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ALIMENTARIA 2016 Barcelona . 25 - 28 April 2016


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Univers Drink Since 2009, date of the company’s foundation,




positioned itself as a non-alcoholic drinks specialist throughout the world.


MTR Foods Pvt Ltd A business that brings quality and authenticity in cuisine. An enterprise that




originality. This is the rich legacy of MTR.


Andreu Alimentacio. S.L. From a familiar company born in 1995, Andreu has become leader in the manufacture of fresh and frozen pizzas with distributor mark. Andreu offers a maximum quality and food safety product.


Volys Star N.V. Volys Star develops, elaborates and sells chicken and turkey all over the world, in the form of charcuterie, culinary and breaded products. As well in chilled as in frozen, for retail, wholesale, foodservice and industry.


Best Food Co. Incepted in 1979 as a single nuts processing plant, Bestfood has grown to become the market leader for branded nuts in the Middle East.


Ornua We are an agri-food commercial co-operative




sells dairy products on behalf of our members, Ireland’s dairy processors and Irish dairy farmers.


Juice In Time The idea started in 2007, seeing as it was difficult to find a natural juice. Of course, there are snack bars and stalls delicious juices out there, but we were always working, studying, enjoying family and other commitments so that there really was no time left to enjoy this moment.


Acetificio Andrea Milano When, in 1889, Nicola Milano started producing vinegar, he was clear on his idea of product quality. His son Andrew, from which it takes its name


the company, continued his father’s work in accordance with the teachings received.

I.C. Blancafort S.A. Our origins date back to early last century, in a small workshop in the city of Vic.

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Editor ’s Note

Editor’s Note Internationalisation, Innovation, Gastronomy and Specialisation. These are the four main foundations

maintaining and strengthening this year. The event will be held at Fira de Barcelona, Gran Via Exhibition Centre from 25th-28th April 2016 with firms from over 50 countries participating in this show. As an international business centre for all food, drinks and culinary industry professionals, Alimentaria 2016 has doubled its efforts to attract buyers from all over the world, especially from Asia, the United States and Latin America, as well as Europe. Celebrating its 40th birthday this year, Alimentaria commemorate its commitment in promoting the food and drinks industry. In collaboration with DagangHalal, Alimentaria 2016 presents its newest project – Halal Supermarket. It aims at helping the halal exhibitors gain maximum branding exposure and business opportunities by providing a single platform for buyers to source for quality halal products. We are proud to provide this platform to exhibitors with halal products, especially for halal food manufacturers. Hope to see you at the Halal Supermarket during Alimentaria 2016!

Shazwana Aida

CHIEF EDITOR Shazwana Aida CREATIVE DIRECTOR Amir Fahmi EDITOR Hidayah Razak WRITER Lily Ruzailan DESIGNER Muhammad Hilmie Ezewan Fauzi Shafiq Mansor ADVERTISING / MARKETING Tony Er Bryan Yap Mastura Johari Zulfadli Anaspekri Noor Intan DH Events Sdn Bhd Wisma UOA II, Suite 10-10 No.21, Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel: +603 - 2171 1128 Fax: +603 - 2166 1148





of Alimentaria’s growth which they are focusing on


Event Overview



Facts & Figures



GROWTH Where new ideas start here 3,000+






Facts & Figures

FACT & FIGURES ALIMENTARIA 2016 will celebrate its 40th years anniversary. Between 25 and 28 April 2016 , it will continue to be an international business centre for all food, drinks & culinary industry professional.


Alimentaria Exhibitions, Fira de Barcelona


The Alimentaria Hub Innoval

this is a date with innovation, the latest trends and international

The Alimentaria Experience

expansion no one in the industry will want to miss.

Trade Fair:

Spain, Land of 100 Cheeses Gourmet Olive Oil Tasting Bar



Barcelona, Spain


Fira de Barcelona Gran Via Exhibition Centre Av. Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)


Halal Supermarket

WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT? Alimentaria 2014 gathered 140,386 professionals and around 4,000 exhibiting companies. In addition, the attendance of international visitors

Event Date:

25th (Mon) - 28th (Thur) of April 2016


Monday to Wednesday: 10 am to 7 pm

more than 143 countries, 30% of the total, which

Thursday: 10 am to 6 pm (visitors)

means an increase of 6% compared to the previous

9 am to 8 pm (exhibitors)

edition of Alimentaria in 2012.


beat all records with 42,117 visitors coming from

Food Preserves and Semi-Preserves Products, Meat and Meat Products, Dairy Products and Derivates, Fish and Seafood,


Aquacultures and Farmed Fish Products,

• Culinary Master Workshops

Frozen Foods, Sweets, Biscuits and

• New Food and Beverages Launching

Confectionery Products, Bakery Products,

• Latest Trends & Innovation In Gourmet Olive Oils

Cakes, Pastries and Ice Cream, Fresh Fruits

• Spanish Dairy Microenterprises

and Vegetables,Organic Food, Frozen Food,

• Gastronomic School

Frozen Dough, Pre-Prepared Foods,

• The Food Blogger Conference

Fresh-Cut & Ready-To-Eat Products. Beverage Water, Soft drink, Must and Cider. Edible Fats & Oil Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil. Other Food Vending, Intermediaries Channel (cash and carry, groups of wholesalers and logistic operators), Food and Hospitality Products and Services: Logistics and Distribution, Professional Uniforms, Food Service equipment, Food Franchises,

• Business Networking


TARGET VISITORS Manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers of: • Food and drinks • Catering technology • Suppliers of services for the catering sector • Food retail trade • Trade agencies

Pastry Equipment, Disposable Products,

• Supplier of specialities

IT Solutions, Decor and Design.

• Suppliers of fresh convenience products


Floor Plan



Section Floor Plan Name



Event Highlights

The World’s best Food, Drinks and Gastronomy Experience

Event Highlights

Halal Supermarket provides an additional exposure in a strategic location for halal exhibitors to promote their halal products.

A key space for operators in the food & agriculture chain seeking business opportunities.



Event Highlights

Let yourself be surprised and inspired in this space, where brands present their commitment to quality & constant adaptation to the consumer's needs, based on research, development and innovation in new products.

Four chefs in action simultaneously, who will be displaying the most innovative version of their home countries' cuisine.

Event Highlights

Alimentaria invites its visitors to taste over 100 samples from all over Spain, individually and slowly, in this space that features ongoing innovation and the latest trends in gourmet olive oils.

A major exhibition and tasting of more than 200 cheeses made by dairy microenterprises accompanied by all kinds of breads, cruditĂŠs, fruits and appropriate accompaniments (jams, honey, quince, etc.).



Event Report

Event Report



Entrepreneur Article 3) Growing Awareness and Demand The awareness factor is at play for both Muslim and nonMuslim. This is because the former is becoming more aware of their religion obligations while the latter are slowly supplying the demands by shifting towards halal food products due to the rising concerns in unhygienic and unhealthy food. In the United Kingdom, halal meat accounts for about 15 percent (approximately 2.6 billion British pounds) of the total meat sales, which is higher than the proportion of Muslims in Britain. NON-FOOD HALAL MARKET OPPORTUNITIES Halal products are always relating to food and meat. The evolving lifestyle and increasing purchasing power of Muslims mean that there is growing demand for products that conform to the Islamic dietary laws. As the halal industry continues to expand beyond the food sector, there

Among global food product categories, halal food is one

are many industries that stand to benefit, including:

of the fastest growing trend. The global halal food market is currently worth USD 700 billion (2015) with 65 percent of

a) Cosmetic and Personal Care

the demand coming from Asia. Opportunities abound – but

More consumers are aware that cosmetics might contain

how can companies best address them?

traces of alcoholic substances or products derived from animals forbidden by Islam. According to the 2013 data,


the halal cosmetics and personal care market is worth

What is driving the rapid growth in the halal food market?

approximately USD13 billion with an annual growth rate of 12 percent.

1) Rise in Muslim Population According to research in 2015, Muslims currently comprises

b) Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

of approximately 23.2 percent of the global population. It

Halal pharma and healthcare products are in demand not

is predicted that the rise in the Muslim population is due to

only from Muslims but also from non-Muslims who value

a younger demographic – many Muslims live in countries

wellness products that do not harm the body in the long-

with low median ages and on-going improvements in infant

term. Hence, industry players are willing to change their

mortality rates. With the rise of the Muslim consumer, food

ingredients and manufacturing methods to cater to this

service chains such as KFC and Nando’s now have halal

demand. As at 2013, the halal pharmaceutical market was

outlets all around the world, and many of these restaurants

estimated to be at USD34 billion, and growing.

are using halal meat. There are also a growing number of supermarkets in Europe that are stocking up on halal food

c) Tourism


Recently gaining popularity, Islamic tourism refers to hospitality services and products that are in accordance

2) Higher Disposable Income

with the Islamic practices. Traditionally, halal tourism has

The increasing income levels among Muslim population

been associated with Muslim pilgrimage. The changing

are fuelling demand for new and differentiated halal

preferences of Muslims for travel destinations, growing

food. A growing Muslim population as well as economic

affluent middle-class consumers and rise in degree of

development in countries with large populations of

interconnectivity make travel convenient. This puts the

Muslims make this a lucrative segment to invest in.

halal tourism market at USD 137 billion in 2014.

Entreprenuer Article


d) Apparel

the years ahead. The Halal certification should be seen as

Fashion houses in Paris and Milan have noticed the

just the beginning of the process of developing competitive

commercial potential for Muslim women’s clothing that

advantage. The halal food market will also become

respects religious sentiments yet incorporates elements

more diverse, both geographically as well as in terms of

of good taste and style. According to a report in 2012, the

purchasing power and hence consumer sophistication. For

Muslim fashion industry would be equivalent to USD96

example, the sale of halal food in the U.S. has been on the

billion of half of the Muslim’s across the globe spent

rise, seeing a 70 percent increase since 1995. In Russia,

USD120 on clothing annually.

2011 saw the production of 65,000 tons of halal meat. China is also emerging as a halal market, with over 23 million

e) Logistics

Muslims living there. Above all, the African continent is

Halal logistics also has clear potential for growth. This

widely acknowledged to be the halal product market of

involves paying close attention in the supply chain where

the future, due to a large and growing consumer base of

the integrity of the product is maintained from the farm

African Muslims as well as brisk economic growth in the

to the table of the consumer. An international halal

continent. For instance, Kenya has about 150 companies

logistic standard is therefore crucial. According to 2014,

operating with halal certification from the Kenya Bureau

this industry is projected to grow at a Compound Annual

of Halal Certification. For halal food exporters, there will

Growth Rate of 12.6 percent to each about USD539 million.

continue to be more frontiers to explore.

