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Two foreign workers remanded after body found in suitcase

Excited Tiger sounds ominous warning back

A-list actor Idris Elba wants to get et you dancing



Costly row forces new ballot papers State faces €40,000 cost after candidate’s unauthorised use of the Guinness logo By Peter Stevenson


VER half a million ballot papers for next month’s presidential elections will have to be reprinted after the existing ones were ruled invalid as they feature the unauthorised logo of Guinness World Records. Some 575,000 ballots will now have to be binned, with the cost of a printing new ones estimated at €40,000. According to sources at the ministry, an anonymous call was made asking whether candidate Andreas Efstratiou’s use of the Guinness logo on the presidential election ballot papers was legal. The ministry emailed the company early yesterday morning to ask for clearance to use the logo on ballot papers but was informed that Efstratiou had been told

Record holder: wedding planner Andreas Efstratiou

in 2011 not to use the logo again after using it in the 2008 presidential elections. As a Guinness World Record holder, Efstratiou can use the logo in certain circumstances but not on ballot papers, according to the company. However Efstratiou has refuted this. After using the logo in the 2008 presidential elections to promote his record, Efstratiou said yesterday he did not think any objection would stand this time round as he had been given express permission by the company as a record holder to use the logo wherever he pleased. “Someone from another party must have been annoyed that I was allowed to use such a famous logo,” he said. “There shouldn’t have been any problems in using it as I have used it in previous elections, despite local objections,” he added. “I will take up legal proceedings against the Guinness World Records as it clearly stipulates on their website that as a record holder I can use their emblem wherever I choose,” he concluded. Efstratiou currently holds the world record for creating the longest wedding dress train, measuring 1,362 metres, which he created in 2007. He is a businessman from Paphos, and in 2003 won 606 votes and in 2008, 713 votes. His company, Efstratiou Weddings is a wedding planning organiser. When registering his candidacy for president Efstratiou asked


Participants dressed as Vikings pose on a longboat during the annual Up Helly Aa festival in Lerwick, Shetland Islands yesterday. Up Helly Aa celebrates the influence of the Scandinavian Vikings in the Shetland Islands and culminates in up to 1,000 ‘guizers’ (men in costume) throwing flaming torches into their Viking longboat and setting it on fire (AFP)

Teenage girls in Britain are flouting sunbed laws TEENAGE girls in the UK are flouting the law and putting their health at risk by using sunbeds, research suggests. Girls aged 15 to 18 told scientists they regularly used sunbeds because a tan made them look healthier and feel more confident. They knew about the potential dangers, including premature ageing and deadly skin cancer, but were willing to accept or ignore them. In 2011 it became illegal in England and Wales for young people under the age of 18 to use sunbeds.

This was after figures released the previous year showed that 250,000 children aged 11 to 17 in England were regularly visiting tanning parlours. But the law is falling short because it is so difficult to police, say experts. Salons are not always supervised by trained staff who can stop young teenagers using their equipment. The new research emerged from focus group meetings involving 69 teenagers in six cities around the UK. Girls who regularly used sunbeds were asked questions that explored their

motivations and attitudes, and knowledge of health risks. Health consultant Dr Jeffrey Lake, who led the study published in the Journal of Public Health, said: “The research shows us that the desire for tanned skin in young people is blinding them to the potential long-term health risks associated with regularly using sunbeds. “We’re finding that their worries are cosmetic when they should really be thinking about the unseen damage they’re inflicting on themselves.”

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL



Weather Paralimni

Nicosia 13



15 15


13 1




TODAY: A mixture of sunshine, cloud and rain. Temperatures will reach 13C inland and in the west, 15C in the south and east and 4C over higher ground OUTLOOK: Remaining unsettled YESTERDAY:

Max Temp Nicosia 16 Larnaca 19 Limassol 19 Paphos 17 Paralimni 19 Prodromos 7


Min 8 7 8 9 8 1

Humidity 52% 50% 48% 60% 49% 71%

SUNRISE: 06:47am

SUNSET: 5:13pm

Pollution Low/Low Low/Low Medium/Low Low Low Low

Air quality in Cyprus is assessed with the aid of a network of nine advanced monitoring stations. Data is recorded hourly. Information provided by the Air Quality Section of the Department of Labour Inspection (DLI)

Worldwide Athens Budapest Bucharest Brussels Cairo Copenhagen Damascus Dublin Frankfurt Geneva Istanbul London

9 2 -1 11 19 5 14 14 8 6 4 13

Drizzle Cloudy Mist Light Rain Cloudy Mist Cloudy Cloudy Rain Cloudy Mist Cloudy

Madrid Manchester Moscow Oslo Paris Prague Rome Sarajevo Sofia Stockholm Tel Aviv Vienna

7 10 -5 1 10 3 12 5 2 2 15 4

Cloudy Cloudy Snow Cloudy Light Rain Light Rain Clear Clear Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Rain




For a full list of exchange rates, see page 12

CHEMISTS NICOSIA M. Kyriakoudes, 6B. C Pindarou St. Tel: 22344877, 22773127 D. Sergiou, 18 Delfon St. Tel: 22775613, 22778449 (H) E. Frangouli, 58A Athenon St, Strovolos. Tel: 22314660, 22492935 (H) A. Hadjiapostolou, 36D K. Matsis Ave. Tel: 22311416, 22510679 (H) G.S. Charalambides, 64B Ayiou Eleftheriou St, Strovolos. Tel: 22371177, 22353584 (H) LIMASSOL A. Stylianou, Mesa Geitonias. Tel: 25358477, 25390877 (H) A. Votsis 19 Dodekanisou Tel: 25341123, 25365316 (H)

Chr. Metaxa 5 Christaki Kranou Germasoyia Tel: 25314848, 25322840 (H) LARNACA M. Christodoulou, 2 Armenian Church Rd. Tel: 24652440, 24626763 (H) V. Christakis, 31A Papanicolis St. Tel: 24634390, 24663431 (H) PAPHOS S. Diomidous, Makarios Ave. Tel: 26961999, 99383122, (H) D. Hadjicharalambous, 104 Ellados Ave. Tel: 26822627, 70008181, (H) PARALIMNI P. Kyzas, 82 Makarios Ave. Tel: 23823270, 23823308 (H)

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Slapping technique expert Khunyingtobnom Na Songkla (second right) performs a face slapping at her shop in Bangkok yesterday. From breast-slapping and gold thread face-lifts, to vaginal whitening soaps and olive oil penis enlargements, image obsessed Thais are going to ever increasing extremes in the quest for beauty (AFP)



5 Malleable (4) 7 S African antelope (10) 8 Self-centred person (6) 10 Deepen river-bed (6) 11 Agreement (4) 12 Robots (8) 14 Bony framework (8) 16 Shine (4) 17 Pour wine (6) 19 Lack of interest (6) 21 Gael (10) 22 Release (4)

1 Old word for you (4) 2 Harsh (6) 3 Theoretical (8) 4 Repair (4) 5 Small river (6) 6 Course taken by aircraft (6,4) 9 Footballer (10) 13 Feeler (8) 15 Abhor (6) 16 Clever (6) 18 Roman garment (4) 20 Spun thread (4)

For cryptic crossword and answers to the previous quick crossword see page 21




28 years ago, Thursday January 30, 1985

Adolf Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg.

Andreas Moustakas an EOKA B man who is serving a long jail term for manslaughter was taken to the Limassol Assize court yesterday to answer another charge of arms possession. He is alleged to have committed the offences last month when rearrested after jumping parole.

1948 Mohandas Gandhi is assassinated in New Delhi by a Hindu extremist.

1968 The Vietnam War: communist forces launch the Tet Offensive, a series of coordinated surprise attacks across South Vietnam.

1969 The Beatles perform in public together for the last time, on the roof of Apple Records in London.

1972 ‘Bloody Sunday’: British troops shoot dead 13 people during a demonstration in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The troops argued that they opened fire in response to shots from gunmen in a nearby block of flats.

38 years ago, Wednesday January 30, 1975 Turkey began last night the transfer back to the occupied areas of some of the thousands of Turkish Cypriot refugees flown to Ankara in the past eight days from the British Base of Akrotiri. Some 11,000 Turkish Cypriots were due to have flown to southern Turkey in the airlift.

58 years ago, Sunday January 30, 1955 While official sources in Nicosia officially confirmed that the caique Saint George was intercepted on January 25 after unloading explosives north of Paphos an attempt to get a debate on the subject failed today in the House of Commons. A statement from the government said 27 cases had been unloaded from the vessel and the people on board and local villagers had been detained for investigations.

CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Mari blast trial enters into the final straight By Stefanos Evripidou THE LAST witness testimonies for the prosecution in the Mari trial are expected to be heard early next month, it was reported yesterday. According to state broadcaster CyBC, the prosecution has invited three more witnesses to testify in the trial on the deadly naval base blast, which killed seven sailors and six fire fighters, while injuring dozens on July 11, 2011. The final three will take the number of witnesses called by the prosecution to around 120. State prosecutor Polina Efthyvoulou told the Larnaca criminal court yesterday that four other witnesses - three senior fire service officials and a national guard lieutenant - originally down to testify have been deemed unreliable by the prosecution and will not be called. A fifth is suffering psychological problems and won’t be called either, she said. The remaining three witness testimonies are expected to come from three Cypriot diplomats, starting with Michalis Stavrinou today. On February 5, former director of the President’s Diplomatic Office and current Cypriot ambassador to Switzerland Leonidas Pantelides will testify before the court. Two days later, Cyp-

riot ambassador Giorgos Yiangou will also testify. The Larnaca criminal court heard four more testimonies yesterday including that of naval base car mechanic Soteris Christou who told the court that on July 8, 2011, he was asked to take the base fire truck and pour two tonnes of water over the deformed container among the 98 filled with munitions. Christou told the court he was surprised to see the water sprayed on the deformed container turn to steam even though it was only 8am. The fourth testimony was that of Lieutenant Commander Ioannis Tsiannis whose testimony was told to the court by a police sergeant, as Tsiannis is suffering neurological problems following the blast and was not in a position to testify himself in court. The trial’s defendants are former foreign minister Marcos Kyprianou, former defence minister Costas Papacostas, former national guard deputy chief Savvas Argyrou, former fire service chief Andreas Nicolaou; deputy fire chief Charalambos Charalambous; and former disaster response squad (EMAK) commander Andreas Loizides. They are charged with causing death by want of precaution, and homicide by gross negligence in relation to the deaths of the 13 people.

More petrol price rises in pipeline say sellers PEOPLE are trying to use their cars less as fuel prices have risen by about 13 cents a litre in about a month, the head of the petrol station owners’ association Stephanos Stephanou said yesterday. Stefanou said with consumption tax, VAT and international prices going up, consumers should expect more increases. But he said that 13 cents in a month was a “very harsh increase”. “We haven’t seen prices like this in a very long time,” Stephanou said. He added that some petrol stations report up to 20 per cent decrease in sales, he added. “It’s very normal for all of us to be saving up,” he said referring to wage cuts

across the state and private sector and tax hikes. One petrol station owner in a busy street in Nicosia said that some people now put in the minimum. “Some people come in asking for two euros’ worth of fuel. I ask them what they’ll do with two euros and they say they just need to get home,” he said. Petrol stations can set whatever prices they want, and though they often cite an increase in international fuel prices when prices go up, the auditor general has said prices can be higher than expected. And the commerce ministry has said petrol stations are slower to drop prices than they are to raise them.

Police and other officials examine the area where the body was found on Monday

Body in case ‘killed as he wouldn’t get up’ Flatmate and compatriot remanded in gruesome case By George Psyllides A 29-year-old Bangladeshi man stabbed his roommate to death because he refused to get out of bed to replace him at the hotel reception where they worked, the Nicosia district court heard yesterday. The suspect, along with a second Bangladeshi man, 33, were yesterday remanded in custody for eight days in connection with the killing of a compatriot, 25, who was found stuffed in a suitcase in the boot of a car on Monday. The 29-year-old told the court his only mistake was that he moved the body because he was scared, but investigators said he had given a statement admitting to killing his roommate in the early morning hours of Friday. He “fatally wounded the victim with a knife in their

room, because he refused to get out of bed to replace him at the hotel reception where their worked, something that happened often,” the police investigator told the court. The 25-year-old’s body was found inside a suitcase that had been wrapped in a plastic bag. The victim had bled to death as a result of three wounds to the throat, the court heard. He also had defensive wounds on his right hand. Police said they have not yet found the murder weapon. The 29-year-old had claimed initially that he had found his roommate dead in his bed and decided to move his body because he was scared. He also told officers he had cleaned the blood from the wall. The suitcase had been placed in the boot of a car

Santiago return MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Erato Kozakou Markoullis has returned from Santiago where she participated in the EU - Latin America and Caribbean Meeting. The meeting adopted an action plan for 2013-2015 as well as the Santiago Declaration, which sets out the next steps to strengthen relations between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean.

(Christos Theodorides)

JAZZ AT THE GIRAFFE An evening of trad jazz with ‘The south Coast Stompers’ The ‘Giraffe’ Pub, Pissouri. Friday 1st Feb. 8.00-10.30 (The ‘Giraffe’ Pub is next to the theatre) Entrance free. Pub food available. Reservaons-97869677

belonging to the victim. It was found in an open parking lot on Eschylou Street in the old town of Nicosia. The 29-year-old had driven the car to where it was found from a nearby parking facility in the moat surrounding the old town’s walls. Police said the second suspect had helped the alleged perpetrator carry the suitcase to the car. However, it was not immediately clear whether the second suspect knew what was in the suitcase. He denied any involvement, telling officers that last Saturday he received a phone call from the first

suspect who asked him to meet so that he can return €90 he owed and help him move some things. In the early hours of Sunday, according to the second suspect, he helped the 29-year-old move two green plastic bags containing clothes as well as the suitcase, which he was told, also contained clothes. Police said their movements were recorded by security cameras. Footage showed two individuals who look like the suspects, carrying a case resembling the one the body was found in, police told the court.

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Home Athlete banned for two years after taking forbidden substances CYPRUS A 24-year-old weightlifting athlete has been banned for two years after testing positive for anabolic agents, the Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority (CyADA) announced. Demetris Minasides’ ban started on April 26 last year and will be in place until April 25, 2014, CyADA said.

He had been tested in March last year, with results coming back positive a month later. In the meantime, however, Minasides had competed in the European weightlifting games in Turkey, where he took second place and qualified for the London Olympics. He was subsequently stripped of

his medal and did not take part in the Olympics. The apparent delay is partly due to the fact that Cyprus must send its samples abroad for testing by laboratories approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency. In this case, the samples were sent to Germany, with the Easter holi-

days causing even more delay. CyADA also said it had carried out 52 doping tests in November and December last year. Of those tested, 28 were footballers, 12 basketball players, eight volleyball players, and four handball players. The results have not been received yet.

Sports tourism generates €20m in 2011 THE Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is committed to strengthening sports tourism further, its chairman said yesterday, as visitors in 2011 saw a 19 per cent rise. CTO chairman Alecos Orountiotis said sports tourism was an asset in its portfolio of alternative forms of tourism, attracting almost 12,900 visitors in 2011 and generating some €20 million in revenues. “This is why we are determined to work harder, to exert greater collective effort, so that we strengthen the sector of sports tourism,” Orountiotis said. According to a survey by the CTO, football has the lion’s share when it comes to visitor numbers – 5,918 – followed by swimming with 3,226 and cycling with 2,212. The average length of stay was around 10.7 nights. Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca attracted most visitors, the CTO survey said, and Russia, Germany, and Britain were the main sources, chalking up 33 per cent of the total. Most visits, 39 per cent, were recorded between February and March. Orountiotis said Cyprus must exploit its good weather conditions, its geography, infrastructure and services to strengthen sports tourism further. The island’s tourism industry has seen a boom in the past couple of years, mainly driven by a rise in the number of Russian visitors. Last year saw a 42 per cent growth in tourist arrivals from Russia, which led to 3.0 per cent increase in Cyprus’ overall tourist arrivals. Last year’s total arrivals were 2,464,908 compared with 2,392,228 in 2011. The increase in tourist arrivals from Russia was 140,340 - a total of 474,419 people, from 334,079 in 2011.

TODAY Match fixing THE CYPRUS Football Association (CFA) has asked police to investigate possible matchfixing of a local match after European football governing body UEFA sent out a warning last week, according to a CFA statement yesterday. On January 22, the CFA announced it had been sent a ‘yellow file’ on a match between Ethnikou Achnas and Ayia Napa which took place on January 19. Achnas won 2-1. A yellow file indicates that the match “could have been fixed”.

Theft remand

Grand plans: Zaha Hadid’s vision for Eleftheria Square

Nicosia will have to save after budget cut But mayor pledges that works will continue as planned By Poly Pantelides NICOSIA municipality will get €400,000 less from the government than expected in 2013, which may overthrow plans for a balanced budget, Nicosia mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis said yesterday. The state and parliament had already reduced Nicosia municipality’s budget by €4.0 million, but the budget was further reduced by €400,000 for 2013, Yiorkadjis said during a news conference. As it stands, the budget allows for a surplus of €2,360, the difference between the

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(originally) expected income of €32,159,981 and the anticipated expenses of €32,157,621. Last year closed with an estimated deficit of €3.3 million. “The budget serves the need to render the municipality viable at a time when the government is unable to support local government,” Yiorkadjis said. Ongoing and necessary works have priority, including the renovation of Eleftheria Square that is expected to be completed in early 2015. The European regional development fund is funding 85 per cent of the project. The budget has grown from €20 million – some €13 million for the square and €7.0 million for underground parking – to over €25 million, Yiorkadjis said. He blamed the VAT hike for the increase as well as delays caused by the antiquities department that resulted in a sloppy plan with ill thought out aspects.

Other streamlined works to regenerate the areas of Kaimakli and Tachtakala within the city walls, the old town and Paphos Gate will either continue or else start this year, Yiorkadjis said. He added that the municipality has obtained permission from town planning to undertake the regeneration of declining Makarios Avenue, Stasikratous Street and Onasagorou Street by creating commercial centres. It is not just the crisis and the expensive rents that has caused a decline in Makarios Avenue, he said. “If you create three commercial nuclei you will break up the clientele. It’s natural,” Yiorkadjis said. The municipality will also try to secure EU funding to build anti-flood infrastructure including in the Sopaz area, he said. Floods in the Sopaz area last year swept away cars, some parked but others with people in them

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who had to be rescued. Meanwhile, some 50 people are expected to retire this year as part of a scheme to reduce staff numbers that resulted in the voluntary retirement of 35 employees last year, and will bring staff numbers down to 450 by the end of the year, Yiorkadjis said. Rubbish fees will go up by €19 per household to keep up with expenses. The government plans to set up two new waste processing plants in Nicosia and Limassol to avoid EU fines from failing to clean up its landfill sites. Yiorkadjis said this would at least double rubbish collection fees, bringing them up to €250 - €300 a year unless they obtained a budget to update their system so they could charge people on the weight of their rubbish. This year, as with last, the priority remains ensuring Nicosia “functions smoothly,” Yiorkadjis said.

A 31-year-old woman was remanded in custody for six days yesterday after the amount of €196,555 was reported stolen from a pharmacy in Limassol between January 1, 2009 and September 30, 2012. Police arrested the woman on Monday after they received a complaint from a 54-year-old woman who owns two pharmacies in Limassol that after checking the books of the pharmacy the 31-year-old operates, she discovered that the amount of €196,555 had disappeared.

Store fire A FIRE started at around 1pm yesterday at a store room for Electromechanical Services in Paphos which is used primarily for storing stationary. Fire Service spokesman Lisa Kemidji said that the fire was extinguished before it was able to spread outside. “The fire was under control by 1.15pm, after three fire trucks arrived on the scene,” she said.

Jewellery theft JEWELLERY valued at around €159,000 was stolen from a house in Limassol on Monday, police said. Police received a report from a 69-year-old woman that between the hours of 6.45pm and 9pm her house had been burgled and various expensive jewellery stolen.

Notice for the Attention of Mr Ian Jeffrey Bailey born 9th February 1967 I, Mrs Lesley Bailey, born 8th November 1966 hereby give notice to Mr Ian Jeffrey Bailey that a petition for divorce has been issued at the Southend County Court, England, case number SS11D00274. Mr Ian Jeffrey Bailey should contact Southend County Court at the contact details below to request a copy of the petition and accompanying documentation. Service should then be acknowledged. Should Mr Ian Jeffrey Bailey fail to contact Southend County Court within 4 weeks of this notice then the divorce may proceed without any further notice. Southend County Court contact details Southend County Court, Tylers House, Tylers Avenue, Southend-On-Sea, Essex, England, SS1 2AW Telephone Number: 0844 8924000

CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013



All parties say their man came out on top in debate

Turkish Cypriot honey gets permission to cross Green Line

Greens lament no talk of the future

HONEY made by Turkish Cypriot beekeepers will soon be included on the list of products traded across the buffer zone, according to a statement by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KKTO). Honey could not previously cross because the pesticides used during production fell foul of EU regulations. Turkish Cypriot honey producers worked towards full harmonisation with EU regulations on food, with the end result being that the latest tests by European Commission experts coming out positive, in turn, opening the door to the trade of honey. The Green Line Regulation stipulates that honey may be traded across the buffer zone as long as it fulďŹ ls the following conditions: the honey must be wholly produced in the north; it must be prepared and packaged according to EU rules on health, and packaged in separate containers for sale with the relevant documents from the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.

By Poly Pantelides STATEMENTS made yesterday about the performance of the three main presidential candidates during Monday’s live televised debate raise a challenge. All parties claimed – but cannot all be right – that their candidate came out on top during a discussion on the Cyprus problem ahead of the February 17 elections. The debate focused on the 2004 referendum on the Annan plan which was rejected by Greek Cypriots and accepted by the Turkish Cypriots. The three candidates’ supporters yesterday used comparable language to make comparable statements. “Independent candidate Stavros Malas proved during (Monday night’s) debate that he is the only reliable choice in handling the great challenges our island and people are facing,â€? said parliamentary spokesman of ruling party AKEL, which supports Malas, Giorgos Loucaides. “Nicos Anastasiades has once again conďŹ rmed he is a serious and responsible leader who can offer prospects and solutions,â€? said the spokesman of main opposition party DISY, which Anastasiades leads, Harris Georgiades. “Giorgos Lillikas submitted to the Cypriot people – with clarity – the need for a new national strategy, away from dead-ends, the spineless and ineffective ways of the past,â€? said the leader of EDEK, which is backing Lillikas, Yiannakis Omirou.

The three main candidates relaxing before Monday night’s live TV debate (Christos Theodorides) But the Green party issued an announcement expressing its disappointment with the debate. “We expected proposals on the future, not a talk about the past,â€? the Greens said in an announcement. “In the case of the Cyprus issue, referrals to the past should have the only goal to acquire knowledge to avoid mistakes‌ and not for impressionistic purposes and for pre-electoral expediencies,â€? the announcement said. The Green party went on to elaborate on its own positions on the Cyprus problem, but its view that the candidates were stuck in the past was corroborated by people on Facebook and Twitter who, in the majority, remained unimpressed. “Now Live!‌ The solution of the Cyprus problem. Episode 2567,â€? one person said on Facebook while one user on Twitter stated the obvious: “This is a discussion on the Annan planâ€?. Another asked, “who will

take a more detailed position on the FUTURE of the Cyprus issue rather than the failed past?â€? Candidates did yesterday speak of the future with Malas referring to the need to “look ahead with speciďŹ c, pragmatic and viable solutions so that what we all want – the solution to the Cyprus issue – we may manage to bring aboutâ€?. Lillikas issued a statement claiming he did offer a “complete proposal on how to handle the Cyprus issueâ€? based on strategic alliances also bearing in mind the island’s natural gas reserves, using an independent national council, and starting separate negotiations with Turkey and Turkish Cypriots to reverse the international community’s view that the issue “is about distributing power between the two communitiesâ€?. Along similar lines, Anastasiades’ spokesman, DISY MP Tasos Mitsopoulos claimed that Anastasiades “avoided divisive recursions to the

Costly row leads to new ballot papers continued from page one people to support him because politicians had failed them. “Despite the use of the logo in 2008, we sought to gain ofďŹ cial conďŹ rmation that the company’s logo could be used on the ballot papers,â€? head of the electoral service Demetris Demetriou said. The electoral services will now look at the possibility of charging Efstratiou the cost of re-printing the ballot papers. There have been many attempts at breaking Guinness World Records in Cyprus over recent years with the largest aouna, the biggest wineglass and a road safety campaign with 1,000 children wearing 1,000 helmets all gaining entry into the famous book. Other attempts have also been made with people attempting to grow large plants and vegetables in order to gain recognition.

pastâ€? and had put forward speciďŹ c proposals. Those proposals also include strategic alliances that bear in mind natural gas reserves and a “framework on a

solutionâ€? that all parties can agree with. The next and ďŹ nal televised debate is due on Monday, February 11 on the economy and domestic policy.

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Police investigate two drinks rackets Distributors say they are being warned to stay away from some establishments By Elias Hazou

Construction workers continued their indefinite islandwide strike yesterday, staging protests because, they say, employers are taking advantage of the crisis to fire people, hire cheap hands and break collective agreements. The unions want to create commit-

tees in every city to licence workers but contractors have said this is not doable. The unions say that at least 6,000 of their peers are unemployed. Speaking live on the TV news after a meeting of the Building Contractors’ Association last night, association head Nicos Kelepeshis called on the

workers to end their strike and come to the negotiating table to bridge their differences and sign new collective agreements as soon as possible. When asked what concessions the building contractors were willing to make to bring workers to the table, he refused to elaborate further.

Third member of Committee on Missing Persons welcomed UN Special Representative in Cyprus Lisa Buttenheim yesterday welcomed the arrival on the island of the third member of the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP). Paul-Henri Arni, a Swiss national, replaces Christo-

phe Girod who concluded his tour of duty last summer. Prior to joining the United Nations team in Cyprus, Arni served with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for more than two decades, most recently head-

ing the ICRC’s Health Care in Danger initiative. He has extensive field experience in the management of operations and the identification of missing persons including postings in Uganda, Sri Lanka, the former Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Chad and Ukraine. The CMP is composed of a member appointed by each

of the two communities and a third member selected by the ICRC and appointed by the UN Secretary-General. The mandate of the CMP is to establish the fate of missing persons. For those whose remains are found, the mandate does not include determining how those people died or who may have been responsible for their death.


Required for September 2013 Primary Teacher – Key Stages 1 & 2 Minimum qualifications: Relevant university degree with QTS and two years teaching experience.

Primary Teacher of Greek

Minimum qualifications: A degree from The School of Education (Dept. of Primary Education) of a university in Cyprus or Greece and minimum two years teaching experience.


