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Vol. XCII, No. 3

Deerfield, Massachusetts

September 14th, 2017

Welcome to Deerfield: Do it B18!

Doing it B18 is what Deerfield’s school spirit is all about. Whether in the classroom, on the stage, or on the sports field, Deerfield students are always talking about bringing their “A game,” “going big, or going home,” and giving their performance “all they’ve got.” Thus, the cheerleaders, along with the Class of 2018, thought there would be no better slogan for this school year than one which incorporates and further cultivates this energy on campus.

Doing it B18 means more than just getting rowdy and losing our heads at sporting events; it’s a state of mind. A large portion of doing it B18 involves simply showing up, in more ways than one. For example, Deerfield offers amazing opportunities for students to exhibit their talents, such as dance showcases, music concerts, theatrical performances, and sporting events, just to name a few. By both taking advantage of these opportunities and making the

effort to attend these events, we, as a community, are taking pride in our school and in each other. To do it B18 also means to get out of our comfort zones; we have to push ourselves and each other be the best versions of ourselves. We “brought it back” with the Class of 2016. We established our sense of love and community with the Class of 2017’s “Fam17y.” And now, we need to prove that we can not only keep it here and remain a strong family, but that, this year, we can do it B18ger than ever. To the Class of 2018, this is our time. This is our year. To everyone, let’s make every moment count and DO IT B18! Yours, Captain Deerfield and the Cheerleaders

Deerfield Rows to Success Peter Everett Staff Writer

At New England Championships this past May, the Deerfield Academy varsity crew teams showed the competition why they were number one seed. The girls’ first boat placed first over defending champion Winsor School with five seconds to spare, and the boys won their first ever New England team championship. The gold medal finishes meant both the boys’ and girls’ first boats qualified for the 2017 Youth National Rowing Championships in Sarasota, FL, held on June 9. The Deerfield first boat consisted of Bailyn Prichett ’19, Anna Scott ’18, Lily Fauver ’17, and Erika Warren ’18, with Jerilyn Zheng ’19 as the coxswain. The girls’ crew found a winning recipe through a laid-back approach: “We have a real ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality,” rising captain Bailyn Prichett ’19 said. “Off the water, we’re a pretty lighthearted team, always having fun. On the water, we get down to business and finish what we need to get accomplished.” June’s results reflected this chemistry. The girls placed third out of eighteen in their time trial, which qualified them for the semifinals. They were then edged out in the final stretch by Saugatuck with less than a second difference to finish fourth. However, following this semifinal heat, the girls began a winning streak, coming in first place in the B Final and finishing as the seventh fastest boat in the country. In spite of last season’s success, coach Melanie Onufrieff knows there is little margin for error now that the crew has a target on their backs: “Success one year does not guarantee success the next,” she said. “We have a strong returning

group and are welcoming some promising newcomers to the mix as well. We’ve got to believe in ourselves, keep driving each other to be our best, and never get comfortable with where we are.” The boys crew team began competing in Sarasota simultaneously. Throughout the season, the first boat roster consisted of Freddie Johnson ’17, Luca Basile ’17, Will Sanford ’17, Gordon Johnson ’17, and Dani Michaelson ’17 as coxswain. However, at Nationals, postgraduate students are ineligible to compete, so Henry

getting bronze in 2016, we had more to work on. Almost every night I thought about how we could put ourselves in a position to be the best in the country.” The strong bond between the seniors in the first boat and Mr. Washburn made winning Nationals all the more meaningful for both parties: “We talked a lot about doing it for ourselves or doing it for Coach Washburn,” Johnson said. “And to see him on the bank looking so proud was a great feeling.” The key to maintaining last season’s success for both the

Provided by Deerfield Academy In addition to competeing at the youth nationals this summer, Deerfield boys crew travelled to the Henley Regatta in England. Among other successes, the 1V4+ boat became the first high school crew in history to advance beyond day one in the Price Albert Challenge cup.

