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D is also for Drop Dead Gorgeous

Kelvon Ivery wants to be the next Ru Paul. Read this survivor’s story on P. 26


+ M easure How is your life as a student affected by this bond issue? P. 13

DIVERGENCE MAGAZINE Vol. VII Issue 2 | October 2014





Kelvon Ivery has all the makings of an icon: charisma, class, and a stage name with a double entendre. He’s a survivor, and he’ll surely inspire you.




Fall has finally arrived. The weather is dropping into the mid 70’s and pumpkin spice flavoring has all but seeped into the water supply. October is second only to December in terms of awesome months where cool stuff happens, and this month’s issue of Divergence is a celebration of all things Halloween. We’ve got recipes and reviews, and some of our staff even headed out to local theme parks to get the scoop on the best Halloween celebrations. If staying in and watching movies is more your speed, one of our writers put together a list of some of his favorite classic horror movies.

You can read five or six school publications. Or just one.

I’m especially excited about our cover feature for this issue. The LGBT community is something that

a lot of us here in the newsroom feel particularly strongly about, so I’m glad we got the opportunity to showcase someone as talented as Kelvon, and that he was willing to share his story with us (and you.) In addition, we’ve also got some pretty comprehensive coverage of Measure J, which we highly recommend brushing up on, since it directly impacts you, the student body. Most of the students we polled had no idea what it was in the first place, so hopefully we can help you out when it comes to voting. Enjoy this month’s issue while we go back to playing Super Smash Bros, and remember: You could read five or six school publications, or just one.

DIVERGENCE / Rachel Dick



34 FEATURES 08 Halloween!

We’ve got a ton of Halloween features this month. Enjoy!

13 Measuring Up 09 Measure J

What’s up with Measure J? Get the details here.

16 Textbook Trouble How students end up spending more money.

17 Blood Drive

Staffer Mary Meraz donates blood: should you do too?

26 D is for Diva

Kelvon Ivery’s fabulous, charismatic, and inspiring.

34 OC Car Show

What are our picks from the OC Car Show? Check them out.

MONTHLY 05 Editorial

Erik Lucas and Jamal Bostick go to the OC Car Show. Take a look at what they found.

Measure J: Does the end justify the means?


06 Street Buzz

How old is too old to dress up for Halloween?

Maria’s got another little problem on her hands. How is she getting out of it this time?

18 Dirt Roads

The continuing life of a girl named Maria.

21 Firelord’s Library Creative writing from students and staff.

30 Fun with the D

It’s not what you think it is.

THE COVER D is for diva, but Kelvon Ivery is more than that. Check out the full article on page 26. Photo by Jescely Jescely Vega


Mary Meraz has a couple of spooky recipes for you to try out. Check them out!


Je n ny M u n g i ve s s t a f f writer Jescely Vega an extremely konvincing makeover.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

EDITORIAL Measure J aims to improve Cypress and Fullerton Colleges, plus the School of Continuing Education at the price of raising taxes. At Cypress College, (arguably) the most pressing improvements involves the Science, Engineering and Math (SEM) Building. Anyone who has taken a class in that building can clearly understand why: laboratories are not up-to-date, and facilities are not enough to promote student learning. However, we soon realized that we at The Cypress Chronicle did not appreciate how NOCCCD has been marketing the issue. Is it fair to veterans that they are added onto this Measure for political leverage? Is it fair that student representatives at Associated Students are being asked to use their funds and manpower to promote this measure? Does the end justify the means? When it comes to campus politics, the answer is far from clear cut. And with the all-important Measure J on the ballots in November, there has never been a more important time to think critically on campus issues. We at The Cypress Chronicle are torn on the issue. On one hand, the college does need money to fund campus renovations. On the other, is it fair that the community has to pay for these improvements, especially when the previous bond issue has still not been fully paid off, in addition to other bond issues proposed

in the area for the November ballot?

Join the conversation!

The average Cypress College student knows nothing about Measure J, and how it would affect them as students, and as taxpayers. This is why we decided to dedicate a big chunk of this issue to answer our own pressing questions about Measure J. How much will it cost? What will we get out of it?




The Cypress Chronicle, in good conscience, cannot endorse Measure J. At the same time, we cannot condemn it either. What we can do, however, is to encourage the students to think critically, and to sift through all the politics and decide whether the costs are worth it. At the same time, The Cypress Chronicle also urges the administration and the district to hold true to their promises of transparency and accountability. We know it is impossible to separate politics from educational policy, no matter how distasteful the campain may be for its blatant use of political buzzwords and appeal to emotion, it is still the administration’s responsibility to keep the students’ best interest at heart. Hopefully the rest of student body realizes their importance in this issue. We are the stakeholders here. We study in these buildings, we pay the taxes, we hold the power.

Editor-in-Chief Victoria Cardenas Associate Editor Jeff Lopez Managing Editor Gerard Avelino Divergence Editor Rachel Dick Creative Writing Editor Kyo Okamuro Tech Consultant Erik Lucas Manager Jean Poincelet CCMN Manager Jhovani Estrada CCMN Asst. Manager Jamal Bostick Copy Editor Jessica Canales Staff: Conor Watkins, Mary Meraz, Jennyfer Sanchez, Celsa Maldonado, Frankie Genera, Jenny Mun, Jescely Jescely Vega Faculty Advisor Robert Mercer Mailing Address Cypress College, 9200 Valley View St., Cypress, CA 90630 Email: Phone: 714-484-7269

©2014 The Cypress Chronicle unless otherwise stated; all rights reserved.

October 2014



INTERVIEWS AND PHOTOS BY | Jennyfer Sanchez, Mary Meraz, and Conor Watkins

How old is too old to dress up for Halloween? “It’s never too old. I’ve been a warped version of Alice in Wonderland for the past four years. Welcome to college in October bitches, get over it.” Kyle Russelle, 22 Forensic Psychology Major

"I only dressed up once in my life, never dressed up after that." Horacio Cornejo, 24 Radiology major

"I never think you’re too old to dress up and go trick-or-treating. I used to work at a retirement home and they would have Halloween parties and it’s so cute watching seventy plus year old’s dress up as superheroes and princesses for a night." Nathaly Reales, 18 Anthropology major


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Well being a student of the arts and theater... never. It’s just the mentality that you have I guess. If you’re really self conscious and you’re afraid to go against the grain and stand out then obviously you’ll be against it. But I don’t really care. If you’re confident, go for it. Kelly DeSimon, 18 Theater Arts major

October 2014

How old were you when you stopped trick-or-treating? E-mail us your Halloween stories!


