiate a pilot program that would allow some community colleges to offer classes during summer and winter intersessions at higher unit prices. If passed, the bill would initiate a pilot program for six community colleges, including LBCC, that would allow community colleges to offer more classes during summer and winter intersession but at an increased unit price. “I feel like this bill is breaking every promise of community college,” LBCC Student Trustee Andrea Donado said. “This is creating a discriminatory gap between the students who can pay $250 per unit and the students who cannot pay $250 per unit.” The pilot program would give

By Daniel Serrano

Gov. Gavin Newsom to make the CSU started by the faculty members at the fopresidential search process a “public rum and filed by a speaker at the forum, search in which CSULB alumnus faculty and stuEarl Carraway. dents and taxpay“It really all ers participate.” comes down to The petition on transparency of also the search, inlooks for CSULB volvement of to gain “a new the faculty and president who emthe students and braces the planks cutting manage-Micheal Pounds, professor of a platform that ment,” Lane said.    will refund past Two of the tuition overchargfaculty members p es, lower present and speakers at tuition and fees, and re-focus the cam- Thursday’s forum, Micheal Pounds, a pus to providing excellent education professor in the film and electronic arts from quality teachers.” According to Lane, the petition was See Forum, Page 2

“We just don’t want to see another president that [the CSU] parachute in without our consent.”

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