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INSIGHT: who’s who of the great March bank run

Eurozone slips into its longestever recession

Cannes Festival opens with lavish Great Gatsby




‘Our credibility was below zero’ Sarris tells inquiry €2.5 billion Russian loan just went on more spending By Stefanos Evripidou


HE PREVIOUS government’s economic policy was wide off the mark, leading to devastating consequences for the country, said former finance minister Michalis Sarris yesterday before the committee of inquiry looking into Cyprus’ near financial collapse. The delay by Demetris Christofias’ government in commencing substantive negotiations on a loan agreement with the troika proved disastrous for the economy, said Sarris who served as finance minister under the late Tassos Papadopoulos and in the first five weeks of President Nicos Anastasiades’ government. Sarris took part in both Eurogroup meetings in March which resulted in the first ever “bail-in” in the eurozone, effectively using bank depositors’ money to wind down Laiki and restructure Bank of Cyprus. During his testimony, Sarris outlined the mistakes of the previous government, referring to Christofias’ increase in spending on social and other benefits and overzealous protection of the rights and benefits of highly-paid public employees. He also discussed his brief stint in charge of Laiki Bank in 2012 and his removal from the bank. Responding to a series of questions by committee chair Giorgos Pikis, Sarris went over the details of the crucial events as they unfolded at the first Eurogroup meeting on March 15, as well as the lead up to them, going as far back as 2008 when Cyprus joined the euro and Papadopoulos

handed a fiscal surplus to the Christofias government. Cyprus’ healthy financial indicators meant the country entered the eurozone in a strong position and was able to neutralise intentions, mainly from Germany, to use euro entry as a pressure point for a solution of the Cyprus problem. However, the former World Bank director said the clouds of the global financial crisis were already forming in 2008, and measures should have been taken to prepare for that. “We could have made adjustments (but) we didn’t,” he said. When the time came for real negotiation in Brussels, the “Damocles’ sword” was visibly hanging over the island, seriously restricting Cyprus’ negotiating position. Despite desperate efforts, “we had lost all credibility, and even when we told them we’re prepared to fast for ten years to pay our debts, they did not believe us”. So by the time March, 2013, arrived Cyprus’ credibility was below zero, and the European appetite to make a victim of Cyprus huge. Sarris argued that the government had three opportunities to negotiate a better bailout agreement with dignity: before May 2011 when Cyprus was locked out of international markets; in July 2011 after Mari and in October 2011 following the massive losses sustained by the Greek sovereign debt haircut. Instead of seeking the help of Cyprus’ EU partners after the Mari explosion, the government chose to borrow €2.5 billion from Russia. “The Russian loan allowed


Workmen dismantled all ‘Laiki’ and ‘Popular’ signs from the bank’s landmark headquarters in Nicosia yesterday. Under the bailout deal, Laiki was wound down and its balance sheet absorbed into the Bank of Cyprus’ books (Christos Theodorides)

Massive failure by Cypriot banks on ‘dirty money’ By Poly Pantelides CYPRUS’ banks suffer from “systemic deficiencies” in implementing anti-money laundering (AML) measures, according to a troika report summarising the results of two audits on credit institutions on the island. The four-page summary drawn up by international lenders was distributed to the Finnish media yesterday summarising the assessments by the Council of Europe’s money-laundering watchdog Moneyval and private firm Deloitte. The summary, seen by the Cyprus Mail, states that between 2008

and 2010, Cypriot banks reported not a single suspicious transaction under anti-money laundering regulations, and flagging only one in 2011 and “a few” in 2012. This despite Deloitte’s forensic analysis of sample customer transactions during its short investigation, identifying 29 potentially suspicious transactions during the last 12 months, none of which were reported by the Cypriot banks. Banks’ current customer due diligence measures, i.e. the steps taken to ensure the institutions know their clients and understand what risks are inherent by doing business with them, are insufficient, the summary said.

Audited institutions did not appear to uphold accurate and well-documented customer profiles “and therefore were not consistently in a position to understand the purpose of the account, define the customer’s business economic profile and evaluate the expected pattern and level of transactions,” the report said. Cited examples included “missing or insufficiently detailed” documentation on customers’ source and size of wealth and annual income, where customers’ money came from and where it was expected to go, as well as “overly


Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL



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Hundreds of people form a ‘human wall’ to prevent the Ertzaintza policemen from arresting the charged ETA terrorist band’s collaborator Urtza Alkorta (not seen) in Ondarroa, the Basque Country, north of Spain yesterday. The Ertzaintza later arrested Alkorta after three hours of dealing with the nearly 400 people blocking their way (EPA)



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35 years ago, Tuesday May 16, 1978

At Versailles, Marie-Antoinette marries the future King Louis XVI of France.

President Kyprianou has made a strong protest to the German government over statements attributed to Chancellor Schmidt in favour of the lifting of the US arms embargo on Turkey and promises of military aid to Turkey. The president’s demarche was a follow-up to an earlier move by the Foreign Minister, Nicos Rolandis, who expressed to the German ambassador in Nicosia the government’s concern at the reported statements.

1929 The first Academy Awards ceremony takes place in Hollywood, USA. Emil Jannings wins the first award for Best Actor and Janet Gaynor is Best Actress.

45 years ago, Thursday May 16, 1968 1943

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The Germans blow up Warsaw’s Great Synagogue to mark the end of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

1968 An entire corner of a new block of flats in the East End of London falls down, killing two people.

2001 During the general election campaign in Britain, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, on a visit to Wales, punches a member of the public who had thrown an egg at him.

Police yesterday seized a quantity of arms and ammunition which they found hidden under sacks of flour and bran on a Turkish Cypriot lorry. Acting on information, the police stopped the lorry near Latsia, five miles south of Nicosia at 10am. It was on its way from Nicosia’s Turkish quarter to Limassol and then to Ktima.

55 years ago, Friday May 16, 1958 General de Gaulle’s declaration yesterday afternoon of willingness to take over the government of France has acted like a bombshell in French political circles. The communists called for immediate convocation of the Assembly in defence of the sacred right of freedom and accused de Gaulle of aspiring to become a military dictator.

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013



Woman has run-in with customs over handbag

Shot suspect clinically dead A 34-YEAR-OLD man who was shot by a police officer on Monday as he was allegedly robbing a bakery using a knife has been declared clinically dead, reports said yesterday. CyBC said the 34-yearold’s family intended to donate his organs. He was shot by a plainclothes police officer in the foot, chest and head. Police have handed over CCTV footage and other evidence to a three-person committee appointed by the attorney-general. Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou refused to comment on the case yesterday, saying it was up to the committee – not himself – to establish what had happened.

Officers claimed bag was knockoff she bought in the north By Peter Stevenson CUSTOMS officials allegedly humiliated and interrogated a 59-year-old woman from Nicosia on Tuesday after claiming she had brought over a counterfeit handbag from the occupied areas. Andri Ellinas had crossed north at the Ledra Street checkpoint, at around 2pm with her handbag, an umbrella and some clothes she was planning on taking to her Turkish Cypriot tailor. Ellinas told the Mail that on her way across nobody checked her or even gave her the time of day other than to check her ID. “On my way back I was stopped by a Greek Cypriot customs official who asked to check my belongings,” she said. “I thought nothing of it at the time as being a Catholic I have been going and coming from the occupied areas since 1974 and have never been stopped or checked once,” she added. Ellinas expressed her shock at how the customs officials treated her and felt humiliated by their behaviour. “They were treating me like some kind of murder suspect or a drug dealer or someone who was planning on selling numerous counterfeit bags on the Greek Cypriot side of the island,” she said. Officials claimed the bag was an expensive counterfeit purchased from the occupied north, which under law is not permitted to be brought over to the Greek Cypriot side. The 59-year-old asked of-


Flight delays

The woman says she went over with the bag and had not bought it in the north. She says customs humiliated her ficials to look at CCTV footage of when she crossed to ascertain that she had taken the bag over on her way but was told that there was no footage to consult. “When I asked the officials why they chose fit to check me instead of the hundreds of people carrying back counterfeit goods from the occupied areas they told me they carry out random checks which I find absurd,” she added. Ellinas said she believes customs officials need to have a rule of either checking all those who attempt to cross over, or no-one because she felt like she was being singled-out. “Why don’t they take a walk around old Nicosia or Ayia Napa and close all the stores that are selling fake goods instead of victimising members of the public who are just going about their business?” she asked. The 59-year-old revealed

to the Cyprus Mail that she would be sending a letter of complaint to Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou and Ombudswoman Eliza Savvidou. She had also faxed her letter to the department of Customs & Excise at the Finance Ministry demanding an apology and the return of her handbag. Ellinas denied that the bag was purchased in the occupied areas and that it was a counterfeit. “It is a leather bag and definitely not a counterfeit,” she said, adding: “If I was given the bag as a present from one of my many Turkish Cypriot friends how would I know whether the bag was fake or not?” Chief customs officer, Demetrios Hadjicostis who was dealing with Ellinas’ complaint told the Mail the matter would be fully investigated and the handbag would be sent to the brand manufacturer to establish whether it was real

or a fake. “The law is clear and is clearly signposted at the checkpoints that you are not allowed to carry over any counterfeit products from the occupied areas,” he said. Hadjicostis revealed he had spoken with Ellinas over the phone yesterday and had asked her to bring proof of purchase of the bag so there could be no doubt as to its authenticity. “She claimed that her Turkish Cypriot boyfriend had given it to her as a gift so I asked her to bring him to our offices where he could give a statement to confirm that but unfortunately she was unwilling,” he added. Hadjicostis explained that unlike criminal cases where the police are required to prove that someone is guilty, the burden of proof, when it comes to customs cases falls with the person suspected of possessing fake products. “For those purposes we have sent the bag to an offi-

cial representative to check its authenticity and if the bag is proved not to be fake then I will gladly and wholeheartedly apologise to Mrs Ellinas for the inconvenience,” Hadjicostis said. Asked about the possibility of customs officials mistreating the 59-year-old, Hadjicostis said that it would also be looked into and it was a subject that he has attempted to deal with in the past. “Every six months I speak with customs officials that deal with the public and explain to them that even if the member of public they have stopped to check is being rude to them, they must remain calm and be polite,” he added. “I think anybody who is being inconvenienced has the right to be slightly upset and if it is found that any customs officer has been rude in any way to a member of public it will be considered a disciplinary offence,” he concluded.

EIGHT flights to and from Cyprus are expected to be affected by a strike announced by Greek air traffic controllers for today. The strike, from noon to 4pm, is expected to affect an estimated 1,200 passengers on various airlines. According to airports’ spokesman Adamos Aspris, the strike will affect four arrivals and four departures, between Larnaca and Paphos on the one hand and Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras on the other. Aspris said the airlines are expected to inform passengers by morning whether their flights would be cancelled or rescheduled.

GDP down THE ECONOMY contracted 1.3 per cent in the first quarter on a quarter on quarter basis, extending the island recession, preliminary data from the statistics service showed yesterday. The economy shrank 4.3 per cent on a yearly basis. GDP fell by 0.2 per cent in the euro area (EA17) and by 0.1 per cent in the EU27 during the first quarter of 2013, compared with the previous quarter.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL



Pilots support CY plan PASYPI calls for swift action on airline’s restructuring By Stefanos Evripidou IT IS not the job of unions to decide who will run Cyprus Airways (CY), said pilots’ union head Petros Souppouris yesterday, in a clear dig at other airline employee unions who have protested against the appointment of foreign experts at the national carrier. Representatives of the pilots union PASYPI met with Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou and Communications Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos yesterday to discuss implementation of the restructuring plan aimed at saving the airline from imminent closure. Despite recording losses of €55.8m last year, the national airline has yet to implement key elements of the restructuring plan written up by Air France-KLM, mainly making 490 staff redundant. With the government under investigation by the European Commission for granting €104 million to CY, the airline is facing imminent closure if it does not implement a turnaround in management and operations soon. The CY board recently handed in its resignation over a decision taken last month to provide redundant staff with 50 per cent of the compensation initially sought by unions, counting for €20m. On Tuesday, a number of CY unions voiced opposition to the government’s intention to hire three executives of Lufthansa Consulting for a combined fee of €3.1m to supervise the restructuring of the ailing airline until the end of the year. Emiliniadou yesterday told the pilots that the government remains committed to implementing the restructuring plan.

Mitsopoulos warned unions to get on board with the restructuring plan in a spirit of cooperation or else face the consequences. “In reality, time is running out, as are the capabilities and endurance of the company,” he said. If the company is to stay in operation and become viable, “the company needs a spirit of cooperation which unfortunately doesn’t exist today”. After “marathon meetings and consultations”, the government hoped the airline could make a new start so by the end of the year it would be on a healthier path and even attract a strategic investor. Mitsopoulos expressed his “deep disappointment” that instead, he is now seeing “actions that undermine what has been agreed and in practice bring into doubt the path set for the next few months with all the negative consequences this misguided behaviour brings”. On the appointment of Lufthansa consultants, the minister highlighted that part of the agreement reached with the unions and board was to seek foreign experts to offer know-how on managing the company. “In all the many meetings we had, this issue was not raised, unless I’m living in another universe.” For his part, Souppouris said PASYPI supports the ministerial committee’s efforts to take swift action to implement the restructuring plan. On the Lufthansa appointments, he said: “Deciding who will manage the company is not the job of unions. It is the job of the owner which is the state and has the right to decide. It’s not about reaching agreement with the unions”.

Soldier’s killer asks court for leniency By Nathan Morley A BRITISH teenager that pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter over the stabbing death of a British soldier will be sentenced tomorrow. In a change of plea last month, Mohammed Abdulkadir Osman, 19, admitted killing Private David Lee Collins, 19, during a confrontation at a nightclub in Ayia Napa in the early hours of November 4 last year. His change of plea from not guilty to guilty saw charges against two of his friends being dropped. The two friends, who are now back in the UK put themselves at the scene of the crime but insisted they played no part in the violence. In mitigation yesterday, Osman’s legal team claimed there was no premeditation when his client stabbed the soldier, and asked the court for leniency. “That there was no premeditation on the part of the defendant is proven by the facts since the victim and defendant didn’t know each other,” lawyer Kypros Andreou told judges at Larnaca District Court. Andreou added that the court should take into account the fact that everyone involved in the brawl had been drinking alcohol prior to the stabbing. The mitigation hearing was attended by the mother of Private

Collins and the parents of Osman. A day after being arrested, Osman, who is of Somali origin admitted stabbing Collins, but insisted he was acting in self-defence when he and his friends were allegedly attacked by a group of off-duty soldiers. Osman claimed he waved a knife solely to intimidate them. But one had “jumped on to the blade”. Private Collins was stationed at Dhekelia garrison with the Second Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. An autopsy concluded Collins died from a “ruptured heart caused by a sharp instrument”. Police said a switchblade was recovered at the scene of the crime and 11 similar knives were found in the trio’s hotel room along with a sizeable quantity of cannabis and a knuckleduster. Osman admitted buying the weapons at a shop in Ayia Napa but said they were to take home as gifts for friends, police said. Manslaughter carries a maximum life sentence in Cyprus. State prosecutor Andri Constantinou said Osman may request to serve his sentence in a British jail. The fatal confrontation happened near Ayia Napa’s central square – an area long out of bounds to all British forces personnel between 5pm and 10am because of previous incidents.

Official declaration for Paphos

The national carrier is in deep trouble

PAPHOS will be officially declared Europe’s Cultural Capital for 2017 during a ceremony in the context of the European Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council meeting tomorrow in Brussels. Paphos, along with the Dutch city of Arhus have been selected as European Capitals of Culture for 2017. Minister of Education Kyriacos Kenevezos will address the ceremony, to be attended by Paphos Mayor Savvas Vergas and the Chairman of the Paphos 2017 organisation, Christos Patsalides.

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013



Focus on speedy bailout exit AKEL tables ‘Cypexit’ but National Council wants ‘implementation and exit’ By Stefanos Evripidou THE GOVERNMENT and parliamentary parties agreed on the need to exit the bailout programme as soon as possible yesterday though showed little sign of consensus on how to do so. Speaking after a lengthy session of the National Council, a body initially set up to advise the president on the Cyprus problem, government spokesman Christos Stylianides said the main focus of yesterday’s meeting was the economic situation. Members were also briefed on Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides’ recent contacts in relation to the Cyprus problem. Stylianides said the long meeting was held in a “very constructive climate” with all parties tabling their own proposals on how to get out of the crisis. He said the majority of political forces considered the effort for a speedy exit from the memorandum and loan agreement should be completed within the eurozone and the euro.”

Only two parties, AKEL and the Greens, supported the idea of a Cyprus exit from the euro as a solution to leaving the European Stability Mechanism, said Stylianides. Asked about AKEL’s proposal, the spokesman said the government disagreed with exiting the euro: “We have repeatedly expressed the view to those who want a quick exit from the memorandum, that this will happen through its implementation. The more faithful and disciplined implementation of the memorandum there is, the quicker we get out of it.” Stylianides welcomed a series of “positive developments”, referring to the €2 billion already released from bailout funds, another €1 billion due next month, and the “positive indication” on Cyprus’ anti-money laundering (AML) structures. However, the Cyprus Mail has seen the summary prepared by the troika for the Eurogroup on the Moneyval/Deloitte audit of Cyprus’ money laundering standards, raising questions as to wheth-

The lengthy meeting was held in a ‘very constructive climate’ er the government is choosing to see the glass more half full than empty. The spokesman also highlighted the fact that a major Russian bank has decided to keep its operations in Cyprus, showing confidence in the economy. “We strongly believe that proper implementation of the memorandum will give Cyprus even more political credibility and weight as a fi-

nancial centre because it will certify that we are serious.” The meeting, also attended by former presidents Demetris Christofias - whose government is widely seen as being responsible for the current mess - and George Vassiliou was held in a “positive climate” though AKEL and the Greens, disagreed with staying in the eurozone, said Stylianides.

AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou questioned how Cyprus could release itself from the grip of the memorandum by choosing to implement it. He bemoaned the fact that AKEL’s proposal for a euro exit was not studied in-depth. Greens deputy Giorgos Perdikis said he was not at all satisfied. No decisions were taken on the many pressing issues like the Bank of Cyprus,

(Christos Theodorides) emergency liquidity assistance and role of the central bank, he said. He suggested everyone was in agreement on the need to take legal action against the European Central Bank and that the role of the governor of the central bank of Cyprus was “at best negative”, but that nothing was planned to deal with these issues. (see editorial page 13)

Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL



S&P says Cypriot deposit grab may set eurozone precedent THE GRAB on bank deposits that accompanied Cyprus’ bailout could be repeated elsewhere in the eurozone, and the bloc’s banking union may not be strong enough when it is introduced, Standard & Poor’s said yesterday. “We believe that the events in Cyprus highlight the increased reluctance of financially stronger eurozone countries to make their taxpayers’ funds available to recapitalise banks outside their home jurisdictions,” the credit ratings agency said in a report. “For this reason, although the key features of the Cypriot banking system are not shared

by other eurozone countries, we consider that the bail-in may indeed create a precedent.” Speaking at the London School of Economics, Athanasios Orphanides, who headed Cyprus’ central bank during much of the run up to the crisis, slammed the handling of the situation by both the island’s government and eurozone leaders. “I read this (deposit grab) as another Deauville,” Orphanides said, referring to the groundbreaking agreement between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and then French President Nicolas Sarkozy to impose losses on Greek bondholders.

“It is not yet clear what has been done to the banking sector in the periphery... The issue is how this may play out going forward.” S&P’s report also raised concerns that the eurozone’s plans for a banking union - designed to break the link between costly bank bailouts and unmanageable sovereign debt levels - may fall short of requirements. The union is due to come into force by mid2014 but there has been substantial backsliding on the original blueprint, with Germany in particular resistant to committing taxpayers’ money to supporting banks outside its borders.

S&P credit analyst Richard Barnes said the increasingly “minimalist”-looking plans would “do little to make the eurozone a more cohesive monetary union or address banks’ direct and indirect dependence on the creditworthiness of their national governments.” “Unless the banking union delivers greater integration than currently appears achievable, the creditworthiness of banks will likely remain dependent on their home sovereigns’ creditworthiness. Therefore, they would remain vulnerable to any further deterioration in the operating environment,” he added.

Massive failure by banks on ‘dirty money’

‘Our credibility was below zero’ says ex minister Sarris says high earners were protected while tomorrow’s jobs were sacrificed (continued from front page) us to continue, with (state) expenditure being greater than revenue, and to avoid structural changes.” The former minister described the following developments as the worst that could have happened to Cyprus. “Instead of going to the European Stability Mechanism immediately with a programme, we continued for another 18 months with the wrong economic policy.” Asked where the government should have taken action, Sarris said social spending doubled between 2008 and 2010 from €1.5 billion to €3 billion. And this from a state which already provided help to the most needy and “could not be accused of being ruthless before 2008”. This untargeted social spending led to a lot of public money being wasted, he argued. When growth rates slowed and state revenue dropped, measures should have been taken to rationalise public spending on social benefits, the public payroll and hiring in the public sector.

GREEK HAIRCUT “We protected the high earners of today and sacrificed jobs for tomorrow. We created 50,000 unemployed so as not to reduce wages in state and semi-state organisations. That’s what we succeeded in doing in 2012.” Regarding the Greek debt haircut, Sarris argued the government could have requested special arrangements like the Greek banks did, which received €50 billion for their recapitalisation. Cyprus could have asked for €3 billion since 50 per cent of its banks’ operations were in Greece. Regarding his turn at the helm of Laiki from December 2011 to August 2012, Sarris said he stepped down

when central bank governor Panicos Demetriades let him know the bank’s new shareholder, the state, wanted to see a change in leadership. In a letter to Saris, Demetriades told Sarris that his comments on the need to adjust the country’s economic policy were damaging to Cyprus. Asked about press reports that his departure had something to do with refusing to lend Omonia football club €2 million, Sarris said he would have done the same with any team. Regarding his comments made on March 4, that a haircut on deposits was a stupid idea, Sarris said he continues to believe that. On the Eurogroup negotiations, Sarris said Cyprus moved dangerously by delaying the start of substantive negotiations on a loan agreement, leaving it so close to the German elections in September 2013. Providing assistance to southern European countries is a big issue for the German opposition which tries to present German Chancellor Angela Merkel as “soft on the southerners” and ready to easily give away German taxpayers’ money to those countries. Instead of acting on the pressing issues, the previous government was fighting battles that had no relevance to the needs of Cyprus, he said, a likely reference to Christofias’ pledge to preserve the cost of living allowance and 13th salaries. As German elections loomed, the German position towards Cyprus hardened, he said, with German Finance Mminister Wolfgang Schaueble with whom he met repeatedly saying he would never want to be in Sarris’ position. By the time real negotiations got started, the IMF and Germany were convinced about the need for a

depositors’ bail-in. Sarris said the Cypriot delegation was shocked when they heard EU Commissioner Olli Rehn propose a haircut of 3 per cent on insured deposits, 7 per cent for deposits up to €500,000 and 9 per cent for over that figure. EU officials have strongly hinted in the aftermath of the Eurogroup meeting that this was a Cypriot proposal but Sarris insisted yesterday that Cyprus was the only country highlighting that deposits under €100,000 were meant to be guaranteed.

TWO CHOICES Sarris said Schaueble told him the new Cypriot government had two choices: it could lump a €17 billion debt on the next generations of Cypriots and tax the children and grandchildren of today’s citizens of Cyprus to pay off this debt; or the non-Cypriots could lose some money, mainly the rich depositors who “had a good time” in the last 10-15 years in Cyprus. Sarris said it was crystal clear in the Germans’ mind that it was politically and economically correct to have a solution which includes Cypriot depositors. According to the former minister, the European Central Bank had already decided that if the Cypriots refused a bail-in, the island’s two biggest banks would be closed down. Asked if the Cypriot delegation, during the late night Eurogroup meetings last March, referred to the haircut as being a violation of the human rights of depositors, Sarris said this was raised, particularly with reference to the right to property. EU citizens have been asked in the past to pay for the mistakes of governments’ bad economic policies, in the form of violating

Sarris at the inquiry yesterday contracts, pensions and salaries. However, in Cyprus, it became an issue of personal property, raising the issue of EU principles and human rights. According to Sarris, the Europeans took this into consideration but in their own way, focusing on what they considered the fairest way to share the burden of the crisis and avoid the

(Christos Theodorides)

complete destruction of the Cypriot economy. He argued that the parliament’s rejection of the first proposal by the Eurogroup was wrong as it led to the closure of Laiki and to capital controls. Sarris told the panel, “the only euro you have which are equal to German euros are the ones in your pockets. All the rest are in doubt.”

