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I was recently walking in the hills with one of my good friends and stopped to take in the beautiful views all around me. I then closed my eyes and listened. I heard the bees buzzing around a patch of flowers next to me, smelled the sweet aroma of what could have passed as freshly cut flowers, and the cool breeze drying the sweat off my forehead. I felt rejuvenated, almost a rebirth. I feel that is what Spring encapsulates, a fresh start, clean slate. Here at Pulse, that is what we have created. With a brand new class and an army of writers, myself and my team would like to present the first Issue of Spring 2014. If you need help cleaning your musty room, Pulse has got you covered with our Clear the Clutter article on page 24 Feel like you need to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather? Take a look at our Ellensburg’s Hikes on page 8 you are sure to find a trail that suits you. To quench your thirst on a hot day Pulse gives you some insight on Tieton Cider works on page 68 and the new Iron Horse Brewery Coffee stand on page 14 When I finally reached the top, my friend and I shared a sense of accomplishment of conquering the steep path. I too, feel that way with this Issue. My team of editors and designers deserve all the credit in the making of this issue. Their commitment to produce a quality magazine can be seen throughout this entire issue. A new quarter, brings in new personalities and I have enjoyed getting to know and befriend all the new, creative writers in Pulse, and look forward to working with them in the future to come. I know you will enjoy what is between the pages of this magazine, as we enjoyed creating it.

ON THE COVER: Samantha Ormrod, Apparel Textiles and Merchandising Major, Junior

Thanks for reading, Max Bayern

Photo by Alyssa Darby


Central Washington University’s policies and practices affirm and actively promote the rights of all individuals to equal opportunity in education and in employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, age, material status, disability, or status as a protested veteran. The person responsible for CWU’s institutional compliance with various federal and state laws and institutional policies dealing with discrimination is Staci Sleigh-Layman, Interim Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, Barge Hall 221, 509-963-2205 TDD 509-963-2207. CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX institution. Upon request, this document is available in accessible formats (Braille, large print, or audio cassette). Contact Disability Support Services at 509-963-2171 TDD 509-963-2146. Pulse falls under the auspices of the Student Media Board at Central Washington University. For more information, contact the Communication Department at http://www.




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Here are five hikes everyone should enjoy this spring. Iron Horse Brewery gives you a different kind of drink with thier new coffee stand.


Learn ten interesting facts about Washington state.

In with the new out with the old, Pulse shows you how. Try these software programs Pulse found to help any student in any major.


Take a peek inside a fashion major’s closet.


Discover what life is like studying in another country.


Thinking about getting a new pet? Check out the Q&A with student pet owners.

MIND AND BODY 56 SPOT THE FAKE HEALTH TREND One is real, one is fake, you be the judge.


Learn about the history of the sock game.

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You go out a lot. But do you go out too much? Find out.


Yakima introduces a new brand of hard cider, Pulse gives you a first look.


Check out Pulse’s interview with The Doubleclicks.



Get your groove on with Pulse’s Q&A from Coachella, Sasquatch preview, and tips for festival fashion.


What are you saying, when you’re not saying anything?

HIKING TIP: Alex Martin, from Central’s OPR, s and enjoyable hike: First aid kit and food and w prepared for just about anything,” says Martin. He cellphone in any situation.

Written by: Brianne Anderson

The cave we retreat to all winter is now defrosted, thriving with wildflowers, and buzzing with anticipation for explorers. Nature is at its peak so what better reason not to climb one? With blue skies and warm sunrays in store, you would be foolish not to take advantage of the breathtaking views Ellensburg and Kittitas County has to offer. Go beyond the boundaries from the streets of Ellensburg and discover nature’s unknown… Well not exactly the unknown, we’ve got directions for you. Not only are there directions for you, Pulse has provided everyone up with a beginning guide of hikes recommended for a variety of healthy outdoor experiences any Wildcat student can enjoy.

DIRECTIONS: From eastbound Interstate 90, exit 101 (Thorp Highway). Right off the exit, two miles, right on Cove Road, past two stop signs, parking is on the right just after the second stop sign.

Photo Credit: Nick Terrel

shares his top two necessities for a safe water. “First aid kits are crucial to be e also stresses to never rely on your

FUN FACT: The Manastash Observatory is south on top of trail along with Buck Meadows which is 15 miles down the road for horseback riding.


Everyone knows Manastash as one of the most hiked areas for locals and tourists. This wild-flower rich hike is located in the southwest area of Ellensburg. There are two most common trails to the top, Ray Westburg Trail and the Boy Scout Trail. Ray Westburg Trail lays furthest east, the Boy Scout trail in the middle, and another trail called Prater Trail on the western most trail is Prater Trail. The Boy Scout trail offers more greenery and shade for added coolness whereas the Westburg trail has a more exposed, rugged terrain. Prater Trail is the considered the most difficult since it is almost a straight shot climb to the very top. Ellensburg local, Katey Kjelland, recommends hiking up the Boy Scout portion and descending down the Westburg Trail. Kjelland’s favorite time of the year to hike is in the fall because it’s not as windy and the evening sunset time offers a comfortable hiking temperature. With much relief after reaching the top, hikers can add an entry to the infamous logbook filled with names and comments. The hike’s elevation of 2000 feet without a doubt provides a tough workout, however, the views overlooking the Valley we call home are well worth it.


Canyon Ridge Hike has earned the title of one of the most popular hikes in the area because of its outstanding views of the Yakima River Valley along with glimpses of Mt. Stuart and Mt. Rainer. This particular hike has an interactive aspect for hikers because there are certain spots where you find yourself rock climbing up brief portions of the cliff, but nothing too extreme. “Canyon Ridge is fun because it offers diversity. It always keeps you on your toes,” says Alex Martin, Central OPR’s outdoor trip leader. Martin raves about how Canyon Ridge is a go-to for a quick and gratifying workout. In comparison to Manastash, Canyon Ridge’s climb is just as steep but at a quicker pace. Hikers can also find a log book at this location once hitting the peak elevation of 2600 feet. “You can’t beat the stunning view of the Yakima Valley you see the entire climb up, “Martin says, “you see the entire landscape inside which no other hike offers.”

DIRECTIONS: Follow Canyon Road until you see a wide parking area on the east side of the highway just around the first leftward hair-pin curve entering the north end of the Yakima Canyon, the second stop sign.


