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PanAsia Perfecting Taste Enlightenment Written and photographed by Ivan Broida


any Daegu residents may already know PanAsia, a restaurant that serves Thai, Singaporean, and Indonesian food right in the middle of downtown. The restaurant has just moved to a more spacious location (right across the street from where Greek's used to be), with better ambiance and a much needed waiting area. The move responds to these reasons and to the fact that the previous kitchen was too small for the chef and his army of cooks. Jingyu Bae, the owner and head chef of PanAsia, lived and formed himself as a cook in Thailand. During his stay in this Asian country,

he visited over one hundred restaurants to perfect his palate and expand the flavor palette he would later use in his culinary project. While there, he also met chefs from Indonesia and Singapore who taught him traditional dishes from their respective countries. Chef Bae absorbed all that knowledge and translated it into dishes that are not so distant from much of what one may be able to find in the traditional cuisine of those three countries. That's how PanAsia's name came about. His love of Asian food and the lack of variety found in Daegu of this kind of food, apart from the obvious Korean variety, led him to open this restaurant about a year


PANASIA PERFECTING TASTE ENLIGHTENMENT Thai, which is a fried noodle dish (in this case wrapped in an omelet), with chicken, chunks of tofu, fresh lemon juice, crushed peanuts and other condiments. The noodles and chicken were cooked to the point of perfection. This is the most popular dish among foreigners, according to the chef. The second course was chicken with cashew nuts and other vegetables. This was the dish that felt the freshest, perhaps because of the accessibility of the ingredients. It tasted sweet and slightly spicy, and the chicken was crispy on the outside but tender inside.

ago. To say it has been a success is perhaps too mild a term. When I got to the restaurant, at about four on a Sunday afternoon it was empty, but it was also break time. At around 4:30 pm, the line of guests waiting to enter exceeded the number of tables. By 5:00pm all the tables filled up and there were still many people waiting to be seated. Because of the lack of discounts or other promotions, the waiters are trained to recognize customers who visit the restaurant regularly so as to offer them a small dish on the house. PanAsia is successful because of several positive factors, the first being that the chef is passionate about food and authentic, fresh, and traditional flavors. The second is the space: it is cozy and modern, with dark woods and mustard yellow walls that invite you to sit awhile and enjoy the meal. And

now that I mention the food, the eating experience is pleasurable and satisfying. The presentation of the dishes is very attractive. It is evident that some care and time has been put into the arrangement of the food. The scent emanating from the food pulls you in as soon as the food arrives at the table. The Pad Thai had the best first impression in the scent category. The first thing brought to the table was a creation by the chef called 'Bernini Punch', a mixture of fresh fruits like pineapple, oranges, grapes, lychee, with Bernini in a small bowl with ice. This drink is refreshing, tropical, and the perfect accompaniment to spicy food, such as the dinner of that evening. The first of three main dishes brought to the table was a Pad

The last course, and my favorite one, was green curry with coconut chicken. I liked the spicy flavor of curry combined with the refreshing taste of the vegetables, and the buttery flavor of the coconut chicken. Even though this dish may sound heavy, it is anything but. It is quite spicy though, so people who don't like food with a kick might want to try some of the other dishes. This is the best green curry I've tasted in Daegu and, perhaps, in Korea. All dishes can and should be shared. Quantities are generous and the only problem is being unable to finish eating everything that has been served. PanAsia is open daily from noon to 11:00pm, although they take a break from 3:00 to 5:00pm on the weekends. Making reservations is recommended if you are planning on eating during peak hours. The number for reservations is 053287-7940. Otherwise, get there early and prepare to wait a bit, although the service tends to be fairly quick. 9



여성메디파크병원이 중국 샤오싱, 상 해, 중국의 Aust Asia 여성회원과 카 자흐스탄 여성들을 타겟으로 의료관 광객 유치를 위해 발 벗고 나섰다.

Women Medi Park hospital has been throwing itself with vigour and enthusiasm into inducement of medical tourists targeting Kazakhstani women and female members of Aust Asia in Shaoxing and Shanghai, China. [중국] 2011년 8월 21일, 중국 광저우 Aust Asia 본사와 Spa Center 및 휘트니 스센터를 운영하는 중국 오스트아시 아에서 대구시를 방문하여 의료 환 경을 둘러보고 간 뒤 여성메디파크 병원을 거점 병원으로 지정, 여성미 용, 성형 및 여성검진 등에 깊은 관심 을 보였다.

[China] Staff from Aust Asia, headquartered in Guangzhou, which operates the Spa Center and fitness center showed a profound interest in beauty treatments, plastic surgery, and checkups for women; and designated Women Medi Park hospital as a stronghold clinic after their visit to Daegu and the hospital on August 21, 2011.


2012년 9월8일-9월11일 3일 동안 여성메디파크병원 여준규 대표원장 이 대구광역시와 선도의료기관의 대 구의료관광 전초기지 역할 및 대구 의료 홍보관 설립을 위해 중국 닝보 와 상해를 직접 방문하여 지리적 타 당성을 검토하였다. 닝보시 한인회 김인열 회장이 운영하는 한국관(한국 제품 백화점)을 방문 하였고, 상해에 서는 청도 삼웅전자 김병일 대표 소 개로 상해 바길려무역회사 총경리 오 승안, 김인숙 대표, 마스터즈 골프 상 해지점 이정수회장, 부총경리 한진 화, 녹지그룹 총 경리 등을 만나 대구 의료 홍보관 설립에 힘을 실었다. 특 히 여준규 대표원장은 닝보와 상해의 의료시설을 직접 둘러보고 의료 수준

및 의료 서비스가 10~20년 이상의 차이를 실감, 중국 진출에 대한 확고 한 의지를 다졌다.

Jun Kyu Yeo, the chief director of Women Medi Park hospital, visited Ningbo and Shanghai, China and checked the validity of geographical conditions to found a Daegu medical public relations center which will play a role as an outpost for the medical tour to Daegu on behalf of Daegu Metropolitan City and leading health care institutions. He visited Hankookguan(department store for Korean products) run by presi-


dent In Yeol Kim of Korean Community Association in Ningbo. In Shanghai, he met CEO In Sook Kim and chief accountant Seung An Oh of Bagilryeo trading company, chairman Jung Soo Lee and deputy chief accountant Jin Hwa Han of Masters golf Shanghai branch, and chief accountant of Nokji corporation through the introduction of CEO Byeong Il Kim of Samung Electronics in Qingdao, providing a boost to the foundation of Daegu medical public relations center. The chief director Jun Kyu Yeo realized 1020 year gap in medical standards and services, and declared a firm intention to enter Chinese market after surveying the medical facilities in Ningbo and Shanghai. 2012년 11월18일-11월20일 3일 동안 중국 샤오싱에서 중국 섬유 염색공장 위대표, 심대표를 만나 대구의료관광 홍보관 설립을 논의했다. ICI우방 신기용님과 신한염직 김기홍님의 소개로 자리를 하게 된 만남은 심대표와 여성 메디파크병원이 직접 투자하고 대구광역시가 서포터즈 하는 관계로 홍보관 설립을 추진 중이다.

He met Mr. Wee and Mr. Sim, CEOs of fabric dye works in Shaoxing, China and discussed the foundation of public relations center for Daegu medical tour during his visit. The foundation of public relations continued on p12

REDEFINING MEDICAL STANDARDS AT WMP center is being pushed forward on condition that Mr. Sim and Women Medi Park hospital invest in it and Daegu Metropolitan City supports the project after the meeting through the introduction of Ki Yong Sin of ICI Woobang and Ki Hong Kim of Shinhan Dyeing Co. [카자흐스탄] 2011년 4월 18일~7월 15일 동안 한 국 보건산업진흥원에서 “외국의료인 력 국내연수사업”을 후원하여 지방 개인병원 최초로 “여성메디파크병원” 이 선정되었다. 이는 한국의 우수한 의료수준에 대한 국제적 인지도 제고 및 국내 의료기관의 해외 네트워크 확대를 통해 현지국의 의료 인력을 적극 활용하여 원활한 환자 전원 시 스템을 구축하고자 한 것이다.

[Kazakhstan] For the first time among the private hospitals not in the capital city, “Women Medi Park Hospital" was selected as the training site of "Training Project Intended for Foreign Health Care Workforce," which was sponsored by Korea Health Industry Development Institute and conducted from April 18 to July 15, 2011. It was intended to build a better patient transfer system by actively using health care manpower of a local country with further foreign network of our domestic health care institutions and improvement of international recognition on advanced level of medical standards in Korea. 카자흐스탄의 산부인과 전문의 Apozyan Goarikd은 여성메디파크병 원에서 3개월 간의 인턴쉽을 통해 복 강경 수술 및 제왕절개수술, 질 성형 수술 등에 참관, 실습하였다. 한국 의 료기술에 많은 감동을 느낀 Apozyan Goarik은 연수가 끝난 후 자국의 의 사들에게도 여성메디파크병원의 신


기술을 공유하기를 원했고, 각고의 노력 끝에 카자흐스탄으로 방문하 게 되었다.

Apozyan Goarikd, a specialist in Obstetric and Gynecology in Kazakhstan, observed and practiced several laparoscopic surgeries, caesareans, and vaginal cosmetic surgeries through a 3-month internship at Women Medi Park hospital. Being impressed by medical technology in Korea, Apozyan Goarik wanted to share the new technology of Women Medi Park hospital with doctors in his own country after finishing the internship course, and the chief director Jun Kyu Yeo could pay a visit to Kazakhstan after a lot of

hard work and effort. 2011년 11월14일-11월21일 8일간 카자흐스탄 아스타나시 보건국의 초 청으로 [제1회 산부인과 마스터 클 래스]와 [여성메디파크병원 & 카자 흐스탄 아스타나시 보건관리국” 협약 체결]이 있었다. 복강경을 통한 자궁 근종 적출술 및 성형술, 질성형, 산부 인과 전반에 걸친 수술 시연 및 강의 를 하였다. 아울러 마스터 클래스 수 료(20명), 부인과 중증환자 시술(6 명)이 있었다. 이를 통해 여성메디파 크병원 여준규 대표원장 뿐만 아니라 나아가서 대한민국의 의료기술의 우 수성을 알리는 계기가 되었다.

The First Master Class of Obstetric and Gynecology and Conclusion of Agree-

WOMEN MEDI PARK ment between Women Medi Park hospital & Department of Health in Astana, Kazakhstan were achieved by the invitation of Department of Health in Astana, Kazakhstan during the time from November 14 to 21, 2011. Surgery demonstrations and lectures were delivered in regard to laparoscopic myomectomy, uteroplasty, vaginoplasty and other surgeries throughout obstetric and gynecology. Also twenty completed the Master Class and operations were performed regarding six serious cases in gynecology. These paved the way to introduce the outstanding medical technology of Korea as well as Jun Kyu Yeo, the chief director of Women Medi Park hospital. 2012년9월17일-09월21일 5일간 [제2회 마스터 클 래스]가 있었다. 매회 카자흐스탄 국영방송의 큰 관심 과 방송으로 이어지는 과정에서 대구의 선진 의료기술 을 통해 자국의 의료발전에 대한 관심과 방송기술 발 전 추구를 위해 대구 방송사와 카자흐스탄 국영방송사 는 다큐멘터리 공동제작이라는 제안을 받았다. 아울러 마스터 클래스 수료(50명), 부인과 중증환자 시술(7 명)이 있었다.

The Second Master Class was held for 5 days from September 17 to 21, 2012. It led to a greater interest and was aired by Kazakhstan's national broadcast. A proposal for co-production of a documentary with a broadcasting company in Daegu was suggested in order to pursue development of broadcasting technology and to develope medical technology in Kazakhstan, based on advanced medical technology of Daegu. In addition, fifty completed the Master Class and operations were performed regarding seven serious cases in gynecology. 2013년 여성메디파크병원은 대구 의료관광 및 의료기 술의 지속적인 노력을 통해 외국인 환자를 국내로 유치 할 수 있는 인프라가 향상되기를 기대하는 바이다.

More improvements in infrastructure is expected in 2013 to attract foreign patients through the constant effort of Women Medi Park hospital for the medical tour and medical technology of Daegu.


Foreign Companies rushing to Yeongcheon Industry District Written by Reporter Min Byung-gon / Source : Maeil Shinmun


eongcheon Industry District (Yeongcheon High-tech Components & Materials Industry District) in DGFEZ (Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone) is rising as a mecca of the car components industry. It’s just five minutes by car from the Yeongcheon Interchange of Gyeongbu Highway, and the price of land is cheap. Long-term rent is available, so domestic and foreign companies are flocking to the district. For now, there are three foreign companies in the district: DAICEL ( Japan), NOK ( Japan), and Faurecia (France). A Danish steelmaking company is ready for a joint venture.

