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Vol. IV Issue VIII

May 2012

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Another batch graduates from Cypress College, making way for new students for this coming Fall.

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ummer is right around the corner. With summer comes summer session, summer flings, tuition rising and graduation. This will be our last issue for the semester until Fall. What felt like endless hours in the newsroom and back and forth words about Summer School, this issue will confirm all your thoughts about classes this upcoming session. Everyone is itching to start their summer vacation and ready to move away from this Spring semester. Whether you are traveling this summer or listening to all new artists from Cypress College time may fly by and sooner than you think registration for Fall 2012 will be here. When we return you, our readers can expect more money spent on classes, more classwork and more sleepless nights. “American Idiot” is coming to Orange County, students are heading off to Rome, and tuition is going up. Well some of those can soothe the mind. The others will send you to the poor house, so again we take advice from the great Haymitch Abernathy: Loosen up your corset sweetheart and have a drink! DIVERGENCE / Victoria Cardenas and Sam Islam

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Graduation 2012 In with the new: Graduates make way for new students in the Fall.

STORY BY Maria Ong


raduating is an unforget- Gown sizes are based on height. table day—and a hassle to On the commencement day, graduorganize. That’s why there ates are advised to arrive on campus by are so many rules. First, one has to have met the deadline for applying for graduation. Oh, too, late. But if one did file on time, one gets to walk during the 45th Commencement of Cypress College. It will be held May 29 in the front of the College Gateway Plaza at 6 p.m. There will be a reception following the ceremony. But one has to dress for the occasion. Caps and gowns are on sale for $25 at the Student Activities Center until May 24. The Student Activities Center will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

5 p.m. dressed in their gowns. Graduates are to not bring bags as there will be no one to watch personal items during the ceremony. More guidelines can be found on Nursing major Samantha Garcia, 22, feels happy to be graduating but said she still thinks it’s a milestone, not a finish line. “It’s more important to keep going.” Although, Garcia is unsure of where she would like to transfer, she aims to be a pediatric nurse after she finishes her schooling. Nydia Gamarro, 23, is majoring in mortuary science. She is transferring to University of La Verne where she is planning to get her bachelor’s of science degree in orientational management. “I’m very excited to graduate from the [mortuary science] program. It’s a big accomplishment because only 16 out of 50 students are graduating this semester.”

2012 / May

Calos Suarez, 26, and Vincent Lopez, 30, who are also graduating with Gamarro, said they feel the same. Suarez doesn’t really know where he is going after Cypress. He said he is definitely planning to transfer. His goal is to get a bachelor’s of art in health industry. “I’m excited…overwhelmed with excitement that it’s over.” Lopez said, after working five days a week and spending two days a week coming to Cypress for classes, “I’m happy to have a weekend.” According to @Cypress Newsletter, Pierre P. Habis was selected as Cypress College’s 2012 Outstanding Alumnus. Habis is a Senior Executive Vice President for UnionBanCal Corporation and its primary subsidiary, Union Bank, N.A. Kirsten Vangsness, known for her role as Penelope Garcia in “Criminal Minds,” the TV show, was selected by students to deliver the commencement address at the graduation on May 29. The names are called; diplomas handed out, parents cheer, air horns blast, and it’s over—except for the reception for graduates and families. And the question, “Did I really graduate?—oh sssss…!”


All About E. FEATURE BY Victoria Cardenas / PHOTOS BY Sam Islam


ric Bryant, 26 and Computer Information Systems major creates all kinds of styles of music including rock, jazz, electronic but mostly hip-hop; he is releasing an album at the end of May.

Eric Bryant (better known as E. Bry) is from Orange County, CA and started playing music at the age of 11 when he learned how to pay the saxophone and drums. Rapping became a sport for him and in college he took advantage and learned how to operate music equipment, the mixing/mastering process, setup for band sessions, and audio production for film which then helped him learn how to do music production on a pc. E. Bry shared who and what influenced him during his music making. “I pull influences from a wide range of artists, such as Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Led Zepplin, Cream, Michael Franks, Tomila, Sade, Gangstarr, DJ Crush and of course my colleagues. They keep me creating fresh music.” E. Bry also shared that the universe influenced him. “The energy provided by the universe runs through us, as we are a part of this same universe. I just channel that energy and create what comes to me. I don’t need drugs or mind altering substances to accomplish good music. You just need to tap into your spiritual life and let that dictate your creative energies. The universe


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

exists at a density that is constantly fluctuating, and is comprised of more raw elements that we cannot understand. For those reasons, spirituality in human life is key for music creation (in my opinion)” E.Bry is not with any record label and does not have a record deal, he works independently. His album is said to come out at the end of May titled “Hip-Hop in the USA (United Streets of America).” “It is my last hip-hop solo album, and my ode to the classic hip-hop culture from 75-95. But make no mistake; this is an album of modern music.” On his record there will be guest appearances from a few emcees, some instrumentalists, and a few other surprises which he seemed to be really excited for. E. Bry talked about his experience personally while making this album. “My experience making this album was both fun and challenging. It was a learning

experience for me. The education I acquired in regards to music, and the universe itself fortified my creative abilities. For the most part I had control over many aspects of the songs, sonically and lyrically. I had to really sit down and devote a lot of time to making sure everything sounds where it should be. The common listener doesn’t see how much work and craft is really invested in a music project. Regardless, I don’t let this discourage my progression as a musician.” E. Bry takes his music seriously but he also makes music for himself not just for others. He is planning to continue on with his music even after his record comes out. “I don’t make music to attain social status. I make music for the betterment of music in itself.” Visit about to learn more about E.Bry and his upcoming shows, new music and new videos.