Horror Movie Picks STORY BY | Frankie Genera


ctober is finally here and that means scares, horror, and Halloween! Now for those of you who are trying to find a good scary movie to watch, or are sick of the mainstream horror movies, look no further as I make my picks for the top 5 Classic Horror Movies to watch this Halloween season. For my full list, check out!

The Shining (1980) This movie defined psychological horror. Jack Nicholson stars as Jack Torrence, a writer with a failing career. He applies to work at the Overlook Hotel as a winter caretaker, but the manager warns Jack that the last caretaker suffered cabin fever and killed his family. Jack takes the job anyway, and as the movie goes on, we see his character go through a complete psychological change as he is possessed by an evil spirit that ultimately leads him on a killing spree.

Dawn of the Dead (1978) "When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth." Dawn of the Dead is one scary and shocking movie. A sequel to the 1968 thriller Night of the Living Dead, The movie starts with the United States in a state of complete chaos after an unknown plague reanimates the deceased into flesh eating zombies. If you’re a fan of zombie films, this is a must-watch.

The Omen (1976) American diplomat Robert Thorn and his wife Katherine are anxiously awaiting the birth of their son. But when he dies during childbirth, Katherine adopts another boy in secret. It turns out their new son is the Antichrist and a prophecy states that he will rule the world. As the Catholic priest Father Spiletto tries to warn Robert and Katherine about their son, tons of unsettling events begin to unfold.

The Exorcist (1973) This movie is second on the list for a reason. This terrifying film is about a 12 year old girl named Regan who gets possessed not just by any demon or ghost, but by the Devil himself. This movie was extremely taboo at the time of its release, which only made it more popular. The fate of Regan rests with ex-priest Damien Karras, who has lost faith in God and doesn't believe he can perform an exorcism.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Now this movie beats every other movie on this list for one reason. It was actually based on true events that happened in 1957. This movie is about a group of college kids travelling through rural when they run into Leatherface, a psychotic killer with no soul who flays his victims with a chainsaw and uses their skin for clothing. Now, what puts this film at the top of the list is that it was based on real-life serial killer Ed Gein and the horrendous actions he committed on his victims. Forget about the remakes, the original adaptation is the best.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence


nott’s Scary Farm returns this year with its highly successful Skeleton Key and Fright Lane combo introduced last year in 2013.The purpose of this Skeleton Key is to allow guests access into an extra semi-interactive room in five of the nine mazes. Those mazes are: Voodoo, Black Magic, The Gunslinger’s Grave, Pinocchio Unstrung, and Dominion Of The Damned each with their own specific scare. These extra rooms are semiinteractive, as they require some participation from the guest either to answer some questions or physically touch/handle something. However, these rooms do require a small sacrifice I mean price to pay; and it’s simply some of your time. Intrigued? Check out more at blog/2014/10/09/haunting-buena-park/

A Night Of Terror:

Knott’s Scary Farm STORY BY | Jeff Lopez

October 2014


Pumpkin Picking STORY BY | Celsa Maldonado


ake your way on over to the pumpkin patch at the Irvine Railroad Park this month! Its one of the best pumpkin patches in the OC and you don't want to miss this. It’s open daily until October 31st from 10am until sundown. Its a great thing to do if you’re on a budget and want to pick out that perfect pumpkin. Parking is $3 on weekdays, $5 on weekends and $7 on holidays. There is no entrance fee to enter the pumpkin patch, although they do sell tickets for certain rides and attractions. You can hop on the train and take a tour of the park, release your inner child and jump in the pumpkin bouncy


house, or test your courage by going through the haunted house. My favorite thing about the experience as a whole, was the selection of pumpkins! Most pumpkin patches have a great amount but they don’t have a great selection like this one. Not only were there different sizes to choose from, but there were also many varieties of different colored pumpkins. The downside to visiting the Irvine Railroad Pumpkin Patch is the distance. The drive can be up to 30 minutes in traffic. Just grab a group a friends and carpool to make it affordable. Why go to a pumpkin patch that is 10 minutes away if its not worth it? Take the extra time and make it worth your while to pick out that special pumpkin and experience that autumn delight.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Disneyland Halloween at

STORY BY | Conor Watkins


t’s that time of year again, where the happiest place on earth takes a turn for the scary and frightful. Disneyland has been taken over by the Disney Villains for the month of October to assist in celebrating Halloween with their own villainous flair. The Disneyland theme park has been redecorated to capture the essence of the fall season, but when the sun begins to set, the villains come out to play and Disneyland is transformed into the spookiest place to be. Find out more about what Disneyland has to offer at Halloween on

Press Photos courtesy Disneyland Resorts.

October 2014


T he L a st B o o ksto re:

LA’s Hidden Treasure Maybe going to Knotts Scary Farm or Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights isn’t you’re cup of tea. If so there’s plenty of things you can do around Los Angeles to keep yourself entertained. One of LA’s hidden treasures is right in the middle of Downtown on spring street called The Last Bookstore. Although


going to a bookstore doesn’t seem that exciting to most once you visit you’re bound to get lost in it. There’s something for everyone at the Last Bookstore.

You can browse through their record section, get lost up stares in the labyrinth of one dollar books or visit the multiple art studios that they

STORY BY | Mary Meraz

house upstairs. Their upstairs art studios include art from Dove Biscuit Studios, The Time Travelers Emporium, LoveJoy Art, the yarn studio and more. Although some of their art and artifacts can be pretty pricy most of the artist sell smaller print versions of their art that you can take home with you. You can sell and trade books and record as well.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Aside from all the great art, books and record there are to look at they also host a variety of events. From poetry slams to author signings they have it all. You can look on their website to see what upcoming events they’re having this month. All in all you’ll always find a small treasure when you visit the last bookstore, even if it is just the experience.



MEASURE STORY BY | Gerard Avelino and Victoria Cardenas

WITH REPORTS FROM | Christina Roseli, Conor Watkins, and staff


aising taxes raises questions, and when it has to with education, we need answers. Measure J gives the community a chance to vote on whether the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) can remodel and upgrade facilities at the cost of higher taxes. The district is asking homeowners for $574,000 through a bond issue to fund these improvements.


