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april 2018

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division 35 e


We have finally reached the end of our journey togeth first time events. We have crossed the treacherous wat towering walls of “impossible� goals. We have conquered front of us. We have set the standard for years to come

Together, we have created a list of remarkable achievements. From th

of our website to the return of the Division Car Wash and Benefit C the achievement of being 100% dues paid for the first time in over

activity from each club to making it to the last round at Fall Rally to r

Serving as Lieutenant Governor of Division 35 East has been the greates

that I have had on your lives. Never forget that you have all impact

if I could. Although my time as your Lieutenant Governor has come




OF THE 2017-2018 TERM.

her. We have trekked through the uncharted territory of ters of others’ expectations. We have vaulted over the d every obstacle that was dared to have been put in for both 35 East and for every division that looks upon us.

he creation of the Humans of Division 35 East page to the revamping

Concert to the implementation of our first Winter Training Conference to 5 years to the membership increase from last term to the increase in

raising over $10,000 for the Pediatric Trauma Program. Yeah, we did that.

st moment of my life thus far. You have all told me about the impact

ted me the same way as well. I would want to be your LTG forever

e to an end, the legacy that we have created together never will.

“It has been an honor to be part of such a pivotal moment in our division history and I am grateful that I was able to share it with all of you. Our time together is not over.”

- March Suayngam 2017-2018 IP Lieutenant Governor

Now-Forever Hacienda Heights Kiwanian


letter from

the editor

It’s crazy term is


think that the already over...

But I’m so glad to have been a part of Key Club this year, and am extremely grateful to have met everyone that I did. To all the club editors, thank you for always sending in your submissions on time and making sure that your articles are of great quality. It has always been a exciting to see what clubs outside of Walnut are doing, and I am so happy that I was able to see how service has played a role in everyone else’s lives. Even though the term is ending, I know that Key Club will always have a special place in my heart, as I hope it has for yours! I wish all the elects an amazing term, and I can’t wait to see what else our division will accomplish.

- Jocelyn Chow

d35 east division news editor


isaiah’s rock For the month of March, I attended a volunteer event for Isaiah’s Rock. For this day, we were assigned to clean the kitchen area of the Blue House in Chino Hills. The woman supervising over us was named Ellen and, as an officer, I hoped to establish a better relationship with her in the future. The initial work wasn’t difficult; scrubbing the floors and countertops of the kitchen, but I found that raking all of the leaves out of every corner of the area took incredibly long! I saw how while my group was still working, other groups were already done with their job and assignments. Because of this, I was determined to work even harder to finish the job. In addition, I tried my best to bond with the other members of Key Club. As usual, everyone was friendly and open. What was also special about this day was that one of the members I was working with had never attended an Isaiah’s Rock before, and this was even their first volunteer event for Key Club. It was really fun helping the member out because at the beginning of the event she seemed really nervous at first, but as the day went on she seemed to really enjoy it. My hope is that this event made her want to attend even more events for Key Club, and become an active member at this school. As always, that day was just another enjoyable Key Club event. I hope that I’ll be able to see that new member more often and wish to see how she develops as a member.

Diamond Bar: Nicholas Loyola, vice president

2 6

arbo @Walnut Though the rain was showering down in the early morning, volunteers were already hard at work in the streets. The Second Annual Covina Arbor Day tree planting event on March 10th was a community event where volunteers contributed to the planting of over 25 trees throughout the city of Covina. That particular Saturday morning, members of the community as well as a few Key Club members got their hands, feet, and shovels dirty to collaborate together in accomplishing this task. What I can take away from that day was really cooperating and communicating with other members to work towards a collective goal of planting those trees. Everyone worked together as we learned not only how to dig the holes for the trees, but also the importance of having trees present throughout the neighborhood. The planting of these trees not only decorate the front lawns and streets; but they provide shade, absorb carbon dioxide, and ultimately increase the biodiversity within our community.