2012 / May


“Cheater” iPhone App Flyers Raise Eyebrows F

STORY BY Alyssa Curtius

lyers have been circulating the campus for a “How to Catch a Cheater” phone application, which costs two dollars to download onto your phone. The iPhone app, created by Luc Schmitt sells for $1.99 on the Apple App Store.

The information for the app explains why this app could be helpful to someone who suspects their partner of cheating. It is broken down into four techniques to be learned: how to pick up on the signs, how to understand how the mind of a cheater works, how someone could be driving their partner to cheat, and how to prevent cheating. According to the app information, “If you suspect that someone is having an affair, you are probably right! And, you are not alone.” Unfortunately for the person who spread these flyers around, Cypress students aren’t buying it. Angela Faulis, 18, Radiologic Technology, said “I wouldn’t use the app because I know my boyfriend isn’t cheating, Id be too lazy to try it, and I would probably think it was fake or didn’t work. I don’t really believe in the flyers on campus, a lot of them seem kind of sketchy. Plus I only download free game apps.”


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

The app is not free, and it’s success rate depends entirely upon whether or not someone trusts their partner. Steven Oei, 19, Art, doubts that this app is very reputable,“I would not buy that app. I doubt an app is capable of understanding and interpreting the intricacies of human behavior or however the app decides someone is cheating.” The app has no ratings, and has been available for download since November, 2011. Either the app creators are desperately trying to get their product out their, or someone vengefully put up these flyers to challenge the guilty conscience of their cheating partner.

Summer Classes for 2013 Uncertain Counselor Jepson: “Take advantage of what we have now.” STORY BY Amanda Makary

If students think they’re struggling through the 2012 semesters, it may just get worse in 2013. The upcoming session is shortened to 16 weeks, units are capped at 16, and the fate of the summer term is virtually unknown. In the past, summer and winter sessions were always the option for most students. While it may be a drag, it is still an opportunity to get to graduation faster, even if it meant sacrificing precious vacation time. With winter session already taken out of the picture, don’t be too surprised if this is your last opportunity to take a summer session class.

Says counselor Jane Jepson, “Take advantage of what we have now. We have much more classes available this summer session than we anticipated.” Jepson adds “Students need to start taking school seriously.”

is now a 16 unit cap on all students starting next semester,” says Jepson.

She adds that students need to get more involved. “Next summer is really unknown as far as summer school goes, students above the age of 18 need to vote, see what’s going on and vote!”

With the cap on units is also coming a shortened semester which is being cut, going from being a 18 week semester to being only 16 weeks.

Not only is it unknown if Cypress will have summer school next year, but now students are being limited on the units allowed per semester. “There

2012 / May

She recommends students plan ahead and fit in that extra class this summer while you still can.

Summer session starts on June 25 registration is on the Cypress web site academics/ScheduleofClasses there still are tons of open classes with a fair range of subjects.


Art Making Art STORY AND PHOTOS BY Serene and Hope Gettler


he Annual Cypress College Student Art Show started May 3 and is running until May 17. The art show is held in the Cypress College Art Gallery, located near the Theater Arts building on campus, from 10 am to 2 pm.

The art show displays the artwork of many talented Cypress College students. Along with the gallery, a reception and awards ceremony was held on Thursday, May 3 where some artists were honored for their hard work. Mik Calandrino, a 22-year-old fine art major at Cypress, was awarded Best 3-D Design for his 3-D cardboard camera titled “Cardboard Camera/Pinhole Camera.” “The overall show was amazing. There is wonderful work represented. The turnout was great. It’s really amazing to see the support we received,” says Calandrino of the reception. Calandrino was surprised when he found out he was a winner, stating, “My friend came up to me and said ‘Congratulations.’ I thought he meant for being in the show until he asked how it felt to win. I really have to say I had some amazing competition, but it feels nice to win.” With his modesty and passion, it is clear why Calandrino was honored. “The idea was crazy enough that I had to do it. Once finishing the


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

camera and proving it worked as a pinhole camera was a pretty great accomplishment. A camera is an object that captures and creates. My cardboard camera is an object that captures and creates. Art making art,” says Calandrino on why he chose to create a camera for his submission. The art gallery is filled wall to wall with artwork. It is easy to step inside and lose yourself in the drawings and sculptures. Julian Vicencio, a 21-year-old undecided major at Cypress, found artist Alexis Du’s graphite drawing Javan his favorite piece in the gallery. “I really like the drawing of the girl. When I look at it, my eyes go directly to hers. It’s beautifully done,” says Vicencio. “It was really edgy,” says Phauline Magana, a 19-year-old undeclared major at Cypress, of the art show overall. “I liked the mixed double-meaning paintings,” adds Magana. All students should find a free spot in their schedules to stop by the art show and support the talented artists here at Cypress College.