WHAT LIES AHEAD? As industry players race to grab a share of the USD700 billion global halal food market, competition will rise. This will place a premium on efficiency, quality and diversity in


VIP Interview Article

industry and agricultural. And 10 years ago, I decided to return back to my home country in Barcelona and started working with Alimentaria. The reason I worked here is due to my invaluable experienced working abroad with overseas companies and gaining international experience and exposure throughout my career years. My main job scope is to bring more international buyers to join the events and bring business opportunities to our exhibitors. I am also working on strategic agreements with sector associations and institutions. Besides that, I am also responsible for some of the development, design and implementation of internationalization campaigns, I am constantly travelling and do market research within the F&B sector in order to The Alimentaria exhibition is a Fira de Barcelona

identify trends and opportunities. Finally, I conduct several

company devoted in organising international food and

campaigns including the development and implementation

beverages (F&B) trade fairs that are benchmarks in Europe

for marketing and communication campaigns; customers’

and Latin America. This biennial exhibition brings together

fidelity campaigns; and other campaigns to attract and

the most prominent aspects in the F&B industry, attracting

retain visitors to the fairs.

the main operators in the market and displaying the latest trends and innovations in the food industry, as well as

DH: This year, Alimentaria turns forty, a strong

promoting commercial networking and work meetings

and promising year. Will there be anything special

for international buyers in order to generate business

or unique during the event as it celebrates its four-

opportunities. For this HMag edition, we interviewed

decade anniversary?

Meritxell Puig, the International Development Manager of MP: We are proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary, a


special occasion to commemorate all these years working International

and growing along with the F&B industry. Alimentaria has

Development Manager of the biennial Alimentaria

grown from a reference meeting point for the F&B industry

event, can you share about yourself and your

in Spain to position itself as a key event for the F&B


sector worldwide. The crucial element in succeeding this





event year by year is through our commitments to attract Meritxell Puig (MP): Good day to you. I am Meritxell

brands, buyers and international visitors. In each edition,



Alimentaria continues to re-evaluate its model and to adapt

Alimentaria Exhibition. Alimentaria Exhibition is a

new trends. Our constant assessment and improvements

company that organises international F&B trade shows, and

are secret to us reaching the 40’s in such a good shape.





Alimentaria Barcelona is deemed as the biggest and most important trade show in Spain. I have been working with

DH: What is the theme of the Alimentaria this year,

the company for over nine years. However, before working

and what message do you intend to convey to your

with Alimentaria Exhibition, I worked for COPCA Miami


(Public agency from the government of Catalonia who helps companies to internationalize) and a trading company in

MP: In commemoration of our anniversary, Alimentaria

the United States. Then, I moved to Italy and worked as

will be using the tagline “40 years serving the food and

a Marketing Manager for an Italian multinational world

drinks industry”. The tagline dictates our roles in this last

leader manufacturing of PVC flexible hoses for gardening,

four decades, i.e., supporting the industry in its growth. We

VIP Interview Article


are often attentive to the latest trends in the market, we listen to the demands of companies and we acknowledge the expectation that consumers from this industry have on us. In order to respond to the needs of today’s industry, we have prepared the most international, innovative and business-focused Alimentaria event. For the 2016 edition, we are going to have more than 40,000 international visitors and 1,000 international exhibitors participating for this event. Moreover, we have invited 800 international Hosted Buyers. These key buyers will take part in some of the 10,000 business meetings that will occur during the event. With these projects, we bring new opportunities to companies to find new markets and to expand their businesses. DH: Alimentaria has always received good reviews and feedbacks from their past exhibitors. How do you maintain the good reputation of this event so that each biennial years, the visitors are still excited to attend it? MP: The only way to reach 40 years of history is through trust and fidelity entrusted by companies. As mentioned earlier, we are in continuous contact with key players of this F&B industry and we listen to their demands and provide

Meritxell Puig, International Development Manager of Alimentaria 2016.

solutions to their challenges. That is how Alimentaria always received positive reviews from the participants. According to the surveys of our previous edition, 90 percent of our

Halal Showcooking in Alimentaria as a way to increase

exhibitors were satisfied with the event, approximately 80

awareness and knowledge of the real potential that halal

percent will recommend the participation to a friend, and

poses at an international level. We truly believe that the

93 percent were planning to participate in the 2016 edition.

congress can be valuable in bringing vital information to businessmen who are not fully conscious of halal market

DH: Can you share with me the facts and figures

and its value in the F&B sector. The Halal Supermarket,

related to the halal trends in the previous event?

on the other hand, is organized in collaboration with DagangHalal. It aims to provide additional exposure in a

MP: In the previous editions, we have received several

unique and strategic space to promote halal products. This

halal exhibitors both from the local and international

project seeks to raise awareness of existing halal products

exhibitors, and we have received few queries from visitors

available during the show, grouping the products in display

who are interested in the halal segment. Realizing that

shelves for interested buyers can visit and enquire further

the interest for halal is augmenting among businessman,

information on the products, company of interest and the

Alimentaria decided that this year they will be dedicating

location of the companies. And the showcooking where a

special efforts to disseminate halal among exhibitors and

chef will perform a cooking session exclusively with halal

visitors. For this year’s event, we will be organizing the first

ingredients, to show all the possibilities these products

Halal Congress, the first Halal Supermarket and the first

offer to the Mediterranean cuisine.

VIP Interview Article

DH: According to the article in The Guardian, it is forecasted that the Muslim population in Europe will increase up to 71 Million in 2050. Do you see Alimentaria to be more focused on halal in the next event? MP: Our objective is to make Alimentaria a relevant meeting point of the halal food and beverage sectors, and became a reference. One of the assets of Alimentaria is its

VIP Interview Article

Realizing that the interest for halal is augmenting among businessman

strategic location. Barcelona is a key business epicenter with intense connectivity and trade not only with other


European countries but also, and increasingly, with the North African and Middle Eastern markets, along with

national and international experts, businessmen and

certain sub-Saharan economies. Thus, Alimentaria is well

institutions that want to exchange halal knowledge and

placed to serve not only the expected growing demand

products, and the Halal Supermarket will help to portray

for halal products in Europe but be a relevant platform

the potential of Alimentaria as an exhibition that supports

for other growing halal markets such as Turkey, Egypt,

the growth of the halal market. Nonetheless, we are still

Morocco, Algeria etc. Moreover, Barcelona receives

taking baby steps in introducing halal to our exhibition

increasing numbers of tourists coming from Muslim

and we don’t have a specific target. However, we are


countries, especially from the GCC regions demanding

determined that after this event, we will see an increasing


for halal products and services. With the prominent

number of halal exhibitors in the future editions. We are

increase in demands, it gives a bigger potential to the

hoping to be an international platform for the halal F&B


halal market in Barcelona and consequently to Alimentaria

hub. We are definitely positioning Alimentaria as the


as well. With these issues in mind and considering the

relevant meeting point for the halal F&B manufacturers to

consolidated maturity of Alimentaria as it celebrates its

build their business networking and to make Alimentaria a

40th anniversary, we expect that the next edition will see a

reference for these manufacturers.

growth in the demand for halal products and events, along with more manufacturers producing more halal products.

DH: In the future, how do you foresee the trends

Thus, the future envisage depicts a stronger possibility of

within the halal industry?

Alimentaria focusing more on halal products. MP: The halal industry will inevitably grow in size, DH: As for now, what is your target in the numbers

diversity and complexity. This is because the number of

of halal exhibitors in this year’s event? Do you

Muslim population will triple in size and this leads to more

think that this number is sufficient enough to

consumers demanding for halal products. Regarding its

accommodate the requests and demands of visitors

diversification, more types of halal products and services

that are sourcing for halal products?

are being demanded such as food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical etc. Thus, it is necessary to incentivize

MP: In the past three editions, we have been aware of the

more companies into the halal business. In reference to

increasing number of buyers sourcing for halal-certified

the complexity of the halal products offered, it is directly

products. Hence, we decided to analyse the exhibitors with

related to the increase in the demand for more sophisticated

halal certifications and realized that the number is also

halal goods, coming especially from the high and very

growing annually: in the last exhibition, we had more than

high-income consumer segments. These tendencies of

200 exhibitors with halal-certified products. With this

demanding more value-added halal products and services

logic, we expect that this first congress will bring together

are leading in several sectors to dedicate more resources to innovation processes, generating new products.






International Food and Drinks Exhibition

ster i g e R line. on- e time . Sav money and

The world’s best Food, Drinks and Gastronomy Experience

BARCELONA, SPAIN April 25th -28th / 2016 Fira de Barcelona Gran Via Venue




Halal Article


Halal Article

certified water. This is especially true in countries with less stringent laws on food production. Water is a natural product and is naturally halal in its original form. Water can be used for cooking, drinking, taking ablution, amongst other things. However, the bottling of water requires extensive processing including purification, The






ensuring the foods consumed are halal certified. They consumed only halal meat, looked at the food labelling to ensure that the food is free from any harmful and “haram� or forbidden ingredients, and most importantly is they ensure that the foods and snacks served to their family are halal. Mothers try their best to serve the healthiest, delicious halal meals to their family. Then imagined one day, there are some bottled water that has the halal certified logo plastered on its body. These excited buyers immediately grab several bottles. However, does this plain mineral water need to be halal certified? The United Arab Emirates asked this very question after receiving halal certified drinking water from Thailand. This instigate questions by other companies. Does water need to be halal certified or does halal certified drinking water be suspended? In reality, all foods and beverages should be halal certified to provide a sense of assurance and confidence to the Muslim consumers. Have we forgotten the dangerous practices and unsanitary conditions of the meat packing industry and the meat adultery that became controversial few years ago? The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) controls many aspects of food production to ensure a safe level of food to the consumers. This law can be adapted to help both manufacturers and buyers understand the importance of having a halal


filtration, chlorination,





reverse osmosis in order to make the water safe for consumption. Throughout this process, it may come in contact with chemical materials that are potentially harmful or potentially derived from animals. The FDA does not always require processing aids to be listed on the label if they are present in trace amounts. For example, apple juice may be clarified with gelatine but it is never mentioned anywhere in the labelling. Similarly, water may go through the same purification method by passing through a bed of carbon but this method is not mentioned on the labels. Moreover, food-grade lubricants are used on machinery during production of anything from bottled water to aluminium foil. Lubricants consist mainly of oils and it may derive from any source such as animals, vegetable or synthetic. Lubricants used in manufacturing are never mentioned on food ingredients labelling. As a result, it is equally important not just foods but water bottle to have the halal certification logo to ensure a completely hygienic and smooth process from the water purification to the packaging process. To be confident in what you eat, always opt for halal certified products!


Halal Article


designed to minimised the animal’s pain and ensure an instantaneous death to the animal. Failing to adhere with the requirements renders the slaughtered animal “haram” or forbidden.

Many Muslims have migrated from their ancestral homes to


Europe and North America. These emigrants have brought


with them their distinctive cultures, culinary traditions

Between 84 and 90 percent of animals in the Europe

and dietary law which strictly regulate the slaughtering

are electrically stunned before they undergo the halal

and processing of meat. Food processed in concordance

slaughtering. Only a small number of slaughterhouses in

with Muslim dietary law is called halal. Halal slaughter of

the Europe that still perform the traditional practice that

animals was conceived on the historical principle to be one

has been endorsed by the Islamic scholars.

of the more humane methods available. However, there are some parties that consider such slaughtering as inhumane


and causes unnecessary suffering, pain and distress to the


animal. With the issue of halal meat back in the news this


week, we answer some of the questions you may have about

Contrary to the claims of animal rights activists, the

the practice.

slaughtering process is specifically designed to minimise the animal’s pain. However, The British Veterinary


Association (BVA) says it believes “all animals should

Halal is the Arabic word for “lawful” or “permissible”. It

be effectively stunned before slaughter to improve the

is a broad term covering what is allowed in the context of

welfare of these animals”, while the RSPCA says it causes

Islamic law, but is often used in conjunction with the issue

“unnecessary suffering”. Hence, most of the halal meat

of how meat is dealt with. The opposite of halal is haram,

companies comply with these rules by having their animals

meaning “forbidden”.

stunned prior to slaughtering.



