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Foreword by the Chairman


SIAL: World No.1 Food Exhibition Network


What’s Happening in SIAL Paris 2012


The Entire Show in a Glance


Exclusive Interview with SIAL CEO


(SIAL: The Finest Food and Beverage Trade Fair)

Interview with Halal Exhibitor in SIAL Paris 2012 • Grozette B.V. : Grozette is Devoted to Quality


• Sodiko N.V. : Passion In A Bottle


• Casademont S.A. : Over 50 Years Promoting Meat


• Eezdee Intrade Sdn. Bhd. : Marching Forward


• Suprima Belgium : 100% Quality is Our Reality


• Mataboi Alimentos : A Quality Company You Can Trust


• Lornoy Viande De Veau N.V. : Strong in Meat


• Maxwill (Asia) Pte. Ltd. : From Mills to the Meals


• Moi International Pte. Ltd. : Global Brands, Local Favourites


• Transavia S.A. : A Company About Quality


• Monte Pizza Crust : The Start of Every Tasteful Pizza


• Turkish Confectionery Group : We Change the Wolrds Taste


• Tyson Foods Inc. : A Proud Heritage


• V. Thai Food Product Co. Ltd. : In the Global Eye


• Win Chance Foods Co. Ltd. : Inspiration Taste of Asia


• Azteca Foods Europe S.A. : Simply Irresistible


• Walters Nougat : Handmade Confectionery


• Faiza Marketing Sdn. Bhd. : Home-Made Blends Recipes


• Frigorifico Gorina : Top Domestic & International Beef Market


• Shenghao Agriculture & Science Development Co. Ltd


• Van Damme Marshmallows : Mmm…Mallows


• Christooulou Bros S.A. : A Company With Promise


• Golden Fresh Sdn. Bhd. : A Closer look at Our Operations


• Fattoria Terrantica : Quality Is Not A Requirement, Is A Duty


SIAL Events • SIAL Innovation


• SIAL d’Or


• La Cusine by SIAL


• In-Food Centre






Colours of SIAL Paris 2012


Food & Beverage Trade Fair 2013


Article: SIAL 2012, an Exceptional Exhibition



Foreword By The Chairman



n today’s world, the Halal products and services are fast gaining worldwide recognition as a new benchmark for safety and quality assurance. Halal has the

potential to become a standard associated not only with product quality, but also with international best practices over the entire supply chain. Malaysian government have seen this trend coming many years ahead of many others, thus the government have started the gigantic effort in the early years to move Malaysia forward in the international arena as the world “Global Halal Hub”. Malaysian companies are encouraged to exploit this opportunities in global Halal industry. The birth of is the response to the government’s noble call. Tuan Haji Muhadzir Bin Mohd Isa AMN, BKM, JP Chairman of


Organized By GROUP

Media Partner



SIAL : World No.1 Food Exhibition Network



IAL Group is the largest international network of

from the sector. The SIAL exhibitions bring food compa-

trade exhibitions devoted to the food industry.

nies close to their existing and prospective customers and

From its beginning in Paris in 1964, SIAL has

suppliers, enabling them to spend quality time with them.

grown to become the world number one food industry

It is a unique occasion to network and develop new

event. Since 1997, SIAL exhibitions have also been organ-

partnerships, motivate sales networks and develop strate-

ized in Asia, Middle-East, North America and Latin

gies for winning new business and breaking into strong


growth markets.

Acclaimed for its know-how as an organiser of

The SIAL exhibitions are adapted to local envi-

B2B exhibitions with high added value, SIAL Group

ronments: the quality and quantity of business leads

organises worldwide exhibitions, offering a consistent top

creates development opportunities in record time.

level of customer service, business contacts and return on investment.

Business Booster

Showcases For Innovation With the spotlight on new products, emerging trends and new forms of consumption, one of SIAL’s key priorities is

An essential business platform for the food industry, the

identifying food innovation: a SIAL exhibition is where

SIAL exhibitions bring together the supply and demand

business and innovation meet.




21 - 25 OCT 2012

Paris Nord Villepinte - France

What’s Happening in SIAL Paris 2012



he exhibition covers all the food channels world-

Key Figures

wide so that visitors can see and taste the best of

• 5,900 exhibitors, 84% of whom are non french.

all markets.

• 19 product and food channel sectors.

• Fresh Products Meat and tripe, poultry and game, cured and salted meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables, organic products, delicatessen products and snacks, dairy products and eggs. • Dry Products Grocery products, fine foods, bakery, pastry and confectionery, tinned and preserved food, health products and food supplements. • Frozen Food • Beverages

• 100 countries involved. • 100 official visits. • 140,000 visitors come from 200 countries, 62% of whom are international visitors. • 49% of visitors come from retail: central purchasing groups, hard discount stores, medium and largescale retail stores, retail trade, wholesale, trading and import-export. • 28% of the food industries are present. • 17% of visitors are food service professionals, from commercial and institutional catering: buyers, wholesalers, retailers and chefs. • 6% of visitors come from services. • 1,002 products exhibited, 403 innovations selected. • 200 events, conferences, meetings and debates, notably in the SIAL TV studio.






The 100% semi-processed food products and ingredients event with more than 100 exhibitors, 70% of whom are from outside France. Not forgetting some 1,000 SIAL exhibitors who also display semi-processed food products and ingredients. Do not miss the conferences in the IN-FOOD Centre.

IN-FOOD / Semi-processed Food products & Ingredients

Confectionery Biscuits and Pastry

Fruits & Vegetables

National Pavilions and Regions of the World

National Pavilions and Regions of the World

National Pavilions and Regions of the World







With 450 exhibitors, of whom 53% are international, IPA provides a comprehensive offering of equipment and solutions for the transformation and packaging of all types of food products. Responsible production and eco-design in the food industry will be highlighted at the upcoming exhibition with an eco-factory platform. In addition, IPA will disclose investment solutions and provide examples of how to adopt a sustainable approach.


Meat and Tripes

Preserved Products Seafood Products

Frozen Products Fresh Prepared Food Products, Ready To Eat

Poultry and Games Cured and Salt Meat

Experts Pole


Dairy products, eggs

Gourmet Products Organic Products


Diet Products & Food Supplements


Ms. Olivia Milan Grosbois The Business Unit Director Comexposium


SIAL: The Finest Food and Beverage Trade Fair



here is no denying, the French love their food.

fairs from other industries. SIAL Paris was first started in

The French people can easily be described as the

1964 with an objective of becoming the premium interna-

connoisseur's of good food. It is no wonder then

tional trade fair that would showcase innovations in the

that an important part of the French economy is its ever

food industry. It has been 48 years since the inception of

thriving food industry. As one may argue the most vital

this novel idea. SIAL is the world's biggest food innova-

components of the French culture is its gourmet food;

tion marketplace. To be present in a SIAL trade fair is to

along with this, the country has built itself a reputation of

have arrived.

being not just a major producer of food products but a

Today the management of SIAL is led by Ms.

country that exports its food products as well. Given the

Olivia Milan and under her leadership it has evolved and

historical and cultural food based background, Comexpo-

become the largest and most important Food and Beverage

sium made an intelligent choice to organize the world's

trade fair in the world. The recently concluded trade fair

largest and most prestigious food and beverage trade fair

was a remarkable success. The event saw participation

SIAL in Paris 2012 (21-15 October 2012).

from more than 6,000 exhibitors that came from over 100

Comexposium today is one of Europe's largest

different nations. The fair was a major success because of

event management companies. In partnership with SIAL

the huge numbers of visitors who came in from more than

it is believed to have organized over 120 successful trade

200 countries. Records show that approximately 140,000 visitors came to the trade fair.



The figures point towards a good trend which will

The most popular category of exhibits at SIAL

prove to be good for businesses trying to make their

Paris was located at Hall 5A. The exhibits were mainly

presence felt in the international market.

dairy products such as milk and cheese. Grocery and meat

SIAL is known to exhibit the finest and most

products were other products that were also well-liked by

exquisite food products from across the globe. SIAL Paris

consumers. Both products are considered suitable for

also provides leading industry players from different

export as they have a high consumer demand.

regions a chance to witness the latest of food innovations in the industries products, ingredients and prices. Although there is no estimate of the total transaction from SIAL, an independent event survey conducted showed that most loyal exhibitors and visitors such as, Wal Mart and Carrefour indicate that roughly 70% of the exhibitors generate over 3 months turnover while participating in SIAL. If these figures are to be relied upon then it is obvious that participating in SIAL is a good business strategy. The exposure one can get here can change the course of one's business. Visitors at SIAL are driven to it in search of new and better suppliers who are armed with fresh and innovative products. It turns out to be beneficial for the suppliers too, as it gives them a chance to display their product in a place where the world's best compete for global attention. Local visitors to the fair spend an average of two and a half days at SIAL. However, international visitors stay on longer, making the best of an opportunity that allows them



The plan now is to include more IT and technology element into the event to instil more interactivity into the food industry to mark the 50th anniversary of the event. - Ms. Olivia Milan Grosbois

to take part in a rare event that showcases some of the best

and the person in charge for SIAL Paris said that, "The

produce from around the world.

plan now is to include more IT and technology element

One of the issues on the agenda at the moment is the Halal market; the fact that the Halal section is up

into the event to instill more interactivity into the food industry to mark the 50th anniversary of the event".

coming and fast growing is widely known. The organizers

Over the years there has been a demand from

have taken note of the development and have started to

loyal exhibitors for more than one SIAL. One of the

add activities in relation to introducing Halal meat prod-

reasons why the event was considered unique was the fact

ucts, in the event. The organizers have been quick to point

that roughly 62% of the visitors were not of French origin.

out that the Halal business is at a stage of infancy in

The last few events, witnessed an increase in visitors from

France, yet it remains important. Most of the Halal prod-

Asia and the Middle East. About 5% of the visitors came

ucts have only started to go in Supermarket shelves

in from African nations. Keeping these developments in

recently. Previously, consumers could purchase Halal

mind the organizers have expanded the SIAL brand to 4

products only from small specialty shops that stocked the

other countries namely SIAL Middle East, SIAL China,

specially slaughtered meat.

SIAL Brazil and SIAL Canada.

