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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Duo examines new racial identities This is the first study examining ‘Blaxicans’ in the U.S. By Raul CaBRal Contributing Writer

Sarah Borean | Daily 49er

Dr. Shigueru Tsuha speaks during a lecture titled “Emerging Racial-Ethnic Identities: Japanese Peruvians & ‘Blaxicans’ in California” in the Karl Anatol Center on Monday.

As the number of multi-ethnic people continues to grow, it can sometimes in society.

Rebecca Romo and Shigueru Tsuha addressed the emergence of two such groups in California during their lecture, “Emerging RacialEthnic Identities: Japanese Peruvians and ‘Blaxicans’ in California” Monday afternoon inside the Karl Anatol Center. Romo, a minority fellow at the American Sociological Association, “Blaxicans” in the U.S. and found that people who fall under that category oftentimes have a hard time identifying with either group because they are labeled either not black enough or not

Mexican enough by people of both races. She also stressed that family and peers play an important role in shaping the identity of these multi-ethnic individuals. “Family within the home is where we socialize and where we learn our values and our norms most strongly, through our parents and our grandparents,” Romo said. “I noticed that when participants started going to school, that’s probably when they started thinking about their racial

See IdentIty, Page 2

Author Susan Heuck Allen gives talk on experience as archeologist Allen completed her fieldwork in Cyprus, Israel and Knossos. By Kaila CampBell Staff Writer

Archaeologists, community memStudent Union Beach Auditorium yesterday to listen to author and archaelatest book. Allen’s book, “Classical Spies: American Archaeologists with the OSS in WWII Greece,” which took nearly a decade to complete, was published in 2011. The book focuses on Allen’s adventures as an archaeologist in Greece. The Archeological Institute of America and Eta Sigma Phi, an honor society for students of Greek, Latin and Classical studies, sponsored the presentation as part of the honor society’s 100th anniversary. A graduate of Brown University, Allen started her career as a dirt archaeologist working in countries such as Cyprus, Israel and Knossos. Allen started her presentation with

she later explained to the audience. “In Greek churches, people would light a single candle of an individual’s action that was symbolic,” she said. Allen discussed her experience of studying archaeologist spies in Greece and the relationships she developed with many Greeks who lived through WWII. She also spoke about her bond with a Greek woman named Clio, explaining that it took six years to gain Clio’s trust

See Archeology, Page 2

ToDD JohnSon | Daily 49er

A matter of faith

Sophomore healthcare administration major Fernando Morales, left, listens as Sister Pat from Campus Ministry U.S.A. practices “Confrontational Evangelism” on the Free Speech lawn on Monday.

Students react to nearby earthquake A 2.7 earthquake shakes classrooms and projectors on campus.

“I was in class; everybody felt it,” around, and that’s how we knew. It was

By Daniel SeRRano anD JaSmine WinDSoR Staff Writers

Some students were surprised to feel the ground shake yesterday after a 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck one mile from Rossmoor

at 3:05 p.m., according to the United States Geological Survey. “I thought something big had fell said. “[I didn’t think it was an earthquake until] the chair of the department came out and asked me if I felt it.” Vichaya Chantamoke, a freshman vices building when the earthquake hit.

Senior healthcare administration too. “I slightly felt it,” he said. “My chair rolled forward a little bit, and I smacked my knee. I wasn’t sure if it was an earthquake or not until someone told me it was an earthquake.” Most students said they would not be prepared if a bigger earthquake struck Southern California. They said that

yesterday’s small tremor wouldn’t spur them to change that. “We all hear about the Big One coming, but I think a lot of us would not be prepared. I know I wouldn’t be,” said Maria Victoria, a senior sociology mer is approaching, these little earthquakes come and go. It hasn’t scared me enough to go buy supplies yet.” da said he isn’t ready for a large earthquake either. “I don’t think I am prepared,” he said. “I don’t have any extra water or canned food. I think most of California is that way ... We feel like we have a certain amount of time or think, ‘Oh, it won’t happen in my time.’”

2 Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Best-selling author to speak on the evolution of American Presidency The event is part of the seventh annual Distinguished Speaker Series.

Center on Thursday evening for the seventh annual Cal State Long Beach Distinguished Speaker Series. The lecture, titled “The Evolution

guished speaker to speak on [the] evolution Levine said that students who have attended previous Distinguished Speakers Series events have expressed overall enjoy-

panel discussion and book signing, according to the CSULB website.

By Shane newell

CSULB’s Distinguished Speaker Series, said he is excited that Brinkley is

City Editor

teacher had not assigned it,” he said. “[But] hear the speaker.” Levine said students with a valid ID -

Historian, author and CBS News say,” Levine said. “In this political year, I think Brinkley would be the perfect distin-

Douglas Brinkley

in our society because there’s a racial hierarchy where whites are at the top and blacks are at

A rcheology Continued from Page 1

and get her to share stories about her Students, such as junior sociol-

with a better understanding of selves. “I ended up getting a really different perspective of what it’s like to be bi-racial in today’s so-

I don’t speak Spanish very well, and although I do identify with

open it up. It was like pressing an open wound to get photographs of her and

story to the grave.” detail but said they were included in her book. Koroni said that, although he attended the lecture for extra credit in his class, he enjoyed the lecture because he is interested in archaeology. “I like digging stuff up,” Koroni

that’s pretty cool.” background.” Brianna Flores, a junior journalSarah Borean | Daily 49er

Dr. Rebecca Romo speaks during a lecture titled “Emerging Racial-Ethnic Identities: Japanese Peruvians & ‘Blaxicans’ in California” in the Karl Anatol Center on Monday.

