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Crisis fails to dampen interest in UK study prospects

‘Child protection scheme failing UK teens’ 8

Murray beaten by Djokovic at ATP World Tour Finals 29


EU: longer slump ahead for Cyprus More bad news for the economy on eve of troika’s return to island


YPRUS will stay mired in recession through this year and next with higher unemployment persisting well into 2014, the European Commission said yesterday in its autumn forecast. The unwelcome news came on the eve of the arrival of international lenders, the troika, who will be on the island today and are due to resume negotiations tomorrow with the government on a bailout deal. According to the EU’s forecast, the island will see its €17.9 billion economy contract by 2.3 per cent in 2012 and by another 1.7 per cent in 2013. “The fiscal consolidation effort that has been pursued, the rapid deterioration in labour market conditions, and the high degree of economic uncertainty have together weighed heavily on private consumption,” the Commission said. It also said the island’s cash-strapped banks and the economic gloom in Greece would continue to weigh heavily on Cyprus. Yesterday’s predictions offer a stark contrast to data compiled by the Commission in May, when it anticipated a 0.8 per cent decline in output this year and growth of 0.3 per cent next. The economic crisis in neighbouring Greece, with which Cyprus has close business ties, clouded the outlook, the Commission said. “Any worsening of the

economic situation in Greece remains a significant downside risk for Cyprus as well as any further needs of recapitalisation for the domestic banks,” it said. Hit by its worst recession in almost 40 years and battered by its banks’ exposure to Greece, Cyprus turned to its EU partners and the IMF for financial aid in June. A final round of talks with lenders on a bailout that could exceed €10 billion was expected from tomorrow. The bailout figure is expected to weigh considerably on a public debt, which surged from an estimated 71 per cent of GDP in 2011 to a now-forecast 89.7 per cent in 2012 because of the state’s commitment to aid one of the banks. The Commission forecast that public debt would rise to 96.7 per cent in 2013 and 102.7 per cent in 2014. The Commission said austerity measures implemented by the Cypriot government, record-high unemployment and a high degree of economic uncertainty had sapped private consumption, a trend set to continue through 2013 to 2014. Unemployment was set to reach 12.1 per cent in 2012, 13.1 per cent in 2013 and spike to 13.9 per cent in 2014, the Commission said. “The unemployment rate would remain on a strong upward trend...given the


Marijuana and gay marriage get the nod

US President Barack Obama celebrates after delivering his acceptance speech in Chicago yesterday. Obama swept to re-election, forging history again by transcending a slow economic recovery and the high unemployment which haunted his first term to beat Republican Mitt Romney (AFP) SEE PAGE 7 AND CENTRE

MAINE and Maryland have become the first US states to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote, while Washington state and Colorado set up a showdown with federal authorities by legalising recreational use of marijuana. The outcomes for those ballot measures were a milestone for persistent but often thwarted advocacy groups and activists who for decades have pressed the causes of gay rights and drug decriminalisation. “Today the state of Washington looked at 70 years of marijuana prohibition and said it’s time for a new approach,” said Alison Holcomb, manager of the campaign that won passage of Initiative 502 in Washington state. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, a Democrat who opposed legalisation, was less enthused. “Federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don’t break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly,” he said. The results in Maine and Maryland broke a 32-state streak, dating to 1998, in which gay marriage had been rebuffed by every state that voted on it. They will become the seventh and eighth states to allow same-sex couples to marry. The marijuana measures in Colorado and Washington will pose a headache for the US Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration, which consider pot an illegal drug. Colorado’s Amendment 64 will allow adults over 21 to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, although using the drug publicly would be banned. The amendment would allow people to grow up to six marijuana plants in a private, secure area.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL



Candidates silent on Truth Commission idea

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Human rights lawyer has asked presidential candidates to state their position on the creation of truth body

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By Poly Pantelides A LEADING human rights lawyer has asked presidential candidates to state their position on the creation of an islandwide Truth Commission to allow people to share information about missing persons without fearing prosecution. Achilleas Demetriades sent a letter to the main contenders in February’s presidential elections – Stavros Malas, George Lillikas and Nicos Anastasiades – asking them to state their positions on a Truth Commission. The commission would determine the circumstances of the disappearances of over 2,000 Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots who went missing in the sixties and in 1974. “After expressing their remorse, people could give correct and essential information over burial sites and the circumstances of [missing persons’] deaths, and be entitled to amnesty from criminal [and civil] prosecution,” Demetriades said in his letter to the candidates. The committee of missing persons

(CMP) has identified the remains of 264 Greek Cypriots and 66 Turkish Cypriots, according to their latest progress report from August. The CMP was created to establish the fate of missing persons – 1,464 Greek Cypriots and 494 Turkish Cypriots – not to establish cause of death or attribute responsibility. But the government “has so far failed to carry out an effective investigation in relation to the missing persons,” Demetriades said. The two sides did commit in 1990 to allow confidentiality and safety from prosecution in relation to the missing persons issue, Demetriades said. And so, given the necessary law amendments, the CMP’s mandate could be extended to cover the circumstances of the disappearances “without attributing responsibility, i.e. without criminal or civil prosecution,” Demetriades said. “Giving up the idea of punishment in exchange for truth is a good price,” he said. Although Demetriades referred to South Africa where the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)

was created by the government of national unity to help deal with the country’s apartheid past, he said that he was concerned about truth and not politics. And though the TRC has hearings transcripts and even lists, the names of people who were given amnesty and for whatever reason (e.g. bombings, kidnapping, assault and murder), Demetriades has proposed keeping the entire proceedings confidential so as not to jeopardise the commission’s work. Eventually, the results could be made public to the families and the public. But why not get in touch with Turkish Cypriot organisations? “Someone has to start this,” Demetriades said adding that he previously sent a letter to Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, president Demetris Christofias and the attorney-general but got no response. Demetriades has also got no official response from the three presidential candidates to whom he wrote. “Silence should not be the reply to this proposal,” he said.




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The most popular subjects this year have been Business Management, Law and Engineering

(Christos Theodorides)

Financial crisis fails to dampen interest in studying at universities in the UK By Peter Stevenson THE ‘EDUCATION UK’ Exhibition 2012 opened yesterday at the Hilton hotel in Nicosia with representatives from 54 universities from all over the United Kingdom there to greet an expected turnout of 4,000 prospective students. “Cyprus and its students have an excellent reputation amongst UK universities,” communication coordinator for the British Council, Elena Charalambidou said. This is the reason

there is a large number of universities every year at the exhibition, she added. Again the most popular subjects this year have been Business Management, Law and Engineering. For this reason there will be seminars on those subjects at the Hilton today between 5pm and 8:30pm. Most potential students at the exhibition cited the quality of universities in the UK as the reason they were interested in studying there. “Universities in the UK are recognised as the best,” prospective student

Michalis Christodoulou said. The exhibition also informed students about EU tuition-fee loans of up to €9,000 for undergraduate study. Diana Tryphonos, who is currently studying at the University of Cyprus told the Mail that finances play a large part in any decision to study abroad. “Any choice I make is dependent on my parents’ financial status,” she added. Despite these financial concerns, University of Salford representative, Sotia Santangelo, claimed there

was a “boom” in interest in certain areas. She cited the low cost of living in Manchester, where there are already 6,000 Cypriot students. A total of 1,500 students, all over the UK have been helped to find accommodation by UNITE, the Exhibition’s sponsor. Maria Papageorgiou from UNITE said they were very pleased with the turnout this year as numbers have remained the same as last year even though there were concerns over fallout from the financial crisis.

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012


Home CyTA says inundated with job applications A LOW-PAID entry-level job at telecommunications authority CyTA this year attracted over 3,000 more applicants than it did when last advertised two years ago. About 4,400 people applied for one of the 100 positions in customer service and sales, jobs paying €8 an hour with very few benefits, CyTA told the Cyprus Mail yesterday. And although people generally tend to come and go in those jobs, viewing them as temporary, fewer people have been leaving over the last two years, the company said. For this round of applications, CyTA had asked all job applicants to pay €25 to apply for the job, returnable to those fulfilling the criteria and who were invited for a written interview. Despite the application fee, “aiming to encourage only people truly interested in the positions” according to a CyTA announcement, thousands more applied than they did two years ago. When the company advertised for sales staff in 2010 it received around 1,000 applications. The September jobless rate in Cyprus climbed to 12.2 per cent, one of the highest year-on-year increases in the European Union. According to the island’s statistics service (Cystat), the number of jobless people reached 39,510 in October, a 29 per cent year-on-year rise. The jobless rate among young people is around 25 per cent. Of those registered as unemployed in October, around 13,000 – almost 40 per cent – are salespeople or non-specialised staff including cleaners and messengers. Last month, there were 5,500 registered unemployed shop assistants and salesmen and 770 registered unemployed managers and senior officials.

Want to work at CERN? WOULD YOU like to help find something called a God particle? Perhaps find the missing link between elementary particles and matter? Even better, shoot beams of protons at each other from either end of a 27km-long particle accelerator known as the Large Hadron Collider? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above then you need to get yourself down to the Pefkios Georgiades theatre at the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) at 4.30pm today to hear all about the training and job opportunities for graduates or students at CERN, the largest research centre of its kind. According to the university’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and Informatics, CERN’s Seamus Hegarty from the human resources department will present training, employment and research opportunities at CERN which are available to students and graduates of Cyprus in fields ranging from physics to engineering, computing and administration. The European Organisation for Nuclear Research known as CERN operates the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, employing and hosting thousands of scientists

Members of the civil defence yesterday visited the Phaneromeni school in old Nicosia to carry out a mock earthquake exercise where pupils were lectured and shown what to do in the event of a quake (Christos Theodorides)

Grieving grandfather gets two years in jail Seventy-four-year-old sentenced for shooting man he blamed for the death of his teenage granddaughter By Stefanos Evripidou

The Large Hadron Collider and engineers from all over the world involved in highenergy physics research. It is also home of the now famous particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. CERN scientists have baffled and amazed people around the world in their efforts to look for that missing particle that supplies mass to matter, which if found, would complete Albert Einstein’s theory of the universe. Cyprus applied to join CERN in June 2009, getting the green light on October 5, 2012, making it an associate member.

THE 74-year-old man who shot at a youth he held responsible for his teenage granddaughter’s death was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison by the Larnaca Criminal Court yesterday. Angelos Josif, 74, from Psimolophou was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to Marios Loizou, 20, from Livadhia and ordered to serve time in jail after shooting Loizou twice in the back and chest. Josif held Loizou responsible for the death of his granddaughter in a traffic accident two years earlier, but waited until the day of his granddaughter’s second annual memorial on April 1, 2012, to exact revenge. The accident in which his 18-yearold granddaughter, Chrystalla Achil-

leos, was critically injured happened on February 15, 2010 on the Psimolophou to Tseri road.The 18-year-old University of Cyprus student died in hospital two months later. Achilleos, along with another girl, 18, had been passengers in the car driven by Loizou, which overturned in a field due to speeding. According to Larnaca Press Agency, Loizou was speeding at 109km/h in a 50km/h zone. Two years later, on the same day as the memorial service held for his granddaughter, Josif went to the Livadhia area with his hunting shotgun where he found Loizou, and shot him twice from a distance, causing wounds to his thorax and back. Police said pellets also hit two neighbours in the legs. Police tracked the suspect to a Nicosia coffee-shop, where he report-

edly told the arresting officers that “instead of her lighting my candle, now I will be lighting hers.” He was referring to the small oil lamps which are kept alight at the graveside of loved ones. “I am fed up with this life,” the suspect was quoted as saying. Josif initially faced charges of attempted murder, but these were later withdrawn. Instead, he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and illegally possessing and carrying a firearm and cartridges. In his ruling, the president of the criminal court said the charges were very serious given the effort by the 74-year-old to take the law into his own hands. In light of the findings, a suspended sentence was not warranted, said the judge, sentencing the pensioner to two-and-a-half years in jail.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL


Home AKEL denies it’s stalling on bailout until February elections By George Psyllides RULING AKEL yesterday denied a press report that the party had decided to reduce the state’s operation to a minimum in a bid to save money so that President Demetris Christofias would not have to sign a bailout deal. The party said the report was a blatant lie and part of the mudslinging campaign launched by opposition newspaper Alithia, which claimed that a gigantic, yet unseen, effort was underway to find money for salaries and pensions to last until Febru-

ary, the month of the elections. Christofias is not running for reelection. “Today’s front-page report in Alithia is a figment of imagination, completely unsubstantiated and false,” AKEL spokesman Giorgos Loukaides said. Loukaides charged that in its effort to serve the petty-politics and election expediency of the party it identified with, Alithia destroyed political life and the standard of journalism in the country. The spokesman said it would be futile for anyone to think that they would hurt AKEL by slinging mud. “However, they do hurt, under-

mine and degrade the standard of democracy in our country,” Loukaides said. The report came a day after Alithia claimed that a cabinet decision to award a hydrocarbon exploration licence to a consortium, including GPB Global Resources BV (a Gazprombank subsidiary), was clearly a political decision designed to sugarcoat a request made by Cyprus for a €1 billion loan from Russia. Alithia said the Christofias administration hopes the €1 billion would be enough to ride out the storm until February’s general elections. Loukaides said this report too, was an effort to undermine the

cabinet’s decisions with unsubstantiated claims. “Their machinations are also condemned to fail in this case since people recognise and credit the government for the correct and especially successful handling of the matter,” Loukaides said. Sources cited by the paper suggested that the government wants at all costs to avoid signing a bailout deal with the EU/ IMF, which would come attached with tough austerity measures. Alithia said, this €1 billion is precisely the “new” or “revised” Cypriot request for a Russian loan to which AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou alluded to last Thursday. Kyprianou had said

President Christofias – realising that Russia was having difficulty responding to Nicosia’s initial demand for a €5 billion loan – has submitted a new proposal, which was “now on the table.” Kyprianou made the comment shortly after returning from Moscow. But on the same day, the finance minister denied knowledge of any new request. Alithia yesterday responded to AKEL’s denial, calling on the party to make public the decision of its central committee on October 6, whereby the party organ reportedly took the decision to avoid signing a memorandum until the presidential elections.

Autumn forecast predicts a long slump in Cyprus Opposition DISY deputy said the report showed Cyprus had lost valuable time (continued from front page) unfavourable labour market conditions and the effects of fiscal consolidation, wage growth is expected to be negative. In particular, the freezing of public sector wages until 2014 should affect wages in the economy as a whole,” said the Commission. “Job losses are particularly prominent in labour-intensive sectors such as construction and trade.” The Commission said that in spite of the reconstruction work at the electricity power plant and the private investment in a new oil storage facility, construction activity is expected to continue to shrink strongly in 2012 and 2013. Although construction indicators suggest that the correction should persist in 2014, this is expected to be at a milder pace reflecting the general level of economic activity in the economy as a whole. It also said that exports of transport serv-

ices are expected to shrink, while financial and other business services will stagnate over the forecast horizon in view of worse business confidence.“Significant downside risks are present for the current account, public finances, and the financial sector, testing the economy’s sustainability,” said the Commission. “Failure to raise the required capital and to put policies back on a sustainable path could dramatically worsen the outlook and reinforce the negative loop of lower liquidity, higher indebtedness, worsening labour market conditions, and lowering productivity.” A bright spot on the horizon was a positive growth in tourism. That was set to continue since the island continued to attract visitors away from competing Mediterranean destinations. The Commission said this reflected a projected increased flow of arrivals from Russia and new destina-

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tions helped by government policies promoting tourism, and from tourists’ concern over stability in competing Mediterranean tourist destinations. The government expects tourism to bring in €1.9 billion in 2012. DISY number two Averof Neophytou yesterday commented on the commission’s forecast that the country will be in deep recession for the next two years. The DISY deputy noted that the EU’s forecasts did not take into consideration a potential bailout negotiated with the troika which could take the public debt to unsustainable levels greater than 120 per cent of GDP. “The delay for several years to take all necessary measures at the time they should have been taken, and the delay in starting negotiations with the troika last July have brought things to a head,” said Neophytou. “The decision to keep ‘forgotten’ the troika’s proposals for three months lost us valuable time, which can not be regained and has hurt our credibility as a state. The milestone of November 12 has been permanently lost and our country now has to walk a more rugged path,” he added.

AFTER November kicked off with higher than average temperatures, the met office said yesterday colder weather was on the way. Changes are due from this afternoon, with cloudy skies and isolated showers. There will be a drop in temperature on Friday, with more showers and storms during the week-

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end. There will be an even bigger drop in the mountains. So far, November has recorded higher temperatures than average by between one and six degrees Celsius, met officer Haris Zachariades said. The average inland temperature for this time of year is around 24C.

HOUSE-KEEPER WANTED We are looking for an experienced house help (cleaning, cooking etc.) to deal with all works involved in daily household requirements in Nicosia. Good knowledge of English and/or Greek language, good organizational and communication skills are essential requirements. All necessary working permits must be in place and available to review at the interview. Interested candidates should call at 22 66 00 06 contact person Ms Andria.

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012



‘Unity’ call for troika visit State still insists it will aim to protect workers By George Psyllides CYPRUS and international lenders resume bailout talks tomorrow, the government said yesterday, as the island tries to secure badly needed financial aid by the end of the year. A team representing the lenders, known as the troika, will arrive today. “Negotiations aimed at securing an agreement on the (adjustment) programme for a loan to Cyprus will resume on Friday,” government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said in a statement yesterday morning. Later in the day, Stefanou urged for an end to speculation and the spread of claims that had a negative impact on the market. In the past two weeks, since Cyprus sent its counter-proposals to the troika – three months after receiving theirs – a list of reasons for them not showing up immediately gradually grew longer by the day. From initial stalling by the government to warnings from Germany regarding the island’s corporate tax, to leaked troika documents saying Cyprus was not cooperating, the story moved in the past three days to money laundering accusations on Monday and to a reported dispute between the IMF and its European partners in the troika over the Cypriot banks on Tuesday.

IMPERATIVE The call finally came in the early hours of yesterday when the IMF called Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly after 1am to announce the visit. “It is imperative, at the critical stage we are in, to end speculation and spreading claims that worsen the market sentiment and cause confusion and panic among the public,” the government spokesman said. He added that such actions only served as a distraction from the target which was to achieve an agreement that would serve the country’s interests in the best way possible. “What is now important is for unity on the domestic front, a display of responsibility to help achieve an agreement that will safeguard the workers’ basic conquests and create the conditions for growth,” Stefanou said. The IMF said in a statement yesterday that its staff plans to “advance negotiations on the policy building blocks of a potential programme” in Cyprus during the visit, which is likely to last over the weekend.

The call that the troika would be arriving came in the early hours from the IMF’s Delia Velculescu (above) “This will be an important step toward an agreement on a programme, which will also require, in cooperation with Cyprus’ European partners, a solution to provide financing consistent with debt sustainability,” the IMF’s spokesman Gerry Rice said. The troika was last here in July after two fact-finding missions. Before departing they submitted a series of proposals providing for wage cuts in the public sector, which is one of the most highly paid government workforces in the eurozone, as well as pension reform, privatisations and the creation of a “bad bank”, where soured assets in the banking system will be parked. The troika also proposed cutting the 13th salary – which many private sector workers will not be getting this Christmas because of the crisis – as well as scrapping wage indexation or CoLA, a system that a former finance minister had described as unfair. Cyprus disagreed with cutting the 13th salary and instead of scrapping CoLA it counter-proposed its reform. It also disagrees on selling profitable semistate organisations like telecommunications company

CyTA. Last week Shiarly said the two sides also disagreed on the recapitalisation needs of commercial banks. Cypriot authorities believe the island needs about €5 billion to recapitalise its banks, while the troika puts the figure at about €10 billion, Shiarly told lawmakers on October 3, minutes of a parliamentary meeting leaked to the media last week showed. Opposition DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades, who is currently favourite to win February’s presidential election, welcomed the troika’s arrival. Anastasiades yesterday met German ambassador Gabriela Guellil, presenting her with a letter addressed to the country’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Shaeuble stressing the need to avoid introducing any new elements that will complicate the negotiations with the troika. The DISY chief also sent a letter to Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker. “I note how important it is for all sides, involved either directly or indirectly, to show a constructive approach and determination,” Anastasiades said. (see editorial page 11)

Notice of Appointment of a Liquidator under Section 204 of the BVI Business Company Act Capsun Stars Limited (“the Company”) (In Voluntary Liquidation) Company No. 1443713 NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to section 204(1)(b) of the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 that the Company is in voluntary liquidation. The voluntary liquidation commenced on the 25th day of October, 2012. The Liquidator is Theodoros Michael of Nicosia, Cyprus. Dated 25th October 2012

‘Istanbul-Paphos’ flight web listing causes confusion CONFUSION was caused yesterday when the official Hermes airport website indicated that a direct flight from Istanbul to Paphos operated by Greece’s AZI (Astra airlines) would be landing in Cyprus at 3.40am tomorrow. Due to a flight embargo enforced by Ankara there are no direct flights from Turkey to Cyprus. Hermes Airports spokesman Adam Aspris assured the Cyprus Mail the website listing was a technical oversight, which would be corrected immediately. He said: “This flight is carrying the AEL football team who are playing in Istanbul. The flight, as is required, made a stop at Diagoras International Airport in Rhodes, before continuing to Cyprus. “This is due to the fact that no direct flights are permitted by Turkey.” Due to the glitch, the website indicated where flight ZS949 initially originated from – Istanbul – when it should have stated that the flight came from Rhodes. Limassol team AEL left for Istanbul yesterday morning to play Turkey’s Fenerbahce in the Europa League.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL



Women cancer charity supporters strip off

Ministry urges graduates to apply for election jobs THE INTERIOR Ministry yesterday called on unemployed university graduates to apply for temporary jobs during the presidential elections next year. The ministry hopes to staff the voting centres on election day on February 17, 2013, and if necessary on the following Sunday in a runoff vote, with some of the unemployed graduates who made up the near 40,000 jobless figure recorded last month. According to the ministry, all unemployed university graduates are called upon to submit an application to any district office by December 14 for the temporary job. The application form can be found at any district office, the electoral service or on the ministry’s website at Should more graduates ap-

ply than are needed for each district, the relevant returning officer will hold a public lottery. Helpers at the voting stations are expected to work from 6am until at least 8pm for each day of the elections for €155. Chosen applicants will be obliged to attend a training course which will last a full working day and work on the first and possibly second round of voting on February 17 and 24 at any voting station assigned to them by the returning officer in the district they apply to. Transport to and from the voting station will not be covered. They will also have to supply written confirmation from the Labour Office that they are unemployed and their banking details so they can get paid.

Focus on mobile security at second ‘Open Hack Day’ The ‘CalenDare Girls’ all lined up with their strategically-placed cancer ribbon coverings

Group hopes to sell 1,000 calendars for a good cause By Bejay Browne BY CHANCE, two separate Paphos based organisations decided to shed their clothes to raise funds for different charities this year. A group of women from Peyia have formed the ‘CalenDare Girls’ and have taken off their clothes in aid of the Cancer Patients Support Group-CPSG. They have produced a calendar, reminiscent of the original UK Calendar Girls and all proceeds from the sales will be donated to the charity. In the meantime, Paphos based amateur dramatics group Stage One are shedding their clothes for a global charity drive by performing the renowned play ‘Calendar

Girls’ and have also posed for an accompanying calendar, in support of the charity Leukemia Research. The Cancer Patients Support group was set up in 1995 with the aim of helping the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) the support group that established a homecare nursing service in Paphos. This provides help and support to all cancer patients and their families regardless of race or religion. The ‘CalenDare’ girls represent a month each, their modesty covered by a variety of different items. They are highlighting various types of cancer, including cervical and ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer and breast cancer.

The English School


& MUCH MORE FUN!!! everyone is welcome

Friday 9th November 2012, 7-10:30pm in the English School Courtyard

Souvlaki Crepes Live Bands

Entrance is FREE

The charity calendar was photographed by female wedding photographer Nicky Kirby. “All of the women taking part have had their lives touched by cancer in some way, either by friends or family members being diagnosed with the disease,” she said. “We completed the shoot in just over a day and it was a lot of fun. We are aiming to sell all 1,000 calendars by the end of the year. I believe we have already sold in excess of 500. All of the proceeds will be given to the CPSG.” Thousands of cancer patients across the island have used the services so far, which include a day centre where patients can meet for advice, alternative therapies, treatments and social events. There is also a helpline manned by volunteers which operates five days a week. This is run out of the day centre and volunteers can also befriend patients who need support, help with day to day issues, such as

shopping, cooking and transport and provide relief when their carers need a break. Transport to Limassol and Nicosia is also available for patients undergoing treatment. In addition, the support group offers free help and advice from three oncology nurses, psychologists, counsellors, physiotherapists and social workers. Over the years, the charity has raised hundreds of thousands to pay for these services, including the wages for the three cancer nurses. The ‘CalenDare girls’ range in age from 40 to 60 and collected sponsorship from a variety of local businesses to produce the calendar. The charity calendar is on sale for €10 and is available from many outlets across Paphos. Kirby said: “We really need the public’s help to reach our target of selling 1,000 calendars by the end of the year.” For information: Nicky Kirby 99681735

JOB OPPORTUNITY The world class Elea Estate Golf is an 18, Hole prestigious golf course, which is situated on the edge of Geroskipou, Paphos and is the first phase of the premier development which will comprise of: hotel, spa, real-estate and golf of the highest standard. We are seeking a certified mechanic with experience with agricultural and or turf machinery for maintenance and service purposes. A highly motivated person with preferably leadership skills, who will be able to communicate, essentially in English and Greek, would be an advantage. The person would possess acquired skills in hydraulic, auto-motive electrical systems and diesel/petrol engine maintenance and repair.