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8.30 pm February 1 , 2013 At the ESOBGA clubhouse Behind the Junior School, Nicosia 5 euro entry fee per person Teams of up to 6 people Individual players can join under-staffed teams Everyone welcome Bar open, great home-cooked food available Call 99-666011 for details Prizes kindly donated by

La Maison du Vin

POLICE are looking into possible racketeering being carried out at the expense of licensed distributors of beverages, the force’s spokesman confirmed yesterday. Police spokesman Andreas Angelides said they are investigating two such cases after receiving complaints from distributors of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. The story was first reported by daily Alithia. The paper said a number of established distributors were getting SMS messages warning them to stop supplying this or that establishment otherwise their own premises would be firebombed – or worse.

THREATS It’s understood that for the time being detectives have scant leads to go on; tracing the alleged senders of the messages will prove difficult given that pre-paid call cards were used. The businessmen on the receiving end of the threats are said to suspect individuals with mob ties who have muscled into the market, either by forcing entertainment establishments to buy from them only or by threatening their former suppliers, or both. Previously, the distribution of beverages in Cyprus was controlled, but the trade has now been opened up, allowing anyone to set up shop. Police believe this type of extortion is widespread but is under-reported; victims are typically reluctant

to go to the authorities for fear of retaliation. In addition to straightout bullying tactics, criminals have developed more subtle ways of placing establishments under their thumb. By branching into private security firms, they can then provide their ‘services’ under a guise of legitimacy. It’s understood that, despite the passage of legislation last year aimed at cracking down on private security firms, this activity continues unabated. Loan-sharking is also on the rise, police say. Last Sunday a 32-year-old man was arrested for allegedly charging a 10 per cent ‘vig’, or fee on a loan, per month. The debtor, who filed the complaint, says he borrowed around €12,000 last year and has so far paid back €44,500. The 67-year-old debtor, a lawyer by profession, told police his lender threatened to harm him because he, unable to meet the payments, was forced to write cheques that later bounced. The 32-year-old alleged lender, who denies any wrongdoing, has been remanded in custody after appearing in court. And earlier last week police detained a 68-year-old man from Larnaca after two persons accused him of loan-sharking. Again, the alleged rate charged was 10 per cent. The police spokesman urged the public to be extra careful when entering into loan deals with non-banking institutions, adding that the maximum lending rate is 6.77 per cent. Anything above that is unlawful.

The Administration of Estates Rules 1955. Application No.:9/2013 In the District Court of Paphos Probate Jurisdiction In the matter of DAVID RICHARD ELLERBY, late of United Kingdom and resident of Yeroskipou Paphos, deceased. Notice is hereby given that, after the expiration of 8 days, application will be made in the principal probate registry of Paphos for the grant of probate of the will of DAVID RICHARD ELLERBY, late of United Kingdom and resident of Yeroskipou Paphos, deceased. M.TIMOTHEOU & CO LLC Lawyers of the Executrix

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State covered for three months Christofias in evening call with Putin over finances By George Psyllides THE government said yesterday it was on track to cover the state’s financing needs for the next three months, pending finalisation of a bailout that was not expected before March, when the new administration takes over. At the end of each month we can evaluate our needs again, depending on how the previous month went, government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said. “And as the finance minister said, we are on track regarding the obligations we have and our financing needs for April,” Stefanou added. Speaking on state radio earlier yesterday, Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly said the state will need €2.8 billion in the next three months – one billion being maturing debt that it hopes to roll over. “All this can be done without additional borrowing,” the minister said. Cyprus’ request for a full bailout has apparently been caught in limbo due to disagreements amongst EU members. But the island has also had to contend with a discussion on how far Moscow should be involved in a bailout. In an interview with the Associated Press yesterday, the finance minister said leaders from the other 16 EU countries that use the euro are in “high level” talks with Moscow about a contribution to the bailout and that a deal was “probable.” “I think it’s only a question

of time,” Shiarly told the AP. And last night the Kremlin said Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with his Cyprus counterpart Demetris Christofias, but gave no details. According to a laconic statement posted on the Kremlin’s website, the two presidents discussed current issues of bilateral cooperation, including cooperation in the economy and finance. Government sources said last night that the call was made by Putin to Christofias, who is currently on an official visit to Serbia. Although the source could not give details, they said that obviously the two discussed the possibility of extending Russia’s €2.5 billion loan to Cyprus and Russia’s possible involvement in an international bailout of Cyprus. Christofias is expected to make an announcement today from Serbia regarding the phone discussion between the two leaders. On Monday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signalled his country’s willingness to help under certain conditions. The help could come in the form of an extension to a five-year €2.5 billion loan Moscow granted Nicosia in 2011. Cyprus said earlier this month it had formally requested a five-year extension to repay that debt, a step that could take the immediate heat out of Nicosia’s financial woes and that, according to a German government document, eurozone finance ministers

An announcement is expected today over the details of the call from the Kremlin between Putin and Christofias support. “We think the main burden to solve these problems should be taken on by Cyprus and the EU states,” Medvedev told the German business daily Handelsblatt in an interview held on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos. “But we are not refusing to help under certain conditions. The conditions must be agreed first. Before that, there can be no money from us,” he added.

Allegations Cyprus is a money laundering centre ‘unfounded’ By Elias Hazou ALLEGATIONS that Cyprus is a tax haven and money laundering centre for Russians are “unfounded” and “unjust”, House Speaker Yiannakis Omirou said yesterday. The island fully complies with international conventions and European legislation against money laundering, Omirou said in a letter to his euro-area counterparts and to European Parliament President Martin Schulz. The International Monetary Fund, the Council of Europe and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have all given Cyprus high scores for the country’s adoption and implementation of the measures, he added. Cyprus has been in the spotlight after certain EU leaders suggested investment flows between Russia and Cyprus are disproportionate, creating the suspicion that laundering may be behind the transactions. In his letter, Omirou argued that Cyprus is not used by Russian oligarchs to deposit illegal money. Moreover he said Cypriot banks are subject to strict controls for opening accounts and for transferring funds, with lenders supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus and by extension the European Central Bank. Given its EU membership, Russian companies use the island as a transit hub for investing across Europe and for listings on the London Stock Exchange. The reason why Cyprus appears as the biggest investor in Russia is because Russian cap-

ital in the form of dividends comes to Cyprus and is reinvested in Russia, Omirou said. The House Speaker cited statistics in a bid to debunk allegations that business activities here are dominated by Russia. He said only three of more than 80 shipping companies registered on the island belong to Russians, compared with 36 owned by Germans, while Canadian energy firms invest in Russia via Cyprus and Israelis invest in the Russian and Ukrainian property markets via the country. The holding company model of Cyprus is similar to that of Malta, Luxembourg and the UK while the country’s low tax regime was approved by the EU when Cyprus joined the bloc in 2004, Omirou said. Omirou’s letter is part of a drive abroad – decided by parliament - to counter claims the island is a money-laundering haven. On the occasion of the ‘Parliamentary Week on the European Semester’ – which began yesterday and wraps up today - a number of Cypriot deputies are currently in Brussels for contacts with MEPs and EU officials. Chairman of the House Finance Committee DIKO MP Nicholas Papadopoulos met a group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, while DISY deputy Christos Stylianides took part in a meeting of the European People’s Party. And tomorrow Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly will be in the Hague briefing the Dutch parliament on the specifics of Cyprus’ bailout request; he is also expected to explain Cyprus’ compliance with anti-money-laundering regulations and the exchange of tax information.

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Three-year-old joins MENSA

BRITAIN TODAY Coalition bid to cut childcare costs NURSERIES and childminders will be allowed to look after more children as part of coalition efforts to cut childcare costs. Staff are to be able to take charge of six twoyear-olds rather than four while the ratio for underones will go up from three to four. Education minister Liz Truss was to outline the changes, which have been criticised as lowering standards, as part of reforms that will see higher qualifications required of those caring for preschoolers. However, ministers have still not finalised a much heralded wider shake-up of childcare funding and tax breaks. Britain has some of the highest childcare costs in the world, meaning many mothers with two or more children find it does not make financial sense to work. Hailing the example of France, Truss was set to tell an event at the Policy Exchange think-tank that easing rules on ratios can give nurseries the “headroom to pay higher salaries”.

Damages for parole delay rapist A FUN-FAIR worker who raped a young teenager after forcing her to drink alcohol won damages yesterday after a European court ruled his human rights had been breached. Samuel Betteridge, 58, from Mablethorpe, was jailed after he pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and one of attempted rape at Lincoln Crown Court in 2005. A 13-month delay between the end of Betteridge’s minimum term and his first parole hearing was a breach of his right to a speedy hearing, the European Court of Human Rights found. The Strasbourg court ordered the British Government to pay Betteridge 750 euros (£640) in damages and 2,000 euros (£1,710) for his lawyers’ costs.

Sherwyn Sarabi’s intelligence has entitled him to join MENSA - a club that has only 100 members aged under 10 years old, out of 22,000 members across Britain

A THREE-year-old boy who can count to 200 and name every country in the world has become one of the youngest members of Mensa. Sherwyn Sarabi, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, is ranked among the top 1 per cent of cleverest people in the world after tests revealed he had an IQ of 136. His mother, Amanda Sarabi, said she was really proud of her gifted son, who she described as “amazing”. Sherwyn, who has a reading age of six, began speaking at the age of 10 months and was talking in sentences at 20 months. By the age of two, Sherwyn could read, count to 200, recognise and name countries, flags, planets in the solar system, parts of the body and internal organs. Sarabi, 36, a former teacher, said her son could point out every country in the world on a globe and match it to its flag. He could also explain the function of each internal organ. She said: “His general knowledge is amazing. He knows about everything. It’s not like talking to a three-year-old. He doesn’t even watch children’s programmes, he watches the news. The weather is his favourite, es-

pecially the world weather. He loves that.” She added: “We take every day as it comes. I’ve never forced teaching anything on to him. If he comes to me and asks me about a topic, I teach him to the best of my knowledge. Sometimes I have to look it up because I don’t know the answer but I explain it to him, then he’s happy.” Sarabi said she and her husband, Davoud, 37, who was studying construction management until he was involved in an accident, were well-educated but “nothing extraordinary”. She said they first noticed Sherwyn’s interest in learning when he was 18 months old but his intelligence seemed normal to them until other people pointed out how unusual it was. After his third birthday, Sherwyn was tested on the Wechsler Pre-School and Primary Scale of Intelligence, which placed him in the 99th percentile with an IQ of 136. The normal range using this test is between 85 and 115, with the average IQ being 100. He has now joined the high-IQ society MENSA, which has only 100 members aged under 10 years old out of 22,000 members across Britain.

UK military to help train forces for Mali offensive Up to 200 personnel could be deployed to train regional intervention force By Gavin Cordon UP to 200 British military personnel could be deployed to West Africa to help train a regional intervention force for Mali, Downing Street said yesterday, in a further deepening of the UK’s involvement in the conflict to drive out Islamist militants. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the troops would be in addition to the up to 40 personnel that Britain is offering to contribute to a European Union training mission to build up the the Malian army. In addition, the UK has offered to supply a roll-on, roll-off ferry to help transport heavy equipment to the French intervention force currently spearheading the fight against the Islamist militants. It will also allow allies such as the United States to fly airto-air refuelling missions from British airbases in support of the French operation. However the spokesman said that an offer to establish a joint Anglo-French logistics headquarters in Mali to organise supplies to the French force had not been taken up by Paris. With around 90 UK personnel already committed in the region with the RAF Sentinel surveillance aircraft and two C-17 transport aircraft already operating in support of

Crowds cheer the arrival of French soldiers in Timbuktu in northern Mali the French mission, it could take the numbers involved to more than 300. However the spokesman said David Cameron remained adamant British troops would not be involved in combat operations against the militants. “We have been very clear

with everyone about our position of no combat role. That remains entirely unchanged,” the spokesman said. The mission to train a West African force known as Afisma - which has been under consideration since late last year - was being discussed at a do-

nor conference for Mali being orgainsed by the African Union in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. British personnel will be involved in training troops from Anglophone countries, such as Nigeria, which is expected to be one of the largest con-

tributors to Afisma which is slated to take over from the French once their mission is over. “We think the right way to do this is for regionally-led forces to take the lead. The UK’s role in supporting Afisma is to support that regionally-led capability,” the spokesman said. He said it was yet to be decided whether the personnel would be based in the countries of the forces they are training or in Mali itself. “That is part of the discussions that are ongoing,” he said. However he said the personnel taking part in the EU training mission would not be involved in force protection. In the Commons, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond insisted Britain was not being sucked into a new conflict in Africa and strongly defended the support for the French mission. “The UK has a clear interest in the stability of Mali and ensuring it’s territory does not become an ungoverned space available for al Qaeda and its associates to organise attacks on the West,” he said. “It is not our intention to deploy combat troops. We are very clear about the risks of mission creep. We have defined very carefully the support that we are willing to provide to the French and the Malian authorities.”

Bali narcotics case Briton receives six-year jail term British man arrested in France over murder of female jogger A BRITISH man has received a six-year jail term for allegedly receiving cocaine in Indonesia from grandmother Lindsay Sandiford. Julian Ponder, 43, reportedly from Brighton, was convicted for his role as an accomplice to 56-year-old Sandiford, originally from Redcar, Teesside, who was sentenced to death a week ago for smuggling cocaine worth £1.59 million in her suitcase into Bali. Ponder was found guilty of possessing drugs and also fined one billion rupiah,

around £65,000, by a court in Bali. Sandiford, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, has notified Indonesian officials she intends to appeal against her sentence. She was accused by the Bali court of damaging the image of the resort island and received the sentence despite prosecutors only asking for a 15-year jail term. Ponder and Rachel Dougall were arrested alongside Sandiford in a sting operation by Indonesian police in May last year.

A BRITISH man has been arrested in France over the murder of a mother who was killed while out jogging, local police said. The woman’s body was discovered on a track in Nimes last week. The British man, who has not been named, is now being questioned by police. According to reports, he is 32 and originally from Chatham in Kent. He is understood to have been living in the region, in south-west France, with his mother.

The dead woman - understood to be a 33year-old mother of three - was reportedly found lying near a cemetery, a few hundred metres from the local police academy and detention centre, last Thursday afternoon. Traces of blood were found on two stones and a blade which were discovered close to her body, according to regional newspaper La Depeche. She appeared to have been badly beaten, with blows to the face and neck.

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Europe Russia rapped over rights

From beer to water - a new king for the Netherlands Willem-Alexander is the first Dutch king to ascend the throne in over a century By Anthony Deutsch IN a country where a third of the land is below sea level, a head of state familiar with the complexities of keeping nearly 17 million people dry can be a good thing. So it’s not entirely a coincidence that Willem-Alexander, who will take up the throne on April 30, as head of the House of Orange-Nassau and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has been immersed in the business of water management and conservation for much of his life. Willem-Alexander, 45, will assume his new duties after the abdication of his mother, Queen Beatrix, who turns 75 on Thursday, after living the life of a somewhat flashy heirapparent. The last time the Netherlands had a king, more than a century ago, was when Willem-Alexander’s great-great grandfather William III held the throne. William III died in 1890, the same year that Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh shot and killed himself. Since then, queens have ruled the Netherlands. Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, known

as “Alex” to his friends and dubbed “Prince Pils” by the tabloids because of his taste for beer, has carefully built up a reputation as an expert in water management and sits on several international committees.

COMMONER WIFE His marriage to a commoner, whose father was a civilian minister in Argentina’s military dictatorship from 19761983, at first raised eyebrows. But Maxima Zorrigueta, an attractive blonde with a down-to-earth smile, won over the hearts of the Dutch, quickly learning their language. Last year she took a dip in one of Amsterdam’s canals to show people how clean they have become. Water is no trivial matter in the Netherlands, where dikes and sea barriers hold back the North Sea and a complex system of pumps and canals keeps the land dry enough for people to live in and for its farmers to produce tulips and cheese worth billions of euros. “We like to think we know a bit about water management,” Willem-Alexander said in a speech in 2009. Willem-Alexander and Maxi-

ma have three daughters, and Beatrix had vowed to remain on the throne long enough to let her son be a father to them and not be distracted by a king’s duties. Beatrix, married at 28, raised a family of three boys in relative privacy before succeeding her mother Juliana in 1980 at the age of 43. Once the darling of Dutch tabloids because of his love of fast cars and good-looking women, the portly prince was famous for his partying days as a college fraternity boy. After spending six years to get a four-year degree in history, Willem-Alexander threw his efforts into frequent skiing and boating trips, and once drove a car into a ditch.

PRESS RELATIONS After slimming down and taking up sports -- running the New York marathon in 1992 -Willem-Alexander has served as a member of the International Olympic Committee. His relationship with the press, however, has been a difficult one since his wilder days. As a boy, he once shouted “All press, piss off” at a royal photo session, and was known

Passenger plane crash kills 21 in Kazakhstan A PASSENGER plane crashed in thick fog near Kazakhstan’s commercial capital Almaty yesterday and broke into pieces when it hit the ground, killing all 21 people on board. After several hours, rescue teams recovered the plane’s flight recorder, the central communications service for Kazakhstan’s president said on its Twitter page. A list published by the prosecutor-general’s office showed there had been 16 passengers and five crew members on board. The Canadian-built Bombardier Challenger CRJ-200 belonged to private Kazakh airline SCAT. It came down near the village of Kyzyl Tu about 5 km (3 miles) from Almaty’s airport. “There was no fire, no explosion. The plane just plunged to the earth,” Yuri Ilyin, deputy head of the city’s emergencies department, told Reuters near the scene.

Parts of the plane could be seen in the thick snow. Tractors and other heavy vehicles were being used cut paths through the snow to the wreckage but journalists were kept at a distance from the crash site. It was the second fatal plane crash in the former Soviet republic in just a over a month. Visibility at Kyzyl Tu was only about 20 to 30 metres (yards), and much of the area around Almaty was veiled in fog when the plane crashed at around 1 p.m. (0700 GMT). “The preliminary cause of the accident is bad weather,” Deputy Almaty Mayor Maulen Mukashev told reporters. “Not a single part of the plane was left intact after it came down.” The plane had been on its way from the city of Kokshetau in northern Kazakhstan to Almaty in the southeast, Mukashev said.

Bulgarian crime boss is shot and wounded in Sofia A BULGARIAN crime boss nicknamed “The Beret” was shot and wounded as he entered a court in central Sofia yesterday to attend an appeal against his conviction for running a drug trafficking gang. Bulgaria, the EU’s poorest member, is still blighted by corruption and organised

crime more than 20 years after the fall of communism, and is under pressure from Brussels to tackle the problem. Zlatomir Ivanov, 44, was shot four times in his legs, arm and stomach as he was entering the court in broad daylight for an appeal against his eight-year jail

sentence, police said. Ivanov and his bodyguard, who was also wounded, were taken to hospital, where Ivanov was due to undergo surgery. Because of health problems, he had been allowed to remain under house arrest while awaiting his appeal.

Prince Willem-Alexander, seen here with spouse Princess Maxima, has been immersed in water management and conservation for much of his life (AFP) to use his catapult against photographers who followed the family to the Austrian ski resort Lech, where they spend winter holidays.

Willem-Alexander’s younger brother, Prince Friso, had a skiing accident there last year while going off-piste and is still in a coma.

GERMANY’S openly gay foreign minister has told Moscow’s envoy to Berlin a Russian draft law banning “homosexual propaganda” contravenes human rights and could harm the country’s ties with Europe, Spiegel online said yesterday. The German foreign ministry confirmed the meeting on Monday evening between Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and Russia’s ambassador in Berlin, Vladimir Grinin, but declined to comment on what they discussed. Westerwelle had made clear that in Germany’s view the law violated the European human rights convention, the report said. “Such a law will hamper European-Russian relations and will harm Russia’s image in Europe,” it cited an unidentified official as saying, setting out Westerwelle’s position. Westerwelle told Grinin he spoke as a “friend of Russia” who wanted Moscow to better defend human rights and democracy, Spiegel said. Homosexuality, punished with jail terms in the Soviet Union, was decriminalised in Russia in 1993, but much of the gay community remains underground and prejudice runs deep.

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World WORLD TODAY Polio police escort killed A POLICE officer has been shot dead while escorting a team of polio workers during a vaccination campaign in northwestern Pakistan. Senior police officer Izhar Shah said none of the workers was injured in the gun attack in the Swabi district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. He said the workers were going door to door to vaccinate children against polio when the shooting took place. It was the second day of a three-day campaign against polio which was launched by the provincial government. No-one claimed responsibility for the killing. Gunmen killed nine polio workers in similar attacks across Pakistan in December, prompting authorities to suspend the vaccination campaign in the troubled areas. Pakistan is one of only three countries where the crippling disease is endemic.

Tightrope stunt AMERICAN tightrope walker Nik Wallenda was to walk on a wire 200ft (61m) above the US 41 highway in Sarasota, Florida yesterday, without a safety harness. The Sarasota City Commission is allowing the circus performer and six-times Guinness World Record holder to perform the stunt without a tether. Wallenda wore a tether for the first time last summer when he walked across Niagara Falls because the television network that was paying for the performance insisted on it. He was scheduled to start his Sarasota Skywalk yesterday at Bayfront Park at 10.30am local time, weather permitting. The wire ends at the Marina Tower Condominium, and part of US 41 was to be shut during the walk.

Bodies in well SEARCHERS have pulled 10 bodies from a well in northern Mexico, near the site where 20 members of a Colombianstyle music group and its crew disappeared late last week, according to a state forensic official. It is not clear how many more bodies might be in the water, said the official. Nuevo Leon state governor Rodrigo Medina earlier told a local television station: “We have evidence that indicates that (the bodies) may very well be the members of this band.”

Flights in Beijing called off amid high pollution Passengers travelling on their way to mark Chinese New Year stranded EXTREMELY high pollution levels shrouded eastern China for the second time in two weeks yesterday, forcing airlines in Beijing and elsewhere to cancel flights because of poor visibility and prompting government warnings for residents to stay indoors. The outlines of buildings in the capital receded into a white mist as pedestrians donned face masks to guard against the thick, caustic air, which stranded passengers during the first week of the country’s peak, six-week period for travel surrounding the Chinese New Year on February 10. The US Embassy reported a peak level of PM2.5 - one of the worst pollutants - at 526 micrograms per cubic metre, or “beyond index”, and more than 20 times higher than World Health Organisation safety levels over a 24-hour period. Liu Peng, an employee at a financial institution in Beijing, said he would keep his newborn baby indoors. “It’s really bad for your health, obviously,” he said. “I bike to work every day and always wear a mask. The pollution in recent years is probably due to the increase in private cars and government cars.” Beijing’s official readings for PM2.5 were lower than the embassy’s - 433 micrograms per cubic metre at one

A man wearing a face mask crosses a road during heavily polluted weather in Beijing yesterday (AFP)

point in the afternoon - but even that level is considered “severe” and prompted the city government to advise residents to stay indoors as much as possible. The government said that, because there was no wind,

the smog would probably not dissipate quickly. Visibility was less than 100m in some areas of eastern China, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. More than 100 flights were cancelled in the eastern city

of Zhengzhou, 33 in Beijing, 20 in Qindao and 13 in Jinan. Every year, China’s transport system bursts at the seams as tens of millions of people travel for the Lunar New Year holiday, in the

world’s largest seasonal migration of people. Ren Haiqiang, a bank worker in his early 30s, said he had booked tickets to fly out of Beijing on Thursday to visit family in the coastal city of Dalian, but was now worried about flight cancellations. “Traveling over the holiday is already a huge hassle, along with all the gift-giving and family visits. We thought flying would be the best way to avoid the crush, but if the weather continues like this we’ll be in real trouble,” he said as he queued at a bakery in Beijing. Air pollution has long been a problem in Beijing, but the country has been more open about releasing statistics for some of the worst kinds of pollutants only since early last year. The city hit its highest readings since then two weeks ago, when US Embassy readings of PM2.5 reached as high as 886 micrograms per cubic metre. Celebrity property developer Pan Shiyi, who has previously pushed for cities to publish more detailed air quality data and who is a delegate to Beijing’s legislature, called yesterday for a Clean Air Act. In less than three hours, his post was forwarded more than 2,300 times and received 14,184 votes, with 99 per cent in favour.

Pygmy elephants feared poisoned TEN endangered Borneo pygmy elephants have been found dead in a Malaysian forest under mysterious circumstances, and wildlife officials said yesterday that they were probably poisoned. The carcasses of the baby-faced elephants were found near each other in the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve over the past three weeks, said Laurentius Ambu, director of the wildlife department in Malaysia’s Sabah state on Borneo island. In one case, officers rescued a three-month-old calf which was trying to wake its dead mother. The cause of death appeared to be poisoning, but officials have not determined whether it was intentional, said Sabah environmental minister Masidi Manjun. Though some elephants have been killed for their tusks on Sabah in past years, there was no sign that these animals had been poached. “This is a very sad day for conservation and Sabah. The death of these majestic and severely endangered Bornean elephants is a great loss to the state,” Masidi said in a statement. “If indeed these poor elephants were

maliciously poisoned, I would personally make sure that the culprits would be brought to justice and pay for their crime.” The WWF wildlife group estimates that fewer than 1,500 Borneo pygmy elephants exist. They live mainly in Sabah and grow to about 8ft tall, a foot or two shorter than mainland Asian elephants. Known for their babyish faces, large ears and long tails, pygmy elephants were found to be a distinct subspecies only in 2003, after DNA testing. Their numbers have stabilised in recent years amid conservation efforts to protect their jungle habitats from being torn down for plantations and development projects. The elephants found dead this month were believed to be from the same family group and ranged in age from 4 to 20 years, said Sen Nathan, the wildlife department’s senior veterinarian. Seven were female and three were male, he said. Post-mortem examinations showed that they had suffered severe haemorrhages and ulcers in their gastrointestinal tracts. None had gunshot injuries.

A baby pygmy elephant remains by its dead mother in the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve yesterday (AFP)

US Scout movement signalling readiness to lift gay ban THE U.S. Scout movement is signalling its readiness to end a ban on gay members and leaders after a wave of protest. If approved by the Scouts’ national executive board, possibly as soon as next week, the change would be another momentous milestone for America’s gay-rights movement, following a surge of support for same-sex marriage and the ending of the ban on gays serving opening in military.

“The pulse of equality is strong in America, and today it beats a bit faster with news that the Boy Scouts may finally put an end to its long history of discrimination,” said Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign, a major gayrights group. Under the proposed change the different religious and civic groups that sponsor Scout units would be able to decide for themselves how to address the issue - either main-

taining an exclusion of gays, as is now required of all units, or opening up their membership. Southern Baptist leaders - who consider homosexuality a sin - were furious about the possible change and said its approval might encourage churches to support other boys’ organisations instead. The Southern Baptists are among the largest sponsors of Scout units, along with the Roman Catholic, Mormon and United Methodist

churches. The BSA, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010, has long excluded both gays and atheists. Smith said that a change in the policy toward atheists was not being considered and that the BSA continued to view “Duty to God” as one of its basic principles. Protests over the no-gays policy gained momentum in 2000, when the US Supreme Court upheld the BSA’s right to exclude gays.