Otherwise known as the “Waterfall Hike” this low-impact desert trail is abundant with a diverse landscapes and ecosystems. Located in Yakima Canyon and south of Ellensburg, this hike is ideal for a peaceful and serene environment. The trail follows a small creek the entire way to the ultimate attraction. Family

and Consumer Sciences Professor and hiking enthusiast Rob Perkins elaborates on the rewarding beauty Umtanum offers. “It’s cool because you’re exposed to a desert trail but as you venture out you all of a sudden get this surprise of a beautiful waterfall,” says Perkins. Cascading 25 feet among the green forest,

Photo Courtesy of Photo by: Chance Chatterton

DIRECTIONS: Take Main Street south until it turns into Canyon Road. Turn right onto Umtanum Road (there is a Subway at this intersection). Follow this road for 9.8 miles. Look for the numbered Bluebird boxes. One half mile past bluebird box No. 73, turn into the large gravel parking lot on the left. There is a large Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife sign that says “Umtanum Falls.” the gorgeous waterfall entices hikers to travel below for a different view. It is common to find families passing through and it is encouraged to bring

your pets along for this easy going hike. “Umtanum is an unforgettable hike you can enjoy with just about anyone with all fitness levels because of its comfortable, relaxed feel,” Perkins says.


If you’re homesick from the west side of Washington, Manastash Lake will make you feel at ease with its gorgeous green landscape. The trek towards the glacier-carved lake is rugged and offers mountains views throughout. After about one mile in, hikers will come across Lost Lake. Located right in the middle of a luscious forest, Manastash Lake is a multi-use trail that can even be used as an overnighter. This hike is perfect for a day outing only 40 minutes away from Ellensburg. DIRECTIONS: From Ellensburg take the Umtanum Road to Manastash Road. Continue on the Manastash Road until you see the sign that says “Lost Lake and Manastash Lake trailhead”. It will be 0.25 miles before the Riders Camp. Travel that road about 10 miles to the trailhead.

Photo by: Chance Chatterton

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia


One of the highest ridges in Yakima Valley, the hills and basalt cliffs accompany the Umtanum Ridge. There are gorgeous wildflowers and wildlife such as the bighorn sheep and many species of raptors including bald eagles. Make sure you’re well equipped for this one as it is a true day journey. If you’re looking for a long distance workout, Umtanum Ridge is a perfect find. The long hike won’t drain your stamina since the trail demands maintain a fairly steady pace from beginning to end. Down below the ridge from the beginning, hikers have the option to stay to the right and walk the canyon for a laid back hike along the creek and trees.

DIRECTIONS: Drive north up canyon about 17 miles until you reach the Umtanum Recreational Site.


IT’S FIVE A.M. SOMEWHERE: START AND END YOUR DAY WITH IRON HORSE Written by: Lindsey Wisniewski Photos by: Alyssa Darby

Iron Horse Brewery has been a staple in Pulse Magazine for quite some time. Located near Central Washington University, Iron Horse Brewery creates local craft beers with distinct flavors for individuals with a variety of palettes. Recently, Iron Horse decided to do something that not many breweries have done before and Pulse was along for the ride on Iron Horse’s new journey. In the past couple of years, coffee has evolved to become the new craft brewing. While many of Iron Horse’s beers, such as the Mocha Death and Irish Death, are already seemingly influenced by natural coffee flavors, it should come as no shock that this brewery also knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to coffee and thus, Iron Horse Coffee Company was born.

In fact, the owners of Iron Horse Brewery, Greg and Natalia Parker, have always been passionate about craft coffee. “Greg and Natalia previously owned a coffee stand down in Portland. When Iron Horse purchased the new production facility space on Vantage Highway, it included a coffee stand out front in which Iron Horse continued to rent to the existing tenants. When they decided to move on to another opportunity, Greg jumped on the chance to purchase the operation and pick up where he left off in Portland,” says Suzanne Vargas, Retail Manager of Iron Horse Brewery. Vargas, an alumni and former adjunct professor at Central Washington University, has been with Iron Horse Brewery for five years this July.

While Iron Horse’s new venture may come as a surprise to some, Vargas noted that the coffee and craft brewing industry share many similarities. “Coffee and beer are similar in that they create a social atmosphere where people connect with one another. They are also similar in their complexity. For example, the range of effect a roast of the coffee bean or malt for beer has on the end product, is pretty amazing to think about,” she says. Iron Horse Coffee Company

focuses on factors such as extraction and using bottomless portafilters to give each coffee beverage the perfect shot. Additionally, Iron Horse Coffee Company focuses on the simplicity of a coffee drink. “If you want a Girl Scout Samoa cookie flavored latte, you will have to go somewhere else. When coffee is this delicious, you won’t need all those extra flavors, I promise,” Vargas says.

“ The prices are comparable and often less expensive than what people pay elsewhere” The simplicity of Iron Horse Coffee is also reflected in the menu description. Unlike traditional coffee shops where all assorted beverages are listed on the menu, Iron Horse Coffee customers can customize their drinks through a step-by-step process. Customers first choose their size, then their fillers, type of milk, water, or fancy milk, and then flavors if necessary. This process gives customers the ability to customize their drinks and pay for personalized customizations. “The prices are comparable and often less expensive than what people pay elsewhere,” added Vargas. Iron Horse Coffee Company can be found at 1621 Vantage Highway in Ellensburg in front of the Iron Horse Brewery Production Facility between the hours of 6 a.m. and noon.






Story by: Megan Burch




WORLD’S LARGEST BUILDING If you’re from Everett, like me, you probably drive past the Boeing plant on the Boeing Freeway without giving the building any thought. At 472,370,319 cu ft, it is the largest building by volume in the world.

The building covers 98.3 acres. The average house in the United States would fit in that space 1,798 times. That is one massive building. Also, the mural on the doors is one giant sticker, just FYI.

2. 3.

WASHINGON D.C.D.C. WASHINGTON At least once all of us that live in Washington state have had someone mistake our great state for DC. Well, before it was named “Washington,” the territory was named “Columbia,” but people thought that it would get confused with the District of Columbia. So they named it “Washington.”Thanks, guys.


Another architectural wonder that Washingtonians often overlook is floating bridges. We have four out of five of the longest floating bridges. The Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge (usually known as the 520 bridge) is the longest floating bridge in the world. The others are: Evergreen Point; Lacey V. Murrow Memorial and Homer M. Hadley over Lake Washington; and Hood Canal connecting the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas. The fourth longest bridge is Demerara Harbor Bridge in Guyana.



If Sasquatch exist, they’re definitely in Washington. With 575 recorded reports of Sasquatch sightings, Washington has the most reports of any state. California is second with 427. The s’qatchiest county is Skamania county with 53 sightings. Located in the south central part of the state, the county is mostly made up of national forests and parks, including Mt. St. Helens. If you’re looking to find Sasquatch that’s the place to look.

5. 6.

HOLY RAIN! People are always saying that it rains so much in Seattle but it’s the peninsula that gets all that rain. That’s actually why the Twilight series was set in Forks, all those cloudy days. The Hoh Rainforest—that’s right, there’s a rainforest in Washington—gets 12-14 ft (140-170 in) per year dumped on it, compared to the 3.17 ft (38 in) that Seattle gets. Most of this rain falls from October through March, so if you’re planning a visit, go in the summer or you’re going to get wet.