Traditional halal meat is killed by hand and must be


blessed by the slaughterman. Islam has strict laws on

Meat is central to many dishes originating in Muslim

the proper method of slaughtering animal. For example,

countries. One survey found that Muslim residing in the

the animal must be healthy and the person slaughtering

UK consume around 20 percent of the total meat purchased

the animal must be a sane adult Muslim. The act of

in the country. It is estimated that the halal meat in the

slaughtering requires a swift, deep incision with a sharp

UK only is worth around £2.6 billion annually. The figure

knife on the neck that cuts the jugular vein, ensuring that

depicts that halal meat is an essential sector and is halal

all the blood is drained from the body. This method is

slaughtering is vital for business’s future success.


Halal Article

Section Name



Interview Article


Mr. Arnaud Jacquemin , Managing Director of Univers Drink.

Since 2009, Univers Drink has positioned itself

the Muslim communities in Europe has nothing to drink

as a non-alcoholic drinks specialist throughout the

during the festive seasons; however, with their 0.0%

world. Thanks to a unique process, each drink reveals

alcohol-free drinks, both Muslims and non-Muslims can

organoleptic characteristics worthy of wines and sparkling

enjoy their drinks. The products have since then received

wines, without containing even the smallest drop of

acceptance by everyone, the young and the old, the

alcohol. It launched itself as a festive soft drink to convey

pregnant and youth and also to others who are abstaining

an important message to the world, especially to the

from alcohol. Without hesitation, they immediately

younger audience: It is possible to celebrate life to the

applied for the halal certification. They have 20 SKU and

fullest without consuming alcohol!

their famous brand is the Night Orient, which is dedicated especially to the Muslim populations and those who are


restraining or restricted from consuming alcoholic drinks.

This company was founded by two innovative individuals, Arnaud Jacquemin and Rachid Gacem. Whilst working


for a business exportation company, they saw a gap in the

Universe Drink’s products come with an innovative concept

market and soon developed an interest in the production

and a high standard. The exceptional manufacturing

of non-alcoholic drinks. The Muslim communities do not

procedure ensures the creation of still and sparkling wines

take alcoholic beverages, and as the growth of Muslims

with a wide range of interesting flavours and aromas with

worldwide is expanding, they found it necessary to

features that are commonly found in alcoholic drinks. Yet,

introduce a beverage that is free from alcoholic drinks

the company ensures that there are no traces of alcohol

yet still has a delectable taste. They especially noticed

found in the products, and that the drinks are 0.0%

Interview Section Name Article

29 29

alcohol-free. It goes a step further by ensuring the final

“Gulfood 2010 (Dubai)” to the “Belgian product of the year

process of the production removes even minute traces of

(2013)”, via awards at SIAL Innovation (food innovation

alcohol and makes the end-product a completely 0.0%

observatories) in Paris and Abu Dhabi. Lastly, the Night

alcohol-free drink. So the end result is a creation almost

Orient Brand received the Superior Taste Award of a gold

similar to wines, yet it is free from any traces of alcohol.

star in May 2014. The product was tasted and analysed by master sommeliers and achieved an average of 70% in


all aspects of a sensory analysis. These distinctions, which

Univers Drink has, since its inception seven years ago,

have provided them with a promotional springboard,

come up with 4 different brands and 20 products to satisfy

position Univers Drinks as a major player in the world of

different categories of consumers.

non-alcoholic drinks.

a. Night Orient: Alcohol-free bubbles classic and Rosé and alcohol-free wines as Merlot, Chardonnay and rosé,


all guaranteed 0.0%

Univers Drink is currently marketed in 15 countries,

b. Vendome Mademoiselle: Alcohol-free bubbles

including the Middle East, Canada, the USA, France and

classic and Rosé and alcohol-free wines as Merlot,

much more. Now they are looking towards entering the

Chardonnay and rosé, all guaranteed 0.0%

Hispanic market. As part of this venture, the company will


be participating in Alimentaria 2016. The aim of exhibiting

Vendanges Mademoiselle: Alcohol-free red and

white grape juice, all guaranteed 0.0%

the show is to attract consumers from Asia, Europe, and

d. Life Addict: Alcohol-free red and white grape juice

the North and Latin Americas. They are also taking the

for teenagers, all guaranteed 0.0%

opportunity to explore this new markets; Spain is a huge market with a significant number of Muslims.

HALAL CERTIFICATION Arnaud and Rachid are very proud to announce that their


0.0% alcohol-free beverage received the halal certification

Maintaining a high level of quality in the products and

from JAKIM, a highly respected Malaysian halal certificate

marketing them to the right distributors and retailers

authority that is known for its stringent procedures.

meant success to Arnaud. The company is proud of the fact

According to them, the halal certification provides plenty

that its products receive a wide appeal from its consumers

of advantageous to the company. Foremost, it boosts the

and it is important that they continue to trust the brand.

company’s credibility as a trusted and hygienic company

According to him, being human and working as a team are

amongst the Muslims. It also builds consumers’ trust

imperative to promote the business. He advises his team

in their products and it definitely gave them the grand

to be always happy and work towards the success of the

opportunity to reach out to the bigger market around the

company. He also sees a huge potential for Univers Drink


in the future and aims at making progress by entering new markets while maintaining a great relationship with the


existing customers.

The various ranges developed by Univers Drink are characterised by excellence in flavour with 0.0 % alcohol. This is a quality that has been recognised by its peers and consumers since its creation in 2009. The brand has been honoured by several prestigious awards: from the

O R I E N T D R I N K / B E L G I U M / T E L : + 3 2 4 9 7 4 1 2 8 5 8 / E M A I L : W W W . N I G H T O R I E N T.C O M


Interview Article

Who does not enjoy the taste of oven-baked pizza with


an authentic Hispanic heritage recipe? Have a bite of the

Generally, there are two product range:

amazing pizza served by Andreu Alimentacio, the specialist

a) Fresh products

of all pizzas. Your taste buds won’t deny the true pleasure

b) Frozen products

of eating a crunchy crust pizza with soft and fluffy dough, using only the finest sauces and freshest cheese with an

We have various range of pizza demanding on the client’s

extensive array of ingredients.

demands. Each client has different requirements and Andreu always adapts with the requests of their clients.


Furthermore, the international market may also demand

Andreu Alimentacio SL is a Spanish company and the

other specific needs, such as halal pizzas. Hence, Andreu

leader in the manufacturing of fresh and frozen pizzas with

ensures that the company can comply to these demands.

a distributor mark. This company initially opened its door

The idea of getting the halal pizza into the international

to business in 1995 offering the finest taste of pizza with a

market started during a trip to the Morocco’s supermarket.

top-notch product’s quality and a distinguish hygiene and

Most of the foods in Morocco are halal, and Andreu saw

food safety standard. Located in the agriculture region

the opportunity in their business.

of Bages, Barcelona, Andreu built a first-class factory that accommodates the most advanced equipment and


a huge team of professional workers. The company is a

Andreu ensures that the company received the halal

fully dedicated enterprise in the production of pizza, from

certification for their products. Halal certification is

the dough processing to the final packaging of the end

deemed as essential by the company because the pizzas

products. It only produces the authentic and traditional

are potential products to Muslims consumers not only in

pizzas with familiar origins from day one until now.

Europe but also for the rest of the continent. With the halal

Interview Article


MARKETING STRATEGIES One of the most effective method to introduce the company’s product is by attending international trade fairs and food exhibition in order to promote their products. through these exhibitions, the company gains plenty of existing and prospect clients. This allows them to fixed some appointments and form a business networking with these individuals.

PRODUCT EXPORTATION Currently, their products can be found in the local supermarket and to the Moroccan market. They are aiming at expanding their products to the global international market, and to introduce to them the deliciousness of Andreu’s pizzas.

Our aim is to be able to expand our

product to other countries; we don’t care to which ones. They are actively participating in trade fairs in order to certification, it gives a golden pass for them to enter other foreign countries. They also see a growing opportunity

recruit more business networking and to offer their great products to new markets.

in the halal sector in the coming years, especially in the pizza industry as well as the pre-cooked food industry. Besides than the halal certification, the company complies to the food quality stringency and received the ISO 9001

ALIMENTARIA PARTICIPATION This year, Andreu will be participating for the Alimentaria event in Barcelona. This event is anticipated since day one as Andreu sees many opportunities for them. They are also


excited to showcase their diversified products to both the UNIQUE SELLING POINT Nowadays Andreu has the necessary experiences to give a complete product range with which they are able to satisfy the needs of each client in different markets. Their main task is to offer a natural and healthy food, maintaining

local and international trade visitors that will be visiting the event. Throughout the event, they are anticipating a huge range of crowd from different nationalities and regions to come to their booth and learn about their company and appreciate their products.

the maximum quality of the raw material and getting a final product which keep all the organoleptic qualities. Thanks to the combination of research and development with the traditional recipes and the new ones according to the market demand, they have achieved a full range of references. For that reason, in Andreu, they prefer

They will also be participating for the Halal Supermarket co-organised by Alimentaria and DagangHalal. This event is most anticipated as it gives them an additional channel to market their products and to gain more brand awareness for all their halal products.

to maintain their traditional origins: Offering the latest products with the oldest tastes, taking care of all details during the elaboration process. A N D R E U A L I M E N TA C I Ó , S . L . / S PA I N / T E L : + 3 4 9 3 8 7 7 3 3 8 0 / w w w. g r u p a n d re u . c o m


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BESTFOOD, MARKET LEADER FOR BRANDED NUTS Best Food Company LLC, or better known as Bestfood, has been established in 1979 with a single nuts processing

commitment to quality and the same drive to add value to consumers’ lives through innovations.

plant, Best Food Company has evolved into a multiconsumer products company represented across Middle



1) The Best Nuts





with ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications. Over 600

The UAE’s discerning food lovers have made Best Nuts

staff operating 5 divisions: Nuts Processing, Chocolate

their No.1 brand of choice. To them, Bestfood represents

Manufacturing, Sales& Distribution, Exports, Duty Free.

impeccable quality, delightful variety and irresistible taste. They accomplish this by carefully choosing the finest


ingredients, innovating exciting recipes and applying the

Incepted in 1979 as a single nuts processing plant, Bestfood

latest technology to make every pack a deliciously healthy

has grown to become the market leader for branded nuts


in the Middle East. With a product line that extends to a variety of finest nuts and chocolates, with state-of-the-art

2) Tamrah

manufacturing facilities that spread over 128,600 square

Tamrah is an exquisite range of collection of healthy

feet and manpower resources comprising of over 600

and nourishing confectioneries made with finest dates

skilled employees. Bestfood caters to different consumer

and golden roasted almonds, enrobed in pure chocolate.

tastes and preferences through its two manufacturing

With the finest golden almonds at the core, surrounded

divisions; Nuts and Chocolate, and eight sales divisions;

by irresistible luscious dates and enveloped with four

FMCG Emirates, HoReCa, Target Markets, GCC, MENA,

sinfully delectable chocolate variants, combine to give you


three layers of happiness. Each bite is a taste of gourmand






While these divisions contribute to the food industry in different ways, they are propelled by the same unflinching


Interview Article


3) Zee

measures have earned Bestfood prestigious quality

ZEE NUTS range has been introduced as a complementary

certifications like ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP, its secret

range to the Best Nuts, keeping in line with the

recipes are increasingly being sought-after by more and

requirement of Healthy snacking during all outdoor

more countries across the world. Today, they have covered

activities, socializing and to nurture the youthfulness

more than 90% of the UAE market. They have huge

within you. Nuts are full of goodness that helps you grow

capability to market and build their brands and is now

healthy and strong. They are rich in proteins & contains

focusing aggressively to expand their brands and products

almost all essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants &

into new markets and territories. Today, Bestfood’s

micronutrients. Nuts are a rich source of natural fibers.

product ranges are exported to countries across the

Handful of nuts packed with powerful nutrients will

Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and South Asia.

always energise you.