2012 / May


Cypress College Crime Map STORY AND MAP BY Gerard Avelino From peeping toms to stolen fluke meters, Cypress College has been a hotbed of crime for the past few months. As shown on the map we created, with data provided by Campus Security, students have fallen victim to various crimes—ranging from traditional crimes to those of a more curious nature. Also noted on the map are two separate creeper incidents, one in the Humanities, and one in the Business building. A suspect for the latter had been arrested March 20, while one for the former has yet to be apprehended. The most striking observation is that the most common crime is bicycle theft. With three bicycles stolen from the Humanities Building, four from the SEM Building, and one from the SCE Building—about one bicycle a week. All bicycles, save for one, were classified as petty thefts, which are worth under $400 each according to California law.

Feb 13, 3:10 PM Humanities - 1st Floor Restroom Disorderly Conduct Mar 1, 12 PM Lot 9 Vandalism - Honda Civic Feb 14, 2:30 PM Fine Arts Petty Theft - iPhone Mar 20, 3:25 PM Business Men’s Restroom Peeping Tom Feb 15, 7:25 PM Tech. Ed. I Petty Theft - Backpack Mar 6, 1 PM Women’s Locker Room Petty Theft - Wallet Mar 1~6 Tech. Ed. III Grand Theft - Fluke Meters

Surprisingly enough, the one vehicle theft from Lot 5 was classified as a petty theft as well, which begs the question: who would steal that car?


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Feb 7, 10:50 AM Tech. Ed. III Restroom Vandalism

Feb Men’s Petty

Feb 13, 10:30 AM Humanities - 3rd Floor Theft - Laptop

Feb 15, 12 PM Humanities East / Bicycle Rack Theft - Bicycle Feb 9, 6:15 PM Humanities East / Bicycle Rack Petty Theft - Bicycle

Feb 6, 12:57 PM Lincoln and Holder Robbery - Purse

Mar, 11 AM Humanities East / Bicycle Rack Petty Theft - Bicycle Mar 15, 7 PM SEM Bike Racks Petty Theft - Bicycle

Mar 22, 5:10 PM SEM Bike Rack Petty Theft - Bicycles (x2) Mar 26~27 SEM Bike Racks Petty Theft - Bicycle

Feb 6, 6:00 PM LLRC Theft - Laptop

Feb 13, 1:35 PM LLRC - 2nd Floor Petty Theft - iPod

Mar 10, 1 PM Lot 5 Petty Theft - Money, Music Items

Mar 12, 4:40 PM SCE Bike Racks Petty Theft - Bicycle

Mar 15, 7 PM Lot 5 Petty Theft - Vehicle

Feb 7, 10 AM Track Petty Theft - Wallet

Feb 2, 5:30 PM Men’s Locker Room Petty Theft - Books

2012 / May


Big Dreams, Bigger Talent STORY BY Amanda Makary PHOTOS COURTESY Sean Beamon


ean Beamon is a singer/song writer/producer 21 year old student who is currently performing with our Cypress College vocal jazz group, as well started a group movement, called VibeWell that calls everyone together to create positivity though art and music.

Sean started singing and realized his passion for music in the 6th grade, when he took a mandatory chorus class. The class brought out his musical side. Then it clicked that music was for him. That year Sean was chosen to go to Disneyland and perform on behalf of his school. After that music stuck. “In high school I learned how to perform. I gained stage presence and confidence. Here in college I am really working towards fine tuning my ear and learning the theory portions of music.” When asked where he drew his inspiration from Sean said, “Honestly I have my heroes in music but, I find most of my true inspiration comes


from people much closer to me. When you see your peers’ growth it helps you know that it really is all attainable and sparks a competitive flame in me.” Sean’s music is really is relatable to college students because his inspiration is drawn from his age group. Singer-songwriter isn’t the only label Sean wants to accomplish. He is looking to produce, and become an all round positive music activist! Sean hopes to accomplish many things. “In Five years, I see myself with the knowledge to be able to write/sing/ produce/and market myself with some local notoriety. I expect to be performing regularly and or producing regularly.”

When asked who he would like to work with given the chance Sean replied; “Stevie Wonder, he has such control over his voice from the tone quality to the speed of his vibrato. I just feel like a day with him could spark such a growth in Me. Childish Gambino because I feel like we are far too similar to have never met…But if were being real I would love to sing along side the Jackson 5! Performing with the Jacksons is just a dream come true.” Not only can you catch Sean singing with the Cypress College jazz group, who perform often in intimate settings, as jazz should be preformed. You could find out on shows on our

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Cypress College web site http:/ Sean and his group of friends are starting a movement of creativity in all forms of art and positivity. They call themselves VibeWell, it started a three years ago with Sean and his close friends, they all join creative forces and collaborate to do big things. They are all involved with some level of art and music. “We all produce, some of us sing, and others rap. We also dabble in other art forms altogether. For example I also help with a pop culture project in which we restored an old Toyota pick up to be the pizza planet truck from Toy Story.” You could find that on http:/ Check out the awesome talent on the web site. It shows what a group can do when they come together and make art, it’s mesmerizing. Their next task is to get everyone together and enjoy life, and what better way to that than a fun filled festival. “VibeWell is always growing and we are in the process of planning a festival for the summer in which we will have concerts, painting, body art, fire spinning, photography, and any other forms of art that want to be expressed.”

