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Grizzly Nation Volume 2 | Issue 5 | October Edition

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LTG remarks Happy October, Grizzlies!

A little tidbit about the LTG – Autumn is my favorite time of year! Cool winds, grey skies. Warm drinks and comfort foods. Boots, scarves, and oversized sweaters?! What’s not to love? As we advance past Fall Rally North and other large events, it’s easy to watch as active members drop in these next couple months. Capture the Flag, Grizzlies on Ice, Region Training Conference - I’ll admit September has been one busy month, but we haven’t reached the climax of the year yet! I encourage you to cheer on your fellow Key Clubber to maintain their love of volunteer work and outright passion towards this organization and the fun our ohana has together. You’ll definitely see the rewards of sticking to an entire GOLDEN year of service! Though your life loads intensify, I hope you all find Key Club events to be a relaxing and enjoyable break from school and personal strains. Spending time with you, the members I so lovingly serve, is definitely my favorite stress-reliever. I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from our recent events, and can’t wait to hear from many of you in our Division-wide survey! Remember, output requires input, and if you want to see improvements, I greatly recommend you give the Leadership Team and me a shout. Roaring with spirit in service,

2013-2014 D27N LTG Demaree Ramos


club updates Giovanni Fernandez | Lodi High This month the Lodi High Key club has been getting situated and back into a consistent meeting schedule. We were still able to fit in one service event on August 24th with the Lodi Public Library. We had members attend and help with booths and passing out free items to families that came to the fair. At this event we were even able to work alongside many other Lodi High organizations, such as the Lodi High Cheer team that we were able to paint faces with. In this month we have also planned a fundraiser for September to begin raising money for Fall Rally!! We are very excited to be starting off this new school year with great Key Club events to come!

Alexander Moran | McNair This past month has been a good one. We managed to get a good amount of community service hours in for the former members. We had St. Mary’s Dining Hall on the 10th and Bread of Life on the 17th. Also we had our first Key Club meeting which was great seeing all the potential members. Although this current month is going to be a stressful one, I am looking forward to all the events such as RTC and Grizzlies on Ice. In due time, I’ll be trying to get more community service set up for my club so they’ll have something to look forward to in the future.


Elaine Ho | Chavez Hey Key Clubbers! This past month, we volunteered at our school’s annual Senior Sunrise and served pancakes to all my fellow Seniors! We also volunteered at the Heartwalk, the Greek Festival, Senior Citizen Prom, and the Health and Wellness Festival. We’re not just stopping at that! We have planned several more events and a fundraisers for PTP, so get ready! We’re starting this month off big. (:

Selena Mae | Middle College

Our club held it’s first general meeting of the 2013-2014 school year on August 13th and since then, the board has done their best to recruit as many new and returning members as much as possible and without fail, we managed to receive over 125 membership applications from Middle College students! That’s amazing news because that means more than half of our entire student body population are Key Clubbers! We kicked off our year with a Nubi’s fundraiser for PTP on the 29th and had a great turnout thanks to Stockton’s heat and the appeal of delicious frozen yogurt. However, our month wasn’t all smooth sailing. We had to deal with unfortunate news when our faculty advisor of 9 years formally resigned and left us with no choice but to terminate our club unless we found a replacement. This grave dilemma prevented us from attending the Capture the Flag tournament in September as well as planning any service events for the month of August. Fortunately, we quickly found a teacher who was willing to dedicate her precious time to our club and take on the important role as our faculty advisor. We’re happy to announce that Mrs. Dueltgen is our new faculty advisor and its without a doubt that her leadership skills will help bring our club to greater heights. We have high hopes that the rest of the year will turn out great and we already have a full calendar for the month of September so we have plenty of events to keep our Dragons on their toes!


Justine Do-Huynh | Bear Creek Hey Key Clubbers! This past month Bear Creek focused mainly on our club rush and trying to recruit new members. Our council spent a lot of time and effort into making different posters and items to help show our spirit in hopes of attracting people. Over all there were about 292 people who signed up! This past week we also helped Kiwanis direct traffic at the Greek Festival. Although it was hot, we were all happy to help. It was a enjoyable experience volunteering and meeting new people. We also had people who went to the CTF Tournament and had loads of fun competitively playing with other members.

Carrie Huang | SECA Happy Autumn, Grizzlies! August was been a busy month for the SECA Key Club. During Club Rush, we managed to attract 143 potential Key Clubbers. That’s over a third of our student body! A week later, our first meeting of the school year had a pleasantly surprising attendance of over 120 students. The SECA Key Club had various volunteering opportunities this month. At the St. Mary’s Dining Room, we prepared food for and served food to the hungry. The following weekend, we volunteered at the Heart Walk setup, Heart Walk, and Greek Festival. Despite the hot, 90-degree weather during the three consecutive days, SECA’s Key Clubbers, especially new freshmen members, enjoyed helping out. In addition to service events, we also had an awesome time at the August DCM and Capture the Flag. See you all at our next division event, Grizzlies on Ice!


Angie Molina | Tokay Hey Grizzlies!!! So for this past month, we have gotten to know our new advisor and we caught her up what key club is all about. Also, we participated in our school’s club rush and it was a great turn out. We were able to recruit many new members. The first couple of meetings have also been awesome. The event that many people enjoyed this past month was the capture the flag tournament. We are now getting ready for RTC and Grizzlies on Ice, two events that we are looking forward to. Also, we are trying to plan a fundraiser.

Celine Deleon | Lincoln What’s up, Grizzlies? In September, we volunteered at the Greek Festival. Our members enjoyed volunteering at the festival! Some members served food in the dining hall. Other members were recycling outside and supervising the kids play area. We had our first club meeting of the year last month! We had a lot of new members at the meeting which was exciting to see! Our club rush is not until later this month, but we are excited to gain even more new members through that. We have a lot of community service opportunities coming up for our members. Signing up for community service events has become more efficient for us this year because members could sign up online through our website. We are currently planning a fundraiser that will happen soon. I hope you all are having a lovely day!


service articles Aman Paneser | SECA | Heart Walk It was at 7:00 am on Saturday, September 7 when 36 of SECA’s amazing Key Club members volunteered at the Heart Walk at UOP. At this event, we helped set up, directed the runners and walkers, passed out water to participants, distributed sandwiches and drinks, and cleaned up after the event. Despite the 100-degree weather, we managed to contribute to the success of the event while having fun

Kathy Truong | McNair | St. Mary’s Dining Room Grizzlies of the North, I’m Kathy Truong from Ronald E. McNair, and I just wanted to say that my fellow key clubbers and I each volunteered at St. Mary’s Dining Hall for seven hours straight. I was so excited to see Elaine Zhang, Alexander Moran, Willis Wu, and Quynh Nguyen at the Dining Hall. All of us work both breakfast and lunch shifts, taking turns serving the homeless, washing trays, as well as preparing food. Overall, I’m glad we took the chance to serve our community. It feels great to be a grizzly, I’d say we did a G­double O ­ ­DJ­ O ­ ­B. Good Job!

Michelle Vu | Chavez | Greek Festival I attended the last day of the Greek Festival as a volunteer from Cesar Chavez. Although we had to stay outside the entire day, I had the chance to see a part of Greek culture. I have never been to the Greek Festival before, and it was different than I had imagined. It was nice helping out and meeting new people. It was a new experience for me and I would definitely do it again.





























Fall Rally North 20













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