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‘Unrest pushing Egypt to brink,’ says army chief Death toll in five days of violence reaches 52 By Edmund Blair and Tom Perry

Syrian refugee children smile for a photo at a makeshift refugee camp set up in a school in Khirbet Al-Joz, in the Syrian province of Idlib. More than 700,000 Syrian refugees have fled to other countries in the region and aid workers are struggling to keep up with the exodus, the United Nations said yesterday. The number of refugees passed the 500,000 mark on December 11.

A total of about 712,000 refugees have registered in other countries in the region or were awaiting processing there as of yesterday, according to UNHCR figures. “We have seen an unrelenting flow of refugees across all borders. We are running double shifts to register people,” Sybella Wilkes, spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, told Reuters in Geneva (AFP)

‘At least 65 found dead in Aleppo district’ AT least 65 people, apparently shot in the head, were found dead with their hands bound in a district of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo yesterday, activists said. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which says it provides objective information about casualties on both sides of Syria’s war from a network of monitors, said the death toll could rise as high as 80. It was not clear who had carried out the killings. Opposition activists posted a video of a man filming at least 51 muddied male bodies alongside what they said was the Queiq River in the rebel-held Bustan alQasr neighbourhood of Aleppo. The bodies had gunshot wounds to their heads, and their hands were bound. Blood was seeping from their heads and some of them appeared to be young, possibly teenagers, and dressed in jeans, shirts and sneakers. The Queiq River rises in Turkey and travels through government-held districts of Aleppo before it reaches Bustan al-Qasr. “They were killed only because they are


Muslims,” said a bearded man in another video said to have been filmed in central Bustan al-Qasr after the bodies were removed from the river. A pickup truck with a pile of corpses was parked behind him. It is hard for Reuters to verify such reports from inside Syria because of restrictions on independent media. Government forces and rebels in Syria have both been accused by human rights groups of carrying out summary executions in the 22-month-old conflict, which has claimed more than 60,000 lives. Rebels pushed into Aleppo, Syria’s most populous city, over the summer, but are stuck in a stalemate with government forces. The city is divided roughly in half between the two sides. The revolt started as a peaceful protest movement against more than four decades of rule by President Bashar al-Assad and his family, but turned into an armed rebellion after a government crackdown. More than 700,000 people have fled, the United Nations says.

EGYPT’S army chief said political unrest was pushing the state to the brink of collapse - a stark warning from the institution that ran the country until last year as Cairo’s first freely-elected leader struggles to curb bloody street violence. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a UStrained general appointed by President Mohamed Mursi last year to head the armed forces, added in a statement yesterday that one of the primary goals of deploying troops in cities on the Suez Canal was to protect the waterway that is vital for Egypt’s economy and world trade. Sisi’s comments, published on an official army Facebook page, followed 52 deaths in the past week of disorder and highlighted the mounting sense of crisis facing Egypt and its Islamist head of state who is striving to fix a teetering economy and needs to prepare Egypt for a parliamentary election in a few months that is meant to cement the new democracy. Violence largely subsided yesterday, although some youths again hurled rocks at police lines in Cairo near Tahrir Square. It seemed unlikely that Sisi was signalling the army wants to take back the power

it held for six decades since the end of the colonial era and through an interim period after the overthrow of former air force chief Hosni Mubarak two years ago. But it did send a powerful message that Egypt’s biggest institution, with a huge economic as well as security role and a recipient of massive direct US subsidies, is worried about the fate of the nation, after five days of turmoil in major cities. “The continuation of the struggle of the different political forces ... over the management of state affairs could lead to the collapse of the state,” said General Sisi, who is also defence minister in the government Mursi appointed. He said the economic, political and social challenges fac-

Israel boycotts United Nations Human Rights scrutiny ISRAEL boycotted the United Nations’ human rights forum yesterday, becoming the first country ever to decline to attend a session that was due to scrutinise its own rights record. Israel’s no-show at the Human Rights Council drew widespread criticism, including a tacit rebuke from the United States which said the UN process of reviewing human rights was a “valuable mechanism” as it was applied to all countries. The council had been due to examine Israel under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of human rights in all UN member states. Its last review was in December 2008, when it attended. Israel, which would likely have faced criticism for its dealings with the Palestinians, suspended relations with the council last



Stark warning: Egypt army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

ing the country represented “a real threat to the security of Egypt and the cohesiveness of the Egyptian state” and the army would remain “the solid and cohesive block” on which the state rests. Sisi was picked by Mursi after the army handed over power to the new president in June once Mursi had sacked Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, in charge of Egypt during the transition and who had also been Mubarak’s defence minister for 20 years. The instability has provoked unease in Western capitals, where officials worry about the direction of a powerful regional player that has a peace deal with Israel. The United States condemned the bloodshed and called on Egyptian leaders to make clear violence was not acceptable.. The 58-year-old previously headed military intelligence and studied at the US Army War College. Diplomats say he is well known to the United States, which donates $1.3 billion in military aid each year, helping reassure Washington that the last year’s changes in the top brass would not upset ties. One of Sisi’s closest and longest serving associates, General Mohamed el-Assar, an assistant defence minister, is now in charge of the military’s relations with the United States.

May because of what it called an inherent bias against it. Foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Israel had announced it was “suspending indefinitely its participation in the UN Human Rights Council work. This policy has not changed.” The council’s president, Poland’s ambassador Remigiusz Henczel, called it “an important issue and unprecedented situation”. The 47member forum adopted a motion regretting Israel’s no-show and urging it to cooperate in a review to be conducted at its OctoberNovember session “at the latest”. Arab states had been poised to criticise Israel’s treatment of detainees, settlement expansion and naval blockade of the Gaza Strip which Palestinians say is collective punishment but which Israel says is vital for its security.

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Business Ford sees bigger Europe losses

UK’s FTSE 100 stumbles off four-and-a-half year peaks

FORD Motor Co yesterday predicted 2013 total operating profit would match results last year as market share gains in the United States offset deepening losses in Europe. Ford said the sales outlook was deteriorating in Europe, and it now expects to lose $2 billion in 2013, worse than the loss of $1.75 billion in 2012. By contrast, Ford, the No. 2 US automaker, expects to earn more money in North America in 2013. The region was Ford’s chief source of strength last year and helped it handily beat Wall Street estimates for the fourth quarter. “We’re likely to see, in the eurozone, a recession for the full year,” Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks told reporters after it reported quarterly results. “Clearly we still have some difficult times in front of us (in Europe),” Shanks said. “But we do think it will probably bottom this year.” Ford reported a per-share pretax operating profit of nearly $1.7 billion, or 31 cents in the fourth quarter, better than the average analyst estimate of 25 cents per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. This was also higher than the $1.1 billion, or 20 cents per share, it earned a year earlier. Ford shares dipped about 1 per cent to $13.61 before the market opened. Q4 revenue totalled $36.5 billion. Ford earned nearly $1.9 billion in North America in the quarter, almost $1 billion better than the fourth quarter of 2011. It lost $732 million in Europe, much worse than the $190 million loss it reported a year earlier. The improved North American performance reflected efforts by Alan Mulally, hired as chief executive in 2006, to steer a turnaround. Ford avoided government bailouts needed by rivals General Motors Co and Chrysler Group LLC in 2009.

Banks lead the retreat on Libor concerns

Rates These Bank of Cyprus rates for telegraphic transfer transactions (spot deals) apply to yesterday, but provide a good guide to today’s value against the euro. Buying Selling Pound St

0.8607 0.8521

US Dollar

1.3515 1.3381

Australian $

1.3037 1.2715

Canadian Dol.

1.3697 1.3359

Swiss Fr

1.2533 1.2383

Denmark Kr

7.5543 7.3677

Japan Yen

122.6918 121.2282

Norwegian Kr

7.5414 7.3552

Polish Zloty



Romanian Leu 4.4838 4.3080 Russian Ruble 41.0569 40.0431 Swedish Kr

8.7398 8.5240

By Toni Vorobyova THE FTSE 100 stumbled after hitting fresh four-anda-half-year peaks yesterday, with a retreat in heavyweight banking shares prompting investors to lock in some profits. Royal Bank of Scotland led the fallers, off 5.6 per cent after the Wall Street Journal reported that the lender is close to a 500-million-pound settlement with US and British authorities over Libor, returning the interbank rate fixing scandal to the front of investors’ minds. With UK banks already up some 11 percent since the start of 2013 and the FTSE 100 already above analysts’ mid-year forecasts with a 6.7 per cent rally, concerns about problems in the financial sector gave the excuse for some profit taking. “People are fearful of more faults being found (in the financial sector), it’s not been fixed yet,” said Steve Larkins, head of sales trading at Seymour Pierce. “Surely for now we’ve gone far enough for now without the real support that the market needs from the economic numbers ... You’ve got to look to take some risk off the table, take some profits.” The FTSE 100 was down 0.1 per cent, or 5.20 points, at 6,289.21 points by 11.37 a.m. British Time, off an

The UK benchmark has already powered past the 6,100 mid-year concensus forecast in last month’s Reuters global equity market poll, and is in sight of the 6,400 points which was predicted by year end earlier intra-day peak of 6,308.43 which was its highest reading since May 2008. The psychologically key 6,300 level offered some technical resistance to the rally, with the index failing to hold above it for a second session in a row. The UK benchmark has already powered past the 6,100 mid-year consensus forecast in last month’s Reuters global equity market poll, and is in sight of the 6,400 points which was predicted by year end.

That, in turn, has pushed the FTSE 100 into overbought territory on both the seven- and the 14-day relatives strength index (RSI), although technical strategists said it was too soon to expect a meaningful correction. “There are short-, medium- and long-term breaks through the critical prior high levels,” analysts at Seven Days ahead said in a note. “Stay long now there is a confirmed break of 6,062 (on FTSE March future).” Energy and mining stocks

offered the biggest support to the UK index on Tuesday, bolstered by solid oil and commodity prices on better-than-expected U.S. durable goods orders the previous session. In a further boost to sentiment, HSBC raised its 2013 copper price forecast by 7 per cent, while also increasing expectations for iron ore and aluminium. Anglo American led the miners, up 2.3 percent after disclosing a $4 billion (2.5 billion pounds) writedown

on Minas Rio iron ore operations and forecasting capital expenditure for the Brazilian project at $8.8 billion - less than some had expected. “Overall we believe the announcement should be taken in a positive light by the market as it draws a line - albeit dotted until licences are fully granted under concerns around the capital costs and timelines for delivery of the project,” analysts at Barclays said in a note.

Billionaire duo shortlisted Cutbacks at France’s Peugeot and Renault meet with for $4-billion Polyus stake growing resistance from disgruntled factory workers TWO Russian billionaires have been shortlisted to buy a stake in Polyus Gold, sources said, in a deal which could pave the way for a merger with rival Polymetal to create a national gold-mining champion. Sources close to the matter said retail boss Zelimkhan Mutsoyev and fruit juice magnate Gavriil Yushvayev wanted to buy tycoon-turned-politician Mikhail Prokhorov’s $4-billion stake in London-listed Polyus Gold International Ltd. The proposed deal has gone before the UK Takeover Panel, which is evaluating whether the proposed buyers of the 38 per cent stake are acting independently or form a “concert party” that would control more than 30 per cent of Polyus, a level that would force a mandatory offer to buy out minorities. Also under scrutiny is the buyers’ relationship to tycoon Suleiman Kerimov, who owns 40 per cent of Polyus - Russia’s top gold miner. If approval is forthcoming, the deal could be done in the first quarter, sources said, describing the review as a delicate process with an uncertain outcome. “It’s not approved, not final,” one source familiar with the process said yesterday. A second added: “It all looks quite suspect to the regulator - that’s why everything is (coming out) as it is.” Sources say Kerimov, one of Russia’s class of powerful business ‘oligarchs’ who enjoys good relations with the Kremlin, sees the deal as a springboard to building a national champion by merging Polyus with Polymetal International Plc. He is flush with cash after raising $3 billion from the sale to a Chinese sovereign wealth fund of bonds convertible into shares in Uralkali, which became the world’s No. 1 potash producer in a 2011 merger he masterminded, they note.

LABOUR tensions at France’s car makers took a turn for the worse yesterday as Renault (RENA.PA) factory workers protested over planned cuts and PSA Peugeot Citroen’s (PEUP.PA) restructuring plan suffered a legal setback. While Renault staff demonstrated at the company’s Flins plant west of Paris and Peugeot workers marched on the company’s Paris HQ, the car makers pursued union talks on plans to improve productivity and eliminate close to 8,000 jobs each. “As things stand now, the conditions are unacceptable,” CFDT union chief Laurent Berger said of Renault’s proposals for a new nationwide labour deal. Peugeot, the car maker worst hit by Europe’s deep auto sales slump, is struggling to shed costs and lift sales in its effort to return to profit in 2015. Renault, while cushioned by earnings from its

Striking Renault workers Dacia low-cost cars and a 43.4 per cent stake in Japan’s Nissan (7201.T), is also grappling with industrial overcapacity as sales of French-built models plunge. The CFDT, France’s biggest private-sector union, also increased pressure on Renault boss Carlos Ghosn by echoing calls from within President

Francois Hollande’s socialist government for a cut to the chief executive’s salary. “Workers can’t be asked to make sacrifices unless the CEO is asked to make sacrifices,” Berger said on BFM Television. The government, Renault’s biggest shareholder with a 15 per cent stake, attempted to trim Ghosn’s pay at a board meeting in December, Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said in a Monday radio interview. Ghosn earned 2.79 million euros ($3.76 million) from Renault in 2011 and 9.92 million from Nissan in its corresponding financial year, making him one of the highest-paid CEOs in France or Japan. About 500 workers staged a protest in front of Renault’s Flins plant, where production of the Clio has dwindled as more of the subcompact vehicles are assembled in Turkey.

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Why presidential candidates didn’t address questions we want answering HOW DISAPPOINTING that most of the second debate between the main three presidential candidates on Monday night, which was focused on the Cyprus problem, was taken up discussing the past, particularly the Annan plan. Almost nine years have passed since three quarters of Greek Cypriots rejected the plan in a referendum and in the meantime there has been a new bout of negotiations – described as Cypriot-owned - that lasted more than three years before grinding to halt about a year ago. What is the relevance of the Annan plan today? Is there the remotest possibility the Annan plan would be re-submitted in the immediate future? The answer is ‘no’, it just offers an example of the way the Cyprus problem discourse focuses on the past. The approach suited Giorgos Lillikas for two reasons. First, he has never stopped exploiting his vehement opposition to the plan, which he treats as a big personal triumph. Second, it offers him the opportunity to question the judgment and patriotism of Nicos Anastasiades who supported the yes-vote in 2004. Stavros Malas said he had voted for the plan because he had never bothered reading it; if he had he would also have cast a ‘no-vote’. But we should not blame the candidates for turning the 2004 referendum into the main issue of a 2013 election debate. The four journalists in the studio have the main responsibility for this as they kept raising the matter in their questions – no matter what the candidates said, they would not let it go, insisting on coming back to it. It was like they were pursuing personal agendas instead of helping viewers understand what the candidate planned to do about the national issue. The truth is that permanent partition is drawing closer. The number of Turkish settlers in the north has grown alarmingly – numbers are anything between 100,000 and 200,000; the number of Greek Cypriots applying to the Immovable Properties Commission seeking compensation for their properties is continuously rising; more and more Turkish businesses are investing in the north; the Turkish government is taking gradual steps aimed at turning the north into a province of Turkey. How did the candidates propose to prevent this from happening, assuming they were opposed to partition? How would they deal with Turkish threats to stop companies from drilling for hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ EEZ? Would the continuation of the status quo put at risk Cyprus’ ability to exploit the natural gas reserves? Would a settlement allow us to cash in on natural gas sooner, by using Turkey’s gas pipe-line as Archbishop Chrysostomos suggested? These were the questions the candidates should have been answering, but the journalists had decided the Annan plan was the only thing that mattered to voters.

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S. Africa’s ANC risks losing ‘born free’ voters Opinion Jon Herskovitz


hen Nelson Mandela and his ANC party dreamed of South Africa’s future after apartheid, they probably imagined someone like Fulufhelo Davhana, a young black who has seen the doors of opportunity opened wide and is destined for achievement. But Davhana, a 23-year-old accounting student at the University of Johannesburg’s Soweto Campus, is dreaming of a future when the African National Congress elders who ended white minority rule no longer call the shots. “Our current leaders don’t understand about the ‘born free’ generation because they are still stuck in the past,” he said. These South Africans, who were born after apartheid ended in 1994 and have lived only under democracy, can vote for the first time in presidential elections next year and could begin reshaping politics in Africa’s largest economy. Many older South Africans still feel grateful to the ANC for winning their freedom, ensuring the party unbroken power for the past two decades. But the “born frees” are not as swayed by history as their elders, and studies show that most people reaching the minimum voting age of 18 have no party allegiance. With youth unemployment double the national average at about 50 per cent, they instead want to hold the ANC under President Jacob Zuma accountable for the rampant corruption and bureaucratic incompetence that even the party admits are undermining its governance. A TV advertising campaign this month by a leading bank has stoked the conflict. It shows teenagers speaking hopefully of their future but criticising the ANC for being stuck in the past and unwilling to fix current problems. “We need to stop relying on government and rely on ourselves,” one student said. “The government is only thinking for themselves. I’m from a rural area and the government doesn’t see what’s happening,” said another. Some members of the 101-yearold ANC accused First National Bank of treason and sending messages that were “disrespectful to elders”. The chief executive of FNB’s parent, financial group FirstRand, met the ANC on Friday to clear the air. While the meeting took the heat out of their row, the generational divide will only grow in importance. It could transform elections. South Africa is a young country: about 40 per cent of the population was born after 1994. Nearly two million born frees can vote next year, when Zuma is likely to seek re-election. This is a relatively small percentage of the 23 million-strong electorate. But the born frees will make up about a third of voters by 2019, when the following presidential election is due, according to census and election data.

The ‘born frees’ have been described as a ticking time bomb, needing massive social grants that could bankrupt the country, if the tide is not turned on unemployment. But if the power of the generation is harnessed, it could pay an enormous demographic dividend Zuma says he is unconcerned. “The overwhelming percentage of South Africa is very young so it is this very population that is joining the ANC, that is voting (for) the ANC, so we don’t have a worry,” he said last week. The numbers tell a different story. Nearly 75 per cent of South Africans aged 20 to 29 did not vote in 2011 elections for local posts, according to electoral data and studies by government-affiliated groups, far more than in other age groups. South Africans in that age group were more likely to have taken part in violent street protests against the local ANC than to have voted for the ruling party, studies showed. Zuma, a 70-year-old Zulu traditionalist who has called for young ANC members to obey their elders, has looked to older voters for support in rural areas instead of the young blacks flocking to the cities. Last year he told parliament he was worried about black people “who become too clever” as they could

become the sharpest critics of African tradition and culture. Such comments have stirred up storms on social media but while the young voters may not like Zuma, so far they appear to be withholding their votes from any leader. Many hope the ANC will start serving their interests better and are not flocking to the main opposition Democratic Alliance, which is trying to woo young blacks and shed its image as the party of white privilege. “We are tired of being told ‘we are going to change this and we are going to change that’. If implementation starts, then that is where a party will get my vote,” said Davhana. According to the Reconciliation Barometer, an annual survey published for more than a decade that tracks the views of young adults, the born free generation is optimistic, confident the economy will grow and distrustful of current leaders. “(The) findings also point to a disconnect and a rising cynicism between younger South Afri-

‘Many older South Africans still feel grateful to the ANC for winning their freedom, ensuring the party unbroken power for the past two decades. However, the “born frees” are not as swayed by history as their elders’

cans, the born free generation, and this country’s past,” it said. ANC governments have made great strides in bringing new schools, housing and running water to the impoverished millions. But they have also set up a labour market ranked as one of the world’s most rigid where it is difficult for young people to land a job. A study by the South African Institute of Race Relations said about half of today’s youth faced a lifetime of unemployment. The born frees have been described as a ticking time bomb, needing massive social grants that could bankrupt the country, if the tide is not turned on unemployment. But if the power of the generation is harnessed, it could pay an enormous demographic dividend. The generation marks a temporary bulge in the birth rate two decades ago, and the growing numbers of young will have a proportionately declining population of elderly to support. This means South Africa could avoid the problems of an ageing population that many Western countries experience - provided the young can find work. Back at the University of Johannesburg campus in Soweto, near where students rose against the apartheid government in the 1970s, Wendy Langa, 21, is studying to become an entrepreneur. “It is empowering to know that South Africa is born free and there is no more struggling. We need to focus more on education and making this country a better place,” she said. Langa said she would vote next year “not for what a party did in its past, but what it will do in the future”.

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Studios snapping up Sundance Witch-hunting Hansel & win at favourites, boost indie market Gretel US box office Search is on for the next big thing

By Lisa Richwine

By Piya Sinha-Roy and Sharon Swart MOVIE studios have been searching for the next big thing at the Sundance Film Festival after the critical and commercial success of indie films such as Beasts of the Southern Wild with a slew of business deals being made during the festival. The biggest purchase came midway through the 10-day event when Fox Searchlight paid about $10 million for quirky coming-of-age comedy The Way, Way Back, starring Steve Carell and Toni Collette, according to sources close to the deal. The Way, Way Back is the directorial debut of Oscarwinning screenwriters Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, who penned last year’s hit The Descendants. While eight-figure deals are rare at Sundance, Fox Searchlight is a regular big spender at the festival. The studio dropped more than $10 million in 2006 for Little Miss Sunshine, another comedy starring Carell and Collette. The film grossed more than $60 million at the US box office. After a quiet acquisition year at the 2012 Sundance festival, RADiUS-TWC, the boutique multi-platform division of The Weinstein Company, snapped up five films. The company, headed by

Indie film Beasts of the Southern Wild was a critical and commercial success, leading to a slew of deals this year former Magnolia Pictures executives Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, acquired the rights for music documentary Twenty Feet From Stardom, about the journey of back-up singers. Quinn described the film as “amazing and exceptional.” RADiUS also picked up distribution rights for documentaries Cutie and the Boxer, which won best director for Zachary Heinzerling at Saturday’s Sundance Film Festival Awards, and Inequality for All. The company also snapped up drama films Concussion,

which follows the mid-life crisis of a wealthy lesbian, and Lovelace, based on the life of Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace. Quinn said he and his fellow executives, including Harvey Weinstein, bought the film in the lobby of the theatre after the film premiered on Tuesday. Lovelace sold for slightly more than $3 million. Parent company Weinstein Co acquired distribution rights for drama film Fruitvale, starring Octavia Spencer and Michael B. Jordan. The film is based on the true story of Oakland native Os-

car Grant’s last day before he was shot and killed by police on New Year’s Eve. Directed by first-time filmmaker Ryan Coogler, 26, the film was the big winner at Saturday’s Sundance Film Festival awards, landing both the grand jury and audience prizes in the US drama category. “I was completely amazed by this incredible film. This earth-shattering story is one that needs to be told,” Weinstein said in a statement. A big theme running through the Sundance offerings this year is the frank de-

piction of intimate relationships and sexuality. “The festival was choreographed in a way that I’ve had a cumulatively profound experience here, watching films from Don Jon’s Addiction to Before Midnight. These are films that are exploring human interaction on a very concrete level,” Quinn said. Don Jon’s Addiction, the directorial debut from actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a raunchy comedy of a young man struggling to overcome his porn addiction to form a real relationship.

Brown to be questioned by cops Happy Sir Elton John shows off new baby Elijah SIR Elton John has told of the “endless” love he feels for his children, following the birth of new baby Elijah. In his first interview since the tot was born the musician said he had doubts about whether he would be able to love the new addition to his family as much as his firstborn Zachary, two. But as he showed off his new baby, he told Hello! magazine: “I have learned that a parent’s capacity for love is endless. “When another child is born, our depth of love just grows deeper and wider, so it was very emotional,” said Sir Elton. Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John was born on January 11 to the same surrogate mother who gave birth to Zachary, and the boys share the same egg donor. The singer’s partner, film-maker David Furnish, said: “Throughout our lives we have both loved and been loved, but the love of a parent for his or her child is different to anything else, as all parents will know. You find new depths of love, and experience pure joy.” The couple said they shared a strong bond with the woman who gave birth to the children, and they will “fiercely” protect her anonymity. Sir Elton, 65, said: “She is a wonderful, kind and loving woman, who we love like a sister. “We have a very close bond with her and were in constant touch throughout the pregnancy, getting updates, seeing scans and sharing all the little details that make those nine months so exciting. He told Hello!: “She has given us two amazing gifts and we in turn have a duty of care to her and are fiercely protective of her anonymity.”

R&B singer Chris Brown allegedly punched a man during a fight over a parking space

R&B singer Chris Brown will be questioned as part of an investigation into allegations that he punched a man during a fight over a parking space in West Hollywood, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has said. Deputies responded to a call on Sunday about a fight involving six men on Santa Monica Boulevard, the department said. Witnesses said the Grammy-winning singer had assaulted a man during the brief altercation. No arrests were made. The alleged victim was not named in a department statement that said Brown and his entourage had left the scene before deputies arrived. Investigators plan to contact the singer about the incident at a later time, according to the department. Brown, 23, is serving a fiveyear probation sentence after pleading guilty to assaulting fellow R&B star and former girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 Grammy awards.

A grown-up Hansel & Gretel has grabbed the latest box office title, pulling in $19 million in US and Canadian ticket sales with its reinvention of the fairy tale characters as fierce bounty hunters. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters knocked last weekend’s winner, low-budget horror flick Mama, into second place. Mama earned $12.8 million from Friday through Sunday, according to studio estimates, followed by Silver Linings Playbook with $10 million. CIA drama Zero Dark Thirty came in fourth with $9.8 million. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton star in Hansel & Gretel as crossbow-wielding adult siblings who travel the world taking out evil witches. MGM and Paramount Pictures produced the action comedy for about $50 million. Paramount had predicted opening weekend sales in the high-teens or low $20 million range. Don Harris, Paramount’s president of distribution, said the film performed well despite the very cold temperatures and snow that hit the eastern United States. Mama features Jessica Chastain as a woman forced to take care of two orphaned nieces who have been living in the woods. The $15 million production has now earned $48.6 million at US and Canadian theatres through two weekends. Chastain also stars in Zero Dark Thirty in an Oscar-nominated role as a dogged CIA agent searching for al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The best picture nominee, which has sparked debate over depictions of torture, has grossed $69.9 million since its release in late December. Silver Linings Playbook stars Bradley Cooper as a former mental patient trying to rebuild his life with the help of a young widow played by Jennifer Lawrence. Total sales for Silver Linings reached $69.46 million. The movie, Cooper, Lawrence and co-star Robert De Niro are all nominated for Oscars. New crime thriller Parker finished in fifth place, taking in $7 million at domestic theatres. The film is based on a series of novels by Donald E. Westlake and stars Jason Statham as a thief seeking revenge against a crew that double-crossed him. Jennifer Lopez plays a woman who helps with his mission. Movie 43, a film with an ensemble of Hollywood directors and stars, was in seventh place, according to, very close behind Django Unchained. The film is a series of interconnected short movies following a washed-up producer as he pitches hilarious and insane story lines featuring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Hugh Jackman, Seth MacFarlane, Kate Winslet and Dennis Quaid.