The full text of Measure J, or the “Fullerton/Cypress Colleges Repair and Student/Veteran Job Training Measure,” emphasizes that these improvements are for helping veterants. Another big area Measure J wants to fund for Cypress College is the much-needed remodel of the Science, Engineering, and Math (SEM) building, and increasing accessibility for disabled students.

However, should NOCCCD taxpayers approve for this campus makeover? How much will it cost homowners, and for how long will they pay? Are Measure J’s goals really going to improve what it says it will improve? What do student representatives think of this groundbreaking measure? Let’s take a look.

October 2014


F.A.Q. on J What is Measure J?

Measure J, or the Fullerton/ Cypress Colleges Repair and Student Veteran Job Training Measure is a measure on the Nov. 4, election ballot for voters residing in the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD). According to Ballotpedia, “If approved, Measure J authorizes the district to increase its debt by $574 million through issuing general obligation bonds in that amount.”

What is a bond issue? When certain government establishments need to raise funds, they may do so by bond issue. As in the case of Measure J, a bond issue is basically a loan taken out by the government to pay for particular projects. Usually, private finance companies bid to get the opportunity to issue the needed funds by competing with lower interest rates. Measure J is a general obligation bond, which means that, once approved, the cost of paying back this loan goes to the taxpayer.

How much will Measure J cost taxpayers? According to the Tax Rate Statement for Measure J, as signed by Ned Doffoney, Chancellor of the NOCCCD, it is estimated that property owners in the district will pay $14.90 for every $100 thousand worth of property they own.


How long will it take to Tith, Fullerton College Student Trustee. pay off Measure J? In that same Tax Rate Statement, the district estimates that the last series of bonds will be sold in the fiscal year 2030-31.

Who gets to vote on this issue? All eligible voters resident in the NOCCCD get to vote on Measure J. The NOCCCD website lists the following cities in the district: Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Habra, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Placentia, Rossmoor, Yorba Linda, and portions of Garden Grove, La Habra Heights, La Mirada, Orange, Seal Beach, Stanton, Whittier.

T h e r e i s a l s o a Ye s o n J campaign. Their website,, has a list with all the people and organizations that have endorsed Measure J.

What do the supporters of Measure J say? The Yes on J website says that voters who support the measure can “help boost local job creation by suppor ting students from Fullerton and Cypress Colleges.” It goes on to say that the measure will upgrade facilities for the sciences, add accessibility for the disabled, and support training for student veterans.

What projects will MeaIn the rebuttal to arguments sure J fund? against, supporters of Measure A memo from Chancellor Doffoney says that the bond will fund “facility improvements, upgrades, and repairs for our three campuses.” The full text of Measure J emphasizes that the bond aims to improve nursing, science, technology, engineering, math and technical job training facilities, remove hazardous materials, and upgrade facilities and support services for veterans.

Who is for Measure J? The official arguments in favor of Measure J were signed by, among others, Art Alfaro, Fullerton College Veterans’ Club President; Richard Fee, Cypress College Dean of Science, Engineering and Math; and Stephen

J also emphasize the Citizens’ Oversight Committee’s task of making sure that no funds go to administrator salaries.

Who is against Measure J? The opposition arguments were signed by, among others, Wayne Lindholm, president of the Lincoln Club of Orange County; Jack Dean, president of the Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers; and Ed Sachs of Community Common Sense, a Orange County watchdog publication.

What do the opponents of Measure J say? The opposition arguments emphasize how the bond issue raises taxes on district

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

homeowners. They say that homeowners will pay more taxes, renters will pay more rent, and businesses will pass on this tax burden to their customers. They also say, in the rebuttal to arguments in favor, that the district’s campaign strategy by focusing on veterans issues is misleading as the bond is “new spending not related to veterans.” They even say “it’s offensive to use veterans to try to push a half-billion tax hike!” Another argument they gave against Measure J was that the previous bond, Measure X in 2002, did not follow through on “promised multimillion dollar improvements to the child development centers” at both college campuses. In Cypress’ case, the child development center was instead closed. The rebuttal statement asks, then, “what will stop NOCCCD from pulling a bait and switch on Measure J’s veterans centers?”

What does Cypress College get out of Measure J? Cypress College President Bob Simpson said, in a meeting with Associated Students Sept. 24, that around 40 percent of the funds from Measure J would go to Cypress College. The money would then go to renovating the campus’ Science, Engineering, and Math (SEM) Building, facilities of which are outdated and in need of upgrades. Construction time, he says, will be staggered over 10 to 12 years to minimize disruption to regular campus activities.

Simpson also emphasized the importance of the previous bond in renovating the campus’ Humanities Building, and Learning Resource Center. “When this measure passes, it will be transformational for this college,” said Simpson. “What a legacy.”

Why should I care about Measure J? Students of Cypress and Fullerton Colleges are the main stakeholders in this bond issue. The facilities up for remodels and repair directly affect education standards on campus. At the same time, students who live within the district’s boundaries will also be affected by the resulting tax increase. “There is a cost with doing this project, but there is also a cost to not doing this project,” Marc Posner, Cypress College Director of Campus Communcations, told Associated Students Sept. 24.

Where can I read what’s on Measure J? Ballotpedia has links to the full text, as well as the impartial analysis, support statement, and opposition statement. Just search for “North Orange County Community College District Bond Proposition, Measure J” on Ballotpedia. D

CAMPUS QUOTES “Now, I also know sort of the story behind Measure J and the way that our political consultants have decided to market it. They’re marketing it based on jobs, but they are also marketing it based on services to veterans and that is part of what the bond measure will support.

Measure J is a campaign ballot initiative. It is political. Some people will say that it is a small part and that veterans are being used as political tool. Now let me be clear about this: Measure J is a campaign ballot initiative. It is political. Anytime you engage in politics, the candidate that is the absolute literal, factual candidate is going to lose because politics has a lot of give and take and sometime it means stretching the truth. Personally, I don’t believe our emphasis on veterans does that. Veterans students in our classrooms are amazingly valuable, they provide experience and a maturity level that our other students don’t have and they desperately need. Our facilities for veterans are, I won’t say, deplorable

but they are seriously lacking. I‘ve had veteran students in my office telling me that they really have trouble in their classes because they can’t relate to the students and they have nowhere to go where they can feel comfortable. Our Veterans need a safe place, a secure place, a private place, a confidential place on campus to receive the services that they need and that they deserve.” - Richard Fee, Dean of Science, Engineering, and Math, at Academic Senate.