The company will soon be entering new markets across Asia, Africa and Europe.

4) Tum Tum Tum Tum are premium nuts that are produced specially for the export market and are also distributed in the Saudi Arabia market.

QUALITY & INNOVATIVE Bestfood has a steadfast commitment to quality and believes that it begins with each and every member in the company. All their factories are ultra-hygienic and are compatible with both the halal certification and HACCP. Bestfood is also ISO certified since 2000. As a key drive of growth in any organization, Bestfood invests on creating new product as well as packaging concepts. Many ideas have been launched in the past years and quite few are on the pipeline. Apart of the continuous investment in IT, Machinery and Logistics to cope up with the growth in turnover, they also believe that the real investment remains in the human resources. With all the hard work for an innovative and high quality product, they were awarded with the local food award for their brand “Tamrah” at Gulfood 2013. This brand -Tamrah- is an Arabian inspired confectionery made with the finest dates, stuffed with roasted almond and enrobed in rich chocolate coating.

SALES & DISTRIBUTION Bestfood’s relentless pursuit of perfection is best reflected in the recognitions it won and the acceptance it gained across the world. While its stringent quality control

Mr. Bahjat Hassan, CEO of Best Food Company LLC.

B E S T F O O D C O M PA N Y L L C / U A E / T E L : + 9 7 1 4 2 8 5 9 0 4 5 / w w w. b e s t fo o d c o . c o m


Interview Article

Juice your life with Juice in Time Juice in time is a 100% Brazilian company that started

has already been awarded the trademark “Juice in Time�

in 2013. It produces a 100% natural juice from a variety

by the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property.

of fruits without adding any additives or colourings to the products. Currently, the organization has over ten


different varieties of natural juices ranging from grape,

In order to develop the technology for the company,

pineapple, passionfruit, lemon, acerola&orange, and

Juice in Time collaborated with a team of electronic,

Detox Line. The company currently operates in Brazil and

mechatronic, and mechanical engineers, and partnered

the United Arab Emirates. However, the company is under

with universities and several vendors. This collaboration

negotiation process in many other countries including the

led to the creation of the juicers that are economical

USA, Europe, and Asia. The company has since received

yet guaranteed high quality. This technology allows the

halal certification from the Brazilian Halal certification

company to make juices that are not only a 100% natural

body. This means that the products are not only legitimate

from the fruits, but it also adapts an effective mechanism

but also excellent in quality.

which allows the juice to be served by just a press of a button. The juices are made of 100% natural frozen pulp


that contains no preservatives, sweeteners, acidulants,

According to Nicolas, the idea to start the company was an

flavourings or other harmful chemicals. The pulps are

inception by Mr Marcos Pinotti, who realised that there

filled in a computerised equipment without hand contact.

was a shortage of 100% natural juices, sugar-free, in the

Immediately after filling in the capsule, they are sent to

market that any person could enjoy while at work or at

an ultra-rapid freezing chamber, locking all the flavours

home. Prior to the advent of this idea in 2010, an extensive

and nutritional properties of the fruit in the capsule.

research was done to develop a machine and fruit capsules

This process is very efficient as the company can process

containing the juices. By 2013, they achieved satisfactory

one million capsules per month. Currently, there are 14

and feasible outcomes. Currently, the company is under

different flavours, such as grapes, pineapple, mango and

the process of entering the global markets by partnering

mixed fruits. According to their research, the pineapple

with gyms, schools, hospitals, as well as corporate entities

and mint flavour is the best-selling product in Brazil,

seeking to introduce their quality natural juices. Although

followed by the pineapple flavour, acai flavour and the

the company is still relatively new in the local market, it

Interview Article


banana flavour. Besides the fruit, they have as well the Detox line from whitea Apple and Hibiscus, as well as Green Tea Ginger and Mint

MARKETING STRATEGIES The firm uses a number of marketing strategies depending on their target market. One of the most effective strategies is through attending international trade fairs. By attending such exhibition, the company can slowly gain exposure of their products to the targeted market. The company is also planning to participate in specific channels to catering services by showcasing their products to health clubs, institutions, and hospitals. This will also help in increasing their awareness. With these marketing strategies, the firm hopes to penetrate into the European market especially in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Netherlands. Also, they will be looking into expanding their products in their local market, the USA, Canada and North America.

Mr. Nicolas Daher, Managing Director of Juice in Time.

FORGING AHEAD The company hopes to be a global leader in the natural juices segment. Hence, they are working hard to enter supermarket and to also expand their business to other new international markets. The company is also looking to expand their products range by including more flavours and developing detox drinks by combining tea with fruits.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT Brazil is known for their coffee beans, and coffee is found in every shops and offices. Juice in Time plans to change the trend by serving top quality, highly nutritious fruit juices to corporates and institution that only provide coffee and teas as their main beverages. With more options to choose, employees, students, hospitals, etc. now have the

Try Juice in Time to experience the lushness taste of real fruit juice. It will be an experience that you will never forget. If you are interested in their products, Juice in Time is more than happy to meet with you and have you taste their juices!

choice of either the juice or coffee and tea.

IMPORTANCE OF HALAL CERTIFICATION All their products are certified halal by the Brazilian authority body. Nicolas explained that halal certification is important for them as it gives legitimacy to the products and confidence to the Muslim consumers as their realised that the products are halal from the start of the machine until its end products. The halal certification also helps to boost sales. With the halal certification, they are now already in the UAE, and they are positive that their market can grow bigger with it.

JUICE IN TIME / BRAZIL / TEL: +55 (11) 3297-7123 /


Hello Halal! Great taste without meat and soy.

The big range of meatless specialties is made from milk, egg and vegetable protein. Without soy and without flavor enhancers.

Visit us at:

An Austrian innovation!


Kalsdorf Kal 18 | 8262 8 Ilz | Austria +43 650 8140 8140130 franzs nzschalk@ www.schalk-m

FAMILY BUSINESS Schalk Mühle KG is a small family business with a long tradition. We attach great im-portance to handcraft as well as personal contact with our customers and employees. For generations we have tried to strengthen regional, sustainable production and the pro-tection of traditional manufacturing processes by preserving the use of well-established machines. With our own organic

farm, situ-ated around our production facility, we know what it means to grow organic food. Therefore we support the work of our local organic farmers – who we know all personally – and offer them fair prices for their great organic products. In addition, the use of local raw materials offers us the chance of minimal transport ways.

Sustainability With our hydraulic-power plant, we are in a position to produce our own electricity throughout the year. As well as hydro-power we also use the power of our forest. hy po po natural The natura rall gr growth delivers enough firewood per year to

heat our roasting pan. With our decades of experience working in the forest, we keep it in a sustainable way and only ly take what we need.


Interview Article

I.C. Blancafort, the meat expert since 1908

I.C. Blancafort, a family business with a hundred-year

baked slowly to perfection. The meat that is used is 100%

old dedication in the production of meat products. It

beef meat that is high in protein, iron and zinc. It makes a

began in the year 1908 in a small shop located at the city

perfect combination with fried eggs, pizzas and spaghetti.

of Vic. The ancestors of the company worked in earnest

The Halal Roast Turkey is prepared with a 100% halal turkey

to build their company in the local market. Now, in their

breast that has been marinated with Mediterranean hers

fourth generation, the company has established its name

and a hint of garlic. Turkey is a meat that is naturally low

and brand throughout the Spain market. At present, the

in fat (95% fat-free) which makes it a perfect low-calorie

company is located in La Garriga within the province of

diet meal. This meat is best consumed as sandwiches.

Barcelona, and with the fourth generation of the family

Halal Turkey Comesano is a 100% halal turkey breast with

at the helm, the company is still preserving its tradition,

a 50% reduction in the salt content. This product aims to

and gathering more expertise and product development

provide an alternative to those who are looking for a low

from the time it was founded and offering it to the society

sodium diet while retaining the delicious taste.

within a range of distinguished products. PRODUCT QUALITY PRODUCT INFORMATION

The continual time and energy that the team dedicated

Being the Spanish specialist in meat, I.C. Blancafort

to constantly improve lead to the prosperity of I.C.

acknowledges the different demands from consumers.

Blancafort S.A. as it grew from a small shop in the early

Hence, the company offers a range of turkey and veal

days to a business of renown products. I.C. Blancafort has

bacon products that comes in different sizes, formats and

the technology and planning procedures that allow a full

toppings. Furthermore, the company is aware of certain

production history, from location, history and trajectory

condition suffers by certain individuals. Therefore, they

of all its products and batches during the supply process,

have been ensuring that all their products are both gluten-

offering high quality service from beginning to end

free and lactose-free.

throughout the supply chain. This allows them to offer

The Halal Beef Bacon is made of finest quality meat that

quality and service from the very beginning to the final

has been marinated using a traditional family recipe and

journey of the supply chain.

Interview Section Name Article


OPTIMUM TECHNOLOGY I.C. Blancafort always uses the best technology in order to obtain the best products. Their technical department controls each stages of the process, simultaneously investigating and developing new products in order to satisfy market demands. The actual Industrias Cárnicas Blancafort is the benefit of a hundred years of experience and the care taken to maintain the quality of yester-year and anticipate the needs of today’s consumers.

ACCREDITATIONS As I.C. Blancafort gathers all the consumers’ requirements and concerns, the company produces products that are guaranteed free from gluten and lactose, and has the halal certification. They were also the first Spanish Organic cooked meat production company certified and guaranteed by the internationally recognised CCOP (Catalian Council of Organic Production).

HALAL CERTIFICATION One of the successes of I.C. Blancafort is to adapt some of their products with the halal certificate. As the year progresses, halal products are becoming necessities not

procedure that has been laid down by this halal authority

just in Spain but also to the other neighbouring countries

in order to ensure that their products are 100% guaranteed

around Europe. Many of these consumers are demanding

halal compliance.

for halal products in order to cater to the Muslim communities in the respective countries, as well as for the


Muslim tourists that are increasing year by year.