Lowe ’19 was tasked with filling in at bow seat for Basile. After their success in the time trials, the boys finished first in the semifinal heat and never lost the lead in their final race. Their work resulted in earning the title of the fastest youth boat in the country— Deerfield’s second national title in six years, and the first title under head coach Spencer Washburn. “The feeling was exhilarating,” recalled Freddie Johnson ’17, captain and stroke seat on the first boat. “After

boys’ and girls’ crews’ is enjoying themselves without losing sight of the season’s goal: “I think it’s important to continue balancing hard work while still having fun in such a challenging sport,” said Prichett. Until the spring, the teams can only prepare for the starting horn in April. Coach Onufrieff had a parting piece of advice for all Deerfield teams: “Preparing well, training hard, and putting your team first sets you up for success on the race course, in the classroom, and in life.”

Provided by Michael Wang Michael Wang ’18 is invited onstage to join Kinsey Sicks, a drag a capella group, during the final number of their performance.

Actors without Borders Amelia Chen Staff Writer

Near the end of summer 2017, the cast of Deerfield Academy’s Pinkalicious completed their eight-month-long adventure by performing their play four times in Edinburgh, Scotland at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Aside from performing for international audiences, the cast members also had the chance to explore London and Edinburgh and experience the rich fabric of both cities’ art and culture. Arriving in London on July 29, the cast had ample time to explore the city and all that it offered. They toured the Globe Theater together, participating in an acting workshop while there, and also saw the musical Kinky Boots in the West End. Cast members had the opportunity to visit other scenic spots, such as the Tate Modern, King’s Cross Station, and the British Library. After two days in London, Deerfield’s Pinkalicious hit the road again, and arrived in Edinburgh. Director of Theater Mrs. Catriona Hynds explained, “I went to boarding school in Edinburgh for eight years and so I am very familiar with the city, but even though I left the theater scene in the mid-nineties, I am thrilled to see that it is still such a vibrant, profoundly creative city when it comes to the arts.” The cast observed that Edinburgh was completely plastered with posters and flyers advertising the various productions. Taking full advantage of this wide range of offerings, Deerfield students sprinted from both ends of towns to catch as many as 40 different shows. They witnessed acts ranging from America’s Got Talent’s Tape Face (a mime/ comedy/variety act) to SiX (about Henry VIII’s wives in a female pop band) to Baby Wants Candy (an entirely improvised musical). One of the most notable, however, was Speaking in Tongues. Not only was it “beautifully acted” and “incredible,” their very cast also attended a production of

Deerfield’s Pinkalicious. “That performance of Pinkalicious was my favorite because everyone was so energized knowing that these actors we respected were there, and the show went really well,”recalled Suzy Mazur ’18. The final production of Pinkalicious was another cast favorite. “Nobody messed up, and a Deerfield alum came to see us,” said Abigail Lupi ’18. That show, as described by Lilia Brooker ’19, “…was completely packed. There were tons of young kids sitting on the floor in their dress-up clothes. Their energy is really what helped us put on our best performance.” The Edinburgh trip, according to Mazur, also gave students a glimpse of what life in a professional theatre troupe is like. At each show, “There were several things to which we had to adjust, such as a new venue and different lighting and sound boards and instruments, and we only had one two-hour tech rehearsal in the space to get used to it all!” recounted Mazur. “I learned how to quickly adapt to whatever hurdles were thrown at us in the realm of theater.” Mrs. Hynds remarked, “They inhaled the culture, as was my hope, immersing themselves in every opportunity to see plays. I think they got the very best out of the experience and represented Deerfield Academy magnificently.” “Honestly, it was the best trip I have ever been on,” Brooker vouched. Mazur concluded, “It was worth every penny.”

