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Regional building booms | Create the Scandi barn look | Australian manufacturers rise up


A LETTER FROM MARK Life can be unpredictable – haven’t we learnt that? There are some things we just can’t control. Right now, the Dahlsens team is focused on managing the things we can control. Our people. Our service. Our processes. Our systems. Our supply partners. And the value we provide you and your team, with reliable supply, good service and innovative support to help you get on with the job. As our industry thrives and benefits from the HomeBuilder grants, we are incredibly proud of the energy, effort and expertise our team has brought to work each day in order to service our customers’ needs. The industry’s supply challenges and sheer volume of work has created enormous pressure. Dahlsens is in a good position to support you, with our loyal and strong supplier relationships and large network we have been able to secure significant additional product. But, lead-times are much longer than usual. The team is frustrated that we can’t keep everyone happy. Be assured, we’re doing everything we can to service your needs today, and in the future. The Dahlsen family and the Dahlsens business exists to make a positive and sustainable contribution to Australian businesses and communities. We’re honoured to employ over 1000 team members, and to support the success of builders across Australia.

We continue to invest, so we can grow and keep our promise to get better at helping you, as the Dahlsen family has always done over 144 years. In our people, as they learn and grow while looking at other industries for inspiration so we can be the best in ours. In our infrastructure, growing existing sites and adding new ones to our network so we can service you better. We are striving to fine-tune our logistics processes so we can get orders to you faster and more accurately. In equipment, to increase our capacity to support you, helping you build faster, easier and more competitively. In digital technology, to streamline the way we go about things and make dealing with Dahlsens smoother, easier. Thank you for choosing Dahlsens. We love working with you, supporting independent, entrepreneurial success stories like yours. We are inspired by the way you have navigated these times, how you’ve adapted to optimise the opportunities. Your business will likely be even stronger because of this experience. We’re excited about today, about the next year, and the next decade. In our industry we have much to look forward to. Stay safe

Mark Cooper General Manager Dahlsens Building Centres

CONTENTS Dahlsens invests! New at Dahlsens: a smarter way to build a roof The power of partnering up Australian made: for the great Aussie builder Are you okay, mate? This could be your best year yet Taking advantage of the regional renaissance Create the Scandi Barn look Superior strength in sliding cavity units Timber: Cypress vs Radiata Supply and install from Dahlsens

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Getting the job done with HB Fuller Understanding lintel compliance with Galintel James Hardie: Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding Panels Paslode's cordless Impulse Straight Bradder Gainsborough leaps forward into 2021 Building healthy homes with CSR Bradford & Gyprock The world's most advanced screw is here by Bremick Paslode's new and improved FrameMaster™ Gamechanger: Buildxact Get your social media 'app-ening An update from HIA

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DAHLSENS INVESTS! As the largest builder-focused merchant in Victoria and NSW, we’re continuing to invest in our people, partners and communities. You'll see some new trade stores, expansions at existing sites, and another manufacturing plant open this year, as we expand our network and ability to support builders and tradies today and for decades to come. MORISSET

Truss & Frame Manufacturing Plants & Offices


Trade Stores Steel Roofing Centres

Morisset Current Dahlsens Tuggerah site will relocate to purpose built site in Morisset in November


Distribution Centres






Alexandria Brand new inner-Sydney trade store opening in May







Smithfield Distribution Centre will be relocating to a bigger and improved site in October










Ballarat Trade is set to double in size in the coming months

Keep an eye out for more changes in the near future...

Love what we do!

“Our company mission is all about adding value to your building process with an offer and level of service excellence consistently and substantially higher than our competitors. I hope we’re doing justice to this goal. Thanks for placing your faith in us to help you get the job done. See you around soon.”

Geoff Dahlsen, CEO, JC Dahlsen Pty Ltd




New and game-changing from your Dahlsens truss and frame team! The benefits of the Pryda SpeedTruss™ preinstalled screws system are loud and clear to customers who have jumped on board. Find out for yourself how you too can save time – here’s the low down.


A new approach to roof truss design and installation, Pryda’s prefabricated SpeedTruss functions like an assembly kit, incorporating pre-installed screws. The innovation reduces truss installation time by removing temporary fixing, and gets a thumbs up from certifiers for the accuracy it enforces on truss installation. Builders tell us the Pryda SpeedTruss measures up to claims made in the company’s signature marketing slogan – build safer, faster, smarter, and easier. We put the question to Scott Russell, the construction manager at Tribeca Homes, Victoria (pictured above, left of middle). Here’s what he said:


“The Pryda SpeedTruss is a great system – our tradies are loving it – because it speeds up the job and the screws produce a quality result,” he said. “Once screwed in, the truss stands by itself, so there’s no need for temporary fixing, which makes it so much easier to line up the TGs,” he says.

“It completely replaces the need for triple grips, which saves a huge amount of time onsite. My certifier reckons it’s great, too. We expect to use the SpeedTruss on all our jobs”. SQUARE IT UP

Further developments underway at Dahlsens' manufacturing plants will soon add Pryda’s patent pending Hinge-Out system to truss assemblies, allowing builders to hinge the jack truss off the girder truss to create a stable connection and plumb and straighten girders automatically, saving even more time. Place your roof truss and screw it down. Quick, smart. > Save a day’s work – even more > Reduce installation time and improve safety > Work safer at heights



> No more confusing layouts or head scratching





“It’s an awesome product. I love using the SpeedTruss system, you can’t go wrong.” “Works a treat, great system.” “Great to work with you guys, and easy to install.” “Great system, it saves so much time!” “The hold down strength is incredible and is a massive game changer, I'm saving lots of time not having to go back and install straps.” “We’ve just put up a house using Pryda Speed Truss system. It was great, made light work of it. Loved it.”

Pryda FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw (IWS) consigns nails to history. Forget about apron pockets jingling with nails, hammer in one hand, bracket in the other, working at height. With the IWS, builders can work just two rungs up a ladder. A placement guide positions the screw vertically, with the correct off-sets to ensure it is driven up through the vertical centreline of the truss and the wall every time. The 5mm hex screw comes with a tip that ensures a quick start and reduces the likelihood of splitting timber. 125mm in length

Unique headless screw

Pronounced knurl that lessens any splitting

Fast start drill point

> F  ORGET ABOUT L-BRACKETS Driving in a screw from underneath the top plate is a faster way to work compared to hand hammering > R  EMOVE GUESSWORK The absence of screw head removes the risk of over tightening and allows the truss to move freely up and down while maintaining superior lateral stability of the internal wall > N  O MORE CALL-BACKS Poorly located nails, or over tightened connections causing cornice and ceiling cracks, are history > W  ORK SAFER AND EASIER The screw and guide combo reduces time working at height and makes it easier for the builder to maintain three points of contact and the job can be finished in a fraction of the time taken to install L Brackets


Talk to your Dahlsens Account Manager or store to find out how you can get on board.