THE CYPRUS Computer Society (CCS) is organising the second Open Hack Day in Cyprus that will be held on November 28 at the European University Cyprus. The CCS has been instrumental in promoting IT security by hosting and sponsoring conferences and symposiums in Cyprus for over a decade, serving the local industry, government, academia and public at large, it said. The objective of the Open Hack Day is raising awareness towards increased education and ethics in IT Security and at the same time encourage discussion and active participation. The focus area of this year’s Hack Day event will be on Mobile Security. Featuring four cutting edge presentations, with live demonstrations. It aims at raising awareness on hot topics such as

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device company policies and the associated risks, myths and challenges. Focus will be given to the ability of today’s MDM – Mobile Device Management technologies to sustain the security of the mobile devices and protect the company data from prying eyes. The Hack Day will be addressed to Mobile & Information Security Specialists, Telecommunications and Networks Services Vendors, Mobile application developers, ICT & Business Professionals, ICT students and young computer and mobile enthusiasts. The event is being sponsored by Symantec and Logicom, with the support of KPMG and the European University Cyprus. For information and registration visit the organiser’s (Cyprus Computer Society) website:

Russian donation to Red Cross THE RUSSIAN Ambassador to Cyprus, Vyacheslav Shumskiy, has donated €20,000 to the Cyprus Red Cross, collected from the private sector, announced the organisation yesterday. According to the Red Cross, Shumskiy visited the organisation’s office last Monday, handing over to its president, former First Lady Fotini Papadopoulous, a cheque for €20,000. The Russian ambassador said he called upon the private sector to provide support after noticing the increasing needs of the Cyprus Red Cross. “The response from was immediate and substantial, indicating appreciation of the work done by the Red Cross,” he said. For her part, Papadopoulos said the generous contribution confirmed the excellent ties between Cyprus and Russia, coming at a difficult time for the organisation which is trying to implement its programmes during an economic crisis. She made specific reference to the importance of the establishment of a centre for sick children in Limassol.’s general manager Vangelis Georgiou expressed his admiration for the work of the Red Cross and reiterated his company’s policy to support organisations that help people, especially children, around the world to secure their basic needs.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the day to day running of the workshop and managing his /her own work programme. Ensuring all machinery is serviced and maintained to manufacturer’s specifications. Keep up to date records of machinery service history using computer generated records. Have excellent knowledge of Health and Safety regulations and a full driving licence with practical skills of using plant machinery including excavators and tractors of various categories would be advantageous.

preferably UK qualified, for a Limassol company/corporate law firm. Must be fluent (written/spoken) in English and Greek and computer literate.

If you have the necessary skills, experience and enthusiasm to succeed in the role, please apply in writing with your CV details to:, tel: 262020026, 26202001

Apply with CV to Marinella Kilikitas by email: or by fax 25755686


CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012



Obama allowed little time to savour his election triumph

Puerto Ricans opt for statehood

Congress still divided despite decisive win

A SLIM majority of Puerto Ricans sought to change their ties with the United States and become the 51st US state in a non-binding referendum that would require final approval from Congress. The two-part referendum asked whether the island wanted to change its 114-year relationship with the United States. Nearly 54 per cent, or 922,374 people, sought to change it, while 46 per cent, or 786,749 people, favoured the status quo. Around 96 per cent of 1,643 precincts were reporting as of early yesterday. The second question asked voters to choose from three options, with statehood by far the favourite, garnering 61 per cent. Sovereign free association, which would have allowed for more autonomy, received 33 per cent, while independence got 5 per cent. President Barack Obama earlier expressed support for the referendum and pledged to respect the will of the people in the event of a clear majority. It was unclear whether US Congress will debate the referendum results or if Obama will consider the results to be a clear enough majority. Puerto Rico’s resident commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, who has championed statehood, did not return calls for comment. He received 48 per cent or 874,914 votes, while his opponent, Rafael Cox Alomar, received 47 per cent or 855,732 votes with 96 per cent of precincts reporting. The island is currently a US territory whose inhabitants are US citizens, but are prohibited from voting in presidential elections. Its resident commissioner in the US House also has limited voting powers.

By Matt Spetalnick and Steve Holland FRESH from a decisive re-election win, President Barack Obama was set to return from the campaign trail yesterday with little time to savour victory, facing urgent economic challenges, a looming fiscal showdown and a still-divided Congress able to block his every move. Obama defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney on Tuesday night in a gruelling presidential race and used his acceptance speech in front of a huge cheering crowd in Chicago to strike a conciliatory note. But in the cold light of the 2012 election’s morning-after, it was clear that even though voters have endorsed a second Obama term, the president will have a hard time translating that into a mandate to push forward with his agenda. His most immediate concern is confronting a “fiscal cliff” of automatic tax increases and spending cuts that could crush the US economy recovery - a prospect that weighed heavily on global financial markets yesterday and sent Wall Street stocks into a postelection swoon. Voters chose to preserve the status quo of divided government in Washington. Obama’s fellow Democrats retained

Newly re-elected US President Barack Obama will have a hard time translating his victory into a mandate to push forward with his agenda (AFP) control of the Senate and Republicans kept their majority in the House of Representatives, giving them power to curb the president’s legislative ambitions on everything from taxes to immigration reform. This is the political reality that Obama - who won a far narrower victory over Romney than his historic election as the country’s first black president in 2008 - was facing

New storm bound for US Northeast NEW York and New Jersey ordered the evacuation of nursing homes and low-lying coastal areas already devastated by deadly Superstorm Sandy as a smaller but still powerful Nor’easter approached from the Atlantic Ocean. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg closed parks and beaches and temporarily halted outdoor construction ahead of the storm, which was pelting the Washington area with ice pellets yesterday and whipping up seas as high as 7.5 feet (2.3 metres) about 20 miles (30 km) off New York’s JFK airport. Thousands of people in the US Northeast lost their homes and more than 621,000 homes and businesses remained without power due to Sandy, testing nerves ahead of the Nor’easter.

DAVID SPINK David Spink of Peyia died in the UK on the 19th of October 2012, his funeral service will be in the UK on the 13th of November at a crematorium in the UK. It is proposed to hold a “Service of Remembrance for the life of David” at the church by St Paul’s Pillar (Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa) on the 23rd of November at 11:00 am Any enquiries please call 99530567

on his return to Washington. But that did not stop him from basking in the glow of re-election together with thousands of elated supporters in his hometown of Chicago early on Wednesday. “You voted for action, not politics as usual,” Obama said, calling for compromise and pledging to work with leaders of both parties to reduce the deficit, to reform the tax code and immigration

laws, and to cut dependence on foreign oil. The problems that dogged Obama in his first term still confront him. He must tackle the $1-trillion annual deficits, rein in the $16-trillion national debt, overhaul expensive social programmes and deal with the split Congress. The most urgent focus for Obama and US lawmakers will be to deal with the “fiscal cliff,” a mix of tax increases

and spending cuts due to extract some $600 billion from the economy at the end of the year, barring a deal with Congress. Economists warn it could push the United States back into recession. House Majority Leader John Boehner moved swiftly on the fiscal cliff issue yesterday, saying it was imperative “for both parties to find common ground and take steps together to help our economy grow and create jobs, which is critical to solving our debt”. Post-election concern about festering US fiscal problems contributed to a fall in global financial markets as jittery investors scrambled for lessrisky assets. All three major US stock indexes were down more than 2 per cent in late morning, with the Dow Jones industrial average down nearly 300 points. Eurozone debt worries were also a factor in the market decline. Obama is expected to make a push for a bipartisan solution to the emerging fiscal crisis in coming days, but Boehner has made it clear he intends to stand firm against any income tax increases on wealthier Americans, which Obama has demanded. Obama also faces international challenges like the West’s nuclear standoff with Iran, the civil war in Syria, the winding down of the war in Afghanistan and dealing with an increasingly assertive China. The nationwide popular vote remained extremely close with Obama taking about 50 per cent to 49 per cent for Romney after a campaign in which the candidates and their party allies spent a combined $2 billion. But in the state-bystate system of electoral votes that decides the White House, Obama notched up a comfortable victory.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL



‘Eurozone to flatline in 2013, pick up in 2014’ THE eurozone economy will barely grow next year but pick up in 2014, the European Commission said yesterday, forecasting slower growth than governments in all the bloc’s biggest economies expect. The European Union’s executive Commission said the 17 countries sharing the euro would grow only 0.1 per cent in 2013 after a bigger than previously forecast 0.4 per cent contraction this year as a result of the sovereign debt crisis. Growth is predicted to rebound to 1.4 per cent in 2014 as structural reforms now under way start bearing fruit. “It is quite normal that governments have somewhat overly optimistic forecasts of economic growth, we see it over the years that there is a systematic error towards optimism,” EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said. The Commission said 2012 would be weaker than expected because the sovereign debt crisis took a turn for the worse and markets began worrying that the euro-zone might disintegrate, at least until the European Central Bank changed the terms of the game. ECB President Mario Draghi said the bank’s plan for unlimited interventions in sovereign debt markets, announced in September, should put investors’ minds at ease. He said the eurozone was stabilising and investors were beginning to reinvest in the currency bloc. “Our actions have to send a clear signal to markets that their fears about the euro area are baseless,” he said in Frankfurt yesterday. Starting from a weak point, growth in 2013 would be almost non-existent and any expansion would be mainly thanks to net exports, which will benefit from a recovery in global demand, the Commission said.

The committee’s report comes against the backdrop of the Jimmy Savile (pictured) child abuse allegations and the Rochdale child grooming case

Deadly Moscow rampage A 30-YEAR-old Russian lawyer shot dead five colleagues at his pharmaceutical firm in Moscow yesterday in what appeared to be a drunken rampage after his girlfriend left him. Dressed in camouflage gear and armed with two semi-automatic rifles, Dmitry Vinogradov shot dead three men and two women at their desks before giving himself up to security guards, the Russian Investigative Committee said in a statement. Another man and a woman were wounded. Local media said Vinogradov had gone on a fiveday drinking binge after being jilted by a pharmacist at the firm. It was not clear whether she was among those shot.

‘Child protection scheme failing teens’ By Gavin Cordon THE child protection system in England is failing vulnerable teenagers and is in urgent need of review, British MPs warned yesterday. The Commons Education Committee said that while local authorities have a duty to safeguard all children up to the age of 18, too often the needs of older youngsters are not met. It said child care professionals need to understand that a teenager could be a vulnerable “child in need” just as much as a younger child. The committee’s report comes against the backdrop of the Jimmy Savile child abuse allegations and the Rochdale child grooming case.

British MPs say protection system needs urgent review It said that its inquiry uncovered a “worrying picture” of the protection and support available to children in the 14 to 18 age group. “This is characterised by a lack of services for adolescents, a failure to look beyond behavioural problems, a lack of recognition of the signs of neglect and abuse in teenagers, and a lack of understanding about the longterm impact on them,” the report said. “It is clear that the system as a whole is still failing this particular group in key ways.” The committee expressed particular concern about

the position of children who are leaving care and the range of accommodation and support that is provided to them. It said the regulator, Ofsted, should monitor and report on the provision made for older children - “taking into account the views of the children themselves” as a standard part of all local authority inspections. It also raised the issue of children who are the victims of trafficking and the “tension” between child protection and immigration policies. “Trafficked children found in criminal settings must al-

ways be treated as victims and children first, and not just as criminals,” it said. “We believe that it would be outrageous if destitution were to be used as a weapon against children because of their immigration status.” Committee chairman Graham Stuart said: “Care for older children is not good enough. They are let down too often, frequently ignored or not listened to, can be pushed out of care too young and insufficiently prepared and supported. This has to change. “In all cases, these children must be treated as children first, and not just as either criminals or immigration cases. To ensure this happens, we want the Department for Education to take responsibility for the welfare of all children.”

Czech Prime Minister Necas wins parliament confidence vote, pushing through tax rises Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas won a confidence vote in parliament and pushed through tax rises yesterday after quelling a rebellion that threatened to bring down his centre-right government.




The lower house voted to raise value-added and income taxes in a move aimed at narrowing the budget deficit next year after a group of dissenting backbenchers in Necas’s Civic Democratic Party

dropped their opposition to the legislation. The rebellion was the biggest challenge to Necas’s two-year rule because it followed defections and coalition rifts that had steadily



ENTER OUR COMPETITION (living page 28)

stripped his government of its majority in the 200-seat lower house. His victory removes an immediate danger for the government but its weak standing is likely to continue to complicate policymaking.

Draft marriage law approved FRANCE’S Socialist government approved a draft law yesterday to allow same-sex marriage, despite coming under fierce attack from religious leaders and conservative politicians. The proposed law, presented as the first major social reform of Francois Hollande’s presidency, would grant gay couples the right to adopt children but not to use assisted procreation methods such as artificial insemination. Parliament is due to vote on the proposals by mid2013.

Fatal collapse A FOUR-storey building housing a department store in Ghana’s capital Accra collapsed yesterday, killing at least one person and trapping dozens inside, emergency officials and witnesses said. Rescue workers pulled at least six people from the rubble, one of them dead and the rest injured, as large crowds gathered to watch, a Reuters witness in the West African country said.

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012



Rebels attempt to hit Assad’s palace

Egypt prosecutor tells government to block porn sites

Mortar attack fails to strike palace in Syria capital

EGYPT must block pornographic websites, its public prosecutor ordered yesterday, a move likely to be popular with resurgent religious conservatives, but eyed with suspicion by liberals who fear increasing censorship. Prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud ordered government authorities “to take the necessary measures to block any corrupt or corrupting pornographic pictures or scenes inconsistent with the values and traditions of the Egyptian people and the higher interests of the state.” Mahmoud said his ruling was in response to a 2009 court ruling that such sites be blocked. It was not clear if political prodding had led to the latest decision. Mahmoud was widely criticised in October after the acquittal of senior Mubarak-era officials charged with organising violence during the uprising that deposed the leader. New President Mohamed Mursi was thwarted in an attempt last month to replace Mahmoud by appoint-

By Khaled Yacoub Oweis and Mohammed Abbas SYRIAN rebels fired mortars at President Bashar al-Assad’s palace in Damascus yesterday but missed, in an attack underlining the growing boldness of forces fighting to end his family’s 42 years in power. As violence flared in other parts of the country, Turkey said it was about to ask NATO to station Patriot missiles along its border with Syria to guard against violence spilling onto its territory. Syria’s war, which has already destabilised Lebanon and raised the spectre of wider Middle East turbulence, poses one of the greatest foreign policy challenges for US President Barack Obama as he starts his second term. Damascus residents told Reuters heavy-calibre shells apparently aimed at the palace hit the nearby residential Mezze 86 district, home to members of Assad’s Alawite sect. State-run media said at least three people were killed and seven wounded in what it called a terrorist attack. Rebels have focused efforts on high-profile attacks against symbols of Assad’s rule, such as his palace. A July bomb that killed four of Assad’s top lieutenants was followed by a push into Damascus by rebels who were then partially beaten back by Assad’s forces. Fighters in the mainly Sunni Muslim opposition have stepped up attacks in the capital this week, setting off

Syrians inspect the site of an explosion in the district of Waroud in the western Damascus suburb of Qudsaya on November 6, 2012 (AFP) bombs in at least two areas populated by Alawites and assassinating two figures seen as close to the Assad regime. The violence has highlighted the sectarian dimension of a civil war that is deepening the rift between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims in the region - Assad’s Alawite sect is an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam. An Islamist rebel unit said it targeted but missed the palace, a compound mainly used for official functions which sits on a hill overlooking the city. It was not possible to verify whether Assad was staying there at the time. He has several residences in the city. “This operation came in response to the massacres committed in our beloved city,” the Lions of Islam rebel group said in a statement. They said

they also attacked a military airport and an intelligence facility in the capital, but there was no independent confirmation of those reports. State media said a judge, Abad Nadwa, was killed in Damascus yesterday by a bomb placed under his car. The brother of the speaker of parliament was killed in Damascus on Tuesday. International and regional rivalries have complicated efforts to mediate any resolution to the conflict - Russia and China have vetoed three UN Security Council resolutions that would have put Assad under pressure. Meanwhile, Turkey has been responding in kind to mortar bombs hitting its territory from fighting between Syrian rebels and Assad forces.

Gaddafi’s former spy chief ‘is very sick’ MUAMMAR Gaddafi’s former right-hand man is languishing in a Libyan jail with kidney cancer and no access to lawyers, his daughter said yesterday, calling for him to get a fair trial. Abdullah al-Senussi, who as spy chief was one of Libya’s most feared men, fled the rebellion that toppled Gaddafi, but was captured in Mauritania and extradited back to Libya in September in an operation his daughter compared to a kidnapping. “I haven’t spoken to him in over 60 days and his lawyer hasn’t been allowed in to see him,” Sarah Senussi said in a telephone interview yesterday. “Human rights organisations have asked repeatedly to visit him in jail and they have been refused also,” the 27-year-old told Reuters from an undisclosed location. He did not have his medications with him and it is not known if he is receiving medical

treatment in jail, she said. Senussi is suspected of playing a central role in the killing of more than 1,200 inmates at Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison in 1996. It was the arrest of a lawyer acting for relatives of the victims that sparked the revolt in February last year. Both the International Criminal Court (ICC) and France - which suspects him of involvement in a 1989 airliner bombing over Niger in which 54 of its nationals died - wanted to take him into custody. The United States is also keen to question Senussi about the 1988 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland of US passenger plane that killed 270 people, diplomatic sources have said. But a high-level Libyan delegation visited Mauritania and secured his extradition back to a country keen to to try Gaddafi loyalists at home.

Bahrain revokes nationality of 31 over national security THE Bahraini government, facing protracted unrest by its Shi’ite Muslim majority, has revoked the nationality of 31 men for damaging national security, the state news agency BNA reported yesterday. The men include London-

based dissidents Saeed al-Shehabi and Ali Mushaima, the son of jailed opposition leader Hassan Mushaima, as well as clerics, human rights lawyers and activists, according to Mohammed al-Mascati, head of the Bahrain Youth

Centre for Human Rights. The ruling Al Khalifa family used martial law and help from Gulf neighbours to put down a Shi’ite-led uprising against alleged discrimination in March last year, but unrest has resumed.

New Egypt President Mursi was thwarted in an attempt to replace Mahmoud ing him ambassador to the Vatican. In September, Telecommunications Minister Hany Mahmoud was quoted in the media as saying it would be technically difficult to block porn sites and that the correct way to address the issue would be to raise awareness among the young. Pornographic and other sites are routinely blocked in many Middle Eastern countries, including Gulf Arab states and Iran, but local users often find ways to circumvent the restrictions.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL



Violence erupts at huge Greek anti-cuts protest Measures expected to pass with narrow majority By Renee Maltezou and Lefteris Papadimas GREEK police fired water cannons and fought running battles with protesters hurling petrol bombs outside parliament yesterday during the biggest rally in over a year against spending cuts the country must approve to avert bankruptcy. Nearly 100,000 Greeks waving flags and chanting ‘Fight! They’re drinking our blood’ packed the square outside parliament as lawmakers neared a vote on unpopular budget cuts and labour reforms that the government is narrowly expected to win. Violence erupted when a handful of protesters tried to break through a barricade to enter parliament, prompting riot police to respond with teargas, stun grenades and, for the first time in an antiausterity protest, water cannons. More chaos reigned inside the assembly, where the session was briefly interrupted when parliamentary workers went on strike to protest against a clause that would have cut their salaries. In a humiliating about-face, the government was forced to cancel the measure to allow the session to resume. “Today we vote on whether

A protestor holds a banner reading ‘Traitor Samaras get out’ in front of the parliament in Syntagma Square during a 48-hour strike by the two major Greek workers unions in Athens yesterday we will remain in the eurozone or return to international isolation, meet complete bankruptcy and end up in the drachma,” Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said in a final plea to lawmakers to back the cuts and unlock aid. Outside, loud booms rang out through the evening as hooded protesters hurled molotov cocktails and rocks at police. Billowing smoke and small fires dotted the square and streets next to parliament. At least 35 people were detained. There were no reports of serious injuries but at

least four protesters suffered breathing problems, police said, as protesters dispersed in pouring rain. The anti-austerity rally appeared to be the largest in Athens since summer last year. “These measures are killing us little by little and lawmakers in there don’t give a damn,” said Maria Aliferopoulou, a 52year-old mother of two living on 1,000 euros a month. “They are rich, they have everything and we have nothing and are fighting for crumbs, for survival.” The late-night parliamentary vote on the cuts and tax hikes

expected to be worth 13.5 billion euros is the biggest test for Samaras’ government since it came to power in June. A ‘yes’ will give Athens over 31 billion euros in aid to shore up its ailing banks and pay off debt due later this month, but a ‘no’ vote would spell disaster for both Greece and his fragile coalition that has bickered for months on the cuts. Samaras is expected to scrape a win for the belt-tightening measures despite opposition from a junior partner in his coalition, the Democratic Left party, which says they undermine already eroded labour

rights. Several MPs from the second ruling party, Socialist PASOK, have also wavered. Still, barring any last-minute surprises, Samaras’ New Democracy and the remaining PASOK MPs should be able to push the measures through, with around 155 of parliament’s 300 votes. Backed by the leftist opposition, unions say the measures will hit the poor and spare the wealthy, while deepening a five-year recession that has wiped out a fifth of the country’s output and driven unemployment to a record 25 per cent.

Burberry says richest customers keep spending By James Davey

The 156-year-old British fashion house says it is in strong shape heading into Christmas

BRITISH fashion house Burberry said it is in strong shape heading into Christmas as wealthier shoppers continue to spend on its top-end ranges. “We are as strong going into the third quarter than we’ve been in the seven years I’ve been with the company,” said Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts. “With the things we can control we feel very positive.” The firm, best known for its raincoats lined with a distinctive camel, red and black check design, sent shock waves through the industry in September when it warned of a slowdown in China, which has been the driving force of a near three-year boom in demand for luxury goods. Burberry said yesterday that while some of its more “aspirational” consumers had been hit by the faltering global economy it had sold a higher proportion of goods from its top-end Prorsum and London lines to its wealthiest customers, boosting first half profit margins. The 156-year-old firm is following an industry-wide trend of buying back licences, in a deal to end its agreement with Interparfums, bringing fragrance and beauty in-house from April 2013. “The opportunity for us is not only huge in

the existing category (fragrance and beauty) but it will be the positive effect it has back on the core business as well,” Ahrendts told reporters. She hopes fragrance will create a “halo effect” on sales of other products through cross-marketing and being able to tempt new fragrance customers with higher priced products. Chief Financial Officer Stacey Cartwright said Burberry sees fragrance and beauty as a growth area where it lags peers, including LVMH. “By bringing it in-house and treating it as part of the core we will be able to leverage this business much more significantly over the medium and longer term,” Cartwright said. Burberry will make a 181 million euro payment to Interparfums for ending the licence, $113 million of which is taken as an exceptional item in first half accounts. The group made a profit before tax and one off items of 173 million pounds in the six months to September 30. That compared to analyst forecasts of 157-172 million pounds, with a consensus of 167 million pounds, according to a company poll, and 162 million pounds last year. The fashion firm said it expects the fragrance move to be broadly neutral to underlying profit in 2013-14 and “very nicely” earnings accretive thereafter.

News Corp profits up threefold RUPERT Murdoch’s News Corp has reported a sharp rise in profits thanks to a one-off asset sale and strong revenue growth at its cable networks division. Net profit for the three months to the end of September was $2.3bn, almost three times the $786m the company made a year earlier. Total revenue rose 2% to $8.14bn, which included $1.38bn from the sale of pay-TV encryption company NDS. Boosted by advertising sales, cable networks’ revenue grew 16% to $2.45bn. The results were better than analysts had expected and News Corp shares rose about 3% in after-hours trading. “Our operational discipline and focus on innovation continued to drive the company’s momentum in our fiscal first quarter, led by double-digit growth in our channels business and the global success of our film and television content,” said Murdoch. He said the company managed to grow revenue despite being hit by a stronger dollar. He also said he would provide further details later this year of the company’s proposed split of its entertainment and publishing businesses. Murdoch will chair both divisions.