“Unfortunately when it comes to something with Veterans, a lot of politicians like to pull that card because it is such a touchy subject. The people sympathize with veterans, and so, yes, our name does get put out there a lot. As far as Measure J goes, that’s not directly geared towards veterans, yeah, but it’s going to help us out a lot. I was there when we asked for permission to put it out on the ballot. But the way I took it when I was at that meeting, it was mostly to be used to upgrade the school as a whole so the Tech Ed. Building for our automotive majors and the SEM buildings. I spent a majority of my time in there, and I know the equipment is severely outdated.

October 2014

The one thing I tell everybody how it’s going to help us is we have over 500 veterans that attend the school and 300 are collecting benefits. We have three computers to offer them and one printer to try to support all of these veterans, so there is a lot of times when veterans will get frustrated with us because they are sitting there waiting for a computer and they need to get a last minute essay in or they need to do something. Three other veterans are doing the same thing and not everyone prepares to not have a laptop either active or after active duty. Even if they did have a laptop not a lot of them have printing capabilities, so it becomes quite a nuisance if your that person constantly waiting.

The people sympathize with veterans, and so, yes, our name does get put out there a lot. And so that’s the way I see it. It’s not just for us but for the school as a whole and, yes, a small portion of it will help us out a lot.” - Christopher Wright, President of the Cypress College Veterans’ Organization, in an interview.


STUDENT SURVEY SAYS Before Associated Students does their own wider survey, The Cypress Chronicle staff took an informal survey of 100 Cypress College students on Oct. 9 in which we asked them three questions about Measure J. Here are the results:

Do you know what Measure J is?

22% YES

78% N O

Associated Students (AS) Presisent Jocelyn Zaragoza, 21, Nursing major, shared what she knew about the bond after Marc Posner, Director of Campus Communications, and President Bob Simpson spoke to AS about the Yes on J campaign: “It’s a bond where we borrow money from the state that we have to pay back,” she said. “It’s a bond that’s going to tax the tax payers on property taxes.” Frida Lugo, 21, Psychology major and Vice President of Student Organizations added that she knew the bond was going to be used to remodel the Science, Engineering, Math building as well as Fine Arts. “They are going to use some money here and some of the money at Fullerton.”

Does Cypress College need to remodel some buildings?

29% N O


71% YES

Zaragoza also stated that the Yes on J campaign said the bond was going to fix their building, the Student Activities Center. She and Lugo both responded that they really doubt it would happen. The Yes on J campaign, as represented by Posner, had according to Zaragosa, asked for AS’s endorsement. Posner also wanted AS volunteer for the campaign’s phone banks. “They informed us that we have this account, with $50k in there, and they wanted us to donate half of that to the campaign, which we’re clearly not. It’s funny because we, prior to Marc Posner telling us about this, had no idea that we had this account that had $50k,” said Lugo. Zaragoza and Lugo both think that the bond isn’t bad; it would just be better if they didn’t shove it all on the tax payers.

Do you think taxpayers should pay for remodels of the campus?

37% N O


63% YES

“I do think Cypress College needs remodeling. Especially the Math building. It’s bad,” said Lugo. “But I personally don’t think it should all be coming out of the tax payers’ money. I mean, Cypress College has money. It’s a college.” Zaragoza agreed. “I think it would be better if we put half the money, that way the tax payers can pay half the money. Then I would be okay with that.” The two did state though that at this time, AS has not taken an official stance on Measure J, and they don’t think they are going to have anytime soon. They said that they would not draft one officially until they take a survey of student opinions on the measure. D

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Are You My Type? Cypress College’s Blood Drive


irst of all, donating is totally worth it. Twenty minutes? I spend more time doing my hair and it’s for a good cause. Why wouldn't you donate when you can save someone’s life? It’s only five simple steps: registering, filling out a simple questionnaire, checking your vitals,

STORY BY | Mary Meraz

drawing your blood, and having a snack and resting before you're ready to go.

eliminated if just one more percent of the population donated, I was happy to give my time.

If it's your first time like me, you might get a little anxious but don't be worried, it passes. After learning from the Mayo Clinic that blood shortages could be

As the holiday season draws nearer, the need for blood donations increases. More people are traveling and having parties, and that means more accidents and injuries. Luckily, some friendly staff members from CedarsSinai were available on campus to offer a convenient option to students willing to donate. Here’s what other students have to say: “The event itself is to encourage students and staff members to give back to the community by giving a day of service. All of the organizations here at this event are humanitarian organizations. Along with people volunteering, they can also participate in the blood drive. We are hosting the blood drive here with CesarsSinai. They are a nonprofit that doesn’t sell blood to a third party and uses it in their hospitals.” Xavier, 21, Biology major “Our main goal is to get as many people to donate as possible because every time you give blood, you could save up to three people’s lives. It really makes a difference and even one donation can change lives.”

Fun Facts • The whole process takes about twenty minutes. • Blood can’t be manufactured which means those in need fully rely on the generous donations of others. • Only one more percent of the American population needs to donate to eliminate blood shortages. • You have to be over 110 pounds and over 17 years old to donate. These requirements eliminate about 70 percent of the population. • One donation has the potential to save up to three lives because it’s separated into red blood cells, plasma and platelets. • The most wanted blood type is O negative because all blood types can use it.

Moyra Scott, 18. Film major

October 2014


Continued from last issue...

Dirt Roads ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

To be continued...

Girl Talk

New to the Cychron Media Network, Girl Talk is a fresh look at topics relevant to the female world. Hosted by Courtney Polk, Leslie Gonzales, and Alexia Delgado, these three ladies discuss every week about topics ranging from relationships and women’s fashion to more ethical debates.

What’s New At

Cychron Media Network They also do frequent interviews with men and women asking them about that week’s topic. New episodes of Girl Talk are released Mondays on


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

You might end up loving me but this childish thing will occur before I’ve showed you the black blood racing beneath my sun loved skin before you’ve met my demon eyes before you’ve crept into my writers mind, my so called wonderland that is quite actually more of a blazing hell You might end up loving me and then I’ll bleed on you as the wound and as the knife soaking you up in my rotten soul and I’ll say that I’m sorry, you were so sweet I was too selfish to chase you away.