This year, I.C. Blancafort will be participating for the

Blancafort also sees the opportunity with having their

Alimentaria Barcelona trade fair. This show is not new

products halal certified: it opens more market for them

for them as they have always been a loyal exhibitor for

to enter, countries that would have been impossible is

this show. They enjoyed showcasing their products to this

now accessible with the halal certification. Without much

exhibition as it helps to increase their brand awareness

hesitation, Blancafort immediately ensure that they have

and build more business networking with key players all

the halal certification for some of their selected products.

over the world. This year, they are more excited as they

Currently, Blancafort’s halal products are being certified

will be participating for the Halal Supermarket that is

by the largest and most prestigious halal certification body

co-organised by Alimentaria and DagangHalal. The Halal

in Spain known as the Halal Institute of Islamic Junta

Supermarket gives them an additional channel for them

de Cordoba. They are very proud with the certification

to showcase their high quality halal products. This is also

that they have gained and are willing to ensure that

the optimum stage for them to introduce their products to

their products will follow the guidelines and standard of

new markets outside of their local market.

I . C . B L A N C A F O R T S . A . / S PA I N / T E L : + 3 4 9 3 8 7 1 7 8 5 2 / w w w. b l a n c a fo r t . e s


Interview Article


Jyotiroop Barua, Vice President of Sales of MTR Foods Private Limited.


They include ready-to-eat curries and rice, ready-to-

MTR Foods Private Limited began its operations in 1924

cook gravies, instant breakfast mixes like rava idli, dosa,

in Bangalore, India as a small vegetarian restaurant

upma and poha, soups, snack mixes, snacks, meal mixes,

owned by the Maiya family headed by Yajnanarayana

vermicelli, masala pastes, pickles and papads, ice-creams,

Maiya along with his brothers. Today, Mavalli Tiffin

sweets, frozen foods and milk-beverage drinks. Badam

Rooms (MTR) is a popular landmark in the city and people

(Almond) milk is the most popular milk drink among the

can be seen queuing up to enjoy its special delicacies. The


business grew to become a strong and powerful food and hospitality chain in the country over the years. In 1975,

MTR holds the numero uno position in India in the

the company expanded and entered the convenience foods

following food categories:

and instant mixes market. MTR foods is represented by

* Breakfast foods

two separate entities namely the restaurant business and

* Ready-to-eat foods

the packaged food business. With the expansion of the

* Instant breakfast mixes

business came the development of modern facilities such

* Masala category

as the establishment of a lab and printing and packaging

* Beverages

services. The rich heritage of MTR has helped bring in quality PRODUCTS OFFER TO COMMUNITY

and genuineness in the food industry. As part of further

MTR Foods Private Limited offers a wide variety of

growth, MTR partnered with Orkla, a Norwegian company

products for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also dessert

in 2007. Since then, the company operates as a subsidiary

items. The products cater to the Southern Indian cuisine.

of Orkla ASA.

Interview Article



of the principal reasons for the company’s success in

Recipes have passed on from generation to generation

the local and global market. A specialized research and

and the company has come a long way since its humble

development wing ensures extensive research of the

beginning to its current leading position in the food

products before they are launched in the market.

industry by its innovative techniques and implementation of new and modern technology. The company is also


supported by a strong food safety policy that has made it a

Halal certification is a very important part of the business

powerful Indian heritage brand. It believes that dedicated

and the company has this certification which adds

work with strict environment, health and safety standards

credibility to its products. This helps not only with the

add to the efficiency of the brand and it is very crucial to

international business of the company but also in India.

its business. Today, MTR has carved a name for itself in the national as well as the international food scene. MTR


Foods has won several prestigious awards, some for the

MTR observed the demand for Indian cuisine has now

best brand and a few others for the highest growth in the

grown to be at the top 5th percentile in the world. Hence,

food industry. MTR has restaurant outlets, apart from

the ethnic Indian food connoisseurs MTR have taken

India, in London, Singapore and Dubai. Mr. Jyotiroop

it upon themselves as a big responsibility to be a part

Barua, the Vice President of Sales, says that the company

of every home and be an essential companion in every

starts building its brand in countries where there are a

kitchen to help create authentic and delectable foods.

large number of Indians. International business of the company started getting the right focus in 2010 and today MTR products are being exported to 32 countries. With the popularity of the Indian cuisine on a global level, export of MTR products has become very successful. Their products receive an overwhelming response almost all over the world. Having got a foothold in the GCC countries, the company’s aim is to target the other Middle East countries like Iran and Iraq and also South Africa and Egypt.

MARKETING STRATEGIES The company’s brand strategy is so designed as to ensure an authentic Indian cuisine brand catering to both the older and the younger generation. While keeping its traditional values intact with the promise of great authentic quality and taste by using the finest ingredients, the company understands the needs of the modern consumer, so it has restructured its product range to cater to every consumer regardless of their age. Every MTR product, according to the company, is made to represent its unique tradition of unsurpassed quality, purity and taste. There is never a compromise in the quality of the foods and this is one M T R F O O D S P V T. LT D . / I N D I A / T E L : + 9 1 8 0 - 4 0 8 1 2 1 0 0 / w w w. m t r fo o d s . c o m


Interview Article

THE PREMIUM HALAL POULTRY BRAND! Volys Star, one of the well-recognised European

source of proteins.

company as a leading producer of ready to eat chicken and

With that, Volys Star became the first company in Europe

turkey products. The company develops and sells chicken

to bring turkey meat in the European market.

and turkey globally in the form of charcuterie and other

at the early beginning, the company was the first to do

breaded and culinary products. The products are sold in

charcuterie turkey. Charcuterie turkey is turkey that has

retail or wholesale, and also to the foodservice industry.

been cooked, cured or smoked. Thereafter, Volys Star

This interview with Peter Dewaele, the Export Manager for

began developing new products with turkey meat. Besides

Volys Star, discusses the business journey of the company

then charcuterie, they also innovated breaded items and

and the directions the company is taking in expanding its

culinary products in their company.

business and reaching more consumers with their high-

Their products were celebrated and loved by their

quality products.

consumers all over Europe.


Eventually, they started

exporting to other international regions. HISTORY OF VOLYS STAR The company started in 1946, 70 years ago as a chicken


slaughterhouse. By the end of the 1960s, it changed into

Volys Star has four products:

a turkey slaughterhouse. The reason behind this change

a) Charcuterie the original products: They have

is because the company saw an opportunity with turkey

chicken and turkey products,

meat. At that time, Europeans did not cultivate and

both bulk and pre-sliced.

slaughter turkeys. Volys Star saw the grand opportunity

b) Breaded items: this item can be in a chilled form and

to introduce turkey meat to the Europeans. They did some

its main target countries are those in the neighbouring

few research on the nutritional benefits of this meat. They

countries such as France, Holland and Germany.

then realised that turkey meat is a good food and a healthy

c) Frozen-breaded items: These items are for longdistance exportation.

Interview Article


d) Food service products: This can be in bulk or portion controls.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT The unique selling point of this company is that it controls the whole process from the egg to the final products. They also have chilled, long shelf life range which allows the distributors to buy more products and have them shipped by sea. With that, the distributors can reduce some of the exportation costs. Undoubtedly that the chilled and frozen processes are expensive to produce, however, they are good investments to the company as it gives the company the opportunity to approach more overseas market.

Mr. Peter Dawaele, Export Manager of Volys Star N.V.



Each country has different taste and preferences, making

There are many Muslims around the world and it is a

it complicated to denote which is the best-selling products

growing market. Volys Star is an active member of the

for Volys Star. However, Volys Star does plenty of market

International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHI), and has

studying before entering a specific region; hence, the

played a major part in the drafting of two IHI Halal

company produces different flavours depending on the

standards so far. With the halal certificate, the consumers


have more purchasing power. At the same time, it shows that Volys Star is a reliable partner. Hence, they ensure


that their products have the halal certification. Production

Volys Star works closely with the countries’ importers and

plants are also closely controlled with the Halal CBs. This

agents, and they discussed on the best marketing strategies

gives further assurance to the buyers and clients.

for the country of interest. This is because importers and

They have also received other certifications including the

agents are more well-versed with their local market and

HACCP, ISO9001, International Food Standard (IFS) and

Volys Star learnt from these individuals on the country’s

the BRC. As for awards, they have won the Gold Award

market trends and consumers behaviour. Volys Stars

from SIAL d’Or with its Turkey breast.

also supports these individuals in the area of finance and advertising. They also have a marketing department that handles the pictures used for advertising purposes and campaigns. Their operations are now in Belgium (home market), France, UK, Denmark, Greece, Holland, Spain, and the whole of the Middle East. They are also present in Polynesia, the Caribbean and Hong Kong. Their network of traders includes a large number that sells Volys Star products to other markets that they are not completely aware of. The next target market is Iran and Southeast Asia. V O LY S S TA R N V / B E L G I U M / T E L : + 3 2 0 5 1 3 3 5 0 2 0 / w w w.v o l y s s t a r. b e


Interview Article

Mr. Kevin Friel, Export Manager of Ornua.

Ornua, or formerly known as the Irish Dairy Board, is an


Irish based co-operative that manufactures and markets

According to Friel, the company has taken big strides

dairy products on behalf of Irish dairy farmers, Irish dairy

in its growth network since its inception. Currently, the

processors, and its members. It is the largest dairy product

firm operates from 19 subsidiaries across the globe with

exporter in Ireland, and it aims at delivering a sustainable,

facilities in Germany, the United States, Middle East,

high return for the Irish dairy farmers. The company owns

and the United Kingdom. In March 2016, the company

the Kerrygold butter, Pilgrims Choice, Beo milk powder,

opened a new butter manufacturing plant in Riyadh,

Dubliner, and Shannongold as its primary brands. The

Saudi Arabia. Ornua is in the process of opening a new

company operates in more than 60 countries and its

plant in Mitchelstown, Ireland that will function as an

products can be found in more than 90 countries. The

innovation and customer centre apart from being the

markets are serviced through wholly owned subsidiaries

Number One unit for Kerrygold and being used as a new

in the UK, Germany and the USA, and by locally based

product development facility. The firm operates two

distributors and agents in other key regions. The Ornua

main divisions, which are the branded division and food

brand was introduced in March 2015 to reflect upon the

ingredients division. The branded division usually uses the

company’s proud diary heritage that dates back to 1961.

name Kerrygold and is the Number One market operator in Germany and the Number One exporter in Europe and


the United States. Major products are butter, cheese, and

According to Kevin Friel, the company’s regional marketing

whole milk powder. The food ingredients division sells

director, Ornua was established through an act of the dairy

cheese, butter, and milk powder to international blue chip

produce marketing in 1961. By 1962, the organization had

companies across the globe.

successfully launched the Kerrygold brand in England. After Ireland joined the European Union (then European


Economic Community) in 1973, Ornua started exporting

Ornua is an indigenous brand of Ireland and the brands

more products to continental Europe mainly focussing

are halal certified to depict high quality and dedication

in Germany. By 1982, the company had established

to hygienic production. Ireland is a green country with

nationwide distribution in Germany.

plenty of rainfall all-year-round, the cows are grass-

Interview Article


fed throughout the year ensuring that the milk is tastier

awareness of the company’s products especially in the

and creamier. The lush green landscape and temperate

Middle East and the United States. The company is already

climate provide the ideal condition for sustainable dairy

in the Chinese market, Middle East, and North African

farming. These factors result to high-quality grains used

regions. The company is planning to make its official

to feed the cattle also give the milk a golden colour. This

entrance to Australia, which is also another great market

colour portrays the high quality of the products. Hence,

for dairy products. The halal certification has helped the

the butter is the best-selling product both in the local and

company to set up branches in over 90 countries because

international market as it has a creamy and rich taste

of the confidence consumers attach to the certification.

to the butter. Despite the new technological era, Irish dairy refrained from using technology to manufacture


its products. It retains its old farmer tradition wherein

The Ornua brand has received several awards and

the Irish dairy farmers have been farming in harmony

certifications for quality, innovation, and dedication to

with nature for thousands of years. The farmers are well

hygiene in many markets including Ireland and Germany.

informed on quality production having been in the dairy

These awards are for a range of products including cheeses

business for three generations of farmers. The brand is

and butter. The awards have been a great motivation to

locally owned by the farmers meaning that they receive

employees who continue to provide natural and tasty dairy

high bonuses from worldwide sales of their favourite


brands. This is the main difference between Ornua and other international dairy companies.