THE POWER OF PARTNERING UP Dahlsens throws everything it can at developing genuine partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Business to business, trust and reliability is earnt. We foster an obsessive approach to understand and anticipate the needs of your business, to tailor our service to enable you to prosper and grow. When you choose Dahlsens as your partner, we come to you as an ally, invested in your continued development and success.

Tailored service Dahlsens believes the relationship we build with you is key to our mutual success. As your partner, we become a trusted part of your team, working to be your one-stop-shop in building materials and truss and frame manufacturing – while listening to your feedback so that we stay ahead of your needs. Once we learn about and understand your business, we tailor our service to meet your specific requirements, both now and in the future. We focus on our day job, whilst bringing to you building and business solutions that may save you time in your day-to-day business.

Our commitment As part of our commitment to your business, Dahlsens is part of national buying group NatBuild, who works with us to increase our negotiating power with suppliers, thereby securing the best supply arrangements and buy prices for you, our customer. And, like you, we cultivate strong relationships with a diverse range of suppliers to ensure our supply chain is resilient over the long-term.


"Our relationship with Dahlsens has pushed us out of our box a little bit. We’ve been given some opportunities that we’ve taken and I definitely think we’ve seen growth from those opportunities. It’s a big thanks from us. The perseverance, the partners that you are. You’ve been fantastic to work with." John Fisher, Director Southern Vale Homes

"I’ll be the first to admit, as a builder and the director of Ridgewater Homes, I can't know everything about every product that’s out there and what’s coming. I really want to surround myself with good people who do, and Dahlsens are good people for us." Andrew Wilson, Director Ridgewater Homes

“Building, maintaining and growing relationships with Dahlsens and their customers has always been a focus for Bradnam's. To do this, communication with Dahlsens account managers is key to understanding the core needs of their business and which Bradnam's products are best suited to projects. This allows us to deliver on time for the builder without any delays or concerns.” Justin Groseveld, Sales Manager, Victoria Bradnam’s Windows and Doors

Key benefits of your partnership with Dahlsens > Y  our Dahlsens account manager is a part of your team working for your success > W  e understand your business and what makes it unique > T  ake priority and get what you need, when and where you need it > O  ur management team is here to help your business strategy and marketing to increase your growth > A  ccess our exclusive ‘Insight with Dahlsens’ webinar series > H  ave your feedback heard and influence our product range, innovations and business processes > Receive onsite training for staff on new products > A trusted relationship with one point of contact

Why choose Dahlsens? > E  ase of doing business with one contact for call ups and one statement each month > 1  44-year-old, family-owned business, working for your business > National buying power matched by local service > W  hole of house product range – your one-stop-shop > 100% trade-focused to save you time > Delivery in-full and on-time

At Dahlsens, we consider your business our top priority. When you partner with us, you join a team committed to your growth and success in the building industry. We work with you to achieve the best outcomes and help keep your builds on track and within budget. Chat with us today to discuss how investing time in your partnership with Dahlsens can help you succeed in the marketplace.



Australian made

FOR THE GREAT AUSSIE BUILDER Who doesn't prefer to buy local, made in Australia products wherever, whenever they can? Home owners and their builders are no exception. You should be pleased to know that most building materials used in Australian construction are made right here in Australia. When it's made and supplied locally, you're supporting local economy and employment, and reducing the strains of such global shipping challenges as those we're encountering mid-pandemic.

> P  romoting your advocacy for Australian made products to your clients

At Dahlsens we work with a team of carefully chosen supply partners to ensure we can provide you with as many Australian-made building product options as possible.

> Fast response to changing market demands

Australia has some of the highest standards in the world when it comes to product manufacture, giving you the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting quality products and secure after sales support while supporting local manufacturing, workers and the broader community.

The benefits of buying Australian made building products through our trusted supply partners:

> Reduced risk of global shipping challenges > M  anufacturers understand the Australian market and build products to suit > Keeping jobs in Australia Buying Australian made has become more important to Australians, with our customers factoring in locally made in their purchasing decision more often. In response, Dahlsens continues to choose supply partners who provide a competitive, quality product our customers, and your clients can count on.

Ask your Dahlsens Account Manager or your local branch if the products you are buying are Australian made.


SUPPORTING LOCAL MANUFACTURING OPENING SOLUTIONS Preferred supplier to Dahlsens, ASSA ABLOY is an international leader in access products, employing over 500 Victorians at their facility in Oakleigh. They’re committed to protecting Australian jobs, and proudly produce products bearing the globally recognised Australian Made symbol. ASSA ABLOY knows local manufacturing is important to ensure the market is supplied with products that are fit for purpose, meet Australia's high industry standards and can be quickly adapted to suit the ever-changing building market. The team at ASSA ABLOY also pride themselves on their stringent quality control measures which have allowed them to become one of the country's premium hardware manufacturers in access solutions, and a key supply partner of Dahlsens. Keep up the great work ASSA ABLOY!

Dahlsens. Supporting Aussie Made since 1877.



ARE YOU OKAY, MATE? Construction workers in Australia are six times more likely to die by suicide than in an accident at work, and suicide rates in the construction industry are 80 per cent higher than in the general working age population.* These disturbing statistics of suicide in our industry reinforce the need to acknowledge and address a serious problem. Dahlsens cares deeply for the health and wellbeing of our customers and team members, understanding that even outside this climate of frantic building activity, the pressures faced in our industry can be intense. Fortunately, society is now openly talking about mental health, so we can start conversations, acknowledge when things don’t feel right, and ask for help. At Dahlsens, we have very much brought mental wellbeing to the surface, encouraging our people to be self-aware and to regularly check in with each other. We talk about:


We’ve partnered with The Resilience Project, which teaches positive mental health strategies to help people become happier and more fulfilled. Facilitator Martin Heppell – a lively, positive and deeply passionate presenter – will share personal, often humorous and highly relatable stories, that position mental health as an important part of life. You’ll learn about The Resilience Project’s focus on three key pillars for finding happiness: > Gratitude: Paying attention to the things and moments we have right now, and not worrying about what we don’t have > Empathy: Being kind, and putting ourselves in the shoes of others to feel what they feel > Mindfulness: Being present in the moment and creating a feeling of calm. Slowing down and concentrating on one thing at a time Please register for yourself and any of your team to join us at the upcoming webinar:

'Finding happiness through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness' facilitated by The Resilience Project


Friday 16 July 2021, at 12.30pm




*Research Paper: Suicide in the Construction Industry: 2001 – 2018 Volume IV: July, 2020 (For more information refer to: mates.org.au/construction/research



See you t here!



your best year yet This is not the year to operate as normal, rather it’s the year to propel you into the most profitable year of your business life. Dahlsens asked Harry Pontikis, Director of Chocolate Money, for his advice to builders on how you can take advantage of this year’s construction boom. Last year was like no other. Our economies were sent into hibernation and our freedoms suspended as a result of a pandemic that has taken millions of lives and continues to spread around the world. Our federal and state governments supported Australians by providing billions of dollars in subsidies, grants, stimulus packages, major infrastructure projects, payouts and other financial support designed to keep us safe and our economy ticking along until a vaccine is rolled out. This means billions of dollars in government stimulus is going into property purchases, renovations and construction. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be available through investors looking for better returns than the measly ones offered by banks, and the lending policies will be significantly relaxed to allow more people to borrow money for property purchases and construction. This year is the year many people will have the opportunity to make their fortunes.