The strategy to keep SIAL prominent and popular is simple. The first and foremost task is to keep pace with international developments. The next step is to reach visitors belonging to different countries situated outside Europe. The food industry today is no longer confined within boundaries marked by nations. It is a fast growing, worldwide industry. Hence it is vital to make it better. More effort is required to make the environment conducive for international promotion and attracting international buyers. As the focus shifts to SIAL 2014 Ms. Olivia Milan Grosbois, the Business Unit Director of Comexposium



SIAL has also decided to combine the SIAL Innovation and SIAL d’Or activities. This will now help visitors to see how old innovations continue to inspire future modernization and how the same can be executed in the future. In what was seen as a reward for the hard work done by the organizers all exhibitors were satisfied with the turnout of visitors and are now planning to re-exhibit their products in the forth coming event. There can be no second opinion that the next SIAL event will be a much bigger success than all the previous have been.


Comexposium 70 Avenue du Général-de-Gaulle 92058 Paris-La Défense, France. Tel : +33 (0)1 76 77 11 11 Fax : +33 (0)1 76 77 12 12 Website: E-mail :


SIAL boasts itself as being, "the world's largest food innovation marketplace." With over 140,000 food industry professionals, SIAL is very competitive. Grozette's SIAL Paris feedback was great and they're already looking forward to SIAL China and the Middle East. This feedback is sure to excite their target marketplaces, as they've already won feedback in Europe and are on their way to showcasing in their second major market, Asia. Grozette is quickly dominating the International market with buyer meetings set in major countries, such as Greece, China, Taiwan and other locations throughout

Grozette is Devoted to Quality


Europe. When it comes to quality, Grozette has built an unmatched reputation for superior reliability. The company only produces high quality cheese products and


never settles for anything that doesn't meet the most rigid irst established in 1963, Grozette B.V. is a cheese

requirements. Grozette cheeses easily meet the strict IFS

production company with a reputation for inno-

Higher Level certifications. The cheeses have met the

vation. Unlike the ones in Swiss cheese, there are

BRC A status and fall in accordance with the HACCP

no holes in the fabric of this company. Grozette B.V. has

method. Customers feel safe purchasing Grozette prod-

founded its business on superior quality and it shows from

ucts, because they know only Grozette meets all safety

their delectable grated cheese to their wide-range of

and control regulations placed on grated cheeses.

consumer products. With reliable security and a focus on

Grozette ensures that their cheese is suitable for

developing products, Grozette has found a way to stay

all cultures. Not only has the pioneering cheese production

relevant and competitive in the quickly changing cheese

company worked hard to achieve impressive SIAL feed-


back, but they've also been Halal certified since March The company is known for its veritable produc-

2009 by Total Quality Halal Correct Certification. This

tion style. Grozette has produced in a number of markets,

means their cheese can be consumed by members of all

including food industry, food service and retail sales.

faiths, even those with discerning palates. It's easy to

Their primary focus is on cheese powders and grated

assume that Grozette will be a smashing success at the

cheeses. Other focuses include pasta, spray cheeses and

upcoming SIAL Middle East event.

bagged cheeses. By keeping their product innovative and

Grozette cheese products are superior in quality

in style, Grozette doesn't just follow trends, the company

and taste, because of that the company has established

creates them.

itself as a front runner in the cheese production business.

After many years, Grozette is still the number one

Their devotion to quality products, innovation and devel-

producer of cheese powders, cornering 70% of the market

opment have earned them 70% of Holland's cheese buying

in Holland. It's likely they keep this reputation by focusing

market, with global aspirations and success to come.

on innovations and distribution. The company manufac-

Consumers appreciate the quality and care Grozette puts

tures products under private labels, as well as exports to

into everything it does, and who can blame them? Their

more than thirty countries. Clearly Grozette is an industry

focus on delivering high quality cheese products is

leader and plans to stay that way, as they continuously

unmatched by any other company.

develop and grow.



Sodiko N.V. : Passion In A Bottle .................................................................


e decided to find out a couple of interesting facts about Sodiko, a leading Belgian beverage provider driven as a family business. We

found out that this business runs for more than 60 years in the industry, this being a wonderful proof of their excellence. Maybe you're wondering what's the secret behind their success. In fact, Sodiko advanced by innovation. They have improved the life duration of their products, by using a different approach - that gives their products an unique status. The company had a new vision related to bottling, by improving the life duration of such

The largest export for Sodiko is Malaysia, at this

juices, ressembling the champagne style bottle. Like any

moment. Sodiko has a complex target group, addressing

everlasting businesses, Sodiko has chosen a very sugges-

both kids and families. These products are trustful, having

tive tagline, as we've found out, that being passion on a

in mind that they are certified by BRC (British Retail


Consortium), through a quality certificate that confirms Sodiko's products are Halal certified by the Halal

the achievements of the company at the highest level on

Food Council of Europe, and this kind of certification

the market. This certificate is issued by the audist office

seems to help their products penetrating the Muslim coun-

Efsis, and it is not the only certification that this company

tries where customers feel confident knowing that there is

has received. You can also find IFS and GMP certifica-

an official permission for them to drink such a refreshing

tions related to Sodiko's products. More than this, Sodiko participated at SIAL Paris

thing. Moreover, during our discussion with the com-

and Anuga Germany for the last 20 years to meet new

pany's officials, we found out that Sodiko has the network

customers around the world. They have also joined other

access of professional distributors and retails, offering

international trade fairs like Food & Hotel Asia, in Singa-

customized products that fully meet the requirements of

pore, and Gulfood in UAE. The respond from SIAL Paris

individual clients and diverse markets. What makes this

2012? Very good, it appears, although it was less crowded

company move forward, we might ask? Well, mainly their

compared to the previous trade fair, SIAL Paris 2010. This

constant process of innovation, their flexibility towards

can be extremely relevant, having in mind that the main

the client, and their focus over the customer target. In this

objective for SIAL is to find new distributors that can help

way, the company's able to deliver high quality and

the company to expand into new different and challenging

customized products.

markets all over the world. These being said, Sodiko appears to remain high-

If you're wondering where you can find Sodiko's products, we have your answer. These refreshing drinks

valued on the market, as their products remain competitive

can be found mainly in Carrefour, Cold Storage, Jusco,

and attractive for customers all over the world. Not only

Tesco, and even in Malaysia, Singapore, and other coun-

they fully meet the consumer's standards, but they also

tries. Globally speaking, their products are available in

reiterate the company's tagline, keeping the passion inside

many countries worldwide, over 60, so they are pretty





Casademont is a reliable company in terms of the products it offers. Halal certification is established and trusted internationally; therefore, having this certain food certification verifies that the products provided by Casademont are safe to consume. Given the credibility brought about by having a Halal certification, the trend in Spain is shifting to the demand of more Halal-certified products. As a result, more trusted Halal-certified products will be emerging in the market, which translates to more competition for the company. Casademont, however, holds an advantage with

Casademont S. A. : Over 50 Years Promoting Meat



the emergence of this trend since its products are already known to be Halal-certified. Furthermore, it also has the core competency of ensuring that its products are of good quality and are safe for consumption. It is also able to adapt and fulfill what its customers want; thus, helping it maintain a good reputation, which will certainly contrib-

asademont S. A. has participated as an exhibitor in the recent SIAL event as it has been doing for

ute to the success of the business despite the entry of new competitors into the industry.

more than ten (10) years. It has also been

present in Anuga, Germany with the aim of penetrating new markets, presenting new products, and increasing sales. Through the exposure it gains by joining SIAL, it intends to further promote Casademont's image and products to the international market. The company, presently the third (3rd) largest poultry producer in Spain, started out in the year 1956 as a family business that was operated privately. It has then grew to what it currently is - one of the market leaders in Spain when it comes to poultry products. In addition, the President and CEO of the company, Ms. Adriana Casademont, has won several business awards in Catalonia. She is also an awardee of the International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) that was held in New York during the year 2011. Casademont's products mainly include turkey, beef, and chicken meat, among others. Varieties of its orders range from 400 grams to 200 kilograms. The company's products are established under the brand name "Al-Kharif" and are also Halal-certified. This food certification is issued by Instituto Halal De Junita Islamica in Cordoba, Spain, and can serve as proof to consumers that


Casademont has a large customer base. Currently, the highest volume of Al-Kharif products ordered comes from Lebanon, whereas the highest demand for it comes from the West Coast of Africa. One challenge faced by the company, though, is entry into the Chinese market. It finds it complicated to penetrate this particular market due to the regulations set by the country's government; nonetheless, it is still able to overcome this challenge and obtain and fulfill orders from China. In addition, other international buyers of Casademont's Al-Kharif products include those from Brazil, France, Germany, England, South Africa, and Mexico. Moreover, customers have given positive feedback on the five (5) new products that were recently launched by the company during SIAL. Overall, the standing of Casademont S.A. with regards to its products is superb and its customers appear pleased, too.


Eezdee Intrade Sdn. Bhd. : Marching Forward



ezdee Intrade Sdn. Bhd. is a company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that has been in operation for over 3 years now. That may sound like a

pretty short time in today’s competitive battle ground of world of business which is increasingly littered with corpses of enterprises that didn’t make it. However the facts here are a little different. To start with the founder and the real brains behind this 3 year old company is a man who has had over 30 years solid experience and has won a reputation in the

currently consumes the highest volumes of Eezdee Intrade’s product is Afghanistan which usually orders a staggering more than 300 containers every month. Target markets for company exports in the future

industry as a reliable and efficient trader, exporter and

will continue to be Middle East countries, the Caribbean

supplier of palm oil and dairy products in the global

Islands, Central America and South American nations

marketplace. Eezdee Intrade continues to gain immeasur-

amongst others. Indeed the company looks to the future

ably from that experience and background.

with guarded optimism and from a position of strength.

Currently the company has two very popular

They are confident of weathering any future storms

brands namely ‘Royal Chef’ and ‘Taza’. Amazingly

including the world recession and the resultant rapidly

within such a short time in the market, these products have

shrinking commodity market.

penetrated highly competitive international markets and

Incidentally all the signs of a shrinking world

can today be found in places like South Asia, across the

commodity market are already there as was witnesses by

United Arab Emirates, other Middle Eastern countries and

the much smaller crowds in this year’s SIAL 2012 trade

also in a growing number of African countries.

fair when compared to the SIAL event in 2010 when the

One of the factors that has helped in facilitating

company participated for the very first time. Actually

this rapid penetration and expansion into many Middle

attending international trade fairs is a key marketing strat-

Eastern and Muslim dominated countries is the Halal

egy for Eezdee Intrade and has helped the company reach

certification the products have obtained from JAKIM

many international markets. This year international buyers

which is the department of Islamic Development in

from countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Norway and others

Malaysia. This has been of great assistance in entry to

expressed great interest in the their products and follow

Halal-oriented countries like those within the United Arab

ups and negotiations are going on that should lead to firm

Emirates and many others within the Middle East. Natu-

orders in the very near future.

rally the quality certification has also been a contributing factor to the success of Eezdee Intrade’s products.

