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Details of Indian student’s ordeal made public

Expect a heavy dose of mellow yellow for 2013

Tears and smiles by the billion for 2012 London Olympics




A growing need for counselling Samaritans to expand services to meet rise in calls for help By Bejay Browne


YPRUS Samaritans are urging anyone who feels lonely or depressed at this time of year to call them, and say they have expanded their services to cope with the growing number of people needing someone to talk to. The Paphos-based volunteer organisation is now offering a free helpline number, which can be accessed from all over the island, has opened a new listening centre in Limassol and has expanded into email and social media in order to reach more people. “Since the economic crisis took hold, we are receiving more calls from people who are losing their jobs; needing places to stay and are worried about money. People are really suffering from a lack of money and we are being contacted by people of all ages,” said director of the Cyprus Samaritans, Sally Unsworth. According to Unsworth, in the past year or so, the Samaritans have seen the biggest increase in the number of people contacting them via email. “I can’t give out any statistics as we don’t divulge this kind of information, but we also have a PO Box address for those who prefer to write us a letter,” she said. There is also a face to face service available by

appointment. “If people are feeling unhappy, sad, depressed, despairing or lonely, or they feel they don’t want to live, they should call us. These are all a range of normal human emotions; some people feel them worse than others. If you’re in a vulnerable position, it’s always good to talk. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. We’re here to listen,” said Unsworth. “Often people feel that they have no one to turn to, they don’t want to burden family and friends with their problems or they feel that others may not understand and accept them; this is where we can be useful.” The Cyprus Samaritans was established in 1997 and is affiliated to the International Network of Befrienders Worldwide which operates in close to forty countries all over the world. The Cyprus organisation is based on the same principles as that of the UK Samaritans. Unsworth has been with the Cyprus Samaritans for the past eight years and will hold the position of director for three years, as the position is rotating. “We are now expanding the services and have now opened a centre in Limassol which is staffed mainly with new volunteers,” Unsworth said. This is another area where they



Fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House during New Year celebrations last night. More than 1.5 million people lined the shores of the harbour to watch the annual firework display (AFP)

More women than men join adultery dating website after Christmas UNDERCOVERLOVERS.COM, a British-based dating website for married people seeking extra-marital affairs, has reported a record postChristmas surge in women joining the site. Since Christmas Day 13,835 new female members have registered, substantially exceeding the number of men who’ve signed up. “We experience a huge surge in new registrations on Undercover Lovers immediately after every Christmas however this is the first year in which more women than men have joined the site in this period,” Undercover- spokesperson and adultery expert Emily Pope said yesterday. Since December 25, Undercover Lovers has registered 24,671 new members of whom 13,835 (56 per cent) are women and 10,836 (44 per cent) men. “The run-up to Christmas is hugely stressful and typically the bulk of responsibility for ensuring a happy and successful festive season falls on the shoulders of wives and mothers,” said Pope. “If come Christmas Day, it doesn’t match up to expectations or if exhausted wives feel that their huge effort has not been appreciated, it is un-

derstandable that many are seeking attention and approval elsewhere.” She said that when Undercover Lovers was launched three years ago the website had approximately seven men joining for every three women. Since then however the gender ratio of its membership has been moving progressively towards parity. “If the trend of the past week continues into 2013 we could soon reach the point where ladies outnumber the gents using the site, which would finally put paid to the preconception that men are intrinsically more adulterous than women,” she said.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL






Nicosia 16



1 18 18


18 1


Paphos P


TODAY: Cloudy patches, scattered showers and a chance of snowfall. Temperatures will reach 16C inland, 18C along the coasts and 8C over higher ground OUTLOOK: Instability gives way to sunshine by Thursday YESTERDAY:

Max Temp Nicosia 17 Larnaca 19 Limassol 19 Paphos 19 Paralimni 19 Prodromos 9


Min 9 11 11 11 12 1

Humidity 48% 42% 45% 52% 42% 66%

SUNRISE: 06:55am

SUNSET: 4:45pm

Pollution Medium/Low Medium/Low High/Low Low Low Low

Air quality in Cyprus is assessed with the aid of a network of nine advanced monitoring stations. Data is recorded hourly. Information provided by the Air Quality Section of the Department of Labour Inspection (DLI)

Worldwide Athens Budapest Bucharest Brussels Cairo Copenhagen Damascus Dublin Frankfurt Geneva Istanbul London

11 -2 1 9 20 8 13 8 9 7 10 11

Cloudy Fog Clear Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Clear Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Light Rain

Madrid Manchester Moscow Oslo Paris Prague Rome Sarajevo Sofia Stockholm Tel Aviv Vienna

3 10 -7 1 10 7 12 -2 3 3 22 6

Fog Cloudy Snow Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Clear Light snowfall Clear Cloudy Clear Cloudy




For a full list of exchange rates, see page 10


NICOSIA 02/01/2013

L. P. Kyprianou, 102 Larnaca Ave, Anglanja. Tel: 22336095, 22435956 (H) M. T. Kyprianou, 88B A. Avraamides St, Dasoupolis. Tel: 22490360, 22871775 (H) M. Mitsi, 18C Pindarou St, Ayios Antonios. Tel: 22750672, 22438434 (H) Chr. Tsaggari, 7 Nicou Kranidioti, Egkomi, Tel: 22480405, 22516861 (H) G. Pafitis, 42B Lykavitou Str., Engomi Tel: 22658161, 22429564 (H)

N. Demetriades, 272 Ledra St. Tel: 22665755, 22420283 (H) E. Piera Issegiek, 23C Nikis Ave. Tel: 22490580, 22499232 (H) S. Papanastasiou, 320A Arc Makarios III. Tel: 22372337, 22321430 T. Argyrou, Pavlou Mela 28B, Engomi, Tel: 22658628, 22427414 C. Hatzigiannis, 49B Arch Larnakos, Aglantzia, Tel: 22333311 22436322

LIMASSOL A. Evagorou 32A Ayias Zonis Tel: 25371194, 25572558 (H) C. Constantinou, 2 Amathountos Ave, Tel: 25316464, 25339609 M. Michaelides, 369 28 Octovriou, Tel: 25582914, 25763863 (H) P. Damianou, 68A Omonias Ave, Tel: 25562444, 25384141



M. Severis, P. Valdaserides St. Tel: 24639410, 24662497 (H) A. Kalaitzi, New Hospital Road. Tel: 24638387, 24639719 (H)

K. Panayiota, 20A L. Machairas St. Tel: 24651205, 24819102, (H) E. Vasiliki, Tel: 20 Stratigou Timayia Ave, Tel: 24660688, 24623060

PAPHOS C. Papadopoullou,83 Ellados Ave. Tel: 26931339, 26653684 (H) G. Demetriou, 30 Kinira St. Tel: 26942131, 26951370 (H)

C. Papachristos, 48 Makarios III Ave. Tel: 25575861, 25340982 (H) N. Mathaiou, 62D Ag. Zonis, Tel: 25375522, 25721678 I. Tsikkini 27E Promachon Eleftherias Ay. Athanasios Tel. 25316537, 25321568(H)


Germany’s Martin Schmitt soars over spectators during the second practice session for the second jumping of the 61st four-hills ski jumping tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany, yesterday (EPA)



3 Acquit (9) 7 Bloodsucker (5) 8 Paving slab (9) 9 Bend (5) 10 Flog (6) 13 Canadian province (8) 15 Lentigo (8) 17 Young insects (6) 20 More pleasant (5) 21 Impassiveness (9) 22 Greek theatre (5) 23 Standard of judging (9)

1 Force by threats (9) 2 Yield (9) 3 Fault (6) 4 Meditate (8) 5 Later (anag.) (5) 6 Biological group (5) 11 Harassed (9) 12 Tendon (9) 14 Lawbreaker (8) 16 Ravine (6) 18 Michaelmas-daisy (5) 19 Manservant (5)

For cryptic crossword and answers to the previous quick crossword see page 18


33 years ago Tuesday January 1, 1980

The American and British occupation zones in Germany, after World War II, merge to form the Bizone, that later became West Germany.

The government has repeated its invitation to the opposition Rally party leader Glafcos Clerides to return to the all-party National Council. The call was made by the government spokesman in answer to a new statement from Clerides, who challenged President Kyprianou to appear in a TV programme with him to answer questions from the public.

PAPHOS S. Socratous, 52 Agapinoros St, Kato Paphos. Tel: 26949855, 26221966, (H) G. Demetriou, 30 Kinira St. Tel: 26942131, 26951370 (H)



P. Loizou, 150 Gr. Dighenis Ave. Tel: 23821368, 23823608 (H)

A. Mavroyiannou, 216 Gr. Dighenis St. Tel: 23828880, 23829202 (H)

Cyprus Mail Established 1945. Number 21,418 NICOSIA 24 Vass. Voulgaroctonou, P.O. Box 21144, 1502 Nicosia Tel: 22-818585, Fax: 22-676385 email: LIMASSOL 5A Nicolaou, Pentadromos Centre, Thessaloniki St, Tel: 25-761117, Fax: 25-761141 email: LARNACA Tel: 24-652243, Fax: 24-659982 PAPHOS 62 Apostolou Pavlou Avenue, Office 2, 8046 Paphos, Tel: 26 911383 Fax : 26 221049 email:


1959 Fulgencio Batista, dictator of Cuba, is overthrown by Fidel Castro’s forces during the Cuban Revolution.

43 years ago Thursday January 1, 1970 1982 Peruvian Javier Pérez de Cuéllar becomes the first Latin American to hold the title of Secretary-General of the United Nations.

A man was drowned and severe damage was caused to property by a violent rainstorm two days ago, the second to hit the island in nine days. The dead man was Demetrakis Kittis, 29, of Limassol married with two children, whose Land-Rover was swept away by flood-waters outside Nicosia.

1993 Dissolution of Czechoslovakia: Czechoslovakia is divided into Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

2008 Malta and Cyprus officially adopt the Euro currency and become the fourteenth and fifteenth Eurozone countries.

53 years ago Friday January 1, 1960 Search parties were out until late last night looking for two elderly Cypriots, a woman of 70 and a man of 80, who are believed to have been swept away when their houses were flooded following violent storms early yesterday morning. The storms created havoc in the Nicosia as a 12foot wall of water swept down the valley of the Pedhieos River.

CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013



A growing need for someone to talk to Samaritans expand services to meet demand (Continued from front page) hope to expand. The aim is to be able to operate the helpline 24 hours a day; seven days a week, but this will require around 120 volunteers. “We need to do more advertising; in particular we need to raise awareness within the Cypriot community. It’s still rather disappointing that people aren’t aware of who we are,” said Unsworth. To help in this respect, the organisation has moved into social media and set up a Facebook page three weeks ago. To become a volunteer listener, a four-day study course must be completed, which is then followed up by six months with a mentor. After that, a volunteer must have at least 18 months as a listener following the initial training course and six months with a mentor, before they can be considered as a leader. “We are still looking for volunteers. Samaritans volunteers who man the phones are ordinary people, who want to give something back, are caring and are good at listening,” Unsworth said. “We respond to any communications we receive between our working hours of 4pm and midnight; this includes emails and we are open every day, all year. Any contact is strictly confidential and we never pass on any information which is given to us without the person’s consent.” Unsworth said many people call more than once and that this time of the year in particular, especially the lonely. “It could be due to a marriage or relationship ending, bereavement or other problems. We can also refer people to other agencies if they wish, for example alcoholics anonymous or organisations which deal with domestic violence issues.” She said the job of volunteers is not to give advice

Police promise ‘swift investigation into TNT find close to Kellaki INVESTIGATIONS are ongoing into the 1.2kg of powerful explosives believed to be TNT found in a bag along with a detonator around 500m from President Demetris Christofias’ holiday residence in Kellaki on Saturday. “Our aim is to proceed swiftly with investigations” and find out who is behind this, said police spokesman Andreas Angelides yesterday. The explosives were found in a bag under a tree, 15 metres from the Pareklisa-Kellaki road, around half a kilometre from the president’s country residence, where he often entertains high-profile visitors and heads of state. Police went to the scene after learning that an unmarked car was seen stopped in the area, where the co-driver allegedly got out the car and placed something under the tree. Daily Alithia yesterday reported that the whole incident was probably a set-up

for the sake of earning a promotion, claiming that the person who received the tip off was a member of the Cyprus Intelligence Service (CIS) in Limassol. The paper reported that instead of informing the relevant authorities (bomb squad etc), the CIS officer took a colleague and went down to the location first to check out the scene. Pressed to comment yesterday, Angelides said from the first moment the information on the explosives was made known, the relevant services were informed and visited the site immediately. “All procedures were followed as they should be in such circumstances,” he said. According to Angelides, the police chief is the one who decides on promotions and the justice minister approves them. Up until this point, no issue of promotions has been raised, he added.

Body found in car at bottom of cliff POLICE found the remains of a body inside a car at the bottom of a 700 metre cliff in the village of Korfi in the Limassol district on Monday. “We are still investigating the incident and we cannot say at this moment whether this is a criminal offence,” Limassol CID chief Yiannis Soteriades said. According to state pathologist Eleni Antoniou, “Bones from the body were scattered inside a four-metre radius around the car, most likely due to scavenging rodents and birds.” Police found documents inside the car which could point to the person’s identity but according to Soteriades it had not yet been determined if the documents matched the body inside the car. “The police force has mobilised since the first moment the body was found and some initial investigations have been made but there have been no reports of missing people fitting the body’s description,” he added. “As well as a post-mortem on the body at Limassol General Hospital, the car will also be examined by traffic department specialists,” he concluded.

The Samaritans aim to operate the helpline 24 hours a day, every day, but this will require around 120 volunteers but to listen, and in this way callers often come to conclusions on their own. “Sometimes people’s thought can be muddled, it’s like a clothes dryer full of different coloured and shaped items tumbling around. “You switch it off and sort them into the same colour and same shape, things can become clearer,” said

Unsworth. To help support themselves, the Samaritans have two charity shops in Paphos, which Unsworth said were very successful. “The shops help to pay for the rents, the free phone telephone line, electricity bills and so on, and we hope to open another shop in Limassol in the next year or so,” said Unsworth.

The Samaritans also organise a number of fundraising events throughout the year.  To contact the Samaritans: Call Freephone 8000 7773 4pm- midnight seven days a week. E-mail:, or write to PO Box 64420, 8074 Paphos

BoC says no plans to sell Greek ops BANK OF Cyprus CEO Yiannis Kypri has denied press reports that the group plans to sell its Greek operations. He was commenting on reports that the Nomura Group, a Japanese financial services conglomerate, has approached the Central Bank governor with an offer to purchase the Greece-based operations of the three Cypriot banks, which collectively account for around 12 per cent of the banking market in Greece. Kypri said the island’s largest lender has “reconfirmed” its longstanding policy on maintaining a presence in Greece, and that it aims to return its Greek operations to profit. He

suggested the reports were intended to damage the bank. However, the bank has drawn up a restructuring blueprint to downsize operations in Greece through the closure of some branches and through voluntary exit packages offered to staff there. According to BoC data, the bank’s turnover in Greece is approximately equivalent to that in Cyprus. BoC was one of two local banks that sought state aid this year after its regulatory capital was eroded from heavy exposure to Greek debt. Last week the bank issued a profit warning saying that group aftertax results for 2012 and before the impairment of Greek government

Turkey keeps watch with its new satellite

bonds would be worse than the full results for 2011, while the Core Tier 1 ratios may even be below the 5 per cent announced last month. The bank posted a nine-month loss after tax of €211m euros on November 28 after including an impairment in the value of Greek bonds held and on higher provisions for non-performing loans. This followed a net loss of €793m in the nine-month period of 2011 on its Greek bond exposure. According to European Banking Authority estimates, Bank of Cyprus’ capital shortfall to reach a core tier 1 ratio of 9.0 per cent - a measure of financial strength - is €722m.

First images sent back were of flag on Pendadaktylos THE FIRST images beamed back to earth from Turkey’s Gokturk-2 satellite were of the Turkish flag on the Pendadaktylos mountains. According to Turkish daily Hurriyet, during a ceremony marking the 49th anniversary of the establishment of Ankara’s Chamber of Industry, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the first images of the satellite were the flags of Turkey and the breakaway regime on the mountain range. The paper’s columnist cited diplomatic sources as saying Erdogan’s statement was a message to Israel but also

to Cyprus. The same sources interpreted Erdogan’s message to Israel as saying: “With Gokturk-2 we are dominant over the eastern Mediterranean, we are watching you as well.” Gokturk-2 was launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the People’s Republic of China on December 18, 2012. Its monitoring station is on the campus of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. Reportedly 100 per cent of the software and 80 per cent of the hardware of the satellite was produced by Turkish engineers. The satellite has a resolution of 2.5 metres.

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Home ELAM announces candidate

Christofias expresses optimism for 2013

By Elias Hazou NATIONALIST group ELAM is fielding its own candidate to contest the general elections in February. Earlier this week ELAM (National Popular Front) said Georgios Charalambous would run for president in the February elections. Explaining its move, the outfit said none of their “thousands of supporters” felt represented by the other candidates. Born in 1966, Charalambous hails from the village of Lymbia, and has been a member of ELAM since its inception in 2008. He served with the special forces in the National Guard, and later graduated from the Nicosia Technical School. He is married with three children, and runs a family business. Present at the announcement of Charalambous’ candidacy were two MPs of the Greek far-right party ‘Chrysi Avgi’ (Golden Dawn), Ioannis Lagos and Elias Kasidiaris. In speeches at the event, the two Greek deputies criticised Cypriot parties, particularly ruling AKEL, and called “fraudsters” those who opened the checkpoints in 2003. Kasidiaris has often been in the spotlight in Greece. During a live televised talk show back in June, Kasidiaris - also a spokesman for Chrysi Avgi slapped a female communist MP and threw water at another one from left-wing Syriza. More recently, during an anti-fascist demonstration in Crete, he was caught on tape warning police of a bloodbath unless they let him and his cohorts through. Kasidiaris was

But first he has a dig at the EU and the banks over crisis By Stefanos Evripidou

Georgios Charalambous (left) will run for president in the February elections trying to make his way to a location where his party had planned a meeting, but the area had been cordoned off due to the demonstration. At one point, he was heard demanding from one police officer to open the road so that he and his group could disperse the demonstrators themselves. “I will f*** them all. “You’ll have dead bodies on your hands, I give you my word,” he was heard saying. Registered as a party last year, ELAM failed to secure a seat in parliament during elections in May 2011, though

it secured 1.08 per cent of all votes or 4,350 votes, close to the minimum requirement of 1.8 per cent of total votes. It describes its ideology as “popular and social nationalism” and promoting Greek nationalism. On December 28, 2010, the group organised a march against Turkish Cypriots and migrants. Its manifesto proclaims that the movement promotes a strict anti-federalist solution concerning the Cyprus dispute, a zero-toleration antiimmigration policy against illegal immigration, and Hellenistic education.

ELAM has been openly connected with ‘Chrysi Avgi’, which it describes as a “brother movement.” ELAM and ‘Chrysi Avgi’ maintain internet banners for each other’s site on their websites. Political parties here denounced the presence of the Greek MPs at the ELAM event. In a statement yesterday, DISY called on people to “turn their backs on movements that laud fascist and illiberal regimes which in the recent past caused untold bloodshed in Europe and which openly undermine democratic principles.”

Strike looms as petrol prices to rise PETROL stations island-wide could close indefinitely from Friday as station owners have threatened to go on strike in an attempt to show solidarity with colleagues in the Famagusta district who will strike tomorrow. “Until the government decides to put a hold on the issuing of licences to petrol stations we will be forced to take action,” deputy head of the Petrol Station Owners’ Association, Stathis Spartiatis said. The dispute began when yet another petrol station on the main Paralimni-Ayia Napa road was given a permit despite the association’s protests. “We have contacted the various ministries and we have demanded that changes to the law take place so that petrol stations do not keep popping up every 500 metres, just because according to the letter of the law, they can,” Spartiatis said. “On January 2 the petrol sta-

tions in the Famagusta district will go on strike and if within 48 hours we do not receive assurances that changes will be made to current legislature then there will be an islandwide strike,” he added. Adding to the potential increase in business on New Year’s Eve was the news that fuel prices will rise by seven cents a litre from the start of 2013. “The price of fuel for vehicles – unleaded and euro diesel - will rise by seven cents but heating fuel will remain the same,” Spartiatis said. “We should see an increase in business on New Year’s Eve due to the rise in prices [on January 1] but also because of the threat of a nationwide strike,” he added. “It is likely that people with more than one car will fill them up with petrol in an attempt to potentially save €20 or €30 and why not if they can?” he concluded.

OFFICE/WAREHOUSE FOR RENT 735m² of office space and 1200m² warehousing available for long term rent on Yianni Kranidioti Avenue very close to Carlsberg Brewery. Easy access to Nicosia-Limassol highway (only 200 metres). Loading bays for warehouses and parking space for more than 40 cars. Hidden fuel tank plus car mechanics station. For more information please call 99218866

THE POLICIES adopted on a pan-European level have failed to provide solutions to the ongoing economic crisis, said President Demetris Christofias last night in a speech to mark the New Year. The outgoing head of the rotating EU presidency characterised the past year as one in which the global economic and social crisis deepened, threatening institutions and values with collapse, while worsening unemployment, poverty and deprivation in the whole of Europe. “It must be admitted that the policies implemented so far on a pan-European level have not succeeded in providing a solution to the economic problems created by the crisis. On the contrary, they have recycled and worsened the economic and social injustice,” he said. “The picture presented today by many European countries does not do the European Union honour. The future of a United Europe cannot be poverty, deprivation, unemployment and homelessness,” he added. Christofias argued that the one-sided focus on austerity measures and ongoing recession created deadlock in EU economies. He called for a different approach with the emphasis on economic growth, social cohesion and true solidarity within the Union. “It is with sadness that we observe that this policy is still absent,” he said. Regarding Cyprus’ own economic woes, and the exposure of Cypriot banks to the Greek economy in general, the president highlighted the basic goals achieved in negotiations

with the troika. He referred to the management of natural gas by the Republic of Cyprus, “a fact that constitutes the great hope of our people”. The government also “averted the privatisation of profitable semi state organisations that the troika pursued” as well as preserving the Cost of living Allowance and the 13th salary, though the latter was by and large only given to the public sector this Christmas. Also, given estimates on the final size of the bailout, privatisations are considered almost a given to make the public debt more sustainable. Christofias once again pointed to the banks’ responsibilities for the current situation, and the former Central Bank governor for failing to adequately supervise the banks: “If we did not have the problem with the banks, Cyprus would not have appealed to the (European Stability) Mechanism, regardless of any structural and financial problems.” The president acknowledged the difficulties that the bailout will bring, striking a note of optimism, however: “It is clear that the people of Cyprus will suffer sacrifices so that the worst is averted. The Cypriot economy can be rescued by creating prospects in a short period of time to set it on a course of development.” Regarding the Cyprus problem, Christofias laid the blame for inaction solely on Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu. On a final note, he said: “We express our optimism as well as faith that by making the most of what we have achieved...the Cyprus people will manage once more to stand on their feet despite the problems and difficulties.“

CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Home CYPRUS TODAY Five rental cars go poof POLICE ARE looking for a 25-year-old Egyptian woman who allegedly rented out five cars from separate car rental companies in Paphos and Limassol, and then disappeared, along with the cars. Police spokesman Andreas Angelides said yesterday that the 25year-old rented the five cars between December 21 and 27, after which both cars and woman have gone missing. An arrest warrant has been issued for the Egyptian national, though police are also investigating reports that she has already left the country. Police are looking for the missing rental cars as well as any possible links to potential associates. They are also checking camera footage at checkpoint crossings to the north in the event that she or a possible associate drove the cars north. Angelides called on car rental companies to take the necessary measures to check information about people renting cars, including their place of stay while in Cyprus, or if in doubt, to check with police on any information.