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Welcome New Faculty

(Left to right) Front Row: Forest Reid, Erin Hutchinson, Megan Hayes-Golding, Amanda Howe, Chinyere Odim Middle Row: Anthony Ferraro, Deb Costello, Chrissy Kopp, Thomas Bergeron, Hannah Insuik Back Row: Marshall Caroll, Patricia Chambers

Orlee Marini-Rapoport Associate Editor

Thomas Bergeron, Orchestra and Chamber Music Director, has taught at several colleges, including Williams and Amherst. He is currently the Principal Trumpet for the Springfield Symphony and has two albums. He has “a secret life as a hip hop artist,” has “just started a career as an amateur baker,” and believes “that music has the power to heal​ our body, mind, spirit, and global social divides.” Marshall Carroll, Library Director, comes to Deerfield from Mercersburg Academy. He has coached wrestling, water polo, and soccer and led international trips to Poland and Ireland. He is “excited to work with students in many capacities across campus...and looks forward to hearing feedback from students about how the library fits their needs.” Patricia Chambers, History Teacher, comes to Deerfield from the Taipei American School, previously teaching at the Loomis Chaffee School and working in children’s publishing. Ms. Chambers was co-captain of the women’s varsity swim team at Williams College her senior year. In addition to teaching history, she will be the head coach of the boys varsity swim team. Deborah Costello, Math Teacher, comes from Trinity Prep School, having previously taught at both Lake Forest Academy and Taipei American School. She has worked for over 20 years at the College Board. She said, “Mathematics is logical, elegant, and beautiful. The fact that it’s also pretty useful is icing on the cake.” Anthony Ferraro, Physics Teacher, taught at the International School of Berne, Switzerland for the past five years, after graduating from Yale University. In Switzerland, he joined a steel pan group. Julie Graves, Math Teacher, has

taught everything from precalculus to number theory in Fiji with the Peace Corps, at Phillips Exeter Academy, and the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. She enjoys gardening and quilting. Megan Hayes-Golding, Science Teacher, moved into Dewey with her wife and three cats after teaching for 13 years. She traveled to Deerfield from Atlanta on a motorcycle, a journey that lasted over six days! She “felt connected to the landscape in a way that’s just not possible in a car.” Ms. Hayes-Golding loves geocaching, camping, and hiking. Beth Hooker, Sustainability Education Coordinator and Assistant Director of the CSGC, lives in Amherst with her husband and two daughters, one of whom is currently a Deerfield student. Dr. Hooker previously taught at Hampshire College and Mount Holyoke College. She will teach environmental science. Daniel Houston, Language Teacher, comes from the Cardigan Mountain School, previously teaching at other schools and serving in the Marine Corps. Mr. Houston lives with his wife, Ms. Kellie Houston, and his daughter, Evelyn. He grew up on a dairy farm in Contoocook, New Hampshire, and loves pistachio ice cream. Amanda Howe, Assistant Academic Dean, moved to Deerfield last year after working in independent schools for 25 years. She has four daughters: a training fellow with Ballet Austin in Texas, a sophomore at Deerfield, and twins in ninth grade at Bement. She also has two cats: Puck and Plie. Callie Hughes, Math Teacher, taught at the Country Day School in Costa Rica for the past two years after teaching at the Foxcroft School for three years. While she still misses Costa Rica, she is “really excited to get back to skiing.” Erin Hutchinson, College Advisor,