(continued from front page) generic descriptions of business activity and account purpose”. Banks also appeared to be “overly reliant on third parties in providing customer due diligence information in the absence of a risk-based verification of the underlying information provided”. According to the summary, an estimated 75 per cent of banks’ international business was not directly sourced by the banks themselves but came from Cypriot introducers - rather than being directly sourced - who would also provide the customer due diligence information. In some cases, banks are at least one step removed from direct contact with the beneficial owners, i.e. the true owners of assets and property, “and even further removed where chains of introducers are used”. Deloitte said that 70 per cent of “the most complex ownership structures” have nominee shareholders and an average of three layers between the customer and beneficial owner, the summary said. But the identity of the beneficial owners through an independent source was only identified in 9 per cent of those cases. “While identifying no regulatory weaknesses, both reports suggest that there are substantial shortcomings in the implementation, by banks, of AML preventive measures,” the document said. The summary also said that Moneyval’s findings significantly revised “its previous, more favourable assessment of Cyprus’ AML system” without specifying why. Deloitte looked at 390 customers, most of whom were top depositors and top borrowers, across six credit institutions with over €2.0 billion in deposits. Top borrowers accounted for 15 per cent of total loans while top depositors accounted for 10 per cent of total banking system deposits. Cyprus’ Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said this week that the AML reports did not justify a stricter approach by Cyprus’ EU partners but deficiencies needed to be integrated in an AML action plan. Cyprus has shut down its second largest bank and is restructuring its biggest bank, as part of the conditions for a €10 billion bailout. Last night the IMF approved €1 billion for three years as its part of the deal. The approval allows for the immediate disbursement of around €86 million.

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Medical school ‘a waste of money’ right now

Donor appeal for baby with thalassaemia

DISY deputy says school would cost €100m a year By Poly Pantelides SPEAKING out against wasting taxpayers’ millions to set up a Medical School by the University of Cyprus, MP for ruling party DISY Andreas Themistocleous said politicians needed to “get real”. Themistocleous who has submitted a bill to parliament to postpone plans to set up the medical school in September 2013 said that the country faced a choice “of either getting real and actually looking at the country’s situation or else – and I’m willing to bet on this – destroying ourselves”. “It will cost €100 million a year to run the medical school, you heard me right, €100 million,” Themistocleous said adding that each graduating doctor would cost the state about €1.0 million. “These are outrageous amounts,” he said. “Say you are a struggling member of the public, what would you say if parliament

imposed another tax just to maintain this school?” When AKEL was still in power in November, opposition MPs rescinded on a move to freeze supplementary funds to set up the school, after previously saying they wanted to ensure the money would be well spent, and raising concerns over the government’s ability to meet the September 2013 deadline. One deputy, DISY’s Nicos Tornaritis, said his party did not want to be blamed for delays in establishing the school. But since November, Cyprus has agreed to an EU bailout and is expecting the economy to continue contracting for at least two years. “Cyprus is now facing its biggest economic crisis since its inception and the country’s long-term and short-term needs dictate that we immediately reset our priorities,” Themistocleous said. AKEL’s Christos Christofides

The University of Cyprus wants its own medical school but the economy is in crisis who represents the party on education policy and is also a former deputy government spokesman said yesterday that postponing the medical school’s opening would have negative consequences. The medical school will benefit public health and keep students in Cyprus, preventing money from leaving the country he said. If the school opens in September next year, it should welcome about 40 students. Christofides also said that students and patients from abroad would come to Cyprus, while the medical school could get funds from the EU or elsewhere, creating more jobs. The Cyprus Medical Association also said yesterday despite the crisis, matters of education and health needed to be treated differently and

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“with more sensitivity”. A medical school would contribute to upgrading the country’s medical practice improving health care provision, the association said. Asked how much money had already been spent to pave the way for the medical school Themistocleous said he was

not interested in how much money had been spent already but rather in preventing any more from going towards a project that could be postponed. “We’ve got by without a medical school (for decades). Can’t we survive for another five years?” he said.

JUST AS possible bone marrow donors were found for a five-year-old Paphos boy with leukaemia on Tuesday, it emerged yesterday that a sixweek-old baby girl from Xylotymbou, Marina Soleas, also needs a donor. Marina was born with thalassaemia and in order to avoid future continuous blood transfusions she needs a bone marrow transplant. The girl’s father, Zacharias Soleas said: “At present the baby is well and doesn’t need any treatment but we have to prepare for the future, for the day when the transplant can be performed.” “So far a compatible bone marrow donor has not been found from within the family. Blood donations will be held at the nursery in Xylotymbou on May 23 from 6pm-9pm,” Soleas said. “We urge people to go to the Karaiskakio Foundation, or to any general hospital and give blood to find a suitable donor for our little Marina,” Soleas added. People from Xylotymbou, Achna, Ormidia and nearby regions are especially requested to donate blood as people from these demographic areas are more likely to be a match. “Marina has to be at least one year old for the transplant,” her father said. Call doctor Marcos Kekko on 99621775, or call the Karaiskakio on 22772700.

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Cardinal leaving for ‘penance’ time CARDINAL Keith O’Brien is to leave Scotland for several months after admitting inappropriate sexual conduct during his church career, the Vatican has said. Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric stepped down from his post as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh earlier this year after priests made allegations against him. A Vatican statement said: “His Eminence Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien... will be leaving Scotland for several months for the purpose of spiritual renewal, prayer and penance. Any decision regarding future arrangements for his eminence shall be agreed with the Holy See.” The cardinal stepped down as leader of the Scottish Catholic Church at the end of February after admitting that his sexual conduct “had fallen

beneath the standards” expected of him during his almost 50-year career. He indicated that he would not contest claims by three priests and a former priest of inappropriate behaviour dating back to the 1980s, and intended to retire permanently from the public life of the church.

POPE ‘IN AGREEMENT’ It was reported earlier this month that the cardinal, originally from Ballycastle, Co Antrim, was to settle in Dunbar, East Lothian. The Vatican said yesterday his departure from Scotland was “in agreement with the Holy Father”. When he resigned the cardinal issued as apology saying: “I wish to take this opportunity to admit that there have been times that my sexual

conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal. “To those I have offended, I apologise and ask forgiveness. To the Catholic Church and people of Scotland, I also apologise. “I will now spend the rest of my life in retirement. I will play no further part in the public life of the Catholic Church in Scotland.” The cardinal had been the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh since 1985. Ordained as a priest in 1965, he was proclaimed a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in October 2003. One of Scotland’s most outspoken opponents of moves to legalise samesex marriage, he was last year named “Bigot of the Year” by gay rights group Stonewall.


Call for EU ties renegotiation

Tough action on oil promised

‘EU plebiscite might be unnecessary if PM can broker relations based on trade, not politics’

OIL companies will face the full force of the law if they manipulated prices, Britain’s energy minister said yesterday as the European Commission demanded more firms provide information as part of its probe into oil pricing. Eni said it was asked by the Commission to provide information. The Italian company’s statement came a day after the offices of Shell, BP and Statoil were raided by investigators over suspected oil price manipulation. The surprise searches of major oil companies, but not their competitors the powerful privately-owned trading companies, were one of the biggest crossborder probes since the Libor scandal and sent shock waves through the secretive industry.

By Theo Usherwood and Arj Singh

A&E collapse fear THE number of patients who attended accident and emergency wards has increased by more than a million in just one year, figures suggest. The news comes after experts warned that the emergency care system could collapse in six months as a result of rising demand. Latest data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre show that 18,300,190 people attended A&E units in England between February 2012 and January 2013 - a rise of 1,034,802 from the previous year.

Penance: Cardinal O’ Brien stepped down as leader of the Scottish Catholic Church at the end of February

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls said Labour was not in favour of an in/out referendum on EU membership now

THERE may not be a need for an EU referendum if the Prime Minister can renegotiate a relationship with Europe based on trade and not politics, a leading Conservative eurosceptic said yesterday. John Baron, who proposed yesterday’s amendment to the Queen’s Speech expressing regret that an EU referendum Bill has not been included in the government’s legislative programme, said he would vote to leave the EU if an in/ out referendum was called tomorrow. But he said it would be “a different kettle of fish” if David Cameron could renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU. In a heated exchange in the Commons with shadow chancellor Ed Balls, he said: “Members from all sides of the House believe the time has now come to give the British people their say on our relationship with the EU.

“Can I put to you, why do you not trust the British people on this issue?” Balls replied: “I will take a second intervention, if you can tell me how you will be voting in the referendum?” Baron told MPs: “My answer to the question is that if the referendum was tomorrow, I would vote out. But I support the Prime Minister in his idea of a referendum in 2017 because if he can successfully renegotiate and re-engineer an EU based on trade and not politics, then I think that is a different kettle of fish and we will judge that at the time.” Balls said Labour was not in favour of an in/out referendum now. Responding to Baron, the shadow chancellor said: “We do not believe that a referendum now is the right priority. “For us to join you or the Prime Minister in committing now to a referendum four years ahead would lead to lost investment, lost jobs and is the wrong priority for Britain. “We also support the idea

that if there was a treaty change which changed the balance of powers, we would support a referendum. I think it is really important that we understand and listen to people’s concerns about Europe and show that we can reform. “But I have to say that you don’t get the reform you need by walking out of the room in a flounce. Our Prime Minister did that in December 2011, it was one of the worst pieces of statesmanship we have seen in our country for many years.” The shadow chancellor added: “The Chancellor and the House should regret too that the Conservative Party seems to have been hijacked by those within its ranks, including those within the Cabinet, determined to leave Britain out of the EU regardless of the impact on investment and jobs. “We need reform of the European Union, not four years of uncertainty which legislating now for an in/out referendum in 2017 would create.”

1,000 Met police in biggest-ever dawn raid smash gang of burglars, drug dealers MORE than 1,000 police officers yesterday smashed a suspected criminal network of burglars, robbers and drug dealers which has plagued Londoners for two years. In the biggest co-ordinated action mounted by the Met, officers raided 75 homes in pre-dawn raids, the majority of them in Tower Hamlets, but also Hackney and Haringey. Fifty-two people were arrested, including children

as young as 16. Police connected some suspects to more than 3,000 thefts each, including laptops, tablets and games consoles worth a total of more than £100,000. Gangs operating in one borough were so prolific officers suspected they were responsible for almost a quarter of all local offences. After one burglar was arrested, the rate of break–ins fell by 40 per cent. Targets included a cramped two-up, two-down fam-

ily house in the Isle of Dogs. An 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods, burglary and possession with intent to supply three ounces of cocaine said by a police laboratory to be the “purest they had ever tested”. The arrested teenager was a suspected member of the local IOD gang. Other networks targeted yesterday included the Mile End-based Somali Youth Gang.

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New French recession could spell further Europe trouble

EC issues warning to China

Barroso says Paris must speed up econ reforms

THE European Commission has told China it is prepared to launch an investigation into anti-competitive behaviour by producers of mobile telecoms equipment, opening a new front in a multibillion-euro trade offensive against a critical partner. European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said he and fellow commissioners had agreed in principle to open an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy case against China, but would first seek to negotiate a solution with Chinese authorities. “The clock is ticking. We have had an open-door policy for negotiations with our Chinese partners for approximately one year now and we hope that the Chinese authorities step forward and engage with us in a serious manner,” De Gucht’s spokesman told a news briefing yesterday. While no companies were named in the statement from De Gucht, officials have in the past said Huawei and ZTE Corp, the world’s secondand fifth-largest telecoms equipment makers, were the objects of their concern.

FRANCE’S economy is in recession again - and that could spell more trouble for Europe. The national statistics agency, Insee, said that gross domestic product fell 0.2 per cent in the first quarter of the year. The agency also revised its data for the fourth quarter of last year, saying GDP fell 0.2 per cent, up from a 0.3 per cent retraction. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative growth. The news comes on the first anniversary of President Francois Hollande’s swearing in. During that year, he has had to deal with mounting economic problems. France’s economy has not grown significantly in nearly two years and European data show it was last in recession at the beginning of 2012.

The news comes on the first anniversary of French President Francois Hollande’s swearing in Economists say its high unemployment rate of 10.6 per cent is more proof that its economy is in trouble. A recession in France, the eurozone’s second-largest economy, is likely to exacerbate problems around the region since it is a major market for its neighbours. Slow growth is plaguing

many European countries as they struggle to cut their spending and debts, and France’s finance minister blamed his country’s problems on the region. “We are in Europe, the eurozone countries are our main clients and our main suppliers, and when the environment around us is de-

Richter painting sets new record for living artist at NY auction A 1968 oil painting by German artist Gerhard Richter sold for some $37 million at Sotheby’s contemporary art auction early yesterday, a new record for a work by a living artist. The sale took in $293,587,000, at the low end of the pre-sale estimate of $284 million to $383 million, with 83 per cent of the 64 lots on offer finding buyers. It featured some big numbers with five works selling for more than $20 million. But results were uneven as offerings by such contemporary stars such as Andy Warhol,

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jeff Koons either underperformed or failed to sell. Barnett Newman’s Onement VI, a vibrant blue work from 1953 being sold by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, fetched the top price - $43,845,000 including commission. But it was the 81-year-old Richter’s Domplatz, Mailand (Cathedral Square, Milan),” offered by the Hyatt Hotels Corp., which broke the record already held by Richter for a work at auction by a living artist. It sold for $37,125,000, near the middle of the $30 million to $40 million estimate.

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pressed, well, that’s the main factor in the slowing of the French economy,” Pierre Moscovici said. But France’s problems also stem from high government spending, and sliding competitiveness among its

companies. Household consumption and production of goods and services were both down, according to Insee. Expenditure on manufactured goods, especially cars, was hit hard, falling 0.9 per cent in the first quarter. Despite the grim news, Moscovici said the government is maintaining its projection that the economy will grow 0.1 per cent this year and that it will manage to begin to bring down unemployment by the end of the year. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso urged France yesterday to speed up structural reforms of its ailing economy in return for winning an extra two years to cut its public deficit to within agreed limits. Speaking at a joint news conference in Brussels with French President Francois Hollande, Barroso nonetheless said both agreed that restoring growth to Europe was a priority. He also backed France’s demand that its so-called “cultural exception” be maintained in any future EU-US trade deal.

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Taiwan imposes sanctions against the Philippines TAIWAN imposed sanctions against the Philippines yesterday, rejecting as unacceptable a Philippine apology for the killing of a fisherman from Taiwan last week. The row is the latest flare-up in tension in Asian seas where disputes in various places between various countries have raised fears of conflict in the economically vibrant region where competition for resources is intensifying. Earlier yesterday, Taiwan recalled its envoy to the Philippines. The sanctions included the freezing of applications for work permits, the cessation of economic exchanges and military exercises in waters between the two sides. A spokesman for Philippine President Benigno Aquino had said a formal apology was being offered to the “appropriate authority” in Taiwan over the “unfortunate loss” of the fisherman. But Taiwan’s Premier Jiang Yi-huah said the apology was inadequate because it called the fisherman’s death unfortunate and unintentional, according to a statement from the Taiwan government on its website. “We can absolutely not accept this,” Jiang was quoted as saying.

The fisherman was killed in a shooting last week by the Philippine coastguard in waters off the northern Philippines. Taiwan said the killing took place in its exclusive economic zone and was a violation of international law. A Philippines fisheries official said earlier one of its vessels, acting under the threat of being rammed, opened fire last Thursday on a Taiwanese fishing boat about 170 nautical miles southeast of Taiwan, killing one person on board. Taiwan had issued an ultimatum to the Philippines to apologise to the man’s family. A Taiwan Defence Ministry official said military vessels and aircraft would be dispatched to the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines for a two-day military drill. Philippine presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda told a news conference in Manila an apology was being offered and he appealed to Taiwan not to take out its anger on the more than 85,000 Filipinos working in Taiwan, many as domestic workers. Philippine President Benigno Aquino had ordered a “thorough, exhaustive, impartial and expeditious investigation” into the shooting, Lacierda said.

Left to right: Tony Liu, Ling Khor, Jak Heng and Pauline Heng play the traditional Chinese board game ‘mahjong’ on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during a promotional event in Sydney yesterday. Sitting 134 metres (440 feet) above sea level, the game

was held to promote “The Mandarin Climb” tours during which visitors can climb to the top of the iconic bridge with the assistance of Mandarin-speaking guides. Sydney is also set to host the World Series of Mahjong from June 2 to 4

Abortion doctor gets three life sentences By Dave Warner and Daniel Kelley

A protester participates in a demonstration in solidarity with Taiwan near Hong Kong’s Philippine consulate on Tuesday

Maduro buries axe SOCIALIST leader Nicolas Maduro and the billionaire boss of Venezuela’s biggest private company have buried the axe after a war of words over food shortages and other economic problems in the South American nation. Perpetuating the hard-line rhetoric of his predecessor Hugo Chavez, newly-elected Maduro turned on Empresas Polar president Lorenzo Mendoza in recent days, accusing him of hoarding products as part of an “economic war” on the state by private business. Mendoza, whose company is Venezuela’s biggest beerand flour-maker, denied that and pointedly challenged the government to sell production plants nationalised under Chavez back to the private sector to boost efficiency. On Tuesday night, the pair met to discuss their differences in a spat seen by Venezuelans as a bellwether for state-business relations going forward under Maduro’s government. Both sides came out of the meeting sounding reconciliatory and pledging to work together to overcome food shortages that have increased tensions in Venezuela after Maduro’s disputed election win last month. “It was very cordial, direct, sincere meeting ... We clarified we are producing at full capacity,” Mendoza said. “The president was very kind in listening to us and communicating the need to keep investing, producing and supplying markets. That is our lifelong commitment, passion and vocation ... Part of this issue (shortages) has to do with the high politicisation (in Venezuela).” Supplies of food and other basic products have been patchy in recent months, with long queues forming at supermarkets and rushes occurring when there is news of a new stock arrival.

A PHILADELPHIA doctor was sent to prison yesterday to serve three life terms without parole for murdering babies during late-term abortions and other crimes at his squalid clinic. In a deal that spared him from the death penalty, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, faced a judge in a two-day sentencing at Philadelphia Common Pleas Court after waiving his right to appeal his conviction on three counts of first-degree murder. Graphic trial testimony about Gosnell’s actions at the now-shuttered Women’s Medical Society Clinic in West Philadelphia, which served a predominantly black and low-income community, cast a spotlight on the controversial practice of late-term abortions. A seven-woman, five-man

Philadelphia physician must serve terms without parole jury convicted Gosnell on Monday in the case that focused on whether the infants were born alive and then killed. A clinic worker testified during the trial that the doctor had delivered live babies during botched lateterm abortions and cut their spinal cords. Gosnell’s defence had claimed there was no evidence that the babies were alive after they were aborted and that any noise or movement would have been involuntary spasms. Jurors speaking publicly for the first time said after the sentencing yesterday that the trial, which lasted more than two months, was emotionally draining. “There was a lot to deal

with,” said jury foreman David Misko, 27. Asked why the jurors agreed to convict Gosnell on first-degree murder charges, he said they found that the doctor’s actions were premeditated. “It was business as usual,” Misko said. “He snipped the necks no matter what happened.” Gosnell was sentenced yesterday to a life term in the murder of Baby A, whom a clinic worker said the doctor had described as “big enough to walk me to the bus stop”. He had previously been sentenced late on Tuesday to two life terms in the murders of Baby C and Baby D. With three capital murder convictions, Gosnell faced a potential death penalty. The

same jury was to decide his fate next week, but the sentencing deal eliminated that possibility. Gosnell was also sentenced yesterday to up to five years for the involuntary manslaughter of a patient, Karnamaya Mongar, 41, of Virginia, who died from a drug overdose after going to him for an abortion. He was also sentenced to up to 20 years each for two conspiracy charges in the babies’ deaths and a charge of running a corrupt organisation. Testimony depicted a filthy clinic that prosecutors called a “house of horrors”. The jury also convicted Gosnell of infanticide and 211 counts of failing to comply with a state law that requires a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion is performed. In addition, he was found guilty of performing 21 abortions after 24 weeks into pregnancy at his clinic. It is legal in Pennsylvania to abort a fetus up to 24 weeks.

US kidnapping suspect to plead not guilty to all charges, say lawyers THE U.S. man accused of abducting and raping three women at his home for 10 years is to plead not guilty to all charges against him, his lawyers say. Craig Weintraub and Jay Schlachet told a US TV station that Ariel Castro has been portrayed as a “monster” in the media, and after

meeting with him they do not see him that way. Weintraub says it was unfair and offensive that “the media and the community want to demonise this man before they know the whole story”. Schlachet said details of Castro’s innocence “will be disclosed as the

case progresses.” Weintraub also says Castro “loves dearly” the child he fathered with kidnap victim Amanda Berry while she was held in his house in Cleveland, Ohio. Castro is charged with kidnapping and raping Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

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World WORLD TODAY UN condemns Assad forces The U.N. General Assembly yesterday condemned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and praised the opposition Syrian National Coalition, but support for the Gulf Arab-drafted declaration was less than a similar text received last year. While the non-binding text has no legal force, resolutions adopted by the 193-nation assembly can carry significant moral and political weight. The vote result - 107 in favour, 12 against and 59 abstentions - contrasted sharply with that of a resolution that passed last year with 133 in favour. UN diplomats said the decline in support for yesterday’s resolution showed growing unease about Syria’s fractious rebel groups fighting Assad’s forces in the two-year civil war.

Conspiracy seen A TURKISH appeals court yesterday ruled that the killers of Armenian journalist Hrant Dink did not act alone but were part of a criminal conspiracy, paving the way for a retrial of the case that has gripped the nation for years. Judges in Ankara overturned a lower criminal court’s 2012 judgment that only two people, now serving prison sentences, were behind the 2007 murder, said Fethiye Cetin, a lawyer for the Dink family, told Reuters. Dink was gunned down in broad daylight outside the office of his newspaper Agos in central Istanbul in 2007.

Syrian rebels attack main Aleppo prison Bid to free hundreds of regime opponents SYRIAN rebels have launched a coordinated assault on the main prison in the northern city of Aleppo in an attempt to free hundreds of regime opponents believed to be held there. Aleppo emerged as one of the major fronts in the country’s civil war after a rebel offensive there in July, and the fighting since then has settled into a bloody stalemate. The city, Syria’s largest, holds strategic and symbolic value, and both sides have taken significant losses in the battle to expand the turf under their control. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said rebels detonated two car bombs simultaneously outside the walls of the central prison before trying to storm it. Fierce clashes are taking place between

president Bashar al-Assad’s troops and opposition fighters around the area. The city’s central prison is believed to be holding 4,000 prisoners, around 250 of whom are jailed for reasons related to the 26-month-old uprising against Assad’s regime. For weeks, rebel fighters have been battling government troops in the area around the prison to try to seize the facility and free the prisoners. Earlier this month, the rebels overran the headquarters of the government’s anti-terrorism forces that is located near the jail.

JOINT FORCES Meanwhile at least 23 rebel factions, including Islamic groups, joined forces in a push to reopen an arms sup-

ply route and retake a key town near Damascus that fell back to regime troops last month. The rebel groups, including the al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, battled government troops around the town of Otaybah, east of the capital. The army regained control of Otaybah in late April, cutting the opposition’s arms route between Jordan and the capital. There are scores of rebel brigades in Syria. They operate without a unified command structure, but sometimes coordinate to increase their fighting power on individual operations. More than 70,000 people have been killed since the revolt against Assad’s rule erupted in March 2011, and over a million more have sought shelter in neighbour-

A Free Syrian Army fighter holds his weapon during clashes against Syrian Army soldiers in Saif Al Dawla district, Aleppo on March 15, 2013 (EPA) ing countries. Millions of others have been displaced inside Syria. In Jordan, the UN refugee agency warned that the relentless fighting has been

driving unprecedented numbers of Syrians into Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, straining the countries’ water and food resources to the limit.

