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Deepak Desai May 2007, Vol. : 2, Issue : 7, Conti. Issue No.: 19

DADAVANI When Fear Instinct Leaves, One Becomes Fearless

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EDITORIAL All living beings possess four kinds of basic built in natural instincts. This is the universal law, whether it is a one sensed organism or a five sensed living being. These instincts are: ahaar food intake, maithun sex, nindra sleep and bhaya fear. These instincts are there from the time of conception to the time of death, and through these four instincts the work of living gets done automatically. Even a little puppy moves away from a fast approaching car on the sound of the car or the horn. Why? It is due to the instinct of fear. If this instinct was not there, it would not move and all sorts of problems would arise. It is because of the instinct of food availability that a cow runs towards the farmer bringing the fodder in a vessel. How does fear arise? It arises in proportion to the belief, ‘I am going to die’. As the belief, ‘I am eternal’ increases, that much fearless one becomes. Even after the realization, ‘I am pure Soul’, the occasional fear that is experienced is due to past life baggage bharelo maal unfolding karma effects. A sudden shiver that takes hold of the body in response to a weird loud sound is the effect of associated reflex reaction. It is a false reaction of fear. Yet the Self is separate and free from all these instincts and their effects. Fear starts to vanish as one rises higher in the experience as the Self atmanubhav. The effect of becoming a vitarag is fearlessness. The one who does not have any fear of death is said to have arrived in akshardham the imperishable abode, moksha. The one with any fear of death is yet in ksharadham life that will lead to death. The vairagi renunciant of the worldly life does not have desire to enjoy worldly things. He is filled with constant fear of worldly life entanglements. Such a person’s internal passions kashays of anger, pride, greed and deceit are ready to leave and he has the spiritual readiness to renounce worldly life. Much of the worldly religion nowadays is based on fear. The followers are made to follow certain rituals and practices based on fear of reprisal and guilt follows if they do not follow as instructed. They are made to follow the religious path through fear. Instead of making them come to religion with understanding, the driving force of fear only confuses them more. They therefore are not able to derive the benefit of religion. Therefore true understanding that leads to all fearlessness in man must take hold. The Gnan of the Vitarags is such that it makes one fearless nirbhaya. The essence of all religion is to make one a vitarag and fearless. Any human being who becomes a vitarag absolutely detached, became fearless, and then transcends the prakruti the non-Self complex of mind, speech and body. Such a One’s speech is divine. He is free. He moves like the Lord of the world, and only there, one can say that the Self has manifested absolutely. In this Dadavani issue, the divine words that have come from Gnani Purush Dadashri on the topic of fear and fearlessness nirbhayata are being presented. These words will light the ~ Deepak Desai path of fearlessness. Subscription :Yearly Subscription - India: 100 Rupees, USA: 10 Dollars, UK: 7 Pounds 15 Years Subscription - India: 800 Rupees, USA: 100 Dollars, UK: 75 Pounds Printer/Press : Mahavideh Foundation, Basement, Parshvanath Chambers, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad-380014


When Fear Instinct Leaves, One Becomes Fearless (Please note that great care has been used to convey the exact message of Dadashri. Here ‘Y’ or ‘S’ refers to the awakened Self or the Self. For glossary of the terms, please refer to : glossary.html )

Every living being has four basic built-in instincts Questioner : If we feel fear then only we become aware, otherwise not. So awareness is due to fear. Why it is like that? Dadashri : Fear is what keeps some order in this world. What do these dogs, donkeys and animal fear? They do not have any daughters or sons, for whom do they feel fear? Fear exists in every living being. The four instincts, food hunger, sex hunger, fear and sleep hunger exist in all. If fear were not there the dog would not get up, even if you were to beat it. Alas nowadays there are some shameless dogs that refuse to budge. Questioner : Do these four instincts of food, fear, sex and sleep exist in human as well as in animals? Dadashri : Yes, these four exist in every living being. They also exist in the trees! Questioner : So does it mean that, that much part of animal exists in the human being? Dadashri : No, no it is not like that. Not only in the human being, but these four instincts, food, fear, sex and sleep exist naturally in all living beings. What is the additional thing in a human being? It is the antahkaran the inner instrument comprising of mind, intellect, chit and ego. The human antahkaran has developed fully. This means that the human mind is unlimited, whereas the non-human antahkaran has a limited mind. These beings cannot go out of certain limits and that is why it is called sangnya. That which stays within limits is called sangnya. That which can go beyond any limits 2

is the human mind. It can even think incomprehensible thoughts of becoming a God. Questioner : We are also subject to these four instincts, food, fear, sex and sleep, no? Dadashri : Those four instincts will remain inherently. They exist within everybody. Being jiva an embodied soul means these four instincts are there indeed. Questioner : This four instincts; food, fear, sex and sleep, do they have any connection with the cycle of birth and death of a being? Dadashri : The nature of living being is woven with these instincts. One can tolerate hunger for a certain time only. One cannot tolerate hunger for a long time. Any being, with or without a physical body, cannot remain hungry indefinitely. This is because it is woven with the instinct for food. All these four instincts sangnya stay with a jiva an embodied soul, a living being. Such a being has not yet become free from these instincts and therefore once it leaves from here (death), what does it eat in the womb of the mother (next life)? At the time of conception, the meeting of the ovum and the sperm, it sucks up all the food (the mixture of the ovum and the sperm) with the same intensity and speed as the analogy of the water being consumed when poured over a fiery red-hot iron ball. Would you see any water dribbling down? In a similar manner, the food that is there by the union of the sperm and the ovum is consumed by the new living entity. Thus the embryo is formed. Any jiva living being cannot survive without food. The tejas sharira electrical body that carries on physiological functions and accompanies the soul into the next birth creates hunger. May 2007


The pain of the four instincts Four kinds of ashata pain exist. These animals do not have pain from any other origin. They do not worry, if they are rendered naked. It is not a pain for them. It is not pain for them, if they do not get to take a bath. It is only the humans who have invited more fears through the imagination. They have created unnecessary problems. The sleep, which is necessary, is spoiled for them, because at the end of a long hard working day, someone will disturb them by some means or other. One cannot even sleep in peace. This is the pain. These humans have the pains related to the instincts of food, sex, sleep and fear. They do not have any other pain. There is only the fear of being killed, the fear of death. Fear instinct runs the life of living beings Questioner : It is said that there are two types of living beings in whom the five senses are fully developed; those with sangnya of these four instincts, and those without these instincts asangnyiya. Those with sangnya will move over to save themselves when a car comes in their way. Those without the sangnya instinct will not move. Dadashri : The asangnyiya without the instinct will not move. In the sangnyiya five sensed being; fear, sex, sleep is active. So the fear will arise within as one sees car passing by, so it will move away due to fear. The nature of the fear instinct The animals have this much awareness, that say for instance, if you come out with a pot full of some leafy things, it will understand, that you have some food so it will come running at you. Who came and told you? The cow’s response is, ‘I know from instinct that you came to throw away something.’ She has seen this before. Now if you bring food, and hide a stick behind you, she will look and not come to you. She will go back. May 2007