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British schools said to be ‘axing’ valuable courses

‘Brightest pupils are being held back’

Vocational training had been backed by school leaders

UK state schools are holding back some of the country’s brightest pupils from reaching their full potential, the Chief Inspector of Schools has warned. Sir Michael Wilshaw has raised concerns that children who leave primary school with top grades are left to coast by some teachers when they reach secondary school. He has ordered a “rapid response survey” to see how state schools teach the most able children, Sir Michael told The Sunday Telegraph. It comes after new figures revealed last week that hundreds of schools failed to produce at least one pupil with good enough grades in academics subjects to enter elite universities. The former head of Mossbourne Academy, in Hackney, east London, believes all students should be pushed as hard as those at independent and selective schools. He said: “I am concerned that our most able pupils are not doing as well as they should be. “Are schools pushing them in the way they should be pushed and are pushed in the independent sector and in the selective system? “I am as concerned as the next person on the issue of social mobility. “Are our children and our children from the poorest backgrounds who are naturally bright doing as well as they should?” He urged that the gap in admissions to Cambridge and Oxford universities between private and state schools be addressed.

By Tim Moynihan SCHOOLS are axing practical training courses despite recognition by school leaders of their value to learners, according to newlypublished research. Three-fifths (60 per cent) are either planning to cut the provision of vocational qualifications, or have already done so, the study found. This is despite 85 per cent of school leaders agreeing that vocational qualifications are valuable for their students. In January last year, Education Secretary Michael Gove ordered 96 per cent of GCSE-equivalent vocational qualifications to be stripped from school league tables, following recommendations made in the Wolf Report. New research supported by the Edge Foundation, an independent education charity, and carried out by think tank IPPR, found that 66 per cent of senior school leaders whose schools were cutting vocational provisions admitted the decision had been taken as a result of the changes to the performance tables.

Sixty-six per cent of senior school leaders whose schools were cutting vocational provisions admitted the decision had been taken due to changes to the performance tables Some 15 per cent said the reason for reducing the number of vocational courses was that they did not believe the courses were valuable. By contrast, four in five (79 per cent) of senior teachers interviewed agreed that vocational qualifications provided a firm foundation for

school leavers to join the world of work. More than two-thirds (69 per cent) agreed that vocational qualifications were useful not only for those leaving school aged 16 but “offer a strong foundation for further study or training”. Jan Hodges, chief executive of the Edge Foundation,

said: “We want high quality vocational qualifications to achieve parity alongside other educational routes for young people. “Our concern is that in attempting to guarantee quality the Government has used a sledgehammer to crack the nut. “Schools are now being

forced to drop valuable technical, practical and work-related courses or risk getting no credit for the provision.” The Government announced a year ago that 70 vocational qualifications would count towards a school’s GCSE performance in league tables in future - a cut from more than 3,000. The move is part of an attempt by the Government to stop schools encouraging youngsters to take qualifications that boost their league table position but do not help a pupil’s prospects. Ministers said that just 125 vocational qualifications would be included from 2014. Of these, only 70 would count towards the main performance measure - the percentage of pupils getting at least five Cs at GCSE, including English and maths. The other 55 would count in the tables, but would not contribute towards the main measure. Plans to slash the numbers of “equivalent” qualifications were first announced by ministers in 2011 following Professor Alison Wolf’s review of vocational education. The survey of 252 senior teaching leaders in the same number of English state schools was carried out by Opinion Matters between December 10 and 21. A Department for Education spokeswoman said: “Previously schools could do well in performance tables by offering poor-value qualifications, 94 per cent of which failed rigorous tests by experts to check their value to pupils’ future education and employment prospects.

Senior School students display the X-factor By Yonca Zaim THE question of how to spend a Friday night is usually problematic, but just before breaking up for Christmas, the students of the Senior School found the answer. Echoing from the walls of the European University of Nicosia, there was an explosion of sound and talent: the annual Senior School Talent Show. As well as encouraging students to

showcase their individual talents, this event, anticipated with great eagerness every year, played its part in uniting students and teachers through the power of performing arts. The participants, who were determined to make it an exceptional night, not only committed themselves to long hours of rehearsals and practice, but also had to endure a rigorous series of auditions held by the Performing Arts Faculty. Starting the night off with a bang, the dynamic duo of school head boy and

head girl lured the audience in with their witty repartee, introducing each act with a diverse comical twist. The wide variety of acts ranged from different genres of instrumental and vocal music to dance and stand up drama, gluing the eyes of the audience to the stage throughout the duration of the event. By the end of the night the auditorium was encircled by heartfelt applause and a strong family-like atmosphere, assuring the performers that their hard work had paid off.

A wide variety of talent was showcased at the Talent show

Grammar School Nicosia cultural evening a success American Academy of Paphos granted licence THIS year’s Cultural Evening entitled “European Union ... from the heart” was presented by the Grammar School Nicosia this past December at the Strovolos Municipal Theatre, celebrating the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The performances were held under the Auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the support of the Minister of Education and Culture, Dr George Demosthenous. Guest speakers were Dr Demosthenous and Mr Nicos Tornaritis, Chairman of the House

Standing Committee on Educational Affairs. The theme was the history of the heart through the years, reflected in European Culture. The performance brought together around

300 students who exhibited their talent in singing, dancing and acting. The show was broadcast live on the Internet on the school website

THIS past December, the Advisory Committee of Ministry of Education and Culture gave the green light to the Minister of Education and Culture for the granting of a licence for a Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary School to the American Academy of Paphos. The school has been operating in Paphos for around 10 years, but has been trying to finalise all licence procedures since it moved to its new premises in the Achelia area just over two years ago. The school is an international co-educational insititution following the British curriculum, with slight modifications to fit its international character. It operates on 100,000 sq.m of land, approximately 10 minutes from Paphos. The student population draws on the local and international children living in Paphos and neighbouring areas. The granting of the official licence of the Academy is thus an important event in Pa-

phos, since the school has also participated in a number of social activities in recent months, such as in the campaign for “Paphos 2017”, the Para-Olympics 2012, providing scholarships and assistance to children from large families (Polytecknoi) and the campaign “Get rid of hunger from Paphos”. Meanwhile, besides obtaining the much desired licence, the school has another reason to celebrate: Cody Dahler, a year 5 student obtained the highest mark in History and English Language in Cyprus for the GCSE Edexcell exams. As Mr. George Bargilis, one of the Directors of the organisation under the umbrella of the American Academy schools in Limassol and Paphos, commented: “These two events highlight the next phase of the bright future of our school. We want everyone to share with us the successes to come, with the promise that these will be abundant.”



Lifestyle Wired for r sound sound

With Charlize Theron in Prometheus


dris Elba is looking for a photograph. “It’s where my love affair with music started,” he says. But despite a thorough scour of the smart townhouse he’s renting, the photo is nowhere to be found. He looks momentarily disappointed before settling back on his seat, taking a draw on a roll-up and letting his mind’s eye do the work. “I’m in dungarees, white Tshirt, four years old with a little Afro,” he says. “I’m wearing African beads around my neck and I’m holding Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On album, walking towards the turntables with my dad. Wicked shot. When I look back on it I remember being fascinated by the whole process of music.” Music? Yep, music. For I am sitting in Elba’s garden on a chilly January afternoon to meet the man in his lesserknown guise: Driis, aka DJ Driis, aka Big Driis the Londoner (this last one is reserved for when he’s performing in America and they need things spelled out for them). He is a seasoned recording artist; a semi-professional DJ of nearly three decades’ standing; a muse and collaborator with everyone from Mumford & Sons and The Milk, to Jay-Z and Usher. Big Driis is generally better known for his acting than his music, but it’s not impossible that one day that could change. It’s fair to say that, even as an actor, Elba has a wide constituency: to the box set-heads he will ever be Stringer Bell, the dapper drug baron with the mind of a venture capitalist, from HBO’s cult cops ’n’ dealers series The Wire; to more conventional crime fans he is the black-souled Detective Chief Inspector John Luther of the eponymous BBC drama (for which he

Family man: with daughter Isan in July 2011 won a Golden Globe in 2012). He has played for laughs in the American version of The Office; he has sci-fi groupies thanks to supporting roles in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and Kenneth Branagh’s Thor franchise, which has just wrapped its second instalment; and later this year he

takes on perhaps his biggest and certainly his most involving role of all, playing Nelson Mandela in the biopic Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, a role for which he was handpicked by the former South African president’s family and which he calls “the deepest piece of expression I’ve ever done”. He has a rich, deep voice, a London twang rounded by years spent in the States. He is friendly, immediately disarming and a terrifically generous host. The house is homely rather than flash (officially he lives in Atlanta, close to his ex-wife and daughter, but describes himself as a “nomad”). The only problem, he says, is that weekends get a bit touristy - he is frequently recognised within minutes of leaving his front door. As we sit chatting, his kitchen fills with friends, gathered around the breakfast bar, laughing. Music remains his first love and tonight he begins a sevenweek residency on the decks at a club in London modelled loosely on a dive bar in Williamsburg, New York (think exposed brickwork, deep booths and taxidermy).

With Beyonce in Obsessed

He’s the London boy who made it big in Holl hand-picked to play Nelson Mandela. But wh get you dancing. DAN JONES meets Why break from an acting career that is going stratospheric to mess around in a club? Simple answer: because life is good, and he can. “I’ve had an amazing year - an amazing seven years, really and I want to celebrate,” he says. “I want to DJ at home, in London… the truthful, honest way to celebrate is to get on the turntables and have a party.” Idrissa Akuna Elba was born in 1972, to Winston, from Sierra Leone, and Eve, from Ghana. An only child, he grew up in Hackney, and he has happy memories of life in the East End. “What I remember is the summertime... Hackney was a warm, carefree place.” He played football in the streets while his dad hustled at pool in the pub. “I’d run across the road to get some crisps - and because they loved my dad, they loved me.” He’d come back laden with enough for the whole team. His parents infused him

with a love of music - everything from reggae, soul and the synthesised sounds of the 1980s, to music with a deeper cultural heritage. “They just loved to listen to music from their home,” he says. “Not necessarily from Sierra Leone or Ghana but from the African diaspora. So you had Congolese music from OK Jazz, Franco, Tabu Ley Rochereau - at the time that Congo sound was very much similar to salsa or rumba or cha-cha. It would transform my mum and dad’s home, this little apartment in Hackney, into this cultural…” He pauses. “You know, you’re on the ninth floor looking out and you’re hearing this African music and you could be anywhere.” Aged 14, he started helping out an uncle who was a DJ, travelling around to weddings, eventually being allowed to take over basic mixing duties while his uncle was making moves on the dancefloor (the

first song he dropped was ‘Hot Hot Hot’ by Arrow, a guaranteed dancefloor filler in the early 1980s). Soon afterwards he and a friend, Boogie, who is still his DJ partner 25 years on, landed a pair of turnta-

Music remains h tonight he begin residency on the d London modelled lo in Williamsbu bles when his school closed its music department and sold off all the equipment. By the age of 16, he and Boogie had started a sound system known as Social Affair. Not long afterwards he had a slot on Climax FM, a pirate radio

esday, January 30, 2013

17 Television






As Helndall in Thor

As Stringer Bell in The Wire

lywood, starring in Prometheus and Thor and hat Idris Elba wants more than anything is to the A-list actor with music in his soul station. His DJ name was Mr Kipling. Why? “Because I played an exceedingly good tune. Ha ha ha ha ha!” At the same time he was also becoming interested in drama, spurred on by a

his first love and ns a seven-week decks at a club in oosely on a dive bar urg, New York teacher and inspired by Saturday morning visits to the cinema. A grant of £1,500 from the Prince’s Trust got him into the National Youth Music Theatre, and he toured Japan with a production of Guys and Dolls. His first ap-

pearance on UK television was in a Crimewatch reconstruction. As well as DJing, he worked night shifts at Dagenham’s Ford factory to help pay the bills in between jobs. Eventually, in 1998, he sold his London home and moved to New York with his then wife, Dormowa Sherman, to try to launch an American screen career. It was his appearance as Achilles in Peter Hall’s off-Broadway production of Troilus and Cressida that won him his audition for The Wire (during which he did not reveal that he was British) and in 2002, on the day that his daughter Isan was born, he discovered he had won the part of Stringer Bell. And that, for a while, was that. Elba appeared in The Wire from its inception in 2002 until he was written out in 2004. A tiny shard of his career, maybe, but without doubt an important one. The demise of Stringer Bell remains the show’s most famous scene.

Thanks to the slow-burn popularity of The Wire, Elba will probably remain associated with Bell for a good while yet, just like his British co-star Dominic West, who for many fans will always be Detective Jimmy McNulty. Strange, because in the decade since The Wire, Elba’s screen career has outstripped that of every other member of the cast. As well as Mandela, this year will also see him appear in Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s aliens-vs-machines thriller, and Thor: The Dark World as the god Heimdall. He has also directed his first TV drama, Pavement Psychologist, for Sky Arts, starring Anna Friel, about a pair of accountants whose lives are thrown into turmoil after they encounter a homeless man, and aims to direct a feature film later this year. Meanwhile, besides the increasingly weighty film roles, Elba seems quietly to be creeping towards national

treasure status. Witness his appearance at December’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards ceremony, to perform Edgar Albert Guest’s poem It Couldn’t Be Done in tribute to Team GB and Paralympic GB’s performances at London 2012. And there has been a gathering international internet campaign to crown him the next James Bond - if you consider that it was once Will Smith who was touted as the potential first black Bond, you get an idea of ck in Holhow high Elba’s stock nds. lywood currently stands. cross the He is admired across ollaboraboard. I asked his collaboraiddleston tor in Thor, Tom Hiddleston ain Loki), (who plays the villain to sum up Elba in a couple of sentences. “Idris is truly a xceptiongentleman and an exceptionve man,” ally diligent, creative he said. “He wears itt all like a a guffaws loose garment.” Elba t. “That’s when I tell him that. ent,” he a wicked compliment,” ’m lucky. says. “But I guess I’m bility that I have a bit of credibility ts when allows me moments niuses in I’m working with geniuses ating with their field. Collaborating one [Elba Jay-Z. With Angie Stone eo for the directed a music video ar]. Even American R&B star]. he Milk. with those kids The Great band. I was shooting Ghost Rider 2 when The Milk sent me a song, g this and I ended up doing spoken word thing. The hops Nextmen [UK hip-hops legends] produced that hat song. The fact that I was recognised by them…” He tails off. at Is there a risk that xin attempting to exis pand his career in this ll new direction he will st be dismissed as just o another actor who thinks they can be a o music star? I put it to nt Elba that the present ds cultural world tends to like people to be in es, neat creative boxes, ng rather than expanding ferinto too many different areas. We don’t like Renaissance men. But that doesn’t worry him mately, too much. “Ultimately, ive, it from my perspective, e same all comes from the source,” he says. “Off course dged, I’m I’m going to be judged, nised if I going to be scrutinised tart rapturn round and start ping, or start DJing. But it all me source. comes from the same dvanced, The acting is more advanced, because that’s what I’ve been ut I don’t concentrating on. But overthink it because if I did, I just wouldn’t do it.”

Tough guy: with Ruth Wilson in Luther

Idris’ love of music was installed at an early age by his parents

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


What’s on


(K) All Audiences (12/15/18) No admittance to Under-12s/ 15s/ 18s (N/A) Not Available

NICOSIA This is 40 (N/A) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 5.10, 7.40 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) at 5.10, 7.40 and 10.15pm Django Unchained (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 7pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 2) at 7pm Texas Chainsaw 3D (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 10.05pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 2) at 10.05pm. Finding Nemo 3D (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 3.30pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5pm, weekends also at 11.05am, 1pm and 3pm Les Miserables (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 7 and 10.05pm, weekends also at 3.30pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) at 7 and 10.05pm

Times are subject to change, so check first with cinemas before you head out

Telephone no:

Hope Springs (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 10.10pm Jack Reacher (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.45 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 4) at 7.45 and 10.15pm An… (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in Greek) at 7.55 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) (in Greek) at 7.55 and 10.15pm Wreck-It Ralph (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek), weekends only at 3pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) (in Greek), weekends only at 11.15am and 3pm.

Rio Limassol: 25-871410 Rio Paphos: 26-207000

Moonrise Kingdom Cine Studio, Thursday at 9pm, presented by the Friends of the Cinema Society. Tel: 96420491,

Life of Pi (K) Rio 4 at 7.45pm, weekends also at 3 and 5.20pm. Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.25pm, weekends also at 3pm


House at the End of the Street (15) Rio 4 at 10pm

This is 40 (N/A) Rio 3 at 5.30 and 7.45pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 5.10, 7.40 and 10.15pm Django Unchained (15) Rio 2 at 7.30pm; Rio 3 at 10.10pm. Tel: 25-871410; KCineplex (Screen 2) at 7pm Texas Chainsaw 3D (18) Rio 2 at 10.30pm. Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 10.05pm

Life of Pi (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 5.25 and 7.45pm, weekends also at 3pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) at 5.25pm, weekends also at 11.30am and 3pm

Finding Nemo 3D (K) Rio 2 (in Greek) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3.30pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 3.30pm

Hotel Transylvania (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.10pm, weekends only at 3.20pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 2) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.10pm, weekends only at 11.20am, 1.20pm and 3.20pm

Les Miserables (K) Rio 1 at 7.30 and 10.25pm, weekends also at 4.15pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 7 and 10.05pm

Rise of the Guardians (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3.25pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 4) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 11.20am, 1.20pm and 3.25pm

K-Cineplex: 7777-8383

CINEMA WEBSITES: K-Cineplex:, Friends of the Cinema Society:

Hope Springs (12) Rio 6 at 8pm, weekends at 4 and 6pm Jack Reacher (15) Rio 5 at 7.45 and 10.10pm, weekends also at 5pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.45 and 10.15pm

Cloud Atlas (15) Rio 6 at 10pm An… (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in Greek) at 7.55 and 10.15pm Wreck-It Ralph (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek), weekends only at 3pm Zarafa (K) Rio 3 (in Greek), weekends only at 2.30pm Hotel Transylvania (K) Rio 3 (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 4pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.10pm, weekends only at 3.20pm

LARNACA This is 40 (N/A) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 5.10, 7.40 and 10.15pm Django Unchained (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 7pm





Other Events

The Story of Babar, the Little Elephant Musical education concert for the early childhood, with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. January 30. Markideion Theatre, Paphos. 6.30pm. €5 (for adults) and free entrance vouchers. Tel: 26-932571

Dionysis Savvopoulos Prominent Greek composer, lyricist and singer performs live accompanied by three great soloists. January 31. Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €25/30. Tel: 22-313010

Screenings at the Shoe Factory An extraordinary selection of rare eclectic films. January 28 until March 29. The Shoe Factory, 304 Ermou Str, Nicosia. 8pm. Free. Films shown in original language with English subtitles where applicable. www.

Fusion Music Pop meets opera meets show-tunes with Tina Chester: Soprano and Andrew Oliver: Piano. Wednesday 30 January 8.30pm - Paphos Pentaras Hall. FUSION GALA with Tina Chester: soprano, Ross Neil: baritone, Lesley Locke: violin, Tommy Locke: guitar, Andrew Oliver: piano and Doros Zesimos: cello. Concert 8.30pm. €15 inc. welcome drink. Tel: 26-271130

Other Events Lands of No Return: Population Exchange and Forced Displacement in the 20th Century An open lecture on issues of refugees and forced migration by Prof. Zetter & Screening of Twice a Stranger. January 30. Home for Cooperation, buffer zone, Nicosia 6pm. Tel: 22-875099/22445740.

Theatre The In-laws from Tirana Comical play by Satiriko Theatro. January 31-February 1. Skala Theatre, 15 Kyriakou Matsi Street, Larnaca. 8.30pm. €15/10. In Greek. Tel: 24-652800

Other Events Sketching by Talking Architectural lecture by G.Natkevicius & Partners (Lithuania). January 31. Polihoros Cultural Centre - Old Electricity Authority, 8 Vladimiros Heracleous Street, Paphos. 7pm. Tel: 99-812824

Finding Nemo 3D (K) Rio 1 (in Greek) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3.30pm Les Miserables (K) Rio 5 at 7.30pm; Rio 3 at 9.45pm

Hope Springs (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 10.10pm

Hope Springs (12) Rio 2 at 9.45pm

Jack Reacher (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.45 and 10.15pm

Jack Reacher (15) Rio 7 at 7.30pm; Rio 5 at 10.30pm

An… (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in Greek) at 7.55 and 10.15pm

An… (12) Rio 2 (in Greek) at 5.30 and 7.30pm; Rio 4 (in Greek) at 9.45pm

Wreck-It Ralph (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek), weekends only at 3pm Life of Pi (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 5.25 and 7.45pm, weekends also at 3pm

Rise of the Guardians (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3.25pm

PAPHOS This is 40 (N/A) Rio 4 at 5.10 and 7.30pm; Rio 1 at 10.30pm

Wreck-It Ralph (K) Rio 7 (in Greek), weekends only at 3.30pm Life of Pi (K) Rio 3 at 5 and 7.30pm Zarafa (K) Rio 6 (in Greek), weekdays only at 6pm, weekends only at 3pm The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12) Rio 6, weekends only at 4.30pm Hotel Transylvania (K) Rio 7 (in Greek, in 3D) at 5.30pm Rise of the Guardians (K) Rio 5 (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3.30pm

Django Unchained (15) Rio 1 at 7.30pm; Rio 7 9.45pm


Texas Chainsaw 3D

The Magistrate - The Met: Live in HD Live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera of New York. January 31. Rialto Theatre, Limassol. 8.30pm. €8/5. With Greek and English Subtitles Tel: 77777745. Tickets:

Texas Chainsaw 3D (18) Rio 6 at 7.30 and 9.45pm

Les Miserables (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 7 and 10.05pm, weekends also at 3.30pm

Hotel Transylvania (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.10pm, weekends only at 3.20pm

Rise of the Guardians (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) (in English, in 2D) at 5.05pm, weekends also at 3.10pm

Texas Chainsaw 3D (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 10.05pm

Finding Nemo 3D (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 3.30pm


Music J.Kriste, Master of Disguise Seven-piece band plays songs from their new album, previous album and some covers. January 17 until January 31. Antonaki’s Music Hall, 17 Vasileiou Voulgaroktonou Street, Nicosia. Every Thursday at 9.30pm. €10. Tel: 99-566485

Theatre Noah’s Family A theatrical play for children written by Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Thomas Moschopoulos. Until February 3. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Every Sunday at 10.30am. Tel: 22-864300

Social Security THOC presents play by Andrew Bergman. January 29-30. Larnaca Municipal Theatre. 8.30pm. In Greek. €12/6. Tel: 34-665795 Social Security THOC presents satire on modern society by Andrew Bergman. Until February 3. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Friday to Sunday at 8.30pm, Saturday at 6pm and 8.30pm. €12/6 . In Greek. Tel: 77-772717 Spring Awakening THOC presents work by Frank Wedekind, about sexual and spiritual awakening of teenagers. Until February 9. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. On specific days at 8.30pm. In Greek. €12/6. Tel: 77-772717/22-864300 Kali-Kantzar & Co A musical directed by Lea Maleni with music by Dimitris Zavros. Until February 10. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Every Saturday and Sunday at 6pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-864300 Misery Stephen King’s psychological thriller staged by Satiriko Theatre. Friday and Saturday. Until February 13. Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, Vladimiros Kafkarides Street, Aglantzia, Nicosia. Every Wednesday and Friday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-312940

Nursing Home the Cherubim Theatre Anemona celebrates its tenth anniversary with comedy by Nearchos Ioannou. Until March 17. Anemona Theater, 7 Archagelou Street, Latsia, Nicosia. Every Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm and Sunday at 8pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-573031 Shear Madness Popular Cypriot actor and director Loris Loizides returns with an adaptation of one of the longest-running nonmusical plays in the world. Until March 17. Pantheon Art Cinema, 29 Diagorou Street, Nicosia. Every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30pm. €20. In Greek. Tel: 70-001910/22-675787 The Switch Theatro Ena presents play by Argiro Toumazou. Until March 28. Theatro Ena, 4 Athinas Avenue, Nicosia. Every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30pm. In Greek. €15/12. Tel: 22-348203 Shakespeare in an Hour Pirasmos Productions presents a theatrical comedy directed by popular Cypriot actor and director Loris Loizides. Until March 29. Pantheon Art Cinema, 29 Diagorou Street, Nicosia. Thursday and Friday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 70-001910

Exhibitions Place – Light – Man: As Memory and as Expectation Solo painting, collage and engravings by Nikos Papaloukas. Until January 31. Apocalypse Gallery, 30 Chytron Street, Nicosia. Monday- Friday: 10.30am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30am-1pm. Tel: 22-766655 Tree of Life Group painting exhibition from the art group Elena Armosti. Until January 31. Ayios Dometios Cultural Centre, 45 Kolokotroni Street, (behind St George church). Monday-Friday: 3pm-7pm. Saturday: 10am-5pm. Tel: 22-772190/99-563864 Olga Bryntseva Solo art exhibition. Until February 1. Russia Cultural Centre, 16 Alasias Street, Nicosia. Open daily: 11am12.30 and 5.30pm -8pm (except holidays). Tel: 22-761607 Crème de la Crème Group exhibition with works by wellknown Cypriot artists. Until February 2. Opus 39 Gallery, 21 Kimonos Street, Nicosia. Monday: 5pm-8pm. Tuesday-Friday: 10.30am-12.30pm and 5pm-8pm. Tel: 22-424983

CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013

19 To have your event included for FREE in our listings, send details to: Arts Editor, Cyprus Mail, PO Box 21144, Nicosia. Fax: 22-676385. Email: Please send your information as early as possible. Include full details, a contact number and good quality photos

In pursuit of the profound quest of existence NIKOS Kazantzakis ranks among the major Greek eek urliterary figures of the 20th century and this Satursing day the ARTos Foundation in Nicosia is organising a book presentation that aims to open up a dis-course on his intellectual pursuits. Influenced by the early writings of Nietzsche and Bergson, he owed a debt to Marxism and pted Buddhism as well as to Christianity and attempted to synthesise these apparently different world al views. His career started out more philosophical and paedagogical than literary, coming to the fore cal as a poet only in 1938 with his vast philosophical kes epic The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel, which takes up the hero’s story where Homer leaves off. But perhaps Kazantzakis’ most famous work – later made into a highly successful movie starring Anthony Quinn – was Zorba the Greek, a book which presented one of the great, memorable characters in modern literature. Many of his novels dealt with the history and culture of Greece and the mysterious relationship between man and God. A latecomer to the novelist’s art (he didn’t start writing novels until he was almost 60), Kazantzakis was considered for the Nobel prize for literature in 1957, reportedly losing by one vote to Albert Camus. Yet for all his fame, Kazantzakis was – and remains – a highly controversial figure. Today, readers, critics and scholars continue to plumb the depths and breadth of Kazantzakis’ insight and existential concerns. In that endeavor, the book by upcoming

Prolific and influential: Nikos Kazantzakis (above)’ output of poems, novels, essays, plays and travel books represents a major contribution to world literature. Left: Book by upcoming scholar Dr Charitini Christodoulou who hopes to shed more light on the author’s contraversial novel The Last Temptation

sc scholar Dr Charit itini Christodoullou offers a new perspective iinto one of his most debated novels, The Las Last Temptation, suggesting a new analytical model for his work. In his book, Katzantzakis shares me metaphysical and i t ti l concerns, seeking ki existential answers to haunting questions and often torn between his sense of duty and mission, on one side, and his own human needs to enjoy life, to love and to be loved, and to have a family. That work was condemned not only by the Greek Orthodox Church but also the Roman Catholic Church, which put it on the Index of forbidden books. Charitini’s thesis on Kazantzakis’ The Last Temptation examines aspects of how the novel has been interpreted by literary critics. Her research concentrates on theories of literature and psychoanalysis, and how these relate to or enlighten the reality outside the world of books. Her interdisciplinary approach considers the text as an open vessel, welcoming new interpretation, rather than a closed literary work.