Palestinians mark 65 years since displacement

Israeli border police detain a Palestinian protester in Jerusalem yesterday

Nigerian troops on new push against Islamists NIGERIA launched a military campaign yesterday to flush Islamist militants out of their bases in remote border areas, after President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in the northeast. Nigerian troops deployed in large numbers, part of a plan to rout an insurgency by the Boko Haram Islamist group that has seized control of parts of the region. “The operations, which will involve massive deployment of men and resources, are aimed at asserting the nation’s territorial integrity,” Defence Headquarters said in a statement. The campaign targets semi-desert areas of the three states in which Jonathan declared an emergency on Tuesday Borno, Adamawa and Yobe, three of the poorest and most remote in the country. The Islamist insurgency has cost thousands of lives and destabilised Africa’s top energy producer since it began in 2009, but it has mostly happened far from economic centres such as Lagos. The capital Abuja was, however, bombed in 2011 and 2012. The insurgency has not affected southern oil fields that provide the bulk of government revenues in Africa’s second biggest economy. Residents and Reuters reporters saw army trucks carrying soldiers enter Yola and Maiduguri to seek out militants from Boko Haram, whose rebellion has targeted the security forces, Christians and politicians in the mainly Muslim north. The troop deployment is likely to placate some of Jonathan’s critics, who had accused him of not facing up to the gravity of the crisis, although some northern politicians have already voiced concerns over rising tensions. It is unlikely those tensions will boil over to the other parts of the country. The Islamists have a foothold across most of the north, but nothing like the power base they have established in these three states.

PALESTINIANS clashed with Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank yesterday during demonstrations to mark 65 years since what they call the Nakba (Catastrophe) when Israel’s creation caused many to lose their homes and become refugees. A shell fired from Gaza, which is ruled by the Islamist movement Hamas, exploded in an open area of Israel, but caused no injuries, according to an Israeli military spokesman. There was no immediate claim of responsibility from militants in Gaza. US Secretary of State John Kerry is

to return to the region next Tuesday in another bid to revive peace talks frozen since 2010. But a resolution remains elusive and many Palestinians cling to a desire for refugees and descendants to return to ancestral lands now in Israel - an idea Israel rejects, saying it would spell the end of the Jewish state. Protesters skirmished with Israeli forces outside a refugee camp near the West Bank city of Hebron and at a prison near Ramallah, leaving several Palestinians injured. Israeli police in Jerusalem scuffled with

Palestinian protesters, tossing stun grenades and making several arrests. Thousands also rallied in the main square of Ramallah, the Palestinians’ de facto capital while Jerusalem remains under Israeli control, holding up placards with the names of villages depopulated in 1948 and old keys, symbols of lost homes. “For the sake of my future and to return to my family’s land, I don’t want any more useless negotiations but the path of resistance and the rifle,” said Ahmed al-Bedu, a gangly 15-year-old Palestinian who holds Jordanian citizenship.

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Business $2b-$3b more in HSBC cuts targeted

Eurozone slips into its longest-ever recession

HSBC said yesterday it would target additional cost savings of $2 billion to $3 billion in 2014-2016, as Europe’s biggest bank cuts jobs and sells non-core businesses to bolster profitability under a restructuring plan led by CEO Stuart Gulliver. In a strategy update, HSBC (0005.HK) also said it would aim for a cost-efficiency ratio in the “mid-50s”, up from 48-52 per cent previously, a goal it had been struggling to achieve amid sluggish growth outside Asia. It maintained its long-term target for return on equity of 12 to 15 per cent. The plan set out by Gulliver in May 2011 called for a complete overhaul of the bank by reducing costs, exiting sub-scale or unprofitable businesses and focusing on growth markets. When the 52 sales or disposals of non-core businesses announced since 2011 are complete, HSBC will have cut $95 billion in risk-weighted assets, the bank said yesterday. “We will continue to exert tight cost discipline whilst streamlining processes and procedures,” Gulliver said in a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. HSBC’s restructuring plan also targets generating more income from collaboration between the firm’s Commercial Banking, Private Banking and Global Banking and Markets divisions. The business unit collaboration effort realised $900 million in added revenues between 2011 and 2012, the statement said, with an additional $2 billion in incremental collaboration revenues targeted by 2016. HSBC also said it would “progressively grow dividends” and introduce a share buyback scheme as it seeks to return value to shareholders.

Germany creeps back into growth; France slides into recession

These Bank of Cyprus rates for telegraphic transfer transactions (spot deals) apply to yesterday, but provide a good guide to today’s value against the euro. Buying Selling Pound St

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A worker controls the tapping of a blast furnace at Europe’s largest steel factory of Germany’s industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG in Duisburg on December 6, 2012 ing impact of the eurozone’s debt and banking crisis that has driven unemployment to a record 19 million people. France’s downturn was its first in four years, after contracting by 0.2 per cent in the first three months of the year, as it did in the last quarter of 2012. Italy, the eurozone’s third largest economy, reported its seventh consecutive quarter of decline, the longest since records began in 1970.

BRITAIN’S central bank lifted a bit of the gloom hanging over the economy yesterday, issuing a slightly improved outlook for inflation and growth for the first time since the financial crisis. Bank of England Governor Mervyn King, presiding over his final Quarterly Inflation Report before he hands the reins to Mark Carney, said the better forecasts did not mean the recovery was secure. “Today’s projections are for growth to be a little stronger and inflation a little weaker than we expected three months ago. That’s the first time I’ve been able to say that since before the financial crisis,” King told reporters.

The eurozone’s recession is now longer than the five quarters of contraction that followed the global financial crisis in 2008/2009, although it is not as deep. The euro fell to a six-week low against a buoyant dollar, hurt by the anaemic figures which kept alive chances of more monetary easing by the European Central Bank. The ECB cut rates to a record low earlier this month and its head, Mario Draghi,

said it was ready to act again if the economy worsened. Some EU leaders, who meet for a summit in Brussels next week/ are also trying to shift away from the budget cuts that have dominated the response to the debt crisis since 2009. But it will be tough for another rate cut and a softening of austerity - even if either happens - to break a cycle in which governments are cutting spending, com-

Russian Ruble 41.1075 40.0925 8.7227 8.4649

Annual inflation, currently running at 2.8 per cent, is likely to fall back to around the bank’s 2.0 per cent target in two years’ time. That was lower than a forecast of 2.3 per cent the Bank of England issued in February. But the bank also noted that monetary policy remained “highly stimulatory” and gave no indication that more help was on its way. Sterling rose 0.3 per cent against the dollar to hit $1.5272 after the forecasts but was later flat on the day. British government bond prices extended their losses. A strengthening of sterling and a drop

in oil prices have helped ease price pressures in recent weeks. The bank said the economy was “likely to see a modest and sustained recovery over the next three years”. That represented a small upgrade from its assessment in February, when the bank said the recovery was likely to be “slow but sustained”. Unemployment data yesterday underscored how weak Britain’s economy remains, with a broad international measure of joblessness rising and earnings excluding bonuses growing at their slowest pace since records began in 2001.

King presided over his final Quarterly Inflation Report

Amazon UK pays $3.7 million of taxes on $6.5 billion sales OFFSHORE C O M PA N I E S


Cyprus & Worldwide

Complete Service


Romanian Leu 4.4202 4.2468

Swedish Kr

GERMANY’S economy crept back into growth at the start of the year, but not by enough to stop the eurozone from contracting for a sixth straight quarter, and France slid into recession. Falling output across the bloc meant the 17-nation economy is in its longest recession since records began in 1995. It shrank 0.2 per cent in the January to March period, the EU’s statistics office Eurostat said on Wednesday, worse than the 0.1 per cent contraction forecast by a Reuters poll. “The misery continues,” said Carsten Brzeski, a senior economist at ING in Brussels. “Almost all core countries bar Germany are in recession and so far nothing has helped in stopping this downward spiral. As well as France, the economy shrank for the quarter in Finland, Cyprus, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Greece. Data last month showed Spain’s economy contracted for a seventh consecutive quarter. Germany, which generates almost a third of the eurozone’s economy, grew by a weaker than expected 0.1 per cent, skirting the recession that France succumbed to, but highlighting the devastat-

Bank of England offers ray of hope for British economy


Japan Yen

By Robin Emmott and Sarah Marsh

panies are laying off staff, Europeans are buying less and young people have little hope of finding a job. “Any recovery is going to be excruciatingly slow,” said Nick Kounis, head of macroeconomic research at ABN AMRO. A Reuters poll of 65 economists suggested growth should return in the second half of this year, but there will be no strong recovery until at least 2015. Interest rates at a record low and the ECB’s promise to buy the bonds of struggling governments have calmed talk of a eurozone break-up, driving up equities and cooling bond yields. But the reality for companies and households is of tight credit and frozen investment, meaning demand in places such as China and the United States is the best hope for renewed growth. Of most concern is the difference between Europe’s two largest economies, Germany and France. It looks narrow over the first three months of the year, but European diplomats and officials fear France will continue to lag far behind, threatening the cohesion of the twin policy motor that has traditionally driven the European project. French growth has faltered as unemployment undermines the confidence of both consumers and businesses, which are struggling to cope with government belt-tightening while Spain remains deep in the mire. Even Germany will find it difficult to reach take-off speed alone. Its statistics office revised down its figure for the end of 2012 to show a contraction of 0.7 per cent, from 0.6 per cent. Thomas Gitzel at VP Bank sees a stronger performance in the second quarter as construction, hit by the winter, bounces back.

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Email:’s main UK unit paid $3.7 million of taxes on its 2012 income, it said yesterday, despite group UK sales of $6.5 billion (£4 billion), prompting criticism from lawmakers and competitors. Ltd added in its accounts, published through the UK companies register, that it received £2.5 million in government grants during 2012 - just ahead of the £2.4 million it paid in corporation tax, the UK form of corporate income tax. Corporate tax avoidance has risen to

the top of the political agenda in Europe following revelations in the past couple of years about how little big names like Apple Inc., Starbucks, Google and Microsoft pay in tax in markets where they reap billions of dollars in sales. The companies say they follow the rules, but UK Prime Minister David Cameron has called for international action on the shifting of profits, which can help firms cut tax bills. reported a small corporate income tax bill because all sales to

British customers are routed through a Luxembourg affiliate, Amazon EU Sarl, which employs around 500 staff. The British subsidiary, which employed 4,191 people at the end of 2012 and thousands more indirectly via contracting agencies, is deemed, for tax purposes, to be a service provider to the Luxembourg unit. It is funded by fees it receives from Amazon EU and since these only just cover operating costs, little is left over for the UK tax authority to tax.

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Why would the National Council give any credence to AKEL’s idiotic proposal? FORMER President Demetris Christofias attended yesterday’s National Council meeting on the economy. Could the politician, who bears the largest share of the responsibility for the economic catastrophe, have had anything of value to say at such a meeting? Could the man whose poor judgment and irresponsibility demolished the economy make a meaningful contribution to how we should rebuild? We think not. Christofias was invited to yesterday’s meeting not because of the valuable contribution he would make to a discussion about the economy but because of protocol - all former presidents remain members of the National Council and are welcome to attend meetings. George Vassiliou was also present. We would have thought that Christofias would have been ashamed, or at least embarrassed, to attend a meeting to discuss the mess he had made during his term, but we were wrong. Perhaps he was there to argue in favour of AKEL’s idiotic proposal for an ‘orderly exit from the euro’ and the return to a heavily devalued Cyprus pound. This proposal, which AKEL has been promoting as some magic formula that would eliminate all the problems being faced by the economy, was the main reason President Anastasiades called the meeting. AKEL’s proposal could, thus, be officially submitted and be forwarded to the experts of the National Economic Council to evaluate it and give their views. Anastasiades’ calculation is that once the experts have picked the proposal apart and issued their conclusions, the communist party’s campaigning would lose all credibility. Then again, calling a meeting of the National Council to discuss AKEL’s resoundingly idiotic proposal gives it significance it does not merit. We hope the president’s calculation proves correct, even though rational arguments have never stopped our politicians uttering meaningless slogans. The most fashionable slogan now is that we ‘must disengage from the memorandum’. AKEL’s chief Andros Kyprianou used the slogan repeatedly after yesterday’s meeting and so did EDEK leader Yiannakis Omirou who acknowledged that first the stabilisation of the financial sector had to be secured. EDEK would soon submit its own proposals for the disengagement from the memorandum and the loan agreement. He omitted mention that an economic forum organised by his party a few days ago, concluded that an exit from the euro would be catastrophic. Yesterday’s meeting would have served a useful purpose if it exposed the sheer stupidity of the demand for the exit from the euro and disengagement from the memorandum. It is unlikely that it would. We suspect that the demand for the disengagement from the memorandum will become as popular as politicians’ meaningless call for a fair, just and lasting settlement of the Cyprus problem.

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The who’s who of the great March bank run W

HEN THE Cyprus bank run began earlier this year, Russians set much of the pace. Documents seen by Reuters show that as the Mediterranean island headed towards financial meltdown in March, most notable among companies transferring money from the country’s two main banks were Russians and East Europeans. At least €3.6 billion was removed in two weeks by big depositors, according to the documents. Though many companies listed initially appear obscure, a Reuters analysis shows a significant proportion are vehicles for foreign investors more at home in Moscow or Kiev than Nicosia. The lists give an insight into the March crisis and how Cyprus, with a population of just 1.1 million, had amassed bank deposits that peaked at €72 billion - more than four times the island’s GDP. Prepared in April by private sector lenders Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank, and passed to lawmakers by the island’s central bank, the documents list 5,323 transactions, most previously undisclosed. They detail transfers of €100,000 or more from Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank in the two weeks before Cyprus closed its banks on March 16 as it desperately negotiated an international rescue. Reuters analysed 129 companies that each transferred €5 million or more over the twoweek period, collectively accounting for €1.9 billion. Of those companies, 95 could be traced. Out of that group, 34 have links to Russia, five have links to Ukraine and two to Kazakhstan. The remainder comprise companies from Cyprus and other countries including tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands and the Dutch Antilles. By value, more than half the transactions were made in dollars. While the transfers appear mostly related to moving money out of Cyprus, Reuters could not establish where the funds went. It is possible some transfers were between banks within Cyprus. Deposits that did flow out of the country had to be funded by emergency liquidity assistance from the European Central Bank, according to analysts. In effect, the ECB was paying for depositors, many of them Russian, to remove money from Cyprus before those depositors could be compelled to contribute to the international rescue of the island. As debts threatened to overwhelm Cyprus early this year, money began to flow out of the country in fluctuating amounts. In January €1.7 billion left the island and a further €900 million in February, according to Central Bank of Cyprus figures. The run accelerated in March as Cyprus found it had few friends among international institutions suffering bail-out fatigue. Many of the biggest transfers were by firms linked to Russia. One of the largest

INSIGHT Stephen Grey, Michele Kambas and Douglas Busvine was listed under the name of UCP Industrial Holdings, which is recorded as moving €80.2 million out of the Bank of Cyprus on March 7. UCP Industrial Holdings is part of United Capital Partners, a $3.5 billion Russian investment firm led by Ilya Sherbovich, a former head of investment at Deutsche Bank Russia and now a board director of the oil giant Rosneft. Sherbovich, whose UCP fund recently acquired a stake in VKontakte, a fast-growing social network known as the “Russian Facebook”, told Reuters: “Our group has several dozen legal entities, and some of them have accounts at Bank of Cyprus, but we don’t use those as primary accounts. “Anybody serious who works on financial markets wouldn’t have left any significant amounts in the Cyprus banks. Very simple reason: Look at the

nancial meltdown, Nogotkov said: “Not actively. We don’t have any urgent decisions to restructure (the business).” Another company illustrating the Russia connection is O1 Properties Limited, which moved €10.1 million out of Bank of Cyprus. The company is controlled by Boris Mints, a Russian politician turned businessman, and this year bought the White Square business centre in Moscow for $1 billion. In the 1990s Mints was a state official handling issues relating to property and local authorities. From 2004 until 2012 he was chairman of the board of Otkritie Financial Corporation, which describes itself as Russia’s largest independent financial group by assets. He is now president of the firm. Mints was not available for comment. A spokesman for O1 Properties said: “O1 Properties keeps an account at the Bank of Cyprus to use it for regular business activities. We didn’t know that Cyprus banks (would) shut. O1 Properties suffered losses. We do not comment (on the) total loss.” The troika of the European Commission, the European

‘Anybody serious who works on financial markets wouldn’t have left any significant amounts in Cyprus banks. Look at the share price chart of the Bank of Cyprus. It went to zero many months before the freeze happened’ share price chart of the Bank of Cyprus. It went to zero many months before the freeze happened.” He could not confirm the transaction listed in the Cypriot documents and said his companies did not keep big deposits in Cyprus. A spokeswoman for UCP said the transaction “must be a mistake or incorrect information”. On March 16, the Cyprus government shut banks amid discussions over imposing losses on depositors as the price for an international rescue. On the day before, a company called Trellas Enterprises moved 2 billion roubles ($63.85 million) out of Bank of Cyprus. Trellas Enterprises is majority-owned by Maxim Nogotkov, an entrepreneur who controls Svyaznoy, one of the biggest retailers of cell phones in Russia. Nogotkov, 36, is listed by Forbes as having a net worth of $1.3 billion. Nogotkov confirmed that he controlled his mobile phone and banking interests in Russia through Trellas, but declined to comment on the transfer recorded in the bank list. “We never comment on financial transfers or mergers and acquisitions activity,” Nogotkov said by telephone. Asked whether he was considering restructuring his business interests in light of Cyprus’ fi-

Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund insisted on tough terms for providing billions to stop Cyprus going bust. As talks progressed, speculation began to spread that any package for Cyprus would include levying money from bank depositors - an unprecedented move that came to be known as a bail in, rather than a bail out. The impact of what politicians and officials said - and did not say - is reflected in the pattern of fund outflows. On March 4, depositors withdrew €261 million from the two banks, according to the transfer lists. Late that day, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup of finance ministers in the eurozone, was asked whether the rescue of Cyprus would affect bank depositors. He did not give a clear answer. The next day depositors yanked €315 million out of the banks. Account holders were further unnerved on March 5 when Panicos Demetriades, the central bank governor, publicly acknowledged for the first time that depositors might lose some of their money. Over the next two days transfers leapt to €342 million and €491 million ; the latter figure including the €80.2 million withdrawn by UCP Industrial Holdings. As fears of losses mounted,

Russians were not the only depositors who transferred large sums of money from the tax haven’s banks. There were also Cypriot companies, individuals both Cypriot and foreign, and the occasional well-known international firm. These included Apax Partners, a private equity group based in London. A subsidiary, Apax Mauritius Holdco Ltd, moved €68.8 million from the Bank of Cyprus on March 8. A spokeswoman for Apax Partners confirmed that it controlled Apax Mauritius Holdco but declined to comment further. Previous news reports have noted how the Electricity Authority of Cyprus transferred €19 million out of Laiki Bank just days before it was closed. The documents seen by Reuters show the authority also transferred €22 million out of Bank of Cyprus between March 1 and 15. The Electricity Authority said there was nothing unusual in the transfers. “This represented payments for heavy fuel oil ... our annual fuel costs are €650 million,” said Costas Gavrielides, a spokesman for the authority. While some readily identifiable companies appear on the lists of transfers, what is striking is the complex nature of many entries. Glenidge Trading, which transferred €22.5 million out of the Bank of Cyprus, is registered in the British Virgin Islands, a tax haven often favoured because of its Britishbased legal system and lack of transparency. Glenidge was the vehicle through which a Cypriot company called DCH Investment UA Limited acquired an interest this year in the Karavan group of shopping malls in Ukraine, according to local reports and Cypriot and Ukrainian corporate filings. In turn DCH Investment UA Limited is controlled by one of Ukraine’s richest men, Oleksander Yaroslavsky, according to corporate filings. A representative for Yaroslavsky did not respond to requests for comment about Glenidge and the Cypriot bank transfer. Some companies that made several of the largest transfers could not be traced. They include Jarlath Limited, which moved €76 million, and Accent Delight International, which moved €27 million. Also on the list is Rangeley Services Limited, which transferred €9.3 million from Bank of Cyprus on March 15. A company of that name is registered at an address near Leeds in Britain and owned by Jason Rangeley, who is described in company records as an agricultural contractor. But when asked if the transfer of €9.3 million was anything to do with him, Jason Rangeley said: “No ... I wish it was.” Rangeley, a self-employed farmer, said he had set up his company because he had hoped to buy a few sheep. “It just never came off.” He said his company is dormant. It remains unclear who owns the company involved in the Cypriot transfer.


Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Mel Brooks: I’m finally being recognised as a good director Comedy legend to receive Lifetime Achievement Award By Ronald Grover MEL Brooks, whose long career in comedy includes writing and directing hilarious films like The Producers and Young Frankenstein, will receive the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award on June 6. And if you ask him, it’s about time. “They’re finally recognising that I’m a pretty good director,” the 86-year-old former standup comedian said in a wide-ranging interview at his Culver City offices near Los Angeles. “They say, ‘Comedy force, good writer, funny actor. Nobody ever, in the press or anywhere, said I was a good director.” Brooks’ career is also being recognised on May 20, when PBS will premiere Mel Brooks: Make a Noise, a documentary that traces his life from his childhood in Brooklyn to Broadway, where a musical adaption of his film The Producers won 12 Tony Awards. “Quiet on the set!,” Brooks bellows at one point in the interview with Reuters. Leaping to his feet, his hands cupped in front of his face as if yelling into a megaphone, he shouts: “That’s what I do best.” Brooks spends his time these days working with a single assistant in a quiet,

Brooks’ career is also being recognised on May 20, when PBS will premiere Mel Brooks: Make a Noise, a documentary that traces his life from his childhood in Brooklyn to Broadway three-room suite at the Culver Studios, a once flourishing 95-year-old studio where scenes from Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane were shot. Behind his desk sit three Emmys and assorted other statuettes, a monument to a six-decade career that began as a drummer and stand-up comedian in the Borscht Belt - a resort region in upstate New York frequented by Jewish vaca-

tioners and Yiddish entertainers - before he became a writer for his friend Sid Caesar’s 1950s groundbreaking comedy variety show Your Show of Shows. His career includes Emmys, Tonys and an Academy Award. But the only people who ever thought he was a good director, he says, were Oscar-winning director Billy Wilder, who also did comedy, and Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense and

psychological thrillers. Hitchcock helped him write his 1977 film High Anxiety, a parody of suspense films that he dedicated to the legendary director. Hitchcock was so pleased that he sent Brooks a case of six magnums of 1961 Chateau Haut-Brion wine, Brooks said. “He loved Blazing Saddles, and said I should have been nominated for the Academy Award,” said Brooks. “The

back lighting, the performances. He said it was great directing. And I was never even nominated.” The Academy seemed to appreciate Brooks’ writing most. He won the 1969 Oscar for The Producers screenplay, according to the movie site, and was nominated for Academy Awards for writing the Blazing Saddles theme song and the screenplay for Young Frankenstein.

Christina Aguilera is in Aretha Franklin cancels concerts talks to return to The Voice POP singer Christina Aguilera is in discussions to return as a judge on NBC television singing competition The Voice next season, sources with knowledge of the talks said. Aguilera, 32, went on hiatus from the program this season to promote her latest album, Lotus, with a concert tour. The singer had been a judge on the first three seasons of the program, which debuted in 2011. The sources, who were not authorised to speak publicly about the talks, said the former Disney child star would earn about $12 million to serve as a judge, less than the $15 million Britney Spears reportedly earned on rival The X Factor. Representatives for Aguilera and NBC did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment. Aguilera and R&B singer Cee Lo Green both left the show last year. They were replaced by Colombian singer Shakira and R&B singer Usher, who joined returning judges country singer Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, frontman of poprock band Maroon 5. If Aguilera returns, it was unclear who she would replace on the current judging panel when the next season starts in September. The Voice, which competes against rival broadcaster Fox’s singing contests American Idol and The X Factor, averages about 14 million viewers over its two weekly shows. Its finale is set for June 18.

The ‘Queen of Soul’ is experiencing health problems

SOUL singer Aretha Franklin has pulled out of two upcoming performances because of health issues, the two concert venues said this week. Franklin, 71, cancelled a May 20 concert with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a May 26 solo performance at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. “It was cancelled for medical reasons,” Foxwoods spokeswoman Dale Wolbrink said, declining to say what health issues caused the ‘Queen of Soul’ to pull out of the show. R&B singer Janelle Monae will fill in for Franklin with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the organisation said in a statement. Franklin was a towering figure in popular music during the 1960s and 1970s. The singer is still scheduled to perform at two concerts in Canada and one in Michigan in June.