Firelord’ s Library Creative writing from students and staff Curated by Kyo Okamuro

October 2014


Happy Halloween, and welcome to Firelord’s Library, a collection of creative writing at Cypress College. We’re proud to present to you a few creepy creations and terrifying tales in respect to the season. As well as some lovely poems, a slice of writing advice, and a spooky anime to check out. Enjoy, stay freaky.

Writing Tips! ;) 1. “Write drunk; edit sober.” – Ernest Hemingway This may sound entirely unproductive, but it’s worth a go. In all sincerity, sometimes intoxication brings out a very primal type of creativity. Obviously there’s sorting through the nonsense of unadulterated drunken (or otherwise engaged) shenanigans and poorly thought out ridiculous ideas, but it’s something to consider. And could be quite entertaining. Especially if you’re stuck for concepts. (Drink responsibly… or whatever you’re into.) 2. Kill your babies. Seriously. Slaughter them in cold blood. Tear them to pieces. Don’t just keep them alive just because you love them. Pretend you’re George R.R. Martin and behead them, slit their throats, stab them repeatedly in the belly when they’re pregnant with their babies, castrate them, send their dicks to their fathers, throw a wedding and, you know, poison them. BUT WHAT this all really means is you don’t need all the shit you think you need in your writing. It’s not necessarily about characters, even. It’s reducing unnecessary commentary, exposition, dialogue, etc. It’s analyzing your work critically and openly and thinking: “Do I really need that?” or “is that actually important?” or “Does this benefit the story in any way?” It’s killing your babies, all that writing you worked so hard on. I get it, it hurts a bit. It’s like locking your baby dragons in a dungeon, it sucks. But do it anyway. And keep doing it. Flourished writing is grand, but sometimes you only need a single rose as opposed to a bouquet.


Firelord’s Library


Her pale forearm is demurely veiled in beaded lace appliqué sleeves. Iridescent ivory pearls faintly glisten amidst intricately embroidered patterns. A crown of white camellias adorns her head from which spouts a silk chiffon bouffant. The fountain of foamy white tulle cascades down to her concealed crystal heels. She embraces an efflorescent explosion of fragrant lilies and orchids. The lavender and cream colored petals flirtatiously nuzzle up against her. Her beauteous face, one whimsically framed with wispy wavy bangs, is a symphonious harmony of both masculine and feminine features Softly arched brows arouse an air of poise, a perfectly straight nose echoes a sharp jaw line, high cheekbones are kissed with a touch of terracotta, and her prettily shaped mouth shimmers with ruby. Her downcast eyes, however, are fortunately shaded by dense dark lashes. And I am relieved, because had she glanced up to meet my gaze, I would have been eternally haunted by her eyes penetrating my soul, pleading, to please save her from her misery.

Cafée Noir /

The comforting incense of caffeine, is an arousing amalgamation of aromas – coffee, cappuccino, and café latte. It morphs into delectable diversities, whether it’s in the indulgent caramel macchiato, or in the acidic bitterness of inky espresso. The instant it permeates my body, it delivers me immense pleasure and adrenaline like it’s heroin surging through my veins. And as I’m savoring the sweet sips now, I can’t help but giggle at the reality of a bean having supreme dominance over me.

By Jenny Mun, 19, English major

In Esperance: sonnet 1

Escape Reflection This face is unrecognizable, but how was that possible? When staring into a mirror, the reflection should be none other than your own, So why, why was the one standing before me an absolute stranger? This glass surface was not showing the person that I am, I do not know who this is, and it chills me to the bone. My expression reveals that of confusion and growing horror, And yet their own? It begins to twist into a smile, widening slowly. This terror is pulling me closer, and I feel myself raise a hand, reaching outwards, They do the same, but my hand hesitates before it touches the cold surface. My focus strays not as the light in the room flickers, and I see the image distort. Eyes blacken as if a shadow had literally risen out to devour them, And that Cheshire grinning mouth widens, the skin tearing open at the edges. A crimson substance leaks out as the tongue slides to lick at the lips, Gliding between dangerously sharpened teeth. Claws tap against the glass impatiently as it awaited my touch, But would that porcelain flesh not break beneath my fingers? I feel the chill as my skin finally reaches to make contact, The room falls into pitch darkness and I hear a crack, the mirror? My hand retracts, and I stagger backwards from my place but where... This place is unrecognizable, but how is that possible? When staring into a mirror, how can I be taken from the very comfort of my home? The air surrounding me is cold and heavy, so very hard to breath. I move close to the mirror once again, and raise my hand but no one is there, My reflection, that stranger, neither of those stare back at me. And why, why could I see that familiar room? I do not understand, Movement occurs within it, someone was there wandering around. Curious hands trailed over the surface of things and I hear a laugh arise, They glance to me over their shoulder, and I find that I'm staring at... myself? Dear child, it does not matter how loud you scream, That sound will not reach this world. Try to break the mirror with all of your might, It will not shatter or grant you freedom from that darkness. Cry until your eyes dry out, think until your mind bleeds, Nothing you do will help you return to this place. Your body is mine now, child, as is your life. That place is your home now, and from my cage you will not escape, But fret not, for I will always be around to keep you company, As you are my shadow beyond the looking glass.

By Taylor Watson, 23, Creative writing major

My face is etched into your palm, Tears pouring onto life lines like The rapids streaming in uncalm; With every drop a thund'rous strike, And yet as ineffective, balm, As weather-weary guardian dike.

An overflow, a buoyant hold, The rushes catch, your words resound, Atop the flowing crest unfold; Your fingers, grooved, to fates be bound, Are swept, awash and bathed in cold, But nimble, graceful, do astound. Yet wet, below your brow does shine And guide to reticence of play; The harsher waters fill the line, With crumbs and motes along the way, Still mark the trials, soon of mine, A push, a sign, desire to stay. And so we carve these hands with pain, Together brave the other's rain.

In Cognizance: sonnet 2

Momentum stops along the path, Familiar profile; catch the glare. A weight to process, ancient wrath, But not a road my mind could dare To enter: darkness did the math And sums suggest an errant pair.

Against hypothesis decline, Inertia takes the toll is due; When brain and heart do not cosign, Reaction follows still untrue, Effect pushed out with no incline, A shot no reason can undo. The ringing bell chimes incomplete Unable to compute the time. The wave, it hits, sine obsolete, The pattern carried in no rhyme; Yet reflex, actions indiscreet, A trigger to begin the crime. But what is left to do when faced With lemmas one oneself disgraced?