Speaking of the Olympic Peninsula, we’re going to jump to Aberdeen which, at the turn of the 20th century, was known as the roughest town west of the Mississippi. Nicknames for Aberdeen included “The Hellhole of the Pacific” and “The Port of Missing Men.” The second name comes from a rash of killings now attributed to Billy Gohl. It is estimated that he killed 140-200 men but was only charged with two murders. The city was off-limits to military personnel up until 1980. No wonder Kurt Cobain moved.



In college, beer is one of the most important things. Well, one of the most important cities in beer making is right here in Washington. Yakima produces 77 percent of the hops used in the United States and twothirds of hops produced in the Yakima Valley are exported. Yakima is also one of the only places where newly planted hops can produce a full crop in the spring. Who knew Yakima had a super power.


FATHER’S DAY All of those tie clips and ashtrays that kids give their dads on Father’s Day can be credited back to one woman, Sonora Smart Dodd. The first Father’s Day was in Spokane in 1910. The holiday didn’t quite take off until 1966 when President Lyndon B Johnson designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. It wasn’t made a national holiday until 1972. Now, it’s the day when the most collect phone calls are made.



Close to 1 million people a year visit Stonehenge in England. But, what most people don’t know is that there is a lifesize replica of Stonehenge in Washington state. Maryhill Stonehenge, built in 1928, was the first to honor those lost in WWI. The monument even lines up with the sunrise on the summer solstice. The monument is now part of an art exhibit that honors those lost in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.


FROM SEAHAWK TO HOUSE OF REPS When most football players retire, they often need to find a new source of income. Former Seahawks wide receiver Steven Largent found his paycheck by becoming a House Representative for Oklahoma. Largent also has the honor of having the first number (80) to be retired in the Seahawks. As well as that, Largent held all of the NFL receiving records when he retired. Talk about one successful dude.

Clear THE

CLUTTER Photo courtesy of:

Written by: Monica Caoile Photos Courtesy of Google Images

IS CLUTTER TAKING OVER YOUR LIFE? Have you ever thought, where is my other shoe? Or you want to wear a certain shirt but can’t remember where you put it? Is it in that pile of clothes on the floor in the corner of your bedroom? If not there, maybe it could be stuffed in the very bottom of one of your dresser drawers that are stuffed so tightly that they’re now overflowing…

Some of our readers are, to put it nicely, organizationally impaired. We’re not judging--many college students are--but we’d like to help. The difference between a pile of chaos and a well kept closet can be as simple as a few hooks and a couple baskets. Here are six basic steps to get started.

ORGANIZATIONTIPS Well, here at Pulse we decided to take back our sanity by getting things organized. Here are six basic steps on tackling the clutter.

1. Think about what you might need to get started. We started with two totes labeled keep and donate. If you don’t have totes, garbage bags work just as well. 2. Next, you have to get your hands dirty and put in some work. Take everything out of your closet and drawers and all of the other places that clutter is hiding. 3. When it comes to your clothes, think about what the weather is like right now. Keep in mind what types of clothing you will be wearing this season. 4. Sort out your clothes by putting things into a keep pile or donate pile. Simple rule of thumb: if you’re wondering whether or not you still like it, that’s a pretty good indicator that it should go. When was the last time that you wore the item? If it has been longer than six months then you probably don’t need it anymore. 5. Now for your shoes and out-of-season clothing. We found that you can purchase roll away totes and Space Saver bags that you can store under the bed. There are also over-the-door shoe racks to help get your shoes off of the floor and out of the way. 6. When it comes to putting things back together, you can always hang and organize clothes by colors or by hanging all like things together. Maybe organize your clothes by what you know you wear more often. Pinterest has some great ideas for organizing.

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

Once you have done this, here are a couple of ways to get organized and clear the clutter. You can donate your things, have a party, or turn them into cash.

Getting organized: There are some cheap and creative ways of getting organized.

YARD SALE Turn your clutter into cash by having a yard sale. There are you few things to keep in mind when planning a yard sale though. Have your sale on a weekend that is close to a pay period, don’t plan it on a holiday weekend and advertise it by putting an ad in the local paper. Tell your friends and family to tell their friends. Make sure that you post signs on busy streets close by with clear to read directions. Include the physical address, date, and time that you will be having your sale.

HAVE A SWAP PARTY This is one way to get new things and get rid of your old things in one fell swoop. What you do is call some friends and family and tell them to think about some things that they have that they still like but just don’t use any more. This works great if everyone brings about 10 things to swap. 1. Find a place to have the party. 2. To keep the cost down, have everyone bring something to drink and an appetizer. 3. Make sure to have a room to display everything and a private place to try things on. 4. Each person takes a turn getting a chance to pick something out maybe two things at a time until everything has been swapped out. 5. Just have fun with it!

DONATE The Salvation Army 1010 S Chestnut St, Ellensburg

Photo courtesy of: Pinterest

Goodwill 400 W Washington Ave, Ellensburg (509) 925-4704)

Department of Communication Student Media

Software Students

Written by: Scott Kazmi Photos Courtesy of Google Images

Every student knows that a computer is essential for college. But upgrading or buying a new computer can put you further in debt than you can expect. A new computer can run anywhere from $400 to $800 and these computers aren’t anything special. They are able to surf the web, stream video and maybe play some games. If you want added software such as Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Office, it can cost you an extra $150 to $400 just for a set of programs that are designed to do something that we all need to do for school and for our jobs after school. But what if I told you about programs that are totally ad and virus free and can, both, save you money and do the same functions as the name brand software? What if these programs were very accessible and could be used by anyone with little to no orientation? I can tell you that there are so many programs that can do the same functions as the name brand programs. To make things easier to explain, let’s talk about three kinds of programs students need to succeed: an Office Suite, a Photo Editor and a video editor.

Office Suites: Office suites contain about four to five different programs. These can include a word processor, presentation builder and a database creator. These are the most commonly used functions of an office suite. Google Drive: Google Drive is an excellent set of programs that can be used to store and edit different types of documents and media files. THese files can be saved online and on your computer in many different formats. Google Drive has a word processor, presentation creator, database manager and many other functions. All files can be saved in standard formats such as .docx, pptx. and .pdf. Dr. Filip Jagodzinski, an assistant professor at Central Washington University’s Computer Science Department, has a lot to say about freeware, its benefits and downfalls.When talking with him about Google Drive, Filip said that there are benefits and a lot of students already use the program to do their schoolwork. The only downfall was the permissions needed to view another person’s files. “When a student tries to turn in an assignment, they forget to change the permissions so that I can read it,” says Jagodzinski. To prevent this, Jagodzinski says to save every file you have into a .pdf format. This will allow the document to be read on any computer that you use in the classroom or at home. LibreOffice: LibreOffice is a program that rivals Microsoft Office in function and price. It can save in multiple

formats and has great support. “The program has some differences, but it can be learned very quickly,” says Jagodzinski LibreOffice is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (if you know what that is). It contains the basic word processor, presentation creator, database manager and more. Photo Editors: There are not many programs that can rival Adobe Photoshop for its function or it ability to adjust the finer details of images. There are two programs that you can use that have many of the same functions as Adobe Photoshop, but are not as detail oriented GIMP 2.8: GIMP or Graphic Image Manipulator Program is a program that operates in the same way Adobe Photoshop does, but it is broken up into three different windows rather than just one. This makes organization on your desktop a little tricky, but it is simple and easy to learn. It can save in multiple formats, as well as open any file you have started in Adobe Photoshop. Paint.NET: This program is very similar to Gimp, but it is meant for smaller adjustments to images. A group of undergraduate students created the program and Microsoft recruited them due to their work on this program. It is only available on windows, but if you are on a Mac, you want to get GIMP.