The company will be participating in other international upcoming exhibitions and food fairs including

For instance the twin products have passed

Gulfood, FineFood and SIAL Abu Dhabi. There is no

through rigorous quality checks and standards that are a

doubt that Eezdee Intrade is a company with a bright and

compulsory requirement of certain government bodies

exciting future and further penetration into many other

within Malaysia and beyond. Interestingly the country that

nations of the world is expected.



Suprima is all about passion. The employees are actively involved in the foundry and product research, and this helps the continuous improvement of the products. The variety of the products and the great diversity of tastes, makes Suprima the perfect manufacturer for the individual consumers, the retail, catering and even industrial clients. The flexibility of the company, the private labelling and customizing the needs, are all great enterprise qualities. In this way, Suprima satisfies all range of needs: corporate and individual. Momentarily, the target market is France, besides

Suprima Belgium: 100% Quality is Our Reality



eing in the alimentary industry for more than forty years, Suprima Belgium has a very high level of expertise when it comes to assuring the

quality of their products. The company tried to continuously improve their approach, and as a proof, for more than five years now, it has a new management branch, and about ten qualified personnel. Suprima Belgium can offer you a wide range of quality products, all of them being based on a special combination that includes 80% mayonnaise and 20% sauce. Suprima produces many kinds of sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, different dressings, and the packages usually come from 220 ml to 25kg, addressing both personal and professional needs. The same products are also available in amazing 1,000 kilograms packages, Suprima wanting to make sure that your culinary business stays on top! What is really great about this company is that it has more than 45 different variety products and over 30 different packaging options, so you can choose whatever you like, taking into consideration your type of need. The uniqueness of the products are the most modern technology methods being used during the fabrication and packaging steps. These allow the manufactured sauces to keep their excellent properties and quality.


catering inside the local market of Belgium, but the marketing strategy is to create new products and new salad sauces. Although the regular consumer, statistically speaking, always goes back to the traditional sauce, which is mayonnaise, Suprima tries to change perspectives, by offering them new delicious options! Not only quality recommends Suprima, but also its certification - the company being Halal certified by the Halal Food Council of Europe, Belgium. The crowd respond for the SIAL Paris 2012 was very good, new clients enquiring pretty much about the mayonnaise-based products. The expectation for this trade fair is to help Suprima getting five new export clients, besides France, and maybe more business solutions, from different angles. As a consumer or a businessman, you should definitely try Suprima's products, having in mind that quality and expertise are both essential in the culinary industry. What makes food so special all around the world are specific herbs, recipes and sauces, and when it comes to salads or different meals, mayonnaise and other sauces and dressings surely make a great difference inside the global taste. If you would like to enrich your alimentary experience, by taking food to a whole another level, you should try to embrace new culinary habits, such as adding sauces and dressings to your meals. Not only that you will be more satisfied, you will also understand the power of savouring your food! Suprima certainly knows how to help you.


Mataboi Alimentos: A Quality Company You Can Trust



ataboi Alimentos S.A. was founded in 1949 by a father Nicholas Dorazio and sons Carlos HugoDorazio and HermogĂŞnio Dorazio.

Since its beginning Mataboi has been a family business with the company currently being privately administrated by the third generation of Dorazio's family. The brands for Mataboi's products are 'Orotoro', NaturkĂśtt and Hacienda Horizonte which include its fresh meat and its by products. Mataboi's products are unique due to the rigorous and an efficient quality control process with the technical pattern of productive processes, which ensures its customers have complete confidence and recognition. Mataboi prides itself as operating as one of the top traditional commerce companies in Brazil to slaughter

slaughtering, cut, packing and transportation of its prod-

bovine and beef meat. The company's products are Halal

ucts. Mataboi is distinguishable not only by its quality of

certified by Central Islâmica Brasileira de Alimentos

products but the company is recognized excellence in

Halal (CIBAL), Brazil, which means the products are

technical standards in the production process by which its

acceptable in the way in which they are prepared.

products are made as well.

The company prides itself for creating policies

The target markets of Mataboi Alimentos are

with a healthy compromise, which provide safe food,

Middle East, Europe, Russia and Africa, and the company

promote continuous improvement, and respect the envi-

already has plans to expand to the Indonesian market

ronment while matching the legal patterns.

soon. Additionally, due to increased demand from custom-

Mataboi Alimentos knows of the hand it has in the social environment which dictates having an ethical

ers around the world, Mataboi plans on expanding into other markets in the future.

attitude in its activities. Additionally, the company values

Mataboi has a product market share in Brazil of

itself on taking the relationship between its government,

6% of the industry, where products are mostly exported

suppliers, competitors, customers, employees, environ-

internationally. The company is the 4th largest exporter in

ment and community into consideration with its policies.


The company's policy in regards to its impact on the envi-

The company has been a member of SIAL for 10

ronment is commendable, as it reforests areas that are

years in addition to other international trade fairs that aim

close to Mataboi facilities and turns them into reserves

to make new contacts as well as meeting the existing


customers. The response from SIAL Paris in 2012 was

The company can partly attribute its success due

very encouraging and the company was able to meet inter-

to fact that its products are made to meet the specific

national buyers from various countries such as Europe,

demands of each country and care is taken in regarding to

Middle East and Africa.



Lornoy Viande De Veau: Strong in Meat ........................................................................................................................................


ornoy Viande De Veau NV is among a group of

them more rare and more highly prized.

companies held by The Belgian group Sapraco

The veal product is Halal certified for export to

which is among the leading supplier of meats in

countries in the Middle East. In order to meet the Muslim

Europe. For several decades Lornoy Viande De Veau has

requirement, the 60,000 to 65,000 cattle that are slaugh-

been recognised in Europe for it's top quality veal. The

tered daily, is not stunned, and each batch is carefully

entire delivery process from the farmer to diner plates is

labelled for tracing and tracking purposes.

tightly controlled to some very exacting standards that

Lornoy’s products include both fresh and frozen

include ISO9001 and Hazardous Analysis and Critical

cuts and portions that are delivered to supermarket chains

Control Points (HACCP).

and distributors, restaurants and butchers. Its biggest

The company combines its expertise in meat production with some of the most hygienic production techniques in the region to produce veal from the ‘White-

customers are some of the well-known European supermarket chains such as Carrefour and Tesco. Because Sapraco is tightly integrated into the

Blue’ brand of Belgian cattle that is recognised as being

European food chain with its impressive line of fine qual-

the among most tender and lean cuts.

ity meat products, it can react quickly to changing

The Belgian Blue is known for its muscle struc-

consumer tastes and trends. The chain can be quite exten-

ture which is decidedly, much heavier than normal cattle.

sive, but Sapraco controls a major share of the market for

They have a smaller bone structure, with strong legs and a

veal in Belgium. This is largely due to the quality of the

smaller head. Although they are usually very healthy

product which is recognized for its rich taste, and high

cattle, they can at times be difficult to breed, which makes

quality standards.



Lornoy Viande De Veau is expanding its export market by targeting European regions of France and Germany, and is also looking at markets in the Middle East and Asia. The veal industry in Europe is extremely competitive, as veal is one of the favourite of European meats. The milk-fed veal is considered premium quality while those fed with a mixture of milk and grain are also enjoyed regularly. There are several reasons why expanding into the Middle East and other parts of Europe may be promising. Veal is low in calories and fats and is very easily digested. It is a delicate and tender meat that is very lean, with a delicate taste that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Production is strictly regulated to ensure that it meets all of the required regulations and standards, and it is considered to be very high in nutritional content. It is a delicate and tender meat that is very lean, with a delicate taste that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Production is strictly regulated to ensure that it meets all of the required regulations and standards, and it is considered to be very high in nutritional content. The SIAL 2012 exhibition will be Lornoy’s first time as an exhibitor, although the company has been in attendance at previous exhibitions, and due to the rigid manufacturing controls and hygienic production practices, it can be expected that longer lasting relationships can be built with other customers in other regions of the globe. Veal has in fact been increasing in popularity, because of its tenderness and fantastic flavour, and also because it is one of the leanest meats available. As the world move towards leaner diets and lower consumption of fats, it can be expected that veal will further increase in popularity. The rigid standards of the production process

The tender taste which has been enjoyed in

ensures that each item is traceable to its source. Produc-

Europe for centuries, can also be enjoyed by countries in

tion quality is ensured with adherence to the global BRC

the Middle East with the Halal certification. The company

Standards. The BRC Global Standards is issued to over

also sees huge opportunities for veal consumption in the

17,000 suppliers from over 90 countries around the world.

far east such as Malaysia. Veal sales continue to rise

The BRC certification which is issued through a network

globally, as concerns about the ethical treatment of

that consists of more than 80 accredited and certification

animals appears to have been partially alleviated. Because

entities, allows Lornoy to export to international destina-

of its tenderness, preparing veal is also easy, as the flavour


can be easily enhanced if necessary.



Among the variety of the products that Maxwill offers are sugar, rice, flour, pulses, oilseeds, grains and meals, spices and nuts, and oils and fats. These products are Halal-certified and are known under one of the several brands of the company. In addition, just recently, the company has launched a new product, which is organic sugar that is healthy and of better quality to suit the current healthy lifestyle of people. Throughout years of company operations, Maxwill has gained vast experience in sourcing, trading, and marketing its commodities in the global market, with its niche focus being on South and Southeast Asia. The company has a wide network of contacts with producers from foreign countries to exporters and local wholesalers and

Maxwill (Asia) Pte. Ltd. : From Mills to the Meals


distributors in destination markets. It sources its products from different parts of the world such as Thailand, India, Guatemala, Russia, Mozambique, Egypt, Ukraine, Sudan, Turkey, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, and many more. It then engages in 100 percent exporting to distribute its


products. In order to accomplish this, the company does axwill (Asia) Pte. Ltd. is an international

business with customers from various countries all over

agri-commodity trading company that was

the world. Some of them even require a Halal certification,

established in 1996. It is currently a part of

but most of these clients that look for the said certification

The Refined Sugar Association in London and is also a holder of both an ISO 9001 and an HACCP certification.

often originate from the Middle East countries. When it comes to the destination markets, Max-

It grew by an outstanding thirty percent (30%)

will mainly distributes by reaching out to the supermarket

over recent years and has even evolved itself into one of

chains located locally. Examples of these include Giant

the leading traders and stockers of agricultural produces in

hypermarket and Cold Storage chains. In addition, the


company also reaches out to Shops and Save chains, Maxwill has joined a number of international

Carrefour, and even the mini-marts and the traditional

trade fairs such as Anuga and Gulfood. It participated in

local stores. Maxwill performs well with the strategy it is

the Anuga fair thrice and in the Gulfood fair once. Moreo-

using and in Thailand, the market share of its products is

ver, it has also made its first appearance in SIAL Paris

approximately at 10 percent.