2012 / May


Time of Your Life Green Day’s American Idiot Makes its Way to Southern California


STORY BY Sam Islam

he Tony award-winning musical “American Idiot” is making its way to Segerstrom Center for the Arts May 29. Based on the popular pop punk band Green Day’s concept album of the same name, the musical is centered around three young men, Johnny, Will and Tunny as they look for meaning in life enjoy their freedom and the excitement of the city in a post 9/11 world. “American Idiot” premiered at Berkeley Repertory Theatre in September 2009 and played through November that year. The musical opened April of 2012 to positive reviews, with Charles Isherwood of The New York Times stating that the show is “the most adventurous musical to brave Broadway in the past decade.” Assistant Stage Manager Michael Rico Cohen says the

production of American Idiot has been going great. “We’ve played over a dozen cities so far.” The cast and crew have done three weeks of rehearsal in New York. “It never gets old because we are constantly moving,” he said. “It never gets boring.” Actor Joshua Kobak, who played roles in famous productions such as “Rent” and “Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark”, plays the role of St. Jimmy, an energetic, thrill-seeking drug dealer. He said that he auditioned for the musical after he saw it in Berkeley. “The rage and love that’s within the piece resonated with me,” he stated. “And the fact that the music was what got me through

my first triathlon.” He is greatly enjoying playing the role. “It’s intense and it’s wicked fun. I love it.” Cohen has worked on many different musicals, ranging from “Bonnie & Clyde” to classics like “Billy Elliot.” He says that American Idiot stands out from all of those because “this is all young people telling an amazing story. This shows people in their 20s talking about expressing themselves. It’s a story that’s relevant to people that age.” Kobak said that the musical is very poetic in its production and performance. “What I loved about

American Idiot is that it is a free concept in of itself that came from Green Day. Neither of them decided to create a story out of the album. It truly is like watching three rock videos at the same time.” The play’s score consists of many of Green Day’s most popular hits, from “Holiday” to “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” What was Kobak’s favorite song from the whole score? “I always loved ‘Enemy’, how it’s purely musical and how it feels to sing it. It feels great. That and ‘The Death of St. Jimmy.’” Cohen says that the whole cast and production team are fans of Green Day, and Kobak has

taught Billie Joe Armstrong a song in the musical. The audience, according to Cohen, varies in age and the musical is resonating with different generations. The fanbase is changing, he said. “There are people in their 20s who experienced them in junior high school. The music itself is timeless.” The musical will be playing from May 29 to June 3. Tickets are now on sale starting at $25 and are available online at

PHOTOS BY Doug Hamilton COURTESY Scalla Jakso

Patrons of the Arts

Still Making a Difference STORY BY Meghan Maher The Cypress College Patrons of the Arts held their annual scholarship recipient reception Sunday, May 6. Students, their families, faulty, and members of Patrons of the Arts gathered for an evening of celebration to honor the 44 recipients of scholarships this year. Patrons of the Arts, a committee of the Cypress College Foundation, was founded in 1975 to encourage students passionate about art, dance, journalism, music, photography, and theater to continue their education and dedication to the arts. Their goal is to raise money to provide scholarships for students of the arts. Patrons


of the Arts hold several fundraisers throughout the year to make these scholarships possible. There are two dinner-theater shows, one in spring and fall, a Latin Evening where audience members can enjoy Latin influenced music, and the Race for the Arts, which is dinner and a race at the Los Alamitos Race Course. Myra DeTate, Patrons of the Arts treasurer, has been on the board since 1996. “It is just to show that there is recognition for art students at the school.” Myra is involved with the Patrons of the Arts because when she attended Cypress College for her A.A. in Dance, she received a schol-

arship from Patrons of the Arts. The students who receive scholarships are not picked by the members of Patrons of the Arts but through the departments in which they study. Carleton Christy, a teacher in the art department, is thankful for all the work Patrons of the Arts do for the students at Cypress College. “This takes a lot of time do this kind of thing,” Christy said. “You can tell that (Patrons of the Arts) are organized and they really care.” Stephanie Lehane, sophomore theater arts major, was one of two recipients for the Outstanding New