Questioner : This is because of the fear instinct. Dadashri : Yes, it is the instinct of fear. If this instinct for fear did not exist, then all these fine roads built by the government would become useless. The smooth surfaces of these roads would become a fine comfort for these cows and buffalos and they would not move at all. And if this fear instinct were to leave in the humans then even they would not move aside. Therefore this physical body needs to have this fear instinct. We definitely need this fear instinct for some order in life. The beautiful arrangement of nature It is good that these four instincts exist. These revolutionary leaders carrying a red flag say that, we will not let your cars pass by. Aren’t they obstructing you? Questioner : Yes. Dadashri : Similarly, without these fear instincts, these animals would also obstruct the streets. These animals would not get up from the streets at all. They would claim, ‘do whatever you can, we are not moving.’ But this instinct makes them to get up. Yes, some cows have become obstinate within and refuse to move even when big vehicles pass by. She says, ‘do what you can, I am not going to budge.’ This is a unique to India, and does not happen in foreign countries because this will not be tolerated there. Therefore this world is running in its order due to these instincts. God does not have to run anything. Such a beautiful management exists in nature. The mother cat fears for its newborn kitten so it picks it up in her mouth to move around. Look, does the female monkey have any fear? She will be jumping around comfortably. So her young ones also keeps on holding tight to her back. How this young one holds on to her mother? And female monkey 3


jumps fearlessly from one tree to another, not worrying about the baby. Once in a while if baby monkey falls down, then she will look here and there. And if nobody is around, she will slowly come down the tree and retrieve her young one. Even this dog will check you out first when you offer it some food and if there is no sense of fear, it will come and take the food. The donkey is relatively free from fear Can you see that even these dogs have a variety of speech? Sometimes their bark is different, at other time the bark sounds totally different. So every time, a different kind of sound, conveys a different meaning. Some dogs bark, ‘you unworthy people, why have you come here?’ The dogs also speak like that. Questioner : But do they speak that which has already been taped (in the past life)? Dadashri : Yes, it has been taped only. We think, that this dog is barking this way, so there must be some reason. But that barking is a previously taped record playing. This donkey’s braying is also an original tape record (from the past life). We may be sitting far away in the home and we hear the braying and we know that it is coming from the animal with the long ears, a donkey. Have you seen those long-eared animals? Questioner : I have seen. Dadashri : This donkey keeps braying unabashed. He is not afraid of anyone, not even the king. He does not fear, ‘what if my loud sound will disturb the king and make him angry at me.’ He does not have a care in the world. It is like whenever the taped record plays, that’s fine. Our taped records are associated with vivek discrimination. When the king is around, some tapes will not play. Even this watchman will shout if we say something and yet he lets the loud braying of the donkey carry on. 4

Move on without protests and beatings One day I was sitting in the verandah and I saw an ox being pulled mercilessly. Three men were pulling at its reins from the front and it appeared as if they would tear its nose. Another man was flogging the poor beast from behind. They kept poking him with a sharp nailed-stick but even then the ox would not budge. I asked them why they were treating the ox that way and why would it not move. They told me that they had taken the ox to a vet the day before and it scared him and now he refuses to move. The ox had no choice in the matter. It would have to go. Instead of going through all the torture, why not go willingly? Either way you will have to comply so why not do it willingly instead of complying through torture? Everything is mandatory so proceed without causing any problem; otherwise the world will flog you, like they flog the ox, and will make you comply. The development of animals and humans Today’s human beings have gnan relative worldly knowledge, about eating, about sleeping, and if they get some time and found some solitary place they sit, take a rest, and get some sleep. Then they have the knowledge of fear. If the animals did not have the knowledge of fear, it would be impossible to drive on these roads. The cars are running on the street, and if you blow the horns, they will get up suddenly and go away because they have knowledge of fear of injury and death. And the fourth knowledge is of the worldly life. They too produce young ones, no? So they also have knowledge about worldly life. And human beings also have knowledge about worldly life, but not any other knowledge. The animals do not have knowledge of saving for future except a few, like the crows and squirrels. The crow has very little development; it takes food from here and keeps it over there and again at 3 pm will come May 2007


back to eat. It has very little development. And human beings have the potential for infinite development. Dependency to humans who are dependent brings misery All species other then the human species have full confidence in themselves. Only these human beings are the miserable beings, because of the use of the intellect. They suffer because of the intellect. The Lord has called these beings nirashrit without dependence and shelter. All other beings are ashrit sheltered. Those who are by nature sheltered are fearless. Dependents do not have fear. Crows, all the birds, do they have any misery? These birds and animals in wilderness are free from fear and misery. Those amongst them who have come under the contacts of human beings, like cows, dogs, etc., have become miserable. Man by nature is subject to misery and pain and therefore all beings that come to associate with them also become subject to the misery. The subatomic particles of fear Do you feel fear? What if a tiger comes? You cannot know that until it really comes, no? In fact, the vartaman bhaya prevailing fear is always there. This is due to the parmanus subatomic particles, of fear. This is the reason for the cow to get up when a loud horn of an approaching lorry is sounded. That is why even a little puppy will get up and leave, if it sees a car coming through. Is there a need of fear or not? This world is running due to fear only. The human beings also need to have fear. Whoever gets to meet the Gnani Purush, (one who is the Self and is able to do the same for others) and if Gnani Purush feels that, this individual does not need to have fear; he will make him fearless and pass him. Otherwise all these human beings have failed. All those who fear, have failed. Only when the fear leaves the work is May 2007

considered done, otherwise not. The instincts are as tubers Questioner : These four instincts; food, fear, sleep and sex; do they exist as tubers or are they part of the nature of the pratishthit atma relative or charged self, The belief, ‘I am Chandulal’? Dadashri : It is not the nature of the pratishthit atma. Pratishthit atma is a statue of egoism-doer ship. It comprises of the effects of all the bhaav deep inner intents, of past life. As soon as you see the food, the tuber of food will erupt. If you see the stick, tuber of fear will erupt. All these instincts; food, fear, sex, sleep; are in the form of tubers. A tuber erupts as soon as you meet the evidence, the circumstance. Root cause of fear Questioner : This instinct of fear; how does it arise? How does it get charged and discharged (life after life)? Dadashri : As much one believes one’s self to be temporary that much fear will be experienced. Questioner : I do not understand that. What is meant by, ‘one believes one’s self as temporary’? Dadashri : ‘I am Chandulal’, is temporary and as long as one believes one’s self to be that, fear continues. ‘I am Shuddhatma; nothing can happen to me, I am eternal’, then what is there to fear? Questioner : Then there is no fear. Dadashri : Foreigners feel more fear (‘I am subject to death’) than us. Those of Indian origin feel less fear, because the doer ship has arisen for us. We believe in karma, ‘I am the doer and all this is the result of my karma’ (This gives a relative sense of security). Therefore, we are less fearful than foreigners. 5


Foreigners will fly away like the birds. What happens if you meddle in something that you have no authority over? What if an office clerk puts his signature for the boss of the company? He will be fearful the whole day because he has done something outside his domain and authority parsatta. People in this world too; live constantly outside their authority. ‘I am Chandulal’ is the residence outside one’s authority, it is parsatta. One has never seen or realized the domain of the Self swasatta and therefore continues to exist in the domain of the non-Self parsatta. That is why there is perpetual fear. With the simple faith, ‘I am the Self’, no fear will be experienced in this world. Fear leaves. The thoughts of fear are from the past life I was able to see from my young age, the true nature of this world. Such horror! Every moment filled with fear, every moment filled with pain, every moment filled with externally induced suffering!! Therefore, I was not deluded anywhere in any circumstance. I was not drawn to any worldly tastes. What is the guarantee of life? Then what is all this? The fear that one feels is only that which was charged in the past life and is now being discharged in this life. Whatever specific fear is not charged, that fear will not arise. When five persons are going through the forest, one would have fear, ‘what if the tiger comes?’ to the second one will fear, ‘ what if a snake bites me?’, The third one will think, ‘what if a robber beats me up here?’ So everyone will have different kinds of fear. Whatever kind of fear has been charged, that only will appear, and other kind will not appear. Otherwise there is no substance in it. To some people despite driving around 6