2012. In spite of participating for the first time, however,

As it is expected that the increase in the demand

Maxwill seems to have done a great job in catching the

of most of the company's customers will also result to an

people's interest. In fact, the crowd, most especially those

increase in future market share, Maxwill's further growth

from Italy and U.K. gave very positive feedback on the

is still to be anticipated in spite of the current success it is

company's products. Furthermore, the company has also


managed to close several contracts already during the SIAL Paris event. Most of these contracts are with regards to the company's new product line, which is the healthy organic sugar.




Moi International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. : Global Brands, Local Favourites



oi International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is an effective in-house marketing and distributing arm of Moi Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

and Mewah Oils Sdn. Bhd. The companies represented under this marketing arm produce a variety of refined and fractioned fat as well as vegetable oils. These companies usually use palm oil, lunaric and soft oils as their raw

supported by technical experts who have in-depth knowl-


edge in the products.

Moi International Company has been in existence

Individual Moi companies have large production

since the 1950's where they have steadily grown to be the

volumes daily in order to satisfy the market. For example,

largest edible business in the region. This is mainly due to

one of the oil refineries located in Malaysia has a produc-

its expansion to three processing and refining plants in

tion of up to 8,000 Metric tones daily. This oil, besides

Malaysia as well as three packing plants in both Malaysia

being sold, is also used to produce condensed milk, soap

and Singapore. The main target markets for these products

and other palm based products.

are Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world. Products




Just to show how Moi International (Singapore)


Pte. Ltd. has maintained its good manufacturing practices,

(Singapore) Pte. Ltd. are well known globally under

the company has obtained the ISO 9001 for quality man-

leading marketing brands such as Krispi, Moi and Mewah.

agement systems to all refineries. Other certifications are

The sales team is located in Singapore and also Malaysia.

ISO 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14000 and

Other regional sales teams are situated in West Africa,

OHSAS 18000. There are also other prestigious certifica-

South America, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Romania, China

tions that include HACCP and Kosher all of which comply

and Australia. All these teams are dedicated to ensure that

with the Halal requirements based on the Islamic laws.

all our esteemed customers are treated to satisfaction.

This company will participate in the upcoming

The products produced by this companies are safe

SIAL 2014 which is a global food market place where all

for consumption since they are declared Halal by the

global food related companies come together. With a

Department of Islamic Development Malaysia popularly

confirmed participation of over 1,000 companies, this is a

known as JAKIM. They are also unique and of undisput-

place where you are assured to meet all the professionals

able quality. The ever increasing customer base is enough

and experts in the food industry.

proof of their products global acceptance.

This event not only hosts company representa-

Moi International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. has a professional


from Africa, Middle East and also different European

responsible for global distribution of these products. This

countries. This function is extremely important since you

well trained team has so far succeeded in gaining huge

can meet existing clients, get to know about what they

chunks of the market in nearly all countries they offer their

need and then develop a long term relationship between

products. To achieve such success, the sales team is




dynamic sales team


tives but also brings together new international buyers


The products made by Transavia S. A. are currently Halal, or permissible, by the Islamic body in Romania. Due to their innovation and strict quality standards they are the leading producer in Romania, with 80% of the market. In addition, the company already has a plant in place there to convert the by-products into animal food, expanding their enterprise and thus further creating a foothold in the country. The company also has produced under the brand 'Papane', for which the products range from schnitzels, nuggets, cordon bleu, burgers, sausages and frankfurters. However, these products are only available in the Romania market. Transavia S. A. products can also be found in European countries and also in the Muslim world such as the Middle East and Africa and they also have a Saudi Arabia food Halal. In addition, in Europe they sold Halal

Transavia S. A.: A Company About Quality


chicken under AFC brand name where the distributor applied different Halal certification. Transavia S. A. owns ceertification and award recognition for operating using the highest international standards by TUV Th端ringen from Germany, by the


British Retail Consortium (BRC), The International Food ransavia S. A. is a company known to deliver

Standard (IFS) and Halal certified by Islamic body in

superior quality in a ever growing market place.


Under Transavia S. A. the company has been

Even though they clearly over deliver a quality

manufacturing a complete range of fresh and frozen

product, for Transavia S. A. the market trend is constant in

chicken meat products for 2 generations and over 21 years

the next period because despite the increase of population

as well as further processed chicken products under the

in the world there is also an increase of competitors in the

brand 'Fragedo'. This company has been steadily gaining

market as well.

recognition in the industry and with their years of experi-

The company participated SIAL Paris 2012,

ence and exceptional quality and is poised for even greater

which is a global marketplace for all those involved in the

growth in the future.

food industry in the past. At this year's SIAL convention,

Transavia S. A. is a privately owned family

was different as there is an increased demand as 50% of

business with the 2nd generation currently actively

customers in the market are looking for products that are

involved in operation and management of the company.

Halal. The response from the SIAL convention was great

The quality and uniqueness about their products and by

as they were able to meet up with regional customers and

which it is made from start to finish is truly tangible which

meet new potential customers.

has led to the companies success in the global market. The

While demand for this company and its products

company says that at the forefront of their goals is a

are growing and pouring over into other market places,

seriousness to ensure that stringent rules and regulation

due to various different regulation and political issues,

requirements are followed and exceeded in the future as

Transavia S. A. will not be going into the Asian market at

they are today.

this time.



Monte Pizza Crust: The Start of Every Tasteful Pizza



xperience and expertise are two vital ingredients of any successful business. Monte Pizza Crust possesses both. Founded in 1996 as a pizza crust

manufacturer, the company has injected new life into their cookery acumen with new innovations. The firm changed management in March, 2010, thereby announcing a new dimension of culinary expertise. The change of hands saw new management taking steps to put the brand ahead of the rest thereby making it the largest producer of pizza crust in Holland with almost 80% of the market share. Fruits of the new ideas and direction have become evident due to Monte Pizza Crust's gross revenue of 5

tina, Singapore and Europe. Besides the SIAL Paris, Monte Pizza Crust has also taken part in another renowned exhibition, Anuga fair in Germany.

million Euros. What positions the company in its own

Monte Pizza Crust also has made sure they stick

elite league is that they offer unique products and posses

to recognized global standards in all avenues of their

high capacity to produce large quantities of crust within a

business in regards to quality, hygiene and safety. They

short period of time. They have the capacity to produce a

have the HACCP certification. This is a management

staggering 15,000 crusts per hour. Monte Pizza Crust uses

system which analyses food safety from first step up until

a fully automated method based on the traditional

a finished product reaches the consumer. In addition

technique of pressing dough balls. The outcome of such

Monte Pizza Crust holds GMP certification. GMP stands

top notch techniques has been the finest quality pizza

for good manufacturing practice and it involves testing of

crusts and a range of products that meet the ever dynamic

the whole production process to ensure quality of final

demands of food lovers.

products. Another official recognition is that of BRC.

The company's market footprint stretches across

These standards ensure quality, safety, fulfilment of legal

Europe prominently in countries such as France, Spain,

obligations and also safeguard the consumer. They have a

United Kingdom and Germany among others. In addition,

broad range of products which is mostly determined by the

Monte Pizza Crust also serves other continental markets

needs of the customers.

such as Australia. In expanding their territory, the com-

From different crust diameters and thicknesses to

pany has been part and parcel of numerous trade initiatives

various shapes, Monte Pizza Crust makes life easy for

across Europe.

their clients. There is also an option of additional ingredi-

Their proficiency has earned them numerous

ents such as tomato, herbs and cheese among others.

awards including the SIAL Paris award where SIAL is one

Monte Pizza Crust understands the landscape of

of the world's largest food exhibition in culinary experts

their industry which requires convenience and high qual-

converge to prove their mettle in innovation. During the

ity products. This gives freedom to customers who want to

recent exhibition, close to 30 stakeholders visited their

prepare their food in the comfort of their homes. Their

stand and became serious business contacts. Among these

products are Halal certified by the Federation of Islamic

contacts were buyers from Trinidad and Tobago, Argen-

Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ).



Turkish Confectionery Group: We Change the Worlds Taste


Interviewer also questioned that why do you think Turkish confectionery has a chance to stand the very stiff competition from competitors? The group member said that you'd agree with me that when it comes to food production, quality is very important. A lot of care is given


to the quality of products and most companies are In an attempt to promote Turkish confectionery on a

expected to adhere to the quality specifications of Islamic

worldwide basis and particularly in Europe, Asia and

bodies like KARCERT and GIMDES. All these bodies

Africa, the Turkish government created a confection-

conform to international quality standards. Apart from

ery group in 2012. This group that is made up of more than

quality, our prices are competitive.

1,500 companies is government controlled. We caught up

However, with this competition the group expect

with the senior managers of the group to throw more light

to ensure a fair market share for group companies. The

on the activities of the group.

group understand that we'd face stiff competition from

When asked by the Interviewer about this Turkish

similar companies in the west. However, by coming

confectionery group, it was said that the Turkish confec-

together under a single group, we've joined forces to

tionery group is a government controlled body that is

ensure that even the smallest stakeholders benefit from the

made up of most confectionery companies in Turkey at

overall success. Thankfully, our strategic location between

least 1,500 of them. These are mainly companies involved

the west and the east gives us and advantageous position

in the production of sweets, chewing gums biscuits and a

in being able to reach out to our targeted markets which

lot more of items that could be considered confectionery

are Europe, Africa and Asia.

in nature.

It is a great prospect for the group. However, coming back to internal issues, the main concern is that why would any confectionery company want to join the group? The reason is that by coming together, we join resources to face competition. As a body, we work hard to promote Turkish confectionery. We showcase our products at international trade fairs something that may not be easy for a small company to do on a standalone basis. Together, we come up with strategies to better break grounds in new markets. As a group we help link smaller companies with potential investors.