By Gerard Avelino, 22 Linguistics Major October 2014



silent predator. what creeps and crawls? what is that thing that shuts you up ad holds you back? it is that thing that posses you and makes you paranoid, it is the same slimy little cause of all your insecurities. it is the shameful reason you dont like to be alone, it's taking over you and you're loosing all control. let it go. let it free. let it bleed, out of your body, that fear and all its greed.

By JCS, 18, Mortuary science major

He disturbed my closet with chilling yearning playing spooky spectral to the icy vapors from my lips Horrifyingly haunting, purring an eerie malicious melody “Join me in the veil, it is so lonely~” Klaus petrified peaceful sleep, the phantom told me “If I cannot rest, then why should you?” Disturbed into watching the night Frozen on his ghostly face making terrible expressions in the shadows Too cold to fight after a time I passed through the supernatural gate Put myself into his nightmarish needs I told Klaus I was here at last In the veil where he was lonely An atrocious grin gravitating his lips Wicked wanting brought my soul Here in the veil where he is cunning I too turned to spectral scheming Whispered to my mourning mother Iced her spine in my cooing I am lonely, come and join me

Lunar Hysteric It only takes one bite to change into A wild thing beneath the nightscape Erratically a man’s bones break to the electric call of the hysteric moon Lycanthropy howling in the shadows His form changed, a canine sinks his teeth in to the taste of something sweeter, redder Until caught by night watching, silver bladed hunters, beware lunar beasts They cannot find the man beneath the fur Human eyes will not find the soul behind mad red eyes, moonlit shape shifting killer That supernatural curse riveting through his veins, to a searing silver end

By Kyo Okamuro, 21, Creative writing major 24

Firelord’s Library

tangents v i e w s


r e v i e w s

WHILE THERE ARE PLENTY of offerings when it comes to horror anime, so many of them contain about the same creativity and ingenuity as your average American horror movie. However, every so often a series will come along that goes above and beyond the standards set by the genre, and Shinsekai Yori is just that.


I want to show you everything beautiful. Even as you lie there and disappoint me. I breathe in. the sharp, crisp, cool autumn air fills my lungsas do you. I can only lie here and wish that the warmth of the sun on my cheeks was from your presence. I am not myself anymore.

By Amber Reiter, 22, Journalism major

The story takes place one thousand years in the future, in an isolated utopian society governed by those with telekinesis, where children are scared into obedience with tales of nightmarish creatures. After an incident on a school trip, the six main characters begin a journey to discover the horrifying truths of how their world came to be. What sets Shinsekai Yori apart from so many other entries into the genre is the fact that the writing cuts no corners and makes no assumptions about the intelligence of the audience. The mythology is heavy and the pacing is slow and deliberate, and requires one’s full attention and mental participation in order to truly grasp the gravity of the story that’s unfolding.

Photo by Takeshi Kuboki via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Another one of the strengths of the show is that, while it does have its fair share of gore and jump scares, it doesn’t need to rely on them in order to get a reaction from the viewer. The truly terrifying aspects of the series lie in the discoveries the characters make and the consequences that come with it. ~ Rachel Dick

October 2014

Other Spooky Anime: Hellsing Ultimate It’s about vampires.

Aku no Hana

It’s super suspenseful and makes you uncomfortable. Definitely creepy.


A brain surgeon loses his job to save a child. Turns out said child was the new Hitler.

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D 26

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

I realized that I was and am worth so much more, and everyone needs to figure that out now. Everyone is worth living.



STORY BY | Jescely Jescely Vega

October 2014



elvon Ivery is a student here at Cypress College who was faced with the difficulties that many of those in the gay community are challenged with. He was teased and bullied from a very young age. Kelvon spoke about being outed in the fifth grade. “People don’t understand how that can really hurt someone, I felt alone. I was put on blast.” He mentioned how difficult it was for him to be faced with the cruelty of some of his fellow classmates, who taunted him by calling him names. “I was called, faggot, retard, weird.” Kelvon didn’t feel ready at his young age to come out and face people about who he was. “It was torture going to school ever y day, ever yone always had something to say.” Kelvon did try to look for help within school with counselors but he knew the only way to move forward was to accept that it was okay to be who he was and to accept and love himself as that. His family was concerned about HIV and the other consequences that come with living a gay lifestyle. Kelvon also felt that because he was black, he faced a greater difficulty coming out to his family and friends due to the stereotypes placed o n m e n i n t h e b l a ck c o m munity. But his family gradually adjusted, accepted, and supported him for who he was. His mother became his biggest support system. Kelvon was also diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor at the age of five. The tumor was


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

successfully removed with the surgical procedure, which left him with a scar on the back of his neck area and a permanent paralysis on his entire right side of his body. He had to accommodate to his right arm to help support it. Kelvon expressed that even though he was faced with a difficult time, he learned to keep his head held high and was able to look beyond the obstacles that he had not only suffered physically but also mentally. “I am a cancer survivor and it happened for a reason, I was placed and put through what I was to help others.” In this time of despair, Kelvon was pushed to a point of questioning his own existence. “I attempted suicide, twice.” Like Kelvon, many in the gay community go through severe prejudice and discrimination in their environment. “I felt like I didn’t want to be here, because I was told I was different.” Kelvon expressed. He decided that he wasn’t going to let other people’s words impact the way he lived his life. “What moved me, and inspired me was my mom.” Kelvon realized that taking his own life meant taking away his mother’s only son. “I couldn’t do that to my mom. That would kill her.” He began to think about those around him and how they would be affected by the loss. “I realized that I was and am worth so much more, and everyone needs to figure that out now. Everyone is worth living.” Despite all of the hurdles Kelvon faced in his childhood, an inspiration came along that would change his life forever. “My friend played a song by Ru [Paul]. I was like ‘who is that!?” He immediately looked him up and what he discovered impacted him instantly.