the entire day, the thought, ‘I will collide with some one’ never arises because this has not been charged in the past life. Otherwise, one would not be able to even drive. So the thoughts which have not been charged, filled, in the past life, will not arise in this life. Some people are alone at night, and are unafraid, whereas others have thoughts of ghosts the moment they are alone. When one investigates this scientifically, he will understand that, the thoughts happening now are the ones, which were stocked, in the past life. These men-women are getting married, but they have not stocked the thought, ‘what will happen if my spouse dies?’ and hence they do not have such thoughts at the time of the wedding. In reality only a rare person loses the spouse at a younger age. Ultimately everyone loses his or her spouse. But no one experiences such fear, no? After all what is there, in the beginning and the end of a marriage? As the time of the wedding there is much celebration, with a decorated canopy and splendor, but this is only for that day. Even the wedding canopy is rented for the day, is it not? These kids also play with the dolls and get them married, right? They even distribute prasad (auspicious offering of food). Yet this is not an illusion, and also it cannot be dispensed with, if one wants to. The startle response of the associated body If a sudden explosion occurs outside while we are talking here, at that time even if the mind has not gone there, the physical body will tremble. What is the reason that body trembles without the involvement of the mind? Questioner : It is the effect of that exploding sound. Dadashri : No, not the exploding sound. One is not used to certain kind of sound, so he will be affected if he listens to new kind of sound. And if he get used to it, then he will not May 2007


be affected. So he has brought all this in his account from previous life. While doing vidhi auspicious silent blessings at the feet and other body parts of the Gnani, here, a noise of a new kind will make the person tremble. And sometimes even my body will be affected. This is a rare occurrence. This is because the associated body sangi chetna has the fear instinct. (This is a reflex reaction for the one with the account). The Self moola chetna is fearless. Some time, my body will also tremble. If it is new kind of noise then even my body will move reflexly. At the time of vidhi (where all are still), you might think that Dada has been startled. But, the Self is absolutely separate from all this. Questioner : I am afraid of a ghost, even if it is not there. Dadashri : There is nothing and yet the fear exists. That is human nature. Here, if somebody is doing vidhi, at that time some new kind of machine’s sound will make one of the devotees tremble. At that time, I do not think that the Atma has trembled. I know that it is the associated body that is responding in reflex. It happens due to the stock of fear from the past life, for that person only. It is not the new stock that is making him tremble. And the other persons who are also doing the vidhi at the time understand this too. And sometimes Dada’s leg might react and move with a startling response. This is a rare occurrence. Fear: Absence of understanding Questioner : The Soul is without form and the karmas are with form. So how can that which is formless be attached to that which has form? Dadashri : These karmas appear to be attached because of illusion. It is the illusion that, ‘this is happening to me’, and therefore it May 2007

feels that way. But it is not so in reality. Chandulal is sleeping alone at night inside the home, and if something rattles at 2.00 o’clock in the morning, and then he would be scared the whole night, thinking that, there is a ghost. In the morning, when he goes and opens the door, he sees a big rat that was making all the noise. All this has stuck to you because of lack of understanding. The ego takes birth and dies Questioner : Who comes and goes in the cycle of birth and death? Is it the Soul or the body? Dadashri : Is that the question you are asking, young man? Stand up, stand up, and come closer in the front. Don’t be afraid. I am not from a foreign country. We all belong to the same religion and same country. There is no difference between you and me. There is no reason to be afraid of me. It will be all right, if you get angry with me. But believe me for sure that, I will never be angry with you. The ego is that which comes and goes in the cycles of birth and death. There is no going and coming for the Soul. Only the ego takes birth and death. This body comes with all the resources. The one, whose ego has dissolved; his coming and going avagaman stopped. Who is the doer? Now how has this ego come into existence? When the parmanus indivisible particles of atom of matter jada, and the Self, come in proximity, then anger-pride-illusion-and greed arises. Now whose properties are the anger-pride-illusion and greed? Questioner : It belongs to inert matter jada. Dadashri : If these are the properties of the inert matter, then think, does this machine get angry? If they are the property of inert matter then, this machine should get angry, no? 7


If we say, these are the properties of inert matter then it will shout. And if we say, these are the properties of the Self chetan, then one cannot attain liberation moksha. In that case even in moksha, these properties would be attached with the soul. Questioner : That is correct. Dadashri : Then whose original properties are these? After reading the scriptures, they get excited, but they cannot give the proof. Then they say, ‘are these properties of the Self?’ I said, ‘Mooah!! (The one who is dying, special exclamation used by Dadashri to shake up the listener) How will you attain moksha with these properties of anger-greed-illusion and pride?’ Intrinsic attributes gunadharma of any element means that they are permanent. So you see this ocean, and if you chide it by saying, ‘why are you creating these clouds of water? Why are you causing such interference?’ Then the ocean will reply, ‘Hey, do not blame me. I am not creating the clouds and you are unnecessarily wasting your time.’ Then we will think that, if this ocean is not making the clouds, then who is creating them? And ocean must be sure, because ocean is talking to us with firm authority. So then we think that it must be the sun. We ask the sun, ‘why are you producing these clouds of water?’ Then even the sun will say fearlessly, ‘ Get lost, I am not doing anything, do not accuse me and if I was the one, who was doing this, then the vapor of water should arise from the dry flat plots of land too.’ Do you see any water vapor rising from the dry plateau? No. Then who is doing all this? The ocean is not doing anything; the sun is not doing anything. Scientific circumstantial evidence is the doer. Scientifically, when two elements come together, a third new component arises with completely new properties vyatireka guna. So each element 8

maintains its own intrinsic properties anvaya guna, but when two come together, the new property arises. The organization of the universe Questioner : Infinite living beings have attained liberation, and infinite living beings will attain liberation. Then will there not be a time when there will be no living beings in this universe? Dadashri : Do not be concerned about that. This universe has existed from eternity and will continue infinitely (anadi anant). Nothing is going to change. The numbers of jivas enter from the unnamed state avyavahar rashi to the state of named form vyavahar rashi where worldly life exists; in direct proportion to the numbers attain moksha from this universe. Therefore, here the number of souls jivas remains constant. One soul does not decrease or one soul does not increase. Questioner : But will the number of souls jivas decrease here in the universe, as many attain liberation? Dadashri : No, if the number of souls decreases here, then life will lose its interactive support. Then we will not be able to find these carpenters, masons and other workers. But it is not like that. Other souls enter here and become carpenters, masons and others. From here if five thousand souls attained liberation, then five thousand will enter from the unnamed state. This is worldly life vyavahar, and what is the meaning of worldly life? It is called worldly life, where the souls have given a name and a form, have been categorized. A being that arrives here as a rose plant, is given the name and form as a rose plant. It means that a soul has entered the relative life. And in the relative life one soul does not increase and one soul does not decrease. All souls are constantly progressing towards liberation; so all souls keep May 2007


entering from the unnamed state to the relative life of the named state. But worldly interactions continue. If the number of souls were to decrease there would be a shortage of all these carpenters, black smiths and masons. But we do get everything in the world. Questioner : What would have gone wrong if the world had not been created like this? Dadashri : The world is the puzzle itself. This world has not been created by anyone. If one solves this puzzle, then the work is done. Self attained only where there is no intellect Questioner : I have one question that intellect by itself is not a direct means for attaining Self-realization. That is what all the scriptures and the Upanishads say. But how can we reach to the entrance to the experience of the Self without purity of the intellect? And how can we get the purity of the intellect without accepting certain resources (those who promise the Self)? Dadashri : Those who promise the path to the Self themselves are sitting at the height of ego. Therefore, it would be better, if the intellect had become useless. It would be better if one does not follow such leaders gurus. The aim is to decrease the ego, not increase it. All such instruments merely increase the intellect and the ego. Here in my path, there is no ego, because ‘we’ (referring to the Gnani Purush and the fully enlightened Lord within) are without intellect abuddha. Questioner : Sometimes instruments (scriptures or spiritual gurus) inflate the ego rather than decreasing it. When somebody sincerely wishes to purify the self atma shuddha (decreasing the ego) then is there any resource for him or not? Dadashri : All this time, whatever May 2007

resources they are showing, these are not resources at all. Is there any place where one can go or is there any one whom one can go to, through whom one can realize the Self? Is there any place or is there anyone by whom, have you heard a declaration that even one person has been made fearless? It has not happened anywhere. Only the fearless One can make others fearless. Questioner : Can the Self be realized? Dadashri : The Self can be realized where there is not even an iota of intellect. The guru with the intellect, himself has not realized the Self. Around him there is no benefit of Self-realization. The Self can only be realized where there is no expression of intellect. The intellect that creates the separation and prevents Self-realization ‘Jo tu jiva to karta Hari, Jo tu Shiva to vastu khari.’ “If you are jiva then God is the doer, if you are Shiva (Self) then that is the true thing.” Akha Bhagat has proclaimed the ultimate truth. When there is no intellect that separates the non-Self (worldly self) from the Self then indeed you are the pure Self (Shuddhatma), you are the absolute Self (parmatma)! One asserts, ‘God is out there and here I am; God is separate from me.’ When one recognizes and understands this intellect, that separates and creates the distance, and realizes that there is indeed no separation or distance between the two, then one becomes free. When one sees no difference between himself and the Lord, then one is free. We will need to understand the real thing sooner or later, will we not? The Self will have to be realized ultimately. With Self-realization, the intellect that separates the Self Shiva from the worldly self jiva is destroyed. With the destruction of this divisive intellect, the fear 9


instinct is gone and thereafter vitaragata unattached state, prevails. The Self is beyond death At one place, the name akshardham was given to one of the houses, but we cannot object to that, no? Questioner : It is his bungalow only. Dadashri : Is it his house? Can we say no to him? I see that people give different names to their homes.

