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Dade Heritage Trust


2001-2002 Officers President Jeanette 1. Poole

First Vice President William Murphy

Second Vice President Richard Heisenbottle

Treasurer Don MacCullough

Secretary Judith Pruitt

At Large Penny Lambeth George T. Neary

Past President Enid C. Pinkney

Trustees Antonio Alonso Walter Al varez Cathy Coates Elena V. Carpenter Patricia A. Ford Bertram J. "Chico" Goldsmith John A. Hinson Tina Lane Donald W. Marx Dolly MacIntyre Blanca Mesa Luis Penelas Lee Pinto Neil Robertson Marie C. Stiefel Joan Thompson

Advisors Gay Bondurant Gary Held Adolfo Henriq ues Ruth Jacobs Sallye Jude Nancy Liebman Leslie Panti n Arva Moore Parks Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk Janice Pryor M. Anthalie Range Norah Schaefer Don Slesnick Herb Sosa

Fall 2001

UPCOMING EVENTS TO CELEBRATE DHT BOOK Dade Heritage Trust will hold several booksigning events to celebrate DHT's new book edited by Becky Roper Matkov, Miami's Historic Neighborhoods. The book will be sold at our upcomi ng membership meeting at El Jardin on November 1, 6:30- 8:00 p.m. Arch Creek Park in North Miami will host a booksigning on November 3,1-3:00 p.m. The park will be open for special tours and refreshments will be served. Green Street Cafe in Coconut Grove will hold a gourmet wine tasting and booksigning on November 7, 6-9:00 p.m. The book will also debut at the the Miami Book Fair International, on Friday, November 16th a nd Saturday,

November 17th from 122:00 p.m. at the Downtown Wolfson Campus of MDCC. In time for the holidays, Books & Books in Coral Gables will host a signing at 8 p.m. on December 5th in

Spring Garden's "Hindu Temple" graces the cover of DHT's new publication.

ual gatherings both the editor and several authors will be present to personalize copies of the book. The books will be sold for $53.20 ($49.95 plus $3.25 tax). We would like to thank Isabel Merritt of Isabel , Fine Home Accessories at 7334 Red Road in South Miami, for her support of this publication. Isabel hosted a very successful and enjoyable book gathering on September 13th. Thanks also to Jody Verrengia for hosting us at her Book Club!

NEWS FLASH! Our their new-ly renovated historic books are almost sold out! building located at 265 We are trying to get them Aragon A venue. reprinted but act fast if At each of these three cas-



you. are cordiaLL,I1 invited to the . . . Dade Heritage Trust taLL Membership Meeting at the LOVely historic f3UardinMansion of the The carroLLton schooL ofthe sacred Hearl: 3.7"-f7

Main HighwaH in coconut C;rove

Thurs day/ November1/ 2001 Tour and refreShments 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Meeting and featured spealeeuoanna Lombard ""Historic Landscapes of FLorida' 7:00 - &':00 p.m. Free Admission - Bring a new member!

Executive Director Becky Roper Matkov

Newsletter Editor Katie Pearl Halloran

Phone (305) 358-9572 Fax (305) 358-1162 We 're on the web! Visit us at




DADE HERITAGE DAYS 2002 TO RUN MARCH 1- APRil 28 Board members Luis Penelas, Enid Pinkney, and Lee Pinto met with DHT staff and Ty Hart on September 12 to finalize project goals for Dade Heritage Days 2002 events and workshops. The committee announced that the yearly educational outreach program will open March 1st and will conclude April 28th with a grand celebration of some of Miami's most important and yet overlooked historic figures with the African American Committee's Commemorative Service at the Miami City Cemetery. Fundraising projects will provide additional support for this yearly event to ensure adequate publicity, great music, a

celebrity host, and an inspirational student Dr. James Jackson's 1905 Office

'. · .. ·1/··"" ·· (.i ,j.f,


Drawillg by Debbie TacketT

essay contest, "Why I Am Proud of My Heritage."

The air conditioned sixty degree room at the Sheraton Hotel on Brickell warmed as every seat surrounding the center conference table filled, and photographers and men in suits took seats on the floor. Dr. Jan Matthews, the Tallahassee Director of the State Historic Division of Historic Resources, conducted the public meeting which was intended to guide the committee of state appointees toward their final goal of developing a plan for the protection, conservation, and

planned to design events to celebrate Dade Heritage Trust's 30th Anniversary in 2002. Members are encouraged to attend the Dade Heritage Days 2002 "Cherish our Roots" Planning Reception which will be held at DHT on Wednesday, November 28th at 6 p.m. Please volunteer to work on Dade Heritage Days! WE NEED YOUR INPUT AND HELP!!!