Be who you are and that’s the damn best thing you can ever be. “I didn’t know if I would ever be able to do that.” Kelvon expressed his mixed emotions about the drag queen lifestyle. In October of 2011 he decided he would try it. “Since it was Halloween I felt more comfortable trying it.” It took him about two hours to do his makeup, from applying foundation, lipstick, and false eyelashes, to even contouring his face to look more feminine. Kelvon talked about how hard it was to get used to walking in heels all night. “I fell so many times, my ankles were so swollen!’’ Kelvon explained that his trouble was not only because he had never walked in heels before, but that his right side paralysis made balancing difficult. Kelvon, whose drag persona name is Mary Jane, wants to do big things in his life, like being the first drag queen with an HBO talk show. “It would have to be on HBO since I use a cuss word in every sentence. I want to able to fully express myself. No boundaries.” Kelvon is also a fashion designer with dreams of his own clothing line. He also aspires to be the first drag queen rapper and even act in movies and entertainment shows with his drag persona. I asked Kelvon if he could convey a message to all those who have been put down, bullied, or harassed because of who they are. “If people bully you, fuck them! Be who you are and that’s the damn best thing you can ever be.” D

October 2014


fun W I T H

recipes by Mary Meraz



Welcome to the first edition of Fun With The D, a collection of light tidbits for your enjoyment. Try out some of Mary’s spooky recipes, find out your totally not made up fortune, and get advice from Fabulous Frank.

Let's be honest, most of us get pretty excited about the candy and weird foods that come with Halloween. I was looking for some easy festive treats to make and well... some of them weren't as "foolproof" as I thought. But I found two treats that were just as tasty as they were easy to make.

hotdog mummies

webbed pretzels

Ingredients: Hot Dogs Pillsbury refrigerated cresent dinner rolls Cooking Spray/ Butter

Ingredients: Thin Pretzel sticks Melting Chocolate Piping bag Parchment paper

Directions: • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees • Unroll dough and press together perforations to reseal the dough into squares • Cut the square piece of dough into strips • Cut the hot dog down the middle about three fifths of the way up to make the legs and again in the middle to make two arms • Wrap about four to five strips around the hot dog in a bandage pattern • Use cooking spray or butter on the cookie sheet and place the wrapped mummies on the sheet • Bake for 14-18 minutes or until the dough is a light golden brown • Let sit so they can cool down and enjoy

Directions: • Melt chocolate by heating it in the microwave in intervals of thirty seconds. Between heating be sure to stir chocolate. • Repeat process until chocolate has a smooth consistency • When chocolate is fully melted place it in a piping bag (if you don't have one, you can put it in a ziploc bag and make a small cut in the corner) • Lay out parchment paper and place pretzels in a circle. • Pipe chocolate out in a web like pattern around the pretzles begining with a solid circle in the middle to keep the pieces together • Place the chocolate webs in the freezer until it sets


* be cautious that if the chocolate isnt thick enough at the center, it’s likely to break, so I would recommend making 1/4 inch circles

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence





First thing’s first: you’re the realest. Everything else is an illusion. This magazine does not exist. You are not really reading these words. You are not actually at Cypress College (lucky you!). You are now free. Happy birthday!

Dear Fabulous Frank,



Your impatience will lead you to microwave that meal for one minute less. You will get sick. You are a butthead.

Send us money. We hear you’ve got lots this month, and we need to replenish our sushi budget.



You are also a butthead. Go fight an Aries. Whatever you do is still better than your sex life.

It’s not all about you this month, ok? There are children starving in Africa. Have some compassion!



Spice up your life. No, seriously, that dinner you made that one night was bland as hell. Learn to cook.

You feel like you’ve read this before. Deja vu will follow you around all month. See Virgo.



Give up. There won’t be a chance. Don’t listen to that Journey song: STOP believing. So needy. Gosh.

I looked into your fortune but it’s so boring, I’ll save you the energy and just tell you to stay home all month.



Never give up. There will be a chance. Listen to that Journey song: don’t stop believing. You’re amazing.

You think you’re funny? They’re laughing at you, not with you. (Shut up, Jamal, I’m trying to type here.)



You feel like you’ve read this before. Deja vu will follow you around all month. See Sagittarius.

What else are you not telling us? How can I help you if you won’t help me? I can’t tell your fortune. :|

(Mar. 21 to Apr. 20)

(Apr. 21 to May 21)

(May 22 to Jun. 21)

(Jun. 22 to Jul. 22)

(Jul. 23 to Aug. 22)

(Aug. 23 to Sept. 23)

frank ask fabulous

(Sept. 24 to Oct. 23)

(Oct. 24 to Nov. 22)

I have a boyfriend, and I've been with him for five years. I've been having a fling with someone I met at work. I don't know him very well, but I cheated on my boyfriend with him. We started talking and I found myself intrigued by the other guy. He does things my boyfriend doesn't. My boyfriend hasn't been the best. I don't know what to do. -M.W. Dear M.W.,

(Nov. 23 to Dec. 21)

(Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)

(21 Jan. - Feb. 19)

(Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)

First and for most, Stranger Danger! You don't even know the other guy. He could be some total creep. Second, just because this guy is sweeping you off you feet now, doesnt mean he'll be that way forever. Also, don’t you think your boyfriend deserves a little respect? Some consideration? It doesn't seem fair to just keep leading him on thinking everything is okay. You can't have the best of both worlds, regardless of how he's treated you or his mistakes. You need to decide: this random fling, or the person you've been with for five years. -Fabulous Frank Have a question for Fabulous Frank? Send an e-mail to

DISCLAIMER: Seriously, if you believe any of these, please re-evaluate your life choices. These horoscopes are provided for entertainment purposes only. The Cypress Chronicle and its staff are not responsible for any actions taken due to the above column. Just please don’t do anything stupid, for your own sake.