reference to non-dualism; where does their nonduality go when someone insults them or robs them? That is when you realize whether they have attained the Self or not. Fearlessness and independence arise in those who have attained the Self, but nevertheless the bhaav intent, ‘I am adwaita, I am Chandulal’, is the relative self speaking and not the Self. I am separate from God, keeps one entrenched in the relative self and there are many such people in India. The changing intent of the non-Self

Questioner : But they want the Lord to reside in them, no?

Questioner : What is the connection of the Soul with space (kshetra)?

Dadashri : That is fine. What is wrong in giving a name to the home? People give different names to their homes. What is akshardham imperishable abode? It is totally different thing. While staying in the perishable state (ksharadham), one is talking about the eternal (akshardham). But everybody is free, right?

Dadashri : The abode of the Self, the swakshetra, the home department, has infinite orientation in the cosmic space. I do not mean to say that there is a physical location of the Self. This space-abode of the Self swakshetra is described expressly for the purpose of removing one from the non-Self location parkshetra.

Sahjanand Swami Maharaj (the founder of the Swaminarayan Section in Hinduism) had established Akshardham, and there is a difference. It is not an ordinary thing. It is not an ordinary station (spiritual abode). Once you arrive in akshar the eternal, there is no fear of death. Even while living the worldly life, when there is no fear of death it is called akshardham. And here one talks of the eternal while residing in the temporary abode. One becomes sick and thinks, ‘what if I die?’ The one who lives in akshardham has no such fear.

Questioner : Does the essential nature and component dravya of the Self ever change?

The Self is beyond adwaita Questioner : Is it true what many say that the Self is adwaita (non-dual) in this world? Dadashri : They say that, but they have not attained the vision of non-duality (adwaita) so it is a grave mistake and a fault to say that the Soul is adwaita. The Soul is a completely different thing. All these talks are mere 10

Dadashri : Swadravya the Self’s intrinsic nature and component does not change, ever. However, that which is attached to the Self, due to the close proximity, the worldly self (the non-Self, I am Chandulal) pardravya keeps on changing. In this regard, as the space kshetra changes, as the time kaal changes, the intent bhaav also changes. When one approaches a space where fear abounds, fear arises. Every living entity is subject to these changes in the intent bhaav with every facet of time samaya, (the smallest division of time). Fear of a guru? Questioner : What is the necessity for a person to have a true spiritual master sadguru? Dadashri : When do you need a schoolteacher? Only when you want to learn May 2007


something, no? Questioner : Yes, only then. Dadashri : And if you do not want to study, then? If you do not want any benefit, then you do not need a sadguru (the sadguru makes one realize the Self, the guru is a general term for any spiritual teacher). If you want to have any benefit then only you need to find a guru. It is not mandatory. This is your independent choice. If you want to learn then find a teacher. If you want to know about the inner world of the Self adhyatmic, then you have to find a sadguru and follow his teachings. If you do not want to know, then it is all right. There is no law that says that you must have a sadguru. Questioner : So then what is the benefit of having a sadguru? Dadashri : Every being is looking for happiness, and if you have a good guru, then you can find a way to get a more meaningful happiness. And if you get a bad guru then he will lead you to the wrong path. One person in Surat had a guru. He said to me that my guru told me, ‘I will make your life miserable and I will see to it that you are ruined.’ He asked for my help and wondered what will happen to him. I inquired, ‘my dear man, why did your guru tell you this? What did you do to deserve such condemnation from him?’ He replied, ‘so far I have given him a hundred and twenty-five thousand rupees and now he is demanding another fifty thousand rupees. I do not have the money, how am I going to give it to him?’ Then I asked him, ‘what have you done so far in the name of that guru?’ He replied, ‘I had his photographs and I used to worship them, but when he threatened me, I became angry and I threw them in the Tapi River.’ But hey Mooah (a term used by Dadashri to awaken the disciple from his spiritual slumber)! Why did you worship the May 2007

photographs to begin with? And, then why did you throw them in the river? The guru never taught you to worship them and then throw them in the river. Do not begin any worship and if you do, then the responsibility is yours. Finally then, I did the vidhi special internal specific blessings for him and released him from the oppression of the false guru. And I told him, ‘now do not be afraid.’ No body will dare to bother you. In this world, no body has the independent power to go to the toilet and evacuate at will. Does the guru not need to use the toilet as well? So then what can this miserable guru do to you? I told him not to go tell this openly to his guru, because the mad ego can do unnecessary damage. So do not agitate him anymore, and perhaps there will be some residual grace from him. Do you want to attain Self-realization sakshatkar? Questioner : Yes. Dadashri : What will you benefit from this? Questioner : All saints benefited after attaining Self-realization. I want to have the same. Dadashri : What kind of experience do you desire? Questioner : Of the guru. Dadashri : Experience of the guru? The one who needs to go to the toilet? Questioner : Of the eternal. Dadashri : Eternal guru? Then why don’t you say that you are asking for the experience of the Lord within? It will happen. It will happen to you here. The fearless One Questioner : Whoever wants to do any spiritual practice sadhana to attain the vision 11


of the Self, should be physically, mentally, intellectually, and generally fit and prosperous. One must not be weak. It did not matter whether one was weak or strong. Power and glory of penance, physical strength, wealth, everything is useless in this. But now, if a weak person wakes up, then, can he attain the Self? Dadashri : All this refers to a very gross form of the soul. It is not even the Self that is described in the scriptures. This is lower in a sense than the one described in the scripture. The Self of the scripture is superior. All these are merely words of intent bhavna. These merely entangle you further. What kind of strength should one have? Such a person would be wandering around the entire universe fearless, would not even fear from God. One is said to have become fearless, if one has no fear of any kind. If we take the shelter of such a One, then we too can become fearless. There is no other way. You are all alone, how are you going to do it all alone? When the final fear leaves, all work is done. Otherwise fear remains. With the persistence of fear, struggles will continue. Knowledge of Self renders one fearless This science is all exterior science. There are two kinds of sciences. One is exterior science. In this science one feels temporary happiness, but he keeps having fear and lots of different kinds of feelings. He feels transient happiness in it, but fear and lots of other feelings remain. The one who has experienced real happiness, bliss, will not have fear of any kind. He will rise from all other feelings as well. This is because the Self is fearless. The Self is fearless but one has not realized that Self. If one is indeed Chandubhai, then should he not be aware of Chandubhai? Or is one Chandubhai by name only? One cannot know simply by the name only. 12

Questioner : A person knows his own qualities. Dadashri : No, nobody would know that. There is not even a single person who knows his own (real, the Self) qualities. Whatever, one claims to know are really those of the non-Self (Chandulal). All the many attributes of yours, that you can see, all those attributes are not Yours (of the Self). Those are falsely imposed (aropit, ‘I am Chandulal’). Yet, you claim that they are yours. Questioner : I have some bad qualities and some good qualities. Dadashri : No, both these qualities, which you mention are falsely imposed qualities. Both are wrong. It is something that you have learnt, not something that is really yours intrinsically. Your (the Self) properties are totally unique. You have not seen or known, even a single attribute of yours. This is so for the world as well. All these people are coming here to know those qualities. This is because they seek eternal happiness. They do not want temporary happiness. The current properties that you are aware of are of Chandubhai, not yours. You and Chandubhai are separate. I can see both of you. I can see Chandubhai and I can ‘see’ You also. Who are You? Really speaking, who are you? You should come to know that. False Atma The one, who is the representative of the tirthankaras and the living Lord (the arihant), such a Gnani can make one realize the Self by establishing the faith–conviction shraddha pratiti, ‘I am the Self’, exactly. No one understands the real meaning of the Self chetan. Only some are able to understand the relative self and its property of consciousness, and they think and accept that as the real Self. Even the saints are not able to understand and experience the difference. May 2007


Questioner : But Dada, please tell me about original Self.