Anyone in the building industry should be reviewing the following areas immediately: > C  larity as to their business objectives, targets and strategy > A  bility to operationalise and pivot their business to focus only on the most profitable clients > E  nsure they are the builder of choice for their chosen target market > T  he recruitment, training and management of their staff, trades, subbies > Involvement with only the most reliable and reputable suppliers, advisors and associates > P  ersonal and professional access to the cheapest and most appropriate source of funds > A  connection for their clients to also have access to funds to ensure uninterrupted building of their homes and projects and security of payment for the builders and trades With so much money and opportunity, and a level playing field for everyone in the building industry due to unprecedented disruption to standard methods of operation for Australia and the world, this should be the year you make calculated decisions supported by common sense and management principles.

Harry Pontikis is Director of Chocolate Money, the finance broker of choice for the building industry since 2003 (Australian Credit License – 387277). This article is solely the opinion of the writer and does not constitute financial, legal or other advice.



of the regional renaissance Some call it the regional rush, others call it the flee change, but whatever you call it there’s no doubt that what we’re experiencing at the moment is a regional Australia renaissance. An unexpected benefit of the pandemic has been the realisation that people don’t need to live in the cities. Working from home was once the dream but it’s now the reality for many and, as a result, demand for country living has soared as people escape city life. House prices across regional Australia rose by eight per cent last year, while the capitals rose by only two per cent, and record highs are again being forecast for the construction of detached homes in the regions this year.

“The extension of HomeBuilder is the primary cause of this significant upgrade in our forecast but the demographic shifts are also driving demand for detached homes. Regional locations in many states are showing a larger increase in activity than capital cities as the population moves away from inner city living.” HIA’s Chief Economist, Tim Reardon

We salute our regional customers who haven't always seen the growth experienced in other markets. Today, as your towns boom and the opportunities to secure new clients thrive, we wish you every success.


Dahlsens – meeting the needs of the regional builder since 1877

What does this mean for regional builders? Harry Pontikis is the Director of Chocolate Money Finance Brokers, and is an experienced director, consultant and manager with the building and construction industry in Victoria. Harry describes this period as: “The boom everyone saw coming for our regions. The proactive businesses are taking steps to increase their capacity to take on more work and are focusing their finances and marketing to ensure the jobs are more profitable than normal.”

How is Dahlsens supporting the success of builders in regional areas? “Our customers get the best of both worlds – the strength of an Australia-wide network, and the commitment to strong and lasting relationships.” For 140-plus years, Dahlsens has serviced the regional builder. The business and the Dahlsen family began in regional Victoria, and ever since has been dedicated to giving the regional builder access to the same opportunities as those in the cities. Dahlsens is proud to support the success of the regional builder by providing: > L  ocally employed, longstanding trade experts

> R  egular deliveries into farreaching regional towns

> A  ccess to the best products in the market

> Competitive buying

> D  irect relationships with reputable suppliers

> Access to samples

> Reliable, ongoing supply

> After sales support > P  roduct training and marketing support

Find an upcoming event and information session near you on page 34.


Swanbuild Home

Dahlsens customers, Swan Hill-based Swanbuild, and Blay Builders, based in East Gippsland, tell us about their experiences in the current market:

“There’s been a rise in the desire for flexible living spaces that can adapt to families’ changing needs and home offices to accommodate working remotely. As people have realised they can not only work from home, but work from anywhere they have an internet connection, we’ve had a number of clients plan to take advantage of this and design their holiday homes with the intention to split their work weeks between urban and regional life. Dahlsens have been very supportive in our growth plans and have helped out a lot with our increased demand.” Craig Perryman, Director, Swanbuild

Home built by Blay Builders in Paynesville, Victoria

“2021 and beyond will be challenging for builders who are all trying to select from the same pool of good quality sub-trades and deliver finished homes. Unfortunately, the quality trade shortage is still a real problem in our area. At the same time, this presents a fantastic opportunity for those who were looking at starting a trade business in 2021, to be inundated with work for their first few years of operation – a real coup. On the materials supply side of constructing a home, fortunately we have Dahlsens, who are the leader in supplying building materials, prefabricated truss and frame products, roofing products and everything in between, ready to meet the increased demand." Xavier Ryan, Director, Blay Builders



SCANDI BARN Inspired by the nordic love of design simplicity, this Scandinavian barn style home is warm, inviting and at one with its surroundings. James Hardie explains how you can build the Scandi Barn look featuring cladding exterior products available from Dahlsens. Standing tall on a corner block in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, this striking home turns heads every day. Bearing the hallmarks of the Scandinavian Barn look, it was inspired by homes usually found on acreage with multiple linked pavilions. Its steeply pitched gable roof, dark grey vertical Stria cladding in Dulux Klavier, and minimal eaves gives the home its clean lines, while a striking brick chimney with a raw, aged patina brings a contrasting textural element that flows from the exterior into the interior living space. The carefully chosen contrasting colour palette brings together light and neutral shades with a dramatic charcoal grey to create a striking exterior presence.

Connected spaces The Scandi Barn look often brings natural materials such as stone and brick together with fibre-cement cladding to introduce warmth and create eye-catching accents. Custom home builders Aaron Martin Construction chose to use James Hardie Stria cladding vertically on the exterior of the home for its striking deep shadow lines and versatility as a material, as well as its durability and low maintenance requirements. This attention to detail extended to ensuring the indoor and outdoor living spaces connected seamlessly, with soaring windows in the main pavilion as well as a servery window from the kitchen leading to an outdoor living area that’s made for relaxed entertaining. The result is a warm and inviting home that optimises its location and flows beautifully for comfortable living all year round.

Customise your look Whether used vertically or horizontally, James Hardie Stria cladding delivers the look you want for a modern aesthetic. Available in your choice of 255mm, 325mm and 405mm widths with a 15mm groove for strong, clean lines.