Daisel Safety System, which makes airbag inflation devices, is in the last stage of construction and will open this month. Faurecia, the 6th largest car component company, is in the administrative procedures to start building in March, and will produce seat frames for 600,000 cars annually, beginning in September. NOK made a joint venture with Pyung Hwa Holdings, a car component company in Daegu, and will start construction in March. They plan to manufac14

ture 11.1 million components of car engines starting in 2014. In addition to these companies, Hanjing Automotive, Sewon Corporation Ltd., Gumchang, and Jeenyang Steel have invested in the Yeoncheon Industry District. Hanjung and Jeenyang have built new factories and started manufacturing. Yeongcheon Industry

District is in the spotlight for new investment. Companies have made competitive bids on lots in the district. There are only 60,000 ㎡ of foreign investment land left out of 150,000㎡. The district encompasses 1,470,000㎡ around Chaeshin-dong and Guam-li in Yeongcheon, and it will be finished in March of this year.

DGFEZ - FOREIGN COMPANIES Currently construction is being done to the area. This area will thrive with factories, apartments, schools and small business in the future.

DGFEZ is very optimistic about the future of Daegu-Gyeongbuk region’s ability to attract and sustain big business in the coming years. DGFEZ was recently awarded 2nd place by f Di Intelligence Magazine for Digital Marketing in 2012.

continued on p16



Written by Hannah Starner /


oing to the doctor in Korea is a bit different than going to the doctor in the West. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know before you become a patient.

General Practitioners 내과의원 For basic things like a cold, the flu, or other general symptoms, your best bet is to head to you local general practitioner. You don’t need an appointment, and wait times are usually short (as in, zero to 15 minutes). With your national health card, expect to pay about 3,000 won ($2.70 USD), depending on what they do. If you’re in doubt about which kind of doctor to see, you can always go to a 내과 first. They’ll let you know where to go or give you a referral to a large hospital (see below) if you have a more serious health problem. These clinics are usually open Monday through Friday, from about 8 or 9am until about 6 or 7pm, with a break for lunch around 1pm. Saturday and holiday hours are usually shorter, from about 9am to early afternoon, and these clinics are closed on Sundays. Specialists There are tons of specialists in Korea. Most of them are located in small clinics, and you can just see them without a referral. Expect to pay about 3,000 to 4,000 won ($2.70 to $3.70 USD) per visit. These offices have similar hours to general practitioners (see above).


Ear Nose Throat Doctors 이비인 후과 – for anything related to the

ears, nose, and throat

Gynecologist 산부인과 – for anything you’d see your gyn for back home (obstetrics, too) Urologist 비뇨기과 – for all things related to the male anatomy Dermatologist 피부과 – for all skin-related problems (acne, rashes, even wrinkles or botox) Dentist 치과 – for your teeth; not included in the national healthcare system, but reasonably priced at about 60,000 won ($55 USD) per cleaning, or “scaling” as it’s called here. Other services, such as

dental implants, teeth whitening, fillings, etc. are very reasonably priced as well. Be sure to give them your insurance card regardless of the service you’re receiving; sometimes things like x-rays might be covered. Traditional Korean Medicine


Traditional Korean Medicine is a great alternative to modern medicine for a variety of ills. Take a deep breath and check one out the next time you have an ache or pain. Acupuncture itself is often just a small part of treatment. Moxibustion, acupressure,

WHAT’S UP DOC electroacupuncture, heat therapy,cupping, massage devices, and chiropractory are a large part of Korean Oriental Medicine. Doctors are usually pretty good about letting you know what’s going to happen and will not use a treatment if you’re uncomfortable with it. After all, it should be a very relaxing experience. If you’re new to traditional medicine and acupuncture, check out Daegu’s Hoo Oriental Medicine and Wellness Clinic downtown near Banwoldang Station. The doctor speaks English and is used to treating foreign patients. For the more adventurous, check out a clinic in your neighborhood or in the Medicinal Market. All clinics are regulated by the Daegu City Health Department and the doctors are usually members of both local and national traditional medicine organizations. Acupuncture IS covered by national health insurance, so give the receptionist your health card when you arrive. Depending on the kind of treatment, expect to pay about 4,000 to 7,000 won ($3.50 to $6.50 USD). These clinics have hours similar to general practitioners (see above). ***Some clinics use honey bee venom to treat inflamed tendons and muscles. Be sure to mention any allergies to your doctor before beginning treat-

ment and they will tailor the treatment to meet your needs.*** Hospitals 병원 In case of emergency, go to a hospital. There are a lot of small and medium-sized hospitals throughout the city, usually with a small emergency room. To find the one nearest you, search for “Daegu hospitals” in Google Maps. There are also several major university hospitals in Daegu. These include Keimyung University’s Dong San Medical Center, Yeungnam Univeristy Hospital, Daegu Catholic University Medical Center, and Kyungpook National University Hospital. These hospitals also have emergency rooms. General practitioners or specialists can refer patients to these hospitals for more serious problemssurgery, cancer, etc. You need an appointment to visit one of these hospitals, and you often need a referral. However, foreigners can usually make appointments at the hospitals’ international clinics. Doctors at these hospitals usually speak English (see below), but they may take advantage of their hospital’s translation

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Joseph will make your skin healthy and beautiful. Young W Ryoo, M.D., Ph.D (Thomas-Jefferson university hospital, in PA, USA . trained

Joseph Skin Clinic.

Mon,Tue, Fri: 10am~7pm / Wed: 10am~8pm / Thur: 2pm~7pm / Sat:10am~4pm

LASER CLINIC S SKINCARE CLINIC FRECKLES&COLORS CLINIC S WRINKLE CLINIC 1. acne (chemical peel, PDT, accutane prescription, MTS, etc ) 2. all kinds of scar removal 3. autologous fat transplantation

4. Joseph's Body Contouring Technique : Lipodissolve injection, Endermology, Laser lipolysis, Tumecent liposuction 5. mole removal 6. tattoo removal

053-421-1475 / 010 5467-9091 /

7. pigmentary lesion removal (freckles, lentigne, melasma) 8. facial flushing, telangiectasia 9. epilation 10. botox, filler and sculptra

Joseph Clinic 11fl

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Dongseongno, LotteCinema building 11F (Billibow building)

WHAT’S UP DOC service if you book your appointment through the foreigner clinic. For a visit with a specialist at a university hospital, expect to pay 16,000 to 30,000 won ($15-$27 USD). Procedures and treatments vary in cost, and can be expensive even with national health insurance. A broken bone might cost you about 30,000 won, including x-rays, cast, and crutches. Expect to pay about 150,000 won ($140 USD) for an emergency room visit, and about 250,000 won ($230 USD) for minor surgery that includes anesthetic. The cost of a bed overnight can range any where from 30,000 won to 200,000 won, depending on whether you have a private or shared room (not including treatment or procedure fees). The Pharmacy 약국 After you visit the doctor, you might have to get a prescription filled. You can do this at the pharmacy, and there is probably one a stone’s throw away from the doctor’s office. If you get a prescription at a university hospital, be sure to get it filled at one of the pharmacies nearby; they typically have a larger and more varied stock of medicine and will be able to handle your prescription. Expect to pay anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 won ($1.40 to $4 USD) for a weeks’ worth of medicine with insurance, or about 25,000 won ($23 USD) without. Prices All prices throughout this article are estimates and based on experience only. In general, health care in Korea is cheaper than in the US, even without Korean national health insurance. If you have health insurance in Korea, 18

Photo submitted by Hyosung Hospital

always give your national health insurance card (or your alien ID number) to the receptionist, even if you think a procedure isn’t covered. Some aspects of your visit may be covered, and you might even get a tax break for medical-related expenses. For more information on costs, please contact your employer or health care provider. A Korean Medical Insurance card (and your ticket to health care at a great price!) A word about English: Doctors in Korea have been through just as much training as their western counterparts. They have training in medical English, and most likely conversational English as well. Most doctors speak some English and are pleased to have foreigners as their patients. Unlike some

older physicians, younger doctors, interns, and residents have had the luxury of attending universities and academies with native English speakers, so they are usually quite comfortable communicating with you entirely in English. That said, it’s possible that your doctor isn’t used to seeing foreign patients and might be a little rusty speaking English, or even just shy about speaking. I’ve heard some doctors joke about being embarrassed speaking English in front of their nurses, rather than the foreign patient. If necessary, speak slowly and clearly. Sometimes it helps to write down your problems and to have the doctor do the same, since they’re used to reading (medical books) and writing (patient notes) in English. Be patient and you’ll be a great patient! (sorry, I had to).




''YEAR OF SNAKE'' 3+1 EVENT 기간: 2013년 2월 15일까지

To celebrate this Lunar New Year, Novotel Daegu City Center offers a special "Lunch and Dinner" event for every guest dining at the SQUARE Restaurant

Pay 3 and Get 1 FREE* For guests born in the year of snake (1929, 41, 53, 65, 77 and 89), a complimentary bottle of "Vina Lambila" Red wine will be provided** * Minimum of 4 adults. No other discount will be applied. ** Offer limited to 1 guest per table. ID Card is required. Novotel Daegu City Center Reservation & Enquiries 053 664 1168 or

Saturday 22nd December 2012, NOVOTEL DAEGU City Center organized its Yearly Charity luncheon in partnership with HDIM (Higher Dimension International Ministry). More than 120 people participated in this event dedicated to the support of Orphans from Chaun Kwang Orphanage. While NOVOTEL DAEGU provided both food menu and function room free of charge, the 50 Orphans (aged from 2 to 18 years-old) received several gifts from all participants, such as clothes and toys, and HDIM Offered a HD TV with Nintendo Wii System to the orphanage. Several activities such as cookie making, Christmas Carols and games were also organized to make this Christmas very special for all these children.

149,000 249,000 Superior Room

Superior Suite

(ABF Included for 2)

Lunar New Year Family Package

Booking: From 2013.1.16 to 2013.2.12 Staying period: From 2013.2.04 To 2013.2.13

* One Extra-Bed provided free of charge for kids * Breakfast included for kids under 16 (up to 2 kids) * Toy Story watch or Novotel doll upon Check-in * 50% Discount on 2nd room rate if kids stay in another room * * 20% Discount at the Square Restaurant (lunch and dinner) * In-Balance Fitness and Sauna access for 2 (Over 16) * Free wired internet

Info and reservation: 053 664 1111~ 3 or * This rate is restricted to a maximum of two rooms per booking. Discount applies to the ''Best Unrestricted Rate'' only. Children in the second room are under parents responsibility and must be between 8 and 16 years old. Depending of hotel availability.


WHO YA GONNA CALL? Written by Hannah Starner /


Information Hotline might also be useful; call 1330 (or 02-1330 from a cell phone) to reach them if you can’t get through anywhere else.

iving in a country where you don’t speak the language (or you speak just a bit of it) can be stressful. Throw in an emergency situation, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prepare for a worst-case scenario. in an auto accident, there’s a fire, or someone needs an ambulance, this is the number to call.

Calling “911″ There are two numbers for “911″ in Korea: 119 and 112. The dispatchers may or may not speak English, and they might be able to connect you to someone who does. If you call either of these numbers, be prepared to state your address or location in Korean (we’ll get to that in a bit).

119 is for medical emergencies and the fire department Call 119 if you need an ambulance or a fire truck. If people are hurt


112 is for police-related emergencies Call 112 if you need the police. This is the number you should call for domestic violence issues, assault, theft, or drunken dudes napping in the middle of the road.

1339 is for English assistance Call 1339 (or 02-1339 from a cell phone) for help in English, Chinese, or Japanese. This service is available 24 hours a day, but I’ve been unable to get through in an emergency situation and had to resort to calling the regular numbers. The Tourist

What to say When you call one of the numbers above, you’ll need to clearly state your location. This sounds tricky, but with a little work, you’ll be a pro in no time. Learn your address A typical address in Daegu looks like this: 대구 중구 대신동 241-2번지 Daegu, Jung-gu, Daeshin-dong 241-2 (ee-sa-il dae-shi ee) bun-ji The “gu” (구) is your district, the “dong” (동) is your specific neighborhood (and often includes a number– 상인3동, or Sang-in 3 (sahm) dong. The “bun-ji” (번 지) is your block or specific area. Sometimes it contains a dash, or “dae-shi” (-) in Korean– 2412 (two four one dae-shitwo). You should also include your apartment name and number. Apartment numbers are followed by “ho” (호). So, your apartment might be “에이스빌 202호” or Aceville 202 (ee-baek-ee) ho. So, a complete address would look like this: 대구 달서구 상인3동 581번지 선 빌 101호

Daegu, Dalseo-gu, Sang-in-sahm-

WHO YA GONNA CALL? dong, oh-pal-il bun-ji, Sunbil, ee-gong-ee ho. Practice saying your address clearly and calmly. It’s great to learn for food deliveries, too!!

that can give emergency personnel the information they need to find you. Other landmarks, such as gas stations, buildings, and apartment complexes can also help. Call from a landline If you make your call from a landline, emergency services will be able to trace your call to your location.