Questioner : No, but everyday we do worship, do rituals and prayers to the God…..

Dadashri : That I can tell you. What people call the Self is nothing but power chetan, that which has been energized by the presence of the Self, the original real chetan. It is not real chetan consciousness. How can anyone understand this? Is it possible to understand this? The Lord has described the attributes of chetan (the Self). These are that fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet it etc. So people become confused that, just as all these waterproof and fireproof watches that have now come in the market, the Self is also waterproof and fireproof. So in this kind of a search for the Self, people have not even found an iota of the Self! And they go about claiming to be knower of the Self Atmagnani. Even a word or even a shadow of the Self, once attained will bring about salvation. Mere words of knowledge of the Self will bring forth the happiness of the words only, not of the experience. How blissful is the state of the one who has realized the Self! All fear has melted. Vitaragata detachment and nirbhayata fearlessness prevail. The follower of my Agna will question the necessity of any benefactorcreator Lord above.

Dadashri : No, one day you come to us and ‘we’ will give you blessings, and ‘we’ will do such a thing that you will not have any more fear. ‘We’ will give you a vision, courage, strength so you will become fearless. Then you will attain permanent peace. Do you want permanent peace or temporary?

Gnani gives permanent peace Questioner : How can I attain shanti peace? Dadashri : Real peace shanti? That you can attain if you come to us. You are making this much salary, then why you would come to me? Less paid person will come here. You have lot more responsibility because you are highly paid? Will they give you a day off for this? Questioner : Will I get peace only if I come here? Dadashri : No, I will arrange some kind of machinery. May 2007

Questioner : Permanent. Dadashri : Then come here, you will get permanent peace here. All these people sitting here have attained permanent peace. The fear of binding karma Dadashri : Do you like temporary happiness or permanent? Questioner : Permanent happiness. Dadashri : One does not like this temporary happiness. All these pleasures are imagined and temporary. Even the fear is born out of imagination. There is constant fear and fear. Have you felt such fear? Questioner : Yes, I have its experience. Dadashri : Yes, experience continues. The one who is aware is constantly aware of the dangers of worldly life, filled with fear. And how will he live? He will live his life with constant examination and enquiry. He does not like to live his life because of these fears. But what is the choice? But, what can he do in this? How can one become free with such bondage where the fear of binding more karma exists? If you can find anyone who is liberated, such a person will liberate you. But it is very very difficult to find such a human being. Rarely when you find him then you have no time for him. The opportunity for such a meeting has to happen. The value of chit in liberation Questioner : How does the agitation 13


and clash ajampo that which spills over to others and makes them agitated as well lead to the desire for moksha? What if there was no such agitation?

constantly afraid of worldly life interactions should take up renunciation. Such a person’s passions kashays should be under limits and be controllable.

Dadashri : If agitation and clashes did not occur then one is pleased and happy and if it does happen then one experiences pain and unhappiness. This knowledge of the pain is important and the awareness that such pain is wrong will lead him to seek liberation. How can one tolerate pain of clashes in this worldly life? People do not like these clashes but they defend it by saying, ‘that is the nature of worldly life.’ If this is true, then what is the meaning of life? It is meaningless. And what happiness did you enjoy along with such clashes? If the swords that may fall anytime on you, are hanging over your head, how can you enjoy your meal? Oneday King Janak had invited the sage Ashtavakra for dinner. The king had hung a huge bell hanging precariously over the site where the sage had sat down for his dinner. At the end of the meal the king asked, ‘did you enjoy the bhajiyas and the shrikhand?’ Ashtavakra the innocent sage, replied, ‘Oh king, was constantly afraid that this huge bell will fall on my head, my chit was in the bell only, not in the food, so I do not know how the food tasted even.’ Then the king said that, ‘the food was delicious and yet you never enjoyed it because your chit was in the overhanging bell. Similarly, even though I cuddle all these queens around me, my chit is in the Lord only.’

The one who has renounced the world sadhu has overcome his tendencies to seek sensual pleasures derived through the five senses. And therefore such a renunciant sadhu finds the worldly life painful like a furnace. How long does the worldly life feel good? If one who is involved in sexual pleasures and he enjoys sex, then he will find the world a happy place, otherwise he will find it like a furnace. These renunciants have no desire for sex, but their passions kashays of anger, pride, deceit and greed remain. Some of them will maintain, ‘I know, I know so much’. The ignorance remains and that is even worse.

Renunciation: gross and subtle Dependency is always there in the passions kashays anger, greed, pride, deceit; but if one can control them, then he has gained the right to leave wife and children in search of liberation moksha. Anybody cannot just leave wife and children and run away. Should not there be a standard for renunciation of worldly life? The Lord has said that the one who is 14

Questioner : The lack of desire for sex in this renunciant tyagi, is it real or is it mediated through other reasons? Dadashri : They do not want sex vishaya. Questioner : Is this so for all the renunciants? Dadashri : No, not for all the renunciants. Among the renunciants one should be a true renunciant. A true renunciant is the one who has attained the right vision samyak darshan. In this, when can we say that the renunciation is exact? When one does not get irritated on matters and things that have been renounced, then the renunciation is exact. Renunciation tyaga and acquisition grahan exists in the gross sthool form everywhere and to experience dislike angamo and like gamo, attraction akarshan and vikarshan repulsion is subtle sookshma. The two are not connected; they have nothing to do with each other. They cannot be multiplied. Why do you even make an attempt? The Self has never enjoyed sex vishaya. May 2007


For moksha, there is no difference whether one is a house-holder grahasti or a renunciant tyagi. Moksha is attained with Gnan (Self-realization). Renunciants tyagis will have less trouble and less obstruction on the path to liberation as compared to householders and therefore there is the benefit of renunciation. An ordinary worldly man, a householder would have more trouble, but if he finds the way, he does not need to renounce his wife and children. The Lord’s language of renunciation tyaga is totally different. He says that if you are not deluded then the entire worldly kingdom is not an obstruction. Therefore he is emphasizing the renunciation of this delusion moha, murchha and not of things or persons. If you are afflicted with problems then you are overcome with delusion and there is no renunciation for you. So the Lord’s definition is different, and the worldly definition is different. The meaning of renunciation is different. The world says that moksha is not possible if one is married. So what are these married people to do? Do they just have to keep wandering life after life? Many householders had and have attained Selfrealization. Therefore, there is no connection between renunciation tyaga and moksha. Yet, we cannot say that only the householders can attain moksha. We will have to admit that the path of the renunciants tyagis is better, because they will have fewer troubles. The householders will have more troubles so he has to be stronger on the path to liberation. This path is also clear and that path is also clear. Therefore, if one who can stay strong here, then there is no problem. I am saying this to remove fear from the householders. My brother, do not worry if you are married, that this woman will lead you to hell. Marriage is different thing. And the path of salvation also is a different thing. The Atma (Soul) is completely distinct. The Self is absolutely separate from this body. The two do May 2007