Interviewer also asked that considering the recent

Now let us see the success story which keep the

rush for technologies inclined industries, why is the Turk-

hopes of group members up. At SIAL Paris 2012, the

ish government so interested in confectionery? The state-

group received a lot of positive feedbacks and many

ment was that any country has its stronghold and although

potential investors showed interest in doing business with

it is true that the industry for technology is booming, we in

Turkish confectionery companies. This is a sure sign that

Turkey are more concerned with making the most of what

the industry is going places and with our young and

we already have. The food industry is booming and

dynamic population who has a taste for sweet things, there

confectionery is contributing a whole lot. Although the

is definitely a market right at home too.

confectionery sector may not be directly linked to technology, it has been able to make use of recent technologies to become a force to reckon with in our food sector.



Tyson Foods Inc. : A Proud Heritage









Springdale Arizona is the world's second largest food processor on the Fortune 500 list of the

largest 500 companies in the U.S. The company was actually founded in 1935, and has grown to become one of the largest processors and distributors of chicken and beef products in the world. Tyson Foods Inc. also markets prepared foods, serving more than 130 countries around the world, in addition to the home market of the United

proteins of chicken and beef. Although 30% of its revenue

States. More than 115,000 people are employed in more

in generated in the United States, any changes in

than 400 locations and offices that the company has estab-

economic or market fundamentals can be mitigated by the

lished in its global operations.

presence it maintains in more than 130 countries to which

The company continues its commitment to create

its products are exported.

value for its shareholders, workers and customers by abid-

Tyson understands when are where foods are

ing by a code of ethics that centres on integrity, a principle

eaten when conditions change, and can adjust the process

of adhering to a determined set of core values, and a bill of

mix to suit. In addition to exporting products, the company

rights from which the team members can benefit.

has also established operations in growing markets of

With 2011 sales of $32.3 billion, the company is

China, Brazil, Mexico and India.

also a member of the Standard and Poor 500, while being

The company is readily recognised as a leader in

the leading provider of protein to the restaurant industry.

the food chain with an extensive line-up of brands, but has

Tyson Foods Inc. is the premier supplier of meat products

also entered into diversification in other areas that include

to well known restaurant chains, and all levels of restau-

joint ventures in renewable energy, nutraceuticals, pet

rant classifications, from convenience foods to fine

products and the biotech field. The company continues to make great strides in

dining. In the food industry Tyson is well-recognised for

feeding the world's growing population but by extending

supplying services to school cafeterias and hospitals, and

its core values to other areas, it can also continue to make

other distributors across the food chain. In addition to be a

a difference in global socio-encomic issues such as unem-

valued supplier in the foodservices sectors, the company is

ployment, depletion of resources and poverty and hunger

also heavily involved in the pizza business, supplying

that still affects a large majority of the global population.

crusts and toppings to some of the well known pizza chains and frozen pizza creators.

Tyson increases exposure by participation the largest innovation food exhibition in the world. The Salon

Being global in scope, sometimes require an

International de l'Agroalimentaire (SIAL) which is held

adherence to foreign practices and the company supplies

annually, and the company has also established outreach

Halal products that are certified in the U.S. and Brazil. The

programs in many areas where it operates and consistently

company maintains a diversified business model, that

donates millions annually to charitable organizations such

maintains its leadership as a distributor of the two main

as the United Way.



the fresh materials are used on production with stringent quality control. So it is able to complete with the competitor with the good reputation. In other to open new market, the company is putting money on research and development to follow the trend in this 21st century. They believe only new and good thing will put the company a milestone forward and in the global market . With the huge range of production line and production facility, the company also providing private labelling so that it can increase the company revenue and

V. Thai Food Product Co. Ltd. : In the Global Eye



In term of product sector, they have been establish in Malaysia, Taiwan and China market, because many Chinese like to have spicy food which is difficult to get in their own country . Some more it is very expensive if you have Thai food in oversea. So which the help of the V.

Thai Food Product Co. Ltd. start their business since 1989, there is more than 20 years they are in the industry. They are well known in their

their own country and start export business after 10 years pilling in the home base. They are mainly produce Authentic Thai Food in many line, there is including various kinds of paste, soup, sauce, fried garlic, fried onion, desert and beverages. They are also involve in the instant bird nest market recently . With the best quality control of all the product they have been successfully step into the Asian and European market. Beside getting the Halal certificate for their product which is to certify that the product is consumable by Muslim from the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT), they are also get quality awards by Thailand brand from the department of export promotion of Thailand and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which is very important in the manufacturing. They are also award by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) by SCS which is reputable lab in the worldwide. According to the management, The unique of the company is all the material using for their products only


attract more investor to invest in the company.

Thai Food’s product, it is very good for a Thais who is staying outside and miss their home country food. The company is actively involve in exhibition to get more customer, For example recently they just participate in SIAL Paris and they have a chance to meet over 30 potential buyers to import the product to their respective country like UAE, Australia and others. They are very welcome potential buyers to visit their factory in other to built confident and create a cooperation platform . For the preparation for expanding the company, they have create their website so that people from other country can know their business. With the Thailand market which have their own language, the company are consider a step forward because the have their own English website. It is a potential to grow company which one day can be listed to the stock market because food industry is a huge market for expand. With the capability and the facility in the production, the target for the world market is makeable.


Win Chance Foods Co., Ltd. : Inspiration Taste of Asia



in chance Foods Co., Ltd. is a company that was founded in 1985 by a joint venture. The joint venture was created through Heinz

Win Chance limited. The company is a worldwide

The products are free of any colourings or artifi-

distributor that has the best services possible such as

cial material and can be of the best product possible. In

distributing and giving out goods under the name of

addition to being preservative free the products offered by

Heinz. The company is therefore among the most well

the company is also very easy to find at various retail

renowned companies found in America.

stores. The products can be offered by the company at

The products offered by the company includes

various retail chains such as restaurants and various other

ketchup and other popular products that most consumers

places throughout the United States and offered as Thasia

like. This can be anything from tomato based ketchup to

to Singapore. It is offered at grocery stores, restaurants,

mayonnaise and other new consumables. The other

hyper markets, super markets and other places.

consumables can be anything from chili based sauces,

However, the product wants to increase its prod-

oyster based sauces or any good sauce for those who need

ucts to various other locations such as Europe, America

it. The company also offers salad dressing, many other

and other countries. The company has not offered any of

good sauces and dressings. Heinz is a long established

its products yet to various countries but is amazing to

company that has its reputation far into the wide reaches

increase its products to Europe Asia, Middle East and

of its start up.

others. However the eastern market is different than Euro-

The start up has been operating for a long time

pean ones because it does not target exports. The noodle

and continues to do so because of its amazing reputation.

received the best award possible because of its amazing

The company however has been renamed from Heinz to

reputation and capability as a brown rice noodle. The com-

Win chance foods so that now its a different company

pany also has good accredited standards such as Good

altogether. The company has different locations in many

Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and

places which makes it amazing because it has many differ-

Critical Control Point (HACCP), British Retail Consor-

ent location and base. The company is therefore among the

tium (BRC), ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.

top companies for ketchup, sauces, dressing and even drinks.

The company has a first time participation even in SIAL Paris 2012 which it had managed to overtake and

The company has the best type of quality and has

rapture the crowd with its amazing performance. There are

been approved through various institutions and can be

many inquiries by the international buyers and many

ascertained to be halal which is what the Central Islamic

discussions were carried out. The WCF company is look-

Committee of Thailand (CICOT) has deemed it to be. The

ing for distributors from many countries such as France,

company is therefore able to import its goods to various

Germany and Asia and Australia for Thasia products in

Islamic countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia,

order to participate in SIAL Paris. The company offers

Vietnam, Taiwan and other Muslim countries throughout

healthy products and good quality ones that are more

the Middle East. Moreover, those who buy the product can

crucial than rice.

be certain they will find products free of any bad material.



Halal de Junta Islamica in Spain. Ever since the company passed all the Halal tests and obtained their operation certification, Azteca Foods Europe S.A. has managed to capture an impressive 30% of the Muslim commodity market. What makes this company unique from the rest is the fact that their products have a great taste and flexibility. As a result, Azteca Foods Europe is the leading producer of mixed food commodities in Spain and the most important manufacturer in the European Community. Its retail market share in Spain is approximately 15%.

Azteca Foods Europe S.A. : Simply Irresistible



its total sales. The company has now expanded its base to 24 countries in Europe, Middle East and Maghreb. To ensure that all customers in these countries are catered for efficiently, there is an establishment of a network of

zteca Foods Inc, the parent company for Azteca Foods Europe, was founded in Pilsen near Chicago as a venture by Mexican businessmen

who had knowledge in the Spanish foods industry. Their products were fast embraced in the market and the brand tremendously grew due to its broad product line. Since then, advancement of the production technology and new state of art production facilities have become an important factor in the growth of the production capacity as well as the customer base. Their entry in Europe food market under Azteca Foods Company was actualized in 1999 as a result of a joint venture between two leading companies with the same nature of business - producing freshly pressed tortillas and corn wheat. At this time, the now American foods expert, Azteca Inc., had over 30 years in experience in production of the Tortilla king. They also had a separate branch, Azteca corn, that had invaluable experience and knowledge of the Spanish foods market. Azteca Foods Europe S.A. manufactures their products in clean and technologically advanced environments. High levels of hygiene are observed since their main purpose is not only to satisfy consumer needs but to also provide products that help in improving their health. The company's products are Halal certified by Instituto


Besides, it has an export volume that accounts to 50% of

distributers throughout Europe and

its distributed to

hotels, restaurants, markets and supermarkets. Recently, Azteca Foods Europe has invested 12 million Euros in the construction and design of a new plant in Borox, Toledo so as to cater for the increased consumer base. This project also lies at the technological forefront of the food industry. The company is also in the frontline for environment conservation with the production of a new brand of bio-eco products known as the Turka chips. Apart from the Halal certification, others are an 'A' from the British Retail Commission (BCR) which was in accordance with the International Food Standards and awarded in June 2009. It also has the ISO 22000:2005 which was in accordance with the international nutrition safety laws making it the 5th Spanish company with triple certification. SIAL is a global food marketplace that seeks to bring all the companies in the food industry together as well as discuss new inventions and ideas. Azteca became a member of SIAL a decade ago and their participation in SIAL 2012 is meant to consolidate their place in existing markets as well as venture in new ones. With the current increase in the number of Asian visitors, the company is expected to win their hearts with treating dinners that will result in demand for increased exports to their countries.