Jennifer Lopez hasn’t given up on marriage THE Latina bombshell who began dating choreographer Casper Smart in October 2011 shortly after her third marriage fell apart - is hopeful for a fairytale ending and will ‘probably’ walk down the aisle with her beau in the future. Probed as to whether she wanted to marry again, she giggled: “I don’t know ... probably, maybe! I like being married, I like the idea of it, I always have. As a girl you never really give up on that fairytale completely.” Jennifer - who has five-yearold twins Max and Emme with her third husband Marc Anthony - is so smitten with Casper, 25, that the 43-year-old singer doesn’t care about their age gap and chooses to ignore the stigma about older women dating younger men. She said: “There’s more of a stigma to it, you know? But I’m not really one to follow rules or stay within a box.” The star also revealed backup dancer Casper - who has choreographed the video for her new single Live It Up - is the perfect partner because the pair share a creative connection which fuels both their careers. Jennifer explained to ET News: “It’s a sweet relationship. It’s kind, it’s healthy. He’s a creative partner to me. He knows what I want to accomplish. “We talk about it a lot, obviously we’re together a lot. He helps me and I help him, and it kind of works that way.”

Liam Gallagher loves gardening THE Beady Eye frontman has asked for tickets to a VIP preview day of the Chelsea Flower Show - an annual gardening extravaganza held in London - on the same day Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is due at the event, which runs from May 21-25. A source told The Sun newspaper: “Liam is one of the most unlikely guests in the event’s history. “His rampaging days are definitely over - which is a relief to organisers given the importance of some guests.” Liam, 40, will rub shoulders will several other green-fingered musicians at the event including rocker Rod Stewart, Beatles legend Ringo Starr and singer Lily Allen. The singer - who famously sang “Maybe, I don’t really want to know, how your garden grows, cause I just want to fly” on Oasis’ hit Live Forever - is not the only member of his family with a penchant for plants. Brother Noel Gallagher also enjoys gardening and recently admitted he will be spending a lot more time cultivating and planting when he retires.


CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013

Noticeboard Laptop millionaire to offer a three-day seminar IN an age of economic crisis and growing unemployment, it is now widely accepted that the internet can offer intriguing new options for generating income. Furthermore, the internet enables one to work from home or from any location of convenience, relying on one’s own skills, energy and time. Mark Anastasi, one of the leading world specialists on how to make a full-time living from home and escape the unemployment nightmare quickly, will be coming to Nicosia at the end of his world tour. He will explain just how income-earning from home can be achieved, and why the opportunities are increasing. Anastasi, author of the New York Times Bestseller The Laptop Millionaire, will be delivering a three-day seminar in Nicosia from May 31st-June 2nd. The seminar will include subjects such as: ‘Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You'll Never Learn At Business School’, ‘21 Proven Ways To Make Money Online Using Nothing But a Laptop and an Internet Connection’, ‘7 Ways To Double Your Sales’, and ‘How To Outsource Your Business And Live The 4-Hour Work Week’. Since 2005 Anastasi has spoken about the Laptop Entrepreneur lifestyle and Internet business success at seminars across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Singapore, and Malaysia. A quick search on the internet will pull up many references to his work, but for the best hub bringing together the wide range of his areas of expertise, it's best to visit his personal website at: http://laptopmillionaire. tv/ There, interested parties can access a host of free resources, as well learn more about Anastasi's various services; there is also the opportunity to sign up for his free newsletter which brings more goodies straight into your inbox.  For more information regarding attendance of the three-day seminar, please visit:

Anastasi will focus on work from home opportunities

New reconciliation index in development

The Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) will hold a launch event of The Studio today at 6pm. The launch will be opened by John M. Koenig, US Ambassador to Cyprus and will also be attended by Georgios Markopouliotis, Head of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus, and Christopher Louise, UNDP-ACT Programme Manager. The launch event, backed by UNDP-ACT, is

open to all and will be an occasion to recognise the efforts of the many civil society organisations who have been working on reconciliation projects across the island. Attendees will also have the opportunity to find out more about how they can get involved through upcoming training sessions, events and production opportunities at The Studio. Please RSVP at

“THE Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development” (SeeD) is developing a revolutionary way to measure reconciliation, called the “Social Cohesion and Reconciliation” (SCORE) Index. Commissioned by UNDPACT, the SCORE aims to measure the impact of peace-building activities while taking the pulse on the underlying social factors that can influence the outcome of peace processes. Although developed originally in Cyprus, the SCORE Index will have a real added value only if it can be applied to other situations around the world where societies have emerged from conflict. To explore the prospects for adapting the SCORE methodology beyond the shores of Cyprus, a joint SeeD and UNDP-ACT team recently visited Israel and the Palestinian territories, in coordination with the local UNDP office. The SCORE index can identify the most important social cohesion variables, which need to be addressed in order to strengthen the impact of reconciliation work.

This tool will enable policy makers and practitioners in peace-building to better understand the social context to their work, and in particular focus their interventions on particular groups of people, geographical areas, and social factors where their efforts can really make a difference. SCORE is being developed initially in Cyprus, but experts in the field have already identified the potential for the SCORE methodology to be applied in multiple country contexts. In each case, a SCORE assessment will support the peace-building efforts in the respective society and/or regions of specific countries. This capacity to use a standard SCORE methodology in multiple countries will provide a capacity to draw international comparisons between different conflict and post-conflict scenarios, through the lens of comparative learning and the management of complex peace and development situations.  For further information visit: and SCORE Prezi Presentation

EU-backed project achieves bomb detection breakthrough Optix prototype able to find explosives 20m away THE Optix consortium has successfully developed and tested a portable prototype capable of detecting extremely small quantities of explosives at a 20-metre distance, providing police and security forces with an invaluable asset in the fight against bomb attacks. No other research organisation or company has to date achieved similar results, which places the European industry in an unprecedented position to bring the technology to market. The Optix consortium has received €2.4 million in funding from the EU Commission and is led by Spanish consultancy and technology multinational Indra. “The stand-off detection of traces of explosives would increase security in every scenario. Not only would security be enhanced, but the inconvenience for citizens would be reduced significantly through the use of a noninvasive and non-hazardous

The Optix consortium has received €2.4 million in funding from the EU Commission and is led by Spanish consultancy and technology multinational Indra explosive detection system,” explains Alberto Calvo, Security Director at Indra. Thanks to lasers that can precisely identify the atomic and molecular structure of explosives, the Optix prototype can rapidly and remotely scan the object in question, such as a vehicle, piece

of luggage or any opaque container, and pick up trace residue. It is virtually impossible to handle explosives and transport them without leaving a trace - residue adheres to the surface of the objects that transport them, as well as the hands of the people who

handle them and whatever they touch. Portability is achieved by integrating the prototype into a wheeled platform that can be transported in a standardsized van to the area to be patrolled. The platform will move along a car park or a street, for example, scanning

surfaces where traces may be present, such as on the steering wheel or the door of a vehicle. A law enforcement officer will control the platform remotely from a portable labcomputer on which he or she will directly receive the results obtained by the Optix detection system. The Optix prototype has already been successfully tested in laboratory and outdoor environments, simulated real-life situations and in various weather conditions. Further trials are planned to increase the sensitivity, precision and robustness of the system before making it available to European police and security forces. Commercialisation of the system would have the dual benefit of improving the security of citizens and the competitiveness of Europe's industry, making the continent less reliant on imported technology. In addition to its application in the field of remote detection of explosives, the laser technology developed by the Optix consortium shows interesting capabilities in other areas, in particular the field of forensic investigations. To guarantee the programme’s success, an effort has been made to actively involve end users, European forces and security bodies specialised in detecting and neutralising explosive artifacts.




Cannes film festival o fittingly lavish Great

The official poster for the 66th Cannes Film Festival

Critics see strong lineup of marketable movies reports Belinda Goldsmith


HE 2013 Cannes film festival opened yesterday with Baz Luhrmann’s 3D version of The Great Gatsby, a lavish throwback to the Roaring Twenties that befits the glamour and excess of the world’s biggest cinema showcase. The Australian director’s adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel starring Leonardo DiCaprio surprised some Hollywood insiders, because

Cannes traditionally launches on the palm-lined French Riviera with a splashy world premiere. But The Great Gatsby has already opened in the United States to mixed reviews and solid box office, potentially dampening buzz surrounding the start of 12 days of screenings, champagne-fuelled parties and deal making. Stars expected to face a phalanx of flash bulbs along the

red carpet include Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling, Emma Watson and Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan. Their pictures will undergo one of the most gruelling tests in movie making - pleasing Cannes’ notoriously picky critics who regularly boo as the credits roll if they are unhappy. And behind the scenes at the event, up to 40,000 film profes-

Audrey Tautou mistress of ceremonies for the 66th Cannes Film Festival poses before the opening

sionals will be seeking to buy and sell the next box office hit at the most important movie market of the year. “This is the hardest 10 days of the year for me. There are always three or four movies that are exceptional and you have to find them so it is a detective job,” said Tom Bernard, co-president and co-founder of Sony Pictures Classics. Critics have praised the selection of films being screened at the 66th Cannes festival, saying it is a strong, well-curated list ranging from hotlyanticipated potential crowd pleasers to beautifully-crafted, artistic cinema. American directors have their biggest showing in six years in the main competition at Cannes, making up five of 20 films vying for the coveted Palme D’Or for best picture

awarded by a jury headed by Steven Spielberg on the final day, May 26. Steven Soderbergh’s Behind The Candelabra, starring Douglas as the gay pianist Liberace and Damon as his young lover, is already generating huge interest, particularly as Soderbergh has hinted that this could be his last movie. Also in focus is Joel and Ethan Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis about New York’s gritty 1960s folk music scene, James Gray’s The Immigrant, Jim Jarmusch’s vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive, and Alexander Payne’s Nebraska. French filmmakers are also well represented with five films in the main competition, including Roman Polanski’s French-language La Venus a la Fourrure (Venus in Fur), a backstage drama starring his

American direc biggest showing i main competit wife Emmanuelle Seigner. Two Japanese movies are in the running and one each from China, Chad, Mexico, Iran, Tunisia, Italy and the Netherlands while Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives with Ryan Gosling in a Thai gangland thriller is creating buzz. Critics have earmarked Le Passe by Iran’s Asghar Farhadi and Like Father, Like Son by leading Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda as strong domestic dramas.

ursday, May 16, 2013

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The Great Gatsby






opens with Gatsby by Posters for The Great Gatsby, which will open the festival, outside the Carlton Hotel

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15 films to look out for at Cannes festival The Great Gatsby By Baz Luhrmann, Australia (opening film/ out of competition) Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire, Isla Fisher Synopsis: A war veteran finds himself lured into the lavish lifestyle of his millionaire neighbour.

Inside Llewyn Davis By Coen Brothers, USA (in competition)

Inside Lewyn Davis

Synopsis: Based on an autobiographical novel, this recounts the tempestuous relationship between Liberace and his lover.

Blood Ties By Guillaume Canet, France (out of competition) Stars: Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Marion Cotillard, Clive Owen, Billy Crudup Synopsis: Two brothers from either side of the law face off over organised crime in Brooklyn during the 1970s.

Bombay Talkies By four Indian directors (special screenings) Stars: Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan Synopsis: One hundred years of Hindi cinema is celebrated in four stories showcasing the power of film.

The Bling Ring

Stars: Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman Synopsis: A singer-songwriter navigates New York’s folk music scene during the 1960s.

Only God Forgives By Nicolas Winding Refn, Denmark (in competition) Stars: Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas Synopsis: A drug-smuggler in Bangkok’s underworld has his life further complicated when his mother compels him to find and kill the people behind his brother’s recent death.

Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian) By Arnaud Desplechin, France (in competition) Stars: Benicio del Toro, Mathieu Amalric Synopsis: A Blackfoot Indian returns from World War II with a mystery illness and requires the help of a psychoanalyst.

By Sofia Coppola, USA (un certain regard) Stars: Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Emma Watson Synopsis: Based on true events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts to rob their homes.

Nebraska By Alexander Payne, USA (in competition) Stars: Bruce Dern, Will Forte Synopsis: An ageing alcoholic father heads to Nebraska to claim a million dollar prize he claims to have won, accompanied by his estranged son.

Only Lovers Left Alive By Jim Jarmusch, USA (in competition) Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, Mia Wasikowska Synopsis: An underground musician and his enigmatic lover are together for several

The Immigrant By James Gray, USA (in competition) Stars: Jeremy Renner, Joaquin Phoenix, Marion Cotillard Synopsis: An immigrant woman is forced into a life of burlesque and vaud vaudeville until a dazzling magician tries to save her and reunite h her with her sister.

La Vénu Vénus à la Fourrure Fourr (Venus

ctors have their in six years in the tion at Cannes Farhadi won an Oscar for best foreign language film in 2012 for A Separation. Despite criticism of an allmale lineup last year, only one woman director has made the 2013 competition. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, sister of former French first lady Carla Bruni, is in the field with Un Chateau en Italie. The sidebar section, Un Certain Regard, set up to recognise young filmmakers, will feature 19 films including The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola

starring Harry Potter actress Emma Watson about a reallife gang stealing from celebrities’ homes. “It is a strong line-up this year looking at the names of the directors, especially those in competition,” said Wendy Mitchell, editor of the magazine Screen International. “There are some very sellable films this year and the fact that business was down at the Berlin festival (in February) usually means that there will be keen buyers at Cannes.” Out of competition, hundreds of films will be shown in special sessions while 4,000 or so films, many yet to be made, will be haggled over in meetings along the Croisette, the resort’s chic promenade, or on extravagant yachts moored nearby. Patrick Wachsberger, cochairman of Lionsgate Motion

oup, said he Picture Group, never had time to reenings go to screenings but used Cannes uzz for to build buzz new films including the second and third Hunger Games movies that start shoot-is year. ing later this “You meett with distributors inevery 30 mind utes and y it’s really like going to the dentist,” said Wa c h s b e r g e r. “The business e compliseems more cated than it used to be and a bitt more frantic but the money at her and it’s stake is higher mble.” a bigger gamble.”

in Fur Fur) R By Roman Polans lanski, France (in competition tion) Sta Stars: Emman manuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric Synops Synopsis: An actr actress tries to c convince a dir director that sh she’s perfect fo for a role in h his upcomin ing producti tion.

Behind The Be Candelabra Can

Behind The Chandelabra

By Steven Soderb derbergh, USA com (in competition) Stars: Matt DaR Lowe, mon, Rob Micha Douglas Michael

Only Lovers Left Alive centuries in this film described by its director as a “crypto-vampire love story” until little sister turns up to ruin things for everyone.

As I Lay Dying By James Franco, USA (un certain regard) Stars: James Franco, Danny McBride, Beth Grant, Jim Parrack Synopsis: Based on the 1930 classic by William Faulkner, this tells the story of the death of Addie Bundren and her family’s quest to honour her wish to be buried in the nearby town of Jefferson.

Jeune & Jolie (Young & Beautiful) By Francois Ozon, France (in competition) Stars: Marine Vacth, Charlotte Rampling Synopsis: The story of a 17-year-old girl’s sexual discovery through what Ozon describes as “four seasons and four songs”.

The Past By Asghar Farhadi, Iran (in competition) Stars: Berenice Bejo, Tahar Rahim, Ali Mosaffa Synopsis: An Iranian man with ongoing domestic problems deserts his wife and two children to go back to his homeland.

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The Croods (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in Greek) at 5.30pm (till Sunday); K-Cineplex (Screen 6) (in English) at 5.30pm (till Sunday); K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 4) (in Greek) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 11.20am, 1.20pm and 3.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) (in English) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 11.20am, 1.20pm and 3.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Spanish Film Festival (tonight: El Mal Ajeno) (in Spanish, with Greek subtitles) Cine Studio at 9pm, presented by the Friends of the Cinema Society. Tel: 96-420491,

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Silver Linings Playbook (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 7.45 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

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The Croods

Iron Man 3 (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in 2D) at 5pm (till Sunday), 7.45 and 10.30pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 2) (in 2D) at 5, 7.45 and 10.30pm, weekends also at 11.30am and 2.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

2) at 5.25pm (till Sunday), 7.45 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Iron Man 3 (12) Rio 1 (in 2D) at 7.45pm, weekends also at 5pm, and (in 3D) at 10.10pm; Rio 2 (in 3D), weekends only at 5pm. Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in 2D) at 5pm (till Sunday), 7.45 and 10.30pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Olympus Has Fallen (18) Rio 5 at 7.45 and 10pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 7.45 and 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Croods (K) Rio 3 (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 5.15pm; Rio 4 (in Greek, in 2D), weekends only at 5.15pm; Rio 5 (in English, in 2D), weekends only at 5.15pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 4) (in Greek) at 5.30pm (till Sunday); K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in English) at 5.30pm (till Sunday). Tel: 7777-8383 Silver Linings Playbook (12) Rio 6 at 8 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 5.30pm. Tel: 25-871410


Olympus Has Fallen (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 7.45 and 10.10pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) at 7.45 and 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Stolen (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 5.30pm (till Sunday), 8 and

10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000

Evil Dead (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 5.35pm (till Sunday), 8 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Evil Dead (18) Rio 3 at 7.30 and 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000

The Host (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 5.25pm (till Sunday), 7.45 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Iron Man 3 (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in 2D) at 5pm (till Sunday), 7.45 and 10.30pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Olympus Has Fallen (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 7.45 and 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Croods (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in Greek) at 5.30pm (till Sunday); KCineplex (Screen 6) (in English) at 5.30pm (till Sunday). Tel: 7777-8383 Silver Linings Playbook (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 7.45 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

PAPHOS Stolen (12) Rio 5 at 5.15pm; Rio 7 at 7.30 and 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000

Iron Man 3 (12) Rio 1 (in 3D) at 5, 7.30 and 9.50pm; Rio 4 (in 2D) at 7.30 and 9.50pm. Tel: 26-207000 Olympus Has Fallen (18) Rio 5 at 7.30 and 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000 Broken City (15) Rio 2 at 9.45pm. Tel: 26207000 The Croods (K) Rio 6 (in English, in 3D) at 5.15pm, weekends also at 3.15pm; Rio 7 (in Greek, in 3D) at 5.15pm, weekends also at 3.15pm. Tel: 26-207000 Silver Linings Playbook (12) Rio 2 at 7.30pm. Tel: 26207000 Sammy’s Great Escape (K) Rio 3 (in Greek), weekends only at 3.30 and 5.30pm. Tel: 26-207000

The Host (12) Rio 4 at 5pm; Rio 6 at 7.30 and

listings Today Exhibition Bread and Roses An exhibition of art by graduating students of the Cyprus College of Art 2013. Opens May 16, 6.30pm, until May 25. Cornaro Institute, 23 Mehmet Ali Street, Larnaca. Open daily: 10am-5pm. Tel: 24-25 4042

Music The Flying of the Swans The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra collaborates with world famous Finnish conductor Esa Heikkilä and distinguished Cypriot pianist Nicolas Costantinou. May 16. Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €12/7.Tel: 22-463144/22-313010. Leonidas Balafas Winner of popular Greek talent show performs live with a programme that flirts with blues, reggae, jazz, rock and funk sounds. May 16. Diachroniki Music Stage 2 Yianni Koromia Street, Kaimakli, Nicosia. 10pm. €10. Tel: 99-783455


Akrita Avenue, Nicosia. MondayFriday: 10am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10am-1pm. Tel: 22754009.

Music Rock Aid – minus One Charity gig with popular local band in aid of Cypriot families in need. May 17. Tepee Rock Bar, Ampelakion Street, Yermasoyia, Limassol. 10.30pm. €10 (Proceeds will be donated to Red Cross Cyprus). Tel: 25-328222/97-785919

Theatre Stage One Theatre Group Charity Performances Two one act plays performed for charity. The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard and The Crucible by Arthur Miller. May 17-18. Stage One Theatre, Emba, Paphos. 7.30pm. Proceeds will go towards Solidarity Paphos. Tel: 99-967737 or Dear Mr. Strindberg The Theatre Group Solo for Three present play based on the work of August Strindberg Miss Julie. May 17 until May 28. Melina Merkouri Hall, Athina Avenue, Nicosia. Every Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 8.30pm. €10/5. The net proceeds from the performances will be given to charity. In Greek. Tel: 22-797650


Other Events

The Playroom Solo art exhibition by Elina Sophocleous. Opens May 17, 7.30pm until June 7. Argo Gallery, 64E D.

Taxidi 2013 A forum where the Cypriot traveller can obtain valuable and comprehensive information on tourist destina-

tions and travel packages. May 17-19. Hellenic Pavilion, the Multiple Use Hall of the Cyprus State Fairs Authority and the adjacent Pavilion 4, Nicosia. May 17-18: 4pm-10pm. May 19: 2pm-10pm. €5/Free for children under 12. Tel: 22-203600

Ongoing Other Events Berlin – Alexanderplatz Remastered Screening of 14-episode mini-series by Rainer Warner Fassbinder. May 8 until June 6. Hall of the GoetheInstitut Cyprus in Nicosia. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7pm. In German with Greek subtitles. Free. Tel: 22-674606

Theatre A Steady Rain The theatre group D-tale presents two-character melodrama by Keith Huff. Until May 16. WhereHaus 612, 5 Michael Kousoulide, Pallouriotissa Industrial Area, Nicosia. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8.30pm. €12/15. Tel: 99-535625 The Dispute The Main Stage of THOC presents tragic comedy by Pierre de Marivaux. Until May 17. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm and Sunday 6pm. In Greek. €12/10. Tel: 77-772717 Kai Mi Heirotera Theatro Lexi presents comedy by Giorgos Tsiakkas which satirises Europe and Cyprus today. Until May 18. Latsia Municipal Theatre, 57 Yiannos

Kranidiotis Avenue. Wednesday through Friday at 8.30pm. €15. In Greek. Tel: 22-878688 Playing Doctor Theatro Skala presents the contemporary American comedy by William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore. Until May 26. Skala Theatre, 15 Kyriakou Matsi Street, Larnaca. On Saturdays at 8.30pm and Sunday at 6.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 24-652800 Centuries Away from Alaska Dionysos Theatre presents play by Akis Dimou, directed by Tonia Misiali. Until May 26. Dionysos Theatre, 29 Diagorou Street. On Fridays and Saturdays at 8.30pm and Sundays at 6.30pm. In Greek. €15. Tel: 99621845/22-818999 Egg Salad A new children’s play, in a new theatre presented by Aiora. Until May 26. Aiora Theatre, 4 Trion Ierarchon Street (Carrefour Volos Street), Limassol. Every Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 11am & 4pm. Adults €7/Children €5. In Greek. Tel: 99-668843 Gethsemane A play about British public life by David Hare. Until May 31. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. On specific days at 8.30pm and on Sundays at 6pm. In Greek. €12/6. Tel: 77-772717/22-864300 Educating Rita Theatro Dentro presents stage comedy by British playwright Willy Russell. Until June 8. Theatro Dentro, 1 Digenis Akritas Avenue, Nicosia. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm. In Greek. Tel: 99-520835/99-384606

Sovrakaless Play based on the book by Terrence McNally and the film The Full Monty. Until June 9. WhereHaus 612, 5 Michael Kousoulide, Pallouriotissa Industrial Area, Nicosia. On Specific days at 8.30pm. In Greek. €15/12. Tel: 70-000612

Exhibition Magic of the Paint Brush Painting exhibition by husband and wife team. Until May 17. Gallery of the Goethe-Institut Cyprus, 21 Markou Drakou (UN buffer zone next to Ledra Palace Hotel. 2pm-7pm. Tel: 22-674608 Free Range Unicorns: Two Dimensional Possibilities Photography and video installations. Until May 17. Paphos Municipality Gallery, 7 Gladstonos Street. Monday-Friday: 9am-3pm. Saturday: 9am-1pm. Tel: 26-930653 Thematic Cartography An exhibition of work by artist in residence Jan Blythe. Until May 18. Cornaro Art Institute, 23 Mehmet Ali Street, (Near St Lazarus Cathedral), Larnaca. Open Tuesday to Saturday. 10am-5pm. Tel: 24-254042 Water Stories Solo painting exhibition by Ero Farmaka. Until May 20. Kypriaki Gallery Gonia, 45 Stadiou Street, Larnaca. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4.30 pm-8pm. Sunday: 11am-2pm and 4pm- 7pm. Tel: 24-621109 Woman in Art Solo painting exhibition by Giorgos Kotsonis. Until May 31. Peter’s Gallery, 31 Ioanni Polemi Street, Limassol. 10am1pm & 4pm-7pm. Tel: 99-679242