Walnut: Lauren Xie, cabinet

or day


The City of Covina hosted their second annual Covina

began raining harder than before. That didn’t stop us from

Arbor Day. Unexpectedly, it was raining the morning of the

planting more trees. In fact, we were all working harder

event. City employees believed that not many volunteers

to finish our task. We all took turns digging out the hole

would appear because of the rain and the cool weather.

and removing the tree from the pot it was in. After about

Ironically, there were more volunteers this year than last

three hours, our group planted a total of 10 trees, which

year. Volunteers signed in at Covina High School and

outnumbered the other group. By the end we all had dirt

formed into groups of about 10-15 people. Once everyone

all over our jeans, hands, and some of us on our faces. This

had their shovels prepared and sufficient water, the two

was a great experience for everyone. Now we all know how

groups were led by a city employee to different locations.

to correctly plant a tree and take care of it so that the tree

When our group arrived to the first site we were having

can bloom in the future. Many residents were pleased with

a little bit of difficulty because of the dirt. The grass was

the trees that were planted in their front yards. Without the

death so the dirt underneath was dry. However, with

help of volunteers, residents wouldn’t have the beautiful

everyone’s’ help we were able to plant the first four trees.

trees that are placed in front of their yards. Many volunteers

That’s when we realized that planting a tree is a lot harder

are anticipating being able to plant trees next year.

than it looks. As we were walking to our second location, it

Northview: Zulelalee Escobar, historian


la puente club update “We thank all those who ran for office and are proud of them for choosing to take the amazing opportunity to run to serve our community! “

The month of February for La Puente was more focused on getting the club ready for the new term coming soon. Our club released club officer applications for the new term on the 7th, making them due on Valentines Day. Those who were running for an officer position were asked to provide a 2 minute speech to help the voters choose their next officers for the next term. The day of speeches and voting took place on February 21st and was filled with nervous candidates and excited members to see the candidates. After the members listened to the many speeches, they were given the chance to vote for the 2018-2019 LP Key Club board. We thank all those who ran for office and are proud of them for choosing to take the amazing opportunity to run to serve our community! The next month will be filled with the best officer training before our officer elects go into office.


La Puente: Diana Nguyen, social media director

nogales club update “at the end of our meeting we established a way to attract our members to be more active; love to be together and united as a club.� For the month of March, we have been planning different events for our members to understand how their participation in the club shows a great example of being an active Key Club member. We set a meeting together as a cabinet to discuss the future events that we can do with our members for them to have Key Club hours for their sash for graduation. By listing events we can conduct a successful month of volunteering. We have discussed the cabinet for next year 2018-2019 Key Club of Nogales. By deciding to do a shadow system and doing another election to see who would like to be cabinet member right away or do the shadowing system. Also we are starting to discuss a March awards and it would occur during lunch because of the complications if the event was at night. We are providing food and invitations for our active members to be recognized. Finally at the end of our meeting we established a way to attract our members to be more active; love to be together and united as a club.

Nogales: Nereyda Garcia, historian 10

san dimas club update “ele

” s tc ion

“city o

lympi c


In the month of February our club had a meeting to nominate next year’s class officers. We will be having our elections this coming week to determine who our trusted officers will be for the following year, which we are really excited about. Concerning volunteering our club has been going steady with the volunteer hours and our members have attended several community events in the respective month. We attended the local INSAN events in the beginning of the month and the members who helped out really enjoyed volunteering and hope to help out again. We also had our annual City Olympics for the elementary and middle schools where the students come out and participate in running, long jump, and shot put. The students always enjoy this event and our members enjoy watching and helping the little kids get organized and ready for their events. We helped the city parks and recreation department with organizing lists, getting kids together, and setting up signs and water stations for the participants in the City Olympics.

San Dimas, Anusha Nayani, historian


” s r u o h r e e t n “volu

your step is the next cure socal 5k

On the morning of February 11th, Covina was fueled up with La Puente, Northview, and Charter Oak to prepare for the 7th annual 5K run! We arrived at Bonelli Park at nine in the morning to get the runners, walkers, families, friends, and survivors pumped up for this exciting event. There were various tasks for us key clubbers to do like, cheering, food prepping, set up, and handing out medals. The attendees started to crowd near the starting line and bang! Off they went! All of us volunteers started celebrating and the atmosphere was ebullient. As we waited for people to arrive at the finish line, I was assigned to hand out medals. After about 15 minutes, the first runner appeared to the finish line and more and more appeared. Seeing the smiles on their faces when giving them the medal for their hard work brought happiness to my heart! After everyone finished their run, we celebrated and refreshed ourselves with hydrating water and nutritious snacks. People began to leave which meant we began to clean and break down everything until it was sparkly clean. This amazing event was such an interesting experience for me personally because I saw how happy everyone was to support a great cause!

Covina: Kylie Nguyen, vice president




Random Acts of Kindness April dorak:

Give a warm welcome to new members and 35 West members. 13

breaking the

E c i

What are you most excited for in the 2018-2019 term?


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