The book is published in English by Cambridge Scholars Publishing and is available for online order on Amazon, as well at the Moufflon Bookstore. The forthcoming presentation will take an academic approach that will interest mainly those who are already dedicated Kazantzakophiles, as well as those with an eye for cutting edge literary analysis. Nevertheless, it does make several points of general interest. The evening will include a presentation of the book by the author, intervention by international literary scholars, readings of excerpts from the novel, in addition to a Q&A session offering an opportunity for dialogue between Christodoulou and the audience. Please note that the presentation will be held in Greek but there is an option for English translation. Dialogic Openness in Nikos Kazantzakis Book presentation by Charitini Christodoulou. The evening will include a presentation of the book by the author, intervention by international literary scholars, readings of excerpts from the novel, in addition to a Q&A session. February 2. ARTos Foundation, 64, Ay. Omoloyites Avenue, Nicosia. 6.30pm. In Greek with option of English translation. Tel: 22-445455

Don’t Forget



Other Events

Lyrical poet returns

Let’s talk about architecture

THE prominent Greek composer, lyricist and singer Dionysis Savvopoulos will be in Cyprus this week to perform two special concerts. Hailed as the ‘Greek Bob Dylan’, Savvopoulos is often regarded as one of the most important Greek musicians of the 20th Century. Born in Thessaloniki in 1944, he moved to Athens in the early 60s and – after ceasing studying law in favour of music – found great success both at home and abroad, especially among the Greek Diaspora. He is particularly noted for being a political activist following his imprisonment by the Greek military junta during its reign in 1967. Like Mikis Theodorakis, Savopoulos is seen as an icon and a symbol of hope and resistance during a difficult period in Greek history. A concert with Savvopoulos is always a cultural event. He will be appearing in two shows in Cyprus, the first of which will take place

THE Polihoros Cultural Centre Old Electricity Authority in Paphos is hosting an architectural lecture tomorrow entitled Sketching by Talking. Lines in architectural drawing are the essential element of communication. It is through drawings that architects explains their ideas - design ideas. Simply put, if you can’t draw it doesn’t matter how good your ideas are because it’s likely anyone will ever see them. Unique architecture, and different ways of creating concepts will be

tomorrow at Nicosia’s Strovolos Municipal Theatre, followed by a concert at the Lanitis Carob Mill in Limassol on Friday. The programme will include a repertoire of 27 important songs, some relating to political issues which have come to represent a whole era in the life of Greece, transcending time and as topical and relevant today as when they were written, others illustrating the sensitive spirit of the lyrical poet, with songs like Thalassographia and Kalokairi. Savvopoulos will be performing

alongside three leading practitioners of contemporary Greek music: Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (bass), Vangelis Karipis (percussion) and Orestis Plakidis (keyboards-programming). Dionysis Savvopoulos Prominent Greek composer, lyricist and singer performs live accompanied by three great soloists. January 31. Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €25/30. Tel: 22-313010 February 1. Lanitis Carob Mill Complex, Vasilissis Street,Limassol. 10pm. €45. Tel: 25-372855

By Ledha Socratous presented through dialogue by architects Agne Natkeviciute and Adomas Rimselis, who work at Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners in Lithuania. Possibly one of the company’s most famous projects is the Utriai Residence. From a distance, one would think the property is crushing the cars underneath it. But it’s really an example of the brilliant work by the Architectural Bureau G. Natkevicius & Partners who have designed a house built with an open space under its slightly risen frame to hold space for two cars. The company’s approach is founded in analysis and aims to challenge architecture by questioning it in all aspects. They develop architecture of high and persistent quality, with the user experience as an essential. Sketching by Talking Architectural lecture by Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners (Lithuania). January 31. Polihoros Cultural Centre - Old Electricity Authority, 8 Vladimiros Heracleous Street, Paphos. 7pm. Tel: 99-812824

For a full listing of the day’s events see facing page

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Television CYBC 1 06.45 08.15

Proti Enimerosi Kali Sas Mera Early monrning entertainment magazine featuring segments on cooking, fashion, lifestyle issues and more.


Kaftes Piperies (rpt) Cookery show.


Istories Tou Horkou (rpt)

CYBC 2 07.00 08.00 16.30 17.00 18.00 18.50 19.00 19.10

Apo Mera Se Mera



Current affairs show. Local cultural show.

16.00 18.00 18.15 18.45

Mazi Sto CyBC News Kaftes Piperies Paizoume Kypriaka

20.00 21.00

Moiraia Fengaria Local drama series inspired by Maro Kranidioti’s book ‘Otan i Moira Apofasizei’.

20.00 21.15


Greek FILM: O Faflatas Comedy, starring Labros Konstadaras. 1971.

23.30 23.45

News Repeats

07.50 08.40 09.30 10.25 11.15 12.10 13.00 13.20 14.00 14.50 15.45 16.40 17.30

NRG Zone FILM: Four Brothers


Proini Enimerosi Me Agapi Idiatera Yia Klamata (rpt) Englimata (rpt) Lyke, Lyke Eisai Edo (rpt) Einai Stigmes (rpt) Pansellinos (rpt) Ekeino To Kalokairi (rpt) Niose Me (rpt) News Mera Mesimeri Konstantinou Kai Elenis (rpt) To Kafe Tis Haras Eleftheros Ki Oraios Aiyia Fuxia (rpt) Ekeino To Kalokairi (rpt) With News at 18.00.

18.30 19.30 20.15 21.15 22.10 23.00

Desperate Housewives Seventh season. ‘Where Do I Belong’. Susan’s mother Sophie arrives in town, and brings along her eccentric Aunt Clare for company. Meanwhile, Lynette plays a series of pranks on Tom as revenge for his infidelity 20 years previously, and Bree tries to convince the other women to get to know Beth.

News Vimata Stin Ammo New season of local period drama, based on true events.


06.30 06.50 07.00

four adoptive brothers reunite when their mother is killed in a robbery, determined to get payback. Revenge thriller, starring Mark Wahlberg. 2005.

Local game show, asking questions having to do with the Cypriot dialect.


NRG Zone Kids’ TV Euromaxx Kati Psinetai (rpt) Kato Apo Ton Idio Ourano News In English News In Turkish Doctor Who (rpt) Fifth season. ‘Flesh and Stone’. Part two of two. The Time Lord is trapped by an army of Weeping Angels, and his only chance of escape is to climb through the wreckage of the space liner that crashed into the temple. In the forest vault, Amy faces an even more deadly attack.

Local comedy series, which happens to be the longest-running show on TV.




Vals Me 12 Theous (rpt) Niose Me News Vals Me 12 Theous Ekeino To Kalokairi Castle Mystery novelist Richard Castle works with New York police to find a real-world killer who is modeling his crimes after scenes from Castle’s novels.

00.00 00.05 00.20 01.40 02.30 03.20 04.40

MEGA 06.00 06.30 07.00 10.00 12.45 14.00 15.00 16.00 18.00 18.20

Ta Epta Kaka Tis Moiras Mou Emeis Ki Emeis (rpt) Nea Mera Proino Mou Enimerosi Tora Irthe Ki Edese Eheis Meson Yia Sena News Master Chef New season of Greek reality series. Amateur cooks compete to win the coveted MasterChef title.

19.20 20.15 21.15 22.10 23.10

Eftyhismenoi Mazi (rpt) News Klemmena Oneira Enoha Mystika FILM: The Specialist An explosives expert comes out of retirement to help a woman exact her revenge on the gang that murdered her parents. Action thriller, starring Sylvester Stallone. 1994.

00.00 00.10 01.00 03.00 04.20

News Fae Ti Sokolata Sou Yia Sena (rpt) Enimerosi Tora (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)

News Sports News Ola Bahalo Fetos Yia Tin Anna (rpt) Erotas Kleftis (rpt) News Deal (rpt)

SIGMA 07.00 08.20 10.20 11.10 12.00 14.20 15.00 16.00 18.15 18.20 19.00 19.30 20.20 21.15 22.20

Protoselido Eleni Vasiliki (rpt) Efta Ourani Kai Sinnefa Alites (rpt) Mesimeri Kai Kati Siga Min To’ Xeres (rpt) Aspra Balonia (rpt) Magazino News Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama Siga Min To Xeres Efta Ourani Kai Sinnefa Alites News Oikogeneiakes Istories 60 Lepta Local investigative show.


03.00 04.30

06.45 07.20 08.35 09.05 10.15

News Dekati Entoli (rpt) Althinoi Erotes (rpt) Mila Mou (rpt) Se Fonto Kokkino (rpt) Ta Hrisopsara (rpt) Eleni (rpt)

Classic Cartoons Fotis - Maria Live Best Of Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Mesimeriani Meleti Best Of Mila (rpt) Discussions about various issues based on a woman’s life.

10.35 12.30 13.00 15.30 17.00 17.50 19.40 21.15 22.00

Nistikoi Praktores (rpt) Star News Mesimeriani Meleti Classic Cartoons To Kleidi Fotis - Maria Live Mila Exelixeis Sti Showbiz The Closer (rpt) Fifth season. ‘The Life’. Brenda and the team fear a gang war is about to break out when a 12-year-old boy is found murdered at a regular hangout before another two members are killed. Elsewhere, Fritz has a surprise in store for the detective.

Las Vegas First season. ‘Things that Go Jump in the Night’. Ed and Danny stop a suicidal guest from jumping off the roof of the Montecito by introducing him to the joys of gambling but the plan backfires. Meanwhile, a security guard causes problems and Sam enjoys a romance with a client.

00.20 00.25 01.20 02.10 02.40



Vathi Kokkino


Nistikoi Praktores (rpt)

CAPITAL 08.20 08.50 09.25 10.00 11.00 11.30 12.30 13.20 15.20 16.10 16.50 17.40 18.15 19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00

A woman puts her life in danger when she succumbs to the sinister charms of her daughter’s teacher. Thriller, starring Nicollette Sherida 2003.


00.15 01.15 02.20

FILM: Hostage A former hostage negotiator draws on his old skills to save children held captive in their own home by a gang of crazed delinquents. Thriller, with Bruce Willis. 2005.

Greek drama series. Cooking show, with helpful tips on eating well and nutrition. Hosted by Dina Nikolaou.

Magikos Kosmos S’ Agapo (rpt) Akti Oneiron (rpt) Ston Asterismo Tis Imeras Kouzina Me Apopsi Igeia & Zou (rpt) Milagros Kids’ TV Top Models S’ Agapo Sabrina, To Koritsi Tis Agapis Akti Oneiron Pacific Blue News Sports News Epi Topou FILM: Deadly Betrayal


FILM: Under Hellgate Bridge A Mafia gangster is released from prison to discover his family has been rent asunder by the evils of narcotics. Drama, starring Jonathan LaPaglia. 2003.

LTV Sports News Star News Repeats

War Horse (Novacinema2, 12.35)

06:15 The Weakest Link 07:00 Charlie and Lola 07:10 Nina and the Neurons 07:25 Gigglebiz 07:40 The Roly Mo Show 07:55 Me Too! 08:15 Charlie and Lola 08:25 Nina and the Neurons 08:40 Gigglebiz 08:55 The Roly Mo Show 09:10 Me Too! 09:30 Buzz & Tell 09:35 Fawlty Towers 10:05 Twenty Twelve 10:35 The Weakest Link 11:20 EastEnders 11:50 Doctors 12:20 Coast 13:20 Upstairs Downstairs 14:15 Last Of The Summer Wine 14:45 The Weakest Link 15:30 EastEnders 16:00 Doctors 16:30 Coast 17:30 Upstairs Downstairs 18:25 The Weakest Link 19:10 EastEnders 19:40 Doctors 20:10 Casualty 21:00 My Family 21:30 Getting On 22:00 Freefall 23:30 One Foot In The Grave 00:00 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 00:45 Waking The Dead 01:35 Taking the Flak 02:05 The Weakest Link 02:50 EastEnders 03:20 Doctors 03:50 Casualty 04:45 My Family 05:15 Getting On 05:45 One Foot In The


07:00 How It’s Made 07:25 Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55 Ultimate Survival 11:50 How Do They Do

It? 12:15 How It’s Made 12:40 Extreme Engineering 13:35 Wreckreation Nation 14:30 Wheeler Dealers 15:25 American Chopper 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made 21:00 Alone In The Wild 22:00 Beyond Survival With Les Stroud 23:00 Dynamo: Magician Impossible 01:00 The Real Hustle 01:55 Alone In The Wild 02:50 Beyond Survival With Les Stroud 03:50 Dynamo: Magician Impossible 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 Motorsports: Gta Race To Dubai 09:45 Tennis: Australian Open, Melbourne 11:15 Football:

African Cup Of Nations South Africa 13:45 Tennis: Australian Open, Melbourne 15:00 Tennis: Australian Open, Melbourne 16:30 Football: African Cup Of Nations South Africa 22:00 All Sports: Campus 22:30 All Sports: Wednesday Selection 22:35 Equestrian: Fei Dressage World Cup Netherlands 23:35 Equestrian Sports: Riders Club 23:40 Golf: U.S. P.G.A. Tour-Farmers Insurance Open Usa 00:40 Golf: Golf Club 00:45 Sailing: Yacht Club 00:50 All Sports: Wednesday Selection 01:00 Football: African Cup Of Nations South

Africa 02:15 All Sports: Watts

Desperate Housewives Bones 07:10 Modern Family 07:35 Last Man Standing 08:00 Body Of Proof 08:50 Masterchef 09:40 Desperate Housewives 10:25 Bones 11:10 Modern Family 11:35 Last Man Standing 12:00 Grey’s Anatomy 12:50 Private Practice 13:40 Body Of Proof 14:30 Masterchef 15:20 Desperate Housewives 16:05 Bones 16:50 Modern Family 17:15 Last Man Standing 17:40 Body Of Proof 18:30 Who Do You Think You Are 19:20 Desperate Housewives 20:10 Bones 21:00 Grey’s Anatomy 21:50 Private Practice 22:40 Modern Family 23:05 Last Man Standing 23:30 Grey’s Anatomy 00:20 Private Practice 01:10 Bones 02:00 Desperate Housewives 02:45 Modern Family 03:10 Last Man Standing 03:35 Cougar Town 04:00 Body Of Proof 04:50 Who Do You Think You Are 05:40 06:25

07:00 Pawn Stars 07:30 Storage Wars 08:00 Mud Men 09:00 Pawn Stars 09:30 American Restoration 10:00 Pawn Stars 10:30 Storage Wars 11:00 Soviet Storm: WWII

In The East 12:00 Storage Wars Unlocked 13:00 American Pickers 14:00 Pawn Stars 14:30 American Restoration 15:00 Mud Men 16:00 Storage Wars Unlocked 17:00 American Pickers 18:00 Pawn Stars 18:30 American Restoration 19:00 Mud Men 20:00 Pawn Stars 20:30 Storage Wars 21:00 Soviet Storm: WWII In The East 22:00 Swamp People 23:00 Storage Wars 00:00 Pawn Stars 00:30 Storage Wars 01:00 Soviet Storm: WWII In The East 02:00 Swamp People 03:00 Storage Wars 04:00 Mud Men 05:00 Pawn Stars 05:30 American Restoration 06:00 Soviet Storm: WWII In The East

07:30 Poltergay 09:05 Sympathy For Delicious 10:50 Lovely Bones, The 13:05 Strangers, The 14:35 My Best Friend’s Wedding 16:30 Akeelah And The Bee 18:30 Fantastic Mr Fox 20:00 Ltv Sports News 21:00 Goya’s Ghosts 23:00 Friends With Money 00:35 Hustler Tv 02:00 Weakness 03:45 Carlos 06:30 Ltv Sports News

07:00 Chowder I 07:25 Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack, The 07:50 Tom & Jerry Show, The 08:15 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! I 08:40 Loonatics Unleashed Ii 09:05 Superman: The Animated Series Ii 09:30 Superman: The Animated Series Ii 09:55 Looney Tunes Show, The 10:20 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:45 Fanboy & Chum Chum 11:10 X’s, The 11:35 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 12:00 Dora The Explorer 12:25 Spongebob Squarepants 12:50 Spongebob Squarepants 13:15 Mighty B!, The 13:40 My Life As A Teenage Robot 14:05 Hey Arnold! 14:30 Icarly 14:55 Icarly 15:20 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! I 15:45 Justice League Unlimited I 16:10 Legion Of Super Heroes Ii 16:35 Young Justice 17:00 Toyota Australian Football International 2012 18:00 2010 World’s Strongest Man 18:30 Planet Speed 19:00 Barclays Premier League 201213 21:00 La Liga World 21:45 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 00:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 02:00 Toyota Australian Football International 2012 03:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13 05:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13

07:15 According To Jim 08:00 Big

Bang Theory, The 08:30 Mentalist, The 09:15 Top Boy 10:10 Friends 10:35 Two And A Half Men 11:25 Closer, The 12:10 Harry’s Law 13:00 Supernatural 13:45 According To Jim 14:30 Mentalist, The 15:15 Top Boy 16:10 Friends 16:35 Gossip Girl 17:20 Fringe 19:00 Supernatural 19:45 According To Jim 20:30 2 Broke Girls 21:00 Necessary Roughness 22:30 C.S.I. New York 23:15 Strike Back 00:05 Executive Decision 02:15 Heyday! 03:50 Friends 04:15 Gossip Girl 05:00 Fringe 06:30 Supernatural

08:15 Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’hoole 10:00 Road Trip: Beer Pong 12:00 Simple Twist Of Fate 14:00 Eye Of The Dolphin 16:00 Wild Target 18:00 Normal Life 20:00 Skellig 22:00

Underbelly Files - Tell Them Lucifer Was Here 00:05 Daring! TV 04:05 Slammin’ Salmon 05:45 Agora

05:35 Kill Bill: Vol.2 07:55 No Reservations 09:40 Happy Gilmore 11:15 Confucius 13:25 Mars Needs Moms 15:00 Kate And Leopold 17:05 Cine News 17:45 Gospel Hill 19:30 Action Zone 20:05 O Annivas Pro Ton Pilon 22:00 Beginners 23:50 Sagan 01:55 Hide And Seek 03:35 Trespass

By Preston Wilder

Normal Life (LTV3, 18.00) I watched this when it came out, raved about Ashley Judd and the calm, non-judgmental style (previously used by director John McNaughton in the shocking Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), then waited for the world to admit it had grievously underrated this lowkey crime drama. 17 years on, I’m still waiting - and I’m starting to think I may be wrong (haven’t seen it since) but it still gets a tentative thumbs-up, mostly for Ms. Judd who brings irresistible energy to her screwed-up heroine. She’s childlike and unstable, painfully unequipped for ‘normal life’ - but straightarrow cop Luke Perry falls hopelessly in love with this wild child, their turbulent relationship going from

passion to arguments to bank robbery. Memorable for the setting - a bleak Midwest of parking lots and shooting ranges - and of course the style, evoking the deadening mediocrity of this sad, soulless world. Worth your time? I thought so once. Made in 1996.

Never Let Me Go (Novacinema2, 20.10) “We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we’ve lived through - or feel we’ve had enough time”. Those words mean nothing when you read them now - but when they appear at the end of this excellent drama they’re deeply moving, taking a sci-fi concept and relating it to Life Itself. It’s a curious-

ly muted kind of sci-fi, set in a seemingly idyllic English boarding school - but in fact we’re in an alternate reality where technology has allowed human life to be extended far beyond 100 years, and the pupils at the school are in fact clones designed to be organ donors, their sole purpose being to supply organs to sick people and extend their life-spans (meaning, of course, they themselves will die young). Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield (a.k.a. Spider-Man) are the trio, graduating from school to young adulthood on a farm - and later in hospital, as they grow older and start to “complete”. Everything is transient here (the title is ironic), the result sombre, melancholy and strangely compelling. Made in 2010.

Never Let Me Go

06:25 Killer Elite 08:20 Zorba The Greek 10:40 Cine News 11:00 Puss In Boots 12:35 War Horse 15:00 Films & Stars 17:30 Hemingway & Gellhorn 20:10 Never Let Me Go 22:00 Machine Gun Preacher 00:15 In Time 02:10 Inspector Gadget 03:30 Cine News 04:20 Against All Odds

19:05 Shanghai 21:00 Salvation Boulevard 22:45 Identity Crisis 23:45 House Of The Rising Sun 01:15 Cine News 01:30 Adult


19:20 Serendipity 22:45 Habemus Papam 00:35 The Names Of Love

07:00 North By Northwest 09:15 Ice Station Zebra 11:40 Never So Few 13:45 Key Largo 15:25 Forbidden Planet 17:00 Easter Parade 18:40 Philadelphia Story 20:30 Naked Spur 22:00 Light In The Piazza 23:40 Mutiny on the Bounty 02:35 Lust For Life 04:35

Where Eagles Dare

CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013



















HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved, you solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. With the ‘X’ sudoku, the shaded X must also contain the numbers 1-9.










1 Keep handing out part of the Hebrew measure (4) 2 A gun exploded near attorney in the country (6) 3 Undressed brides do get upset (8) 4 Singing fish? (4) 5 Comment about gospel writer (6) 6 Ill-feeling when one’s out of sorts? (10) 9 Speculating about the ring on the hill (10) 13 More than ready to drop (8) 15 Josephine about to be firm but facetious (6) 16 Remove whitewash from French bed (6) 18 English retreat that’s paradise (4) 20 Strip at the finishing line (4)

Rating EASY

5 Utter defeat going almost all the way (4) 7 One has good reason for making this journey (10) 8 One seeking to expiate his crimes is near to distraction (6) 10 Processed data is at the sports centres (6) 11 Star, say, in Virginia (4) 12 Obstruction to become fixed in a bed perhaps (8) 14 Try before the court? (8) 16 Going down in the ocean (4) 17 Tipsy cheat possesses spirit (6) 19 Strong old boy in brown coat (6) 21 Gathering dust! (8,2) 22 Go back with Leonard endlessly and cast amorous glances (4)

Rating HARD


Rating EASY




Answers to crossword 2297


CRYPTIC: Across – 1 Dewdrop; 5 Fatso; 8 Tillage; 9 Saddler; 10 Overfed; 11 New moon; 14 Ringway; 16 Cleanse; 18 Aquaria; 19 Long arm; 20 Torch; 21 Regency. Down – 1 Damson; 2 Window-cleaner; 3 Roll-top; 4 Patron; 5 False; 6 Traffic warden; 7 Overdo; 12 Ensuing; 13 Sculpt; 14 Reamer; 15 Yeasty; 17 Neath.

QUICK: Across – 1 Helpful; 5 Comma; 8 Satanic; 9 Tigress; 10 Opposed; 11 Caution; 14 Garment; 16 Press on; 18 Absence; 19 Rainbow; 20 Tight; 21 Dresser. Down – 1 Hectic; 2 Long-suffering; 3 Freebie; 4 Lesson; 5 Cut-up; 6 Many-sidedness; 7 Arcade; 12 Brusque; 13 Spirit; 14 Gnawed; 15 Tremor; 17 Sabot.

ARIES March 21 - April 20

LEO July 23 - August 22

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21

Jupiter does an about turn, and anything connected with technology, publishing, teaching, training or driving lessons can benefit. Yet this planet has been helped all year by Uranus in your sign. So, if you have had a novel idea spinning around your mind, this change encourages you to keep believing in it. Your ingenuity and bubbly vibe can win through.

Astrology is a lot more about understanding ourselves, as much as being aware of what the future holds. That said, it’s basic human nature to want to know what upcoming trends will enable or inhibit us. And with Jupiter moving into forward motion today, you can feel just that bit more self assured and cheerful about what your prospects are.

Your ruler Jupiter does an about turn today, moving into forward motion. It’s not that it’s in backward motion, in your case in your sector of relating is unfortunate, more that the lessen is perhaps not to take close partnerships for granted. Pleasingly, from now for five months, if you are solo, this planet could bring someone very nice into your world.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21

VIRGO August 23 - September 23

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20

It’s not that you have been unlucky in cash affairs since Jupiter began its retrograde five months ago, but perhaps you have been asked to figure that not everything connected with loot guarantees happiness in other ways. And yet there is little doubt that for the next five months you are likely to find anything remotely yummy very hard to resist.

The next five months can be a time when your talents finally reach the audience and receive the recognition that they deserve. And what can help to propel you forwards and capitalise on fortune bringer Jupiter’s prominent location, is your talent for blending flair with practicality. You know that ideas alone are not enough, and today you can show how.

Two planets in your sign, retain excellent contacts with two planets in Aquarius. This points towards a feeling that any progress you are making, emotional, physical or material, can be firmed up. Initiatives that begun not that long ago can take on more substance. Nothing can grow without firm foundations, and yours can show signs of deepening.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21

LIBRA September 24 - October 23

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19

Jupiter goes into forward motion today in your sign. Make the most of this over the next five months, because in traditional astrology, this was perceived as the planet of luck. My approach is more the harder we work, and the more positive we are, the luckier we will be. Yet random slices of fortune do occur, so use your initiative to make yours.