Arson arrests FOUR people were arrested for allegedly burning a car on Sunday at Kissonerga in Paphos. The vehicle was in a parking area when, at around 3.30am on Sunday, a fire broke out. The Fire Service put out the fire, but the car was completely gutted. The source of the fire hasn’t been identified yet, but the police are looking into it. Police arrested three Paphians, a 16-yearold, a 20-year-old and a 43-year-old man as well as a 24-year-old Syrian man and they are still looking for a 19-year-old who may have been involved. Police took evidence from the scene and are examining it.

Seagulls flying along the coast off Limassol yesterday after scavenging for scraps on the beach

In a flap over ‘airport slap’ By Stefanos Evripidou DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS with the new Egyptian government have taken a rather “uncomfortable” turn after the Egyptian ambassador was accused by police of swearing at and slapping an officer at Larnaca airport. The diplomat counteralleged that she was manhandled by police. On Saturday afternoon, Egyptian ambassador Menha Mahrous Bakhoum went to Larnaca airport to see off her husband and adult children who were visiting the island. Claiming diplomatic immunity, Bakhoum wanted to accompany her family to the boarding gate. The airport authorities obliged but things got a little hairy at the security checkpoint, leaving the police, foreign ministry and Cairo all looking for a rock to hide under. According to reports, Bakhoum agreed to undergo security checks, putting her purse and coat on the X-ray machine conveyor belt but drew the line on taking her boots off. At this point, various media claim Bakhoum swore at police officers and slapped one female officer, resulting in the latter get-

Egyptian ambassador accused by police of swearing at and slapping an officer ting a swollen cheek and sick leave. Then five male police officers allegedly grabbed hold of the ambassador and took her to a room to explain her actions to a more senior officer. According to sources, affronted by the effort to detain or arrest her, the ambassador pulled the hair of the senior officer, who happened to be wearing a wig. At this point, Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou Marcoullis was alerted to the incident and contacted airport police immediately, ordering the release of the Egyptian diplomat citing her diplomatic immunity under the 1961 Vienna Convention. Bakhoum was left free to go but by Sunday, the Cypriot media had got wind of the story, leading reporters in Cairo to probe their government spokesman on what exactly happened. The Cypriot foreign ministry released a statement yesterday saying that according to a cabinet decision, based on the relevant EU regulations which the Republic of Cyprus is required to apply, only a small

No festivities PAPHOS municipality has joined Nicosia and Limassol in cancelling New Year’s celebrations in order to help more needy people with the money that would have been used. In Paphos, the money will be given to schools to help feed 400. Employees at the municipality have also cancelled their annual gala dinner for January 4 and are offering part of the amount that would have gone towards organising it to the municipal charity shop.

(Christos Theodorides)

CYPRUS TELECOMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY REFERENCE MOBILE NETWORK ACCESS OFFER (VERSION 2012-3) AND REFERENCE DIRECT WHOLESALE ROAMING ACCESS (VERSION 2012-1) The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) informs all those interested that the latest version of its Reference Mobile Network Access Offer (Version 2012-3) which includes wholesale international roaming services and the new Reference Direct Wholesale Roaming Access (Version 2012-1) are available as from 28 December 2012 via CYTA’s website at web page: «». Note: The above Reference Offers are, according to the legislation in force, subject to amendment by the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation.

specific number of state officials and other dignitaries are allowed to bypass security screening checks at Cypriot airports. These include heads of state and government among a few others but do not include heads of diplomatic missions. President Demetris Christofias was informed and requested a thorough investigation into the incident, taking into account the relevant provisions of the Vienna Convention governing diplomatic relations. Police Chief Michalis Papageorgiou also requested a report which he received yesterday and was in the process of studying, said police spokesman Andreas Angelides. Angelides refrained from

further comment saying due to the serious nature of the incident, the foreign ministry would be handling it from now on. According to diplomatic sources, the ambassador is claiming she was spoken to in a derogatory manner when she refused to take her boots off and was verbally and physically abused. Luckily, all modern airports are equipped with ample surveillance units, meaning getting to the bottom of the matter should prove relatively simple. However, Egypt is a strong, regional neighbour meaning that whoever was in the right or wrong, the aim of the foreign ministry will likely be to preserve good relations. According to one knowl-

edgeable source, there are lessons to be learnt on all sides from the incident. Could the ambassador have shown more humility? Both Marcoullis and Christofias have been subject to security checks when abroad, even when it was against regulations, and both complied without making a fuss. Could the police have handled the matter better, enhancing their people’s skills rather than manhandling the representative of a Muslim country in such a manner? Article 29 of the Vienna Convention says: “The person of a diplomatic agent shall be inviolable. He shall not be liable to any form of arrest or detention.” And Article 41 adds: “Without prejudice to their privileges and immunities, it is the duty of all persons enjoying such privileges and immunities to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State.”

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Resolutions: is it that time of the year... yet again? Hands up how many people have pledged to go on a diet every January 1 since 1971? By Chloe Hashemi IT’S THAT time of year again. The period when we make the resolutions that we hope will define the next year of our lives. The question is, how many of us still make New Year’s resolutions? Is the concept a trend of the past? Will 2013 be the year of no New Year’s resolutions? It is often the case that it is effortless to make an entire list of resolutions, but a completely different notion to actually keep them all. It is a belief among the few that making New Year’s resolutions is a craze that has gone out with the ark. For example, Tessa Kolessides says she always makes the usual resolutions to “keep fit, and eat healthier, but by lunch time of the 1st of January it’s ruined!” Her sister, Ellie Kolessides says, “I never make them, because then I’m not failing something. I don’t want to start a new year with disappointment.” This logic makes sense, but year after year, thousands of us still make a New Yyear’s resolution or two. Will this year be the same?

There is still hope amongst Nicosians, which is an optimistic spin on tough times. Having spoken to the people of the city, it can be concluded that people are still trying to make a change in their lives, and their family’s lives, for the better. Irini Toumazides, an employee of ‘My Shop’ is a grandmother. When asked what her new years resolutions are for 2013, she remarked, “I don’t want anything for myself. I want to help make a better world for my grandchildren to live in…a better life for them.”

OPTIMISM There is not a shortage of optimism. Catherine Ioannou, 47, visual merchandiser wants to “try hard to be more positive in the New Year.” Eighteen-year-old student, Sacha Kovacevic is also staying optimistic, intending to keep the motto of: “making more time for the ones you love.” However, there are always the resolutions we make every year, knowing that they will probably be broken, but we make them anyway. Sometimes, that’s half the fun. Mary Joseph, an employ-

ee at ‘Pahit Ice’, Ledra, has made one of these. Her resolution is to: “cut out the cigarettes! I say that every year though, let’s see if I can stick to it this year!” Along with Mary, John Lough, retired, has a whole list of what he wants to aspire to this year. The list includes: “To dress better, get a new job, and lose weight, but I’ve been trying to lose weight since 1971”. There are also the impulsive resolutions that we make just to see if we can actually accomplish them. This is because for some of us, a New Year’s resolution carries more authority than the standard intention. Katherine Fincham Louis, lecturer at The University of Nicosia, in her 40’s, has the intention of getting a “meaningful tattoo” in the New Year. I’m sure her children will have a few words to say on the matter. At the end of the day, it is always encouraging to speak to someone who has no need for New Year’s Resolutions. Imre Domota, employee at Cinnabon Nicosia says he doesn’t have any resolutions for 2013. “My life is pretty good right now.”

Stavros: home and then out

Angelos: staying home

Tania: going out

Hearth and home in focus when it comes to ringing in the New Year By Peter Stevenson AN EVENING by the fire with plenty of food and drink, in the company of friends and family is how most people seem have spent New Year’s Eve last night. With the exception of a few people who said they planned to continue their evening after the countdown at a local club or bar the majority were content with spending the turn of the year with loved ones with food, drink and possibly some card games. “We will be bringing in the New Year by the fireplace, with ample food and drink,” 47-year-old businessman Koullis Kyriakou told the Cyprus Mail. “We will hopefully be putting this bad year behind us,” he added. Angelos Sakkas, a 30-year-old insurance broker, Andreas Charalambous, a 32-yearold postman and Eric Berzi, a 34-year-old project manager planned to spend the New Year in the company of close relatives and loved ones, entertaining themselves with cards or board games. “We, my wife and two boys, will be going up to the mountains, to Kakopetria, where we’ve booked a hotel room with a

lovely fireplace,” 34-year-old Koullis Mavroudes said. “The festive period is a time we spend with family and those closest to us,” he added. Although he will be spending time with his family, 65-year-old artist, Andreas was not swept away with festive cheer. “Tonight is nothing special,” he said. “We will spend the evening at home as we usually do, like every other day of the year,” he added. One person we found who was not spending the eve of the end of 2012 at home was 24-year-old Tania. “I plan on welcoming the New Year in the company of friends and loved ones at a local bar,” she said. “My husband’s family and my family are both abroad so we thought that we would get together with other friends whose families are also abroad, to see in 2013,” she added. Stavros Andreou, 29, a café owner, planned on continuing the festivities after the countdown. “The plan is to spend New Year’s Eve with the family and then head out to Zoo club with some friends,” he said. “Last year I didn’t end up going anywhere so I thought for a change I would club it,” he added.

Cyprus passes on the EU Cyprus secondary schools presidency torch to Ireland to join European Schoolnet

QUIZ NIGHT 8.30 pm January 4 2013 At the ESOBGA clubhouse Behind the Junior School, Nicosia 5 euro entry fee per person Teams of up to 6 people Individual players can join under-staffed teams Everyone welcome Bar open, great home-cooked food available Call 99-666011 for details Prizes kindly donated by

La Maison du Vin

AS THE Cyprus EU Presidency passes the torch to Ireland, Permanent Representative of Cyprus at the EU, Ambassador Kornelios Korneliou in an interview with the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) said the presidency had succeeded in most of its goals. Korneliou also said Cyprus needed to take advantage of the knowledge it gained over the past six months being at the helm of the EU and to maintain the good impression it created among its EU partners. The Cyprus EU Presidency’s goal was to work towards a “Better Europe”. Asked if this goal was achieved, Korneliou said: “Based on the results achieved, under very difficult economic conditions particularly in the eurozone, it turns out that yes, Europe, during the Cyprus EU Presidency has become a better Europe”. Asked if he believed there was a lack of solidarity among EU member states, Korneliou expressed the view that in the current economic circumstances it takes longer to see solidarity in practice. “The timing is very difficult for the EU. It is not easy to ask European citizens to pay for the mistakes of governments or banks. “This is the reality. And that makes the European citizen more introverted, more suspicious of Brussels. For this reason it takes longer to see this solidarity into practice. There is solidarity, but perhaps not to the desired extent,” he said. He also recalled that the international community had recognised the role and importance of the EU by giving the Nobel Peace Prize. “Even if that decision was questioned, we must not forget that for the first time in modern European history we succeeded in having 60 years of continuous peace in Europe”.

THREE Cypriot secondary schools have the opportunity to be a part of the European Schoolnet (EUN) network, reports said yesterday. The three secondary schools joining EUN will be referred to as ‘Advanced Practitioner Schools’ and will cooperate with a secondary school that is already part of the network as an ‘Advanced School’, Head of Secondary Education Zena Poulli told Phileleftheros. The European Schoolnet, which is funded by the European Commission, was created in 1998 and was initially supported by 18 ministries of education. Now, almost 15 years later, it is supported by 30 ministries across Europe and the globe. Its core stakeholders are ministries, schools and teachers. The EUN encourages innovation in teaching and learning through activities, projects and conferences and looks to get young people interested in the fields of maths, science and technology. It also presents schools, teachers and pupils with the opportunity to exchange learning resources, as well as get familiar with a variety of pedagogical approaches. Poulli said joining the network was an opportunity for schools to participate in active research, and form bonds with people coming from similar European programmes. Through the network, Cypriot secondary schools can benefit from the exchange with other European or International schools and better understand other cultures and customs. Other schools on the island who wish to participate in the network will have to submit their applications by January 18.

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Call to upgrade obesity care Majority of population will be obese by 2050 By Ella Pickover

Call over plans for gay marriage THE LEADER of Roman Catholics in England and Wales has urged the faithful to write to their MPs “as soon as possible” to oppose the government’s plans for gay marriage. The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster (pictured), has called on Roman Catholics to express their views to their constituency MPs “clearly, calmly and forcefully” over the issue. He said one of his concerns about the plans was how children would be taught about the “true nature of marriage” in schools if the law is changed to allow same-sex marriage. The Most Rev Nichols said he prayed that the nation would maintain the importance of marriage between a man and a woman as the “heart of family life” and resist the proposed redefining of marriage with all its “likely consequences”, particularly in schools and how children are taught about the “true nature” of marriage. An estimated 5.2 million people identify themselves as Roman Catholics in England and Wales.

Pogues’ Xmas favourite sells 1m ‘FAIRYTALE Of New York’ by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl has reached one million sales, 25 years after it was first released. The perennial Christmas favourite, a heartfelt tale of festive excess with explosive lyrics, reached the seven-figure milestone after getting to number 12 in the chart this Christmas, the Official Charts Company said. The song by the band - led by distinctive singer Shane MacGowan - and singersongwriter McColl, who died in a boat accident in Mexico aged 41 in 2000, has made the festive top 20 every year for the last eight years. Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company, said: “It is apt that, in the year of its 25th anniversary, ‘Fairytale Of New York’ has entered into the pantheon of the UK’s all-time favourite singles to become the latest - and 126th - millionselling single in the history of the British charts.”

THERE is “inadequate” provision to treat obese patients in the NHS, a report suggests. Experts said the healthcare system must adapt to meet the needs of bulging Britain after the new report found that services to manage obesity are “poorly developed”. Even though the rate of obesity in the UK is among the highest in the world, the health service’s response to the problem is “patchy”, according to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) report. Too many doctors and nurses are seriously overweight and setting a bad example to the people they are trying to treat, it said. About a quarter of UK adults are obese and it is estimated that the majority of Britain’s population will be obese by 2050. The cost of dealing with the

problem has been estimated to be £5 billion every year - a figure which will rise alongside the number of obese Britons. In many patients, their obesity leads to other complications such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, sleep disorders and gynaecological disorders, the authors said. But despite this there are few “joined-up” services for people who are overweight. The authors recommend a “systematic review” of specialist obesity services. They said that multi-disciplinary teams made up of physicians, surgeons, nurses and other health professionals must be available to cover severe and complex obesity throughout the UK. And there should be a lead physician for obesity at each hospital, they said. They have also called for better training for NHS staff and more research into obesity.

Report urges the healthcare system to adapt to meet the needs of bulging Britain The Government should appoint an independent obesity champion to co-ordinate strategy across ministerial departments which could be involved in tackling the epidemic, the authors continued. They added that education

in obesity and nutrition is “inadequately represented” in current medical education, which should be addressed. It is estimated that 700,000 NHS employees are obese, but only 15 per cent are seen or assessed. The report said that an au-

dit of London Primary Care Trusts showed that few had policies targeting broad health issues, with workplace health initiatives tending to be reactive and concentrating on recovery after illness rather than actively promoting health and wellbeing.

Plastic surgery faces tighter regulations JOB VACANCY A BAN on cut-price deals and a clampdown on aggressive sales techniques for cosmetic surgery in Britain are among ideas submitted to a review of the industry ordered in the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal. A two-stage consent process for potential patients to allow them time to reflect before making a final decision were among suggestions given to the review into the plastic surgery industry being led by Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS medical director. The ideas from the public, the industry and patient groups to safeguard people thinking of having cosmetic procedures are included in an interim report that will feed into the review, due to be published in March. Science writer Vivienne Parry, who is one of the Keogh review committee members, said: “Aggressive marketing techniques are often used to maximise profit. This may be the right approach for selling double glazing but not for people having or considering whether to have surgery. “Everyone who decides to have cosmetic surgery should have time to think about the risks. Time limited deals and offers on voucher websites

The British High Commission Nicosia is seeking to recruit a

Pensions Scheme Administrator Job Description This is a part-time position that requires a self-starter with good numeracy, computer, communication and organisational skills, who can deliver time sensitive results on a monthly basis and is able to work initially up to five days a month. Duties include: x Calculating and paying pensions on a monthly basis. x Corresponding with relevant Local Authorities. x Providing support to Pensioners covered by the scheme. x Administer a dedicated IT system (training given) and pension records. Key Competencies required.

Cosmetic surgery re-examined in the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal pressure people to make snap decisions.” The review was requested by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley last January after concerns about cosmetic surgery were raised following the public outcry over faulty PIP breast implants and could lead to tighter regulation of the industry. Around 40,000 women in the UK received implants manufactured by the now-closed French company Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP), mostly in private UK clinics.

Abbey honour for former PM FORMER prime minister Lord Wilson of Rievaulx will be honoured with a memorial stone in Westminster Abbey, it has been announced. Harold Wilson, who died in 1995 aged 79, won four general elections and was prime minister from 1964 to 1970 and from 1974 to 1976. Under his leadership, his government supported backbench MPs in liberalising laws on censorship, divorce, abortion and homosexuality and he abolished the death penalty in 1965. Lord Wilson will join a long line of former prime ministers who have been buried or given a memorial stone at the abbey.

Delivering results Problem solving Managing Self, Others and Resources Communicating Qualifications, Qualities and skills x x x x x x

Excellent inter-personal and office organisational skills. Able to work with a diverse range of cultures and people of differing views and opinions. Ability to work under pressure, unsupervised and as part of a team. Capacity to deal patiently and effectively in a wide range of situations, including dealing with the public. Fluent Greek and English (written and spoken) and good telephone manner. Proficient and accurate typing. Numerate and proficient in IT including: Microsoft Word (essential) and Excel (essential).

Applications in writing with details of: past experience, qualifications and CV should be sent by email to the following address: by Friday 25 January 2013. The Grade for the Pensions Scheme Administrator is Locally Employed Grade III. Salary will be on a per diem basis negotiable. A shortlist of applicants will be invited for interview by 1st February 2013 with interviews being conducted the following week. The successful candidate will have a six month probational period. The British High Commission is an equal opportunities employer with family friendly policies. We welcome applications from suitably qualified individuals, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age. All applications are treated on merit. Applications are encouraged both from those who may be looking for long term employment and from those who may be seeking employment for a fixed period of time. The successful candidate will need to undergo a security clearance process.

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Two worlds collide with Indian student’s murder ‘Our heads hang in shame because of the brutal act of these men’

WORLD TODAY Gold bounty on US ambassador

A candlelit vigil in New Delhi. A protester scuffles with police (below)

By Annie Banerji ONE OF hundreds of attacks reported in New Delhi each year, the brutal gang rape and murder of a young medical student in a private bus this month caught authorities and political parties flat-footed, slow to appreciate it had become symbolic of all the others. In the moments before the December 16 attack, the 23-year-old woman from India’s urban middle class, who had recently qualified as a trainee physiotherapist in a private Delhi hospital, and her male friend, a software engineer, were walking home from a cinema at a shopping mall in south Delhi, according to a police reconstruction of events. A bus, part of a fleet of privately owned vehicles used as public transport across the city of 16 million, and known as India’s “rape capital”, was at the same time heading toward them. Earlier that day, it had ferried school students but was now empty except for five men and a teenage boy, including its crew, police said. Most of the men were from the city’s slums. One of the six - all now charged with murder - lured the couple onto the bus, promising to drop the woman home, police have said, quoting from an initial statement that she gave from her hospital bed before her condition deteriorated rapidly. A few minutes into the ride, her friend, 28, grew suspicious when the bus deviated from the supposed route and the men locked the door, according to her statement. They then taunted her for being out with a man late at night, prompting the friend to intervene and provoking an initial scuffle. The attackers then beat him with a metal rod, knocking him unconscious, before turning on the woman who had tried to come to his defence. Police say the men admitted after their arrest to torturing and raping the student “to teach her a lesson”. At one point, the bus driver gave the wheel to another of the accused and dragged the woman by the neck to the back of the vehicle and forced himself upon her. The other five then took turns raping her and also driving the bus, keeping it circling through the busy streets of India’s capital city, police said. The woman was raped for nearly an

hour before the men pushed a metal rod inside her, severely damaging her internal organs, and then dumped both her and her friend on the roadside, 8 km from where they had boarded it, police said. Robbed of their clothes and belongings, they were found half naked, bleeding and unconscious later that night by a passerby, who alerted the police. The woman, whose identity has been withheld by police, gave her statement to a sub-divisional magistrate on December 21 in the intensive care unit of Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital, according to local media reports. She was undergoing multiple surgical procedures and her condition later began to rapidly worsen. Ten days after the attack and still in a critical condition, she was flown

to Singapore for specialist treatment. She died in Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital two days later. Her body was flown back to Delhi and cremated there on Sunday in a private ceremony. Family members who had accompanied her to Singapore declined to speak to reporters, but relatives told the Times of India newspaper she had been a role model to her two younger brothers. Unlike most traditional Indian families who only send their sons to feepaying colleges or universities, her parents pinned their hopes on the daughter and took loans to fund her studies. She was born and brought up in a middle class Delhi neighbourhood after her family moved to the city more

than 20 years ago from India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state. Her male friend recorded his statement to a local court days after the attack and helped police identify the six accused. He left for his hometown in Uttar Pradesh late on Saturday, missing the woman’s funeral, local media reported. Four of the accused, all in custody, live in the narrow by-lanes of Ravi Das Camp, a slum about 17 km from the woman’s home in southwest Delhi. Inside the slum - home to some 1,200 people who eke out a meagre living as rickshaw pullers and tea hawkers - many demanded the death penalty for the accused. “The incident has really shocked all of us. I don’t know how I will get my children admitted to a school. The incident has earned a bad name to this place,” said Pooja Kumari, a neighbour of one of the accused. Girija Shankar, a student, said: “Our heads hang in shame because of the brutal act of these men. They must reap what they have sown.” The house of one of the accused was locked, with neighbours saying his family had left the city to escape the shame and anger. Meena, a 45-yearold neighbour, said she had wanted to join the protests that followed the rape, but was too scared. “You never know when a mob may attack this slum and attack our houses. But we want to say we’re as angry as the entire nation. We want them to be hanged,” she said. Two of the six alleged assailants come from outside Delhi, according to police. One is married with children and was arrested in his native village in Bihar state and the other, a juvenile, is a runaway from a broken home in Uttar Pradesh.

THE YEMEN-BASED branch of al Qaeda has offered a bounty for anyone who kills the US ambassador to Yemen or an American soldier in the impoverished Arab state, a group that monitors Islamist websites said. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said it was offering three kilograms of gold for the killing of the US ambassador in Sanaa, Gerald Feierstein, the US-based SITE Intelligence Group said, citing an audio released by militants. AQAP will also pay five million rials to whoever kills any American soldier in Yemen, it said. The offer, valid for six months, was made “to encourage our Muslim Ummah (nation), and to expand the circle of the jihad (holy war) by the masses,” SITE said, citing the audio. AQAP, mostly militants from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, is regarded by the United States as the most dangerous branch of the network founded by Osama bin Laden.

Plans to change Japan’s World War II apology JAPANESE Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to replace a landmark 1995 apology for suffering caused in Asia during World War Two with an unspecified “forward-looking statement”, a newspaper reported yesterday. Abe, a hawkish conservative who is known to want to recast Japan’s position on its wartime militarism in less apologetic tones, led his party to a landslide victory in a December 16 election. Any hint that Japan is back-tracking from the 1995 apology, issued by then Prime Minister Tomic Murayama, is likely to outrage neighbours, particularly China and North and South Korea, which endured years of brutal Japanese rule. “The Murayama statement was a statement issued by Socialist Party Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama,” Abe was quoted as saying in an interview with the conservative Sankei newspaper published yesterday.