Learn to read street signs Look around you the next time you’re waiting at a traffic light. You’ll usually see a sign with the name of the intersection or street. Also, check out the fronts of buildings. There are little blue signs

Learn some basic Korean Possibly, just saying one word could convey your problem enough so that the dispatcher can understand what you need. For example, 도둑 (doe-duke) means “thief ” and 불 (bull) means “fire.” The more Korean you know, the more you’ll be able to communicate. Here are some other basics: This is an emergency. 아주 급해요. Ah-ju geup-hey-oh.

I need help. 도와주세요. Do-wah ju-say-oh. Please take me to the hospital/ doctor. 병원에 데려 가 주세요. Byung-one-eh dae-ryuh ga-jusay-oh. Check out site for more useful phrases. Learn (or brush up) your numbers language/numbers/korean.htm Addresses use Sino-Korean. You can keep it simple and say each number individually (205 = ee-gong-oh), or get fancy and use more advanced techniques (205 = ee-baek-oh). Special thanks to the firefighters and paramedics at the Bongduk 119 Center – 봉덕 119 센터. 감사 합니다~


Old city in New city Written and photographed by Chae Suk Hyang/ Translated by Sun Lee


run an accommodation facility in Dongseongro, Daegu downtown area. As the owner, born and raised in Daegu, I am often asked about travel information; where to go to get a good beer and good food; how to get to Gyeongju or Haine-temple; what to see in Daegu. Some experienced ones even give conditions such as no more temples or mountains. But the common question from anybody is what Korean people eat, drink and do. 현재 나는 대구 동성로 인근에 위치 한 곳에 여행자 숙소를 운영하고 있 다. 대구에서 태어났고, 대구에서 살 고 있는 안주인이기 때문에 여행자 들은 나에게 대구의 많은 여행정보 를 묻는다. 뭐 맥주를 마시려면 어디 가 좋고, 밥을 먹으려면 어디가 좋고, 해인사나 경주를 가려면 어떻게 가야 하는지, 대구는 무엇을 봐야 하는지. 거기서 조금 더 적극적인 여행자들은 이제 더 이상 산이나 절은 싫다고 단 호하게 말하는 이도 있다. 그러면서 그들이 묻는 공통적인 질문 중에 하 나는 “ 대구 사람은 무엇을 먹고 놀고 마시는지 ”

When asked, I try my best to give them as much information as possible. But one thing I have to consider when giving the information: if the tourist is Korean or non-Korean. More than often, I hesitate to introduce Daegu modern streets and the history about it to international tourists. To us Koreans, the streets 22

and stories can be interesting and give nostalgic feelings about the past; however, to foreigners that are from where there are 300 or 400 year-old churches are rarely impressed by the 100 year old church in Daegu. In fact, I have taken a Dutch friend's family to the streets, and they did not feel interested at all. Later, she told me, "we have a 300-year-old buidling with 300 year-old vintage style in it. I'll show you when you come visit some time." That made me realize that old buildings alone are not enough to impress them; rather the stories behind them appeal more to them. And the people who are told the stories often say, "Daegu has more things to do. I thought Daegu had nothing." 그렇게 여행자들이 물으면 나는 대구

의 한 사람으로서, 숙소의 안주인으 로서 최대한 많은 것들을 가르쳐 주 려고 한다. 하지만 한가지, 내외국인 이 구분되는 것이 있다. 그것은 대한 민국 근대사와 연관되어 있는 대구 근대골목길 투어를 소개할 때는 외 국인에게는 이걸 설명해야할까 하는 생각이 든다. 왜냐면 우리에게는 무 척 모던하고 낭만과 역사가 서려있어 서 눈여겨 볼만하지만 외국인들에게 는 100년 된 교회보다 훨씬 더 오래 된 300년 400년 가까이 된 성당과 교 회가 자기네 나라에 있기 때문에 굳 이 여행지에서 볼만큼 특별하게 느껴 지지 않는다. 실제로 개인적인 친분 으로 2년전 네덜란드 일가족을 가이 드 해 준 적 있는데, 근대골목길투어 에 큰 흥미를 느끼지 못하는 것이다. 그리고 조용히 나에게 다가와 말하기 를 “우리나라에 가면 300년된 건물 이 있어. 그 안에는 300년전 빈티지 그대로 보존되어 있단다. 나중에 오 면 꼭 한번 보여줄게.”라고. 그때 느 낀 것 중 하나는 이들에게는 우리가

OLD CITY IN NEW CITY 느끼는 것만큼 건물만으로는 매력적 이지 않지만 그 안에 있는 숨겨진 이 야기를 들려줄 때 그 공간이 훨씬 더 매력적이라는 사실을. 그리고 이렇게 설명을 들은 사람들은 모두 열에 아 홉은 이렇게 말한다. “대구 볼게 없다 고 생각했는데, 생각보다 해 봐야 할 것들이 많네요.” 라고.

As the first of the stories, I would like to talk about Jin-alley. A Korean writer wrote a novel based on his own childhood experience on the alley way. The name “Jin” is believed to be originated from a Korean word “Jilda” that could mean either “watery” or Daegu dialect “long.” The alley way used to be a long one way but the main street toward Dongseongro cut it into two 10m-long alley ways 10 years ago. The alley way is so narrow that a lot of first comers end up passing by it and coming back to find it. Once you step into the alley, the loud street noise disappears and the surrounding traditional houses create tranquil beauty and make you feel lost in time. The street has stories from 100 years ago. The area used to be filled with traditional houses of a rich family. Those houses were so big that one of them was divided into three houses and sold as three different restaurants. The rest of the houses that were turned into restaurants have been local fixtures for over 10 years and have been covered as gourmet restaurants by the media. 그 첫 번째로 근대골목투어의 중심 에 있는 진골목을 소개하겠다. 작가 의 유년시절경험을 바탕으로 한 소 설 “마당깊은 집”의 배경으로도 나왔 던 진골목의 어원은 “길다”는 뜻의 사 투리인 “질다”에서 왔다는 말과 옛날 진골목 흙길이 질척질척하다는 “질 다” 이렇게 두가지가 있다고 한다. 현 재는 진골목이 10년 전 중간에 동성

로로 이어지는 길이 생기면서 약 10 미터 정도로 나눠졌지만 과거에는 그 두 개의 길이 하나로 이어져 있었다 고 한다. 이 좁은 골목은 얼핏 지나가 면 알 수가 없어서 처음 오는 여행자 들은 그 앞을 지나 한참을 더 내려가 다시 길을 되돌아오기도 한다. 하지만 골목 안으로 들어오면 동성로나 인근 주변의 시끄러운 소음들이 사라지고 옹기종기 모여 있는 한옥들이 마치 시간이 멈춰버린 듯 고즈넉한 멋을 선사한다. 이 골목은 약 100년이 넘 는 역사를 지니고 있는 곳으로 근대 초기 달성서씨 부자들이 있는 골목으 로 유명했다고 한다. 집이 어찌나 컸 던지 한옥 하나를 각자 다른 집에서 임대해 약 세 개의 식당으로 쪼개져 사용되기도 한다. 현재 이 집들은 대 부분 식당으로 이용되고 있으며 최소 10년 이상 그 자리에서 진골목을 지 켜온 터주대감이라 가게에 상관없이 대부분 맛집으로 소개되고 있다.

The building that has been there longest is Jung's pediatric clinic building, which is the oldest red brick house in Daegu. As the very first two story western style building, it is also the best preserved building, says a man having lived here since he was young. Except for the windows and stairs that had been repaired for safety for children, everything else has been kept they way it was built in 1930s. You can feel its beauty better when you see it from behind the building standing at the end of the alley rather than inside the alley since the sight is blocked by the walls.

로 고스란히 옛모습을 간직하고 있 다. 정소아과의원을 운영했던 원장님 께서 아이들을 생각해서 간이 계단과 창문보수공사를 하신 것 말고는 원형 그대로 보존되어 있으며 담으로 가려 진 진골목내에서 보는 것보다 진골목 입구로 나와 건물 뒤편을 보는 게 훨 씬 멋스럽다.

Now we know what to see when we go to Jin street. Wouldn't it be nice to know where to eat there. We can continue this tour in next month's issue. Next month, I will let you know about the real gourmet restaurants I have found living in the area, the ones that real Daegu people go to. 자, 이제 진골목의 멋집들을 알아봤 으니 이제는 진골목에 위치한 다양한 맛집들을 찾아볼 차례다. 오늘은 지 면이 다됐으니 다음호에 약 10개월 간 진골목에 살면서 경험한 진짜 맛 집을 소개하겠다. 여러분들이 원하는 대구에 사는 사람들이 가는 진짜 맛 집 말이다.

그 터주대감 중에서도 가장 오래된 집은 “정소아과의원” 건물인데 이 건 물은 현재 대구에서 가장 오래된 붉 은 벽돌 건물이다. 1930년대에 지어 진 이곳은 대구 최초의 붉은 벽돌을 사용한 2층 양옥으로 이곳에서 어린 시절부터 사셨다는 한 어르신은 말 하길 진골목에서 아직도 원래 모습 그대로 보존되고 있는 곳은 이곳 정 소아과의원하나라고 말씀하실 정도



S uper C olor S uper Interviewed by Scott McLaughlin / Photo by Philippe Teston




SUPERCOLORSUPER RETURNS When you stepped back from promoting SCS international acts last year, what prompted you to return to doing so in 2013? S: I had thought I wouldn't come back to it unless there was more support. After we stepped back from shows, we got some partnership organizations reaching out to help. Bands were still emailing us and we couldn't find other groups to make their shows so we got back into it to get the shows on again. V: I would say 'FANS'. There always has been SCS fans who support us from inside / outside of Korea. Thanks for your global support. We always appreciate it. SCS has been around for a quite a long time now in South Korea, what are the biggest challenges you face on a daily basis? S: For me, it's trying to do well enough on promotion to cover our lower ticket prices, it takes a lot of effort. V: Absence of night bus or tube makes me sad. How do you pick the shows that come to South Korea? Have you built the brand up to where bands are now contacting you to help them set up shows in Korea/Asia? S: Yeah, a lot of bands have friends who turn them onto us - which makes it a snap to get bands we like. Any band that I can't get enough of, I'll definitely make an effort to get a message to. Where do you see SCS going from here? Do you plan on

staying in Korea or perhaps branching out to different Asian countries. Or returning to America sometime to start your label back there? S: That's a great question. Right now, we are exploring the way to maintain our values while being absorbed into a bigger company. There are other projects I've been

pursuing outside of SuperColorSuper as well, which might just stay in concerts. Can you talk about some other projects you are working on at the moment? If so, what are they and how do you find the time to manage them? S: Personally, I spend daylight continued on p27




SUPERCOLORSUPER RETURNS hours working on a tablishing project for the Korean company Visang. We are developing a sensory deprivation concert - where the audience sits in total darkness, and planning our spring shows (to be announced soon). V: I toured with Lymbyc Systym last week which was successful and fun. One of the members taught me how to make music with some brilliant midi software and I've been longing for making music so, I hope that can be my personal project this year. Inspiring foreigners who want to get into the business of entertainment in Korea, any words of wisdom for them? How does one figure out the visa and legal issues of starting a business in Korea? S: Visas aren't bad once you have a Korean sponsor who really wants it and is savvy. Foreign voices can ring out further because of the different background you bring into your medium or a market. V: Dealing with the visa in another country is mostly difficult thing but if you have a strong will and plan there's always solution I believe.