I dentIty

self changed as he was conducting his study. “Up until very late in college, I didn’t really identify as Japanese,” he

Continued from Page 1 identity.” Tsuha, the executive director of the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute, -

the presentation. “I had no idea that such a large anese Peruvian; that really sparked


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cooked Peruvian food. However, dur-




California State University, Long Beach College of Continuing and Professional Education SS_Daily49er_Ad_S14.indd 1

the lecture as part of a class assign-

black continue to be the target of prejudice.

No formal admission to CSULB required

attended the presentation for their own interest in the topic.

3/10/14 4:17 PM



Malaysia prime minister: Flight 370 ‘ended in the southern Indian Ocean’ BEIJING - A grim-faced Malaysian prime minister had an emergency latenight news conference Monday, saying that the long-missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 “ended in the southern Indian Ocean” with no hope of survivors. Najib Razak said his conclusion was based on new data from the British satellite company Inmarsat, identifying the last known location of the

The hunt for the missing Malaysia search crews reported more sightings of possible debris in the south Indian Ocean, including two objects that could be retrieved soon by an Australian vessel. Malaysia’s defense minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, said that a search aircraft had located two objects and that an Australian vessel, the Success, was

about 1,500 miles off the coast of southwest Australia since searchers began focusing on this area Thursday. And they

of the plane that vanished March 8, with 239 passengers and crew on board. In recent days, there has been a growing number of satellite and aircraft sightings of objects in this area that could be wreckage from the missing jetliner. On Monday, with Chinese and Japanese joining an Australianled team of American and New Zealand planes, 10 military and commercial aircraft in all This is a remote locatoin, far combed an area of about 20,000 nautical miles in the south from any possible landing sites square Indian Ocean looking for traces of Flight 370. Earlier in the day, one of the —Najib Razak, two Chinese Ilyushin IL-76 airMalaysian Prime Minister craft involved in the search re-

Australia. “This is a remote location far from any possible landing sites. It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you, that according to this new data, Flight MH 370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean,” he said delivering his brief statement at the news conference in Kuala Lumpur. Families of the passengers had been gathered together in Kuala Lumpur and in Beijing ahead of the news conference, families had been offered a charter

In Beijing, paramedics rushed to the Lido Hotel to help family members who might be overcome with grief. Until the end, some held out faint March 8 on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, might have been hijacked, with the passengers being held somewhere for ransom.

in the vicinity. “It is possible that the objects could be received within the next few hours, or by tomorrow morning at the latest,” he said during a Monday evening news conference. Hishammuddin said that only a few minutes ago Australia’s prime minister had informed the prime minister of Malaysia about the development. If retrieved, the two objects — one described as circular colored gray or green, and the other rectangular and orthis remote section of the Indian Ocean

objects with many white smaller ones scattered within a radius of several kiChina News Agency. After the sighting was reported, the relocate the objects but was unable to do so, said the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. A Chinese vessel was steaming toward the area to investigate and was expected to arrive in the area by Tuesday morning, the news agency said. -By Barbara Demick and Don Lee Los Angeles Times

3 Tuesday, March 25, 2014


4 Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Save our Planet, Save ourSelveS By Nicolette Norris Staff Writer


lobal warming is a topic typically thrown around by those who feel either strongly about preventing the issue or those who don’t believe in it at all. What most people may not understand is that global warming is a real issue that could affect us sooner than previously thought. Patricia Romero Lankao, spokesperson for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, will be working with a group of scientists from Japan to write a long, detailed report on the impact of global warming. They will present the results to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change later this year, reveal just how bad our planet’s future will look, according to an




hen the Munchkins rejoiced over the passing of the Wicked Witch in the land of Oz, audiences, watch-

“The Wizard of Oz,” understood the joy that comes with the death of an oppressor. So, what of the death of Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church and proclaimed hater of homosexuals? On the Westboro Baptist Church site, www., the church brags about its daily exploits in the form of “peaceful” sidewalk demonstrations, where they carry signs with phrases like “AIDs CURES FAGS,” “THANK GOD FOR AIDS” and “THANK GOD FOR DEAD TROOPS.” The Westboro Baptist Church is also known for picketing military funerals for the sole reason that there are gay soldiers. The church preaches hatred against the gay community, and any individual or institution that accepts homosexuality. In other words, the church professes a deep hatred for the entire U.S. and claims to have the full support of God behind this hatred. How can any tolerant and accepting individual in the U.S. not crack a small smile at the notion of sending a troop of lesbian,