Turkish intelligence officials hold talks with PKK’s imprisoned leader TURKISH intelligence officials have discussed the prospect of Kurdish militants disarming in talks with their jailed leader aimed at ending a conflict which has killed more than 40,000 people, a newspaper said yesterday. Turkey began talks with Abdullah Ocalan in recent months to end a hunger strike by jailed members of his Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group, and Prime

Minister Tayyip Erdogan said at the weekend those talks were continuing. Directors of the MIT intelligence agency met Ocalan on December 23 for four hours with the goal of working towards issuing a declaration on ending the conflict in the first months of 2013, the Hurriyet daily reported. “Getting the group to put down its weapons formed the main item on

the agenda in the talks,” the paper said, without specifying its sources. “If the target is achieved the PKK, which has halted operations due to winter conditions, would begin to disarm in the spring,” the paper said. Ocalan reportedly said he must be put in direct contact with the PKK and his jail conditions improved. The paper said Ocalan would not hold talks with his lawyers or the

main legal pro-Kurdish party until the talks with the state were completed. The PKK, Turkey’s main domestic security threat, took up arms almost three decades ago and seeks Kurdish autonomy. Recordings leaked last year showed senior intelligence officials had also held secret meetings with the PKK in Oslo. Such talks would have been

unthinkable until only a few years ago and more recent contacts have proved politically fraught, with parts of the nationalist opposition strongly condemning any suggestion of negotiations. The justice minister said in November further talks would be held with the militants after Ocalan issued an appeal ending a 68-day hunger strike by hundreds of PKK militants in prisons across Turkey.

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Clinton in hospital with a blood clot Clot brought on by earlier fall and concussion US SECRETARY of State Hillary Clinton has been admitted to a New York hospital after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained earlier this month. Clinton’s doctors discovered the clot while performing a follow-up exam, her spokesman, Philippe Reines, said. He would not elaborate on the location of the clot but said Clinton is being treated with anti-coagulants and would remain at New YorkPresbyterian Hospital for at least the next 48 hours so doctors can monitor the medication. “Her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion,” Reines said in a statement. “They will determine if any further action is required.” Clinton, 65, fell and suffered a concussion while at home alone in mid-December as she recovered from a stomach virus that left her severely dehydrated. The concussion was diagnosed December 13 and Clinton was forced to cancel a trip to North Africa and the

Middle East that had been planned for the next week. The seriousness of a blood clot “depends on where it is”, said Dr Gholam Motamedi, a neurologist at Georgetown University Medical Centre who was not involved in Mrs Clinton’s care. Clots in the legs are a common risk after someone has been bedridden, as Mrs Clinton may have been for a time after her concussion. Those are “no big deal” and are treated with six months of blood thinners to allow them to dissolve on their own and to prevent further clots from forming, he said. A clot in a lung or the brain is more serious. Lung clots, called pulmonary embolisms, can be deadly, and a clot in the brain can cause a stroke, Dr Motamedi said. Keeping Clinton in the hospital for a couple of days could allow doctors to perform more tests to determine why the clot formed, and to rule out a heart problem or other condition that may have led to it, he said. Clinton was forced to cancel December 20 testimony before Congress about a scathing report into the Sep-

Hillary Clinton to stay in hospital for several days tember 11 attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

Battle for Damascus suburb HEAVY FIGHTING raged on the outskirts of Damascus yesterday as elite troops backed by tanks tried to recapture a strategic suburb from rebels in one of the largest military operations in that district in months, opposition activists said. Five people, including one child, died from army rocket fire that hit Daraya, the activists said. Daraya is one of a series of interconnected Sunni Muslim suburbs that ring Syria’s capital and have been at the forefront of the 21-month-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad. “This is the biggest attack on Daraya in two months. An armoured column is trying to advance but it being held (back) by the Free Syrian Army,” said Abu Kinan, an opposition activist in the area, referring to a rebel group. He said that tens of thousands of civilians had fled Daraya during weeks of government assault but that 5,000 remained, along with hundreds of rebels. Daraya is located

near the main southern highway leading to the Jordanian border 85 kms (50 miles) to the south. Activists said the military is trying to push back rebels who have been slowly advancing from the outskirts of Damascus to within striking distance of central districts inhabited by Assad’s Alawite minority sect. Assad’s forces have mostly relied on aerial and artillery bombardment, rather than infantry. Rebels have been able take several outlying towns and have clashed with government troops near Damascus International Airport, halting flights by foreign airlines. Another activist in Damascus with connection to rebels, who did not want to be named, said Daraya has been a firing position for rebels using mortars and homemade rockets. From it, they have been able to hit a huge presidential complex located at a hilltop overlooking Damascus and target proAssad shabbiha militia in an Alawite enclave nearby known as Mezze 86.

Joys of parenthood on its way for Kanye and Kim

At least 10 killed as Iraq rocked by explosions

US RAPPER Kanye West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian are expecting their first child, celebrity media outlets reported yesterday. Fans and family took to Twitter to congratulate the celebrity power couple. Kim Kardashian “Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can!” wrote Kardashian’s sister Kourtney. “Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!” According to E! News, West, 35, announced the news from the stage at a concert in Atlantic City on Sunday.

EXPLOSIONS killed at least 10 people and wounded 46 across Iraq yesterday, police said, underlining sectarian and ethnic divisions that threaten to further destabilise the country a year after US troops left. Tensions between Shi’ite, Kurdish and Sunni factions in Iraq’s power-sharing government have been on the rise this year. Militants continue to strike almost daily, and carry out at least one big attack a month. The latest violence followed more than a week of protests against Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki by thousands of people from the country’s minority Sunni community. No group claimed responsibility for any of yesterday’s attacks, which targeted government officials, police patrols and members of both the Sunni and Shi’ite sects.

‘Complications’ for Chavez after latest surgery for cancer HUGO Chavez has suffered “new complications” following his cancer surgery in Cuba, his vice president said, describing the Venezuelan leader’s condition as delicate. Vice President Nicolas Maduro spoke with a solemn expression in a televised address from Havana, saying he had spoken with Chavez and that the president sent greetings to his homeland. Maduro did not give details about the complications, which he said came amid a respiratory infection. “Several minutes ago we were with President Chavez. We greeted each other and he himself referred to these complications,” Maduro said, reading from a prepared statement. The vice president was seated alongside Chavez’s eldest daughter, Rosa, and son-in-law Jorge Arreaza, as well as Attorney General Cilia Flores. Maduro’s comments suggest an increasingly difficult fight for the ailing president. The Venezuelan leader has not been seen or heard from since undergoing his fourth

Complications:Chavez cancer-related surgery December 11, and government officials have said he might not return in time for his scheduled January 10 inauguration for a new six-year term. “The president gave us precise instructions so that, after finishing the visit, we would tell the (Venezuelan) people about his current health condition,” Maduro said. “President Chavez’s state of health continues to be delicate, with complications that are being attended to, in a process not without risks.”

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New measures to stave off Egyptian pound collapse By Patrick Werr EGYPT’S president held out hope that a weakening pound could stabilise within days under a new regime implemented to fend off financial ruin and safeguard reserves needed to ensure food and fuel imports in a political crisis. Hit by political turmoil in the last month, the currency weakened to a record low on Sunday in a new dollar auctioning system implemented by the central bank. The official rate worsened further at its second auction on Monday, with banks taking up the $75 million on offer at a cut-off rate of 6.305, sending its traded market rate to a record low of around 6.35 per dollar.

A failure of talks yesterday was expected to push Britain’s FTSE 100 back to a late November low

Fiscal cliff impasse to dent global growth The eurozone index has rallied some 22 per cent since late July By Francesco Canepa EUROPEAN stocks were set to rack up their best yearly gain since 2009 yesterday but the outlook was worsening due to the risk of a politically induced recession in the United States which would dent global growth. The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 index, up 12.9 per cent year to date, was flat at 1,130.27 points yesterday as an impasse in US budget talks pushed the world’s biggest economy to the edge of

Rates These Bank of Cyprus rates for telegraphic transfer transactions (spot deals) apply to yesterday, but provide a good guide to today’s value against the euro. Buying Selling

the “fiscal cliff” of austerity measures due to kick in in the new year. While hope largely evaporated for any sort of broad deal yesterday, the lack of panic on markets reflects expectations that officials will find a solution early in the New Year. US stock futures, notably, were up. But if unfettered, the scheduled tightening measures would likely send the US economy into contraction and a failure to find any common ground yesterday would add to market nerves that a solution may be some way off. “Given that there’s an increased likelihood that we’re not going to get a deal, the fiscal cliff is going to be a big issue and the longer it lingers, the more it’s going to unnerve investors,” Ishaq Siddiqi, a market strategist at ETX Capital, said. Siddiqi added a failure of talks yesterday may push Britain’s FTSE 100, down 0.3 per cent at 5,905.08 points, back to a late November low

of 5,800 in the coming sessions. “Volumes are very depressed and we’re going to see a lot of cash off the table and investors are probably going to take profit on cyclical shares,” he said. Trading was muted as a number of European stocks exchanges such as the French, Dutch, Spanish and UK markets only traded for half the session yesterday, while those in Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland were closed. Charts on the FTSE also pointed to likely downside after the index failed to break above 6,000, a level that has capped the index since mid2011. “The downside momentum could be strong below the 5900 level, and might retest 5885-80 area,” Guardian Stockbrokers said in a note. “Below 5880, the sentiment would be clearly shifted to the downside on the daily charts.” The FTSE’s 14-day Rela-

tive Strength Index, a momentum indicator, was also falling after testing its September and November resistance at 65.9 earlier this month. The FTSE was still poised to end the year with a 6 per cent gain. But that pales in comparison to a 13.4 per cent gain for eurozone blue chips in the Euro STOXX 50 which is thanks largely to the European Central Bank’s action to stem the region’s debt crisis. The eurozone index has rallied some 22 per cent since late July when the ECB pledged to do all that was necessary to defend the euro project. Implied volatility on euro zone shares, a gauge of investor fears of future share price swings, fell to lows not seen since 2007 earlier this month. The Euro STOXX 50 Volatility Index, or VSTOXX, which measures the cost of options on euro zone blue chips, hit a 5-year low in mid-December before staging a rebound last week.

Pound St

0.8213 0.8131

US Dollar

1.3267 1.3135

Australian $

1.2870 1.2552

Financial advice market shake-up in Britain

Canadian Dol.

1.3291 1.2963

By Vicky Shaw

Swiss Fr

1.2144 1.2000

Denmark Kr

7.5540 7.3674

Japan Yen

114.4325 113.0675

Norwegian Kr

7.4777 7.2931

Polish Zloty



Romanian Leu 4.5303 4.3527 Russian Ruble 40.5992 39.5968 Swedish Kr

8.7073 8.4923

A LANDMARK shake-up of the financial advice market in Britain took effect yesterday, forcing advisers to spell out their costs to customers and cutting the risk of misselling. New rules will put an end to financial advice which has appeared to be “free” because advisers have previously taken a cut of the sum being invested by the

customer via the company providing the product. From yesterday, financial advisers will be banned from simply taking commission payments from product providers. Instead, they must clearly explain to the customer up front how much advice will cost and agree how the customer will pay for it. The changes should end an apparent “Del Boy” perception of the industry by some people. A recent survey

found that the market trader from Only Fools and Horses is the fictional character that people believe best personifies financial advisers. However, analysts have warned that the prospect of costs becoming much more visible will come as a surprise to many people - which could lead to more DIY investors who decide not to take advice. Nearly 16 million people own a financial product such as a pension or a savings plan.

STABILITY “The market will return to stability,” President Mohamed Mursi said in remarks during a meeting with Arab journalists on Sunday evening, the state news agency MENA reported. The pound’s fall “does not worry or scare us, and within days matters will balance out,” he added. The auctions are part of a shift announced on Saturday and designed to conserve foreign reserves, which the bank says are now at “critical” levels that cover just three months of the food, fuel and other goods Egypt imports. The head of the Egyptian banking federation said the new system of foreign exchange auctions was an “important first step” towards a free float of the pound. Tarek Amer, who is also chairman of Egypt’s largest bank, state-owned National Bank of Egypt, said the new system was a success on its

President Mohamed Mursi first day and had “significantly reduced” demand for dollars. The central bank accepted bids worth $74.8 million yesterday, with the cutoff price weakening from 6.2425 Egyptian pounds on Sunday. Before the first sale on Sunday it had traded as strong on the interbank market as 6.185 to the dollar. Political turmoil over a new constitution has sent worried Egyptians scrambling to turn their savings into dollars, prompting officials last week to impose controls on how much cash could be physically carried out of the country. The changes announced on Saturday include regular foreign currency auctions and commercial bank officials say they point to an orderly devaluation of the pound after the central bank spent more than $20 billion - or more than half of its reserves - over the past two years to defend the currency. The currency crisis underlines the scale of the economic challenge facing President Mursi, who has been grappling with the fall-out of a political crisis ignited by his move to drive through a constitution written by his Islamist allies.

Sharpest fall in Greek retail sales in two years GREEK retail sales fell 18.1 per cent year-on-year in October, recording the steepest drop in almost two years, as the deep recession and record-high unemployment took a toll on consumer spending. Figures released yesterday by the statistics service (ELSTAT) showed the decline in retail sales by volume accelerated from a revised 11.8 per cent drop in the previous month. Austerity measures including higher taxes and cuts in public sector pay and pensions to shore up public finances have squeezed household budgets with consumers also worried over unemployment which hit a record 26 per cent in September. Retail sales had registered a 19.4 per cent fall in December 2010. “Unfortunately, 2012 is leaving the retail trade sector wounded, with small-to medium-size firms facing conditions of a deep recession,” the Confederation of Greek Commerce (ESEE) said in a statement. With the economy shrinking at an annualised rate of nearly 7 per cent in the third quarter, official projections see the economic slump continuing for a sixth straight year in 2013. The government forecasts national output (GDP) will shrink by 4.5 per cent next year. The economy is expected to shrink by almost a quarter in 2008-2013, the country’s worst postwar recession.

CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013



A chance to re-discover the spirit of community IT IS VERY difficult to be optimistic or positive about 2013, especially when we know that the effects of the austerity measures approved last month will kick in. Living standards of the overwhelming majority of the population will fall, the numbers of the unemployed are set to rise and credit will be even harder to come by. The affluence and comfortable way of life we had become accustomed to over the last decade will become nothing more than a pleasant memory as people grapple with the harsh combination of recession and austerity. People will have to live with less than they were used to, but the rampant consumerism which became the way of life is not the only recipe for individual happiness. Cyprus was a happy country when people had less money to spend and still lived within their means, shunning the option of borrowing, unless absolutely necessary. Now we will have to revert to the old ways, not by choice but by necessity. This is already happening, as the many closing down shops, halfempty restaurants and collapse of car sales would suggest. Hopefully, 2013 will signal a return to the old social values that became all but extinct as merciless individualism and mindless consumerism held sway. We may re-discover the community spirit – once a very strong feature of Cypriot society – and the sense of social responsibility that were lost during the years of affluence. Not since 1974 has there been such a need for a community spirit. With the numbers of people out of work constantly rising and record numbers falling below the poverty line, those with jobs will be called to offer help and support to their less fortunate countrymen. Admittedly, the public spirit has not been evident as a host of interest groups have tried to preserve their pay and privileges through protests. On the other hand thousands of ordinary people have been contributing to collections of food and clothing for the poor and will continue to do so throughout the year. If 2013 becomes a year of giving, social solidarity and re-discovery of the community spirit it will be a good year. After all, the real test of a society is not the number of BMWs and Mercs on the roads, but how well it takes care of its most vulnerable and impoverished members. We can meet this challenge if we unite and help each other. It does not have to be a prosperous new year in order to be a happy one.

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Ridding the country of this pack of wolverines Comment Hermes Solomon


URING this festive season, we finally found the time to move a 3.2 kilowatt electric storage radiator from an external to internal wall of the lounge in an effort to conserve heat, some 40 per cent of the radiator’s former output lost through the wall of the apartment’s north facing balcony. It now sits on an adjoining lounge/ kitchen wall and greatly benefits both. We have also double insulated the hot water tank, partitioned the study from the ‘salon’ and secondary double glazed all windows. These changes have been effected over the past two years in anticipation of the cost of electricity becoming prohibitively expensive after Mari and the number of neighbourhood persistently barking dogs and traffic noise increasing to today’s intolerable levels. Forward planning in anticipation of the bleedin’ obvious is something this, and former governments have totally ignored in favour of lining their pockets and those of this country’s so called ‘patriotic’ elite. Our president is recorded as having said recently that history will prove him right. But both he and I will share the blame along with a few billion others for the melting of the ice caps and the eventual hari-kari (seppuku or ritual suicide) of the planet. Unlike Yukio Mishima,, a Japanese writer nominated three times for the Nobel Prize in Literature, his avantgarde work focusing on political change leading him to commit seppuku after a failed coup d’état, our president will be remembered for one thing only; his ritual suicide of the Cyprus economy. Had he truly believed the nonsense he espouses, he would have committed seppuku after EU president, Barrosa et Cie accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on his behalf rather than permit him to seem noble ‘far from the madding home crowd’s ignoble strife, their sober wishes never learned to stray’. In Cyprus, the word president has now become synonymous with abject failure. Everything he touches turns sour. He should have become a Dikomo goatherd renowned for making acrid yogurt and not that philosopher of blameless infallibility he claims to be, although our goatherds and shepherds would argue they be much wiser philosophers than he. There is no such thing as perfection, but our president will be remembered on the day he is ‘ejected’ from of-

In Cyprus, the word president has now become synonymous with abject failure fice as the man responsible for making many tragically mistaken errors of judgment – Praxoulla as Minister of Commerce the least of his blunders. He has, single-handed, wiped AKEL off the political map for the foreseeable future and will take with him his pack of political wolverines, Gulo gulo (Gulo is Latin for “glutton”) the largest land-dwelling species of weasels, Stephanou and Kyprianou, leaving Cyprus at the mercy of Anastassiades and Karoyian, flyers of the Greek flag only, and certain to bring about the permanent parti-

‘Forward planning in anticipation of the bleedin’ obvious is something this, and former governments have totally ignored in favour of lining their pockets’

tion of the island – although, frankly, we must all ultimately take responsibility for that - AKEL and the Church included. Such has been our shortsightedness and total lack of forward planning that we now find ourselves at the mercy of the very same sort of people who got us into this mess in the first place, namely bankers. But this time we are dealing with the IMF and European Central Bank, not honkytonks from Pitsilia, who led this and previous governments wildly astray by furnishing them with lies, damn lies and manipulated statistics whenever they opened their fat mouths while hiding behind their illegitimately fattened wallets. Had we voted in accountants instead of lawyers as politicians, we would not now be waiting for History to prove a purportedly left of centre, social worker president, right, when his five year reign of terrible blunders brought the ordinary man to his knees, prostrated upon the Holy Soil of Cyprus chanting, ‘Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison! We only have ourselves and that pseftovoskos (pseudo-goatherd) to blame!’ That man should not be permitted to escape taking the lion’s share of the blame for the criminal manslaughter of 13 compatriots at Mari. He should admit refusing to communicate or listen to former CB chairman, Athanasios Orphanides when it mattered. He cannot claim having been oblivious to the long term bank loan embezzlement of that other Orpha-

nides leading to the loss of thousands of jobs, when we have all known this past two years that that supermarket chain was irretrievably bankrupted by the opening of innumerable Lidl and Carrefour stores. That man has knowingly deceived voters with promises of Qatari, Chinese and Triple Five now non-existent investments. He has played musical chairs with all ministers and ministries while remaining firmly seated on his ‘throne’ beside the Government House window through which Makarios III fled for his life from EOKA B and the Greek junta led coup. That man has force fed Cyprus Airways, civil servants and politicians with taxpayers’ money, doubling the price of petrol, tobacco and burials in just five years, failing to permit the construction of a crematorium, deliver title deeds to rightful owners, defending then betraying Praxoulla of the gas, Hadjipappas of the teeth, Stavrakis of ‘what crisis’, Shiarly of the millionaire’s club and finally, and by no means the least of his sins, caring less for the low paid working classes than any other president in the short history of this condemned republic. History will remember that man as a curse upon the now cold, and for a long time to come, bankrupt House of Cyprus… Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de merde est arrivé. It was only a matter of time. Now gird your loins and stand together, so that we may, once more after 74, unto the breach (not beach) dear friends, once more!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Showbiz Peplums, purple, pleated skirts? That’s so 2012. Karen Dacre on 2013’s style lowdown

Fashion forecast ast The Face

While London mourns the dan loss of supermodel Jourdan Dunn, who is leaving for the bright lights of New York next e aryear, it can celebrate the rival of one of the hottest facvine es on the planet. The divine Arizona Muse has chosen the ative British capital over her native efty US. Already lending a hefty on’s dose of glamour to London’s party scene, Muse is set to d be the capital’s girl around d town during 2013. God bless America.

The colour They call it mellow yellow. ow. toWe call it that difficult-toble wear hue that looks terrible ad with a hangover. But we had se better get used to it because bs, thanks to Marc Jacobs, ne who went mad for sunshine or in his latest collection for Louis Vuitton, yellow iss e. next year’s super-shade. e A favourite with everyone ifrom Christian Dior to Simone Rocha, incarnationss er of the colour were all over d the spring catwalks and e will be ten-a-penny on the e high street next year. The good news? This shade y looks great with navy blue.

The New Look For purveyors of fashion there here ence is no denying the influence of Prada. When Mrs P says jump, we ask how high and with what handbag. With this ring is in mind, we are preparing arato dress like luxed up Hara-

How high does Mrs P want us to jump?

Could this be the year Christopher Kane gets the recognition he deserves?

juku girls this spring. Prada refu refuses to confirm or deny any Eastern influence following Mrs P’s spring/summer show but there is no escaping its juvenile theme. Think min mini-kilts, thick framed glasses a and, if Mrs Prada gets her way leather ankle socks. way,

The Designer Th If 2012 belonged to Raf S Simons, Christian Dior’s n newly appointed designe er-in-chief, Alexander W Wang (above), is the toast o the new year. At least, of th that’s the dream. He’s certain the man all eyes will tainly o Picking up the baton be on. from Nicolas Ghesquière as the man on top at revered Fren French fashion house Balenc lenciaga, Wang’s charge is to keep fashion’s greatest purists onside with a collection that delights and surprises in equa measures. No pressure, equal then then.

first flagship store. A girl can dream, can’t she?

divine inspiration.

The Brand

The Silhouette

Cou this be the year ChrisCould toph topher Kane gets the recognition he deserves? He’s certainly on course for monumental succ success. Following a year in whic which he emerged as one of the most m prolific and critically accl acclaimed designers London has ever produced, 2013 also look looks set to belong to the 30year year-old from Lanarkshire. Whi While Kane’s people are yet to confi c rm what changes are afoo afoot, we’re praying for more asto astonishing collections, a diffusio fusion line and the designer’s

Boobs are back. British Vogue has decreed it. In selecting the stunning Kate Upton as cover girl for the January edition, Vogue waged war on the boyish, straight-upand-down shape that has dominated for seasons. This doesn’t mean we’ll be suggesting you show your boobs off but, rather, embracing designers who cater for curves. See Victoria Beckham and Roksanda Ilincic for dresses, and the perfectly endowed supermodel Lara Stone for

The year started with a rubber pool shoe, as seen at Christopher Kane’s show last February, and it ended with a fur-lined flat sandal unveiled in Phoebe Philo’s latest collection for Céline. Quickly renamed “furkenstocks”, Philo’s deliciously tactile shoe style is set to be the most talkedabout shoe of the new season. Designed with comfort and nesting in mind - Philo designed the shoe after giving birth to her third child - these are the ultimate in post-natal accessory choice. Dear Duchess, are you listening?