FUTURE TRENDS According to Friel, the company wishes to undergo


geographical expansion as well as portfolio expansion. In

Ornua owns a significant market share in the big markets

the coming years, the company will be able to enter new

such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland.

markets such as southern and sub-Saharan Africa while

The firm uses the mass-market medium for most of its

at the same time increasing the range of quality products

advertising needs including social media and television

that the firm has continued to produce over the years.

advertisements. This makes the company one of the most effective brands when it comes to marketing its products. The company also uses international food exhibitions, food bloggers, and sampling sessions to increase brand

O R N U A / R E P U B L I C O F I R E L A N D / T E L : + 3 5 3 1 6 6 1 9 5 9 9 / w w w. o r n u a . c o m

Do You Organic?




THINK GREEN! natural ingredients 路 quality food 路 fresh & healthy

Durian Chips

Banana Chips

Jackfruit Chips

Carrot Chips

TOUCH SMILE SERVICES No 8, Jalan Kristal 1, Taman Kristal, 08000 Sg Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. Tel: +6010-3137111 Fax: +604-4312035 Email:


Interview Article

Mr. Marcello Milano, Export Manager of Acetificio Andrea Milano.


Acetificio Andrea Milano is an Italian based company

red grapes vinegar, apple cider and Balsamic Vinegar of

that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of

Modena. These products come in various sizes and shapes

a range of vinegar. The company has two main factories:

depending on the market’s demands. Initially, the products

one in Naples and the other in Modena. The Naples

were only sold in Italy. Thirty years ago, the company

factory is close to the port and major highways; thus, it is

decided to start exporting products to other international

used as the main office building and warehousing for raw

markets, bringing the traditional Italian vinegar as far

and finished materials. The Modena plant is mainly used

as the Middle East and other further continents around

for the manufacturing of Balsamic Vinegar, and hence the

the world. Their products received acceptance by people

name Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

and of all their products, the best-selling product is the balsamic vinegar. The balsamic vinegar of Modena is the


pride of the company and embraces the production of

The company was founded in 1889 by Mr. Nicola

all the different balsamic vinegars which ages between 2

Milano producing vinegar. His son, Andrea, continued

months and 25 years.

his father’s business with the knowledge and teachings he has received from his father and vow to ensure the


business is constantly striving in the industry. Now in

Currently, Acetificio Andrea Milano is already in 40

its fifth generation, Acetificio Andrea Milano is one of

countries, and their products can be found vastly in the

the older vinegar companies in Italy and has continued

retail markets and food service sector. One of their largest

its prosperity within the local and international market.

markets is in the Middle East, especially for the apple

His innovative genius continues to triumph past his fifth

cider vinegar product. This product received the biggest

generation successor. The company produces white and

turnover in the Middle East for its uniqueness in taste.

Interview Article


Within the global scale, the balsamic vinegar of Milano is

these countries where the halal certification is required.

the most celebrated product, and it generates the biggest

According to the Export Manager, the halal certification

turnover in the company. It also accounts for the largest

helps the company tremendously with the exportation and

export share in terms of the quantity it exports annually.

it is one of the most important certification obtained by the company. Halal certification is now deemed as a standard


by most F&B companies whenever these companies

The company uses various channels to promote and

are planning to export their products. As for Acetificio

showcase their products. One of the most popular

Andrea Milano, the company lessens the burden of their

means of advertising is through international trade fairs

distributors by engaging in mixed shipping as all their

organized by governments and other associations of food

products are halal certified. This way, it helps to reduce

manufacturers. Trade fairs offer a good opportunity for

the shipping cost of the products as various products of

the company to showcase their goods while at the same

the company can be shipping using a single container.

time learning about new global trends. These fairs allow

The company has won several awards and certifications

the company to develop new products by observing the

such as the BRC, IFS and USDA Organic. These

consumer trends. The firm also uses television ads, social

certifications and awards continue to improve customer

media, and the Italian trade agency to showcase their

confidence its products and production processes.

products in different regions. One of the most widely used marketing strategies is improving relationships with new


and existing distributors and importers. The company

The company sees a brighter future in the coming years

also helps other companies by offering private labels

especially as they are planning to enter the Iranian market,

(OEM) in order to increase their market share. Thus,

which is one of the largest markets in the Persian Gulf.

the firm is widely involved in the operational activities

According to the Export Manager, the company offers a

of its partners. Whenever the company identifies a good

good partner for businesses and individuals dealing with

and probably candidate, it will ensure that the company

vinegars or the food service in general. The company is

of interest received full support and partnership with

not just a supplier; it is a major exporter with a lot of

Acetificio Andrea Milano, particularly in terms of the

experience in the field.

marketing, branding, and advertising.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT The company has maintained a strict adherence to professionalism that has ensured that the knowledge and skills have been passed from one generation to another. In addition, the firm maintains a keen eye on innovation and product development that ensures the organization continues to produce quality goods for years.

AWARDS AND CERTIFICATIONS Exporting to both Muslim and non-Muslim countries, Acetificio Andrea Milano decided that it is wise to get the halal certification in order to ease their exportation to

A C E T I F I C I O A N D R E A M I L A N O S R L / I TA LY / T E L : + 3 9 0 8 1 7 5 2 3 8 8 8 / w w w. a c e to m i l a n o . i t


Halal Food Review




Halal Food Review

With Amir Fahmi & Shafiq Mansor

DECENT KEBABS IN THE RAVAL AREA OF THE CITY When you wander through Raval, searching for a quick bite to eat, a kebab place is never far. But if you are looking for a place with good kebab at a reasonable price, Bismillah Raval Kebabish is definitely the place you need to go to. Bismillah Raval Kebabish is located in the street of Raval at Joaquin Costa, near the MACBA museum of the modern art. This restaurant is quite famous among the locals. I stopped by this popular kebab shop in the afternoon for a late quick lunch. There is ample seating inside and it was fairly busy when I went inside the restaurant. The seated area was spaced well, surrounded by blue and white Islamic decorative tiling. Being Asian myself I can tell that the food here is very authentic. From what I have seen from the menu, with under 20 Euros, you get even get yourself an appetizer, bread, main course, and dessert. I ordered one Lamb Kebab sandwich and I must say, the taste is very phenomenal. The kebab is made with fresh ingredients and is served with a big portion of fries and salad. I was event told that the bread is freshly baked too. I like how the garlic sauce brings out the unique flavour of the sandwich. The food is delicious and the presentation is fantastic. You may find cheaper food elsewhere, but this is hands down the best meal I have had in a while. To conclude, what i can say about this restaurant is the food is delicious, the portions are generous and the service is definitely great. If you're on a tight budget and want good affordable food, I highly recommend this one!

Halal Food Review



Ali Baba

Pans Boutique

Albarakah means blessing in Arabic. And we bless it for more than 70 exotic Lebanese and Greek dishes.

Serves pizza, chicken and lamb doner, whole chicken, burgers, fries etc.

Sandwiches, soups and salads with a Mediterranean twist are served at speed in this friendly, informal eatery.

Carrer de València, 204, Barcelona, Catalonia 08011 Tel: +34 933 234 651 Website: albarakahrestoran

Plaza Espana Bascula #4, local 2, Molins de Rei, Catalonia 08750

A-7 Salida 12, La Roca del Vallès, Catalunya 08430 Tel: +34 93 842 30 70 Website:

Salman Tandoori



Indian Halal restaurant which serves freshly made naan and chicken tandoori.

Fresh tasty and Halal Italian food in the Mall las Arenas Placa Espana.

Rajah specialises in Pakistani and Indian tandoori dishes

164 Avinguda d'Icària, Barcelona, Catalonia 08005 Tel: +34 930 025 734 Website:

Plaça Espanya, Barcelona, Catalunya 08004 Tel: +34 934 262 526

Carrer de la Creu Coberta, 26, Barcelona, Catalonia 08014 Tel: +34 933 254 504 Website:




We are a restaurant specializing in homemade food and Palestinian Arabic, located in the heart of Gracia.

Halal food, including doner kebab, falafel, kofta, costilla cordero, chicken tikka, mutton tikka, and much more.

From 2001, Maharaja offers to Barcelona's citizens and tourists delicious indian food.

14 Rambla del Raval, Barcelona, Catalonia 08001 Tel: +34 934 425 777 Website:

Carrer de Verdi, 28, Barcelona, Catalonia 08012 Tel: +34 933 685 077 Website:

15 Rambla del Raval, El Raval, Catalonia 08001


Trade Fair List

Food & Beverage Trade Fairs 2016


Gulfood 2016

21st – 25th February 2016 Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Café Asia 2016

03th – 05th March 2016 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Foodex Japan 2016

10th – 12th March 2016 Hong Kong Convention Centre, Hong Kong

MIHAS 2016

30th March – 2nd April 2016 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia


Food&HotelAsia2016 12th – 15th April 2016 Singapore Expo, Singapore

Anufood Eurasia 2016

14th – 16th April 2016 Tüyap Fair Convention & Congress Centre, Turkey

Halal Expo Europe 2016

17th – 18th April 2016 Beursgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Alimentaria 2016

25th – 28th April 2016 Fira de Barcelona, Spain


Food & Hospitality Africa 2016 3rd – 5th May 2016 Gallagher Convention Centre, South Africa

Food Africa Cairo 2016

4th – 7th May 2016 Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Egypt

SIAL China 2016

5th – 7th May 2016 Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China

Fi Vietnam 2016

18th – 20th May 2016 Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Vietnam


25th – 29th May 2016 IMPACT Exhibition Center, Thailand


MIFB 2016

27th – 29th July 2016 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia

Fi Asia 2016

21st – 23rd Sept 2016 Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia

Food Hospitality Oman 2016 26th – 28th Sept 2016 Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

16th – 20th Oct 2016 Paris Nord Villepinte, France

yummex Middle East 2016 07th – 09th Nov 2016 Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Fi Europe 2016

28th – 30th Nov 2016 Messe Frankfurt, Germany

8th – 11th March 2016 Makuhari Messe, Japan

Lohas Expo 2016

SIAL Paris 2016


SIAL Middle East 2016

05th – 07th Dec 2016 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE


Find important listing of upcoming Halal exhibition & Halal showcase around the world. Latest Halal exhibition & Halal showcase are added in every month. All information published had been collected from online partners website, governmental or reliable professional websites. Nevertheless, you are strongly advised to use the information here to contact trade shows organizations before you make any arrangement.