For a full guide to the week’s events and regular meetings, make sure you get a copy of the Sunday Mail

A Matter of Choice Solo art exhibition by Lefteris Olymprios. Until May 30. Gallery Gloria, 3 Zinonos Sozou Street, Nicosia. Monday-Friday: 10.30pm-12.45pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30pm12.45pm. Tel: 22-760286 Cluster A generative audiovisual performance by Kurt Hentschlager. Until May 31. The Office, 32 Kleanthis Christofides Street, Nicosia. Tel: 99-848495 The Real Truth Solo painting exhibition by Anna Varelli. Until May 31. Apocalypse Gallery, 30 Chytron Street, Nicosia. Monday- Friday: 10.30am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30am-1pm. Tel: 22-766655 Beautiful Things for Beautiful People at Affordable Prices An exhibition of collectors’ items, small antique furnishings, engravings and more. Until June 10. Opus 39 Gallery, 21 Kimonos Street, Nicosia. Monday: 5pm-8pm. Tuesday-Friday: 10.30am-12.30pm and 5pm-8pm. Tel: 22-424983 Within Narratives Solo art exhibition by Stelios Kallinikou. Until June 15. Penindaplin Gallery, 49 Ellados, Limassol. Opening: Monday-Friday: 4pm-8pm. Saturday: 12-4pm. Tel: 25-340727 DIY Cyprus Group exhibition. Until June 15. Is Not Gallery, 11 Odysseus, Chrysaliniotissa, Nicosia. MondaySaturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Tel: 22-343670

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013

19 To have your event included for FREE in our listings, send details to: Arts Editor, Cyprus Mail, PO Box 21144, Nicosia. Fax: 22-676385. Email: whatson@ Please send your information as early as possible. Include full details, a contact number and good quality photos

Coming Up Other Events Fayre thee well Yes, it’s that time of year again; this Saturday sees the return of the St Paul’s May Fayre. With the sun finally creeping out from behind the clouds, organisers are hoping this year’s May Fayre will be the most dazzling yet. It’s time to put all those brollies away as St Paul’s gets ready to say hello to summer with a bumper May Fayre. The time-honoured tradition of the English May Fayre is observed annually in Nicosia at St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral. This is the Cathedral’s major fundraising event of the year and funds raised play a vital role in maintaining the Cathedral and the work they do within the local community. Each year 10 per cent of the proceeds are donated to a local charity and this year the Cathedral will be supporting The Pregnancy Care Centre, a registered charity located in Nicosia. The Centre offers free pregnancy services, confidential crisis counselling, befriending and practical help and supplies such as baby clothes and equipment. May Fayres continue to be held all over England and so the St Paul’s event is a celebration which brings together music, dancing, games and attractions for the whole family, as well as

English tea and cakes. And as a reflection of St Paul’s international congregation, a tasty selection of curries, fish balls and spring rolls will be on offer. The Fayre will open this year with a Fanfare played by James Moore on a Trompe de Chasse, followed by the London School of Ballet performing a traditional maypole dance. The Junior School Cheerleaders will then be giving an energetic display and the AISC and Senior School choir will again be entertaining the crowds with a selection of music. The Fayre will also welcome a new group of dancers – The Asomatos Dancers who will be performing some traditional dances, followed by the English School Cypriot Dance Group who will round off the afternoon’s performances. Children will have the chance to climb aboard a fire engine or into a police patrol car, so bring your camera along for a photo. Numerous children’s games and side-shows are planned including face-painting and bouncy castle, together with a scavenger hunt which will challenge children of all ages, not to mention the plant stall, bottle stall, books, white elephant, clothes stalls, and homemade cakes and preserves. And of course everyone will have the opportunity to win one of the many great prizes in our Grand Draw. St Paul’s May Fayre Stalls, a raffle, kids activities, games, food & drink and much more. May 18. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Byron Avenue, Nicosia. 4pm-7 .30pm. This year proceeds are going to the Pregnancy Care Centre. Tel: 22-44 5221

NIGHTLIFE Sunday night milonga with TangoCult It might come as a surprise - but Cyprus has a relatively good, lively tango scene. For a while now, tango fever has swept the island and that’s not the stylised ballroom tango you might have seen on TV, but the sultry, subtle and seriously addictive Argentine tango, a dance that was once called ‘a vertical expression of a horizontal desire’. There’s a thriving and friendly scene in Nicosia and this Sunday TangoCult Cyprus Tango Association is organising a Milonga-Tango night at the Holiday Inn Hotel. For those not so familiar with this passionate dance, a milonga is the tango equivalent of a ball, the social event where everyone gathers to dance. TangoCult’s Orchestra will perform live during the event, offering dancers and music lovers a magical atmosphere. A suitable dance floor will be provided for those who wish to dance. Recently established, TangoCult

Cyprus Tango Association is the first official non-profit organisation in Cyprus, dedicated to the support and growth of the Argentine Tango. It has been conceived to promote Tango as a way of expression, exchanging ideas and as a means of intercultural communication through the organisation of Tango events, festivals and other activities. Whether you’re an expert or an absolute beginner, it’s time to get your dancing shoes on and discover the mysterious world of tango and milongas. The milongas are at the heart of the Argentine tango experience and they will open your eyes to a fascinating world with a complex but fascinating code. Tango Night Milonga with live music by TangoCult. May 19. Holiday Inn Hotel Nicosia, 70 Rigenis Street. 9.30pm. €10 (1 drink included). Tel: 22-712712/99-352605

Israel turns 65!

Above: photograph from Shai Ginott’s exhibition From the Beginning. Inset: Mein Jerusalem

The New Theatre Building of THOC will host a free, family-friendly celebration of Israel’s Independence Day for the entire community on Saturday, reaching out to everyone who supports Israel and enjoys its culture. On May 14, Zionist Leader David Ben-Gurion announced to the world that the state of Israel would come into existence at midnight after the termination of the mandate and following the 1947 UN Vote on Partition. Israel’s Independence Day - Yom Ha’Atzmaut - is celebrated in Israel according to the lunar Hebrew calendar - and this year marked the 65th anniversary of the nation’s independence. Political issues tend to dominate discussion about Israel but each anniversary of Israel’s independence is a chance to celebrate its achievements, despite its age, size and the enormous obstacles it has faced and continues to face. Immersing yourself in the culture of another country adds a valuable dimension to your life experience and this Saturday you can do just that at the Israel Open Night. Entrance to all events is free, but reservations must be made. From afternoon until late in the evening, THOC will host an exclusive series of cultural events and artistic happenings, startingoff with a puppet show for children by The Galilee Multicultural Theatre. Humour, music, black theatre and of course puppets are the ingredients of this show. The Galilee Multicultural Theatre is known for its special visual language, where the actors play with objects, puppets and their body, using almost no words. Thus language is no obstacle, and multilingual audiences can enjoy the show together and interact with each other. Next up, is a theatre performance in English, Mein Jerusalem. The play follows the professional and personal highlights of a fictional German photographer, Sabina Sauber, on her journey towards finding a sense of belonging, following her desire to experience the ‘here and now’. g film buffs can enjoy two On the night, very different films, lm beginning with Footnote, a tthought-provoking drama tha that created a lot of Oscar b buzz. It was nominate nated for an Academy Awa Award in 2012, but lost out in the best foreignla language film cate egory to the Iranian e entry, A Separation. F Footnote is the tale of a great rivalry

between a father and son. Both are eccentric professors, who have dedicated their lives to their work in Talmudic Studies. The father is a stubborn purist who fears the establishment and has never been recognised for his work. While his son, is an up-and-coming star in the field, who feeds on accolades, endlessly seeking recognition. The second film to be screened on Saturday is Rabies, a film by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado. Take the classic horror movie formula – young nubile things lost in the woods, a marauding psychotic serial killer and gallons of blood and gore. Add some dark humour, sharp and witty dialogue and unexpected twists, and you get Rabies, Israel’s critically acclaimed first foray into the slasher genre. Described by its writer-directors as an allegory of the state of Israel, Rabies is a clever polemic on fear and rage. Stylish enough to appeal to a broad audience, but with sufficient splatter to satisfy the hardcore genre fan, Rabies has been hailed as a heady and highly enjoyable viewing experience. Last but not least, THOC will be showcasing a photography exhibition entitled From the Beginning by Shai Ginott, from Saturday until next Sunday, May 26. All the photographs shown in this exhibition have been taken in Israel, but portray imaginary landscapes, as they are composed of two photos superimposed on one another, echoing extracts from the Bible. Ginott, a biologist by profession, started her career as the first photographer of the National Parks Authority. She published many photography books, combining poetry anthologies, and in 1993 was awarded the Gold Prize at the Jerusalem International Book Fair for her bestselling book, Touching the Light. Israel Open Night Experience Israeli culture within the framework of the 65th anniversary of the Independence of the State of Israel. May 18. THOC, 9 Gregori Afxentiou Street, Nicosia. Free reservations required. Tel: 77-772717. www. By Ledha Socratous

Programme 6.30pm - Celebration, a puppet show for children 8pm-10.30pm - Mein Jerusalem, theatre performance in English 8.30pm - Footnote, screening of Israeli drama film, with

Greek subtitles 10.30pm - Rabies, screening of Israel’s first-ever horror flick, with English subtitles Until May 26 - From the Beginning, photography exhibition by Shai Ginott

For a full listing of the day’s events, see facing page

Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Television CYBC 1 06.45 08.15

Proti Enimerosi Kali Sas Mera Early morning entertainment magazine featuring segments on cooking, fashion, lifestyle issues and more.


Kaftes Piperies (rpt)


Istories Tou Horkou (rpt)

CYBC 2 08.00 16.30


12.00 15.30

Apo Mera Se Mera Entehnos Local cultural show.

16.00 18.00 18.15 18.45

18.00 18.50 19.00 19.10

Paizoume Kypriaka

20.00 20.55

Moiraia Fengaria Local period drama, based on true events.

20.00 21.15

News Patates Antinahtes Local satirical show, using comedy sketches and embarrassing TV clips to skewer local politicians.


Eurovision Song Contest Second semi-final of corny singing competition.

00.00 00.15

News Repeats

DW-TV’s magazine show, bringing you the latest on lifestyle and entertainment in Europe.

07.50 08.40

Kati Psinetai (rpt)

Biz/Emeis News In English News In Turkish Megastructures

22.30 23.00 23.45 00.00

09.30 10.25 11.15 12.15 13.00 13.20 14.00 14.50

NRG Zone A Touch of Frost Fourteenth season ‘Dead End’. Jack investigates the abduction of a bus driver and his conductor and an unrelated murder of a children’s entertainer, but is frustrated when he finds himself working alongside an old colleague who got him suspended after making a complaint about his handling of a past case. Long-running crime drama, with David Jason as the irascible copper.

Second season of local game show, asking questions having to do with Cypriot dialect.


06.50 07.00

Discovery documentary series looking at the making of the greatest structures and machines ever created.

Mazi Sto CyBC News Kaftes Piperies Live local cookery show.

Kids’ TV Euromaxx

Show where contestants try to outdo each other by throwing the perfect dinner party, which is then judged on its merits by their rivals.

Live cookery show. Popular local comedy series, which is the longest-running weekly show on Cyprus television.


Motor Sports Kati Psinetai (rpt) News In English & Turkish (rpt) News

15.45 16.40 17.30 17.40

Me Agapi Ellas To Megaleio Sou (rpt) Vodka Portokali (rpt) Fila To Vatraho Sou (rpt) Einai Stigmes (rpt) Pansellinos (rpt) Tis Agapis Mahairia (rpt) Niose Me (rpt) News Mera Mesimeri Konstantinou Kai Elenis (rpt) Tha Vreis To Daskalo Sou (rpt) Eleftheros Ki Oraios (rpt) Oneiropagida (rpt) Lefta Sto Lepto Yia Tin Agapi Sou (rpt)

MEGA 06.00 07.00 08.00 08.10

Greek competitive cooking reality show, open to amateur and home chefs.

09.00 10.00 11.40 14.00 16.00 18.00 18.30 19.30 20.20 21.20

21.30 22.20 23.10 00.00 00.05 00.20 01.40 02.30 03.20 04.40

Aiyia Fuxia (rpt) Niose Me News Allantopoleio Grigoriou Spring Wipeout Grey’s Anatomy Elikrinia News Sports News Ola Bahalo Fetos (rpt) To Kleidi Tou Paradeisou (rpt) To Paihnidi Tis Signomis (rpt) News (rpt) Deal (rpt)

Klemmena Oneira (rpt) Proino Mou Enimerosi Tora Eheis Meson Yia Sena News Greek Series TBA Sto Para Pente News Klemmena Oneira Greek drama series.

22.20 23.10

Oi Vasiliades FILM: Secret Window



09.40 10.30 11.10 12.00 15.20 18.00 18.05 18.45 19.40 20.20 21.15

00.30 00.20

News Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Set after the events in Terminator 2 Sarah Connor and her son John, trying to stay under-the-radar from the government as they plot to destroy the computer network Skynet in hopes of preventing Armageddon.

02.00 04.00


Spiti Apo Tin Arhi (rpt)


House make-over show.


Efialtis Stin Kouzina (rpt)


A chef tries to turn around Greek restaurants in crisis.


Vasiliki (rpt) Aspra Balonia (rpt) Efta Ourani Kai Sinnefa Alites (rpt) Mesimeri Kai Kati Eleni News Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama Anna Paola Efta Ourani Kai Sinnefa Alites News Pame Paketo

10.45 11.40 12.30 13.00 15.30 17.00 17.50 19.50 21.15 22.00

23.10 00.10 00.15 01.00 01.45 04.10

Dekati Entoli (rpt) News Epistrofi (rpt) Se Fonto Kokkino (rpt) Mesimeri Kai Kati (rpt) Eleni (rpt)


00.15 01.00

CAPITAL 06.40 08.35 09.35 10.00 11.00 11.30 12.30 13.25 14.25 15.25 16.05

Nistikoi Praktores (rpt) LTV Sports News News

Kids’ TV Kalitera En Ginetai (rpt) Akti Oneiron Ston Asterismo Tis Imeras Kouzina Me Apopsi Epi Topou (rpt) Milagros Kids’ TV Telemarketing Kalitera En Ginetai Top Models Latin American telenovela.

17.00 17.30

Akti Oneiron Sto Mati Tou Kiklona (rpt)

19.15 19.50 20.05

News Sports Time O Anthropos Tis Thalassas FILM: The Descent

With News at 18.10.


Horror, starring Shauna Macdonald. 2005. See Pick Of The Day.


FILM: Glass House: The Good Mother An orphaned brother and sister are fostered by a seemingly kind couple, but their new mother shows a disturbingly dark side. Thriller sequel, starring Angie Harmon. 2006.

Cold Case (rpt) Third season. ‘Beautiful Little Fool’. Rush investigates the murder of a woman in 1929, her oldest case to date, when the victim’s great-granddaughter discovers the crime was never solved.


Yia Sena (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)

Fotis - Maria Live Best Of Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Mesimeriani Meleti Best Of I Kouzina Me Ti Dina (rpt) Mila (rpt) Ayio Eihame (rpt) Star News Mesimeriani Meleti News Ayio Eihame Fotis - Maria Live Mila Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Fringe Third season. ‘Os’. The team traces a gang of thieves that can inexplicably break the laws of gravity, and the investigation leads to a scientist whose studies have backfired. Meanwhile, Walter resolves to delay the damage he has done to the fabric of the universe.

Talk-show that deals with human interest stories such as reuniting people, fulfilling dreams and connecting individuals who want to correct past mistakes in their lives.

A writer is accused of plagiarism by a strange man, who then starts haunting him for “justice. Thriller, starring Johnny Depp and John Turturro. 2004.

With News at 18.00.

18.40 19.30 20.15 21.25

Retire News (rpt) Max Adventures Master Chef (rpt)



FILM: Whacked! Two brothers, one a hired killer and the other a CIA assassin, must protect a crime witness.Action comedy, starring Patrick Muldoon. 2002.

Mirror Mirror (LTV, 18.00)

01:05 Getting On 01:35 My Family 02:05 The Weakest Link 02:50 EastEnders 03:20 Doctors 03:50 Silk 04:40 Doctor Who Confidential 04:55 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 05:40 My Family 06:10 The Weakest Link 07:00 Penelope K, By The Way 07:10 Me Too! 07:30 Teletubbies 07:55 Balamory 08:15 Penelope K, By The Way 08:25 Me Too! 08:45 Teletubbies 09:10 Balamory 09:30 My Family 10:00 After You’ve Gone 10:30 The Weakest Link 11:15 EastEnders 11:45 Doctors 12:15 Hustle 13:05 Silk 13:55 My Family 14:25 Full Circle With Michael Palin 15:15 After You’ve Gone 15:45 EastEnders 16:15 Doctors 16:45 The Weakest Link 17:30 Hustle 18:20 Silk 19:10 EastEnders 19:40 Doctors 20:15 The Weakest Link 21:00 My Family 21:30 Keeping Up Appearances 22:00 Spooks 22:50 Getting On 23:20 Rob Brydon’s Annually Retentive 23:50 Watson & Oliver 00:20 The World of Stonehenge

07:00 Sunrise Earth 07:55 Rattlesnake Republic 08:40 Northwest Wild 09:30 Mega

Beasts 10:15 Extreme Engineering 11:05 Deadliest Catch 11:50 How Do They Do It? 12:15 Inside West Coast Customs 13:05 Chasing Classic Cars 14:35 Ultimate Journeys 15:25 Mega Beasts 16:10 Mythbusters 17:00 Alps From Above 17:50 Prehistoric 18:40 Chasing Classic Cars 19:30 Ultimate Journeys 20:20 Extreme Engineering 21:10 Mega Beasts 22:00 Alps From Above 22:50 Prehistoric 23:40 Deadliest Catch 00:30 Extreme Engineering 01:15 Mythbusters 02:05 Alps From Above 02:50 Prehistoric 03:40 Chasing Classic Cars 04:30 Mega Beasts 05:20 Ultimate Journeys 06:10 Extreme Engineering

09:30 Cycling: Tour Of California 10:30 Cycling: Tour Of Italy 11:30 Tennis: Get Ready For Roland Garros 11:45 Table Tennis: World Championship 13:30 Cycling: Tour Of California 14:30 Cycling: Tour Of Italy 15:30 Table Tennis: World Championship 17:00 Cycling: Tour Of Norway 18:30 Table Tennis: World Championship 20:00 Fight Sport: Fight Club 23:15 Cycling: Tour Of Italy 00:15 Cycling: Tour Of Cali-

fornia 02:00 Cycling: Tour Of Italy

05:30 How I Met Your Mother 06:15 Criminal Minds 07:00 Breakout Kings 07:45 The Simpsons 08:10 Bob’s Burgers 08:35 Rules Of Engagement 09:25 How I Met Your Mother 10:15 Criminal Minds 11:00 Breakout Kings 11:45 The Simpsons 18 12:10 Bob’s Burgers 12:35 Rules Of Engagement 13:25 How I Met Your Mother 14:15 Touch 15:00 Breakout Kings 15:45 The Simpsons 18 16:10 Bob’s Burgers 16:35 Rules Of Engagement 17:25 How I Met Your Mother 18:15 Criminal Minds 19:00 Breakout Kings 19:50 The Simpsons 18 20:15 Bob’s Burgers 20:40 Rules Of Engagement 21:30 Touch 22:20 Beauty And The Beast 23:10 Criminal Minds 00:00 White Collar 00:45 Touch 01:30 The League 2 01:55 Traffic Light 02:20 Criminal Minds 03:05 Breakout Kings 03:50 The Simpsons 18 04:15 Bob’s Burgers 04:40 Lost

07:30 Officer And A Gentleman, An 09:45 Other Guys, The

11:45 Prey, The 13:45 Piece Of The Action, A 16:00 Nowhere Boy 18:00 Mirror Mirror 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 I Am Slave 22:30 Action Zone 23:00 St. Elmo’s Fire 00:50 Hustler Tv 02:20 Un Prophete 04:55 Two Tickets To Paradise 06:30 LTV Sports News

07:00 Kids TV 16:35 Young Justice 17:00 A’ Division Cyprus Soccer Championship 2012-13 19:00 Barclays Premier League Review 20:00 Inside Line 20:30 La Liga World 21:00 Barclays Premier League World 21:30 La Liga Show 2012-13 22:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13 00:00 Planet Speed 00:30 2013 Wtcc 01:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13 03:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 05:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13

07:15 One Tree Hill 08:00 Two And A Half Men 08:30 C.S.I. New York 10:00 2 Broke Girls 10:45 Two And A Half Men 11:15 Ncis: Los Angeles 12:45 Gossip Girl 13:30 One Tree Hill 14:15 C.S.I. New York 16:00 Friends 16:25 PriVIleged 17:10 Top Boy 18:05 Luck 19:00 Gossip Girl 19:45 Harry’s Law Ii 20:30 Big Bang Theory 21:00

In Hell 22:00 Lucky One 00:05 Daring! Tv 04:05 Right Stuff

05:00 Turn Me On, Dammit! 06:15 O Annivas Pro Ton Pilon 08:00 Cine News 08:55 The Story Of Us 10:35 Beastly 12:05 Action Zone 12:40 The Amazing Spider Man 17:00 Cine News 17:35 Albert Nobbs 19:40 Mad On Novacinema 20:15 The Double 22:00 I Love You Too 23:55 Meeting Evil 01:30 The Bleeding House 03:00 The Grey

Southland 21:45 C.S.I. Miami 22:30 The Closer :15 Fringe 00:05 Rain People, The 01:45 Flirting With Flamenco 03:30 Friends 03:55 PriVIleged 04:40 Top Boy 05:35 Luck 06:30 Gossip Girl

08:00 Double Jeopardy 10:00 Overnight Delivery 11:30 Action Zone 12:00 Sea Gypsies 14:00 Hot Tub Time Machine 16:00 Kings Of Mykonos 18:00 The Neverending Story: The Next Chapter19:30 Action Zone 20:00 I Hope They Serve Beer

06:20 Cine News 07:10 Like Crazy 08:40 Dead Poet’s Society 10:50 Cine News 11:25 Twilight Saga, The: Breaking Dawn – P.1 13:25 The Illusionist 15:15 Hollywood 1on1 15:50 Runaway Jury 18:00 My Super Ex-Girlfriend 19:45 Glory 21:50 Films and Stars At The Festival Cannes 2013 22:00 Miss Bala 00:00 A Happy Event 01:55 Chasing Amy 03:50 Oi Tempelides Tis Eforis Koiladas

19:05 The Chamber 23:20 The Following The End Is Near 00:10 Cine News 01:00 Aleska

& Angelika Pornochic 21

18:20 Hemingway & Gellhorn 21:00 The Vow 22:50 Shirley Valentine 00:45 Blue Crush 2

14:00 European Tour Volvo World Match Play Championship LIVE 18:00 Pinks All Out Concord 19:00 Sports Unlimited 20:00 MLB Player Poll 20:30 MLB: New York Mets At St. Louis Cardinals LIVE

06:00 MTV Morning 12:00 MTV Daily Hits 18:00 MTV Out Loud 24:00 MTV After Hours

06:00 North By Northwest 08:15 Hook 09:50 Lost In A Harem 11:20 Dial M For Murder 13:10 Mildred Pierce 15:00 Adventures of Robin Hood 16:45 Mr: Skeffington 19:00 Operation Crossbow 21:00 Champ 23:05 Mister Buddwing 00:50 Champ 02:55 Mister Buddwing 04:40 Edge of the City

By Preston Wilder

The Descent (Capital, 21.00) ‘The Decent’ claims the typo on Capital’s schedule, but this isn’t just a decent horror flick; it’s a cult classic, named as one of the ‘25 Best Horror Films of the Aughts’ by the influential folks at online magazine Slant. “Soullessness and emptiness manifest physically in the form of screaming night crawlers in [director] Neil Marshall’s The Descent, the ultimate prison movie devoid of any trap door for escape,” says the mag, ranking the film at No. 7 - a slightly pretentious way of saying that it’s frighteningly tense, starting out with six female friends going on a caving trip. Deep in the bowels of an unknown cave system, tensions between the women start to emerge - but the real

horror comes from the ‘crawlers’, weird albino humanoid creatures who appear out of nowhere. The shift to monster movie is where the film loses much of its power for me (or did, when I saw it seven years ago), but I’m clearly in the minority - and it’s certainly never dull, with shock moments galore plus not one but two ‘It Was Just a Dream’ twists. Made in 2005.