Mellow yellow: Marc Jacobs on the catwalk

The Shoes

Comfort fit: Phoebe Philo’s ‘furkenstocks’

US election, iPhone 5, Kardashian top Yahoo! 2012 searches By Piya Sinha-Roy THE US presidential election became the most-searched item and Kim Kardashian was the most-searched person on Yahoo! in a year when online searches were dominated by big news stories and pop culture obsessions, the search engine company said. The search term “election” topped the list of searches, led not only by extensive media coverage but also widening conversation on online social media platforms. The term “political polls” was No. 8 of the top 10 Yahoo! searches of the year. “The 2012 elections dominated the online searches, which is

amazing because if something is in the news, it’s already accessible... people were really saturated by it, but even so, that was a key word that people typed throughout the year,” Vera Chan, Yahoo!’s web trend analyst, said. Chan said only two other news stories have topped the list in the past decade, those being the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 and the BP oil spill in 2010. “iPhone 5” came in at No. 2, which Chan said was interesting “in a post-Steve Jobs era” because while Apple Inc’s iPhone has featured regularly in the top searches since the first generation emerged in 2007, this was the first time a specific model had appeared high on the list. Reality star Kim Kardashian

was the most-searched person on the website, coming in at No. 3 and leading six famous women in the top 10. Chan said Kardashian’s “notoriety has kept her at the top,” citing her ongoing divorce saga with ex-husband Kris Humphries, her high-profile relationship with rapper Kanye West and her E! channel reality shows. Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton, British royal Kate Middleton, late singer Whitney Houston, troubled former child star Lindsay Lohan and pop star and former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez all featured in the top 10 after being in the news prominently throughout the year. Middleton, who was followed

s and criteagerly by fans ics in her first year as a royal married to Britlliam ain’s Prince William aple at and being a staple ympics the London Olympics ’s and the Queen’s ee, Diamond Jubilee, also garnered the d most-searched scandal of the year when a French magazine published photos of her topless. “Olympics” came in at No. s 7 on the list, as o many turned to o online media to p watch and keep

tabs on the global sporting event held in London during the su summer. On Yahoo!’s separate list of toptop-searched obsessions, pop cultu culture dominated this year, wit with The Hunger Games, rea ality star Honey Boo Boo, e erotic novel Fifty Shades o of Grey, British boy band O One Direction, Carly Rae J Jepsen’s hit song ‘Call M Me Maybe’ and Korean rrapper Psy’s ‘Gangnam S Style’ featuring in the top 10. Yahoo! Inc compiles its annual search lists based on aggregated visitor activity on the network and billions of consumer searches.

CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Environment UK on track to hit 2020 green energy targets -DECC THE UK is on track to meet its 2020 renewable energy targets after low-carbon electricity generation grew more than a quarter in the year to end-June 2012, thanks largely to new solar and offshore wind projects, a government report said. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said renewable energy accounted for over 10 per cent of total electricity supplied in the 12 months to end-June. Renewable power output grew 27 per cent from July 2011, according to the UK’s latest Renewable Energy Roadmap status report released on Thursday. “Renewable energy is increasingly powering the UK’s grid, and the economy too,” Energy Secretary Edward Davey, who heads DECC,

said in a statement that accompanied the report. “It’s a fantastic achievement that more than 10 per cent of our power now comes from renewables, given the point from which we started,” he said. Britain has a target to produce 15 per cent of its energy, including electricity, heat and transport, from renewable sources by 2020 in a bid to cut climate-warming emissions. This means that 30 per cent of the UK’s electricity must come from renewables by the end of the decade, the government said, with wind playing a leading role. “Right now, getting new infrastructure investment into the economy is crucial to driving growth and supporting jobs across the country ... I am determined

that we get ahead in the global race on renewables and build on the big-money investments we’ve seen this year,” Davey said. DECC has identified around 12.7 billion pounds ($20.6 billion) of confirmed and planned renewable investment by companies between April 1, 2011 and July 31, 2012, potentially creating around 22,800 jobs. The department, which expects the growth in renewables to continue or accelerate, predicts the industry will support 400,000 direct jobs by 2020, up from around 110,000 jobs currently. Government subsidies have played a key role in encouraging investment, however, and economic difficulties have put pressure on support schemes. Government departments have

reined in spending, though officials say the falling costs of the technology mean that less support is required to encourage take-up. Offshore wind power capacity grew by 60 percent to 2.5 gigawatts (GW), while onshore wind grew by 24 per cent to 5.3 GW, according to figures in the Renewable Energy Roadmap report. Solar photovoltaics recorded the highest growth with an increase of five and a half times to 1.4 GW in capacity by the end of June 2012, the report said. Industry group RenewableUK welcomed the findings of the report. “The update is spot on. It highlights the sector’s dynamic growth and the healthy pipeline of wind, wave and tidal projects to come,”

RenewableUK Deputy Chief Executive Maf Smith said. “It’s right to note that costs are falling steadily, so renewables will continue to offer even better value for money for all of us,” he said, adding that it will help stabilise the price of energy. In November, Britain set out plans to triple support for lowcarbon power generation by 2020 in order to help replace ageing fossil fuel power plants with less polluting alternatives. The outlay will be clawed back through higher energy bills. Under the agreed Levy Control Framework, spending on lowcarbon power generation will increase to 7.6 billion pounds a year in real terms by 2020, from the current 2.35 billion pounds, to reduce dependence on gas.

Poachers make 2012 a deadly year for Africa’s rhinos and elephants By mid-December, 633 rhinos were killed in South Africa alone AFRICA’S biggest animals were poached in near record numbers in 2012, with surging demand for horn and ivory from Asia driving the slaughter of rhinos and elephants. By mid-December, poachers had killed 633 rhinos in South Africa, according to environment ministry figures. That marks a new annual peak in the country that is home to most of the continent’s rhinos, and a sharp rise from the record 448 poached last year and the mere handful of deaths recorded a decade ago. Elsewhere in Africa, the slaughter of elephants continued unabated, with mass killings reported in Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo. According to conservation group TRAFFIC, which monitors global trade in animals and plants, the amount of ivory seized will likely drop from 2011, when a record number of big hauls were made globally. But the trend remains grim. “It looks like 2012 is another bumper year for trade in ille-

gal ivory though it is unlikely to top 2011,” said Tom Milliken, who manages TRAFFIC’s Elephant Trade Information System. In 2011, an estimated 40 metric tons of illegal ivory was seized worldwide, representing thousands of dead elephants. So far this year about 28 metric tons has reportedly been seized but the number is expected to climb as more data comes in. “The last four years since 2009 are four of our five highest volume years in illegal ivory trade,” said Milliken. Demand for ivory as ornamental items is rising fast in Asia, in tandem with growing Chinese influence and investment in Africa, which has opened the door wider for illicit trade in elephants and other animals. Rhino horn has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, where it was ground into powder to treat a range of maladies including rheumatism, gout and even possession by devils. Ivory smuggling has also

Rhino horns are more valuable than gold. (Below left) a de-horned rhino been linked to conflict and last week the UN Security Council called for an investigation into the alleged involvement in the trade of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. Led by warlord Joseph Kony, who is being hunted by an African Union and US-backed military force, the LRA is accused of terrorising the country’s north for over 20 years through the abduction of children to use as fighters and sex slaves. “The illegal killings of large numbers of elephants for their ivory are increasingly involving organised crime and in some cases well-armed rebel militias,” the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) said in a statement this week. “In Bouba N’Djida National Park, in northern Cameroon, up to 450 elephants were allegedly killed by groups from Chad and the Sudan early this year,” said CITES, which is an international agreement that oversees trade in wildlife.

In the case of rhino horn, demand has also been growing in Vietnam, where a newly affluent class has been buying it to treat ailments ranging from hangovers to cancer. The claims have no basis in science but demand has pushed the price of the horn up to $65,000 a kilogram on the streets of Hanoi, making it more expensive than gold. Most of the rhino killings take place in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Gangs armed with firearms and night-vision goggles enter from neighbouring Mozambique, from where observers say the horn is often smuggled out through the same routes used to bring illegal drugs from Southeast Asia into Africa. “Kruger is a national park the size of Israel and it is incredibly difficult to police,” said Julian Rademeyer, author of Killing for Profit, a book published this year that examines the international rhino horn trade.

South Africa has deployed its military to patrol Kruger while its tax agency SARS and police have stepped up the fight. But it also lost ground in 2012 due to a two-month strike by National Park workers and corruption within the ranks of the park service that undermined its anti-poaching efforts. South Africa hosts virtually the entire population of white rhino - 18,800 head or 93 per cent - and about 40 per cent of Africa’s much rarer black rhino. Africa’s elephant population varies. Estimates for the numbers in Botswana are as high as 150,000 but in parts of central and west Africa the animal is highly endangered. “Central Africa has been bleeding ivory but for the last few years there has also been an upsurge in poaching in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique,” said Milliken. Trade in rhino horn is strictly prohibited under CITES while that for ivory is mostly illegal.

Great Barrier Reef facing coral loss THE WORLD’S largest coral reef - under threat from Australia’s surging coal and gas shipments, climate change and a destructive starfish - is declining faster than ever and coral cover could fall to just 5 per cent in the next decade, a study shows. Researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in the northeastern city of Townsville say Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has lost half of its coral in little more than a generation. And the pace of damage has picked up since 2006. Globally, reefs are being assailed by myriad threats, particularly rising sea temperatures, increased ocean acidity and more powerful storms, but the threat to the Great Barrier Reef is even more pronounced, the AIMS study found. “In terms of geographic scale and the extent of the decline, it is unprecedented anywhere in the world,” AIMS chief John Gunn told Reuters. AIMS scientists studied data from more than 200 individual reefs off the Queensland coast covering the period 1985-2012. They found cyclone damage caused nearly half the losses, crown-ofthorns starfish more than 40 per cent and coral bleaching from spikes in sea temperatures 10 per cent. The starfish are native and prey on the reefs. But plagues are occurring much more frequently. Ordinarily, reefs can recover within 10 to 20 years from storms, bleachings or starfish attacks but climate change impacts slow this down. Rising ocean acidification caused by seas absorbing more carbon dioxide is disrupting the ability of corals to build their calcium carbonate structures. Hotter seas stress corals still further. Greens say the 2,000 km (1,200 mile) long reef ecosystem, the centre-piece of a multi-billion tourism industry, also faces a growing threat from shipping driven by the planned expansion of coal and liquefied natural gas projects. Those concerns have put pressure on the authorities to figure out how to protect the fragile reef.



Lifestyle Tears and sm at London g

Home grown Jessica Ennis’ gold helped Britain come third in the medals table

Makeover of global glamour made this enduring occasion for sport reports Oss


RITAIN spent nearly nine billion pounds ($14.42 billion) to create a magical and ambitious wonderland of venues for the 2012 Olympic Games, where fans were thrilled across a capital whose grime and grandeur alike got a makeover of global glamour. The Games proved a timely shot in the arm, spiritually if not financially, for a bruised nation struggling with economic recession. The government, citing figures that were all but unmeasurable, said they would even deliver monetary benefits, to the tune of some $20 billion, though others were sceptical. As for sport, the cash delivered a gold rush of medals for the somewhat startled hosts placing them third, their best result since 1920, if well behind the table-topping United States and China, which returned to the number two spot after dominating its home Games in Beijing four years earlier. More importantly, though, the July and August Games gave Britain - and Britishness - a reputational boost, at home and abroad, at a time when few who are younger than the 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth can recall its days of imperial glory. Instead, 2012 showcased a new, modern London as a tolerant, welcoming and multicultural city. Britain delivered, or, as the otherwise rather beleaguered Prime Minister David Cameron put it after the Games: “We showed the world what we’re made of; we reminded ourselves of what we could do.” Many overseas agreed. Recalling prophecies of doom, about terror and traffic and Londoners’ deep reserves of cynicism and, well, reserve, Italy’s Corriere della Sera declared: “Thank you, London A lesson to the pessimists... When it comes to parties, festivals and ceremonies, no-

one can match the British.” “The neo-British... are emotional,” marvelled the Italians, traditional champions in the heart-on-sleeve stakes. “They feel the tension beforehand; they weep on the podium and watching the television; they put down their beer and hug their neighbour.” What the investment left behind was an unforgettable sporting tapestry of tears, drama and raw emotion played out against backdrops from Buckingham Palace to a grand new stadium where factory hulks once blighted the blitz-scarred East End. These were the Games that Olympic chief Jacques Rogge called “happy and glorious”, echoing Britain’s national anthem “God Save the Queen” as Elizabeth celebrated 60 years on the throne.

They opened with seven young, unknown athletes lighting the cauldron and had as their motto Inspire a Generation. As he closed the Games, Rogge said: “The human legacy will reach every region of the world. Many young people will be inspired to take up a sport or to pursue their dreams.” The 2012 Olympics proved the perfect stage for the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, who became the first man to defend the 100 and 200 metres double on the running track. As he accelerated to the 200 title, Bolt put his finger to his lips - silencing the doubters. With his Jamaican team mates, he went on to a “double treble”, breaking the world record to retain the

4x100 metres relay title. “I came here to become a legend and I am now,” Bolt told Reuters before an earlyhours turn as a nightclub DJ. “I’ve got nothing left to prove. I’ve shown the world I’m the best.” In the pool the supremacy issue was resolved emphatically when Michael Phelps swam to a status as the most decorated Olympian with 22 medals, 18 of them gold. His victory set off a debate about whether that meant he was the world’s greatest. Phelps, too, had nothing left to prove and promptly quit the sport. “It’s kind of weird, it’s very strange, the first day of not having to swim and never having it again,” the American told Reuters. “I’m not sure right now how I feel. It’s really confusing.” There was no confusion on the subject of sporting domination, though, with the US finishing the Games on top of the medals table. Having trailed China in Beijing, the Americans beat the Chinese into second place with a haul of 46 golds among their 104 medals. China won 38 golds and 87 in all. “We like to come in first,” US Olympic Committee chief Scott Blackmun said. “And there is nothing wrong with that.”

Magnificent Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony set the standard for the rest of the games

The London Olympics were a party for the world, marshalled by Britain’s soldiers, sailors and airmen, after a private security contractor caused a scandal two weeks before the start by announcing it would not be able to

Not since topping the table - in London - in 1908 had Britain won so many golds provide enough guards. The military solution proved a masterstroke as 18,000 troops flooded Olympic venues, leaving fans comforted by their professionalism and impressed by their cheerful good humour. Oscar winner Danny Boyle’s quirky opening ceremony,

Stunning victory: Mo Farah winning one of his medals

featuring a playful - and first - cinematic performance by the Queen herself, alongside James Bond actor Daniel Craig, captivated the world and set the stage for a spectacular Games. Britain’s Olympians took up the baton to finish third, ahead of traditionally mighty Russia, with 29 golds across the field. Fresh from Britain’s first win in the Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins, a fashion throwback

A stunt double dropping into t had appeared on a filmed seg

sday, January 1, 2013

15 Television






miles by the billion games

summer’s Olympics an sian Shine

Royal approval members of the royal family were frequent visitors to the Olympic events

to the 1960s Mod era, won the men’s cycling time trial early on. His gold gave him seven career medals, more than any other British Olympian. British success snowballed. Jessica Ennis dominated the heptathlon and became a national heroine overnight, along with Somali-born 5,000 and 10,000 metres double winner Mo Farah. His handson-pate “Mobot”, an M-forMo victory salute, rivalled Bolt’s arrow gesture for most

emulated pose in souvenir snaps. Kenya’s David Rudisha smashed the 800 metres world record to win gold in one minute 40.91 - a run that Games chief Sebastian Coe, himself a former Olympic middle-distance champion, called the “stand-out performance” of London 2012. Not since topping the table - in London - in 1908 had Britain won so many golds. One went to Nicola Adams;

the Olympics opening ceremony after the Queen herself gment

with a dazzling smile and down-to-earth Yorkshire grace, the 29-year-old gave the performance of her life to win women’s boxing’s first Olympic final. London was also the first Games to feature women from every nation, as the remaining Arab states who had resisted abandoning their allmale team rosters relented under pressure. Women’s soccer got a major boost and a crowd of more than 80,000 attended a memorable, magical final where the US beat Japan 2-1 for a third successive gold. On the men’s side, five-times World Cup winners Brazil were left seeking the one major title to elude them when they were beaten by Mexico. Andy Murray put Wimbledon heartbreak behind him to win tennis gold with a breathtaking thrashing of Roger Federer, a victory that prefaced his first grand-slam title at the US Open five weeks later. Britain ruled the velodrome and Chris Hoy wept tears of joy as the hosts ended their Olympic track cycling campaign with seven titles. Other tears were shed in bitterness. South Korea’s Shin A-Lam wept for an hour on the fencing piste after a timing quirk denied her the place in the final she thought she had secured. Top-seeded Chinese badminton player Yu Yang quit the sport altogether in despair after being sent home following a tactical “play-to-lose” scandal: “You have heartlessly shattered our dreams. It’s that simple,” she said. “This is unforgivable.” Regardless, China completed a sweep of all five badminton golds, but the treatment of the women, and a whispering campaign about doping against swimming sensation Ye Shiwen angered the Chinese. “There are double

standards that have taken aim at the Chinese team and its athletes,” said The People’s Daily. One American who contribheir gold collection, uted to their he same time won and at the he world over, was hearts the d “flying squirrel” 16-year-old ouglas who became Gabby Douglas the first African American to win the women’s all-around cs crown. gymnastics “I was kind of America’s rt leading into the sweetheart hich made me feel so Games, which good, you know, that America loved me,”” she grinned. a’s giants of the NBA America’s nspired Spain to beat an inspired e Olympic basretain the tle. Kevin Duketball title. he way with rant led the 30 points. South Korea’s women extended their omiarchery domination by heir winning their seventh consecutive Olympic team title and took the individual gold for the seventh time in mpics. eight Olympics. Another constant, at these Games at least, was the British monarchy; the royals popped up at venues everywhere - none more so than at the equestrian where the Queen’s grand-daughter Zara Phillips won silver in eventing, then was presented with the medal by her own mother, former Olympic rider Princess Anne. The war on doping was fought fiercely; 12 competitors were expelled or left the Games for violations, while Belarussian shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk was stripped of her gold and Uzbek wrestler Soslan Tigiev had his bronze medal taken back. Former anti-doping chief Dick Pound said the message

was clear, at least every four years: “I would not expect many cases at the Olympics,” he said. “Because if you test positive here, you fail not a bu an IQ test.” drugs test but What began with a quirky mish-mash o of an opening ceremon ended with ceremony

a thumping celebration of London and British music. The Spice Girls and George Michael sang. So too did The Who, with their global anthem for the future ‘My Generation’, and Queen - though not the monarch this time, just the band.

I am the best: Usain Bolt at the summer games

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


What’s on


(K) All Audiences (12/15/18) No admittance to Under-12s/ 15s/ 18s (N/A) Not Available

Times are subject to change, so check first with cinemas before you head out

Telephone no: K-Cineplex: 7777-8383 Rio Limassol: 25871410 Rio Paphos: 26-207000

NICOSIA Cloud Atlas (N/A) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 7 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.30pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 4) at 7 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 An… (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.35, 7.55 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.25pm; KCineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.35, 7.55 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 11am, 1.10pm and 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Wreck-It Ralph (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 3.25pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 11am, 1.10pm and 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Life of Pi (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.30, 7.50 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.05pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) at 5.30, 7.50 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 11.30am and 3.05pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Arbitrage (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.50 and 10.20pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) at 7.50 and 10.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Hotel Transylvania (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 3.15pm; K-

Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 11.20am, 1.20pm and 3.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 7 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) at 7 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Rise of the Guardians (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.05pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.05pm, weekends also at 3.10pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.05pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 4) (in English, in 2D) at 5.05pm, weekends also at 11.15am, 1.15pm and 3.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 7.50 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

LIMASSOL Cloud Atlas (N/A) Rio 1 at 4.30, 7.35 and 10.30pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 7 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 An… (12) Rio 2 (in Greek), weekdays at 8 and 10pm, weekends at 8.10 and 10.10pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.35, 7.55 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383

CINEMA WEBSITES: K-Cineplex:, Friends of the Cinema Society:

Wreck-It Ralph (K) Rio 2 (in Greek), weekdays at 6pm, weekends at 4.30 and 6.20pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Life of Pi (K) Rio 4 at 5.30, 8 and 10.15pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.30, 7.50 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.05pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Arbitrage (12) Rio 3 at 10.30pm. Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.50 and 10.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Zarafa (K) Rio 2 (in Greek). weekdays at 4.30pm, weekends at 3pm. Tel: 25-871410 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12) Rio 3 at 4.30 and 7.35pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 7 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Seven Psychopaths (18) Rio 5 at 10.05pm. Tel: 25871410 Shadow Dancer (12) Rio 6 at 5.30 and 7.45pm. Tel: 25-871410 Hotel Transylvania (K) Rio 3 (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 2.50pm. Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 3.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Lawless (15) Rio 6 at 10.05pm. Tel: 25-871410

Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 3.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Rise of the Guardians (K) Rio 5 (in English, in 2D) at 3.30pm (weekends only) and 5.30pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.30pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 4) (in English, in 2D) at 5.05pm, weekends also at 3.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 7 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (12) Rio 5 at 7.45pm. Tel: 25-871410

LARNACA Cloud Atlas (N/A) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 7 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.30pm. Tel: 7777-8383 An… (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.35, 7.55 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Wreck-It Ralph (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Life of Pi (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.30, 7.50 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.05pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Rise of the Guardians (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.05pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.05pm, weekends also at 3.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 7.50 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

PAPHOS Cloud Atlas (N/A) Rio 5 at 7 and 10pm. Tel: 26207000 An… (12) Rio 6 (in Greek), weekdays at 8.30 and 10.30pm, weekends at 5.30, 7.30 and 9.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 Wreck-It Ralph (K) Rio 7 (in Greek), weekdays at 5.30pm, weekends at 11am, 3.30pm and 5.20pm. Tel: 26207000

Arbitrage (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.50 and 10.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Life of Pi (K) Rio 3 at 3pm (weekends only) and 5.30pm; Rio 7 at 7.30pm; Rio 1 at 10.30pm. Tel: 26207000

Hotel Transylvania (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in

Zarafa (K) Rio 5 (in Greek), weekdays

at 5pm, weekends at 11am, 3.30pm and 5.30pm. Tel: 26207000 Arbitrage (12) Rio 4 at 7.30 and 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12) Rio 6, weekdays only at 5.30pm; Rio 1 at 7.30pm; Rio 7 at 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000 Seven Psychopaths (18) Rio 3 at 10pm. Tel: 26-207000 Hotel Transylvania (K) Rio 1 (in Greek, in 3D), weekdays only at 5.30pm; Rio 6 (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 11am and 3.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 Shadow Dancer Rio 2 at 5pm (weekends only) and 7.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 Rise of the Guardians (K) Rio 4 (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 11am and 3.30pm; Rio 1 (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 11am, 3.30 and 5.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (12) Rio 3 at 7.45pm. Tel: 26207000 Skyfall (12) Rio 2 at 9.30pm. Tel: 26207000

listings Today Music Tus Celebrate the New Year with one of the most popular Hip-Hop artists in Greece. January 1. D’ Argento Club, 8 Profiti Ilia Street, Germasogia, Limassol. 11.55pm. €25 open bar. Tel: 99-109191

original drawings, 15 high quality reproduction artworks, giant art panels and rare copies of Leonardo codices. Opens January 3, until February 28. Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Vasilissis Street (Medieval Castle Area), Limassol. Tel: 25-342123. www.