Also, if someone wants to get involved with SCS, what opportunities are there and how does one go about helping. Any perks that come with volunteering? We try to find a place for every helping hand. Collective members can learn about music/promotion, lead their own events, hang out and work with some very creative and accomplished artists and learn tricks of the trade. Last question, what are some go to bands that you listen to nowadays for just chill'n? S: Purity Ring, The Magnetic Fields, Bon Iver is great to nod off too, Gauntlet Hair is perfect bike riding stuff. V: Machinedrum, Purity Ring, The Caretaker and Beach House. Stay up-to-date with SuperColorSuper on the website:



Interviewed by Kenneth Quillinan / Translated by Stephanie Yang

e is undoubtedly the greatest ever Korean golfer to date. In a recent interview, KJ Choi discussed his golfing career, power lifting and his goals for 2013. 그는 의심할 여지없이 한국 최고의 골프 선수이다. 최근 한 인터뷰에서, 최경주 선수는 그의 골프 경력, 파워 리프팅, 그리고 이번 크리스마스 계 획에 대해 이야기했다.

When you look back on 2012, are you satisfied with your performances? What goals have you set for 2013? I can’t really say that I’m satisfied with my performances this year. When I look back, there were a few reasons that I feel threw me off a bit this year. Too much thinking, numerous club changes and the time it took me to adjust to them, the caddy changes I went through this year and the overseas travel caused me to lose my rhythm a bit. However, I can take some positives out of it all this and I feel like I learned a lot. My goal next year is to get back to the winner’s circle on the PGA Tour. 2012를 되돌이켜보면서 자신의 성과 에 대해 만족하시나요? 2013년에는 어떤 목표들이 있습니까? 이번 해의 성과에 대해 만족하다고


말할 수는 없습니다. 돌이켜보면, 이 번 해에 저를 주춤하게 한 것에는 몇 가지 이유가 있습니다. 너무 많은 생 각들, 잦은 클럽 이적, 새 환경에 적 응하는 데 걸리는 시간, 잦은 캐디 체 인지, 그리고 해외 원정이 저의 리 듬감을 잃게 만들었습니다. 하지만 그 일들 속에서 긍정적인 면을 찾으 며 제가 많은 것을 배웠다고 생각합 니다. 저의 다음 해 목표는 PGA투어 의 위너스 서클에 다시 들어가는 것 입니다.

2012 was a year for the ‘mature’ golfers to prosper it seems with Ernie Els’ dramatic win of The Open, as well as the resurgence of Paul Lawrie and Miguel Angel Jimenez. Based on these results, do you feel that the best years are yet to come for you? It was good to see them come back

KJ CHOI - KOREA’S OWN BRAND OF TIGER into good form. I feel like I still have good 3 years in me and I am looking forward to them. 2012년은 경험 많은 골퍼들의 해가 되었는데 Ernie Els의 드라마틱한 오 픈 대회 우승, 그리고 Paul Lawrie와 Miguel Angel Jimenez의 재기가 돋 보였습니다. 이러한 결과에 근거하여, 최경주 선수의 최고의 해는 아직 오 지 않았다고 생각합니까? 그들이 다시 성공적으로 돌아온 것에 대해 기쁘게 생각합니다. 저는 아직 3 년이라는 좋은 시간이 더 남았다 생 각하고 그 3년을 기대하고 있습니다.

There is no doubting that you are a great ambassador for South Korean golf. Are you optimistic about the future golf prospects here? I think the future is very bright for the young Korean prospects. The

young kids these days are big and strong and coupled with a strong mentality and advanced training, I believe they can compete shoulder to shoulder with the global players. 한국 골프에 최경주 선수가 최고의 홍보대사라는 것은 의심의 여지가 없 습니다. 한국 골프계의 미래에 대해서 긍정적인 시각을 가지고 있나요? 저는 어린 한국 골프 유망주들의 미 래가 매우 밝다고 생각합니다. 요즘 어린 아이들은 체격적으로 크고 힘이 좋을뿐더러 강한 사고방식과 최첨단 트레이닝을 받고 있습니다. 그들이 전 세계적으로 다른 나라 골퍼들과 치열 한 경쟁을 할 것을 예상합니다.

I don’t think anybody would deny you a Major title in the future and most people feel that you thoroughly deserve one. What do you think has

been the biggest obstacle in your pursuit to claim one of these illustrious prizes? The major courses are very long in terms of course length. The deep rough adds to the challenge. However, I believe that the Masters is one major which is much fairer to players as length is not as much of an issue. You really have to know the details of that course to play your way around and I think my chances are the greatest on that course in comparison to other major courses. 저는 최경주 선수가 미래 메이저 타 이틀을 딸 것이라는 것에 대해 아무 도 반대하지 않을 것 같습니다. 많은 사람들이 최경주 선수가 그 타이틀에 적합하다고 생각하고 있는데요. 이러 한 저명한 위치에 오는 데에 어떤 것 이 제일 큰 장애물이었나요? continued on p30

KJ CHOI - KOREA’S OWN BRAND OF TIGER creative physical education. Building a solid junior golf program is an area that I am personally very affectionate about. In addition, my foundation supports the community through the building of study rooms, so that kids can have a place to read, study and learn after school instead of being led astray. One of our biggest initiatives is to build a dream center, a sports complex where kids will be able to train, practice and learn about golf through a structured and advanced program. 당신의 최경주 재단을 통한 자선 운 동은 분명 당신의 자랑거리입니다. 현재 진행되고 있는 프로젝트에 대해 설명해 주세요. 저의 재단은 어린 유망주들에게 장학 금을 제공하고 창의적인 체육 활동에 중점을 두고 있습니다. 저는 탄탄한 주니어 골프 프로그램을 설립하는 데 에 개인적으로 많은 관심을 갖고 있 습니다. 그리고 저의 재단은 사회를 위해 스터디 장소가 있는 빌딩을 설 립하여 아이들이 학교가 뒤에 시간 을 헛되이 보내는 대신 이런 건물에 서 책을 읽고, 공부하고 여러 가지를 배울 기회를 제공하고 있습니다. 저 희의 가장 큰 계획은 드림 센터를 만 드는 것입니다. 이 곳은 스포츠 컴플 렉스로 아이들이 잘 짜여진 최첨단의 프로그램을 통해 훈련하고 골프에 대 해 알아가면 좋겠습니다.

메이저 코스는 코스의 길이 면에서 매우 깁니다. 또한 깊은 러프가 그 도 전을 더욱 힘들게 합니다. 하지만 저 는 마스터즈 골프에서 길이가 별 문 제 되지 않기에 선수들에게 더 공평 한 코스라고 생각합니다. 자신의 방 법으로 코스를 정복하기 위해서는 그 코스의 자세한 디테일을 잘 알아야 합니다. 저는 다른 코스에 비해 그 코 스에서 더 좋은 기회가 있을 것이라 믿습니다.


The charity work you do is second to none with the KJ Choi Foundation, and something that you should be very proud of. Can you please explain your current projects? My foundation focuses on providing scholarships to young prospects and providing what we call

In 2015, the Presidents Cup will be held here in Korea. How excited are you for this? I believe this major event will bring a second boom to the sport of golf in Korea. The Korean people will be able to witness one of the biggest golfing events in the world, with star players from all over the world competing for their team. I think the President’s Cup will change the perspective of the Korean people and the govern-

KJ CHOI - KOREA’S OWN BRAND OF TIGER ment on golf as a whole. 2015년에 프레지던트 컵이 한국에서 열릴 예정입니다. 얼 마나 기대하고 계십니까? 저는 이 이벤트가 한국에 2번째 골프 붐을 일으킬 거라 생 각합니다. 한국인들은 세계에서 가장 큰 골프 이벤트를 관 람하며 각 팀의 스타 플레이어들을 만나볼 수 있을 것입니 다. 저는 이 컵이 한국인들과 한국 정부가 골프에 가지는 시각을 바꿀 것이라고 생각합니다.

Your home nowadays is in Texas but you travel back to Korea on a regular basis. Can you see yourself moving back here eventually? I like to see myself travelling between Korean and US, staying active with golf and my Foundation activities on both continents. 지금은 텍사스에 살고 계시지만 한국에 정기적으로 돌아 오시는데요. 한국에서 거주할 계획이 있으십니까? 저는 한국과 미국에서 왔다 갔다 하며 두 대륙에서 제 골 프와 재단 활동을 계속 하고 싶습니다.

Being an Irishman myself, I must ask you how do you rate Rory Mcilroy? Rory has a very strong heart and mind. He has no fear, a strong will and I have to say I am very impressed by him. He doesn’t have a big physique but generates so much power with sheer talent. He has a very bright future. 제가 아일랜드 사람인 만큼, Rory Mcilroy를 어떻게 생 각하시는지 알고 싶습니다. Rory는 강한 심장과 마인드를 가지고 있습니다. 그는 겁이 없고, 굳건한 의지가 있어서 저는 그를 인상 깊게 생각합니다. 그는 큰 체격을 갖고 있지 않지만 재능 하 나로 아주 큰 파워를 만들어 냅니다. 그의 미래가 아주 밝다고 느낍니다.

I believe your nickname is ‘The Tank’? Are you happy that you chose a career in golf as opposed to power lifting? In reality, I don’t really think it was a choice but more of a destiny. It wasn’t like I said to myself I want to play golf and I’m going to find my way to play that sport. Fate really led me to golf and it wasn’t my will. When I first hit a golf ball with a golf club, the impact it sent through my body was

so powerful and memorable that it left a lasting spark in my heart. Power lifting enabled me to build strong legs which helped my golfing career. I have relatively longer arms than most golfers which allow me to hit the ball more efficiently. These long arms weren’t really suitable for power lifting. My upper body is actually weaker and smoother than my lower body and this type of physique makes my body type more suitable for golf and not for power lifting. 최경주 선수의 별명이 탱크라고 알고 있습니다. 파워 리프 팅 대신 골프 선수가 된 것에 만족하십니까? 사실은 제가 선택했다기 보다는 골프선수가 된 것은 운명 이라고 생각합니다. 제가 골프가 좋아서 골프를 할 방법을 찾아야겠다는 생각을 한 것이 아닙니다. 운명은 저의 의지 와 상관없이 저를 골프계에 입문하게 만들었습니다. 클럽 으로 처음 골프 공을 쳤을 때, 저의 몸에 아주 강한 전율이 느껴져 저의 마음에 아주 강한 스파크를 전달했습니다. 파 워 리프팅은 저에게 골프 인생에 필요한 강한 다리를 만들 어주었습니다. 저는 다른 선수들에 비해 좀 더 긴 팔을 갖 고 있어서 덕분에 공을 더 효율적으로 칠 수 있습니다. 이 러한 긴 팔은 파워 리프팅에는 별로 적합하지 않습니다. 저의 상체가 하체에 비해 더 약하고 유연한 데 이러한 체 격은 파워 리프팅보다는 골프에 더 알맞은 체격입니다.


Winter Special Olympics

South Korea - 2013 Interviewed by Kenneth Quillinan / Photos provided by Mingwah Park

The next Special Olympics World Games take place in PyeongChang, South Korea, 29 January to 5 February 2013. The 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games


will feature worldclass competition in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, figure skating, snowboarding and speed skating, among other sports. This event will be one of the

largest winter multi-sport events held in South Korea to date. Recently, I spoke to one of the members of the Games Organizing Committee, Mingwah Park.

WINTER SPECIAL OLYMPICS IN SOUTH KOREA near the Games venue, and various cultural festivals. How many competitors from different countries are expected to participate?

How are the preparations going ahead of the games in a couple of weeks? The Games Organizing Committee is very busy preparing for this huge event.So far, 95% of the funding for the Games has been secured, and now the GOC is focusing on promoting the Games to raise awareness across the nation as well as encouraging people to participate in the Games which is just around the corner. GOC sells a Games ticket called a “Special Pass” with 20 discount coupons embedded in it: The “Special Pass” includes discounts of up to 40% off ski lifts, ski rental service at Alpensia and Yongpyong Resort, admission into a snow sledge race, rail biking in JeongSeon, the KORAIL Seaside train, the PyeongChang Trout Festival,as well as free entrance to tourist sports

2300 athletes from 112 countries are participating. It is going to be a covered by numerous media sources from all across the globe. The enormity of this event is not to be underestimated in the slightest. With the Winter Olympics 2018 also being held in Korea, I am sure the popularity of these sports has been rapidly increasing across the country. Who are the most promising Korean talents we will expect to see? One of the most important characteristics of the Special Olympics is that it is the world’s largest humanitarian event of the year, celebrating the spirit of challenges and joy of sports. Unlike the Olympics or Paralympics, which are elite sports competing for records, the Special Olympics focuses on participation, and the influence of sports regarding the unification of people with and without intellectual disabilities, while also bringing the isolated population with intel-



SPECIAL OLYMPICS lectual disabilities into the limelight. Everyone is important: of course the athletes, but also all the volunteers and families are equally important participants of our Games. They are all part of this great journey of making changes, and bringing social inclusion and acceptance across the globe. Will the Games main ambassadors ( Kim Yuna and Guus Hiddink) be making an appearance? The GOC expects Guus Hiddink to participate in the opening ceremony and Yuna Kim to participate in the closing ceremony. It is very exciting to have some of the greatest sports people in the world support this event and we are deeply honored for this.