Committee Chairman Lee Pinto is focused on making sure events are

MIAMI CIRCLE FUTURE TAKES SHAPE The 'Miami Circle' was discovered in Downtown Miami at the mouth of the Miami River in 1998-1999 as the area was being readiedfor construction by a private developer. Archeologists found the circular 38 ft. diameter feature to be at least 2000 years old. The site was purchased with County funding, State CARL funds, a Trustfor Public Land loan, and private donations.

of high quality and that each event draws the audience it deserves. The committee also

public use or access to the Circle. Becky Roper Matkov, Executive Director of DHT was appointed to the committee early this year, as was past DHT president, Enid Pinkney. Ebullient introduc;tions revealed that the public meeting's-guests included media, representatives of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, the Miami River Commission and government officials. Seminole and Miccosukee Indians, State archaeologists, environmentalists and students sat with pencils and tape recorders awaiting the discussion. The committee discussed the importance of respecting the diverse perspectives and interests of the public as they plan for the future. They hoped to give the public access to the Circle as soon as possible but also respect the sacredness of the area and its fragility as a research site. The committee planned to make the Circle a public place that will be con-

nected to Downtown by the Miami River Greenway, a walkway that will line the banks of the river. They announced that the Circle's plans will take into consideration the existence of the artifacts also found buried in nearby Brickell Park, although the Park is not the committee's assignment. The committee made no formal decisions but planned to meet within the next few months to decide how to protect the site from erosion and to develop educational materials, signage, and guidelines to help shape the possible construction of an interactive center at or near the site.

The public is encouraged to voice their ideas concerning the Circle's future. Communicate with the committee by contacting Ryan J. Wheeler, Archaeological Supervisor, Bureau of Archaeological Research, Florida Department of State, (850) 245-6325, email




VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR A MILLION DOLLAR DRIVE TO SAVE OLD MIAMI HIGH Dade Heritage Trust is spearheading a drive to save from demolition the first Miami High School building. The bungalowstyle structure was originally built in 1904-1905 behind the old Grammar School at 301 N. Miami A venue. It housed Miami High until 1911, when it was moved by barge and served as Southside Grammar School until 1914. Located near Brickell A venue and Coral Way, at 79 S.W. 12th Street, the building is now a

boarding house. A high-rise development is planned for the site, and this 97-year-old structure will be demolished if it is not moved in the next few months. Arva Parks, Pat Quintana, Rich Heisenbottle, Becky Matkov, Jean Whipple, and Miami High Alums have been meeting with the developer, Kevin Reilly, and Miami City Manager Carlos Gimenez, Parks Director Al Ruder, and city staff to save this important link to Miami's past. The million-dollar

NEVVFACESATTHETRUST Welcome to our new board members who are helping us fight for architectural preservation in MiamiDade County. Walter Alvarez is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Miami's Premier American Bank. He arrives with an impressive resume from several prestigious financial institutions and is working to expand DHT funding options. Elena Carpenter, publisher of the Brickell Post, the South Miami Times, and the Coconut Grove Times, has been inducted as a new board member. We look forward to

her assistance on many fronts as a savvy publicity and public relations expert. Cathy Coates, a Louisiana native, is also a board member of Tropical Audubon and has lived in Miami for nine years. She has experience in account management for luxury goods companies in the duty-free markets of North and Latin America. She is paying special attention ,to increasing DHT l1lembership and organizing a drive for r1'ÂŁuch needed corporate support from our local business community. Donald Marx, CLU, ChFC, brings

plan that has emerged is to move this historic wooden structure to Southside Park and restore it for use as a community education center, with a room exhibiting the history of Miami High. Please call DHT (305-358-9572) to volunteer to help. Or, a tax deductible contribution may be made to the Dade Heritage Trust "Save Old Miami High" fund. Call DHT for more information, 305-358-9572.

a strong background in finance and insurance with him to the board. Donald is a father of three, is active in his church and his community, and is an avid golfer. Lee Pinto, current president of The Villagers, is an active and influential board member and mother of two. She is now working with other committee members on'event plans for Dade Heritage Days 2002.