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Cyprus must make sure talks with the troika go smoothly THE WAITING is over. The troika team arrives today and tomorrow starts talks with the government for finalising the memorandum of understanding that would pave the way for the financial assistance Cyprus desperately needs. How attitudes have changed since the troika left at the end of July, having handed the government a package of proposals for spending cuts and correcting the structural weaknesses of the economy. For the next two months the government was dragging its feet, avoiding dealing with the proposals, in the futile hope that it would secure a loan from Russia and not have to take the unpopular measures the troika proposed. When it became obvious there would be no loan from Russia, it decided to engage with the troika, preparing counterproposals and submitting them towards the end of October. Since then, it has been predicting the troika would announce, ‘in the next 24 hours’, the date of its arrival but this was based on wishful thinking rather than reliable information as events proved. President Christofias, who had been stalling for two months, even had the audacity to say that he had contacted leading EU officials to ask them to urge the troika to visit. First he was stalling the lenders and then he was imploring them to come, in the hope that an agreement would be ready for the November 12 Eurogroup meeting, the approval of which is needed. Now the target is the group’s meeting of December 3, assuming that all goes well with talks that start tomorrow. We doubt the troika would be here for long-drawn out negotiations as the government camp has been suggesting. It will want to make sure that Christofias would support what had been agreed in its consultations with the finance minister and extract a political commitment to the memorandum from the government and, possibly, the political parties. It is exclusively up to the government to make sure that the talks go smoothly and are speedily concluded. For this to happen it must show the political maturity that it has failed to show so far, finally accepting that it is in an extremely weak position and has no alternative but to play along with the troika. This is not a negotiation between equals. Our side is desperate for financial assistance and will have to accept the conditions set by the lenders who can happily walk away, without giving us a cent, if we persist with our nonsensical red lines. We may be stating the obvious, but so far our government has been blind to what should have been blatantly obvious.

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America’s elections and its third-world politics Comment Dani Rodik


ITH ITS presidential election over, the United States can finally take a breather from campaign politics, at least for a while. But an uncomfortable question lingers: How is it possible for the world’s most powerful country and its oldest continuous democracy to exhibit a state of political discourse that is more reminiscent of a failed African state? Maybe that is too harsh an assessment of Africa’s nascent democracies. If you think I exaggerate, you have not been paying close attention. The pandering to extremist groups, the rejection of science, the outright lies and distortions, and the evasion of the real issues that characterised the most recent election cycle set a new low for democratic politics. Without question, the worst offenders are America’s Republicans, whose leaders have somehow become enraptured by ideas that are beyond the pale in other advanced countries. Of the party’s dozen presidential candidates, only two (Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman) declined to reject scientific evidence concerning global warming and its human causes. But, when pressed on it, Romney was sufficiently uncomfortable about his position that he wobbled on the issue. The Darwinian theory of evolution has long been a dirty word among Republicans as well. Rick Perry, the governor of Texas and an early frontrunner in the Republican primary, called it just a “theory out there,” while Romney himself has had to argue that it is consistent with creationism – the idea that an intelligent force designed the universe and brought it into being. Likewise, if there is an archaic idea in economics, it is that the US should return to the Gold Standard. Yet, this idea, too, has strong support within the Republican Party – led by Ron Paul, another contender for the party’s presidential nomination. No one was surprised when the party’s platform gave a nod to the Gold Standard in its convention in August. Most non-Americans would

American elections are nothing other than entertainment find it crazy that neither Romney nor Barack Obama supported stricter gun-control laws (with Obama making an exception only for assault weapons such as AK-47s), in a country where it is sometimes easier to buy guns than it is to vote. Most Europeans cannot understand how, in a civilised country, both candidates can favour the death penalty. And I won’t even get into the abortion debate. Candidate Romney was so cowed by his party’s obsession with low taxes that he never put forth a budget that added up. It was left to his spinners to explain, as The Economist put it, that this was “necessary rubbish, concocted to persuade the fanatics who vote in the Republican primaries.” Obama, for his part, catered to economic nationalists by attacking Romney as an “outsourcing pioneer” and calling him an “outsourcer in chief” – as if outsourcing were evil, could be stopped, or Obama himself had done much to discourage it. So rampant were the equivocations, untruths, and outright lies from both camps that many media outlets and non-partisan groups maintained running lists of factual distortions. One of the best known,, an initiative of the Annenberg Public Policy Centre at the University of Pennsylvania, confessed that this cam-


paign had kept them exceptionally busy. Some of the most egregious examples included Obama’s claims that Romney was planning to raise taxes by $2,000 on middle-income taxpayers and/ or cut taxes by $5 trillion, and that Romney backed a law that would outlaw “all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest.” Romney went even further, claiming that Obama planned to raise taxes by $4,000 on middleincome taxpayers; that Obama planned “to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements”; and that Chrysler, bailed out by the Obama administration, was moving all of its Jeep production to China. None of these claims was true. “It’s been that sort of campaign,”’s analysts wrote, “filled from beginning to end with deceptive attacks and counterattacks, and dubious claims.” Meanwhile, over the course of three televised presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate, climate change, the signature issue of our time and the most serious problem confronting our planet, was not mentioned even once. One can draw two possible conclusions from America’s election. One is that the US will ultimately be undone by the poor quality of its democratic discourse, and that it is merely at

the start of an inevitable decline. The symptoms are there, even if the disease has not yet infected the entire body. The other possibility is that what is said and done during an election makes little difference to a polity’s health. Campaigns are always a time for cheap populism and kowtowing to singleissue fundamentalists. Perhaps what really matters is what happens after a candidate takes office: the quality of the checks and balances within which he or she operates, the advice offered, the decisions taken, and, ultimately, the policies pursued. But, if American elections are nothing other than entertainment, why is so much money spent on them, and why do so many people get so exercised over them? Can the answer be that the outcome would be even worse otherwise? To paraphrase Winston Churchill, elections are the worst way to select a political leader, save for all other methods that have been tried – and nowhere more so than in America.  Dani Rodrik, Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard University, is the author of The Globalisation Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy. Project Syndicate, 2012.



25 years ago Sunday November 8, 1987

Great Depression: New Deal – US President Franklin D. Roosevelt unveils the Civil Works Administration, an organisation designed to create jobs for more than 4 million of the unemployed.

Soviet Defence Minister General Dmitry Yazov told the traditional Revolution Day military parade on Red Square yesterday that the threat of nuclear war persists and he denounced the request for military superiority. But noted the special importance of next month’s summit in Washington where Mikhail Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan will sign a pact banning superpower intermediaterange nuclear arms.

1960 John F. Kennedy defeats Richard Nixon in one of the closest presidential elections of the twentieth century to become the 35th president of the United States.


35 years ago Tuesday November 8, 1977

The Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1965 is given Royal Assent, formally abolishing the death penalty in the United Kingdom.

Foreign Minister J. Christophides last night opened the Cyprus debate in the UN General Assembly by appealing to the member states to impress upon the Security Council the necessity of taking all measures warranted by the situation in order to bring about the long overdue implementation of the council’s resolutions on Cyprus.

1977 Manolis Andronikos, a Greek archaeologist and professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, discovers the tomb of Philip II of Macedon at Vergina.

2002 Iraq disarmament crisis: UN Security Council Resolution 1441 – The United Nations Security Council unanimously approves a resolution on Iraq, forcing Saddam Hussein to disarm or face “serious consequences”.

45 years ago Wednesday November 8, 1967 President Cevdet Sunay of Turkey said the talks last September between the Greek and Turkish Prime Ministers had been useful as a top level exchange of views. But he called on Greece to stop insisting on an extreme solution. If she did so, he was sure a just settlement could be achieved.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL



Aerosmith put on street concert on Memory Lane

By Piya Sinha-Roy

Rock legends play gig back where it all began By Scott Malone THOUSANDS of music fans clogged a Boston street this week to hear Grammy award-winning rock band Aerosmith perform a free concert in front of the apartment building where the musicians began their career four decades ago. The band blared out hits including Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion from the back of a specially converted tractor-trailer while area residents hung out windows, sat on balconies and stood on rooftops to hear the noontime concert. “It feels like the world stood still for this. It feels like it was yesterday,” lead singer Steven Tyler told Reuters in an interview after the concert. The band played to mark the release of its 15th studio album, Music from Another Dimension, which was released on Tuesday. Aerosmith’s five members signed a plaque that Boston plans to mount outside the apartment building in the Allston neighbourhood where they lived in the early days of a career that has brought them four Grammy awards and more than 20

Rihanna unveils duet with ex Chris Brown

Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler performs in front of the band’s old apartment building in Allston, Massachusetts

Top 40 hits. “That used to be my bedroom,” lead guitarist Joe Perry yelled to a woman looking out a second-story window. The crowd of thousands included teenagers holding signs declaring that they had skipped school to see the show, celebrities such as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and fans whose history with the band

went back to its 1970 founding. “I always loved Aerosmith. They were one of the first rock bands I got into growing up in Brazil,” said Michelle Fernandes, 43, waiting for the concert to start. When she moved to the United States in 2003, Fernandes was surprised to learn that she was working in an office down the street from where her favourite band got

its start, Fernandes said. “How cool is that?” she said. The band has always kept up its ties to a city that is home to hundreds of thousands of college students. “When there’s groups of young people like there are in colleges towns like this, there’s a lot of passion,” Tyler said. “We love that.” While the band relished the chance to see its old neigh-

bourhood, Perry declined to go into the apartment, where the band wrote songs including Movin’ Out. “I didn’t want to go into it to see what it looked like today because I like the memory of what it was when we were there,” Perry told Reuters. “I didn’t want to see it all polished and spiffed up.” Today Aerosmith resume their tour with a show in Oklahoma City.

Stars line up for Strictly Naked Sienna portrait unveiled Come Dancing tour CONTESTANTS Lisa Riley, Dani Harmer and Michael Vaughan will be among the stars who will join the Strictly Come Dancing live shows next year. They are the first names from the latest series of the BBC One show to be confirmed for the annual tour which begins in January. They will join judges Craig Revel Horwood, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli for the arena performances, which will be hosted by Kate Thornton. All three of the newly announced names are still in the contest with Michael starting off poorly but wowing the judges with his progress in the past two weeks.

HUGE CHALLENGE He said: “Learning so many different dances has been a huge challenge for me, but an amazing experience. I’m really looking forward to testing myself with the new routines we’ll be performing on the tour.” Former Emmerdale and You’ve Been Framed star Lisa said of her inclusion: “I’ve had an absolute ball on the show and the chance to carry on dancing, and in front of thousands of people, is too good to miss.” The live show has sold more than 1.5 million tickets over the past five years. This year’s dates open at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena on January 18, moving on to Newcastle Metro Arena, the Glasgow SECC, Liverpool’s Echo Arena, the Manchester Arena, London’s O2 and Wembley Arena, the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham and Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena.

The 30-year-old actress posed for British artist Jonathan Yeo in July shortly before her due date

A naked portrait of a pregnant Sienna Miller has been unveiled. The 30-year-old actress posed for British artist Jonathan Yeo in July shortly before her due date, letting him capture her in the later stages of her pregnancy. Jonathan - whose previous work includes paintings of Dennis Hopper and Nicole Kidman - described the portrait as a “tribute to Sienna’s courage and self-confidence” and praised her for stripping off for the artwork. This portrait will be the sixth she has sat for in his London studio and Jonathan thinks it is the most important artwork so far. He said: “This is the most powerful so far. There is a nervousness about it. I think it’s the anticipation of becoming a parent.” His painting of Sienna will go on display from today for three months as part of the ‘(I’ve Got You) Under My Skin’ exhibition at the Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

R&B star Rihanna unveiled a duet entitled Nobodies Business with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown this week, three years after Brown was charged with assaulting her. The song was part of an official track list that Barbadian singer Rihanna tweeted to her followers for her upcoming album Unapologetic, and comes after weeks of speculation in the media that the couple have rekindled their romance being spotted together at numerous events. While Rihanna, 24, has stayed mum on her relationship status with Brown, the Turn Up The Music singer attended Rihanna’s Halloween party last week and tweeted a photograph of himself dressed in Arab robes and a rifle. Brown, 23, is currently halfway through his fiveyear probation after pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy awards in 2009. He was ordered to complete community service and a domestic violence program. Brown was given permission by a Los Angeles judge to embark on his European tour at a recent hearing overseeing his progress on his probation. The former couple have had a tumultuous relationship in the last three years, including a restraining order against Brown following the assault. But recently the two singers have made peace, coming together on a remix of Rihanna’s raunchy song Birthday Cake earlier this year. The Barbadian singer told Oprah Winfrey in an emotional interview in August that she and Brown now had a “very close friendship,” and that she still loved him. Other collaborations on Rihanna’s upcoming Unapologetic album include rapper Eminem, newcomer singer-songwriter Mikky Ekko and rapper Future.

The pair may have rekindled their romance


CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012

Noticeboard AHDR offers Lebanon workshop

Samsung rocks again with lively boat party

STAROIL lights up Kiti area FURTHER strengthening its position in fuel retail, the company STAROIL inaugurated a new filling station in Kiti, Larnaca. The fourth STAROIL station began operating in mid-October and already both the local community and passing vehicles have responded positively. The new filling station offers all kinds of fuels, ranging from diesel and heating oil, rural fuel, kerosene, gasoline 95 and 98 octane, and high quality lubricants by Castrol. Conscious of the environment, STAROIL has installed at all its stations, systems recovery and return vapours from gasoline pumps (phase II). With the opening of its new station in Kiti, STAROIL aims to open two more stations in Paphos and Nicosia by May 2013. STAROIL CEO Giorgos Petrou said: "Despite the adverse conditions affecting our country’s economy, we will not deviate from our growth plan", adding that "as a company we are always on the side of local communities in all the regions we operate".

A FUN and exclusive boat party was organised at the Larnaca Marina, by ALPAN TELECOM, the official SAMSUNG mobile retailer in Cyprus. The guests in attendance were the lucky listeners of radio stations Sfera FM, Super FM and Deejay, who won invitations following a draw. Participants enjoyed a fun evening on pleasant waters, with an abundance of food and drink at hand, and were able to dance the night away to the beats of a well-known DJ. The lucky guests also had the chance to enter a draw to win the new Samsung Galaxy S III - the absolute office assistant, entertainment tool and organisation guide. The Galaxy S III goes beyond smart and fulfils your needs by thinking as

you think, acting as you act. The night's lucky winner of the draw was Elena Kontoyianni from Limassol, who went home with the much-envied handset. Samsung Galaxy S III powers a quad-core 1.4GHz Exynos processor, a Super AMOLED display 4.8’’, an 8 MP camera, all wrapped up in a delicious Android ice cream sandwich with Touchwiz UI. This smartphone also has features such as the S Voice, Social Tag, Direct Call, Smart Stay, Smart Alert and Best Photo that not only make users' lives easier, but also more enjoyable and creative. Ultimately, Samsung Galaxy S III is powered by the wonders that some take for granted. It was designed for humans... but inspired by nature.

Party-goers had a great time, with tasty eats and drinks, dancing and the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S III

BOARD Members of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) recently travelled to Lebanon to deliver a workshop entitled "Historical Thinking, Teaching History in Conflict Areas: The Disciplinary Approach". The workshop was held at the American University of Beirut, and hosted by the Centre for Lebanese Studies, the Lebanese Association for Educational Studies and Notre Dame University. Based on the experience of Cyprus, the workshop presented innovative ways to teach history, multiperspectivity and critical thinking skills. The training specifically focused on the use of the AHDR’s supplementary educational materials in the classroom.

Hungarian national day marked with reception

First couple, local and foreign dignitaries Redfoo show attend event wows crowds NO ONE could regret the rocking show put on last month when CytamobileVodafone offered 3,000 fans a concert of Redfoo of LMFAO and the Party Rock Crew. The event was held at Nicosia's Pavillion venue, with the show starting at 7.30pm and ending past midnight. Highlights of the evening were the "champagne showers" created by Redfoo, with the audience like putty in his hand - especially given the wonders he was creating with the hitech tablet he held, playing along with the DJ's music and making the most of the wireless network. Streetbeats, the band that emerged via Cytamobile-Vodafone's Facebook contest opened the Redfoo concert, giving their best and most vigorous performance, electrifying and driving ever higher the anticipation for the evening's main artist. Meanwhile, in the midst of the delight of the live performances, CytamobileVodafone's photobooth was also on hand, offering all attendees the opportunity to be digitally 'captured' by Redfoo, with the chance to later say: "I was at the concert too!"

HUNGARY celebrated its National Day on October 23, which commemorates the outbreak of the 1956 revolution and the country's struggle for freedom. The very same day in 1989 the new Republic of Hungary was proclaimed. To mark this occasion, the Ambassador of Hungary in Cyprus, Mrs. Krisztina BotosPenyigey, the Honorary Consul General and Mrs. Costakis Loizou held on Tuesday, October 30th a reception at the Hilton Park hotel in Nicosia. His Excellency the President of the Republic of Cyprus and the First Lady honoured the reception with their presence. Members of the council of Ministers, the House of Representatives and foreign diplomats, as well as distinguished guests from the financial and social life in Cyprus, also at-

President of the Republic Demetris Christofias and First Lady Elsie Christofias (centre) are pictured with Hungarian Ambassador and Mrs. Botos (left) and the Honorary Consul General and Mrs. Costakis Loizou tended the event. Additionally present were Hungarians who reside in Cyprus, as well as members of

the Hungarian contingent of UNFICYP. Hungary and Cyprus have always enjoyed a tradition-

ally warm relationship. These close ties were however strengthened even further with the accession of both

countries to the European Union, bringing new elements into the cooperation of the two partners.

Orphanides stores kick off Christmas celebrations

Join in Christmas tree lighting fun in nine stores on Friday

As the festive season draws nearer, prepare to enjoy Christmas tree lights in Orphanides supermarkets. The supermarket chain is celebrating the official start of the Christmas season with the most glamorous event of the year. Orphanides Supermarkets share this year the joy of Christmas and invite you to the lighting of Christmas trees in nine of their stores throughout Cyprus. On Friday, November 9, at 6pm, customers at Orphanides' supermarkets in Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos Mall, Paralimni, Zakaki,

Sopaz, Kiti, Skarinou and Polis can enjoy taking part in the tree lighting, to kick off the Yuletide cheer. There will also be face painting, clowns and balloons for the kids, with special gifts and surprises for old and young alike. Orphanides operates 29 stores: 11 supermarkets and 18 express outlets, including three at shopping malls in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos. The company is the biggest supermarket chain operator on the island with presence in all major districts.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL


What’s on


(K) All Audiences (12/15/18) No admittance to Under-12s/ 15s/ 18s (N/A) Not Available

NICOSIA Skyfall (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 5, 7.40 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) at 5, 7.40 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 11am and 2pm. Tel: 7777-8383 To Rome With Love (12) (in English and Italian, with Greek subtitles) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 7.50 and 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.35pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 11.20am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Looper (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 5.30, 7.45 and 10.10pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 4) at 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Paranormal Activity 4 (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.30, 8.05 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 4) at 5.30 and 8.05pm, weekends also at 11.20am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Savages (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 10.10pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) at 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Watch (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 8pm; KCineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) at 8pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) (in Greek), weekends only at 11.30am, 1.35pm and 3.35pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Le Havre (in French, with Greek subtitles) Cine Studio, tonight at 9pm, presented by the Friends of the Cinema Society. Tel: 96-420491,


Killer Joe (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 10.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 2) at 8.05 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Skyfall (12) Rio 2 at 5pm (weekends only), 7.45 and 10.30pm. Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 5, 7.40 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia (K) (in French, with Greek subtitles) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.50pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) at 5.35, 7.50 and 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383

To Rome With Love (12) (in English and Italian, with Greek subtitles) Rio 5 at 7.45 and 10pm, weekends at 8.15 and 10.20pm; Rio 1, weekends only at 3 and

CINEMA WEBSITES: K-Cineplex:, Friends of the Cinema Society:

5.20pm. Tel: 25-871410; KCineplex (Screen 2) at 7.50 and 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383

25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Savages (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings (K) Rio 3 (in Greek) at 6pm, weekends at 3, 4.45 and 6.30pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.35pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (K) Rio 4 (in English, in 2D), weekends only at 3, 4.45 and 6.30pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm. Tel: 7777-8383

The Watch (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 8pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Looper (15) Rio 4 at 7.45 and 10pm, weekends at 8.10 and 10.20pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (K) Rio 5 (in Greek), weekends only at 3, 4.45 and 6.30pm. Tel: 25-871410

Paranormal Activity 4 (15) Rio 1 at 7.45 and 10pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 5.30 and 8.05pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Savages (18) Rio 6 at 10pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Killer Joe (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia (K) (in French, with Greek subtitles) Rio 3 at 7.45 and 10pm, weekends at 8.15 and 10.20pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.50pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Watch (15) Rio 6 at 5.30pm (weekends only) and 7.45pm. Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 8pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar (K) Rio 2 (in Greek) at 6pm, weekends only at 3.15pm. Tel:

LARNACA Skyfall (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 5, 7.40 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 To Rome With Love (12) (in English and Italian, with Greek subtitles) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 7.50 and 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.35pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Looper (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 5.30, 7.45 and 10.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Paranormal Activity 4 (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.30, 8.05 and 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Artist Larnaca Municipal Theatre, Thursday at 8.30pm, presented by the Larnaca Film Society. Tel: 99-658831,

PAPHOS Skyfall (12) Rio 1 at 5.30 and 8pm; Rio 7 at 9.45pm, weekends at 10pm. Tel: 26-207000 To Rome With Love (12) (in English and Italian, with Greek subtitles) Rio 2 at 6, 8 and 10pm. Tel: 26-207000

26-207000 Magic Mike (18) Rio 2 at 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000 Brave (K) Rio 1 (in Greek) at 5.45pm, weekends also at 4pm. Tel: 26-207000 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (K) Rio 4 (in English, in 2D) at 6pm, weekends at 4 and 5.45pm. Tel: 26-207000 Ice Age: Continental Drift (K) Rio 3 (in English, in 2D), weekends only at 4pm. Tel: 26-207000 Killer Joe (18) Rio 5 at 9.45pm, weekends at 9.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia (K) (in French, with Greek subtitles) Rio 6 at 5.50, 8 and 10.10pm. Tel: 26-207000 Savages (18) Rio 3 at 10pm. Tel: 26-207000 The Watch (15) Rio 3 at 4pm (weekends only), 6 and 8pm. Tel: 26-207000

Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings (K) Rio 7 (in Greek) at 6pm, weekends at 3, 4.45 and 6.30pm. Tel: 26-207000

God Loves Caviar (K) Rio 5 at 7.45pm, weekends at 7.30pm. Tel: 26-207000

Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia (K) (in French, with Greek subtitles) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.50pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Looper (15) Rio 4 at 7.45pm (weekends at 7.30pm) and 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000

Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar (K) Rio 5 (in Greek) at 6pm, weekends at 4 and 5.45pm. Tel: 26-207000

Killer Joe (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383

Paranormal Activity 4 (15) Rio 7 at 7.45pm, weekends at 8.15pm; Rio 1 at 10.30pm. Tel:

Brave (K) Rio 6 (in Greek), weekends only at 4pm. Tel: 26-207000

listings Today Exhibition Reflections on My World Solo painting exhibition by Françoise Moncomble. Opens November 8, 7pm until November 11. Lounge Othello, Cyprus Hilton Hotel, Nicosia. Tel: 22-377777

Music Enarxis A musical performance with Olivios Karaolides. November 8. Satiriko Theatre, Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, Aglandia, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €15/10. For more information call 96560622 or visit

Theatre Haroula The Central Stage of ETHAL presents Cypriot play by Christos Zanos. November 8 until December 2. Technohoros ETHAL, 76 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, Limassol. On specific days at 8.30pm and Sundays at 6.30pm. €10. In Greek

Other Events

Other Events

Coffee Morning Organised by the Women’s Friendship Group at St. Paul’s with talk by Clare Manassian on her new children’s book. November 8. St. Paul’s Cathedral Hall, Bryon Avenue, Nicosia. 9am. In English. All welcome. Tel: 99-924363

Positions and Oppositions around Solar Energy A constructive discussion about solar energy. November 9. University of Cyprus, 4.30pm participants will have the opportunity to visit the Photovoltaic Park and at 5.30pm they will participate in the energy forum in Lecture Hall B108 at the Council and Senate Building Anastasios G. Leventis. Simultaneous translation in Greek and in English. Free. Tel: 22-894396/ 22-894305

Tomorrow Exhibition Faces Solo painting exhibition by Lefteris Olympiou. Opens November 9, 7.30pm until November 27. Intercollege, 52 Famagusta Avenue, Larnaca Road. Open daily: 10am-7pm. Tel: 24-747500 Kristina Sretkova Solo painting exhibition. Opens November 9, 7pm until November 17. Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, 45 Stadiou Street, Larnaca. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm & 4.30pm-8pm. Sunday:11am-2pm & 4pm-7pm. Tel: 24-621109

Ongoing Other Events Ninth Brazilian Film Festival With a whole range of top quality films delving into the life, culture and politics of Brazil. November 5-10. The Shoe Factory, 304 Ermou Street, Nicosia. 7.30pm and 9.30pm. Tel: 22-663871.