Product Showcase


Dairy Products Praise Traditional Meadow Fresh Full Mayonnaise Cream UHT

Goodman Fielder provide quality, consistent and Meadow Lea Original

innovative solutions across the Dairy-Milk, Cheese, Butter and Spreads; Flour; Dressings; Frozen Pastry; Cake Mix; and Cooking Fats categories. Company: Goodman Fielder Pty Ltd Country: Singapore Contact: +65 68125729

Whipping Cream 35% Fat

UHT Milk Full Cream Cooking Cream 23,5 % Fat

The main production center of the sector milk - cow in Sardinia. Giving each day on average 524,000 liters of milk produced in specialized and selected farms. Company: Arborea Country: Italy Contact: +39 783 804001

Pizza Mozzarella 2kg, 42% FDM Shredded

Mozzarella Ball 150g

Mozzarella Bolck Sliced 400g

The knowledge required to produce cheese has been passed down through the family for decades. The great-great-grandfather of the current owner of the company was a passionate cheesemaker in 1850. Company: Zuger Frischkase AG Country: Switzerland Contact: +41 71 955 98 77




Product Showcase

Convenience Food Malaysian Satay Marinade Mix

Malaysian Seafood Curry Mix

Malaysian Satay Sauce Mix

Nis Spice produces specially blended spices that enhance the taste of any dish. Founder Mr Allen Wong believes in creating spice products that enhance flavour and increase efficiency. Company: NIS Spice Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Country: Malaysia Contacts: +607 5207 899

Captain Oats

Instant Oatmeal 1.2kg

Quick Cook Oatmeal 1kg

Having obtained the National Mark of Malaysian Brand award and the ISO 22000, HACCP and HALAL by JAKIM certifications; the brand successfully cements its credibility among international buyers and consumers. Company: Federal Oats Mills Sdn Bhd Country: Malaysia Contacts: +604 333 2711

Pumpkin Seeds Pesto

Organic Austrian Pumpkin Seed Flour Raw

0.10L Organic Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil PGI

Schalk Muhle KG is a small family business with a long tradition. We attach great importance to handcraft as well as personal contact with our customers and employees. Company: Schalk Muhle KG Country: Austria Contacts: +43 6508 1410 130

Product Showcase


Convenience Food Onion Chips


Curry Muruku

Started out in 2005 under Global Traditions Spice Manufacturers as a spice manufacturer, the principals expanded the product range to include the wholesale and distribution of traditional snack food. Company: Global Traditions Enterprise Country: Malaysia Contact: +6013 259 2529

Extra Jam Strawberries

Forest Honey

Fruit Spread Apricot

Darbo is Austria’s leading food manufacturing company for preserves, honey, syrups and fruit preparation with one of the best-known and respected brands in the Austrian food trade. Company: A. Darbo AG Country: Austria Contacts: +43 5242 6951 0

Potato Crackers

Koala Kids Biscuit

Mini Pockets

A leading manufacturer of delectable potato crisps, cereal crisps, corn snacks, wafer rolls, chocolate sweets and a wide range of other delicious biscuit and cookie products.

Company: Win Win Singapore Pte Ltd Country: Singapore Contacts: +65 6659 1086




Product Showcase

Beverages Life Addict

Vendome Merlot

Night Orient

A universe of elegance and authenticity, perfect accompaniment in exclusive moments. Pleasure without the moderation. It is guaranteed 0.0% of alcohol and Halal certified by JAKIM.

Company: Univers Drink Country: Belgium Contacts: +32 497 41 28 58

Flavored Camel Milk: Date

Camel Milk Powder

Flavored Camel Milk: Strawberry

Camelicious is a leading camel milk dairy brand based in UAE produced by Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products.

Company: E mirates Industry For Camel Milk & Products Country: United Arab Emirates Contacts: +9714 2281034

Drinking Chocolate: Gourmet Original / Decadent Dark

Attap Coffeebag: Dark Roast / Icy Blend

DS Borneo is a food & beverage brand grower, importer and exporter. Everything we do is driven by our passion for good food and the good life.

Company: DS Borneo Trading Sdn. Bhd. Country: Malaysia Contacts: +603 7733 7722

Product Showcase


Meat-Based Products Dry Cured Beef Halal

Chorizo Turkey Salame Halal

Salame Beef Dried Halal

Great for birthday parties, backyard barbecues or a quick after-dinner treat, this collection of healthy frozen desserts will satisfy your frozen-confection desires. Company: Embutidos Caula, S.L. Country: Spain Contacts: +34 972 201 498

Fine Extrawurst Chili Griller Without Meat

Fine Meatloaf,

Horseshoe Without

Thinly Sliced


Without Meat

LANDHOF GesmbH & Co KG is an Austrian company specialised in the production of typical Austrian meatless sausages. Company: LANDHOF GesmbH & Co KG Country: Austria Contacts: +43 732 79802 224

El-Dina Meat Loaf

El-Dina Meat Spreads

The leading supplier of high quality Halal food in Asia, Ellaziq is founded in year 2009. The name, Ellaziq is derived from the Arabic words of “El” and “lazeez” meaning “delicious. Company: Ellaziq Pte Ltd Country: Singapore Contacts: +65 6758 7530




Product Showcase

Halal Product Showcase

Bakery Products Vanilla Cake


Vegetal Jelly




The Sultanlar Group is engaged in various fields including food, cleaning, cosmetics, distribution, machinery, construction, and plastics, etc

Company: Hayat Gida Sanayi A.S. Country: Turkey Contacts: +90 216 595 05 00

Dark Compound Chocolate Chips

White Compound Chocolate Chips

Anods Cocoa is a Sri Lankan chocolate manufacturer Dark Couverture Buttons

White Couverture Buttons

committed to providing chocolate solutions to all types of chocolate requirements.

Company: Anods Cocoa (PVT) Ltd Country: Sri Lanka Contacts: +94 11 240 4299

Maxi Fingersi

Mini Burek

Mini Pani produces pastry, which can be compared with the goods of the world’s leading bakery companies in quality, appearance and taste.

Company: Mini Pani Doo Country: Serbia Contacts: +381 24 621 521

Certification Bodies

Certification Bodies




List of the Foreign Halal Certification Bodies that are recognized by Malaysia’s JAKIM.

BANGLADESH Islamic Foundation Bangladesh (Baitul Moqarram National Mosque)

Adelaide Mosque Islamic Society of South Australia 20 Little Gilbert Street, Adelaide S.A 5000, Australia. Mohd Farid Ismail

Tel: +61 4 1474 5390 | Fax: +61 8 8231 6443

Islamic Association of Geraldton

Geraldton Mosque, 172 George Road Geraldton, Western Australia, 6530 Australia.

Haji Daftie Hj Abdul Kudus

Tel: +61 8 9964 1493 | Fax: +61 8 9664 1318

Islamic Association of Katanning

P.O Box 270, Katanning, Western Australia 6317. Alep Mydie

Tel: +61 8 9821 2775 | Fax: +61 4 8718 2144

Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria (ICCV)

155 Lygon Street, East Brunswick, Victoria 3057 Australia. Refik Koyu

Tel: +61 393805467 | Fax: +61 393806143

Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia Inc. (SICHMA) Unit 1, 35-37 Harrow Rd Auburn NSW 2144, Australia.

Mughtarulah Sadien

Tel: +61-29643 7775 | Fax: +61-29643 7776

The Perth Mosque of Western Australia Incorporated 427-429 William Street, Perth, 6003, Australia. Fazel Anthony Tel: +61 8 9328 8537 | Fax: +61 8 9328 8537

Australian Halal Authority & Advisers (AHAA) 135 Sydeny Road, Coburg, Victoria 3058, Australia. Muhammad Esfandiar

Tel: +61 3 9386 0786 | Fax: +61 3 9384 6939

Al-Iman Islamic Society Inc.

173 Johnston Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066, Australia.

Mohamed Amir

Tel: +61 3 9417 6585 | Fax: +61 3 9416 2965

AUSTRIA Islamic Information and Documentation Center A-4050 Traun,Theodor Körner Str. 10 A,

A-1010 Wien 1, Sterngasse 3 Austria. Günther Ahmed Rusznak Tel: +43 699 884 658 04

ARGENTINA Islamic Centre of The Argentine Republic (Centro Islamico de La Republica Argentina) Av. San Juan 3053 Buenos Aires (1233) Argentina. Fabian Amin / Yamil Alexis Sayer

Tel: +54-11-4931-3577 | Fax: +54-11-4931-3577 #105

Dhaka, 1000 Bangladesh. Shamim Md. Afzal Tel: +880 2 9559643 | Fax: +880 2 9563397

BELGIUM Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE)

4 Rue De la Presse 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Prof. Dr. Hj. Mohamed Sadek

Tel: +32 2227 1114 / +32 2227 2728 | Fax: +32 2218 3141

BRAZIL Federation of Muslims Associations in Brazil

Rua Tejupa, 188 - Jabaquara CEP 04350-020, Sao Paulo SP, Brazil. Dr. Mohamed Husein El Zogubi / Nizar Adel El Ghandour Tel: +55 (11) 5035-0820 | Fax: +55 (11) 5031-6586

Centro de Divulgaҫãodo Islam Para América Latina (CDIAL)/Islam Dissemination Center for Latin America Rua Marechal Deodoro, 1960-2 Andar Centro-Sao Bernardo Do Campo-SP Sao Paolo, CEP 09710-201, Brazil.

Ahmad Ali Saifi

Tel: 0055 11 4122 2400 | Fax: 0055 11 4332 2090

CANADA Halal Montreal Certification Authority

1510,Chemin Chambly , Suite 270 Longueuil, J4J 3X5 ( Quebec), Canada. Taibi Baaja

Tel: +(514) 296 7360 | Fax: +(450) 332 7072

CHINA Shandong Islamic Association

No. 217 Yingxiongshan Rd., Shizhong Dist., Jinan SANDONG Prov., People Republic of China. Sulaiman Zhang Ruizheng

Tel: +0086 531 80965803 | Fax: +0086 531 80965801

China Islamic Association

No 103 Nanhengxijie, Xicheng District, Beijing, China. Hj. Abdullah Ma Wen Hua

Tel: +86 1369 9297 269 | Fax: +8610-6352 9483

Linxia Halal Food Certification Centre (Gansu) No 43, Jiefang Road, Linxia City, Gansu Province Ma Lingzu

Tel: +0086 930 6286086 | Fax: +0086 930 6286806


Certification Bodies

FOREIGN HALAL CERTIFICATION BODIES .....................................................................................................................................................................

List of the Foreign Halal Certification Bodies that are recognized by Malaysia’s JAKIM.