I Love You Too (Novacinema1, 22.00) Peter Dinklage has a brilliant career, especially for a dwarf (sorry, ‘small person’): not only does he play Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, he also gets invited to Australia to co-star in local comedies like this

I Love You Too

little number. “You are without a doubt the worst boyfriend in the world,” says the wise Mr. Dinklage, chiding our hero Jim (Brendan Cowell) who loves Alice (Yvonne Strahovski) but is too afraid of commitment to actually say so - though Jim is a beacon of maturity next to his buddy Blake, whose solution when Alice finally leaves in disgust is to hire a hooker. “A grown-up comedy about a guy who’s trying to grow up,” chortles the trailer - and it looks like a pleasant rom-com, once you get past the thick Aussie accents and tedious insistence on men behaving badly. “The only time those Aussie actors seemed decent was when they were sharing the scene with Dinklage,” scoffs an unpatriotic local at the Internet Movie Database. Made in 2010.

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013












10 11 13

HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved, you solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. With the ‘X’ sudoku, the shaded X must also contain the numbers 1-9.

12 14


16 17 19





1 Put forward that support does need changing (8) 6 Woman provided backing twice (4) 8 Dive, needing a breather in physical education (6) 9 High-class fur that can be put to some purpose (6) 10 Flattery from one grown-up going round I take on (9) 13 Benefactor loses his head in Buckinghamshire town (4) 14 Minute part that’s edible (3) 15 Hear about large bird (4) 16 Finish wine first in town in Kent (9) 19 Key to the cabinet (6) 20 Difficult when ascending (6) 21 Some badinage editor encouraged (4) 22 Do reload material from the golden land (8)

2 Go round with a 7 down of rock (4) 3 One Parisian in the park, a 7 down of aggressive rock music (4) 4 An outburst of extravagant buying? (8,5) 5 Bilingually deceitful? (6-7) 6 Even Terry is disheartened with insincere praise (8) 7 He will no longer be one when he takes the lead (8) 11 Beat Coe, mover extraordinaire (8) 12 Turned out to have been all right within when incited (8) 17 Ancient God from Corinth originally (4) 18 Penny left overdrawn will walk leisurely (4)

Rating EASY


Rating HARD


Rating HARD






Answers to crossword 2388


CRYPTIC: Across – 1 Unpick; 4 Scotch; 9 Redevelop; 10 Lad; 11 Plastic; 13 Liver; 14 Astigmatism; 18 Ton-up; 19 Invader; 21 Tan; 22 The bottom; 24 Dressy; 25 Magnet. Down – 1 Unripe; 2 Pad; 3 Covet; 5 Copilot; 6 Televised; 7 Hedera; 8 Blackmailed; 12 Assonance; 15 Impetus; 16 Stated; 17 Prompt; 20 Viola; 23 Ten.

QUICK: Across – 1 Horace; 4 Presto; 9 Ruminated; 10 Gin; 11 Satchel; 13 Licit; 14 Stone’sthrow; 18 Trent; 19 Nicosia; 21 Och; 22 Bespatter; 24 Tamper; 25 Smithy. Down – 1 Heresy; 2 Ram; 3 Conch; 5 Rudolph; 6 Sagacious; 7 Ornate; 8 Stylishness; 12 Tottenham; 15 Notable; 16 Utmost; 17 Fairly; 20 Chasm; 23 Tot.

ARIES March 21 - April 20

LEO July 23 - August 22

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21

Speeded up mental processes could find expression through drumming up ideas to earn yourself extra cash or to improve job or career matters. The Moon in Leo, may help your spirits pick up and encourage you to spread a little joy. There’s even room for romance if you have the time and inclination. If you get an invite, consider accepting it.

Personal goals seem to be within reach - as long as you’re willing to use your intuition to help make the right moves. Generally, it’s pleasant to be in the company of others, as they may inspire you to move out of your comfort zone. Involve yourself in art, music and creativity. Forget about any worries for the moment if possible.

The pace picks up with lots of conversation and plenty of action. A talk may involve revisiting and clarifying a matter that may have been bugging you for a while. This is an opportunity to finally put it to rest. Current influences suggest you’re still very much in demand. It may be a good day for doing something fun which everyone can enjoy.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21

VIRGO August 23 - September 23

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20

You may feel like taking it easy today, but it might help to give this the heave-ho, especially as there are plenty of opportunities around to help you succeed with work, love and money matters. Tap into your natural reserves of strength and determination, and you may be onto a winner. Entertaining friends can prove delightful.

A powerful idea may be worth taking to the next level. With a positive focus on career matters and professional goals, it seems you can do no wrong. A conversation could turn things round for you, especially if it helps you to resolve an ongoing business dilemma. There’s fun to be had too, which may see you opt for an evening out.

In order to improve your cash flow, it may be an idea to clear out your cupboards and wade through unused clutter to locate items you can give away. Getting rid of some of this stuff may clear your mind at the same time. You may feel an inner and outer freedom from having extra space, which stir other more lucrative ideas.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21

LIBRA September 24 - October 23

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19

With Mars and the Sun in your spiritual zone, the thought of a quiet retreat may be tempting. But you might not get the peace you desire. Talks about money matters seem to go well. You may be declaring your need for freedom and a chance to do your own thing. Your circle of acquaintances and friendships may be pleasantly expanded.

Financial matters may need attention and resolution before you can let your hair down and enjoy the day. Social affairs continue to look promising, as the Moon in Leo encourages you to enjoy some playful fun with friends or your latest love interest. Yet, do try to resist the tendency to make quick decisions, especially if it involves risk.

Happiness and generosity may abound, and perhaps you’ll feel that all is right with your world. Nevertheless, be careful not to throw caution to the wind and take risks, particularly where work or health may be concerned. You have plenty of opportunities to socialise with friends or your partner. One conversation can prove informative.

CANCER June 22 - July 22

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22

PISCES February 20 - March 20

Personal goals seem to be within reach - as long as you’re willing to use your intuition to help make the right moves. Generally, it’s pleasant to be in the company of others, as they may inspire you to move out of your comfort zone. Involve yourself in art, music and creativity. Forget about any worries for the moment if possible.

Today is partly about having fun. If you’re faced with a task that seems burdensome, then you may need to change your approach in order to tackle it quickly. Though you are often a private person, you may enjoy the attention you get from someone who finds you fascinating and intriguing. A new gadget may also prove irresistible.

Beware of a tendency to think that the grass will be greener on the other side. It could cause you to overlook all the benefits and blessings you are experiencing in your own life. Keep your expectations realistic about the people you’re closest too - try to avoid a tendency to put anyone on a pedestal. Evaluate your hunches with a friend.


Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


ADVERTISER helps you find what you’re looking for


€14 (plus VAT)

a week for classifieds (up to 40 words)

Send your classified by fax or email and pay by credit card, cheque or cash. It couldn’t be simpler! Nicosia - email: Limassol - email: Paphos - email:

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES **************************** TONY & GUY are hiring. We require Stylists, Technicians and Apprentices for our Nicosia and Limassol salons. Training will be offered to the right candidates. For more information, please send your CV along with a cover letter to Closing date for applications 01/07/2013. **************************** TONY & GUY are hiring. We require Beauticians and Technicians for our Nicosia and Limassol salons, to work on a partnership basis. For more information, please send your CV along with a cover letter to Closing date for applications 01/07/2013. **************************** OVERSEAS PRIVATE EQUITY / Foreign Capital is seeking a female representative and administrator based in Nicosia with relevant Finance background and education with or without experience (fresh graduate). Application with C.V. to: anthony.pmc@gmail. com **************************** JPW DIVE IN LIMASSOL LTD, Social Insurance no. 1947699/5/8551, is seeking to hire a Padi Master Scuba Diver Trainer who must speak and teach in Russian and English. Interested parties are asked to contact the Limassol District Employment office on 25827320. ****************************

MISCELLANEOUS **************************** TRANSLATIONS from Greek to English and English to Greek. €5 a double-spaced page (Arial - 12). Specialised translations €7 a page. 95110524 **************************** HELP WANTED and commission paid for advice regarding purchase of surplus Russian military items from Cypriot military. Please reply your details to

*************************** WANTED: COUPLES OF EU CITIZENS LIVING IN CYPRUS We are currently conducting research as regards European families living in Cyprus. If both you and your spouse come from the same or a different country of the EU (except Cyprus and Greece, e.g. both from Germany, or Germany and France), if you have children over 6, and if

you are interested in taking part in some research financed by the University of Cyprus please contact us 96530033. Participants will complete a questionnaire and participate in a face-to-face interview. They will also receive a symbolic amount of money.

*************************** ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS CYPRUS Is drink costing you more than just money? AA could be the answer. Meeting at the following locations/days. Call to speak to an AA member. Ayia Napa Monday 97798043 Larnaca Tuesday (Polish spk) 96616589 Thursday 24645523 / 99259264 Limassol Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday 25368265 / 99559322 Nicosia Sunday 99013596 Paphos Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday 99916331 / 99399240 Details of meetings are available on ***************************

LESSON **************************** I’M A QUALIFIED ENGLISH TEACHER with a PhD in English Literature and 8 years experience in teaching A-Level English Literature, ESL and IELTS, preparing students for exams and marking dissertations. If interested in private lessons, please contact me: 99377257. Limassol **************************** PRIVATE TUITION Experienced, UK-qualified teacher offers full/ part-time private home tuition in Maths, English, Science, I.C.T.,Geography, History, Business Studies and Economics, from KS2 to iGCSE, AS and A2 levels. 9 years experience in Cyprus; references available. Telephone 99318796 ****************************

SERVICES **************************** AURA PHOTOGRAPHY Internationally known aura photographer Eileen Augusti will be at the Gaia Centre Larnaca on the 25-26 May and 1-2 June. Aura photograph with reading – 35 euros, please contact Eileen at 99637093 - www., 24252615 - ****************************

Nicosia - tel: 22 818583 fax: 22 676385 UK TV CHANNELS IN CYPRUS! Watch all your favourite UK TV Channels including Sky Sports, Sky Movies ITV, BBC & Channel 4&5 in Cyprus! 65 Channels in all! Visit for details or Telephone 95116359 **************************** KEEP YOUR HOME COOLER THIS SUMMER by having Windowfilm professionally fitted. Stops up to 86% of heat from entering your home! Windowfilm increases privacy, blocks harmful uv-rays which cause fading, reduces glare and saves energy costs on air-con. Also keeps your home warmer in winter. Call Ian on 99979671

*************************** PROFESSIONAL UPHOLSTERY CLEANING, also carpets, rugs and mattresses. Special offers now available. FREE STAIN GUARD FOR LIMITED TIME For a quote call Rickys Cleaning Services on 99131044 (all areas) / www.rcs-cyprus. net *************************** K.D.FLYSCREENS LTD. We manufacture top quality sliding screens, opening doors and roller systems. We also do repairs. For a FREE QUOTE please contact Phone: 99119582 Website: *************************** SWIFT SERVICE AND REPAIRS air-cons, commercial and domestic fridges and freezers, ice machines, cool rooms, supply and fit air-cons VRV S. Call Nik on 99579602 Limassol **************************** DO YOU WANT A SHINY LOOKING FLOOR? Full repair & restoration of chipped, scratched, dull and stained, Marble, Terrazzo, Stone & Ceramic tiled floors and surfaces. Professional cleaning, repair & sealing of internal/external ceramic tiles & grout lines. For a free professional consultation & demonstration contact Mark at Premier on 70006766 All areas ****************************

Limassol - tel: 25 761117 fax: 25 761141

sale, Kennels club registered. An excellent hunter, a good family dog, as well as a good guard dog. Lovely to have around, both parents can be seen. Price €500 for more info pls call 99046966 **************************** HONEY is a 3 month old pincher/ terrier mix. She is very small sized and very sweet and playful. Honey is looking for a loving family to be hers forever! She will remain small sized so she is ideal for a family with an apartment! For adoptions call 99 520 511 Monday-Friday between hours 10-2 or email ****************************

FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS ***************************** 7 PERSON JACUZZI with 32 jets 2.2m square Owner’s manual Wood surround and steps plus cover Genuine reason for sale - stand alone solar powered electric runs down batteries overnight so hardly used. Cost CYP 4200. Sell for €2200. Call 99350898 *************************** FOR SALE – PAPHOS CATERING EQUIPMENT 1. Industrial freezer – CORECO Height 200cm, width 68cm, depth 58cm 2. Electrolux Freezer, model EUC3109X, width-595mm, height-1800mm, depth623mm, freezing capacity-24kg/24hours, energy class A

JULIE Young female (probably a hound – lab cross) only around a year old. A friendly, loving and playful dog. This is a medium sized but heavy-built, strong dog best suited to families with older children.


3. CONVOTHERM OVEN modelOBG 6.10Combi Oven-Steamer with Gas Steam Generator Extra: Stand with stainless steel shelving, extractor fan, water supply system and gas installation connections, PLUS CHAFING TRAYS & THERMO BOXES, ALL IN EXCELLENT CONDITION AT REDUCED PRICES. PLEASE CALL: 99622678 ****************************


RAOUL The gentle giant!!!! A beautiful male black large strong dog. Gentle, nice character, amazing with kids, people, cats and other dogs. He is an inside dog and trained. He will make a perfect family dog.

***************************** 2008 OPEL ASTRA twin top convertible 1.6, silver paint, black leather, one british owner. Regularly serviced. In excellent condition. 38000 kms only. MOT until July 2014. taxed for 2013. Great bargain, first offers over €10,000 tel: 99954461 – Paphos *****************************



PETS **************************** LOOKING FOR A NEW LOVING HOME; Beautiful and healthy 11 year old white female cross Labrador. Neutered, obedient, house trained, can stay alone in house, does not bite. Perfect family dog. Microchipped and vaccinated. For info call 99320436 **************************** RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK Quality pedigree puppies for

Paphos - tel: 26 911383 fax: 26221049

VICTOR Male Jack Russel cross around 2 years old. Very dynamic little dog, best suited to homes with older children, active families and ones with a well fenced yard for him to run and let-off steam. He is dominant with other dogs, males and females alike. Victor is very entertaining and needs an owner who is patient and with a good sense of humour. With guidance and training this dog will adjust well to a new home and a structured


***************************** PLOT FOR SALE IN KATO PLATRES in a pine tree area. It comes with title deeds, 1095 square feet. Tel. 99881051. ***************************** FOR SALE LAND in Anthoupoli (half plot) 288 sq.metres. for information 99621554.

PROPERTY TO LET NICOSIA ***************************** FURNISHED 2-bed Flat (95sm). Close to town centre. ONE

Larnaca - tel: 99 634725

classified contents Employment Opportunities pg 22 Employment Miscellaneous 22 Pets 22 Lessons 22 Health & Fitness 22 Personal 22 Services 22 For Sale Miscellaneous 22 For Sale Land/ Property Business 22 For Sale Motor vehicles 22 Properties Wanted -To Let Nicosia 22 To Let Limassol 25 To Let Larnaca 25 To Let Paphos 26 To Let Protaras, Ayia Napa, Paralimni -For Sale Nicosia 27 For Sale Limassol -For Sale Larnaca 27 For Sale Paphos 27 For Sale Ayia Napa -For Sale Famagusta Protaras 27 For Sale Athens -Property& Home Services display ads -Churches 26

abbreviations bdrm c/h a/c s/pool f/f apt pm pw sw nw st rd p/s c/l swb r/cass e/w

bedroom central heating air conditioning swimming pool fully furnished apartment per month per week south west north west street road power steering central locking short wheel base radio cassette electric windows

Please note tel nos. that begin with: 22 = Nicosia 23 = Paralimni/Protaras 24 = Larnaca 25 = Limassol 26 = Paphos


CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA MONTH FREE RENT! Spacious living area, Separate kitchen. Parquet floors. Central Heating & A/C. Covered balcony, Covered parking. Suit professional single/couple. . €500pm. Tel: 9955 9525. ***************************** FLATS/HOUSES FOR RENT studio kennedy av. €300, 1 bdrm Str/los €300, Ag. Andreas new furnished €420, 2 bdrm Lycavitos €460 fully equipped, Kennedy €430, G/F Str/los €450, 3 bdrm Ag. Omologites furnished €500, Parissinos €500, Acropolis independent ideal for office/health centre €700, Ag. Antonios traditional €650, Acropolis €500, 4 bdrm Str/los independent with garden €1,000. 21PROPERTY FINDER LTD. Licenced & Registered Estate Agents A.M.627A.A.108/E 99474839 99646822 ***************************** TO LET 1 bedroom upper floor house, large veranda near restaurant Periyiali in Acropolis 5 Aeantos Street €300 call 99680208 *****************************

FOR RENT 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in Larnaca near new hospital. €400 per month including service charge and refuse collection Call 99358916

TO LET NICOSIA LUXURY HOUSES: 1. 3 bedr luxury fully renovated semi detached house with storage heaters, full a/c, 2wc, big bedrooms, big sitting and dining area with semi open plan kitchen, FULLY NICELY MODERN FURNISHED, big garden with grass and big covered patio with bbq, in a very quiet area in a dead end opposite Orfanides supermarket – Strovolos €800 (H3ST10014-R), (photos in the website). 2. 3 bedr luxury terraced house, 210sq.m,central heating, full a/c, marble floor in the sitting areas and solid parquet floor on stairs and bedrooms, 4 wc,3 bathrooms, 2 en suite, big verandas, electrical appliances in the kitchen, 3 covered parking spaces, roof garden access, in a quiet neighbourhood on Mon Parnas hill – Engomi €850 (photos in the website). 3. 4 bedr new luxury detached house build in a big plot of land, central heating, full a/c, 2 bedrs with en suite shower, 4 wc, bathroom with jacuzzi,

English-Painter & Decorator Fully Qualified 30 years’ Experience SUMMER OFFER 30% OFF ALL AREAS • External & Internal painting • Damp Damage Repairs • Spritez Repairs • Free Estimates + very clean work • All areas. All types of woodwork stained and preserved • All work guaranteed

Tel. Tony on 99176557

TO LET NICOSIA big open space sitting and dining areas, 330sq.m, big swimming pool 5x10, big garden with grass, big covered patio with bbq area, roller blinds and curtains on all the windows, electrical appliances in kitchen, covered parking, in a quiet neighborhood off Tseriou Avenue. AVAILABLE IN JUNE – Strovolos €1500 (H4ST10024-R), (photos in the website). 4. 4 bedrs new luxury detached house,230sq.m,big sitting and dining area with solid parquet floor, big kitchen with cooker and oven,3wc,2 bathrooms, curtains on all windows, small garden, patio, central heating, full A/C, covered parking in a dead and near French Ambassador house- Strovolos €950 (H4ST10012-R) (photos in the website) 5. 4 bedr+ very big attic room separated in 2 rooms +separate room for the maid in the basement luxury fully renovated detached house with big sitting and dining room with fire

TO LET NICOSIA place, big kitchen with electrical appliances sitting room and breakfast area, 3 bathrooms, floor heating independent with grass, a/c units, garden with grass and covered patio, in a quiet area near the International fair in the central part of Makedonitissa - €1500 Negotiable –(H4MAK0018-R) (photos in the website) 6. 3 bedr + attic room with shower and wc luxury detached house with central heating, a/c, fireplace, modern kitchen open plan with expensive electrical appliances, blinds, garden with grass, over flow swimming pool, covered parking in a quiet area. – Makedonitissa €1500 (H4MAK0023-R), (photos on the website). 7. 4 bedr luxury detached house with 2 big extra rooms on the attic with shower and wc, central heating, air condition units, 360sq.m, solid parquet floor all the house except the kitchen, big sitting and dining areas with fire place, big separate kitchen with family room and breakfast area,

SELECT Fencing & Decking Specialist For all your Garden and Security Fencing ♦ Quality approved workmanship ♦ 15 years experience + guaranteed work ♦ English workers ♦ also garden gates ♦ sheds ♦ chain link fencing ♦ free estimates ♦ all types of fencing & decking

Roofing flat & tired roofing repairs and construction Tel. SELECT fencing 99176557

TO LET NICOSIA big mature garden with grass and swimming pool, covered parking, in a quiet neighborhood close to Alfa Mega supermarket – Dasoupoli €2000 - Available middle of June (H4DAS0001-R) (photos in the website) 8. 3 bedr +office space luxury detached house with storage heaters, full a/c, 3 wc, 260 m², big kitchen with big family room opening to a big garden with grass, electrical appliances, covered parking, in a very quiet neighborhood in a dead end Makedonitissa €2000 (H4MAK0034-R) (photos in the website) 9. New modern luxury very good quality finished semi detached house built in 3 levels. Upstairs 1st level 3 bedrs all en suite+ laundry room, 2nd level big attic

TO LET NICOSIA room which can be used for office space or bedroom. Ground floor with 2 sitting areas ,dining area and breakfast area, kitchen with all the electrical appliances, central heating, full a/c units. Basement with kitchen with cooker and oven, dishwasher, microwave and 2 refrigerators, sitting room with fireplace, and 2 bedrooms with one bathroom. Outside private fenced garden with artificial grass, bbq area and covered veranda. The house has blinds and shutters on all windows, false ceiling with spot lights throughout house, pressure system, covered parking, satellite dish, central music and network system, storage room, very good double glazed windows. Behind General flooring in the centre of Makedonitissa - €1900 (H4MAK0001-R),

CityCell WiFi


Installation At € 99 & Only € 25/Month WIRELESS INTERNET NO PHONE LINE , NO DEPOSIT, NO CONTRACT . UNLIMITED USE , 25-100 999





Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA (photos on the website). 10. 4 bedrs new luxury detached house, 450sq.m, central heating, full a/c, office space, separate maid’s room, big kitchen with sitting room and fire place and all the electrical appliances, all the sitting areas viewing the garden with grass, blinds on all windows downstairs, very big bedrooms with parquet floor, main bedroom with jacuzzi,2 covered parking’s near Alpha Mega supermarket and English School. – Strovolos €2200 (H4ST10001-R) (photos in the website) 11. 4 bedr + big attic room luxury detached house with central heating, full a/c, 3wc, 260sq.m, big sitting and dining room, big kitchen with family room, big covered patio on the back with

TO LET NICOSIA bbq area, covered parking, FULLY NICELY FURNISHED, BEHIND Apoel training field- Archangelos €1500 (H4AR0018-R), (photos in the website). 12. 3 bedrs luxury 2 storey, FULLY RENOVATED LISTED HOUSE with high ceilings in the centre of Nicosia, 260sq.m, 2 small attic rooms, big sitting room upstairs, big sitting room and dining area downstairs, wooden floor, kitchen with all the electrical appliances, 2 bathrooms (one en suite),3wc,CH independent, A/C, big garden – Nicosia Centre €1400 (H4NIC0002-R), (photos in the website). 13. 4 bedrs luxury renovated detached house built in 3 plots of land,550sq.m aprox, central heating, full a/c, all the bedrooms with en suite shower/

TO LET NICOSIA bathroom, extra room upstairs for sitting room/office space/ bedroom, solid parquet floor in bedrooms, big kitchen with granite and all the electrical appliances, maid’s room, big sitting areas with fire place and internal yard, big swimming pool 6 x 12,big mature garden with grass and big trees surrounding the house giving privacy, in a very quiet neighborhood near Acropolis park. Available in August €5500 – (H4DAS0006-R) (photos in the website) 14.4 bedrs new luxury detached house, all the bedrooms very big and all with big bathroom/ shower, sitting room upstairs, attic room with shower and wc, office space/maid’s room with shower and wc, central heating, full AC,450sq.m, big sitting and dining areas, big kitchen with sitting area and fitted cooker and oven, 6wc, 2 covered parking, yard with tiles and SWIMMING POOL, bbq area in a very quiet neighbourhood near CYBC (RIK) station and near a neighbourhood park – Platy Aglantzias €2500 (H4AGZ0005-R),


TO LET NICOSIA furnished with LCD TV 32’, covered veranda, covered parking, storage heaters, full a/c, near Cyta, Laiki and Hellenic Bank headquarters – Dasoupolis €490 (A1DAS0004-R) (photos in the website).