Ask your Dahlsens Account Manager about using James Hardie Stria cladding in your next Scandi Barn inspired build.




Neville Smith Forest Products Woodsmith – Freycinet Morning With its chic, modern tone, Freycinet Morning is perfect for a stylish scandi aesthetic, and can be creatively matched with a host of contemporary furnishings and finishes.

with Dahlsens From foundation to fit out, Dahlsens has you covered to help you to create the Scandi Barn look in your upcoming projects. A genuine one-stopshop for your building solutions, Dahlsens offer a carefully selected range of quality products at competitive prices to help your business save valuable time and win in the marketplace.

Specifications Width: 165mm Length: 2130mm Thickness:14.2mm Installation Type: Tongue and Groove

Innova Marlo Tower Basin Mixer Matte Black Finish

Gainsborough G2 Series Angular Passage Leverset Square Backplates

Corinthian Doors Elements Entrance Door Range The range is characterised by its classic Herringbone and Planked door designs that will add a touch of luxury to your home.


Each door in the range is crafted from sustainable timbers and oak veneer, which can be stained in a diverse spectrum of colours. For that classic Scandi character, complete the look with Corinthian Doors' range of oversized timber pad handles.

Bradnam's Windows > B  radnam's Signature fixed window Can be made to almost any shape, including square, rectangle, arch, circle, triangle, or a combination of these options. > Bradnam's Essential Awning window

See your Dahlsens Account Manager to find out how our whole of house solutions can save you valuable time and money on your next build.





The Platinum Cavity range opens the door to practicality, functionality and style. Builders, trades and developers experience many pain points on site A common one relates to the use of traditional timber cavity units, particularly in wet areas. Load capacity limitations on cavity sliding systems can be problematic, and when exposed to moisture, timber cavity units are prone to moisture absorption, rotting, bowing and white ants, impacting a structure’s integrity over time and therefore, warranty issues.

To help builders meet client needs for functionality and style, Corinthian Doors designed the Platinum Cavity collection A range of steel cavity door units engineered for superior strength, space and design choice, there is a wide selection of widths and heights across three unit configurations, which can suit a range of applications, including floor to ceiling doorways and tiled wet areas.

“Over time, traditional timber cavity units can hold up poorly in high moisture and wet areas like bathrooms and laundries... Thanks to its steel construction, the Platinum Cavity resists moisture, warping, bowing, white ants and rot. The range offers superior performance and durability and has been independently assessed to be fit-for-purpose for tiled wall applications and comes with a five-year warranty,” Neil McGowan, Corinthian Doors National Product Manager. The Platinum 6000 and Platinum 9000 cavities offer track load carrying capacity of up to 125kg per door in single applications, suited to larger doors. The Platinum 3000 track carrying capacity of up to 65kg is also generous and ensures a broad range of door designs will suit. All Platinum Cavity units are supplied in a flush jamb configuration and can be converted to a flush pull configuration by retrofitting two 60mm converter bumper stops to the back post prior to installation. Beyond the physical aspects of the Platinum Cavity unit, the practicality of cavity door sliding solutions allows you to maximise space. A cavity door doesn’t block floor and wall space or obstruct furniture or fittings, unlike swing doors which need room to open and close.

For more information on the Corinthian Platinum Cavity collection, chat to your Dahlsens Account Manager or local store.



Cypress pine


Radiata pine

It is predicted that demand will continue to outstrip supply for cypress pine, further driving prices upwards. Radiata pine is a renewable alternative to cypress pine, and an option to be considered for outdoor building work. What is cypress pine? Cypress pine (Callitris Glaucophylla) is a native tree which unlike radiata pine, doesn’t grow straight and tall. They grow in scrub-like conditions in arid inland New South Wales and Queensland. Their heights and widths are inconsistent, so tall (longer than 4.2m lengths) and wide (circumference greater than 120mm) yields are spasmodic and becoming harder to source. Cypress has historically been considered: > Cheap

Despite this, the cypress market is buoyant, due to new housing starts and land developments. It is still cheaper than its alternative, radiata H3 and H4 treated options, however as availability wanes, demand will outstrip supply and drive prices up. There are bigger shortages in wider spec logs. Anything wider than 125mm is at a premium and 200-300mm logs are becoming almost impossible to source. With cypress, tree dimensions are smaller with longer lengths over 4.2m also heavily restricted.

> Readily available

What are the alternatives to cypress?

> Hard wearing

Builders with an environmental and sustainable focus will drive the change away from cypress and offer the renewable alternative radiata pine as their first preference. Treated radiata pine is a timber that has been impregnated with a chemical solution containing two major components, fungicide and insecticide, giving it a long-term resistance to decay, insects and other wood destroying organisms.

> Naturally pest (termite) repellent > Durable – ideal for fencing and landscaping projects This perception is slowly eroding as overseas markets have gained interest and architects, designers and builders look to cypress for alternate uses, such as feature posts and cladding because of its textured and knotty appearance.

What is currently happening with cypress in the market? Cypress supply has been heavily impacted of late by natural disasters (fires and flood), restricted forest access and quotas (down 30 per cent), and mill closures/consolidations. More recently overseas markets (in particular China and India) buying up the log at the forest have driven up pricing and reduced supply to local mills.

This effective and long-lasting protection makes it very durable for applications exposed to the elements, such as pergolas and gazebos. Used for general purpose construction largely in outdoor applications, the durability and usability of machine-sized pine makes this a popular building product for many users.

For further information regarding the use of radiata pine in your outdoor building work, contact your Dahlsens Account Manager.




Save time, money and hassle, get more done and streamline administration with Dahlsens’ supply and install service. It’s so easy. Simply submit your job details and required plans and our specialised staff and account managers will work with you and your site supervisors to organise the installation.


Step 1 – Quotation

Step 2 – Order

Step 3 – Scheduling

Step 4 – Install

Email specifications and plans to your Dahlsens contact. We provide a quote including any product and colour recommendations.

Accept the quote and provide contact details for your site supervisor.

Dahlsens will liaise with your site supervisor to arrange check, measure and installation dates.

Dahlsens’ installation team completes the fitout on the scheduled day. Easy!

BENEFITS OF SUPPLY AND INSTALL No upfront costs, simply add to your Dahlsens account We’ll manage subtrades and coordinate the deliveries to suit each build stage Peace of mind with one warranty from Dahlsens Quality products at competitive prices from reputable suppliers


Langdon Building benefits from blinds, supplied and installed by Dahlsens “Langdon Building have been working with the Dahlsens team for over 15 years. It’s safe to say they’re now a part of the Langdon family. We believe in building long and professional relationships in business, and with the Dahlsens team, it’s simple. The process is easy from quote to install, the prices are competitive, the service provided by the team is second to none and their products are high quality with a well finished install.” - Shane Langdon, Director


NEW FROM DAHLSENS SUPPLY AND INSTALL The service that saves builders valuable time, supply and install from Dahlsens, has grown. Introducing screens and doors… NEW

SCREENS AND DOORS Provide your clients with fresh air and security with screens and doors supplied and installed by Dahlsens. Take the hassle out of the process, and access our huge range of options to suit your specifications. Available in all sizes, both standard and custom 12 timeless colour choices as standard. Non standard colours can be arranged Different material options to suit your needs including Invisi-Gard security mesh, BAL rated options and economical solutions Speak to your account manager today about your project.