Nightstalker Legendary Greek, heavy rockers perform live. January 3. Savino Live, 1 Watkins Street, Larnaca. 8.30pm. €10 presale /13 at the door. Tel: 24-620861



Tribute to Pavlos Sidiropoulos A tribute to one of the most popular Greek rock musicians of the 70s and 80s, with Yiorgos Koutras, Antonis Antoniou, Christopher Kafkalas and Panagiotis Hatjithoma. January 2. The Cave Bar, Skali Aglantzias, Aglantzia, Nicosia. 10pm. €5. Tel: 97-760503/22-337322

Mazi Elia Ioannidou and Stavros Poyiatzis present a humorous musical about a fashion house. January 3-5. Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €15. The net proceeds will be donated to the Cyprus Anticancer Association. Tel: 97-895259

Coming Up Exhibition Da Vinci Machines – An exhibition of Genius Exhibition displaying more than 60 interactive machines from Da Vinci

Ongoing Other Events First International Christmas Fair Includes a wide range of events and concerts for families and children. December 14-Janaury 1. Christmas Fair, Sea Road, Between McDonalds

and Pascucci Café, Yermasoyia. All day event. Tel: 97-745594 European Political Thought A series of seminars to be presented by Dr Eleni Papamichael, followed by a discussion. Participants to more than six seminars will be awarded Diplomas of Attendance. Until January 23. M106 (Millennium building 1st floor) at the University of Nicosia 8.45pm. Every Wednesday. €50. Monitoring individual lectures €10. Tel: 22-841600/ 99-536311 and/or 7 films: Harun Farocki A selection of screenings by legendary German filmmaker, critic and teacher followed by discussion and talk with the artist. Within the framework of the opening ceremony of a new contemporary art centre. Until February 15. Point Centre for Contemporary Art Megaron Hadjisavva, 2 Evagorou Street, Nicosia. Every Wednesday through Sunday from 11am-5pm. Tel: 22-662053. Email: Bidoun Library A mobile library consisting of books, magazines and other printed matter about the Middle East. Within the framework of the opening ceremony of a new contemporary art centre. Until February 15. Point Centre for Contemporary Art Megaron Hadjisavva, 2 Evagorou Street, Nicosia. Tel: 22-662053. Email:

Theatre Death and the Maiden Satiriko Theatro presents play by Chilean playwright Ariel Dorfman. Until January 25. Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, 11-15 Vladimiros, Kafkarides Street, Aglantzia. Every Wednesdays and Fridays at 8.30pm. €15/10. In Greek. Tel: 22312940/22-421609 Spring Awakening THOC presents work by Frank Wedekind, directed by Dimitris Lignadis. Until January 26. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Every Wednesday through Sunday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 77-772717/22-864300 The Elephant Man Theatro Ena presents a play by Bernard Pomerance, translated and directed by Andreas Christodoulides. Until January 27. Theatro Ena, 4 Athinas Avenue, Nicosia. Every Friday through Sunday at 8.30pm. In Greek. €15/12. Tel: 22-348203 Social Security THOC presents a play by Andrew Bergman. Until January 27. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Friday through Sunday. Friday & Sunday at 8.30pm, Saturday at 6pm and 8.30pm. Tel: 77-772717/22-864300 The Magic Flute The Children’s Stage of Satiriko Theatre presents play adapted and

directed by Thanasis Theologis. Until January 27. Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, 11-15 Vladimiros Kafkarides Street, Aglantzia. Every Sunday at 10.30am. €10. In Greek. Tel: 22-312940/22-421609

Do You Have New Plans? Group mixed-media art exhibition. Until January 7. Is Not Gallery, 11 Odysseus, Chrysaliniotissa, Nicosia. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Tel: 22-343670

Shakespeare in an Hour Pirasmos Productions presents a theatrical comedy directed by popular Cypriot actor and director Loris Loizides. Until January 27. Pantheon Art Cinema, 29 Diagorou Street. Thursday through Sunday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 70-001910

Ceramic Art Exhibition More than 60 works by Cypriot and Maltese ceramists., Until January 10. Larnaca Municipal Gallery. Monday-Friday: 9am-1pm & 3pm-6pm

Noah’s Family A theatrical play for children written by Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Thomas Moschopoulos. Until February 3. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou. Every Sunday at 10.30am. In Greek. Tel: 22-864300 Misery Stephen King’s psychological thriller staged by Satiriko Theatre. Every Friday and Saturday. Until February 13. Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, 11-15 Vladimiros Kafkarides Street, Aglantzia. Every Wednesdays and Fridays at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-312940/22-421609

Exhibition Constantinos Stefanou Solo painting exhibition. Until January 5. Morfi Gallery, 84 Agkyras St, Limassol. Monday-Saturday: 10am1pm. Tuesday-Friday: 5pm-8pm.Tel: 25-378733.

For a full guide to the week’s events and regular meetings, make sure you get a copy of the Sunday Mail

12-12-12 Group art exhibition. Until January 12. Elefsis, 7 Aischylou Street, Laiki Yitonia, Old Nicosia. Opening hours: 10am-2am. Tel: 99-51679/99-870869 Unity – Unity Solo painting exhibition by Pavlos Samios. Until January 12. Apocalypse Gallery, 30 Chytron Street, Nicosia. Monday- Friday: 10.30am1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30am-1pm. Tel: 22-766655 Women Solo sculpture exhibition by Dinos Michaelides. Until January 15. Gallery Gloria, 3 Zinonos Sozou Street, Nicosia. Monday-Friday: 10.30pm12.45pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30pm-12.45pm. Tel: 22-760286 The of Art as a Functional Object Group art exhibition. Until January 18. Centre of Contemporary Art Diotopos, 11 DZ, Crete Street, Nicosia. Monday: 5pm-8pm.Tuesday-Friday: 11am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 11am-1pm. Tel: 22-766117

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Television CYBC 1 08.00 11.00

Protohronia Parea (rpt) Kaftes Piperies (rpt) Local cookery show.


Istories Tou Horkou (rpt) Local comedy series, which happens to be the longest-running show on TV.

12.00 15.00

CYBC 2 07.00 08.00 16.45

17.00 18.00 18.15

Ai Vasili Vasilia News Agapi Ishiri


Patates Antinahtes Special (rpt)


20.00 21.00 22.00

18.50 18.55 19.10

20.00 21.00

Father Christmas’ festive preparations are disrupted by the mischievous Jack Frost, who intends to sabotage the toy factory. Fantasy comedy sequel, with Tim Allen. 2006.

News Tis Paragas Greek FILM: I Aliki Sto Naftiko News Repeats

22.30 00.00 00.15

12.10 13.00 16.00

Ekeines Kai Ego Protohronia Mazi (rpt) FILM: Just A Walk In The Park A dog-walker meets the woman of his dreams while caring for a pampered pooch. Romantic comedy, starring George Eads. 2002.

News In English News In Turkish Simply Red - For the Last Time

NRG Zone FILM: Santa clause 3: The Escape Clause

FILM: Pop Rocks A former heavy-metal star tries to keep his past a secret from his family and friends while he rehearses for a reunion concert. Drama, starring Gary Cole. 2004.

FILM: High School Musical

Christine Bleakley hosts as the band, fronted by Mick Hucknall, perform a selection of their hits as they prepare to bring the curtain down on a career spanning three decades.

Comedy, starring Aliki Vougiouklaki. 1961.

23.30 00.15


Two teenagers from completely different backgrounds discover a shared love of performing, and try to land roles in the school play. Musical, starring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. 2006.

Local comedy sketch. Popular local satirical show, using comedy sketches and embarrassing TV clips to skewer local politicians.

NRG Zone Kids’ TV Candid Camera Unsuspecting people react to bizarre events.

Vienna New Year Concert FILM: The Santa Clause A moody businessman accidentally sends Santa Claus to the great grotto in the sky and has to don the red suit himself. Christmas comedy, starring Tim Allen and Judge Reinhold. 1994.



FILM: This Time Around A PR executive is thrilled to discover her newest client is the former jock who humiliated her at school. Romantic comedy, starring Carly Pope. 2003. With News at 18.00.

19.20 20.15 21.20

FILM: My Fake Fiance Two strangers with financial problems pretend to get engaged just for the gifts. Romantic comedy, starring Melissa Joan Hart. 2009.

Vienna New Year Concert (rpt) Kati Psinetai (rpt) News In English & News In Turkish (rpt) 01.00

06.00 07.00 07.40

10.00 13.20 15.00 18.00 18.20


I Dipsa (rpt) Emeis Ki Emeis (rpt) FILM: Hook

07.00 08.00

A grown-up Peter Pan returns to Neverland to rescue his children from Captain Hook. Steven Spielberg’s fantasy adventure, starring Robin Williams. 1991.


Proino Mou Anonymous (rpt) Yia Sena News Master Chef

09.40 13.00 16.00

19.20 20.15 21.15 22.10 23.10

Eftyhismenoi Mazi (rpt) News Klemmena Oneira Enoha Mystika FILM: First Sunday Two bungling crooks try to rob a church, but when the heist goes wrong they end up holding the entire congregation hostage. Crime comedy, starring Ice Cube. 2008.

00.00 00.50 01.30 04.30

News I Apli Methodos Ton Trion (rpt) Yia Sena (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)


20.20 21.15 22.20


Late Programmes

10.10 12.30 13.00

Chaotic cartoon capers following the further adventures of the popular halfwit immortalised in the live-action TV series and Hollywood film.

14.20 15.50




FILM: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Harry and Dumbledore are targeted by the Wizard authorities as an authoritarian bureaucrat slowly seizes power at Hogwarts. Fantasy adventure, starring Daniel Radcliffe. 2007.

FILM: Home Alone 3

Efta Ourani Kai Sinnefa Alites News Aspra Balonia FILM: Will You Marry Me?

Kids’ TV Star News Protohronia Sto Plus (rpt) Ta Kopelia (rpt) O Theios Mou O Ninja No 2 FILM: The Golden Compass In a parallel world, a girl sets out on an epic quest to save her best friend and other kidnapped children from the magisterium’s evil experiments. Fantasy adventure, starring Nicole Kidman . 2007.

Protohronia Sto Sigma (rpt) Eleni FILM: Fluke

Crooks get more than they bargained for when trying to retrieve a microchip that’s fallen into the hands of a resourceful eightyear-old. Comedy sequel, starring Alex D Linz. 1997.



Oi Takkoi (rpt) Tha Se Tho Sto Ploio (rpt) Mr Bean

A dog discovers he was a man in a past life and sets out to be reunited with his wife and son. Family adventure, with Matthew Modine. 1995.

New season of Greek reality series. Amateur cooks compete to win the coveted MasterChef title.

I Evreti Tou Touli (rpt) News FILM: Dumb And Dumber Comedy, with Jim Carrey. 1994. See Pick Of The Day.



21.00 22.30

Greek FILM: Aliki Sto Naftiko FILM: Batman Forever The crimefighter battles a plot by villains Two-Face and the Riddler to control the brains of the entire world. Superhero sequel, with Val Kilmer. 1998.

Three young men enjoy their bachelor status, until one of them decides to marry the love of his life. Romantic comedy, starring Shreyas Talpade. 2012.


Countdown Your Countdown (rpt) Eleni (rpt)

02.00 02.50 03.50

CAPITAL 07.00 11.00 11.30 13.10 14.10

A youngster befriends a puppy, but is sent to live in an isolated town where the mayor has banned dogs. Festive family drama, starring John Billingsley. 2002.

16.10 17.30

Greek FILM: Na Petherps, Na Malama FILM: Laws Of Attraction Two warring divorce lawyers contest a case in Ireland - but after a drink-fuelled knees-up, wake to find they are married. Romantic comedy, with Pierce Brosnan. With News at 18.30.

19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00

News Sports Time Rubi FILM: Stepmom A photographer falls for a man with two children, but struggles to accept her role as a stepmother. Drama, starring Julia Roberts. 1998.


FILM: Six Days & Seven Nights A journalist and pilot are stranded on a desert island, and face a series of dangers to survive. Romantic adventure, with Harrison Ford. 2004.

FILM: Fearless Hyena Martial arts film, starring Jackie Chan. 1979.

LTV Sports News Star News Repeats

Kids’ TV Kouzina Me Apopsi Greek FILM: To Ftohopaido Kid’s TV FILM: The 12 Dogs Of Christmas


Late Programmes

The Adjustment Bureau (Novacinema3, 21.00)

06:30 Last Of The Summer Wine 07:00 3rd & Bird 07:10 Boogie Beebies 07:25 Teletubbies 07:50 Balamory 08:10 Buzz & Tell 08:15 3rd & Bird 08:25 Boogie Beebies 08:40 Teletubbies 09:05 Balamory 09:25 Buzz & Tell 09:30 Comedy Countdown - The Runner-Up 10:30 The Weakest Link 11:15 EastEnders 11:45 Doctors 12:15 Gavin & Stacey: Christmas Special 2008 13:15 King Edward VII: King of Pleasure 14:05 EastEnders 14:30 Doctors 15:00 Comedy Countdown 19:00 EastEnders 19:30 Doctors 20:00 Comedy Countdown - The Runner-Up 21:00 Comedy Countdown - The Winner 22:00 Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2010 23:00 A Jubilee Tribute to the Queen by the Prince of Wales 00:00 BBC Electric Proms 2008: Oasis 01:00 The Weakest Link 01:45 Comedy Countdown 04:15 Comedy Countdown The Runner-Up 04:45 Comedy Countdown - The Winner 05:15 EastEnders 05:45 Doctors

07:00 How It’s Made 07:25 Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55

Ultimate Survival 11:50 Dirty Great Machines 15:25 American Chopper 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made 21:00 Mythbusters 22:00 Outback Truckers 23:00 Aircrash Confidential 00:00 How We Invented The World 01:00 Curiosity 02:50 Outback Truckers 03:50 Aircrash Confidential 04:50 How We Invented The World 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 Ski Jumping: World CupFour Hills Tournament Germany 10:30 Tennis: Atp Tournament Doha 12:45 Equestrian: Horse Racing Time 13:00 Ski Jumping: World Cup-Four Hills Tournament Germany 17:00 CrossCountry Skiing: World Cup-Tour De Ski Switzerland 18:30 Winter Sports: Ski Pass 18:45 Alpine Skiing: World Cup Germany 20:15 Tennis: Atp Tournament Doha 22:30 Boxing: Bigger’s Better-Heavy Weight Contest Latvia 00:00 Motorsports: Gta Race To Dubai 00:15 Rally: Rally Raid Dakar 00:45 Ski Jumping: World Cup-Four Hills Tournament Germany 01:45 CrossCountry Skiing: World Cup-Tour De Ski Switzerland

05:40 Desperate Housewives 06:25 Castle 07:10 Modern Family 07:35 New Girl 08:00 Body Of Proof 08:50 Tabatha’s Salon Takeover 09:40 Desperate Housewives 10:25 Castle 11:10 Modern Family 11:35 New Girl 12:00 Raising Hope 12:25 Melissa & Joey 12:50 Glee 13:40 Body Of Proof 14:30 Masterchef 15:20 Desperate Housewives 16:05 Castle 16:50 Modern Family 17:15 New Girl 17:40 Body Of Proof 18:30 Masterchef 19:20 Desperate Housewives 20:10 Castle 21:00 Raising Hope 21:25 Melissa & Joey 21:50 Glee 22:40 Modern Family 23:05 New Girl 23:30 Raising Hope 23:55 Melissa & Joey 00:20 Glee 01:10 Castle 02:00 Desperate Housewives 02:45 Modern Family 03:10 New Girl 03:35 Rita Rocks 04:00 Body Of Proof 04:50 Masterchef

07:00 Pawn Stars 07:30 Storage Wars 08:00 UFO Files 09:00 Pawn Stars 09:30 American Restoration 10:00 Pawn Stars 10:30 Storage Wars 11:00 Ancient Aliens 12:00 Pawn Stars 13:00 American Restoration 14:00 Pawn Stars 14:30 American Restoration 15:00 UFO Files 16:00 Pawn Stars 16:30

Pawn Stars 17:00 American Restoration 18:00 Pawn Stars 18:30 American Restoration 19:00 UFO Files 20:00 Pawn Stars 20:30 Storage Wars 21:00 Ancient Aliens 22:00 Storage Wars 23:00 American Pickers 00:00 Pawn Stars 00:30 Storage Wars 01:00 Ancient Aliens 02:00 Storage Wars 03:00 American Pickers 04:00 UFO Files 05:00 Pawn Stars 05:30 American Restoration 06:00 Ancient Aliens

07:30 Christmas With The Kranks 09:30 That Darn Cat 11:15 Horse Whisperer, The 14:15 Good Guy, The 16:00 Batman Begins 18:20 Friends With Money 20:00 Ltv Sports News 21:00 King’s Speech, The 23:15 Invisible Sign, An 01:00 Witches Of Eastwick, The 03:00 Bad Boys 05:00 True Stories 06:30 Ltv Sports News

07:00 Chowder I 07:25 Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack, The 07:50 Tom & Jerry Show,

The 08:15 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! I 08:40 Loonatics Unleashed Ii 09:05 Superman: The Animated Series Ii 09:30 Superman: The Animated Series Ii 09:55 Looney Tunes Show, The 10:20 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:45 Fanboy & Chum Chum 11:10 X’s, The 11:35 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 12:00 Dora The Explorer 12:25 Spongebob Squarepants 12:50 Spongebob Squarepants 13:15 Mighty B!, The 13:40 My Life As A Teenage Robot 14:05 Hey Arnold! 14:30 Icarly 14:55 Icarly 15:20 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! I 15:45 Justice League Unlimited I 16:10 Legion Of Super Heroes Ii 16:30 Young Justice 17:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 19:00 Nba Action 19:30 Barclays Premier League World 20:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 22:00 Best Premier League Games 22:30 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 00:30 Planet Speed 01:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 03:00 Best Soccer Games Of The Season: Liga Bbva 05:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13

07:15 Chuck 08:00 2 Broke Girls 08:30 Bones 10:00 According To Jim 10:45 2 Broke Girls 11:10 Necessary Roughness 13:00 Underbelly 13:50 Chuck

14:35 Bones 16:05 Eastbound & Down 16:35 Two And A Half Men 17:25 Closer, The 18:10 Harry’s Law 18:55 Underbelly 19:45 According To Jim 20:30 Big Bang Theory, The 21:00 Mentalist, The 21:45 C.S.I. New York 22:30 Southland 23:20 Shameless 00:15 Hung 02:45 C.S.I. New York 03:35 Eastbound & Down 04:10 Two And A Half Men 04:55 Closer, The 05:40 Harry’s Law 06:25 Underbelly

07:35 Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory 09:20 Superman Returns 12:00 All The King’s Men 14:15 Wild Target 16:00 Arthur 18:00 Elf 20:00 Police Academy 22:00 Unknown 00:00 Country Strong 02:15 I Love You, Man 04:15 Marriage On The Rocks 06:15 U.S. Marshals

06:05 Air Force One 08:10 No Reservations 09:55 Kung Fu Panda 2 11:25 Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure 12:55 Captain America: The First Avenger 15:00 Larry Crowne 16:50 Hollywood 1on1 17:25 The Stone Angel 19:25 Gulliver’s Travels 21:00 C.S.I. 22:00 Hugo 00:15 In Time 02:05 Cine News 02:35 I Am Legend 04:15 Trespass

06:50 Proof Of Life 09:05 Cine News 09:30 Puss In Boots 11:00 Inspector Gadget 12:25 The Films And Stars Of 2012-2013 13:25 Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 15:45 Nisos 2: To Kinigi Tou Xamenou Thisavrou 17:35 Hollywood Buzz 20:10 The Vow 22:00 Friends With Benefits 01:50 One Day 03:40 Cine News 04:40 Conviction

06:10 The Two Jakes 08:30 Xxx 10:35 Cine News 11:25 Largo Winch 2: The Burma Conspiracy 13:25 The Negotiator 15:45 Cine News 16:15 The Lincoln Lawyer 18:20 Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 21:00 The Adjustment Bureau 23:00 How I Met Your Mother 00:20 Salvation Boulevard 02:00 Adult Zone 03:50 Sacrifice

06:25 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules 08:05 Micki & Maude 10:05 Rio 11:45 Habemus Papam 13:35 Prom 15:25 Mrs. Doubtfire 17:30 Morning Glory 19:25 Manolete 21:00 Ever After: A Cinderella Story 23:10 A Little Bit Of Heaven 01:00 Melinda And Melinda 04:15 Amador

By Preston Wilder

Dumb and Dumber (Antenna, 21.20) Start the New Year as you mean to go on - or watch this brain-cell-destroying comedy instead, confirming 2013 as the Year of the Dumb. Jim Carrey is dumb, Jeff Daniels is dumber (though it could be the other way around). They drive across America to return a briefcase containing $1 million in ransom money, though plot comes second to Carrey’s manic antics (his salary was nearly half of the $15 million budget) and random dumbness like the woman with an Austrian accent (“Austria!” cries Jim happily. “G’day mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!”). Audiences rolled in the aisles when Jim spiked Jeff’s drink with laxa-

tives, and pundits worried about the dumbing-down of the culture; 19 years later, with a hooker taking a dump on the floor in Ted and Jason Bateman getting a mouthful of poo in The Change-Up, the film’s amiable coarseness seems positively quaint. For better or worse, one of the most influential comedies of the past two decades. Quite funny, too. Made in 1994.

Hugo (Novacinema1, 22.00) Hugo (Asa Butterfield, a child with the stillness and big attentive eyes of a young Elijah Wood) lives in a Paris train station, hiding behind the main clock and getting about through a secret maze of vents and corridors, pilfering what he needs to live. Hugo’s


enemy is the station inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen) who prowls the place with his Doberman, catching orphans - like Hugo - and handing them over to the authorities. Hugo’s only ally is Isabelle (Chloe Grace Moretz), the ward of a grumpy toy-seller named Georges (Ben Kingsley) - but the time is the 1930s and Georges is actually Georges Méliès, a former filmmaker fallen on hard times. Méliès was a real person, one of the great magicians of the silent era - and the film is an ode to the Magic of the Movies as well as an ode to miraculous machines, from a smart automaton (a gift from the boy’s late dad) to the 3D in which Hugo was originally filmed. Whimsical, lavish to look at, altogether lovely. Directed by Martin Scorsese in 2011.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL









7 8 9 10 13


HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved, you solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. With the ‘X’ sudoku, the shaded X must also contain the numbers 1-9.


15 17 18



19 20





21 22

1 Algy claws disruptive rascal (9) 2 Removed gent’s data that became stale (9) 3 Staircase one cannot go straight up (6) 4 Gatecrasher called and rushed wildly about (8) 5 Joined together but failed to make a connection (5) 6 Glanced, having included a weapon (5) 11 Sweet drink on the rocks? (9) 12 Rush with the directors in the front of the car (9) 14 In position for the case (8) 16 Not a tricky call? (6) 18 Join girl before ten (5) 19 Tumbler found in the window (5)

Rating EASY

3 Deficiency during brief season in America (9) 7 Most upset it had been split (3-2) 8 Specifying a separate article before I make some notes (9) 9 Drink consumed by some village revellers (5) 10 Muddled theologian in the lead faltering (6) 13 Young animal Gary and Neil disturbed (8) 15 Mid-south resort? (8) 17 What-d’ye-call-it, this small ingenious device (6) 20 Roves round to get a powered mechanism shortly (5) 21 Going round in a canter in the flesh (9) 22 Fast car, one hidden by Rolls-Royce initially (5) 23 Living was first in French church (9)

Rating HARD


Rating HARD




Answers to crossword 2274


CRYPTIC: Across – 1 Waterproof; 8 Gap; 9 Cablegram; 10 0ff pat; 11 Samba; 13 Ashore; 15 Handel; 17 Pepys; 18 Quartz; 21 Allotment; 22 Top; 23 Toll-bridge. Down – 1 Wage; 2 Top of the poll; 3 Recap; 4 Rebate; 5 Oversea; 6 Premeditated; 7 Amiable; 12 Caspian; 14 Risotto; 16 Squeal; 19 Astir; 20 Apse.