Pixlr: I talked with Samantha (Sam) Pepper about different freeware photo editors and she told me about Pixlr. “It is a great way to do quick edits to a photo,” says Pepper. Pixlr is a browser-based program that can be used on any system. the only downside is that you need to be connected to the internet to use it. The consensus that I kept getting from both Pepper and Jagodzinski was that once you learn one photo editor, it is very easy to learn and use other photo editors. So, get the one that best fits your uses and use the other ones if you need something a bit more heavy duty. Video Editors: The editors built into Mac and Windows systems are great when you have a set of family photos and you want to play some music over them, but those programs aren’t useful when you have a larger film to create or edit. If you need to capture images on your screen or need special effects,there is one program out there that rivals all other freeware, ezvid. EzVid: This is a program that is made for people who want to create youtube videos specifically. It has a screen capture system, it can publish videos directly to

your YouTube account, and it has tutorials on all of its functions. The creators ask for a small $9 donation, but you don’t have to pay it to get the program. If you try it and love it, I suggest you do though because it will be one of the smoothest video programs that you will ever use. Tips and Tricks to Freeware and Documents Made with Freeware: - Double check the websites you are downloading from. Use websites that are highly trafficked such as Cnet. If you aren’t careful, you have a higher chance of getting viruses and malware being installed with the programs you want. - Don’t be afraid to ask for help when something goes wrong. “There is a large group of computer scientists fixing and debugging the programs who want to know if something is wrong,” says Jagodzinski. “All they need to know is what function doesn’t work properly and they can fix it. - Find a program that works for your needs. “There is no end all, be all with programs like these,” says Jagodzinski. “Computers and their software are just tools. One is not better than the other. Find something that fits what you are doing.”

PLAYING DRESS-UP INSIDE THE CLOSET OF A CWU FASHION MAJOR Written by: Taylor Woods Photos by: Alyssa Darby

“I used to do FASHION shows with my BARBIE dolls” W

hile most of us spend our Friday mornings hitting the snooze button a few times, rolling out from under the covers completely unkempt, and making do with bed hair and sweat pants, there are a few Central students that make every morning count. They are known as the CWU fashion majors, and one of them is junior Samantha Ormrod. After settling uncertainly on a music major by simply browsing the course catalog, Samantha stumbled into her destiny by coincidence more than anything else. She attended the Spring Fashion Show put on by the Student Fashion Association and students in the program, which led her to reconsider.

and was even voted Best Dressed in high school. “I used to do fashion shows with my Barbie dolls and everything,” says Samantha. So when she took FCSA 301 - Introduction to the Fashion Industry, it was the perfect match. The major, better known as Apparel Textiles and Merchandising, welcomes a wide range of students and offers an even broader variety of knowledge. While some students may wish to study trends and design, others may be more interested in the business, marketing, and manufacturing aspects.

Throughout the course, every student learns the entire process of fashion, including manufacturing, designing, buying, and shipping. The secret is to pick the minor that best suits your interest. This It’s funny though, that Samantha never saw fashion could be anything from art to event planning to as a potential career, because it was such a staple in retail management. her life. She’s always loved everything about clothes

“Fashion is a STATEMENT” Samantha, on the other hand, chose to become a Spanish minor because she wanted to be bilingual. She hopes to one day work in retail buying or as a fashion editor so she can also pursue her love of writing. For now, she is working on her outfits for the Ready to Wear portion of the Spring Fashion Show. Sewing and designing are not her forte just yet, but she plans on making them happen soon. Her only homemade pieces to dates are an apron and an adorable pair of cheetah print pajama pants. Samantha’s style icons, like many of the fashionistas on campus, include Rachel Zoe, Guiliana Rancic (from Fashion Police), and Victoria Beckham. As you can see, she loves neutral colors with pops of bright accessories. But layering has her heart as she says “if I could wear a coat and boots every day, I would.”

If you’re in desperate need of some style advice, check out Samantha’s favorite places to shop. When on a budget, she frequents Forever 21 and H&M because they have cheap, trendy clothing that will go out of style by the time they lose their quality. When she is ready to splurge, she visits Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie to find more unique pieces. Andrea Eklund, program coordinator and associate professor, has been with CWU for seven years, and has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. She appreciates any of the numerous ways one can adorn their body, including fashion. “It’s such an individualistic thing,” says Eklund. “Fashion is a statement.”

Just because you may not be interested in trends and design, doesn’t mean you can’t find something worthwhile in the industry. Washington State is ranked fourth in the apparel industry and there is lots of opportunity here among all of the fashion options. Andrea has seen firsthand many students who work hard and excel in the classroom transform their passion into a successful career. Those considering the major should schedule an appointment with Andrea herself so she can walk them through the process. The Student Fashion Association is also a great way to meet people and get up to date information on what is going on with the fashion students.

“If I could wear a COAT and BOOTS every day, I would”


Written by: Tyler Buchanan Photos Courtesy of GIVE students and Wine Studies program

One student helped build a school in Central America, while another went wine tasting in Austria and Hungary. Here’s how two Central students spent some time away from Ellensburg.


Q: Where did you study abroad/travel with the school? A: I traveled to Jiquillio and Little Corn Island in Nicaragua. Q: What was your favorite part about that place? A: My favorite part about the trip

was meeting all the new people and experiencing such a different culture. You will have a family like bond with your GIVE group after your two weeks together and a similar relationship with the communities you stay in. Plus the environment, both social and physical, are so different from anything in America that every day is new and exciting.

Q: What were you doing while you were over there? Classes? A: The first week our group worked on building a school out of recycled plastic bottles. Most of the work involved cementing walls and beams, or painting completed sections. We also did some restoration projects such as installing wells for fresh drinking water and collecting sea turtle eggs to preserve. The second week put us in the school room and had us designing and teaching English classes to local residents on Little Corn Island. Part of your time here also has you clearing and planting gardens for food supply. Q: Was the trip rewarding? A: My trip with GIVE was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Everything from the people I met, to the places I saw are all some of the best and rewarding times I have ever had. Q: Any other cool stories or anything to go along with this? A: During the trip you also do activities such as hiking and ash-boarding down an active volcano, collecting sea turtle eggs, exploring historic cities in Central America, scuba diving or snorkeling, and much more. Between the scheduled work and extra activities you are always staying busy and having fun!