Theatre So What? XMAS Production presents a drama showcase featuring a selection of monologues and duologues per-

formed by nine inspired actresses. Works by Michael Freyn, Jean Cocteau, Neil Simon, Chrisa Spilioti and others. November 6-8. Theatro Eno, Nicosia. 8.30pm. In English and Greek. €15. All net proceeds shall go to the Cyprus Autism Association. Tel: 22-348203. Reservations at Staircase ETHAL presents a British comedy with Kostas Vichas and Achilleas Grammatikopoulos. Until November 11 (on specific days). Technohoros ETHAL, 76 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, Limassol. 8.30pm and 6.30pm on Sundays. €15/10. In Greek After the Rehearsal Theatro Ena opens a new season with play by Ingmar Bergman. Until November 11. Theatro Ena, 4 Athinas Avenue. Every Friday to Sunday at 8.30pm. €12/15. In Greek. Tel: 22-348203 Same Time, Next Year Dionysos Theatre opens the new theatre season with play by Bernard Slade, directed by Nikos Charalambous. Until November 25. Dionysos Theatre, 29 Diagorou Street, Nicosia. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm and Sunday at 6.30pm. In Greek. €20/15. Tel: 22818999/99-621845

The Grönholm Method The New Stage of THOC presents play by Catalan playwright Jordi Galcerán Ferrer. Until December 1. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Every Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-492900 Oscar The New Stage of THOC presents the play based on the work by French-Belgian dramatist Eric Emmanuel Schmitt. Until December 8. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Every two weeks Wednesday through Saturday. 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-492900 11:16 Anemona Theatre presents a mystery by C. G. Wilson. Until December 23. Anemona Theatre, 7 Archagelou Street, Latsia, Nicosia. Every Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm and Sunday at 8pm. In Greek. €10. Tel: 22-573031 Shakespeare in an Hour Pirasmos Productions presents the theatrical comedy. Until December 23. Pantheon Art Cinema, 29 Diagorou Street, Nicosia. Thursday through Sunday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 70-001910 Just Broken Up Act Theatre presents play by Vassilis Myrianthopoulos & Vangelis Hatzinikolaou. Cyprus Dialect Adaptation

For a full guide to the week’s events and regular meetings, make sure you get a copy of the Sunday Mail

by Christiana Artemiou. Until January 6. Latsia Municipal Theatre, 57 Yiannos Kranidiotis Avenue, Nicosia. On specific days at 8.30pm and 6pm on Sundays. €20. Tel: 77-777181

Exhibition Cyprus of Yesterday and Today through Art and Crafts Group exhibition. Until November 10. Diachroniki Gallery Ledras, 84 Arsinoes Street, Nicosia. Open daily: 10am-7pm except Sundays. Tel: 22-680145 Triptych Group art exhibition. Until November 10. Stegi Grammaton Kai Tehnon, June 16 1943 Avenue, Limassol. 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm. Tel: 35749179/99-400349 Dutch Wonder Group exhibition by three Dutch artists. Until November 10. Chiaki Kamikawa Contemporary Art, 10 Solonos, Paphos. Monday-Friday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. Saturday: 10am-1.30pm. Tel: 99-311225 Re-generation Solo art exhibition by Solomon Moustakas. Until November 10. Is Not Gallery, 11 Odysseus, Chrysaliniotissa, Nicosia. MondaySaturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Tel: 22-343670

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012

15 To have your event included for FREE in our listings, send details to: Arts Editor, Cyprus Mail, PO Box 21144, Nicosia. Fax: 22-676385. Email: Please send your information as early as possible. Include full details, a contact number and good quality photos

Out of this world Locals will soon have the chances discover the wonders of space as an unusual travelling exhibition touches down in Cyprus. Launched by the European Commission, the European Space Expo aims to show how space and its related applications provide benefits to Europe’s citizens. Coming to life at Europe Square in Larnaca between November 12 to 18, the Expo follows on from the great success of shows in Copenhagen, Toulouse, Helsinki and Brussels. Highlighting the critical role of European Union space-based technologies, an emphasis will be placed on the ways in which they help in optimising transport, increasing efficiency in agriculture and fisheries, protecting the environment and improving security. “The reaction abroad so far has been great, Helsinki was our big success story which attracted 28,000 visitors in four days,” enthuses Rudy Aernoudt, Principal Economist at the European Commission and head organiser of the Expo. During the next two years, the exhibition will be on display in an additional 20 to 30 cities while it will also make a stop in London before the end of the year. The event has been touted by organisers as a great opportunity for Europe’s citizens to realise the wide range of applications available thanks to EU satellite navigation and earth observation programmes. “Most of us don’t realise just how important space is in our lives,” says Aernoudt. “Without satellites not a single plane would be able to take off and people wouldn’t even be able to communicate overseas. What citizens have to realise is that space isn’t just something high above us that has no impact in the daily world. Its impact is in fact a phenomenal one.” Visitors at the event will have the opportunity to take a comprehensive and interactive look at plethora of information on the implementation of the European satellite navigation system (Galileo, EGNOS), the European Earth observation programme (GMES) and the exploration of space. “Since the Lisbon Treaty we can really speak about a European space policy,” says Aernoudt.

“This expo particularly focuses on the opportunities in navigation- specifically Galileo- which is like a European GPS system used for all moving vehicles. Then there’s GMES which is about observation, looking at what’s happening around us; with the atmosphere, pollution and so much more.” What’s particularly interesting is that the European Space Expo aims to be both interactive and entertaining, with 12 touch screens to be set up giving visitors the opportunity to watch numerous videos and pictures that delve into the world of scientific space applications in the world of health, natural disasters, climate change, transport and agriculture. This will be topped off by special features for children, including simple animations. Young ones will also have the opportunity to solve quizzes and take posters and souvenirs home with them. “Everyone has something to learn from this exhibit. It’s very accessible and covers just about everything from agriculture to ecology and so much more,” points out Aernoudt. “People can just click on the screens and information on 30,000 space applications on earth will appear. One of the most fascinating ones demonstrates the web of airplanes through our skies.” With all information available in both Greek and English, organisers encourage parents to take their kids along with them for a fun day out. “I hope a lot of Cypriots come along to see what’s going on in space and the way satellites change our lives in a way people don’t even realise.” While the expo lures in the general public, a parallel FP7 Space Conference geared more specifically towards scientists will be attracting industry professionals at the Palm Beach Hotel in Larnaca on November 15 and 16. As the second international conference of its kind, it will present the results of the FP7 Space Research Programme while also investigating future options for European research in the space field. European Space Expo: Discover what Space brings to your Life The Expo will highlight the critical role of the European Union in space s and space-based technologies. Visitors Ex can see, touch and experience the wide to the Expo range of innovative technologies and services that spac offers them. November 12-18. Europe Square, space Lar Larnaca. Monday-Friday: 10am-2pm and 4pm-8pm Saturday-Sunday: 10am-8pm. Free. Additional pm. spac conference, November 15 and 16 with online space registratio required. For more information visit: www. registration ec.europa By Zoe Christodoulides

Coming Up Music The Rialto marches to the beat of a different drum Wailing bagpipes, pounding, pulsating percussion and billowing subterranean rumblings create the otherworldly soundscape that is Lefteris Gregoriou & Global Daoulia. This Saturday, audiences in Limassol’s Rialto Theatre, should brace themselves for some polyrhythmic delights, as a thrilling programme of contemporary Cretan and Pontiac music reverberates far beyond the Theatre’s walls. There is something very primal about a drum beat. Other than the human, the drum is the oldest musical instrument in time. In the beginning it was small and simple in construction. Simply a piece of hide stretched over the end of a hollow log, with sticks or bones used as beaters. This percussive sound has been an accompaniment to the natural rhythms of life. Bagpipes take centre stage in this unusual musical performance. They are among the oldest musical instruments, so old that their true age and origin are debated among historians. Contrary to popular belief, bagpipes were not invented in Scotland or Ireland. It is widely believed that the pipes were originally created in the Middle East, with supporting evidence in Egypt and eventually Greece and Rome. The use of the instrument soon spread throughout Europe. Lefteris Grigoriou has mastered this age-old instrument and fused signature

repertoire of Greek bagpipes such as tsampouna, askomantoura, gaida with contemporary sounds, creating something quite unique. Trading blows with Grigoriou, is one of Bulgaria’s most popular and renowned drummers and percussionists, Stoyan Yankoulov. He has created a unique style of playing by combining different techniques from several percussion instruments and drums. In 2003 he initiated a project of joint performance with an extremely talented folklore singer, Elitsa Todorova and the duo represented Bulgaria in Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. The Global Daoulia consists of three to 12 percussionists who perform on stage and on the streets creating a very special and imposing atmosphere. Two eminent representatives of the respective tradition will also participate in this project: Dimitris Chiotis (Cretan lyra, laouto and voice) and Serafim Marmaridis (Pontiac lyra and voice), while Fotis Mylonas adds an electric atmosphere with his keyboards and electric bass. From Crete to Pontus a celebration, a festival with lyre, daouli and percussion, that shows and enriches the traditional repertoire. A cacophony of rhythms and interlocking melodies are juxtaposed at full tilt in a sound spectacle unlike any other. Add to this the positively viral energy a group of talented musicians, playing on a range of percussion instruments including primordial bagpipes, the lyre and drums and you are in for a real treat. Lefteris Gregoriou & Global Daoulia A contemporary Cretan and Pontiac feast that combines primordial bagpipes with impressive percussion. November 10. Rialto Theatre, Limassol. 8.30pm. €15/10. Tel: 77-777745

NIGHTLIFE Limassol’s Theatro Ena turns down the lights and gets romantic You can’t deny that the Theatro Ena in Limassol has plenty of character. First there’s the charm of the actual venue itself: the old-timey feel and the cozy, intimate ambience of the interior. There’s also plenty of personality to its event schedule, mainly revolving around theatre. And of course, the entertaining events at Theatro Ena don’t just stop with theatre; the venue’s International Documentary Festival has become very popular with

local crowds. This weekend, Theatro Ena will get jazzed up, as a mainstay of the local music season, Sarah Fenwick and Marinos Neophytou team up to present an electrifying performance. The theme for the evening is love. Do you believe in love? Are you an Incurable Romantic? Perhaps you can quote from Romeo and Juliet, if the answer to the above is yes, then this Saturday you will have the opportunity to enjoy the

most popular jazz songs written by Nat King Cole, George Gershwin, Cole Porter and other great composers. Just like love, these songs pass the test of time and remind us of the values of romance, dreams and passion. Fenwick is respected as one of Cyprus’ most improvisational and dedicated jazz artists. The popular jazz singer has performed in Cyprus, Israel, Kuwait, Italy and other countries and has recorded two CDs, the most re-

cent of which is called ‘Love Life’. As for Neophytou, he studied at Berklee College of Music and is a multi-talented musician who plays the guitar, saxophone and bass. Neophytou has performed extensively in mainstream and Latin jazz. Incurable Romantics Cypriot Jazz musicians Sarah Fenwick and Marinos Neophytou perform romantic and classic jazz songs. November 10. Theatro Ena, Limassol. 8.30pm. €15. Tel: 99-458399

For a full listing of the day’s events, see facing page




US President Barack Oba and Malia (R) wave to

Above: Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney react to results on election night in Boston Massachusetts. Below: Obama’s victory drew worldwide cheers at election parties hosted by US embassies and consulates across the world yesterday, with (right) Indian university students celebrating the result in Delhi and (left) a woman hailing the outcome by reaching for a balloon in Hong Kong (AFP)

Four mo By Jeff Mason and Eric Johnson

Women key in Democrat victory IN the final week of the U.S. presidential campaign, one advertisement was on heavy rotation in the swing state of Wisconsin. It featured three women named Connie, Kim, and Anita who told viewers the reasons they were switching their support from President Barack Obama to Mitt Romney. The Republican campaign hoped that women throughout America would follow the lead of that trio, but Obama was able to preserve his coalition of female voters en route to winning a second term on Tuesday. Obama beat Romney 55 per cent to 43 points among women, according to Reuters/ Ipsos Election Day polling. That 12-point victory nearly matched Obama’s 13-point win among female voters over Republican John McCain in 2008. Romney did no better among women, who outvoted their male counterparts by 6 per cent, than McCain did four years ago. One key to Obama’s success: social issues. Nearly two times as many women as men rank matters like abortion and same-sex marriage as the most important issue that determined their vote, according to polling data.

From the Democrats’ convention to Obama’s stump speeches to the campaign’s commercials, the president’s team put issues like pay equality and women’s healthcare at the centre of its argument for his re-election. They denounced Romney for shifting positions on abortion and contraceptive rights since his 2002 election as governor of Democratic-leaning Massachusetts and for failing to support Obama-backed legislation easing the way for women to sue over workplace pay discrimination. Women ranked healthcare as among their top concerns, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling data. While Democrats charged the Republicans were waging a “war on women,” Romney replied that the true attack on female voters was an economic one, citing the difficult economic conditions that hit all voters. Reuters/Ipsos polling found that the economy was the most important issue among women. More women, however, were forgiving of the economic conditions that confronted Obama when he entered office and were willing to give him a shot at a second term.


he crowd was smaller than it was four years ago, and the venue was indoors, but President Barack Obama’s victory party early yesterday shared a theme with his 2008 election night: hope. Despite a rough economy that dulled the glow of being America’s first black president, Obama defeated Republican Mitt Romney in a hard-fought race for the White House and celebrated with confetti, hugs and a promise to represent everyone in the nation. “Tonight, despite all the hardship we’ve been through, despite all the frustrations of Washington, I’ve never been more hopeful about our future,” Obama said. “I have never been more hopeful about America. And I ask you to sustain that hope,” he told the cheering crowd in Chicago, his hometown. Obama won the presidency in 2008 on the themes of “hope” and “change.” But ex-

Despite bitterness of Whi been more hopeful,’ says cept for the final weeks of the campaign, he shunned those key words during his 2012 re-election effort in the face of Republican attacks on his economic stewardship and other issues. With his robust victory, those attacks - at least from Romney - are now over. The president struck a conciliatory chord toward his opponent in his remarks. “We may have battled fierce-

ly, but it’s only because we love this country deeply and we care so strongly about its future,” he said. “In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward.” In 2008, Obama spoke to a crowd of some 240,000 people at Chicago’s Grant Park, marking his historic victory over Republican John McCain.

‘We may have battled fiercely, but it’s on and we care so strongly about its future . to sitting down with Governor Romney to move this cou

day, November 8, 2012

17 Television Crossword Sportport

IN a verdant oasis in the deserts of northern Mexico, Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s Mormon cousins mourned his presidential election defeat on Tuesday as a lost opportunity to pull the U.S. economy out of the doldrums. Romney’s relatives in Mexico, whom he has never visited, had high hopes their clan’s most famous son would win the keys to the White House, create jobs and boost trade. When the former private-equity executive and Massachusetts governor conceded defeat to President Barack Obama early yesterday, his Mexican brethren reacted with a mixture of dismay and stoic resignation, hailing his candidacy as a step forward for promoting understanding of the Mormon community. “I’m just feeling very, very sad,” said Virginia Romney, who was born on the same day as Romney in 1947, and is married to his Mexican second cousin Kent. “Just to let him slip away from being president of the United States is a real tragedy for the US because he could have given the country so much,” the 65-year-old added. “He has been such a success in everything he has done.” The family’s Mexican roots go back to Mitt Romney’s great-grandfather Miles P. Romney, who crossed south of the border in the 1880s, like other early Mormon settlers in Mexico fleeing US marshals who were seeking to arrest him for practising polygamy. His descendants still live in Mormon enclaves in the state of Chihuahua about 200 miles (320 km) from the US border and near where Mitt’s father, George Romney, was born. There are about 300 Mormons left in the area, and dozens called Romney. Today, Colonia Juarez is a pocket of green fields, manicured lawns, well-pruned trees and American-style suburban life hemmed

Above: US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney arrives on stage to concede the election to President Barack Obama early yesterday morning in Boston

ore years This year, he chose a convention centre, McCormick Place, with seating room for 18,000. The venue’s capacity was not the only change from four years ago. Obama’s daughters are taller, his hair is grayer, and the historic aspect of his election was less pronounced than it was in 2008. The crowd, however, was every bit as enthusiastic as four years ago. “This solidifies something

that started in 2008,” said Karen Lehman, 59. “I feel so fantastic I can hardly describe it. This is a victory for all of these people here that President Obama was able to mobilise. They believed that he was moving in the right direction. I am thrilled.” People hugged each other, waved tiny American flags, danced, and pumped their firsts in the air. Prior to his victory, whenever a state was

nly because we love this country deeply .. In the weeks ahead, I also look forward talk about where we can work together to untry forward’

28 29-32


ma, First Lady Michelle and daughters Sasha (L) o supporters on election night in Chicago, Illinois

te House race, ‘I’ve never newly re-elected Obama


projected into Obama’s column, supporters erupted in cheers. Before his remarks, Obama was joined on stage by his wife, Michelle, and their two girls, Malia and Sasha. After they departed, he paused to listen to Stevie Wonder’s song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” before starting to speak. When he did, he praised his vice president, his campaign staff, and his family. “For now, one dog’s probably enough,” he said to his girls, to whom he famously promised to get a puppy if he won in 2008. People in the crowd wiped tears form their eyes as Obama spoke. When he was finished, the Obama and Biden families came onto the stage and confetti fell down on the crowd. The families waved and eventually walked off the stage. As his wife and daughters walked behind a blue curtain, Obama came back to the front of the stage, looked around, waved to the crowd again and mouthed, “Thank you”.

in by mile upon mile of desert waste and scrubland. Driving down a hill into leafy, ordered surroundings, a gold statue glimmers atop a white Mormon temple. In the cemetery, the modest graves of Romneys have simple stone plaques, while flowers and crosses adorn elaborate Mexican tombs. Leighton Romney, another of Mitt’s Romney’s second cousins in Chihuahua, said the Republican’s hopes had been buried because his party had failed to connect with voters on issues like immigration and foreign policy. “As poorly as the economy is doing and as bad a record as Obama has, in some way the Republicans weren’t able to take advantage of it,” said the 53-year-old businessman. “Mitt ran a good campaign. And he did a lot for his party.” “He also did a lot for his religion. He brought it to the forefront and hopefully people will be more informed about the Latter Day Saints church now,” added Leighton. Many of Romney’s Mexican relatives have built successful careers as farmers selling fruit and other produce to the United States, and they were adamant the multi-millionaire Republican was the best man to turn around the struggling US economy. But despite rallying behind the Republican nominee in the election, the Mexican Romneys were critical of the Republican line on immigration issues in the United States, arguing that many Mexicans crossing the border illegally were just acting out of economic necessity. Republicans generally back strict controls against illegal immigration and Romney took a hard line to win his party’s nomination. As candidate, he sought to woo Hispanic voters by pointing out that his father was Mexicanborn, but otherwise said little about that part of his family history.

Republican challenger’s dream over AN exhausted Mitt Romney conceded defeat to Barack Obama in the early hours yesterday, calling for an end to the “partisan bickering” that has endured to the bitter end of the U.S. presidential election battle. The Republican challenger stood beneath a sign that asked supporters to “Believe in America” and told the party faithful the dream was over. “I so wish that I had been able to fulfil your hopes to lead the country in a different direction,” he said. It was a sombre end to a journey that saw Romney and his supporters invest £1.8 billion — and a year’s worth of hope — in an effort to bring what he called “real change” to the White House. After seeing their agenda thoroughly rejected at the ballot box, his supporters gathered in the ballroom at a Boston convention centre. As Romney walked on stage, many were moved to tears. One elderly woman collapsed and was taken away by paramedics. “The nation, as you know, is at a critical point,” he told them, in a traditional post-election plea for national unity. “At a time like this, we can’t risk partisan bickering and political posturing. Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people’s work. And we citizens have to rise to the occasion.”

Romney was later joined by his wife Ann, running mate Paul Ryan and their respective extended families. “I also want to thank Ann, the love of my life,” said Romney. “She would have been a wonderful first lady. She has been that and more to me and to our family and to the many people that she has touched with her compassion and her care.” The Republicans lost not only the presidency — by a thumping margin in the electoral college — but also fell short in a string of high-profile Senate races, meaning it will be at least two years until the party can again try to take control of the upper house of Congress. The long night of suspense predicted by pundits came to an end shortly before

11.30pm, when America’s major news organisations “called” the race for Obama. It took another 90 minutes for Romney to conclude that he indeed had no path to victory, after falling behind in Florida, Ohio, and almost every major swing state. The post-mortem began yesterday. Wherever it leads, Mitt Romney said he hopes the “principles” of his campaign will endure. “I ran for office because I’m concerned about America,” he added. “I so wish that I had been able to fulfil your hopes to lead the country in a different direction. “But the nation chose another leader. And so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation.”

Down and out: a despondent Romney supporter sits on the floor on election night in Boston (AFP)


Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL


ADVERTISER helps you find what you’re looking for


€14 (plus VAT)

a week for classifieds (up to 40 words)

Send your classified by fax or email and pay by credit card, cheque or cash. It couldn’t be simpler! Nicosia - email: Limassol - email: Paphos - email:

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ***************************** WE ARE LOOKING FOR RESPONSIBLE VOLUNTEERS in the Larnaca area to work at our second hand charity shop. If you can help us any time to raise money for hundreds of homeless and unwanted dogs and puppies at the shelter please call John on 99866121 *************************** LIVE-IN COUPLE NEEDED for a house in the mountains to be responsible for all the housekeeping & general maintenance of the house, pool and garden. Required to work on weekends. Full driving licence. Please send your CV to office141b@ ***************************

aches, pains, stress and improvement of body tone. Pafos area - call 9922 1851 for appointment *************************** CLINICAL PILATES. Personalised Clinical Pilates by Physiotherapists in Nicosia. Individual assessment and supervision of exercises. “Clinical pilates” is a modified form of therapeutic exercise used by physiotherapists to assist in the rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injury especially lower back pain, sacro-iliac pain and neck pain. More info on 22446988. ***************************


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pies like this one are looking for forever homes! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact Elena on 99520511 mon-frid 10-2pm. *****************************

LESSONS FEMALE DASCHUND CROSS, she is sweet natured and very friendly. She needs permanent or temporary foster home. She is looking for a forever home! At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and puppies like this one are looking for forever homes ! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact Elena on 99520511 mon-frid 10-2pm. *****************************


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Please note tel nos. that begin with: 22 = Nicosia 23 = Paralimni/Protaras 24 = Larnaca 25 = Limassol 26 = Paphos


CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advertiser SERVICES 99621914 LARNACA, ALETHRIKO, plots for sale, 525 sqm, 90% building factor, near highway Limassol-Larnaca, 5 min from airport, quiet residential area €109.000. Half registration fees till the 31.12.12. Tel. 99621914 PLOT LOCATED IN MESA GEITONIA, LIMASSOL 617sqm. 100% build. Ideal for the construction of apartment building or 1 or 2 large houses. Price reduced to € 360.000 tel. 99 330 908 www.cyprusre. com/listing-lim-0170 RESIDENTIAL PIECE OF LAND of 985sqm in the village of Pareklisia. Partial sea views, near to electricity and water supplies. €135.000 D.C. (Cyprus) Real Estate Tel: 99 330 908 FOR SALE PLOT IN THE CENTER OF LEFKARA Village 670sqm, high build factor, near all shops, and amenities €210.000 negotiable Tel: 99 330 908 FOR SALE PLOT of 528sqm located in Paphos Municipality in the Agios Paulos area. It offers a large 100% build factor, and is suitable for the construction of a large house or apartment building. Price € 260.000 tel. 99 330 908 www. SALE OF FIVE ADJACENT PLOTS in Paphos.Considered a significant investment opportunity because the plots

FOR SALE B.P./LAND are located in a central area of Paphos(very close to the central public market).Sale of either all together or independently. Prices: €220000 – 250000 each. Call 99494753

WANTED TO RENT 22 674338, 99621554 FOR SALE LAND in Anthoupoli (half plot) 288 sq.metres. for information 99621554.

TREMITHOUSA, plots for sale in a very quiet area, unobstructed sea and mountain views, 600 – 700 sqm, prices from €170.000 Tel: 99510420


PRIME LAND IS AVAILABLE FOR LONG LEASE IN LIMASSOL. 40, 000 sq.m., zoning Ka7 (80% -45% - 3 stories). Regular amphitheatrical shape overlooking Ladies Mile. Close to New Limassol Hospital with direct access to Limassol – Paphos Highway. Water supply, electricity and telephones are readily available. Suitable for immediate development. Ideal for various health facilities and resorts, holiday centres, commercial and shopping centres, entertainment enterprises etc. Information: Tel.

FLAT OR HOUSE TO RENT, 2-3 bedrooms, veranda/terrace or garden, prefer furnished, SW of Nicosia (in approx area Lakadamia to Kapedes and Kalo Chorio), 22455072, 99089083.