Do you see these games as a great opportunity to showcase the amazing talents of the less fortunate? People with intellectual disabilities are special, and their amazing talents and spirits are to be highlighted during the Games. Whenever these games are held, no matter where the venue is, the showcasing of these extraordinary athletes talents is always one of the main highlights.

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The Summer Olympics is notorious for its fascinating opening and closing ceremonies, can the spectators at these games expect something similar? Yes! The GOC is preparing intensely for the opening and closing ceremonies and they will be delivered at a world class level. Finally, how do you plan on accommodating and entertaining all of the competitors and spectators from across the globe? The 2013 Winter Special Olympics is not only a sports event, but it is also a “Cultural� Olympics event. We have prepared various collaborative performances of top artists and talented people with intellectual disabilities. People will be very touched to see their joint performances during the Games.




MONKEY ISLAND VIETNAM I Written and photographed by NC / Translated by Bosun Kim

f it is your first time to Ho Chi Minh, your first stop will most likely be Phạm Ngũ Lão Street within the backpacker district. The street is lined with slews of organized tour companies and their employees, trying to lure you in with various offers. At about $15-30 USD for full day packaged tours, that price may be small change to some of you. And, if you’re the kind who wants to meet other foreigners, those tours might be suitable for you.

for tours, I saw a few companies offering tours to a locale just outside of Ho Chi Minh called Cần Giờ and a place called Monkey Island. It was advertised as a relatively new tour, so that signaled a red flag that the tour probably still has some kinks to work out. I didn’t want to find out what those kinks were, so I asked local vendors and my hostel reception desk how to get to Cần Giờ and Monkey Island and went there myself.

만약 당신이 처음으로 호치민 여행을 간다면, 우선으로 들를 곳은 아마도 배낭여행객 지역 내에 있는 팜응우라 오 거리가 될 것이다. 그 거리에는 단 체여행 회사들이 줄지어 있고, 직원 들은 다양한 할인혜택으로 당신을 유 혹할 것이다. 미화 약 15~30달러로 종일 패키지 여행을 즐길 수 있으며 그 가격은 당신의 계획에 약간 변화 를 줄 수도 있다. 또한 다른 외국인을 만나고 싶다면, 이러한 여행상품들은 당신에게 맞을 것이다.

처음에 여행 상품을 찾아 다니다가,

Alternatively, or perhaps afterwards, having been shuffled through poorly organized tours, with mediocre tour guides, through factories where products were pushed at you left and right, it might be time to trek out solo. 그렇지 않다면, 평범한 여행 가이드 와 함께 형편없는 단체여행을 하며 양 옆구리에 물건을 찔러 주는 공장 들로 끌려 다닌 후에야, 비로소 혼자 여행 할 시간이 될 지도 모른다.

While initially shopping around continued on p38


나는 몇몇 여행 회사들이 ‘껀저’라고 불리는 호치민의 외곽지역과 원숭이 섬이라는 지역으로의 여행을 제안하 고 있는 것을 보았다. 상대적으로 새 로운 여행이라고 광고를 하며, 빨간 깃발 표시가 있었는데 아마도 해결 되야 할 문제가 있는 것 같았다. 그 문 제점들이 어떤 것인지 직접 알아 내 고 싶진 않아서 현지 노점상들과 호 스텔의 리셉션 데스크에 껀저와 원숭 이 섬에 어떻게 가는지 물어보고, 혼 자 그곳으로 향했다.

Just across from Bến Thành Market, on the other side of the hectic roundabout is a central bus


terminal. Take the #20 or #90 bus. The fare will be about 4,000VND (200 won), and you’ll pay a person at either the front or the middle of the bus. No, there were no machines to take your money, nor were there any transit cards. You’ll be given a slip of paper as your bus pass. The ride is about 40 minutes and the bus will stop before a bridge. Everyone will get off. This is where you’ll get off as well. 벤탄 시장 바로 맞은편이자, 정신 없 이 바쁜 교차로 건너편에 중앙 버스 터미널이 있다. 20번 버스나 90번 버 스를 타라. 요금은 약 4,000동(200 원)이며 버스의 앞이나 중간에 있는 사람에게 요금을 지불 하면 된다. 돈 을 받는 기계도, 교통카드도 없었다. 버스패스로 종이 표를 받을 것이다. 버스로 약 40분 동안 가다 보면, 버스 가 다리 전에 멈출 것이다. 모든 사람 이 내릴 것이고, 여기가 당신이 내려 야 할 곳이다.


줄 것이다. 버스에는 90번이라고 적 혀 있었지만, 이 지역에서는 버스 번 호와 특정 경로는 그렇게 중요하지 않은 것 같았다. 그래서 원숭이 섬이 라고 베트남어로 적어서 버스기사에 게 보여주는 것이 가장 좋을 것이다. 약 45분간의 버스 여행 비용은 5,000 동인데 버스는 30명의 사람들로 붐벼 아마 불편할 것이다.

Walk over the bridge and to the boat. Pay the person at the end of the bridge 1,000VND in order to board the boat. The boat ride lasts about 10 minutes. Once you walk over the bridge, there were will be a small bus, meant for 15 people, that’ll take you towards Monkey Island. The bus had #90 written on it, but it seems like numbers and specific routes don’t really matter on this side of town, so it maybe best to write Monkey Island in Vietnamese and show it to the driver. The ride will cost you 5,000VND, last about 45 minutes, and will most likely be uncomfortable as 30 people were crammed onto the bus.

The person who took your bus fare will shout out the names of all the stops. Listen carefully to Monkey Island in Vietnamese, which is “đảo khỉ”, as the road sign for Monkey Island is very faded and difficult to see and the T-junction leading to Monkey Island will look very deserted.

다리를 건너 배를 향해 걸어가라. 배 를 타려면 다리 끝에 있는 사람에게 1,000동을 지불해라. 운항은 약 10 분 정도 소요된다. 일단 다리를 건너 면, 15인승의 작은 버스가 있는데, 그 것이 당신을 원숭이 섬으로 데려다

버스요금을 받았던 사람은 모든 정류 장의 이름들을 소리칠 것이다. 원숭 이 섬은 베트남 어로 “다오 키”인데, 귀 기울여 듣기 바란다. 왜냐하면 원 숭이 섬의 도로 표지판은 매우 희미 해져서 알아보기 어렵기 때문이다. 그

MONKEY ISLAND - VIETNAM 리고 원숭이 섬으로 향하는 T자형 삼 거리는 버려진 곳처럼 보일 것이다.

Once you get off, you’ll most likely be harassed by motorcycle taxis claiming that the walk to the entrance of Monkey Island is very far away. Don’t be fooled. Just walk down the road for about 5 minutes and you’ll get to the ticket area. It’s 80,000VND for foreigners. 버스에서 내리자마자, 오토바이 택 시 운전자들이 원숭이 섬 입구가 걸 어 가기에는 아주 멀리 떨어져 있다 고 말하면서 괴롭힐 것이다. 속지 마 시라! 약 5분만 그 길을 따라 걸으면, 매표소에 도착할 것이다. 외국인들에 게는 80,000동 이다.

Monkey Island was calming and relaxing. It’s best to go there if you want peace of mind and take long walks for an hour or two through

paths lined with twisted trees. The museum at the entrance showed pictures of the effects of the Vietnam War on the area and how much of it was annihilated. Since then, the ecosystem of the area has flourished, the trees have grown back and tourism has been promoted and increased. 원숭이 섬은 아주 평온했다. 만약 마 음의 평화를 원한다면 그 곳에 가는 것이 가장 좋다. 그리고 구부러진 나 무가 쭉 늘어진 길을 따라 한 두 시간 동안 긴 산책을 해라. 입구에 있는 박 물관은 베트남전쟁이 그 지역에 미 친 영향과 얼마나 많은 부분을 파괴 시켰는지에 대한 사진들을 전시하고 있다. 그 이후로, 그 지역의 생태계는 번성해왔고, 나무들은 다시 자라서 관광사업이 촉진되고 증가되었다.

The monkeys are well adjusted to seeing tourists and they roam carefree in this reserve. There were

some people feeding the monkeys bread, but it’s probably best not to feed the monkeys human food and risk getting scratched in the process as they’ll most likely try to shanghai anything that hangs off of you. A few minutes walk from the museum is a path on the left that will lead you over a skinny river where crocodiles await to be fed. For 20,000VND, you can dangle a fish from a thick branch and wait for a crocodile to slowly snatch it. continued on p41 원숭이들은 관광객을 보는 것에 적 응이 잘 되어 있었고, 이 보호구역에 서 근심 없이 돌아다닌다. 몇몇 사람 들은 원숭이들에게 빵을 먹이고 있었 다. 당신에게서 떨어지는 것은 무엇 이든지 강제로 가져가려고 할 것이 고, 먹이를 주다가 긁힐 위험도 있기 때문에 원숭이에게 사람 음식을 먹이 지 않는 것이 가장 좋다. 박물관에서 부터 몇 분만 걸으면 왼쪽에 길이 보


GETTING YOUR SEAL OF APPROVAL DAEGU IMMIGRATION Written and photographed by Stephen Schuit /


ne may ponder the ageold chicken or the egg dilemma when it comes to Korea and travel: has Korea’s meteoric rise on the world stage been propelled by rapid increases in the number of outbound and inbound tourists or, has its rocketlike economic trajectory caused the dynamic growth in travelers both to and from Korea? In either case, the Korean Immigration Service is certainly thinking globally as it has “devoted itself to simplifying the procedures of issuing visas and handling residency matters with an aim to attract outstanding overseas talents such as foreign investors.” If my recent experience at the Daegu Immigration Office is any indication, the Immigration Service is certainly well on its way to reducing red tape and melting away the bureaucracy.

I needed to extend my E-1 visa for another year of teaching at Yeungnam University. Fearing the worst,


a growth in inbound tourists from the region and beyond. If you need information, documents or visas you can confidently make the Daegu Immigration Office your destination.

I reserved a good chunk of the day for dealing with the anticipated bureaucratic challenge. My dour expectations were shattered; I was in and out of the Daegu Immigration Office in less than 20 minutes. Buyer beware: there is certainly no guarantee that your next travel document processing experience will be this seamless, but it may offer a reason for optimism. The DIO was bright, organized, and staffed by folks wearing smiles and armed with helpful attitudes. The rapid increase in travel from Korea is likely propelled by a number of factors including increasingly popular low cost carriers which have focused on neighboring countries and other Southeast Asia regions where many Koreans like to visit and spend their holidays. Related factors are longer leave entitlements, the stabilization of the Korean won against the dollar and more diverse sales channels which offer outbound travel opportunities at lower prices. On the other hand, South Korea’s easing of visa issuance regulations has also boosted

Help-Line is 1345. Hours: M-F, 9-6 PM and Closed 12-1 for lunch. Open Saturdays 9-1. Closed Sundays ad Holidays. Address: 1012-1, Geomsadong, Dong-gu, Daegu. Phone: 053-980-3512 For more information and directions: As helpful as the Daegu Immigration Office may be, they probably won’t tell you this most important piece of travel wisdom offered by Susan Heller: “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then, take half the clothes and twice the money.”

MONKEY ISLAND - VIETNAM 이는데 그 길은 너를 악어가 먹이를 기다리고 있는 마른 강으로 이끌어 준다. 20,000동이면, 두꺼운 나뭇가지에 물 고기를 매달아 놓고 악어가 천천히 그것을 낚아 채기를 기 다릴 수 있다.

Once all was said and done, the grand total for the day to Monkey Island came to $5USD, which is about 5 times less than the current going rate for the trip which ranged from $22-28USD. My trip didn’t include a lunch and didn’t include a trip to the beach about another hour from Monkey Island, but that’s okay. Tourist traps were avoided and I was able to spend some time in a rich and bio-diverse area, and that makes this trip a personal victory. 일단 뭐니 뭐니 해도, 원숭이 섬으로의 하루 동안의 총 비 용은 미화로 5달러였다. 미화로 22~28달러쯤 되는 현재 여행 가격보다 약 5배나 쌌다. 나의 경비는 점심과 원숭이 섬에서부터 약 한 시간 정도 떨어진 해변으로의 여행은 포 함되지 않았지만, 괜찮았다. 관광객들에게 바가지를 씌우 기도 하는 이름난 곳들은 피했고, 풍부하고 다양한 생물들 을 경험할 수 있는 지역에서 시간을 보낼 수 있었기에, 이 여행은 개인적인 승리라고 하겠다.