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Student scholarship in the Theater Department. Lehane currently does stage performances but plans to do technical theater, which focuses more on the preparation and logistics of productions once she transfers. She wants to make a career of theater arts, either behind the scenes or on-stage. “I was really surprised just because I had no idea I was even eligible (for a scholarship), but very flattered and honored. I will put this money towards tuition for the next semester.” At this year’s scholarship recipient reception, 48 scholarships were given to 44 students. Over $8,200 in scholarship money was awarded—a

record for Patrons of the Arts. President of Patrons of the Arts Lynette S. Young has been involved for 14 years and is still amazed at the generosity of the community, especially during these harsh economic times. “We felt incredibly blessed by our community not only outside of the college, but within the college as well.” In addition to the fundraisers held throughout the year, people can sign up to be members. Some faculty members give a certain amount of their paycheck to go towards Patrons of the Arts each pay period. Many of the students who received a scholarship didn’t know

2012 / May

they had a chance of receiving one. Throughout the year, their instructors watch the students who pay the most attention to honing their craft and recommend them for the award. Young feels the reception is a chance for the members of Patrons of the Arts and the students receiving scholarships to interact. “With our scholarships, our goal is to further the education but also to build the confidence and motivate the students to continue on,” Young said. With the wrap-up of another successful year, Patrons of the Arts will begin gearing up for the 2012-2013 school year.


Escape Reality: Study Abroad STORY BY Paul Sabordo

Chattering and murmuring filled the room on May 7th at the Cypress College Complex during the first meeting for Cypress and Fullerton College’s Study Abroad Program. The hall was filled with eager students waiting to be convinced to join the program’s exciting study abroad course, which is taking place in Rome, Italy during the spring semester of the 2012-13 school year. “It’s an amazing opportunity,” says Doug Eisner, the coordinator of the study abroad program. “Study abroad students come back with a richer, fuller experience, and it looks good on a resume’ too,” he adds. However, this trip does not come cheap. The projected price for the entire program, according to Eisner, is $8,100 plus “airline taxes, fuel charges, tuition, textbooks, class costs, food, and miscellaneous expenses.” He even suggests that each student should have at least $1,000 per month for food, shopping, and traveling. That is why to some students, as fun and exciting the study abroad program may be, it is merely a dream. Jade Garcia, 21, and a communications major says, “The only hindrance is the financial situation. I know financial aid would help a lot, but I just don’t


have enough money at the moment to actually participate in this trip. Who knows? Maybe in a couple months or so, I can qualify for a scholarship or raise enough money.” At the moment, there is no exact amount that a student will need for the entire program aside from the $8,100 base price. Nevertheless, if money is the only roadblock stopping you from joining just like Garcia, there are a number of solutions for that problem. “First you want to go to the financial aid office and find out about financial aid. Go to websites and research scholarships, go ask everyone that you know such as churches, or family to fund you. And on June, we are going to be having a scholarship and finance workshop. There’s plenty of ways,” says Eisner. For example, the Gilman scholarship, one of the scholarships that was discussed during the meeting, simply requires a student to write an essay on how studying abroad can help them develop as students. For those who are willing to do this and write an essay, the Gilman scholarship gives out up to $5,000. That is more than half of the program’s base fee already! Also, the trip is not until the spring of 2013, so anyone who wants to join will defi-

nitely have enough time to save up for such an amazing experience. During the meeting, Eisner discussed that a student must at least have a 2.5 GPA, have taken English 100 with a passing grade, a current passport, and must be enrolled as a full-time student. As for the classes offered, they will be mainly English and Psychology classes and 2 mandatory independent study classes where students will learn more about Rome’s culture and society. All of the classes are based at Fullerton College, so Cypress College students will need to enroll over there for spring 2013 registration, if they are to join the study abroad program. “It’s life changing. I think a lot of students at community colleges have never been outside the area. There’s a huge world out there and they need to see that it’s there and that they can experience and learn a lot, by themselves and by their culture,” says Eisner. Also, Teddy Valentovich, 20, and a film production major, says that he has a lot of family in Italy. When he told his parents about the trip, they encouraged him to go and gain that experience. “I want to see the history of the place. I want to learn its history and appreciate the culture that’s

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

been there,” says Valentovich. “It would be an amazing experience especially being able to go to Florence and actually see the works of art I learned in my Art History class,” he adds. The study abroad program for Rome will start at the beginning of the spring 2013 semester but will not depart until early March. The students and instructors in the program will be in Italy until late May. In addition, the base fee for the trip includes airfare, one night’s hotel lodging (twin-bedded room) with breakfast on day of arrival, transfer to assigned housing, housing (twin-bedded room in an apartment with shared kitchen and living area) or home stay with an Italian family, and various excursions such as a 4-day, 3-night trip to Florence which includes transportation, housing, and some meals. In addition, there will also be day trips in Rome including entrance fees to the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, and the Forum. Consider Jessica Myers, 21, and an accounting major. Ever since she was a child, she has always wanted to travel to Japan and heard great things about the country. Recently, she heard about another study abroad program that will be held in Fukouka, Japan. She decided that it is an experience that she cannot pass. “I took Japanese 101, Takahashi sensei the teacher is in charge of the trip. She told us about it and

continued on P25

2012 / May


DIVERGENCE P Teen Wolf returns with all new drama at Beacon Hill High. New characters are set to appear in the new season. The smash hit left off its first season with an epic cliff hanger leaving Derek as the new alpha, Lydia in the hospital, Scott’s secret revealed, and Allison with a tough decision. The first ten minutes of the season premiere is said to be released to fans if the trailer reaches five million views. Season two will return with more heart stopping action, new characters, as well as more social, personal, and romantic drama for the returning characters.