ARA Halal Development Services Center Inc. (ARA) No.139, ZiJiangShan Road, Zhengzhou CIty, Henan Province China, 450000. Abdul Rahim Albert Hsiu

Tel: +86-371-6906 6957 | Fax: +86-155 1558 2756

CHILE Centro Islamico De Chile

Campoamor 2975, Nunoa Santiago, Chile. Kamal Sufan

Tel: 56-2-3431376 | Fax: 56 - 2 – 3431378

FRANCE Ritual Association of Lyon’s Great Mosque 146 boulevard Pinel, 69008 Lyon, France Kamel Kabtane / Azeddine BAHI

Tel: +33 (0)4 78 76 00 23 | Fax: +33 (0)4 78 75 77 42

GERMANY HALAL CONTROL Pruf- und Zertifizierungsstelle Inspection - and Certification Body Kobaltstr. 2-4, D-65428 Ruesselsheim, Germany. DI Mahmoud M. Tatari

Tel: +49 6142 301987-0 | Fax: +49 6142 301987-29

INDIA Halal Committee-Jamiat- Ulama-E-Maharashtra Imam Bada Compund, Imam Bada Road,

Near Mughal Masjid, Bhindi Bazar, Mubai 40009.

Shahid Nadeem / A. A. Khan Mohammed Waseem Qasmi Tel: +91 9321 2227 74 | Fax: +91 22 2375 9169

Jamiat Ulama-l-Hind Halal Trust

1, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-1 10002, India. N.A. Farooqui

Tel: +011 2331455 / +011 23317729 | Fax: +011 2331 6173

Halal India PVT LTD

Suit No.7, 3rd Floor, Hameediya Shopping Mall, Triplicane High Road, Triplicane, Chennai-05, Tamil Nadu, India. Mohamed Jinna

Tel: 91 44 43567446 / 42618147 | Fax: 91 44 42663445

INDONESIA The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI)

Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Building 3rd Floor ,Jl. Proklamasi, No.51, Menteng-Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si

Tel: +62 21 3918890 | Fax: +62 21 3918915

ITALY Halal International Authority (HIA)

Via Bicetti de Buttinoni, N.1 20156 (MI), Milan, Italy. Sheikh Prof. Dr. Sharif Lorenzini

Tel: +39 02 39449134 | Fax: +39 02 39484129

JAPAN Japan Muslim Association

3-4-14, Kohinata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8585, Japan Prof. Hideomi MUTO (Tayeb MUTO)

Tel: +81 33947 2419 | Fax: +81 33947 9416

Japan Halal Association (JHA)

547-0035 , Osaka Shi Hirano-Ku, Nishiwaki 1-1-2, Miyako Sansai Building, Japan Hind Hitomi Remon

Tel: +81 667047080 | Fax: +81 667049505

KENYA Kenya Bureau of Halal Certification (KBHC)

Village Plaza, Ngara Road, Block A, Suite A2 P.O.Box 39445-00623 Nairobi, Kenya. Mohammed Ayub Khalid

Tel: ++254 20-374 8770 | Fax: +254 20 374 8774

KOREA Korean Muslim Federation (KMF)

39 Usadan-ro 10gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-192, Korea. Choi, Youngkil (Hamid)

Tel: +82-2 793 6908 | Fax: +82-2 798 9782

NETHERLANDS / HOLLAND Control Office of Halal Slaughtering B.V & Halal Quality Control Laan Van Meerdervoort, 53D 2517 AE, Den Hague The Netherlands.

Dr. A. M. Al Chaman

Tel: +31 (0) 70 3469795 | Fax: +31 (0) 70 3450033

Foundation Halal Correct Certification (TQHCC-Total Quality Halal Correct) Fruitweg 22C, 2321GK Leiden, Mailbox: PO.BOX: 179, 2300 AD Leiden, The Netherlands. Abdulfatteh Ben Ali-Salah Tel: +31 71 523 5770 | Fax: +31 71 523 5771

Halal Feed and Food Inspection Authority (HFFIA) Fijnjekade 225, 2521 DT, The Hague, The Netherlands. Hj. Abdul Qayyoem

Tel: 0031-(0)70-364 91 91 | Fax: 0031-(0)70- 364 54 60

Certification Bodies


FOREIGN HALAL CERTIFICATION BODIES NEW ZEALAND Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) Ground Floor, 7-11 Queens Drive, P. O. Box 14-155, Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand Hazim Arafeh

Tel: +64 4 387 8023 | Fax: +64 4 387 8024

New Zealand Islamic Development Trust (NZIDT) Level 4, 369 Queen Street, P.O. Box 5636,

Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Dr. Mohamed El Amien

Tel: 09 306 8934 | Fax: 09 306 8935

PAKISTAN Jamea Markaz Uloom Islamia Mansoora (JMUIM) Multan Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Maulana Abdul Malik

Tel: +9242 3541 9520 | Fax: +9242 3543 1938

PHILIPPINES Islamic Da’wah Council of The Philippines (IDCP)

Suite 400, FUBC Building, Escolta Manila, P.O Box 3669, Manila, Philippines.

Hj. Abdul Rahman R.T. Linzag

Tel: +(632) 2458456 | Fax: +(632) 2415142

National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) 79 Jocfer (Annex) Building, Commonwealth Ave Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

Dr. Dimapuno A. Datu-Ramos Jr.

Tel: +02 952 6490/91 | Fax: +02 952 4875/4540

POLAND The Muslim Religious Union in Poland (MRU) Piastowska 13F 15-207, Bialystok, Poland. Tomasz Miskiewicz

Tel: +0048 605 61 2137 | Fax: +0048 857 32 4023

SINGAPORE Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)


List of the Foreign Halal Certification Bodies that are recognized by Malaysia’s JAKIM.

SOUTH AFRICA National Independent Halaal Trust

Baitun Noor Centre, 5770 Topaas Str. Extension 5, Lenasia, Johannesburg

Moulana Abdul Wahab Wookay

Tel: +27 11 854 4381 | Fax: +27 11 852 4300

South African National Halal Authority (SANHA) 4th Floor, Gem Towers, 98 Overport Drive, Overport, 4091, Durban, S.A.

Maulana MS Navlakhi

Tel: 27 31 2075768 | Fax: 27 31 2075793

SRI LANKA Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited Level 1, 329 1/1, Meewella Building Galle Road Colombo-04, Sri Lanka Ali Fatharally

Tel: +941 1742 5225 | Fax: +941 1258 8050

SWITZERLAND Halal Certification Services

P.O Box 247, 4310 Rheinfelden, Switzerland Farhan Tufail

Tel: +41 61 813 30 64 | Fax: +41 61 813 30 65

TAIWAN Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA)

3F No. 3, Ln. 25, Sec.1 Xinhai Rd., Taipei City Taiwan (R.O.C) Ali Kamaluddin Chang

Tel: +8862 2367 5231 | Fax: +8862 2365 2094


No. 27/3 Bornova, IZMIR, Turkiye. Ugur Ekici

Tel: +90 232 435 61 00 | Fax: +90 232 435 61 20

Singapore Islamic Hub, 273 Braddell Road, Singapore 579702. Munir Hussain

Tel: +(65) 6359 1199 | Fax: +(65) 6259 4733

Association For The Inspection And Certification Of Food And Supplies (GIMDES) Tesktilkent A 25 Block No:51-52-53, Esenler/ISTANBUL TURKEY. Dr. Huseyin Kâmi Büyüközer

Tel: +90 212 438 33 18 | Fax: +90 212 438 33 19


Certification Bodies

Certification Bodies



List of the Foreign Halal Certification Bodies that are recognized by Malaysia’s JAKIM.

The Institute for Halal Food Standard of Thailand, 45 Moo 3 Klongkao Rd, Klongsib Sub-District, Nongchock District, Bangkok, 10530, Thailand. Aziz Phitakkumpon

Tel: 66-2949-4114/ 66-2949-4146 | Fax: 66-2949-4341

UNITED KINGDOM The Muslim Food Board (UK)

P.O Box 1786, Leicester LE5 5ZE, United Kingdom. Yusuf Aboobakar

Tel: +44 116 273 8228 | Fax: +44 116 273 8228

Halal Food Authority


7th Floor, Finchley House 707 High Road, London N12 OBT. Dr. Ghayasuddin Siddiqui

Tel: +44 (0) 208446 7127 | Fax: +44 (0) 20 8563 1993

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA)

5901 N. Cicero Ave, Suite 309 Chicago, Illinois 60646 USA. Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudry

Tel: +17732833708 | Fax: +17732833973

Islamic Services of America (ISA)

P.O Box 521 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406, U.S.A. Timothy Abu Mounir Hyatt

Tel: +(319) 362-0480 | Fax: +(319) 366-4369

VIETNAM Halal Certification Agency, Vietnam

Floor 6, DinhLe Building, 123B Tran Dang Ninh, Cau Giay dist, Hanoi, Vietnam. Hajj. Mohammed Omar

Tel: +04 62693741 | Fax: +04 62671285

Speed up Halal certificates compilation for the Halal certificate application.

Download Halal certificates from overseas CBs which are recognised by JAKIM.

Platform to source for Halal ingredients from overseas.

Recommendation of alternative Halal suppliers.

Check latest international CBs which are recognised by JAKIM.

Access up-to-date news and announcement from the CBs.


View ratings and review of Halal products from the other users.

Affordable charges. Sdn Bhd

Foreign Authority



Tkt 2, Jalan Elizabeth II, Kementerian Hal Ehwal Ugama (Lama), Bandar Seri Begawan BS 3510, Negara Brunei Darussalam.


No 16 Tadreeb El-Modarrebean Street, Ameriya, Cairo Egypt



Tel: (673) 224 2565 | Fax: (673) 222 3106

Tel: +2 02 22845526 / +2 010 6236668

Angle Avenue Kamal Zebdi et Rue Dadi Secteur 21, Hay Riad MA-10100 Rabat, Morocco. Tel: +212 537 5724 43 / +212 537 5724 49 /+212 537 5724 50

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Tel: 03 - 4251 4824 Fax: 03 - 4253 2767


Mezquita Tariq Bin Ziyad

Calle San Rafael, 10, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

Carrer de les Mosques

08003 Barcelona, Spain

Mosque Hanza

Carrer de Almenara Alta, 12 , 326 , Barcelona, Spain

Centro Islamico de Barcelona


Carrer Salvador Dalí, 57, 08810 Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona, Spain

Al Iman Masjid, Madrid

Carrer de Rafael Capdevila, 1, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Al Iman Masjid C / Francisco Martin 12 Collado Villalba, 28400 Madrid, Spain

Mosque Abi Ayoub Elansari

Sufa Centre

Tarek Ibn Ziad Masjid, Madrid

Mosque Madni

Mosque Rahma

Al Islam Mosque and Muslim Center

Carrer de Massanet, 5 , 326 , Barcelona, Spain

Carrer de Paloma, 7, Barcelona, Spain

Carrer de Pere Llobet, 3, Barcelona, Spain

Camà Cadena, 17, 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +34 91 850 9076

Tarek Ibn Ziad Masjid C/ Nalderasa Madrid 28001 Madrid, Spain Tel: +34 91 373 5407

Calle De Alonso Cano, 3 Madrid, Spain


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Verifying and authenticating ingredients is difficult.

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