* * * * * * * *

Our thanks to Grimsley Matkov, a recent graduate of Duke University, for working with DHT staff during the summer months as a volunteer intern.

NEW ELECTRONIC MESSAGING SYSTEM TO LINK PRESERVATIONISTS ACROSS COUNTY Dade Heritage Trust has invited several preservation organizations and civic groups to create a powerful electronic messaging service that will keep all members aware of news stories, real estate deals, and demolition permits that threaten the architectural integrity of historic Miami-Dade County. Any individual with access to the internet will be able to post articles and messages of importance to the listserve. Once posted, this infor-

mation will be immediately delivered by email to all subscribers. This network was first proposed by the Memorabilia Club's Mary Ann Talmadge in an article she wrote for the organization's June 2001 newsletter. The article cites the recent demolition of Dr. , James Jackson ' s •


~" J~

1899 home and calls for the need of a network that could " .. . ~ ' ....,....

call out the troops" and prevent destruction of historic places such as the famous doctor's residence. To join Save Historic Miami send a blank email to Then send messages to the entire group by writing to Please contact Dade Heritage Trust for more information.



A Preservationist's Calendar October 6: History of the Biltmore Seminar, 1012, followed by tour, Conference Center. Free. RSVP 305-445-8066, ext. 2340. October 16-20: Annual Meeting of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Providence, RI. November 1: DHT Membership Meeting at El Jardin, 6:30 pm, November 3: Miami's Historic Neighborhoods Booksigning, 1-3 p.m. at Arch Creek Park in North Miami, 1855 N,E. 135 th Street. November 7: Miami 's Historic Neighborhoods Booksigning and Wine Tasting, 6-9:00 p.m. at Green Street Cafe in Coconut Grove, 3468 Main Highway. .._. -arr . InternaNovember 16 and 17: Miami tional sells DHT's new book from 12- 2 p.m" Miami-Dade Community College, Wolfson Campus. November 20: DEADLINE FOR 2002 DADE HERIT AGE DAYS EVENT REGISTRATION!! November 28: Dade Heritage Days Planning Reception, 6:00 p.m. at DHT, 190 S.E. 12th Terrace. December 5: Miami's Historic Neighborhoods Booksigning, 8 p.m. at Books & Books in Coral


A SUCCESS FOR PRESERVATION! Dade Heritage Trust has just received a Miami-Dade County funding allocation of $700,000 to establish a Preservation Fund to save threatened historic properties throughout our community. With these resources, DHT will now have the financial clout (which we did not have when Dr. Jackson's house was demolished in June!) to step in to protect historic sites with options, leases, acquisitions, feasibility studies, conservation easements, emergency repairs, legal action, or, as a last resort, relocation. Importantly, DHT will be able to use these funds to leverage grants and other funding sources for preservation projects, Our thanks to our Board members who called and Jte Commisssioners about this budget request, and a hug to Enid Pinkney, Becky Matkov, and Luis Penelas who spent all day and night- until 3 a.m,!- at the County Commission Budget meeting. Most of all, though, we applaud County Commissioner KATY SORENSON, for proposing the allocation and for once again championing the cause of historic preservation.

Gables, 265 Aragon Avenue. L.jg~~~iiiii~~~GDg~~iii~ December 7: Villager House Tour of Historic Sto- ~ negate and 6 houses. $25. For tickets, send check for Scile,- Magnificent wrought iron chandelier which to the Villagers, P.O. Box 141843, Coral Gables, originally hung in George Merrick's famous Douglas Entrance in Coral Gables. Newly rewired, this exquisite antique measFL 33114; specify 10-noon or 12- 2 p.m. ures 5-6 feet in diameter. 10% of sale price December 18: DHT Holiday Party at the historic will be contributed to Dade Heritage Trust. home of Rafael Penalver, 800 S. Greenway. $35 Call 305-858-8042 for more information. donation for non-members, $30 for members. D<?Jlation offered by Ms. Martha Dotson.

DAD[ o II[RITAG[o TRUST DADE HERITAGE TRUST 190 S.E. 12th Terrace Miami, FL 3313]


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2001-2002 Officers President reprinted but act fast if Antonio Alonso Walter Al varez Cathy Coates Elena V. Carpenter Patricia A. Ford Bertr...

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