SELEC Fencing & Decking Specialist For all your Garden and Security Fencing ♦ Quality approved workmanship ♦ 15 years experience + guaranteed work ♦ English workers ♦ also garden gates ♦ sheds ♦ chain link fencing ♦ free estimates ♦ all types of fencing & decking

Tel. SELEC fencing 99176557

TO LET NICOSIA room flat in Nikis Avn in Nicosia, 80 m. Completely renovated, with electric supplies. Excellent for office or flat. 3 bed-room flat with electric supplies and some furnitures in Nicosia near Central Bank, 140 m. Completely renovated like new. Mob: 99 460 860 ***************************** MODERN 2 BDRM, first floor flat in attractive building in Anthoupolis, very quiet area between the Grammar School and the European University, also very convenient for Pascal and Highgate Schools and the University of Nicosia. Large front veranda, all appliances, modern fittings, light and bright. Furnished or unfurnished €550p.m. Call 99900177. TO LET 2 bedroom, fully detached house, with sitting & dining room, living room, office/study room, 2 bathrooms, 2 verandas, a/c, central heating, solar, covered garage in a

TO LET NICOSIA quiet neighbourhood in Ayios Andreas, Nicosia. Call Thanos 99543533. FOR RENT Acropolis luxury flat; three bedrooms; bathroom; laundry room; fully fitted kitchen; large sitting and dining room; everyday room; two verandas; guest WC; central heating, air-conditioning, Broadband internet, Satellite TV; Covered parking. Furnished €1200, unfurnished €1000, Tel 22312255, 99557457. FOR RENT 3 bedroom flat completely renovated in Strovolos. 135sqm, quite family owned building recently painted. c/h, a/c, storage room. Stainless steel appliances, washing machine. Sky satellite tv. €650/ month Call 99 330 908. FOR RENT 3 B/R apartment fully furnished close to Central Bank. 3 W.C., fully airconditioned extra storeroom, owned covered parking. Excellent condition. Information:

TO LET NICOSIA Tel. 99621554 FOR RENT – three-bedroom flat in Lykavitos, Nicosia. Open plan fully-equipped kitchen and living area, two bathrooms, air conditioning and central heating. Big veranda. Near the town centre and University of Cyprus. Contact 99-721911 / 99454141 ***************************** 3 BEDROOMS flat on second floor in a block of six flats, in a nice position at Strovolos area, fully a/c, c/h, covered parking place for one car, recently painted. Rent €650pm. (furnished if required). Tel: 97773358. **************************** LUXURY HOUSES: 1. 5 bedrs detached house, 550sq.m, built in 2 big plots of land, big garden with grass, big swimming pool with extra fence for children and big covered patio with bbq area, big reception areas with mar-

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Tel. Tony on 99176557

8 Karaoli Str. & Byron Ave. Corner “Anemomilos “ Bldg., Office 105, 1095, Nicosia Phone: 22-324632 , 99-556295

Dr. Maria Gavrilina


Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA ble floor, fire place and bar, big kitchen with all electrical appliances and sitting room with fire place, maid’s room, floor heating, full a/c, blinds on the windows, master bedroom with en suite bathroom and shower, big bathroom for the other 3 bedrooms and extra shower in the 5th bedroom - Strovolos €2500 (H5ST10001-R), (photos in the website). 2. H3AR0004-R, 3 bedr luxury detached house with central heating, full a/c, 3wc, 2 bathrooms, parquet floor throughout the house, big sitting and dining area, big kitchen with family room opening onto the swimming pool which has big covered area with wooden deck, bbq area, covered parking, in a very quiet area behind Apoel football training ground - Archagelos - €1700 (photos in website). 3. 2 bedr fully renovated semi detached house 120 sq. m, a/c for hot and cold, small yard, FULLY FURNSIHED or not, double glazed windows with aluminum shutters, in a quiet area off Nikis behind Burger King - ACROPOLIS €650 (H2ACS0001-R), (photos in the website). 4. H3ST10012-R, 3 bedr luxury semi detached house with central heating independent, a/c, 3wc, parquet floor, fire place, electrical appli-

TO LET NICOSIA ances in the kitchen, curtains, SHARED SWIMMING POOL, in a very quiet neighbourhood in the area near Falcon school. Strovolos € 1200, (photos in website). 5. 4 bedr new luxury detached house, separate maid’s room, central heating, full Ac, 260sq.m, big kitchen with all the electrical appliances, blinds on all the windows, 4wc, 2 showers, 1 bathroom, 2 covered parking, big garden with grass in a quiet neighbourhood in a dead end near French Ambassador house - Strovolos €1400 (H4ST10045-R), (photos in the website). 6. 3 bedr+big attic room with shower and wc luxury new house, 210sq.m, central heating, full a/c, 4wc, blinds on all windows, cooker and oven in the kitchen, small garden, covered parking near Alpha Mega supermarket - STROVOLOS €1200 (H4ST10007-R), (photos in the website). 7. 3 bedr upstairs and one downstairs luxury detached house built in 2 plots of land with big garden and big over floor swimming pool 4 X 10, central heating, full a/c, 2 covered parking, FULLY NICELY MODERN FURNISHED, double glazed windows(PVC), electric shutters on all windows, in a very quiet neigh-

TO LET NICOSIA bourhood, in the centre of Latsia near Carrefour - LATSIA €2700 (H4LAT0010-R), (photos in the website). 8. H4LAK0002-R, 3 bedr + office space luxury detached house, built on a big plot, 350sq. m, big swimming pool with cover, garden with grass, big sitting and dining room, separate family room, central heating, a/c, curtains on all the windows, cooker, dishwasher and dryer, parquet floor throughout the house,3wc, 2 bathrooms, 2 covered parking in a quiet area on the borders of Strovolos with Lakatamia Lakatamia- €1900 (photos in website). 9. 3 bedr upstairs and 2 separate bedroom in the basement luxury detached house(all the bedrooms with en suite bathrooms/shower), also separate kitchen and sitting room in the basement which has also separate entrance from the house, central heating, full a/c, solid parquet floor all the house, big sitting and dining room with fire place, big fully equipped kitchen with breakfast area and family room, big overfloor, swimming pool with covered patio area with fully equipped bar(bbq, fridge, freezer, cooker), mature garden around the house, 2 parking places, alarm system near the Cyprus Conference Centre- PLATY AGLANTZIAS €3500 (H5PAG0002-R), (pho-

TO LET NICOSIA tos in the website). 10. 4 bedr semi detached house with central heating, 4 a/c, 3 wc, 2 bathrooms, 180sq.m, electrical appliances, small yard, bbq area, off Kostantinoupoleos street near French ambassador residence.- STROVOLOS €850 (H4ST10043-R), (photos in the website). 11. 4 bedr luxury semi detached house with good size garden with grass, big covered patio with bbq area, central heating, a/c units, 3wc, 2 bathrooms, 2 covered parking, FULLY FURNISHED AND EQUIPPED, in a quiet area in a dead end close to all amenities and schools. ANTHOUPOLIS €1300 (H4ANT0002-R), (photos in the website). 12. H4AGZ0010-R, 3 bedr RENOVATED GROUND FLOOR HOUSE with big separate 1 bedroom flat with multi room, big sitting and dining room , separate tv room, big kitchen with family room and fitted cooker and oven, 3wc, 2 bathrooms, very big 5 X 6 bedrooms with solid parquet floor, central heating with petrol independent, a/c units, double glazed windows with shutters, big verandas around the house, in a very quiet neighbourhood 200metres from FRENCH school and near Athalassas park - Aglantzia €1300 (photos in website).

TO LET NICOSIA 13. 3 bedr detached house with extra room for office, 250sq.m, central heating independent, 4a/c, big renovated, kitchen with cooker and oven, big sitting and dining room with parquet floor and fire place, 1bathroom, 1 shower, 2wc, 2 covered parking, big verandas surrounded by trees and bushes off 28th October street - Makedonitissa €1300 (H4STI0043-R), (photos in the website). 14. 4 bedrs new luxury detached house, all the bedrooms very big and all with big bathroom/ shower, sitting room upstairs, attic room with shower and wc, office space/maid’ s room with shower and wc, central heating, full AC, 450sq.m, big sitting and dining areas, big kitchen with sitting area and fitted cooker and oven, 6 wc, 2 covered parking’s, big yard with tiles and garden with grass, bbq area in a very quiet neighbourhood near the CYBC ( RIK) station and near a neighbourhood park – Aglantzia €2000(H4AGZ0005-R), (photos in the website). 15. 4 bedr luxury detached house, separate maid’s room, 600 sq.m, central heating, full a/c, 6 wc, 4 bathrooms, big sitting and dining areas opening on to the garden, big kitchen with electrical appliances, built in 2 big plots of land with huge garden with grass, swimming pool, 2 covered parking, in a

TO LET NICOSIA quiet neighbourhood close to Alpha Mega supermarket Engomi - €3000 (H4PA20005-R), (photos on the website). For many more properties with photos visit our website at which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22-422225/96422225/96422226, ***************************** LUXURY FLATS: 1. 3 bedr furnished apartment, 140sq.m, near Cyprus Hilton, kitchen, bathroom and extra guests toilet, large sitting room, opposite a small park, recently renovated independent oil central heating, air conditions, solar heater, covered parking – Acropolis €630 (A3ACS0040-R), (photos in the website). 2. AINIC0006- R, 1 bedr., fully furnished and equipped apartment, 50sq.m, 2AC for hot and cold, covered verandah, covered parking, nice view, off Makarios avenue between Hilton and DEBENHAMS shop. Nicosia centre, € 450 (photos in website). 3. 2 bedrs luxury big apartment in a small building with 4 apartments only, very big bedrooms with parquet floor, 125sq.m, central heating independent, 3ac, Fully nicely furnished separate kitchen, big sitting and dining area,


CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA 2wc, covered parking behind Hilton hotel off Kennedy and Makarios close to the centre.– NICOSIA CENTRE €600 (A2NIC0026-R), (photos in the website). 4. A1DAS0010-R, 1 bedr luxury spacious apartment with big sitting and dining room, big bathroom, big bedroom with shutters, covered veranda, storage heaters, 2a/c, cooker and oven in the kitchen, covered parking in a quiet area in a small modern building near Acropolis Park. Dasoupolis €400 (photos in website). 5. A3ST10036- R, 3 bedr new luxury apartment on the last floor of a 3 storey building with nice view, electrical appliances in the kitchen,2bathrooms, 2wc, blinds, big covered veranda, air condition for hot and cold in all the rooms, covered parking and storage room in a quiet area – Strovolos - € 550 (photos in website). 6. 1 bedr new modern luxury apartment, 50sq.m, 2 a/c for hot and cold, nicely modern furnished, 3rd floor, covered parking, 6 year old in a quiet neighbourhood off Kantaras street. - STROVOLOS €400 (A1ST10009-R), (photos in the website). 7. New 2 bedr luxury apartment, 90sq.m, storage heaters, 3 a/c, cooker and oven, covered verandah, 2 wc, NICELY FURNISHED, covered parking

TO LET NICOSIA and storage room of Kyriakou Matsi street near the centre – Agioi Omologites €650 (A2AOM0008-R), (photos in the website). 8. A1ACS0007- R, 1 bedr luxury spacious apartment with 2 a/c for hot and cold, electrical appliances in the kitchen, big bedroom, covered veranda, blinds, covered parking, in a quiet area near Acropolis park. NICELY FURNISHED. Acropolis €450 (photos in website). 9. 3 bedr luxury spacious floor apartment on the 4th floor of award winning building, 200sq.m+big covered veranda, central heating independent, full built in air conditions, lighting fixtures, curtains and blinds on all windows, big spacious living room with fire place, big kitchen with double cooker, oven and microwave and breakfast area, double glazed windows, all the bedrooms with en suite shower/ bath, big satellite dish with sky decoder, 2 covered parking and storage room, close to American embassy and other amenities – ENGOMI €1600 (A3ENG0025-R), (photos in the website). 10. A2AOM0009-R 2 bedr luxury finished apartment in a small building with 4 flats only, central heating with petrol independent, full a/c, 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathroom/shower, separate guest

TO LET NICOSIA wc, NICE MODERN EXPENSIVE FURNITURE, big covered veranda, covered parking, storage room, in a very quiet neighbourhood very close to Junior school and the park - Agioi Omologites € 800 (photos in website). 11. 3 bedr luxury spacious ground floor apartment with separate entrance, big verandas and garden, big sitting and dining room, central heating independent, full a/c, 2wc, very big master bedroom, electrical appliances in the kitchen, aluminum shutters on windows, parquet laminate floor all the flat, covered parking, storage room, in a very quiet neighbourhood in a dead end street, off Athalasas Avenue behind Stephanis near English School €720 (A3ST10030-R), (photos in the website).




covered veranda, parking, in a quiet neighbourhood. (no common expenses). Strovolos €600 (photos in website). 14. A2NIC0001- R New luxury finished 2 bedr apartment with separate electric floor heating for each room, a/c units, parquet floor all the flat, big sitting and dining area, electrical appliances in the kitchen, fully modern furnished and equipped, big bedrooms,

covered veranda, central satellite dish, cable net service, blinds on the windows. In the centre opposite the walls, Nicosia centre, €670 (photos in website). 15. 2 bedrs new luxury apartment, sitting room open plan with kitchen which includes cooker, oven, refrigerator and washing machine, 2 wc, central heating, full AC, blinds on the windows, very big

covered verandas, covered parking and storage room in a dead end off Athalassas avenue near Laiki popular bank and Hellenic bank headquarters. - DASOUPOLI €550 (A2DAS0006-R), (photos in the website). For many more properties with photos visit our website at www.landtouristestates. com which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ES-

12. A2LYK0006-R, 2 bedr penthouse apartment with big veranda 60sq.m, storage heaters, full a/c, 2 bathrooms (one en suite), big sitting room, big separate kitchen with cooker and oven, blinds, covered parking near Agios Antonios market CLOSE TO THE UNIVERSITY. Lykavitos €510 (photos in website). 13. A2ST10028- R, 2 bedr new luxury apartment on the 1st floor of a 2 storey building, with a/c for hot and cold, fully nicely modern furnished, big

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Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL




TATES LTD 22-422225 / 96-422225 / 96422226 ***************************** 2 BDRM at in the centre of Nicosia. Rent ₏450. For information call 99453663, 99663927. *****************************

***************************** BRAND NEW SHOP FOR RENT on busy shopping street in Limassol 190sqm basement, 150sqm shop area + 75sqm upper oor ready to be occupied. Price ₏ 6000/month tel. 99 330 908 ***************************** FOR RENT 2 bedroom at located in Germasoyia with partial sea views, 85sqm less than 10 years old with title deeds Price ₏135.000 tel. 99 330 908 listing-lim-0361 ***************************** GROUND FLOOR HOUSE, furnished renovated this year. Laminated parke oor, and big wardrobes in the 3 bedrooms. Rent ₏590.00 Tel 99497576 99886775 ***************************** OFFICE FOR RENT opposite sea with amazing sea views. 120sqm, 2 bathrooms, kitchen. Security system, cabling and server room ready. Price ₏ 1400/month negotiable tel. 99 330 908 www.cyprusre. com/listing-LIM-0103 *****************************

***************************** FOR RENT 2 bed, 2 bath, new built apartment, in a quiet scenic location In Alethriko, Larnaca 5 min. to Larnaka, 5 min. to the beach Fully furnished, A/C, communal pool, under covered parking, Long term rent, â‚Ź350.00 per month For more info pls call 99639378 ***************************** PROTEA APTS LARNACA Residential and holiday apts for rent monthly or weekly Larnaca – Dhekelia road, close to Golden Bay Hotel 1 & 2 bedroom apts, furnished and with low rent with swimming pool, 2 minutes walking distance from the beach, with a new pedestrian crossing in front of the building. Contact us on 99672466, 99404522, and 99078590 ***************************** LARNACA FLAT FOR RENT: Fully-furnished spacious 2-bedroom ďŹ rst oor at in central location near Metro supermarket, A/C, private parking, intercom system, ensuite bathroom, small block. Phone: 99354789 ***************************** FULLY FURNISHED one bedroom at near Larco hotel Larnaca. Price â‚Ź370. Tel: 99202543 ***************************** 1. K.S.L LETTINGS – APARTMENT FOR RENT Fully Furnished 1st oor 2 bedroom apartment. High quality furnishings throughout. 400 Euros per calendar month. Pyla. Quote TLL1088. Tel. (00357) 24815104

LIMASSOL ***************************** NEW STONE HOUSE bungalow in Kooka village Limassol. 1 bedroom, f/furnished, c/h, a/c, ďŹ re place, nice garden, parking available, panoramic view of mountains, perfect for retired couples. â‚Ź400 pm (negotiable) 99548226

FOR RENT one bdrm furnished at, in Katraki Building, 100 metres from the sea and Debenhams Olympia. Price ₏430 (including common expenses). Tel. 99406415 Fax 25582963 Andreas ***************************** OFFICE FOR RENT opposite sea with amazing sea views. 120sqm, 2 bathrooms, kitchen. Security system, cabling and server room ready. Price ₏1300/month tel. 99 330 908 ***************************** BRAND NEW OFFICE FOR RENT on busy shopping street in Limassol 170sqm, raised ooring, ready to be occupied. Price ₏3000/month tel. 99 330 908 www.cyprusre. com/listing-lim-0155.

LARNACA ***************************** FOR RENT: 2 bedroom apartment. Quiet block in Drosia, Larnaca. Fully furnished with new furniture. Freshly painted. Heating/cooling. Big verandas. Includes parking. Reasonable price, will rent fast! Call 97774512.

2. K.S.L LETTINGS – Properties Required for waiting Long Term Tenants. We desperately require 2/3 & 4 bedroom villa’s with private swimming pools for waiting tenants in

TO LET LARNACA the Larnaca District. Please call us for a free valuation. Tel. (00357) 24815104 3. K.S.L LETTINGS – LARGEST RANGE OF PROPERTIES. OVER 200 RENTAL PROPERTIES IN THE LARNACA DISTRICT AT THE MOST COMPETITIVE RATES! FLEXIBLE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE. Tel. (00357) 24815104 4. – Villa For Rent Simply Stunning! Fully furnished 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom Villa with a good sized rear garden & private pool, located in the village of Oroklini. Call for further information quoting Ref. TLL1415. Tel. (00357) 24815104 CALL 24 815 104 TO ENQUIRE OR ARRANGE A VIEWING – NO OBLIGATION OR FEES. View our full range of over 200 properties by visiting updated daily. LANDLORDS ADVERTISE YOUR PROPERTY FOR FREE AND GET WORLD WIDE ADVERTISING – NO TENANT NO FEE! *****************************

PAPHOS ***************************** â‚Ź290 CHLORAKAS, Acropolis Heights 2-bed , Beautiful private / quiet location ,with views of the valley and the sea , in a Cul-de-sac, 1-Floor, 9 years old, 90 sq. mts, Fully Furnished, W.C, open-Plan Lounge / Kitchen, Garden/ Front Car-port and rear yard and Doghouse. Call 99632388. ***************************** DT PROPERTY LETTINGS PRESENTS :

1. Apartments for rent Kato

TO LET PAPHOS Paphos area, with c/pool a/c f/f within walking distance of harbour Now available. Starting from â‚Ź230 P/M 2. Peyia and surrounding areas apartments and villas all f/f with a/c pool and parking, nice location Now available. Starting from â‚Ź320 P/M 3. Chlorakas and surrounding areas apartments and villas c/ pool a/c f/f easy access to bus routes Now available. Starting from â‚Ź250 P/M 4. Tsada Lovely spacious f/f 5 bedroom villa central heating, private pool, double garage, fantastic views. â‚Ź1600 P/M or nearest offer. Now available at DT property lettings Many other properties available. Please call : Tel 2683543 or 97675123 ***************************** PEYIA, available now for rent in a most sought after location next to the municipal park, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments with magniďŹ cent sea and mountain views, furnished or unfurnished, off street parking, quiet area, for viewing, ring: 99 887251 / 99 025173 A DELIGHTFUL AND SPACIOUS 2 bedroom apartment, F/F, top oor, new, located at a peaceful location just 500 from St. George hotel in Choraka, with breathtaking sea views. A+ quality apt, With walking distance to amenities, part of a beautiful building with swimming pool, list and other amenities. Only â‚Ź350pm Other apts also available. Call 99403261, 26934650 ***************************** PAPHOS- Large 3 Bedroom F/F Apt, Central Heating, 2 Bathrooms, Laundry, â‚Ź350 KATO PAPHOS- 1 bedroom Town-House, Newly ďŹ tted kitchen, Enclosed Rear Garden, Cloakroom, â‚Ź200 EMBA-Traditional Detached 3 bed room, F/F, very spacious property, large garden with a variety of fruit trees, fabulous kitchen, â‚Ź450 TREMITHOUSA- 2 Bedroom, Traditional Village Bungalow, Very Large Courtyard, Parking. â‚Ź280 FULLY FURNISHED PROPERTIES WANTED MORE PROPETIES AVAILABLE FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CALL

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Call for your copy 70 000 970 SEABOURN




TO LET PAPHOS 99862922 ***************************** 1. 1 bedroom, fully furnished apartment in Peyia in a small complex in a very quiet area, air condition throughout, spectacular sea and mountain views and communal pool, pets allowed Price: â‚Ź270 o.n.o 2. 2 bedroom, fully furnished apartment in Peyia in a small complex in a very quiet area, 1 bathroom, air condition throughout, spectacular sea and mountain views and communal pool, close to all amenities, pets allowed Price: â‚Ź320 o.n.o 3. 2 bedroom, fully furnished apartment in Peyia in a small complex, quiet area, 1 W/C downstairs, 1 bathroom, air condition throughout, communal pool, balcony, lovely sea and mountain views, close to all amenities, satellite dish, pets allowed, Price: â‚Ź370 o.n.o 4. 4 bedroom fully furnished detached Villa in Peyia in small complex, private swimming pool, BBQ area and small garden, 1 en-suite bathroom in master bedroom, downstairs bedroom and bathroom, air condition throughout, 2 balconies, very spacious rooms, with additional storage space, lovely sea and mountain views, close to all amenities, satellite dish, pets allowed. Price: â‚Ź750 o.n.o ALL THE ABOVE PROPERTIES ARE PRIVATELY OWNED PLEASE CALL: 99351008/99563020 ***************************** FLOWRON PROPERTY SERVICES LTD: PROVIDING AN EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE FOR TENANTS AND LANDLORDS: PROPERTIES AVAILABLE FOR RENT LONG TERM RENTAL. PROPERTIES WANTED: FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT WITH KEY HOLDING AND RENT COLLECTIONS OFFERED 1 Mandria: 3 bed unfurnished apartment on a quiet complex with communal pool, off street allocated parking, white goods, blinds Ref: 969 Price 350 2 Konia: 3 bedroom unfurnished town house with communal pool in nice residential


CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advertiser TO LET PAPHOS area, near to all local amenities: Ref: 1027 Price 500 3 Yeroskipou: 2 bed furnished Town house, downstairs wc, kitchen, dining/sitting room, upstairs 2 bedroom, family bathroom: Ref: 1169 Price 350 4 Mesogi: Luxury 4 bed unfurnished villa with large living areas, downstairs bedroom with en suite, 3 bedrooms upstairs, Fire place, Modern villa, residential area Private pool: fully fenced off: pets welcome Ref: 783 Price 750 5 Secret Valley: fully furnished, modern style, easy maintenance gardens, Private heated pool, quiet residential area, near golf area: Ref: 1186 Price 800 6 Kissonergra: 4 bedroom villa offered furnished, downstairs bedroom, 3 upstairs, en suite, family bathroom, closed garage, private pool, on its own very private no near by villas: Ref 0003 Price 900 7 Tala: 3 bedroom villa offered part furnished with private pool, stunning sea views, property is a family home, central heating, residential Ref: 988 Price 700 8 Coral Bay/Peyia: large luxury villa with central heating, large gardens, AC, off street parking, stunning views, quality fittings and furniture’s: Ref: 1176 Price 3500



OFFICE: 120 MARKARIOS AVENUE, PAPHOS. OFFICE: 26600450 MOBILE: 97614070 many properties available on WEB: www. Email info@ ***************************** Long Term Rentals

IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY FOR RENT. ***************************** FOR RENT A selection of 1 to 5 bedroom houses & apartments F/F & U/F Universal, Peyia, Tomb of the Kings, Tsada, Timi & Kato Paphos Landlord & Owners please call 99329357 Or please view at are website Fully Registered Company in Cyprus ***************************** PEYIA – 3 bedroom villa with modern quality furniture and finishes. Central heating, sky, alarm, infinity pool and stunnning sea and mountain views €700 per month, call: 99389426 ***************************** BRAND NEW APT, opposite Poseidonio Gym, near Carrefour, F/F, a/c, great quality, 1 bdrm, from €340p.m.Tel 99403261 ***************************** MR RENT PAPHOS, THE LEADING PROPERTY RENTAL AGENCY IN PAPHOS OFFICE: 26271858 (00357) IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY TO RENT WE ARE THE RENTAL AGENCY TO CONTACT OFFERING FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & RENT COLLECTION SERVICE

1. Chlorakas 1 bed ground floor furnished apartment with central heating, communal pool and parking, sky TV. €335 pcm including all bills 2. Kissonerga 2 bed town house, small garden, off street parking, close to bus and shops. NO POOL €350 pcm 3. Sea Front 200 sq-m plus detached villa, large plot, ample parking, cul-de-sac, stunning sea views, loads of room and storage. Must be viewed. €900 pcm open to offers. 4. Peyia 2 bed 2 bathroom house, a/c, ceiling fans, fly screens, storage, satellite TV, private parking, swimming pool, From €350 pcm REDUCED THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF PROPERTIES THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE AND MANY MORE PLEASE CALL EITHER 96 545 174 OR E-MAIL ON enquiries@ LANDLORDS; WE NEED YOUR PROPERTIES NOW. PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY

1. SEA CAVES €500 we are delighted to offer this detached 2 bedroom villa situated on a corner plot in a quiet residen-

TO LET PAPHOS tial area offering sea views. Gated drive for off street parking. Fully enclosed good sized low-maintenance garden with private pool offering privacy and shaded areas. Available unfurnished or part furnished. Pets allowed at owners discretion. Website reference number: rtl_482 2. KISSONERGA €550 modern detached 3 bedroom villa situated in a quiet residential area. Master bedroom with en-suite, separate kitchen, downstairs guest wc. Enclosed garden offering private pool & off street parking. Available unfurnished though can include kitchen appliances. Pets allowed at owners discretion. Website reference number: rtl_501 3. TALA €590 unfurnished modern 3 bedroom detached villa offering total privacy & breathtaking sea views. Includes underfloor heating plus real fire. Master with en-suite. Storage room. Shutters & flyscreens. Covered veranda, garden with mature plants, private pool offering sea views. Off street parking. A beautiful home. Website reference number: rtl_530 4. PEYIA €700 price includes pool cleaning. If you are looking for a villa with breathtaking views & privacy then this property is for you. This modern detached 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa is furnished

TO LET PAPHOS with modern furniture, including satellite tv. One bedroom & bathroom on ground floor. A spacious enclosed garden with private pool offering stunning views. Off street parking. Website reference number: rtl_401 5. MANDRIA €750 modern detached 4 bedroom villa, master with en-suite. Fully enclosed low maintenance garden offering private pool. Available unfurnished to include white goods, blackout blinds, curtains, ceiling fans & log burner for those winter months. Immaculate condition. Pets allowed at owners discretion. Website reference number: rtl_633 offers considered. 6. CHLORAKA €770 modern detached 4 bedroom 3 bathroom villa with ground floor bedroom & bathroom. Beautifully furnished with good quality modern furniture includes sky satellite, fly screens & feature fireplace with modern gas fire. Private pool offering views of the sea. Off street parking. Situated within walking distance of bus routes & shops. Website reference number: rtl_611 7. KATO PAPHOS €800 large 4 bedroom detached villa situated in the sought after residential area of limnaria. Walking distance to the beach and the many amenities of

TO LET PAPHOS kato paphos. Spacious living accomodation offering an enclosed garden with c/pool. Fully furnished with modern furniture & solar panels. Website reference number: rtl_442 8. TALA €900 a charming detached 4 bedroom villa with character, situated on a corner plot in a quiet residental area with breathtaking sea views. Spacious living rooms with central heating & real fireplace. Separate kitchen & dining room. Good sized garden offering private pool and stone built barbeque area. Undercover parking. Website reference number rtl_638 TEL: 97790883 OFFICE: 26271858 VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MANY MORE PROPERTIES Email: info@ ***************************** RENTAL POINT - PAPHOS PROPERTIES AVAILABLE TO RENT IN THE PAPHOS DISTRICT. JUST A SMALL SAMPLE OF AVAILABLE PROPERTIES. ALL TYPES OF PROPERTY URGENTLY REQUIRED FOR LONG TERM RENTAL. CALL 97648440 FOR MORE INFORMATION. LANDLORDS CALL IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY FOR RENT.!!! 1. MESA CHORIO – 2 bed 2 bath fully furnished ground floor apartment set on an ele-


Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser TO LET PAPHOS vated position on this prestigious development. Open plan living area. Good sized kitchen. 2 double, bedrooms, master with en-suite shower room. Family bathroom. Large patio areas with enclosed gardens and lovely sea views. Covered parking and security gates.. Comm swimming pool, and landscaped gardens. Euros 425.00 a month. 2 bed apartment same complex Euros 400.00 a month. 2 MESOGI 3 bed 3 bath furnished apartment in handy location close to the shopping areas. Large open plan living area and dining area.. Fully fitted dining/kitchen with appliances . Guest WC. Utilty room. 3 double bedrooms one with en-suite. Family bathroom. Balcony & and parking. Euros 500.00 a month. Suit nondrivers! 3. TOMB OF THE KINGS – 3 bed fully furnished apartment in established block. Own entrance via stairway. Open plan living area. Dining kitchen. 3 bedrooms and family bathroom. A/C, sat TV. Internet available. Large balcony area. Parking. Euros 350.00 per month 4. KISSONEGA - 3 bed 2 bath unfurnished villa. Set in enclosed gardens the villa consists of open plan living area. Full itted kitchen. Small utility area. Conservatory room. Ground floor bed room with en-suite. Stairs to two double

TO LET PAPHOS bedrooms and family bathroom. Pool and off street parking. Euros 600.00 per month 5. STROUMBI – 2 bed fully furnished stone bungalow set in quiet location. Open plan living area with working fireplace. Spacious dining kitchen. 2 double bedrooms and family bathroom with corner bath. Landscaped gardens, swimming pool and covered parking. Realistically priced Euros 500.00 per month or close offers only 6. UNIVERSAL AREA. 2 bed fully furnished apartment. Living area, fitted kitchen. 2 double bedrooms and family bathroom. A/C, Enclosed garden area, comm. Pool and parking. Euros 375.00 a month or offers. 1 & 2 bed apartments available on Universal starting at 250 euros per month. 7. CORAL BAY - 3 bed, 3.5 bath furnished/unfurnished villa situated very near to the centre and within easy walking of beaches and restaurants. Open plan living area with fully fitted kitchen. Doors out to garden and pool. Ground floor bedroom with ensuite. Separate guest WC. Stairs to 2 double bedroom both with en-suite and balcony areas. Private pool, gardens, BBQ area and covered verandahs. Central location.Euros 650.00 per month or close offers. 8. STROUMBI– 3 bed 2.5 bath large unfurnished villa in quiet

FOR SALE Semi-detached house in Archangelos area split level on a hill, no houses in front, 3 big bedrooms, 2 big bathrooms and TV room big lounge & dining area, fireplace, fitted kitchen, 40 sq.m. store room, C/H, A/C, solar. For information call: 99496541



village area. Spacious open plan living area with feature fireplace and dining space Good sized fitted kitchen and breakfast area. Guest WC with storage area.3 double bedrooms. Master with en-suite bathroom. Family bathroom. Enclosed gardens, pool and off street parking. Realistically priced Euros 550.00 per month. OVNO FOR FULL LISTINGS OF A PA R T M E N T S / T O W N HOUSES AND VILLA PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS. ALL TYPES OF PROPERTY URGENTLY REQUIRED FOR LONG TERM RENTAL LANDLORDS/ OWNERS PLEASE CALL PLEASE CALL 97648440 or email:inforentals@aol. com ***************************** REFURBISHED stone-built village house located in Kili Paphos. Consists of 3 large rooms 1 small. Traditional wood burnt fireplace, fully tiled secluded yard and garage. Tel: 99210610. *****************************

PROPERTY FOR SALE LIMASSOL ***************************** FOR SALE AGIOS TYCHONAS detached 2 bedroom house with deeds. Sea/mountain views. Retiled, replastered, rewired, replumbed. Fans. A/C. Handmade solid wood kitchen. Large lounge/ dining area. 2 mins from highway. Email janmurr1@yahoo. for photos and info. Price €235, 000. ***************************** BARGAIN PRICE DETACHED HOME FOR QUICK SALE with title deeds. Located on a quite cul de sac in Germasoyia within a short 2 minute drive to the beach

and tourist area. 3 bedroom. 325sqm plot, 160sqm house. Price € 385.000 tel. 99 330 908

NICOSIA ***************************** HOUSE FOR SALE AT ARCHANGELOS AREA (Nicosia) WITH SEMI-DETACHED STUDIO FOR HOUSEKEEPER AND GARDEN 300 sq.m - with Title. 3 bedrooms (one big with dressing room and bathroom). Open big space Kitchen with Dining and Living Room. Two Bathrooms and one WC for Guests. Fully Air-conditioned, Central Heating €390.000 TEL 99668822/99680700 ***************************** NICOSIA, FLAT FOR SALE: 2 bdrm flat with title deeds, 110 sq.m., fully renovated, best central area, 800m from the European University, excellent view, €99.000. Tel. 99621914. ***************************** FOR SALE is a building with 4 flats, each 3 bedroom. 2 on the ground floor with yards, and 2 on the first floor. 2 on first floor completely renovated. Located in quite area. Building recently plastered and painted. €850, 000. Negotiable Call: 99 330 908 ***************************** FOR SALE PENTHOUSE between Armenias Str and Hilton Hotel. 3 bedroom, main bedroom with shower, c/h, fireplace, large verandas. For more information please call: 99467596. *****************************

PAPHOS ***************************** LOFOS – TALA, 3 bedroom bungalow for sale, living room, kitchen, bathroom, shower room, central heating, air con, private pool, landscaped gardens, lovely

FOR SALE PAPHOS views. Call: 99342913 – no agents ***************************** 1. PAPHOS, FLATS FOR SALE OR RENT: Kissonerga, 3 bdrm flat with title deeds, in a block of 4 flats only, fully renovated, 2 baths, 146 sq.m closed area, c/h, a/c, covered parking, excelent view of sea and mountains, half registration fees titll 31.12.12 reduced to €135.000 or rent €450 per month. Tel. 99621914. ***************************** FOR SALE- PAPHOS 1. REGINA GDNS- 2 Bedroom Townhouse set on a luxury complex with 3 communal pools, private parking, private driveway, rear patio, solar panels, TITLE DEEDS. Covered area 92sq. mtrs. Priced to sell at €115, 000. 2. FAROS BEACH- 2 Bedroom fully furnished apartment, situated 120m from a popular beach off Tombs of The Kings. Sea views, solar panels, private parking, spacious balcony, large family bathroom, TITLE DEEDS AVAILABLE. Priced to sell at €138, 000. 3. ATHENA GARDENS- Beautiful 2 Bedroom fully furnished ground floor apartment in Geroskipou with communal pools, gardens, large patio with roll down canvas sidings (low electricity bills). This property comes with many many extras and it is priced at 25% below value at €140, 000. Covered area 96sq. mtrs. 4. UNIVERSAL- 2 Bedroom end of terrace Townhouse, situated close to the new school and bus route, with front garden, rear patio area, and communal pool, this property comes fully furnished and is priced for a quick sale at €98, 000. TITLE DEEDS IMMINENT. 5. LIMNARIA GARDENS- 1 Bedroom fully furnished spacious top floor apartment with lounge leading to patio overlooking communal pools on a luxury complex. Shutters all round, heated pool with Jacuzzi, 200m from beach. Priced to sell at €135, 000. 6. SECRET VALLEY- Splen-

FOR SALE PAPHOS did 3 Bedroom detached villa with master bedroom en-suite, enclosed gardens, private pool next to Secret Valley Golf Course and set in a quiet cul-de-sac. This beautiful villa comes furnished with high quality furnishings and a covered area of 154sq. mtrs. Set on a plot of 408sq. mtrs. Very reasonably priced at €370, 000. 7. LOWER PEGIA- 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom detached villa with totally enclosed gardens, workshop and storage units. Master bedroom ensuite, downstairs bathroom, private 8mx4m pool, to be sold including quality furniture. Covered area 132sq. mtrs on a plot 378sq. mtrs. TITLE DEEDS. Priced to sell at €295, 000. 8. MARATHOUNDA- Superb 4 Bedroom detached villa with a covered area 310sq. mtrs on a beautiful plot of 928sq. mtrs. Set in an unspoilt area offering marvellous views. All bedrooms en-suite, large lounge with stone carved fire surround and wood burning fire, black granite work surfaces, traditional stone arches, private 8mx4m pool, outbuildings, garage. Many many extras. Price includes all furniture and white goods. TITLE DEEDS. Priced well below the market value at €475, 000. For further details please contact 99874804 or E-mail: rocpropertiescyp@gmail. com ***************************** FOR SALE special offer, €79, 000 first floor apartment in Protaras, fully furnished with 2 bedrooms and a swimming pool. Walking distance to the beach of Ayia Triada and all amenities. Tel: 97 608941. *****************************

AYIA NAPA 1.AYIA NAPA, Studio for sale, 38 sqm, furnished and fully renovated, with title deed, in licensed complex, 5030m from Nissi Beach €49.000. Tel. 99621914. LARNACA



ST PAUL’S CATHEDRAL, BYRON AVENUE, NICOSIA (opposite the Greek Embassy) 11th NOVEMBER 2012 FROM 09.30 – 10.20 / Tel: 22 445221


HOSPITALS ........ 1400

Nicosia ........................22 802 020 Limassol ......................25 805 050 Larnaca .......................24 804 040 Paphos ........................26 806 060 Famagusta ..................23 803 030

Nicosia General .............22-801400 Nicosia Makarios ...........22-405000 Limassol Old ................25-305333 Limassol New ................25-801100 Larnaca Old...................24-630312 Larnaca New .................24-630300 Paphos ..........................26-821800 Famagusta ....................23-821211

Drug Law Enforcement Unit ......................................... 1498 (Confidential Information) Rescue Co-ordination Centre ............................. 1441 (Immediate Response Service for Aeronautical or Maritime Accident & Incidents) Game Fund Service: (Wildlife and hunting) Central offices (Nicosia): 22867786, 22-867897 Nicosia: 22-664606, 99-445697 Limassol: 25-343800, 99-445728, Larnaca/Famagusta: 24-805128, 99-634325 Paphos: 26-306211, 99-445679 Forest Fires ..................... 1407

Narcotics Helpline ......... 1410 (Outside hours.............. 22-304160) AIDS Advisory Bureau ................................ 22-302826 Domestic Violence Centre .......................................... 1440 (Emergency Centre for Victims) Drug Info & Poison Control ............... 1401 Cyprus Samaritans ... 77777267 Police Duty Officer ......... 1499 (Confidential Information) Airports Larnaca ..........................77778833 Paphos ...........................77778833

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012


Advertiser FOR PAPHIAKOS ANIMAL WELFARE SOS HELPLINE, 24 HOUR MEDICAL EMERGENCY SERVICE - CALL 99655581 CONTACT DETAILS FOR PAPHIAKOS. Paphiakos & C.C.P. Animal Welfare Education/Information Centre, No. 12 Dedalos Building, 8049 Kato Paphos PO Box 61272 8132 Kato Paphos Web. www.facebook/paphiakos Email Larnaca Emergency Service - The contact point for animal emergencies in Larnaca is Maria at the Paphiakos Animal Welfare Charity Shop, telephone 24623494 or 99325897 STOP, SHOP AND GIVE TO THE ANIMALS! ALL DONATIONS ARE WELCOME AT OUR CHARITY SHOPS! PAPHIAKOS & C.C.P. ANIMAL WELFARE Registered Charity No 1529 Contact our shops and we can take your clutter The Charity Shops are located at: Shop No.1 Agapinoros Street, Kato Paphos Tel 26910325 Shop No.2 Ap Pavlou Avenue, Kato Paphos Tel 26942894 Shop No.3 Gr. Afxentiou Avensia Court 3 Larnaca 24623494 Shop No.4 9 Ayiou Ioanni Street 3061 Limassol 25561695 Peyia Information Centre & Shop & T Rooms 26622828 Polis Information Centre & Shop & T Rooms 99223572 Book Exchange Shop Trimithousa 99771763 Our shops are always happy to receive your unwanted goods! NOW YOU CAN HELP BY COLLECTING YOUR ALUMINIUM CANS AND HANDING THEM IN AT ANY PAPHIAKOS CHARITY SHOP OR THE CLINIC. SAVE AN ANIMAL AND SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!! PAPHIAKOS CAR BOOT SALE EVERY SATURDAY at the Ambassador Restaurant and outside in the grounds at Paphiakos. Free parking. Sellers from 7am, buyers from 8am. For information & bookings please call MIKE on 96702600. FORTHCOMING EVENTS FOR PAPHIAKOS CHARITY NO. 1529 WORLD ANIMAL DAY. On Thursday October 4th Paphiakos will be micro chipping pets for only €20 including all the paperwork. For further information telephone 26953496. To celebrate World Animal Day on Thursday October 4th Paphiakos will be offering free spaying/neutering for all feral and unwanted animals as they do throughout the year. Contact 26953496 for further details. PAPHIAKOS SHELTER OPEN DAY The Open Day will be held on Sunday October 7th between 10am and 3pm. It will be a Family Fun Day out with a lot of different activities. There is car parking, toilets and refreshments on site so enjoy and join in the celebration of animals and what they bring to our lives. Entrance is €2 CHARITY HAIR CUT. On Thursday 4th October 09.30-17.30 without an appointment Andri at Atlantic Bay Hotel (2nd Floor) will be charging €5 for a haircut with all proceeds going to Paphiakos. Telephone Suzanne on 99151996 or Andri on 99604783. PAPHIAKOS CHRISTMAS BAZAAR. Saturday November 24th 9am – 3pm at the Crazy Spoon Restaurant. For further details contact 99151996. Stalls, Santa’s Grotto, Donkey Rides, Pirate Pat and many more.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL


Television CYBC 2





07.00 NRG Zone 08.00 Kids’ TV Shown till 12.30, then repeated till mid-afternoon. 16.10 Kati Psinetai (rpt) Greek version of the show where contestants try to outdo each other by throwing the perfect dinner party, which is then judged on its merits by their rivals. 17.00 UEFA Masters Of European Football (rpt) 17.30 UEFA Masters Of European Football (rpt) 18.00 Biz/Emeis 18.50 News In English 19.00 New In Turkish 19.10 Candid Camera 19.30 Europa League Pre-game analysis. 20.00 Europa League Live coverage of Fenerbahce vs AEL Limassol. 22.00 Europa League Post-game analysis. 22.30 Motor Sports 23.00 Ghost Whisperer Fifth and last season of paranormal drama. ‘Dead Ringer’. Melinda is baffled to discover the person she was looking for is alive, and finds herself embroiled in a dangerous revenge plot, battling enemies she never knew she had. 00.00 Europa League Highlights of matches played tonight. 00.30 Repeats

06.10 Proini Enimerosi 06.50 Kai Oi Pantremeni Ehoun Psihi (rpt) 08.20 Englimata (rpt) 09.10 Oi Men kai Oi Den (rpt) 09.30 Lyke, Lyke Eisai Edo (rpt) 10.20 Ekeino To Kalokairi (rpt) 11.15 Vals Me 12 Theous (rpt) 12.10 Niose Me (rpt) 13.00 News 13.20 Mera Mesimeri 14.00 Konstantinou Kai Elenis (rpt) 14.50 Tin Patisa (rpt) 16.00 Tihi Vouno (rpt) 16.50 Eva Luna 17.45 Aiyia Fuxia (rpt) With News at 18.00. 19.20 Niose Me 20.15 News 21.20 Vals Me 12 Theous 22.15 Ekeino To Kalokairi 23.15 Eilikrina New interview programme. 00.30 News 00.35 Sports News 00.45 Ola 13 New season of weekly humour show hosted by Themos Anastasiadis and various personalities from Greek showbiz, highlighting the many funny moments from the Greek television. 01.40 Kai Oi Pantremenoi Ehoun Psihi (rpt) 02.10 Tmima Ithon (rpt) 03.20 News 04.10 To Kafeneio (rpt) 04.40 Epithimies (rpt)

06.00 I Dipsa (rpt) 06.30 Emeis Ki Emeis (rpt) 08.00 Nea Mera 10.00 Proino Mou Lifestyle programme hosted by real life couple Giorgos Liagas & Fay Skorda. 12.00 Enimerosi Tora 14.00 Sto Para Pente (rpt) 15.00 Eheis Meson Local investigative show looking at alleged abuses of power, often reported by viewers. 16.00 Yia Sena Local talk-show. 18.00 News 18.20 Eisai To Tairi Mou (rpt) Greek comedy series. 19.20 Sto Para Pente (rpt) Greek comedy series. 20.15 News 21.15 Klemmena Oneira New season of Greek drama series. 22.20 Porta Kleidomeni (rpt) 23.10 Singles (rpt) 00.00 News 00.10 Charlie’s Angels Three women with questionable pasts solve cases for an elusive boss. 01.00 Yia Sena (rpt) 03.00 Enimerosi Tora (rpt) 04.30 Proino Mou (rpt)

06.10 The Del Monte Heirs (rpt) 07.00 Protoselido 08.20 Eleni 10.20 Vasiliki (rpt) 11.10 7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites (rpt) 12.00 Mesimeri Kai Kati

06.45 Star News 07.45 Mesimeriani Meleti Best Of 09.15 Fotis - Maria Live Best Of 10.30 Exelixeis Stin Showbiz 11.00 I Kouzina Me Tin Dina (rpt) Cooking show, with helpful tips on eating well and nutrition. 12.00 Mila - Best Of Talk-show with Tatiana Stephanidou, specialising in “confessions” and revealing interviews. 12.30 Star News 13.00 Mesimeriani Meleti 15.30 Kids’ TV 17.15 Exelixeis Stin Showbiz 17.50 Fotis Maria Live Entertainment magazine featuring segments on cooking, health, fashion, lifestyle issues and more. 19.30 Mila 21.15 Exelixeis Stin Showbiz 22.00 FILM: Never Forget A man who wakes up with amnesia also finds his supposed friend has accused him of murder. Thriller, starring Lou Diamond Phillips. 2008. 23.30 LTV Sports News 00.15 Ta Kopelia Local comedy series. 01.00 Star News 02.00 Repeats

CYBC 1 06.45 Proti Enimerosi 08.15 Kali Sas Mera 11.00 Kaftes Piperies (rpt) 11.30 Istories Tou Horkou (rpt) Local comedy series, which happens to be the longest-running show on TV. 12.00 Apo Mera Se Mera Current affairs programme. 15.30 Mazi Sto CyBC Local talk-show. 17.30 Entehnos (rpt) 18.00 News 18.15 Kaftes Piperies Live cookery show. 18.45 Paizoume Kypriaka New season of local game show, asking questions having to do with Cypriot dialect. 19.20 Moiraia Fengaria New local drama series inspired by Maro Kranidioti’s book ‘Otan i Moira Apofasizei’. 20.00 News 21.15 Patates 8 Local satirical show, using comedy sketches and embarrassing TV clips to skewer local politicians. 22.00 Local Sketch (rpt) 22.30 Proektasis Topical local programme. 23.30 News 23.45 Moiraia Fengaria (rpt) 00.15 Entehnos (rpt) 00.45 Patates Antinahtes (rpt) 01.15 More Repeats

14.20 15.20 18.00 18.05 18.30 19.30 20.20 21.20 22.20

00.00 00.05

01.00 02.00 01.30 02.30 03.30 04.30

Tropico Magazino News Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama The Del Monte Heirs 7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites News Aspra Balonia (rpt) Pame Paketo Greek show that specialises in reuniting longlost friends and relatives. News CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fourth season. ‘Eleven Angry Jurors’. A murder trial drags on for seven weeks, causing tempers to fray among the jury. Eventually the only dissenting member is found dead. Meanwhile, Stokes reopens an old case on the basis of fresh evidence provided by the victim’s sister. 24 Epistrofi (rpt) Mono Mia Fora (rpt) Allou Ximeromenoi (rpt) Magazino (rpt) Tropico (rpt)

CAPITAL 06.35 08.40 09.20 10.00

Kids’ TV S’Agapo (rpt) Akti Oneiron Ston Asterismo Tis Imeras 11.00 Kouzina Me Apopsi 11.30 Epi Topou (rpt) 12.30 Milagros Latin American telenovela. 13.25 15.05 16.00 16.45 17.35 18.15

19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00



Kids’ TV Top Models S’Agapo Sabrina, To Koritsi Tis Agapis Akti Oneiron Melrose Place Second season of glossy drama. With News at 18.30. News Sports Time Rubi FILM: Direct Action An honest cop blows the whistle on police corruption, only for his crooked colleagues to frame him for drug dealing. Action thriller, starring Dolph Lundgren. 2004. FILM: Blood Money A smuggler joins forces with a hooker to bring down the drugrunning rebels responsible for the death of his brother. Thriller, starring Andy Garcia. 1988. FILM: Memento Thriller, with Guy Pearce. 2000. See Film Picks.