Good Morning North Korea Warning! For those expecting a political or social commentary on North Korea, please look elsewhere. Before entering the DPRK, I signed my life away in a waiver stating that I am not a journalist and that I have no intention of publishing controversial subject matter. I was only half lying. In fear of retribution (let’s just say financial – it’s less dramatic than fear of a totalitarian regime gunning for me), this article will act namely as a travel piece. Written and photographed by John Johnson




ant a travel story that you can be assured none of your friends have? Well, a trip to Pyongyang, North Korea might be just up your alley. As one of the least visited countries in the world, adventure tourists have been drawn to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) since the 1980’s. With the recent easing of restrictions to enter the country, in an attempt by the government to obtain foreign hard currency, more and more have been flocking to discover how life goes on in the highly secretive and military orientated society Pyongyang, unbeknownst to most, is actually a very aesthetically appealing city situated along the banks of the Taedong River. Grand monuments and tall, socialist era housing blocks dominate the breathtaking cityscape, which is free from the pollution you often find in large cities. Looking down the wide boulevards adjacent to Kim Il Sung Square, you can’t help but imagine tanks and thousand of soldiers storming down the street during the grand, yet selfindulging, military parades often showcased by the North Korean Government. It seems that no matter where you are in the city, you feel small, whether it continued on p44


be at the base of the 105-story pyramidal Ryugyong Hotel or at the literal foot of a gigantic bronze statue of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il on Mansu Hill. Surprisingly, there are not many barriers to stop you from travelling to North Korea. Other than price that is. A four night, five day journey will set you back €1,000 Euros. Before turning your mind off to the idea of visiting one of the most fascinating places in the world, realize that this price is nearly all-inclusive. You stay in great 4-star accommodations, with all hotels providing panoramic views of the entire city. Additionally, round trip airfare is provided between Pyongyang and Beijing. It should be noted that all tourism related air travel originates in Beijing. The food provided is of decent quality, with some meals far exceeding others. For those of you who know Korean cuisine, nothing beats a cold bowl of Pyongyang Naengmyeon Buckwheat Noodles (pronounced Raengmyeon in the local dialect) on a hot summer day! The before mentioned price can fluctuate, depending 44

on which tour agency you use, the tour size, and what type of tour you go on. Koryo Group© is the market leader and their longstanding relationship with North Korea means you will have more unadulterated access to the people and sites of the DPRK. However, recently established budget orientated tour groups, such as Young Pioneer Tours©, exist and will provide you with a great experience. Regardless of what company you choose, you can typically expect a longer stay to be cheaper, per day, as opposed to a shorter visit. The same holds true of tours with more members. All tours will have you with a minimum of two North Korean tour guides. Think of George Orwell’s 1984 and you can probably envision why. It is better to think of them as tour guides, not minders. Treat them well, word your questions properly, and avoid bashing North Korean policies/ Kim Jung Il/ Kim Il Sung/ Kim Jung Un and they will provide you with a treasure trove of insights into their personal lifestyle and how North Koreans go about their daily lives. Moreover, be on your best behavior. Poor decisions made by you will likely get your tour guide in heaps of trouble.

GOOD MORNING NORTH KOREA Be prepared to expend a lot of energy as well! The sole, state government run, Korean International Travel Company (KITC), is proud of their country and they want you to see as much as possible (of the built-up parts anyways). Expect to start your day at 8am and have it go late into the evening. Additionally, you will be surprised with the freedom you are given with your camera. Avoid the obvious and you will essentially have free reigns with it. *It should be noted that as of this printing, South Korean Nationals are not permitted to enter the DPRK and independent tourism is simply not possible.




dopting a dog can be one of the most rewarding and wonderful things you can do; but only if you are well prepared and financially ready. In Daegu, we are really lucky to have a fantastic shelter and so many hard working volunteers. Many people want to make the commitment of adopting, or fostering animals; hopefully this article will give a brief insight into the adoption process and what to expect after.

Thinking about adoption: This is the most important step in the process. You should be seriously considering thinking about adoption for at least three months before you make the decision. Evaluate your free time honestly and consider how much time you are willing to give to your pet outside of the regular pet duties. Research pet types and find out which type of pet will suit your lifestyle, and apartment. Gather criteria of what you are looking for and use this when you are finding a pet. It might sound selfish to have a checklist, but you wouldn’t buy a shoe that was too small so don’t adopt a dog that’s a bad fit; in the long term it’s just cruel for the animal. Assess your finances very seriously. Dogs are not cheap. Preparing to adopt:


• Download the adoption application from the Daegu KAPS website (http://www. Spend some time filling it out and answer the questions honestly. • Research travel stipulations beforehand, some countries have really strict importation rules. Make sure you are willing to spend the time and money needed to meet them. • Dog-proof your house, so it’s safer for the dog; and safer for your valuables. Tie up wires out of reach, close off trash cans and poisonous liquids, and make sure the dog has a comfortable place to sleep. • Decide how you will train your dog and introduce him to your apartment, many people

opt to crate train; I personally found that it made the transition for my dog easier as she was so used to living in a cage that it made her feel safe. • Tell your family at home and if you are planning on returning home or traveling, make sure your pet fits into your plans. • Choose a reliable and friendly vet. • Visit the shelter often. • Contact the coordinators of the shelter and search the website for dogs in foster care. Contact foster families and arrange to meet the dogs. Adoption day: Each experience is unique, so this is what happened the day I adopted. I found my dog on the

EASY ADOPTION - FURRY RESULTS Daejeon KAPS website. First I arranged a time, then organized a travel bag, blanket, treats and a leash and headed to Daejeon. I had never met my dog before the adoption day, just correspondence via the website and volunteers, so I didn’t have my hopes too high before I arrived. When I got there, Autumn was standing on a shelf with two other Maltese growling, shaking and barking at everyone. It was heartbreaking. I was very apprehensive but from the second I picked her up she settled down into my arms and it was obvious she was just terrified of her surroundings. I spent three hours at the shelter playing with her and the other dogs and decided to take her. I paid her adoption fee and took her home. The coordinators, and especially the shelter ‘moms’, like to take the time to make sure that the dog is happy before you can take them, so you will be expected to spend some time there. Aftermath! The first thing I did was take her to the vet, I had W400,000 put aside for the initial check up and it came to W347,000 after tests and shots etc. She was diagnosed as healthy but suffered from conjunctivitis, rotten gums and teeth, untreated cists and she was almost totally free of vaccines. She needed a complete shave as her fur was so matted, and after the grooming we discovered scars and burns on her body. She was also seriously underweight. The hardest part of the adoption was listening to what the vet could presume about her past, as she had clearly been abused. The first couple of weeks she wouldn’t approach me, and because she was on so much medication she just slept most of the time. She was not potty trained or leash trained. She howled whenever I left my apartment or left her with a pet sitter or friend. It took a few weeks but she eventually settled into my home, then it took a further month to potty and leash train, and almost weekly visits to the vet to complete her shots and take care of her teeth and eyes, which was not a cheap process. Now three months on, Autumn is a really happy and sweet little dog, she loves people; and cuddles. She still has issues with other dogs but she gets used to them after a while. She won’t play with toys, which I assume is because she probably never had toys, and she is very needy which we are still working on. She is scheduled to have two operations; one on her gums and one on her stomach before we leave so she is gradually getting healthy.

If you are preparing to adopt, please double check that you have the money and time to make such a huge commitment, because while it is so rewarding it is also a very demanding and time consuming lifetime commitment.




Daegu rugby team had been defunct since 2004, when an enthusiastic group resurrected it in late 2011. The shared enthusiasm of the Busan Bandits and Jeonnam Aliens allowed us to get the “Daegu Dragons” up and running with some very cold off/pre-season fixtures. We joined the Korean Expat Rugby Association’s (KERA) Tens League in March 2012, competed in by 5 civilian and 5 U.S. military teams nationwide. The season involves each team hosting one “tournament” consisting of 3-4 full-contact games of 12min halves for each side entered. It isn’t mandatory to enter each tournament, which with most team members employed as teachers, allows for

inevitable player turnover. The Dragons traveled away for the first two tournaments without much success, other than beginning what would be a season-long win streak over fellow newcomers, the Busan Bandits. With an influx of predominantly South African players joining the team from around the Gyeongsang-do province, perhaps most significantly the “Ulsan Bolts” team deferring their independent entry to merge with the Dragons, and coming to grips with the format and style of 10-a-side play, things started to look up at the Daejon/ Cheongju Knights’ tournament in May. Ably assisted by playmakers Stefan Kruger and Francois Botes, 2012 MVP Roe du Plessis



carved up opposition defenses, scoring the majority of the points for a tournament-winning 135-19 record over 3 games. The new uniforms were also on debut and may have been a factor.

unbeaten 2 win – 1 draw record to lift the trophy. The results on the day also meant Cheongju Knights had done enough to wrest the title from Seoul with one tournament remaining in Jeonnam.

secondary sponsor, and to JJ Choi, the most generous owner/operator of our chief sponsor JJ’s Bar & Grill, where we were always welcome to celebrate our successes and drown our sorrows

No games were played over the long, hot summer, and then it was Daegu’s turn to host on September 1st, at the Gyeongsan Rugby Stadium, an immaculate grass pitch of international quality. This lead to the largest turnout of the year by teams and supporters, and despite a roaring second half comeback, perennial champions the Seoul Survivors pipped the Dragons 1917 to win the tournament.

The final tournament was a knockout format on the southern coast in Gwangyang, and despite being an inconvenient place to travel it was a cracking day to end the season. The Dragons maintained their recent good form by making the final, but were outclassed again by Seoul to finish runners-up. To finish 3rd overall in our debut season was a fantastic achievement, and couldn’t have been done without the efforts of Simon Swain, an unofficial team-manager, our previously mentioned MVP Roe du Plessis, and Most-Improved Player Melt Van Der Spuy, along with everyone that pulled on the blue and white hoops in 2012. Special mention must also go to the partners and friends of the players, who traveled with the team and lent great support, Rocktape, our

Looking ahead to the 2013 season, we are recruiting new players of any age, experience or skill level to join, as squad sizes are always dynamic. We are a competitive unit, yet have established a laid-back culture when it comes to training. Perhaps one of the biggest positives is meeting new people not just in Daegu, but from all over the peninsula. The “3rd-Half ” food & drinks prepared by the host team after each tournament is always highly enjoyable.

Three weeks later, Osan Air Base near Pyeongtaek was the venue for the Sex Panther Mega Bowl the scene of the Dragons’ second tournament win for 2012. The forwards often go unheralded when a back writes a review, but the Dragons’ grafters worked tirelessly all day despite an increasing injury toll, to provide the platform for an

There is more about the team on our website http://daegudragons. If you are interested in playing please contact Lee at 010-33331640 or email (TBC)



BEST WAY TO SPEND A SUNDAY Wrtiten by Scott Timpano / Photographed by Doug Karalius


he Daegu Softball League (DSL) kicks off its 7th season this spring making it the longest running ex-pat run sports league in the country. An unbridled passion for softball has not spurred its record setting streak; rather, an unrivaled combination of community, competition and a love of Hite-fueled sport propels it into season 7. Daegu has the greatest ex-pat community in the country because the city’s size and geography still

affords a one-ness that Busan and Seoul cannot rival. The DSL is a microcosm of this phenomenon. Each week brings over 100 foreigners and Koreans together to play a game, have a beer, and catch up with friends old and new. The league’s founders and captains encourage you to come out this year and see what it’s all about. The passion for the league is exemplified by Jason Yantorn, a 6-time captain, who once flew back to Daegu from China twice

during a season to make his games. (He might even make the playoffs this year.) League captains also want to assure potential players that past experience or knowledge of the game is hardly a pre-requisite. Instead, they only ask that players honor their commitment to their teammates and come out for their games each week. Those that have been spurned by other leagues that grant playing time to better players need not worry as a minimum innings rule and a 13 player batting lineup keep everyone involved. The league typically runs for 11 weeks between the end of March to the middle of June. A 60,000 won fee will net you a team shirt, a minimum of 10 games, an opening weekend party, an end of season celebration and a chance at hoisting the DSL cup in June. The 8-team format assures every team of a game each Sunday at either the 11, 12:30, 2:00 or 3:30 time slots. Fields also rotate throughout the season and have included Duryu Park, Keimyoung University and Yeongnam Unversity in the past. Few players come out for just their own game, but prefer to spend the whole day watching games, firing up the BBQ and spending time with friends. One or two threeday weekends usually fall during



the season and the league always uses them as bye-weeks to let players enjoy a trip out of Daegu. Beers and water are sold every week and proceeds get poured back into the league. Chris Bolger, one of the DSL’s founders, still maintains his enthusiasm for the league that was born out of a desire to play ball and extend the weekend by a day. League members hail from all over the globe and come to the sport with varying skill levels. Regardless of skill level, Chris assures me, “Everyone does something wicked throughout the season and I love seeing it happen.” New player signups begin on February 1st. Check out the league’s Facebook page: 'Daegu Softball League 2013' for more information. League captains are happy to answer any questions you may have. There is limited space in the league though, so don't delay! Come out and do something wicked this year.