Teen Wolf / June 3, 11 PM, MTV

True Blood will return with a more erotic, blood, and gore fueled season. Last season left off with a heart-wrenching cliffhanger leaving the viewers questioning Tara’s death. Will some supernatural phenomenon contrive to bring her back? Sookie makes the choice to choose either the sexy bad boy Eric Northman or the handsome king Bill Compton. Due to well edited teaser trailers the fans know things such as Russell Edgington being mysteriously released from his prison, and Sookie being paid a visit by the fairies.

television ba music m

True Blood / starting June 10, 9PM, HBO

Beach House is a dream-pop band consisting of duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Victoria’s powerful melancholy voice sings haunting lyrics, as her organ playing flows over Alex’s beautiful guitar, drum machine, and keyboard. This Baltimore, Maryland band has been active for 8 years. Beach House’s sound encompasses many types of music: rock, pop, rhythm and blues, independent, alternative, etc. They are touring the US this summer to promote their new album Bloom which is out May 15th. The Strange Boys are a country rock band from Austin, Texas composed of Ryan Sambol (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Philip Sambol (bass), Greg Enlow (guitar), and Mike La Franchi (drums). Ryan sings with a playful voice, as the band plays music that contains elements of R&B, country, rock, and even punk. The unique combination of all these genres create a fascinating sound. The lyrics are often heavy and serious, but often delve into the sarcastic and humorous. Their most recent release is titled Live Music.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence


FEATURES BY Alyssa Curtius, Victoria Cardenas, and Sam Islam

If you are fascinated by female musicians and/or all girl bands, you would love Vivian Girls. They are a three piece from Brooklyn, New York who play upbeat pop punk music. Bassist Katy Goodman harmonizes with the raw vocals of guitarist Cassie Ramone, as Fiona Campbell drums. The songs are generally about love and heartbreak, with simple yet meaningful lyrics. Some of their songs sound like 1960’s pop, and some like garage punk. Their newest album Share The Joy is available on iTunes. A band that any Beatles fan can appreciate is Mini Mansions from Los Angeles. Michael Shuman who also plays bass for the well known band Queens of the Stone Age, alternates instruments with his band-mates Zach Dawes and Tyler Parkford. Their psychedelic music truly sounds like a new alternative version of The Beatles. Their most recent album was released in 2010, and is self-titled. They frequently play in Los Angeles, and are currently touring Europe to play several dates with Foster the People.

on bands ic movies Way different from the fairy tale many know and love Snow White and the Huntsman has a dark twist to it. Upon the evil queen’s request, the Huntsman must hunt down the dear Snow White and bring her to the queen. However in a turn of events the Huntsman becomes Snow White’s protector and tries to help her destroy the evil queen. The journey takes off June 1st with Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna, Snow White as Kristen Stewart, and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman.

Snow White and the Huntsman in theaters June 1

The conclusion to the blockbuster trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises continues on where its predecessor left off. Christian Bale reprises his role as Batman, 8 years after he took the fall for Two Face’s crimes. He returns to save the city that had branded him an enemy when a new terrorist leader Bane, played by Tom Hardy, begins to threaten the City of Gotham. He encounters Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway, and attempts to stop Bane from his plot to destroy the city.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters July 20 2012 / May


QAMichael Kasler C &

Cypress College President INTERVIEW BY Maria Ong and Dyana Ortiz

ypress College President Michael Kasler has served the community for 38 years and is now gearing up for retirement. The Cypress Chronicle took this opportunity to interview Kasler about his experiences, fond memories of Cypress College, and future plans.

there a reason for your RetireQ Isment?

I have been doing this for 38 A Well, years and when you take a look a

look at this gray hair. It’s time for me to retire. I’ve enjoy what I did for the last 38 years, but you know what I tell my managers, In leadership positions sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow and sometimes you get out of the way. And I think it’s time I get out of the way and turn the helm over to someone else. It’s has been a great run. It’s not one of those things you’re excited because you don’t like what you’re doing. It’s sorta really, to retire, to me is melancholy because I walk around campus I see the things we’ve done. I see students and its not where you get excited for retirement. It’s sorta reflective when you think about things you accomplished and the people you worked with.

Q What will you remember most? The student are who I will rememA ber the most, the people that I

worked with. You know that we’ve gone through a lot. I take a look at the college when I started. For example, when I came here, we didn’t have the LRC, we didn’t had the student center, we didn’t had the bookstore, the remodeling of the humanities. So There are a lot of physical things that


took place that I am really proud of but, again the things I will remember are the student accomplishments and things we’ve done to improve student success and faculty and staff to help them. are you doing after retireQ What ment? Probably my wife has a A Well., lot things for me today. I’ll be

spending more times with my 5 grandkids. 3 that live in huntington beach and two that live in Reno so maybe we will spend more time with the 5 grandkids. What I would like to do is teach part time at the graduate level. Know you, I don’t have any major plans. You know down at ranch jumbia, take it easy for a while. Do you know who will take over your position?