not have any connection or interchange at all. It is that much separate! It is only because of the illusion on the mind that the fear continues. The fear of hell Questioner : Is it true that if we recite The Navkar Mantra (Namokar mantra, the first part of the Trimantra) nine hundred thousand times then we can avoid a birth in hell? Dadashri : You are not going to go to the hell anyway. They have closed the gates over there. The windows for the four locations of Hell (there are seven locations of Hell, Narak) have been completely closed. And they do not let you in the other three hells either. These people here will attain two more legs (a life in the animal world). They will be punished with two more legs and a tail, not more. These miserable souls are not such that, they can go to the hell at all. Questioner : It has been said that King Shrenik (King of Magadha who was a great follower of Lord Mahavir and lived in the same period) has gone to hell. Dadashri : It is different thing for King Shrenik. He was a king. Why do these miserable souls have to go to the hell? These poor people who grumble whole day long out of worldly wants and miseries, why do they need to go to hell? We should feel sorry for these miserable fellows, they have to toil so much to make a living. They look sad and miserable. Why should these poor fellows go to hell? The hell is not for these people; hell is for very strong people, very powerful people, people who have abused their power and authority, the kidnappers and the murderers. Hell is not for the adulterators and profiteers of food. Questioner : They present many kinds of fear to us. They keep scaring us so we are confused. 15


Dadashri : No, do not afraid of going to hell. The four Hells, the big ones, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh are closed. And the other three Hells are open, but these people are not doing any karma (deeds) suitable for entry to these hells. At the most, if one gets in to a fight with his wife, then the mooah, will sleep the whole night hungry. He will not kill his wife or cut her to pieces. Previously they used to do that. This is nothing. Questioner : So, can we call these souls here being of meritorious karmas (punyashadi)? Dadashri : How can one call their karmas meritorious? How can we call it a merit if one is to become an animal in his next life? These persons who adulterate food for profit are going to be born as animals. Who will have to take a birth in the animal kingdom? Those who take what is not their fair share; like coveting a woman who is not his wife, or hoarding and adulterating food for profit; will take birth as animals. You have the right to take what is yours, nothing else. Are there people who enjoy what is not rightfully theirs? Are there people who take bribes, money that is not rightfully theirs? Are there people who eat what does not belong to them? Or do they take whatever is rightfully theirs? Questioner : They take what is rightfully theirs. Dadashri : How many such people are there in this town of yours? Questioner : We tend to feel the fear of going back into the potato as a microorganism. Dadashri : Why you will have to take the next life in the form of potato? Who is going to take you in the potato for the next life? Is anybody free to take you over there? You do not have to get frightened about that. None of 16

you will be born as a potato. You might go five to hundred years to the animal life and then come back here. Other than that, you are not going to wander around that much. Do not be afraid. This is the false fear instilled by some of the worldly religious teacher. Questioner : Whatever you are saying decreases my fear. Otherwise, people get confused with, ‘what if, this will happen, this will happen.’ And people lose their peace of mind. Dadashri : The religious teachers have instilled so much fear that all peace has left. Are you afraid? They do not know the spiritual science of the Lord and have gone about teaching it. This science of the Vitarag is such a wonderful science! The science is such that it takes away all fear in all. These so called spiritual teachers command and this creates fear, and endless agitation in the followers. The struggle is such that it continues. Even upon the death bed, one remains worried and fearful, ‘this is not done yet, and this task is incomplete.’ Do you not know that you have to leave this world? Questioner : I do know that. Dadashri : Then where is the reason for worry? The one who is going to live here forever, needs to worry, not you? Questioner : I know that, I will have to go, but I do not know that where I will have to go. Dadashri : We do not need to know that. We do not need to know where we will be going. If you do not worry about that, then the best station will arrive and if you do worry, even then you are not going to go to hell. All you may get at the most is four legs and a tail, and then you will be free to bray or bark at will. That will be your speech, braying or barking. For us dear uncle, we need to worry, May 2007


if we are going to stay here permanently then only we need to worry, otherwise not.

(scriptures and rituals) but they have not met the one with the right vision (the Gnani).

Questioner : You have told us that as a result of some karma here, one will go to the animal life and will return to the human life form here.

In the vicinity of a Gnani of the Kramic path (traditional step by step path) a lot of strict discipline and humility has to be observed. Even the slightest disturbance is not tolerated and the followers sitting around him will throw you out. And here (in front of the Akram Vignani), everybody is very happy and free to do what he or she wants. You have to take permission from the sadhus, the renunciants and the gnanis of the Kramic path before doing anything, even simple chores. The higher the lack of understanding of the teachers and the gurus, the more they command you to ask for their permission. They simply will not let you rest. They keep threatening the disciples and they in turn remain constantly frightened. They will not let them rest for even a moment. Here we have so much freedom and ease of movement. It is Ramaraj, like it used to be in the courts of Lord Rama. Yet I know that, nothing wrong will happen. Our Gnan (knowledge of the Self) is such that one cannot deviate and fall spiritually. Even if someone tries to go on the wrong path, it will not let him. If a rare individual deliberately wants to do the wrong thing, then there is no limit for him.

Dadashri : Yes. A life in Hell was for the souls of the third and the fourth part of the time cycle (Ara, rotation of the cosmic time cycle). What is the fault of these miserable people of the fifth Ara? The wrong vision They will say that, if someone worshipped the celestial beings that protect the path of liberation (devis and devos), then one becomes mired in the wrong vision mithyatvi, following the wrong path. Hey man, how is he going to become wrong when he has not even had the right vision, samkit? Only the one with the right vision (samkit) is under the danger of falling into wrong vision (mithyatva). Why are you blaming him, and thus leading him in the wrong path, for his devotion for a celestial being? Vitarags have never made such pronouncements! And these people have no fear uttering that which even the Vitarags feared to utter! This is also one of the peculiarities of the current era of this time cycle. If you criticize someone’s worship, you are criticizing his spiritual endeavor and this is a very dangerous and a grave error. If you cannot support someone then it is all right, but certainly do not criticize him. Where criticism exists, the science of the Vitarag does not. Here there is no religion, and oneness abhedta certainly does not exist. They are undergoing great efforts to attain salvation. Yet, they are not at fault because they fail. They simply do not come across the right circumstance. They have gathered a lot of instruments sadhan that give the right vision May 2007

The havoc of insistence One will say this thing is right, and another will say, this thing is right. One owns this tree and the other owns the other tree, yet neither will uproot them, would they? They will not. And what does the Lord say? The Lord says that whoever insists on any viewpoint is not within the religion (dharma) of the Vitarag. This is simply gross insistence. Except for the goal of the Self and salvation, every insistence is gross insistence and one is simply not within Vitarag Dharma. There is a lot of difference between the language of the Lord and the language of the world. These vitarags, the 17


twenty-four tirthankaras were very wise Souls. Innumerable souls became enlightened (kevelis) through their grace. I have not seen more modest and wise beings! They were very wise and fearless, these tirthankaras!!

other person is abusive as a result, then I would ask for forgiveness.

I am also telling you, that there is no father figure superior over you. And if at all there is one than it is this Dada here. But he is like a child for you all. He never scolds you. Now tell me, do you have any fear? Do you have fear for anything now? The worldly people are afraid of their blunders and mistakes in this world. I have fractured your blunder, ‘I am Chandulal’. Now the mistakes remain and as they unfold they will leave. Once the mistakes finish, the file (all that is the non-Self after Gnan) will finish. As long as a file remains, you are in the interim government (the intermediate state after Gnan of ‘I am pure Soul’). And when all files have been dealt with, the mistakes will be over, and then the full government (absolute Self) will express. Otherwise, who can understand even one degree of this Vitarag Dharma? These are only the stories and mere exchange of what has been memorized after studying scriptures. The spiritual masters (acharyas) of the fourth era of the time cycle did not understand the Lord’s intent. How then can these acharyas of this fifth era understand it?

Questioner : Even there, I must forgive him and not become angry at him.