QUICK: Across – 1 Misleading; 8 Van; 9 Bestirred; 10 Slower; 11 Hence; 13 Pumice; 15 Brutus; 17 Nonet; 18 Cradle; 21 Chevalier; 22 Gem; 23 Allegretto. Down – 1 Move; 2 Single-minded; 3 Elbow; 4 Desert; 5 Neither; 6 Bring to light; 7 Adverse; 12 Spinach; 14 Catcall; 16 Scribe; 19 Airer; 20 Umbo.

ARIES March 21 - April 20

LEO July 23 - August 22

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21

On this New Year’s Day, your mind may be on the future and on all the things you didn’t manage to achieve last year. It’s a good time to set goals and make a pledge to take that first step. As Mercury aspects Neptune, you may enjoy the latest movie or a chance to read an amazing fantasy novel. Socially, you can have a good day too Aries.

With the help of Venus, you may be in a flirtatious mood as the cosmos provides many opportunities for romance and fun filled activities. Expect the New Year to open on a busy note. Your plans may also include looking to increase your health and wellbeing and to get fitter than you’ve ever been. It may be time to develop a workable health strategy.

There are many sociable elements around, encouraging get-togethers, parties with friends and family and lots of fun times. Venus in your sign brings warmth and openness to your day. An online connection may possibly develop into a new friendship that you may find delightful. Yet one cautionary note; be careful with financial transactions.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21

VIRGO August 23 - September 23

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20

You may be keen to take on some new challenges as the start of 2013 encourages you to move out of your comfort zone. Perhaps you have a yearning to travel, or perhaps to take up a course of study. Whatever it is, you may be busy planning a strategy to make it happen. An invite to a friendly get-together can see you start the year with panache.

A relationship concern may come to the forefront, perhaps creating some anxious feelings between you. But with your usual charm and natural ability to get to the heart of the matter, things may be sorted before the end of the day. Mars in Aquarius may mean you have a thousand things you want to do at once. Make time to rest and relax.

The very intense feelings you felt recently may be beginning to wear off, and with Mercury newly in your sign, you may feel a need to take action or speak out. Current influences are perfect for writing some escapist thoughts down, or indulging in a fab new DVD. Whatever floats your boat today you’ll be ready for some good times now and in the future.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21

LIBRA September 24 - October 23

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19

Involved? Your partner may suggest doing something special. Jupiter gives a special glow to the day and could see you arranging an event that brings friends and family together, especially this evening. A focus on shared assets suggests that you might want to pool resources to purchase something special or perhaps to start a business.

An optimistic outlook can take you far. There’s a lot going on at home with the opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones. You’ll enjoy it if people call around, and making a fuss of them. But you’ll also find that happiness can come to you too. Single? There’s an opportunity for romance, but you are encouraged to take a bold step forward.

You may find you gain insight and understanding into a certain relationship, and this helps you feel more connected, and perhaps deepens the bond between you. The chance to share an intimate moment could be part of the picture today. The prospect of having fun is very appealing. Mars may be urging you to take a risk - and just go for it!

CANCER June 22 - July 22

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22

PISCES February 20 - March 20

Whether you and a friend reconnect after an absence or whether you revisit the past, you may be in the mood to reminisce and look forward to the future too. Your social agenda may be busy today - if you are not too weary from last night, and for once you’ll be able to kick back and let others do the work. The day holds the promise of good times ahead.

This New Year’s day may bring a chance to chat with old friends and to relax with a book or a good movie. With a focus on the sign of Capricorn, you may be in an ambitious mood and thinking about the year ahead. Yet with Venus on the prowl in your money zone, this may be a good day to hit the high streets and pick up some fabulous bargains.

Upbeat trends may enable you to forge ahead with personal projects, and friends may have some positive suggestions. A fun focus on your home zone is perfect for this New Years Day and any celebrations you may be holding. It can help to work on your goals sooner rather than later, and if you do, you can hit the ground running for 2013.


CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Advertiser Only

helps you find what you’re looking for

€14 (plus VAT)

a week for classifieds (up to 40 words)

Send your classified by fax or email and pay by credit card, cheque or cash. It couldn’t be simpler! Nicosia - email: Limassol - email: Paphos - email:

MISCELLANEOUS *****************************

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - CYPRUS Is drink costing you more than just money? AA could be the answer. Meeting at the following locations/days. Call to speak to an AA member.

teach English! The London Teacher Training College is offering TEFL Certificate courses in Cyprus. For more information call now on 99839307.

Nicosia - tel: 22 818583 fax: 22 676385 *****************************



***************************** *****************************

Larnaca Tuesday (Polish spk) 96616589 Thursday 24645523 / 99259264 Limassol Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday 25368265 / 99559322 Nicosia Wednesday/Sunday 99013596 Paphos Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday 99916331 / 99399240 Details of meetings are available on *****************************

ACUPUNCTURE, cupping, skin honing, massage. For the alleviation of aches, pains, stress and rehabilitation from illness or injury. Qualified Chinese practitioner. Pafos [Konia] 9922 1851.CLINICAL PILATES. Personalised Clinical Pilates by Physiotherapists in Nicosia. Individual assessment and supervision of exercises. “Clinical pilates” is a modified form of therapeutic exercise used by physiotherapists to assist in the rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injury especially lower back pain, sacro-iliac pain and neck pain. More info on 22446988.

TAG 87, a very handsome young male wirehaired pointer cross around 1,5 years old. Friendly, attentive and athletic. At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and puppies like this one are looking for forever homes! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact on 99520511 mon-frid 10-2pm.




LOUISE, she is around 1 year old Segugio Italiano cross and she is not suitable for hunting. She will make a perfect pet as she loves cuddles, hugs and kisses. Very playful gentle girl, friendly with other dogs and loves kids! At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and puppies like this one are looking for forever homes! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact on 99520511 mon-frid 10-2pm.

DO YOU WANT A SHINY LOOKING FLOOR? Full repair & restoration of chipped, scratched, dull and stained, Marble, Terrazzo, Stone & Ceramic tiled floors and surfaces. Professional cleaning, repair & sealing of internal/ external ceramic tiles & grout lines. For a free professional consultation & demonstration contact Mark at Premier on 70006766 or 96333961 All areas *****************************

K.D.FLYSCREENS LTD We manufacture top quality sliding screens, opening doors and roller systems. We also do repairs. For a FREE QUOTE please contact Phone: 99119582 Website: *****************************

WE UNDERTAKE REFURBISHING of houses or holiday homes, construction of pergolas, undertaking of plumbing, house painting, garden work. For information call JIMMYS: 96587137, MELIS: 96547879

Paphos - tel: 26 911383 fax: 26221049 fees till the 31.12.12. Tel. 99 621914


PRIME LAND IS AVAILABLE FOR LONG LEASE IN LIMASSOL. 40, 000 sq.m., zoning Ka7 (80% -45% - 3 stories). Regular amphitheatrical shape overlooking Ladies Mile. Close to New Limassol Hospital with direct access to Limassol – Paphos Highway. Water supply, electricity and telephones are readily available. Suitable for immediate development. Ideal for various health facilities and resorts, holiday centres, commercial and shopping centres, entertainment enterprises etc. Information: Tel. 22 674338, 99621554 *****************************

FOR SALE LAND in Anthoupoli (half plot) 288 sq.metres. for information 99621554. *****************************

FOR SALE MOTOR VEHICLES *****************************

FORD FOCUS GHIA (2006) diesel, 1600cc, 98000km, blue, automatic - tiptronic. dual zone climate control, power steering, electric windows, 6 airbags, central locking, cruise control, computer board, alloy wheels, and many extras. €6900 ono. Contact: 99022779 - Nicosia



BDL SHIPPING Worldwide animal transportation, Home removals including small loads Vehicle import & export, General collection and delivery (including IKEA), Rubbish removal plus general transportation & shipment. Competitive rates. Phone: 99239311 Web:










OZZY is an adorable male which came into the shelter almost a year ago! The person who found him wanted to help increase his re-homing chances so he sponsored his neutering...! But Ozzy has since been sitting in the shelter wishing for a new family...! But he has a great character and is only around 2 years old! At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and puppies like this one are looking for forever homes! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact on 99520511 mon-frid 10-2pm.



GERMAN BUSINESSMAN 50 years, searching for a nice woman. Mobile: 00491736590562


CHIMNEY SWEEP, when did you last have your chimney swept or log burner cleaned? Build-up of soot can cause respiratory problems and fires. All areas, call Dave, a professional sweep, now on 99819137. Also available for weddings.

Ayia Napa Monday 97798043


Limassol - tel: 25 761117 fax: 25 761141

PROFESSIONAL UPHOLSTERY CLEANING, also carpets, rugs and mattresses. Special offers now available. For a quote call Rickys Cleaning Services on 99131044 (all areas) *****************************

DO YOU NEED A WEB-SITE BUT ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE COST? Web design & hosting at exceptionally low prices, experienced designer & programmer , your dream web-site is only a phone call away. Don’t delay!!! Call Andros for a free quote or consultation on 99335078,, - islandwide

FAR INFRARED SAUNAROOM I sell my Sauna room for €1200. Imported new but not used. Costed €1800. Call 99 643397

FOR SALE BUSINESS/ PROPERTY/LAND *****************************

TIMI, PLOTS, a few selected available, seaview, near the 2 golf courses, Venus rock and airport. 60% Building factor, eu 99,000. Half registration fees till the 31.12.12. Tel. 99 621914 *****************************

LARNACA, Alethriko, plots for sale, 525 sqm, 90% building factor, near highway Limassol-Larnaca, 5 min from airport, quiet residential area, eu 109,000. Half registration


BEAUTIFUL listed house for rent in the village of Agrokipia, 2 bedroom, large living room with fireplace, large garden. Rent €550 per month negotiable. For info please call 99358863, 97643896. *****************************

HOUSE FOR RENT, at Deftera, 12 minutes from Nicosia, 6 years-old, excellent condition, 3 bdrm, 3 w/c, fully a/c, kitchen with electrical appliances, store-room, satellite disk, garden with lawn. Please call 99573688.

Larnaca - tel: 24 652243 fax: 24 659982

classified contents Employment Opportunities pg -Employment Miscellaneous 19 Pets 19 Lessons 19 Health & Fitness 19 Personal 19 Services 19 For Sale Miscellaneous 19 For Sale Land/ Property Business 19 For Sale Motor vehicles 19 Wanted -To Let Nicosia 19 To Let Limassol 21 To Let Larnaca 21 To Let Paphos 21 To Let Protaras, Ayia Napa, Paralimni -For Sale Nicosia 23 For Sale Limassol -For Sale Larnaca -For Sale Paphos 23 For Sale Ayia Napa -For Sale Famagusta Protaras 23 For Sale Athens -Property& Home Services display ads --

abbreviations bdrm c/h a/c s/pool f/f apt pm pw sw nw st rd p/s c/l swb r/cass e/w

bedroom central heating air conditioning swimming pool fully furnished apartment per month per week south west north west street road power steering central locking short wheel base radio cassette electric windows

Please note tel nos. that begin with:


FLATS TO LET - Nicosia: A wide selection of furnished & unfurnished in all areas of Nicosia. NIKARIA ESTATE LTD Theo Loizides 22761616 / 99660050 nikaria@cablenet.

22 = Nicosia 23 = Paralimni/Protaras 24 = Larnaca 25 = Limassol 26 = Paphos


Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA *****************************

2 BDRM flat (almost new, 4 years old) at Lycavitos with good area near University of Cyprus with fully equipment kitchen, a/c in all rooms. For info call 96530532.

TO LET NICOSIA rooms, big dining and sitting rooms, kitchen and a huge veranda. Approximate covered area 250 sqm. Monthly rent €1400.00 o.n.o. Tel: 99622370. cy



FOR RENT spacious modern 5 Bedr house, next to Metro Supermarket, Strovolos, Nicosia. Furnished, 3 Restrooms, air-conditioning throughout, central heating, extra office room, amble storage spaces, covered garage, verandas with pergola, garden, barbecue area, quiet street in a qul de sac. Call 99606856.

MODERN 2 BDRM, first floor flat in attractive building in Anthoupolis, very quiet area between the Grammar School and the European University, also very convenient for Pascal and Highgate Schools and the University of Nicosia. Large front veranda, all appliances, modern fittings, light and bright. Furnished or unfurnished €550p.m. Call 99900177.


TO LET 3 bedroom house situated on a dead end street next to a small quiet park near Falcon School. Has an En-suite master room, large study room, central heating, a/c and fire place in the living room. For enquiries tel 99660758 *****************************

LUXURIOUS APARTMENT FOR RENT A luxurious one floor apartment situated in central Nicosia in an area of exceptional Beauty at 3 Museum Street, is available to let. It has been recently renovated and consists of four bedrooms, two bath-


2 ROOMS €125 each, near McDonald’s Engomi only Philippine girls. Call 99663927. *****************************

FOR RENT 3 B/R apartment fully furnished close to Central Bank. 3 W.C., fully airconditioned extra storeroom, owned covered parking. Excellent condition. Information: Tel. 99621554 *****************************

3 BEDROOMS flat on second floor in a block of six flats, in a nice position at Strovolos area, fully a/c, c/h, covered parking place for one car, re-

TO LET NICOSIA cently painted. Rent €650pm. (furnished if required). Tel: 97773358. *****************************

LUXURY HOUSES: 1. 5 bedrs detached house, 550sq.m, built in 2 big plots of land, big garden with grass, big swimming pool with extra fence for children and big covered patio with bbq area, big reception areas with marble floor, fire place and bar, big kitchen with all electrical appliances and sitting room with fire place, maid’s room, floor heating, full a/c, blinds on the windows, master bedroom with en suite bathroom and shower, big bathroom for the other 3 bedrooms and extra shower in the 5th bedroom - Strovolos €2500 (H5ST10001-R), (photos in the website). 2. H3AR0004-R, 3 bedr luxury detached house with central heating, full a/c, 3wc, 2 bathrooms, parquet floor throughout the house, big sitting and dining area, big kitchen with family room opening onto the swimming pool which has big covered area with wooden deck, bbq area, covered parking, in a very quiet area behind Apoel football training ground - Archagelos - €1700 (photos in website).

Thoroughbred horses for riding not older than 10 years old in excellent physical condition will give for free in good hands.

3. 2 bedr fully renovated semi detached house 120 sq. m, a/c for hot and cold, small yard, FULLY FURNSIHED or not, double glazed windows with aluminum shutters, in a quiet area off Nikis behind Burger King - ACROPOLIS €600 (H2ACS0001-R), (photos in the website).

For more information please call 99986921

4. 3 bedr luxury semi-detached house with character, 200sq.m, central heating, full ac, sitting and dining room with fire place, big kitchen

SELEC Fencing & Decking Specialist

English-Painter & Decorator

For all your Garden and Security Fencing

Fully Qualified 30 years’ Experience


♦ Quality approved workmanship ♦ 15 years experience + guaranteed work ♦ English workers ♦ also garden gates ♦ sheds ♦ chain link fencing ♦ free estimates ♦ all types of fencing & decking

Tel. SELEC fencing 99176557

ALL AREAS • External & Internal painting • Damp Damage Repairs • Spritze Repairs • Free Estimates + very clean work • All areas. All types of woodwork stained and preserved • All work guaranteed

Tel. Tony on 99176557



with cooker and oven, dishwasher and refrigerator, nice mature garden with flowers, trees and small garden with grass, covered parking, 3wc, 2 bathrooms in a quiet neighborhood. Available middle of January. Agios Andreas €1200 - H3AAD0001-R (photos in website). 5. 4 BEDR spacious luxury detached house with central heating, full a/c, 3wc, big sitting and dining area, big separate kitchen with electrical appliances and family room, big bedrooms, blinds, bbq area, garden, 2 parking(one covered), in a very quiet area near Apoel training field – ARCHANGELOS - €1200 – H4AR0016-R (photos in website). 6. 3 bedr+big attic room with shower and wc luxury new house, 210sq.m, central heating, full a/c, 4wc, blinds on all windows, cooker and oven in the kitchen, small garden, covered parking near Alpha Mega supermarket - STROVOLOS €1100 (H4ST10007-R), (photos in the website). 7. 3 bedr detached ground floor house with separate maid’s room, with very big garden with grass(200sq.m) and covered patio with bbq and bar, central heating, full a/c, 180sq.m, FULLY FURNISHED or NOT, 2 covered parking, storage room, in a very quiet neighborhood op-

posite Acropolis park - Acropolis - €1000 - H3ACS0004-R (photos in website). 8. H4LAK0002-R, 3 bedr + office space luxury detached house, built on a big plot, 350sq. m, big swimming pool with cover, garden with grass, big sitting and dining room, separate family room, central heating, a/c, curtains on all the windows, cooker, dishwasher and dryer, parquet floor throughout the house,3wc, 2 bathrooms, 2 covered parking in a quiet area on the borders of Strovolos with Lakatamia Lakatamia- €1600 (photos in website). 9. 3 bedr upstairs and 2 separate bedroom in the basement luxury detached house(all the bedrooms with en suite bathrooms/shower), also separate kitchen and sitting room in the basement which has also separate entrance from the house, central heating, full a/c, solid parquet floor all the house, big sitting and dining room with fire place, big fully equipped kitchen with breakfast area and family room, big overfloor, swimming pool with covered patio area with fully equipped bar(bbq, fridge, freezer, cooker), mature garden around the house, 2 parking places, alarm system near the Cyprus Conference Centre- PLATY AGLANTZIAS €3500 (H5PAG0002-R), (photos in the website).

TO LET NICOSIA 10. 4 bedr semi detached house with central heating, 4 a/c, 3 wc, 2 bathrooms, 180sq.m, electrical appliances, small yard, bbq area, off Kostantinoupoleos street near French ambassador residence.- STROVOLOS €700 (H4ST10043-R), (photos in the website). 11. 4 bedr luxury semi detached house with good size garden with grass, big covered patio with bbq area, central heating, a/c units, 3wc, 2 bathrooms, 2 covered parking, FULLY FURNISHED AND EQUIPPED, in a quiet area in a dead end close to all amenities and schools. - ANTHOUPOLIS €1300 (H4ANT0002-R), (photos in the website). 12. 4 bedr luxury detached house, 350sq.m,central heating, full ac, big garden with fruit trees, grass and swimming pool 6 X 12,2 covered parking, electrical appliances in the kitchen, 4 years old in a very quiet area 25 min from the centre – DEYTERA €2000 – H4DEF0001-R (photos in website). 13. 3 bedr ground floor house with big separate 80sq,m room with shower and wc for multi use, central heating independent, full a/c, 2wc, 2 shower,1 bathroom, fully furnished, small garden, bbq area, parking, on a small building in a very quiet area near Agios Vasilios church. Strovolos - €900

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CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA - H4ST10028-R (photos in website). 14. 3 bedr detached house with extra room for office, 250sq.m, central heating independent, 4a/c, big renovated kitchen with cooker and oven, big sitting and dining room with parquet floor and fire place, 1bathroom, 2 shower, 3wc, 2 covered parking, double glazed windows and shutters in bedrooms, big verandas surrounded by trees and bushes off 28th October street in the central part of Makedonitissa - Makedonitissa - €1100 – H3MAK0004-R (photos in website). For many more properties with photos visit our website at which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22-422225/96422225/96422226, www.landtouristestates. com *****************************

LUXURY FLATS: 1. 3 bedr luxury finished spacious floor apartment with very big sitting and dining areas with family room with fire place, solid parquet floor all throught, central heating independent, full a/c, all the bedrooms with en suite shower/bathroom, 4wc, big kitchen with all the electrical appliances, blinds on all windows, big covered veranda, covered parking, big storage room, on a small 3 storey building in a quiet neighborhood – Agios Andreas- € 1300 – A3AAD0005-R (photos in website). 2. AINIC0006- R, 1 bedr., fully furnished and equipped apartment, 50sq.m, 2AC for hot and cold, covered verandah, covered parking, nice view, off Makarios avenue between Hilton and DEBENHAMS shop. Nicosia centre, € 450 (photos in website). 3. 3 bedr new luxury big apartment 150sq.m+big 25sq.m veranda with very nice view, big sitting and dining areas, big separate kitchen with all the electrical appliances, big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, storage heaters, full a/c, shutters and blinds on the windows, covered parking in a quiet neighborhood off Prodromou close Ministry od Defence – Engomi- €600 – A3ENG0026-R (photos in website). 4. A1DAS0010-R, 1 bedr luxury spacious apartment with big sitting and dining room, big bathroom, big bedroom with shutters, covered veranda, storage heaters, 2a/c, cooker and oven in the kitchen, covered parking in a quiet area in a small modern building near Acropolis Park. Dasoupolis €400 (photos in website). 5. 2 bedr new luxury modern furnished apartment , central heating ind, 2 a/c, big covered veranda and covered parking in a quiet area behind the Municipal building – Agios Dometios - € 660 - A2ADO0004-R (photos in website). 6. 2 bedr luxury spacious apartment on a small modern building with central heating independent(with petrol), full a/c, solid parquet floor, big bedrooms, big sitting room

TO LET NICOSIA with open plan kitchen, big covered veranda, FULLY MODERN FURNISHED, covered parking off Makarios avenue in a quiet area near the centre – Nicosia Centre- € 800 – A2NIC0030-R (photos in website). 7. 4 bedr luxury floor apartment,250sq.m, office, maid’s room, central heating ind, full hidden wall unit a/c,2 showers, 1 bathroom, 3wc, parquet floor, big kitchen with cooker and oven, bbq on the veranda in the kitchen, big sitting area, roller blinds on all the windows, alarm system, big veranda on a small building off Athalasas avenue near Alpha Mega supermarket and Areteion hospital – Dasoupolis - € 1100 - A4DAS0002-R (photos in website). 8. A1ACS0007- R, 1 bedr luxury spacious apartment with 2 a/c for hot and cold, electrical appliances in the kitchen, big bedroom, covered veranda, blinds, covered parking, in a quiet area near Acropolis park. NICELY FURNISHED. Acropolis €450 (photos in website). 9. 3 bedr new luxury finished PENTHOUSE apartment 150sq.m internal areas+120sq. verandas, solid parquet floor all the flat, big bedrooms, big sitting and dining room, big semi separate kitchen with electrical appliances, home cine ma with big screen, LCD tv, covered parking in a quiet neighborhood near CYTA, Laiki + Hellenic bank headquarters and French school. CAN BE RENTED ALSO expensive MODERN furnished – Dasoupolis - € 1200 - A3DAS0019-R (photos in website). 10. 2 bedr luxury apartment with 3 a/c for hot and cold, big covered veranda, covered parking and storage room, NICELY FURNISHED, near Acropoli park behind Tseriotis showroom – ACROPO-

TO LET NICOSIA LIS - €450 – A2ACS0033-R (photos in website). 11. 3 bedr luxury spacious ground floor apartment with separate entrance, big verandas and garden, big sitting and dining room, central heating independent, full a/c, 2wc, very big master bedroom, electrical appliances in the kitchen, aluminum shutters on windows, parquet laminate floor all the flat, covered parking, storage room, in a very quiet neighbourhood in a dead end street, off Athalasas Avenue behind Stephanis near English School €650 (A3ST10030-R), (photos in the website). 12. 2 bedr luxury apartment with central heating independent, full a/c, electrical appliances in the kitchen, blinds, big covered veranda, in a small 2 storey building in a quiet area behind Tymvos – MAKEDONITISSA - € 500 – A2MAK0008-R (photos in website). 13. 3 bedr luxury apartment with central heating independent, full a/c, 2 bathrooms, parquet floor, big sitting and dining area, big covered veranda, covered parking, storage room, blinds, shutters in the bedrooms, big kitchen with all expensive electrical appliances, off Makarios avenue near the centre – Nicosia Centre- € 800 – A3NIC0025-R (photos in website). 14. 4 bedr new spacious luxury finished floor apartment with floor heating independent, full a/c, 3wc, electrical appliances in the kitchen, blinds on all windows, very big 50sq.m covered veranda, fire place, covered parking and big overfloor heated covered swimming pool on the ground floor, on a small 3 storey building in a quiet neighbourhood near a playground and near Ippokration private hospital Engomi - €2000 A4ENG0003-R (photos in website).