Walters Nougat: Handmade Confectionery ........................................................................................................................................


alters is the one of the finest professionals

the poor and as for the environmental side. Walters family

in making the nougats by hand with love,

also use the Bio-diesel taken from the vegetable oil to

care and respect towards their profession.

bake biscuit products and heat water. Wedgewood which

With all this they have made this firm to be one of the

makes nougat by hand, encouraged her to start producing

finest contenders in the market by having the maximum

it more to retail market.

share that any company can make in such a shorter period

They absolutely love hand made honey nougat. It

of time. With the excellence in making our products go for

is full of naturally available nuts. even with egg white and

the best quality we have achieved it in a very shorter

honey, which makes it much tasty and healthy. It is good

period of time.

and tasty to have it at anytime, which also works as an

Since 1999, Walters family business has been in

energy booster for any type of aged. The wide product

the industry, where the wife, Gilly has always having a

range makes the honey nougat soft. By using Gilly's home

passionate of good wholesome food and used her culinary

made, which uses finest ingredients which are available

skills to cater for the concert audiences. The Company is

naturally brings together a lot of time to manufacture with

actively involved in CSR (Corporate Society Responsibil-

care. There is no name of gelatine, even nothing like

ity) program to give back the society with employment

preservatives, also any sort of artificial colours were

for the local people. Also they provide some basic facili-

added, even they have not added any sort of nougat

ties to the locals such as bus services, nutrition meals and

machines in to their manufacturing processes, no short-

also some wellness program. Walters family is also active

cut. Being hand made they are restricted to the amount of

in donation program where every 50 cent will be given to

product they can manufacture, which makes them possible



to manufacture

the finest and the best quality honey

nougat. It is not very sweet, but rich in honey, and a smooth texture with out being cloying or sticky. The manufacturing methods make it unique and distinctive from all other sorts in the market.

They use the best quality of the natural ingredi-

All of these products are Halal certified by the

ents, which includes 10 percent of selected local honey, 36

South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) since

percent of Premium roasted nuts, fresh eggs which were

2006 where now the Halal market is growing globally. The

cracked by using some special facilities on site. They don't

current market would be mainly in South Africa and the

use any sort of gelatine, also never use any sort of

company targeting to export more in North Africa, Middle

preservatives. They also don't use artificial colours, they

East and Asia market. The market trend is increasing

also don't use any sort of nougat making machines, also

demand in Iraq, France, Italy and other Middle East coun-

they don't use any sort of short cuts. With an very old way

tries. Customers are looking more on healthy foods, with-

of making takes a lots of time. They love and give care for

out preservative and colourings can go for this.

the making of each and every volume.

The company received coverage from a World

Hence I may conclude in different ways but the

Food Magazine in South Africa. The crowd loves the

best way that to conclude is "If u want the best, here it

product sample such as Bon Bons, Nougat bars as well as

comes". One of the best comments that can be added for

Angels Nougat Biscuits. There are inquiries from the

this firm is "they are the honest in making the product with

international buyers such as Middle East, North Africa,

love and care, where only a very few firms in the world do

Europe and also Asia. The expectation from SIAL (Paris,

follow this sort".

Middle East, Canada, China, Brazil) is find exporter in

In your home be happy with your members of

Middle East and all over Asian countries. The company

your family, you care them with love and affection, here

first joined SIAL in 2008 under South Africa pavil-

we care with the same love and affection to all our


customer. Your health is our wish.



Faiza Marketing Sdn. Bhd. : Home-Made Blends Recipes



Since this product is Halal certifies, hence export to other Muslim countries is a very easy job. This has made it possible for the company get a strong hold in the Asian market since there are a lot of Muslim nations present here and also since the product quality is at par

small family business founded in 1968 taking the business of many things, finally changed focus and settled on a single parameter in the

with the other overall world market standards, so an expansion plan to other markets in countries like UK, France, Germany in Europe, etc. is also on the cards. The company is one of the only two Rock Salt

year 1990. They produce all kinds of Halal spices, season-

producing companies in the whole of Malaysia, so the

ings and condiments. Most importantly all the products of

competition is not much and hence they hold 50% of the

the company are Halal certified by the body known as

total market share of Malaysia country. The Sales and

JAKIM Malaysia. This body ensures that the products are

Marketing manager Harry sees a huge future for Rock Salt

up to the par standards.

and also his company in the emerging and constant devel-

The Sales and Marketing manager of the company

oping and adapting market. With lots of consumers prefer-

and also the second generation of the family Harry Mohd

ring healthy options and the health benefits of Rock Salt

Adzhi said in an interview that currently 90% of the com-

over other salt, this sure seems to be a golden ticket for

pany sales come from the consumer market and the rest


10% is the industrial production. He was eminently

Harry seemed happy with the overall response

delighted that in the SIAL Paris 2012, 90% of the enquir-

from SIAL Paris. He confirmed having a huge amount of

ies were for the industrial production. This was the very

enquiries on day 2 and 3 of the event but eventually there

first time the company participated in the SIAL Paris

were a lot of serious potential buyers from Europe which

under the Malaysia Pavilion from MATRADE.

might help him achieve his dream of expanding the

The main product of the company is Rock Salt.

business in the Europe. He did mention that he is consider-

According to Harry, this salt is harvested from a special

ing participation in the SIAL Paris in the coming years. He

location in Pakistan. It is naturally ionized and hence does

also said that he does not plan to participate in any other

not need to be ionized later during the refining process.

SIAL events unless there is one in the South East Asia

Also since it is found naturally in mountains; hence it is

region. He later ended with saying that if there happens to

different from the usual sea salt and also is a healthier

be a SIAL even in Malaysia, then he will definitely be a

option than the usual salt and so is kind of a boon for the

part of it.

health conscious consumers.



Frigorifico Gorina: Top Domestic & International Beef Market


certification, Frigorifico Gorina used to slaughter 1,500 cows each day which later increased to a capacity of 1,800 cows per day. Incorporation of its Halal products increased the company's meat production capacity by a considerable proportion further adding to its revenue growth.


However, Mr Estaban, the company's vice presirigorifico Gorina is a leading player in Argentina's

dent has stated that its production line cannot be fully

meat industry, producing high quality meat prod-

Halal. This is a result of the additional production costs

ucts for domestic consumption and overseas

incurred through the Halal process as pointed out by the

exportation. Holding a significant share of the market in

vice president. In addition to this, Mr Estaban mentioned

Argentina it is well known for providing quality Halal

that having a full Halal production line would not be justi-

products, sold under its renowned brand name of 'Gorina'.

fied if the killings are less than six hundred cows per day.

A larger share of the company's products is sold

Gorina, the company's Halal product brand name,

domestically with a significant portion of the products

offers unique products with a blend of cow genetics, favo-

destined for the global market. With a market share of 9%

rable climate and an effective feeding system. They have

of the Argentinean market, Frigorifico Gorina sells up to

ensured the company continues to produce quality meat

90% of its meat products within the country. In addition to

for its domestic and global customers. In addition to meet-

its domestic market, the company exports 10% of its meat

ing Halal requirements, this key industrial player meets

products outside the country to other continents Europe,

and exceeds the local, national and global standard quali-

Africa, and South America.

ties on all its products. Having set its eye on venturing further into other global market the company is planning to enter the south East Asia market. Malaysia and Thailand are being considered as prime locations for opening its regional office in order to facilitate its operations within this part of Asia. With a view of meeting its existing customers, prospective customers and acquisition of customer contacts, Frigorifico Gorina joined SIAL Paris six years ago and has since been an active participant in this impor-

Frigorifico Gorina supplies meat to Tunisia, Italy,

tant global food marketplace. Being part of this food

and Russia among other countries. The company has set

tradeshow event not only provides incredible marketing

its business goal on venturing into regional markets

opportunities to a wide range of prospective global

forecasted to have consumer demand for quality meat

customers but also exposure of its staff on food consumer


preferences, global market shifts and exporting informa-

Frigorifico Gorina's Halal products comprise 20%

tion on new markets. Joining SIAL has also afforded the

of its total production line. Being issued with the Halal

company opportunity of meeting other meat companies

certificate by the Islamic centre of republic of Argentina,

and experienced professionals, opening up business

the company has always ensured adherence to its outlined

opportunities and adding to its business competitiveness

specific quality standards. Prior to acquisition of the Halal

and global appeal.



Shenghao Agriculture & Science Development Co., Ltd.



stablished 8 years ago as a joint stock enterprise, Shenghao Agriculture and Science Development Co., Ltd., has really been able to make it big.

Located in the Haigang Development Zone of Tangshan in China, this company has strived hard to come at a position where it stands right now. This company is a professional rice bran oil manufacturer. It has a huge setup with an area of 71,569 square metres under it and having the State of The Art production line; it is capable of processing up to

Along with the health benefits and keeping the body clean,

60,000 tons of oil per year.

this oil even helps keep the kitchen clean. The high smoke

The main product of this company is the rice bran oil, also known as "heart oil" and "youth oil". This is one

point and low viscosity of the oil does not clog the chimneys and keeps the kitchen clean and tidy while cooking.

of the healthiest oil available with the most balanced

The company has a customer satisfaction protocol

proportion of fatty acids in it. The oil is the closest to the

and in that they provide the best products in the lease

recommended ratio of American Heart Association and

amount of time with their quick delivery service and also

the World Health Organisation. The rice bran oil is

provide a good after sales service as well. The target

extracted from the actual rice bran and is the healthiest

market of the exports is Japan and eastern Asia but there

option available after olive oil at an affordable rate.

are plans to even expand the market more in the coming

The Shenghao Agriculture and Science Develop-

years. They know and keep up with the market trend

ment Co. Ltd. produce the rice bran oil and it is marketed

where people want to eat and consume healthy products

under the brand name of Bliss Offshore Paddy Rice Oil.

and the company provides with such healthy alternatives

This oil is produced and refined using a special physical

for the consumers.

method which is of Thai technology that absorbs the

The company has won the Key Leading Enter-

actual essence in to the oil. This oil is then packed and

prise award for Hebei Province and Tangshan City and

exported outside China to the rest of the world. This oil

also Key Construction Project award in Tangshan City.

brand is Halal certified by the China Islamic Association

Other certifications received are the GB/T 22000-2006 /

which is a main requirement by the customer for the

ISO22000:2006 and HACCP. The first time participation

export market.

in SIAL Paris 2012, the visitor traffic to the booth was

This rice bran oil is rich in Vitamin R, Phytoster-

remarkable and impressing especially from the European

ols, essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 and Gamma

Community. The company expects to keep delivering the

Vitamins. This helps the body stay healthy and keeps of

best and also expects feedbacks from the visitors about the

cholesterol and other bad diseases away. It also helps

products to help them serve better.

increase beauty by helping reduce the oil content in the body and the good cholesterol nourishes the heart, preserves the health and promotes growth of the youth.