October 2014



Kardashian Kraze H

alloween is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect excuse for jaded college students to take their minds off of academic worries and have fun for one night. While many traditionally focus on the costume as the focal point of their look, makeup is increasingly becoming a more popular, innovative, and unique way to get into character. Utilizing makeup not only enhances a look, but truly completes it and helps one feel more in character as opposed to solely donning a costume, and is a much cheaper option than buying an overpriced costume that will be worn only once and then stashed into the crevices of a cluttered closet. Barbara Braden Meyer, Cypress College’s theater department head and Stage Makeup professor, suggests going to Best Magic Gags and Costumes in Anaheim, a store offering a wide selection of Halloween makeup for a good deal. As a makeup artist myself, I’ve decided to show some ladies how to look like one of the most coveted after celebrities in the business – Kim Kardashian! The raven haired beauty


STORY BY | Jenny Mun

is the epitome of a Hollywood goddess who always appears to look flawless, partly thanks to the help of some ingenuous makeup tips and tricks used by professionals in the industry. The model featured is none other than Jescely Vega, one of the sports reporters for The Cypress Chronicle. Start off with a fresh face and apply moisturizer and face primer so your makeup will last all night long. Now that your base is done, your skin is ready for some heavy contouring, which is the secret to Kim’s flawlessly dimensional face. Take a cream concealer or foundation that’s about three shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it to the high points of your face: the nose bridge, chin, brow bone, and cheekbone. Then take a concealer or foundation about three shades darker and apply it to the temples of your forehead, jawline, sides of the nose, and hollows of your cheeks. You’ll look crazy, but this is where the magic begins. Now grab a stippling foundation brush and dab on some liquid foundation that matches your true skin tone. Start blending out the edges between the light and dark contour areas. Don’t worry about trying to avoid smudg-

ing your makeup. Everything will seamlessly blend together and result in a beautifully dimensional face. After blending, powder your face with translucent powder to set the makeup and prevent it from sweating off. Meyer stresses that a common mistake people make is failing to set their faces with powder after applying creamy concealers and foundations. An inexpensive yet high quality choice is Neutrogena’s Translucent Oil Control Powder. After powdering, fill in your brows with a powder or pencil like Anastasia’s Brow Pencil that matches your hair color. To mimic Kim’s smoky eye, you only need a few basic shades. Something like Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Afternoon Tea works great. Start off by priming your lids.With a fluffy brush, apply a medium brown color all over your lids and crease as a wash. Then pick up some darker brown with a flat brush and apply it only to the lids. With the same flat brush, apply a charcoal black or the darkest brown to the lids, but pack it on more intensely near the roots of the lashes. You’re essentially creating a gradient effect that is the secret to a sultry smoky eye.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Now liberally apply black eyeliner, including on the bottom waterline. Then curl your lashes and apply generous coats of mascara on both top and bottom lashes. If needed, use a pair of false eyelashes for more length and thickness. If you want to achieve more openlooking eyes, feel free to add white shimmer to the inner corners. To achieve Kim’s glossy nude lip, first outline your lips with a nude pencil like MAC’s Subculture to accentuate your shape and prevent lipstick feathering. Then apply a nude lipstick to your lips and then dab a bit of nude gloss to the center of your bottom lip. Smack your lips together so they disperse evenly from the center out. This creates an illusion of plumper lips. For the final finishing touches that pull the whole look together, apply bronzer to the hollows of the cheeks. Then apply a rosy blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards. Apply highlighter to the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. You have officially just completed the signature Kim Kardashian red carpet look – congratulations!


Neutrogena Translucent Oil Control Powder $15,

Rimmel Glam’Eyes Quad Eyeshadow $15,

Practice your look a couple times before the big night and you’ll be sure to turn everyone’s heads with your transformation. This dramatic look also turns out incredible in photographs, so be sure to take many pictures! Most importantly, stay safe, have fun, and create unforgettable memories on this night that only comes once a year. D

October 2014


Fuel Cells, Hybrids and a Hellcat:

Our picks from the 2014

OC Auto Show

STORY BY | Erik Lucas

The Hellcat has arrived, and it’s above the SRT’s uprated 485-hp 6.4L V-8. While the Challenger SRT now makes 485 hp, the SRT Hellcat gets a supercharged 6.2L V-8 producing 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. The Challenger has been restyled inside and out, with the taillights featuring a total of 144 LEDs. The Cypress Chronicle 34

/ Divergence

Anaheim is usually a dream destination reserved for little children and Disney fanatics alike, but the fact is that once a year in the fall, the OC Auto Show is still a nice escape for gearheads living behind the Orange Curtain. With the auto industry newly resurgent, the outlay of new metal in the venerable halls of the Anaheim Convention Center was as good as it has been in years. Massively important new production cars, ultra-performance vehicles that will end up in heated garages and on bedroom walls, and concepts that stretch the boundaries of what is possible, all could be seen in broad variety. After having walked the floor and taken hundreds of pictures, your editors are now ready to share their favorite vehicles from Anaheim 2014. Remember: We choose from the heart, not with a strict mandate based on industry impact or importance. Of course, there were more cars at this show than we could list in a single article, so be sure to visit the complete gallery and video on Cychron. com. Now, let’s take a journey down auto-row, and find out what was the best of the best at this year’s OC Auto Show. D TOP: The 2015 Murano debuts with a more premium interior, advanced technology, and a more sculpted exterior design. The Murano features a V-motion front end, LED boomerang lights, and a floating roof appearance. Available safety features now include moving object detection, blind-spot monitoring, predictive forward-collision warning, and forward emergency braking. MID: The Gallardo’s place is taken by the allnew 2015 Huracan, which enters the 600-hp territory and boasts a refined dual-clutch auto gearbox and a new chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber. The Huracan’s sharp angles, low stance, and boisterous engine noise are unmistakable Lamborghini traits, as is an estimated 0-60 mph time just over 3 seconds. BOTTOM: With 20 years of research under their belt, Toyota introduces the FCV. The Toyota FCV refuels in just 3-5 minutes, provides rapid acceleration, has an anticipated 300 miles of range, and emits nothing but water from the tailpipe.

October 2014


Alaisha Browder is the founder of Be Bold, Be You, Be Beautiful, a nonprofit organization she funds herself. Her motivational activism to those affected by breast cancer started by her noticing the need to touch the world. Acknowledging a problem is a start, but going out and physically making a difference or trying your best to help these families feel encouraged to live life and feel beautiful no matter what.


She goes as far as accompanying patients to their appointments just so they don't feel alone or scared. Alaisha can relate to these families personally because of her aunt's death due to breast cancer. Her grandmother and cousin both have also had tests done as well. Her main goal is to make sure these everyone, especially the children, know that they are not alone. "I want to push positive energy just flow it on them, and maybe the disease flows out," she said. She calls her self and others who contribute “Earthly Angels�.

Aside from this, Alisha stresses not only acknowledgement for those fighting or survivors, but for those who could not go on, that is what the wings symbolize in this picture. "We are here on Earth to help each other," she added. Alaisha is also a plus size model for Club Curve Nation, a single mother of two little girls and a student here at Cypress College. Keep up the good work Alaisha! The world thanks you. Check her foundation out at Story and photo by Jennyfer Sanchez

Divergence October 2014  

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