KITCHENS, VANITIES AND LAUNDRIES Kitchens, laundries, alfresco kitchens, stone benchtops and laminate benchtops

Roller blinds, PVC venetians, plantation shutters, vertical blinds, panel blinds and aluminium venetians.



Split systems and multi-split systems, ducted airconditioning, evaporative cooling and ducted gas

Wall wrap and insulation

WALL PARTITIONING AND CUBICLES Toilets, changerooms, shower cubicles

Talk to your Dahlsens Account Manager today about our supply and install service across a wide range of whole of house solutions. Please note, some regions do not offer all solutions in the range.



When you need to

GET THE JOB DONE Some say a true all-rounder is a rare find. H.B. Fuller challenges that idea with Tool Box™ – the ultimate in a versatile adhesive and sealant that definitely gets the job done. Building on over four decades of experience in the Australian construction industry, H.B. Fuller offers a multi-purpose adhesive and sealant in one, that is compatible with virtually any substrate – a true ‘tool box’ in a cartridge.

Tool Box™ A hybrid polymer adhesive and sealant with high grab strength, Tool Box™ cures to form a permanently flexible waterproof bond adhering to a wide variety of materials, including: > Timber

> PU foam

> Metal

> Ceramics and concrete

> Glass

It provides a non-hazardous alternative to traditional polyurethane elastomeric adhesive/sealants, and can replace most water and solvent-based construction adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and sealants, as well as silicones in construction, marine, transport and industrial assembly applications.

Key benefits of Tool Box™ Original: > Permanently flexible high strength bonding and sealing in one > High performance adhesion to almost any substrate without the use of primer > Interior/exterior – waterproof, mould resistant and UV stable > Non-hazardous solvent and isocyanate-free > Fast skinning and curing > P  erfect for sealing gaps in expansion joints in concrete, brick, mortar, plumbing and roofing as well as sanitary sealing in wet areas > Available in white, black, and grey cartridges

Tool Box High Tack: > For an even stronger bond, high viscosity formulation offers a fast-grab > Perfect for applications such as mounting signage or ceiling components > Impact, shock and vibration resistant > Available in white

Tool Box Invisible: > Cures with outstanding clarity

Tool Box’s permanent flexibility provides high performance bonding and sealing for surfaces prone to movement or vibration. It will maintain adhesion in temperatures up to 100˚C, and provides excellent adhesion to Colorbond in both wet and dry conditions.

> Ideal where one of the substrates is transparent (frame-less glass shower)

To find out more about how Tool Box can help you get the job done, speak to your Dahlsens Account Manager or ask at your local store.





Australia’s leading lintel manufacturer for more than 40 years, Galintel takes their commitment to regulations, standards and ethical practices seriously. Here, we unpack the important topic of compliance so you can be sure your building project uses the very best in steel lintels. Did you know you could be using non-compliant lintels that don't meet Australian Standards? Every steel lintel installed in Australia must contain certain markings for clear identification post-installation. This is a requirement of Australian Standard AS2699.3:2020 and it’s important for builders to know. Galintel steel lintels available through Dahlsens meet this requirement and, for added peace of mind, are made with high quality steel and backed by a 25-year warranty. Galintel Solid Base Angle, T-Bar and Rendabar are locally manufactured in Coffs Harbour, NSW and proudly feature the Australian Made logo.

Steel lintel requirements The team at Galintel has developed straightforward information to help you identify the necessary markings and requirements for lintels, as per Australian Standard AS2699.3:2020. These include: > Stamping: Galintel steel lintels are permanently marked with the Galintel brand, Australian Standard number and durability classification on the face, for visibility after install as required by AS2699.3:2020. > Labelling: All Galintel steel lintels are clearly labelled to identify the Australian Standard, durability classification, manufacturer and any limitations as per AS2699.3:2020. > Testing: Galintel steel lintels are hot-dip galvanised and tested to ensure the coating thickness exceeds 85 microns to meet the ‘R3’ durability classification of AS2699.3:2020.

The above information can be used as a guide to check if the steel lintels you are using comply with the related Australian Standard. If you’d like to know more about the Galintel range, speak with your Dahlsens Account Manager or local store today.





Multi-residential customers look to their builder for stylish homes with on-trend designs. They want them delivered on time. And non-combustibility code adherence is essential. Recently, Bryce Parker, Director of Bryce Parker Homes accomplished just this with a mixed cladding aesthetic featuring Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding. Completed in October 2020, the 10 stylish homes offer contemporary living across 900m2. Designed to meld into the surrounding Dandenong Ranges area, the development required versatile solutions which could meet the challenges of looming deadlines, fire ratings, non-combustibility codes and modern design. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding achieved this brief. Above all “the cladding was easy to use and quick to install. The consistent render texture eliminates the need for wet trades and they come pre-primed and ready to paint. The lower cost of the panels also freed up budget to use higher-end paint, creating a more luxurious finish,” says Bryce.

“While developers and prospective tenants will be focused on the look of a home, it was essential for us to meet Victoria’s building requirements. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding provided a perfect solution, it’s Code Mark certified, fire resistant and deemed non-combustible, while also giving a render style look that was central to the visual design,” adds Bryce. Additional stand out architectural elements in this Bryce Parker Homes project include intertwined cladding with rustic metal and render-look wall finishes and defined window


detailing. These were central to capturing the mixed cladding aesthetic, an increasingly popular trend across Australia.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in modern architectural design and the mixed cladding look in particular,” says Bryce. “It’s a versatile trend and helps create unique homes that can still have a cohesive look with their surrounds. In our build, the Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding provides a smoother, more consistent finish than traditional render and adds a twist with their expressed joints. It’s a new take that works really well with the other elements of the properties." Made from James Hardie’s premium fibre cement, the cladding also facilitated the construction of the homes’ second storeys as they provide durable strength, without the need for the extensive support required with masonry.

“The plans for these properties had always included a rendered, cladding building material as they are generally easier to build with, especially on second floors. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding, however outperformed other options on the market and saved us about three days of work, which made a huge difference to the delivery timeline,” says Bryce. Taking 16 months to construct, the buildings are built to last as Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding, as well as being fire resistant and deemed non-combustible is also resistant to damage from moisture and termites. They are also designed to accommodate building movement which reduces the risk of joint cracking.