Mr. Boittiaux said that the company had a mixed outlook towards the future, with health issues and the general sentiment of the European markets being rather grim. However, rather than accept this negativity is the only outcome, Van Damme Marshmallows are actually looking to expand their export base to take action against the volatile EU economy. The company is truly optimistic about their future in overseas export markets, particularly opportunities in Indonesia and other parts of the Asian region, including one of the strongest economies in the world today, China. Van Damme Marshmallows are truly positive and excited about the prospect of working in the Asian markets as they expect great acceptance and penetration into the

Van Damme Marshmallows: Mmm...Mallows


Asia-Pacific markets, countries who's economies are far more stable at this point than the European Union. Mr. Boittiaux communicated a genuine spirit of optimism and hope for the future of the company in this region. Van Damme Marshmallows also recently partici-


pated in the SIAL Paris for 2012 and is truly happy about ecently, we had a chance to sit down and chat

the response from all the visitors of the SIAL event. While

with Mr. Herve Boittiaux, the Commercial

the market is not nearly as suitable at this point as the

Director of a French based subsidiary of Van

export market, Mr. Boittiaux also commented that they

Damme Marshmallows, which is based in Belgium, who

would certainly be participating in future events and

explained in great detail, the workings of Van Damme

would obviously welcome future SIAL Paris visitors

Marshmallows, gave an overview of the marshmallow

responses and feedback.

industry and some surprising outcomes across the Halal consumer base.

Van Damme Marshmallows, much like many successful food and beverage companies started as a

Van Damme Marshmallows was started by Mr.

family owned business. A family owned business that has

Van Damme in 1988 as a family owned and operated

seen growth into truly niche markets, such as Halal prod-

business producing Halal brands of marshmallows. Van

ucts. And a family owned business that in the face of a

Damme Marshmallows advised that their Halal products

troublesome and uncertain European economy is continu-

are certified by the Islamic and Cultural Center of

ing to push forward in to new frontiers, new markets and

Belgium, being comprised of Halal beef gelatine.

seeking new strategies to expand and continually provide

While the non-halal products are what you would

for their customer base. Given that they are looking to

imagine from a marshmallow production company, it's the

move into the Indonesian market, we may soon see those

Halal product that is the most intriguing. Interestingly, the

Halal products make up a much higher percentage of their

Halal products only contribute 3% of the company turno-


ver, and as such Van Damme Marshmallows continue to produce them, only as a sign of goodwill to their customer base, which in today's economic climate is a very noble gesture indeed.



Christodoulou Bros S.A. : A Company With Promise



hristodoulou Bros S.A. has been family owned and operated since 1955. Over the years it has grown into the largest fruit producer company in

Greece where it is still privately owned. The management of the company is mostly comprised of the second generation of the family. Today the company processes more than 150,000 tons of Greek fruits annually such as peaches, pears, apricot, apple, orange and cherry just to name a few. In

Christodoulou Bros S.A. has a different approach

addition, these fruits are used to produce various products

for each industry. For the consumer product the company

ranging from juices, canned fruit, purees, sorbets, coffee

entered the market through a distributor. For the ingredient

syrup, ice cream and more.

market the company goes direct to the customer. The 80%

Christodoulou Bros products are used in applications such as the bottling, jam, baby food, dairy, ice-cream, bakery and confectionery industries to name a

ingredient market share account for 70% of the company production capacity. The company owns the patent and the design to the machinery it uses to produce its high quality fruit juice.

few. The company also has provided products and

The company was given very good feedback after

services to clients who would like to enter the market with

it's attendance at SIAL Paris. This was the company's 8th

a private label name as well as co packages by utilizing

year participating and it received inquiries and contacts

clients' propriety formulations and packages under their

from around the world. Christodoulou Bros has plans to


not only attend SIAL again in October of this year but is The company's products are 95% Halal certified,

which means that the ingredients are Halal and natural and

also slated for GulFood in Dubai and PLMA's World Private Label.

no alcohol is used in its production. Of the company

Christodoulou Bros is constantly growing and

attributes 85% of production is for the export market and

finding new ways to stay fresh in the market. In February

15% is produced to service the local market. The company

of 2011 the company released another brand new flavour

enjoyed 10% market share in Greece for the retail market

for sorbet: Watermelon.

and 80% market share as the ingredient supplier.

Alexander, the international sales manager of

The brand of the product is Christodoulou and the

Christodoulou Bros S.A. predicted that in the years to

juices or drink that was made from Peach Puree is the

come the market will be dominate by 2 types of juice

best seller in the Middle East market. There is no water or

business. One that is high quality, expensive, 100% fruit

other industrial flavours added as the company focuses in

juice and the other is the low quality with 90% sugar and

producing 100% juice from Greece fruit.

water at very cheap price. Alexander's hope is to export his

The company is planning for growth as is targeting Asia market such as China, Dubai, Saudi Arab, Australia and other countries such as UK, and Russia.


new product brand to more markets and recruit more distributors around the world.


Golden Fresh Sdn. Bhd. : A Closer Look at Our Operations



ne of the key segments of the Food and Bever-

produce various shades of seafood processed products

age Industry is the seafood production arm of

which are unique and have 100% quality. Today, the

the market. To underscore the importance of

business has markets spread across Asia, North Africa and

this market, various governments have issued policies,

various countries of the world. Also, it is pertinent to note

instituted a framework that would boost growth and

that the company operates under the brand name of Pacific

economic vibrancy of this sector. Particularly, in the


seafood industry, one of the key players in the market with

The products we have in our kitty are majorly

a global presence is Golden Fresh Sdn. Bhd. which oper-

cooked, marinated or frozen seafoods. Precisely, we have

ates under the brand name of Pacific West. We would look

fishes, prawn, crab, scallops, lobster and other range of

at what the company does in more details to better appre-

seafood products. Our products are Halal certified by

ciate their enormous positive achievements and contribu-

JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia).

tions to various sectors thus far.

One of the major innovations in the seafood business that

An overview of Golden Fresh Sdn. Bhd. : Pacific

carves a niche for us is our coating system for the seafood

West - The Company actually began operations in 1965 as

products. We also develop and carry out in-depth research

a family business. The first business we commenced was

to ensure we meet our high standards of products and

an ice shop vending business before we metamorphosed

continuous innovation in order to keep satisfying our

into the seafood processing business. We are presently in

teeming customers.



second generation of the family business. We


We presently have a 10% market share of the seafood business in Malaysia. We are also present in Singapore, United Kingdom, France, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. In Australia, which happens to be one of our largest markets, we are also doing very well.

We recently participated in SIAL, France 2012 Our research of the trends in the market and the

and we had a very good attendance. This trade program

needs of our customers determine how we package the

was facilitated by the Malaysia External Trade Develop-

products on offer. Microwave and marinated seafoods are

ment Corporation (MATRADE). We had the opportunity

healthy and easy to prepare and our products meet these

to meet a broad range of International buyers from Russia,


Libya, Lebanon, Middle East, North Africa and so much

Over the years, Pacific West has received so many

more. Our major trajectory for featuring at the Trade

awards and recognition which are too numerous to men-

Event in France is to get more customers in addition to

tion. In view of the strong brand and product quality, the

getting a wholesaler of our products in France.

United Kingdom gave a Silver Award for the best starter food to one of our seafood product flavours named 'Salt and Pepper Squid'. At the Intrade 2011 held in Malaysia, the company was also given an award as a mark of recognition for our top range products. At Pacific West, we have very stringent operational guidelines and one of which is our adherence to quality. Besides our Halal certification in Malaysia, we have also complied with the Hazard Analysis and Critical

We have also participated at other International

Control Points (HACCP) requirements. In Australia, we

fairs such as the one held in Anuga, Germany; Asian

have been certified by the Australian Quarantine and

Seafood Exposition in Hong Kong, and most trade events

Inspection Service (AQIS) and in Britain; we are also in

organized by the Department of Fisheries in various coun-

compliance with the standards and requirements of the


British Retail Consortium (BRC).

We understand the need for global peace and

Generally, we have a global presence and this

security, hence, we were one of the sponsors of the 2012

requires the highest standards of operation from us. As a

Olympics held in London and we were also sponsors of

very responsible organization, we are geared to meet all

the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. Generally, we have

health and hygiene requirements in all the markets in

a rich history of being socially responsible and would

which we operate all over the world.

continue to do so for many years to come.



Fattoria Terrantica: Quality is Not a Requirement, is a Duty



fter being in the business for over 30 years now, the company is good to boast of the great achievement it has had in the world of poultry

chicken products which have not been prepared by

products processing. It is a business which started with

another company and each taste different, inclusive of

many drawbacks as few people knew of any different

chicken snacks. If you feel you need to experiment the different

products that could be made from the chickens. Wanting to be unique from other poultry process-

pieces of chicken done in professional chef way this is

ing units, Fattoria Terrantica had to do deep research and

your home. Priority in the company is to satisfy the

attend lot of seminars to make gather enough information

customers by meeting their different segments in new

on ways to spin the known products to other forms and

concepts. To make this even more likeable to the world,

which could be accepted in the world market. They had to

they get raw materials from different countries and after

study deity and employ experts to join them to complete

processing export the product to them. Well known food operators which adore this

the unit.

brand of packed food are IKEA in Romania and metro Europe. The current under developments are to start exporting the product to countries such as UK, Belgium, Italy and South Africa. The upsurge of this company market as reviewed in Interview write up for a company is due to the product innovation and the increased suppliers. In collaboration to food distributors, they have received the ISO 9001: 2008; HACCP certification to supply the food as health wise has been proven to be nutritious and meets all the requirements in packaging and coking conditions. With the support of the government, this is the first of its kind to appear in the market. Every day they are Taking consideration of the meat laws they

getting more than 30 contracts to supply the poultry prod-

include the Halal, Muslim certification on meat slaughters

uct to food joints in the whole territory. It is with determi-

to increase acceptance in many countries such as Asia,

nation the company plans to open many branches run by

Europe and this bore a great surge as more was demanded

professional to make these products available all over the

from the company.