Q in the A No,they’re process right now of paper screening and the interview process starts next week. And when they decide who would be the finalist are, there will be a forum on cam-

pus and I believe on may 2lst or 22nd and there is a chance that decision will be made.

Q Anything else you want to say? I’ve had a great run here, and I’ve A seen here for 20 years. When I

take a look at our college and the things we’ve accomplished. I’m very, very proud of the opportunity and honor to serve as the president and working with all the people and students for the last 20 years.

Cypress Confidential

Do guys have the worst timing when it comes to relationships?

Due to some incidents that have occurred with our readers and staff here at Divergence, we’re going to take some time to talk about how some girls think guys have the worst timing when it comes to relationships. It’s the time for summer romance, but this romance couldn’t have worse timing than now. Some guys may disagree and think they have really good timing and blame it on the opposite sex. Both sexes will be able to say their own part. However, the majority of females believe that when it comes down to it, men have the worst timing. Women see it as men doing things when they want to and not caring for the other’s feeling emotions. Whether someone is trying to get over their ex, trying to date someone new, or even just harmless flirting, for some women it comes at the worst time. There is no easy way to deal with this. The women may be healing emotionally from a previous relationship or may have trust issues or they give up on feeling for someone and move

on just to have that special someone come back and like them. Men sometimes do not understand it completely and cannot comprehend why the women may not give them a chance, women don’t understand why men do not move on when they tell them to. It’s just a back and forth game and a misunderstanding between the sexes. The concept that men have the worst possible timing ever may be true for some, but to group the whole male spectrum together is just a little over the top. Women may have the idea that the male sex may have horrible timing, but the majority of men have the material to fire back by saying that women are and can be overly dramatic. Women say they don’t understand why a guy won’t move on when told they aren’t interested, but then she won’t get over the guy who is clearly not stepping up to the plate, clearly a double standard. For men it’s the same situation women are in when they can’t move on, but for some reason

women choose to ignore that and label it as guys having bad timing when in reality it’s the same thing women are doing. So to say that women are the only ones affected in a relationship issue is just ridiculous. Ultimately it’s just a volley when it comes down to it, seeing as how women will say one thing and men say another when in reality they are both wrong and right at the same time. This issue is one that will confound future generations to come seeing as it will never be resolved. Even though each sex has their different opinion, neither of them is wrong. It all comes down to the person you are trying to persuade. It’s up to the person, woman or man if they are going to give you a chance with them. Summer is approaching fast so there will be summer flings, harmless flirting or maybe even relationships that will go on through the year it’s all up to the people and if the time is right for them. For some the words they may be looking for is, “It is right, just not right now.”

Everyone is welcome to send in any opinions, advice, topics and questions they’d like to see in Divergence. It can be either anonymous or an actual name it does not matter. We honestly do not mind, we are open to all of it. You can reach us at Don’t be shy. After all, we keep things strictly confidential.

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XOXO, Divergence Staff 23

Voters React to Brown’s November Ballot Proposition to Raise Taxes STORY BY Meghan Maher


alifornia voters show mixed feelings on a proposition proposed by Governor Jerry Brown to increase the income tax on the wealthy and raise sales tax, a statewide survey released April 25 by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) said. Brown says if the proposition is rejected, there will be immediate budget cuts to the schools. University of California and California State schools will face another $200 million reduction. Community colleges will face another $298 million cut. This will lead to a smaller course selection and staff layoffs. If passed, these newly raised taxes are part of Brown’s initiative to deal with California’s multibillion-dollar budget gap. The survey found that of likely voters, 65 percent favor raising income tax on the wealthy (those making over $250,000). Only 46 percent favor raising the state sales tax. Another proposed idea is an overall increase in state personal income taxes as another way to fund schools. The PPIC survey showed that the majority of likely voters oppose this idea by 57 percent. As Brown puts the question of California schools in the voter’s hands, the leaders of the three California college systems put pressure on Brown to find the funding somehow. Top administrators for the Uni-


versity of California, California State University and California Community Colleges spent May 1 in Sacramento, demanding lawmakers and the governor make college education a primary factor when preparing the 2012-13 spending plan. California community colleges have already endured more than $800 million in budget cuts in the past 3 years alone. It is a system of 2.6 million students. More than 200,000 students have been turned away and the number of classes offered has shrunk. Community college fees are set to rise again this summer to $46 per unit. It’s not much better for the CSU and UC system. Tuition at four-year universities has nearly doubled in the past 5 years. Economics professor Dr. Parwinder Sidhu understands how higher taxes can fund state programs, but thinks Brown’s proposition may not be the best solution. “The taxpayers would find ways to minimize their taxable income

which will lower the intended impact of earning higher tax revenue for the government.” Sidhu says that many feel raising taxes on high income households would do more harm than good. “With the slow rate of recovery, higher taxes would leave lower disposable income which will lower consumption, saving and investment.” Adjunct economics professor Brian Harmon does not see the benefits in this tax proposal. “Increasing taxes will make California’s economic problems worse. More businesses and upper income individuals will move out of the state, leaving us with a smaller tax base,” Harmon said. “When high income individuals make less money that lowers the income of the rest of us. All of the businesses that the wealthy people buy from are hurt. And that hurts all of us.” A frequent criticism on the college systems in California is their high paying salaries for administrators. CSU trustees approved a 10 per-