TRACI NELSON GLOBAL WINE STUDIES MAJOR Q: Where did you study abroad/travel with the school? A: I traveled to Austria and Hungary for 10 days with the students and professor of Global Wine Studies. We spent 3 days in Austria and moved into Hungary for the remainder of the trip. Q: What was your favorite part about that place? A: My favorite part about Austria/Hungary was experienc ing the difference in cultures. It was also incredible to visit so many wineries and experience their wines and how they differ from our wines here in the U.S. Q: What were you doing while you were over there? Classes? A: We were on this trip to visit vineyards and wineries in both Austria and Hungary. We visited roughly 18 wineries and a university that taught a similar program to ours here at Central.

Q: How long were you there? A: 10 days. Q: Was the trip rewarding? A: Yes, I learned so much about wines in Hungary and Austria. These aren’t places that you would typically think of travelling to but it was a very beneficial trip. We got to apply what we had learned in our classes to these countries and their wines. Getting to taste Tokaji in Tokaj and experiencing Palinka, a very popular distilled alcohol, with a true Hungarian family was amazing.




Written by: Andrew Nelson Photos by: Andrew Nelson

One would think that living in a college town would make it impossible to feel lonely. But someone who has gone through leaving home and moving into a dorm might say otherwise. College can be a very stressful environment, and there are some helpful friends out there who may not necessarily attend class with you.

According to, pet owners live longer, happier lives. They also tend to be healthier in mind and body. So while your Billy goat might not be a professionally trained helper animal, he still helps you survive college. Here are a few CWU students and alumni who had something to say about why students should have pets:

Name: Sneaky Ssssnake (yes, ssssnake) Breed: Ball Python Age: 4 months Mascot For: Elizabeth Brooks, computer science and music major, junior

How did you decide on a ball python? Growing up, I loved catching snakes. I used to have other reptiles but never owned a snake. They’re my favorite reptiles. What is different about owning a snake vs. a at or a dog? They’re really low maintenance. I also really love plants, and I could customize his habitat with live plants. What would you say to people who have never owned a snake? Like what I said about the habitat, if you have a hamster, you just have a plastic box with wood chips. In Washington State, girls love nature and are more open to non-traditional pets. How is your pet helping you survive college? When I come home from school it’s really nice to have a chill pet that I can just view from my desk. Snakes are good, relaxing pets.

Name: Pacifica and Atlantica Breed: Betta fish Age: Pacifica (1 year) Atlantica (5 months) Mascot For: Sara Jane Kay, elementary education major, junior

What’s the most fun about having fish? I love their personalities. I’ve had about seven betta fish and they’ve all had different personalities. They’re like birds. The pretty ones are males and the brown ugly ones are females. What kinds of personalities do your fish have? Pacifica is a cow; she will just eat, eat, and eat. Atlantica is more chill about when she eats. They get feisty if they see their reflection. They’re like that if you put them next to each other as well, they’re just very territorial. What made you want fish rather than a different pet? Well, I’m allergic to cats. I’m obsessed with mermaids and the ocean, just ocean everything. How is your pet helping you survive college? They’re so smart. I am such an extrovert, I love people, but sometimes I just want alone time but alone time gets lonesome. They’re right there when you’re lonely.

Name: Mo Mo (Short for Captain Morgans) Breed: Tom Cat Age: 2 years Mascot For: Erin Graham, law and justice major, senior

When did you get Mo? My friends found him on the river when he was teeny-weeny. He was kind of dirty and malnourished so I just kept him. What kind of mischief does Mo like to get into? He’s an indoor cat, so if he can he’ll sneak out. He drinks out of water cups. He also likes to chew on any Apple product chords. Can Mo do any tricks? He sits for treats and comes when called like a dog. He usually comes when I call, but if he doesn’t, he’ll be hiding in any drawer space, any closet or fresh laundry. What’s the hardest part about having a pet in school? The hardest part is that he’s self-sufficient, but he’s pretty social, so I feel bad about leaving him by himself. How is Mo helping you survive college? I’m definitely happier having Mo. If I’m stressed I’ll just hang out with him.

Name: Tobee Breed: Smooth-coat Dachshund Age: 1 Mascot For: Arturo Arellano Jr., law and justice major, senior

How did you and Tobee find each other? Tobee and I found each other because my friend’s dogs had a litter of puppies, and I had been wanting a dachshund, and my friend only wanted the puppies to stay near to his dogs, so he was selling them to family and close friends. What kind of mischief does Tobee likes to get into? The most trouble Tobee got into was pooping in my roommate’s room all the time and chewing on everything else but his toys. Other than a few potty mistakes, not anything major. How is Tobee helping you survive college? Tobee helps me survive college because after a long day of classes, it’s nice to come home to him. He is a big stress reliever. What’s your favorite memory with Tobee? The first day I took him home, we went over to my friend’s house and her roommate had husky dog, Koda. Tobee couldn’t reach the water bowl and Koda lifted Tobee by the extra skin on his neck and held him as he drank water. What would you say to students at CWU who don’t own a pet? It’s great having a pet and someone to have to come home to that no matter what you do, they always love you, but make sure that you have time for them.

How did you choose a bunny? My dad got a rabbit. He’s an entrepreneur himself, pretty cutthroat. But he likes his rabbits and I took him. How big of a chick magnet is Broski? A pretty solid one. Usually it doesn’t take a lot, just word of mouth.

Name: Broski Breed: Holland Lop Age: 9 months Mascot For: Dustin Burdette, business administration, sophomore.

What kinds of things does he like to chew on that aren’t his food? He chews up electric chords, expensive cell phone chargers. Pretty much anything he can get. Why would you recommend getting a bunny over a cat or dog? They’re not smelly or loud or dirty. They are very chill pets.

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Written by: Sydney Castillo Photos Courtesy of Flickr

Each year on the second and third weekends of April, people come from around the world to Indio, California, for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Aaron Paul, and even BeyoncĂŠ and Jay Z can be seen walking around

and enjoying music from many different genres, including rock, indie, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. Pulse sat down for a Q&A with CWU seniors, Donna Steffensen and Colby Williams, who had the opportunity to attend the second weekend of Coachella this year.

