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ltg's welcome...

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Vivian Luong ational Key Club Intern ant Governor n te u ie L th u o S Division 2 -Nevada-Hawaii ia n r fo li a C | 9 n Regio -0177 Phone: (510) 736 .l c k h n .c s 2 0 d : il Ema

Hey Llamas!

from your dne...

Wow, the first month of 2019 is already over, and it's officially February! I hope that second semester has been going well for everyone!

Hello Llamas,

This issue of " The Llama Legends" is inspired by the florals and colors of Valentine's Day. I tried a lot of new designs for this edition to mix things up a bit, so I hope you enjoy looking at all the graphics :) Have fun reading! Vy Truong Division 2 South News Editor


feb upcoming rua events ry


february dcm: d2s x d26s ice skating when: Saturday, February 16 | 5:00 - 7:00 pm where: Dublin Iceland admission: $12 for entrance and skates SIGNUP by clicking the hearts ->

february dws: school restoration project

when: Saturday, February 16 | 9:00AM - 4:00PM where: Emerson Elementary (4803 Lawton Ave. Oakland, CA 94609) what: Beautify a school with the Kiwanis Family!

region 9 awake-a-thon

click the flowers to access the medical form required for these events

when: Saturday, March 16th 7:00PM - Sunday, March 17th 7:00AM where: San Leandro Boys & Girls Club what: Fundraise for PTP, meet Region 9 members, bond all night admission: $15


e e L a d n Ama ALAME


Q: What is your favorite aspect of Key Club? A: My favorite aspect of key club is the unique bond the officers have with the members. Also how the atmosphere created by the officers so the club promotes friendship, inclusiveness, and builds a community that values compassion. Q: What kind of service events do you like to attend? A: I love to attend service events that provide me with the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and explore new areas. Q: What is your favorite Key Club memory? A: My favorite key club memory is the AFS Holiday Funtastic Event because this was the first service event that I went to without my friends. That day I was able to create new bonds with the officers and other members. I gained confidence and new memories with the people there.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Key Club? A: I love the community. It’s not only our school that’s amazing. But all of the members from other districts that I’ve interacted with are great individuals. Q: What kind of service events do you like to attend? A: So far I’ve been attending the tutoring or the babysitting events because I enjoy helping out younger students and interacting with them. Q: What is your favorite Key Club memory? A: My favorite memory by far is FRN. The whole day was unforgettable and it’s unfortunate that this was my first yet last FRN. But I am still extremely glad that I was able to attend it and make so many new friends and memories.




members of the month

Ashley Bernados ARROYO

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Key Club? A: Forming bonds with new friends from different events and divisions is my favorite aspect of Key Club. The inclusivity within our division is outstanding. There’s always love and kindness coming from the llamas! Q: What kind of service events do you like to attend? A: I like attending events that require hands-on tasks. Inviting my friends to help provide service with me makes the experience even better! The more collaboration you have, the faster you’ll be able to reach your goal. Q: What is your favorite Key Club memory? A: Taking pictures with people from different divisions at FRN was truly memorable and exciting for me as a first timer at this huge event. Division 2 South has an immense amount of Llama pride I can’t wait for DCON!

s k e e M Noak

C ENCIN Q: What is your favorite aspect of Key Club? A: My favorite aspect of Key Club is that you can meet new people and you can hang out with your friends. Q: What kind of service events do you like to attend? A: I like to attend Food Bank and beach clean-ups. Q: What is your favorite Key Club memory? A: At one the beach clean-up events, all of my friends and I had a great time.



officers of




the month

athan Luong ALAMEDA

Samantha Wang ARROYO

Jackson Michniak ENCINAL


club articles



winter lighted boat parade

On December 8th, Alameda Key Club had the opportunity to help out The City of Berkeley Recreation Division with their Winter on the Waterfront and 2nd annual Winter Lighted Boat Parade at the Berkeley Yacht Club from 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM. We helped out with a variety of tasks including set-up and decorating, event facilitation, customer service, supervising carnival games, photo booth, and helping out with arts and crafts. At the start of the event, members put up many tents, cleaned tables and taped tablecloths on as well. Afterward, we hung Christmas decorations all over the venue and set up carnival games. Members had the chance to bond with many different kids throughout the event as they assisted and played carnival games with them throughout the day. By the end of the event, we all cleaned up the stations, and we had the opportunity to stay and watch the fireworks and parade. We watched many boats of different sizes with beautiful lights pass through the water, and it was really cool. Alameda Key Clubbers enjoyed helping out the community and had so much fun bonding with the kids at the event.

Jessica Woo



bikes for On Saturday, December 15, Arroyo Key Club had our 10th annual service event, Bikes for Tykes program, at the Davis Street Family Resource Center with San Leandro Key Club. Volunteers helped give out nearly 400 bikes along with helmets to children in lowincome family. For 10 years, Davis Street had been in partnership with the San Leandro Police Department to raise thousands in funds and organize the event. Officer Louie Brandt, the head of the organizing team, said that Christmas is all about giving and spreading love to families. Each year, many other organizations come together to assist with traffic, check-in, and delivery. Before families arrived, volunteers helped with sorting the bikes by age range and gender. Some bikes could not be ridden yet, so several volunteers helped inflate the tires by pumping air inside. While others enjoyed drinks and snacks provided by Davis Street due to the chilly weather in the morning. As the time near 10, volunteers were separated and work at different area; some volunteers were 14


r tykes collecting the registration forms from the families; some were helped carrying bicycles into the families’ cars. Other volunteers filled bags with vegetables, fruit, grain, and dessert for the give away. The organizing team also provided pizzas, donuts, and drinks for volunteers. Although volunteers were busy throughout the morning, Arroyo Key Clubbers were satisfied when seeing kids in the car cheering when they see their new bikes.

Samantha Wang 15


new light, new hope

As the year is coming close to an end, volunteers of Castro Valley Key Club helped out at the Lantern Light Festival. Members were greeted with a variety of tasks such as organizing and setting up, managing gift shops and rides, facilitating the attendees, and checking people into the venue. I was stationed at the front gate to check tickets and stamp people in, which I already had previous experience with at the Bay Area Night Market. It was an easy task but it was still surprising to see so many people come out to enjoy the lights. After all the hard work that has been done, we were given free food tickets to a Korean BBQ tent. As night fell, the lights shone even brighter, which meant that it was the perfect time to take pictures. The luminous lights that shone so vividly symbolized a happy end to 2018 and hope for a better year to me. By ending the year with this event, I turn to the next chapter in life with new resolutions that I hope to pursue. 16

Jane Chang


beach cleanup

This month Encinal hosted another beach cleanup. It was a cold and windy day, but we still did our part. We focused our efforts in one area this time instead of the entire beach. We had less people than previous times, but that’s understandable because the weather sucked. There were some interesting “treasures” on the beach this time. There were tennis ball containers, birth control, tequila shots, and a whole fence gate!

Jackson Michniak


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Division 2 South February 2019  

Presented to you by the Division 2 South News Editor, Vy Truong :)

Division 2 South February 2019  

Presented to you by the Division 2 South News Editor, Vy Truong :)

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