worked at the Admissions Office at Washington & Lee University for ten years. She owned a Fiber Arts shop, where she taught knitting, crochet, and quilting -- she “brought more yarn and fabric with [her] to Deerfield than anything else.” She has an identical twin and is a black belt in American Freestyle Karate. She lives in the Village with her sons, Jason and Donald, her husband, and a yellow lab. Hannah Insuik, Science Teaching Fellow, graduated from Deerfield in 2013. She is “excited to work with the counseling center at DA on… breaking down mental health stigma on campus.” Ms. Insuik remarked, “It is an incredible honor of mine to be back teaching among those people who inspired me to teach... and it is great to be back home.” Chrissy Kopp, History Teacher, has worked in many Deerfield offices and taught at several schools, including Phillips Academy. She enjoys history because “it’s the next best thing to a having access to a time machine, time turner, or the Tardis.” She said, “You may see me around campus with my seven-year-old daughter...Say hi!​” Bakir Mohammad, Philosophy & Religion Teacher, has lived in the UK and Beirut for most of his life. He will be at Deerfield for 14 weeks. At King’s Academy in Jordan, he is part of Department of Ethics, Philosophy and Religion and coaches JV soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. Patrick Moriarty, College Advisor and Head Varsity Baseball Coach, spent 22 years as a Correctional Case Officer and 12 years as the head varsity baseball coach at Cathedral/Pope Francis High School. Mr. Moriarty was inducted into the Cathedral High School Hall of Fame and won a Western Mass D1 Championship. He lives with his wife, son, and daughter. Chinyere Odim, English Teaching Fellow, graduated from Swarthmore College in 2017. She grew up in Brooklyn and was captain of her high school’s Varsity soccer, track, and field teams. She’s taken Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish for over two years each. Forest Reid, Math, Computer Science, and Physics Teacher, taught at several schools, including Northfield Mount Hermon and Burke Mountain Academy. He holds a bachelor’s in astrophysics from Tufts University and a master’s in physics from Brown University. Elliot Sakach, Math Teaching Fellow, has worked on several political campaigns, including two presidential campaigns, and has worked for a U.S. Congressperson. He has taught many subjects, including Spanish, math, and economics.

Hi Margo, Rita, and Curtis, I’m so excited for the upcoming year at Deerfield!! But, I am nervous about things I still don’t know. For example, last week I walked on senior grass and I was so embarrassed when people started calling out for me to get off the grass. Please help so I can avoid moments like this! Best, confused2021 ________________ Dear confused2021, Welcome to the valley! Whether this is your first go at life at the Academy or maybe your fourth, the fall is always an exciting time to be here in Western Mass. The sweet smell of farmlands in the morning will never get old. Each school year brings new challenges and nerves. In an attempt to ease your September jitters, I present to you: the Deerfield Commandments. Follow these and I guarantee you will be halfway to success around here. :) Always watch where you walk. This is a life or death type tip, so I recommend a pen and paper for this one. Unless you are a 2018-er, the lawn in front of the MSB is a no fly zone. It’s called “Senior Grass” for a reason. We’ve all taken our turn freezing our butts off in the winter having to walk around the grass, and frostbite is a right of passage. The second area you must never walk on (and this goes for all) is the Deerfield seal in the Athletic Center. I have eyes everywhere…If you do, I’ll know. Speaking of the seal, protect it like it’s your newborn child. With Choate Day approaching on our turf this year, our seal becomes increasingly vulnerable to the soles of the Choaties’ feet. As as we all know, disrespecting the seal is like disrespecting the work of Beyoncé. It’s just unacceptable. This tip might be the most important: Respect the people who work around campus. As a school we are lucky enough to have kind and dedicated staff members who look out for the student body’s best interest. Learn their names, and thank them often. Without these people, not only would we never have grilled CCs again, but our school would physically not be able to function. Things for good luck: When you walk past the green D, give it a tap. Same goes for the horse’s head on Albany Road. Greer nights are an essential to Deerfield life, especially in the fall. Show up (you too, villagers!), meet new people, buy a cup of ice and a pack of gum, and have fun. Ah, dances. A scene resembling an angry mob of animals at the zoo. Go to as many as you physically can, and dance like nobody’s watching. Dance like Napoleon Dynamite at the talent show. For new kids, possibly your best teachers will be kids older than you, or sometimes even younger than you. Never hesitate to ask people for advice, or help. We’ve all been new at some point, and we know it takes a village to raise a Deerfield student. It’s going to be an amazing year. Make the most of the beautiful weather while you can. #DOITB18 and Beat Choate. Keep on keepin on, Margo, Rita, and Curtis

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