TO LET NICOSIA 15. 2 bedrs new luxury apartment, sitting room open plan with kitchen which includes cooker, oven, refrigerator and washing machine, 2 wc, central heating, full AC, blinds on the windows, very big covered verandas, covered parking and storage room in a dead end off Athalassas avenue near Laiki popular bank and Hellenic bank headquarters. - DASOUPOLI €500 (A2DAS0006-R), (photos in the website). 16. 2 bedr luxury apartment with a/c for hot and cold, NICELY MODERN FURNISHED, covered parking, off Stavrou Avenue behind Coffee Beanery. PRICE INCLUDES COMMON EXPENSES – STROVOLOS € 550 – A2ST10051-R (photos in website). For many more properties with photos visit our website at www.landtouristestates. com which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22-422225 / 96-422225 / 96422226 www.landtouristestates. com *****************************

2 BDRM flat in the centre of Nicosia. Rent €450. For information call 99453663, 99663927.

TO LET LIMASSOL furnished renovated this year. Laminated parke floor, and big wardrobes in the 3 bedrooms. Rent €590.00 Tel 99497576 99886775



3 BDRM VILLA with pool for rent furnished or unfurnished, garden, garage (covered) near Tsada golf course, Tel: 99603330.




BEDROOM NICOLADES SEA VIEW CITY BLOCK, a/c’s in all rooms, private parking, sea view, walking distance to everything, can be used for office or residential. €750, minimum 12 months contract. 99320077 Larnaca


FOR RENT 2 bed, 2 bath, new built apartment, in a quiet scenic location In Alethriko, Larnaca 5 min. to Larnaka, 5 min. to the beach Fully furnished, A/C, communal pool, under covered parking, Long term rent, €350.00 per month For more info pls call 99639378 *****************************

FULLY FURNISHED one bedroom flat near Larco hotel Larnaca. Price €370. Tel: 99202543 *****************************

LIMASSOL *****************************




dining area, fully airconditioned and heated, unfurnished, panoramic views, large parking, low rent contact: 99490953, 26815534


PAPHOS *****************************


PAPHOS / PEYIA VILLA, villa for rent in Peyia, 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, large sitting-

APHRODITE HILLS - Villa share at this amazing resort? Now available for discerning people, luxury double rooms, each with own en suite and heating unit and plus of large lounge/dining/ kitchen area, external patios, gardens and swimming pool. Fully furnished and equipped €800pm plus share of running expenses, min period 6 months or yearly contract renewal. To enquire (or view from January 2013) ring 99178141. A chance not to be missed! *****************************



Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser TO LET PAPHOS ARE THE RENTAL AGENCY TO CONTACT OFFERING FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & RENT COLLECTION SERVICE 1. UNIVERSAL AREA €450 spacious 3 bedroom first floor apartment, master with ensuite. Situated on small complex with no pool. Fully furnished with modern furniture, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher. Balcony leads to a large private roof terrace



with shaded barbeque area offering views of the sea, storage & sunbathing deck.

part furnished. Pets allowed at owners discretion. Website reference number: RTL_482

2. SEA CAVES €500 we are delighted to offer this detached 2 bedroom villa situated on a corner plot in a quiet residential area offering sea views. Gated drive for off street parking. Fully enclosed good sized low maintenance garden with private pool offering privacy and shaded areas. Available unfurnished or

3. KISSONERGA €550 modern detached 3 bedroom villa situated in a quiet residential area. Master bedroom with ensuite, separate kitchen, downstairs guest wc. Enclosed garden offering private pool & off street parking. Available unfurnished though can include kitchen appliances. Pets allowed at owners

TO LET PAPHOS discretion. Website reference number: RTL_501 4. PEYIA €700 price includes pool cleaning. If you are looking for a villa with breathtaking views & privacy than this property is for you. This modern detached 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa is furnished with modern furniture, including satellite TV. One bedroom & bathroom on ground floor. A spacious enclosed garden with private pool offering stunning views. Off street parking. Website reference number: RTL_401 5. CHLORAKA €750 modern detached 4 bedroom 3 bathroom villa with ground floor bedroom & bathroom. Beautifully furnished with good quality modern furniture includes sky satellite, fly screens & feature fireplace with modern gas fire. Private pool offering views of the sea. Off street parking. Situated within walking distance of bus routes & shops. Website reference number: RTL_611 6. KATO PAPHOS €800 large 4 bedroom detached villa situated in the sought after residential area of Limnaria. Walking distance to the beach and the many amenities of Kato Paphos. Spacious living accommodation offering an enclosed garden with c/pool. Fully furnished with modern furniture & solar panels. Website reference number: RTL_442

TO LET PAPHOS 7. ANAVARGOS €895 we are delighted to offer this unique 5 bedroom 3 bathroom rustic country home offering spacious living accommodation with large gardens, private pool & stone built bbq & entertainment area. Fully furnished with log burner for those winter months. A real character home worth viewing. Pets allowed. Website reference number: RTL_635 offers considered. 8. TALA €900 a charming detached 4 bedroom villa with character, situated on a corner plot in a quiet residential area with breathtaking sea views. Spacious living rooms with central heating & real fireplace. Separate kitchen & dining room. Good sized garden offering private pool and stone built barbeque area. Undercover parking. Available fully furnished. Website reference number: RTL_638 TEL: 97790883 OFFICE: 26271858 VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MANY MORE PROPERTIES Email: info@ *****************************

FOR RENT A selection of 1 to 5 bedroom houses & apartments F/F & U/F Universal, Peyia, Tomb of the Kings, Tsada, Timi, Chlorakas & Kato Paphos Landlord & Owners please call 99329357 Or please view at are website www.cyprus-

TO LET PAPHOS Fully Registered Company in Cyprus *****************************

A DELIGHTFUL AND SPACIOUS 1 bedroom apartment, F/F, top floor, new, located at a peaceful location just 500 from St. George hotel in Chloraka. A+ quality apt. Within walking distance to amenities, part of a beautiful building with swimming pool, list and other amenities. Only €250p/m Other apts also available near Carrefour in the Centre of Paphos. Call 99403261, 26934650 *****************************

FLOWRON PROPERTY SERVICES LTD: PROVIDING AN EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE FOR TENANTS AND LANDLORDS: PROPERTIES AVAILABLE FOR RENT LONG TERM RENTAL, PROPERTIES WANTED: FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT WITH KEY HOLDING AND RENT COLLECTIONS OFFERED ANAVARGOS: 1 to 3 Bedroom apartments available near to the general hospital, furnished or unfurnished. All properties, have white goods and are modern. The building has a lift and off street parking. Prices from 300-400 Euros per month. Ref 7777 Price 300-400 ANARITA: 3 bed nicely furnished villa in the centre of Anarita village with private


CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Advertiser TO LET PAPHOS pool, off street parking. Property has a modern kitchen with granite work tops, sitting and dining area, guest wc. Upstairs 3 bedrooms Master with en suite shower, separate family bathroom. Outside shaded pergolas. Ref 855 Price 600 SECRET VALLEY: 3 bed villa fully furnished 3 bedroom villa with private pool. Nice furniture, master bedroom with on suite shower, family bathroom, 2 bedrooms with twin beds. Dining area, kitchen, guest WC, off street parking, private pool. Modern Villa. Ref: 1035 Price 700 SERCRET VALLEY: 4 bed beautiful furnished bungalow to the highest of standards, with large bedrooms - en suites, Modern large kitchen fully equipped, sitting and dining area with fire place. Outside heated pool, off street parking, landscaped gardens and great views. Ref: 1151 Price 1800 TIMI: 3 bed nicely furnished villa with large sitting and dining areas, fire place, full AC. Upstairs large family bathroom, 3 bedrooms, master bedroom having en suite shower and walk in wardrobes. Off street parking, private pool Ref: 722 Price: 600 PEGEIA: 4 bed villa with stunning situated in a lovely quiet location in Pegeia offered unfurnished. The property has 2 down stairs bedrooms, a large sitting room with fire place, central heating, kitchen with Stylish design, dining area. Upstairs 2 bedrooms, large outside veranda. Outside stunning views Private pool. Ref: 765 Price: 900 MESGOI: large unfurnished villa situated in a residential area. Property is very modern with fire place, downstairs bedroom with en suite, kitchen and separate utility room, 3 additional bedroom upstairs with master en suite, family bathroom. Outside private pool, fully fenced and private, nice views, pets welcome, suit family with children going to local international school. Ref: 783 Price: 750 TALA: A family home offered part furnished in a quiet residential area, property has off street parking, private pool, central heating and AC, modern kitchen, sitting/dining area, guest wc, upstairs 3 bedrooms with master en suite, family bathroom, sea views. Ref: 988 Price: 750 OFFICE: 120 MAKARIOS AVENUE, PAPHOS. OFFICE: 26600450 MOBILE: 97614070 many properties available on WEB: www. Email info@ *****************************

PEYIA – 3 bedroom villa with modern quality furniture and finishes. Central heating, sky, alarm, infinity pool and stunnning sea and mountain views €700 per month, call: 99389426 *****************************

BRAND NEW APT, opposite Poseidonio Gym, near Carrefour, F/F, a/c, great quality, 1 bdrm, from €340p.m.Tel 99403261 *****************************


TO LET PAPHOS PROPERTIES AVAILABLE TO RENT IN THE PAPHOS DISTRICT. JUST A SMALL SAMPLE OF AVAILABLE PROPERTIES. ALL TYPES OF PROPERTY URGENTLY REQUIRED FOR LONG TERM RENTAL. CALL 97648440 FOR MORE INFORMATION. LANDLORDS CALL IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY FOR RENT.!!! 1. MESA CHORIO – 2 bed 2 bath fully furnished ground floor apartment set on an elevated position in this prestigious development. Open plan living area. Good sized kitchen. 2 double, bedrooms, master with en-suite shower room. Family bathroom. Large patio areas with enclosed gardens and lovely sea views. Covered parking and security gates.. Comm swimming pool and landscaped gardens. €425.00 a month. 2 bed apartment same complex €400.00 a month. 2 MESOGI 3 bed 3 bath furnished apartment in handy location close to the shopping areas. Large open plan living area and dining area.. Fully fitted dining/kitchen with appliances . Guest WC. Utilty room. 3 double bedrooms one with en-suite. Family bathroom. Balcony & and parking. €500.00 a month. Suit non-drivers! 3. TOMB OF THE KINGS – 3 bed fully furnished apartment in established block. Own entrance via stairway. Open plan living area. Dining kitchen. 3 bedrooms and family bathroom. A/C, sat TV. Internet available. Large balcony area. Parking. €350.00 per month 4. TALA - 3 bed 3 bath quality furnished villa. Set in en-

TO LET PAPHOS closed gardens the villa consists of open plan living area with dining space. Fully fitted kitchen with all appliances, door to rear garden. Storage room. Ground floor bedroom with adjacent shower. Stairs to two double bedrooms both en-suite, one with Jacuzzi tub. Small seating area with adjacent balcony. Pool and off street parking. Landscaped gardens €750.00 per month or close offers only 5. SEA CAVES – 2 bed, 2 bath fully furnished large townhouse set in quiet location. Open plan living area. Fully fitted kitchen. 2 double bedrooms and family bathroom. Garden area and parking. Realistically priced. Suit retired people or those wanting a quiet area. €400.00 per month 6. UNIVERSAL AREA. 2 bed fully furnished apartment. Living area, fitted kitchen. 2 double bedrooms and family bathroom. A/C, Enclosed garden area. Comm pool and parking. Euros 375.00 a month or offers. 1 & 2 bed apartments available on Universal starting at €250 per month. 7. LOWER PEYIA - 3 bed, 2.5 bath part furnished villa situated in quiet cul du sac. Open plan living and dining area with doors out to pool and garden. Very large breakfast fitted kitchen. Doors out to garden and pool. Separate guest WC. Stairs to 3 double bedrooms. Master bedroom very large with en-suite shower. Family bathroom. Private pool, gardens, shutters. €550.00 per month or close offers only. 8. STROUMBI– 3 bed 2.5 bath large unfurnished villa in quiet village area. Spacious open




plan living area with feature fireplace and dining space Good sized fitted kitchen and breakfast area. Guest WC with storage area.3 double bedrooms. Master with ensuite bathroom. Family bathroom. Enclosed gardens, pool and off street parking. Realistically priced €550.00 per month. OVNO


PAPHOS *****************************

REFURBISHED stone-built village house located in Kili Paphos. Consists of 3 large rooms 1 small. Traditional wood burnt fireplace, fully tiled secluded yard and garage. Tel: 99210610.

3 BEDROOM APARTMENT. Large living room and separate kitchen. Excellent views to the sea and the harbour. Double glazing and fly screens throughout. Off peak electric heating. Window shutters to all main rooms and an intruder alarm fitted. Lift and car park. Euro 120.000 ono, Call: 26 947315 PAPHOS, FLATS FOR SALE OR RENT: kissonerga, 3 bedroom flat with title deeds, in a block of 4 flats only, fully renovated, 2 baths, 146 sqm closed area, ch, ac, covered parking, excellent view of sea and mountains, half registration fees till 31.12.12.Reduced to eu 135,000,or rent eu 450 pm. Tel 99 621914




KATO PAPHOS UNIVERSAL, large 2 bedroom apartment, ground floor, 1 bathroom, kitchen, large veranda, private parking, A/C, satellite TV. Near bus route, shops, banks, quiet apartment. Full furniture. Communal pool. 92 sq.m covered area. Full TITLE DEEDS. REDUCED €92,000

PROPERTY FOR SALE NICOSIA *****************************

NICOSIA, FLAT FOR SALE: 2 bedroom flat with title deeds, 110 sqm, fully renovated, best central area, 800m from the

room, veranda, covered parking, communal pool, Furnished. Near all amenities. TITLE DEEDS NOW REDUCED €45,000.

european university,excellent view, eu 99,000. Tel 99 621914


PAPHOS 1 bedroom apartment, fantastic central location, lounge/kitchen, bath-


1 BEDROOM APARTMENT, TOMBS OF KINGS AREA, close to the sea, large private roof terrace with electric and water, covered parking, veranda, furnished, swimming pool. Full TITLE DEEDS, was €95,000 reduced to €65,000. *****************************

Chlorakas, 2 bedroom townhouse. Exceptional sea views. New kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. Private parking, On mains sewage system. Communal pool. A/C, quality fixtures. Fully furnished. Security barrier. FULL TITLE DEEDS Now €92,000 Call 99716390. *****************************

FOR SALE special offer, €79, 000 first floor apartment in Protaras, fully furnished with 2 bedrooms and a swimming pool. Walking distance to the beach of Ayia Triada and all amenities. Tel: 97 608941. *****************************

FAMAGUSTA *****************************

AYIA NAPA, studio for sale, 38 sqm, furnished and fully renovated, with title deed, in licensed complex, 500m from nissi beach, eu 49,000, tel. 99 621914

FOR SALE Semi-detached house in Archangelos area split level on a hill, no houses in front, 3 big bedrooms, 2 big bathrooms and TV room big lounge & dining area, fireplace, fitted kitchen, 40 sq.m. store room, C/H, A/C, solar. For information call: 99496541 DOCTORS ON DUTY NICOSIA Pathologist: Doros Polidorou, Tel: 99727817 Gynaecologist: Marios Eleftheriou, Tel: 22469000, 99433384 Paediatric Surgeon: Giorgos Demetriades, Tel: 22442327, 99425445 LIMASSOL Pathologist: Victor Hadjirousos, Tel.: 25346551,99630288, 25729498 Surgeon: Yiangos Papadopoulos, Tel.: 25383443, 99620502 Neuro-Surgeon: Christos Kyriakides, Tel: 99696706 Paediatric: Gavriil Kaimis, Tel.: 25335366 Paediatric Surgeon: Elka Christophi, Tel: 25762586, 99306678 Ophthalmologist: Andreas Elia, Tel: 25725134, 25353424, 99675811 Doctor: Maro Hadjikyriacou, Tel: 25341814, 25342003


HOSPITALS ........ 1400

Nicosia ........................22 802 020 Limassol ......................25 805 050 Larnaca .......................24 804 040 Paphos ........................26 806 060 Famagusta ..................23 803 030

Nicosia General .............22-801400 Nicosia Makarios ...........22-405000 Limassol Old ................25-305333 Limassol New ................25-801100 Larnaca Old...................24-630312 Larnaca New .................24-630300 Paphos ..........................26-821800 Famagusta ....................23-821211

Drug Law Enforcement Unit ......................................... 1498 (Confidential Information) Rescue Co-ordination Centre ............................. 1441 (Immediate Response Service for Aeronautical or Maritime Accident & Incidents) Game Fund Service: (Wildlife and hunting) Central offices (Nicosia): 22867786, 22-867897 Nicosia: 22-664606, 99-445697 Limassol: 25-343800, 99-445728, Larnaca/Famagusta: 24-805128, 99-634325 Paphos: 26-306211, 99-445679

Narcotics Helpline ......... 1410 (Outside hours.............. 22304160) AIDS Advisory Bureau ................................ 22-302826 Domestic Violence Centre .......................................... 1440 (Emergency Centre for Victims) Drug Info & Poison Control ............... 1401 Cyprus Samaritans ... 77777267 Police Duty Officer ......... 1499 (Confidential Information)

Forest Fires ..................... 1407 Airports Larnaca ..........................77778833 Paphos ...........................77778833


Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser FOR PAPHIAKOS ANIMAL WELFARE SOS HELPLINE, 24 HOUR MEDICAL EMERGENCY SERVICE - CALL 99655581 CONTACT DETAILS FOR PAPHIAKOS. Paphiakos & C.C.P. Animal Welfare Education/Information Centre, No. 12 Dedalos Building, 8049 Kato Paphos PO Box 61272 8132 Kato Paphos Web. www.facebook/paphiakos Email Larnaca Emergency Service - The contact point for animal emergencies in Larnaca is Maria at the Paphiakos Animal Welfare Charity Shop, telephone 24623494 or 99325897 STOP, SHOP AND GIVE TO THE ANIMALS! ALL DONATIONS ARE WELCOME AT OUR CHARITY SHOPS! PAPHIAKOS & C.C.P. ANIMAL WELFARE Registered Charity No 1529 Contact our shops and we can take your clutter The Charity Shops are located at: Shop No.1 Agapinoros Street, Kato Paphos Tel 26910325 Shop No.2 Ap Pavlou Avenue, Kato Paphos Tel 26942894 Shop No.3 Gr. Afxentiou Avensia Court 3 Larnaca 24623494 Shop No.4 9 Ayiou Ioanni Street 3061 Limassol 25561695 Peyia Information Centre & Shop & T Rooms 26622828 Polis Information Centre & Shop & T Rooms 99223572 Book Exchange Shop Trimithousa 99771763 Our shops are always happy to receive your unwanted goods! NOW YOU CAN HELP BY COLLECTING YOUR ALUMINIUM CANS AND HANDING THEM IN AT ANY PAPHIAKOS CHARITY SHOP OR THE CLINIC. SAVE AN ANIMAL AND SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!! PAPHIAKOS CAR BOOT SALE EVERY SATURDAY at the Ambassador Restaurant and outside in the grounds at Paphiakos. Free parking. Sellers from 7am, buyers from 8am. For information & bookings please call MIKE on 96702600. FORTHCOMING EVENTS FOR PAPHIAKOS CHARITY NO. 1529 WORLD ANIMAL DAY. On Thursday October 4th Paphiakos will be micro chipping pets for only €20 including all the paperwork. For further information telephone 26953496. To celebrate World Animal Day on Thursday October 4th Paphiakos will be offering free spaying/neutering for all feral and unwanted animals as they do throughout the year. Contact 26953496 for further details. PAPHIAKOS SHELTER OPEN DAY The Open Day will be held on Sunday October 7th between 10am and 3pm. It will be a Family Fun Day out with a lot of different activities. There is car parking, toilets and refreshments on site so enjoy and join in the celebration of animals and what they bring to our lives. Entrance is €2 CHARITY HAIR CUT. On Thursday 4th October 09.30-17.30 without an appointment Andri at Atlantic Bay Hotel (2nd Floor) will be charging €5 for a haircut with all proceeds going to Paphiakos. Telephone Suzanne on 99151996 or Andri on 99604783. PAPHIAKOS CHRISTMAS BAZAAR. Saturday November 24th 9am – 3pm at the Crazy Spoon Restaurant. For further details contact 99151996. Stalls, Santa’s Grotto, Donkey Rides, Pirate Pat and many more.

SATURDAY SERVICES NICOSIA St Paul’s Church Hall, Byron Ave LIMASSOL ‘Meeting Point’, 193A Christodoulou H’pavlou, opp Molos Park on beach rd BIBLE STUDY FOR ADULTS & CHILDREN 10.00 am Nicosia • 10.30 am Limassol FAMILY WORSHIP SERVICE 11.30 am Nicosia • 11.45 am Limassol Pastor: Branislav Mirilov 96702349 Info: Nsia 96207014 • Lsol 99322614 |

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CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sport Djokovic OK after injury scare at Hopman Cup

Luckless Wozniacki is dumped out of Brisbane

Cowboys will miss playoffs yet again

NOVAK Djokovic was yesterday given a fitness scare in the build-up to his Australian Open defence at the Hopman Cup. The Serbian limped away from court following his singles win over Andreas Seppi, with a railing falling on his leg while signing autographs for fans. The 25-year-old recovered sufficiently to partner Ana Ivanovic in the doubles, though, as his country beat Italy 3-1 on day three of the tournament in Perth. Djokovic was a late arrival on the west coast after winning an exhibition event in Abu Dhabi on Saturday. He still beat Seppi 6-3 6-4, even if he admitted to not being entirely ‘present’. “I arrived quite late last night and didn’t get a lot of hours of sleep and I felt like I was dream-walking,” he said after the match. “I broke the ice after the first set and felt a little bit better.” With Ivanovic having seen off Francesca Schiavone 6-0 6-4, the duo then saw off their counterparts 6-0 6-4. The Australian Open starts on January 14, with Rafael Nadal, who Djokovic beat in this year’s final, having already withdrawn citing illness.

Australian Open preparations in tatters

A HEARTBREAKING loss ended another Dallas Cowboys’ season on Sunday, the third year in a row the storied NFL franchise has missed the playoffs. “We have a big challenge ahead of us,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after Dallas fell to the Washington Redskins 28-18, losing their chance to win the NFC East. “One of my jobs is to basically evaluate, analyse and make decisions in the off season, and help us be in better shape going into playoffs.” The Cowboys’ 2012 campaign finished with two consecutive losses after a crucial interception thrown by quarterback Tony Romo after Dallas had rallied in the fourth quarter. “It just hurts a lot right now to even think about and talk about,” Romo said. “Our effort and determination for this game was awfully good and indicative of what this team has been doing all year long,” said Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. But he admitted: “at the end of the day, we did not get the job done”. The Cowboys shook off two early interceptions and gained a 7-0 lead early in the second quarter, helped by a missed 37-yard field goal attempt by Washington’s Kai Forbath. But Dallas, a team estimated as the most valuable sports franchise in the US, was unable to win as the Redskins successfully kept Romo offbalance. “We knew Romo doesn’t like pressure in his face, so that was our big thing. We had to get pressure up the middle and not so much outside, to be able to keep him in the pocket,” Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said of the plan to neutralise Romo. Romo completed 20 of 37 passes for 218 yards and two touchdowns but was picked off three times. “Tony’s a heck of a football player and ... we feel very fortunate to have kept him a little off balance, it made the difference between winning and losing,” said Washington coach Mike Shanahan.