Gnan is the final religion Religion (dharma) is defined by the settlement with equanimity of the opposing minds. If there is no settlement, then it is not religion (adharma). The mind must reach settlement. The mind must remain settled and composed in all respects. How is Gnan defined? That which settles with equanimity and closure, is Gnan. If you scold and curse someone, then how will you arrive at a settlement? What knowledge will you apply to have a solution? Questioner : If it is my mistake, and 18

Dadashri : Yes. But what if someone abuses you verbally when you have not made any mistakes?

Dadashri : This is Gnan, real knowledge. Does it remain like this for you under such circumstances? Questioner : I am making efforts to be that way. Dadashri : Where is our religion (the Self) in that? Exercising caution is protecting the worldly self. Like the policeman, we become the policeman. What is the benefit for us in this? What can be superior to the fearless state? We should fearless in all situations, abusive or otherwise. In the presence of the Gnan of the Vitarag there is no problem whatsoever. The darshan visualizing the image of the Vitarag Lord is associated with some fruits, and one derives the benefit of some meditation dhyan. Now the Lord says, ‘you do my darshan, but you do not follow my Agnas (instructions). This is akin to stepping over my tongue. That is very bad.’ If your servant does your darshan by coming in front of you, and even massages your legs, and yet does not obey your simple instructions to do something for you, would you be pleased? Questioner : No, I will not like it. Dadashri : Similarly, we are seeing the God’s image, but we do not follow his instructions. We do not accept anything that He is offering us for our own benefit. How then will the Lord grace us? All worship is motivated by fear Questioner : In all rituals of worship is May 2007


there not a deeply hidden fear? Man worships something because of a deep-seated fear in his heart, no? Dadashri : Yes, everybody in this world is performing worship due to the fear only! These people are in commotion due to the fear only. So people are going and coming, all over, in the temples and derasars Jain temples, due to fear only. Who is going to mess with this hassle if he has become fearless? What is the need for the one to do any of this when he has become fearless? The one who has become fearless would be a vitarag. Without becoming a vitarag detached, enlightened, a person cannot become fearless nirbhaya. One cannot become fearless first; one can become a vitarag first. Titles have little value Which is the last station Lord Krishna refers to in the Gita? The state of sthitapragnya is the last station in the Gita. He says, “Attain the state of sthitapragnya,” but people had to question, “What does sthitapragnya do?” The Lord had to explain what sthitapragnya is. That which becomes stable in pragnya; that which pushes away the avastu the non-Self and makes You attain the vastu the Self is sthitapragnya. And your state of the Shuddhatma the pure Self is much higher than the state of sthitapragnya. Lord Krishna has said that if one becomes vitarag detached, enlightened, he will become fearless nirbhaya. Lord Krishna says that, when vitaragata establishes one becomes fearless. And fear will continue as long as attachment raag and abhorrence dwesh exist. And when vitaragata state beyond and without attachment and abhorrence, is not there, fear abounds continuously and this fear causes further attachment and abhorrence. Therefore, if you want to attain moksha and if you want to become free, then become a vitarag and be fearless nirbhaya. May 2007

Fear of dying life after life The Vedanta says that liberation is attained once impurity, obstructed view and ignorance are gone. The Jain scriptures say that liberation is attained once attachment, abhorrence and ignorance are gone. Now both have one thing in common: ignorance and therefore the two paths do not have much difference. Lord Krishna says that, fear will leave, if one becomes vitarag, otherwise fear will not leave. Everybody feels fear. One man tells me, “I have studied all the four Vedas. All the four Vedas are on the tip of my tongue through my intense study.” So I told him, “What do the four Vedas themselves say?” They say, “This is not that. The Atma you are looking for cannot be contained within these Vedas. It is not in the Vedas; therefore you should go to a Gnani.” I am saying, “Come to me and I can show you ‘this is that’ within an hour.” Vedas show you the path where you will find what you are looking for, however you cannot find it in the directions it gives. You need a Gnani Purush for that. You cannot write your own medicine without consulting a doctor first because there is fear that you may die, and yet where there is a danger of destruction of countless lives to come, you make your own spiritual medicines and take it without even consulting a Gnani. Scriptures are weapons; if you don’t know how to use them, you will die for sure. To attain the state of the seer drashta and the knower gnata is not an ordinary thing! That is why the whole world is so shaken up trying to attain this in their efforts. It can be accomplished only with the help of a Gnani Purush. The absolutely detached and the fearless one is a God Questioner : People say Krishna is Bhagwan God, and then they say that God is within you, so according to Dada’s view point 19


in exactness, what should we understand about God? Dadashri : As long as raag attachment or dwesh abhorrence exist, one is a jivaatma an embodied soul, the self, and when one becomes vitarag free from all attachments, one becomes a God. The one who does not have dwesh abhorrence when someone insults him or does not have raag attachment when someone respects him, then he is a God. When one became free from dwandva duality, he is called God. Did you understand or not what duality means? What do you understand? When one exists, the other exists for sure; it is there on the other end for sure. Where there is profit there is loss. The one who has become free from duality does not have happiness or unhappiness. The one who does not feel the hurt if someone were to insult him or does not feel happy if someone were to shower him with the flowers-garland is called a vitarag; he would have nirbhayata absolute fearlessness. The original Soul is verily vitarag. The Soul within is parmatma absolute Soul, the Self. The one who has become bhagwan Godlike in the world, his Self is parmatma within. When one reaches the stage of parmatma inside, at that time this khokhu—the non-Self, the body complex, would also have become a God. Did you understand a little bit what I am trying to say, a point of view? Questioner : So then this Lord Krishna that is called… Dadashri : Yes, of that sort only, of that sort only. Anybody can become one, this is not a license exclusive for Lord Mahavir or Lord Krishna, whoever can become one; that is his! The One, who becomes vitarag and nirbhay fearless, is called a God. Questioner : So bhagwan God is an attribute, he is not any specific person. Is bhagwan therefore an extra title? 20

Dadashri : It is a last stage of the pudgal the non-Self complex of thoughts, speech and acts. When the last stage of pudgal is bhagwan Godlike, at that time the last stage of the Self within is parmatma absolute Self. We are not addressing the worldly soul as bhagwan. That is why ‘we’ are saying that ‘we’ are not bhagwan. If ‘we’ use the term Bhagwan for ‘us’ then the Self which has become parmatma within and parmatma never interferes. ‘We’ would meddle and say to others, ‘Chandubhai, please do come,’ not for ‘our’ own sake, for personal benefit, but for your benefit. What ‘we’ have decided is that may others experience the bliss which ‘we’ have experienced. It is just that ‘we’ have self-interest that may these people attain the bliss, attain moksha liberation, however parmatma the absolute Soul does not have any such self-interest. Questioner : But Dada, the need that has arisen to you is only nishkaam desire less karuna compassion, has it not? Dadashri : Yes, Nishkaam karuna but it is also self-interest, is it not? After reaching to this state, that other state will arrive. After reaching to this state, the last state which is yet to come will be such that the world will be delighted. It is the status of tirthankara the final embodiment of the Soul before attaining liberation, by the darshan of which millions will be liberated. He exists for peoples’ salvation only. He would not be living for his self. Did you understand a little what I am trying to say? Questioner : Yes. When this Gnan occurred to Dada at that time who told you to embark upon the task of jagat kalyan world’s salvation? Dadashri : No one had told me. ‘We’ had bhaav intent, from the beginning that the world should not suffer like this, salvation must occur. So these causes came into discharge, effect! That such Gnan may express in May 2007


someone that can bring about salvation of people. And this Gnan expressed within me only! I didn’t know that such Gnan would manifest. Questioner : So did vyavasthit select you? Dadashri : Yes, the law of vyavasthit did. Questioner : Pudgal the non-Self would not have any desire whatsoever that everybody call me Bhagwan God? Dadashri : Pudgal would not have desire but pudgal will verily become the same, the exact shadow of God. Questioner : Then only one can become free, no? Dadashri : Yes. From Vitadwesh to Vitaragata Vitadwesh : without abhorrence Vitaragata : absolute state of detachment, without raag attachment or dwesh abhorrence Questioner : What can happen due to raag attachment?

ask, ‘where now is the raag attachment after becoming vitadwesh?’ Then the answer is, ‘attachment will remain and grow for the Gnani, and for the mahatmas.’ The attachment moved away from sansar worldly life and entered here. But this raag is called prashasta raag attachment that will lead to liberation. This prashasta raag is the cause of vitaragata. This is the only raag that can make one a vitarag. Do you feel that the attachment is now set for all these mahatmas? Questioner : Yes, it is. Dadashri : The attachment raag which will establish for the Gnani Purush and mahatmas is a beneficial raag. What is the fruit of that prashasta raag? Then says, ‘the fruit of this raag will yield verily Vitarag by itself.’ Nothing else needs to be done. If we sow a grain of corn, watered it, we did everything necessary then will an ear of corn grow by itself or we will have to make it? Relative religion Questioner : Once we attain liberation then we can become fearless. A state of total fearlessness nirbhayata! So is fearlessness the sine qua non of liberation and Self-realization, or is there any other sign?