If you wish to do something daring in the next five months, or to travel, learn a new language or step up your studies, the planet which can be so beneficial around all this, Jupiter, is set to really help you. It would be nice to sit back and wait for fate to deliver this wonderment into your lap, but you will have to push to extend your boundaries.

Think of all the things you’d really like to be abundant in your world. If you can, meditate on this for some time. Once you have really got a very clear picture of what it is you want, then you can start to feed the possibility into your situation in the next five months. There is also a sense today, that you are making better sense of past strands.

CANCER June 22 - July 22

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22

PISCES February 20 - March 20

The Sun makes a fine angle to Pluto today. This can help you to think carefully about the way people relate to you. Although superficial pleasantries are all part of the way we interact, this can help you to go beyond that and figure out what is truly meaningful. With Venus also linking well to Mars, this could also be a day when romance revives.

If you feel secure in yourself, you can use your sensitivity and intuition to fine affect. This will help you to communicate well both at an intellectual and more perceptive level. This combination could lead to some profound conversations, or simple conversations which are well meant. Someone can appreciate a caring vibe, from you, for sure.

Emotionally and family-wise, the next five months offers a window of opportunity. This may see you learn a lot more about what makes you tick, or about how others do. Then again, there may be a new addition added to the clan, or some changes to the physical structure of your home. Today specifically, reach out to people. It can benefit you.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


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€14 (plus VAT)

a week for classifieds (up to 40 words)

Send your classified by fax or email and pay by credit card, cheque or cash. It couldn’t be simpler! Nicosia - email: Limassol - email: Paphos - email: 99579602 Limassol

MISCELLANEOUS ***************************** WE WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE that the company Super Vista Limited with registration number 025782 is in the process of liquidation. There are no claims whatsoever against the company

***************************** ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - CYPRUS Is drink costing you more than just money? AA could be the answer. Meeting at the following locations/ days. Call to speak to an AA member. Ayia Napa Monday 97798043 Larnaca Tuesday (Polish spk) 96616589 Thursday 24645523 / 99259264 Limassol Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday 25368265 / 99559322 Nicosia 99013596


Paphos Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday 99916331 / 99399240 Details of meetings are available on


PROFESSIONAL UPHOLSTERY CLEANING, also carpets, rugs and mattresses. Special offers now available. For a quote call Rickys Cleaning Services on 99131044 (all areas) UPHOLSTERY, RUG, BLINDS + CURTAIN Cleaning Rugs from 20€ - Carpets from 38€ - Fabric Suites from 85€ - Leather Suites from 95€ - Mattresses from 25€. Curtains, Roman blinds, Vertical Blinds need to be surveyed. Collection Service available. For a free quotation call Mark on 70006766 All areas DO YOU WANT A SHINY LOOKING FLOOR? Full repair & restoration of chipped, scratched, dull and stained, Marble, Terrazzo, Stone & Ceramic tiled floors and surfaces. Professional cleaning, repair & sealing of internal/external ceramic tiles & grout lines. For a free professional consultation & demonstration contact Mark at Premier on 70006766 All areas WE UNDERTAKE REFURBISHING of houses or holiday homes, construction of pergolas, undertaking of plumbing, house painting, garden work. For information call JIMMYS: 96587137, MELIS: 96547879


LESSONS RUSSIAN-ENGLISH / ENGLISHRUSSIAN / PRIVATE TUITION Beginners to advanced, individual or small groups. Experienced tutor, flexible timing, competitive rates, for further information please call Mikael 96484035 – Paphos area PRIVATE TUITION Experienced, UK-qualified teacher offers fulltime or part-time private home tuition in Maths, English, the Sciences, I.C.T., Geography, History, Business Studies and Economics, from KS3 to iGCSE, AS and A2 levels. 9 years experience in Cyprus; references available. Telephone 99318796


YOUNG LADY from Sri Lanka 30 years old, seeks a good man for marriage 40-50 years old. Tel: 99157396

PETS LOST DOG Desperately looking for our DOG – lost in Fasoula Area His name is BUDDY - GermanSheppard / Labrador Mix. Reward Euro 500.00. Please call Angelos 99 656279 or 25 816060 SWEET YORKSHIRE TERRIER, JESSIE, female, short grey fur, no collar, lost on 16/1 midday in Germasogeia, near Pizza Express. Family pet,chipped. REWARD. Please contact 99622782 ASAP with any information.

Nicosia - tel: 22 818583 fax: 22 676385 puppies like this one are looking for forever homes ! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact on 99520511 mon-frid 102pm.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES CHEF WITH A MINIMUM OF 5 YEARS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Must have a good knowledge of Cypriot cuisine and the ability to create daily specials from fresh, seasonal produce. Must be a team player. English required, Greek useful. Jessica Demetriou: 99284591 THE ARTISAN RESORT SEEKS to employ lady who speaks fluent Russian and English, aged between 30-40 with experience in housekeeping/ hospitality, friendly, non smoking, computer literate, close to the area of Cavo Greco, valid driving licence a plus. Call 22451056, 99660041 THE ARTISAN RESORT SEEKS an individual who speaks very well German and English, age 30, to provide maintenance services for residences, friendly, non smoking, computer literate, close to the area of Cavo Greco, valid driving licence a plus. Call 22451056, 99660041 EXPERIENCED TUTOR WANTED FOR THE BIOMEDICAL ADMISSIONS TEST (BMAT) I seek an experienced tutor for private instruction in Nicosia, on Part A of the BMAT test (Aptitude and Skills). Please email at: georgebmat@ or call at: 99657768.

HEALTH & FITNESS CLINICAL PILATES. Personalised Clinical Pilates by Physiotherapists in Nicosia. Individual assessment and supervision of exercises. “Clinical pilates” is a modified form of therapeutic exercise used by physiotherapists to assist in the rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injury especially lower back pain, sacro-iliac pain and neck pain. More info on 22446988.


CHIMNEY SWEEP, when did you last have your chimney swept or log burner cleaned? Build-up of soot can cause respiratory problems and fires. All areas, call Dave, a professional sweep, now on 99819137. Also available for weddings. SWIFT SERVICE AND REPAIRS air-cons, commercial and domestic fridges and freezers, ice machines, cool rooms, supply and fit air-cons VRV S. Call Nik on

TAG 87, a very handsome young male wirehaired pointer cross around 1,5 years old. Friendly, attentive and athletic. At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and




K.D.FLYSCREENS LTD. We manufacture top quality sliding screens, opening doors and roller systems. We also do repairs. For a FREE QUOTE please contact Phone: 99119582 Website:

Limassol - tel: 25 761117 fax: 25 761141

PRIME LAND IS AVAILABLE FOR LONG LEASE IN LIMASSOL. 40, 000 sq.m., zoning Ka7 (80% - 45% - 3 stories). Regular amphitheatrical shape overlooking Ladies Mile. Close to New Limassol Hospital with direct access to Limassol – Paphos Highway. Water supply, electricity and telephones are readily available. Suitable for immediate development. Ideal for various health facilities and resorts, holiday centres, commercial and shopping centres, entertainment enterprises etc. Information: Tel. 22 674338, 99621554

‘PROPERTY BUSINESS FOR SALE’. ‘Unique Opportunity to purchase FREEHOLD stonebuilt village property currently operating as a Cafe, with fully equipped kitchen.Seating for 40. Potential for further expansion. Easily converted to residential dwelling.Viewing highly recommended. Greatly reduced to Euro 160.000. Details ring Tel: 99864097 – Paphos Area

***************************** FOR SALE LAND in Anthoupoli (half plot) 288 sq.metres. for information 99621554.

FOR SALE MOTOR VEHICLES 2004 PORSCHE CAYENNE TURBO, tiptronic, seats & carpets etc like new due to one owner, no children, 108000km, metallic gold color. New tyres. Price: 27 000.00. Got to be seen to be appreciated. Call 99494450 PERODUA KAMBARA, 1.3 AUTOMATIC, 5 door, (similar to Daihatsu Terios), 2005, in silver, 44,000 kms (only 27,000 miles), a/c, cd player, electric windows, remote ultrasonic alarm system, alloy wheels, new 2 year MOT, excellent condition throughout, euro 5995, call: 99166532 – Paphos, see our stock, BMW 320CI Convertible. 2001 E46 Model. MOT’d/Taxed Service History.Gold metalic paint with black roof. Cream interior, half leather seats and oak Dash. Electrics pack, Cruise Control, Memory seats, Alloy Wheels, CD Player, stunning car. Pictures available on request.Price €8.500 Call 99219583 NISSAN JUKE for sale. Owner emigrating, 1 year old, metallic grey,7 yr guarantee from Nissan. Automatic,15.000km. €14.800 ono Contact: Maria 99 371874 or 99 461625 – Paphos Area FOR SALE TOYOTA LAND CRUISER/PRADO white 1998, exceptional condition inside and out. Many extras. Any inspection welcome. €8850 ono. Tel: 99096902 – PAPHOS AREA

Paphos - tel: 26 911383 fax: 26221049 Paphos area with title deeds (or AX umber) please contact us via our website or telephone Diane on 99455068. For automatic updates on new listings and price changes use our Listings Notifier or join us on www.”

PROPERTY TO LET NICOSIA FOR RENT 2 bedroom apartment of real luxury at Dasoupois, situated near Alfa Mega supermarket and the Areteion Hospital. All appliances, also c/h, a/c, sw/heater. Water booster, Sat TV, parking, store room and more. Tel: 99699750. MAKEDONITISSA, 12 Ay Paraskevis, Engomi with panoramic view. 3 bedroom upper house & ground floor house with garden,2 bathroom , 2 toilets , fully a/c and a/h,new w/m,d/w,hob,oven,fridge freezer, fully fitted kitchen, fully furnished ,storage, parking. Rent €750 pm. Tel 99660115 or 99688655. Email STUDIO TO LET completely renovated. Omiru Ave. Nicosia, opposite the Statue of Solomou. Rent: €300 monthly. Tel: 22773044, 99407353 3 BEDROOM FLAT with fireplace, huge veranda with extra room on it, in central Nicosia 5 min from Makariou 580 euro, 2 bedroom furnished flat in Ayios Andreas in very quiet neighbourhood close to American Embassy, 430 Euro., 0049 17670769271, 99067198 ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT, in small quiet building. Excellent condition, very spacious, furnished and air conditioned. Very good location between Strovolos and Engomi. Close to The European University, super markets and all amenities. Covered parking. Rent Euros 485/m. Please call 99695382 LUXURIOUS APARTMENT FOR RENT a luxurious one floor apartment situated in central Nicosia in a area of exceptional Beauty at 3 Museum Street, is available to let. It has been recently renovated and consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big dining and sitting rooms, kitchen and a huge veranda. Approximate covered area 250 sq m. Tel: 99622370.


BLACK HONDA CBR1100XX SUPERBLACKBIRD registered new in June 2011 as new condition with 12000 km. Any inspection welcome. €8950. Call Philip 99680747


“WWW.CYPRUS101.COM” We have many clients asking for properties up to 200,000 euros. If you have a property to sell in the

Larnaca - tel: 24 652243 fax: 24 659982

classified contents Employment Opportunities pg 22 Employment Miscellaneous 22 Pets 22 Lessons 22 Health & Fitness 22 Personal 22 Services 22 For Sale Miscellaneous 22 For Sale Land/ Property Business 22 For Sale Motor vehicles 22 Wanted -To Let Nicosia 22 To Let Limassol 25 To Let Larnaca 25 To Let Paphos 25 To Let Protaras, Ayia Napa, Paralimni -For Sale Nicosia 26 For Sale Limassol 26 For Sale Larnaca -For Sale Paphos 26 For Sale Ayia Napa -For Sale Famagusta Protaras 26 For Sale Athens -Property& Home Services display ads --

abbreviations bdrm c/h a/c s/pool f/f apt pm pw sw nw st rd p/s c/l swb r/cass e/w

bedroom central heating air conditioning swimming pool fully furnished apartment per month per week south west north west street road power steering central locking short wheel base radio cassette electric windows

Please note tel nos. that begin with: LUXURY 6 BEDROOM HOUSE IN A QUIET AREA IN LATSIA. The house has been constructed with the most modern building materials and one can enjoy all comforts of modern life. The house has 3 storage rooms 3 kitchens, 2 covered garage, housekeeper’s room, study room, en-suite bathroom –

22 = Nicosia 23 = Paralimni/Protaras 24 = Larnaca 25 = Limassol 26 = Paphos


CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013



master bedroom, walk in closet, Jacuzzi, c/h, a/c, and fireplace. Rent €5.000pm. Call 99609239 or 99424106. 2 BEDROOM flat, fully furnished. Fully A/C, small block, 3rd floor. Covered parking. Central heating. Near Hilton hotel off Makarios Avenue. €480pm. Tel 99444336 STROVOLOS 4 bdrm., house, c/h, a/c from €1000 now €800, Mak/ ssa f/f house, pool, 4 bdrm., 4wc, 2 shower €1700, Kornos villa, pool, mature garden €4000 (2) penthouse luxury Acropolis 1 bdrm, f/f, centre €450. For info www. Markides 22378898, 99464764, Reg. No. 487, E16 FLATS/HOUSES FOR RENT studio Acropolis €300, 1bdrm P/ssa €450, Aglantzia €350, Str/los €350, Acropolis €350 2bdrm Lycavito furnished €530, Acropolis €550, Ag. Dometios €500, 3bdrm Nikis av. €550 Str/los G/F €660, Tymbos independent €800, Ag. Omologites colonial listed building swimming pool maids room €2,500. PROPERTY FINDER LTD. 99474839 99646822 A.M.627 A.A.108/E STUDIO flat in Pallouriotissa (next to McDonald) furnished €280. For info call 99606984. TO LET spacious 2 bdrm apartment in a small building in Strovolos area near ARETAIEION hospital (dead-end) with independent petrol heating, 3 a/c, water pressure system, satellite. Directly available. TEL.: 96275151 2 BDRM flat (almost new, 4 years old) at Lycavitos with good area near University of Cyprus with fully equipment kitchen, a/c in all rooms. For info call 96530532. MODERN 2 BDRM, first floor flat in attractive building in Anthoupolis, very quiet area between the Grammar School and the European University, also very convenient for Pascal and Highgate Schools and

the University of Nicosia. Large front veranda, all appliances, modern fittings, light and bright. Furnished or unfurnished €550p.m. Call 99900177. 2 ROOMS €125 each, near McDonald’s Engomi only Philippine girls. Call 99663927. FOR RENT 3 B/R apartment fully furnished close to Central Bank. 3 W.C., fully air-conditioned extra storeroom, owned covered parking. Excellent condition. Information: Tel. 99621554 3 BEDROOMS flat on second floor in a block of six flats, in a nice position at Strovolos area, fully a/c, c/h, covered parking place for one car, recently painted. Rent €650pm. (furnished if required). Tel: 97773358.

****************************** LUXURY HOUSES: 1. 5 bedrs detached house, 550sq.m, built in 2 big plots of land, big garden with grass, big swimming pool with extra fence for children and big covered patio with bbq area, big reception areas with marble floor, fire place and bar, big kitchen with all electrical appliances and sitting room with fire place, maid’s room, floor heating, full a/c, blinds on the windows, master bedroom with en suite bathroom and shower, big bathroom for the other 3 bedrooms and extra shower in the 5th bedroom - Strovolos €2500 (H5ST10001-R), (photos in the website). 2.

3 bedrs luxury terraced house,210sq.m,central heating, full a/c, marble floor in the sitting areas and solid parquet floor the stairs and bedrooms,4 wc,3 bathrooms the 2 en suite ,big verandas, electrical appliances in the kitchen,3 covered parking, roof garden access, in a quiet neighbourhood on Mon Parnas hill – Engomi €800 (photos in the website).

TO LET NICOSIA 3. 2 bedr fully renovated semi detached house 120 sq. m, a/c for hot and cold, small yard, FULLY FURNSIHED or not, double glazed windows with aluminum shutters, in a quiet area off Nikis behind Burger King - ACROPOLIS €600 (H2ACS0001-R), (photos in the website). 4. 3 bedr luxury semi-detached house with character, 200sq.m, central heating, full ac, sitting and dining room with fire place, big kitchen with cooker and oven, dishwasher and refrigerator, nice mature garden with flowers, trees and small garden with grass, covered parking, 3wc, 2 bathrooms in a quiet neighborhood. Available middle of January. Agios Andreas - €1200 - H3AAD0001-R (photos in website). 5. 3 bedr luxury detached house, 200sq.m, central heating, full a/c, 3wc, blinds and curtains, open plan kitchen with cooker, oven and

TO LET NICOSIA dishwasher, veranda with bbq, good size garden, covered parking, storage room, alarm system, in a quiet area – Archangellos €1100 (photos in the website). 6. 3 bedr+big attic room with shower and wc luxury new house, 210sq.m, central heating, full a/c, 4wc, blinds on all windows, cooker and oven in the kitchen, small garden, covered parking near Alpha Mega supermarket - STROVOLOS €1100 (H4ST10007-R), (photos in the website). 7. 3 bedr detached ground floor house with separate maid’s room, with very big garden with grass(200sq.m) and covered patio with bbq and bar, central heating, full a/c, 180sq.m, FULLY FURNISHED or NOT, 2 covered parking, storage room, in a very quiet neighborhood opposite Acropolis park - Acropolis - €1000 - H3ACS0004-R (photos in website).

TO LET NICOSIA 8. 4 bedr very big luxury semi detached house 350sq.m, with big separate basement 80sq.m with 2 rooms, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. Consists of big sitting and dining areas upstairs, big kitchen with big family room and breakfast area, big bedrooms, 3 showers, 1 bathroom, central heating, full a/c, black out blinds on all windows, cooker and oven in the kitchen, covered parking and patio with bbq in a very quiet neighbourhood close to Makarios foorball stadium. Available END of February - Makedonitissa €1500. 9. 4 bedr new luxury detached house build in a big plot of land, central heating, full a/c, 2 bedrs with en suite shower, 4 wc, bathroom with jacuzzi, big open space sitting and dining areas, 330sq.m, big swimming pool 5x10, big garden with grass, big covered patio with bbq area, roller blinds and curtains on all the windows, electrical appliances in kitchen, covered parking, in

TO LET NICOSIA a quiet neighbourhood off Tseriou avenue. AVAILABLE end of February –Strovolos €1800 (photos in the website). 10. 4 bedr semi detached house with central heating, 4 a/c, 3 wc, 2 bathrooms, 180sq.m, electrical appliances, small yard, bbq area, off Kostantinoupoleos street near French ambassador residence.- STROVOLOS €700 (H4ST10043-R), (photos in the website). 11. 4 bedr new luxury finished detached house with central heating independent, full a/c, 3wc, 2 bathrooms, big kitchen with cooker oven, dishwasher and big family room, aluminum shutters in all the house, separate big sitting and dining room with parquet floor, 2 covered parking, alarm system, big covered patio, SWIMMING POOL, in a newly built area near Falcon school – Strovolos €2000 (photos in the website).


Wednesday, January 30, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA 12. 4 bedr luxury detached house, 350sq.m,central heating, full ac, big garden with fruit trees, grass and swimming pool 6 X 12,2 covered parking, electrical appliances in the kitchen, 4 years old in a very quiet area 25 min from the centre – DEYTERA - €2000 – H4DEF0001-R (photos in website). 13. 3 bedr ground floor house with big separate 80sq,m room with shower and wc for multi use, central heating independent, full a/c, 2wc, 2 shower,1 bathroom, fully furnished, small garden, bbq area, parking, on a small building in a very quiet area near Agios Vasilios church. Strovolos - €900 - H4ST10028-R (photos in website). 14. 4 bedr new luxury finished top quality detached house, 290sq.m, central heating, full a/c, master bedroom with en suite shower/ jacuzzi, guest bedroom with shower, main bathroom with jacuzzi, 4w , fully expensive furnished with LCD televisions (all furniture and appliances cost 100,000 EURO), kitchen with very expensive electrical appliances and family room, garden with grass, big covered patio with bbq area,2 covered


TO LET NICOSIA parkings, alarm system, pressure system, in a nice quiet neighbourhood - Strovolos €2000 (photos in the website). For many more properties with photos visit our website at which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22422225/96-422225/96422226,

***************************** LUXURY FLATS: 1. 3 bedr luxury finished spacious floor apartment with very big sitting and dining areas with family room with fire place, solid parquet floor all throught, central heating independent, full a/c, all the bedrooms with en suite shower/bathroom, 4wc, big kitchen with all the electrical appliances, blinds on all windows, big covered veranda, covered parking, big storage room, on a small 3 storey building in a quiet neighborhood – Agios Andreas- € 1300 – A3AAD0005-R (photos in website). 2. 1 bedr spacious fully luxury renovated apartment,60sq.m, big sitting and dining room, big bedroom, fully newly modern furnished with LCD TV 32’, covered

TO LET NICOSIA TO LET 3 bedroom house situated on a dead end street next to a small quiet park near Falcon School. Has an En-suite master room, large study room, central heating, a/c and fire place in the living room.

For enquiries tel 99660758

veranda, covered parking, storage heaters, full a/c, near Cyta, Laiki and Hellenic Bank headquarters – Dasoupolis €550 (photos in the website). 3.

2 bedr penthouse apartment,100sq.m + 80sq.m veranda with flowers and bbq, big sitting and dining room with big 60” TV, storage heaters, full a/v, 2 wc, en suite bathroom/jacuzzi, roman blinds, cooker, oven, microwave, washing machine and refrigerator in the kitchen, covered parking, near Metro supermarket – Aglantzia €600 (photos in the website).

4. A1DAS0010-R, 1 bedr luxury spacious apartment with big sitting and dining room, big bathroom, big bedroom with shutters, covered veranda, storage heaters, 2a/c, cooker and oven in the kitchen, covered parking in a quiet area in a small modern building near Acropolis Park. Dasoupolis €400 (photos in website). 5. 2 bedr new modern luxury finished apartment with parquet floor, central heating independent, 2 a/c, modern kitchen with all fitted expensive electrical appliances, blinds on the windows, big covered veranda, FULLY NICELY

TO LET NICOSIA FURNISHED, covered parking in a quiet neighborhood off Kallipoleos street – Lykavitos €650 (photos in the website). 6. 2 bedr luxury finished apartment on a small building with 4 flats only, central heating with petrol independent, full a/c, 2 bedrooms with en suite bathroom/shower, separate guest wc, NICELY MODERN EXPENSIVE FURNISHED, big covered veranda, covered parking, storage room, in a very quiet neighbourhood very close to Junior school and the park – Agioi Omologites €800 (photos in the website). 7.

4 bedr luxury floor apartment,250sq.m, office, maid’s room, central heating ind, full hidden wall unit a/c,2 showers, 1 bathroom, 3wc, parquet floor, big kitchen with cooker and oven, bbq on the veranda in the kitchen, big sitting area, roller blinds on all the windows, alarm system, big veranda on a small building off Athalasas avenue near Alpha Mega supermarket and Areteion hospital – Dasoupolis - € 1100 - A4DAS0002-R (photos in website).

8. A1ACS0007- R, 1 bedr luxury spacious apartment with 2 a/c for hot

TO LET NICOSIA and cold, electrical appliances in the kitchen, big bedroom, covered veranda, blinds, covered parking, in a quiet area near Acropolis park. NICELY FURNISHED. Acropolis €450 (photos in website). 9. New top quality 2 bedr apartment, 93sq.m+20sq.m veranda, on a small modern building with 6 flats only. Central heating independent, full a/c, 2 bathrooms, 2wc, fully fitted kitchen with all the electrical appliances, water pressure system roller blinds and shutters on windows, big sitting and dining room, big bedrooms, covered parking and storage room, in a quiet neibourhood near Akropolis park. AVAILABLE middle of February – Acropolis €850 (photos in the website). 10. 2 bedr luxury apartment with 3 a/c for hot and cold, big covered veranda, covered parking and storage room, NICELY FURNISHED, near Acropoli park behind Tseriotis showroom – ACROPOLIS €450 – A2ACS0033-R (photos in website). 11. 3 bedr luxury spacious ground floor apartment with separate entrance, big verandas and garden, big sitting and dining room, central heating independent, full a/c, 2wc, very big master bedroom, electrical appliances in the kitchen, aluminum shutters on windows, parquet laminate floor all the flat, covered parking, storage room, in a very quiet neighbourhood in a dead end street, off Athalasas Avenue behind Stephanis near English School €650 (A3ST10030-R), (photos in the website). 12. 2 bedr luxury apartment with central heating independent, full a/c, electrical appliances in the kitchen, blinds, big covered veranda, in a small 2 storey building in a quiet area behind Tymvos – MAKEDONITISSA - € 500 – A2MAK0008-R (photos in website).

TO LET NICOSIA 13. 3 bedr luxury apartment with central heating independent, full a/c, 2 bathrooms, parquet floor, big sitting and dining area, big covered veranda, covered parking, storage room, blinds, shutters in the bedrooms, big kitchen with all expensive electrical appliances, off Makarios avenue near the centre – Nicosia Centre- € 800 – A3NIC0025-R (photos in website). 14. 3 bedr spacious luxury finished apartment 150sq.m+30sq.m covered veranda, central heating independent with petrol,full wall a/c units, solid parquet floor, expensive electrical appliances in the kitchen, 3wc, curtains and blinds on windows, 3 COVERED PARKING,storage room, near Pizza Hut in Strovolos €1100 (photos in the website). 15. 2 bedrs new luxury apartment, sitting room open plan with kitchen which includes cooker, oven, refrigerator and washing machine, 2 wc, central heating, full AC, blinds on the windows, very big covered verandas, covered parking and storage room in a dead end off Athalassas avenue near Laiki popular bank and Hellenic bank headquarters. - DASOUPOLI €500 (A2DAS0006-R), (photos in the website). 16. 3 bedr new luxury ground floor apartment, with separate big TV room or guest room, 225sq.m, big kitchen with all the electrical appliances and breakfast area, 4 bathrooms, 4 wc, 2 bedrs with en suite bathroom, floor heating independent, full a/c, blinds on all the windows, marble and parquet floor, big veranda with bbq, small garden, closed 2 covered parking with remote control, in a very quiet area very close to Junior school and 50 metres from the park. FULLY NICELY FURNISHED – Agioi Omologites €1200 (photos in the website).


CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013



For many more properties with photos visit our website at which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22422225 / 96-422225 / 96422226

2. Superior Real Estate Larnaca. Stunning two bedroom fully furnished apartment in Oroklini. Ref. TLL1574 Please call to arrange a viewing Tel. 24815926

***************************** 2 BDRM flat in the centre of Nicosia. Rent €450. For information call 99453663, 99663927.

LIMASSOL TRADITIONAL VILLAGE STONE HOUSE IN APESHIA. Very quiet village, 20mins from Limassol. Road to heritage school/Troodos. 2 bedrooms, office available top floor with veranda great view of mountains. Small courtyard with trees. Electric solar water. A/Ctoilet in main bedroom. Semi/full furnished. Fitted kitchen with electrical appliances, fireplace. Toilet/ shower. €550pm negotiable. Tel 96891800. GROUND FLOOR HOUSE, furnished renovated this year. Laminated parke floor, and big wardrobes in the 3 bedrooms. Rent €590.00 Tel 99497576 99886775

LARNACA FOR RENT very spacious 3 bedroom ground floor apartment in Livadia, Larnaca. Includes: parking, large garden, full air-conditioning and heating, storage room and much more. Can rent either unfurnished or with new furniture. Reasonably priced. Will rent fast! Call 97774512.

***************************** 1. Superior Real Estate Larnaca. Town centre, fully furnished one bedroom apartment available for immediate occupation. Ref.

TLL341. Tel 24815926

3. www.SuperiorRealEstateLarnaca. com – LARGE RANGE OF RENTAL PROPERTIES. From studio apartments to 5 bedroom villas for rent, all properties have detailed descriptions, professional photographs. Interactive Virtual/Video Tours. Please visit our website. www.SuperiorRealEstateLarnaca. com 4. www.SuperiorRealEstateLarnaca. com. License No. 419. LANDLORDS AVERTISE YOUR PROPERTY WITH US FOR FREE. Tel. 24815926 Email.

***************************** FLAT IN CENTRAL LARNACA, Stasinou St, f/f, a/c, one bedroom, Off street car parking. Foinikoudes, Zenonos Kiteos shops 200 metres. Rent €350 p/m. Tel: 24 815104/9939 5954 FOR RENT 2 bed, 2 bath, new built apartment, in a quiet scenic location In Alethriko, Larnaca 5 min. to Larnaka, 5 min. to the beach Fully furnished, A/C, communal pool, under covered parking, Long term rent, €350.00 per month For more info pls call 99639378 FULLY FURNISHED one bedroom flat near Larco hotel Larnaca. Price €370. Tel: 99202543

PAPHOS GREAT VALUE STUDIO FLAT FOR RENT, - Large modern studio flat in small residential block, in central Paphos, 5 minutes from town centre, 2 minutes from motorway, and 10 minutes from Kato Paphos. Separate Living

TO LET PAPHOS area/kitchen and bedroom. and shower room. Fully furnished (washing machine etc.) , and air conditioning. Covered veranda, and undercover designated parking. Only €215/month inc. communal charges. Phone 99310481. UNIVERSAL – lovely 3 bed detached house – f/f 1 x ensuite, a/c, close to shops and all amenities, situated in quiet location – 400 euros. For more information call - 9977 4314 PEYIA, luxury villa, 3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully or part furnished, private pool, quiet location, paved garden area, sea and mountain views. Sky satellite, euro 650 ono, please call: 99771532 – no agents FOR LONG TERM RENT: 2 bedroom modern apartment, recently renovated-fully furnished, Chloraka- Melanos, quiet neighbourhood, communal pool, 2 covered parking space, security burglar bars throughout, 2 balcony. Sea view, central to shops. Communal fees included. 380.00eur/month. Call Maria 99 371 874

**************************** PAPHOS RENTALS SECTION PAPHOS- 1 Bedroom Townhouse, Newly Fitted Kitchen, Downstairs Cloakroom, Enclosed Rear Garden, Bargain at only 200 Euros EMPA- Immaculate, Spacious 2 Bedroom, U/F, Corner House, Large kitchen, Patio, Quiet location, Must be seen, 300 Euros PAPHOS- Very large 3 Bedroom Apt, Fully Furnished to a very high standard, Would suit 3 Professionals sharing, Within close proximity to Hospital and Court, Central Heating, 2 Bathrooms, Laundry, 350 Euros. TALA- Luxurious 3/4 Bedroom Villas, F/F to a very high standard,2 bathrooms, 2 en-suites, own Swimming Pools, Landscaped

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TO LET PAPHOS Gardens with Spectacular Sea views, 700 Euros, URGENTLY WANTED –Bungalows 2/3 Bedrooms MORE PROPERTIES AVAILABLE FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CALL 99862922

**************************** MR RENT PAPHOS, THE LEADING PROPERTY RENTAL AGENCY IN PAPHOS OFFICE: 26271858 (00357) IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY TO RENT WE ARE THE RENTAL AGENCY TO CONTACT OFFERING FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & RENT COLLECTION SERVICE 1. UNIVERSAL AREA €400 spacious 2 bedroom 2 bathroom ground floor apartment, master with ensuite. Situated on small, peaceful complex with communal pool. Fully furnished with modern furniture including plasma TV & satellite. Allocated off street parking. Good size enclosed patio with barbeque. Website reference number: RTL_645 2.

TOMBS OF THE KINGS/ MOUTTALLOS €400 spacious 3 bedroom ground floor apartment (120 sq metres) conveniently located close to bus stop. Less than 10 minutes walk to Tomb of the Kings road & old town. Beautifully presented, fully furnished with flyscreens & a/c throughout. Enclosed garden. Pets allowed at owners’ discretion. Website reference number: RTL_662

3. PEYIA €450 brand new modern 2 bedroom townhouse situated on a quiet complex. Master

TO LET PAPHOS with ensuite, family bathroom & downstairs guest wc. Fully furnished with modern furniture including fly screens & plasma tv. Enclosed rear garden. Private undercover parking & storage space. Pets allowed at owners’ discretion. Website reference number: RTL_658 4. KISSONERGA €550 modern detached 3 bedroom villa situated in a quiet residential area. Master bedroom with ensuite, separate kitchen, downstairs guest wc. Enclosed garden offering private pool & off street parking. Available unfurnished though can include kitchen appliances. Pets allowed at owners’ discretion. Website reference number: RTL_501 5. MESOGI €700 modern detached 4 bedroom villa, master with ensuite. One bedroom on ground floor. Plus separate office or play room. Available unfurnished with gas central heating. Enclosed garden with private pool. Covered verandah with garden furniture. Pets allowed at owners discretion. Website reference number: RTL_618 6. TALA €725 modern 3 bedroom detached villa located in a peaceful residential area between Tala & Kamaras offering sea & mountain views. Separate kitchen with top brand appliances inc dishwasher. Includes central heating, flyscreens & sky satellite. Private pool & enclosed garden with storage. Available unfurnished or furnished. Website reference number: RTL_566 7. CHLORAKA €750 modern de-

TO LET PAPHOS tached 4 bedroom 3 bathroom villa with ground floor bedroom & bathroom. Beautifully furnished with good quality modern furniture includes sky satellite, fly screens & feature fireplace with modern gas fire. Private pool offering views of the sea. Off street parking. Situated within walking distance of bus routes & shops. Website reference number: RTL_611 8. MESOGI €1250 luxury detached 4 bedroom 5 bathroom villa. One bedroom & ensuite on ground floor. Spacious kitchen with separate utility room. Available unfurnished though includes gas central heating plus real fireplace in living area. Enclosed garden & private pool offering stunning views. Gated entrance with undercover parking. Situated on a

PAPHOS LONDON TRAINED HAIRDRESSER **SPECIAL OFFERS** *Free Cut & Blowdry (worth €25) with any Colour Service* *Gents Cut & Style 8 euro* Claim your reward by simply quoting ‘Cyprus Mail’ (valid until 28th Feb ‛13) VENUS BEACH HAIR SALON Find us -1 Venus Beach Hotel, Tomb of Kings. Call Michelle: 99760543 or 26949200 (ext 350) Visit: HotelHairSalon for more info.


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Advertiser TO LET PAPHOS private road. Website reference number: RTL_628 TEL: 97790883 OFFICE: 26271858 VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MANY MORE PROPERTIES Email: info@mrrent-paphos. net





Geroskipou - a large 2 bed apartment with large balcony facing the sea, covered parking, a/c, communal pool. €330 pcm

2. Tala - 2 bed fully furnished apartment. Stunning sea views, large balcony, well kept gardens, communal pool, and quiet area. €340 pcm 3. Peyia - large 4 bed detached villas, secluded position, large private pool, a/c, and parking. Unfurnished or furnished. Very nice well worth seeing. €700pcm 4. Emba - un-furnished 3 bed 2 bathroom villa, private gated parking, a/c, large kitchen with white goods, cul-de-sac. NO POOL. €445 pcm THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELCTION OF PROPERTIES THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR MORE INFOR-

APHRODITE HILLS - Villa share at this amazing resort? Now available for discerning people, luxury double rooms, each with own en suite and heating unit and plus of large lounge/dining/kitchen area, external patios, gardens and swimming pool. Fully furnished and equipped €800pm plus share of running expenses, min period 6 months or yearly contract renewal. To enquire (or view from January 2013) ring 99178141. A chance not to be missed!





SECRET VALLEY 3 bed Bungalow furnished to a very modern standard, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, master en-suite in 2 of the bedrooms, private pool, easy maintenance gardens, nice valley view’s. Ref: 1017 800 Euros

KILI – PAPHOS, 3 bedroom villa, with swimming pool and garden, unfurnished, gas central heating, large verandas, lovely mountain views, very quiet and tranquil area, €500 per month o.n.o. Call: 99479006


FOR RENT A selection of 1 to 5 bedroom houses & apartments F/F & U/F Universal, Peyia, Tomb of the Kings, Tsada, Timi, Chlorakas & Kato Paphos Landlord & Owners please call 99329357 Or please view at are website www. Fully Registered Company in Cyprus

SECRET VALLEY 2 bed villas furnished or unfurnished with private pool, downstairs bedroom, kitchen , sitting/dining area, guest wc, upstairs large master bedroom with en suite bath, large veranda. Nice location with sea views and off street parking: Ref: 1198 450 Euros

BRAND NEW APT, opposite Poseidonio Gym, near Carrefour, F/F, a/c, great quality, 1 bdrm, from €340p.m.Tel 99403261


PEGEIA 4 bed villa unfurnished, 2 downstairs bedroom, large sitting/dining area, Italian kitchen with white goods, 2 bedrooms upstairs with outside large veranda. Property is of a high standard with central heating, full AC, off street parking, private pool, stunning views, quiet location. Ref: 765 900 Euros

FLOWRON PROPERTY RENTALS: Offering a full range of property services, the company you can TRUST. KISSONERGRA 4 bed furnished villa in a lovely location of Emba. Very private grounds, completely on its own , closed garage, kitchen, downstairs bedroom, 3 upstairs, private pool, garden. Ref: Kissonergra 825 Euros AYIA MARINOUDA A 3 bedroom villa with an additional loft room conversion with en suite. Property has a downstairs bedroom, sitting/dining area, separate utility area with granite work tops, 2 bedrooms on the top level master en suite. Central heating, AC, fly screens, private pool, enclosed and fenced garden. Ref: 1199 950 Euros

TSADA Large 5 bedroom villa furnished, top quality fixtures and furniture’s, fire place, central heating, AC, downstairs bedroom, kitchen, utility room, 4 bedrooms upstairs, large living areas, closed garage, private pool, peaceful location, near to the tsada golf area. Ref: 955 1400 Euros Upper Paphos 3 bedroom upper house offered furnished, large rooms, fire place, AC, in residen-

Over 250 families in the Paphos region are unable to feed and clothe their children due to economic hardships

• 2 stand up freezers • industrial oven • chafing trays


• thermo boxes


• catering tables • tablecloths with frills

Drop off point in Tala, please contact Mary on 96 392 728 if you can't get to Pegia Or contact Pavlina on 99 220 152 Donations of food and clothes can be dropped off at Pavlina Children Clothes Shop 9am – 7pm (close to Butcher Boy)

• glassware, cutlery

The families of Paphos thank you for your help and support

• All in excellent condition at reduced prices



HOSPITALS ........ 1400

Nicosia ........................22 802 020 Limassol ......................25 805 050 Larnaca .......................24 804 040 Paphos ........................26 806 060 Famagusta ..................23 803 030

Nicosia General .............22-801400 Nicosia Makarios ...........22-405000 Limassol Old ................25-305333 Limassol New ................25-801100 Larnaca Old...................24-630312 Larnaca New .................24-630300 Paphos ..........................26-821800 Famagusta ....................23-821211

Drug Law Enforcement Unit ......................................... 1498 (Confidential Information) Rescue Co-ordination Centre ............................. 1441 (Immediate Response Service for Aeronautical or Maritime Accident & Incidents) Game Fund Service: (Wildlife and hunting) Central offices (Nicosia): 22867786, 22-867897 Nicosia: 22-664606, 99-445697 Limassol: 25-343800, 99-445728, Larnaca/Famagusta: 24-805128, 99-634325 Paphos: 26-306211, 99-445679

Please call for a free viewing on Office 26600450 Mobile: 97614070 many more properties on our website at - Your Vision is our Mission LANDLORDS IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY FOR RENT, PLEASE CALL US!!!!!!

CHLORAKA 4 bedroom large villa with quality fittings , furnished to a very high standard, downstairs bedroom, 3 upstairs, en suites, bathroom, private pool, decking, fantastic sea views , near to Tombs of the Kings Ref: 806 850 Euros


A volunteer group will distribute this food among those most in need

tial area, nice location, walking distance to shops. Ref: 1197 350 Euros

PAPHOS / PEYIA VILLA, villa for rent in Peyia, 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, large sitting-dining area, fully airconditioned and heated, unfurnished, panoramic views, large parking, low rent contact: 99490953, 26815534


On Saturday, 9th February 2013, Cycling Cyprus and members of the Paphos Cycling Club will be cycling outside Phillipos Supermarket in Pegia.


please call : 99622678

PEYIA – 3 bedroom villa with modern quality furniture and finishes. Central heating, sky, alarm, infinity pool and stunnning sea and mountain views €700 per month, call: 99389426

***************************** RENTAL POINT - PAPHOS PROPERTIES AVAILABLE TO RENT IN THE PAPHOS DISTRICT. JUST A SMALL SAMPLE OF AVAILABLE PROPERTIES. ALL TYPES OF PROPERTY URGENTLY REQUIRED FOR LONG TERM RENTAL. CALL 97648440 FOR MORE INFORMATION. LANDLORDS CALL IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY FOR RENT.!!! 1. MESA CHORIO – 2 bed 2 bath fully furnished ground floor apartment set on an elevated position on this prestigious development. Open plan living area. Good sized kitchen. 2 double, bedrooms, master with en-suite shower room. Family bathroom. Large patio areas with enclosed gardens and lovely sea views. Covered parking and security gates.. Comm swimming pool. €425.00 or near offer 2 EMBA 3 bed 2 bath unfurnished villa in handy location close to the shopping areas. Property also has separate 1 bed apartment on the lower level. Large open plan living area and dining area. Fully fitted dining/kitchen with appliances . Guest WC. 3 double bedrooms one with en-suite. Family bathroom. Separate 1 bed apartment on lower level. Perfect for dual living. Small garden & and parking. €550.00 a month. 3. GIOLOU – 5 bed unfurnished villa consisting of 3 bed, 2 bath main house (bungalow) with self contained 2 bed apartment with own entrance. Main house, open plan living area, beamed ceilings with feature fireplace. Dining space and kitchen. 3 bedrooms, master with en-suite and family bathroom. Covered balcony with sea and rural views, swimming pool and garden areas. Lower level apartment reached via the main house or separate entrance. Large open plan living area, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. €850.00 per month 4. TALA – 3 bed 3 bath quality furnished villa. Set in enclosed gardens the villa consists of open plan living area with dining space. Fully fitted kitchen with all appliances, door to rear garden. Storage room. Ground floor bed room

Domestic Violence Centre .......................................... 1440 (Emergency Centre for Victims) Drug Info & Poison Control ............... 1401 Cyprus Samaritans ... 77777267 Police Duty Officer ......... 1499 (Confidential Information)

Forest Fires ..................... 1407 Airports Larnaca ..........................77778833 Paphos ...........................77778833

with adjacent shower. Stairs to two double bedrooms both ensuite, one with Jacuzzi tub. Small seating area with adjacent balcony. Pool and off street parking. Lnadscaped gardens €750.00 per month or close offers only 5. TRIMITHOUSA – 4 bed, 3.5 bath unfurnished villa set in quiet location. Open plan living area. Fully fitted kitchen. Ground floor bedroom with en-suite shower. Guest WC. Stairs to 3 more bedrooms, one with en-suite and family bathroom. Garden areas, large terraces and feature BBQ area and pergola. Private pool, garage. Never been occupied. Available 1 Feb. €725.00 per month OVNO. 6. UNIVERSAL AREA – 2 bed fully furnished apartment. Living area, fitted kitchen. 2 double bedrooms and family bathroom. A/C, Enclosed garden area. Comm pool and parking. €375.00 a month or offers. 1 & 2 bed apartments available on Universal starting at €250per month. 7. LOWER PEYIA – 3 bed, 2.5 bath part furnished villa situated in quiet cul du sac. Open plan living and dining area with doors out the to pool and garden.. Very large breakfast fitted kitchen. Doors out to garden and pool. Separate guest WC. Stairs to 3 double bedrooms. Master bedroom very large with en-suite shower. Family bathroom. Private pool, gardens, shutters. €550.00 per month or close offers only. 8. STROUMBI – 3 bed 2.5 bath large unfurnished villa in quiet village area. Spacious open plan living area with feature fireplace and dining space Good sized fitted kitchen and breakfast area. Guest WC with storage area.3 double bedrooms. Master with ensuite bathroom. Family bathroom. Enclosed gardens, pool and off street parking. Realistically priced €550.00 per month. OVNO FOR FULL LISTINGS OF APARTMENTS/TOWNHOUSES AND VILLA PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS. ALL TYPES OF PROPERTY URGENTLY REQUIRED FOR LONG TERM RENTAL LANDLORDS/OWNERS PLEASE CALL. PLEASE CALL 97648440 or email:-

***************************** REFURBISHED stone-built village house located in Kili Paphos. Consists of 3 large rooms 1 small. Traditional wood burnt fireplace, fully tiled secluded yard and garage. Tel: 99210610.

PROPERTY FOR SALE LARNACA FOR SALE house 180 sq m, 3 bedrooms in Kornos village. €240,000. Tel: 99651913, 99527094


Deal of the Year!!

Narcotics Helpline ......... 1410 (Outside hours.............. 22304160) AIDS Advisory Bureau ................................ 22-302826


Get a Free Cruise from Limassol!!

PAY FOR 7 NTS GET 7 NTS FREE!! SAIL 13TH MARCH FOR A TOTAL OF 14 NTS FOR ONLY ¤750PP!! Visit Ashdod (Israel), Alexandria (Egypt), Alanya (Turkey), Port Said (Egypt), Heraklion (Crete), Pireaus (Athens), Mykonos, Kusadasi (Ephesus) & Rhodes

The offer is only applicable on these dates, prices are based on 2 sharing a cabin and includes gratuities, food, entertainment.

70 000 970

FLAT FOR SALE 1 bdrm at Peyia village with title deeds, fully furnished. €65.000. For information call 99526562. UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY IN LOFOS/ TALA, 2 three bedroom detached villas on large plot. House 1 with studio flat & pool. Both open plan with A/C, provision for C/H, BBQ, pergolas, gardens, private drives, sea/ mountain views, SEPARATE DEEDS. Available together or separately. Tel: 96718163/ 96366419 Price: €399,000 & €299,000

PROTARAS FOR SALE special offer, €79, 000 first floor apartment in Protaras, fully furnished with 2 bedrooms and a swimming pool. Walking distance to the beach of Ayia Triada and all amenities. Tel: 97 608941.


CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Advertiser FOR PAPHIAKOS ANIMAL WELFARE SOS HELPLINE, 24 HOUR MEDICAL EMERGENCY SERVICE - CALL 99655581 CONTACT DETAILS FOR PAPHIAKOS. Paphiakos & C.C.P. Animal Welfare Education/Information Centre, No. 12 Dedalos Building, 8049 Kato Paphos PO Box 61272 8132 Kato Paphos Web. www.facebook/paphiakos Email Larnaca Emergency Service - The contact point for animal emergencies in Larnaca is Maria at the Paphiakos Animal Welfare Charity Shop, telephone 24623494 or 99325897 STOP, SHOP AND GIVE TO THE ANIMALS! ALL DONATIONS ARE WELCOME AT OUR CHARITY SHOPS! PAPHIAKOS & C.C.P. ANIMAL WELFARE Registered Charity No 1529 Contact our shops and we can take your clutter The Charity Shops are located at: Shop No.1 Agapinoros Street, Kato Paphos Tel 26910325 Shop No.2 Ap Pavlou Avenue, Kato Paphos Tel 26942894 Shop No.3 Gr. Afxentiou Avensia Court 3 Larnaca 24623494 Shop No.4 9 Ayiou Ioanni Street 3061 Limassol 25561695 Peyia Information Centre & Shop & T Rooms 26622828 Polis Information Centre & Shop & T Rooms 99223572 Book Exchange Shop Trimithousa 99771763 Our shops are always happy to receive your unwanted goods! NOW YOU CAN HELP BY COLLECTING YOUR ALUMINIUM CANS AND HANDING THEM IN AT ANY PAPHIAKOS CHARITY SHOP OR THE CLINIC. SAVE AN ANIMAL AND SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!! PAPHIAKOS CAR BOOT SALE EVERY SATURDAY at the Ambassador Restaurant and outside in the grounds at Paphiakos. Free parking. Sellers from 7am, buyers from 8am. For information & bookings please call MIKE on 96702600. FORTHCOMING EVENTS FOR PAPHIAKOS CHARITY NO. 1529 WORLD ANIMAL DAY. On Thursday October 4th Paphiakos will be micro chipping pets for only €20 including all the paperwork. For further information telephone 26953496. To celebrate World Animal Day on Thursday October 4th Paphiakos will be offering free spaying/neutering for all feral and unwanted animals as they do throughout the year. Contact 26953496 for further details. PAPHIAKOS SHELTER OPEN DAY The Open Day will be held on Sunday October 7th between 10am and 3pm. It will be a Family Fun Day out with a lot of different activities. There is car parking, toilets and refreshments on site so enjoy and join in the celebration of animals and what they bring to our lives. Entrance is €2 CHARITY HAIR CUT. On Thursday 4th October 09.30-17.30 without an appointment Andri at Atlantic Bay Hotel (2nd Floor) will be charging €5 for a haircut with all proceeds going to Paphiakos. Telephone Suzanne on 99151996 or Andri on 99604783. PAPHIAKOS CHRISTMAS BAZAAR. Saturday November 24th 9am – 3pm at the Crazy Spoon Restaurant. For further details contact 99151996. Stalls, Santa’s Grotto, Donkey Rides, Pirate Pat and many more.

PROPHETIC CALL-OUT Grieved by preachers living in sin ? Pastors collaborating with idolaters? Bored with just being a spectator? In Prophecy there is no ‘us and them: Everyone contributes (1 Cor 14:26) 10am start 9/2/2013 God willing, Meet: Entrance Palaiopafos, Kouklia Instruments/shofars welcome

AYIA NAPA and DHERYNIA (Anglican Church in S.E Cyprus) Sunday Worship 9.30am Morning Prayer every Sunday morning at St Constantinos & Eleni Chapel, Dherynia (near Hospital in Dherynia) 11am at Scandinavian Church, off Nissi Avenue (opp Tassia Maris Hotel), Ayia Napa nd 6pm at St Constantinos & Eleni (2 week) Chaplain : Revd Simon Holloway M.A. Tel: 97 839349 Visitors especially welcome


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Sport Super Bowl coaches bristle at Obama’s football comments

IN BRIEF Kiwi board supports Ryder exile

US president questions the game’s safety By Simon Evans US President Barack Obama’s comments that he would “think long and hard” before letting a son play American football were shrugged off by Super Bowl coaches yesterday but there was some agreement from players that the game needed to evolve. Obama’s stance came in an interview with the New Republic, published on Sunday, where he was asked how he squares his love of the game with rising awareness of the impact of repeated head injuries on football players. “I’m a big football fan, but I have to tell you if I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football,” said Obama. “And I think that those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence,” he said. San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was dismissive of Obama’s comments. “Well I have a four-month old, almost five-month old son, Jack Harbaugh, and if President Obama feels that way then there will be a little bit less competition for Jack

Harbaugh when he gets older,” he told reporters. Brother John Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore Ravens, the other team in Sunday’s Super Bowl, said he didn’t agree with Obama and stressed the game had much to offer. “Football is a great game ... It’s challenging, it’s tough, it’s hard. There is no game like football. It’s the type of sport that brings out the best in you. It kind of shows who you are. “I think it’s a huge part of our educational system in this country. And it’s going to be around for a long time,” he said. The 49ers’ outside linebacker Aldon Smith said players were well aware of the risks involved. “I think the game has been like it always has. It’s a physical game. Everybody plays hard. Guys get hit sometimes and that’s what we all know coming into the game. “We all signed up for it. It’s not like we signed up and thought we were going to play tennis,” he said. Concerns over the risk of brain injury from repeated concussions suffered by players in the NFL are growing with hundreds of former players involved in legal action against the league.

The NFL, America’s most popular television sport and a $9 billion a year industry, has introduced tougher rules and regulations regarding the treatment of concussion. Ravens center Matt Birk said he understood Obama’s concerns and felt the game was beginning to change. “I have three sons and I think anyone who is a parent can relate to that. Certainly it is a dangerous game and we’re finding out more and more, every day, the longterm effects that this game can have. “I think it’s a joint effort with the (NFL) commissioner, with coaches, with players, with everybody, everybody that wants to watch and make this game as safe as it can be. I think we’re making strides in that,” he said. San Francisco cornerback Tarell Brown agreed. “It’s definitely a dangerous sport, but at the end of the day the league is doing a great job of putting in place things to help players with safety,” he said. “I can understand where President Obama is coming from ... but at the same time the league is doing a great job of preventing a lot of those things.”