Close up of Hardie Fine Texture Cladding

“We are pleased with the results, especially the consistency of the texture. We are thrilled with the longevity of the product for homeowners and would use the product again for other projects,” adds Bryce. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding is available in an 8.5mm thickness and a range of sizes (2440x1200, 3000x1200, 3600x1200 and 3000x1350).

Like Bryce, save your business valuable days towards your delivery timetable, while delivering an on-trend project for your client. Talk to your Dahlsens Account Manager to find out more about Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding fibre cement panels.



PASLODE’S CORDLESS IMPULSE STRAIGHT BRADDER A faster, safer, and easier way to install James Hardie fibre cement Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding panels. “Forget the hassle of patching and puttying blemishes – just nail off and paint,” Paul adds.

Paslode delivers cordless convenience, best-in-class performance, comfort, and reliability to the cladding installer. When it comes to exterior cladding, builders want a fastening solution that makes the job easier and delivers a perfect finish. Paul Carter, Trade Marketing Manager at Paslode, says Paslode’s cordless Impulse Straight Bradder does the job beautifully.

Just as crucial, installers want the confidence of building to spec. On this front, the Bradder paired with ND50 Stainless Steel Brads satisfy James Hardie's Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding panel installation guidelines.

“There’s no need for a compressor or hoses snaring on scaffolding. Builders work faster and more safely – and that translates to improved productivity and lower total in-place cost of installation,” Paul says.

A host of other features, including No-Mar Tip to prevent marking panels, ergonomic design, clear line-of-sight for accurate brad placement, ensure Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding panels go up strong and look great.

With Paslode’s Impulse gas technology keeping air compressors on the sidelines, the Bradder delivers more consistent power and depth of drive, which minimises the risk of over-shooting.

Ask your Dahlsens Account Manager about how using the Paslode Straight Bradder can improve your installation.

Buy Buy Hardie™ Hardie™ FineFine Texture Texture Cladding Cladding at Dahlsens at Dahlsens before before JulyJuly 30 2021 30 2021 and and go ingothe in draw the draw to win to win a Paslode a Paslode Straight Straight Bradder Bradder worth worth RRPRRP $899*. $899*. Paslode’s Paslode’s cordless cordless Impulse Impulse Straight Straight Bradder Bradder and and ND50 ND50 Stainless Stainless Steel Brads Steel Brads are theare fastest, the fastest, safest,safest, and and easiesteasiest way toway install to install JamesJames Hardie’s Hardie’s Hardie™ Hardie™ Fine Fine Texture Texture Cladding. Cladding. Only atOnly Dahlsens, at Dahlsens, For The ForBuilder. The Builder. *See T &*See C’s. T & C’s. builders.dahlsens.com.au/paslodecompetition builders.dahlsens.com.au/paslodecompetition





For over 50 years, Gainsborough has led the way on style and security in door hardware. This tradition continues today with refreshed new lever designs, on-trend finishes, innovation and time-saving technology for a simpler way of living. Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock is the beginning of the road map to success, replicating the three locking functions of its mechanical predecessor: > Unlocked (both internal and external handle unlocked)

As a crucial brand in the Allegion ecosystem, Gainsborough evolves in 2021 with the core pillars of:

> Locked (external handle locked, internal handle unlocked)

> Style – we love good design

> Deadlocked (both internal and external handle is locked)

> Convenience – we make life easier

The team at Allegion has ensured these locking modes can be controlled either at the lock and through the app. This is one of the first electronic locks with a deadlock function. When used with the Gainsborough Freestyle™ Door Sensors, users know if the door is locked, unlocked, and deadlocked as well as opened or closed.

> Peace of mind – we are reliable Each one separately brings a new era for the Gainsborough brand, and together providing the energy needed to continue its evolution.

Allegion Australia’s Managing Director Serge Zappone says of the Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock: “We’re proud to deliver families advanced security for peace of mind, and also create a positive user experience worthy of today’s modern consumer.”

Gainsborough Freestyle Electronic Trilock

Allegion Australia continues to develop a strong road map of product and smart home integration with the Gainsborough brand as new technology is developed. The brand continues to draw on 50 years of style and innovation to develop and keep up with changing styles and consumer needs.

Ask your Dahlsens Account Manager about how Gainsborough Freestyle Electronic Trilock™ can save time and provide peace of mind.



BUILDING HEALTHY HOMES Now more than ever, our homes are the foundation of our lives. They’re a safe haven, where we work, rest, entertain, and build memories. When building a home, it’s critical to select products that keep us safe, especially those of us who suffer from allergies and asthma. Have you considered the impact of building products on the health of your customers? According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, about 2.7 million Australians currently live with asthma, and 20 per cent of us suffer from allergies. With these figures in mind, it’s vital to consider how building products used in homes can impact the health of our clients. When building a home, products should be low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure very few chemicals are emitted, and they should feature anti-fungal agents to prevent the development of mould. These two features are the key to healthy homes, as VOCs and mould are two of the most common triggers of allergies and asthma.

What type of plasterboard should I be using? When selecting the best plasterboard product to use inside a healthy home, look for plasterboard that features a powerful anti-fungal agent through the paper lining and paint coating to prevent the growth of mould. All Gyprock® Plasterboard products are certified by the Green Building Council of Australia and Good Environmental Choice Australia, with both entities setting strict limits for what levels of VOC emissions are acceptable for occupied spaces. These types of products are ideal in building healthy homes.

For more information on Gyprock® Plasterboard and Bradford® Insulation products chat to your Dahlsens Account Manager or local store.


And what about insulation and ventilation? Bradford Insulation and Ventilation products are all approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice® program, making them ideal for the homes of asthma and allergy sufferers and crucial to ensuring a healthy home. Include Bradford Enviroseal® vapour permeable wall wrap and roof sarking, coupled with a powerful smart ventilator like Bradford Airomatic® on the roof to keep heat and humidity at bay, and your build cool and dry.







Introducing the MultiONE screw, Bremick’s drill bit and screw in one. The new MultiONE screw is a multi-purpose fastener that can screw through almost any material without pre-drilling*, making this the only screw you’ll ever need for trade and DIY applications. Easily fasten this screw into softwood, hardwood, treated timbers, composite boards, laminated boards, brick, block, concrete and metals.

> Torx® compatible drive – Positive bit engagement provides maximum application of torque > TopGRIP thread – Locks materials together

The advanced design means you can fasten multiple materials together and use it as a drill bit, saving time.

> U  nique thread design – Engineered to fasten multiple materials with ease

*Pre-drilling may be required in masonry products.