Dadashri : Murchha attraction due to illusion can occur. Bebhanpanu sheer spiritual slumber! The fruit of that raag is bebhanpanu and the fruit of dwesh abhorrence is fear. When these two leave then one becomes vitarag the state without any attachment or abhorrence. Until then one cannot become vitarag. Our mahatmas those who have received the Gnan of Dadashri of direct Self-realization, are preparing to become vitarag. If someone were to ask, ‘have you become something?’ Then they will say, ‘yes, we have become for sure. We have become vitadwesh without abhorrence.’

All these are relative religions. They are the religions of the relative self prakrut dharma. The worldly religions are correct for those who continue to delve with fear. But the one, who wants to attain fearlessness nirbhayata and detachment vitaragata, will have to attain real religion, the religion of the Self.

From hereon, one has to become vitarag. There were two. One is gone. Then they will

What is the prakruti’s dharma? Just look at how it came into creation! Even prominent

May 2007

Dadashri : Yes, that is the sign. Without liberation, fearlessness cannot be established at all. Fearlessness remains from beginning of the Self-realization until the end, the full enlightenment.



Gnanis have to abide by it. It is mandatory to understand prakruti the non-Self complex, and the way it works. Dharma religion of the Self is to ‘see’ jovoon and ‘know’ janavoon only. All the rest is dharma of the prakruti the nonSelf. And what is the dharma of prakruti like? One prakruti invokes absolute fearlessness and another invokes severe terror. From the beginning of time one has encountered only the prakruti. In the end however, this prakruti will have to become Godlike. This Gnan of ours is such that the prakruti will become Godlike and You, the Self will remain in eternal bliss. It is very difficult to overcome one’s prakruti inherent nature, the non-Self traits. Nobody can overcome the prakruti. The one who can overcome his prakruti, his speech would be unique. He would have become free and absolutely fearless. He would wander around like the Lord of the universe. And all others are just devotees. The devotee and God are always separate. The one, who overcomes the prakruti, becomes the God himself. Until then he remains the devotee bhakta. What do you have to fear? You are the supreme Self parmatma! If the supreme Self becomes frightened then the universe will tremble in fear, but that can never happen. We (the Gnani and the mahatmas of the Gnani) have transcended the prakruti. The five Agnas is pure worldly interaction Questioner : The fear of becoming a mere talker about the Soul nischay bhashi (like non-dualism, these people are involved in a onetrack (ekantik) belief of non-duality) and greed for the true knowledge of the Self, keep me confused about the real path to liberation. Dadashri : We do not have to keep fear of becoming a talker of the Soul. In this world, nobody has been able to maintain shuddha pure worldly interactions vyavahar. What Dada has given is pure shuddha vyavahar worldly 22

interaction and therefore it is not merely a talk about the Soul-the Self. The basement of pure vyavahar is the pure Self. And where there is no foundation of pure worldly interaction, there is no pure Self. Never believe it any other way. This pure vyavahar is nothing more and nothing less than the five Agnas. This is pure shuddha worldly interaction. This is not sad good worldly interaction sadvyavahar this is called shuddha pure worldly interaction vyavahar. This is a wonder of wonders and therefore, do not harbor any fear whatsoever. These others have become mere talkers of the Self and that is why they have the fear. They are with fear and You all are without fear. The fear of Akram Vignan There is no kind of condition here. Here you can sit this way or that way. Some may sit with stretched out legs even. If you come at 6:30 o’clock there is no objection, if you come at 7:00 o’clock there is no objection, if you come at 7:30 there is no objection, if you come at 8:00 o’clock there is no objection. There is no law here, yet cannot go against the law. They do not have fear at all here. No-law, in fact there is a law, but that law is law of ‘no-law’. No body can go against the law of ‘no law’. There are no discussions without meaning here; none leads to any arguments or disagreements. Here as many 500 people get together but no debate occurs without a reason. All the words that I speak are completely accepted by all the souls present here. Everything I say, they accept. Questioner : People do not understand such a beautiful logic of Dadashri. They are not ready to understand this. Dadashri : I am saying the same thing. They are not ready to understand. People do not want to look in to detail on this (the Self) side. They feel that this is something new and totally opposite of what they expect. They are May 2007


afraid of it. Questioner : This is something different than the path that the world has taken and therefore it seems wrong to them. Dadashri : Yes. Questioner : And then there is the problem of leaving and forsaking what they have done so far in their life on the path of religion. Dadashri : Yes, the fear that whatever I have done so far will go to waste has to be overcome. The fear of the intelligentsia who hesitate Powerful highly intelligent people will also lose in this. Those intelligent people cannot reach that far and if one intelligent person can measure me, then he should tell the world, that this is the ultimate path. Everything else is useless. Gauge me once, measure me whichever way as much you want and then proclaim it loudly to the entire world. An intelligent person would understand that this is completely 100% correct. Any intelligent person would understand certainly. Then he can tell all the others, that everything else is wrong. But he is afraid that, what if he says that all other paths are wrong, and then what if he is wrong in saying that? Hey, there can never be two truths. There is only one truth. The next One after Dadashri Questioner : Do we need to have any fear about this in our organization? Dadashri : What kind of fear? Questioner : To be afraid of the beggary of wanting to be worshipped pujavani kamna, to get intoxicated with the ego keyf boost that follows great respect maan and worship? Dadashri : It must not happen here. If it arises here, I can remove it. If any body has the desire to be worshiped, I will remove it by May 2007

making him understand. Otherwise, I would tell him to leave this organization. Because, this desire to be respected and worshipped, simply will not work here. This path is not for the people who seek to be worshipped and falsely respected. One will fall spiritually, and sustain a huge loss, if he desires to be worshipped. He will go down to lower life forms. This is not a path of the ones who seeks worship; it is a path of those who seek to worship. Questioner : Then later... after Dada, who do we need to worship? Dadashri : Later, that question will be answered as nature will bring forth a suitable individual…. We just have to see, who will be the person, in whom ‘Dada’ manifests. We will have to see in whom that spiritual energy manifests. Questioner : Dada, how can we know that? Dadashri : We can know the Vitaragi Purush the enlightened One, at once. He would not have any desires. We can know from his eyes. Do not people look in the eyes and say, ‘let him go, he has desire and wrong intent in the eyes.’ The women can tell the one who has the desire for sex in his eyes, and feel the fear. Then some businessmen will look at the eyes and say, ‘Mooah, he looks like a thief!’ And here this One will be vitarag; there will be nothing to read in His eyes. All this, will be evident to you all (It will be evident that within whom ‘Dada Bhagwan’ is manifested). The speech will be unique; speech that will come forth will be out of this world alaukik. Then know that the Lord has manifest within. Here, only the one, who becomes a disciple of the whole world, will succeed. Only he who the world accepts will succeed here. Jai Sat Chit Anand 23

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