Do you attend a lot of music festivals? D: Yes, in the last year we’ve been to Resolution, Freaknight, Paradiso, Watershed, and Life in Color. C: Yeah. How did Coachella compare to the other music festivals you’ve been to? D: It was different because the ones that we’ve been to before have been more “ravey” I guess and Coachella had a whole bunch of different genres so that was really cool. C: It was the best one. Who were you looking forward to seeing the most? D: Pharrell and Skrillex C: Outkast

Who ended up being your favorite? D: Pharrell because he brought out so many good people. He brought out Usher, Busta Rhymes, T.I., Jay Z, and Pusha T. It was surprising! And I really liked Zedd too, he was fun. C: Yeah, Zedd was really good and I liked Pharrell for the same reason. All the people he brought out made it exciting and really fun.

What was your favorite part of Coachella? D: It was just really cool seeing so many good people. We were just stage hopping all day. The vibe was really cool too. And we were introduced to a bunch of good artists that we had never even heard of before. C: I liked that they had any kind of food you could think of. D: Oh yeah! They had really good food! What was your least favorite part? D: How crowded it was. And the porta-pottys. C: It was way too dusty! D: Actually, yeah that was the worst. We got sick from all the dust. So you had to miss a few days of school and spend quite a bit of money. Now that it’s over would you say it was worth it? D: Yes! You see so many good artists all in one weekend and we really didn’t spend too much money! C: Yeah it’s worth it. I just spent most my money on food.


Designed by: Cherilyn Pursel

MAY 23-25 MAY 23-25 AY 23-25 MAY 23-25 MAY 23-25 MAY 23-25 MAY 23-25


PREVIEWPREVIEWPREPREVIEWPREVIEW PREVIEWPREVIEWPREWritten by: Cherilyn Pursel Photos Courtesy of: Sasquatch Festival

Time to put on your high-waist shorts, designer sunglasses and favorite band tee, and head on over to your nearest music festival. On Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25, Sasquatch returns to the Gorge Amphitheatre for its annual indie festival. This year the festival will be featuring many well-known artists including Outkast, Queens of the Stone Age, Foster the People and Kid Cudi. There will be five stages with performances beginning each day at 1 p.m.

Campground gates open at 1 p.m. May 22, make sure you arrive as early as possible to get a camping spot close to the bathrooms and showers. Alcohol is allowed in the campground, but can’t be brought into the festival. See you all there!

FRI · 10:40PM - 12:30AM GENRE: HIP HOP

SAT · 8:45PM - 10:00PM GENRE: ALT. HIP HOP


SUN · 8:45PM - 10:00PM GENRE: ALT. HIP HOP


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Story by:Peter O’Cain

; it d e l cal k. 1 1 . 20 ga bac 4 1 , 20 hot yo y e H nts wa

Time to burn that sweat lodge to the ground and build an igloo in its place. Cold yoga is its hot sister by doing what little sisters do: the exact opposite. The extreme heat used in Hot Yoga warms the muscles, making it easier to stretch into Corpse or Scorpion Pose. Cold Yoga bends that idea backwards 180 degrees into Firefly Pose. Or in this case, Frozenfly Pose. By stretching in freezing temperatures, you’re forcing your muscles to resist shivering and tightening. This is known as “contraction resistance.” Studies have shown that when held for 20-30 seconds, isometric contraction resistance

stimulates hypertrophy (muscle growth), which is the average time Cold Yoga poses are held. Cold Yoga poses are also ordered for optimal muscle recruitment to maximize isometric strength output—a staple of gymnastics. You know, the guys who arm wrestle gravity and win? So, not only are you getting bigger and more flexible and improving your endurance, but you’re also building functional strength. No other fitness regimen develops all four areas with the same efficiency as Cold Yoga. Not even CrossFit.

d Min

dy o B r Ove

Do you love smoothies, but are tired of all those essential vitamins and nutrients making you fat? Then the Cotton Ball Diet is just for you! The Cotton Ball Diet allows you to keep the flavor and fullness of a smoothie, without feeling like you just ate your entire birthday cake by yourself because no one came to your party. Simply dip 2-3 cotton balls into a drink of your choice, such as orange juice or a Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino, and then swallow.

The cotton balls will expand upon reaching the stomach, giving you that “full” feeling. This is the miracle of the Cotton Ball Diet: you can cut hundreds of calories from your diet without the usual self-loathing and hours of desperate longing for a Clif Bar. Give it a try and watch as your freshman 15 melts into a freshman 15-pack. Of abs. If you count obliques. Which we do.

COLD YOGA VS. COTTON BALLS: WHICH IS FAKE? Apologies to anyone who hoped to master Cold Yoga and live out their days in an igloo as Frogi, but it’s 100 percent fiction. However, Pulse is confident that it still makes more sense than the Cotton Ball Diet. Partly because most cotton balls aren’t even cotton as many believe—they’re polyester—but mostly because they can cause these (Warning: nasty). So don’t try it, folks. Check out ABC News for more.

Golden Age of Socks Written by: Derrick Clarit Photos by: Alyssa Darby

From skylines to Superman capes, socks Ever since the eighth century, men and are as extravagant as ever. woman have been wearing socks, according to “Man, loud socks are the thing right now. It’s a cheap way to spice up any outfit. All During the introduction era of socks, demographics can wear them as well,” they were used solely as a barrier between says Jordan Spriggs, a Central graduate the naked foot and the earth. with a degree in fashion and apparel merchandising. For these early socks, they used animal hide and tied the hide around the lowIt’s been a long time coming.

er leg. But as time went on, around the 15th wealthier you were. After the wealth was established, socks began to be implemented as a part of uniform for schools, militaries, and sports teams. Now, they are on a whole new level of popularity. Ranging from no show to knee high, socks have become a fashion statement anyone can incorporate into their wardrobe. “You don’t have to be super fashion forward either. They work for the modern man as well as the traditional gentleman,” Spriggs says. “It makes it easy to bring a look together by matching your trimmings and adding something spiced up to your wardrobe.” Dress socks and casual have both became all the rage. Dress socks have been more focused on bright colors and interesting patterns due to being made out of wool, silk, cashmere, thin cotton, and nylon. These types of materials do not hold dye so the colors are made into the fabric. Casual

or athletic socks on the other hand are typically made up of cotton or polyester, polyester being the most popular when customizing socks. Customized socks can run you anywhere from $12-$30. This might seem a little outrageous for one pair of socks but remember, you’re paying for the style and the comfort. The Nike Elite socks offer great comfort and hold dye really well. The better the dye holds, the crazier or more intricate the designs can be, which will result in a cooler you. As for which socks to choose, that’s up to you. Socks can be stylized to match your shoes or they can be a complete opposite of your outfit. Some of the top companies holding down your sock fetish in high regards are: Huf, Area Code 51 and Strideline.