> H  igh tech drill tip – Drills a perfect-sized hole for the screw – Super powerful, super strong

MultiONE is the one screw that every toolbox needs: > A drill bit and screw in one > Available in truss and contour head > Suitable for countersunk or flat face applications

Ask your Dahlsens Account Manager how the MultiONE can make life easier on the job.


MultiONE features:

> P  rotected and coated with Bremick's B8 coating – Lasts four times longer than galvanising


FRAMEMASTER 2021 The first upgrade in five years to the industry’s #1 framing nailer delivers clever new features enhancing performance, reliability, and user comfort. How do you improve industry’s best-in-class cordless framing nailer? Retain the features that propelled FrameMaster to the top spot following the 1986 launch of Paslode’s first-generation cordless nailer – and then apply engineering-led design and durability testing to add simple but powerful features to improve FrameMaster’s performance, reliability, and comfort. The high-performance cordless nailer preferred by builders across Australia, FrameMaster 2021 features three key enhancements: > T  he addition of the by-pass follower and redesigned nail lip make nail loading faster and smoother – best-in-class performance > L  onger fan runtime improves cooling during bouts of rapid firing and heavy workload – best-in-class reliability

Weighing in at just 3.3kg – industry’s lightest cordless nailer – FrameMaster’s best-in-class reliability rides on Paslode’s industry-famous impulse gas technology, leaving first-generation battery powered nailers in the sawdust. Rigorous testing conducted by Paslode parent ITW’s global nailer testing unit bears this out, with the FrameMaster delivering consistent nailing performance over hundreds of thousands of shots, with some customers recording seven-digit shot counts! The FrameMaster’s 2.2Ah lithium-ion battery drives 9,000 shots per charge. Carter says that despite a bevy of tool manufacturers developing technology that ‘drives a nail’, their performance and reliability lags.

> A  new rubberised grip improves handling and feel – best-in-class comfort

“The Paslode Fuel System allows us to make our tools lighter and drive nails more consistently, making FrameMaster the most reliable, top-performing tool on the market,” says Carter.

Paul Carter, Trade Marketing Manager at Paslode, says the subtle but significant improvements – five years in the making – reflect a product design ethos that has made Paslode’s cordless tools a builder’s favourite.

“You can’t beat FrameMaster for trusted performance and longevity. From framing, cladding, and roofing to decks and landscaping – FrameMaster delivers day after day, year after year, every time.”

“Simplicity is everything, because asking builders to change the way they work simply doesn’t work. Product innovation starts and ends with the question: does it make the nailing job easier, safer, and faster?” he says.

Ask your Account Manager about the Paslode Framemaster 2021 today.



GAMECHANGER! FIVE WAYS TO ESTIMATE FASTER AND MORE ACCURATELY Save time, increase your efficiency and maximise your profit with Buildxact. Do you spend days doing takeoffs using paper plans and a ruler? Do you go back and forth with your supplier to get accurate pricing for your estimates? Only to then find out that your customer has chosen another builder, one that quoted them faster? There's a better way. Dahlsens and partner, Buildxact, are committed to making running your business easier and simpler by improving your relationship between you and your supplier through technology.

2 SAVE FORGETTING AND USE TEMPLATED CHECKLISTS, EVEN FOR CUSTOM BUILDS A lot of builders use Excel to do their checklists, but it means your checklists aren't automatically synced to the rest of your business systems. In Buildxact, you can estimate using a range of prebuilt checklist templates. You'll have peace of mind first time, every time.

1 SWAP THE PAPER PLANS AND RULER FOR DIGITAL TAKEOFFS Do takeoffs online up to 80% faster and a lot more accurately. Reduce errors, get your quotes to customers quicker, and increase your profit.

"Doing takeoffs on Buildxact went from a 2–3-day process, to being able to do a couple of takeoffs a day." Jason Amos, Estimator – McMaster Designer Homes






MANAGE YOUR RFQS TO SUBBIES ONLINE ACCESS YOUR DAHLSENS PRICE LIST LIVE ON BUILDXACT: NEW AND LOVED BY DAHLSENS’ CUSTOMERS! Your Dahlsens pricing is available in the Buildxact platform for you to use when doing takeoffs, estimates and quotes. When it's time to order materials, send Dahlsens your purchase order with the same prices and product codes directly from your original estimate.

Instead of calling subbies individually to quote, you can send your RFQs directly from Buildxact and then review and accept quotes in real time. Once you've selected your subbie's quote, simply add it to your estimate.

"You can just go on, get the product you want, and the price is there. I was ecstatic before Dahlsens came onto Buildxact, and now they're on board, it's just next level." John Peros, Director - Peros Built


USE DAHLSENS' RECIPES/FORMULAS With recipes, all the components you need are packaged together, so you can simply do the takeoff and the quantities are automatically calculated. Dahlsens has just released recipes in Buildxact for walls, cladding and plaster, with more coming soon. So, to complete a pine wall estimation, simply trace along the wall and you’re good to go!

"[Recipes] are really easy and they save a lot of time." Jordon White, Director - White Houses and Carpentry

Start a free 14-day trial or book a demo to see Buildxact in action. Head to dahlsens.buildxact.com.au to get started. Contact Steve Allison, Dahlsens Key Account Manager at Buildxact on 0412 199 961 or stephena@buildxact.com to find out more, or speak to your Dahlsens Account Manager or store.






app-ening '

How can you save time while still making everything look great on your social media platforms? Dahlsens share our top app recommendations to help make your social media stand out from the crowd.

Canva Canva is a free graphic design platform for creating social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. The app includes handy templates for users. If you’re going to deep dive into one app, Canva would be a great asset to your social media arsenal because it is super easy to use and gives you great, eye-catching results. The platform offers paid subscriptions like Canva Pro for additional functionality.

View all


5 comm

Animoto allows you to: > C  ombine video and photos in one video, with editing features to give your video a specific run time (the shorter, the better) > Add text overlays and royalty-free music > Add images more easily with drag and drop functions

How does Dahlsens use Animoto? We put together videos you may have seen on our social media for RUOK Day, Footy Finals and Christmas.

Canva Pro allows you to:

Scheduling apps

> C  reate a ‘brand kit’ with your own logo, font and colours stored for quick access

> A  dd animations to your creations and even produce videos

If you post to social media on the run it might be time to sit down and dedicate a couple of hours to mapping out a plan and scheduling your posts in advance, using an app. Review your content for the week ahead, make a plan and schedule. Set and forget, but remember to check in on your posts and answer any questions or acknowledge any comments.

How does Dahlsens use Canva?

For Facebook, always schedule within the app. From a desktop computer:

> C  reate something like a meme for an Instagram post and then resize it to use on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram Stories

We use it for our memes on Instagram and for some of our video animation.