BAGGAGE CLAIM Written by Michael Randall

The Daegu Theatre Troupe has created "Baggage Claim", a new original work based on the anonymous love submissions they received from the Daegu community.

"The most important thing for us was to create an honest representation of life in our city and to maintain the integrity of those who submitted something."

“Baggage Claim� tells the story of seven different people living in the city all experiencing varying degrees of love. 52


"Baggage Claim" brings sex,

love and a little bit of kimbap to the stage as it shifts seamlessly through the lives of seven different characters who call Daegu home. After receiving an abundance of submissions from people willing to share their personal experiences of love and dating in Daegu, writers JD Stewart and Brian McTaggart took on the task of creating a play based almost entirely on those submissions. The full length play is the troupe's first original work and one that they are excited to perform this February. Along with director Michael Randall, the three sifted through each and every submission until they had all the elements they needed to begin the writing process. What they ended up with was a brutally honest, hilariously real reflection of love and dating in Daegu. "The most important thing for us was to create an honest representation of life in our city and to maintain the integrity of those who submitted something," said Stewart. The troupe received submissions from expats, Koreans, military personnel, as well as from the actors. "The show started out as a drama and evolved into more of a comedy. However, the kinds of issues each character is facing in their love life is real and can be found anywhere," said McTaggart. "Baggage Claim" tells the story of seven different people living in the city all experiencing varying degrees of love. From single newbies Ellie and Gabe, who find themselves caught up in the neon lights and booming K-Pop, to the "veterans" Denise and Jen, who have been together for nearly five years, the show has a something everyone can relate to. The show features Jarrod Clegg, Cara Markewicz, Eddie Pailet, Sarah, Marionneaux, Lorna A Camacho Souchet, Kate Auburn Stevenson and Michael Randall. The play will be performed on Sunday February 24th at the Woojeon Theater which is located a few blocks from the Prince Hotel. Show times are 4pm and 8pm. Tickets are 10,000 won each and can be purchased at the door. Actors and crew will also be selling individual tickets prior to the show. For more information please check out the Daegu Theatre Troupe facebook page or visit the DTT website at



Interview by Jack Kim / Interviewee Ko Jin Kyu

How was your overall KAFC experience? Whenever I look at the 18th KAFC - Korean American Friendship Circle – photo album, it brings back a lot of precious memories. I remember how happy I was when I heard that I was accepted as an 18th KAFC student participant. Through our sponsors’ unwavering support, students were able to take part in various events such as Halloween and experience an American style tailgate event – without a doubt, this program helped students share and learn two different cultures, thereby fostering mutual understanding and friendship. As a Korean, do you often celebrate Halloween party in Daegu? I don’t think so.


How about experiencing a temple stay with an American family? I am sure it’s also a very rare opportunity. During the fall last year, six teams from the KAFC gathered at Kelly field on Camp Walker for ‘Sports Day’ – people enjoyed barbeque and flag football. Some teams experienced going to a Korean temple, others joined in experiencing the Korean version

of garage sale, while some learned how to play Korean traditional games and make traditional ceramics. These are all just a small part of the beautiful memories I was able to make through the KAFC. What did you experience from the KAFC? We had an opening ceremony in September. I remember people felt a little awkward when they met for the first time. The next day, we had a Tailgate event. By enjoying the meal together, people started opening their heart to break the ice. During Halloween, Korean students were invited to American homes. We enjoyed making “Jack O' Lanterns” together, and was another great opportunity to get closer with American families. Many teams played bowling, while some teams visited other cities in Korea such as Gyeongju and Andong. The 18th KAFC was very special compared to previous iterations because we had more activities joined with other

KAFC teams in the KAFC – notably the Gyeongju trip, Choejeongsan hiking, sports day, Andong tour, and Jikjisa Temple stay. What did you enjoy the most from the KAFC? KAFC helped me have many wonderful experiences that I could not have otherwise experienced in Korea. Trick or Treat during Halloween, tasting good sausages at a tailgate event, learning how to play flag football at our sports day event – these experiences will always remain in my heart as one of my most precious memories. I recall all students and sponsors sitting in a room enjoying open conversation while eating Korean traditional snacks throughout the night. I feel very lucky to have been part of this wonderful journey with such great people, especially Dr. Kim and COL Chadbourne – Co-presidents of the KAFC. They weren’t reluctant to spend their time with us despite their very busy schedule. I was a little nervous at the opening ceremony, but my sponsors made all of the students feel very comfortable by encouraging us and mentoring us. Also, the student leaders that I worked with were indeed the best and the most competent leaders that I have ever worked with. It was my pleasure working with them as a team, and once again I feel very lucky to have been in a team with such great people. How do other students feel about the KAFC? KAFC not only enabled mutual understanding between two countries – it also helped students communicate with students from different colleges. Diversity is the lesson we learned by engaging with students from different schools. We used social networks to communicate with each other. Sometimes we found ourselves misunderstanding one another, but towards the end we were able to gain more understanding allowing us to be better communicators. Most of the students enjoyed the time they spent in the KAFC, and we all thanked our sponsors for providing us with such wonderful experiences. Many students provided creative ideas for the improvement of the KAFC, which ultimately helped us get more united and work in harmony. - Ko Jin Kyu


Skiing and Snowboarding in South Korea

Want to spend your winter on the slopes? Here are some popular placs to go and the tour companies that run there. Also, check out “EXPLORE KOREA TRAVEL GROUP” on Facebook to join in the fun!

High 1 - Tour Companies and Bus Pick-up Locations Shindong-a tour (053-572-4000) • • • • • • • •


Siji @ E-mart 4:10am Banyawol Subway Station @ E-mart 4:10am Suseong @ Dong-a department store 4:20am Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 4:45am Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 4:55am Seongseo @ Homeplus 5:10am Chilgok I.C @ 5:25am Sangindong @ Lotte department store 4:40am

Muju - Tour Companies and Bus Pick-up Locations Mugunghwa tour (053- 422-5555) www. (fee: RT 26,000, One-way 19000) • Shinmae Subway Station @ Exit 6 5:40 • Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 6:00am • Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 6:10am • Seongseo @ Homeplus 6:30am • Sangin Subway Station @ Exit 5 6:00am • Daewoo Trump World @ Hwanggeumdong Intersection 6:00am • Chilgok,@ across from CGV 6:00am • Chilgok @ Mcdonald at Dong-a department store 6:05am


Phoenix Park - Tour Companies and Bus Pick-up Locations Pyeonghwa tour (053-422-9925) www.peace-tour. com • Shinmae Subway Station @ Exit 1 4:10am • Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 4:25am • Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 4:35 • Seongseo @ Homeplus 4:55 • Chilgok I.C @ 5:10 • Banyawol Subway Station @ Mr.Pizza across from E-mart 4:00am • Suseong @ Taeseong City World across from Dong-a department 4:00am • Sangindong @ Pizza hut 5:00





This is an overview of our February events. For more information on events in our calendar, check out the next two pages or email us at: Please email us your event information by February 15th for our March 2013 issue.















Patti Smith Live @ Uniqlo AX, Seoul

Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe) Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill





POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat @ Charlotte Theater, Jamsil Seoul - Feb. 12-April 11

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill




Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe)

Daegu Symphony Orchestra “Romantic concert” @ Daegu Culture and Arts center

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill


21 Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe)

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill




Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill



Baggage Claim exhibit @ Woojeon Theater

Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe)

Rudolf @ Keimyung Art Center Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill


Daegu City chorus @ Daegu Culture and Arts center

Prades Casals Festival in Korea @ Suseong Artpia

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill



That’s Classical Music No.5 “OVERTURE” @ Suseong Artpia

Rudolf @ Keimyung Art Center 2.22-2.24


Event Calendar FEBRUARY 1 - 28 SAT 2.2 Patti Smith Live

FEB-APR 2.12~4.11 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Time: 2.2 / 19:00 Price: 110,000w Place:Uniqlo AX Ticket: 1544-1555

Time: 2.12~4.11 Price: VIP:130,000w / R:110,000w / S:90,000w / A:70,000w Place: Charlotte Theater, Jamsil Seoul Ticket:

THU 2.14 Daegu Symphony Orchestra “Romantic concert”

FRI-SUN 2.22~2.24 Rudolf Musical

FRI 2.22 That’s Classical Music No.5 “OVERTURE”


Time: 2.14 / 19:30 Price: 10,000w / 5000w Place: Daegu Culture and Arts center

Ticket: 053-606-6313

Time: 2.22~2.24 / Fri (19:30) / Sat (15:00, 20:00) / Sun (14:00, 17:00) Price: VIP:120,000w / R:100,000w / S:80,000w / A:60,000w Place: Keimyung Art Center Ticket: 1566-2505 Time: 2.22 / 19:30 Price: VIP:50,000w / R:40,000w / S:30,000w / A:20,000w Place: Suseong Artpia Ticket: 053-668-1800


FEBRUARY 1 - 28 Event Calendar Time: 2.24 / 16:00 / 20:00 Price: 10,000w Place: Woojeon Theater Ticket:

Time: 10:00-19:00 Price: 5000W Place: Suseong Artpia Ticket: 053-668-1580

Time: 2.25 19:30 Price: FREE Place: Daegu Culture and Arts center Ticket: 053-606-6315

FRI 2.24 Baggage Claim

FEB ~2.24 France travel in fairy tale book

Baggage Claim

SAT 2.25 Daegu City chorus

Time: 2.26 19:30 Price: R:60,000w / S:40,000w / A:20,000w Place: Suseong Artpia Ticket: 053-668-1800

SUN 2.26 Prades Casals Festival in Korea

MUSIC EVENING Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Time: Every WED, FRI, SAT - 20:30-22:30 Price: Free *20% Discount on Draft Beer & Cocktails during the Concert Place: Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe Ticket: 053) 664-1169

W,F,SAT 20:30-22:30 FREE Concert Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

From 8:20PM to 11PM Novotel Daegu City Center @Rendez-Vous Bar (8th Floor)

Reservation: 053 664 1169 NovotelDaegu







How to > Get there bring the Compass with you and show the taxi driver your destination

This is a guide to all the art centers in Daegu. Various art centers play a range of art performances: from musicals, nonverbal performances, operas, and classical plays. Check out our event calendar on p58 for some of the events playing this month. 63








9 6



2. Ganga (Indian)

4. Pita Bono (Sandwich)

7. Japanese (Sushi)

3. Tasting Table (Italian)

1. Napoli (Italian)


5. Business Bar

6. Bin (Italian)

9. Africa (Pasta & Coffee)

8. Hai Long Bay (Vietnamese)

Minature Golf

10. Long Bar

Cafe Francessco

La Bella Cucina (Italian) Dusan Ogori 두산오거리

Suseong Lake Suseong Land (Amusement Park)


Carlo Italian Pasta & Wine (Italian)

New York New York (Steak) New York, New York (Western Steak)

Suseong Lake area is one of the classiest places in Daegu. A perfect date area. After taking your sweetheart out to a nice meal, I’d recommend Napoli, Ganga, La Bella Cucina or New York New York, take a stroll around Suseong Lake until you come upon the famous ‘duck boats’ and paddle your way into each other’s hearts. Next, swing by the minature golf course and Suseong Land. Thanks to the photogs who took the great pics you see here. Aygul Sarvarova, Jeremy Taylor and Chanel Barlow. Photos by Aygul Sarvarova, Chanel Barlow and Jeremy Taylor

Suseong Lake area offers a change of pace to the hustle and bustle of downtown. Suseong Lake also boasts an amusement park (Suseong Land) reminiscent of those carnivals you went to with your parents at the local fair ground. There’s something to be said when you are on the back of the seahorse with a safety bar that barely locks you in place as you float for a few brief seconds in mid-air before being plunged back down in your seat. Thrilling, exhilarating are just a few choice words to descrribe the experience.