When You Say Nothing At All... Written by: Carolyn Nease Photos Courtesy of Google Images

Can you tell when someone is lying? Have you ever wondered, “Does he or she like me?” What does my face and body say to others in relation to how I feel?” These are all questions related to nonverbal cues that we read in people around us every day, and in turn they read in us. Nonverbal communication is up to 80 percent of our communication, while the rest is verbal. We use subtle to obvious cues to let people know how we feel or what we want from them. “If the nonverbal and verbal do not match, we tend to trust the nonverbal communication,” says Dr. Nadene Vevea, assistant professor of communication studies. “You can’t necessarily tell when someone is lying unless you know the person. You have to have some sort of relationship with them in order to know what their tells are.” When someone lies, they usually have some familiar tells that you can look for such as smiling bigger, laughing, sweating, and no direct eye contact. The more you know someone, the better you can pick up on their tells. According to Vevea, “the face is the most leaky when it comes to non-verbal cues…you tend to wear your heart on your face.” In terms of “leaky,” it is hard for us to disguise how we feel. Some people are better than others in masking emotions. “If someone gives me a puzzled look or facial expression that I perceive as negative, I may misinterpret that to be directed at me,” said

Mr. Jerry Loudenback, ASL lecturer and program coordinator. “As a deaf person, we look for facial expressions. The eyes especially, and the mouth tend to give a response. The person may be having a bad day or experiencing negative self talk… it may have nothing to do with me.” Just being aware of the subtle ways your face tells a story can help you to disguise or decode nonverbal cues. There are some physiological responses that you can’t hide such as face flushing, changes in color, pupil dilation, and sweating. These are all cues that are subconscious and how our bodies react to stress, anxiety, embarrassment, and an array of other emotions. The dilation of the pupils is a sign that we “like” something. The reaction can also mean we like a certain person. This physical reaction is why poker players wear sunglasses or hats. If they have a good hand, they don’t want other players to pick up on it. You can also put this to the test when speaking to someone you like or that likes you. If their pupils are dilated it’s a great nonverbal cue they are attracted. In fact, in the 1600’s ladies would use belladonna, a drug used to dilate the eye, to enhance their attractiveness. “It made them appear sexy and dreamy…which is where the phrase starry-eyed lovers comes from,” said Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold, associate professor of anthropology and museum studies. The dilation of the pupil gave the opposite sex the aura of appeal and attraction to them. The enlarged pupil correlates with being sexually excited.

There was a study done of women talking to men they were attracted to. The women tended to move in closer to the man’s space and if they could not move in any closer, they would show interest in their faces by smiling bigger and laughing. “There is a way people mirror or match others behavior if they like the person,” said Jensvold. “This could be the copying of movements like brushing your hair back, arms or legs towards each other, leaning forward as they lean forward…therapist use mirroring to build a better rapport with their clients.” These are other non-verbal cues you can look for in others who may be attracted. You can also actu-

ally mirror their gestures to get better acquainted. Whether you are giving a speech, going to a job interview, or on a first date you are communicating with your face and body. You must be aware of what it is your body language is saying and that it is what you want your audience to see. The more experience and awareness you have, thebetter your skills at controlling your nonverbal cues and reading messages in others. You can learn to mask your emotions better and learn that some of your physical responses are natural. This will make you a better communicator and to be able to adapt to new and exciting situations.

ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND CYBERSPACE Written by: Collin Dysart Photos Courtesy of: Google Images

In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, the title character Hamlet famously says to Ophelia, “God has given you one face and you make yourselves another.” All too often, people consider identity a single entity, when in fact; all through time people have always been made of dueling selves, more often than not in competition with one another. And as social media makes clear, the ability to conjure a new self is seemingly endless. So, it begs the question, what do people want with a platform where deception is endless and genuine connections between people a rarity. Central student “Julie” says, “It fills up boredom, you feel less alone, I guess.” There is nothing that screams ‘date me!’ like the #selfie. The selfie is the only new art form of the 21st century. It’s a multi-step process of filters, strange angles and pouting lips. They are endless and annoying and, yet, who can resist turning the camera around sometimes? It makes it all the more exciting when you meet that person on the date, and BAM, he or she looks nothing, absolutely nothing like the picture. Run away, run away. If there is a defining aspect of the granddaddy of all social media platforms, Facebook, it’s the relationship status: single, in a relationship, it’s complicated, in an open relationship, and on and on, to infinity. “It’s the first thing I investigate when I am stalking someone new on Facebook,” Julie says.

together. Julie is quick to point it was the class where he first caught her attention. As luck would have it, she was perusing her ‘feed’ one day when a new group photo caught her attention. Her biology crush was tagged in a picture from a party with some of her friends. She texted her friends for more details and, voila, she had her hands on a plethora of photos and details about “Brian.” “That feeling when you finally find that guy, it’s the holy grail of internet stalking,” she says. Facebook stalking. It’s an all you can eat buffet of voyeurism. It’s when you decide for yourself if this person matches the ideal you hold. “This is when people get their expectations way too high, they think, ‘omg this guy is perfect,’” Central student Sam says. Because on Facebook: everyone is having the time of his or her life, going to all the best concerts, always jumping off of docks, and always photographed at sunset and/or sundown. Now, the next step is how to actually make contact. For Julie, she follows this rule of thumb: “If you have more than ten mutual friends, then you can go ahead and send him a friend request,” she says.

For those wary of the directness of Facebook, there are many options to facilitate contact. Hello Tinder, OKcupid, Grindr, Jack’d, etc. Commonly referred to as ‘hookup apps’, these services make a whole culture out of the one night stand. “Everyone makes fun of them when you bring them up, but everyone is on them,” Sam says. There is Julie met her last boyfriend on Facebook. They something oddly exhilarating when you can see a had seventeen mutual friends and biology certain someone is about 5000 feet away.

For “Greg” he uses Grindr under the full knowledge of its reputation as a hookup app, but hopes for more. “Sure, I know why most guys are on there, but I mean, it’s like you have to start with the one night stand and hope they stick around.” Greg thinks that for gay men, social media is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to the community. “I mean you can just find people to hook up with just like that, but that lasting kind of thing, man I do not see that very often.” The longest relationship Greg has had since he met someone from a hookup app: two weeks. “It goes like this; everything is cool, but eventually the luster wears off, you just can’t hide who you really are,” he says. With so much accessibility, and options the potential to stray is very enticing. Greg and Julie’s relationships fell victim to this. “When you can just get on whenever you want and look around… I mean it’s just people are going to cheat, I guess,” she says. Julie found out she was being played when her boyfriend left his Facebook account open on her computer. “He was messaging other girls, using the same lines he used on me.” Greg, likewise was told by a friend when his boyfriend

was discovered on a hookup app just days after they went ‘Facebook official.’ “Man, I just don’t think monogamy is a thing anymore, and not just for gay people,” he says. But it is not all doom and gloom. Central student, “Kassie” had interesting encounter on OKcupid. “I met my fiancé through there, but not how you would expect,” she says. The guy she was supposed to meet at the Starlight never showed up. Instead his roommate decided he would not let her be stood up, and went to deliver the unfortunate news gently. “Basically he found his friend was going to be douche and not show up so he came there and explained everything; it was really unexpectedly sweet.” The two hit it off, and the rest is history. It’s a whole new frontier for how relationships should be conducted. If there is one thing for certain, there are no rules, or they have yet to be written. In any case, good luck. *names changed for privacy

Written by: Pete O’Cain Photos Courtesy of Google Images

You’re not allowed to play Mario Kart at Shooters 2.0. Ever. Not after last time.