> Go to your home page


> U  se ‘scheduled posts’ and ‘drafts’. Scheduled posts will post automatically for you.

Video is king. You will consistently get better reach and engagement when posting video on Facebook and Instagram. Animoto does have a free version but to get the full benefits, try their professional package.


. d others corp an nce 1877 onals si luxbuild professi Liked by e th ng porti up S ns dahlse

> Go to the menu on the left-hand side, click on ‘publishing tools’

For Instagram, consider the apps ‘Later’ or ‘Iconosquare’. The more you pay for your plan, the better functionality you will have. These apps will automatically post single image posts but will send alerts to post carousels and videos at the time scheduled.

WHERE ART MEETS STEEL Designed for sophisticated architecture, UniCote LUX® is an innovative new pre-painted steel product – available in a range of striking and unique patterns – that is both eye-catching and highly durable. Many buildings are impressive to look at when first constructed, but can’t withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions and quickly lose their lustre. Others may be built to last but still require maintenance and would never be described as an architectural beauty.

Six reasons to use UniCote® LUX for your next prestigious project:

With UniCote® LUX, you get the best of both worlds. This luxury, pre-painted steel product is designed to create a striking focal point for high-end Australian architecture, while ensuring superior performance in our harsh climate.

> Low maintenance and unrivalled performance

“Stunning in its design and flexible in its application, UniCote® LUX is the perfect material to drive inspirational design, giving architects and designers the scope to develop exciting new trends,” says Garth Weston, Technical Manager at UniCote®.

> P  remium quality solution using a world-leading coil coating technology for lasting colour retention and durability > U  nique substitute for natural, exotic, and metallic finishes > Non-combustible material for peace of mind > Point of difference through unique aesthetics > Industry leading warranty of up to 25 years

Available in nine patterns across a range of wood, corten, stone, zinc, and imprinting finishes, the product will show no cracking, flaking or peeling of the paint film for at least 20 years from the date of installation. UniCote® LUX is suitable for exterior and interior applications, ranging from roofing, cladding, flashings and garage doors, to many internal applications. Pattern swatches

If you would like to learn more about how UniCote Lux can enhance your project, speak to your Dahlsens Account Manager.




After a year of almost no face-to-face contact, Dahlsens is excited to see you again at our program of events for 2021.

BBQ BREAKFASTS Drop in to your local store and we'll have the egg and bacon rolls cooking and the coffee truck ready and waiting. Key suppliers will also be here to chat about solutions to help your business.



Smeaton Grange



25 Jun


14 Jul

A chance for us to thank you for your continued support of Dahlsens, we offer you the chance to catch up with our team and your local building industry cohort and learn about the latest products and services on offer from Dahlsens, directly from our key suppliers.


13 Aug


20 Aug


27 Aug


27 Aug


27 Aug


1 Sep

Mark these dates in your diary and watch your emails for confirmation and RSVP details.


14 Oct


29 Oct

TOOLS DOWN, IT'S DAHLSENS' SHOUT! By invitation only, catch up with the Dahlsens team, and have a chat with some of our key suppliers at your local pub. More dates coming soon.




28 Jul




6 Aug


18 May


20 Aug


11 Jun


24 Aug

Cranbourne & Pakenham

18 Jun


6 Oct


8 Oct


24 Jun


14 Oct


2 Jul


22 Oct


15 Jul


22 Oct


16 Jul

All events are subject to change and the current COVID restrictions. Please watch your emails for your invitation or contact your local Dahlsens branch to confirm details.



CAREFUL PLANNING FOR THE YEAR AHEAD This year we continue to face some remaining challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to some uncertain economic conditions, particularly in the second half of 2021 and beyond. Having navigated through all of the challenges of last year, we hope that the resources and information from HIA has assisted with your businesses and as an industry we can concentrate on building and renovating homes and continuing to contribute towards the recovery of the Victorian economy. There is no doubt that HomeBuilder has had a significant positive impact on homebuilding activity in Victoria, with HIA forecasts anticipating that more than 42,000 detached home commencements this financial year. It is likely to keep the industry busy at least in the first half of the year, however, HIA recognises that delays in the supply of building materials from both local and overseas sources, combined with the unexpected increase in uptake of the HomeBuilder grant, is adding significant pressure on the availability of labour and causing price increases across the building supply chain. HIA has developed a tool kit of resources to assist in managing the business needs and your customers which is available to HIA members. This includes information on managing price increases, delays, and dealing with material cost increases. Additionally, a series of HomeBuilder factsheets are also available to members. HIA has been providing details of the supply chain challenges impacting members across the country to the federal, state and territory governments. HIA will continue to alert the governments of the impact these challenges will have on our industry's capacity to deliver the thousands of homes needing to meet the HomeBuilder timeframes. In addition, HIA’s New Home Sales report, recently released also shows the following trends in Victoria: > N  ew home sales in Victoria have bounced back in February, up by almost half following the fall in January after the end of the first phase of HomeBuilder > C  ompared to the same time last year, Victoria is performing better than the national average and also still remains above pre-COVID levels > T  he closure of the second phase of HomeBuilder in March is also looking like one of the strongest months in the 20-year history of this HIA survey

> B  eyond that, we’ll have to wait a few months to see where the market stabilises post-HomeBuilder but the volume of work entering the pipeline is extremely high HIA is closely monitoring industry conditions and providing regular feedback to the Federal and Victorian Government on activity.

HIA’s New President HIA has welcomed in new Victorian President, Steve Bright and Vice President Glenn Mitchell as well as a new Regional Executive Committee. Both Steve and Glenn have a wealth of knowledge and experience to represent our industry and work to develop and implement HIA polices on key issues with government for the next two years, with the Regional Executive Committee - which was also elected at the recent Annual Meeting of Members. Congratulations and a big thank you to outgoing President Andrew Gordon who has done an outstanding job of leading HIA members through such difficult times and his tireless efforts have helped the residential building industry tremendously.

It’s HIA Awards Time: HIA Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards – Entries Open The HIA Victorian Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards program is now open for entries, so you can pitch your finest projects, business and team members in a diverse range of categories. Entries are open to the 30th April. Visit www.hia.com.au for further details. Dahlsens' has been such a strong supporter of apprentices in our industry and this year we are again running our Apprentice Awards which have now been expanded to multiple categories. Nominate an apprentice today for the 2021 Apprentice Awards, and give them your support to keep on striving for excellence.

Fiona Nield Executive Director – Victoria, HIA Housing Industry Association Ltd


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Australia wide coverage Please also note that JC Dahlsen Pty Ltd’s wholly owned subsidiaries are well placed to assist you with projects in their regions. Please contact the respective business for further details and to establish an account (Note the range showcased in this brochure may differ in each region).

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