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

cent pay increase for CSU Eastbay President Leroy Morishita and CSU Fullerton President Mildred Garcia in March. Morishita now has a base salary of $303,660, a $60,000 housing allowance, and a $12,000 car allowance. Garcia has now makes $324,500, lives in a home owned by CSU Fullerton, and also receives as $12,000 car allowance. “Administrators at Universities and Colleges have a very challenging job and should be compensated for their hard work. But looking at the financial crisis of our higher educational system, small cut in the high official’s salaries could help us hire part time professor(s) which would help us save section(s) being cut,” Sidhu said. She says this would have “an overall positive economic impact.”

Just like the rest of the state, opinions on whether the tax measure is beneficial or not differ here on campus. Freshmen Matt Carter, physical therapy major, says while he is against the idea of cutting money for California colleges, he doesn’t know if Brown’s proposition is the best solution. “Now people are dropping out. Parents can’t afford to pay for their kids to go to school. It’s nobody’s fault but the government,” Carter said. “But I just don’t think it (Brown’s proposition) would help.” Sophomore math major Janine Monzon disagrees. “I don’t think it’s the best way to approach the situation, especially when the heads of the school system are taking away money that would be better spent adding more classes or resources around

campus. But it’s better than the alternative. If we keep cutting the budget, pretty soon there won’t be any budget left to cut.” Monzon plans to submit her applications for transfer next year but is facing difficulty getting classes. “I come to every single class, take every test, and get good grades, but it doesn’t seem like any of that matters. I still can’t get into the classes I need.” As a professor, Sidhu encourages students to work as hard once they’re in the class as they did to get the class in the first place. “My advice to our students would be to work hard and stay in their respective classes and not slack and drop the classes. Since it’s difficult to get into the classes they want, once they’re in, ball is in their court and they should play well.

Escape Reality... from P19

what their plans were. She’s in the Humanities building 2nd floor. I had already planned to go and I asked my father and he gave me the permission to go.” According to Myers the trip includes 2 nights in Tokyo and Fukuoka for the rest of the month. “I’m excited to see the temples, I’ll be going to an actual college in Fukouka and I get to study with the university students and when we’re not studying we’ll be traveling,” she adds. Those who are willing and able to do any study abroad program, whether it is in Italy or Japan, don’t hesitate now. For more information regarding the study abroad program to Italy, contact Doug Eisner, the program coordinator, at or Jackie Evans at Don’t forget, the deadline for applications is on October 1st, 2012.

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Engineering & Physics Club Host Dodgeball Tournament STORY AND PHOTOS BY Scott Rivers and Felix Lopez


he Engineering & Physics Club (EPC) hosted a dodgeball tournament April 13 in the Cypress College basketball court. The tournament consisted of 8 teams from different clubs and departments around Cypress College.

The object of the game was to eliminate all opposing players by hitting them with the ball and getting them “out,” or otherwise taking them out from the round. The first team to eliminate all opposing players was declared the winner. The EPC members acted as referees for the day. Pizza was served at half time to all


participants, which according to EPC administrators, ate up a good deal of the tournament entry fees. Club advisor Dr. Brinda Subramaniam further commented, “We usually hope to make somewhere around $100, It’s really not a lot of money”. The EPC decided to put the Dodgeball tournament on again this

year because of a large turnout in 2011. Although it seemed the Veterans Team completely dominated the tournament, the EPC team came through in the end and won tournament by a nail-biting slim margin of two players to one.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Student Andrew Saldana said

“The Veterans’ team were all big dudes. I wanted to cry when it was our turn to go up against them, we’re all really surprised they didn’t win! ” Fellow reporter Felix Lopez took to the court via last minute team admission. He joined the Kick-Boxing Team, a team of what captain Andrew Semper proclaimed, to be “a rag-tag team of misfits who will get the job done.” Unfortunately for Felix and his team, despite last minute stale-mate effort, the team ultimately fell short and was immediately eliminated from the playoff rounds after three hard-fought battles. “We tried to do the best we could, in fact, for having a few guys like myself come in and try to improvise team chemistry in a short amount of time, I think we did extremely well given our competition.” The Kick-Boxing Team lost to the Women’s Basketball team, named the Cypress City Ballers, the LGBT team, named Too Cute to be Straight, and one of the two factions of the Veterans Team. With all that said, make sure to get your team ready for next year, and look for EPC Dodgeball flyers which should be posted up around late March 2013!

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ON COVER: From left to right, Nydia Gamarro, Carlos Suarez and Vincent Lopez pose for a photo before their graduation ceremony. COVER PHOTO BY Maria Ong

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