Radio BBC World Service (1323 MW) 00:01 BBC News 00:06 HARDtalk 00:30 BBC News Summary 00:32 Healthcheck 00:50 From Our Own Correspondent 01:01 BBC News 01:06 World Briefing 01:30 BBC News Summary 01:32 World Business Report 01:50 Sports News 02:01 BBC News 02:06 World Briefing 02:30 BBC News Summary 02:32 Business Daily 02:50 Sports News 03:01 BBC News 03:06 World Briefing 03:30 BBC News Summary 03:32 World Business Report 03:50 Witness 04:01 BBC News 04:06 Assignment 04:30 BBC News Summary 04:32 Outlook 05:01 BBC News 05:06 Newsday 05:30 BBC News Summary 05:32 Newsday 06:01 BBC News 06:06 Newsday 06:30 BBC News Summary 06:32 Healthcheck 06:50 From Our Own Correspondent 07:01 BBC News 07:06 Newsday 07:30 BBC News Summary 07:32 The Strand 07:50 Witness 08:01 BBC News 08:06 Newsday 08:30 BBC News Summary 08:32 Newsday 09:01 BBC News 09:06 Newsday 09:30 BBC News Summary 09:32 Newsday 10:01 BBC News 10:06 Outlook 10:30 BBC News Summary 10:32 Business Daily 10:50 From Our Own Correspondent 11:01 BBC News 11:06 Assignment 11:30 BBC News Summary 11:32 Healthcheck 11:50 Sports News 12:01 BBC News 12:06 World Update 12:30 BBC News Summary 12:32 World Update 13:01 BBC News 13:06 World Briefing 13:30 BBC News Sum-

mary 13:32 The Strand 13:50 Witness 14:01 BBC News 14:06 World Have Your Say 14:30 BBC News Summary 14:32 Business Daily 14:50 Sports News 15:01 BBC News 15:06 Newshour 15:30 BBC News Summary 15:32 Newshour 16:01 BBC News 16:06 Assignment 16:30 BBC News Summary 16:32 Outlook 17:01 BBC News 17:06 World Briefing 17:30 BBC News Summary 17:32 Healthcheck 17:50 From Our Own Correspondent 18:01 BBC News 18:06 World Briefing 18:30 BBC News Summary 18:32 Sport Today 18:50 Witness 19:01 BBC News 19:06 World Briefing 19:30 BBC News Summary 19:32 World Business Report 20:01 BBC News 20:06 World Have Your Say 20:30 BBC News Summary 20:32 World Have Your Say 21:01 BBC News 21:06 World Briefing 21:30 BBC News Summary 21:32 Business Daily 21:50 From Our Own Correspondent 22:01 BBC News 22:06 Outlook 22:30 BBC News Summary 22:32 The Strand 22:50 Witness 23:01 BBC News 23:06 Newshour 23:30 BBC News Summary 23:32 Newshour

BFBS 1 (N’sia 91.7, WSBA 92.1, ESBA 99.6 FM) 02.00 BFBS Hosts 05.00 Ops Breakfast 006.00 Cyprus Breakfast 09.00 Wez Thompson 10.00 Cyprus Morning 12.00 Total Ops Chris Pearson 15.00 Cyprus Afternoon Jade Callaway 18.00 Charlene Guy 20.00 Sitrep 21.00 Jessie Aru 00.00 Heaven’s Gate

BFBS 2 (Ni’sia 89.7, WSBA 89.9, ESBA 95.3 FM) 03.00 BFBS Radio News 03.03 BFBS Gold With Dave Windsor 04.00 Up All Night 07.00 Morning Reports 07.30 Wake Up To Money 08.00 Today 11.00 Gareth John 14.00 BFBS Gold With Dave Windsor 15.00 World At One 15.45 Simon Marlow 18.30 Sitrep 19.00 PM 20.00 6 O’clock News 20.30 Five Live Drive 21.00 Five Live Sport 00.30 Late Night Live

LiveCyBC2 (91.1, 92.4 FM) 06.00-7.30 Programmes in Turkish with News at 7.30 07.40 Good morning Cyprus 10.00-12.00 Kalimerhamba 12.00 Gunortasa 12.45 Greek Cyprus Press 13.00 Turkish Music 13.15 News in Turkish 13.30 News in English 13.45 PM Classics 16.00 Greek Radio 16.15 Our country doesn’t divide 16.50 News in Turkish 17.00-18.00 Programmes in Armenian; News at 17.15 18.00-20.00 Round & About 20.00 News in English 20.10 Welcome to Cyprus in French and German 20.40 Ship of Fools with Robert Camassa 22.00 News in English 22.00 International Music 00.00-06.00 Rebroadcast of the evening’s programme Radio Napa (106.3 FM) 06.00 Morning Music 08.30 BBC World Today 09.00 News,

Weather and Exchange 09.05 Nathan Morley 12.00 BBC News 12.06 Lunchtime Classics 15.00 BBC News 15.06 Chris Yearley 18.00 News 18.06 Michael Godin 19.00 The Juke Box

98.5 Rock FM The Breakfast Show - Tony Newell - 07:00-10:00 2 Hours With Bejay Browne 10:00-12:00 Rock Fm’s Lunch Box - Jason Collins - 12:00-14:00 Non Stop Music 14:00-15:00 Valentina 15:00-18:00 Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday Liquid Radio Show - Pavlos - 15:00-18:00 Wednesday Drive Time - Johny G. 18:00-20:00 Monday - Tuesday Johny G. 18:0020:00 Wednesday (Mix @ 6) The Cocktail Show - Antonis 18:00-20:00 Thursday - Friday Panic In The Year Zero - 20:0022:00 Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday Radioactive Metal - 20:00-22:00 - Thursday Live Dj Set- Dj Allen D 20:00-22:00 - Friday 22:00-24:00 The Gathering - With Your Hosts Dj Mr Smith And Mc Svennyb – Live Wednesday & Friday Night Train 24:00-07:00 Monday To Friday Oldies Digital

(Hotbird SAT / (

MONDAY-FRIDAY 05:00 That Was The Year 06:00 Easy Going Gold 10:00 The Juke Box 17:00 That Was The Year 18:00 Oldies Overnights - Hear the greatest hits of all time playing non stop during the darkest hours

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012


Television PICK OF THE DAY


Mildred Pierce (LTV, 15.30) When my daughter was 10 years old, my friend Rosemary threatened to call Child Services to report me for neglect. That’s how shocked and appalled she was that I had not yet shown the kid Mildred Pierce. She brought over a copy, and we watched it 700 times. Fittingly, Rosemary was my date the other night for the premiere of the HBO miniseries version of the Hollywood classic.It’s not that we were disappointed with the new Mildred, it’s just that once you’ve fallen for Joan Crawford (who won an Oscar as Mildred), it’s tough to love another. This five-part series starring Kate Winslet is not a tip of the hat to the original movie, as much as a more faithful adaptation of James M. Cain’s original story. Now you know why it’s five hours long. Mildred is a divorced woman in the early 1930s living in California with two daughters whom she adores. The oldest is bad-seed daughter Veda (played by two young actresses - as an 11-year-old by a basically unbearable Morgan Turner who has some sort of fake British accent, and, as a rotten teen, by Evan Rachel Wood). Veda hates her mother because she works as a waitress and smells of chickens. Her hatred grows worse when Mildred becomes a

successful restaurateur - although she likes her mother’s well-bred, gigolo boyfriend, Monty Beragon (Guy Pearce) - too much. Kate Winslet, who seems to be unable to keep her clothes on for more than a half hour at a time, plays Mildred as a dour, nearly frumpy sad sack who nonetheless is irresistible to any man she runs across. Must be those old sweaters. That sadness makes all the hot, semi-pornographic sex scenes lose some of their edge. The first two hours of “Mildred” take as long to bake as one of Mildred’s pies. But the steam starts to rise in hour three and, by the fourth hour, when Wood steps in and brings the sizzle, it really takes off. Melissa Leo plays neighbor Lucy and Mare Winningham is Mildred’s waitress friend, Ida. In the original, both characters were combined and played by the wise-ass Eve Arden, who was twice as good as both Winningham and Leo.If you’re a purist James M. Cain fan, this is the miniseries for you.The intricacies of the story are laid out like a delicious Mildred chicken buffet. But, if you adore the original zippy, wisecracking crime story with ankle-straps, order up Netflix instead. Part 1-4 of 5.

By Linda Stasi - New York Post



Just Go With It (Novacinema4, 21.00) You may wonder what happened to the sparkling repartee of old Hollywood rom-coms when Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston discuss their pet names for their No. 2s (she calls it “making a Devlin”; he prefers “making a black pickle”) - but in fact there are all kinds of jokes in this frantic comedy, and some of them are even semi-funny. Adam’s a plastic surgeon who asks his assistant (that’s Jen) to pose as his wife for the sake of a 20-something bimbo he’s besotted with; the bimbo thinks he’s married, so Jen must pretend to be Mrs. Adam. Hawaiian settings and Nicole Kidman as a bitchy beauty named Devlin (she’s the reason why Jen coined that bathroom euphemism in the fi rst place). Also silly German accents, Carry On innuendo, a Dolph Lundgren gag and the Heimlich manoeuvre being performed on a sheep (!). Just go with it. Made in 2011.

The Doors: When You’re Strange (LTV3, 22.00) “When you’re strange / No-one remembers your name,” sang The Doors in ‘People Are Strange’ - but that’s patently false, because The Doors were strange (at least their singer Jim Morrison was) yet everyone remembers their name even now, 40 years after Morrison’s death. This isn’t really a documentary, in the sense of being in-depth or multi-faceted (it’s an episode of a long-running TV series called American Masters, narrated by Johnny Depp), but it gives you the basics on a band whose doom-laden music still strikes a chord with troubled adolescents; “Along the journey we see archival footage of rehearsals, performances, and private moments including a Miami concert resulting in Morrison’s arrest and trial for indecency,” notes the synopsis. Made in 2009.

Memento (Capital, 00.30) Late slot I know, but if you’re suffering from a bout of insomnia maybe this cult classic will keep you entertained until you’re ready to turn off the lights. Guy Pearce stars as a desperate man who loses his shortterm memory in an attack but resolves to track down the person responsible for murdering his wife in the same incident. Unable to remember events for more than a few minutes, he is forced to rely on copious notetaking and bizarre tattoos all over his body, in the hope that he’ll eventually track down the culprit. Christopher Nolan’s brilliantly innovative, acclaimed thriller recounts the tale backwards, creating an unsettling narrative structure. Made in 2000.

01:00 Sunshine 02:00 Casualty 02:50 EastEnders 03:20 Doctors Tiny Whispers 03:45 My Family Once More With Feeling 04:15 One Foot In The Grave Who Will Buy? 04:45 Twenty Twelve 05:15 After You’ve Gone Let’s Get Quizzical 05:45 The Old Guys The Old Flame 06:15 The Weakest Link 07:00 The Large Family Picture Perfect 07:10 Jackanory Junior Jack And The Beanstalk 07:25 Teletubbies Numbers - 1 07:50 Me Too! The Puncture 08:10 The Large Family Picture Perfect 08:20 Jackanory Junior Jack And The Beanstalk 08:35 Teletubbies Numbers - 1 09:00 Me Too! The Puncture 09:20 Bobinogs Atishoo 09:30 Spot’s Musical Adventures Spot’s School Trip 09:35 My Family Once More With Feeling 10:05 One Foot In The Grave Who Will Buy? 10:35 The Weakest Link 11:20 EastEnders 11:50 Doctors Tiny Whispers 12:20 Casualty 13:10 Walter’s War 14:00 The Old Guys The Old Flame 14:30 My Family Once More With Feeling 15:00 The Weakest Link 15:45 EastEnders 16:15 Doctors Tiny Whispers 16:45 Casualty 16:35 Walter’s War 18:25 The Weakest Link 19:10 EastEnders 19:40 Doctors Sonata 20:10 Monarch Of The Glen 21:00 Keeping Up Appearances 21:30 Ideal The Crabs 22:00 Sunshine 23:00 Blackadder II Beer 23:30 Fawlty Towers Anniversary 00:00 Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Goblins 00:30 Lee Evans: Big Live at the O2

07:00 How It’s Made 07:25 Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55 Ultimate Survival 11:50 How Do They Do It? 12:15 How It’s Made 12:40 Extreme Engineering 13:35 Rides 14:30 Wheeler Dealers 15:25 American Chopper 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made 21:00 Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 22:00 River Monsters 23:00 Countdown To Collision 00:00 Surviving Disaster 01:00 Worst Case Scenario 01:55 Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 02:50 River Monsters 03:50 Countdown To Collision 04:50 Surviving Disaster 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 All Sports: Watts 09:45 Football: Next Gen Series 11:00 Futsal: World Cup Thailand 16:30 Football: Next Gen Series 17:45 Football: Uefa Women’s Champions League 21:00 Fight Sport: Fight Club 23:00 Fight Sport: Total Ko 00:00 Poker: European Poker Tour 01:00 Fia World Touring Car Championship-Magazin : Inside Wtcc 01:30 Football: Uefa Women’s Champions League

The Doors: When You’re Strange (LTV3, 22.00)

Malice 09:15 Cine News 11:55 The Portrait Of A Lady 14:20 Cine News 14:55 Captain America: The First Avenger 17:05 Hollywood 1 On1 17:45 Cowboys & Aliens 19:50 Bridesmaids 22:00 Analyze This 23:50 Analyze That 01:35 Black Swan 03:30 The Eagle

The Expendables (LTV, 18.00)

05:40 Private Practice 06:25 Castle 07:10 Friends With Benefits 07:35 Happy Endings 08:00 Once Upon A Time 08:50 Masterchef 09:40 Private Practice 10:25 Castle 11:10 Friends With Benefits 11:35 Happy Endings 12:00 Scandal 12:50 The Listener 13:40 Once Upon A Time 14:30 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 15:20 Private Practice

19:00 Battle: Los Angeles 22:40 Cine News 23:00 Bullies 00:05 C.S.I. 01:00 Adult Zone

16:05 Castle 16:50 Modern Family 17:15 Happy Endings 17:40 Once Upon A Time 18:30 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 19:20 Private Practice 20:10 Castle 21:00 Scandal 21:50 The Listener 22:40 Modern Family 23:05 Happy Endings 23:30 Scandal 00:20 The Listener 01:10 Castle 02:00 Private Practice 02:45 Modern Family 03:10 Happy Endings 03:35 Rita Rocks 04:00 Once Upon A Time 04:50 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

07:00 Pawn Stars 5 07:30 Storage Wars 2 08:00 UFO Files 09:00 Battle 360 10:00 Pawn Stars 5 10:30 Storage Wars 2 11:00 Ancient Aliens 3 12:00 Swamp People 13:00 Top Shot 14:00 Battle 360 15:00 UFO Files 16:00 Swamp People 17:00 Top Shot 18:00 Battle 360 19:00 UFO Files 20:00 Pawn Stars 5 20:30 Storage Wars 2 21:00 Ancient Aliens 3 22:00 Ice Road Truckers 6 23:00 Ax Men 00:00 Pawn Stars 5 00:30 Storage Wars 2 01:00 Ancient Aliens 3 02:00 Ice Road Truckers 6 03:00 Ax Men 04:00 UFO Files 05:00 Battle 360 06:00 Ancient Aliens 3

07:30 Videofashion 08:00 Kardia 09:30 Hollywood Buzz 10:00 Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day 11:45 Dark City 13:45 The Soccer Nanny 15:30 Mildred Pierce 18:00 The Expendables 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 Mildred Pierce 23:30 The Last Samurai 02:05 Hustler TV 04:05 Inception 06:30 LTV Sports News

07:00 Chowder 07:25 The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack 07:50 The Tom & Jerry Show 08:15 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! 08:40 Loonatics Unleashed 09:05 Superman: The Animated Series 09:55 The Looney Tunes Show 10:20 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:45 Fanboy & Chum Chum 11:10 The X’s 11:35 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 12:00 Dora The Explorer 12:25 Spongebob Squarepants 13:15 The Mighty B! 13:40 My Life As A Teenage Robot 14:05 Hey Arnold! 14:30 ICarly 15:20 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! 15:45 Justice League Unlimited 16:10 Legion Of Super Heroes 16:35 Young Justice 17:00 A’ Division Cyprus Soccer Championship 2012-13 19:00 Barclays Premier League Review 20:00 K9 Nation 20:30 La Liga World 21:00 Barclays Premier League World 21:30 La Liga Show 2012-13 22:00 A’ Division Cyprus Soccer Championship 2012-13 00:00

Barclays Premier League 2012-13 01:45 Liga BBVA 2012-13 03:30 Barclays Premier League 2012-13

07:15 According To Jim 08:00 How To Make It In America 08:30 Pan Am 10:15 Gossip Girl 11:05 NCIS: Los Angeles 12:50 Hawaii Five-0 13:40 According To Jim 14:30 Pan Am 16:05 2 Broke Girls 16:30 Chuck 17:15 Supernatural 19:00 Hawaii Five-0 19:45 Aliens In America 20:30 Two And A Half Men 21:00 Luck 22:00 Harry’s Law 22:45 The Cult 23:35 The Mentalist 00:25 Rudo Y Cursi 02:15 Framed (2009) 03:50 2 Broke Girls 04:15 Chuck 05:00 Supernatural 06:30 Hawaii Five-0

07:15 Untraceable 09:00 The Terminal Man 11:00 Triage 13:00 Beauty And The Beast 14:45 Clash Of The Titans 16:40 The Cemetery Club 18:30 Strangers, The 20:00 Poor Boy’s Game 22:00 The Doors: When You’re Strange 23:30 Beyond The Make-Up 00:05 Daring! TV 03:30 Letters From Iwo Jima 06:00 A Life Less Ordinary

07:00 Dog Whisperer 08:00 The Fabric Of The Cosmos 09:00 Wild Russia 10:00 The Link 11:00 Riddles Of The Bible 12:00 Megafactories 13:00 Strippers: Cars For Cash 14:00 Banged Up Abroad 15:00 Last War Heroes 16:00 Witness: Joplin Tornado 17:00 Convoy: War For The Atlantic 18:00 Air Crash Investigation 19:00 Banged Up Abroad 20:00 Chasing UFOS 21:00 Earth From Space 23:00 Breakout 00:00 Chasing UFOS 01:00 Earth From Space 03:00 Earth Investigated 04:00 Chasing UFOS 05:00 Earth From Space

05:55 The Emperor’s Club 07:45 Cine News 08:40 Footloose 10:35 Cine News 11:05 Moneyball 13:20 The New Protocol 15:00 Love Stories 16:45 Gnomeo & Juliet 18:15 The Company Men 20:10 Johnny English Reborn 00:10 Jack And Jill 01:50 Cine News 02:20 Killer Elite 04:15 The Hit List

05:25 Reindeer Games 07:15 Absence Of

19:10 Yo Tambien 21:00 Just Go With It 23:05 Alfie 1966 01:05 It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

00:30 Academy - Putting 01:00 Golf Central International 01:30 Morning Drive 02:30 NHL Teams TBA 05:00 Nfl Replay 06:30 The Mena Golf Tour 07:00 European Tour: Barclays Singapore Open Rd. 1 12:00 Inside The PGA Tour 12:30 Golf Central International 13:00 The Moto: Inside The Outdoors Steel City National 13:30 The Moto: Inside The Outdoors Pala Raceway National 14:00 Sports Unlimited 15:00 Fox College Football Preview Show 15:30 Big Ten Women’s Volleyball Northwestern At Ohio State 17:30 NHL Teams TBA 18:00 Pre Game(R) 18:45 Championship 2012-13: Apollon Vs Doxa (R) 20:45 Post Game (R) 21:30 21:45 PGA Tour: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic Rd. 1 23:00 Chasing The Dream - One Club Changes Everything 23:30 Chasing The Dream - The Balancing Act 00:00 School Of Golf - Chapter 31: Develop A Go-To Shot

07:00 Globe Trekker 08:00 Inside Luxury Travel 09:00 Essential 09:30 Bert The Conqueror 10:00 4real 10:30 Angry Planet 11:00 Glutton For Punishment 12:00 Globe Trekker 13:00 Off Limits 14:00 Globe Trekker Round The World Marathon 15:00 Julian And Camilla’s World Odyssey 16:00 Globe Trekker 17:00 Glutton For Punishment 18:00 4real 18:30 Travel Today 19:00 Globe Trekker 20:00 Bert The Conqueror 20:30 Essential 21:00 Planet Sports 22:00 Nomad’s Land 23:00 Globe Trekker 00:00 Dirt Biking New Zealand 01:00 Bert The Conqueror 01:30 Essential 02:00 Planet Sports 03:00 Nomad’s Land 04:00 Globe Trekker 05:00 4real 05:30 Angry Planet 06:00 Glutton For Punishment

07:00 The Wings of Eagles 08:45 Where Were You When The Lights Went Out? 10:15 To Have And Have Not 11:55 Show Boat 13:45 Captain Nemo And The Underwater City 15:30 All This, and Heaven Too 17:45 Where Eagles Dare 20:15 Easter Parade 22:00 Reckless 23:30 The Appointment 01:20 Brewster McCloud 03:05 Diner 04:55 The Journey

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL










8 9












24 time (4-5) 15 Let tune be played on a crescent-shaped ornament! (7) 16 Spread the odds on an inex-


HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved, you solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. With the ‘X’ sudoku, the shaded X must also contain the numbers 1-9.





perienced beginner (6) 17 Swindle amount of cash for a white mineral (6) 20 Throw in the dark? (5) 23 Get knotted (3)

Answers to crossword 2230 CRYPTIC: Across – 1 Character; 8 Flex; 9 Box-camera; 10 Hole; 13 Queer; 15 Litmus; 16 Dotard; 17 Cubist; 19 Toucan; 20 Twist; 21 Loll; 24 Platitude; 25 Site; 26 Attending. Down – 2 Hood; 3 Rice; 4 Campus; 5 Earned; 6 Allowance; 7 Extending; 11 Blacklist; 12 Stability; 13 Quest; 14 Robot; 18 Twilit; 19 Tsetse; 22 Stud; 23 Odin. QUICK: Across – 1 Close call; 8 Oxen; 9 Unconcern; 10 Wire; 13 Sober; 15 Rococo; 16 Disarm; 17 Depart; 19 Berlin; 20 Newer; 21 Logo; 24 Therefore; 25 Teak; 26 Greyhound. Down – 2 Lank; 3 Shop; 4 Cuckoo; 5 Lurked; 6 Excitable; 7 Undermine; 11 Credulity; 12 Scapegoat; 13 Scorn; 14 Rider; 18 Tether; 19 Betray; 22 If so; 23 Bren.

Rating EASY

1 Case of excessive pride? (6) 2 Removed gas from sink (3) 3 Remarkably alert animal (5) 5 Footballer’s brush? (7) 6 Related to a nobleman in a rush (9) 7 Scoff at Deirdre possibly losing one of her rights (6) 8 His stock provide liquid assets! (5,6) 12 Converted, having come into existence a second


Rating HARD



Rating HARD

1 Some of the wives trying to find room (6) 4 Foreign girl almost in the saddle (6) 9 Dream about a dark horse? (9) 10 Scoundrel makes some incursions (3) 11 In piping form (7) 13 Cash enclosure (5) 14 Grow rapidly creating real profit before end of June (11) 18 Item of food not cooked in pan one left (5) 19 Hit lazily but hurriedly (7) 21 Either way it expresses surprise (3) 22 Article says it’s N America (3,6) 24 One who badly wants more time? (6) 25 Section of band with blues accompaniment? (6)





1 Oh dear! (6) 4 Not level (6) 9 Cut off (9) 10 Obtained (3) 11 Irish river (7) 13 Riled (anag.) (5) 14 Spy (6,5) 18 Fielder (3-2) 19 Silk fabric (7) 21 Ignited (3) 22 City in NW England (9) 24 Sickness (6) 25 Curtain (6)

1 Fanciful notion (6) 2 Frequently (poetic) (3) 3 Former Argentine president (5) 5 Catching fish (7) 6 Watchfulness (9) 7 Public official (6) 8 Restoring (11) 12 Of short stories (9) 15 Festered (7) 16 Badge (6) 17 Nursing officer (6) 20 French coin (5) 23 Foot digit (3)



ARIES March 21 - April 20

LEO July 23 - August 22

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21

Today may be better for worldly success than yesterday. So work hard, try to co-operate with colleagues, and don’t hold back if a creative idea demands expression. A fast pace will help keep you on top of things. A practical decision should help keep you out of harm’s way early on. However, if you over-commit to anything, you may regret it.

Your magnetic personality may be working overtime today, and someone may be sure to let you know about it. Try not to be so wilful and determined that you turn people off. Give others a chance to express their views. Friends and partners can be very supportive, but beware as extravagance may cause problems, so try to ward off temptation.

Your thinking seems to be sharp and original, and you seem able to come up with quick answers and resourceful ideas. Draw on knowledgeable sources for information and you could learn something very interesting. However, it may be better not to guess where children or a loved one is concerned. Today, you need to be clear and spell it out.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21

VIRGO August 23 - September 23

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20

The world of business holds many opportunities currently, and some may be worth looking into from a financial viewpoint. With Saturn currently in your relationship zone, this may be the time when you decide to look for a commercial partner who is as hard-working and determined as you are. Later, you might enjoy a concert or an art show.

Things are looking up socially, especially with a little input from you. Perhaps an invite lifts your spirits, or a special friend has an idea that you may become enthused about. Any social buzz that should have happened yesterday, may continue today. So with this in mind, don’t spend time alone if others are keen for you to join in with them.

Try to take a long-range view when it comes to greater security. It’s a good time to review debts, accounts and investments, and to make decisions about property, as well as taxes, insurance or wills. The Sun, currently in Scorpio, encourages you to clear up any financial issues. Once you have, you can relax, feel energised and less anxious.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21

LIBRA September 24 - October 23

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19

It’s a day to make progress on the job front and show what you are worth. It may be an idea to send out a resume, or perhaps to ask for a promotion. Having Neptune in your career zone means you need to keep clear on what you want to achieve. Don’t allow yourself to drift, as you may lose your focus. Instead, just concentrate on what is essential.

Your diplomatic skills may come in handy today, when you need to remember to co-operate and compromise if you want to keep relationships healthy. You might enjoy hosting a party later, as being with fun people may seem to bring out the joy in everyone - you especially. If you are able, get out, circulate and share your natural warmth.