(photos in the website) For many more properties with photos visit our website at which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22422225/96-422225/96422226,

***************************** LUXURY FLATS: 1. 3 bedr luxury finished spacious floor apartment with very big sitting and dining areas with family room with fire place, solid parquet floor all through, central heating independent, full a/c, all the bedrooms with en suite shower/bathroom, 4wc, big kitchen with all the electrical appliances, blinds on all windows, big covered veranda, covered parking, big storage room, on a small 3 storey building in a quiet neighbourhood – Agios Andreas- €1100 – A3AAD0005-R (photos on website). 2. 1 bedr spacious fully luxury renovated apartment,60sq.m, big sitting and dining room, big bedroom, fully newly modern



1 bedr spacious apartment,60sq.m, storage heater, 1 a/c, big sitting and dining room, NICELY FURNISHED , near Europa hotel and 5 minutes Walk from European University – Engomi €380 (A1ENG0001-R), (photos in the website).

4. 2 bedr FULLY RENOVATED spacious apartment with laminate parquet floor, a/c for hot and cold in all the rooms, big sitting and dining room, separate kitchen, big bedrooms, FULLY NICELY FURNISHED, covered veranda with nice view, near the American Embassy - €450 (A2ENG0018-R) 5. 1 bedr luxury spacious apartment with big sitting and dining room, storage heaters, 2 a/c, cooker, oven, dishwasher, washing machine/dryer, refrigerator in the kitchen, 2 wc, 1 bathroom, blinds, big covered veranda, storage room, parking, big common SWIMMING pool. Price includes common expens-

TO LET NICOSIA es – Latsia €420(A1LAT0004-R), (photos in the website). 6. 2 bedr spacious renovated apartment 100sq.m with separate big kitchen, air condition for hot and cold in all the rooms, covered veranda, nicely newly fully furnished , off Kyriakou Matsi street very close to the centre on foot – Agioi Omologites €450 (A2AOM0003-R), (photos in the website). 7. 2 bedr new luxury apartment with central heating independent, full a/c, 2wc, big sitting and dining room, separate kitchen with cooker and oven, blinds on all windows, covered veranda, solar heater, pressure system, covered parking, storage room, on a small building in a quiet neighborhood next to a playground, near Central offices of Cyta and Laiki Head quarters – Dasoupoli €500 (A2DAS0018-R), (photos in the website). 8. 2 bedr new modern luxury apartment with separate central heating, full a/c, 2bathrooms(one en suite), blinds on all windows, electrical appliances in the kitchen, big sitting & dining room, big covered veranda, covered parking near Alpha Mega – Engomi €500. (A2ENG0014-R), (photos


CityCell WiFi




CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA in the website). 9. New top quality 2 bedr apartment, 93sq.m+20sq.m veranda, on a small modern building with 6 flats only. Central heating independent, full a/c, 2 bathrooms, 2wc, fully fitted kitchen with all the electrical appliances, water pressure system roller blinds and shutters on windows, big sitting and dining room, big bedrooms, covered parking and storage room, in a quiet neighbourhood near Akropolis park. – Acropolis €700 A2ACS0002-R (photos in the website) . 10. New luxury finished 1 bedr penthouse apartment with big verandah with nice view, in a small modern building,55sq.m,storage heaters,2 a/c, blinds on the windows, expensive electrical appliances (cooker, oven, extractor, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer), covered parking and storage room, off Kalippoleos street opposite Dessange Day Spa near the University – Lykavitos €400 (A1LYK0002-R), (photos in the website).

TO LET NICOSIA €500(A2ACS0038-R), (photos in the website. 13. New luxury finished 3 bedr penthouse (floor apartment) on the 5th floor,165sq.m+ big verandas(one bigger with bbq), solid parquet floor all the flat,3wc,2 bathrooms, central heating ind, full a/c, big separate Italian kitchen with electrical appliances and dining area, big sitting room, covered parking and storage room off Makarios Avenue walking distance to the centre €850 (A3NIC0030-R), (photos in the website). 14. 2 bedr brand new nicely finished ground floor apartment with economic a/c for hot and cold, FULLY NICELY MODERN FURNISHED, covered veranda, covered parking, on a small 2 storey building off Kennedy Avenue near the centre. No extra common expenses – Nicosia Centre €500 (A2NIC0032-R), (photos in the website).

11. 2 bedr luxury apartment with a/c for hot and cold, separate kitchen, big covered veranda, FULLY NICELY FURNISHED, covered parking, near the Ministry of Education – Acropolis €550 (A2ACS0036-R), (photos in the website)

15. 3 bedr luxury penthouse apartment with central heating independent, full a/c, 2 wc, big sitting and dining room with fire place, separate kitchen, NICELY MODERN FURNISHED, big covered and uncovered veranda, covered parking, in Strovolos near the Municipal building €575 (A3ST10014-R), (photos in the website).

12. 2 bedr new luxury apartment,7 years old,89sq.m,central heating independent, 3 A/C, 2 bathrooms, 2 wc, cooker and oven in the kitchen, blinds, covered verandah, covered parking and storage room in a quiet area opposite Akropolis Park –

16. 3 bedr luxury apartment, 150sq.m + very big verandah, nicely modern furnished storage heaters,3ac,2 bathrooms,2wc,parquet floor in the bedrooms, big sitting and dining room with open plan kitchen, covered parking, off

TO LET NICOSIA Makarios Avenue behind Hilton hotel – Nicosia Centre €700 (A3NIC0017-R), (photos in the website) For many more properties with photos visit our website at which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22422225 / 96-422225 / 96422226

****************************** 2 BDRM flat in the centre of Nicosia. Rent €450. For information call 99453663, 99663927. *****************************

LIMASSOL ***************************** GROUND FLOOR HOUSE for rent in Potamos Germasogia, 3 bedroom, kitchen, dining/ sitting room, 2 wc, garden with trees and verandas, A/C, parking available & covered garage for 2 cars. €700pm Tel 99185490

TO LET LIMASSOL ***************************** TO LET Large 4 bedroom unfurnished house in the village of Asomatos nr Akrotiri Limassol. Fully A/C & Heating (storage heaters). 5 wc’s, large kitchen/ diner, lounge and sitting room. Large loft with own shower/wc (suitable for office/playroom/ gym). Carport - prominent position in cul-de-sac - lots of parking. €850 pcm (negotiable). Available from April 2013. Tel. 99831431 ***************************** TRADITIONAL VILLAGE STONE HOUSE IN APESHIA. Very quiet village, 20mins from Limassol. Road to heritage school/ Troodos. 2 bedrooms, office available top floor with veranda great view of mountains. Small courtyard with trees. Electric solar water. A/C-toilet in main bedroom. Semi/full furnished. Fitted kitchen with electrical appliances, fireplace. Toilet/ shower. €550pm negotiable. Tel 96891800.

2 BDRM furnished flat, in Katraki building, 100 metres from the sea and Debenhams Olympia. Price €480 (included common expenses) Tel: 99406415 Andreas. ***************************** FLAT FOR RENT near Debenhams (300m from sea) f/furnished, 2 bedrooms, parking space, quiet building. €450pm. Tel 99958781 or 99712344

***************************** GROUND FLOOR HOUSE, furnished renovated this year. Laminated parke floor, and big wardrobes in the 3 bedrooms. Rent €590.00 Tel 99497576 99886775

***************************** TO LET Hebrew homes, by Limassol twin towers, Kosher or Free, 3 monthly let. Call 035799036312.

***************************** TO LET SEAFRONT STUDIO, fully furnished, sleeps 2 adults, all amenities including satellite, common pool and tennis court,


TO LET LARNACA basement parking, spacious verandas. Rent €1000 pm incl utilities. Available 1st June 2013. Better rate for full season or year booking. Tel 99657055

***************************** TO LET SEAFRONT 2 BEDROOM FLAT, modern fully furnished, easily sleeps 4 adults, all amenities including satellite, common pool and tennis court, basement parking, spacious verandah. Rent €2000 pm incl utilities. Available 1st June 2013. Better rate for full season or year booking. Tel 99657055 ***************************** FOR RENT fully furnished 1 bedroom flat near Larco Hotel Larnaca. Price €370. Tel 99202543 ***************************** 1 BEDROOM flat in Ermou Square area Larnaca - 2 bedroom flat in Phaneromenis area Larnaca. Call 96693375 **************************** 1. Superior Real Estate Larnaca. 3 bedroom detached unfurnished property set on a

Cello & piano duet wide repertoire


available for


bars, cafes, hotels, receptions etc. 99947442 or 99418282

fantastic development in the village of Tersefanou. Available for immediate occupation. Ref. TLL973. Tel 24815926 2. Superior Real Estate Larnaca. 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment, nr the Metro/American Academy Larnaca. Ref. TLL1654 Please call to arrange a viewing Tel. 24815926 3. – LARGE RANGE OF RENTAL PROPERTIES. From studio apartments to 5 bedroom villa’s for rent, all


Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser TO LET LARNACA properties have detailed descriptions, professional photographs. Interactive Virtual/ Video Tours. Please visit our website. 4. - License No. 419. LANDLORDS AVERTISE YOUR PROPERTY WITH US FOR FREE. Tel. 24815926 Email.


PAPHOS ***************************** 1. Sea Caves Paphos, luxury 3 bed unfurnished villa with private pool on a big plot. One bed

TO LET PAPHOS downstairs, kitchen white goods include dish washer. Spacious bedrooms, dressing room, balconies, separate outdoor storeroom, enclosed garden. €1000 2. Secret Valley, 3 bed un/furnished villa with private pool on a big plot. Spacious living space, good sized bedrooms. Pool and garden maintenance included in rent. Lovely sea and country side views. €700 3. Peyia, Beautiful 3 bed un/furnished villa with amazing sea views. Private pool, lovely garden, double bedrooms, master en suite. €500 4. Koili, brand new 4 bed unfurnished villa. Finished to a very high quality in a very quiet location. Italian kitchen, fire place, under floor heating, shutters, fly

TO LET PAPHOS screens, pool, one bed downstairs. €850 PAPHOS TO RENT Tel: 99389198. For listings and many other properties please visit our web and give us a call.

TO LET PAPHOS floors, 2 en-suites with power showers, Large Enclosed Courtyard, Double Glazed Windows with Shutters, Open Fireplace €350

***************************** PEYIA, luxury villa, 3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully or part furnished, private pool, quiet location, paved garden area, sea and mountain views. Sky satellite, €550 ono, please call: 99771532 – no agents

TREMITHOUSA - Superb Detached 3 Bedroom Villa with Large Pool, F/F to a very High Standard, Mater En-Suite, Family Bathroom with Jacuzzi, Beautifully Fitted Kitchen, Utility, Separate Shower room, Spectacular Mountain and Sea views, Quite Cul-De- Sac location €700

**************************** LEYTIMBOUv- Stunning 2 Bedroom Traditional Stone House that’s been completely Modernized to a very high standard although all the Original Features remain, Beamed ceilings, Under Floor Heating Flagstone

KISSONERGA - Beautiful Detached U/F 3 Bedroomed Villa ,Large Pool,2 Bedrooms Upstairs Master En-suite ,Family Bathroom, modern Fitted Kitchen ,Downstairs Bedroom with En-suite Shower room, Low maintenance Garden,

SPECIAL OFFER In Kokkinotrimithia, 15km from Nicosia in a good area, (in the centre, opposite Maragos bakery, 41/2 acres or 7 plot with 90% building factor. For more information please call 99673286, 99918830.

TO LET PAPHOS Large Terraces and Separate Storage Room €600 KALEPIA - Fabulas Detached 3 Bedroom F/F OR U/F Villa, 2 En-suites, Great Views, Large Pool, Gated Driveway, Garage €600 URGENTLY WANTED – 3 Bedroom U/F Detached Villas 600/700 MORE PROPERTIES AVAILABLE FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CALL 99862922

***************************** FOR RENT a selection of 1 to 5 bedroom houses & apartments F/F & U/F Universal, Peyia, Tomb of the Kings, Tsada, Timi, Kato Paphos & Kissonerga Landlord & Owners please call 99329357 Or please view at our website www.cyprussands. com Fully Registered Company in Cyprus ***************************** MR RENT PAPHOS, THE LEADING PROPERTY RENTAL AGENCY IN PAPHOS OFFICE: 26271858 (00357) IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY TO RENT WE ARE THE RENTAL AGENCY TO CONTACT OFFERING FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & RENT COLLECTION SERVICE 1. MESOGI €500 we are delighted to offer this beautifully restored traditional stone village house set in a picturesque courtyard with stone built barbeque & covered verandah. this spacious character home offers a modern fitted kitchen, separate dining room & separate living room with modern gas fire, guest wc.

TO LET PAPHOS Gas central heating throughout. 2 bedrooms both with ensuite bathrooms & walk-in wardrobe. Plus an additional room perfect for an office or 3rd bedroom. This property is full of charm & unique detail and well worth taking a look. website reference number: RTL_687 2. KONIA €600 this fantastic price includes pool cleaning & gardening. Modern detached 3 bedroom villa, master with ensuite. Real fire to living area for those winter months. Good sized storage room & guest wc. Available unfurnished though includes, a/c throughout, blackout blinds, pressurised water system, flyscreens & shutters. Situated on a corner plot with large beautifully landscaped garden, offering a lovely private pool, mature plants & fruit trees. Gated entrance & covered off street parking. website reference number: RTL_685 3. KAMARES TALA €750 a spacious 3 bedroom bungalow, master with ensuite. Living area with real fire place for those winter months. Separate utility room. Good sized low maintenance garden with private pool offering breathtaking panoramic sea views. Large outdoor storage room. covered car port. Available furnished with good furniture. Situated in a quiet residential area with free membership to the Kamares club. website reference number: RTL_471 4. SECRET VALLEY €750 spacious modern detached 3 bedroom villa situated on a corner plot in a peaceful residential

CHURCHES GRACE CHURCH, LARNACA 8 Ayiou Neofytou St Sundays 10 a.m. Also Midweek Meetings Details: Colin 24530700 HOLY CROSS CATHOLIC CHURCH, PAPHOS GATE, NICOSIA Sunday Masses: Saturdays 6.30 pm, Sundays 8.00am, 9.30am & 6.30pm Weekday Masses: 6.30 pm Monday to Friday Tel: 22662132 Email:


International EVANGELICAL CHURCH (Reformed) Limassol 352 St. Andrew’s Street (1½ blocks from Starbucks/Fat Boy) Sunday worship 10:30am Wednesday Bible Discussion 7pm For info: 99384742 ALL ARE WELCOME

St Helena’s Anglican Church, Larnaca St Helena’s Court, Grigoris Afx Sunday Service: Holy Communion 9.30 am


Family oriented evangelical church Contemporary Christian Worship Sunday 10am (Holy Communion - 1st Sunday of the month) Sunday School (Juniors and Teens) Outreach and Evangelism Bible Studies

Tel. 99 293489, 99 279960 Email: Website:

ALL WELCOME Tel:24651327

THE ORTHODOX CHURCH OF ST ANDREW AND ST JOHN THE BAPTIST MESA GEITONIA, LIMASSOL The Orthodox Liturgy in English served fortnightly on Saturdays at 9.00 am. We also hold a Discussion Group every Thursday evening at 7.30 pm For information please call Fr. Christopher Klitou Mobile: 99957144 Fax: 25710318 You can email us at: or visit our website:

THE REFORMED CHURCH OF LIMASSOL Clear exposition of the Bible in the presence of God, and relevant to our lives. Our Sunday services start at 10:30 am sharp, and the Wednesday Bible discussion at 7 pm. International Evangelical Church (Reformed) is located at 352 St. Andrew’s Street. 1½ blocks from Starbucks / Fat Boy, and 1 block from the Municipal Gardens, Zoo. For further information call Steve at 99384742, or email: All are welcome! PROPHETIC CALL-OUT Grieved by preachers living in sin ? Pastors collaborating with idolaters? Bored with just being a spectator? In Prophecy there is no ‘us and them: Everyone contributes (1 Cor 14:26) 10am start 9/2/2013 God willing, Meet: Entrance Palaiopafos, Kouklia Instruments/shofars welcome

Open Door Baptist Church

St Barnabas’ Anglican Church 153 Leontiou A Street Limassol Telephone: 25362713 - All welcome ALL SAINTS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH (ENGLISH) Sunday Divine Liturgy 8-10am. Followed by Fellowship hour (coffee) Services are now being held at the underground Chapel of All Saints of Cyprus at St. Panteleimonos Church Makedonitissa Archangelos (Engomi) For more info please contact Fr. Joseph Coleman Tel. 99938924

THE ORTHODOX CHURCH OF AGIOS ARSENIOS, LIMASSOL (near Tsirion Stadium) The Orthodox Liturgy in English Saturday, 4 February at 8:30 am For information please contact: Father M. Spanou at 99 – 401365 (

9 Larnakos Street Katholiki Area Limassol Sundays: 9:45, 11:00 AM, 1:30 PM Wednesdays: 7:30 PM 25 751193 or 99 758729

GRACE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH Invites you to COME AND EXPERIEBNCE THE LOVE OF GOD WITH US Int. Christian Business Fellowship Meeting Centre Sundays: 10.00am Sunday School 11.00 am Main Service (Dine with us centre services) Wednesdays: Prayer meeting 6pm Address: To Arsinois Str., 1010 Nicosia (Next to Western Union Office to KISA) Contact: 99988900 or 97667932. \VISITORS ESPECIALLY WELCOME!!!

The Anglican Church of Paphos Ayia Kyriaki (St. Paul by the Pillar) Sunday 8.15am Holy Eucharist 6.00pm Sung Eucharist th 4 Sunday 6.00pm Choral Evensong Wednesday 9.00am Holy Eucharist 3rd Wednesday (BCP) St. Stephen’s, Tala st rd 1 & 3 Sunday 11.00 am Holy Eucharist 2nd & 4th Sunday 11.00am Morning Worship St. Luke’s, Prodromi 1st & 5th Sunday 9.30am Morning Worship 2nd , 3rd & 4th Sunday 9.30am Holy Eucharist 1st & 3rd Wednesday 9.30am Holy Eucharist 1st Sunday 6.00 p.m. Peace & Wholeness with Holy Eucharist 4th Sunday every quarter 9.30 am Holy Eucharist from BPC Church Office: 26-953044 Fax: 26-952486 Email: for directions to each church

DEUTSCHE GOTTESDIENSTE IN ZYPERN Nikosia: Am 1. und 3. Samstag im Monat in der St. Paul’s Cathedral um 18 Uhr Limassol: Am 2. Sonntag im Monat im Gemeindehaus in Germasogeia um 11 Uhr Am 4. Sonntag im Monat in der St. Barnabaskirche um 18 Uhr Paphos: Am 2. Samstag in der Kirche an der Paulussaeule um 16 Uhr Agia Napa: Am 4. Sonntag im Monat im Hof des Klosters um 9.30 Uhr Näheres Informationen durch Pfarrer Dr. Herold, Tel 25-317092 oder im Internet

St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Byron Avenue, Nicosia, 22 445221/22 677897

Sunday 0930 : Holy Communion Sunday School in the hall 1800 : Evening Prayer Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 0830: Morning Prayer Wednesday 1030 : Holy Communion First Monday of each month 1930 : Guild of St Raphael Parish Office : Mon-Fri : 0900 – 1100 Saturday 1000-1200

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Advertiser TO LET PAPHOS

area. Offering large private pool with a low maintaince enclosed garden with sea views. Off street parking. Fully furnished with modern furniture and includes gas central heating throughout. Modern fitted kitchen with granite worktops. One bedroom on ground floor with bathroom. Pets allowed at owners discretion. Viewings highly recommended. website reference number: RTL_561

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Sport England need to improve to beat feisty New Zealand

Serena gains sisterly revenge on Robson

Hosts must fully focus at Lord’s against tricky opponents

LAURA Robson has admitted her 6-2 6-2 defeat against world number one Serena Williams at the Internazionali d’Italia in Rome was a learning curve. Despite breaking Williams in the opening game, Robson was no match for the 15-time Grand Slam singles champion, who avenged the loss of her sister Venus to the Briton a day earlier. Robson served eight double faults and won just 28 per cent of points on her second serve as Williams wrapped up the second-round victory after an hour and 15 minutes. “She’s number one in the world for a reason,” Robson told the WTA Tour website. “She played really well. She didn’t give me many opportunities. “I thought it could have been a little bit closer - I had some break points I didn’t take advantage of - but it was a learning experience and hopefully I’ll play against her again soon.” Williams was quick to pay tribute to her beaten foe, tipping Robson for success in the future. “It was a good match - she played really well and really smart,” Williams said. “She’s just a great player and I think she has such a big future.” The American is currently on a 20-match unbeaten streak, which stretches back to February and has seen her win titles in Miami, Charleston and Madrid.

By Ed Osmond


ENGLAND have been left in no doubt about what will be required of them in the first Test against New Zealand starting at Lord’s today. The world’s second-ranked team struggled on their recent tour of New Zealand where they were outplayed in the three-Test series, salvaging a 0-0 draw only by stubbornly batting out a gripping final day of the third match in Auckland. With the five-match Ashes series against Australia starting in July, captain Alastair Cook and his team mates know they must focus fully on beating New Zealand under the enterprising leadership of Brendon McCullum. “They under-performed in New Zealand but you don’t just discard somebody because they have had a bad time as a unit,” England chairman of selectors Geoff Miller said. “You say right, not good enough, improve. That’s the message they have been given. “New Zealand are a good side but we didn’t play to the capabilities shown in the past. “That has got to be rectified. We had one or two injuries to people you would class in your best side but it was very disappointing. They are capable of playing far better than that - and know that - and I’m quietly confident that they’ll show they are a better side.”

Joe Root has been in prolific form this season, racking up 646 first-class runs including 179 for England Lions against New Zealand to enhance his burgeoning reputation England arrived in New Zealand on a high after their first Test series victory in India since 1985 but their batsmen failed to make enough runs to put the hosts under pressure. “It keeps your feet on the ground,” Miller said. “It makes you realise you can’t just go through the motions and expect to win the game because, on paper, you are supposedly superior.” New Zealand, ranked eighth in the world, showed great resilience after a turbulent end to last year in which their captain Ross Taylor was sacked in acrimonious circumstances and they lost two Tests in South Africa in January by an innings. Peter Fulton made 347 runs in the series against

England, including two centuries, and the pace attack of Tim Southee, Neil Wagner and Trent Boult caused the batsmen problems with consistent swing and seam movement. Southee has been suffering with a toe injury but coach Mike Hesson said he would be fit for Lord’s where the touring side are considering picking a four-man pace attack.

TOUGH DECISION “Absolutely that’s an option,” Hesson said. “We’re not closed in our views in terms of what we play. Whoever is left out will be a tough decision but we’ve got to pick the best side for the conditions.” “Tim’s fine,” Hesson said.

“It was very much a precautionary response from us. He’s had some treatment to his toe and we’re very comfortable he’ll be right for the first Test.” England will be without their leading middle-order batsman Kevin Pietersen through injury but 22-yearold Joe Root has been in prolific form this season, racking up 646 first-class runs including 179 for England Lions against New Zealand to enhance his burgeoning reputation. He and Jonny Bairstow will bat at numbers five and six for England who are likely to recall off-spinner Graeme Swann who missed the last series with an a elbow injury. Fast bowler Stuart Broad, who showed signs of a return

to form in New Zealand with 11 Test wickets after struggling in India, said England were fully focused on improving their performance. “We are very determined to put that right,” he said. “We have a huge summer ahead of us but there is nothing more important than the first hour on Thursday. We are very focused on just this week.” New Zealand will probably play Doug Bracewell as a fourth pace bowler, leaving out spinner Bruce Martin, and Hesson said they were not afraid to make changes going into the two-Test series. “It’s nice to have unchanged line-ups in a row but not if it’s the right 11 for the match....and that’ll be the only focus,” he said.

Britain’s Laura Robson has been tipped for great things

Pacers smother Knicks again in comfortable win

Embarrassed jockey Dettori admits to cocaine shame

Birthday blow as Murray retires injured in Rome

INDIANA grabbed a 3-1 lead over the New York Knicks in their Eastern Conference second round series, the Pacers suffocating the Knicks on defense and winning the battle of the boards en route to a 93-82 victory. Game Five is in New York tonight when the Knicks will have to win to stay alive in the series, while the Pacers can reach the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since the 2003-04 season. The Knicks, who scored just 71 points in an 11-point loss on Saturday, failed to show much sign of urgency. George Hill scored 26 points for Indiana, who outrebounded the Knicks 54-36.