The Serb limped away from court after his singles win over Andreas Seppi

By Will Swanton CAROLINE Wozniacki’s preparations for the Australian Open were in tatters yesterday after she was bundled out of the Brisbane International by Kazakhstan’s world No. 103 Ksenia Pervak. Wozniacki’s defeat completed a disastrous 12 months in which the Dane relinquished the No. 1 ranking and failed to threaten at any of the major championships. The world No. 10 started strongly but wilted as Pervak, a 21-year-old qualifier on the comeback trail from a serious pelvic injury, committed 61 unforced errors but still completed a 2-6 6-3 7-6 (7-1) victory for her first win against a top 10 player. “Had a lot of long rallies and a lot of even games, and it just didn’t go my way,” she said. “Obviously it’s tough to lose 7-6 in the third. It was a tough match. Could have gone both ways. She just went for it and it went in for her. Hopefully I can get some more matches in Sydney and be more prepared for Melbourne.” Wozniacki said knee troubles had hampered her during the year. “You know, I’m still 10 in the world,” she said. “Just the most important thing is that you’re healthy. I had some struggles with my health. Obviously that makes a difference. “But as long as I’m healthy and I can fight and be competitive, that is the most important thing. “You play the sport you love to do, and obviously it’s more fun when you’re winning. Right now in these situations

Wozniacki’s defeat completed a disastrous 12 months in which the Dane relinquished the No. 1 ranking and failed to threaten at any of the major championships it’s not so much fun. There is always the next week - I guess that’s the good part about tennis.” Wozniacki, sporting a ring on her wedding finger, downplayed speculation she was engaged to the golfer Rory McIlroy, who was among the spectators yesterday. “It was a Christmas present and it fit on this finger,” she said. “I put it on, and all of a sudden I hear that I’m engaged. I’m not. It’s already twice we’ve had to shut down engagement rumours. “Don’t worry, we will let you know if that time happens. We’re just taking one day at a time.”

Pervak said she was reaping the benefits of strenuous off-season work following her recovery from injury. “I had a stress fracture of my pelvis bone,” she said. “It was pretty hard because you cannot really put anything to hold it because you still need to walk. “I was really upset because I played really good tennis before then. I had a small injury in the beginning and I didn’t want to stop for a while. “I was continuing to play and just took painkillers, so it got worse. It’s sport, I guess. It happens with everyone.” The Australian Open begins on January 14.

Reaping benefits: Pervak is on the comeback trail from a serious pelvic injury

Jimenez out for several months after breaking leg

Clippers top Jazz to capture 17th consecutive victory

Baghdatis through to the second round in Brisbane

SPANISH golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez will be out of action for at least three months after breaking his leg in a skiing accident on Saturday, the European Tour said on Sunday. “I was skiing in Sierra Nevada, I lost control and fell,” Jimenez was quoted as saying in a Tour statement. “I felt a huge stab of pain and I knew straight away I had broken something,” he said, adding he had been operated on in his native Malaga. “I broke the top of the tibia in my right leg ... and they put in two pins. It will take three, four or five months to recover and be able to return to competition. I was playing very well, but ... these things happen in life.”

THE Los Angeles Clippers became only the third team in NBA history to go undefeated over a calendar month, by extending their franchise-record winning streak to 17 games with a 107-96 victory over the Utah Jazz on Sunday. Caron Butler had 29 points for Los Angeles, with Jamal Crawford and Chris Paul contributing 19 points apiece at Staples Centre as the Clippers moved to 16-0 for December. They joined the 1995-96 San Antonio Spurs and 1971-72 Lakers as the only teams to record a perfect month. Al Jefferson poured in a game-high 30 points but could not prevent Utah from slipping to a third loss in a row.

MARCOS Baghdatis needed just over an hour and 15 minutes to overcome local wild card entrant Benjamin Mitchell 6-4, 6-4 in the opening round of the Brisbane International yesterday afternoon. In the second round Baghdatis will take on sixthseeded German Florian Mayer, who became the first player of the 2013 ATP World Tour season to record a match win in singles main draw action, defeating Colombian Santiago Giraldo in straight sets. The 27-year-old Cypriot beat Mayer 6-3, 6-3 in their only meeting on the tour in the quarterfinals of the Gerry Weber Open in Halle in 2007.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Graham hoping to form Michu partnership DANNY Graham wants to be Michu’s regular strike partner again after admitting Swansea’s free-scoring Spaniard has to play every week. Graham celebrated his recall on Saturday with his first Barclays Premier League goal for almost four months in the 2-1 victory at Fulham. The club’s top scorer last season started this term alongside summer signing Michu, who has been a revelation with 14 goals in his debut campaign in English football. The pair initially seemed to hit it off, scoring five times between them in Swansea’s first three league matches. But a run of one point from the next four games saw manager Michael Laudrup break up the partnership, with Graham the man to make way. He and Michu have started only once together since and Graham knows the Spaniard will be back in by right once he recovers from the knee injury that sidelined him on Saturday.

“I don’t think I can keep him out of the team - he’s done that well!” Graham said. “I’d definitely like to get a few more games with him and play with him. “He’s come in as an attacking midfielder but done a job up front. “If I get the chance to have a run in the team with Michu, I’m sure we could go on and score a lot of goals at the back end of the season. “But, first and foremost, it’s about the team. It’s not about me not playing or how well Michu’s done - it’s down to the group of boys in there who just want to do their best for Swansea City Football Club.” Graham could have another chance to stake a claim in today’s home game with Aston Villa, which could come too early for Michu to return. After that, he will sit down with Laudrup and discuss his future, with the Swans boss hinting on Saturday he would not stand in the 27-year-

old’s way if he decided to leave. Graham said: “I’ve always said I’m happy at the club, so if the gaffer wants me here and part of his plans, there won’t be any reason to leave.” Graham became Swansea’s record signing when Brendan Rodgers bought him for £3.5million from Watford ahead of the club’s maiden Premier League season, which saw him finish as their top scorer. Swansea finished an impressive 11th last season with 47 points. After 20 games this term, they are 10th with 28 points. Laudrup revealed he was looking at signings in “all 11 positions” in January and said of Graham: “I can say I want you to stay here but I cannot guarantee you are playing. “So I think it is fair to listen to how they all feel. “If they feel they still want to stay here then no problem, they are still part of the group.”

Danny Graham (left) celebrated his recall on Saturday with his first Barclays Premier league goal for almost four months in the 2-1 victory at Fulham

More financial backing for Lambert

‘Walcott can be top striker,’ says Oxlade-Chamberlain

ASTON Villa owner Randy Lerner will provide further financial backing to manager Paul Lambert during the January transfer window, to help stave off the threat of relegation, Press Association Sport understands. Lerner splashed out almost £23 million to help Lambert rebuild the squad during last summer, with the focus on up and coming young talent. There had been encouraging signs up to a fortnight ago with Villa reaching the Capital One Cup semi-finals via a 4-1 success at Norwich and then winning 3-1 over Liverpool at Anfield. That victory was achieved with a side having an average age of under 24 and was the youngest ever fielded in the Premier League. But Villa’s lack of experience, due in part to a lengthy and growing injury list, has been highlighted over the festive period with 15 goals conceded without reply in three games. Lerner and Lambert held talks about the new approach to be taken before and after Saturday’s 3-0 home defeat by Wigan left Villa only a point above the Barclays Premier League bottom three. Lambert also has the option of trying to offload some of the players who have only played a bit-part role to bolster funds. The likes of record signing Darren Bent, Charles N’Zogbia, Shay Given, and Stephen Ireland have made only a handful of starts this season. Villa are also missing skipper Stiliyan Petrov who continues to battle against acute leukaemia. Lambert retains the backing of Villa fans, with boos on Saturday coming more in frustration at a poor performance rather than aimed at the Scot. There is also no suggestion his own position is under review, with Lerner recognising the long-term nature of the rebuilding job needed at Villa.

“For someone with his pace it’s hard for anyone to defend against and when he gets the service he can always punish teams, so he’s doing really well. “His performance was amazing. You could see after his first goal he had a spring in his step but he has been like that all season. He has been brilliant.” The Arsenal fans who spent a large portion of the last 18 months questioning Walcott’s ability were instead urging Wenger to “sign him up” as the player saluted all four corners of the ground on an impromptu lap of honour Saturday night. Walcott turned down a new contract - reported to be worth £75,000 a week - in the summer and has failed to reach an agreement with the club ever since. Wenger and Walcott himself have both had to field answers on the issue all season, but Oxlade-Chamberlain thinks his fellow Southampton youth academy graduate has remained professional throughout the whole drama. “Even with all the speculation that’s going on, he’s stuck to his work,” OxladeChamberlain said. “He’s a great professional, a good mate and a good lad around the dressing room. We need him to keep scoring goals for as long as he can. “We’ve all been giving him a bit of banter (about his contract), but that’s for Theo’s people and himself to sort out with whoever is involved.”

Goals keep coming for England international By Paul Hirst ALEX Oxlade-Chamberlain is convinced Theo Walcott can lead from the front for Arsenal. The England international has struck an impressive scoring form while negotiations over a new contract continue. Manager Arsene Wenger had initially seemed unsure whether Walcott could function effectively as a striker, but that theory has been blown out of the water over the festive period after he starred in all three games he started up front. After scoring against Reading and winning the decisive penalty against Wigan last week, Walcott stole the show as a lone hitman again on Saturday, bagging a stunning hat-trick in the 7-3 demolition of Newcastle at the Emirates Stadium. Walcott put Arsenal ahead with a breakaway goal that brought club legend Thierry Henry to his feet and then wrapped up the win with two more classy finishes. He also set up Olivier Giroud for both of the

Lone hitman: Arsenal’s Walcott (right) stole the show again on Saturday, bagging a stunning hat-trick in the 7-3 demolition of Newcastle at the Emirates Stadium Frenchman’s goals. Wenger likened Walcott’s performance to one of Henry’s, and Oxlade-Chamberlain thinks there can be no doubt that his team-mate

can follow in the Frenchman’s footsteps and go on to become a top striker. “He definitely has all the attributes to play up front,” said Oxlade-Chamberlain

of Walcott, who now has 14 goals for the Gunners this term. “The goals are coming. He has proven he can do a really good job for us up there.

Wigan report a net profit of £4.3 million for the year ending May 31 WIGAN yesterday morning reported a net profit of £4.3million for the year ending May 31. It is the first time in six years that the club have turned in a profit, with the sum considerably different to the £7.2million net loss they reported 12 months ago.

The figures cover the 2011-12 season which ended with the Latics in 15th place, with turnover up from £50.5million to £52.6million. Wigan said on their official website that while salaries remain their biggest expense, they had trimmed them from £39.9million to £37.7million,

with £10.4million spent on new players. The sale of Charles N’Zogbia to Aston Villa meant they brought in £7.9million of profit on player sales. The club’s debt, including borrowings and loans from chairman Dave Whelan and his family reduced to £20.5million from £72.2million, with

£48million of it converted into equity. “By increasing turnover and controlling costs the club is continuing to progress to a break-even operating position which all football clubs are aspiring to but many are finding it difficult to achieve,” said chief executive Jonathan Jackson.

CYPRUS MAIL Tuesday, January 1, 2013



Chelsea’s Benitez focused on immediate challenges

Mancini sings praises of strike trio

Sidesteps comment on Lampard’s future, Ba

MANCHESTER City manager Roberto Mancini believes he has three of the best strikers in the business. While Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez have been grabbing much of t he attention, leading Manchester United clear at the top of the Barclays Premier League, Mancini has warned that reigning champions City have their own lethal trio. Edin Dzeko was recalled to the starting XI at Norwich on Saturday and repaid his manager’s faith with a quickfire double to put the visitors 2-0 up inside four minutes. Argentina forward Sergio Aguero was also on target in the 4-3 win, which was achieved despite the dismissal of midfielder Samir Nasri and kept City seven points behind leaders United. Carlos Tevez was left warming the bench at Carrow Road, but could come back into contention for the home game with Stoke on New Year’s Day. Where the erratic Mario Balotelli fits in is for Mancini to decide, but the former Inter Milan boss is enjoying the sight of Dzeko, Aguero and Tevez terrorising defences. He said: “We changed against Norwich because we played three games in six days and needed to have fresh players, but we are sure that all of our strikers can start to score like they did here. “We have won games with Carlos and Aguero, Edin and Carlos, Aguero and Edin; all these three players, if they work hard like this, they can score important goals for the season.” Mancini insists the current seven-point gap to United is “not a problem”, bearing in mind the position from which City went on to beat their fierce rivals in the dramatic conclusion to last season.

By Carl Markham CHELSEA interim manager Rafael Benitez insists he is not thinking about a title fight just yet despite closing in on the two Manchester clubs. Sunday’s 2-1 win at Everton courtesy of two Frank Lampard goals after Steven Pienaar’s early opener for the hosts moved the Londoners into third in the Barclays Premier League. They are just four points behind City and 11 adrift of leaders United, with a match in hand of both. Benitez accepts confidence is high at Stamford Bridge but has told the players to focus on their next match, at home to struggling QPR. “We have one game in hand but still we have to win this game,” Benitez said. “Our idea is to think about one game at a time. We will see where we are after some games. “I was really pleased with the Everton win because you could see the character of the players.” Benitez would not comment on Lampard’s future, with speculation suggesting he will not be offered a new contract when his current deal expires at the end of the season. He also sidestepped claims Chelsea had opened talks to sign Newcastle’s Demba Ba. “Lampard is a great player, a good professional, who is doing well for us and I will try to bring the best out of him until the end of the season,”

Rumour has it Lampard will not be offered a new contract when his current deal expires at the end of the season Benitez added. “He is one of the players who if he gets in the box he can be dangerous. He is under contract. He has shown his full commitment. He is a great player and my job is to keep him fit, happy and scoring goals. If he can score goals every game I’ll be pleased.” On Ba, Benitez merely said: “We don’t talk about our business in public. My job is to prepare for the games, enjoy them if we win and then after they (the club) will let me know what is going to happen. “He is a player who is playing for another team so I

don’t like to talk about other players.” Despite the disappointment of seeing their 13-match unbeaten league home record ended, Everton manager David Moyes remained upbeat. His side finished 2012 with their biggest points tally in a calendar year since 1987 and their highest number of Premier League goals in 12 months, with Pienaar’s strike beating the previous best of 64 in 1996. Moyes said: “2012 has been a good year for us. There is nothing we can look back on and say we have done too much wrong.

“We’re not disappointed with the way we’ve played because we played really well and we’ve run the European champions close, but we didn’t quite have enough in the end. “I thought we were a bit unlucky. We tried to make what we had work the best we could and for long periods I thought we did, we played well enough to get something from the game. “We were limited with what we had, not having Phil Neville and Darron Gibson (through injury) and not having Marouane (Fellaini) because of suspension. “Darron has a thigh strain

which will keep him out for a while so we’re short and we know that.” Moyes has also apologised to referee Howard Webb for confronting him to question a decision at the end of his team’s defeat on Sunday. “It is a hard job the referees have. I was wrong to do that,” Moyes told the BBC. “I thought it was a free kick on Leon Osman on the edge of the box in the 92nd minute by (Frank) Lampard and he didn’t give it,” he added. “I’ve apologised to Howard Webb afterwards because I shouldn’t do that coming off the pitch.”

Coleman signs new contract with Toffees Fernandes: it’s not over yet for QPR EVERTON defender Seamus Coleman has signed a new five-and-a-half-year contract with the club. It means the 24-year-old Republic of Ireland international has extended his stay at Goodison Park until the summer of 2018. “I’m over the moon. I’m glad to get it all done and to sign for so long at a club like Everton is a great achievement - I want to be here for as long as possible,” he told evertontv. “Signing a contract here is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to the next couple of years. “I’m going to keep working as hard as I have done since day one and keep improving every day in training to impress the manager. “I’m really happy to have signed for the length of time that I have.”

Coleman has proved to be an increasingly useful addition on the right-hand side

Coleman has missed the last three games through injury, but has proved to be an increasingly useful addition on the right-hand side. Having joined from Sligo Rovers in January 2009 for just £60,000, he then made his debut against Benfica in October that year and later went on loan to Blackpool in their promotion-winning year. He was rewarded with a new three-year contract in May 2010 and signed an improved four-and-a-half-year deal in January 2011 in a season in which he made 24 Premier League starts, his best to date. Manager David Moyes found a place for him on the right of midfield for many of those early first-team appearances, but has since slotted him back into the side on the right of defence.

QPR chairman Tony Fernandes insists it is “not over yet” for the bottom-placed side despite their miserable season continuing on Sunday. Liverpool ran the Rs ragged at Loftus Road, with Luis Suarez’s brace and a Daniel Agger header earning the visitors a deserved 3-0 win. The defeat means QPR end 2012 bottom of the Premier League and eight points adrift of safety. Few could have predicted such a dire season for the west Londoners after a summer of high-profile acquisitions and, while thoroughly disappointed, chairman Fernandes believes survival is still possible. “No excuse,” he said via his Twitter account, @tonyfernandes. “Lost for words. Back to the drawing board. Woeful performance. “When we signed all those players. Everyone was full of praise. No one thought we would be in such a mess. not over yet though.” Those comments echoed the sentiments of manager Harry Redknapp, who still believes QPR can stay up. “I think we’ll stay up still,” the Rs boss said. “You’ll think we’re mad, but I think we will stay up.

“I only want positive people around me, I said that in the dressing room. “Those that are moping around, the subs that are not playing, are not playing because they’re no good. “If they had been any good, I’d be picking them. I don’t need miserable faces, I don’t need them around me. “I need people who are upbeat. The next two games are unbelievable, Chelsea away and Tottenham at home - two of the best teams in the country. “They are difficult games, but we’ve got to keep going and I still think we’ll do it.” As poor as QPR were yesterday, Liverpool deserve credit for a fine performance, particularly in the first half. The comprehensive win was made all the more impressive by the fact that manager Brendan Rodgers missed the game through illness. “They were fantastic, absolutely awesome today,” said assistant manager Colin Pascoe, who led the side with coach Mike Marsh in Rodgers’ absence. “The way they played, the way they conducted themselves, the way they controlled the game. It was brilliant.”

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

28 Benitez focusing on immediate challenges 27


Wozniacki dumped out of Brisbane 25

Past title fight motivates City Must erase seven-point deficit on United By Toby Davis


The Proteas, who hold a commanding five-point lead at the top of the world Rankings, carry the weight of considerable expectations from home fans

South African mountain looms for NZ to climb By Neil Manthorp NEW ZEALAND have done absolutely nothing to suggest they can upset South Africa in the first test of the two-match series beginning at Newlands tomorrow and that may be their greatest weapon. Not for generations have expectations been lower before a test series. The hosts hold a commanding five-point lead at the top of the world Rankings while New Zealand languish in eighth place, ahead only of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. The last time the Black Caps were in South Africa, in November 2007, they were humiliated in both test matches, failing to reach 200 in four innings and losing by margins of 358 runs and an innings and 59 runs. South Africa fast bowler Dale Steyn began his ascent to the top of the world bowling rankings by taking 20 wickets at a little over 10 runs apiece. Steyn is still top of the world rankings but now he has two team mates for company in the top 10, Vernon Philander in second place and Morne Morkel in sixth. New Zealand’s 38-year-old seamer Chris Martin is the leading Kiwi in 17th place. A look at the batting rankings is even more bleak for the touring side. Not only do South Africa have another three men (Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis and AB de Villiers) ranked in the top 10 - with Graeme Smith at number 13 - but the tourists have just one, and he is not on the tour.

The saga of Ross Taylor’s embarrassing sacking as captain is still haunting the management team and further holes in the first-choice XI have been created by injuries to all-rounders Daniel Vettori and Tim Southee. But filled they will be, and by men who will take to the crease with bat or ball in the knowledge that even the optimism of their closest friends and family will be based more on hope than expectation. The same cannot be said of the home side. Such is the weight of expectation on them that one suspects they cannot satisfy it. Certainly, victory alone will not suffice. South Africa fans have not seen their test team on home soil in 2012 and they are expecting to see them now in all their glory. Coach Gary Kirsten, understandably, has tried to play down those expectations. “The success of our team in 2012 was based on the fact that we remained humble in our play, we never took any situation or any team for granted,” Kirsten told reporters. “We made sure that our preparation was spot on and that, when we got into test match time, we set up solid foundations to give ourselves the best chance of success. We will treat this series no differently.” The Proteas need to win both matches simply to maintain their lead in the test championship. A drawn series would see them lose ground to second-placed England while an unlikely defeat would drop them to second.

hampions Manchester City go into 2013 facing a daunting seven-point deficit on Premier League leaders Manchester United and a testing encounter against stubborn Stoke City today. Roberto Mancini’s side ended the year which delivered their first Premier League title with a gritty 4-3 triumph over Norwich City, proving their high-profile players also have the mettle for a fight. It is early days in the long title run-in, but United, who travel to Wigan Athletic on New Year’s Day, are traditionally strong in the second half of the campaign. Mancini, however, does not need to trawl the memory banks too far for inspiration, as United threw away an eight-point advantage with only six games left to play last season. “We showed we are there for the title,” Mancini said after his team displayed their steely core to beat Norwich, despite Samir Nasri’s sending-off just before halftime. “We won’t leave this title easily and will fight every game. With 10 players the guys were fantastic. For us, now it is not important to look at the table. “We only need to work, to win as many games in a row as we can, and maybe in February we will look again at the table.” Stoke’s trench-warfare approach may not win many plaudits from the aesthetically-minded, but they will certainly provide City with a physical challenge. They are one of the Premier League’s most resilient teams and have gone 10 matches without defeat after clawing back from 3-1 down to draw 3-3 with Southampton on Saturday. They are far from the league’s best travellers, however, having won only once away from home all season, and will be without suspended midfielder Steven N’Zonzi. United, who kept a clean sheet for the first time in seven matches in the 2-0 win

City, who encounter Stoke today, showcased their fighting spirit with a gritty 4-3 win over Norwich on Saturday over West Bromwich Albion on Saturday, should be able to call on defensive reinforcements in Phil Jones and Rafael for the trip to Wigan. Jones missed last week’s victory over Newcastle United after picking up a knock in the draw at Swansea last weekend, while Rafael has not featured since the Manchester derby this month because of a hamstring strain. United’s 1-0 defeat at Wigan late last season was a major factor in their failure to win the title, but it was their first Premier League loss to their north-west neighbours in 16 matches. Two teams enjoying a renaissance following mid-season wobbles are Arsenal and Chelsea who have both won their last four league games. Chelsea, who play Queens Park Rangers tomorrow, should prove too strong for the league’s bottom club, having tightened up at the back under interim manager Rafael Benitez. Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech is doubtful having been withdrawn at halftime in Sunday’s 2-1 comeback win over Everton with a strained leg muscle, and there will be no John Terry who continues his recovery from a knee injury. There was little sign of tightening up at the back for Arsenal as they shipped three goals against Newcastle on Saturday, but it mattered little as the Gunners

showcased their full attacking armoury to find the net seven times. Next up for Arsenal is a trip to Southampton where contract rebel Theo Walcott began his professional career. Walcott, handed the central striking berth he craves, evoked memories of former Arsenal great Thierry Henry with a hat-trick that underlined his importance to the club and left manager Arsene Wenger hoping his contract impasse is swiftly resolved. “My desire is to extend his contract, he belongs here and hopefully we can do it,” the Frenchman said. Fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur will be without Gareth Bale at home to Reading after the Wales winger picked up his fifth booking of the season and third for diving in the last month. Ninth-placed Liverpool, whose spirits were raised following a 3-0 win at QPR on Sunday, host Sunderland tomorrow and Everton, in sixth, visit struggling Newcastle. West Bromwich Albion play Fulham, Swansea City host Aston Villa and West Ham United face Norwich today.


English daily nespaper 01/01/2013


English daily nespaper 01/01/2013