Spending time with friends can be fun and may do wonders for your outlook. Today, someone’s optimism may inspire you and help to make your day more fortunate. On another note, if someone’s ideas look good on paper but don’t feel right, you may have to trust your instincts however compelling the case is. Go with what feels best for you.

CANCER June 22 - July 22

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22

PISCES February 20 - March 20

Work and business potential is strong, especially if you’re willing to put extra effort into a project. Be open to change, and it can help to pay attention to the suggestions and feedback of others. Currently, you’re in a very creative mood, and keen to let it show. It can also be a good time to start new projects and invest money in yourself.

The challenge may be to draw a distinction between how things are and how you would like them to be. In planning for the future, don’t let your fears prevent you from enjoying experiences that could be very good for you. With Saturn in your sign, you will need to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone for happiness and success.

An outing or a trip that you go on just for fun may be more enjoyable if you take things as they come, and make the most of unexpected happenings. Generous impulsive tendencies can be hard to resist where spending money is concerned. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you stay within your budget. Today, you can have an eye for quality.


CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sport McIlroy defends WGC event no-show By John O’Brien

The world number one doesn’t want to burn himself out

WORLD number one Rory McIlroy has defended his decision to skip last week’s WGC-HSBC Champions tournament in China to watch his girlfriend play tennis but admits that the criticism of his no-show was fair. The Briton returns to action at this week’s co-sanctioned Singapore Open after taking a week off to cheer on Caroline Wozniacki at the Tournament of Champions in Bulgaria, a break he said was necessary despite the

disappointment of golf fans. “I think the criticism is fair... it’s a World Golf Championship event, one of the big ones. It was a tough one to miss, especially watching it on television,” McIlroy told reporters yesterday. “But I can’t play every week. If I had played that I would have finished the season having played in Turkey, after the Ryder Cup and the FedEx Cup stuff. It’s just too much and one event had to miss out and that was it. “I played the course at Mission Hills a couple of years ago and didn’t really like

it. Thought it was a course where I would get frustrated and am glad the event is going back to Shanghai next year.” World number two Tiger Woods also skipped the Shenzhen event in favour of rest and McIlroy realises that since rising to the top of the game, he needs to strike the right balance between playing, fulfilling media commitments and taking time off. “Managing time is a very important part of my life,” the 23-year-old Northern Irishman added.

Bad night for Cypriot teams in EuroChallenge

Murray beaten by Djokovic at World Tour Finals

By Nemanja Bjedov

Scot goes down in three sets in thrilling battle By Martyn Herman


NOVAK Djokovic closed in on a last four berth at the ATP World Tour Finals after squeezing past Britain’s Andy Murray in the latest chapter of their evolving rivalry yesterday. Once again there was barely a cigarette paper between the two 25-yearolds as Djokovic chiselled out a 4-6 6-3 7-5 victory to take command of Group A at the season-ending showdown. Apart from the opening set when world number three Murray could do no wrong, the quality did not reach the heights of their clashes at this year’s Australian Open semi-final or the U.S. Open final, but it was riveting fare all the same. Some of the rallies resembled high-speed chess as first Murray held sway, then

Djokovic got on top before holding off a late Murray fightback to seal victory in two hours 34 minutes. It was his fourth victory over Murray this year with the other three clashes going the way of the Scot, most notably in an epic five-setter in the final of the U.S. Open when Murray became the first British man in 76 years to win a grand slam.

WHAT DECIDED IT “The last two minutes of the match were about what decided it,” Murray, who can still qualify for the semi-finals if he wins his final round-robin match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga tomorrow, told reporters when asked where the match swung. “He broke at 15-40 and then I had 15-40 in the next game and didn’t break,” added Murray of a strange

finale to a clash he seemed to have under control after taking the first set. When Murray levelled at 4-4 in the decider, he looked favourite to win but a lapse at 5-5 allowed Djokovic the chance to serve for the match and he seized it, battling back from 15-40 to seal victory. “Another great match. Another great performance from both of us,” was Djokovic’s assessment. “I didn’t expect anything less, other than a tough match that went down to the wire and was decided in the last point.” “We have a great rivalry that hopefully will develop even more in the future,” added the five-time grand slam champion. Fans around the world will surely hope so. Tsonga took on Tomas Berdych late last night with both players looking for their first win.

“I thought I did a little bit better this season than I did last year after I won the U.S. Open in 2011. People want more of you, they want you to do more things and you have to learn how to say ‘no’. “You have to be selfish sometimes. First and foremost, you have to look after yourself and fit in the things that you want to do. “I am in a fortunate position that I can dictate where I want to play, what I want to do and where I want to go and as long as I am in that position then that’s lovely.”

So close: the latest chapter in Murray v Djokovic was an extremely tight one, with the Serb just edging to victory

EDO Muric scored 20 points and Domen Lorbek added 19 as KRKA Novo Mesto trounced Michelin ETHA Engomi 100-73 in the FIBA EuroChallenge Group A regular season opener on Tuesday night in Slovenia. “Participation in this competition is very important for us. We have a young team this season and for most of the players this is their first appearance at this level,” said ETHA’s head coach Kyriakos Adamou. “We did not have too much time to prepare, however, that should not be used as an excuse for the final score. We will try to get better,” he added. In Group G, French team SLUC Nancy used a 14-0 run in the fourth quarter to pick up a strong 81-65 road victory over Pizza Express Apollon in Limassol. “The game was decided in the last quarter due to the fact that our players got tired. During the last six minutes, we lost our concentration and made a lot of mistakes. As a result an opponent of Nancy’s quality took advantage of our situation and went on to win the game,” said Apollon head coach Akis Konstantinou.

Montezemolo demands more pace from Ferrari

Finn and Broad doubtful for first Test against India

Deng leads Bulls run to beat Magic in the NBA

FERRARI president Luca Di Montezemolo has demanded more from his Formula One team to help Fernando Alonso beat Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel to the title with two races left. Alonso trails the German by 10 points with his Italian team having just over a week to prepare for what could be a decisive U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, followed by the season’s final round in Brazil on November 25. “I want to understand why the new parts that we brought to the track only partially improved the performance of the F2012,” Montezemolo said on the Ferrari website after Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

ENGLAND batting coach Graham Gooch admits there is a “big question mark” over whether fast bowlers Stuart Broad and Steve Finn will be fit for the first Test against India. Finn has not played since picking up a thigh strain against India A last week, while Broad is nursing a bruised heel. Both will miss England’s final warm-up game from Thursday, with the first Test in Ahmedabad starting a week later. “It puts a big question mark over them,” said Gooch. England’s preparations for a crucial series have been disrupted by the injuries to two of their key bowlers.

THE Chicago Bulls dominated the start of the fourth quarter to beat the Orlando Magic 99-93 in a matchup of two teams trying to adjust to playing without last season’s All Stars. Luol Deng scored eight of his team-high 23 in the fourth quarter where reserve Nate Robinson also provided a spark to quickly erase a three-point deficit and take the game by the horns. The Bulls were able to improve to 3-1 this season where they are without 2010-11 MVP Derrick Rose, sidelined indefinitely after tearing knee ligaments during last season’s playoffs.


Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL


We are getting back to our best, says frustrated Wenger

AEL are drinking in last chance saloon

Arsenal blow two-goal lead but remain on course

By Nemanja Bjedov

By Simon Peach ARSENE Wenger was frustrated to see Arsenal surrender a two-goal lead in Germany but believes their Champions League display at Schalke shows they are beginning to get back to their best. The north Londoners have struggled for form in recent weeks and suffered a surprise 2-0 loss to the Bundesliga side when the teams met a fortnight ago. Arsenal looked set to exact some revenge when, against the run of play, they went two goals ahead thanks to Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud. However, Klaas Jan Huntelaar reduced the deficit in first-half stoppage time and the Gunners saw victory snatched from their grasp when Jefferson Farfan’s strike deflected in off Thomas Vermaelen. While frustrated to miss out on the full three Group B points, Wenger was pleased by his side’s response to the disappointing defeat at Manchester United. “For us it was important first of all not to lose and if possible to win,” the Frenchman said after the 2-2 draw. “We managed the first part, not the second one. “I felt that overall we

Olivier Giroud gave the Gunners a flying start against Schalke, but the North Londoners eventually had to settle for a draw played reasonably well, but we dropped physically in the second half and the regret we have is that overall we conceded the goal just before half-time and we missed a chance at the end of the game. “I think the two, of course, have a big impact on the result overall. Schalke never gave up and worked hard. “I believe we have shown a good response to Saturday’s game and you feel the team is getting better. “I think in one month, if we continue to develop, we will be there.” Wenger returned to the touchline this evening for

the first time this season in the Champions League after completing a three-match European ban. The Gunners boss received the sanction by UEFA for his conduct after the last-16 defeat against AC Milan in March. The Gunners face whipping boys Montpellier at home in their next game, where they could secure qualification depending on what happens between Schalke and Olympiacos at the Veltins Arena. “The group is open,” Wenger said. “I believe we are of course in a position where you want to win our home game.

“If we win, we have a 50% chance to be through because Schalke plays Olympiacos here. They are in a position where they have absolutely to win that game as well. “It will of course depend

on our result first against Montpellier and then we will see what happens here. “It could go to last game; we could, with luck, do it in the next game. Anyway, we are in a position where we must win against Montpellier.”

Group B Team






A Pts

1 Schalke 2 Arsenal 3 Olympiacos 4 Montpellier

4 4 4 4

2 2 2 0

2 1 0 1

0 1 2 3

8 7 7 5

5 6 7 9

8 7 6 1

Sweet 16 for debutants Malaga By Brian Homewood

The Spanish side have qualified for the knockout stages

COACH Manuel Pellegrini hailed Malaga’s stunning achievement as the Champions League debutants qualified for the last 16 with two games to spare by holding seven-time winners AC Milan to a 1-1 draw on Tuesday. Malaga’s success is all the more laudable considering the upheaval they went through in the close season when media reports said the club’s Qatari owner wanted to quit after two years in charge, there was a fire sale of top players and wages were delayed. The Group C leaders have 10 points from four matches and are five ahead of secondplaced Milan. In Tuesday’s other game, Anderlecht (four points) beat Zenit St Petersburg (three) 1-0. “It’s a great achievement to qualify with two games to spare especially doing it

in such a difficult stadium as this one,” Pellegrini told reporters. The only negative on a night of celebration for unbeaten Malaga was that they conceded their first goal in the competition. Milan kept their qualifying hopes intact thanks to injury-plagued Alexandre Pato’s first goal in 11 months. His second-half equaliser cancelled out Eliseu’s effort five minutes before halftime. The Italians, who also spent the close season offloading their leading players, produced another shoddy performance in front of a restless and half-empty San Siro stadium. Malaga goalkeeper Willy Caballero had kept clean sheets in two games in the qualifying rounds, three in the group and for another 73 minutes on Tuesday before he was finally beaten by Pato’s header. The 23-year-old forward, once considered one of Bra-

zil’s most promising players, has seen his career stutter amid a series of nagging and hugely frustrating muscular injuries and was starting only his second match of the season. Pato produced a subdued performance, showing flashes of inspiration, before rising to meet Kevin Constant’s long cross at the far post. Milan had shown signs of life by taking seven points from their last nine in Serie A but their efforts on Tuesday tested the patience of the 30,000 crowd who jeered coach Massimiliano Allegri when he replaced Stephan El Shaaraway with KevinPrince Boateng in the second half. “I think the way things are going the decisive match will be the last one at home to Zenit,” said Allegri. “We played well. In the first half we created a number of chances and in the second we had them on the ropes.”

WITH only a single point from their first three matches, Cypriot champions AEL have been cut adrift at the bottom of Europa League Group C and will have a last chance of getting back into contention when they take on Turkish side Fenerbahce this evening in Istanbul at 8pm. Egemen Korkmaz’s header gave Fenerbahce a 1-0 victory over AEL at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia a fortnight ago and if they manage to record back-to-back victories over the Cypriot side, they will consolidate their position at the top of the group and get within touching distance of a place in the next stage of the competition. “Indeed we have serious problems with team selection, but the eleven players that start the match will be one hundred per cent ready to give everything they have,” said AEL coach Jorge Costa at yesterday evening’s press conference. “We still have a chance of qualifying and we will fight for our first victory in the group stage. If we can manage to get the three points, we will then approach our final two games of the campaign in a completely different mood,” added Costa, who is without several important players for tonight’s clash including Angola international Gilberto. “We played well in the first game but unfortunately lost the match. This time we hope to play at the same level and hopefully get something out of the game. It is a good opportunity for our players to show what they can do in front of the Turkish fans on their ground,” Costa said. Fenerbahce coach Aykut Kocaman wants nothing but a win from tonight’s clash: “We want to play well, but first and foremost we are looking for a victory that would lift us to ten points from four matches. “That would help us move a step closer to the next stage of the competition. AEL were perfect hosts in Cyprus and I hope we show the same hospitality to them. “Game time is something else, we will do everything we can to win and our fans should be very careful with their behaviour.” On their previous Europa League away trip, AEL were heavily beaten 5-1 at the Stade Velodrome against Marseille who are currently second in the group with four points. Their opponents tonight Borussia Mönchengladbach – also have four points but an inferior goal difference. The Germans will hope to follow up their 2-0 victory over Elie Baup’s men when they meet tonight in southern France.

CYPRUS MAIL Thursday, November 8, 2012


Sport Ibrahimovic sparkles in new PSG role

Erratic City find money does not buy Euro success

By Olivier Guillemain

English champions on verge of early exit By Alison Wildey MANCHESTER City manager Roberto Mancini is discovering the adage ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ extends to European success after a 2-2 draw at home to Ajax Amsterdam left their Champions League hopes in tatters. Mancini was left raging at Danish referee Peter Rasmussen, who disallowed Sergio Aguero’s effort and ignored Mario Balotelli’s late penalty appeal but his anger might have been better directed at his team and their defensive lapses. City’s multi-million pound squad have failed to make an impact in Europe with some erratic performances. The Premier League champions, roundly criticised when outclassed by Ajax last month, were 2-0 down after 17 minutes at the Etihad Stadium on Tuesday thanks to some dismal defending. “It is not just the defending in this competition but in the Premier League and everything else,” former Liverpool captain Graeme Souness said on Sky Sports. “On Tuesday, the problem came from set pieces. Last year with Joleon Lescott and Vincent Kompany in the team they looked unbeatable and if anything came into the box one of them was getting their head to it. “They are a team still scratching for the perform-

Group D Team






1 Borussia Dortmund 2 Real Madrid 3 Ajax Amsterdam 4 Manchester City

4 4 4 4

2 2 1 0

2 1 1 2

0 1 2 2

6 10 6 6

ances they had last year and they are not there yet,” added Souness. City are bottom of Group D with two points from their four games, six behind leaders Borussia Dortmund. Mathematically they still have a slim chance of reaching the knockout stage if they beat Real Madrid at home and then win in Dortmund if other results go their way. On top of City’s suspect defending, the British media has been full of reports of a rift between Mancini and his players as they struggle to grasp the Italian’s tactics. They were given a lesson in slick passing and application by Ajax in their first meeting two weeks ago as the Dutch side, which cost a fraction of City’s millions, beat them 3-1. Ajax winger Ryan Babel put that performance down to his side’s togetherness, something he said City lacked. “Against City in the first game you could see the perfect example of a real team

A Pts 4 7 8 9

8 7 4 2

effort by Ajax against a team of individuals,” the former Liverpool player said. “We noticed how the frustration got the better of them during the game. And we saw how the players were directing those frustrations towards each other. That is the danger of a club with so many big-name players and so many big egos. “When the going gets tough, they are not prepared to do the hard work for each other.” That may be undeserved given Tuesday’s fightback as Yaya Toure, at fault for the second Ajax goal, made amends with a crisp volley and the home side upped their game after the break in a desperate attempt to get the win they so badly needed. Aguero’s equaliser in the 73rd minute preserved City’s 18-match unbeaten European home record but that will be small consolation for the big-spending club as they face an early Champions League exit for the second successive season.

Sergio Aguero, who had a late goal wrongly disallowed for offside, knows City face a near-impossible task to qualify

Dazzling Dortmund control destiny after Real draw By Karolos Grohmann

The German giants have looked very impressive as they top the group

BORUSSIA Dortmund’s last Champions League group game against Manchester City next month could turn out to be a dead rubber after the German champions drew 2-2 at Real Madrid on Tuesday. Dortmund, sparkling against Real, need only draw at Ajax later this month to reach the last 16, which would make a game circled as a potential winner-takes-all purely academic. Superb again for much of the match against nine-time European champions Real after beating them 2-1 in Dortmund last month, the Germans can be excused for having one eye on the knockout stage from their perch at the top of Group D. Having grabbed four points from a possible six against Real, coach Juergen Klopp had every right to be beaming

after his side made it eight points from four games, one point ahead of Real. “We would have been quite happy to seal qualification with this game,” he told reporters. “But we won our direct comparison with Real and we were not counting on that at the start. “We earned our point in Madrid.” It was only thanks to Mesut Ozil’s 89th minute free kick that the hosts salvaged a point to avoid only their second home defeat to a German team after Bayern Munich. A young Dortmund team, who have won back-to-back Bundesliga titles, twice took the lead through Marco Reus and Mario Goetze, demonstrating their ambitious nature in the competition. Fifth in the Bundesliga this season after an erratic start and with Bayern dominating, Dortmund are throwing their weight behind their European push.

“It is not understood that you take Real in their own stadium to the brink of a defeat. We have drawn away against two of the world’s best teams,” said Klopp. With Ajax awaiting on November 21, Dortmund, who won their only Champions League trophy in 1997, have qualification firmly in their own hands. Real coach Jose Mourinho, who is seeking to win Europe’s elite club competition with a third club after triumphs with Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan two years ago, said history had shown topping the group was not necessarily a pre-requisite for success. “The two times I won the Champions League I finished second in the group,” he told a news conference. “If this is the toughest group and Real Madrid has always been in one of the two qualification spots then I don’t know what the drama is,” Mourinho said.

PARIS St Germain’s top scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic proved an inspired playmaker in his side’s 4-0 thrashing of Dinamo Zagreb in Champions League Group A on Tuesday. The former AC Milan forward gave up his usual striking role at the Parc des Princes but rescued his team from a deeper position on the pitch by setting up all four goals. “He worked for the team as he always does. He’s a fantastic player, a fantastic leader, he helps the others to improve,” coach Carlo Ancelotti told reporters. “That’s the difference between a great player and a champion. He is a champion because he uses his skills to make the team play better.” PSG top the French league table and are heading into the last 16 of Europe’s elite club competition, playing very solidly but failing to sparkle. With Argentine playmaker Javier Pastore still struggling for form and forwards Jeremy Menez and Nene lacking in creativity, Ibrahimovic has had to swallow his frustration and change his style. As the most successful and charismatic player at the wealthy club he joined in July, the Swede quickly became a leader on the pitch and has gradually adapted his game. He now collects the ball deep and links up with team mates, attracting defenders and creating space for fast forwards Menez or Ezequiel Lavezzi, his partner against Dinamo Zagreb. “He scores, he makes his team mates play, he delights them. He has the great forward’s complete set,” PSG captain Christophe Jallet said. PSG are second in their group on nine points, five ahead of next opponents Dynamo Kiev who they beat 4-1 in their opening game. Victory in Ukraine would put the French team into the knockout stages. Leaders Porto have qualified for the last 16 and Zagreb are bottom without a point.

Champions League Results Juventus Nordsjaelland

4 0

Chelsea 3 Shakhtar Donetsk 2 Valencia BATE Borisov

4 2

Bayern Munich Lille

6 1

Benfica 2 Spartak Moscow 0 Celtic Barcelona

2 1

Cluj Galatasaray

1 3

Braga Man United

1 3

Thursday, November 8, 2012 CYPRUS MAIL

32 McIlroy defends WGC event no-show 29


Erratic City find money does not buy Euro success 31

Last-gasp Moses gives Chelsea win Chelsea 3 Shakhtar Donetsk 2 By Ben Rumsby

Victor Moses (bottom) is mobbed after his injury time winner for the holders

VICTOR Moses came off the bench to score an incredible last-gasp winner last night as Chelsea somehow survived a Shakhtar Donetsk onslaught to keep their Champions

League fate in their own hands. The Blues were in danger of being the first holders to crash out of the competition before Christmas as former target Willian twice cancelled out almighty howlers from goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov which gifted goals to Fernando Torres and Oscar, the latter’s fourth in as many Champions League games. But late substitute Moses nodded home Mata’s 94th

minute corner to steal a barely-believable victory that put Chelsea level on points with their opponents at the top of Group E with two games remaining. Blues boss Roberto Di Matteo refused to shy away from the importance of the game from the moment the final whistle went in the reverse fixture - which Chelsea lost two weeks ago - branding it must-win. As if to drive home the

Celtic record memorable win over mighty Barcelona Parkhead witnesses one of its greatest nights as Catalans beaten Celtic 2 Barcelona 1

United through to last 16 with late win Braga 1 Manchester United 3 By Daniel Alvarenga

By Ronnie Esplin


ARKHEAD witnessed one of its greatest nights as goals from Victor Wanyama and substitute Tony Watt gave Celtic a momentous Champions League victory over Barcelona. It was a Group G clash that the Hoops were not supposed to win but the east end of Glasgow exploded in the 21st minute when midfielder Wanyama headed in from a Charlie Mulgrew corner. It was backs-to-the-wall stuff for most of the game for the home side as the star-studded visitors hit the woodwork twice and goalkeeper Fraser Forster pulled off a number of vital saves. But in the 83rd minute 18year-old Watt, on for Mikael Lustig to make his debut in the competition, raced away to score the second, leaving Lionel Messi’s late strike a consolation. Celtic, with seven points from four games, two less than leaders Barca, travel to Benfica before hosting Spartak Moscow in their final group fixture and will surely fancy their chances of reaching the knockout stages of the competition. Regardless of the Scottish champions’ progress in Europe, the night will live long in the memory of the 60,000 who made their way to Celtic Park on a sodden night. There was a card display before the kick-off to celebrate Celtic’s 125th anniversary which added to the terrific atmosphere at kickoff time. Stand-in captain Georgios Samaras led the line for the

point to his players, the following fortnight saw him dub the match Chelsea’s biggest since the May final and claim his side needed to produce a “perfect” performance to succeed. That made his decision to leave John Terry on the bench - albeit for match-fitness reasons - a massive gamble, with the holders having shipped 10 goals in the four games their captain had missed during his domestic racism ban.

Pure joy: Celtic celebrate one of the most famous results in their illustrious 125-year history home side supported by Miku, but like the rest of the Celtic side they were soon chasing Barcelona around looking to gain possession. Alexis Sanchez and Messi had early efforts for the visitors who soon fell into their familiar, dominating pattern. Barca were perhaps fortunate in the 18th minute when midfielder Alex Song, earlier booked for a challenge on Miku, fouled the same player and received no further punishment from referee Bjorn Kuipers. However, the home fans were unconcerned about

that when Wanyama gave them a sensational lead. The Catalans had conceded from a set-piece in the Nou Camp and looked equally ropey when the Kenyan rose above rookie defender Marc Bartra at the back post to bullet in Mulgrew’s corner from the right.

TAKING CONTROL The second half began in similar style to the first with Barca taking control, switching from left to right and back again. Despite all their posses-

sion, Barcelona looked vulnerable at the back and Mulgrew might have punished them in the 63rd minute when he had a sight of goal but Bartra managed to block. Alex Song was allowed another foul on Miku to the anger of the Celtic fans, before he was replaced by Cesc Fabregas, with Gerard Pique on for Bartra and Watt on for Mikael Lustig. Before the substitutions, Forster flew through the air to make a great save from Messi. Beram Kayal replaced Samaras with 10 minutes

remaining before Forster made yet another save from Messi, this time from a 25yard free-kick. But there was much more drama when Watt escaped the Barca defence and Xavi from Forster’s long ball before driving a right-footed shot past Victor Valdes to double Celtic’s lead. There was bedlam inside Parkhead which gave way to some nerves when Messi scored from close range in the 90th minute after Forster had parried a strike from Pedro, but it was to be the home side’s night, and a famous night at that.

LATE goals from substitute Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez earned Manchester United a place in the last 16 of the Champions League with a 3-1 comeback win at Braga last night. In a match interrupted for ten minutes by floodlight failure, the hosts went ahead early in the second half through an Alan penalty kick. United struck back when van Persie came off the bench and punished a blunder by Braga keeper Beto, who inexplicably rushed out of his goal and was caught in no man’s land. Rooney put United ahead from the penalty spot soon after and, with Braga in disarray, Hernandez made it 3-1 in injury time after a goal-mouth muddle. Group H leaders United have 12 points from four games. Cluj and Galatasaray are on four points, with Braga on three. United coach Alex Ferguson made several changes to the side who beat Arsenal 2-1 in the Premier League over the weekend, bringing in Nani, Anderson and Ryan Giggs to the midfield and picking Danny Welbeck to spearhead the attack with Javier Hernandez, leaving Van Persie on the bench to start with. Braga suffered a nearrepeat of their fortunes at Old Trafford two weeks ago, when they gave away a 2-0 lead and lost 3-2.


English daily newspaper 08/11/2012

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