You know exactly how many beers you have left to complete Beer 101 (again) at Wings Central, but have no idea how many more credits you need to graduate.

You can’t play Iron Horse Trivia because you answer every question with “Russell Wilson” and then argue with the host when it’s not the answer.

You can stumble from Club 301 to Airport Road fine, but God help you if you have to find Lind Hall.

You have 1,200 Peeing in the alley between points on your Pita Pit card. The Tav and The Horseshoe has become more ritual than necessity.

Every bartender knows your “usual”: one part Fireball plus Every time you go equal parts courYou know the to The Frontier, age and regret. bail bonds you have to explain You have a dozen number by heart. You’re even Face- to the bartender that salt and pepper the “X” on your shakers at your book friends with hand is from last house and they’re the secretary. night. Which it is. all stolen from Because you get Jack In The Box. cut off every night.



Written by: Michael Riggin Photos Courtesy of: Tieton Cider Works

When most college students reach for an alcoholic beverage, it usually isn’t hard cider. Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Four Loko seem to be what they go for when they want something sweet and fruity. But it looks like more and more people are starting to reach for cider instead. Tieton Cider Works, cultivated from the heart of the apple-growing country, is located about 40 minutes outside of Ellensburg in the 350 acres of apple orchards in Tieton. Tieton Cider Works

owns 48 acres of these orchards which make up the largest cider apple orchards in the state of Washington. They then process these apples and turns them into cider at their farm. The cider making process includes pressing, fermenting, blending and bottling. Tieton Cider Works has over 10 different varieties of award-winning ciders to offer. Meggie Mcintyre, Gilbert Cellars bartender, says the best times to have cider are “out on an apple orchard or on a nice

summer day.” According to her, compared to the heavy, deeper taste of craft brew, cider is lighter and fresher. To get a feel for their cider, I took a visit to the Beer Shoppe of Yakima. The

Shoppe happened to have Tieton Cider Works’ Apricot Cider on tap. Crisp apples and bittersweet apricots make this blend a real treat. I walked off with a bottle of the Wild Washington apple cider as well. After the first drink, I knew why

“After the first drink, I knew why Washington apples are so prized.” Washington apples are so prized. That lively feel in your mouth really makes the cider pop and made the whole experience enjoyable. Chad Roberts, employee at The Beer Shoppe, has tried many different hard

ciders and says that the beverage is best sought out for its sharp, bittersweet apple character. When asked about how the college crowd should receive hard cider over other fruity alcopops, he said, “cider would be the next step.”

For those interested in PNW ciders, try out Tieton Cider Works, Alpenfire Organic Hard Cider, Liberty Ciderworks, and Seattle Cider Co. References:,


THEDOUBLE Written by: Megan Burch Photos Courtesy of: The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks are a sister duo from Portland made up of Angela (left) and Aubrey (right) Webber. They have released two studio albums and are currently working on the third one set to release June 10, a crowdfunded project called “Dimetrodon” which raised over $80,000—more than four times their initial Kickstarter goal. They’re known for their YouTube videos about nerd things, performing with nerds like Jonathan Coulton & Wil Wheaton, and for their most recent album, “Lasers and Feelings,” debuting in the top 10 Billboard comedy albums last summer. Angela sat down for an interview with Pulse for our second Pulse 8 questionnaire.

Photo Credit:


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WHAT GOALS ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING TOWARD? Right now, the Doubleclicks are working towards finishing our new album, “Dimetrodon,” which was funded by a crazy $80,000 Kickstarter campaign this winter. We have a lot of things to finish: writing, recording, mixing, wrangling art and more—it’s our biggest project to date and an organizational nightmare, but it’s lots of fun and I’m excited to get it into the world.

WHICH MISTAKE DID YOU LEARN THE MOST FROM? Early in our music careers, we made a lot of mistakes—about songs, about tours, about making t-shirts and CDs—and mostly they came from just not knowing what we were doing. We’d have specific unknowns in our heads but we would go forward anyway without asking for advice. From that we learned there is no shame in asking for advice, especially if it is going to save you a lot of trouble. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SONG? “Certain People I Could Name” by They Might Be Giants. It’s a perfect song.


WHAT WORDS DO YOU LIVE BY? Do what you love. Because even if no one else likes what you make, at least you will, and you can’t be ashamed of that. WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? We play concerts a lot and have released many, many songs and videos.However, our most warm and fuzzy moments come when we see a little girl singing along to our songs about believing in yourself (and dinosaurs.) There’s nothing better. We loved and learned a lot from music as kids, and if we are paying that forward even a little bit, I feel like we are successful.

WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A PARTNER? Nice. Funny. Selfconfident. Hobbies. Interests. Good mac & cheese WHAT’S ONE THING PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU? We had a angsty girl rock band in high school called “Charisma!” (with an exclamation point). We played bass and drums, and other girls played keyboard, guitar and sang. We did a pretty great cover of “Time After Time.”

Ellensburg Sunday

The Tav Starlight Lounge

Club 301

Spurs Bar & Grill

Arnie's Horseshoe

happy hour 3-5:30


happy hour 10pm-close

happy hour 9pm-close


industry night

tournament tuesday

happy hour 3-6

happy hour 3-6

happy hour 3-6

$4 bomb shots

happy hour 4-6

all day happy hour

bring canned food $2 off pint or growler

$2 bottled Bud Light

half-off bomb shots


happy hour 4-7pm 9pm-close

happy hour 4-7pm 9pm-close

$2 Wells

Mariner Monday

$2 Tuesday

Sunday Funday

The Palace Cafe happy hour 4-7pm Shooters 2.0


happy hour 3-5:30

Iron Horse

Wing Central


Bar Specials Wednesday




happy hour 3-5:30

happy hour 3-5:30

happy hour 3-5:30

happy hour 10pm-close

happy hour 10pm-close

happy hour 10pm-close

happy hour 10pm-close

ladies night

$1/16 oz Rolling Rocks

$4 drink special

$4 drink special

happy hour 3-6

happy hour 3-6

happy hour 3-6

happy hour 3-6

happy hour 4-6

happy hour 4-6

happy hour 4-6

$4 jaegers

$7 growlers

$2 Coronas

$1 off all beers

happy hour 4-7pm 9pm-close

happy hour 4-7pm 9pm-close

happy hour 4-7pm 9pm-close

happy hour 4-7pm 9pm-close

Wildcat Wednesday

Thor's Day

Frisky Friday

Sinister Saturday

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