JOCKEY Frankie Dettori says he is ‘ashamed and embarrassed’ after admitting for the first time he used cocaine in 2012. Dettori, 42, was given a six-month ban after testing positive in France. He told Channel 4 ahead of his expected return next Monday that he took the drug in a ‘moment of weakness’. “Things were going bad, I was depressed and I guess in a moment of weakness I fell for it and I’ve only got myself to blame,” said the former champion. The Italian-born rider has won the Flat Jockeys’ Championship in the UK three times.

ANDY Murray retired injured from the Italian Open on his 26th birthday yesterday, moments after he had levelled the second round match by winning the second set against Spain’s Marcel Granollers. The Scot, who had lost the opening set 6-3, won the second 7-6 but then decided to retire due to a hip problem that had been troubling him. The world number two had needed treatment on court after the third game of the second set. There will now be concerns over Murray’s French Open campaign, with the second grand slam of the year beginning a week on Sunday in Paris.

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013


Sport America’s Cup to go ahead following fatal accident

Mercedes still mystified by lack of race pace

By Noel Randewich

Silver Arrows must ‘think outside the box’ By Alan Baldwin MERCEDES urged their many Formula One technical boffins to ‘think outside the box’ and consider the unconsidered after a Spanish Grand Prix that left the team baffled by their cars’ lack of race pace. Despite scorching to their third pole position in a row, with Germany’s Nico Rosberg notching up his second in succession, Mercedes flopped when it mattered most at the Circuit de Catalunya. Lewis Hamilton went from second to 12th, in what he said was his worst race for a very long time, while Rosberg finished sixth. How to manage and extract performance from the Pirelli tyres is the conundrum and Mercedes, who have a stellar line-up of senior technical figures, planned to throw all their brainpower into finding an answer. “Generally what you can say is that the car is a quick car,” Mercedes motorsport head Toto Wolff told reporters after a technical debrief this week. “This is not about a car or a team struggling with lacking pace, a car where you end up 15th on Saturday and then 12th or 16th on Sunday. It is a car that is tremendously fast on the Saturday and has real

speed. And then on Sunday we are not able to manage the car with the tyres. “One could say ‘Did the others go even much more conservative in terms of race setup?’ I don’t think so. It’s something else and I think it requires out of the box thinking,” added the Austrian. “It’s about everybody in the team sticking their heads together and saying let’s analyse what we do from a Saturday to a Sunday. Is there anything we need to be looking at which we didn’t look at until now?” Barcelona, like Bahrain before it, is punishing for even the hardest tyres and it would be comforting for Mercedes to think that the circuit characteristics did not suit them and things will improve elsewhere. However the next circuit on the calendar is Monaco, a tight and twisty circuit without high energy corners, which must be treated in isolation. The risk is that if single lap speed is compromised in exchange for better race pace, Mercedes could lose out in Monaco where pole position carries a premium and overtaking is extremely difficult. Wolff said he was ‘pretty sure’ any solution would cost the team in qualifying pace. He added that it would be looking at matters through rose-tinted glasses

to think the problems were more related to the track than the car. “It’s not an inherent car problem. I think it’s probably something about processes,” he declared. “The question is: ‘Is there anything we can be looking at which is similar to previous years?. Is it that this car is being made for a dragster race instead of for a grand prix? A German journalist said that,” he smiled. “No. I don’t think so. My opinion is it’s something else. “As I am on the rather pessimistic side, I don’t believe in magic or a golden key. But it could be. The car is good. It’s just changing the approach or looking at these processes for racing.” Wolff said Mercedes, who had problems particularly with their rear tyres last year, had done a good long run in final practice and set the car up for qualifying and the race accordingly but it had not worked. The priority now was to analyse everything, to look at how the tyres were treated, how they were heated up and how that heat is retained. “It’s how you drive it, slow or fast in the first couple of laps. How you build it up. We are looking at our competitors and what you can see is that clearly some cars are having an easier life with the tyres,” said Wolff.

Plenty to ponder: Lewis Hamilton went from second to 12th in Spain, in what he said was his worst race for a very long time. Pole sitter Nico Rosberg finished sixth

Rumford aims to emulate Ballesteros with tour hat-trick By Phil Casey

Brett Rumford is seeking to become the first man since Seve Ballesteros in 1986 to win three titles in a row

BRETT Rumford will aim to do something last achieved by the late Seve Ballesteros this week, but simply staying awake might prove enough of a challenge for the in-form Australian. Rumford is seeking a third win in succession at the Volvo World Match Play Championship in Bulgaria after victories in the Ballantine’s Championship and Volvo China Open. Ballesteros was the last player to do so on the European Tour in 1986, although it is safe to say his preparation for tournaments in Ireland, Monte Carlo and Spain would have been somewhat different to that of Rumford. The 35-year-old explained: “After China I went back home to Perth on Sunday night. I didn’t get too much sleep on the flight of course. Tuesday was my twin girls’ second birthday so we spent

it with them celebrating. “On Wednesday I slept for about five hours and packed the bags once again to fly back to the UK. I got in on Thursday and obviously travelling with twins I didn’t sleep for another 36 hours or so. “So this week has just been about trying to recover and get the stamina to be able to take on 36 holes a day for the duration of the event hopefully, if I can make it that far.” As one of the unseeded players in the 24-man field Rumford will definitely have to play 36 holes on Friday, taking on Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano and Jamie Donaldson in the Gary Player Group. The top two players in each of the eight three-man groups will advance to the last 16 on Saturday morning, with the winners of those matches playing in the quarter-finals on Saturday afternoon. The semi-finals and final

will then be held on Sunday at Thracian Cliffs, a spectacular course - designed by Player - which runs alongside the Black Sea in Kavarna. Five of last year’s triumphant Ryder Cup team will be competing for the first prize of 800,000 euros, with defending champion Nicolas Colsaerts joined by 2011 winner Ian Poulter, Peter Hanson, Francesco Molinari and Graeme McDowell. Henrik Stenson is the only player in the field to have received an invite rather than qualifying by right, but the Swede comes into the event in good form after finishing fifth in the Players Championship at Sawgrass on Sunday. “I’m pleased with my performance last week,” Stenson said. “I’ve had some good weeks this spring (he was also second in the Houston Open) and it seems like I’m heading in the right direction for sure.”

THE America’s Cup sailing regatta will go ahead, organisers said yesterday, following concerns about safety due to the death of a sailor in a training accident last week. Regatta organisers said they hope within two weeks to complete an investigation of last Thursday’s accident that led to the death of British champion sailor Andrew Simpson, a two-time Olympic medalist. Simpson was trapped underwater after the Artemis Racing team’s 72-foot catamaran capsized and broke apart in a training run. “The America’s Cup remains on track and racing will take place this summer,” Tom Ehman, vice commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club, told reporters. “We have every reason to believe all four teams will be continuing.” Artemis’ accident followed numerous warnings about the safety of the sleek, hightech catamarans, called AC72s, and it marked the second time that one of the boats, estimated to cost around $8 million each, foundered amid the heavy winds and rip currents of San Francisco Bay. Among other factors, investigators will look at the structure of Artemis’ Big Red yacht, which Regatta Director Iain Murray said differed significantly from the catamarans of other competitors. Teams in the America’s Cup are required to stay within rules governing the design of their yachts but they also have leeway to customize their vessels with hydrofoils and other technology. “It doesn’t get up and foil like all the other AC72s. It was obviously different to all the other boats,” Murray said of Artemis’ catamaran. “The design and structural concept is undertaken by the teams, and the reward and risk is on the teams.” While Artemis and Oracle Team USA, backed by Oracle Corp chief executive and billionaire Larry Ellison, have been sailing the boats in San Francisco Bay for months, other teams are only just establishing the bases they will use as they practice and compete through the series of races that begins in July and goes into September. In October, an Oracle Team USA catamaran flipped and was swept under the Golden Gate bridge and out to sea. No one was hurt in that accident, but the boat required millions of dollars and months to repair. Artemis has a second yacht that it has yet to launch. Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Challenge, the other two teams, have only one boat each.


Thursday, May 16, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Emanuel set to take over as coach of APOEL By Nemanja Bjedov

Rio Ferdinand (left) was left out of England manager Roy Hodgson’s Euro 2012 squad for ‘footballing reasons’ amid tensions with Chelsea defender John Terry, who was involved in a racism row with Ferdinand’s brother Anton

Rio calls time on England career By Alan Baldwin ENGLAND and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand announced his retirement from international football yesterday. The decision, in a statement on the United and Football Association websites, came nearly two years after Ferdinand last played for his country in a Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland on June 4, 2011. The FA said the central defender, who made his England senior debut against Cameroon at Wembley in 1997 and won 81 caps, had informed

England coach Roy Hodgson of his decision. “After a great deal of thought, I have decided the time is right for me to retire from international football,” the player declared. “At the age of 34, I feel it is right for me to stand aside and let the younger players come through, which allows me to concentrate on my club career.” Ferdinand represented England at every level from the under-17s upwards, captained England and was a member of three World Cup squads. However, manager Roy Hodgson left him out of his Euro 2012 squad for ‘football-

ing reasons’ amid tensions with Chelsea defender John Terry, who was involved in a racism row with Ferdinand’s brother Anton. Ferdinand was named in England’s squad for two World Cup qualifiers last March after Terry had announced his international retirement but withdrew to safeguard his fitness for Manchester United. His decision to then take a long-haul flight to Qatar to work as a television pundit for al-Jazeera did not go down well with England supporters, who could be heard singing songs against the player during the 8-0 crushing of San Marino.

Hodgson paid tribute to a player who, despite not being included in any of his teams, until yesterday’s announcement had not yet been ruled out of next year’s World Cup in Brazil by the England manager. “To have captained his country, to play at three World Cups and indeed score in one of those, marks him out amongst a very special group of players,” Hodgson said in a statement. “I appreciated the call from Rio to inform me of his decision, which clearly he had spent much time considering before reaching this point.” Ferdinand joined Manches-

ter United from Leeds United in 2002 for 30 million pounds and has been a key part of their defence ever since, helping them win the Premier League title again this season. His club career has not been without controversy, with the defender suspended for missing a drugs test in 2003. “I have always been very proud to play for England,” Ferdinand said. “I would like to wish Roy and the team all the best for future tournaments. A big thank you to all the fans, managers, coaching staff and players that I have worked alongside - the journey has been incredible.”

Dortmund back from financial brink and ready to win By Karolos Grohmann

Dortmund have made a sensational run to the Champions League final for the first time since winning the trophy in 1997

BORUSSIA Dortmund’s players, having grown up with the club as they turned around their financial fortunes, are ready to step up against favourites and fellow Germans Bayern Munich in the Champions League final in London, manager Juergen Klopp said yesterday. “We had a budget of next to nothing when I came in 2008,” Klopp told reporters ahead of the May 25 Wembley final. “The boys started playing in the Bundesliga at 19; they are now 24 years old. They are all prepared to do what it takes to make victory in the final possible. “Bayern are very confident, they have a sense of security that they will beat us and win this Cup because they have tried and failed on recent occasions and out of that grows a greed to absolutely succeed,” said Klopp. “We do not think that we will win it that easily. But we feel

we have the chance to do it. In our situation that has to be enough.” Since being on the brink of financial ruin eight years ago, Dortmund have built a titlewinning team around Klopp and sorted out their finances. “We were so near the cliff, you could not get closer than that,” CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke told reporters. “Now there is the philosophy never to create even a single euro of debt for a possible sporting success.” Bayern won the 2011 Bundesliga title and completed a domestic league and Cup double the following season but have found that success brings another problem - other clubs coveting their players. Japan international Shinji Kagawa left last season to join Manchester United while 20-year-old Germany international Mario Goetze has controversially signed with arch-rivals Bayern from next season in a deal reported to be worth 37 million euros. Midfielder Goetze, a prized

product of Dortmund’s youth academy, had an exit clause in his contract. “We did not want the transfer of Mario Goetze but we have to accept it,” sporting director Michael Zorc told reporters. “Dortmund have now reached a level where we can expect that the players identify 100 per cent with the club. In the future there should not be any exit clauses. That is at least our aim.” Dortmund’s sensational run to the Champions League final for the first time since they won the trophy in 1997 has attracted the interest of even more clubs with top striker Robert Lewandowski, who fired four goals past Real Madrid in their 4-1 semi-final first-leg demolition, the next likely departure. “We are now only focusing on the final. When that is out of the way then we can start talking about this issue,” Klopp said when asked about the future of the Polish striker, whose contract runs out in 2014.

NEWLY-CROWNED Cyprus champions APOEL yesterday announced that they have reached a preliminary agreement with Associacao Academica de Coimbra coach Pedro Emanuel to succeed Ivan Jovanovic as manager of the club. APOEL secured their 22nd league title this season, but the campaign ended with influential Serbian coach Jovanovic announcing his intention not to renew his contract, a decision that also triggered president Phivos Erotokritou’s decision not to continue at his post a few weeks later. The 38-year-old Angolanborn Emanuel is expected in Cyprus tomorrow to finalise what is expected to be a two-year deal with the Nicosia giants. “APOEL FC Ltd announces that it has reached a preliminary agreement with Portuguese coach Pedro Emanuel, who is expected in Cyprus on Friday to complete the deal,” read an official club announcement. Jovanovic won six trophies, including four league titles, during his two stints at APOEL. He also led APOEL to the group stage of the Champions League in 2009 and remarkably to the quarter-finals in 2012. Next season APOEL will begin their Champions League campaign in the summer in the third qualifying round of the competition. Emanuel’s first coaching experience was as an assistant to Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas at Porto in the 2010-2011 season when the Portuguese side claimed the national title undefeated. He then secured his first head coaching job next season with Academica. This season, Academica look set to finish 11th in the Portuguese league, while they also reached the quarter-finals of the Cup. As a player, Emanuel helped lead Boavista to the league title in 2001, while the former defender also spent time at Porto. In total, he won twelve trophies in Portugal including the Champions League and Europa League.

Pedro Emanuel is set to replace Ivan Jovanovic

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, May 16, 2013



Wigan hoping to keep Martinez despite heartbreaking relegation Players go from heroes to zeros

By Simon Peach

By Martyn Ziegler, WIGAN chairman Dave Whelan will try to persuade Roberto Martinez to stay and take the club back into the Barclays Premier League at the first attempt next season but admits the Spaniard has been made numerous offers from other clubs. Whelan will have a meeting with Martinez after the Latics’ final match of the season at home to Aston Villa on Sunday to hammer out their plans for next season after the FA Cup winners were condemned to relegation by defeat at Arsenal. The Wigan chairman has promised to boost the size of the squad to cope with the demands of European football, and hopes Martinez will remain at the club. Everton are in the market for a new manager after David Moyes’ move to Manchester United but Whelan said there were other clubs after Martinez. Whelan told the Press Association: “We’ll have a meeting after the final match and he’s so honest he will tell me then whether he is staying or going. “He has had numerous offers. There’s clubs bigger than Everton looking at Roberto every season be-

Kidd stunned by Mancini exit

Game over: Wigan became the first club to win the FA Cup and go down in the same season cause he’s a quality manager. “We have a partnership, we have complete trust in each other, that’s how we operate. Of course we would love him to stay but what he decides I will accept. “The first season after relegation is the one to get back up - the parachute payment is the biggest and we should have the same core of players.” Whelan estimates that Wigan will have to play an extra 12 to 15 matches next season - 46 rather

than 38 in the league, plus the demands of the Europa League. He added: “We are going to have to have more players - take into account the Community Shield against Manchester United and we could end up playing 60 games. We will need a bigger squad.” Whelan also admitted that it would be impossible to choose between winning the FA Cup and staying in the Premier League. “The FA Cup is monumental and historic but to be in the Premier League

is so important commercially and financially,” he said. “What made the difference this season is that Lady Luck deserted us. We had the most horrendous luck with injuries - sometimes eight firstchoice players out with injury. We accept that overall we were not quite good enough but we also feel hard-done-by.” Whelan admitted that he felt the club were doomed to the drop following last week’s 3-2 home defeat to Swansea - when they had

twice been in front. Victory at Wembley inspired hope of another league escape, but it was not to be as Wigan became the first club to win the FA Cup and go down in the same season. “The writing was on the wall when we lost to Swansea at home,” he added. “It has been a fantastic season and I do think Wigan Athletic have made an awful lot of friends worldwide and not just in the Premier League because of the way we play and our attitude.”

Walcott driven by fear of failure By Jim van Wijk

Theo Walcott, who scored against Wigan, is confident that Arsenal will qualify for next season’s Champions League

THEO Walcott revealed the thought of being the first Arsenal side in a generation to miss out on Champions League football has driven the squad back into the top four of the Premier League. The Gunners moved back above north London rivals Tottenham with a 4-1 win over Wigan at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday, which confirmed the FA Cup winners’ relegation. Arsenal now head to Newcastle on Sunday with their destiny back in their own hands, a point ahead of Spurs following a superb ninematch unbeaten run since losing at White Hart Lane on March 3, and could yet finish above Chelsea should the Europa League finalists slip up against Everton. Walcott, who took his tally to 21 for the season with a crucial second goal against Wigan, has every confidence Arsene Wenger’s men can now finish the job at St James’ Park and deliver a 16th successive shot at Europe’s elite club competition. “We just have great experience in knowing

what to do when the time is right. It is funny. It happens every year,” said Walcott. “We tend to finish very strong. I think it is just because the players want it so much. “Champions League football is big for the future of the club and the players. We have been in it for the last 15 years and we don’t want to be the players who are not part of that. “We just need to show that in the mid-season and at the start and we could hopefully be even higher than we are and not have this situation we are in. “But it is very positive, and we will be fighting strong on Sunday.” Walcott has made no secret of his desire to the lead the attack as he had done to great effect earlier in the campaign. “Wherever the manager wants to play me, I will do that for the team. You can’t fault Lukas Podolski at all - he grabbed two goals up front and I got one as well,” said Walcott, whose close range strike put Arsenal back in charge after Shaun Maloney’s superb free-kick had briefly given the Latics hope of pulling off another great escape. “So if things are going well, there is no need to change anything, I believe.”

MANUEL Pellegrini remains overwhelming favourite to become Manchester City manager following the sacking of Roberto Mancini - a move that came as a surprise to players and staff. The Italian saw his threeand-a-half-year reign at the Etihad Stadium brought to an abrupt end on Monday - a year to the day after bringing City their first league title in 44 years. It was also announced that assistant manager David Platt, who was offered the chance to stay on, had decided to join Mancini in leaving. Failure to retain the Premier League crown and a poor showing in the Champions League pushed Mancini towards the exit door, with Saturday’s surprise FA Cup final defeat to Wigan proving the final straw. Malaga coach Pellegrini is favourite to replace the former Inter Milan boss, having been heavily linked with City since rumours of Mancini’s demise began to surface. Despite such reports, the sacking came as a shock to his assistant Brian Kidd, who on Tuesday night oversaw a 2-0 win at relegated Reading. “What has gone on in the last 24 hours was a shock to the staff, and before the game I would have just taken the result, to get the three points and take second place,” he said. “It’s all credit to the players - they are the ones who have had to put up with stuff off the pitch. “I am pleased for them because it would have been a travesty if we hadn’t finished second. “I was asked to take charge for two games, and, being a Manchester lad, I couldn’t say no. “You’d have to ask the players how they feel. We appreciate the fans, and they were disappointed, and we were disappointed, on Saturday. Sergio Aguero and Edin Dzeko scored the all-important goals at a rain-sodden Madejski Stadium on Tuesday. The win ensured runnersup spot with a game to spare and was a welcome return to winning ways after the disappointment of losing at Wembley. “When you get to this stage of the season it’s not about performances, but getting results and it was on my mind that we needed to seal that second spot in the league. “That’s the least we could do, and the staff, the fans and the players did it for the club. “I was pleased with the way the players acknowledged the fans, but those players really appreciated it.”

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Rio Ferdinand calls time on England career 30

Late drama as Ivanovic wins Europa League for Chelsea Blues become the first English club to win all three of UEFA’s major trophies Chelsea 2 Benfica 1 By Tony Jimenez


stoppage-time header from Branislav Ivanovic helped Chelsea become the first English club to win all three of UEFA’s major trophies as they beat Benfica 2-1 in the Europa League final last night. The Serbian defender sent the London club’s fans wild with delight when he climbed high at the far post to meet a Juan Mata corner and place a header back across helpless goalkeeper Artur into the net. Fernando Torres had put Chelsea in front with a breathtaking solo goal in the 59th minute before Oscar Cardozo equalised with a penalty nine minutes later. Victory meant Chelsea emulated Ajax Amsterdam, Bayern Munich and Juventus in becoming the only clubs to win the European Cup, Europa League and the now defunct Cup Winners’ Cup. Benfica, smarting from Saturday’s 2-1 defeat by Porto in their domestic title showdown, started the game the brighter of the two teams and Paraguayan sharpshooter Cardozo headed over from close range in the second minute. Chelsea gradually began

Celebration: Chelsea lift the Europa League trophy after Branislav Ivanovic’s (right) stoppage time header sealed the win over Portuguese giants Benfica to string some passes together and Torres put them in front with a goal reminiscent of his wonder strike in last season’s Champions League semi-final against Barcelona. A flick in the centre circle from Mata sent the Spaniard streaking clear and he calmly rounded Artur be-

fore slotting the ball into an empty net from a tight angle. Torres marked his goal by dropping to his knees and celebrating in Usain Bolt fashion by pointing his right arm skywards. Cardozo levelled for Benfica, driving the ball straight down the middle of the goal

from the penalty spot after Cesar Azpilicueta handled in the area. Both teams drove forward in search of the winner and Ivanovic’s goal made sure interim manager Rafa Benitez picked up his first trophy as Chelsea boss. “That was a great performance in the second half,

against a very good team. I’m really pleased for the players and everyone involved,” Benitez told ITV after the match. “We didn’t have the legs in the first half, so we had to adapt. The players have worked so hard, all season. I am proud - it was not easy. I’m really pleased, really

proud,” he added A clearly delighted Torres said: “I am very happy. It was a very tough game, and Benfica were much better in the first half. The first half was not good enough at all. “We really wanted to win this Europa League, and maybe this was going to be our only chance.”

QPR star Remy arrested in gang rape inquiry By Kiran Randhawa

In big trouble: France international Loic Remy is being held by police along with a cousin and friend

PREMIER League footballer Loic Remy has been arrested on suspicion of rape. The Queens Park Rangers striker, 26, was held by police yesterday morning with his cousin and a friend. All three are currently in custody being questioned about an alleged assault. A 34-year-old woman claims she was attacked at an address in Fulham on May 6. She says she visited the footballer at his flat last week. When she arrived his cousin and friend were apparently present. The woman claims she was offered a drink and allegedly lost consciousness

afterwards. When she recovered consciousness some hours later, it is claimed the three men were still present. She made a complaint to Kent Police, which was passed on to Scotland Yard and the trio were arrested yesterday. The Metropolitan Police said: “Officers from Sapphire are investigating an allegation of rape which happened on May 6 in the west London area. “The allegation was passed on to the MPS by Kent Police on May 8 after the 34-year-old female victim reported it to them on the previous day, May 7. The victim alleges she was raped by three men. “On the morning of Wednesday, May 15 three

men, aged 26, 23, and 22, were arrested at an address in Fulham on suspicion of rape - they remain in custody at a west London police station”. In a statement, QPR said: “The club is aware of the allegations regarding Loic Remy, but due to police investigations is unable to comment.” Remy, a French international joined QPR in January for £8 million on wages reported to be £80,000 a week. He has made 13 appearances for the club this season, scoring six goals. But he is expected to leave the west London club this summer following QPR’s relegation, with Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton and Newcastle among the clubs reported

to be interested in signing him. The striker has also been linked with a move to Italy with Inter Milan and Napoli apparently interested in his signature. Remy started his career at Lyon in 2006 before moving to Nice in 2008 and then Marseille in 2010. He has been capped 18 times for France, scoring four goals. He will hope to be available for the Rangers’ final game of the season away at Liverpool on Sunday.

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