Barack Obama, a big American Football fan, says he would ‘think long and hard’ before letting a son play the game

Lancaster won’t rush Tuilagi By Duncan Bech

Manu Tuilagi was devastating during last autumn’s record 38-21 victory over world champions New Zealand

ENGLAND coach Stuart Lancaster is wary of rushing Manu Tuilagi’s rehabilitation after the Leicester centre was ruled out of Saturday’s RBS 6 Nations opener against Scotland. Tuilagi will miss the clash at Twickenham with the ankle injury that has prevented him from participating in a practice session since his withdrawal from the build up to the Tigers’ victory over Toulouse nine days ago. The explosive 21-year-old is expected to resume full training by the middle of next week and has a chance of returning against Ireland on February 10. Lancaster, who has already decided who will partner Brad Barritt in the centres for the Calcutta Cup showdown, is refusing to take any shortcuts in the recovery of his most dangerous player. “Manu has a high ankle sprain which is one of those

injuries that can settle quickly, or take longer,” he said. “We want to make sure Manu is right and doesn’t rush back and break down again. It’s one of those injuries that can go again. Tuilagi was devastating during last autumn’s record 38-21 victory over world champions New Zealand, scoring one try and creating two more, and when fit has been an ever-present since making his Test debut in 2011. Lancaster will announce on Thursday whether the inexperienced Billy Twelvetrees or Jonathan Joseph will partner Barritt with flyhalves Toby Flood or Owen Farrell also possibilities. Lancaster confirmed that prop Corbisiero will miss the entire Six Nations following knee surgery that was initially expected to rule him out of only the opening two games. England enter the Six Nations as second favourites

behind France, which represents a significant departure on last year when a shambolic 2011 World Cup resulted on a radical overhaul of the squad. “The expectation now is on us, whereas this time last year we went up there with a new team. But the process remains the same,” Lancaster said. “We’ve had a lot of experience over the last 12 months and we must make that count on game day. “The general mood is different because we’ve spent more time together and we understand better how we want to play the game. “This time last year we were on the back of a World Cup that hadn’t gone particularly well. There is a hugely different feel now. “We’ve made England a place where people want to be, which is a great start. But no player will feel comfortable about his place in the team, which is also where you want to be.”

NEW Zealand’s cricket board will continue to support Jesse Ryder during his rehabilitation from personal issues after the burly batsman ruled himself out of playing against England in the upcoming series. Ryder, who stood down from national duties last year after breaking a selfimposed alcohol ban, had been in solid form for Wellington in New Zealand’s domestic competitions but has opted to continue his exile. New Zealand host England in three Twenty20 matches next month, before three one-day internationals and three Tests through March, but Ryder will instead put himself up for auction for the Indian Premier League, which starts in April. New Zealand coach Mike Hesson and team manager Mike Sandle met with the 28-year-old yesterday and it was “agreed” he would continue with his personal plan, New Zealand Cricket said in a statement. Ryder, an explosive opening batsman who has struggled with alcohol and weight problems, wanted to play a full season of domestic cricket before contemplating a return to the national team. New Zealand head into the home series against England a lowly eighth in the rankings after being trounced 2-0 away to South Africa.

Nets dispel the Magic THE Brooklyn Nets used a dominant fourthquarter display to power away from the struggling Orlando Magic for a 97-77 victory. Deron Williams had 20 points and nine assists, Brook Lopez added 16 and the Nets (27-18) gave P.J. Carlesimo a welcome victory after suffering consecutive defeats for the first time since he took over from the fired Avery Johnson last month. “We played two bad games. We know we didn’t play the way we’re capable of playing,” Brooklyn reserve Keith Bogans told reporters. “So we wanted to come back and try to not make the mistakes we made in Memphis and Houston.” Playing in front of their home crowd, Brooklyn took a 56-40 halftime lead and finished strongly to hand the Magic a sixth straight loss.

CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Ambitious Lotus refuse to be modest with new Formula 1 car

UCI disbands Armstrong Independent Commission

Much expected of Raikkonen and Grosjean

By Tom Pilcher The black, red and gold Lotus E21 decided to remain defiantly immodest, retaining the distinctive step of its race-winning predecessor from 2012

By Alan Baldwin KIMI Raikkonen’s Lotus team won the race to be first to show off their 2013 Formula One car with a challenger that put performance over beauty and turned up its nose at cosmetic surgery. In one of the few rule changes for the year ahead, teams are now allowed to use ‘modesty panels’ to streamline the ugly ‘broken noses’ that caused gasps of dismay when first sighted last season. The fairings, fitted over existing structures, do not affect the car’s aerodynamics and teams are not obliged to use them. The black, red and gold Lotus E21 decided to remain defiantly immodest, retaining the distinctive step of its race-winning predecessor from 2012, although the team did not rule out a future makeover. “We have not done it yet because the cosmetic panel would weigh a few grammes and with a Formula One car, putting a few grammes on that you don’t need to is really anathema to us,” explained technical director James Allison. “However, if we find a cosmetic panel that looks nice but, much more importantly and crucially, develops us a bit of downforce than we’ll pop it on as quick as you like,” he grinned. Allison said that while the car looked similar to last

year’s, as ever in F1 the devil was in the detail “and the detail of this car adds up to a significant amount of performance. “There’s some neat new ideas in there and a lot of pushing of the same sort of concepts as we’ve been working on for a few years.” The presentation was broadcast live from inside the Enstone factory, after high winds forced a retreat from a marquee outside, on YouTube and Sky television with Raikkonen and French team mate Romain Grosjean pulling away the cover to reveal the Renault-powered car they hope will take the team to at least third place overall. On the side below the cock-

pit was written the line #ImSexyandIKnowit. Lotus finished in fourth place last season, with Finland’s 2007 world champion Raikkonen winning the floodlit Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and ending up third overall in his comeback season after two years out. That win was the team’s first since double world champion Fernando Alonso won in Japan in 2008 under their former guise of Renault. “Our expectation is to do hopefully better than we did last year, which is quite a lot” said team chairman Gerard Lopez. Team principal Eric Boullier agreed: “Third place is at least an achievement that we

would like to have...we expect to build on the momentum from 2012.” With the rules stable, teams are likely to be closer than ever in performance but Boullier said his drivers would be more eager than ever to succeed. “We will fight with everything we can to be in the top three,” he said. Grosjean had a torrid time in his first full season, earning a one-race ban after a collision that put title contender Alonso out of the Belgian Grand Prix with the Spaniard lucky to escape serious injury. “We keep faith in him, we believe he has the potential to deliver,” said Boullier. “He can qualify well, he can race

well...we want to deliver this year a top three position so we need both drivers and obviously Romain to bring as often as possible some big points.” McLaren will be next out, with a launch at their Woking factory on Thursday, followed by Force India and Ferrari on Friday and Swiss-based Sauber on Saturday. Red Bull, with triple champion Sebastian Vettel, unveil their new car in Milton Keynes on Sunday. The first test of the year starts at the Jerez circuit in southern Spain on February 5, the day after Mercedes and 2008 champion Lewis Hamilton take the wraps off their car.

Drug testing woefully inadequate, say tennis stars By Simon Cambers and Greg Stutchbury

Novak Djokovic’s cheque for winning the Australian Open was more than the entire annual budget for anti-doping in tennis

NOVAK Djokovic’s cheque for winning the Australian Open on Sunday was more than the entire annual budget for anti-doping in tennis, a programme many feel is woefully inadequate. Djokovic and Andy Murray left Melbourne on Monday with a combined $3.8 million in their pockets for their efforts over the past fortnight. The total funding for the 2013 anti-doping programme stands at $2 million, paid for by the four grand slams, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and ATP and WTA Tours. The cost includes $400,000 for the administration of the programme, paid for by the ITF. Many players, including Djokovic and Murray, have called for more blood tests to ensure there is no cheating. Of the 2,150 tests carried out by the ITF in 2011, the last set of figures available, 131 were blood tests and only 21 were out of competition. Blood tests accounted for between three and six percent of all tests in tennis in 2011, compared to 35 percent in cycling and 17.6

percent in athletics. “I would struggle to know if there is any other sport where their drug-testing programme has gone backwards in recent years,” said Darren Cahill, who coached Lleyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi to the world number one spot. Following Lance Armstrong’s confession that he took drugs in all seven of his Tour de France cycling wins, tennis has come in for greater scrutiny with regards to doping. “You get blood tested at the slams, usually after you lose, but I’ve never been blood tested out of competition,” said American Mike Bryan, who won a record 13th grand slam title together with twin brother Bob Bryan in the men’s doubles on Saturday. Bryan told Reuters he is probably tested around 20 times a year, but out-of-competition, through the whereabouts programme, it has only ever been urine tests. Urine tests can detect many drugs, including EPO, one of several taken by Armstrong and other leading cyclists but only blood tests can detect HGH, human growth hormone. John Fahey, the head of the World AntiDoping Agency, said tennis has an “effective anti-doping programme” but that more should be done.

CYCLING’S world governing body is disbanding the Independent Commission which investigated the Lance Armstrong doping scandal in favour of a “truth and reconciliation process”, the UCI said. The UCI said the commission was being disbanded following talks with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) president John Fahey. “Fahey confirmed WADA’s willingness to help the UCI establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), as well as saying that WADA had no confidence in the existing Independent Commission process,” UCI president Pat McQuaid said in a statement. The three-member independent commission set up last year to look into allegations against the world body complained last week it had not received any documents from the UCI and had met resistance from athletes and stakeholders. “We have listened carefully to the views of WADA, USADA and cycling stakeholders and have decided that a truth and reconciliation process is the best way to examine the culture of doping in cycling in the past and to clear the air,” added McQuaid. The TRC process, in which McQuaid expects WADA to be “fully engaged”, is expected to launch later this year with a report to be published in full. A management committee meeting is scheduled for Friday to further discussions. McQuaid made it clear last week that the UCI could not afford two separate inquiries, particularly as one involving WADA would likely be longer and broader. Indications that WADA would share the costs with the UCI, given that it wanted Armstrong to testify, were ruled out by McQuaid. “There is still a huge amount to discuss before we can finalise a detailed legal framework, including how such a TRC, which is completely unprecedented in sport, should be funded now that WADA contrary to earlier indications refuses to contribute financially,” he said. Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France champion from 1999-2005, was found guilty of cheating his way to victory by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in October and the American’s titles were stripped by the UCI. McQuaid reiterated his determination to help cycling move forward after Armstrong’s confession to using performance-enhancing drugs and lying about it for over a decade. “I hope the lessons learned from the truth and reconciliation process will help in particular to educate young riders and to help eradicate doping in its entirety from cycling,” McQuaid said.


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Sport FIFA warns Brazil against World Cup delays By Anthony Boadle

Didier Drogba, 34, joined Shanghai Shenhua last June, penning a two-and-a-half year deal reportedly worth £200,000 a week, but was repeatedly linked with a move back to Europe in recent months

Drogba relishing European return By Guy Aspin DIDIER Drogba is relishing the chance to have another crack at the Champions League after sealing a return to Europe with Galatasaray. The former Chelsea striker on Monday night agreed to join the Turkish giants from Chinese side Shanghai Shenhua on an 18-month deal. His representatives revealed on Twitter that the Ivory Coast international would join up with his new side following the African Nations Cup and Gala confirmed the deal on their official website.

Former Chelsea star signs for Galatasaray Drogba memorably converted the winning penalty in the final shootout against Bayern Munich to win the Champions League for Chelsea for the first time last season. It turned out to be his last kick for the London club. Explaining the reasons behind his move to Turkey, Drogba said through his representatives, Sports PR Company, on Twitter: “The opportunity to play for this great club was an offer that I

could not turn down. “I am looking forward to playing in the Champions League again, against the best clubs in Europe.” An emotional reunion with Chelsea is not possible, though, after the holders crashed out of the competition in the group stage. Drogba’s capture is the second marque signing within a week for Gala, coming hot on the heels of the arrival last week of Holland midfielder Wesley Sneijder from Inter

Milan. Drogba’s move to Turkey brings to an end a six-month stint in China. The 34-year-old joined Shanghai last June, penning a two-and-a-half year deal reportedly worth £200,000 a week, but was repeatedly linked with a move back to Europe in recent months. Last month Drogba returned to train with Chelsea during the Chinese off-season in preparation for the African Nations Cup in South

Africa. FIFA rejected a special request from the striker for him to join a club on loan outside the transfer window, amid speculation linking him with Juventus, AC Milan and Liverpool, among others. Despite his protests to the contrary, reports persisted that Drogba’s move to China had not worked out, largely due to boardroom wrangling, and he has now left the Far East to return to Europe. Gala are five points clear at the top of the Super Lig standings and are through to the last 16 of the Champions League, where they face Schalke.

Ghana and Mali through to last eight in contrasting styles By Mike Collett

It’s been 31 years since four-time champions Ghana last won the tournament

GHANA and Mali took contrasting routes to join Ivory Coast, South Africa and Cape Verde Islands in the African Nations Cup quarterfinals. Whereas Ghana, who clinched first place in Group B, breezed past Niger 3-0 in Port Elizabeth, Mali battled out a war of attrition against the Democratic Republic of Congo to earn the point they needed from a 1-1 draw. Following a game littered with 51 fouls, Mali set up an intriguing quarter-final against hosts South Africa back in Durban on Saturday. Ghana, who will play Cape Verde in Port Elizabeth, finished top of the group with seven points followed by Mali (4), DR Congo (3) and Niger on one. “I am delighted we have qualified, but it was not easy to do so,” Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah told reporters. “But we got an early goal

and that settled us down and I thought that we did very well. There is still room for improvement, we are still a developing team but we are half there.” After Sunday’s drama when Group A swung this way and that between all four teams before South Africa and Cape Verde reached the last eight at the expense of Morocco and Angola, this was tame by comparison. Ghana went ahead in the sixth minute when Asamoah Gyan struck with a powerful angled shot and they doubled their lead after 23 minutes when Christian Atsu trapped a cross on his chest before volleying home from close range. Ghana sealed the points and their last-eight slot early in the second half when John Boye tapped in from close range after Niger goalkeeper Daouda Kassaly made a mess of catching a Gyan header and spilled the ball straight to the lurking defender. Niger battled gamely but

never threatened Ghana’s dominance and at the end the Ghana players celebrated their victory with thousands of fans who have renewed hope that the fourtime champions can win the tournament for the fifth time after a wait of 31 years since their last title. Mali recovered from conceding a first-minute penalty to draw with the Congolese and dominate a game their opponents had to win to qualify. The game descended into a scrappy, physical affair with many fouls and seven yellow cards. “It was emotionally difficult knowing what was happening in the other game and knowing we needed just a point. We need to keep up our intensity,” said Mali coach Patrice Calderon who will find Saturday’s match in Durban even more intense when he is greeted by 50,000 passionate home fans giving him the vuvuzela treatment to spur South Africa on to the semis.

WITH just 500 days to go until the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil, football’s world governing body FIFA warned that the hosts cannot afford any further delays in getting their venues ready. The global tournament, followed by the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro two years later, will test Brazil’s aspiration to become a developed nation. But delays in building stadiums and preparing hotels and airports to receive more than half a million fans could turn the event into an embarrassment. In June Brazil will host the eight-nation Confederations Cup, a dress rehearsal for the World Cup. FIFA has twice agreed to push back the handover deadline of four of the six stadiums to be used in the Confederations Cup and FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke warned yesterday that there will be no further extension beyond the April 15 delivery date. “We cannot go beyond this date. There cannot be any further delays. All the stadiums must be ready by then,” Valcke said after inspecting work on the new Mané Garrincha stadium in Brasilia, where Japan play Brazil on June 15 in the opening game of the Confederations Cup. Despite the warning, the giant Maracana stadium which will host the finals of both the Confederations Cup and the World Cup will not meet FIFA’s deadline as its owner, the state government of Rio, has already said it will not be ready until the end of May. The Mané Garrincha stadium in Brasilia is 87 percent complete and builders are working round the clock to erect steel trestles that will hold up the roof covering 70,000 seats at the second largest of the 12 stadiums to be used in the World Cup. Even at completed venues there is still work to be done. There are still concerns about the Recife stadium, which is 83.6 percent complete according to contractor Odebrecht, and the Maracana is only 80 percent ready and the furthest behind schedule. Maracana should have reopened in February after its $450 million renovation but delays have forced a postponement. Venue of the 1950 World Cup final, in which Uruguay upset hosts Brazil in an unforgettable decider, Maracana was once the world’s largest stadium packing crowds of up to 200,000 people. The upgraded stadium, with a reduced capacity of 76,000 spectators, is due to reopen on June 2 with a friendly between Brazil and England.

CYPRUS MAIL Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Wenger says Beckham training with Arsenal to maintain fitness

Milan agree to sign Balotelli from Man City

Gunners boss: there’s no speculation about signing

MARIO Balotelli, whose wacky antics have filled the British newspapers almost daily in the last two and a half years, is set to return to Italy with AC Milan after a deal was agreed with Manchester City yesterday. The Italy striker, a boyhood Milan fan, first broke through at rivals Inter Milan and is returning home for a fee media reports have put at €20 million after a largely frustrating spell with the English champions. “Transfer agreement for Balotelli signed with Manchester City. Medicals tomorrow in Milan, then personal terms until 2017,” Milan director Umberto Gandini said on Twitter. The club’s TV channel said the same. City manager Roberto Mancini, who gave the player his debut at Inter, had said Balotelli would not be leaving in the January transfer window but the striker’s desire to go back to Italy appears to have won the day.

By Matt McGeehan ARSENE Wenger has confirmed David Beckham is training with Arsenal at their Hertfordshire training base. Former England captain Beckham is currently without a club after leaving Los Angeles Galaxy at the end of the Major League Soccer season. “He called me,” Wenger said. “He has asked to come here and to work on his fitness. He has not done anything for a long, long time. “It’s purely for fitness. There’s no speculation about signing or anything.” It is still to be determined whether, and where, Beckham will continue his own footballing career. The 37-year-old Londoner has enjoyed a successful career with Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and AC Milan, while also accumulating 115 England caps, a record for an outfield player. Beckham also played a prominent role in the delegation sent to Singapore which helped to secure the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for London and if he does not continue his foot-


David Beckham poses with Arsenal players Jack Wilshere (left) and Lukas Podolski after a training session ball career, there are many avenues for the future. With Wenger playing down the possibility of Beckham signing on a permanent basis he was asked what benefit there is for Arsenal. He said: “Nothing. To help somebody. “We are open for people who behave well when they come here.” Despite his Manchester United connection, it is not the first time Beckham has trained with Arsenal.

Beckham, whose sons have been training with Chelsea, spent some time training with Arsenal in January 2008 during a break from the MLS season. The midfielder also trained with Arsenal in late 2010, before he trained with Tottenham in January 2011. Former Gunners Thierry Henry and Sol Campbell have also returned to the club for training stints. Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen meanwhile is

available again following an ankle injury for tonight’s Premier League clash with Liverpool. Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla are poised to return to the starting line-up after dropping to the bench for the FA Cup win at Brighton. Liverpool will welcome back fit-again trio Jose Reina, Jose Enrique and Glen Johnson for the clash at the Emirates. Full-back Enrique has not

played since suffering a hamstring tear against QPR a month ago while goalkeeper Reina has missed two games with nose and thigh injuries and full-back Johnson sat out the FA Cup defeat by Oldham because of a hamstring problem. Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is likely to revert to a more familiar line-up after heavily criticising his young players for their performance at Boundary Park on Sunday.

Saints aim for Old Trafford win By Mark Bryans

Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino thinks his side can beat leaders Man United on their own ground

SOUTHAMPTON manager Mauricio Pochettino is thinking big ahead of his first away match since taking charge of the Saints under two weeks ago. His side travel to face current Premier League leaders Manchester United tonight, and the Argentinean is targeting all three points. The former Espanyol coach took charge at Southampton following the sacking of his popular predecessor Nigel Adkins but won over a lot of fans with a 0-0 draw against Everton last Monday. Next up is a trip to Old Trafford to face United but Pochettino is not planning to take his squad there to merely make up the numbers and wants make the long trip back down to the south coast after causing a memorable upset. “Every game is important, every single match we play is important to us,” he said. “No doubt they are going to be tough and complex games against Manchester City and Manchester United but all

games are like that. “All games are key and the glamour factor does not dictate how we play, the main thing is that we go out with a winning mentality and we want to win every single game, we always respect our rivals but our aim has to always be to get the three points.” Club captain Adam Lallana could be fit enough to make the bench for the game against United and Pochettino says he will not rest key players with one eye on a crucial relegation clash with Wigan on Saturday. “We’re going to Manchester to win and that has to be our mentality and I’m going to chose the players that will do that for us and for the team. “Every single game represents three points whether you are playing against Manchester United, Wigan, Man City or Newcastle.” The draw against Everton came after Pochettino had had just four training sessions with his Southampton players and they were an impressive attacking unit for most much of the game. Since then the club have

had a trip to Spain, where they made use of Barcelona’s training facilities, and Pochettino believes the Spanish trip, coupled with the gap of nine days between their fixtures, has done wonders for team bonding. “We are definitely happy with the break and the more time that passes the more we will be able to get the team playing how we want to play,” he said. “We achieved everything we wanted out of the trip to Barcelona, the togetherness of the team was very important to us and the players got to know us and we got to know the players well. “It is important that the players feel there is an entire solid team of people working with them at the football club and being together 24 hours of the day was important, not just three or four hours a day in a training session.” Last week’s draw at Everton leaves the Saints four points clear of the relegation zone with 15 games of the season remaining for Pochettino to secure top-flight status for at least another campaign.

Balotelli, who provided the crucial injury-time pass that set up Sergio Aguero for the dramatic Premier League title-winning goal last May, was not included in City’s squad to play Queens Park Rangers last night. Tales of the 22-year-old blowing up his bathroom with fireworks or walking into a school asking for the toilet have amused British fans but City supporters have felt shortchanged after he netted just 20 league goals since his €22 million move from Inter. Going back to Italy will be no walk in the park though for Balotelli, with Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi recently saying his fifth-placed Serie A side did not need a “rotten apple” like the combustible forward. Berlusconi later apologised. Controversy also followed Balotelli while at Inter where team mates once assaulted him for wearing Milan colours. He also got into trouble for turning up at a northern Italian prison and asking to look around. Even the wily Jose Mourinho, Inter’s 2010 Champions League-winning coach, labelled him “unmanageable”.

Premier League Aston Villa Newcastle

1 2

QPR Man City

0 0

Stoke Wigan

2 2

Sunderland Swansea

0 0

Africa Cup Burkina Faso Zambia

0 0

Ethiopia Nigeria

0 2

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32 Ambitious Lotus refuse to be modest 29


Wenger: Beckham training with Arsenal to maintain fitness 31

Excited Tiger sounds ominous warning with Torrey triumph American superstar’s all-round game evokes vivid memories of his glory days By Mark Lamport-Stokes


IGER Woods laid down a timely marker for this season’s big events by clinching his 75th PGA Tour title with a four-shot victory at the Farmers Insurance Open at one of his favourite venues. Though Woods dropped four shots over his last five holes in increasingly difficult conditions at Torrey Pines, his all-round game for most of the week evoked vivid memories of his glory days in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The American world number two triumphed in his first start on the 2013 PGA Tour, a feat he has previously accomplished six times before going on to win at least one major title in five of those campaigns. “I’m excited about this year,” Woods told reporters after closing with a level-par 72 on the challenging South Course at Torrey Pines, where he won the most recent of his 14 majors at the 2008 US Open. “I’m excited about what I was able to do last year and win three times, coming from where I came from. Then I felt really good about the things that we’re doing and how my game was progressing.” Woods has been working on the fourth swing change

of his professional career with coach Sean Foley and together they now appear to be completing the finishing touches. “I drove the ball beautifully all week, my short game was back to how I know it can be,” the 37-year-old Woods said. “My shots that I hit, especially out of these nasty little lies, I hit some really good ones this week. “You’re not going to hit every par-five in two but you need to get up and down, and I did that this week. I’m excited about what I’m doing with Sean and some of the things that I’ve built.”

EXPECTATIONS Asked whether his expectations for this year had changed because of his triumphant display at Torrey Pines, Woods replied: “They’re the same. To go out there and win every tournament I play in. That hasn’t changed. “I’m the same out there. First tee shot, I’m all go. I’m trying to shoot the lowest score I possibly can. I’m trying to beat everyone in the field, and that hasn’t changed and it won’t change. That’s the mentality I have.” Pressed on whether he was now more focused on trying to depose Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy from

the top of the word rankings, Woods said: “That happens through a product of winning golf tournaments. “That’s how I got there in the first place, that’s how he got there. It’s winning golf tournaments, being consistent. Your bad weeks are going to be top-10s and when you win, you win. And you’ve got to be consistently winning. “That’s how I got there. In order for me to get back there, that’s what I have to do, and this is a nice start.” Woods won the Farmers Insurance Open for a seventh time and, along with his 2008 US Open success, became the first player on the PGA Tour to triumph at the same venue on eight occasions. Fellow American Sam Snead clinched the Greater Greensboro Open eight times between 1938 and 1965 but those wins were split equally between Starmount Forest Country Club and Sedgefield Country Club. For Woods, winning tournaments rather than accumulating impressive statistics is paramount. “Does it feel good? Yes,” he smiled. “Does it give me confidence? Absolutely. But as far as the other stuff ... I’m just excited about this year. This is a nice way to start the year.”

Tiger Woods clinched his 75th PGA Tour title with victory at the Farmers Insurance Open, becoming the first player to triumph at the same venue on eight occasions

Real missing key players for Cup Clasico By Mark Elkington

Under pressure: several Madrid players have allegedly threatened to quit unless coach Jose Mourinho is sacked

REAL Madrid’s resilience will be tested to the full when they host holders Barcelona in a King’s Cup semi-final first leg without a number of their most influential players tonight. With the defence of their La Liga title in tatters, as they trail leaders Barca by 15 points, coach Jose Mourinho has targeted the Cup and the Champions League as the club’s priorities. However, the Cup semifinal arrives with the side hampered by injuries and suspensions. Captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas has been ruled out for up to three months after needing surgery on a fractured bone in his hand, and defender Pepe has yet to

return after ankle surgery. Defenders Sergio Ramos and Fabio Coentrao, and winger Angel Di Maria, are all suspended for the first leg at the Bernabeu (10pm). “It’s a really important game, a tough game,” Real’s leading scorer Cristiano Ronaldo said after scoring a hat-trick in their 4-0 thrashing of Getafe on Sunday. “We’re playing at home, which is a great opportunity to be successful. We’ll be missing a number of players, key players, who are very important for this squad, but that’s not an excuse. “We have to play well because Barca are an amazing team.” Aside from their missing players it has been a turbulent few days for the 2011 Cup winners after a report in Marca sports daily said

that captains Casillas and Ramos had threatened to leave unless Mourinho was dismissed. Real president Florentino Perez made the unusual move of calling a news conference to deny the story, accusing the newspaper of lying. Real have had the edge over Barca in direct meetings this term. They beat them on the away goals rule in the seasonopening Spanish Super Cup after drawing 4-4, and they grabbed a 2-2 draw in La Liga at the Nou Camp. Ronaldo has got the measure of their defence and scored seven goals in the last six clasicos, and his rivalry with the man who again beat him to the World Player of the Year title, Lionel Messi, will continue to

take centre stage. After Ronaldo took his tally in La Liga to 21 goals with a hat-trick on Sunday, Messi went one better in a later game bagging four in a 5-1 rout of Osasuna to move on to 33. “I don’t think Messi needs Cristiano to motivate himself, he has an unquenchable ambition,” Barca’s assistant coach Jordi Roura told a news conference. Barca beat Real 4-3 on aggregate to knock them out of the Cup in the quarterfinals last year.

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Cyprus Mail January 30 2013

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