For the past 12 years, the company has been under

Survey carried out shows that very few countries

new management and continues to add to the products.

know how to change the poultry products to a range of

Mostly specializing in schnitzels and burgers which are

different processed junkies. Becoming different in this

fully cooked and some individual frozen to the sold

business is the key to gathering many customers who are

branded as Fattoria Terrantica. On the list are more than 50

ready to make a bloom to your income.



SIAL Innovation



IAL Innovation has been a key SIAL event for more than 10 years. A unique opportunity for deciphering consumer trends and innovations in the food markets worldwide, in partnership with XTC World Innovation.

The SIAL Innovation Observatory is at the heart of global trends and innovations. Among the 1,002 products entered by exhibitors for the SIAL Innovation 2012 event, 403 products marketed have been selected for display in the SIAL Innovation Observatory. Among these products, 18 SIAL Innovation Awards and a Prix SpĂŠcial du Jury are also exhibited. SIAL Innovation Award Ceremony: Monday 22nd October, 15.30 in Hall 6.



SIAL Innovation Award Winners

Pepper Blackcurrant (CPPARM)


Minioliva (ALCALA OIL SA)

Organic Bamboo Tea (BAMBUSLAND KOREA)

GOOD Seed - Shelled Hemp Seed (BRAHAM & MURRAY LTD)

The Humbugs of Calanquet (CALANQUET)

Beads Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP (COOKAL SAS)

Infusions Fozen (DAREGAL SA)

Water Safran (FOODBIOTIC)

Boite Fer Kit A Tarte Goulibeur (GOULIBEUR)

Lobster Oil (GROIX & NATURE)

Heart Tartine (HONEY Cretet RUCHERS OF THE GUE)



SIAL d’Or, a Special Connection Between Store Success & Innovation



efore being transformed into a commercial success, innovation obviously emits the most reliable and legible of all signals. The SIAL Innovation and SIAL d’Or events ensure that SIAL remains at the forefront as

regards the provision of information, and the monitoring and analysis invaluable to all exhibition visitors. So it was logical that the SIAL d’Or, which reward today’s successes, should be closer to the products displayed at SIAL Innovation, a future trend laboratory, for the very first time this year. What better virtuous circle, again.



SIAL d’Or Winners


Selfish Trout With Herb Butter Hungar

Foglia a Foglia Italy

Fresh non-dairy products

Savoury frozen foods

Mammoth Yoghurt New Zealand

Turbo Tango United Kingdom

Fresh dairy products, cheeses

Savoury frozen foods

Granular Ice Cream Russian Federation

Guzzle Puzzle United Kingdom

Sweet frozen foods

Sweet grocery products


La Cusine by SIAL



ey meeting place for the foodservice professions providing, La Cuisine by SIAL has been enhanced over the years. In 2012, this section will contain a culinary demonstration area, a VIP restaurant with an Elec-

trolux equipment, a Foodservice & Gourmet product showroom, a Culinary Design exhibition on the theme : " Like a chef at home" and a VIP Club. New in 2012 - La Cuisine by SIAL will become the central reception area for the catering professions, where new services will be offered.



A Culinary Demonstration Area A real cuisine show with numerous demonstrations that highlight the latest food trends by chefs from all parts of the world: Terroir, Street Food, -Free, Elsewhere, Bistronomy, Design, Locavore, and Show trends. Exhibitors also present their products by way of demonstrations. Creativity, culinary demonstrations and friendly atmosphere are all guaranteed!

A VIP Restaurant SIAL offers its VIP guests a real tour of the food world. Renowned chefs will cook partner exhibitors’ products in an open kitchen, giving visitors the chance to see behind the scenes.


Equipped with premium Electrolux equipment, the VIP restaurant can be opened especially for exhibitors wishing to invite clients. A chef cooks the exhibiting partner’s products in the glassed-in kitchen, while visible to all visitors, for a true World Food Tour. The restaurant décor features the works of the artist Mathilde de l’Ecotais who uses photography to dematerialise daily foods.

A Gourmet and Foodservice Product Showroom The foodservice professionals and chefs in particular, are invited to discover a selection of foodservice products. These products are displayed in a stand-in-stand format in a showroom.


IN-FOOD Centre Ingredients, Sourcing & Ideas



he In-Food Centre spotlights the food industries, and semi-processed food products and ingredients. All conferences will be on semiprocessed food products and ingredients. In -Food Centre will include a

conference area dedicated to Research & Development, marketing and purchasing managers, and users of ingredients for the food industries. The conferences will interest those who already operate in the semi-processed food product sector or who intend to develop an offering that responds to food manufacturers’ demands.



Cenference B2B Food Business: Growth Segment for Food Industries, Opportunities for Savy Inventors. By Eric Dropsy, Ingredys Consultants, Operating Manager



SIAL TV: All About Conferences, Debates, Round Tables & Interviews!



meeting point to express opinions, share ideas and gather information. NEW IN 2012! Regularly at the spearhead of food innovation and in the food industry news, SIAL, focusing on the major challenges faced

by the sector, launches SIAL TV for the first time, with a conference cycle, debates, round table talks, and interviews at the heart of the exhibition. A true discussion arena to share ideas and gather information on major issues: sustainable development, producer/retailer relationships, food, nutrition-health-wellbeing, sourcing of raw materials, new consumer habits and behaviour in France and worldwide.



Key Events During SIAL TV • Formal ceremony to mark the beginning of SIAL TV. • A plenary session with key market players, grouping together senior management from leading food companies and major stakeholders, official bodies, etc. • The SIAL Daily for all the exhibition news, hot off the press every morning: photo reports, videos and interviews with exhibitors. • Talks and discussions on nutrition–health–well-being, retail meetings, and more. • Exhibitor workshops: exhibitors talk on topical subject.






nprecedented! SIAL launches its “SIAL OFF�. SIAL has negotiated a preferential offer (special rates, gifts, services, etc.) so that its visitors and exhibitors can discover innovative Parisian hotspots. The SIAL

OFF guide features the best addresses and the good plans in the capital, selected by SIAL. It provides in particular a description of the establishments, their special offers, and lots of useful information to help you to organize your visit to SIAL.



Les meilleures adresses gourmandes et festives de Paris The best gourmet and festive addresses in Paris

The Tastiest and Most Festive Addresses in Paris Formal ceremony to mark the beginning of SIAL TV. A plenary session with key market players, grouping together senior management from leading food companies and major stakeholders, official bodies, etc. The SIAL Daily for all the exhibition news, hot off the press every morning: photo reports, videos and interviews with exhibitors. Talks and discussions on nutrition–health–well-being, retail meetings, and more. Exhibitor workshops: exhibitors talk on topical subject.















FOOD & BEVERAGE TRADE FAIR 2013 The world’s leading food fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market.

JANUARY • Winter Fancy Food Show 2013 (San Francisco) MARCH • Gulfood 2013 (Dubai) • Foodex Japan 2013 (Chiba) APRIL • • • •

MIHAS 2013 (Kuala Lumpur) HALAL EXPO Paris 2013 (Portede Versailles) Iraq Food Expo 2013 (Sulaymaniah) SIAL Canada 2013 (Toronto)

MAY • ThaiFex 2013 (Bangkok) • SIAL China 2013 (Shanghai) • Food Tech 2013 (Cairo) JUNE • SIAL Brazil 2013 (Sau Paulo) • IFE China 2013 (Guangzhou) JULY • African Big Seven (Gauteng) • MIFB Malaysia 2013 (Kuala Lumpur) AUGUST • Halal And Healthy Product Fair 2013 (Istanbul) SEPTEMBER • Fine Food Australia 2013 (Sydney) • Annapoorna - World of Food India 2013 (Mumbai) OCTOBER • Anuga 2013 (Cologne) NOVEMBER • SIAL Middle East 2013 (Abu Dhabi)

For complete 2013 trade fair calendar, visit or contact us at: EDITORIAL Mr. Bukhari




SIAL 2012, An Exceptional Exhibition



hanks to a solid reputation on the international stage and the food industries’ strong competitive edge rooted in innovation, the exhibition enabled

actors from this high-potential economic sector to meet. This is the sole viable SIAL trademark. These preliminary statistics clearly affirm SIAL’s positioning as global leader in the cross-cutting agri-food markets. The quasi-tangible effervescence and enthusiasm in the aisles showed that language was no barrier in creating solid business leads. Through the impetus of XTC World Innovation, TNS Sofres and the 29 SIAL d’Or partners, the Innovations corner undeniably consolidated SIAL’s expertise as a laboratory and observatory of supply and demand in food innovation. For five whole days, SIAL made Paris the capital of the food planet where all the agri-food channels were food connected. In the current gloomy economic climate, the exhibition’s strategic dimension – demonstrated by the 200 events and conferences at the heart of today’s economic and political preoccupations – undoubtedly left its mark. Guillaume Garot, French Deputy Minister of Agri-food noteworthy for his daily involvement, together


with numerous ministers and political and scientific personalities, opened the debate on key issues relating to the future of the food industry in France: food challenge, anti-waste programme announcement, Made in France, nutrition, and more; and all these themes were programmed by SIAL TV. The 2012 show, fully attuned to the mainstream market challenges, highlighted the dynamism of the agri-food industry on a global scale. A high-performing business arena, the flow of international visitors at SIAL had a global offering at their fingertips. “Our aim was to strengthen the proximity between the sector players present. It’s now ‘mission accomplished’. SIAL played a pivotal role with a view to the challenges of today and the issues of tomorrow”, remarked Valérie Lobry, Managing Director of Comexposium's Agriculture and Food Industry Division.

................................................................. SIAL connection also means SIAL worldwide. The forthcoming exhibitions are: • SIAL Toronto, 30 April to 2 May 2013 • SIAL Shanghai, 7 to 9 May 2013 • SIAL São Paulo, 25 to 28 June 2013 • SIAL Abu Dhabi, 22 to 24 November 2013 • SIAL Montreal, 2 to 4 April 2014


Attendance had risen by 10.2% compared with 2010, confirming SIAL’s role as a catalyst for global trade with 150,192 professional visitors (versus 136,381 in 2010), of whom 62.8% were international visitors from 200 countries.



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