Daily 49er Daniel Serrano Editor in Chief (562) 985-7998 Managing Editor Copy Editor News Editor Asst. News Editor Asst. News Editor City Editor Asst. City Editor Asst. City Editor Asst. City Editor

Courtney Tompkins Kristine McGowan Rabiya Hussain Crystal Niebla Priscella Vega Shane Newell Donn Gruta Andrew Spencer Scott Bosco

gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) supporters to picket Phelps’s funeral? It the death of a man who hated so many, but we have come to the conclusion that to do so would only promote the same kind of negativity, intolerance and hatred that Phelps held so dear. Rather than celebrate his death, we choose to take comfort in the hope that the deplorable messages propagated by Phelps could simply die right along with him. A funeral is no place for political harassment, despite the more than 2,000 Facebook likes the Protest Fred Phelps’s Funeral page received. We would like to see a new wave of tolerance and acceptance, perhaps in the form of a new faithful following, rise up in the wake of Phelps’s death. The Westboro Baptist Church’s membership is somewhere far south of 100 people and is primarily composed of Phelps’s family members, according to a statement made by the church in an interview with a reporter from a small newspaper in Northwestern Illinois in 2011. Without its dynamic founder, we feel that the small church will lose steam and eventually fade out altogether. Since Phelps’s passing on March 19, the

media has dedicated a great deal of energy to rehashing all of the hateful things Phelps did and said throughout his lifetime. Headlines in news media and opinion sections since Phelp’s death include The Guardian’s, “Pastor Fred Phelps: ‘An angry, bigoted

One of the biggest problems with this environmental issue is that most people think that our planet is already too far-gone for improvement. However, if everyone put in a little effort every day of his or her life, it could actually improve the earth’s chances of survival. There are a broad variety of practices that people could do on a regular basis that require little to no effort. For example, making the switch from disposable to reusable containers will reduce waste on our planet. It is also a smart way to save money.

Post’s blog “Why I Don’t Grieve For Fred Phelps” and the Baltimore Sun’s “The wasted life of Fred Phelps.” We feel that this attention does not serve to put his hatred and intolerance to rest along with his body. message simple, such as Chicago Tribune’s “Death of Fred Phelps” and New York Times’ “Fred Phelps, Anti-Gay Preacher Who Targeted Military Funerals, Dies at 84.” This is how the headlines should be running, but the opinion and blog headlines from news media have taken over the news section, which may lead readers to believe that news publications stand by rejoicing Phelps’s death. So no, we will not be singing praises of joy over Phelps’s grave; though, perhaps there are munchkins somewhere over the rainbow singing “Ding-dong, Phelps is dead!” and carrying gay pride banners down the yellow brick road.

See Planet, Page 5

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mishandled M alaysia Mystery By Paige Pelonis Assistant Opinions Editor

were no survivors,” according to his statement to USA Today. He based this and other assumptions about

have happened to the 239 people Ocean.” think “data” should only go so far. Last night, relatives of passen-

obtained through “unprecedented


n Monday morning, the media, along with Malaysian leadership, spread the latest bit of news in this story — that is, they announced that the location of the airplane is clearly known, and the fate of the passengers on board is tragic. With phrases of ambiguity like “allegedly” and “fairly certain,” the impression has been given that the crisis of Flight 370 is over. However, neither experts nor specialists have found the airplane that has made headlines these past couple of weeks. Therefore, families should not accept that their loved ones are dead, as they have been pushed to do so by the Malaysian airline and leadership. CNN broadcasted headlines that repeated the information that the These were mere repetitions of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razar’s statement from earlier Monday, in which he himself used vague phrases that imply that his conclu“[Razar] indicated that there

We must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern


utilizing the latest technology, a classic “DGAF” text was sent to those whose trauma and turmoil have already been exploited and sensationalized across the media for the past two weeks. Efficient communication is not the excuse here either. A press conference would have been just as swift in terms of delivering the information, and at least that would have been more personal. This was a poorly handled copout on the part of the airline responsible, to an extent, for the mystery of Flight 370.


Continued from Page 4 Another way to save energy is to turn off the electricity in your house when you leave and remember to unplug your phone charger when it is not in use. Also, why not skip out on driving when its not completely necessary? Get some exercise instead, by taking a walk or riding a bike. Carpooling is another ideal solution for energy conservation. For the sake of our planet, it is important for people to put effort into eco-friendly actions, as well as educating their peers on how to sustain the earth and keep it clean and healthy as long as possible.

situations like this, for information to be provided to loved ones in order to allow them some

—Malaysia Airlines

that dangling false implications across the media is giving anyone closure. analysis of satellite data from accident investigators.” technology but, in this kind of sensitive situation that has the world questioning all kinds of international relations and gossiping about the myriad of things that could

message from the airline stating, “Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived. As you will hear in the next hour from Malaysia’s Prime Minster we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane

CNN broadcasted an interview with the brother of a passenger who said he isn’t ready to give up looking or to give up on a miracle recovery of the plane. The passengers’ loved ones should not be told that it is, in fact, time to grieve — they were already doing that anyway.

The Daily 49er



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