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Product Design Assignment for Amsterdam University for applied Sciences Engineering, Design and Innovation 051111

Idea: Evolutionary Bike Strong, repairable and modular: the evolutionary bike has no welded tubular frame, but a frame with holes drilled in it. It stands at the basis of local creativity: easy to assembly, and easy to expand by attaching anything you need. Coordinator: Jeroen Spoelstra – Design expert: Joep Trappenburg - +31345652110 - Other contacts: > Luuk Eickmans – – luuk_eickmans (skype) > African Bicycle Network –

Opinion from the jury "Simplicity combined with versatility and flexibility: an easy reconfigurable design, using only simple tools. By adding accessories the user can tailor his/her bike. And the assembly and repair can all be done locally. A very interesting concept with so many possible version and applications."

African Bicycle Design Contest 2010-2011 Assignment information Copyright  2010 Cycling out of Poverty

Assignment: Design a modular bicycle (prototype) including a business plan for a sustainable market penetration in Kenya.

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degree to which the design is tailored to needs of a target group in Africa, including affordability, ease of maintenance, durability, usability for certain niche markets, and appeal as status symbol possibilities for manufacturing the bicycle in workshops in Africa affordability of retail price (with or without a credit system) for the target group in Africa utilisation of local available and environmental friendly materials (bonus points) business plan on implementing the bicycle design (including the design of PR material) production manual, to be delivered in a way that local mechanics can manufacture it. This means a clear description of the materials and the chosen production processes. Technical specifications have to be delivered as well as a cost price calculation.

Updates: We request the wiki-bike design team to give regular updates on the therefore developed section at (guidelines will follow shortly). So please send the following to (1) usernames on of the bloggers and (2) image/avatar of the bloggers. Hopefully the wiki-bike design teams will also take initiative to promote their design assignment for the African Bicycle Design Contest by giving updates on social media like Facebook and Hyves. Support: Your contribution to by designing, co-creating and sharing ideas is tremendous. To make a lasting platform for co-creation and sharing of bicycle designs for Africa, support is very welcome. Donations or in-kind support are very important to us. Any contribution, big or small, is truly appreciated. Together we can make the difference. Cycling out of poverty  SNS Bank Account number: IBAN: NL68 SNSB 0906146356 Swift code: SNSBNL2A

African Bicycle Design Contest 2010-2011 Assignment information Copyright  2010 Cycling out of Poverty

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With this African Bicycle Design Contest we aim to design bicycles tuned to the needs of (potential) bicycle users in Africa. This is the de...