Seomun Market is Daegu’s biggest market. There are multiple areas dedicated to similar products. BARGAIN, it’s challenging, but fun. We hope you have an awesome time and try to enjoy and see as much of the market as possible. We would like to thank Dyren J. Billups-Adam for his photos of the different areas. Thanks bud!

6 7

1 Traditional Clothes, Souvenirs


2 3 68

Food Court

Knicknacks, clothes, food


Textiles, Blankets, Leather goods

Women’s Clothes


9 Wholesale Clothing

Parking Lot

Main Entrance (5min walk to subway)

Bargaining tip : Ask for a discount in Korean, “Gga Gga Ju Say Yo.”

to Seomun Market Subway Station

HOW TO ORDER FOOD An easy step-by-step guide on how to get food delivered right to your door.

How to Order Food Written by Brian M. Van Hise and Hyerin

Mastering food delivery by phone in Korea is not difficult. Think of all those dozens of restaurants that are just a stone's throw from your apartment. Get past the nervousness of ordering once or twice and you will see an entirely new world of dining possibilities open up before you. Step 1

Step 2 (Your Gu)

Step 3 (Your Dong) Step 4





동구, etc...

두류동, etc...


여기 (Yogi)

달서구 Step 6 (name your food) Food



불고기 (bulgogi)

Street number + Building name + Apt Number


Step 7 (quantity) 하나랑 (1) hana rang

Step 8 (drinks)

세개 (3) say gay

맥주 (beer)

김밥 (kimbap)

네개 (4) nay gay

오렌지주스 (O.J.)

만두 (mandu)

여섯개 (6) yeoseot gay

돈까스 (tonkkatsu)

Step 9

콜라 (cola)

두개 (2) do gay

다섯개 (5) daseot gay

-인데요 (in-dae-yo)


김치찌개 or 된장 찌개 (kimchi or bean soup) 떡볶이 (tteokpokki)

Step 5

사이다 (cider)

가져다 주세요. (ga-joe-da ju-se-yo)

This is a sample conversation you might have when you order food. Try it out to get your favorite dish delivered right to your home. How convenient! Restaurant 여보세요 ( Yeobo say yo) You


여기 수성구 황금동 롯데캐슬 105 동 402호 인데요. (Yogi [insert your Gu, Dong, and You street address here] in-dae-yo)

자장면 하나랑 볶음밥 하나 가 져다 주세요. ( JaJangMyun hana-rang pokkeum bab hana ga-joe-da ju-se-yo) (One JaJangMyun and one fried rice, please.) 그런데 얼마죠? (keuh-lun-dae ul-ma-joe? “How much is it?”)

(My address is SuSeongGu, Hwanggeum-dong, Lotte Castle, Building Restaurant 네. 105, Apt. #402) (nay “all right/goodbye”)







Downtown Eats Drinks


Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @

The Daegu Compass and it’s volunteers have come up with this comprehensive guide to the bring you the best places to enjoy the night in beautiful downtown Daegu.


\ \

053.424.8200 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Western American Food


Map on p62

\ \

053.421.8577 Everyday 11am-2am Pasta and Coffee


Map on p62

\ \

053.257.2220 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Map on p62

Burnham’s Burgers \ \ 053.254.3320 Everyday 10:30am – 11pm Burgers and Milkshakes


Map on p62

\ \

010.8247.3939 Everyday 6pm – 4am Burgers, Mojitos, Wine


Map on p62

\ \

053.426.2268 Everyday 11am – 4am Mexican & Bar

Club That

\ Won’t break the bank  \ Who cares, hav’n funz \ \ \ \ Millionaire Club

Map on p62


\ \

Havana 053-257-9007 12:00pm-11:00pm Pasta, Salads, Coffee

\ \

The Holy Grill 053-255-4048 11:00am-10:00pm Sandwiches and Tex-Mex

\ \

Hyundai Food Court Food Court B1 Open 10:30~ Close 21:00 Restaurants F8 Open 10:30~ Close 22:00 Food Court




Double cheese and ramen! Everyday 11am – 9pm Fried chicken and rice

Map on p62

\ \

Lazy Diner

Interesting interior

Everyday 11am – 10pm Burgers and Breakfast

Map on p62

\ \

Little Italia Chef studied in Italy.

Everyday 11am – 10pm Pasta and Wine

Map on p62

\ \

Mies Container

Electronic music and Bacon Pizza Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad



Mies Factory

\ \

One of the busiest restaurants downtown. Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad

Pan Asia

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

South East Asian Cuisine Comes to Daegu Everyday 12pm – 11pm Pad Thai, and other South East Asian Food

Quiznos Subs

Map on p62

\ \

Near Banwoldang for all your sub needs. Everyday 11am-9pm Subs and Sandwiches

Map on p62

Samcho-(Shovel Samgyeopsal)


053.252.1266 Everyday 3pm – 3am Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Seoga & Cook

Map on p62

\ \

053.254.9989 Everyday 11:00am – 11pm Korean Western Fusion


Map on p62

\ \

053.255.8970 Everyday 4pm– 4am Galmaegisal - Korean BBQ


Fuzz @

Map on p62

\ \

053.256.9707 Everyday 11am~11pm (order 10pm) Western Food

Map on p62

Traveler’s Bar & Grill \ 010.4591.4869 Weekdays 5pm–CL Weekends 12pm-CL Burgers, Hot Wings, Beer


\ Map on p62

Fuzz @



9’s, 7’s ~ great beer!

Everyday 11am – 9pm Uzbekistan & Russian Food

Map on p62

\ \


Great lunch specials Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Coffee & Desserts

Map on p62



Different flavored Samgyeopsal.

Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 1am Samgyeopsal - Korean BBQ


Downtown Bars & Clubs

Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @

\ Won’t break the bank  \ \ \ \ \

Daegu thrives at night. Downtown is loaded with bars and Who cares, hav’n funz clubs to meet everyone’s drinking and partying needs. Challenge yourself and try out places you’ve never been. Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.comMillionaire Club

AU Lounge

\ \

Upscale and good for large groups. Everyday 6pm – 4am Bottle service, trendy

Map on p62

Billi Bow & Dart

Fuzz @


Lots of Dart Machines and Pool Table Everyday 6pm – 4am Western food, on 2FL of Lotte Cinema

Blue Ketchup \

Fuzz @


053.286.1000 Everyday 6pm - 3am / Fri, Sat 6pm - 5am Korean fusion food

Bus Bar

Map on p62

Map on p62


Theme bar, fun atmosphere. Everyday 6pm – 4am Korean fusion food

Map on p62

Fuzz @

Bunny’s Bar \

1st Fl bar / Great place to start the night 010-7417-6288 - English / 010-4434-1207 - Korean Sun-Thu =8pm-2pm / Fri-Sat = 7pm-4pm Take-out Bag Drinks available / Sit in

Map on@p62 Fuzz

Champs Sports Bar \ New bar in town ~ They came to play. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Air Hockey, Live Music

Map on p62

Communes \ Longest running bar in Daegu. A must go to. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer, Trivia Night, Sports


Map on p62

Fuzz @


\ \

Flower Bar Apple is the best!

Fuzz @

Everyday 6pm – 4am Wine and Hooka Bar

Map on p62

\ \

Club Frog

4am~headed to Frog? Everyday 9pm – 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Party

Fuzz @ Map on p62


Gold Label

Good for large groups who drink.

Fuzz @

Everyday 6pm – 3am Top 40 hits / Good Beer

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Go Go Party

Everyone’s favorite bag drink! Everyday 7pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Club EGG

Upscale club, 17,000w cover. Everyday 9pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62


Fuzz @

Club JEEEP 010.7527.4879 Everyday 8pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62



You should experience it once.

Fuzz @

Map on p62

Everyday 6pm - 3am Traditional Korean Tavern



MF Bar


My Favorite bar ~ owners are cool! Everyday 7pm - 4am Darts / Music Requests / Cheap Booze

Old Skool

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Ghetto blaster!

Everyday 7pm - 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Pool

Club Pasha

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

3 : 1 Women to men ratio, always. Everyday 9pm - 4am Large Club / Banging House Music

Teum Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Classy lounge with a sexy, futuristic atmosphere. Everyday 7pm – 3am Electronic Music

Thursday Party I

Map on p62

Fuzz @


The best of the best go here.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Danc’n

Thursday Party II

Map on p62

Fuzz @


053.252.1266 Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Shuffle Puck, Darts

Urban Club & Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Live Music on the weekends.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Live Music, Darts, Hip-hop

Who’s Bob

Map on p62

Fuzz @


The Bob.

Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Dart Machine, Pool


Map on p62

Fuzz @


Compass Connoisseur

Check out these other great eats around town.



Ganga -

A cuisine worthy of Shiva. This upscale Indian restaurant has great curries. There naan is quite exquisite as well. You can even order samosas! Wash it down with a nice mango lassi and you have yourself an aroma massage for your stomach! Check out the Suseong-gu Compass map on p65 for directions. Lunch : 11:30am ~ 3:00pm Last Order 2:30pm Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00 Last Order 21:30 Weekend Hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00


Carlo Italian Pasta & Wine

Owner Giovanni Kim has lived and trained in Italy for 14 years. Mr. Kim can speak several languages including English and Italian. Trained as an Italian Chef. The menu is traditional Tuscan style cuisine; however special requests are available with 24 hour notice. Check out the Suseong-gu Lake Compass map on p66 for directions. Monday – Sunday: 11:30AM – 12:30AM Kitchen Closes: 11:30PM



Kyungpook Uni. area


Indo Bang Rangi - 3F Restaurant

Sanjay welcomes you! Renovated and redesigned last year, this Indian restaurant is famous for it’s curries. The chef is from India and speaks English very well. Plus, he’s super friendly and will answer all your existential Indian food questions. The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor right across from Kyungdae Buk Moon (north gate). Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions. 11am - 10pm everyday (except major holidays)


Maya - 2F Restaurant

A wood-fired tandoor oven seeps into your senses as you enter the door to this fantastic Indian/Nepali restaurant. Relatively new to Daegu, about 2 years old now, this restaurant is a great escape from the retro-urban decor that most Daegu restaurants display. A cozy interior with exotic tapestries of the far east adorning the walls. Reasonable prices and great Thali sets round out this establishment. Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions.

11:00am to 11:00pm everyday (closed Mondays)





HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Welcome to the Daegu Compass hotel information guide. We will also be adding a guide about motels soon. Daegu is very spread out, and not all the hotels will be convenient for you. We hope our hotel guide will help you with making your decision on where to rest your weary bones for the night.

Downtown Area Hotels Novotel Daegu City Center Add : 대구광역시 중구 국채보상로 611번지 Tel : 053- 664-1111 Website : Email :

Eldis Regent Hotel Add : 대구광역시 중구 동산동 360번지 Tel : 053-253-7711 Website : Email :

Nam Gu Area Hotels Hotel the Palace Add : 대구광역시 남구 봉덕3동 688-1번지 Tel : 053-471-9911 Website : Email : no - online reservation system

Prince Hotel Add : 대구광역시 남구 대명2동 1824-2번지 Tel : 053-628-1001 Website : Email :


Near the nightlife Roomrates start at 472,600+ won(10% vaT will be added)

Fantastic all you can eat buffet!

Room rates start at 100,000won Close to Hyundai and Dongha Shopping

Near Camp Walker Room rates start at 99,000won Near Camp Walker Clean and Friendly

Room rates start at 105,000won Western and Korean rooms available


HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Suseong Gu Area Hotels Daegu Grand Hotel Add : 대구광역시 수성구 범어1동 563-1번지 Tel : 053-742-0001 Website : Email :

Hotel Inter-burgo Add : 대구 수성구 만촌동 300번지 Tel : 053-6027-171, 173 Website : Email :

Hotel Ariana Add : 대구광역시 수성구 두산동 200-1번지 Tel : 053-765-7776 Website : Email :

Dong Gu Area Hotels Hotel J’s Add : 대구광역시 동구 신천4동 326-1번지 Tel : 053-756-6601~10 Website : Email :

10 min from Dongdaegu station

Room rates start at 240,000won One of the top hotels in Daegu

Room rates start at 330,000won Daegu Casino is open! Room rates start at 110,000won

Across from Dongdaegu station Close to Express Bus Station

Room rates start at 160,000won Walking distance to KTX & Express Bus


Compass All-Starsay!

Join the team tod

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This is the 23rd issue of the Daegu Compass. We have a lot of exciting articles to help you explore Daegu and Korea. Thanks for reading!

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